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Guide and Walkthrough by Muk1000

Version: 2.19 | Updated: 12/30/2006

Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS (NDS)
Copyright 2005 Jeffrey M.
E-Mail: Muk1000@gmail.com
Version: 2.19
Date: 12/30/06

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


Nintendogs is a Nintendo DS game where you raise a virtual dog (surprise
surprise!). This puppy is immortal, eternally youthful, and insanely adorable.
You get the chance to raise one of these superdogs and you'd be crazy to pass
it up. If you're new to the game and just want basic tips and advice, head to
the Frequently Asked Questions section.

*wonders how many times he'll say "cute" and "adorable" in this guide*

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Getting A Dog
  a. What Version?
  b. Buying Your First Dog
  c. The Name Game
  d. Sit Boy!
3. What To Do?
  a. Menus
     ~ The Home Menu ~
     ~ Dog Status Menu ~
     ~ Your Supplies ~
     ~ Go Out Menu ~
     ~ The Shopping Menu ~
     ~ The Information Menu ~
  b. Food, Water, and Cleaning
     ~ Feeding ~
     ~ Drinking ~
     ~ Bathing ~
  c. Walks, Contests, and Other Stuff
     ~ Walks ~
     ~ Contests ~
     ~ Bark Mode ~
  d. Tricks
     ~ Basic Tricks ~
     ~ Advanced Tricks ~
     ~ Top Screen Tricks ~
     ~ Special Trick ~
  e. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Items
5. Secrets and Unlockables
  a. Secrets
  b. Glitches
  c. Cheats
  d. Unlockables
     ~ Windup Toy ~
     ~ Interior Design Unlockables ~
     ~ Dog Breed Unlockables ~
     ~ Secret Breeds ~
6. Special Thanks
7. Closing

1. Version History

Almost nothing added right now. Will I actually manage to make this?

Section 2. Getting a Dog complete. Slower going than I thought. I'm juggling a
lot right now, okay? >_>;;

About a third of Section 3. What To Do? added. Just finished Walks.

Working on the "Tricks" section. Once "Beginner's Tips" is finished, I'll
submit the first version of the guide.

First version submitted to GameFAQs! Still missing Obedience Trials info and
Items, but for the most part complete. Further changes/additions coming soon.

Second version submitted to GameFAQs! Items and Obedience Trials info added.
And with that, the first full version of the guide is complete. First full
North American guide on GameFAQs, woo! *ahem* There's still plenty to add, but
every section is in place and I can safely say that this is a full guide. I've
been getting at least ten e-mails a day from readers with praise and
submissions, and I can't thank them enough for all their kind words and help.

Third version submitted to GameFAQs. Fixed up the Unlockables and added the
special trick. Also added the "Food, Water, and Cleaning" section. Various
other updates here and there, mainly in the items.

More small changes. Changed "Beginner's Tips" to "Frequently Asked Questions",
since that section isn't just for beginners. I'm updating this every couple
days now to avoid tons of people sending me the same info. ^_^;;

Even more small changes! Woo! I had seventeen e-mails at once tonight. O_o I
need sleep...

Whoa... it's been a while. I had over 100 e-mails at one point and I was
afraid of having to update. I finally did it, though. It's not exactly
"complete", as I'm sure there's something left to add, but it's definitely
very comprehensive now. To all those who helped and gave me feedback, I thank
you. This guide wouldn't be half as good without you. As for what's been added,
there's now a small bark mode section, and various other minor things have been
added. Since I feel like these changes really help complete much of the guide,
it's now version 2.00.

Another update. @_@ Ahh... too much. To be honest, I'm getting tired of
updating, but I feel like I should continue to add to the guide as long as I
get submissions. Anyway, more random stuff added.

Added a couple minor things, including the "Kick" trick. If I haven't given
you credit for something yet, I apologize. I'm backlogged.

At this point I'm pretty much done with this guide. There are probably
mistakes or minor things that could be tweaked, but at this point, I will only
change things that I see as important, so not all reader tips or corrections
will make it into the guide. I'm sorry if you sent me an e-mail since the last
update and never got a response. I just didn't want to add every little thing.
I do appreciate your interest and help. Oh, and there are a few changes/new
things in this version, but nothing major.

Tiny, tiny change.

Another tiny, tiny change. One of the unlockable breeds was listed as "Husky"
instead of "Siberian Husky". That bugged me.

Stupid typo. Also a couple other tiny things.

Fixed a typo in the Bark Mode section ("plaza" isn't spelled "plaze"!). I also
added some quick comments on the Dalmation & Friends version.

2. Getting a Dog

a. What Version?

Okay, first thing's first: What version to buy? The main difference between the
versions is what breeds are immediately available.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends

- Chihuahua
- German Shepherd Dog
- Boxer
- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
- Yorkshire Terrier
- Shetland Sheepdog

Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends

- Miniature Dachshund
- Golden Retriever
- Beagle
- Pug
- Siberian Husky
- Shih Tzu

Nintendogs: Labrador & Friends

- Labrador Retriever
- Miniature Schnauzer
- Toy Poodle
- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
- Miniature Pinscher
- Shiba Inu

There's also a special "Best Friends" version that comes bundled with Teal
DSes. It has a different set of starting dogs. Other than that, though, the
game is basically the same as the original three versions. This guide doesn't
cover the differences in Best Friends. Same thing with Dalmation & Friends,
besides the part about coming with a teal DS.

Don't worry if you want a dog from each version. Even if you play by yourself, 
you can unlock all 18 breeds eventually in just one version. There are also two
hidden breeds, the Dalmatian and the Jack Russell Terrier. They are available 
in every version. There are also items that are only available in certain 
versions. They are:

Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends

- Pump
- Blue Rubber Bone
- Broken Clock
- Pizza disc
- Crown
- Party Hat
- "Mario's Theme" Box
- "Modest Decor" Record
- Cube Clock
- Bowser Kart

Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends

- Leather Shoe
- Red Rubber bone
- Shower Cap
- Dartboard
- Tiara
- Graduation Cap
- "Dog's Theme" Box
- "Waves" Record
- Smart Clock
- Mario Kart

Nintendogs: Labrador & Friends

- High Heel
- Bicolor Rubber Bone
- Life Ring
- Rack of Deer Antlers
- Top Hat
- "Puppy Waltz" Box
- "Shredded Fur" Record
- Wall Clock
- Peach Kart

If you have friends with other versions of the game, you can give/trade items. 
You should probably decide which version to buy based on what dogs you want 
right away, though.

b. Buying Your First Dog

As soon as you start the game, you're walking up towards the Kennel. Once at
the door, you'll be told to knock. Poke the touch screen a few times and the
door will open. After a bit of text, you'll be presented with two options: 
"Buy" and "Look". If you want to play with a group of dogs first, touch "Look".
You can interact with three dogs there (a chihuahua, lab, and Dachshund, in 
fact). I'll explain how to interact more later, but you're free to try stuff 
here if you'd like. Once you're done, poke the red arrow at the top left of 
the touch screen. It'll ask if you're finished; I think you can figure this one

Jab "Buy" to bring up a list of available breeds. You have six to choose from. 
Here are the breeds:

Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends

Nintendogs Says: The world's smallest dog originated in Latin American. Its
sparkling pupils and large ears give it its charm.
I Say: I've never been a fan of these dogs. However, Nintendogs avoids the
"feeble, shaking dog" stereotype and gives us cute, tiny dogs.

German Shepherd Dog
Nintendogs Says: This herder hails from Germany. Its high intelligence makes it
a good rescue dog, among other things.
I Say: Being puppies, it's kinda hard for a Nintendog to look fierce, but if
one of these dogs stopped on a walk and suddenly charged a nearby fox, I would 
not be surprised. Cool dog.

Nintendogs Says: A valiant German breed, the boxer's muscular frame was used to
its advantage as a fighting dog.
I Say: Another breed that looks as though it wouldn't have much trouble
slapping around most other dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Nintendogs Says: Thought to be the oldest breed in all of Britain, the cavalier
is a knight among dogs.
I Say: Aw, look at the fluffy ears! Cute, smaller dog.

Yorkshire Terrier
Nintendogs Says: This English breed is commonly called a Yorkie, and is also 
nicknamed the "walking jewel."
I Say: Another cute, small breed. Almost looks like a tiny bear from the right 
angle. >_>

Shetland Sheepdog
Nintendogs Says: Bred in England as a herding dog, its elegant, long-haired
coat and kind face make it a popular breed.
I Say: My first dog was from this breed. My favorite breed in Chihuahua & 
Friends, the Sheepdog is a medium-sized (but still adorable) breed.

Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends

Miniature Dachshund
Nintendogs Says: Originally bred in Germany, the elongated torso and short legs
of this breed give it a comical air.
I Say: Weinerdog-ish, short dogs. The stubby legs are adorable.

Golden Retriever
Nintendogs says: This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely,
wavy coat and a fine temperament.
I Say: One of the larger breeds. Very pretty dogs.

Nintendogs says: Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts 
a densely muscled frame.
I Say: Your standard puppies. No real distinguishing features that I can see.

Nintendogs says: This breed originated in ancient China. Its wrinkly face and 
curly tail are its identifying features.
I Say: Ugly-faced little dogs. Well, they are. >_> They do have a certain
charm, though.

Siberian Husky
Nintendogs says: Originally bred in Russia, the husky recalls its ancestor, the
wolf. Its trademarks are power and stamina.
I Say: Big for puppies. This breed is one of my favorites.

Shih Tzu
Nintendogs says: This exotic breed originates in Tibet and was long favored by 
Chinese royalty for its refined posture.
I Say: Winner of the "Breed Name Most Likely to Induce Giggling" award. Very
cute little dogs.

Nintendogs: Labrador & Friends

Labrador Retriever
Nintendogs says: Originating in England, this breed is highly intelligent, kind
in nature, and great as assistance dogs.
I Say: The game fails to mention that, for puppies, they're humoungous. Big,
big dogs.

Miniature Schnauzer
Nintendogs says: Originating in Germany, this breed carries itself with 
dignity. Its beard and eyebrows define the breed.
I Say: I love the beards these dogs have. For some reason they remind me of
Captain McCallister from The Simpsons. 

Toy Poodle
Nintendogs says: French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and 
physically capable. They make excellent show dogs.
I Say: Fluffy, cute, small dogs. And they apparently make excellent show dogs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Nintendogs says: This sheepdog hails from Britain and is beloved by English
royalty. It has stamina on par with larger breeds.
I Say: My brother's favorite breed, and it's up there on my list as well. If 
you've seen Cowboy Bebop, you'll recognize Ein as a Welsh Corgi.

Miniature Pinscher
Nintendogs says: This German breed has a very appealing build and gait.
I Say: I can't help but focus on the long, thin legs these dogs have.

Shiba Inu
Nintendogs says: A breed originating in ancient Japan, its small, muscular body
and curly tail are its best features.
I Say: Very cute medium-sized dogs. On a side note, in Japan, there was no 
Labrador & Friends version of Nintendogs; instead, there was Shiba & Friends.

And once you unlock them, these two dogs will be in the Kennel, although they 
definitely won't be here the first time you arrive.

Jack Russell Terrier
Nintendogs says: Another breed from England, these dogs hide in their 
diminutive frames the speed and energy of a horse.
I Say: A small, talented breed of dog. Cute and energetic as well.
How To Unlock: Find a Jack Russel Book while on a walk.

Nintendogs says: A Croatian breed, the Dalmatian has been used for military, 
hunting, security, and firefighting purposes.
I Say: You know, like from that movie.
How To Unlock: Find a Fireman's Hat while on a walk.

Well, that took a while. Now, as I said before, six of those will be there for 
you to choose from at the beginning. Find the breed you want and select it. 
You'll be taken to a place where three dogs of that breed are running around 
happily. On the bottom screen are three buttons with dog faces on them. Tap 
them to bring up a short description of that dog's personality. If you don't 
like the gender/color/personality of the dogs, you can tap the arrow to back 
out of this screen and then re-enter it to get a whole new set of dogs. Once 
you find a puppy you're happy with, hit the "Buy" button.

Congrats! You and your new best friend are immediately whisked back to your

c. The Name Game

As the friendly messages from no one tell you, your dog is a bit spooked by the
sudden change of location. It paces the room, shaking a bit. Poor thing. It's 
time to establish yourself as a friend and earn its trust.

This part of the game should be easy for you, as the game explains everything, 
but here's a guide anyway. Right in the middle of the touch screen is a cicular
button showing a hand held out in front of a dog. Press it once or twice to get
your dog to come to you. When it gets close, both screens go white and your dog
will appear on the bottom screen. Now you can interact with it! You must pet 
your dog until it sparkles a bit, meaning it is now comfortable with you. 
Congrats, it won't cower in fear anymore! Now it needs a name.

The game will tell you how to name your dog. Make sure to pick a name that you 
can easily pronounce. You want a name you can say again easily. No
unpronouncible gibberish.

Now, if you haven't used the Nintendo DS microphone before, here's the lowdown.
I'm sure you've noticed the small, rectangular hole in the DS beneath the 
lower-left corner of the touch screen. It says "MIC." next to it. You can't 
miss it. That's the microphone. Using it is simple. Just face it and say what 
you want to say. The Nintendogs manual suggests being six inches from it, and 
I'd say that's about right. If you speak in a normal voice from that distance, 
it should have no trouble picking up what you say. No need to yell or lean 
close, although don't obsess about being exactly six inches from it either.

When there's a button at the bottom of the touch screen that says "Begin Audio 
Input, get ready to say your dog's name. If there's any noisy background noise,
I'd recommend finding somewhere quieter (although minor background noise
shouldn't be much of a problem). When you're ready, tap the button. On the top 
screen, a circle with a microphone will appear. This is the timer that tells 
you how much longer you have to say something. The white circle will slowly
become less full, and once it's empty, time's up. Once you finish saying your
dog's name, the circle will disappear and the game should tell you that your
dog heard you. If it didn't, try again. Either way, it'll ask you to say it
again. Do so. It'll do this several times as your pup learns its name. 
Eventually you'll hear some fancy new victory music and sparkles will appear 
around your dog's head. That means it's learned something! The game will ask 
you to write the name down, and then a keyboard will appear on the touch 
screen. Type in your dog's name and press the confirm button. Now you'll have
to repeat your dog's name a few times. When it comes to you, pet it until it
sparkles. Keep doing this until the screen turns white and the game says
"He/she seems very interested now that you've been calling his/her name
repeatedly." Congrats, your dog now has a name! Time to teach it its first

d. Sit Boy!

Okay, your dog now has a name, but the game insists on guiding you further. The
game tells you how to teach your dog a trick. And what better way to start than
with the basic "Sit"? The game will tell you to rub the stylus down your dog's 
head. Simple enough. Do so and your dog will plop into a sitting position. In
the top-right corner of the touch screen, a speech bubble with a light bulb
inside it will appear. Poke this to make the voice timer appear again. Now you
have to say what you want the trick's command word to be. You can make it
anything from "Drop" to "Cheese", but I highly recommend using the name of the
trick (in this case, "Sit", or "Sit Down" if you prefer). It keeps things 
simple and avoids confusion. So, say "Sit" or whatever you've chose when the 
timer appears and the game will then play back your voice. If it was clear
enough that the dog understood it, a light bulb will appear above its head
(oddly enough, if you poke the light bulb and drag it to your dog's mouth,
your dog will eat it; not sure what the point of this is, but it may make your
dog forget what you just told it, so I recommend ignoring it). If it didn't
understand, question marks will appear and you'll have to try again. Eventually
your dog's head will sparkle and the victory music will play. Your dog had
learned its first trick! The keyboard will pop up again. Type in "Sit" and
press "Confirm". Now your dog will sit whenever you speak the command word!

3. What To Do?

a. Menus

The game now stops guiding you and forces you to fend for yourself. Aha,
suddenly I'm useful! So, let's take a look at what you can do!

NOTE: Almost all the menus (besides the Home Menu) have a red arrow on the
top-left. This is the back button. Poke it to go back one menu.

~ The Home Menu ~

The home menu acts as a gateway to the other menus. It also lets you zoom in on
your dog(s) and whistle for them. You can tell you're on the home menu when the
top of the touch screen has to word "Home" written right in the middle, and 
there is a circle button right in the middle of the touch screen.

Whistle Button: In the middle of the home menu is a circular button with a hand
                held out to a dog. This is the whistle button. Pressing it 
                calls your dog(s) to you. If you're zoomed in and only watching
                one dog, only that one will be called.

Zoom Buttons: In the top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left corners of the
              home menu are buttons displaying close-ups of your dogs' faces.
              If you have less than three dogs in your house, one or two spaces
              will have a shadow image of a dog. The button(s) that do have
              your dogs on them can be poked to zoom in to your dogs. When
              zoomed in, the camera will follow your dog and you can even teach
              it some tricks here (more on that in the "Tricks" section). By
              tapping your dog's picture again, you'll zoom back out.

Dog Status Bars: Right by Zoom Buttons are bars that say your dog's name and
                 have a question mark. Poke this bar to bring up the Dog Status
                 Menu. More on that later.

Save Button: In the top-left corner of the screen is a picture of a book with
             the word "Save" next to it. Tap it to save your game. Make sure
             you save your game before you turn it off.

Supplies List Button: Under the Save Button is the Supplies List Button. It has
                      a picture of some random stuff and the words "Supplies
                      List". Tap it to bring up your inventory. More on that

Go Out Button: Under the Supplies List Button is the Go Out Button. It has a
               picture of a person walking a dog and the words "Go Out". Tap it
               to bring up the (surprise!) Go Out Menu. More on that (say it
               with me) later.

~ Dog Status Menu ~

This menu is more of a list. It's reached by tapping a Dog Status Bar. At the 
top of it are the words "Dog's Status". Under that is your dog's name, and
under that is your dog's breed. Following that is a list of various stats and
information. It looks like this:

Trainer ........... Your name.
Time Together ..... How much time you've interacted with this dog.
Coat .............. How clean your dog is.
Hunger ............ How hungry your dog is.
Thirst ............ How thisty your dog is.
Things Eaten ...... The last thing your dog ate.

At the very bottom are two buttons.

Trick List: This button brings up a list of all the tricks your dog knows. By
            tapping a trick with the stylus, you can make your dog forget it.
            You'll have to teach it to your dog all over again afterwards. This
            is useful in case you want to change a trick's command word.

Contest Results: This button brings up a list of how well your dog has done in
                 the three contests. At the top of the screen it says "Report
                 Card" and below that are results for the Disc Competitions,
                 Agility Trials, and Obedience Trials.

~ Your Supplies ~

The supplies menu is where you find all your stuff. You can reach it by tapping
the Supplies List button on the Home Menu. It looks something like this:
|                                      |
| <--                          Supplies|
|    [_]     |     [_]    |     [_]    |
|   Sports   |    Toys    | Accessories|
|            |            |            |
|            |     [_]    |            |
|            |    Care    |            |
|            |            |            |
|    [_]     |     [_]    |     [_]    |
|   Music    |    Clock   |     Etc.   |

Tapping one of the sections brings up a list of items. Here's what you'll find
in each one.

Sports: Balls, flying discs, and other items used for dog sport are found here.

Toys: Er, toys. Things like remote control vehicles and bubble blowers go here.

Accessories: Items your dog can wear go here. Collars, hats, and ribbons are
some common examples.

Care: Items used for taking care of your dog(s) are put here. Food, drinks, and
cleaning supplies are all found here. There are also six care books here that
help you play the game. If you're having trouble with something, check them.
You could also look around in this guide, but hey, they're there if you need

Music: This section holds all your musical items. Music boxes, records, and the
keyboard can be found here. The White Record is the only thing here at first.
Check the section on Bark Mode to read more about this.

Clock: You've probably noticed the date and time displays on the top screen. By
selecting different clocks in this section of your supplies, you can change the
look of your clock. At first you only have the Modern Clock here.

Etc.: All the rest is put in Etc. All your odds and ends are stored here. Some
examples are disposable cameras, tissue boxes, and sticks.

~ Go Out Menu ~

By tapping the Go Out button on the Home Menu, you can reach the Go Out Menu.
At the top of this menu is the word "Menu", but don't get this one confused
with the Home Menu. This one has four circular buttons and a tab marked "Info".
How much money you have is also displayed here, at the bottom of the screen.

Bark Mode Button: Bark Mode is how you interact with other Nintendogs owners.
                  It's covered in more detail later.

Shopping Button: Pressing this button takes you to the Shopping Menu.

Contest Button: Pressing this button brings a list of the competitions you can
                enter. More details on these later.

Walk Button: Pressing this button lets you take your dog on a walk. Covered
             more later.

Info Tab: The Info Tab takes you to the final menu: the Information Menu.

~ The Shopping Menu ~

By pressing the Shopping Button on the Go Out Menu, you reach the Shopping
Menu. The word "Shopping" appears in the top-right of the touch screen here.
There are five "shops" here.

Pet Supply: The Pet Supply stores sells supplies for your pets. You can get 
            drinks, food, shampoo, brushes, flying discs, collars, and ribbons 
            here. The Bargain Shops you can reach when walking a dog offers
            better deals, however. More on that in the section on walks.

Secondhand Shop: The Secondhand Shop lets you sell things. I recommend keeping 
                 at least one of each item. Keeping extras of rare items or 
                 version exclusive items is a good idea too, especially if you 
                 know other people with Nintendogs who might want them.

Kennel: The Kennel is where you go to buy new dogs. It hasn't changed since the
        beginning of the game, so you shouldn't have a problem getting around 

Interior Decorator: If you want a change in your home, the Interior Decorator 
                    can help. Buy a new look here, and in twenty-four hours 
                    your house will look entirely different.

Dog Hotel: You can own up to eight dogs, but you can only have three in your 
           house. So where do those other five go? In the Dog Hotel. You can 
           leave dogs here, and if you want to get rid of a dog, you can donate
           him/her here.

~ The Information Menu ~

The final menu is reached by tapping the Info Tab on the Go Out Menu. In the
top-right corner of the touch screen is the word "Information", and below that
are four bars.

Trainer Info: You can view and edit your trainer info here. You can change your
              icon, name, birthday, and comment. The best feature of this
              screen, however, is the ability to view your trainer points. You
              earn these as you take care of your dogs and by gaining them you
              can unlock more breeds.

Friend List: All the people you've met in Bark Mode are listed here. You can
             view each one's profile and delete them from your list, if you
             wish to do so.

Trainer Accomplishments: Here you can view how you've done in each contest.
                         Your best score for each class is displayed.

System Settings: Here you can change four settings. The first is Battery Save
                 Settings. If you turn this on, the system's backlight will
                 turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity to save battery power.
                 The second option is Mic Sensativity. This is normally set to
                 High, and I'd recommend keeping it at that. Next is the Time
                 Display option. If you turn this off, the time and date will
                 disappear from the top screen. Finally there is the PictoChat
                 Search option. Turning this on makes your DS search for active
                 PictoChat sessions near you. You can choose how the game will
                 notify you as well.

b. Food, Water, and Cleaning

Finally, done with those menus! If you read all that, you now know how to get
around in Nintendogs. There are quite a few menus, but after playing for a bit,
you'll be able to navigate them instantly. So, despite knowing everything you
can do, I haven't said much on how to do anything. Let's start with the
essentials: food and water. To see how hungry/thirsty your dog is, check their
status screen. You can also see how clean they are, as well.

~ Feeding ~

Go to the Pet Supply or one of the Discount Shops (check the Walks section for 
info on those) and buy some type of food. Dry Food is the standard food. 
Remember that if you have three dogs, you need to buy three of the food item. 
Return  home and open up your Care Supplies. Find the food and tap it to give 
it to your dogs. They'll happily eat until they're full, and then you can tap 
the open box on the left side of the touch screen to put away any leftovers.

Treats are not meant to be given to a dog when its hungry, but it's still
feeding. After buying treats (for example, jerky), take them out of your Care
Supplies and toss them to your dog(s). If you have more than one dog, try to
get the treat close to the dog you want to have it.

If your dog is Famished or Hungry, it's time for a meal.

The Stages of Hunger:
(Most Hungry) Famished -> Hungry -> Normal -> Full (Least Hungry)

~ Drinking ~

Exactly the same as Feeding but with different items (and without the treats). 
Water Bottles are the standard drink, so stock up!

If your dog is Parched or Thirsty, give it a drink.

The Stages of Thirst:
(Most Thirsty) Parched -> Thirsty -> Normal -> Quenched (Least Thirsty)

~ Bathing ~

Cleaning your dog is a bit more complicated. If your dog gets too dirty, you 
might start seeing fleas on it, so you want to keep it clean. First, check your
dog's status screen to see if it has long hair or short hair. Then go to the 
Pet Supply or one of the Discount Shops and purchase the appropriate shampoo. 
In addition to shampoo, buy the appropriate brush (rubber for short hair, wire 
for long hair). Once back home, go to the Care section of your Supplies and
find the shampoo. Tap it and select the dog you wish to wash.

You'll be taken to the bathing screen. First you must soap up your dog. Poke
the sponge in the center of the screen and rub it along your dog. The faster
you go, the less time it takes, but don't get so vigorous that you scratch up
your screen. Once there is enough soap on your dog, the showerhead icon in the
top-right corner of the screen will begin flashing and you'll hear a beeping
noise. Poke the icon to get a (surprise!) showerhead. Grab it and use it to
wash all the soap off. Voila! The game tells you your dog is beautiful and you
are whisked back to the main room of your house.

There's one more step, though. To make sure this beauty last for decent amount
of time, go into your Care Supplies and find the appropriate brush for your
dog. Tap it, choose the dog you wish to brush, and brush away! It should take
only a small amount of brushing before you are told, once again, that your dog
is beautiful, and back to the main room you go.

c. Walks, Contests, and Other Stuff

Walks and contests will take up a big part of your playing time, so prepare for
a long section on them.

~ Walks ~

By pressing the Walk Button, you can take a dog on a walk! After selecting a
dog to take, you must draw a path to take. A mini-map comes up on the touch
screen and you must decide where you will take your dog. This is done by
drawing a path to take. At first you can't go very far, but the more walks you
take, the farther you'll be able to go. The path must begin and end at your
house, and you can erase paths you've drawn by tapping them or poking the
eraser in the top-left corner (this erases the entire path). The map is 
randomly generated (although it is possible to get similar or even identical
maps), but there are always certain things on it. These are: Question 
mark blocks, two parks, two discount shops, a gym, and, of course, your house.

\\Drawing a Path//

When drawing a path for your dog to take, you want to do three things:

1. Get as many question mark blocks as possible.
2. Make the walk as long as possible.
3. Get to any other locations you want to go to (parks, the gym, shops, etc.).

You may have to redraw your path a couple times to get it perfect.

NOTE: If you're looking to get as much stuff as possible on your walk, go to
      the Frequently Asked Questions section and find the "Is there a way to 
      get extra items on walks?" question.

\\Walking The Dog//

When you're walking your dog, from place to place, you can move the leash with
your stylus. This is how you control your dog. By yanking forward, your dog
will begin running. By yanking backwards you can make your dog stop.

While walking, your dog will randomly stop and go to the bathroom. A drumming
will start in the background, your dog will sniff the ground, and then it will
begin relieving itself. If it pees, you can just wait and then continue. If it
poops on the sidewalk, though, tap the poop with the stylus to clean it up. If
you don't clean up after your dog, you'll eventually be chewed out by another
dog trainer and lose trainer points. So obey the scoop laws!

When on a walk, your dog may run into several things. If you find a brown box
or some trash, make sure to pull your dog away from it! Yank forward on the
leash to keep your dog from eating from these. If it does, it will become sick
and walk slowly for a short while. Although not particularly dangerous, it
slows you down and no one wants their dog to feel bad.

Sometimes a present will be lying on the sidewalk. To get it, stop your dog. It
will pick it up and bring it to you. This nets you a random item. If you're
making your dog run, you'll most likely only see the present for a second as it 
zooms by. Yank back on the leash as soon as you see it and your dog will spin
around and go back to get it. For more tips and tricks regarding these
presents, look in the Frequently Asked Questions section for "Is there a way to
get extra items on walks?" and read the Secrets and Unlockables section.

I recommend running during walks. It makes your dog get thirsty faster, but you
can give it some water as soon as you get home. It also makes sure that even
very long walks take only a few minutes (assuming you aren't making long stops
anywhere). Just pay attention so that if a present is lying on the sidewalk you
can pull your dog backwards in time to get it.

\\Question Mark Blocks//

These blue blocks with question marks on them act as random events, although 
only two things can happen. Your dog either finds a present and gives it to you
(earning you a random item) or you meet up with another dog. The first one is
pretty self-explainitory, but the second is more interactive. You'll be taken
to a new screen where you'll see your dogs barking at each other. They never
start out friendly. The trainer will give you some friendly advice (tips, in
other words), and then you'll have the option of either leaving or trying to
get the dogs to play together. Since playing gets your dog in a good mood, you
should try. Simply drag/pull your dog towards the other dog, and hopefully when
they meet they'll begin sniffing each other. This is more likely if the other
dog is lying down and not jumping around. Once they start sniffing, a nice,
cheery tune might start playing and they'll walk around together. That means
they're playing, and after a small amount of time you'll be told your dog is
glad it got to play and you'll continue your walk. Now, if instead of sniffing
each other, the two dogs start chasing each other and pouncing while a quicker,
more tension-filled tune plays, you should get out of there right away by 
poking the red arrow, because that means they're fighting. You dog can't get 
hurt in one of these, but it's best to break them up quickly.


There are two parks on your map. They're the big, green areas with trees and a 
pond, in case you couldn't tell. One of them has little dogs on it, which means
if you go there you'll get to interact with one or two dogs. Although fun, the 
main purpose of the park is to practice the flying disc, and this is best 
accomplished in the empty park. I'll have more on flying disc training in the 
contest section of this guide.

\\The Gym//

The Gym is where you train for the Agility Trials (a type of contest). On the 
map it appears as a large building with a picture of a dog jumping over a 
hurdle on it. The gym is filled with various equipment, but it's always the 
same kind your dog will be faced with in the Agility Trial it can currently 
enter. Inside is a mix of hurdles, tubes, double hurdles, seesaws, and slaloms.
I'll talk about this area more in the contest section of this guide.

\\Discount Shops//

Discount Shops are the small, house-sized buildings with pictures of a bone on
them. These shops sell all the items you can find at the Pet Supply shop but at
reduced prices. The prices vary from just slightly lower to dirt cheap. I
rarely buy anything from Pet Supply, considering these shops can save you quite
a bit of money. On top of that, they occasionally sell items you can't get
anywhere else, such as the Keyboard.

\\Blue Dots//

At first you won't see any of these on the map. After just one walk, though,
you'll notice blue dots of various sizes around the map. These mark where your
dog has stopped and marked its territory (in other words, gone to the
bathroom). You dog will always stop at this and sniff them, occasionally
renewing their ownership. If you run into a dog near one of these dots, the dot
will being flashing. This means that the other dog is challenging your dog's
ownership. Dogs competing like this are much more likely to fight when they
meet, so beware.

~ Contests ~

The three contests you can enter are tests of your dog's skills. As you
progress they get increasingly difficult, to the point that you must perform
perfectly or be eliminated.

There are three different kinds of contests: Disc Competitions, Agility Trials,
and Obedience Trials. There are five difficulties in each: Beginner, Open,
Expert, Master, and Championship. Beginner contests require only simple
abilities. Championship contests push your dog to its limits and require

Contests are very important as a source of income. For example, a single walk
may get around $5 worth of useless items. Winning a Championship Agility Trial
will earn you $1000. Since a dog can enter a contest three times a day, once
you reach championship level, you can potentially win $3000 a day from
Championship Agility Trials. That's with just one dog. If you raise a whole
pack of champions, the money will just roll in.

IMPORTANT TIP! Remember to give your dog food and water before entering ANY
competition, in addition to the recommended training. A starving, parched dog
isn't going to perform as well as a full, quenched one.

\\Disc Competitions//

The Disc Competitions have the lowest rewards of any contest, but it's not hard
to train for and depends on your skill more than any other contest.


Training for a Disc Competition is simple. Obtain a flying disc (you can buy
one for cheap at a Discount Shop or at the Pet Supply) and go to a park on a
walk. You can throw the disc at home, but you need more space to really
practice. When drawing your walk path, make sure to go to the park with no
other dogs. Other dogs will simply get in the way.

Once at the park, take out your flying disc. Wave it around a bit and your dog
come running and wait for you to throw it. My technique is to hold the disc
near the bottom of the touch screen, then quickly move it upwards and release
it about halfway up the screen. If done properly, the disc should fly straight
for a few seconds, then begin to rise up. When it comes down, it will be near
the end of the park. Experiment a bit to find what works best for you, but try
to keep the throw as straight and as long as possible.

When you throw the disc, your dog will run under it. At first it may have
trouble keeping up, and it may or may not jump up and catch it. This is fine.
In any case, your dog will either catch or pick up the disc. It will probably
walk away and lie down with it, maybe chew on it. Although cute, you don't want
your dog doing this in a timed competition. You can call it back by saying its
name or tapping the touch screen. I highly recommend tapping the touch screen.
You can start doing it as soon as your dog has the disc and there's not chance
that it won't respond. Once you have its attention, your dog will run back to
you. Pet your dog on the head when it returns (wait for it to sparkle), and 
then take the flying disc from its mouth. Your dog will growl and you may have
to pull a bit. Once you have it back, throw it again. Practice throwing it
as quickly as you can after you get it back.

So, to simplify it all, here's what you need to do at the park:

1. Throw the flying disc as far as you can.
2. Wait for your dog to either catch it or pick it up.
3. Tap the screen once it has the disc to call it back.
4. Pet it until it sparkles once it returns with the disc.
5. Take the disc from your dog.
6. Repeat.

After a while, your dog will get faster, catch the disc more often, start 
making jumping catches, return without you calling it, and releasing the disc
without a fight. This may take a couple trips to the park, but this is what you
want to happen. If you're not sure how ready you are for the Disc Competitions,
ask yourself these questions:

Can I consistantly throw the disc to the far side of the park?
Does my dog consistantly jump up and catch the disc in mid-air?
Does my dog return the disc to me as soon as it catches it without needing to
   be called?
Does my dog release the disc as soon as I grab it without growling or pulling?
Can I throw the disc immediately after I get it back from my dog?

If you can say "Yes" to all of those, then you have the skills necessary to
complete the Disc Competitions.

One last note. After a while, your dog will get tired of chasing the disc and
simply sit around. Although your dog may be tired, you can continue throwing
the disc. Your skills are as important as your dog's, so don't ignore your own
training. Keep in mind that you have a limited time at the park, and eventually
you'll get a message telling you to continue your walk. Don't feel rushed,
though. You get plenty of time.


When you first enter a Disc Competition, you'll be faced with a multicolored
arena about the size of the park. The colors act as a scoring system. You stand
in the green section and throw towards the blue section. The farther the disc 
gets, the more points you recieve. Of course, your dog must catch the frisbee 
to recieve any points, but if your dog is well trained, your throws are what 
matter now.


Jumping Catch: 10 Points
Normal Catch: 9 Points

The blue section is the brass ring. Chances are you'll just barely make it into
the blue with your best throws, but in the later classes you'll need to get
those ten points.


Jumping Catch: 8 Points
Normal Catch: 7 Points

If you're good at throwing the disc, your throws should get to the red without
much trouble. For the first few classes this is more than adequate. Get eight
points on every throw and you're a shoe-in. Only in the toughest classes is
this not enough. Aim for the blue, but red works too.


Jumping Catch: 6 Points
Normal Catch: 5 Points

Expect to see some orange throws in your career that disappoint you greatly.
Sometimes, in the heat of competition, you can let the pressure get to you and
end up here. Although six points is fine early on, once you reach the Expert
Class it becomes lacking.


Jumping Catch: 4 Points
Normal Catch: 3 Points

Yellow is useful only in the earliest classes. Sure, it doesn't take long, so
you could throw the disc here repeatedly and win Beginner or Open, but why aim
for this when you can simply try to get the disc as far as you can?

Light Green

Jumping Catch: 2 Points
Normal Catch: 1 Point

I actually have difficulty getting the disc to go here on purpose. If you find
yourself hitting this more than once (a lone fluke is understandable), you
should probably go back to the park for some more practice.


0 Points

If you accidentally drop your disc without throwing it, your dog will get it
here. Even if it's a jumping catch, you get nothing. The good news is, it only
takes a couple seconds for your dog to give it back, so you can recover. Just
try not to drop it, though, okay?


In a Disc Competition, you have 60 seconds to get as many points as you can.
Therefore, you must be quick. Don't bother petting your dog when it returns the
disc, and if it still doesn't come back automatically when it catches the disc,
start tapping the touch screen as soon as your dog has the disc.

If the disc is in the air when time runs out, you'll still get the points from
that throw if your dog catches it. Even if you just have one second left, throw
that disc!

Sometimes aiming for a lower score is actually a good idea. Let's say you need
twelve points and time is running out. You could throw the disc as far as
possible, but if you manage to get ten points, your dog won't return in time to
get another throw in. However, if you aim for the orange section, you'll get
six points and your dog may return in time for you to get one last throw in.
Since even a throw you make at the last second counts, you can use this
strategy to make the most of your time in desperate situations.

There will be times when you screw up, and unless you're very good or very
lucky, you'll end up dropping back to lower classes occasionally. I once made
it to the championship, totally messed up, and ended up in expert by the end of
the day. You can always turn off your DS and start back from your last save,
but that is cheating, in a way.


This is as good a time as any to introduce the contest commentators. In every 
contest you'll recieve commentary from Ted Rumsworth and Archie Hubbs. Ted is a
smart, helpful individual. Archie is loonier than a fruitcake. Well, maybe he's
just eccentric, but in any case, you'll get to know them well in your contest

The Beginner Disc Competition is easy. The required score is low and even a
couple good throws will result in a win. If you've been practicing, you can
win this with just a few throws to the red or blue sections of the arena. If
you're still having a bit of trouble, fear not. Even if you only get four or
six points per throw, you should be fine. If you lose in this competition,
either your throws are poor, or your dog isn't very good at chasing and
catching the disc. Either way, head to the park and practice. 


You have to get a few more points than you did in beginner if you want to win
the open class. Key word is few. You shouldn't have much trouble here, even if
your dog is still undertrained. All I can recommend if you lose is to keep


Here is where you start having to get high scores consistantly. If you're not
reaching at least the red section on most of your throws, it will be tough.
Make sure that your dog can return as soon as it catches the disc without
prompting and that it releases it without a fight. You may need those few extra
seconds. Your throws are getting more and more important as well. Stay calm,
throw accurately, and you should be fine.


At this point your dog pretty much MUST be able to catch every throw in the air
and obediantly return the flying disc. It all comes down to your throws. Now,
the point value you must reach to win varies somewhat, so you may need to just
hope for a lower number. If you get a high number, you'll need to get some blue
throws in, or at the very least a large number of eight-pointers. With a lower
necessary score you can manage with even a six-pointer, but you still most get
most of your throws in the red or blue. If you pass this, you're on to the
highest disc competition level.


The Championship Disc Competition demands a high score. Even if you get lucky
and only need a 45 or so, you'll need 10- and 8-pointers if you want to win. If
you end up needing 50... well, I hope you can hit the blue section with every
throw. Do your best, and even if you get something ridiculous like 50, at least
try to stay in the championship by getting a high score. Hopefully next time
you'll get something more reasonable. Keep practicing at the park and make sure
your dog has mastered the flying disc. It's all up to you now. Throw as far as
you can as quickly as you can, and you can scrape up a win here.


This section is for tips and tricks and other ramblings from readers of this
guide. Here's one from schach7:

"Hey, I was looking at your FAQ on GameFAQs. As far as the championship disc 
competitions, you mention that 'Chances are you'll just barely make it into the
blue with your best throws, but in the later classes you'll need to get those 
ten points.'"

Your best throws should always be just in the blue, any farther and you're 
wasting time. But getting a score of say 52 isn't all that hard. All you need 
is a dog fast enough to bring you the disc back, just make a throw for 6, just 
barely in orange, then three 10s, you should have about 12 seconds left, not 
enough to throw a 10 and throw it again, but you can throw a six, and then a 
final 10 making your score 52.

So far, the best dogs I've used are the Shiba Inu (6 consectutive championship 
victories) and the Labrador (4 consectutive). My pinscher can't run fast enough 
to catch it, and my poor Corgi gets to the disc after it's been on the ground 
for a couple of secs despite lots of training (it's hilarious to see him try 
though). I've noticed that other dogs, such as the Lab, can get to the disc on 
a far throw, even though they can't catch it, even very early in training. So, 
I don't see a Corgi ever being able to catch a 10, while I have dogs (Shiba 
Inu, Boxer, Lab) catching 10's after they have only been trained a little and 
are in the Beginner Class, and then win the tournament with 25 points.

Also, if you have to beat a score of 50, you still place first if you get 50. 
It says 'Oh it appears there's a tie for first, what a pair of winners,' or
something like that.

So, just like some dogs are better show dogs, some are definitely better at the
Disc Comp."

schach7 covers a lot in this e-mail. I really like his 52 point strategy, which
I can summarize thusly for those with no attention spans: 6-10-10-10-6-10. 
Tricky to perform, but a garaunteed win in any class if you can master it.

Now, as for some dogs being better than others, this is true. However, I
believe any dog can be a champion. My brother also has a Welsh Corgi in his
game, and it has managed to catch a ten before. Now, the dog's personality
might make a difference as well, but in any case, it shouldn't be impossible.
Then again, it's not like you get more money if you win with a Corgi, so you
might as well use a dog that's easier to win with.


J.D. with a counter-point!

"I was reading your FAQ on Nintendogs, and I think it's personality that 
affects whether or not a dog is good at the disc competition.  My Welsh Corgi 
was able to consistently catch 10s after only a couple of trips to the park, so
it's definitely not a breed trait that they're bad at the competition."

Good news for Corgi owners! I still contend that any dog can win any
competition, but it appears personality is a deciding factor in how easy it is.


Ryonavin talks about discs and the throwing thereof.

"It would appear to me that not all throwing discs are created equal. There are
some discs that throw easier and farther then others. The standard color discs
such as the camo discs seem to throw the shortest distance when compared to the
sponsor discs and the aerodics. The aerodiscs I practically barely thrown and
always end up in the 8 zone so I would rate from worst to best the standard
discs, next up the sponsor discs, and the best of the best is the aerodiscs *I
haven't gotten any of the special discs yet like the shower cap to test those

I'm not entirely sure if any discs work better than others, but it's something
to keep in mind.


Amadeus has tested the discs as well.

"As for the discs, I found that the Shower Cap is rather easier to throw than
the other discs, maybe because it's... light. Lightweight. The dartboard is one
of the worser choices to use since it's heavy and flies a shorter distance. As 
Ryonavin mentioned in your guide, Aerodiscs are EASY to throw. I found that
they also have a longer air time if you throw them."

More food for thought.


Nintenchick410 has some tips for contests in general.

"When I practiced with my Dalmatian for flying-disc competitions, she seems to
do very well at the park practicing. But, when I enter her in the actual
contests, she fails me! She does absolutely terrible...not even gaining
anything close to the required amount of points to move on. I think that how
much your dog likes you and how much Trainer Points you have may effect the way
your dog performs in contests. Also, how large your dog is may effect it, too.
I think Dalmatians and Labradors may have a harder time performing in certain
competitions; because mine is always so clumsy and awkward...she doesn't do so

Sorry I had to put this in the Disc Competition section, Nintenchick410. I
didn't want to make another section. Anyway, I've noticed this too. It might
also seem harder because you're under pressure when you're in the contest.


Silent_Sheik suggests some breeds.

"for discs the best seem to be boxers, labs, retrievers and beagles"

Can't confirm or deny this, but it's nice to keep in mind.

\\Agility Trials//

Agility trials test your dog via an obstacle course. You must guide your dog
through various obstacles. Although you are controlling your dog in a way,
without training your dog will mess up every step of the way. So you dog's
skill is at least as important, if not more important, than your own in this


When you go on a walk, draw a path to the gym. It's the large building with the
picture of a dog jumping a hurdle on it. Inside you'll find a variety of
obstacles for you to practice with. After a while you'll be kicked out of the
gym and be told to continue walking, but you have plenty of time.

To control your dog, tap where you want it to go. If you tap an obstacle, your
dog will head for it and try to pass it. Just keep tapping constantly to keep
your dog moving.

As you progress through the classes, more items will show up here. Make sure to
practice before you enter a new class, or you won't be ready for what's
coming up. That includes beginner. Don't jump into the contest without visiting
the gym first.

Beginner: Hurdles, Tubes
Open: Hurdles, Tubes, Seesaws, Double Hurdles
Expert: Hurdles, Tubes, Seesaws, Double Hurdles, Slaloms
Master: Hurdles, Tubes, Seesaws, Double Hurdles, Slaloms
Championship: Hurdles, Tubes, Seesaws, Double Hurdles, Slaloms


Right from the get-go you'll have to deal with hurdles. Simple enough. They are
the low bars that you dog must hop over, in case you've never seen a hurdle.
Tap them to make your dog jump over them. At first it will have some trouble, 
knocking over the hurdle without showing much effort. That's fine. Just keep 
trying. Before long your dog will hop the hurdles every time with no problems.

When approaching a hurdle, make sure your dog is headed straight towards it. If
you try to jump it at a bad angle, you'll miss it.


The tubes may be the easiest obstacle. They are long, curved tubes. Tap one
side and your dog will run in. Watch the arrow pointing at your dog and keep
tapping ahead of it. Once your dog comes out the other side, you're done.


After you beat the Beginner Class, seesaws will appear at the gym. They are the
long planks with one side touching the ground and one up in the air. These are
tricky if you don't know how to deal with them. Tap the side touching the
ground to get your dog onto it. At first your dog will take these very slow. It
will shake and slowly walk across as you tap ahead of it. Once on the other 
side, the seesaw will begin to tip towards the ground in front of your dog. To 
keep your dog from jumping off, tap behind it. This will make it stop moving 
so that the seesaw can finish tipping. Alternatively, you can tap and hold
the stylus behind your dog to make it stop entirely. Once the side in front of 
your dog is touching the ground, tap ahead of your dog to make it walk off. As 
you practice this, your dog will get faster and faster until it runs over the 
seesaw with ease.

Double Hurdles

These also show up after the Beginner Class. They are quite possibly the most
annoying obstacles. They are simply two hurdles together. It won't take long
for your dog to get the hang of jumping over them, but that's not the hard
part. You have to have your dog run straight at it. If you come towards it at
an angle, your dog will probably miss part of the hurdles and you'll get a
miss. As a result, it's worth practicing approaching these in many ways, so
that you know how to straighten your path out in a contest. If you need to take
extra time to get in position for these, do it. A few more seconds in a contest
is better than a point deduction.


Once you reach the Expert Class, you'll be face with a row of poles sticking up
out of the ground in straight lines. Theses are slaloms. Although intimidating,
they're not that bad. Tap one side and look at where the little "marker" is.
This is the side your dog must enter on. If you have it approach from the wrong
side, it will get confused and you may end up with a miss. Approaching the
slalom head-on works well too.

Once into the slalom, you must guide your dog inbetween the poles. At first
your dog moves slowly and you must tap in the direction it needs to go over and
over and over, carefully guiding it through in a zigzag fashion. If you stray
too far from the poles, you'll miss. These can be hard to navigate at first.
After some practice, though, your dog will get faster and need less guidance.
Eventually you can just tap ahead of your dog as it runs through the slalom.

I've noticed that once your dog gets good, it occasionally stops and looks at
you during the slalom. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe this is
normal. I'm not sure. In any case, if this happens to you, keep tapping ahead
of your dog and it will continue in a second. (Gameunreal tells me that more
practice fixed this. Thanks!)


If you've been to the gym, the agility trial arena will look familiar. In fact,
I'm pretty sure it's the same place. Various obstacles are arranged on the show
floor, just like at the gym.

When you're in the contest, you must guide your dog through the obstacles in
the order shown on the top screen. If you make a mistake, you lose 5 points.
If there is a tie in terms of points, the winner is the one who finished


Pay attention to the top screen. It can be tough to use it while guiding your
dog on the bottom screen, but you lose points for doing obstacles out of order.
Glance upwards to check where you need to go whenever you get lost (or just
want to make sure you're heading in the right direction).

Put points above speed. If you have no mistakes and 30 seconds, you'll beat
someone with -5 points and 23 seconds. After a certain point, additional
seconds cause point deductions, but I have never hit that point during the
agility trials. So be fast, but not reckless.

Usually you can place with lower points than the game says. If you need -5 or
better to win, you can probably still get 3rd with -10. So if you mess up one
too many times, all hope is not lost. You can still get some money. And if you
still place, you won't drop a class either.


If you've practiced at the gym, the hurdles and tubes in the beginner class
should be simple. If you lose this one, you either didn't practice or made a
lot of easily fixed mistakes.


With double hurdles and seesaws added, things suddenly get complicated. Before
you enter, make sure you have no problem with these two obstacles. That said,
mistakes can be made with the double hurdles. If you fail to win this contest,
A little more practice with those in particular should push you to the top.


With slaloms thrown in the mix, you now have to contend with everything the
agility trials can throw at you. But, hey, no worries if you practiced, right?
Before you enter this, you should make sure your dog has mastered all the
obstacles and can do them all quickly. Assuming you don't make multiple
mistakes, this one shouldn't cause much trouble.


No new obstacles, but the course gets longer and tougher. Look our for things
like double hurdles you go over twice (once from each direction) and... er,
well, that's pretty much all that's really added. I mess up a lot on those, but
if you can manage all the obstacles you should be fine.


With at least a dozen obstacles and a crowded arena, you'll have to be careful
when navigating the championship. On top of that, you need to make no mistakes
if you want to win. You can get third with one mistake, but any more than that
and you'll be knocked back to master, so BE CAREFUL! You have way more time
than necessary, so check the map, line yourself up on double hurdles, and avoid
any careless mistakes. If you've made it this far, you can do this!

If you do lose, however, don't feel bad. I had a lot of trouble with this one
for some reason. ^_^;; When you finally place 1st, however, you'll get a
whopping $1000. Now, imagine if you got that three times in one day!


Bainemo sends the first reader tips for the Agility Trial.

"I saw that you have no reader tips for the Agility Trial, so I thought I'd
pitch in.  I kind of specialize in the Agility Trial, so I might be able to
help with a few things.  First off, sliding vs. tapping.  Aggressive dogs seem
to respond to tapping an obstacle rather than dragging the stylus over it,
which the opposite goes for gentler ones.  For example, my Corgi pretty much
refuses to go over an obstacle unless I coax him over it.  I also didn't see
you mention that the more you go through the obstacles, the faster your dog
will run overall.  Since I do lots of Agility Trials, my dog can rocket across
the pitch when he used to simply jog."

Interesting analysis. Personally I find tapping easier, so I just stick to
that, but then again, I haven't raised more than one dog for the Agility


Missi has a lot to say about show poodles.

"I have a Toy Poodle. Apparently they make excellent
showdogs...I decided to enter her in the Agility Trials. She got all the way to
the chapionship, and won $1000. I was pretty impressed, so decided to train up
my Lab and Shepherd.

I was suprised to find out how SLOW they ran! The kind of lumbered through the
poles and see-saw and plodded around the track, and always seem to stop
half-way through the poles too, knocking them. My Poodle races around the
track, dashes through the poles (without stopping!) and races up the see-saw.

I wondered if it was down to the personality...I write down all of my dogs
personalities for my fansite, and was suprised that my Poodle had a laid back
attitude and liked to sleep alot.

So, now I am wondering if Poodles really DO make good showdogs, or if it is
just my Poodle. XD I'd love it if you added this to your guide. Oh, and one
more thing.

If you train your dog had enough, soon it'll run through the Slaloms without
you guiding it."

Having trouble? Try a poodle.


Nintenchick410 has more breed advice.

"Yeah, my Dalmatian, like Labradors, is very slow and clumsy. But, like the Toy
Poodle, my Shih Tzu can cover a seesaw in like, 2 seconds flat! She's very fast
and has practiced a lot, and I'm surprised. I think it's because of practice as
well as me having her since the beginning; thus me having spent the most time
with her. After all, the neighbors do say that Daisy has faith in me. So maybe
that's why she performs so fast, and agile in the agility trials...because
she's small, fast, and likes me!"

Shih Tzus are also a good choice, it seems.


Silent_Sheik has recommendations here too.

"I found that for agility the best dogs seem to be the huskies, shelties
[shetland sheepdogs] and the corgies"

Once again, I can't tell you if those are truly the best, but it's nice to
know what has worked for others.

\\Obedience Trials//

The Obedience Trials test your dog's ability to perform commands. These are
easily the hardest contests in the game. To excel here, you'll need extensive
training and a lot of practice. The reward reflects the challenge, though; if
you win, you recieve a whopping $2000. That's a possible $6000 a day with just 
one dog.


The training area is your house. Nothing special here. If you have more than
one dog, you may want to drop off the ones you aren't training at the Dog
Hotel. Nothing like working on a trick and having one of your other dogs tackle
the learning dog. Makes me want to take the stylus and shove it... er, yeah,
Dog Hotel. >_>;;

Teaching your dog tricks is the meat of the training. If you're this far, you 
know how to teach a dog a trick. I mean, you have to teach your first dog sit 
when you get it! So don't pretend you've forgotten. Okay, fine, if you need a
refresher, head to the tricks section. Now, before you enter a contest, use
the info down in the class specific advice to find out what tricks you need to
know. Don't enter as soon as you learn them, though. It's a little tricker than

Your dog needs to be very responsive. Practice saying the command for your dog.
Whenever it does the trick properly, pet it as a reward. This will help
reinforce the trick in your dog's mind. Once you think your dog has the trick
down pat (get it? Pat! lolololol ok I'll stop), it's time to practice holding

To practice holding tricks, first get a clock or watch with seconds or a 
stopwatch. Then have your dog perform the trick to needs to practice holding.
Almost all the tricks (if not all of them) may need to be held, so practice as
many as you can. When you dog performs the trick, start timing it. When it 
stops doing the trick, check the time. Now, do it again. The more you practice 
the trick, the longer your dog will hold it. Simple enough.


Well, stage, really. Ted and Archie play a much bigger part in this contest.
They act as the announcers as well as the hosts. They tell you what tricks
you'll need to do, as well as announce the scores.

When you're told what to do, the instructions will appear on the top of the
touch screen, and Ted will also give them to you on the top screen. You'll have
a limited amount of time to perform each task, so don't waste time. 

There are several sections in each contest. You'll be asked to perform various
tricks in a certain order (for example, Sit -> Shake), and hold a trick for a
length of time (example: Hold Sit for 5 seconds). There will be two rounds of 
each of those, then a free section. In the free section you can do anything you
want in an effort to impress the judges. It's the best way to make up for a 
mistake earlier, especially if you know some of the harder tricks.


This contest relies almost entirely on your dog's abilities, so practice is
even more important than ever. It doesn't matter how clearly you say "Sit", if
your dog can't hold it long enough, you'll have a hard time winning or even
placing. If you find the contest too hard, practice the tricks.

When practicing holding tricks, use a stopwatch or clock to keep track of the
seconds. Counting in your head can work, but it isn't as accurate.

If your dog won't respond to a certain trick no matter what, you may want to
erase the trick from its memory and teach it again. Try a new command word or
work on saying it clearer. If your dog can't do tricks well, you're not gonna
win an Obedience Trial.

In the free section, you should pull out your best tricks. Sure, a lot of dogs
can sit. Big whoop. But if your dog does a backflip followed by a breakdance,
you'll get noticed.


Tricks needed: Sit, Shake, Lie Down

Once you know the tricks, you can probably win this one. You only need to hold
tricks for a couple seconds, so chances are no practice is necessary. Just
follow the on screen instructions and cram as many tricks as possible into the
free section. I've managed to get a perfect 10 here. If you do lose, er, how
about them Agility Trials? Kidding. You may need a little bit of practice to
hold a trick for even a few seconds, so practice the tricks for a little bit
and come back.


Tricks needed: Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Spin, Roll Over

Make sure your dog knows Spin and Roll Over before entering. You'll need them.
Next, make sure your dog can hold all its tricks for at least five seconds.
During the contest you'll be asked to hold tricks for that long, so if you go
in unprepared, you won't be leaving with a gold trophy. Shouldn't take too much
practicing to get that good. Learn any other tricks you want for the free
section, then give it a shot. You shouldn't have too much trouble with this


Tricks needed: Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Spin, Roll Over, Jump, Beg

Beg is added to the trick list, so learn it before you enter. To prepare for
this contest, make sure your dog can hold its tricks for at least ten seconds.
It'll take a little while to train them, but it's worth it. Remember to put
your other dogs in the Dog Hotel so they won't disturb the dog you're training.
If your dog can hold its tricks for ten seconds consistantly, you should be
ready. Adding some advanced tricks for the free performance couldn't hurt
either. Finally, bathe and brush your dog before the contest.


Tricks needed: Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Spin, Roll Over, Jump, Beg

There's no new tricks to learn, but you have to be able to hold your tricks for
fifteen seconds, so don't get comfortable. Learning some advanced tricks for
the free performance is highly, HIGHLY recommened, and make sure your dog looks
beautiful when you enter. If you can train well enough to win the Expert Class,
you can do this one too.


Tricks needed: Sit, Shake, Lie Down, Spin, Roll Over, Jump, Beg

It all comes down to this! Winning the Obedience Championship earns you more
money than any other contest, so doing it three times a day consistantly is an
easy way to get rich quick. But to win, you'll have to train your dog to
perfection. Your opponents have have upwards of 9.50, so the requirements are
higher than ever. If your dog can't hold its tricks for at least twenty
seconds, you shouldn't even bother entering. It may take a while to train your 
dog that well, but it's worth it. Stuff your trick list full of advanced tricks
for the free section, and bathe it before you leave for the competition.
Remember, you can mess up once before the free section and still win if you
stuff the free section full of tricks. Don't count on it to save you, though.
Good luck!


Fin talks about holding tricks.

"I found it easier to either say 'stay' or to repeat the trick name over and
over when my beagle had to hold a trick. This might help those puppies that
just can't sit still like mine."

Good idea. Why didn't I think of that? I haven't tested it, and I do worry that
using it could cause the puppy to get confused, but if it works for one person,
it may work for you.


superdude60647 has some good ideas.

"Hey, I just wanted to tell you, for the obedience trials, a tip I would give
readers is when teaching your dog a trick and/or in an obedience trial, get in
the quietest area possible. Trust me, it makes a WORLD of a difference, and my
dog doesn't have a rambunctious, devilish, or energetic personality. Also, a
good idea I thought of is when you are teaching your dog something is using a
digital voice recorder or something like that, that ensures that you use the
same tone and volume each time you say the command. Hope this helps!"

I think the recorder may be a bit extreme, but whatever works.


Silent_Sheik has breed recommendations for this competition too!

"and for obedience sheperds, pinschers, shnauzers and shiba's"

Can't confirm this, etc.


Rayawolf talked to me on AIM about dalmations.

"Rayawolf: Dalmatians are the easiest to teach and by far the best at any
Muk1000: Um, that could be you just got a good personality, it's not
necessarily the breed
Rayawolf: no, i bought 5 Dalmatians, all different and they all learned
handstand with one hour of time spent"

Impressive. If you have the breed, try it out.

~ Bark Mode ~

Bark Mode lets you interact with other Nintendogs owners. It lets you meet with
someone's dog, exchange gifts, and unlock things. It's a pretty easy mode to
navigate. Simply choose a dog, choose an item to give to the other person (if
you want to), and then get near another DS owner that's doing the same thing.
You'll see your dog walking along the sidewalk, and when another person with
Bark Mode turned on comes within range of you DS, your two dogs will meet.

If this is the first time you've met this person in bark mode, you'll unlock
the breed of dog they sent. If you already have that breed (and it's the first
time you've met this person), you'll unlock an interior design instead. You'll
find the two dogs in a big park plaza, where you can play with them to your
heart's content. The two DSes won't actually be interacting anymore. If you do
something with the dogs, the other player won't see it, and vice versa. When
you're done, simply leave bark mode. If one player wants to move out of range
or stop bark mode, it won't affect the other player's game.

Finally, a certain item is connected to bark mode: the White Record. Check the
Frequently Asked Questions section for more details.

d. Tricks

Teaching your dog tricks is a big part of the game. I'll try to compile a list
of tricks here and how to perform them. Depending on your dog's breed and
personality, it will be able to learn between three and four tricks per day.
There is also a limit to how many tricks a dog can learn, although I don't know
if it varies. It's around fourteen. To learn a new trick when the list is full,
you have to delete a trick from your dog's Trick List.

NOTE: The trick list is not complete yet. I'll update as I find out about more.
Feel free to e-mail me at Muk1000@gmail.com with submissions.

~ Basic Tricks ~

Basic tricks are tricks that are taught like sit was at the beginning of the
game. You make your dog do the trick while interacting with it on the touch
screen, poke the icon in the top-right corner, and say the command. Repeat this
until your dog knows the trick.

With each trick I've included recommended commands, but it's entirely up to you
what you use. Try to name the trick what you use, though, so you won't forget.
Also, try to avoid two commands that sound similar (Sit Down and Lie Down, for
example) to avoid confusing your dog. And finally, say the command clearly and
try to keep the same tone of voice.

Also note that some tricks have variations. Some can be performed higher or
lower, as well as left or right.

Recommended Commands: Sit / Sit Down
Appearance: Your dog will lower its back legs and, well, sit down.
To Perform: Rub your dog's head from top to bottom.
Notes: You should know this one. The game guided you through it, after all. =P

Recommended Commands: Lie Down / Lie / Lay Down / Lay
Appearance: You dog lowers all four legs and lies on its stomach.
To Perform: Have your dog sit, then rub its head from top to bottom.
Notes: Sit x2. Not hard.

Recommended Commands: Shake / Paw / Shake Paw
Appearance: Your dog will sit down, then raise one paw into the air.
To Perform: Have your dog sit, then grab one of its paws and raise it up. If
   your dog pulls its paw away from you, just keep trying.
Notes: I prefer using "Paw" as the command word. There are too many "S" tricks,
   so I find that the dog responds better to "Paw".

Recommended Commands: Roll Over / Do A Barrel Roll! (kidding. >_>)
Appearance: You dog rolls onto its side until its belly is up.
To Perform. Have your dog lie down, then rub left or right across its head. It
   should roll onto its side. Now rub its side from bottom to top to make it 
   roll onto its back.
Notes: Well, I suppose you could use "Do A Barrel Roll!" if you want to...
   Oh, and on a side note, there's another trick I should mention. When your
   dog is lying on its side, you can teach it that as well. Rath_Wolf calls it
   "Play Dead". I don't really see it as that, but hey, it's worth mentioning.
   I think that trick slot would be better filled with something else, though.

Recommended Commands: Spin / Turn / Chase Tail
Appearance: Your dog barks and then chases its tail.
To Perform: Grab your dog's tail and hold it until it starts the trick.
Notes: It may just be me, but it seems that this is the trick my dog does if it
   gets confused and does the wrong trick. >_>

Recommended Commands: Play / Crouch
Appearance: Your dog lowers its front legs, sticks its butt up in the air, and
   shakes it. >_>
To Perform: Do nothing. When your dog is interacting with you on the touch
   screen, it randomly does this. I think it only does this once it's 
   comfortable with you (shouldn't take long).
Notes: Not really worth wasting a trick slot on. All it's for is getting jump.

Recommended Commands: Jump / Hop
Appearance: Your dog jumps. Dur.
To Perform: Wait for your dog to do the above trick (Play) and then tap above
   its head. The camera should zoom out a bit and your dog will jump up. 
   Sometimes it doesn't work perfectly, so if your dog doesn't jump, just try 
Notes: Er... jump. Yeah. Nothing to say here. Move along.

Recommended Commands: Beg / Stand / Stand Up
Appearance: Your dog "sits", but with its front paws in the air.
To Perform: Rub upwards on your dog's head. The reverse of what you do for sit.
   It will either push off the ground for a second with its front legs or beg.
Notes: Your dog has to be very comfortable with you to pull off this trick.
   Still, it won't take that long to get it that friendly.

Recommended Commands: Dance / Stand
Appearance: Your dog stands on its hind legs and bounces on its feet.
To Perform: Have your dog beg, then grab one of its paws and lift it up onto
   its feet.
Notes: This trick is awesome. I wish you could train it to walk around like
   this. =D

Recommended Commands: Sneeze / Bite
Appearance: Your dog either sneezes or bites the air.
To Perform: Poke your dog's nose.
Notes: It seems like this trick is a sneeze most of the time, so might as well
   call it that.

Recommended Commands: Scratch / Head Scratch
Appearance: Your dog will raise its paw and scratch around its ear.
To Perform: Grab one of your dog's ears while it's sitting, but don't pull on
Notes: Thanks to Ember Lawyer for telling me a better way to do this trick!

Recommended Commands: Kick / Foot
Appearance: Your dog will kick its hind leg.
To Perform: When your dog is facing away from you, tap one of its hind legs.
Notes: Thanks to Caitlin for telling me about this trick!

~ Advanced Tricks ~

Advanced tricks are also tricks you teach your dog while interacting with it on
the touch screen, but there's a catch; you must combine basic tricks to do
them. Say the first trick, then while your dog is performing it, say the
second. For a while it will probably just do the two tricks, but if it's
well-trained, it should do the advanced trick after a few tries.

UPDATE: Nintenchick410 claims that her dogs have performed advanced tricks on
their own, so you may not need to say the two tricks. However, I think it's
faster and easier to do it yourself.

Necessary Tricks: Sit, Jump
Recommended Commands: Backflip
Appearance: Your dog sits, then does a backflip.
To Perform: Make your dog sit, then jump.
Notes: The first advanced trick I ever did. ^_^ Just keep trying. If your dog
   can learn beg, it can probably learn this. Demetrius pointed out that if
   you have the "Flower Waltz" record, you can teach your dog backflip by
   playing the record and teaching it the trick after it does it near the end
   of the song.

Necessary Tricks: Roll Over, Spin
Recommended Commands: Breakdance
Appearance: Your dog rolls over, then spins around on its back.
To Perform: Make your dog roll over, then spin.
Notes: I found that saying spin before your dog finishes rolling over works

Necessary Tricks: Beg, Spin
Recommended Commands: Rotate / Turn
Appearance: Your dog begs, then begins turning around while in the beg
To Perform: Have your dog beg, then spin.
Notes: Cute trick, but not one of my favorites. Worth checking out, though.

Necessary Tricks: Dance, Jump
Recommended Commands: Bunny Hop / Bounce
Appearance: Your dog stands up as if it were going to dance, then begins
   hopping on its hind legs.
To Perform: Have your dog dance, then jump.
Notes: Awww, look at the adorable puppy!

Necessary Tricks: Lie Down, Beg
Recommended Commands: Handstand
Appearance: Your dog... does a handstand. Come on, it's not that hard to
   picture on your own.
To Perform: Have your dog lie down, then beg.
Notes: Submitted by Ryan, as well as three others who weren't quite as quick as
       him (and didn't have the right trick combo).

Necessary Tricks: Roll Over, Jump
Recommended Commands: Recover / Spring
Appearance: Your dog rolls over, then launches itself off its back and onto its
To Perform: Have your dog roll over, then jump.
Notes: Submitted by bhangman. I call it Recover because it reminds me of that
   move you often see in fights where someone pushes themselves off of their
   back and onto their feet.

~ Top Screen Tricks ~

Top screen tricks are tricks your dog randomly does on the top screen. Zoom in
on your dog and just watch it. When it does something it can learn, the usual
icon will appear on your touch screen even though your dog is on the top 
screen. Tap it and say the command. This can take a while, since you can't make
your dog do the trick, but some of these tricks are worth it.

NOTE: Right after eating or drinking, a dog often does one of a few top-screen
tricks, so that's a good time to learn a couple of them.

Recommended Commands: Dig / Scratch
Appearance: Your dog scratches the ground as if it were digging.
To Perform: Wait while zoomed into your dog on the top screen.
Notes: For the most part, "To Perform" will be the same for all top screen

Recommended Commands: Track / Sniff
Appearance: Your dog sniffs the ground.
To Perform: Wait while zoomed into your dog on the top screen.
Notes: Er... this is a pretty simple trick. No notes here. >_>

Recommended Commands: Shimmy / Shake
Appearance: Your dog shakes its entire body.
To Perform: Wait while zoomed into your dog on the top screen.
Notes: Have you ever seen a dog dry off by shaking its whole body (which sprays
   water everywhere)? That's this trick.

Recommended Commands: Howl / Speak
Appearance: Your dog howls.
To Perform: Occasionally, a siren will go by your house. Your dog will howl
   when it hears this.
Notes: Possibly the hardest top screen trick, since it can take days and days
   to learn.

Recommended Commands: Yawn
Appearance: Your dog yawns. Please tell me I don't have to go into further
To Perform: Wait while zoomed into your dog on the top screen (I've typed that
   a lot).
Notes: Submitted by Barbako. Thanks!

Recommended Commands: Flea / Itch
Appearance: Your dog will either be standing on all fours, using its back leg
   to itch at something, or it will be rolled over, and will use its back leg
   to scratch at something.
To Perform: Wait while zoomed in on a specific, dirty dog on the top screen. If
   your dog is really infested with fleas, it should be scratching in no time.
   Wait, and as soon as you see it doing any of the above, whether it's rolled
   over itching or standing up itching, wait for the training icon to appear,
   then teach the command for "flea scratch".
Notes: Submitted and written by Nintenchick410. Thanks!

Recommended Names: Lick / Lick Body / Tongue
Appearance: Your dog licks itself somewhere on its body.
To Perform: Wait while zoomed in on your dog, and occasionally, usually after
   you feed or give your dog water, it will lick itself; sort of like how cats
Notes: Also submitted and written by Nintenchick410. Thanks again!

~ Special Trick ~

There is one special trick that is customizable, and that is sing. To perform
sing, you must play a tune on your keyboard while your dog barks along. Make
sure to zoom into the dog you want to learn it. After playing the song (with a
maximum of 15 notes), wait for a second until the usual "Learn Trick" icon
appears. Poke it and say the command. Do this a few times and you'll have a dog
that can bark a tune on cue!

Recommened Commands: (Various)
Appearance: Your dog sits down and barks a tune!
To Perform: See above paragraph.
Notes: It's difficult to perfect your tune, but this is easily the most
   interesting trick in the game.

e. Frequently Asked Questions

So, you need some help, eh? Well, this question and answer section might have
what you're looking for. If you have a question not answered here, e-mail me at
Muk1000@gmail.com or post on the GameFAQs message board. If you e-mail me, I
may add it and give you credit in the Special Thanks.

Q. Is this game in real time?
A. Yes. If your DS clock is set correctly, the date and time in this game will
   match up with real life.

Q. What is the "Best Friends" version?
A. Another version of Nintendogs that comes bundled with Teal DSes. It's just
   like the other versions of Nintendogs, but the breeds you start with are
   different (you get the Chihuahua, Labrador, and Dachshund right off the
   bat). I don't know if there is anything else new, or what items are
   exclusive. This guide covers the main three versions.

Q. What is the "Dalmation & Friends" version?
A. Like Best Friends, it's another version of Nintendogs with different starting
   breeds. I don't cover that version here, but it's still basically the same
   game, so most of this guide should still work fine.

Q. Can my dogs have puppies?
A. No. All the dogs in Nintendogs are puppies, so they can't breed.

Q. What happens if I don't play for a while? Will my dogs die?
A. No. Your dogs can't die, so don't worry about that. They might get rusty
   with their tricks, but that's nothing a little practice won't fix. After
   three days of doing nothing, though, you'll start losing Trainer Points.
   That's what you should be concerned about. So if you can't find time to
   play, just find a couple minutes every three days to give your dogs
   something to eat and drink.

Q. What are Trainer Points for, and how do I get them?
A. Trainer Points unlock all kinds of goodies. Check out the Secrets and
   Unlockables section below for lists. You get them from spending time with
   your dog, so teaching it tricks, taking walks, entering contests, etc.

Q. My dog is "Quenched" but it won't drink!
A. "Quenched" means it isn't thirsty at all. Thirst goes, from most thirsty to
   least thirsty: Parched -> Thirsty -> Normal -> Quenched. Hunger goes, from
   most hungry to least hungry: Famished -> Hungry -> Normal -> Full.

Q. How do I teach my dog tricks?
A. For a more complete answer, go to the Tricks section. To put it simply, when
   your dog does something it can learn, a light bulb icon will appear in the
   top-right corner of the touch screen. Poke it, then say the command you want
   the trick to be set to. Repeat until the dog learns it and you're asked to
   type in the trick's name.

Q. How many tricks can my dog learn per day?
A. Three or four, depending on its personality and breed.

Q. My dog hates me! It barks at me when I call it and/or kicks its feet at me!
   Why? And how do I fix this?
A. If this happens, you probably were poking your dog in ways that made it feel
   uncomfortable. Some tricks can cause this while you're trying to teach them
   to your dog. It's easy to fix, though. Just give your dog some food, a
   drink, or a treat. Problem solved!

Q. How often can I take walks?
A. Once every 30 minutes.

Q. That's too long! =(
A. Then get more dogs! With three you can almost make it an endless cycle of

Q. Is there a way to get extra items on walks?
A. There is one method that can be handy. Go to this website:
   Read it and do what it says.

Q. Didn't you have a much longer version of that question before?
A. Yes, back when there was no English page. Here is my old answer: 
   You'll see a map of a town and a lot of Japanese text. Near each corner of
   the map is a letter followed by the numbers one to four. Turn on Nintendogs
   and look at the map of your town. Now, press the numbers and match each
   quadrant of the online map to your own map. Once they're identical, you'll
   have a map of your town with all the possible item locations on it. What's
   the use of this? Well, in my experience, every time I find a present lying
   on the ground (or a pile of garbage, for that matter), it's somewhere on the
   map where there could be an item, but there isn't in my game right now. So,
   when drawing your path, hit as many items boxes as you can, even if they
   aren't there! Those are all possible locations for a present lying on the
   sidewalk, so why not check?

   In case the website ever disappears, you should print a copy of your map. To
   do that, first make sure the map on the website matches yours. Now, hit the
   Print Screen key. Open up MS Paint (or a similar program) and paste the
   picture in. You may need to rotate it to make it print all on one page, but
   it's handy to have a portable copy. Save the picture on your computer as

Q. Does it matter how clean my dog is when I go on a walk?
A. It seems to me that dirty dogs find garbage on the ground more often, while
   clean dogs find presents.

Q. What happens if I don't clean up after my dog?
A. If you don't scoop up your dog's poop, you'll be told by another dog trainer
   (during a dog encounter) to clean up after your pup, and you'll lose trainer

Q. Can I set my clock forward to take more walks/enter more contests?
A. Nope, doesn't work.

Q. What's the easiest contest?
A. Depending on what you're better at, probably Disc Competitions or Agility

Q. Which contest gets me the most money?
A. In terms of rewards, Obedience Trials get you more than Agility Trials,
   which get you more than Disc Competitions.

Q. I'm stuck in a contest...
A. Check my tips in the sections above. In general, though, practice makes
   perfect. Reading the care books you have in your supplies can't hurt either.

Q. If my dog does an advanced trick in a contest, does it still count?
A. Let's say you are asked to preform Roll Over, then Spin. If your dog
   Breakdances, it still counts as Spin. So yes.

Q. I'm bored. Give me something to do.
A. Okay... walk your dog, enter a contest, train for a contest, teach your dog
   tricks, play with your dog, try out different accessories, buy another dog,
   go to the discount shop, or do whatever else you can think of. And you can
   always just stop playing for a while. >_>

Q. How do you get more dogs?
A. Go to the Kennel and do the same thing you did for your first dog (if you've
   forgotten: poke "Buy", pick a breed, then pick a dog).

Q. How many dogs can I have?
A. You can have a total of eight. Only three can be in your house at once. The
   other five have to go in the Dog Hotel. 

Q. What does the "Donate a Dog" option at the Dog Hotel do?
A. It's a nice way of saying it lets you get rid of one of your dogs. If you're
   just not happy with your dog, messed up naming it, or need to make space for
   a new dog (isn't eight enough? =P), this button can come in handy. Once your
   dog is donated, however, you can never get it back, so be careful.

Q. How do I get rare items?!
A. Rare items are things like the remote control helicopters and carts that
   aren't sold in stores. You can only recieve them from presents on walks.
   They are very uncommon, of course, so you probably won't get one on every
   walk (unless you're a certain friend of mine, in which case every present in
   the game is a rare item). The most likely theory I've heard is that presents
   you find lying on the sidewalk are more likely to be rare, but I can't be
   sure of this either.

Q. How can I get rare items more often?
A. Some say that "lucky" items like the Lucky Collar and Clover Clock increase
   your chances. Honestly, I don't know. I don't think anyone knows for sure.
   The best way to get more rare items is to take as many walks as you can.
   More chances = more items.

Q. What is Bark Mode?
A. Bark Mode is the mode that lets you find other Nintendogs players. If two
   players put their dogs in Bark Mode and are within the DSes wireless range,
   the two players dogs will meet. You can close your DS when in Bark Mode, and
   when it finds someone, it will bark.

Q. Can you trade items in this game?
A. Yes. If you give your dog an item when you go into Bark Mode, it will give
   it to the next person it finds. If you want to give an item to a specific
   person, be sure to do it where no one else will intercept the gift.

Q. What is the "White Record"?
A. The White Record is a record you can control. By pressing the record button,
   putting the needle on the record, and saying something, you can record a
   message. When you find someone in Bark Mode, this message is sent to them.

Q. Is there any use for the White Record outside of Bark Mode?
A. Yes. If you get a Keyboard, you can "play" whatever is recorded on the
   White Record by selecting the face icon on the Keyboard. Also, the
   "Dictionary" Box is a music box that plays whatever is recorded on the White
   Record, unless you've used Bark Mode, in which case it plays the White
   Record of the last person you met in Bark Mode.

Q. If someone gives me the Jack Russell Book or Fireman's Hat via Bark Mode,
   will I get the secret dog breed?
A. Yes! So if a friend of yours finds one of those rare items, he or she can
   spread the happiness around.

Q. How can I get a Keyboard?
A. It shows up in the Discount Shop occasionally.

Q. Can my dog sing along to the Keyboard?
A. Yes. As you play, your dog will bark along to the tune. You can also teach
   your dog to sing on command (see the Special Trick in the Tricks section).

Q. How can I get a Jump Rope?
A. Same as the Keyboard. Keep checking the Discount Shop.

Q. Why does my dog forget tricks after a day?
A. I regret to inform you that I do not know exactly why this happens. It could
   be based on breed or personality, or maybe the dogs are just forgetful. You
   can deal with this, though. Try to get your dog to do the trick. It may take
   a few tries before it understands and remembers. Then you can pet it. This
   will help reinforce the trick in your dog's mind. If you just can't get it
   to perform the trick, you may need to erase the trick altogether and try
   again. Remember to speak clearly into the microphone and pronounce the
   command the same way each time.

Q. What if I do an advanced trick in the Obedience Trials without meaning to?
A. So you're asked to have your dog roll over, then spin. If you dog breakdances
   when you tell it to spin, it still counts as spin. So don't worry about

Q. Can I save food my dogs don't eat?
A. Yep. Just poke the little open box on the left side of the touch screen to
   put away leftovers, in the same way you'd put away other items.

Q. How do I erase my game?
A. If you want to start all over again, hold down A, B, X, Y, L, and R as the
   game starts. Remember, this erases EVERYTHING! So only do it if you're
   absolutely sure about starting anew. It's also useful if you bought a used

Q. Will there be a Nintencats?
A. According to Gamespot, the developers of Nintendogs are definitely
   considering it, and with the huge success of Nintendogs, I agree with
   Gamespot when they say it's almost certain.

4. Items

Here you'll find a list of every item I know about, as well as what you can
sell them for and what section of your supplies they go in. A huge amount of 
this list was submitted by a reader, Jessica. 129 of these are from her, in 
fact. If it weren't for her, this item list wouldn't be nearly as comprehensive
or detailed.

If you know of an item not on this list, send me its name, sell price, and
where it goes in your supplies, and I'll add it to the guide.

Anything with "N/A" as the sell price cannot be sold, and the prices are the
same in the UK version, even if it's not in dollars.


Name ............................ Sell Price
? Block ......................... $6.00
Bark Ball ....................... $3.00
Bicolor Rubber Bone ............. $1.60 (Labrador version exclusive)
Blue Camo Disc .................. $4.00
Blue Flying Disc ................ $2.40
Blue Rubber Bone ................ $1.60 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Broken Clock .................... $2.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Dartboard ....................... $10.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Dice Cushion .................... $5.00
Green Sponsor Disc .............. $5.00
Khaki Camo Disc ................. $4.00
Life Ring ....................... $2.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
Pink Aerodisc ................... $6.00
Pizza disc ...................... $10.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Red Flying Disc ................. $2.40
Red Rubber Bone ................. $1.60 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Rubber Mushroom ................. $4.00
Shower Cap ...................... $2.00
Soccer Ball ..................... $6.00
Tennis Ball ..................... $2.00
Terry Cloth Cube ................ $4.00
UFO ............................. $10.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
White Aerodisc .................. $6.00
White Rubber Bone ............... $1.60
Yellow Flying Disc .............. $2.40
Yellow Sponsor Disc ............. $5.00


Name ............................ Sell Price
Balloon ......................... $0.10
Bowser Kart ..................... $100.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Bubble Blower ................... $1.00
Combat Copter ................... $300.00
Jump Rope ....................... $4.00
Mario Kart ...................... $100.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Peach Kart ...................... $100.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
Pull Rope ....................... $3.20
RC Helicopter ................... $200.00
Talking Bird .................... $16.00
Teddy Bear ...................... $60.00
Windup Toy ...................... $12.00


Name ............................ Sell Price
Beret ........................... $10.00
Black Leather Collar ............ $4.00
Blue Leather Collar ............. $4.00
Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon ........... $7.00
Camo Collar ..................... $10.00
Crown ........................... $30.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Checked Ribbon .................. $4.00
Denim Collar .................... $10.00
Dot Collar ...................... $10.00
Fireman's Hat ................... $30.00
Flower Collar ................... $10.00
Graduation Cap .................. $18.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Green Hat ....................... $20.00
Green Leather Collar ............ $4.00
Green Pearl Ribbon .............. $18.00
Hibiscus Flower ................. $10.00
Japanese Print Collar ........... $10.00
Knit Hat ........................ $10.00
Lily ............................ $10.00
Lion's Mane ..................... $20.00
Lucky Collar .................... $10.00
Newsboy Hat ..................... $16.00
New Year Tiara .................. $12.00
Pair of 3-D Glasses ............. $9.00
Pair of Business Glasses ........ $12.00
Pair of Huge Sunglasses ......... $15.00
Pair of Party Glasses ........... $7.00
Pair of Scholar Glasses ......... $9.00
Pair of Sport Sunglasses ........ $19.00
Party Hat ....................... $10.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Pearl Necklace .................. $10.00
Pirate Hat ...................... $24.00
Platinum Collar ................. $10.00
Pumpkin Leather Collar .......... $4.00
Purple Leather Collar ........... $4.00
Purple Pearl Ribbon ............. $18.00
Rack of Deer Antlers ............ $30.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
Rainbow Collar .................. $10.00
Rainbow Wig ..................... $20.00
Red & Blue Cap .................. $8.00
Red Hat ......................... $20.00
Red Leather Collar .............. $4.00
Red Polka-Dot Ribbon ............ $7.00
Red Ribbon ...................... $2.40
Rhinestone Collar ............... $10.00
Rose ............................ $10.00
Santa's Hat ..................... $18.00
Sombrero ........................ $10.00
Spiked Collar ................... $10.00
Pair of Star Sunglasses ......... $9.00
Straw Hat ....................... $9.00
Striped Ribbon .................. $4.00
Tiara ........................... $30.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Ten-Gallon Hat .................. $14.00
Top Hat ......................... $18.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
Tricolor Ribbon ................. $10.00
Viking Hat ...................... $40.00
Woven Collar .................... $10.00
Yellow Cap ...................... $8.00
Yellow Ribbon ................... $2.40

Name ............................ Sell Price
Agility Trial Book .............. N/A
Bark Mode Book .................. N/A
Disc Competition Book ........... N/A
Dog Biscuit ..................... $0.10
Dog Care Book ................... N/A
Dog Food Can .................... $1.20
Dog Training Book ............... N/A
Dry Food ........................ $0.60
Jerky Treat ..................... $0.20
Long-Hair Shampoo ............... $0.70
Milk Carton ..................... $0.40
Natural Dog Food Bag ............ $2.00
Obedience Trial Book ............ N/A
Rubber Brush .................... $12.00
Short-Hair Shampoo .............. $0.50
Water Bottle .................... $0.20
Wire Brush ...................... $16.00


Name ............................ Sell Price
"Colonel Bogey" Record .......... $9.00
"Chow" Record ................... $5.00
"Dictionary" Box ................ $6.00
"Dog's Theme" Box ............... $6.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
"Flower Waltz" Record ........... $9.00
"Friendly Whiff" Record ......... $5.00
"Giant Socks" Record ............ $10.00
"Growler" Record ................ $5.00
"Mario's Theme" Box ............. $6.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
"Modest Decor" Record ........... $10.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
"Naptime" Record ................ $9.00
"Nintendogs" Record ............. $9.00
"Puppy Waltz" Box ............... $6.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
"Puppy's Theme" Box ............. $6.00
"Shredded Fur" Record ........... $10.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
"Smilin' Dog" Record ............ $5.00
"Street Marker Record" .......... $5.00
"Surprise" Record ............... $9.00
"Toreador" Record ............... $9.00
"Waves" Record .................. $10.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Keyboard ........................ $80.00
White Record .................... N/A


Name ............................ Sell Price
Cube Clock ...................... $16.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Clover Clock .................... $16.00
Marble Clock .................... $16.00
Marine Clock .................... $16.00
Modern Clock .................... N/A
Silver Clock .................... $16.00
Smart Clock ..................... $16.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Wall Clock ...................... $16.00 (Labrador version exclusive)


Name ............................ Sell Price
Black Boot ...................... $9.00
Diamond Ring .................... $1,000.00
Disposable Camera ............... $2.40
Dog Photo ....................... $2.00
Fine Vase ....................... $100.00
Globe ........................... $30.00
Gold Bar ........................ $2,000.00
High Heel ....................... $6.00 (Labrador version exclusive)
Jack Russel Book ................ $3.60
Juice Bottle .................... $0.80
Leather Shoe .................... $6.00
Lisa Doll ....................... $30.00
Meteorite ....................... $150.00
Moai Statue ..................... $100.00
Piggy Bank ...................... $2.00
Plain Fine Vase ................. $100.00
Promise Ring .................... $1,000.00
Pump ............................ $6.00 (Chihuahua version exclusive)
Leather Shoe .................... $13.00 (Dachshund version exclusive)
Shuttle Model ................... $50.00
Stick ........................... $0.50
Stuffed Bear .................... $60.00
Stuffed Dog ..................... $50.00
Tissue Box ...................... $1.00
Vase ............................ $20.00
Very Fine Vase .................. $200.00
Weird Alien ..................... $600.00
White Boot ...................... $9.00

Some various notes...

Air Items - Balloons and Bubble Blowers react to you blowing into the

Breakable items - Piggy Banks and all the vases are breakable, so if you throw
                  them, you can say goodbye. The vases are pretty much only for
                  selling, but breaking a Piggy Bank usually nets you more than
                  its $2.00 sell price (although not by much).

"Colonel Bogey" Record - Makes your dogs march. You can make them go faster or
                         slower by adjusting the speed.

Cube Clock - The Cube Clock uses military time, so for those who don't know,
             0000 = midnight, 1200 = noon, 1300 = 1 PM, 1400 = 2 PM, and so on.

"Flower Waltz" Record - Makes your dogs "dance". They'll perform various tricks
                        at various points in the song.

Helicopter Control - The RC Helicopter and Combat Copter are controlled without
                     the stylus. "A" is lift, "L" moves the camera behind the
                     helicopter, up on the D-Pad is move forward, down on the
                     D-Pad is move backward, and left and right of the D-Pad
                     turn it in place.

Kart Control - The Mario, Peach, and Bowser Karts are all controlled without
               the stylus. "A" is accelerate, "B" is brake and reverse, "L" 
               moves the camera behind the Kart (and then back to normal), and
               left and right on the D-Pad turn the Kart.

Keyboard - The Keyboard has a few special settings. You can change the octave
           by holding up or down on the control pad (or by holding "X" or "B").
           The Keyboard can play all the notes from C4 to C7 and it also
           supports several different instruments. Press the first four buttons
           on the top of the touch screen to change the instrument. As for the
           last button (the smiley face), it lets you "play" whatever is on
           your White Record.

"Naptime" Record - Makes your dogs fall asleep.

"Nintendogs" Record" - Makes your dogs "sing" along to certains parts of the
                       record. You can also make your dogs spin in place by
                       rotating the camera around them. Changing the speed of
                       the record changes the pitch of your dogs' singing.

"Shredded Fur" Record - This record remixes your White Record.

Pair of Star Sunglasses - A special promotion item that could only be obtained
                          from a special Nintendogs events.

"Surprise" Record - Startles your dogs at the "surprise" part of the song.

"Toreador" Record - Angers your dogs.

Windup Toy - The Windup toy (which can be found at the Discount Shop after
             you have 10,000 Trainer Points) is a little robot with a crank on
             the back. Depending on how much you crank it up, it will go faster
             and farther before stopping.

5. Secrets and Unlockables

Here's a bunch of neat stuff!

a. Secrets

\\Mmm... light bulb...//

When teaching your dog a trick, a light bulb appears above its head when it
understands you. If you grab it, you can feed it to your dog. I'm not sure what
this does, but since it doesn't give you any extra trainer points, it may cause
your dog to forget what you just told it. So use it when you sad the command

\\Present or Dog?//

When on a walk, you'll probably be wondering whether that question mark block
you're about to reach is another dog or a present. There's two ways. First,
check the top screen. If your dog has marked its territory nearby, it will be
shown as a blue dot. Blue dots near dogs blink different shades of blue, so if
you see a blue dot near the question mark block blinking, it's another dog. If
there's a blue dot and it's not blinking, you get a present.

If there's not blue dot, you can usually find out by what your dog does when it
reaches the block. If it barks once, it's probably a present. If it barks
twice, it's another dog.

\\Don't Miss Presents//

Missing presents on the sidewalk is really annoying. Luckily, you can tell when
they're coming. When on a walk, watch the top screen. The little dog icon that
shows where your dog occasionally stops where these is nothing (no blue dot or
question mark block). When it does this, one of three things happens: your dog
"goes to the bathroom", your dog finds some garbage, or your dog passes a
present. So to avoid missing presents, watch the dog icon on the top screen and
look at the touch screen as soon as the icon stops. If your dog's just
relieving itself or running for garbage, then take the appropriate action. If
it's a present, however, you'll get extra warning so you can stop your dog in

b. Glitches

\\Walk Without Waiting//

How dare you exploit the game?! Oh fine, here's the trick.

When on a walk, draw a path that gets as many question mark blocks as possible,
then goes to one of the parks. Once at the park, change your dog's accessory.
The game will save automatically. Once it's finished saving, turn off your DS.
When you start Nintendogs again, you'll have all the items you got on the walk,
and you can take another walk immediately. HOWEVER, if you do this you get no
Trainer Points from the walk.

\\Tons of Trainer Points//

For each minute spent with your dog, you get one trainer point. So if you start
brushing your dog, touch the brush to your dog, and just leave it there, you'll
get a point a minute. Leave the game on while you sleep and reap the benefits.
Just make sure your DS is plugged in and charging. It doesn't work if the DS is
in sleep mode, by the way.

\\Unlimited Contests//

Once you've finished your three contests for the day, you can get more by
changing the DS's settings. Change the date to yesterday (if it's 12/20, change
it to 12/19) and set the time to 23:59. Start up Nintendogs and wait for 
midnight to roll around. Viola, you can enter the contests again!

c. Cheats

\\Never Lose Contests//

If you do badly in a contest, just turn off your DS before the judging. The
game saves at the judging, so it has to be before then.

\\Multiple Dogs Unlocked Via Bark Mode//

When you use Bark Mode, you'll unlock the dog breed you meet, but only once for
each person. However, it's actually once for each DS. So if you switch DSes,
you can get another breed.

d. Unlockables

There are three types of unlockables: new interior designs, new dog breeds,
and a single item. These are all unlocked via Trainer Points.

~ Windup Toy ~

In every version, you can unlock the Windup Toy by reaching 10,000 Trainer
Points. The toy will then appear in the Discount Shop occasionally.

Windup Toy ........................... 10,000 Trainer Points

~ Interior Design Unlockables ~

Each version unlocks the various room designs in a different order, and each
version also starts with a different room design.

Strangely enough, my brother unlocked the the Northern Europeon in his Labrador
version at around 7,000 Trainer Points. Could Bark Mode factor in here somehow?

UPDATE: schach7 has told me that he has also unlocked Northern European in his
Labrador and Friends via Bark Mode. More info on this would be greatly

UPDATE 2: Nafe has unlocked Northern Europeon in his Dachshund and Friends via
Bark Mode. I still don't know how this works exactly, but it's obviously
possible to unlock designs by using Bark Mode.

UPDATE 3: After a few more e-mails from people who have witnessed this strange
effect, Demondude23 explains it. If you already have the breed of dog you meet
in bark mode, you get an interior design instead. This is instead of getting a
breed of dog from that person, and it must be the first time you do bark mode
with them. You may get the design the other person has, but I can't test that
(thanks to mew trainer rose for suggesting that).


Northern European .................... First House
Desktop	.............................. 6,000 Trainer Points
Seaside	.............................. 12,000 Trainer Points
Outer Space .......................... 18,000 Trainer Points
Urban Living ......................... 25,000 Trainer Points
Ranch House .......................... 40,000 Trainer Points


Ranch House .......................... First House
Desktop	.............................. 6,000 Trainer Points
Seaside	.............................. 12,000 Trainer Points
Outer Space .......................... 18,000 Trainer Points
Northern European .................... 25,000 Trainer Points
Urban Living ......................... 40,000 Trainer Points


Urban Living ......................... First House
Desktop	.............................. 6,000 Trainer Points
Seaside	.............................. 12,000 Trainer Points
Outer Space .......................... 18,000 Trainer Points
Ranch House .......................... 25,000 Trainer Points
Northern European .................... 40,000 Trainer Points

~ Dog Breed Unlockables ~

Since each game has different starting breeds, the unlockables are different
for each game. You can also unlock dog breeds by meeting a dog in Bark Mode.
You then get that dog breed in your game. You can only do this once per friend,

If you spot a mistake in the lists, tell me at Muk1000@gmail.com!


Miniature Pinscher ................... 2,000 Trainer Points
Siberian Husky ....................... 4,000 Trainer Points
Toy Poodle ........................... 8,000 Trainer Points
Golden Retriever ..................... 10,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Schnauzer .................. 14,000 Trainer Points
Beagle ............................... 16,000 Trainer Points
Pembroke Welsh Corgi ................. 20,000 Trainer Points
Shih Tzu ............................. 22,000 Trainer Points
Shiba Inu ............................ 30,000 Trainer Points
Pug .................................. 35,000 Trainer Points
Labrador ............................. 45,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Dachshund .................. 50,000 Trainer Points


Yorkshire Terrier .................... 2,000 Trainer Points
Shiba Inu ............................ 4,000 Trainer Points
Cavalier K.C. Spaniel ................ 8,000 Trainer Points
Pembroke Welsh Corgi ................. 10,000 Trainer Points
Shetland Sheepdog .................... 14,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Schnauzer .................. 16,000 Trainer Points
Boxer ................................ 20,000 Trainer Points
Toy Poodle ........................... 22,000 Trainer Points
German Shepherd ...................... 30,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Pinscher ................... 35,000 Trainer Points
Chihuahua ............................ 45,000 Trainer Points
Labrador ............................. 50,000 Trainer Points


Pug .................................. 2,000 Trainer Points
German Shepherd ...................... 4,000 Trainer Points
Shih Tzu ............................. 8,000 Trainer Points
Boxer ................................ 10,000 Trainer Points
Beagle ............................... 14,000 Trainer Points
Shetland Sheepdog .................... 16,000 Trainer Points
Golden Retriever ..................... 20,000 Trainer Points
Cavalier K.C. Spaniel ................ 22,000 Trainer Points
Siberian Husky ....................... 30,000 Trainer Points
Yorkshire Terrier .................... 35,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Dachshund .................. 45,000 Trainer Points
Chihuahua ............................ 50,000 Trainer Points

~ Secret Breeds ~

The two secret breeds are found the same way in every version.

Dalmatian ..................... Find a "Fireman's Hat" while on a walk.
Jack Russell Terrier........... Find a "Jack Russell Book" while on a walk.

6. Special Thanks

God - For everything.
CJayC - For creating and maintaining the best gaming site ever.
You - For reading this and hopefully putting it to good use.
Myself - For taking the time to do this.
My Family - For all the support they've given me in everything.
Nintendo - For making this amazing game.
My Brother - For his help and huge interest in Nintendogs (as well as finding
             out how much you get for winning Championship Obedience).
My Friend P. - For playing the game with me and helping me add some
My Friend M. - For playing the game with me and using his ability to pull
                   rare items out of thin air.
The GameFAQs Community - The contributions of GameFAQs users make up a good
                         chunk of this this guide.

NOTE: The response to this guide has been amazing, and as a result I've been
having trouble keeping up with everything. If you helped and I forgot you, let 
me know at Muk1000@gmail.com and I'll correct it.
WarioFan (at GameFAQs) - For correcting some of the Dachshund and Friends
   unlockable dog breed list.
pancakemaster (at GameFAQs) - For reminding me to add the Windup Toy to the
   unlockables section.
Kain - For submitting the "How can I get a Jump Rope?" and "Why does my dog 
   forget tricks after a day?" questions, as well as giving me the details for
   the RC Helicopter and Combat Helicopter.
Barbako - For submitting the "Yawn" trick.
schach7 - For submitting reader tips for the Disc Competition. Also, the
   first person to submit reader tips. Oh, and he also sent info on unlocking
   Interior Designs via Bark Mode.
Cameron Hay - For submitting some Dachshund and Friends unlockables.
totalgamrchik - For telling me what happens if you don't clean up after your
Anja_Muh_Tanj - For telling me about some White Record things (see the "Is
   there any use for the White Record outside of Bark Mode?" question).
DrDreads - For submitting the "How do I erase my game?" question.
Ember Lawyer - For telling me how to perform "Scratch".
bhangman - For submitting the "Recover" trick.
UpToMsjif - For submitting some Chihuahua and Friends unlockables.
Alex - For pointing out a spelling mistake.
Kittie - For submitting some Labrador and Friends unlockables, as well as
   prompting me to add info on this link: 
Ryan - For submitting the "Handstand" trick.
Jaedon - For submitting a Chihuahua and Friends unlockable.
BlakBlt2 - For telling me what the game says about Jack Russell Terriers and
Sora and Tidus - For helping me with the English names of the version exclusive
Anime Power - Also helped with the English exclusive names, and answered a
   question of mine.
J.D. - For submitting some reader tips for the Disc Competition.
Someone anonymous - For submitting some items.
Xena1975 - For submitting a bucket of items.
Nethilia - For submitting some items and the English name of a version
   exclusive item.
npramsey - For submitting some items.
Mr. Conan - For submitting some items.
Wolfdude1 - For submitting the UFO item.
Rodrigo - For pointing out an item that wasn't marked as exclusive and for
   submitting an item.
DEMON212 - For submitting the Kart controls.
Kosine - For submitting a few items.
Kuang - For inspiring me to add the "What happens if I don't play for a while?
   Will my dogs die?" question.
Rachal - For submitting some items and the Helicopter controls.
Katie - For submitting an item.
Kali - For telling me that each version starts with a different interior
   design, and what each game started with.
Adam & Allison - For submitting an item.
swimmehdude - For submitting an item.
Rayawolf - For inspiring me to add the "What happens if I don't clean up after
   my dog?" question. Also for sumbitting reader tips for the Obedience Trials.
Pichi - For some info on using the Keyboard.
Cyrus B - For telling me that the Cube Clock displays military time.
RMWRENTHAM - For submitting the "What if I do an advanced trick in the 
   Obedience Trials without meaning to?" question and the "Never Lose Contests"
Megaman0011 - For submitting the Top Hat info first.
To the bajillion others who submitted Top Hat info - Thanks, but you were all a
   bit too late. ^_^;;
bunnygirl - For submitting the effects of five different records: Suprise,
   Naptime, Colonel Bogey, Flower Waltz, and Nintendogs.
Bainemo - For submitting some reader tips for the Agility Trials.
Maddy - For pointing out that dogs often do one of a few top-screen tricks
   after eating or drinking.
the guy without a name - For submitting an item.
Nafe - For submitting info on unlocking Interior Designs via Bark Mode.
Ryonavin - For submitting some reader tips for Disc Competitions.
dphoyes - For showing me this website: http://www.dmgice.com/ndogs/
Adam - For letting me link to his website, which is in the previously line. ^_^
MasterTommy - For submitting the "Multiple Dogs Unlocked Via Bark Mode" cheat,
   and for pointing out that I had no Bark Mode section.
Jaedon - For correcting the last two unlockable breeds in Dachshund and
burntgreen - For pointing out that I didn't mention the drumming sound when a
   dog goes to the bathroom.
Fin - For submitting reader tips for the Obedience Trials.
Nintenchick410 - For submitting the "Flea Scratch" and "Lick" tricks. And for
   telling me that dogs can perform advanced tricks on their own. AND for
   submitting two items (also, thanks to her friend that actually found them).
   AND for submitting general contest tips (which are in the Disc Competition
   section). AND for submitting the "If someone gives me the Jack Russell Book
   or Fireman's Hat via Bark Mode, will I get the secret dog breed?" question. 
   AND for submitting some Agility Trial reader tips. AND for telling me that
   the correct name is Pair of Star Sunglasses, not just Star Sunglasses. AND  
   for pointing out that I kept saying "disk" instead of "disc". AND for 
   correcting some spelling mistakes. Phew.
JJ_VR7771 - For pointing out that someone had copied my guide and submitted it
   to GameFAQs again. I don't know how it got accepted. XD
Rath_Wolf - For mentioning the "Play Dead" trick.
superdude60647 - For submitting reader tips for the Obedience Trials.
fumblehero - For submitting the "Tons of Trainer Points" glitch.
ZeoVGM and Dud Bug - For telling me about the Star Sunglasses.
TorNATEo - For pointing out some changes I needed to make regarding my info on
   microphone sensativity.
Wysiwyg - For telling me that the prices are the same in the UK version of
   Nintendogs, but the prices are in pounds, not dollars.
Demondude23 - For telling me how to unlock interior designs via bark mode.
mew trainer rose - For pointing out that the interior design the other player
   has may make a difference when unlocking interior designs via bark mode.
Missi - For submitting reader tips for the Agility Trials.
K_S_Archer - For submitting the Diamond Ring information.
Gameunreal - For submitting the "Unlimited Contests" glitch and a tip about
Amadeus - For submitting reader tips for the Disc Competition and for telling  
   me more about the "Toreador" record.
Demetrius - For submitting another way to teach your dog "Backflip".
Ritathecheetah - For pointing out some spelling errors and providing input on
   the "Mmm... lightbulb..." secret.
Caitlin - For submitting the "Kick" trick.
AZ - For pointing out a spelling error.
X - For telling me that the item I was calling "Sandal" is actually called
   "Leather Shoe".

And finally, a very special thanks to Jessica for submitting details on 129
different items. An entire section of this guide would be much less complete
without her.

7. Closing

Well, that was fun. Took me a little longer to write this than I would have
liked, but I've been doing a lot. *looks back at Star Fox 64 on his TV* >_>

Anyway, I hope you liked the guide. The feedback has been awesome. Thanks
everyone! ^_^

This guide is copyright property of Jeffrey M., 2005. The only site this
may be posted on is www.gamefaqs.com unless I give permission.

Comments? Questions? Submissions? E-mail me at Muk1000@gmail.com or send me an 
AIM message at Muk1000. To make sure I open your e-mail, put "Nintendogs Guide"
in the subject line. If you submit anything I use, I will give you credit in 
the Special Thanks section, so tell me what you want to be called in your
e-mail. Otherwise I have to ask you, and that slows things down.

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