Review by Mykas0

Reviewed: 02/10/06

Tamagotchi? Is that you?

Back when people such as myself were kids, Tamagotchi was a revolution. You could see people playing with the small machine everywhere, students or even business men would suddenly take them from their pocket and start taking care of their small pet. Eventually the phenom died, but with the advent of remakes from old series (such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) even Tamagotchi seems to have returned. I doubt it will ever be as big as before, but at least this game packs some major fun in small quantities.

At first seeming just a colourful game, you will easily notice the graphics to be slightly childish but simply amazing, with the images appearing in both the top and bottom screens of your console being as detailed as you could want, with not only a single pixel to be seen out of their proper place.

However, by now the game does not command you to make a particular Tamagotchi grow up by correctly taking care of him. In here, you will start by picking one out of three possible Tamagotchi and then have him play a lot of different jobs by going into different buildings. Initially you will just have 2 or 3 of them available, but as you progress across the game and accomplish different tasks, more of them will be unlocked for you to play.

These mini-games may range from healing the teeth of other elements of your species (as dentist), creating beautiful bouquets of flowers, creating music or even work in a laundry. There are many others (up to more than 10) for you to play, but if you even try to play them for a long time, you will find them to be quite boring after a while. The trick is playing this game, which is incredibly fun, only in small portions. That way you won't get fed up of it, as you will never know what to expect next.

As you make good progress along the mini-games you will get slightly harder tasks to perform, and this is where you will find the first flaw of this game: sometimes it turns out being hard to find out if a certain task is fully completed or not, as sometimes one of your targets may be hidden into the menu shown in the right side of the screen.

Apart from winning some money with the tasks you've completed, by completing certain sections of those mini-games you will unlock more stuff to use in the "Care" section of the main menu. Don't get it wrong, I've already told you that you won't need to take "care" of your small pet in this game, but by picking such option you will be able to personalize the environment in which your character usually appears. Most people may not care about that, but it is rather fun to get it all exactly as you may want.

As an ending information for the gameplay section, I have to say that everything in this game can be controlled just by using the lower screen, and that screen only.

Concerning the sound, most of the sound effects seem to fit their proper elements but the music isn't very good, and that's why you will probably turn it off after a while.

So, why not giving this game an higher score? Well, like I've stated before this is one of those games which is only fun if played in small quantities, and even the good graphics are not enough to grant it an higher score.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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