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    Walkthrough by Horith

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/02/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ____        _     _                          ____
    |  _\  ___ | | _ /_/ _ __ ___   ___  _ __   |  _ \ __ _ _ __   __ _  ___ _ __
    | |_) / _ \| |/ / _ \ '_ ' _ \ / _ \| '_ \  | |_) / _' | '_ \ / _' |/ _ \ '__|
    |  __/ (_) |   <  __/ | | | | | (_) | | | | |  _ < (_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |
    |_|   \___/|_|\_\___|_| |_| |_|\___/|_| |_| |_| \_\__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___|_|
    By Horith
    #Table of Contents#
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    section title.
    1)  Introduction
    2)  Characters
    3)  Playing the Game
         I)    Controls
         II)   The Top Screen
         III)  The Touch Screen
                a) The Main Menu
    4)  Capturing
         I)    Leveling the Styler
    5)  Poke Assists
    6)  Field Moves
    7)  Walkthrough
         I)     Hot New Rookie
         II)    Don't Fear Failure!
         III)   Escort the Professor!
         IV)    Fall City Case Log
         V)     Grimer Outbreak
         VI)    Where's Politoed?!
         VII)   Clear the Rockfalls!
         VIII)  The Wayward Wanderer
         IX)    Three Challenges? And...
         X)     Save the Jungle Relic!
         XI)    Investigate the Factory!
         XII)   Find the Aquamole's Parts!
         XIII)  Aquamole to the North
         XIV)   Hideout Infiltration!
         XV)    The Fiore Temple
         XVI)   Back to Work
         XVII)  Search the Safra Sea
         XVIII) Summerland Rescue Duo!
         XIX)   The Temple's Sinister Shaodows?
    8)  Version History
    9)  Contact Information
    10) Special Thanks
    11) Copyright Information
    #1) Introduction#
    This is my first ever Walkthrough, written for Pokemon Ranger. I first picked
    up this game with the intention of playing through to get the Manaphy egg that
    I could transfer to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl when it came out. I would finish
    the game, get the egg, and probably not give it a second thought. When I
    started playing, though, I was amazed. Only a handful of games on the DS
    displayed exceptional utilization of the touch screen, and this had become one
    of them. I was almost instantly hooked, wanting nothing more than to turn on my
    DS and capture anything and everything that crossed my path. Before long, I had
    beaten the game, and journeyed out to complete everything possible.
    However, I noticed that GameFAQs had a severe lack of guides for this game, and
    decided that it was time I wrote one for myself. HereÍs hoping itÍs a good one.
    Please understand that while I will try to be specific with directions, what
    Pokemon you should use at what time, etc., I will not give specific
    instructions for every single capture. I will give advice on story-related
    Captures that involve more powerful Pokemon, and Captures involving rare
    Pokemon, but I won't hold your hand when you're having trouble capturing a
    Wurmple. It's too much for me to handle, and you won't learn much of anything
    if you don't try a few things yourself.
    #2) Characters#
    The Hero: That's you. A young person aspiring to be a Pokemon Ranger, you write
    letter after letter to Spenser, the Ranger Leader of Ringtown, explaining your
    dream. Impressed by your drive and determination, Spenser decides to invite you
    to Ringtown to begin your service as a true Ranger.
    At the beginning of the game, you're given the choice of playing as a male or
    female character. The only influence this has on the story is your partner
    Pokemon (Minun if male, Plusle if female), and the gender of one of your fellow
    Ringtown Rangers (the opposite of yours).
    Your Partner, Minun or Plusle: You first encounter your partner being attacked
    by a Houndoom it decided to play a trick on. After hitching a ride with you
    back to Ringtown, running off for a while, and then coming back, it decides it
    wants to become your partner in your career as a Ranger. Aside from the name
    and color differences, there's no difference between either of them.
    Lunick/Solana: One of your fellow Ringtown Rangers, this character's name and
    gender depend on what gender you chose at the beginning of the game (Lunick if
    you chose female, Solana if you chose male). They'll accompany you on a number
    of your missions throughout the game, always providing moral support (in other
    words, they don't do more than talk). Their partner will be the opposite
    electric mouse you have (Minun if you have Plusle, Plusle if you have Minun).
    Murph: Another fellow Ringtown Ranger. A little clumsy, a little lacking in
    self-confidence at times, and very rarely given a serious mission (one of his
    usual missions is "Changing the Lightbulbs"). Nonetheless, he is dedicated to
    his job, and does everything in his power to cheer up his companions when
    they're down. His partner is a Slowpoke he caught in the Grassland Capture
    Spenser: The Leader of the Ringtown Rangers, and a close friend of Proffesor
    Hastings, Joel, and Cameron. He was impressed with the Hero's desire to become
    a Ranger, and went out himself to recruit them. He is serious about his work,
    but is very friendly with his fellow Rangers, even those under his command. His
    partner is a Fearow he caught in the Grassland Capture Challenge
    Aria: A Fall City Ranger with outstanding skill. She initially looks upon the
    Hero as little more than a nusiance, a rookie who isn't even worthy of her
    attention. She usually glorifies her position, noting the superiority of her
    skills and missions to the Hero in comparison. Eventually, however, the Hero's
    skills become evident, and Aria begins to look upon them as more of an equal.
    Joel: The Leader of the Fall City Rangers, Joel is very calm and collected. He
    is aware of every Ranger's strengths, and knows just how far they can be pushed
    before breaking down. His partner is a Dodrio he caught in the Grasslands
    Capture Challenge.
    Cameron: The Leader of the Summerland Rangers, Cameron is exceptionally laid
    back. He prefers to spend his days "training" at the Marine Capture Challenge,
    and usually lets his Rangers laze about. However, when push comes to shove,
    Cameron will get his Rangers moving, even if it means canceling vacation
    (though he hates to do it). His partner is a Pelliper he captured in the Marine
    Capture Challenge.
    Chris: A Wintown Ranger with large muscles and a silent demeanor. He very
    rarely says anything, but when inspired, he suddenly spouts words that can
    almost be described as poetic. He is one of Elita's most trusted Rangers. As
    far as I know, we never see Chris' partner Pokemon.
    Elita: The Leader of the Wintown Rangers, Eilta comes off as cold, making sure
    the job gets done. However, she is actually a kind and dependable woman. Her
    partner Pokemon is a Skarmory she presumably captured in the Grasslands Capture
    Professor Hastings: The head of the technology division of the Ranger Union,
    inventor of several devices used by todays Rangers, including the Capture
    Styler. His most recent invetion is the Super Styler, an item of immense power.
    The Go-Rock Squad:
    Garret: One of the Go-Rock Quads, head of the Dusk Factory. He plays a bass
    electric guitar, modified so that it doubles as a Styler.
    Clyde: One of the Go-Rock Quads, stalls you in the Jungle Relic while Gordor
    Captures Entei. Plays a drum, modified so that it doubles as a Styler.
    Tiffany: One of the Go-Rock Quads, left behind in Krokka Tunnel after the
    rumors of a Legendary Pokemon there prove false. Plays a violin, modified so
    that it doubles as a Styler.
    Billy: One of the Go-Rock Quads, the leader of the group, and in charge of the
    Go-Rock Quad's hidden base. Plays an electric guitar, modified so that it
    doubles as a Styler.
    Gorder: Leader of the Go-Rock Squad. Created the Go-Rocks to seek revenge
    against Professor Hastings, believing he was ignored because Hastings always
    outdid him. Desires to eliminate the Rangers, replacing the Go-Rock Squad as
    the heroes in the public's eye. Plays an organ, modified so that it doubles as
    the Power Styler, his own upgrade of Hastings' Super Styler.
    #3) Playing the Game#
    %I) Controls%
    |                                                   |  D-Pad: Move Hero
    |         _________________________________         |
    |         |                                |        |  X and Y: Indicates which
    |         |                                |        |  Pokemon are accompanying
    |         |                                |        |  the Hero
    |         |                                |        |
    |         |                                |        |  A Button: Talks to
    |         |                                |        |  someone in front of the
    |         |                                |        |  Hero, chooses Yes when
    |         |                                |        |  prompted, and advances
    |         |                                |        |  text.
    |         |                                |        |
    |         |                                |        |  B Button: Chooses No
    |         |________________________________|        |  when prompted and goes
    |                                                   |  back one screen.
    _____________________________________________________  Start: Accesses the
    |                                                   |  Styler menu. Press
    |         _________________________________         |  again to go to the
    |         | _____________________________  |        |  main screen
    |         |/HP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |   _    |
    |    _    |\##/\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|  (X)   |  L, R, and Select are not
    |  _| |_  |                                | _   _  |  used during normal play.
    | |_   _| |              _                 |(Y) (A) |
    |   |_|   |             / \                |   _    |  Hold L, R, Start, and
    |         |             |Y|                |  (B)   |  Select to do a 'soft
    |         |             |O|                |        |  reset'.
    |         |             |U|                |        |
    |         |             \_/                |        |
    |         |                                |()START |
    |         |________________________________|()SELECT|
    |                                                   |
    Touch Screen Controls:
    While it is certainly possible to control most of everything via the buttons, I
    find the touch screen is much more natural, generally faster, and considering
    how often you're going to need the touch screen for Captures, I suggest you use
    touch screen control the entire time.
    To move, simply hold the stylus on the screen towards the direction you want to
    move. You can slide the stylus while moving to change your direction.
    When you want to talk to someone, tap them with the stylus (you don't need to
    be right next to them, either). Touch the screen to advance the text, and to
    choose between Yes and No when presented with the choice. You save in the same
    manner, by touching a Save Station, and choosing yes.
    %II) The Top Screen%
    On the Main Map, the top screen displays a grid-map on the left. The red arrow
    in the center is you. Red squares indicate doors tha lead you to another
    room/building/outside. Blinking icons that look remarkably similar to Save
    Stations are, of course, Save Stations. Yellow symbols that look like a Pikachu
    head represent wild Pokemon.
    On the right side of the screen is a list of your Captured Pokemon. You start
    the game with four open slots, with the 5th, 6th, and 7th blocked off. Each
    captured Pokemon takes up one slot, displaying its name and Field Move. As you
    advance in Ranger Rank, additional slots are opened.
    During a Capture, your Capture Disk is displayed on the top, usually in a
    neutral state. When you choose a Pokemon for an Assist, that Pokemon is shown
    in your Disk, as well as an animation of the Assist type and the time remaining
    to use that Assist.
    %III) The Touch Screen%
    Most everything that happens in the game takes place here; moving, Captures,
    menu navigation, etc. Get used to looking at this screen, you're going to be
    seeing it a lot.
    Most of the game is spent walking around as the Hero. You'll see people you can
    talk to, Pokemon to capture, Save Stations, etc. On this screen, at the very
    top, is a bar that contains your Styler's HP in both numeric and bar form, as
    well as your Partner Gauge. It looks something like this.
     / 32 \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ -----Current HP
     \_47_//_____/_____/_____/_____/_____/----Partner Gauge
    In numeric form, your Styler's current HP is displayed over the total. In bar
    form, the gauge shows 15 HP per layer, changing colors as the layers increase
    (similar to the health bars in Kingdom Hearts; one color bar has to empty
    before the one below it begins to deplete). HP increases as the Styler level
    The Partner Gauge determines the power behind your partner's discharge. As you
    capture Pokemon, the bars begins to fill. At least one bar must be full in
    order to use the Discharge. As more bars begin to fill, the Discharge becomes
    more and more powerful. You begin the game with only one bar, and gain more as
    your Ranger Rank increases (up to five bars are unlocked).
    %a) The Main Menu%
    To access the Menu, tap the circle that indicates your HP at the top left
    corner of the screen, or press Start. Menu selections must be chosen by the
    touch screen, although anything that can be scrolled can be controlled via the
    In the Main Menu, the top screen displays the Hero's information, including
    their Ranger ID, Name, Styler Level and Exp Needed, Line Length, and Ranger
    The Touch screen displays a variety of options, shown below.
                      _________            _________
                     /         \          /         \
                    |  Mission  |        |  Release  |
                     \_________/          \_________/
              _________                           _________
             /         \                         /         \
            |  Records  |                       | Glossary  |
             \_________/                         \_________/
      _________                                           _________
     /         \                                         /         \
    |    Map    |                                       |  Browser  |
     \_________/                                         \_________/
                  _________                   _________
                 /         \                 /         \
                |  Options  |               | Quicksave |
                 \_________/                 \_________/
                               /         \
                              |   Exit    |
    Mission: This only shows up if you're on a mission. It gives you a mission
    description on the top screen, and allows the option to restart the mission
    from the beginning (if it's gone rather badly for you for whatever reason. I
    didn't even know it existed when I actually played through the game, so that
    shows just how much use it'll probably get.
    Release: Releases any Pokemon that you've captured. Tap any Pokemon you want to
    release to highlight them, then tap Release at the top of the screen. Any
    highlighted Pokemon will be released back into the wild.
    Records: This is only available after you beat the game. This displays things
    like Number of Steps Taken, Number of Conversations, etc.
    Glossary: Sort of like a reference book, this displays all of the in-game
    deffinitions and terms, as well as describes how to perform certain actions,
    and what certain type Poke Assists do.
    Map: A somewhat crude map of the Fiore Region. It displays city locations, as
    well as indicators for any important areas connected to the cities or roads.
    Browser: The Ranger version of the Pokedex. It lists each Pokemon by name and
    number (numbers are significantly different from those in a Pokedex), with
    Group, Field Move, Poke Assist type, and a small description.
    Options: Allows the player to change the text speed and border.
    Quicksave: Creates a temporary save file if you can't get to a Save Station.
    You can pick up the game anytime therafter, but the quicksave will be lost, so
    don't turn off again without saving or quicksaving once you resume play.
    Exit: Exits the menu.
    #4) Capturing#
    Yes, capturing. No, you're not a Trainer, you're a Ranger, and yes, you do
    Capature Pokemon. However, you do it with the Styler, you connect with the
    Pokemon on an emotional level (i.e. they feel what you feel without you keeping
    them around to raise Happiness and whatnot), and you don't get to keep them. A
    Pokemon's abilities can be used once, and then they return to the wild (with
    the exception of your partner, of course). However, before you can use a
    Pokemon to aid you in your endeavors, you have to Capture it first.
    Unlike in standard Pokemon games, you don't have to wander through tall grass
    hoping to run into a wild Pokemon. Most of the time, they're standing right in
    the open, wandering around. Occasionally they're hidden, springing out of trees
    or water near or on you, but that's a rare occurrence. About 1/3 of the way
    through, you'll encounter Pokemon in the possession of other people, and you'll
    have to Capture them in order to set them free. In all cases, touching a
    Pokemon (or approaching a person with Pokemon in their possession) will
    initiate a Capture battle.
    Once battle is initiated, the Pokemon will show up on a field, and begin
    running around. You'll see your Styler's HP bar at the top, just like on the
    normal screen. This is where touch screen interaction shines. Your task is to
    use your stylus to draw loops around the Pokemon in order capture it. When you
    place your stylus on the touch screen, you'll see a disk, called the Capture
    Disk, sitting where your stylus is. As you drag the stylus across the screen, a
    blue line will begin trailing the disk, called the Capture Line. If you circle
    around and touch the Disk to some previously laid Line, the loop formed will
    turn yellow and dissapear. So, drawing a loop around a Pokemon will allow you
    to capture it. Once a loop is drawn around a Pokemon, you pick up your stylus,
    and the Pokemon is Captured.
    There are a few catches, though. First of all, one loop will rarely be enough.
    When you successfully draw your first loop around a Pokemon, a blue number will
    appear above its head. This is the number of loops you have to draw around it
    in order to capture it. Once the minimum number of loops is drawn, you need to
    pick up the stylus off the screen, and the Pokemon will be Captured.
    Second is that the Line can be broken, forcing you to restart, via three
    methods. The first is if you pick up the stylus before you've drawn the
    required number of loops. Picking up the stylus prematurely will force you to
    restart. If you've completed at least one loop around the Pokemon before you
    lift the stylus, a yellow ball will appear around the Pokemon and lift it up.
    The more loops around the Pokemon before you lift the stylus, the higher the
    Pokemon will be lifted before it returns to the ground. The second method is
    your Disk or Capture Line coming into contact with the Pokemon. Any contact is
    enough to break the Line, however contact with a Pokemon (except in rare
    cirucmstances) will result in no HP loss. The final one is the most dangerous;
    the Pokemon can, and usually will, attack the Capture Line. If the Capture Line
    or Disk is hit with an attack, not only will the Line break, but your Styler
    will take damage. If your Styler runs out of HP, it's Game Over. You can tell
    if a Pokemon is going to attack when a red lightning bolt appears above its
    head. That's your cue to LIFT YOUR STYLUS ASAP! Yes, you'll have to restart,
    however, if your line gets hit, you'll have to restart anyway, and by lifting
    your stylus, you save your HP. If you're sure of your skills, and/or the
    Pokemon's attack is rather slow to start, AND you think you can finish the
    Capture before it launches its attack, go ahead. However, only do this if
    you're comfortable. Saving HP is better than saving time.
    The thrid catch is Line Length. Your Capture Line can only go so far before the
    starting point begins to drag across the screen. Early on, your Line is a
    little on the short end, and because of this, you need to draw smaller loops.
    Your Line Length will increase in length as your Styler levels.
    Here's an example:
    This is how long your Line is, laid straight out.
    ^        |
    |        |
    You can create a loop this big.
    However, if you try to draw the loop too big, like shown above, your line will
    begin dragging behind you. You can't loop around to where you began the loop.
    That's not to say you have to restart. If you do overextend your Capture Line,
    you can do this.
        ^      |
    Now you have a complete loop around the Pokemon, and your blue Capture Line
    looks like this:
    Where you've drawn your loop is now yellow. However, that yellow line no longer
    conributes to your Capture Line itself. That means it doesn't contribute to the
    Length, and if the Pokemon touches that yellow line, it won't reset the Styler.
    Handy, no?
    Now, hopefully you see the problem with a short Capture Line. That's right, in
    order to complete your loops, you have to draw them smaller, which means they
    have to be closer to the Pokemon itself. This increases the risk of the Pokemon
    touch and/or attacking the line.
    There is, however, an advantage to smaller loops as opposed to larger ones:
    Smaller loops can be drawn faster. If a Pokemon requires a lot of loops to
    capture, and large loops will take too long, don't be afraid to get closer.
    Some Pokemon don't wait too long between attacks, and if you can't stop them
    from moving, you need to capture them fast.
    Okay, now you have your loops drawn around the Pokemon, and all of a sudden,
    orange numbers begin appearing over the Pokemons head. That's the amount of
    experience you'll get for the Capture, and that's what you need to level your
    Styler. You'll start with a base number, but if you draw more loops than you
    need around a Pokemon, that number will increase up to a certain point (usually
    up to four extra loops). So if you can, draw extra loops, as the more
    experience you have for your Styler, the better.
    Later on in the game, you'll encounter Capture battles with mulitple Pokemon on
    the field. This makes Capturing significantly more difficult, even if there are
    only two present. Because you have two Pokemon running around, the chances of a
    Pokemon or attack hitting the Capture Line is increased, and more likely than
    not, extra loops are not going to be possible, because you want to clear the
    field down to one ASAP. Therin lies the general strategy for multiple Pokemon:
    reduce them down one by one. Usually you'll have one strong Pokemon surrounded
    by a few smaller ones, and those smaller ones are generally easy to capture.
    There is, however, a potential bonus in multiple battles, if you can take
    advantage of it. If you manage to circle multiple Pokemon at once, and
    successfully get to the experience stage of the Capture, you'll see green
    numbers instead of orange. Those numbers are larger than they would be if you
    were capturing them, giving you more experience. It's harder to do, and I
    wouldn't reccomend it for every multiple Pokemon battle you run into, but if
    you can do it, you might as well try.
    There's one more factor in Capturing to cover here, and that's running. You and
    any wild Pokemon can run. Wild Pokemon will run if you take too long, and you
    can tell if they're going to run soon if three orange bars appear over the
    Pokemon's head. If you want to run because you just don't want to Capture the
    Pokemon or your Styler's HP is low, all you have to do is complete one loop
    around any Pokemon in the field, and touch the icon that will appear at the
    bottom left corner of the screen. After you or the wild Pokemon run, you'll
    return to the Main screen, and you'll be immune to battle for a few seconds.
    The wild Pokemon will still be there, so you can fight it again if it ran. If
    you ran, it's probably because you wanted to, so move away before another
    battle starts. Note that some battles, including all battles involving Pokemon
    Captured by other people, can't be escaped, nor will the Pokemon try to run
    Once you've Captured a wild Pokemon, it will join you. You can only have a
    certain number of Pokemon with you at one time, and exceeding that number will
    result in your having to release some Pokemon before you can continue. Pokemon
    that you've Captured that are with other people will immediately be released,
    as will some Pokemon that are there merely for story purposes.
    Now, let's say you Capture a Pokemon in a forest, then decide to leave. Until
    you beat the game, you cannot remove Pokemon from their natural habitat, i.e.
    the area around where you caught them. Some areas are fairly big, while others
    are somewhat small. If you go to leave a Captured Pokemon's habitat, you'll be
    asked whether or not you want to release all the Pokemon you've Caputred
    thusfar. If you do, they'll all return to the wild, and you move to the next
    area. If you don't, you'll keep all you Captures, and remain in the area.
    Here's a basic review of Capturing:
    -Study the Pokemon first! Note it's movements, how it attacks, etc. Knowing the
    Pokemon is the key to being able to Capture it.
    -Run if you need to. Don't tough it out if you're running low on HP.
    -Don't let your Capture Line or Disk touch a Pokemon, and don't let it get
    -Don't be afraid to get in close. Sometimes you really need to move fast, and
    while large loops are safe, they're not fast.
    -Move fast. This should be obvious. Yes, the Pokemon will move, but those blue
    numbers move with it, so you'll be able to move the stylus along with it. And
    the faster you Capture, the less chance there is the Pokemon will attack.
    -Make extra loops. More loops equal more experience. Don't get greedy, though.
    The experience only increases up to four or five extra loops, and if a Pokemon
    looks like it's getting close to your line, or is about to attack, get your
    stylus off the screen.
    -Capture multiple Pokemon at once. It's more dangerous, but yields better
    experience. Extra loops around multiple Pokes is even better.
    -Pick up the stylus if you need to. If you can't Capture a Pokemon before it
    attacks, don't take any risks. In fact, if you have a loop drawn around a
    Pokemon befor lifting the stylus, the Pokemon will pop into the air, stopping
    the attack. Some Pokemon attack immediately after being dropped anyway, but
    some don't.
    %I) Leveling the Styler%
    As you already read, the Styler gains experience for Capturing Pokemon. As it
    levels up, it gains more Hit Points, and the Capture Line will increase in
    length, making Captures easier. The max level is 20, max HP is 60, and max Line
    Length is ___.
    || Styler Level || Exp Needed || Styler HP || Line Length ||
    ||      1       ||      0     ||     4     ||     100     ||
    ||      2       ||     100    ||     6     ||     105     ||
    ||      3       ||     200    ||     8     ||     110     ||
    ||      4       ||     400    ||    10     ||     115     ||
    ||      5       ||     550    ||    12     ||     120     ||
    ||      6       ||     650    ||    15     ||     125     ||
    ||      7       ||     700    ||    18     ||     130     ||
    ||      8       ||     800    ||    20     ||     135     ||
    ||      9       ||    1000    ||    23     ||     140     ||
    ||     10       ||    1200    ||    25     ||     145     ||
    ||     11       ||    1600    ||    27     ||     150     ||
    ||     12       ||    2000    ||    30     ||     155     ||
    ||     13       ||    2500    ||    34     ||     160     ||
    ||     14       ||    3800    ||    37     ||     165     ||
    ||     15       ||    4800    ||    40     ||     170     ||
    ||     16       ||    6000    ||    44     ||     175     ||
    ||     17       ||    7500    ||    --     ||     ---     ||
    ||     18       ||    ----    ||    --     ||     ---     ||
    ||     19       ||    ----    ||    --     ||     ---     ||
    ||     20       ||    ----    ||    --     ||     ---     ||
    #5) Poke Assists#
    Okay, so technically, I lied; I'm not finished covering everything involved in
    a Capture battle. However, this suject is so extensive, I figured it deserved
    its own section.
    Poke Assists are just that; Pokemon that you've Captured assisting you in
    battle. Each Pokemon has its own type, or as it's called in Ranger, Group,
    which influences which Assist it uses, and which Assists it's weak against. It
    is important to note that each Pokemon has only belongs to one Group. For
    example, let's look at a Houndoom. In regular Pokemon games, Houndoom are both
    Fire and Dark type. However, in Ranger, Houndoom only belongs to the Dark
    Group, meaning it only has Dark type weaknesses. If you hit a Pokemon with an
    Assist effective against that group, the effects of the Assist will remain
    longer. If it's an inneffective Group matchup, the Assist usually does nothing.
    While the previously mentioned mono-type setup means a Pokemon will have fewer
    Assists that are inneffective against it, it also means there are also fewer
    Assists that are effective against it. In the case of the Houndoom mentioned
    before, you can expect a Fighting type Assist to be super effective, but unlike
    in regular Pokemon games, Water type Assists will no longer be super effective.
    In order to use Poke Assists, you first need to Capture a wild Pokemon (with
    the exception of your partner Pokemon, whose Assists will be explained later).
    Afterwards, when you engage in another Capture battle, you can tap the icon at
    the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This will open up a field with all
    the Pokemon you've captured up to that point shown. Tap the Pokemon you want to
    use, then tap the icon that appears at the top of the screen. You'll return to
    the field and the Pokemon you've chosen will appear in your Capture Disk on the
    top screen. A window on the right of the top screen will show a small animation
    of the stylus action required to use the Assist, and a window below that will
    display the amount of time the Assist will last. Once that time runs out, the
    Pokemon used will leave your Disk and return to the wild.
    If you accidentally choose the Assist icon, or go into the Assist screen, but
    decide not to use an Assist, tap the return arrow at the top right-hand corner
    of the screen. If you've already chosen a Pokemon, but decide not to use an
    Assist, tapping anywhere on the screen except another Pokemon will deselect
    that Pokemon, and allow you to return to the Capture battle.
    There are a few different types of Assists. The first is Draw Assists. These
    types of Assists morph the terrain wherever you draw your Capture Line. The
    next type is Flick Assists. These Assists have you touch the screen with your
    stylus, then flick it towards the target Pokemon, flinging something at the
    target Pokemon. Boost type Assists modify your Capture Line or Styler in some
    way that makes Capturing easier.
    Most Assists immobilize the Pokemon in some way, allowing you to draw your
    lines without interruption. Very handy for multiple Pokemon, especially if you
    can get them stuck close together.
    Here's the list of Assists, in this format:
    Assist: Example
    Type: Explanation
    Description: Explains how the description works
    Effective Against: The curious
    Inneffective Against: The not so curious
    Okay, here we go. Please note that these are my own descriptions. Sometimes I
    find the game's descriptions to be a little on the incomplete side.
    Assist: Grass
    Type: Draw
    Description: As you draw your Capture Line, large tufts of grass will pop up.
    If a Pokemon touches this grass, they'll get caught, unable to move until they
    struggle free.
    Effective Against: Ground, Rock, Water
    Inneffective Against: Poison, Flying, Bug, Grass, Steel, Dragon, no effect on
    levitating or Flying Pokemon
    Assist: Fire
    Type: Draw
    Description: As you draw your Capture Line, a trail of fire will appear. Any
    Pokemon touching this fire will become startled and unable to move. Also, if
    you complete a loop, an explosion will occur within that loop, producing the
    same effect.
    Effective Against: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel
    Inneffective Against: Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon
    Assist: Water
    Type: Flick
    Description: First, hold your styuls on the screen. As you hold the stylus, a
    bubble will begin to form around your Capture Disk. The longer you hold the
    stylus, the larger the bubble becomes. You can then flick the stylus in the
    direction you want the bubble to float. If a Pokemon touches the bubble after
    it has formed, it will become trapped. The bubble must be roughly the same size
    as the Pokemon in order to hold it, and if the Pokemon touches the bubble
    before you lift your stylus, the bubble will pop.
    Effective Against: Fire, Ground, Rock
    Inneffective Against: Water, Grass, Dragon
    Assist: Electric
    Type: Boost
    Description: The Pokemon will appear on the field and recharge your Styler's
    HP. The amount restored depends on the Pokemon's strength. Under its
    description, you'll see a yellow icon that looks like a Capture Disk. Pokemon
    with one icon will restore 5 HP, two icons 15 HP, and three icons full HP.
    Effective Against: None
    Inneffective Against: None
    Assist: Fighting
    Type: Boost
    Description: The effectiveness of the Capture Line is increased, doubling the
    amount of loops one loop counts for, i.e. one loop equals two, three loops
    equal six, etc. I've seen no difference if used against a Pokemon it's
    effective against, however, if used against a Group strong against it, the
    Capture Line acts as if there has been no boost, meaning one loop is still one
    Effective Against: Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark, Steel
    Inneffective Against: Ghost
    Assist: Poison
    Type: Draw
    Description: As you draw the Capture Line, a purple mist appears. If a Pokemon
    touches the mist, they become immobilized.
    Effective Against: Grass
    Inneffective Against: Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Steel
    Assist: Psychic
    Type: None (doesn't fit into any group)
    Description: The Pokemon runs into the middle of the field, and uses its
    psychic powers to levitate the Pokemon for a short time, leaving them unable to
    Effective Against: Fighting, Poison
    Inneffective Against: Psychic, Steel, Dark
    Assist: Bug
    Type: Flick
    Description: By flicking the stylus, a blob of gunk will be thrown at the
    Pokemon. Any Pokemon hit by this blob will become stuck, unable to move.
    Effective Against: Grass, Psychic, Dark
    Inneffective Against: Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Fire, Steel
    Assist: Ground
    Type: Draw
    Description: As you draw the Capture Line, the earth becomes torn up behind it.
    Any Pokemon that touches the torn-up ground becomes trapped, unable to move.
    Effective Against: Poison, Rock, Fire, Electric, Steel
    Inneffective Against: Bug, Grass, Flying, has not effect on levitating or
    Flying Pokemon
    Assist: Rock
    Type: Flick
    Description: Flicking the screen causes a cloud of gravel to be thrown towards
    the Pokemon. Any Pokemon hit by the cloud becomes unable to move.
    Effective Against: Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice
    Inneffective Against: Fighting, Ground, Steel
    Assist: Flying
    Type: Draw and Flick
    Description: By flicking the screen, a small tornado is thrown toward the
    Pokemon. Any Pokemon hit by the tornado is picked up into the air, unable to
    move. Also, if a loop is drawn multiple tornadoes will fly outward, causing the
    same effect if they hit.
    Effective Against: Fighting, Bug, Grass
    Inneffective Against: Rock, Electric, Steel
    Assist: Dark
    Type: Boost
    Description: By sacrificing an amount of HP depending on the amount remaining,
    the length of the Capture Line is doubled, allowing for larger loops to be
    Effective Against: Not effective against any Group
    Inneffective Against: Not ineffective against any Group
    Assist: Ghost
    Type: Draw
    Description: By drawing a loop, a ghost appears in the middle. The ghost will
    target the closest Pokemon, floating toward it. When the ghost comes into
    contact with the Pokemon, the Pokemon becomes terrified, unable to move.
    Effective Against: Psychic, Ghost
    Inneffective Against: Dark, Steel, Normal
    Assist: Ice
    Type: Draw
    Description: When a loop is drawn, a patch of ice will form. Any Pokemon that
    touches this ice becomes frozen, unable to move.
    Effective Against: Grass, Ground, Dragon
    Inneffective Against: Fire, Water, Ice, Steel, Flying, some levitating Pokemon
    are immune
    Now we come to your partner's Assist. Yes, your partner has an assist, and
    while Minun and Plusle are in the Electric Group, their Assist does not act
    like the normal Electric Assist. Remember that Partner Gauge that sits under
    your HP bar? You start the game with one bar, and eventually gain up to five.
    At least one bar must be filled in order to use your partner's Assist, and the
    more bars that are filled, the stronger the Assist. Those bars will slowly fill
    as you draw loops around Pokemon; the more loops, the more the bar fills. Once
    at least one bar is full, you can use the Assist just like any other. Once
    used, the Partner Gauge empties, and you have to fill it again.
    Assist: Discharge
    Type: None
    Description: Minun or Plusle will release four to five beams of electricity
    that increase in width as more bars in the Parner Gauge are filled. Any Pokemon
    hit by a bolt of electricity will be stunned, unable to move.
    Effective Against: Flying, Water
    Inneffective Against: Electric, Grass, Ground, Dragon
    As useless as Minun and Plusle are in the regular games, they're darn useful
    here. A max level Discharge, one used with five full bars, will probably stun
    just about everything on the screen. Filling up the Partner Gauge doesn't take
    a whole lot of time either, even with five bars to fill.
    Just a note on Assists, mostly those that will trap Pokemon, is be careful when
    you use them. Remember how I said Pokemon move around on the field? Well,
    sometimes they move OFF the field. If you halt a Pokemon when they're off the
    field, or on the very edge of the screen, there's no way to Capture them until
    they get back on the field, meaning you've just wasted your Assist.
    #6) Field Moves#
    Captured Pokemon will do more for you than just aid in Assisting in the Capture
    of other Pokemon. Occasionally, you'll encounter a barrier along your path,
    usually in the form of a fence, a bush, rocks, etc. If you tap on something
    that seems a little out of place, i.e. those fences and rocks, your top screen
    will display the object on the left, and on the right, an Icon that represents
    the type of Field Move required to get past that object. In other cases you
    need to cross over a gap, and all there is on the other side is a small pole.
    Care to guess how you get over there? That's right, by using a Field Move.
    Field Moves describe what happense when you use a Captured Pokemon to
    manipulate the environment, usually destorying a barrier, allowing you to pass
    unhindered. Whenever you Capture a Pokemon, its Field Move Icons will be
    displayed next to its name on the top screen.
    Now there are nine types of field moves, descirbed here.
    Cut: Bushes, fences, etc. will be cleaved in two, falling to pieces
    Move Icon: A dark backround with a yellow crescent slice through it
    Tackle: The Pokemon rams an object, shoving it over
    Move Icon: Looks like a green and white explosion
    Burn: A powerful flame incinerates hay and wood, and also melts ice
    Move Icon: A small flame
    Soak: A stream of water is released, dousing flames, or promoting the growth of
    Move Icon: A drop of water
    Crush: A concussive blow is dealt to an object, shattering it into dust
    Move Icon: A spray of gravel
    Recharge: Exactly like the Electric Poke Assist, this recharges your Styler's
    Move Icon: A yellow Capture Disk
    Gust: A small tornado is launched, uprooting the target, launching it into the
    Move Icon: A small tornado
    Cross: The Pokemon extends a vine, snagging a pole, and swinging itself and you
    across a gap
    Move Icon: A black arrow across two points of land
    Flash: A blast of light illuminates the room, making everything visible
    Move Icon: A burst of light on a black backround
    So, let's say you've encountered a boulder, and it's blocking your path. Tap
    the boulder to see what type of Field Move is requried to get by it. Once you
    tap it, you see the Crush type icon. So, your job now is to find a Pokemon with
    a Crush type Field Move. Once such a Pokemon has been found, it's time to use
    the Field Move. How? Touch and hold your stylus on the Pokemon that you want to
    use, then drag your stylus to the object, and lift. You'll be asked if you want
    the Pokemon's assistance, and if indeed you do, say yes. The Pokemon will use
    the Field Move, and then leave. Yes, just like Poke Assists, you can only get a
    Pokemon's aid once before it leaves.
    The same touch and drag rule applies to all but Recharge and Flash moves; all
    others, including Cross, require you to touch and drag from Pokemon to target.
    Flash and Recharge moves simply require you to touch the Pokemon who's Field
    Move you want to use. You'll be asked if you want to use the Field Move just
    like always.
    Now, at some point, you're going to encounter an object that has more than one
    Icon under the requrements. Remember that boulder we destroyed a while ago?
    Let's say we run into another one, only twice as large. When we tap it, we see
    two Crush Icons as opposed to one. Now the effects of Field Moves are not
    cumulative, meaning you can't find two Pokemon with one Crush Icon and expect
    to get past that boulder. You need to find a Pokemon with two Crush icons,
    usually referenced as Crushx2 in this guide. An object can require up to three
    of any particular Field Move type (thankfully they never mix). Of note, you
    don't need the exact amount of Icons to use a Field Move. While you can't have
    less Icons than you need, you can certainly have more. The aformentioned
    boulder that requries a Crushx2 Field Move can be destoryed by Pokemon with
    either a Crushx2 OR x3 ability. Simillarly, an boulder only requiring Crushx1
    can be destoryed by any Pokemon with a Crush ability, while a Crushx3 boulder
    can only be destroyed by a Pokemon with a Crushx3 ability.
    Please note that you will encounter barriers that cannot be removed by any
    Pokemon in a specific area. For example, in an ice cave, several blocks of ice
    appear, but they require a Burn Field Move to destroy, and no Pokemon inhabit
    the cave with such an ability. Since Pokemon can't be taken out of their
    natural habitats until the after you beat the game, you won't be able to get
    past those blocks until you beat the game. Bummer.
    #7) Walkthrough#
    %I) Hot New Rookie%
    While reading this, you'll note my directions are that of a compass; North is
    Up, West is Left, South is Down, and East is Right. Simple, simple.
    The following excerpt is taken directly from the Pokemon Ranger instruction
    "In the Fiore region there are those sworn to serve people, Pokemon, and
    nature-the Pokemon Rangers. In theri frequently challenging line of work, the
    Rangers rely on their Capture Stylers-special devices that only they are
    allowed to use. Using their Capture Stylers, the Rangers borrow the abilities
    of Pokemon ot uphold Fiore's peace.
    Our hero dreams of one day becoming a Pokemon Ranger and writes letter upon
    letter to Spenser, the Pokemon Ranger Leader of Ringtown, explaining their
    desire to become a Ranger. Impressed by the hero's drive and compassion towards
    Pokemon, Spenser invites the hero to Ringtown to serve as an apprentice.
    Congradulations-you're that hero.
    While you have much to learn about technique, you're now a Pokemon Ranger full
    of pride and courage. It's now up to yhou to clear challenging missions and
    become an Ranger in title and in deed."
    Once you hit New Game, you'll be given an introduciton letter from Spenser,
    telling you that he's ready to see if you have what it takes to become a
    Ranger. You'll then be asked to choose your gender (again, this has no effect
    on the story with the exception of whether your partner is Minun [Male] or
    Plusle [Female]).
    After departing from your boat, walk north, and into the tourist center (it's
    the only building there; you can't miss it). Just walk up to the door, and
    you'll enter. If you try to go past the center without talking to anyone, a
    lady at the bridge will stop you, so you might as well head in now to save
    time. Once that's done, leave, and head past the center. On your right will be
    a boy in front of the crate. Talk to him, and he'll tell you to take a closer
    look at it. Touch it, and a Plusle/Minin (once again, gender dependent) will
    pop out and head north! When you try to follow it, Spenser will come up and
    introduce himself.
    Midway through the conversation, though, you'll hear a Houndoom roar, and
    you'll rush to investigate. North one screen you'll see a Houndoom chasing the
    Pokemon you freed from the crate. It'll run behind you, with the Houndoom
    obviously ticked off. Spenser asks for your help, and gives you the Capture
    Styler! He'll give you a demonstration of how to use it (probably better than
    what I did, but oh well), and Capture the Houndoom.
    Now it's your turn to Capture that Minun! Trust me, it's cake. It walks around
    very slowly, and takes only a few loops to Capture. Once that's done, Spenser
    will release the Houndoom, and force you to release the Pokemon you just
    Captured as well. He'll then confer upon you a Ranger Certificate, which you
    have to 'sign' (basically, just type in your name). Congradulations, you are
    now a Pokemon Ranger!
    Spenser will then summon his Fearow to take you to Ringtown, but Plusle/Minun
    will jump on right before you leave. After landing, you'll be introduced to
    your fellow Rangers, one of which will be the gender of the Ranger you didn't
    choose at the beginning (Solana if you chose Male, Lunick if you chose Female).
    Right after Spenser calls everyone together, a random guy busts in and demands
    you find his escaped Pokemon. Spenser will assign you the task, and says he'll
    meet you at Lyra Forest (north of Ringtown). Afterwards, Lunick/Solana will
    introduce you to the menu. After exiting said menu, the Operator of the Ranger
    Station will tell you how to recharge your Styler and save. Saving right now
    would be a good idea.
    You can now head north to Lyra Forest. Just follow the path, and you'll be
    fine. As you're about to enter, though, Lunick/Solana decides they're going to
    tag along. Go figure, eh? Once you enter, you mission begins!
    %II) Don't Fear Failure!%
    You'll be given a brief overview of your objectives. Larry, the guy who lost
    the thing in the first place, tries to give you a description, but basically
    stumbles over his own words, and gives you nothing. Spenser decides to tag
    along, just in case.
    Wander around a little bit to get an idea of your surroundings. There are a
    number of people and wild Pokemon about; feel free to chat or Capture at will.
    In fact, Capturing every new Pokemon you see is a good idea; it gives you
    experience for you Styler, as well as fills up data in your Browser
    (essentially your Pokedex, and completionists might as well get started now).
    After a little wandering, you'll see a Tailow, and that's the Pokemon Larry
    lost. Time to Capture! It's actually fairly fast, and will fly around in terror
    after you begin your Capture. Just keep moving where it does, and you'll get it
    in no time.
    After Capturing that darned bird, head back to Larry, and talk to him. You'll
    return the Tailow, and he'll head back to Ringtown. However, just after he
    leaves, a boy runs up and tells you that the forest is on fire!
    After Spenser drags you and your opposite Ranger to the buring trees, he'll
    begin the explanation of Field Moves. Again, it's not a bad idea to watch if
    you don't know what you're doing. Once his demonstraiton is done, it's time to
    grab your own Mudkip. You'll be able to find one somewhere along the river
    (though you may have to find it in the tall grass next to it). Take it back,
    and douse the fire just like Spenser showed you. Congradultions, you now know
    how to use Field Moves!
    With that cleared, your mission is complete, and Spenser will take you back to
    the Ranger Base. You'll be given the option to save, so why not do it?
    Afterwards, Spenser will send you and Lunick/Solana out to patrol Ringtown.
    Once you head outside, you'll hear a Pokemon cry! Upon running to invesigate,
    you'll see that Plusle/Minun is being attacked by Larry's Tailow! You'll be
    given the task of Capturing the Tailow once again. However, the rodent will
    shock Tailow before it leaves, preventing it from moving, and making your job
    much easier. Afterwards, Plusle/Minun will now become your partner, the only
    Pokemon that you can take absolutely anywhere. Your Partner Gauge will now show
    up below your HP bars as well.
    Once you have your Partner, head on back to the Ranger Base. Inside, you'll be
    congradulated on obtaining a Partner, and be given an explanation on how to use
    its abilities. Afterwards, yet another person will run on in, and be introduced
    as Professor Hastings. He'll start talking with Spenser about something called
    a Super Styler, but before you can learn too much about it, Spenser sends you
    up to check on his Fearow (man, and the conversation was getting interesting,
    too). Anyway, run on over to the elevator on your left, and talk to the Ranger
    next to the Fearow. Head on back downstairs, and Spenser will assign you the
    mission of escorting the Professor back to Fall City. Head up to Lyra Forest to
    begin your mission.
    %III) Escort the Professor!%
    Upon your entry into the forest, you'll immediately be attacked by a
    Bellsprout. Just be wary of when it's going to attack, and it's another easy
    Capture. Upon your Capture, Professor Hastings will begin his explanation of
    Poke Assists, using the Bellsprout to display a Grass Assist. Line Assists like
    this are almost always useful, so don't forget about them. As of now, the only
    Poke Assists available to you are those of your Parnter Pokemon, Grass, Fire,
    Water, and other Electric types (look at my Assist section for details).
    After heading north, a Mudkip will run up to you. Hastings will then use it to
    display a Water Assist. This one is a little different from anything else
    you'll see, but I find it rather useful. Anyway, with that done, head north,
    and you'll encounter a few bundles of hay. There's a Torchic nearby, so Capture
    it, and burn that hay to the ground. Continue heading east. A Ranger along the
    way will tell you about Electric Assists if you want to know about them. Just
    continue along the path, Capturing Pokemon as you see fit for experience (make
    sure you Capture and keep a Pichu on you at all times, just in case you need a
    recharge for your HP). Also, snag a Mudkip, it'll be quite useful in a minute.
    Eventually, you'll encounter a large log. A Torchic won't burn it away, so you
    need to find something more powerful. Head back south, and a Combusken will pop
    out of the trees! Remember that Mudkip I told you to get? Use its Assist to
    help you Capture that Combusken, and if you need it, use your Partner's Assist.
    Shouldn't be too hard. Head back north and burn that log, then continue on to
    the cave ahead. Welcome to Krokka Tunnel.
    Head east, Save if you want, and had through the north tunnel (the south one
    leads to a useless dead end). After about five seconds of walking, a Dugtrio
    will appear, but be scared by the Professor. A cave-in occur, scaring away
    several Magnemites, and a Paras that will cut down the fence you may have
    noticed to the north. I should hope your course of action is clear. Head
    through the newly opened passage, Capture the Magnemite if you so choose, as
    well as a Poliwag in the next room if you want (it'll be a while before you
    come back here, so you might as well, just for Browser completion).
    After reaching the other side of the tunnel Hastings is trapped in, you'll see
    two people in somewhat retro clothing run up to the Professor. They'll
    introduce themselves as members of the Go-Rock Squad, and steal the Super
    Styler Hastings has on him! Hastings immediately tells you to give chase, so
    get going! Well, that was a remarkably short chase. Anyway, they claim the
    cave-in was deliberate, and attempt to cause another one to trap you in the
    cave. Fortunately, the rocks fall behind you, and the Go-Rock peons run off.
    Chase them! Oh, if you don't have it anymore, make sure you Capture one or two
    of the Bellsprouts near the exit, as well as the Magnamite if you don't have
    one now.
    After exiting the cave, you'll see a Rhydon on a rampage. Hastings tells you to
    Capture it to calm it down, so get to it. Use any Grass or Water Assists you
    have; don't waste you Partner's Assist (type-matchups should tell you why).
    Anyway, as long as you have a good Assist, this capture is easy as pie, even
    allowing you to draw extra loops for more experience; it's a rather good
    amount, so it's worth the attempt. Afterwards, head east, and into Fall City.
    You'll have to release all your Captured Pokemon, so do so.
    Once you enter the city, approach the nearby Ranger Base. Hastings conradulates
    you on a successful mission, despite losing the Super Styler. Joel, the Ranger
    Leader of Fall City, will approach, and Hastings will explain the situation (in
    whispers, of course, so you can't hear), and you'll enter the base to consider
    your options. Joel will promote you to a Rank 2 Ranger, giving you the ability
    to use Fighting Poke Assists. Joel and the Professor will head upstairs to
    discuss matters, leaving you to your own devices. Talk to the two Rangers
    nearby, and then someone new will pop in. Meet Aria, one of Fall City's best
    (with an ego to match). After introductions, Joel and the Professor will
    return, and give the Fall City Rangers the mission of trying to recover the
    Super Styler. You, however, will be given the task of taking over the regular
    duties of the Fall Rangers, meaning helping everyone in the town that needs
    assistance. Head outside the Base to begin your mission.
    %IV) Fall City Case Log%
    You're handling the workload for all the Fall City Rangers, so don't expect be
    doing a lot of sitting around. Your first task will come when you head east.
    After only a few steps, a woman will come up saying she's having some trouble
    at her apartment, and she needs you to come help her (get your minds out fo the
    gutter, you peverts!) Simply follow her east, into the building, and you'll see
    the problem. She even tells you which Pokemon to get, that being a Makuhita.
    How sweet! Okay, head outside, and a little ways north; there should be a
    Makuhita not too far away. Capture it, and head back to the apartment. Use its
    Filed Move on the crate, and you're all clear! She'll invite you inside for a
    snack as thanks, but right as you enter, you'll see her being attacked by a
    Venonat (why do almost all females in Pokemon hate bugs?) Anyways, Capture
    Head outside and back west. After about two or three steps, another person will
    run up, asking you to find her Skitty. No, not one Skitty, five Skittys.
    They're scattered all over the place. *sigh* Time to get searching. Oh, yes,
    since you're certainly going to run out of room to cart Skittys around, you can
    unload them by taking them back to the woman; she's standing to the left of the
    Ranger Base. First, head to the northwest corner of town, and enter the house
    up there. Inside, you'll find a Skitty sitting amongst a couple other Pokemon
    (the others are actually plushies). Tap the Skitty and walk up to it to initate
    the Capture Battle. The next one is on the roof the apartment building you were
    in earlier. That's all the Skittys in this area. Head south down the stairs
    into the next area, and continue south to the fountain. There's one just
    walking around plain as day. The next one requires a little help. Head back
    north a little until you see a Snubble. Capture it, then head west, then north
    into a little alley. Have the Snubble use its Field Move on the right-hand
    trash can. Another Skitty will pop out. You know the drill. The last Skitty
    lies to the east, but also requires some assistance. Walking east, you should
    see a fence like the one on Krokka Tunnel. Just a little south of that is a
    Meowth. Capture it, slice the fence, but the Skitty runs further down the
    alley! Follow it, and you'll run into a jerk scientist. Can't do much about
    him, but you can Capture that Skitty. Take them back to the woman, and you're
    Well, with that portion of the mission, anyway. Head east from the Ranger base,
    and Hasting's assistant will come and ask for your help. Follow her to the lab,
    and she'll tell you her problem, and the solution. Head south, past the
    fountain, and to the dock. Remember this place? Directly south of where you
    enter the dock is a ladder. Climb down, follow the path, and Capture. Head back
    to the lab, have Staryu light up the basement, and you're good.
    Head east out fo the lab, and Aria will approach. She'll blatantly explain why
    she believes you've been given the mission, and then you'll be interrupted by
    another Pokemon cry. She'll drag you over to the clock towe, and you'll see a
    Machoke going wild! Capture it (a useful Assist would be advisable), and while
    the town has nothing but praise, Aria merely dismisses your Capture, and
    leaves, telling you to head back to the base.
    Back at the base, Joel will commend your efforts, and promote you to a Rank 3
    Ranger! Poison and Psychic Assists are now available to you, and another bar is
    added to your Partner Gauge. But the celebration is short lived, as an engineer
    runs in, saying that the usually clean water system is infested wtih Grimer!
    Ugh. Since all the Fall City Rangers are tied up investigating the Go-Rock
    Squad, you're assigned to clearing outthe sewer. Yipee. >_< Head up and around
    past the lab and down to the sewers to begin the new mission.
    %V) Grimer Outbreak%
    You'll get a message from Spenser telling you not to worry despite being in odd
    conditions. He's not the one in a smelly sewer system. Anyways, head east and
    down the ladder, then further east to the Fall City Ranger. Obviously you have
    a stronger stomach than he does for foul stenches. He'll round up any Grimer
    you Capture, so get to it! Head south, and eventually you'll see a few puddles
    of green goop. You need to walk onto the largest pile in order to tirgger a
    Grimer appearance. Now you need to be careful with these things, as they can
    not only hurl blobs of purple slime at your Capture Line, but the trail of goo
    that follows them as they walk WILL DAMAGE YOUR STYLER! Yes, if you touch that
    slime trail, it will hurt your Styler, so be careful! Anyway, once you Capture
    it, the green slime will dissapear, and the Fall Ranger will take the Grimer
    away. Continue along the path east, then south into the next area.
    Continue south past the bridge until you get to the area with the engineer and
    Magnemite (Capture it; Electrics are always useful), and then head east into
    the next slime area. Two Grimers this time; if you haven't dealt with a
    mulitple Capture Battle yet, be careful. Go with whatever works best for you
    (head to my Capturing section if you need to). Again, head east and Capture the
    Drowzee if you can; Psychic Assists are more than useful down here. Eventually
    you'll find a ladder; take it down.
    Go past the first ladder and head all the way down to the engineer. Be careful
    here, as the slime is, well, slippery. There's a gap at the top of the room and
    a smaller one to the east of the ladder that you can fall into if you're not
    careful (it'll take you down one floor; that's what the first ladder is for).
    The purple haze is caused by the Koffing. It's normally nothing more than
    something in the way of your vision, but if you get hit with it while a Koffing
    is spewing it, you'll get bounced away and your movement will slow down
    considerably. Get to the east side of the room and climb up the ladder. You'll
    reach a small platform with a Raticate at the top. Capture it, and head back to
    the bridge I told you to pass up.
    Back at the bridge, head across and use the Raticate to slice up the metal
    fence. Proceed north, then east along the path to yet another pile of sludge.
    Another two Grimers to deal with, no problem. Proceed along the path; it'll
    wind around to two pipes. The left pipe just leads to a platform with another
    Drowzee (though if you've already used the first one, you may want to pick it
    up, just in case). Taking the right pipe leads you to Aria, who tells you a Go-
    Rock member might be lurking down here. She insults your mission, of course,
    saying it's perfect for a rookie, and continues on her way. Continue north out
    of the pipe, down the ladder, east across the field of slime, up the ladder,
    and into yet another pipe. You'll exit near a save point (save if you want) and
    head west, and then north until you cross the bridge, and into yet another
    slime puddle. You've got three Grimers to deal with now, and a Drowzee makes
    things real simple, especially if you can catch them in a small group.
    Proceed west, and you'll eventually see Aria on the other side of a gap. She
    gives you a more than obvious hint on how to cross: find a Tangela. It's just
    north of where you are, though it's a bit jumpy in battle. Use its Field Move
    to cross. If you feel like making a side trip to Capture a Magneton (15 HP
    recovered for your Styler in one go), head north and get the Meditite. Go down
    the cliff nearby (just walk off it), and head east past the bridge. You'll see
    a cracked wall, so use the Medititie to bust it up. Inside is a Magneton and
    Oddish. Either way, head west from the post and into yet another pipe. Once
    through, head through the next pipe west of you. If you want to get past that
    metal fence you saw, you can head straight down and you'll find a Raticate to
    cut through, though there's only a Crawdaunt on the other side. Back in the new
    pipe, take the branch that heads west, and then follow it south (the north path
    is a dead end). Outside is another save point and another slime pool with three
    The Fall Ranger yet again comes to clear them out, and says that should be the
    last of them; yet he notices an even worse stench than before. Head north, and
    you'll eventually see an engineer being attacked by a Muk! Continue north, and
    get that Drowzee along the way, even if you still have one. Head down the
    cliff, and Joel will contact you, saying that Capturing the Muk is added to
    your mission. Well, it would be rather anticlimactic if it wasn't otherwise,
    eh? Anyway, walk on over, and begin the Capture Battle!
    ! BOSS #1: MUK !
    Hey, catchy music here. Okay, you've got two Grimers as well as the Muk to deal
    with here. The Muk will take a total of 10 loops to Capture, but if you have
    that Drowzee I told you to get, life will become much easier. I suggest waiting
    until all three Pokemon are in a group to use Drowzee, and then you can round
    them all up at the same time. If you miss your chance with the Drowzee, use
    your Partner's Assist, drawing a loop or two around one of the Grimers to build
    up the gauge if neccisary. Get the Grimers out one by one if you have to; just
    make sure they're a good distance away from the others before attempting
    Capture. All in all, not too hard.
    With that, the Fall Ranger will clear them out, and your mission is complete.
    Aria comes up complaining she got nothing more than smelly clothes; the Go-Rock
    Squad was nowhere to be found (though the one north of you after you leave
    proves otherwise). After returning to the base, Joel promtes you to a Rank 4
    Ranger, allowing the use of Bug and Ground Assists, as well as allowing you
    have an additional Pokemon follow you, bringing the total up to five (not
    including your Partner).
    Suddenly, a message from Spenser arrives, telling you that you need to head to
    Summerland to observe the activites of the Go-Rock Squad there. Unfortunately,
    the ferry is out, and the Dragonite Bus isn't available to you at your current
    Rank, so Joel suggests getting the aid of the Lapras owner at the docks. If you
    don't remember, they're at the southernmost end of Fall City, so get going!
    When you finally do get there, someone screams for help, and the screen will
    shift, showing you the Lapras under attack from two Krabby. The man owning the
    Lapras asks for your assistance, and you really don't have a choice in the
    matter, so Capture away. Of course, this puts the guy in your eternal debt,
    allowing you to ride the Lapras anywhere you need to. Off to Summerland!
    Right as you arrive, you should head to the Ranger Base (Spenser will text you
    telling you to do so anyway). Head west to the second intersection, north, and
    then take your first right. Viola, a Ranger Base! Upon entering, you'll notice
    that the Rangers here seem a little, uh, laid back. Percy will run off to fetch
    their Leader Cameron, and talking to the blonde Ranger will trigger his return.
    After the usual introductions, and proclaiming no knowledge of the Go-Rock
    Squad nearby, Percy busts in, saying is Politoed was taken by some weird
    Styler. Cameron says you're the most qualified (just who are these people he
    hires anyway?), and says he'll try to make it an official mission. You're
    ordered to head for Olive Jungle, north of the town. Move soldier!
    %VI) Where's Politoed?!%
    Upon entering the jungle, head north, climb the vines, and continue. After
    about 2 seconds of walking, you'll encounter four characters who introduce
    themselves as the Go-Rock Quads. Meet Garret, Tiffany, Clyde, and Billy. After
    showing off, blabbing out bits of their "secret" plans, and threatening the
    Ranger Union in general, they'll leave. Crazy bunch, them Go-Rock Quads. Follow
    them west, and you'll see a Go-Rock grunt standing there with a few Wurmple.
    It's now become your job to release all Pokemon wrongfully Captured by the Go-
    Rocks, and the only way to do that is to Capture them yourself. Do so, and
    continue west.
    Eventually, you'll see a grunt running off with the Politoed. Follow him north,
    Capturing that Electrike along the way. Another grunt will block your path,
    this time with two Ekans in tow. Capture them out of the way, and continue
    heading north until you reach a clearing with a large stream. On the east side
    of the clearing, you'll see the grunt has let the Politoed jump a huge gap, and
    the only way to cross is to knock down that dead tree. Head north, climbing the
    vines you find, and you'll find a Heracross. I'd suggest a good Water Assist,
    or even your Partner's if you need it, as Heracross will charge your Styler if
    it sees it, and it requires eight loops to Capture.
    Return to the dead tree, and have Heracross knock it down. Naturally, we were
    dumb enough to do that while the Go-Rock grunt was still there, so he races off
    across the bridge in a jiffy. If you want some better Pokemon to accompany you,
    Capture a Lotad back in the stream, and head north immediately after crossing
    your bridge. Use Lotad on the vine, and you'll see a Grovyle. Capture, and use
    it to slice open the bush. Inside are a pair of Lombre. Exit, and Grovyle will
    be there to Capture again. Either way, head directly east of the bridge to
    You'll enter an area with several cliffs, and a Primape and two Mankeys that
    are none too happy. The grunt with the Politoed will run off, leaving you to
    deal with them. This is another not-so-easy Capture, use whatever means are
    neccesary. Head back to the stream, and you'll see the grunt head north,
    blocking your path with a metal fence. If you took my advice eariler, you know
    where to get the Grovyle to cut through it; if you didn't, or don't know what
    I'm talking about, look in the last paragraph.
    Anyways, get the Grovyle, get past the fence, and follow them north. Yet
    another grunt blocks your path, this time with two Paras and a Beautifly. After
    clearing them out, head up the cliff, and you'll see the grunt and Politoed run
    into the ruins. Capture the Grovyle and Electrike nearby, and enter the ruins.
    The grunt will sic the Politoed on you, so you've got to Capture it to calm it
    down. With the Grass Assist from the Grovyle, all you have to do is watch for
    its inital attack, and the Capture is easy.
    Outside the ruins, you'll see Billy speculating about why their Captured
    Pokemon run off after you Capture them, and then leave himself. After climbing
    down the stairs, Percy will show up with his Politoed, and your mission is
    done! Back at the Ranger Base, Cameron will commend you and promote you to a
    Rank 5 Ranger, allowing Rock Assists to be used, and giving you another bar to
    your Partner Gauge!
    Leave the Ranger center, and head west. Once you reach the divergence in the
    path, Spenser will text you, saying he needs you in Fall City. Head back to the
    Lapras, and when you arrive at the docks, Spenser will show up, telling you to
    head for the Ranger Base. Upon arriving, Prof. Hastings, along with Joel and
    Spenser, will discuss amongst themselves about the potential dangers of the Go-
    Rock Squad's new Styler, based off of the Super Styler stolen a while back.
    Spenser and Joel promise to gather more information, and give you your new
    mission: Clear Krokka Tunnel from the debris of the cave-ins. They also assign
    a Fall City Ranger to assist you, who's already gone ahead. In case you forgot,
    Krokka Tunnel is due west of Fall City. Let's Go!
    %VII) Clear the Rockfalls!%
    Inside the tunnel, head north, and you'll find Aria and a Hariyama clearing
    away some debris. She scoffs at the fact that your superiors believe two people
    are neccesary for this task, and says that you can clear away what's left.
    Afterwards, she leaves, saying the Go-Rock investigation is a far better use of
    her time. Well, since clearing rocks isn't nearly good enough for her, guess
    we'd better pick up the slack, eh?
    Head west and into the passageway north. Follow that around to its eventual
    exit, and then continue west until you reach yet another passageway north.
    Inside, you'll find our lovable friends from the jungle, the Go-Rock Quads.
    They'll insult you, blab about their plans once again (this time involving
    rumors of a Legendary Pokemon somewhere in the tunnel, as well as testing their
    version of the Super Styler), and then proceed to leave.
    Well, with them gone, you've got two paths here; take the north one first to
    find a room with a Magneton, and then you can proceed west. The grunts return,
    and this one has three Geodude with him. Continue on a short way until the
    tunnel diverges again, one way west, the other south. To the west is a
    breakable wall, but you'll need something with two Crush icons to break it.
    There's a Graveler in the passage to the south that will either roll up into a
    ball or wander around normally each time you enter the room. Since it requires
    two Soak icons to wake, it's just easier to exit and enter until it just walks
    around. Inside the room is a Kirlia, which will be VERY helpful later.
    Either way, the south exit followed by a trip west will lead you to another Go-
    Rock goon, this time carting three Snubbulls. Head through the northern passage
    after they run off, and make your way through a room filled with Poliwhirls and
    Zubats. If the Graveler is being uncooperative, you can head here and pick up a
    Poliwhirl to bring it around (you'll have to be quick, though). Once you're
    through, you'll find a dome of rock with an entrance. Immediately inside is a
    Hariyama, which you should Capture. DO NOT USE THE KIRLIA ON THIS ONE! Once
    that's done, head donw the nearby stairs, and you'll see two Hariyamas. Wait
    until they're close together, and then use Kirlia's Assist to Capture them
    both. If you catch them split apart, get one, and use your Partner's Discharge
    on the other. Make sure all three Hariyamas stay in your group, no matter what.
    With the Hariyamas in tow, head back out of the Zubat infested area and head
    south, jumping down the ridge. A little further south is a large boulder; use
    one of the Hariyamas on it, and Capture the Magneton that was behind it if need
    be. Head back north and this time head east to yet another Go-Rock grunt.
    You'll have a Crawdaunt and a Krabby to deal with this time around. Once safe,
    continue east, and take the north passageway. A grunt with three Zubats stand
    in your way, and once he runs in terror, head further east. Two boulders are
    sitting there, waiting for a Hariyama to pound them to dust. Do so, and Spenser
    will the text you, requesting he meet you at the Dugtrio statue near the
    If you didn't see it before, it's just north of where you smashed the first
    boulder. When you get there, Tiffany arrives, complaining about the lack of
    Legendary Pokemon in the vicinity, and that her brothers (the other Quads) left
    without her. Tired of failing grunts, she summons a Camerupt with her violin,
    and invites you to battle her. I'd suggest Capturing a Magneton if you don't
    have one, as well as a Poliwhirl. Once you're ready, walk up to them, and
    engage the Capture Battle!
    ! BOSS #2: CAMERUPT !
    Camerupt requires 10 loops to Capture, and any time it sees the Capture Disk
    without being trapped in some way, it shoots about 6-7 balls of molten lava
    from its back, almost guaranteed to hit your Styler. Honestly, this thing only
    gets the Boss title because of the cool music. As long as you have a Poliwhril,
    this thing goes down in five seconds flat. Trap it in a bubble, and Capture
    away! If for whatever reason the Poliwhirl option isn't available, Ground
    Assists from a Diglett will work as well, and maybe a Rock Assist from a
    Graveler (I wouldn't trust a Geodude's to last long enough). A Dischage will
    get you through most of the way, but it doesn't last long enough to finish the
    Once defeated, Tiffany does some more whining, and runs off when one of her
    grunts informs her an expert Ranger is heading thorugh the tunnel. Spenser then
    shows up, and proclaims your mission cleared! You'll head back to the Ranger
    Base, and Spenser will promote you to a Rank 6 Ranger, giving you access to
    Flying Assists. Afterwards, Spenser decides to give you a small break, but
    orders you not to leave Ringtown.
    Leave the base, wander around some, and participate in the Capture Challenge if
    you want, now that it's open. Head back to the Ranger Base when you're bored.
    Lunick/Solana will come out, saying that Spenser needed to see you. Once
    inside, he'll give you a new assignment: locate and escort a senior citizen
    reported lost in Lyra Forest. Since I'm not sure geriatric jokes are welcome,
    we'll just say get moving, soldier!
    %VIII) The Wayward Wanderer%
    If for some reason you can't remember where Lyra Forest is, it's due north of
    Ringtown. Once inside, you'll find Lunick/Solana waiting for you. They're
    supposed to be heading for Summerland, but they've got time, and want to
    accompany you for whatever reason. Just start walking north whenever they stop
    blabbing. Not too far up the path, you'll run into a father who's supposed to
    meet his daughter. She has two Jigglypufs with her, so she shouldn't be hard to
    spot. You'll promise to keep an eye out for her, so continue to follow the
    path. Again, after only a short walk, your friend will point out the path
    leading to the deeper part of the forest, more affectionately named Labyrinth
    Grove. How quaint. Anyway, a Jigglypuf will show up, and start heading into the
    Well, we all know what that means, right? You got it, time to follow. Head
    west, and south through the bushes if you want a Mudkip and Marshtomp to
    accompany you. Otherwise, head north to the next screen. Oh, it's a girl with a
    Jigglypuff. Wait, one Jigglypuff, not two. Apparently, the other one ran off
    into the forest, and now it's your job to find it. Lunick/Solana will stay
    behind to keep the girl happy. Why do they get the easy job?
    This is a relatively large area, but not terribly confusing, and it has plenty
    of Pokemon ripe for Capturing . Just head as far north, and as far west as you
    can; that's where I found the Jigglypuff. It may be somewhere else in the area,
    but it's not very fast, so once you see it, you can easily run into it. The
    same goes for Capturing it; it'll jump in the air, but you can still loop
    around it. By the time it lands, you should have pleny of loops around it, as
    well as enough for a little extra EXP. Take the Jigglypuff back, and
    Lunick/Solana will take the girl back to her daddy. That leaves us to deal with
    the old man.
    Head west until the path forks, and take the northern route. It's a straight
    path for a while, and then it'll eventually fork again. Take the west exit, and
    after a few steps in the new screen, Spenser will text you warning that
    Weepinbell in the forest aren't terribly receptive to outsiders. Once you enter
    the next part of the forest, be wary. If a Weepinbell sees you, it'll swallow
    you (yes, they are that stretchy, apparently), and send you back to the
    entrance. You can sneak up behind them to Capture them if you want, though. It
    will make walking around easier, so I'd suggest getting them out of the way if
    you're willing to sacrifice a few Friend spaces.
    Head west and south into the clearing area. The south exit leads to a Swellow
    and a Pikachu if you want them. Otherwise, follow the west path to the next
    small clearing, where you'll want to head south (the north path has nothing of
    real interest). The road forks and again, north has nothing of interest, so
    continue south. Our final fork for the screen has the choice of west and south,
    and you want to head west. Follow into the next screen.
    Jump down the cliff to the south, and you'll see and old man in purple,
    apparently named Gordor. Yeah, he's the man you're looking for, but he's no
    kindhearted old man. After insulting you and the Ranger Union (along with
    giving a laughing pose that doesn't look very friendly at all), he'll demand
    you escort him out. To do so, begin heading west, and Capture the Quilava.
    Gordor will spout some philisophical jargon, and then lets you contnue on your
    way. A small distance north, and you'll see a log with a Murkrow on it.
    Apparently, Gordor belives that it's mocking him, and insults the thing to no
    end. After he's done letting off steam, he once again lets us get moving. Roast
    the log, listen to more of the old man's mutterings, and continue north.
    There are a TON of Beedrill on this screen, and when they see you, they'll
    charge a lot faster than some of the other things out there. After running that
    short little gauntlet (you really can't get lost here) to the next screen.
    Nothing important here either, just continue east. You'll be paid yet another
    visit by Murkrow, much to the annoyance of our geriatric friend. Once Murkrow
    runs off, take the south exit, followed by the north exit, and then south
    again. If you don't take them in this order, you'll start back at the screen
    where the Murkrow taunted you last (and Gordor will yell at you again).
    If you followed the correct path, you'll see that annoying bird once again, as
    well as a dark mist that, of course, Gordor complains about. Murkrow jumps into
    the tree, and if you don't knock him out of it using the Phanphy around you,
    you'll just reenter this screen if you try to continue. Knock it out, and it'll
    try to block you, summoning four Spinarak to aid it in the battle against you.
    ! BOSS #3: MURKROW!
    You get the boss music for this battle, but it's not too hard. Try to get the
    Spinarak stuck together for an easy Capture on their part (your Partner's
    Assist really helps here). If you can, try to get Murkrow along with them, but
    don't take chances if you can't; the stun only lasts for so long, and you want
    as few Pokemon on the screen at one time as you can get. Once the Spinarak's
    are down, move on to Murkrow. Anytime it sees the Styler it'll react with a
    cloud of damaging black smoke, so try to stun it as well for the Capture
    (Partner or Water Assist is good).
    Gordor doesn't let you keep it once Captured, so after releasing it, continue
    on. You'll arrive at the entrance to the Labyrinth Grove with a Go-Rock grunt
    standing there, who immediately runs off. He comments on Go-Rock, wondering if
    their reputation is warranted, as well as his opinion on the lackluster
    reliability of the Rangers, congradulates you to some extent, laughs some more
    (seriously, does this guy's laugh look nice to you?), and then leaves, bumping
    into Murph on his way out. Murph gloats about having a mission worth something,
    and you both leave the forest.
    Back at the Ringtown Ranger Base, Spenser congradulates you for putting up what
    was surely a terrified, if not arrogant, old man. He promotes you to a Rank 7
    Ranger, allowing for the use of both Dark and Ghost type Assists, as well as
    giving you an additional Friend slot, bringing the total up to six. And if that
    weren't enough, you also get another segment of the Partner Gauge opened up.
    Boy, they reall reward you for this rank, don't they? After that, Cameron texts
    you, asking you to head for Summerland. Spenser says this makes for a good
    opportunity, as your Ranger Rank allows you to make use of the Dragonite Bus.
    This just keeps getting better and better!
    But guess what? There's a catch. See, you have the get the Dragonite to
    acknowledge you as a true Ranger, and that means Capturing it. The good news is
    that it doesn't take that many loops to Capture. The bad news is that it's
    fast, and as a Dragon-type, your Partner's Assist means little to it. Just
    circle fast, and lift quickly, don't go for extra loops. Once that's done,
    you'll now have unlimited access to the Dragonite Bus, a quick run to any of
    the Ranger Bases you've been to before. You'll immediately head to Summerland,
    where Cameron invits you inside the base to give you a gift.
    And your gift is a...well, it used to be a submarine. Not terribly useful at
    the moment, though. Lunick/Solana will then bust in, surprised to see you, and
    gives Cameron a report on some ruins they found. Cameron tells you about the
    four challenges there, as well as the location. Warning you not to clear all
    the challenges due to an ancient warning, you and your little friend get to
    head off exploring. It's where you found the Politoed, so get marching, that's
    a good hike!
    The jungle layout hasn't changed, so it's a relatively straight shot to the
    Jungle Relic. You'll get a rather amusing scene a little ways into the jungle
    (personally, if the thing didn't wake up, I don't think it was bothered all
    that much). Once you arrive at the Relic, your friend does the work of finding
    the switch for you (about the only thing they're going to do here, really), so
    go on in. Note that anything you Captured in the jungle will have to be
    released, otherwise you won't be able to go in. Descend a few staircases,
    %IX) Three Challenges? And...%
    After the inital awe from your partner wears off, follow the path east, and
    you'll see a door with the Water-type symbol at the top; this is the Challenge
    of Water. A little ways north is a fork; continuing north leads to a door with
    a symbol I unfortunately can't describe leading to the Challenge of Destruction
    (sounds fun, doesn't it?) The west path leads across a bridge, halfway along
    which is an Entei statue that Lunick/Solana comment on. Continuing west leads
    to a door with the Fire-type symbol above it, the Challenge of Fire. However,
    the door is blocked by two Go-Rock grunts (though apparently, neither you nor
    your counterpart recognize them). Past the stairs and the following winding
    path north leads to a door with a tornado symbol above it, the Challenge of
    Wind. You can complete the challenges in any order, with the exception of the
    Challenge of Fire. I'll begin with Water. Note that there are no wild Pokemon
    here, meaning the only assistance you get is that of your Partner.
    Immediately inside you'll see a narrow path. As you walk along the path, a
    Gyarados will pop up and shoot three balls of water at you that space out as
    they travel. If you get hit by one, you'll likely be knocked off the path into
    the pit below. You have to deal with three single Gyarados one after the other,
    and then at the end two will pop up. Once you figure out the spacing and a safe
    area to be, it's easy to get by. And at the end...
    ! BOSS #4: KINGDRA(2)!
    Believe me, this is beyond easy, even though there are two of them. They start
    off submerged, and occasionally pop up. If they see the Syler, they'll give off
    a small jet of water, and then swim around the surface some more before diving
    again. You need very few loops for each Capture, 6 in total, so after they
    attack, they lag long enough for you to Capture them without trouble. If you
    really need to, they're also vulnerable to your Partner's Assist, slowing them
    down even more. Trust me, more than easy.
    Once that's done, the stone dais dissapears, and the challenge is cleared, and
    any damage you might have sustained will be recovered. You'll head outside, and
    two of the torches in front of the Entei statue light up. On to the next
    challenge! I'me heading for Wind.
    Once inside, a somewhat strong wind will begin blowing from the west, pushing
    you east. It won't push you far, but you still need to angle your walking to a
    certain extent. The wind will also change direction after a certain point,
    trying to push you south. You're presented with two paths, both eventually
    leading to the same place. The western path is pretty straight, but leaves a
    little less margin for error. It's essentially a blocky S-curve the whole
    length up. The eastern path is a little less risky as far as proximity to
    edges, but winds a lot more. The western path also lets out immediately onto
    the unified path that the other one eventually gets to. I take the west one,
    but I'll leave the choice up to you. The rest of the path is pretty
    straightforward, just a little more winding, and you're there. In the altar
    room, you'll be attacked by...
    ! BOSS #5: FLYGON!
    Again, not terribly difficult, but still tougher than the Kingdra duo. This one
    still requires very few loops to Capture, about 5 or 6, I couldn't quite see,
    but moves incredibly FAST! You need to be very quick with how it moves, or else
    it will run into the Capture Line without fail. It also respons quickly to
    seeing the Styler with a few tornados, and recoveres from the atack quickly, so
    baiting it like you did the Kingra's won't work quite as well. It is, however,
    still about the only option you have, as being a Dragon, your Partner's Assist
    will wear off almost immediately. Just bait and circle quickly.
    With that, another altar dissapears, more flames light up, and your Styler is
    once again charged. After walking outside, it's time to tackle the last
    challenge, the Challenge of Destruction.
    You should immediately notice the Field Move icons encased within crystal
    spheres atop large, immobile pedestals. We all know where this is going, but as
    Lunick/Solana point out, there aren't any Pokemon around. Not a problem, just
    step on the center switch in the stone square, and two will plop right down in
    front of you. Two Pokemon will always drop, and you'll always get what you need
    to clear away any barriers present. If there's only one barrier, a Wurmple will
    appear as one of the Pokemon. The east barrier leads to a short path; one
    square, and one immediately above it. However, the second square has two
    Magnemite drop, so pike them up if you want.
    The west path follows the pattern outlined above to two drops. Two squares
    above the first one on the path, however, drops another two Magnemite.
    Eventually, you'll eliminate the last barrier. At this point, your Styler is
    again recharged, and any Friend Pokemon with you will run off. Hey, they said
    it was a challenge, so it's a challenge. Inside the next room, you'll face off
    The first time I fought this guy, my screen protector was shifted down a
    little, causing the stylus to get caught if it went to the upper portion of the
    screen. I couldn't drag it out, so I was forced to lift it up if it ever got
    caught, making this battle a real pain. It's still a pain the second time
    around, but not as much.
    to send out for very large shockwaves, each can cause good damage. Even after
    that you're not safe, as the first two times he sees your Styler, he attacks
    with a very fast Hyper Beam. You have very little time to react, so touch the
    screen and immediately let up. Once two Hyper Beams go off, Salamenc will
    either begin walking or flying. If he's walking, that's good, as he's slow. If
    he's flying, it's still doable, but you need to be a little faster to keep up
    with him. What makes this a pain is Salamence requires a whopping 22 loops to
    Capture, meaning one mistake means a lot of work to catch up again. You have no
    Assists to help you, as your Partner is ineffective against Dragons. Now,
    should you see Salamence jump up, that means he's going to pull off the
    shockwave attack again. Immediately lift, and repeate the baiting process
    twice. He can still Hyper Beam you if he so desires, so stay vigilant.
    Eventually, you'll wear him down and Capture him.
    And that's that. The stone dissapears, flames erupt, and the Styler is charged.
    Well, that's three out of four, and since we don't want any ancient prophecy to
    get mad at us, let's leave it at that.
    Or not. Lunick/Solana is very interested in that last challenge, and wants to
    take a look. Not to finish of course, but to see what it is. Might as well head
    on over. When you get to the door, you see that the two Go-Rocks aren't there
    anymore. Head on inside, and you'll see the stone tablet that details the
    challenge is wrecked. You can try reading it, but a lot of text is missing.
    Head on inside, and follow the path around (nothing tricky about this one).
    Once you reach the top, you'll see our old friends, the Go-Rock Quads, and a
    Charizard. After their introduction, they'll note that the Charizard is in a
    rather foul mood, and that Capturing it is the only way to calm it down. Gee,
    wonder who ticked it off in the first place?! Approach the raging Pokemon to
    initiate the Capture.
    It'll start by spouting a tower of flame that results in fireballs being
    scattered about the field. The only way to get rid of them is to run into them
    with the Styler, which causes some really bad damage if done too much. It's
    possible to circle around Charizard and a fireball if he's close enough, as
    it's a lot smaller that it looks. You only need 11-12 loops for the Capture, so
    it's not terrible, just annoying if you run into a flame at the wrong moment.
    Your Partner Assist can help, but doesn't last very long. Still, definitely
    doable, if not annoying.
    Your Styler is immediately recharged afterward, and the Go-Rocks approach. They
    say they tried to Capture it first, and 'accientally' injured it. Riiiight! Oh,
    by the way, you just cleared the fourth challenge for them. Well, that's a
    problem. Heroes in games are way too gullible these days. Anyway, they run off,
    and Lunick/Solana is obviously worried, and since the Quads dropped the hint
    about the statue, they insist that you check it. Head out of the challenge hall
    and immiediately east across the bridge, going north once you see the flames.
    As you approachte statue, it awakens and dissapears. Your friend dismisses it
    as nothing, and you head outside the Relic.
    Outside, an earthquake occurs. That's what happens when you jump to
    conculsions; it comes to bite you in the butt eventually. Cameron texts you
    before you head inside, saying the earthquake's reached them in Summerland, and
    orders you to investigate. He also notes that Aria is on the way. After rushing
    inside the Relic, yet another task begins.
    %X) Save the Jungle Relic!%
    Well, that's certainly a bit of redeoorating. Aria shows up, almost ready to
    believe that you cleared the foruth challenge. Lunick/Solana admits to it, and
    while they try to justify themselves, the Entei shows up, letting out a roar
    that catches everyone's attention. After it runs off, Aria says she'll take
    care of it, and that you've done enough damage. Your friend, on the other hand,
    wants to do something to make up for causing this disaster in the first place.
    Head east, then north past the bridge junction to run into a Go-Rock grunt and
    his lackey Pokemon. You're going to have to circle wide, as the lava Slugma and
    Magcargo trail will damage your Styler. Try to get them while they're bunched
    together, and you'll be fine. Now, if you want to make your life a little
    easier, there's a Graveler a little ways east of where you fought the grunt. It
    may not be active, so just give it a little bit; leave the screen, walk around,
    etc. Once you Capture it, go to the boulder up the stairway above the Challenge
    of Water, and Capture the Sceptile inside. Next, head across the bridge, facing
    the grunt along the way. Right above the Challenge of Fire door is a fence
    that's just asking to be sliced to bits by the Sceptile. Inside are two
    Poliwhirl that will make life much, much easier for you later.
    Whether you do that or not, continue heading north past where you fought the
    first grunt into the hole in the wall. Go past the grunt blocking the doorway,
    and continue heading north to yet another grunt. Take him out and head west to
    Capture the Rhydon. Return south to the grunt blocking the doorway, smash your
    way past, and continue up the stairs. Head south, and have Rhydon take care of
    the boulder that thinks it's going to stop you. Proceed south and down the
    stairs to the next area.
    From here head west and north around the path until Aria pops out of a doorway.
    She warns you about a Go-Rock member ahead, and laments about his Pokemon
    ruining her Styler. Doesn't she just have our deepest sympathies? </sarcasm>
    Anyway, that means, of course, it's up to you. The path to the west holds
    nothing of interest at the moment, so just continue through the door. One of
    the Quads, Clyde, will be there to give you a warm welcome, and almost
    immediately sics his Slaking on you. Get ready!
    ! BOSS #8: SLAKING!
    The bad news is that Slaking is kinda big, and takes 17 loops to completely
    Capture. The good news is that he's incredibly slow moving, and has such a lag
    between attacks that you can fit all those loops around him easily before he
    attacks again. The only thing I saw him do was pound the ground a few times,
    sending boulders out with each smack. If you're crazy/stupid enough to be
    caught while this happens (there's plenty of time between smacks), then you
    have more than a few issues.
    After Slaking runs off, Clyde merely shrugs off the loss, noting that their
    boss is right ahead, and that whatever he's doing, it's too late to stop it.
    Heh, we'll see. Head north, and you'll find none other than Gordor (you see?!
    No one can have that kind of laugh and not be evil!) and Entei. After going
    into extensive detail about his plans, how big of an idiot you are, etc., he
    lets you go to do whatever you want. Considering that left unchecked, Entei can
    wreak tons of havok over Fiore, we know what to do, don't we? Yep, walk right
    up to the large fire-breathing dog/cat/gerbil/whatever the Pokemon experts
    decided on. :P
    ! BOSS #9: ENTEI & MAGMAR(2)!
    Right off the bat it summons two Magmars onto the field, and the strategy for
    multiple Pokes is to take them out one at a time. If you can, pull off a
    Partner Assist to stun them together, and get them out of the way. You might be
    able to get Entei either close enough or after you deal with the Magmars. If
    you couldn't, this is what those Poliwhril earlier were for. Believe it or not,
    you can create a large enough bubble to trap Entei in, and Capture him in a
    snap. If you used/don't have Poliwhirl, you can always use a Rock Assist,
    charge up your Partner Gauge by making a few loops around Entei, or just go the
    old fashioned way. Do note that if Entei goes to attack, he shoots out a large
    stream of fire; nothing too dangerous, but try not to get hit all the same.
    A little more ranting on Gordor's part and, for whatever reason, you just let
    him walk off. *sigh* Regardless, head back south to where Aria is waiting.
    You'll finally get a chance to explain, and Aria forgives you (say what?!), and
    you'll head back to Summerland. Cameron blabs for a bit, Aria returns to Fall
    City, and peace has returned. Head south to leave, and you'll get a text from
    Prof. Hastings, asking you to return to Fall City as well. Just take the
    Dragonite Bus over, and you'll be there in no time.
    Once you arrive, Prof. Hastings immediately comes outside, explains the
    situation, and gives you a new mission: investigate the Dusk Factory in Fall
    City! To find it, head east, then south at the large stairway into the next
    area. Continue south until you reach the first fork in the walkway, and head
    east to another new area. Your mission begins!
    %XI) Investigate the Factory!%
    Head north through the door (Hastings gives you a hand with the security
    system). If you try to go through the nearest doors, you'll find they won't
    open. Well, they have to have security in place somewhere. Anyway, you need
    another door, but first you need some Friends. Follow the building east, around
    to the north, and west. You'll see a mob of Voltorbs and a Meowth. The Voltorbs
    are tricky to deal with, but worth getting if you can avoid taking too much
    damage from them. But make sure you get the Meowth. You can also Capture a
    Makuhita further to the west, and a little south Head back around to where you
    came from, and enter the small building through the metal garage door-looking
    Almost immediately inside, a little to the northwest, you'll find a fence to
    use the Meowth on. Head on past, and continue north up the stairs. Once up,
    you'll see a grunt; take him out. If you have the previously mentioned
    Makuhita, you can move the box and fall down the pit to get a Growlithe.
    Whatever you do, head west through the doorway the grunt was guarding, and
    cross the bridge. Halfway across, you'll get to see the Go-Rock Quads
    practicing their usual routine, and argue amongst each other a little bit. One
    of them, Garrett, stays behind to guard the factory. Wonderful. Just continue
    west across the bridge.
    Now that we're inside the main buidling, head north through the only door in
    here, and you'll see a generator draining power from a Pikachu. Serves the
    annoying little rat right!...Um, I mean, the poor thing! >_> Regardless, it's
    your job to free it. However, we don't have a Pokemon with the proper Field
    Move to do so. Continue throught the door to the north, and head west, then
    north to the wall. Note that the Mr. Mime you pass are incredibly useful, so
    try and Capture them. Once you reach the wall, head west to the next wall, then
    south and throught he door on the western wall. Cross the bridge to find a
    grunt guarding the next door. Quickly dispose of him and continue west without
    This room is rather large, but you'll need to travel through very little of it.
    Head directly north from where you start, and head east when you get the
    chance, finally going up the stairs to your north. You wind up on the roof with
    a Pinsir not too far away; exactly what we need to shut down that generator.
    Capture, and return alllllll the way back to the generator room. Free the
    Pikachu, and all is well. Until the lights go out, anyway. It's still possible
    to see, and Hastings points out that there may be other generators. Do note
    that instead of Mr. Mime wandering the factory room, Ghastly now inhabit it.
    They can steal Friend Pokemon if you're not careful, so Capture them or avoid
    them (Ghost Assists are very useful, so I suggest Capturing at least one).
    Return to the large room before the rooftop, and head south this time, turning
    west when you meet wall. Go through the door that presents itself shortly, and
    follow the path south and east to yet another grunt.
    A quick battle later, and you can enter the door he was guarding. Grab the
    Houndoom inside, and return to the starwell that lead to the roof. Return to
    the roof real quick, and grab another Pinsir, then go back downstairs and have
    the Houndoom incinerate the junk blocking the starway. Head down, and you'll
    almost immediately be greeted by the standard grunt, who should be dealt with
    quickly. Continue south through the doorway he went through, and further south
    down the hall to yet ANOTHER grunt. I know this is their main factory, but
    yeesh! Anyway's the usual deal of you Capture, they retreat, and head through
    the door they were guarding. There are three new doors here; the south door
    leads outside, and Hastings won't let you leave until you've finished the
    mission. The western door is locked, and won't open until this floor's
    generator is knocked out. That leaves the eastern door.
    Forgive my directions in the next section, this area is confusing as hell.
    If you've ever played the orgional Red and Blue Version, you'll remember these
    wonderful floor tiles from beneath the Celadon Game Corner, as well as Viridian
    Gym. They don't spin you around, but as long as you're on them, the only
    direction you go is the direction they say you go. Step on the southernmost row
    of tiles that direct you east. Loop around the tiles and cargo container,
    taking care not to hit any other tiles as it wraps around to the north. Follow
    this path as far as you can. From here, take either of the two easternmost rows
    of tiles you can get to. Follow this small stretch of path as far north as you
    can, and you'll see two rows of tiles on top of each other like so:
    Step on the row pointing west, looping you into the little spit of floor in the
    middle of a ton of tiles. Take the tiles pointing west again, right below where
    you got off the last set. Three rows of tile above where you just got off is a
    set that leads like so:
    Take this set, and follow the small path as far east as you can. There are now
    three sets of tiles right next to each other; take the westernmost set. Follow
    the path west, and you'll find a door to go through. Use the Pinsir you nabbed
    earlier to free the Pikachu (there was another Pinsir in the prevous room, but
    it would be rather difficult to describe how to get to it, so I made life
    easier for both of us). Back in the pink walkway room the tiles have stopped
    working (YES, YES YES!), so just head directly south back to the hallway, and
    head west to the door that was previously locked.
    From the entrance, follow the path through the crates north, west, and
    eventually south to the stariwell. Descend, and continue north, then east.
    Prof. Hastings, in a not so Prof.-like moment, confuses an alarm button for a
    door button (red usually means bad, right?). A Top-Ranked Grunt will head out,
    and upon seeing you, he's not terribly happy. After dealing with their Pokes,
    head inside the door that the grunt ran out of, and nab the Scyther. Exit, and
    continue to follow the hallway east, south, and slightly west to yet another
    door. Inside, have Scyther slice the cage to ribbons, leaving the rest of the
    factory powerless. Follow the hallway back to the stairs, and head north once
    in the cargo room. Once you reach the top end of the cargo room, Garret will
    reintroduce himself, as well as a not-so-friendly Scizor.
    ! BOSS #10: SCIZOR!
    As a Steel-type, it doesn't have a whole lot of weaknesses. Add that to the
    fact that it's pretty damn fast in both movement and attacks, and takes 12
    loops to Capture, and you've got the makings of a tough fight on your hands.
    Assuming, of course, you don't have some handy Assists on you. Fire will keep
    it from moving, assuming you can trap him without taking damage. Water will
    keep him immobilized nicely, as will your Partner Assist, giving you enough
    time to loop around and Capture away.
    After blabbing even more about the Go-Rock plans, Garret leaves, barely fazed
    by his defeat. After a little more talk from Hastings, your mission is cleared!
    You immediately return to the Fall City Ranger Base, and Hastings himself
    promotes you to a Rank 8 Ranger! Ice Assists are now available for use, giving
    you the use of all Assist types.
    Joel pops in, saying they finally know how to get to the heart of Go-Rock, and
    that you're going to help Spenser bring them down. The problem is that it's
    near Wintown, and as you haven't been there yet, the Dragonite Bus is
    absolutely now help whatsoever. However, apparently Cameron has some useful
    info on an undersea tunnel, so it's time to go get Cameron to sqeal like a
    little girl...AH, um, I mean nicely give us the information. Take the Dragonite
    Bus over to Summerland, and Cameron will eventually note that the sub he gave
    you might help. Unfortunately, some delivery Taillow lost some key parts in
    Olive Jungle, so now you have to go get them. Time for another jungle trek!
    %XII) Find The Aquamole's Parts!%
    The mechanic following you says they're in the westernmost part of the jungle.
    Oh, and the mechanic can't stand Bug Pokemon, and if either of you hit one,
    he'll run back to the jungle entrance. No joke, so keep alert. Head north up
    the vines, and follow the path west. Continue west on the next screen, and
    you'll see that our neighborhood friendly Snorlax is gone! Take note that this
    area is, of course, filled with Bug-types, and Venonat and Ariados love to
    chase you if they notice you. Don't worry if you have to restart this area a
    lot; I certainly did. Follow the northern branch of the path, and follow it
    west until it branches north again. The path then heads west, and north into
    the next screen. Continue heading north, evading bugs all the way, and
    following west when the path turns. Climb both sets of vines, and head into the
    grove. The parts are right in front of you, but thanks to the mechanics
    accidental injury to a Magikarp, a Gyrados decides to attack you.
    ! BOSS #11: GYARADOS!
    Along with our watersnake friend are four Magikarp. Get them out of the way
    first, as you don't need your Styler's line breaking just because you ran into
    a fish by accident. All of them are quite vulnerable to your Partner's Assist,
    as well as a Grass Assist if you have one. Gyarados takes 11 loops to Capture
    in total, moves at a moderate speed, and attacks with a long and powerful jet
    of water if you make him mad. This is still a reasonable Capture to make, so it
    shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    Once calmed, the mechanic retrieves the parts, and goes to work on the
    Aquamole. You return to the Summerland Ranger Base, and Cameron gives you a new
    mission: head to Wintown using the Aquamole. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Just you
    wait. Head out the Ranger Base, and the tech will tell you the Aquamole is
    ready. south to the dock area where the mechanic is waiting. Board the
    Aquamole, and get ready to head for Wintown.
    %XIII) Aquamole to the North%
    When you land, Cameron will text you, saying to head through Panula Cave to
    reach Wintown. Oh, and just to make life interesting, the mechanic only gave
    you enough fuel for a one-way trip, so now you can't go back. Lovely. Head
    north, and once you reach some woodwork, a large man named Chris comes up, and
    tells you to follow him. Not very chatty, this one. Follow him north and around
    the winding wood stairs into the cave.
    Head east, up both sets of stone steps. Continue west as far as you can, and
    follow all of the stone steps up, then proceed east around the winding path,
    heading up another several set of steps. Head west when you can, and Chris will
    reappear, noting the large amount of tremors recently. Note that if you want to
    head back down a ledge, for a Capture or some other reason, walk towards the
    edge of the ledge your one, and you'll eventually jump down. Handy for Pokes
    you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.
    Follow Chris through the tunnel he popped in and out of, and continue north
    from this area into the next. You'll see Chris right next to another exit, but
    make a detour west a couple of screens first, and snag the Poliwrath you see,
    as well as a Poliwhirl. Head back to Chris, and proceed through the exit next
    to him. Head east, and you'll see a sleeping Steelix blocking your path. Blast
    it with the Poliwrath, and head through the exit, then down the stairs. Head
    west, following the cave to a set of stairs. Once down, Chris will introduce
    you to the Leader of Wintown, Elita. She says the path is blocked by some
    raging Pilowsiwne who lost a baby Swinub, and you have to find it.
    Head north, and you'll see the Swinub up on a ledge. To the east is a set of
    stairs; head up and north, falling down the hole you see. You'll land in a very
    slippery area, and you need to head southwest. The problem is that there are
    several holes in your way that force you to climb back up to the hole you came
    down from. Do your best (I doubt I can accurately describe the area) getting
    down, and Capture the Swinub when you finally reach it. Take it back to the
    Piloswine to the east, and they'll leave. Follow the previously blocked north
    path, up the stairs, and up the stairs directly to your east in the next area.
    Follow the path around south, east, and north until our old friend Steelix
    busts in to pay us a visit.
    ! BOSS #12: STEELIX!
    This thing is a royal pain for two reasons. One, he's big. Two, touching him
    damages your Styler. Obviously this is bad if you're not very good keeping your
    Styler away from Pokes on the screen. It being a Steel-type doesn't help,
    meaning a large number of your Assists are useless, which is why I told you to
    Capture that Poliwhirl a while ago. Try and get the Steelix trapped in a bubble
    while it's bunched up, and circle carefully. You only need 10 loops, but those
    10 loops can be impossible to get if your Capture Line is too short. Level up
    your Styler if you can't get around it without hitting it. Should you not get
    it with the Poliwhirl, your Parter's Assist works just as well. Good luck.
    Once Captured, Chris and Elita pop up, as well as a Go-Rock grunt, who
    apparently was controlling the Steelix, shutting down the cave as a path. Give
    chase, heading east, up the stairs, and around the wood platform, continuing
    east when the wood ends. Exit the cave, and follow the path north, finally
    ending in Wintown. Elita greets you, and takes you into the Ranger Base. Once
    inside, she certifies you as a Rank 9 Ranger, giving you access to all five
    bars for your Partner Gauge.
    You have no time to rest, however. Spenser's already inside the Go-Rock Squad's
    base in order to recover the Super Styler lost so long ago. To give him the
    best chance of success, you are to infiltrate the base as well, acting as a
    decoy. However, you have to reach the base first, hidden in the Sekra
    Mountains. She'll introduce you to one of her own Rangers, who will wait
    outside the secret base, acting as another decoy. When you're ready, head
    outside the Base and follow the dirt path north to a set of stairs and into the
    Sekra Mountains.
    %XIV) Hideout Infiltration!%
    Start by following the path north. When you reach a small set of stairs, a
    Charizard will roar and fly overhead. Aria runs up, saying that it's the same
    Charizard you helped in the Jungle Relic, and that it's still angry at Go-Rock.
    After failing to Capture it, she says that you're the only one who can help.
    You have to accept, and Aria says she's been assigned to help you, so let's get
    We're given a very nice path this time around, so follow it east. Eventually,
    you'll run into a Go-Rock grunt with several Pokemon in tow. One quick Capture
    battle later, and you can continue north, and west when the path curves,
    finding yet another grunt. Dispatch him, and continue west to the next nusiance
    of a Go-Rock. Proceed west afterwards, going north into the next area when the
    path dictates.
    If you approach the tree directly ahead of you, a crapload of Shiftry pop out.
    I don't know if you can avoid this or not, but they're not hard anyways. Just
    thought I'd give you a heads-up. Regardless on whether you get amubshed or not,
    head around the tree and north through the exit. Directly north of you in the
    new area is a cabin where you can get your Styler recharged if need be. Handy
    indeed. Whether you recharge or not, follow the path east, and you'll se a Go-
    Rock couple attempt to Capture an Altaria. They'll fail, and as a result, the
    valley will become covered in a thick fog. You can't proceed as is, so you'll
    have to Capture the Altaira yourself in order to continue. Just wander around
    the valley until you find it, then proceed to Capture.
    With that done, find the path again, and follow it north, up a few stairs, and
    then west. The Go-Rock couple will come up, thank you for Capturing the
    Altaria, and run off towards their hideout. And being the nice people we are,
    we're not going to take advantage of their stupidity and follow them, right?
    </sarcasm> Follw them west, and north when the path turns again. In the next
    area, go north and Capture the Piloswine, using it to knock down the nearby
    tree. Continue heading west (get a nearby Poliwhirl if you don't have one,
    it'll come in handy) until you hear Charizard roar yet again. Walk on up to
    help calm it down again.
    ! BOSS #13: CHARIZARD!
    Unlike last time, you won't have to deal with fireballs being strewn all over
    the field, hindering your Styler movement. Instead, Charizard begins flying
    around rather quickly, spruting a few fireballs from its mouth. They don't go
    very far, and they don't linger, but those combined with fast movement can make
    this Capture difficult if you can't stop it. Hence, the Water Assist Poke I
    told you to get earlier. 13-14 loops is all you need, and even a Poliwhirl
    gives you just enough time to make the Capture. Should you fail to Capture with
    a Water Assist, or plain don't have one, your Parter's Assist will yet again
    suffice, thought not quite as well.
    And now that that's done, we can proceed. Head north into the next area, and
    continue to follow the path east. It'll begin winding around the mountain, so
    continue to follow it like always. Be aware that Golem will occasionally fall
    off the mountain, knocking you back if they hit. Just be careful and quick when
    you see a shadow, and you'll be fine. When you do reach the top, make sure to
    capture a nearby Tangela. Continue along, and you'll find a Top-Rank grunt
    blocking your path (take note of the large, ornate door next to you). Once
    defeated, he runs off. Follow him and the path to the next screen (the stairs
    to the south only lead to a couple Pokes), and Capture the nearby Tangela.
    You're going to need two, so if you don't have two Tangela, go back and get
    another one. Use the Tangela to get across the two gaps. Head west to the next
    Aria will get a call saying Elita needs her back in Wintown, so she leaves you
    to take care of the rest. Climb the rockface, noting the continual stupidity of
    the Go-Rocks when you reach the top. Approacht the boulder closely, and touch
    it to find a switch. Inside you'll find Chris, who explains the situation
    further. You need to go deep into the base to create a diversion to keep Go-
    Rock from finding Spenser. He warns you that red sensor pads will send you back
    to the entrance, so take care around those. Head through the east door to get
    things started.
    Follow the hallway north, and when it turns east, take care not to cross the
    sensor pads whilst they're red. You'll be given plenty of time to cross while
    they're off, so don't worry. Continue east until you reach a door, and go
    through. In here, the pads are clustered together, so you'll have to note the
    patterns they cycle through in order to get by. They're not all that tricky,
    however, so just follow through, and go through the door when you get to it.
    Once in the next area, follow the hallway east, and when it turns north, be
    wary of even more sensor pads. They're easier than the ones in the previous one
    in pattern, just a little trickier to see since the pads at the top are
    obsucred by your Styler bars. It's still easy, though. Once through head down
    the stairs to your north. Heading south,t he door behind you will close, and
    you should recognize yet another staple from Team Rocket back in R/B/Y. That's
    right, teleporter pads. There are several pad combinations to take to get to
    the end. I'll give the most direct one, but I encourage you to explore, as
    there are several nice, strong Pokes lying around for you to Capture (namely
    the Swampert and Blaziken; I really suggest finding them). Take the right pad,
    and follow the new hallway around to the next pad. In here, you can go either
    north or east; either way, you'll run into a Go-Rock member. Dispatch, and
    follow the hallway around to the next pad (though you can still go and take
    care of the other grunt if you want). Step on the pad and confront the Go-Rock
    Commander. After the usual Go-Rock gloating, he'll sic his Pokemon on you.
    ! BOSS: #14: GOLEM & MANKEY(2)!
    Okay, maybe not a boss per se, but it has cooler music, so I listed it as such
    anyway. Get rid of the Mankeys first, using an Assist if you need to (try to
    get them together to make life easier), and then go for the Golem. Just wait
    until it finishes an attack run, and you'll have plenty of time to get all the
    loops you'll need.
    With that done, take the pad right next to the Commander, and then the pad
    directly left of the one you appear on. Head north and take the right pad,
    going down the nearby stairs when you reappear. Go south through the door and
    the next area, and you'll find Lunick/Solana. Head east and Capture the
    Sneasel, and head back to the area where you descened the stairs, then have
    Sneasel slice the the gate. Proceed north and into the pink door. Inside you'll
    find our old friend Tiffany of the Go-Rock Quads, this time with two Camerupt
    in tow. You know what that means.
    ! BOSS #15: CAMERUPT(2)!
    They're large, slow, and probably won't get very far apart. They're attack
    cycle is also pretty short, so you're going to have a hell of a time Capturing
    them if you can't stop them or keep them far apart. A strong Water Assist is a
    great idea, especially if you can get them trapped together, or relatively far
    appart. Either way, if the Water Assist fails, your only hope is your Parter,
    but that won't last nearly as long. At 9 loops per Capture, you really want to
    try and stop both of them if you can.
    She runs off after defeat, heading west when you see her outside, screaming at
    her big brother in the next room. That, of course, means we must follow. Inside
    you'll find Clyde, ready to bring you down. Or so he thinks. More blabbing, and
    he sends the Slaking family at you
    The Slakoth needs 5 loops, the Vigoroth 12, and the Slaking 17. If you can get
    them real close together, a Parter Assist will do wonders, and even if they're
    not together, a Partner Assist will still let you pick off at least one. If you
    can't get them all with one Assist, use multiple ones, or recharge your Partner
    by circling each one once or twice; a full Partner Gauge is your best bet, even
    if it'll take time to get. Otherwise, use whatever else you want. Keep note
    that they all attack immediately upon seeing the Styler, and while Slakoth is
    slow to recover, Vigoroth is not, and Slaking requires so many loops that he
    has all the time in the world to recover after he attacks if you can't loop him
    Clyde and Tiffany run off again, this time south. Follow the hall and into the
    door, where yet another long beaten Quad waits. Garret's waiting for you, and
    he's not too happy; in fact, he's downright furious. He's got a nice stock of
    bugs at his disposal, and he's not afraid to use them. In fact, he will.
    ! BOSS #17: SCIZOR & SCYTHER(2)!
    The main issue here is that all of them are incredibly FAST! There's a good
    chance that they'll run into your Capture Line if you don't have a way to stop
    them, and that Scizor really limits your Assist options due to its Steel-Type.
    If you have a good Fire Assist, you can keep the other Pokes at bay if you're
    lucky whilst focusing on another. Barring that, your Partner's Assist is always
    a nice backup if you need it. Get rid of the two Scyther first, 4 loops for a
    Capture I think, and then the Scizor, 12 loops there.
    Once defeated, they blab yet again about the Go-Rock plans, and run down the
    stairs in the northeast corner of the room. Yep, you have to follow, so get
    going. Loop around the wall after you descend, either side is fine, and enter
    the very nice door. There are several Machamp in here, some stautes, some not,
    so be careful when one starts moving (Capturing one would be a good idea). Just
    go north into yet another, even nicer door (I kind of want that one for
    myself). Inside, head north, and the Go-Rock Quads, fully assembled, will give
    you one last performance. Billy then goes on about the Super Styler, Gordor's
    Power Styler, and just to continue the Go-Rock Squad's reign of stupidity,
    tells you his location. However, his main objective is revenge for you beating
    his siblings twice each, and he sends the entire Tyranitar line at you.
    Excellent music. Anyway, Larvitar requires 3 loops, Pupitar 13, and Tyranitar
    11 for Capture. When attacking, Larvitar bites a small area in front of him,
    Pupitar rains rocks down around him, and Tyranitar both creates large
    shockwaves and fires a nice Hyperbeam (think a slower version of Salamence).
    Larvitar shouldn't be too much of a problem to get rid of quickly, assuming you
    can get a few seconds away from his brothers. The other two, because of the
    large number of loops, and quickness of attacks, require some other tactics,
    namely our friends the Assists. A Psychic Assist does great, stopping both of
    them, and a Partner Assist will at least stop Tyranitar. If you took my advice
    in Capturing a Machamp, use it right after stopping both of them, and circle
    'em fast. If you have to, go for one at a time, but clustering them together
    makes things easier if they're stalled.
    With them safely out of the way, Billy goes on and on, spinning stories of the
    Go-Rock Quads starting anew now that they won't be family to Dad *ahem* Gordor
    any longer. They're sore losers, however, and activate the base's self-
    destruct, then run off. Spenser comes in, saying he got the Super Styler back,
    and tells you to get out before the base collapses. He runs off to rescue the
    remaining Pokemon inside, so follow his orders; head down the hole the Quads
    escaped in. Immediately head south out of the tunnel, and east when you get
    out. Cameron and Elita are outisde, ready to ferry you back to Wintown.
    Once back, Elita grants you a promotion to a Rank 10 Ranger! She removes the
    last block on your Styler, allowing you to Capture up to 7 Friend Pokemon to
    aid you. Elita then assigns you your toughest mission yet: stop Gordor's plans
    at the Fiore Temple! Lunick/Solana are ordered to accompany you as well;
    hooray, useless moral support!
    If you remember my note a few paragraphs ago about the odd door near the Top-
    Rank Grunt you fought at the top of the mountain, you should know where to go.
    The bonus is that a shortcut has opened up; the Snorlax that was blocking a
    path before has moved, giving you a much more direct route to the top of the
    mountain. Once you arrive at the doors, you'll find they've been opened.
    Prepare for your final mission!
    %XV) The Fiore Temple%
    When you arrive, go north a little ways, and a Top-Ranked Grunt will seal the
    temple doors. Tap the door, and Lunick/Solana will inidcate how the door is
    supposed to open; but they're aren't any Fire Pokemon around! Charizard will
    then show up, more than eager to lend you a hand. Once open, proceed north,
    then east after you climb the stairs, Capturing the Donphan along the way.
    You'll see some more stairs shortly; climb them, and then the stairs just
    slightly northeast of you. Proceed north until you see yet another set of
    stairs, but don't go up them, instead turning west and jumping off the small
    ledge between the stone pillars. Follow the ledge around slightly west and
    south until you see two small stone tablets. Jump off the ledge on the west
    side of the tablets and head west until you reach the edge of the cliff. Jump
    off the west side of the ledge and proceed north up the stairs, and continue
    until you climb up another set of stairs. Hang slightly northwest, and ascend
    the next set of stairs and the set of stairs directly west of you afterwards
    (Capture the nearby Raichu). Head east after that, and you'll come across
    another set of large doors. Lunick/Solana will find a stone tablet describing
    how to open the doors.
    You're going to need three Pokemon: Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. We'll start
    with Jolteon. Head immediately east as far as you can go, jumping down the
    south ledge (you should be jumping directly onto green grass, not dirt).
    Continue south down another ledge, and Capture the Jolteon. Jump down again,
    then again betwen the two stone pillars you jumped bewteen before. Go south and
    west again, jumping down the west side of the two small tablets, then west off
    the ledge, and north past two sets of steps, as well as the northwestern set.
    You should see a Vaporeon on the ledge below you; jump down and Capture, then
    jump down the eastern ledge and ascend the stairs north of you again. Head east
    until you can't go any farther, and go down the stairs directly south of you
    into a new area.
    Once inside, go south a ways (I suggest Capturing one or two Gengar, as well as
    the Espeon along the way) until you reach an exit into yet another area.
    Capture the Flareon inside, and return all the way back to the three stone
    daises. Tap each stand, and place the Pokemon on it. The door will open, and
    all three will run off. Go north into the next area and go to the west side of
    he pyramid that lies to the north. Climb the stairs that present themselves,
    eliminating the Top-Rank Grunt along the way. Head east, and another Top-Rank
    will try to stop you. Once finished, take the stairs north to a couple more
    Top-Ranks eliminate them, and head west to the last set of stairs.
    Before heading up, you should have a few things ready, as you're about to face
    three consecutive Capture battles. One, have a Donphan, Espeon, or Gengar for
    the first battle; any will do, but get another one as a backup. For the second
    battle, you need a full Partner Gauge; circle random wild Pokes in the previous
    area. For the last battle, any of the leftovers from the first battle, or
    another Vaporeon will be great. Finally, have either a Raichu, Jolteon, or both
    just in case, as well as a fully charged Styler. Once you think you're ready,
    ascend the final staircase.
    You'll find Gordor playing a bizarre techno-pipe organ, and alongside him stand
    Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. With these three at his command, thanks to his
    personal Super Styler, he plans to replace the Ranger Union with his own Go-
    Rock Squad as the heroes of Fiore, quelling the disasters Gordor himself causes
    wit the three Pokemon under his command. After insulting your Plusle and Minun,
    he sics his Raikou on you first.
    ! BOSS #19: RAIKOU!
    Even though it's an Electric-Type, Raikou isn't terribly fast in running.
    However, almost anywhere it walks, a few seconds alter, a burst of lightning
    strikes the area, lingering for a few seconds. This obviousy makes Capturing
    difficult, so once again, we need to stop it from moving. A Ground Assist works
    well, as will a Ghost or Psychic. The main issue becomes being able to loop
    around Raikou while it's stunned, as sometimes the lighting will linger over it
    for quite a while. It still only takes 11 loops to Capture, so it's not too
    Obviously furious at your victory, Gordor sends Suicune at you next.
    ! BOSS #20: SUICUNE!
    Suicune will immediately create two images of itself, giving you three things
    on the field to worry about. You can disperse the images by circling them once,
    but once both dissapear, Suicune will immediately summon them again. Their a
    little faster than Raikou, though not by much, and their only attack is to
    shoot an Aurora Bean out in a straght line. This is what the full Partner Gauge
    was for; stun them while they're all on screen, and because of the weakness,
    they'll be stunned for a good while. 17 loops is the requirement for Capture.
    Should you fail with your Partner support, you can either circle around several
    times to recharge (3 bars is sufficient time to loop, but doesn't cover as
    large of an area for the Discharge; you're call on how much to chage), or use a
    leftover from the last battle, your Psychic Assist if you have it would be
    At this point, Gordor is more than angry, going on about how futile your
    efforts are as long as he has his Power Styler. However, Plusle and Minun get a
    little payback for Gordor's earlier insults, and jump all over his Styler
    organ, ruining the device. Entei is now free of the Power Styler's influence,
    but is also exceptionally ticked at Gordor, and attacks him. Unfortnately, you
    have to save him. This is it, the final battle!
    ! BOSS #21: ENTEI!
    Entei will immediately summon three towering pillars of flame onto the field
    (near the edges, so not as much of a concern), and cloaks himself in several
    fireballs. In order to initiate an actual Capture attempt, you need to
    eliminate the fireballs, either by hitting Entei with the Styler (not
    reccomended, as this causes damage) or circling him as if you were making a
    Capture anyway. After a few seconds the pillars dissapear, and Entei summons
    them again. The pattern will change everytime they reappear, making it a little
    difficult at points to make the loops neccesary. Once the fireballs are gone,
    Entei begins running around rather quickly, the flame pillars still appearing
    and dissapearing at his leisure. If you loop him and don't make a successful
    Capture, Entei will shoot a stream of fire, but it doesn't go terribly far. Any
    leftovers from the last two battles will do for Assists, but your best bet is
    the Vaporeon. Try to get the bubble around Entei when he's at the center, so
    you don't have to worry about the flames at the edge. 17 loops later, and
    you'll have a Captured Entei.
    Once done, Spenser arrives, safe from the base collapse. The legendaries run
    off, and Gordor is nowhere to be found. Spenser places his faith in Gordor
    realizing he's done wrong, since apparently capturing humans isn't a Ranger's
    job (then again, I have yet to see one Officer Jenny around). Lunick/Solana
    will give Spenser a report, and you'll all leave to inform Hastings of the
    successful mission. Meanwhile, Hastings has a little chat with Gordor, the
    latter running off again later. You arrive, give Hastings another report, and
    leave the temple. Outside, everyone gives you a standing ovation, from Aria to
    a former Go-Rock grunt.
    With that, the credits roll, your mission against Go-Rock finally completed.
    Enoy your victory, for after the credits roll, it's business as usual. A
    Ranger's job is never done!
    %XVI) Back to Work%
    You'll find yourself in the Ringtown Ranger Base, with Spenser congradulating
    you on your spectacular Captures. Recognizing you as a true Ranger, Spenser
    gives you the authority to take Pokemon from their home area into others. At
    long last those annoying messages of having to release all your hard-earned
    Pokemon when leaving those jungles and tunnels are a thing of the past! Well,
    with a few exceptions, sadly.
    Prof. Hastings will suddenly bust in, and offer you a new upgrade for your
    Styler. You now have access to the Ranger Record, detailing all sorts of data
    such as the number of Pokemon Captured, steps walked, etc. Spenser hopes that
    you'll live up to the Professor's expectations as professional Ranger.
    Lunick/Solana (yay, useless support characters!) will then note how well Plusle
    and Minun worked together to destroy Gordor's little toy, and how emotionally
    connected they are. This gives you the opposite mouse's entry into your
    Browser! One step closer towards completion!
    Go off and explore your new abilities, polish your skills, participate in the
    Capture Challenges, work on completing your Browser, or whatever else you feel
    like. When you're ready to continue, make sure your Partner Gauge is full, and
    take a Dragonite to Fall City. Right as your about to enter the Ranger Base,
    Hastings texts you, asking you to drop by his lab for your evaluation of the
    Ranger Record. Hightail it over there, then accept his offer to stay the night
    and fill him in. When day breaks again, Hastings' assistant will inform you
    that Joel has a new mission for you, and you'll automatically be sent to the
    Fall City Ranger Base.
    Apparently, things in the Safra Sea are not well. Pokemon are raging ashore,
    the waters are choppy, and the nearby lighthouse has gone dark. You and Aria
    have been assigned to work together to get to the bottom of this. Leave the
    base, and you'll automatically head for the port.
    %XVII) Search the Safra Sea%
    A sailor will approach,and tell you that the basement of the lighthouse has
    been infested with star-shaped objects. Descend, and you'll soon find four
    Staryu wandering around. When you get in range, they'll all attack you at once.
    It can be a little difficult, as they'll alternate when they attack, so be
    careful. That done, Aria will practically drag you out of the basement, hoping
    to go home. Suddenly, a cry for help will come from the tourist center,
    comletely beseiged by Krabby. Once again, it'll be four-on-one, but they're
    easier to handle than the Staryu's.
    Leaving the tourist center, you won't be able to walk far until someone from
    the pier calls for help. Just not your day, is it? Carvanha are raging around,
    and once again, it's a four-on-one situation. They attack quickly and often,
    and can be offset from each other rather easily, making Capturing difficult.
    Once finished, Aria will note a huge number of whirpools off in the distance,
    and suggest you go off on your Lapras buddy to investigate. Approach Lapras to
    jump on, and you'll soon be sucked under by the whirpools. You'll wind up in a
    cave, with a monstrous Kyogre in front of you, who doesn't look too happy!
    ! BOSS #22: KYOGRE!
    Kyogre will immediately unleash a torrential wave across the screen, and
    afterwards, begin moving around. Kyogre is pathetically easy to Capture, as it
    swims around very slowly most of the time, only speeding up to get offscreen.
    You only need 11 loops to make the Capture, and you can easily get that in,
    even without a Poke Assist. If you really need it, use either your Partner or a
    Grass Assist to help you.
    Once calmed, Kyogre will descend into the sea, and you'll return to the port.
    Aria will greet you, almost admitting to having missed you, and asks you to
    fill her in. You'll then return to the Ranger Base, and Joel will commend you
    for your victory, and you'll get the Mission Clear. Once again, you may resume
    free explortaion. Whenever you're ready to move on to the next mission, take a
    Dragonite to Ringtown, and talk to Spenser. When he asks if you're getting
    tired, say yes, and he'll recommend you take a vacation.
    A Dragonite will take you Summerland, and when you arrive, you'll notice it's
    unatrually hot. Cameron will explain that the nearby volcano has been acting
    up, and that Lunick/Solana had a mission to go there. He/she hasn't returned,
    and Cameron unfortunately cancles your vacation and gives you a mission to
    search him/her out.
    %XVIII) Summerland Rescue Duo!%
    You'll wind up right at the entrance to the volcano. Follow the path to the
    right (Capturing a Sceptile in a nearby room if you want), up, then left.
    Capture the nearby Rhydon, and use it to crush the rock Lunick/Solana's mouse
    is standing by. Your buddy will pop out, and you'll both hear a roar that
    shakes the cave. Before you go to investigate, pop into the room you just
    opened, and snag both Poliwhrath (you'll probably have to use an Assist or
    two). Exit, follow the path up to grab a Manectric if you want, and backtrack
    until you see a puddle of lava. Use a Poliwrath on it. Follow the path up and
    into the cave, and continue up until you see...is that a Go-Rock Grunt?! The
    peon has high dreams and hopes. Squash them by taking down his two Metangs.
    Climb the stairs our soloer was guarding, continue to follow the path down, and
    then up and left past the stairs and savepoint. Directly to the left of the
    savepoint is another stairwell that leads into a room that seems to be a dead
    end. There are cracks all over the floor, as well as a small hole. Fall through
    it, and you'll see an old door open itself up after the ground shakes again.
    Inside, you'll find an incredibly agitated Groudon.
    ! BOSS #23: GROUDON!
    Groudon will beign by unleashing massive shockwaves across the screen. If you
    place your Styler within his line of sight, he'll unleash three rather large
    and rather fast Hyper Beams. He'll lumber around slowly, but with a 17 loop
    requirement, an Assist would be helpful. Solution? Our second Poliwrath.
    Groudon in a bubble is a Groudon ripe for Capture. Should it fail, use the
    Sceptile you Captured near the start, or just loop like mad.
    Groudon will fly off, its wounds tended to, and you'll return to Summerland,
    Lunick/Solana suggesting you treat the return trip as your vacation. Cameron
    gives you the Mission Clear upon your return, and also jest about how well you
    two Rangers get along so well. I'd say the panicky reactions of the two
    confirms it. Anyway, back to exploring!
    When you're bored with random exploration, Dragonite your way over to Wintown,
    and you'll see Elita standing outside the base. Talk to her, and you'll learn
    that she has a bad feeling about something going on at the Fiore Temple. She
    hopes it's nothing, but wants you to go investigate. You'll have Silent Chris
    tagging along; at least your useless support character is mostly quiet for
    %xV) The Temple's Sinister Shadows?%
    You'll immediately arrive at the Fiore Temple. Head north a little bit, and
    soon you'll find a green-clad creep with three Ekans in tow. They're easy
    enough to dispatch, and your victory will cause him to fluster and almost spurt
    out his team name, "Go" something or other. Once he runs off, it's time to
    start hunting for Pokemon. The gate up ahead is closed again, and you're going
    to need three pokemon to open it. This time, it's the Ralts family.
    Head north, going to the east when you pass the first set of stairs, and you'll
    soon see your first target, a Ralts. It loves to warp around when you get
    close, so your only real hope is that it reappears close to you so you can run
    right into it. It'll take time and luck, but you'll get it. Return to roughly
    where you first saw the Ralts (if a Donphan nearby if you didn't Capture it
    earlier), and proceed north up two flights to stone steps. On your left you
    should eventually see three stone pillars with a gap between two of them. Jump
    down the ledge at the gap and proceed west, and the south. Another two ledges
    present themselves, one on either side of two tombstones; jump down the west
    one, to the left of the tombstones.
    Continue west, and you'll soon see a Kirlia. Leap down yet another ledge and
    climb the nearby stone steps. You may have to continue north up another set of
    steps and loop around the ledge to get up to where the Kirlia is. Kirlia is a
    lot less random in its teleports, staying in place for a few seconds before
    going elsewhere. This makes it a lot easier to initiate a Capture with.
    Just to your north, if you're lucky, you'll see a Gardevoir. If you can get it
    to teleport around, it just might appear on your level, giving you a chance to
    Capture it now. It's a little quicker to dissapear than Kirlia, but a lot
    slower than Ralts, so bumping into it shouldn't be an issue. If you can't get
    it to come down, proceed north and west form where you found the Kirlia, up
    another set of steps. You should pass a Raichu (Capture for potential helaing
    purposes). Go east and south to the stone dais with steps that descend into the
    lower region of the temple. Regardless of whether you have Gardevoir or not,
    you should go down there anyway and Capture a Gengar or two. Trust me, they'll
    make the next boss much easier.
    Once you have Gardevoir and the Gengar, head west from where you Captured the
    Raichu, up the stairs, and east to the set of doors. The pedestals will appear
    once again. Place the Psychic trio appropriately, and the doors will open. Our
    green friend will show up again, not even bothering to try and stop you,
    slipping up yet again and almost letting you in on what's going on. Better than
    half the other peons we've encountered, but not by much. Proceed north through
    the doors and into the final area of the temple.
    Head northwest to the first set of staris, and begin looping around the
    pyramid. Yet another green creep will try to stop you, finally revealing that
    they're the Go-Rocks. As if their slip-ups before didn't make that obvious.
    This one will send a Solrock and a Swellow at you. It's actually kind of a
    tough fight, so you an Assist if you feel like you need it. Once he's beaten,
    continue up the pryamid to yet another Go-Rock, this one with a couple Donphand
    and an Houndoom. Much easier this time.
    With him beaten, you can head for the last set of stairs and find three Go-
    Rocks trying to Capture a Rayquaza. They'll fail miserably and run off.
    Obviously their attempts to Capture it have left Rayquaza less than happy (as
    Chris blabs on about endlessly; so much for him being quiet), and insists that
    you Capture it ot calm it down.
    ! BOSS #24: RAYQUAZA!
    Rayquaza has two attacks, unleashing a ton of twisters, and shooting off green
    electric orbs while traveling around the screen for heaven knows how long. They
    come out rather quickly, and don't give you any openings to loop. This is where
    the Gengars come in. Create a few ghosts to trap it, and loop like mad before
    it starts moving again. You'll need 14 loops, but you should be able to get
    that while Rayquaza is trapped. If you're out of Assists, it'll be very
    difficult to Capture, as your Parter Assist won't do much good, and Rayquaza
    doesn't leave himself open for very long.
    You'll release Rayquaza, and return to Wintown and report to Elita, who gives
    you the Mission Clear. With that complete, you've finished every mission in the
    main game. All that's left is the Capure Challenges, finishing your Browser,
    and the Ranger Net missions (which I'll cover eventually...).
    Capture On!
    #8) Version History#
    03/20/07; Version 0.1-Started the walkthrough after playing through once. Over
    the next few days, game mechanics, character descriptions, etc. are written.
    3/27/07; Version 0.2-Everything is set up for the main walkthrough to be
    written, and the introduction to the game is added to start things off.
    6/17/07; Version 0.3-FINALLY started the game again and writing the actual
    walkthrough. Maybe I'll finish this before the year is done, heh. :P
    9/5/07; Version 0.5-First submission onto GameFAQs. It's not finished yet, a
    little over halfway through the main story. Just keep losing interest for some
    12/31/07; Version 0.7-I told you I'd get it finished before the end of the year
    (though just barely). Well, the main walkthrough, anyway. I'll probably get the
    extra stuff done at some point.
    07/02/09; Version 0.9-All the main game missions finished. I'm not sure when
    I'll get the the Ranger Net, and I doubt I'm good enough at the Capture
    Challenges to cover those.
    #9) Contact Information#
    Given that this is my first walkthrough, I'm bound to make mistakes. If you see
    something wrong with the guide in general, or want to submit anything to the
    guide itself, send me an email at:
    I will accept suggestions, corrections, advice, etc. I will not accept junk or
    flame mail, anything that is entirely illegible, etc. If you have the time to
    try and screw with my head, you've got the time to be doing something you won't
    regret wasting your time with 20 years down the line.
    #10) Special Thanks#
    Myself- For finally taking the time to write a walkthrough. A bit conceited,
    yeah, but hey, I think I deserve it.
    My parents- For getting me the DS to play this on in the first place, and the
    money to buy this game.
    Nintendo- For giving us these awesome Pokemon games to actually play.
    FireEmblemXD and Caasi11- For giving me the push I needed to finish this guide
    in the first place.
    Michael Sarich for the following Copyright template
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