Review by DrLuigee21

Reviewed: 11/27/06

A game whose quality just exceeds that of a corner shop bargain title


This review is written for the audience the game was intended for, younger children, and won't be compared to the more substantial games being released. This Tamagotchi game isn’t at all similar to the portable pet simulator from a few years back. This game involves you as the Tamagotchi. So get ready!

Gameplay: 6

This game consists of what could be considered minigames. There are probably ten minigames, all of which are quirky and fun. The games are fairly similar, but the variety is enough for a game of this caliber. Obviously not meant to be considered in the same league as larger, high-profile games, Tamagotchi is content with its assortment of minigames. Though repetitive, they are enjoyable, and for this game’s audience, of high enough quality. The minigames have a sort of calming aspect to them, and even if you fail at a part of a minigame, you can never truly “lose.” All in all, the gameplay is simple and repetitive, but at the same time fun and relaxing.

Story: 5

The story of Tamagotchi is decent. It's very creative, and comical. The basic storyline is that you have a friend, which you pick out of three creatures. The other two appear later on as your clients. You start a chain of stores together, and work hard until a strange being comes by and drops off loads of money. You always use it to expand your stores, and unlock items for your friend. The money you earn from working can buy these things. Eventually, you work towards turning all of your stores, which range from a dental decorator to a flower shop, into huge money-making businesses and buildings. The story is rarely interesting enough to keep you occupied, and is still boring. The only moments when the story shines are when your store is expanded. The story itself is little to nonexistent, because the plot barely changes. The outcome of this game is obvious, leaving little room for suspense.

Controls: 6

The controls of Tamagotchi use the basic features of the DS. Most activities in the game don’t use the buttons, but basic commands use them. The touch screen is what you use for when you’re playing the various minigames. These controls work somewhat well, their downfall being that some minigames aren’t very responsive to the touch screen motions.

Graphics: 8

The graphics are of average technical quality for a DS game. However, the graphics are very artistic. They are bright and colorful, adding a touch of childlike happiness to the game. The characters remind me of anime, creating an interesting vibe.

Sound: 7

The sound to the game is basically cheerful MIDI tunes and one minigame is completely sound-related. It involves an up-lifting tune which you are expected to match instruments to.

Replay Value: 2

The game lasts a while, but the minigames become too boring to want to complete. After you complete the game, you can still dress your friend in clothes and design her room, but the minigames aren’t replayable.

Overall: 7

The game is above average because the games keep you somewhat occupied and the graphics are nice. What prevents the game from jumping into the upper echelon of gaming is the fact that the minigames eventually become too boring for you to want to play them, and once the game is beaten there is little fun left to have.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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