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    FAQ/Walkthrough by xcomp

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    Digimon Story
    In a world in the near future, another world known as the "Digital World" 
    was expanding in the network of computers. Thanks to a specialized team 
    known as "DATS", the Digital Monsters that lived there was kept secret from 
    the world of humans. But amongst children, rumours had were spreading about 
    monsters being born from computers and who fought alongside humans...
    Set in the same world as the popular Anime series Digimon, this game 
    - A wide variety of Digimon to learn about and meet.
    - A Digifarm where you can leave your Digimon to train.
    - A scan and battle system where you can Digiconvert the Digimon you 
      encounter in the wild to join your party.
    - Battle against friends through Wi-Fi or match Digimons to create Digi-
    - Explore the Digital World and become the top ranking Tamer.
    - A total of 300 Digimon to see and tame.
    Developer:	   Bandai
    Release Date:	 15th June 2006
    Price:	       5040 Yen
    Those who pre-ordered the game in May get a special limited battle card of 
    The following is a list of pointers which should help you through the game. 
    For a full HTML version of this guide and dialogue script, please visit:
    Starting a new game will allow you to choose to be a boy or a girl. 
    Afterwards, you may enter your name using 3 character sets along the 
    bottom; Hiragana, Katakana or English. One done, tap the bottom-right 
    button to finish and tap the left button to confirm.
    - Go NE into the next area towards the Union.
    *Tamers Union
    - The professor gives you two choices. Select the first to continue.
    - Agumon will allow you to choose one of the following:
      Insect/Plant Type. Has lots of MP to use lots of special moves.
      Dragon Type. Good balance between attack and defence.
      Beast Type. High attack power.
      Select the first option after talking to one of the digimon to select it. 
      You then get to name your digimon if you want.
    - After Agumon finishes speaking, go back NE to find Angemon.
    - Once Qinglongmon has finished speaking to you return to where Teriamon 
      was, step on the green teleporter and press A. Teriamon will stop you for 
      a moment to tell you about how everytime you want to go somewhere, you 
      need an address to the area. Once you enter the area, information about 
      it will be uploaded to your Digivice.
      After arriving in Data Forest, walk on for an event.
    *Data Forest
    - When Gaomon asks you a question, select the last option to leave the 
      tutorial menu.
    - After Teriamon finishes speaking, go over to the red gate and hit A to 
      enter your Digifarm.
    - Select the second option when Kurumon asks if you know anything about 
      the farm to say yes and skip the tutorial.
    *Tamers Union
    - Once Qinglongmon finishes speaking, you can name your farm.
    - You will want to convert the Poyomon data that you just got. Tap the 
      third digimon icon along the bottom. Select the third option in the 
      orange list and then the digimon that has a 100% data rate on the list. 
      Name it if you want after conversion.
    - Converting Poyomon will let you play with your Digifarm. To put Poyomon 
      on the farm, select the third icon again then the second option on the 
      list. Now, select the second digimon then the first option and the first 
      option again to put Poyomon on the farm.
    - Once you're ready, tap the left arrow to exit.
    - Now use the green gate to get to the Data Forest.
    *Data Forest
    - Go on up to the NE area to find Gabumon.
    - When Kurumon calls about giving a Digifarm report, choose the first 
      option to view and second to forget about it.
    - Make your way into the new and area then follow the path to find the 
      Novice Blade Gabumon lost. There will be a Ogamon there so you will want 
      to level a little before fighting it. I fought him at level 7. You can 
      use items with an 'S' to replenish 150HP.
    - After defeating Ogamon, bring the blade back to Gabumon.
    - Once you're returned the blade, return to your Digifarm and Qinglongmon 
      will call.
    - Kurumon wants a Digicake. Go to Tokkun Mountain and make your way through 
      to find it then bring it back to the farm.
    *Tokkun Mountain
    - After the challenge from the Blackgumon, go to Tokkun Mountain, making 
      your way back to where you found the Digicake. Follow on the path until 
      you find an arch to the south. Go through there to find a red box 
      containing a key card. Now return through the arch and go the the two 
      ladders. Make your way through to find another arch with a locked door. 
      You'll find Blackgumon in the next area, a bit further in where you'll 
      fight him. I had my only Digimon at level 10 at this point. Wasn't hard 
      to win using an healing item once or twice.
    - After getting your new rank, Xuanwumon awards you a farm. You can choose:
      Dragon Farm
      Beast Farm
      Insect Farm
      He will then ask you to confirm. Select the second option to confirm.
    - Once Xuanwumon's finished speaking, go to the second floor of the Farm 
      Shop in the West of Central to find a green haired girl by the table.
    - Go to the entrance of the Tamers Union and you'll find Arie's Digimon to 
      the right. A bird-like Digimon.
    - Go to the new area, Mushi Mushi Jungle (Insect Jungle) via the green 
    *Mushi Jungle
    - Find Arie in the NE in a withering, red part of the jungle with webs 
      where you'll fight Arukenimon. I had Agumon at level 11 and two 
      other Digimon at around the same level at this point. Again, a few 
      healing S items to help out during battle.
    - Once back, speak to the Andromon near the gates to learn about the 
      Forbidden Grounds where Arie's brother maybe.
    - Head on over to Tokkun Mountain to fight an evolved Blackgumon who'll 
      tell you how to get there.
    - After defeating Blackgumon again, you return to Central. Go to the new 
      destination, Cliff Valley.
    *Cliff Valley
    - Find Pandamon by taking the lower bridges to the East end then, making 
      your way up to the highest point.
    - Pandamon will ask you two questions. For the first, pick the first 
      answer. Choose the second answer for the second question. Pandamon will 
      then give you the medal you need.
    - Use the green gate to try and get to the Forbidden Lands. You can't.
    *Sewer Tunnels
    - Pandamon gave you a fake model. Use the green gate to go into the 
      Sewer Tunnels to find Platinuscamon, a level 19 Digimon you have to 
    *Cron Mines
    - After fighting Platinuscamon in the sewers, use the gate to go to the 
      Cron Mines.
    - Find Phil deep in the mines and you'll fight a complete form, level 21 
      Skullgreymon. He has a fairly large HP bar and some area attacks that can 
      paralyze your Digimon. He's so big that he takes up 3 spaces so, any area 
      attacks you have will add up.
    - After getting your new rank, go back to your farm to meet Pagumon.
    - Return to your farm again after having a talk with Pagumon.
    - Pagumon wants to go to the jungle so, go to Mushi Jungle.
    *Mushi Jungle
    - Follow the path to find Pagumon.
    - Pagumon gets a tummy ache so make your way to where you fought Arukenimon 
      earlier, the withered part of the Jungle. You'll find the plant just 
      outside that area. After Kurumon confirms it, you can go back to Pagumon.
    - Take him back to the farm after he's been cured.
    - Arie runs off carrying. Head on out to Packet Swamp to find a new Star 
      Shard for her.
    *Packet Swamp
    - Here, you'll have to use the whirlpools to access certain areas. The anti
      -clockwise, fast spinning whirlpools transfer you through to the slower 
      spinning whirlpools and, they only work one way. You'll have to rely on a 
      bit of memory here to make it to the Tonosamakagekomon.
    - Once at the boss, you'll have 2 fights. One with two Gekomons and then 
      with Tonosama himself, level 29. He has a single attack that can hit you 
      for three times, similar to the big plant Digimon you come across as you 
      make your way to him.
    - Find Arie outside the Farm Shop in the west to give her the shard.
    - After a confrontation with a mysterious Digimon, head back to the farm.
    *Sewer Tunnels
    - Arie's been kidnapped. Go to the area where you fought the boss. You'll 
      find Devimon there. Devimon is a level 32 boss and will have two level 22 
      Kurisarimons to assist him. They have a confuse move but, other than that 
      a very easy fight.
    - After speaking with Baihumon, bring Pagumon over to the Tamers Union to 
      let Pagumon see him.
    - Leave the building for an event after Baihumon finishes speaking.
    - Return to the farm with Pagumon after the dispute outside the Union.
    - Go to the new Mangrove area to find Pagumon. Once you find him, you'll 
      fight the boss' little helpers first just like the last boss fight. 
      They're just like the wild Digimon you fight as you make you way to the 
      boss. Afterwards, you'll fight a level 34 Deramon. He has an area Tidal 
      Wave attack.
    - Once back, speak with Yuji outside Tamers Union then go to the new place, 
      Old Canyon.
    *Old Canyon
    - Make your way through the canyon until you reach the usual black square 
      area. There you'll fight Babamon (Grannymon) and Jijimon (Grandpamon). 
      Babamon has some moves which help boost their stats and a cure move that 
      can heal just over 600 HP so it's best if you concentrate on her first. 
      Jijimon on the hand can attack 3 squares at once with a paralyze effect. 
      He can also perform a 3 times attack move.
    - After Pagumon's little speech, return to the farm.
    *Cron Mines
    - After speaking with Kurumon, go back to the mines and head towards the 
      boss area you went to before. Along the way, an event will take place.
    - After the little event, just head on into the boss area instead of 
      going all the way back to leave the mines. Return to the farm.
    *Junk Factory
    - Time to go beat an old enemy of Pagumon! Chimeramon as you might have 
      guessed, is a level 42 mechanical Digimon made up of different parts. 
      Just like some of the previous bosses, it has a 3 hit attack. He also 
      takes up three spaces so, your area attacks can help knock up the damage 
      you deal. Its single attacks can sometimes hit all 3 of your Digimon if 
      it aims properly (usually it does) and it can put your Digimon to sleep. 
      He hits pretty hard so I recommend stocking up on some healing items that 
      have a range of 3 spaces.
    *Sky Palace
    - After being promoted, head on up to Sky Palace using the gate.
    - Make your way in to find and fight an infected level 42 Qinglongmon. He 
      takes up 3 spaces and is a fairly fast Digimon so, he can dodge a few of 
      your attacks and get several turns. He has an 3 square lightning attack 
      and also a single powerful one that can knockout your Digimon in one 
    *Tropical Islands
    - Here, you'll fight a level 45 Xuanwumon who again, takes up 3 spaces. He 
      boosts his speed up right at the start then maybe a few more times later 
      in the battle. He has a move that can knockout your Digimon in one shot   
      and a 2 square area thunder attack. Now and then he will also drain HP 
      from one of your Digimon.
    - Go to your Digifarm for an event.
    - Go inside where the Farm Shop is and speak to Yuji upstairs. A 
      meeting will begin.
    - After the little talk at the Tamers Union, go back to the farm to try and 
      get some rest.
    *Junk Factory
    - Time to go Bad Tamer hunting in the factory! Be sure to pack a lot of 
      HP/MP items with you because you'll be doing a lot of running about 
      inside. You'll come across the Bad Tamers a little further in from the 
      gate. You'll fight against two level 40 Digimon and one level 42 Digimon. 
      The fight's nothing compared to the last two fights.
    - After winning, enter the next area to go on after them.
    - Follow the track into the next area to find them.
    - Return to the last area, take the right exit then the south exit, towards 
      the boss area again.
    - Your way is blocked by a gate. Return to last area, go up the stairs and 
      take the exit right. Follow the path to find one of their friends, Swan. 
      She has three mechanical Digimon who has high attacks and low defence so 
      it's best to take care of them quick with strong moves.
    - After beating Swan, return to stairs, exit left. Now take the north exit 
      and follow the path until you find the second bad Tamer friend, Chan. 
      Chan will have two Dragon Digimon, one level 42 and the other 46.
    - Return to the area with the arena ring. Take the left exit and follow the 
      path until you find the last bad Tamer, Peter.
    - After beating Peter, you'll have all keys. Return to the gate and go 
      through, ready to fight the Bad Tamers again, this time against the 
      Grandlocomon they're riding. Again, a 3 space Digimon who is really fast. 
      He can have up to 3 turns each time and he boosts his speed/attack now 
      and then. Most of his attacks are single hits while one or two are area 
      attacks. He seems to high defence so it'll be quite a long battle.
    *Cold Mountain Range
    - Off we go to the Cold Mountain Range. You'll have to through a pipe to go 
      under water before you get to the Tamers' boss. This time, you'll be 
      fighting (as you probably will have guessed) Baihumon! Taking up 3 
      spaces, he can boost his speed now and then. He doesn't seem to have as 
      high a defence as the other two Observers but he has a deadly double 
      attack that can knockout your Digimon.
    - After the fight, follow the path down the pipe then, make your way 
      through underwater. You'll find BT Boss and fight a level 49, 
      MarineAngemon. She maybe tiny but, she hits hard! Fortunately, she's not 
      as fast as some of the previous bosses so you can recover once she knocks 
      out one of your Digimon. MarineAngemon doesn't have much HP either so the 
      fight should be fairly quick.
    *Lava River
    - Zhuqiamon has been captured so it's off to Lava River. Once you find BT 
      Boss, he'll attack with 3 Holy Digimon first. An easy battle but be ready 
      to fight Zhuqiamon right after. As with the previous Observers, he has 
      area fire based attacks and occasionally boosts his speed. He also has 
      one square attacks and 3 square claw attacks.
    - After your promotion, head on over to the DigiArena which is the 
      southern exit in the Items Shop area to the east. Speak to the Digimon 
      behind the counter and select the bottom answer 3 times to start the 
      battle. You'll be fighting 3 other Platinum Tamers; Chris, Mako and 
      Robert. They're all easy fights compared to the Observer boss fights so, 
      shouldn't take long. Afterwards, head back to Angemon.
    - Kurumon calls so, off to the farm.
    - After the event, go back inside the Union and use the gate. Choose the 
      first option to go in. Inside, you'll have to fight your way through the 
      captured Platinum Tamers; Sarah, Kazuya and Yuji. Right after Yuji, 
      you'll fight another mini boss in the next area, Armagemon. A gate will 
      then appear where you will have two boss fights. The first fight consists 
      of four towers, each of different elements. Best way to win is to destroy 
      the blue tower to the right first to prevent it from healing the other 
      towers then, finish of the remaining rods. You will then fight the final 
      boss right afterwards so, heal your Digimon before finishing them off.
      The final boss has drain, strong fire based attacks which can deal up to 
      1000 damage (both area effect and single) and also not so strong dark 
      based attacks which only deal a few 100 or so.
    Congratulations on beating the final boss in the story! Now you can now 
    save your game and load it to continue raising more Digimon. If you're up 
    for a real challenge, you can try a much tougher fight with Chronomon HM 
    back in the Core Field. Beating him will allow him to join you!
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