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Item FAQ by Dalent

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 02/13/2007

0 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Resucue Team
0 System: Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS
0 US Release Date: 18.September.2006
0 Rating: E-Mild Cartoon Violence
0 Created By: Dalent

Table of Contents
1. Introduction [intro]
 1a. Version History
2. Held Items [hold]
3. Evolution Items [evolve]
4. Throw Items [throw]
5. Food [food]
6. Drinks [drink]
7. Berries/Seeds [plant]
8. Gummis [candy]
9. Orbs [orbs]
10. HMs [moves]
11. Special Items [!*!*!]
12. Contact info [mail]
13. Special Thanks [thanx]

1. Introduction
Welcome to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Item FAQ. This FAQ works for 
both versions of the game. The first release of the FAQ will have most
of the items, and pretty poor format. Future updates will add more 
items, descriptions, and a better look.

This is my 3rd FAQ, so I think I got the hang of things now. Items
will be displayed like this (in abc order):

Item Name
Other info:

Item Name
Other Info:

Etc, etc. Get it? Got it? Good. If you want to find a specific item,
just hit Ctrl+F and type in the name, or just use it to search
for generic sections like the Held items by searching for [hold].
And I will almost never say "the user." Instead, I will say "you,"
because you are using it 99% of the time. 

Note: I will only list Locations of items that I am not only 100% sure
      of, but that mainly appear in only one spot. If a location says
      (key) next to it, you need a key to get to it. Bring one with you.

Also, I am saying this here and now:

deny all other request to host my guide.

1a. Version History
Version 2.6 - Edited Contact info. (13.February.2007)

Version 2.5 - Added some item locations and all HMs. (12.October.2006)

Version 1.8 - Fixed some small errors. Also added some item locations.

Version 1.0 - Submitted to GameFAQs (19.September.2006)

2. Held Items
These items are to be held by you or your teammates. They either grant
effects or stop effects from taking place.

Alert Specs
-Prevents held item(s) from being taken or dropped.

Bounce Band
-Makes thrown items bounce off Pokemon holding this item. 
Other Info: Not sure if this nullifies the damage.

Curve Band
-Thrown items bounce off walls and fly to a side.
Other Info: Doesn't work with Rocks.

Defense Scarf
-Raises Defense.

Detect Band
-Raises evasiveness.

Diet Ribbon
-Prevents belly from filling.
Other Info: If you are holding it, your belly empties faster. If a
            teammate is holding it, they get the Hungry Pal condition.

Dodge Scarf
-Thrown items cannot hit the Pokemon holding this item.

Friend Bow
-Makes it easier to recruit Pokemon.
Other Info: Leader (aka you) has to be holding it to work.
Location: Mt. Faraway 30F (requires Key)

Goggle Specs
-Reveals hidden traps and invisible Pokemon.

Gold Ribbon
-Can be sold for a high price.
Other Info: This is like the Nugget of the Mystery Dungeon world.

Heal Ribbon
-Speeds up natural HP regeneration. Belly empties faster.

-Prevents all forms of sleep (Sleep, Nap, Nightmare, Yawn).

Joy Ribbon
-Earns the holder EXP when taking damage.
Other Info: EXP gained is equal to damage taken.

Lockon Specs
-Raises accuracy of thrown items.

Mobile Scarf
-Allows movement and attacking through walls, magma, etc.
Other Info: Belly empties faster when performing these actions.
Location: Gengar after Murky Cave.

Munch Belt
-Raises Attack and Special Attack, though belly empties faster.
Other Info: To get this, when you see Munchlax in Pokemon Square,
            if he's hungry, give him food. Or if he dropped his
            apples, give him an apple.

No-Aim Scope
-Causes thrown items to go any direction
Other Info: This is really, really stupid...and an oxymoron.

Pass Scarf
-Lets holder pass on negative effects to other nearby Pokemon.
Other Info: This action causes the Belly to drop.

Patsy Band
-Boost chances of receiving critical hits from enemies
Other Info: Why the hell would you want the enemy to hit you with
            critical hits? If you use an attack like Counter or
            Mirror Coat, of course!

Pecha Scarf
-Prevents holder from being Posioned.

Persim Band
-Prevents holder from becoming Confused.

Pierce Band
-Makes thrown items pierce Pokemon and walls and obstacles.

Plain Ribbon
-No effect whatsoever
Other Info: Sell this piece of junk...

Power Band
-Boost holder's Attack stat.

Racket Band
-Awakens sleeping wild Pokemon.
Other Info: This only works on Pokes that were already asleep.

Scope Lens
-Increase's holder's Critical Hit rate.

Sneak Scarf
-Does not awaken sleeping wild pokemon.
Other Info: This only works on Pokes that were already asleep.

Special Band
-Boost holder's Special Attack stat.

Stamina Band
-Slows down the rate which your Belly empties.

Tight Belt
-Prevents holder's belly from emptying each turn.

Trap Scarf
-Prevents holder from activating traps.

Twist Band
-Prevents holder's SP. Attack and Attack from dropping.

Warp Scarf
-Occasionally warps holder to other spot on the same floor.

Weather Band
-Holder doesn't feel weather effects.

Whiff Specs
-Items thrown by the holder cannot hit other Pokemon.
Other Info: I think this only refers to teammates.

X-Ray Specs
-Enables holder to see items and foes on the map.

Zinc Band
-Boost holder's Special Defense stat.

3. Evolution Items
Evolution takes place at the Luminous Cave AFTER you beat the game and
the credits have rolled. Until then, evolution cannot take place. So
when I say, "Evolves ______ into _______," you have to be in the Cave
and give the item to the "voice."

Beauty Scarf
-A fashion scarf. Lets Feebas evolve into Melotic.
Location: Western Cave B59F (Requires Key)

-Evolves Clamperl into Gorebyss.
Other Info: You also need to Link Cable to evolve this Pokemon.
Location: Grand Sea B15F

-Evolves Clamperl into Huntail.
Other Info: You also need to Link Cable to evolve this Pokemon.
Location: Grand Sea B25F

-Evolves Seadra into Kingdra.
Other Info: You also need to Link Cable to evolve this Pokemon.

Fire Stone
-Evolves Eevee into Flareon, Vulpix into Ninetails, and Growlithe
 into Arcanine.
Location: Fiery Field 29F

King's Rock
-Evolves Poliwhirl into Politoed and Slowpoke into Slowking.
Other Info: You also need to Link Cable to evolve these Pokemon.
Location: Wish Cave Kecleon stalls

Leaf Stone
-Evolves Gloom into Vileplume, Weepinbell into Victreebel, Exeggcute
 into Exeggutor, and Nuzleaf into Shiftry.
Location: Wish Cave Kecleon stalls

Link Cable
-Aids in Evolutions. Evolves Kadabra into Alakazam, Machoke into 
 Machamp, Graveler to Golem, and Haunter to Gengar.
Other Info: Other Pokemon that require a Link Cable as well as a
            seperate item will be listed with the item needed.
Location: Wish Cave 50F (if you still have the Wish Stone)
          Solar Cave 10F (if you still have Dive)(need key)
          Solar Cave 15F (if you still have Waterfall)(need key)

Lunar Ribbon
-Evolves Eevee into Umbreon
Location: Northwind Field 20F

Metal Coat
-Evolves Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor.
Other Info: You also need to Link Cable to evolve these Pokemon.
Location: Southern Cavern B49f-B50F

Moon Stone
-Evolves Nidorina into Nidoqueen, Nidorino into Nidoking, Clefairy
 into Clefable, Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff, and Skitty into Delcatty.
Location: Solar Cave

Sun Ribbon
-Evolves Eevee into Espeon.
Location: Wyvern Hill20F

Sun Stone
-Evolves Gloom into Bellossom, and Sunkern into Sunflora.
Location: Solar Cave

-Evolves Pikachu into Raichu, and Eevee into Jolteon.
Location: Lightning Field 29F

-Evolves Porygon into Porygon2.
Other Info: You also need to Link Cable to evolve this Pokemon.

Water Stone
-Evolves Poliwhirl into Poliwrath, Shellder into Cloyster, Staryu
 into Starmie, Eevee into Vaporeon, and Lombre into Ludicolo.
Location: Northwind Field 29F

4. Throw Items
These items only serve one purpose: to be thrown at enemies and hit 
from a range. Very useful. Instead of listing what they do (since they
all do damage), I'll just list them and any special traits.

Cacnea Spike
Corsola Twig
Gold Fang
Iron Thorn
Silver Spike
Geo Pebble-Flies in an arc to enemy.
Gravelerock-Flies in an arc to enemy. Deals 20-set Damage.

5. Food
These items are used to fill the Belly of a Pokemon so they don't
starve to death. Some also even increase the size of the belly!

-Fills the belly. Enlarges belly size if eaten when full. 
Fill Amount: 50

-Fills the belly. Enlarges belly size if eaten when full.

Big Apple
-Fills the belly greatly. Enlarges belly size if eaten when full.
Fill Amount: 100

-Fills the belly.
Other Info: You needs these for the Mankey. Don't eat them.

Grimy Food
-Fills the belly. Gives bad status conditions when eaten.
Other Info: Eat this as a last ditch effort to live, or when next to
            the stairs. Nasty Grimers....
Fill Amount: 30

Huge Apple
-Completly fills the belly and enlarges belly size.
Fill Amount: All, +10 to Max

6. Drinks
These are basically your vitamins from the other games. They all also
fill the drinker's belly. Drink up! These all only fill the belly by 5.

-Boost Special Attack stat.

-Boost the power of the normal moves.
Other Info: "Normal Moves" are the basic 'A' button attack, and 
            Struggle (the "0PP on all moves" attack). Also raises the
            power of your Set Move (the L+A move).

-Boost Defense stat.

Max Elixer
-Refills all PP to all moves.

-Boost Attack stat.

-Boost Special Defense stat.

7. Berries/Seeds
Berries  slightly fill your belly, and also have effects to help you.
Seeds can be tossed for some damage, or eaten for special effects, as
well as refilling your belly a bit. For Seeds, if they give negative
effects, eating them will give you the effect. That's never good.
Instead, throw those seeds, and the target that gets hit will be
affected by it. I will mark good and bad conditions with a [+] or [-],
respectively. SO you want to use the [+] ones on yourself, and the [-]
ones should be thrown.

Allure Seed
-Gives Pokemon Cross-Eyed status.[-]

Blast Seed
-Makes Pokemon breathe powerful fire.

Blinker Seed
-Gives Pokemon Blinker status.[-]

Cheri Berry
-Heals Paralysis.

Chesto Berry
-Makes Pokemon Sleepless (cannot fall asleep).[+]

Doom Seed
-Lowers Pokemon's level by 1.

Eyedrop Seed
-Gives Eyedrop status.[+]

Heal Seed
-Heals all status problems.[+]

Hunger Seed
-Lowers Max Belly size, and gives Hungry Pal condition.[-]

Joy Seed
-Raises Pokemon's level by 1.
Other Info: This is your Rare Candy of the Mystery Dungeon world.

Life Seed
-Raises Max HP.

Oran Berry
-Restores HP.

Pecha Berry
-Heals Poison of any type.

Plain Seed
-Has no special effects.

Quick Seed
-Increases movement speed by 1.[+]

Rawst Berry
-Heals Burn.

Reviver Seed
-Revives Pokemon. If held, revives holder.
Other Info: Becomes a Plain Seed after use.

Sitrus Berry
-Restores HP. If at full HP, raises Max HP.

Sleep Seed
-Gives Sleep status.[-]

Stun Seed
-Gives Petrified status.[-]

Totter Seed
-Gives Confused status.[-]

Warp Seed
-Warps Pokemon to a different floor.[?]

8. Gummis
Gummis are little treats for Pokemon. They come in many colors, and
each type likes a specific color the most. When you give a Pokemon a
Gummi, it raises their IQ. It raises it more if they like it, and even
more if they're in their friend area when you give it to them. If the
Pokémon is in the Friend Area and you give them their favorite gummi,
they will get +1 to a random stat. Underneath each gummi, I will list
which type has the gummi as a second favorite.

NOTE: After doing some work, I realized, that the if a Pokemon prefers
      a type of gummi, all types weak to that type will have that gummi
      as a second favorite.

Black Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Dark-types.
Second favorite for: Psychic, Ghost

Blue Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Water-types.
Second favorite for: Fire, Ground, Rock

Brown Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Ground-types.
Second favorite for: Fire, Electic, Poison, Rock, Steel

Clear Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Ice-types.
Second favorite for: Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon

Gold Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Psychic-types.
Second favorite for: Fighting, Poison, Ghost

Grass Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Grass-types.
Second favorite for: Water, Ground, Rock

Gray Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Rock-types.
Second favorite for: Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug

Green Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Bug-types.
Second favorite for: Grass, Psychic, Dark

Orange Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Fighting-types.
Second favorite for: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel

Pink Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Poison-types.
Second favorite for: Grass

Purple Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Ghost-types.
Second favorite for: Psychic

Red Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Fire-types.
Second favorite for: Grass, Fighting, Bug, Steel

Royal Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Dragon-types.
Second favorite for: None

Silver Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Steel-types.
Second favorite for: Ice, Rock

Sky Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Flying-types.
Second favorite for: Grass, Fighting, Bug

White Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Normal-types.
Second favorite for: None

Yellow Gummi
-Fills belly a little and raises IQ. Prefered by Electric-types.
Second favorite for: Water, Flying

9. Orbs
Orbs are magical little do-dads. They can do just about anything you
can imagine that isn't overly cheap (sorry, no Floor Skip, Boss
Destruction, or Catcher Orbs). Also, Orbs cannot be used in Boss Rooms
so all you've got in those fights are Seeds and your raw power/skill
(good things some orbs have Seed equivilants, like the Totter Orb/Seed).
Orbs can be found in any dungeon, so I won't list locations unless
I feel it's important.

Blowback Orb
-Sends enemy flying in a straight line.
Other Info: Take damage if they hit another Pokemon or a wall.

Cleanse Orb
-Cleans all sticky items held by party members.

Decoy Orb
-Changes the target into a decoy.
Other Info: Use this on a wild Pokemon, and other wilds will attack it.

Drought Orb
-Turns all Magma and Water in the dungeon to walk-able ground.

Escape Orb
-Exits you from the dungeon.
Other Info: If you befriended a wild Pokemon, it leaves with you.

Evasion Orb
-Raises your evasion.

Fill-In Orb
-Turns the line of Magma or Water in front of you into Ground.

Hail Orb
-Changes weather to Hail for a few turns.

Hurl Orb
-Throws the Pokemon in front of you into another Pokemon for damage.

Identify Orb
-Shows if Pokemon on the floor are holding items or not.
Other Info: Pokemon holding items will have a "!" over their head.

Invisify Orb
-Makes you invisible to other Pokemon.

Itemizer Orb
-Turns Pokemon in front of you into an item.

Lob Orb
-Damages an enemy up to 2 panels away.

Longtoss Orb
-Makes item thrown by you keep going until they hit something.
Other Info: Normal throwing range is 10 panels.

Luminous Orb
-Shows the entire floor; items, enemies, and stairs.

Mobile Orb
-Gives Mobile status.
Other Info: Let's you walk on Magma, Water, or through walls.

Mug Orb
-Deals damage to enemy, and steals item if they have one.

Observer Orb
-Freezes enemy in place, making them incapable of movement or attacking.

One-Room Orb
-Destroys all walls, making the dungeon one large room.

Petrify Orb
-Makes all enemies in room Petrified. They cannot do anything.

Pierce Orb
-Thrown items go through Pokemon and walls.

Possess Orb
-Makes you possess an ally and survive when defeated.
Other Info: You don't use this, you hold it.

Pounce Orb
-You jump on the Pokemon in your row. 

Quick Orb
-Raises speed of teammates in the room by one.

Radar Orb
-Shows all enemies on the floor.

Rainy Orb
-Changes weather to Rain for a few turns.

Rebound Orb
-Any damage done to you is returned at a fraction.

Reviver Orb
-Revives holder upon fainting. 
Other Info: Will not revive if fainted from explosion.

Rocky Orb
-Damages enemy in front and lowers speed.

Rollcall Orb
-Draws all teammates to you.

Sandy Orb
-Changes weather to Sandstorm for a few turns.

Scanner Orb
-Shows all items on the floor.

See-Trap Orb
-Shows all traps on the floor.

Shocker Orb
-Makes enemy's attacks go to opposite direction.

Silence Orb
-Makes it so enemy cannot use attacks that require a mouth.

Sizebust Orb
-Damages enemy based on size. Larger enemies=more damage.

Slow Orb
-Slows all enemies in the room down by one.

Slumber Orb
-Puts all enemies in the room to Sleep.

Snatch Orb
-Snatches effects of an attack used by Pokemon on the floor.

Stairs Orb
-Shows the floor's stairs.

Stayaway Orb
-Warps enemy to stairs, and makes them incapable of action.

Sunny Orb
-Changes weather to Sunny for a few turns.

Switcher Orb
-Switches locations with an enemy down your row.

Toss Orb
-Let's user throw items.

Totter Orb
-Makes all enemies in room Confused.

Transfer Orb
-Changes enemy into a different Pokemon.
Other Info: Only changes to a Pokemon that appears on that floor.

Trapdust Orb
-Destroys all traps in room.

Trapper Orb
-Sets a trap underneath you.

Trawl Orb
-Draws all items to user. If there is a shop, you are a shoplifter.

Two-Edged Orb
-All foes in room have 1HP. Your HP is cut in half.

Wapr Orb
-Warps enemies in room to a different place on floor.

10. HMs
HMs are just like TMs, but they don't break. And you need some of them
to get to certain dungeons. Below are locations of all TMs, plus
two special TMs. HMs cannot be learned in dungeons. Also, this is how
I will display HMs:

Name - Type - PP
Base Damage (BD) - Accuracy (Acc.)
Location: Dungeon Name (Floor)

Cut - Normal - 10PP
10 BD - 84 Acc.
-Damages all enemies around attacker.
Location: Buried Relic (B80F)
Other Info: To get it, you need a key, to be able to pass water, and
            break walls. So use a Ghost-type, or a Water-type can can
            learn Rock Smash.

Dive - Water - 12PP
12 BD - 100 Acc.
-Can only be used when on water-like terrain. Acts just like Dig.
 Cannot bne linked.
Location: Solar Cave (B10F)(Key)

Flash - Normal - 22PP
0 BD - 100 Acc.
-Lowers enemy's accuracy by one.
Location: Buried Relic (B70F)(key)

Fly - Flying - 12PP
14 BD - 100 Acc.
-Acts like it has in all other games. Cannot be linked.
Location: Wyvern Hill (30F)(key?)

Rock Smash - Fighting - 99PP
0 BD - 100 Acc.
-Cannot be used to deal damage. Use it to dig through walls.
Location: Buried Relic (B45F)(key)

Strength - Normal - 12PP
0 BD - 100 Acc.
-Tosses enemies in range back for damage. Like a Hurl/Blowback Orb.
Location: Buried Relic (B60F)
Other Info: Surrounded by a wall. Either use a ghost-type, Mobile Orb,
            Mobile Scarf, the Super Mobile IQ skill, or smash the wall
            with Rock Smash.

Surf - Water - 11PP
18 BD - 88 Acc.
-Pours water of the enemy in front of you.
Location: Solar Cave (B20F)
Other Info: Surrounded by water

Vacuum-Cut - Normal - 7PP
? BD - 100 Acc.
-Damages all foes in room.
Location: Far-off Sea(B72F)(key)

Waterfall - Water - 12PP
16 BD - 78 Acc.
-Looks like a tackle in which water erupts from the enemy.
Location: Solar Cave (B15F)(key)

Wide Slash - Normal - 10PP
20 BD - 88Acc.
-3 panels in front of you (the one directly in front, plus the one above
 and below it)
Location: Far-Off Sea (B50F)(key)

11. Special Items
You really can't use these items, except one. They're like Key Items

Ice Part
-Special Item guarded by Regice.

-Unlocks doors inside dungeons.
Other Info: Not all dungeons have locked doors.
Location: Solar Cave and Desert Region (best places)

Link Box
-Used to Link/De-Link moves.

Music Box
-Plays music to draw a Pokemon near.

Rock Part
-Special Item guarded by Regirock.

Steel Part
-Special Item guarded by Registeel.

Switch Box
-Let's you switch leader with any other Pokemon in team while in 

Wish Stone
-Makes wishes come true
Other Info: If you beat Jirachi on 99F in Wish Cave, and either don't
            recruit it (or reject it's offer), if you have this item
            on you, it will give you one of these wishes:
            "Lots of Money"-Jirachi gives around 10k-18k Poke. Money!
            "Lots of Items"-Jirachi gives random items from Wish Cave.
            "Friend Area"-Jirachi will buy you a Friend Area you need.
            "More Power"-Jirachi gives Joy Seeds and stat drinks.
            "Something Good?"-The next day, Jirachi will raise your
               rescue rank to the next level, or give you a non-boss
               Pokemon you don't have. Don't have the right Friend 
               Area? No prob. Jirachi will give ya that too.

12. Contact Info
Well, this is also my closing. If you have any info I can use,
or have any questions about the game, you can e-mail or IM me. If you
e-mail me, put the game name in the subject. If you IM me, the first
thing you should say is that you're from GameFAQs and are asking
about the game or some such.

Do not send me an e-mail asking me to rescue you, as I no longer have
my DS or this game. So I can't even try. But I will attempt to get the
game again soon, so I will let people know when I can rescue once 

E-mail: DalentXP@aol.com
MSN/Windows Live Messenger: DalentXP@aol.com

13. Special Thanks
Special thanks to these fellows:

Tycerion-For confirming that the Weather Band works in Sandstorms
GameFAQs-For hosting the guide
GameFAQs Message Boards-For some useful info
Nintendo-For making the game.

Well...happy Dungeon Exploring!

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