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Manga Panel Translation Guide by Ouendan_fangirl

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/20/07

         ___            _   _____     _        _              _
            / _ \ ___ _   _| | |_   _|_ _| |_ __ _| | ____ _  ___| |
           | | | / __| | | | |   | |/ _` | __/ _` | |/ / _` |/ _ \ |
           | |_| \__ \ |_| |_|   | | (_| | || (_| |   < (_| |  __/_|
            \___/|___/\__,_(_)   |_|\__,_|\__\__,_|_|\_\__,_|\___(_)

                     ___                       _
                    / _ \ _   _  ___ _ __   __| | __ _ _ __
                   | | | | | | |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` |/ _` | '_ \
                   | |_| | |_| |  __/ | | | (_| | (_| | | | |
                    \___/ \__,_|\___|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|_| |_|

                          MANGA PANEL TRANSLATION GUIDE

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan
Manga Panel Translation Guide
By "Ouendan_Fangirl" Stephanie Lauber (peridot@sonic.net)
Version 1.00


**Note: There is Japanese text in this document. It is in shift-JIS format
(created in JWPce 1.50), so you may need to change the encoding on your Internet
browser to view the text correctly.

Table of Contents:

I. Version History
II. Copyright Notice
III. Introduction
IV. Translation Notes
V. Cultural Notes Information
VI. Manga Panel Script Translations:
        1. "Aim for Examination Success! Escape from the Life of a Ronin!"
        2. "Will he Become a Dark Horse!? The Great Thief Chase!"
        3. "It's Summertime! It's a Festival! The Mikoshi Race Makes the Man!"
        4. "Cinderella Proclamation! Will Junior Turn his Face Toward Her!?"
        5. "The Hard Struggle of a Hot-Blooded Teacher! Students, Be Pure, Be
            Righteous, Be Beautiful!"
        6. "Strike Him Down! The Dodgeball Showdown of Love!"
        7. "Get Rid of the Slump! Will the Fine Arts Explode!?"
        8. "Carry it to the Extreme! My Ramen Method!"
        9. "Take it Back! The Miracle Beauty!"
        10. "Put it into the Soul! Give the Miracle of Love to Her!"
        11. "Stop the Villainous Germs! Endure and Escape it with a Scream!"
        12. "Go Through Justice! The Ballot of Purity is in Whose Hands!?"
        13. "Monster Invasion! Stand Up, Our Salary-MAN!"
        14. "Protect the Peace! Robots vs. Policemen!"
        15. "~Earth's Final Day~ Concentrate! Combine the Screams of the World
            into One Now!"
VII. Credits and Thanks
VIII. Contact Information

I. Version History:

0.90 (April 9th, 2007): First draft of the translation FAQ submitted to GameFAQs.
                        Still missing some kanji in the script and missing the full
                        translations of some Japanese expressions, but pretty much
                        all of the script is complete. "Cultural Notes" for some
                        stages not yet complete.

1.00 (April 20th, 2007): Second draft submitted to GameFAQs. Corrected some spelling
                        errors and translation mistakes. Updated a few "Cultural
                        Notes" sections with some more terms. Added all of the "fail
                        scene" dialogue and translations for each stage.

II. Copyright Notice:

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and its characters and material are copyright 2005

This FAQ is copyright 2007 by "Ouendan_fangirl" Stephanie Lauber. It is ONLY
authorized to appear on GameFAQs, so please do not steal from it or claim it as your
own. It was a royal pain in the arse getting all that text off the DS screens and
translating this, so please do not reproduce this document under any circumstances,
except for private, personal use. It may not be placed on any other websites or
distributed publicly without my written permission. Unauthorized use is strictly
prohibited and is a violation of copyright.

III. Introduction:

Hi there and welcome to my translation FAQ!

I absolutely loved Elite Beat Agents, so I decided to pick up its 2005 Japanese
counterpart, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (translated as Go! Fight! Cheer Squad). Although
EBA seems a bit more polished and obviously Americanized to suit its U.S. audience,
OTO has, in my opinion, its own unique Japanese charm (and that's what I love so much
about it).

After getting through all the difficultly settings of the game, I was very interested
in knowing if a translation of the manga panels existed somewhere online. Having had no
luck finding one, I decided to do it myself. I thought it would be something fun to do
in my spare time and help me remember all my Japanese from college, having majored in
the language. Primarily, though, I thought it would be informative for those who cannot
read the text and want to know what is being said. I realize the manga panels mainly
speak for themselves, but it's interesting to know what's being said, isn't it? :)

Thus, I took on the tedious task of gathering all the Japanese text off the DS screens.
If anyone is curious, I used several methods for doing this. At first I just tried quickly
writing down what I saw on the screens, but realized this didn't work too well since the
scenes go by so quickly. Second, I decided to go on You Tube and watch the various
videos people uploaded of their OTO high scores and whatnot. I was able to pause the
video and jot down all the kanji I needed. Third, I used a digital camera and just took
pictures of the screens on reply mode and during the intros of the stages. All in all,
I would say it took about a month and I got about 98% of the text done. Any other
kanji that I cannot recognize because of their size, blurriness of the DS screens,
or because I cannot find them in my dictionaries will be noted in the translated script
sections. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me and help out. Of course, I will give anyone
who helps out proper credit in future versions of this FAQ.

Hope you enjoy the FAQ! :)

IV. Translation Notes:

Only the manga panels in each stage will be translated; there is already another
translation FAQ on GameFAQS for the menus by TheFreak, so I will not be covering that.
Definitely check out his FAQ if you haven't already. Also, other translations (such
as character descriptions) and other fun facts about OTO can be found at the OTO
fan-site at Cracked Rabbit Gaming's website (http://crackedrabbitgaming.com/guides/
ouendan-obsession/?PHPSESSID=851492ed9c2d31927d4145886b9171ac), so please check it out.
I don't think it's been updated in a while, but there's a lot of cool information on there
about OTO. :)

In version 1.00, I decided to add and translate the "fail scenes" of each stage. The
original translation of this FAQ only followed the "good scenes" of the stages, so I
decided to include the fail scenes as well, for anyone who is curious. They will be
indicated in each stage's section under "FAIL SCENE" or "GAME OVER SCENE" and separated
by "~". I may just eventually separate the good and bad paths of each stage, but for now,
I'm just including the fail scenes with the good scenes. Anyway, bombing each stage
sure was a lot of fun. ^_^;

I will not be including translations for many of the sound effects (onomatopoeia).
These are pretty much self-explanatory and most cannot be found in a standard Japanese
dictionary anyway. I will translate the ones I can find, but will leave the others alone.
Most will be listed in Japanese, but not translated.

Also realize that names written in kanji will have different readings, so I will just pick
the most popular reading for that particular kanji or combination of kanji. I'm pretty
sure the names are correct, though, since I've seen the furigana of the names on top
of the kanji in Japanese magazine articles related to OTO.

I decided to use Japanese text in this document rather than romaji because that's what is
in the game and will therefore make it easier for people to follow along and locate where
the text is with the manga pictures. If people REALLY want romaji along with the original
Japanese text, I can always add that in a later version, if need be. But, for now, Japanese
text will have to do.

For translation purposes, I used my knowledge of Japanese from college, the dictionaries
embedded in the freeshare program JWPce 1.50, Kodansha's furigana Japanese-English and
English-Japanese dictionary, Kodansha's Kanji Learner's Dictionary, and various other
Japanese language books.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: I am definitely NOT a fluent Japanese speaker by any means, so I realize
some of my translations may not be entirely correct (in fact, some may be just dead wrong).
If any native Japanese speakers or anyone who has an extensive knowledge of Japanese finds
something wrong, please e-mail me and I will correct it in the next version of the FAQ.
I know that there are several Japanese expressions/idioms in some of the stages that cannot
be found in normal dictionaries, so if anyone spots one and knows what it means, please let
me know.

V. Cultural Notes Information:

Instead of merely including the translation and nothing else, I decided it would be
fun (not to mention informative) to include a "Cultural Notes" section at the beginning
of each stage script. These notes include information on various aspects of Japanese
culture, society, and even language that I thought would be relevant to the stage at
hand. Of course, some stages have more distinctly Japanese elements than others, so some
stages may have very few terms or none at all. For the ones that have none, I may add
terms in future versions of this FAQ if I can think of anything relevant, find more
information, or receive any suggestions from readers. If anyone has any suggestions
for terms, please e-mail me and I will give you credit whenever I update the FAQ in
the future.

For any information I have used for reference for the terms (websites, books, etc.),
it will be cited at the end of the description under "sources." If no sources are
listed, the information is gathered from memory.

VI. Manga Panel Script Translations:

**Note: Stages are separated by asterisk lines (*****) for organizational purposes.

1.) 「目指せ合格!浪人生活から脱出せな!」
"Aim for Examination Success! Escape from the Life of a Ronin!"

(Song: Loop & Loop)

**Cultural Notes:
1. Ronin: The term "ronin" usually refers to a lordless samurai, but in this
instance it refers to a high school graduate who cannot get into the college of his
choice because he cannot pass the entrance examination. Thus, just as an historic ronin
is without a lord, a modern ronin is without a school. Ronin sometimes spend years trying to
get into their choosen college, studying hard and even going to cram school (yobiko) in the
meantime until the time of the next entrance exam arrives.

*Source: http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~pyonpyon/english/intro-e.html.

2. Japanese entrance exams: Entrance exams are an integral part of the Japanese educational
system, occurring often in some private elementary and junior high schools, but primarily in
high schools and universities. The time period when students prepare for and eventually take
these highly competitive exams is commonly referred to as "examination hell." In preparation
for these difficult exams, many students attend cram schools (juku) in addition to regular classes.
After graduating high school, many students preparing for college entrance examinations go to
private preparatory schools (yobiko) to help them pass the exams. After taking the entrance exam,
the results are usually posted on a large board where the student can check to see if his/her number
appears. If the student's number is displayed, this means that they passed the exam and there is
cause for celebration.


3. Katsudon: A bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments. Because
"katsu" is a homophone for the verb 勝つ (katsu), meaning "to win" or "to be victorious," it is
a modern ritual for Japanese students to eat this the night before an important exam.

*Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katsudon.

4. Haiku: A form of Japanese poetry that consists of 17 syllables in a 5-7-5 format. Haiku used
to be part of much longer chain poems (renga), but were eventually made into independent poems by
Masaoka Shiki in the 1890s. A haiku usually includes a special season word (kigo), which alludes
to the particular season set in the haiku or represents the natural world. A haiku must paint a
picture in the person's mind in order to be truly effective. Haiku remain very popular in Japan
(and even in the West) until this day.

Japan: Profile of a Nation (The Kodansha Encyclopedia). Japan: Kodansha, Inc.,
2003. P. 528-529.

5. Cherry blossom (sakura): A pink flower from an ornamental cherry tree that is a very popular
symbol of Japan, frequently used in design and made mention of in Japanese poetry and prose. It
is most frequently used as a metaphor for the birth and death of things, as cherry blossoms
bloom beautifully and abundantly in the spring, but fall and die soon thereafter. In poetry,
especially, the cherry blossom is a popular embodiment of the Japanese term "mono no aware," which
refers to the beauty and sorrow of the transitory nature of life.

My college Japanese literature classes.


Family: ワハハ ワハハ
Wahaha! Wahaha!

[花田剛 ただいま浪人 3年目]
Hanada Tsuyoshi
Presently a third-year ronin (see cultural notes above)

Family: ワハハハ ガハハハ ギャハハハ ギャハハハ ガハハ
Wahahaha, Gahahaha, Gyahahaha, Gyahahaha, Gahaha

Tsuyoshi:う、うっ うるさーい!
Shu, Shu, Shut up!

I can't study at all!

(pretending not to notice)

Family: ガハハハ ギャハハハ
Gahahaha, Gyahahaha

You, you guys...

Family: ガハハハ ギャハハハ
Gahahaha, Gyahahaha

O, O, O, Ouendaaaaan!!!


Tsuyoshi:勉強しなきゃ   ハッ!!
I have to study      Ha!!

また、浪人だ〜 ウオオオオ
Again, I'm a ronin~~~

Tsuyoshi: 腹が減ったな〜
I'm hungry~

Mother: 夜食だよ
Here's supper!

Exam Katsudon! (katsudon=breaded pork on rice; see cultural notes above)


Because now I'll cooperate, okay?

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tsuyoshi: 腹が減ったな〜
I'm hungry~

Mother: ありゃ (she drops it on the floor)

Tsuyoshi: おふくろー...

Mom: スべっておちたよ キャハハ
It all fell! Hahaha


Tsuyoshi:スタミナつけなきゃ  ハッ!!
I have to get stamina!  Ha!!

ビタミン、 アミノ酸
Vitamin, Amino Acid

10 minutes later

Tsuyoshi: 徹夜も楽勝ー!!
All-nighters are a piece of cake!!

Father: これからは協力してやるか
I'll cooperate from now on

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10 minutes later

Tsuyoshi: 食べ過ぎた〜 ZZZZ...
I ate too much~ ZZZZ...

Father: お前に大学は無理だ
College is impossible for you


Tsuyoshi: 勉強しなきゃ   ハッ!!
I have to study  Ha!!

Nation-wide exam

Tsuyoshi: よっしゃ!90%合格率
All right! 90% examination pass rate

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tsuyoshi: 10%合格率
10% examination pass rate


Tsuyoshi: 体力つけなきゃ   ハッ!!
I have to get physical strength!  Ha!!

ニッ イチッ
Two, one

脳みそ フルパワー
Brains, full power!

Little brother: いけるよ兄ちゃん
You can do it, big brother!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tsuyoshi: 筋肉痛〜!
Muscle pain~!

Little brother: 合格率急降下ー (nose dives a toy plane)
Examination pass rate nose dive-


Tsuyoshi: 勉強しなきゃ   ハッ!!
I have to study     Ha!!

10 minutes later

Tsuyoshi: いける今年はいけるぞー!!
I can do it, I can do it this year!!

On the day of the exam

Examination assembly hall

4426番 (on the exam results board)
Number 4426

Tsuyoshi: よっしゃー
All right!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Tsuyoshi fails the exam and cherry blossoms fall as he
slumps over in failure)

3年目               Sa-n-ne-n-me
ものの見事に         Mo-no-no-mi-go-to-ni
桜散る               Sa-ku-ra-chi-ru

3 years,
but splendidly
the cherry blossoms fall.

(**Note: Yes, this is a haiku. For more
information on haiku, please see this stage's "Cultural Notes."
They actually occur at the end of every stage's game over or
"stage fail scene," not just this one. The cherry blossom is a
very poetic flower used in haiku and other Japanese poetry, and has
deep significance. Again, for more information, see this stage's
"Cultural Notes" section.)

Cheer failed


(End of stage)


2.) 「大穴なるか!?泥棒大チェイス!」
"Will he Become a Dark Horse!? The Great Thief Chase!"

(Song: It's Guts!!)

**Cultural Notes:
1. Horseracing in Japan: In Japan, horseracing is a very popular sport. There are
more than 21,000 horse races held each year at over 30 racetracks all over Japan.


2. Dark Horse: Refers to an unknown horse that unexpectedly wins a race. It can also
refer to a political candidate that is nominated out of the blue.

His name is Biridon

ドドド ワーワー

A racing horse who has won once in 49 races...

If he loses today's race, he retires.

Jockey: 今日もドンケツか...
Will you lose today too...?

Announcer: さあ!いよいよ第4コーナーです!
Okay! He's finally at the 4th corner!

News just came in.

It's a thief.

A terrible thing just happened!!

This is unprecedented news!

The thief is driving in the middle of the course!



Announcer: 誰か、ドロボーを捕まえろ! ゼエゼエ
Somebody, capture the thief!


100 meters until the goal!!

Biridon passed him here!!

ビリドン なんと1着!   ゴール!!
Biridon, arriving at first place! Goal!!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Announcer: ビリドン引退	か!?   ゴール!!
Will Biridon retire!? Goal!!


Chase the thief, Biridon!!


There's an obstacle up ahead!!

The thief jumped!! And then, Biridon also follows him!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Announcer: おおっとなんと!
Oh no!

Biridon tumbles down!


Overtake the thief!!

ビリドンなんと  クロールだあー!!
Biridon is at a crawl!!

In a twinkle, the gap (between Biridon and the thief) is shortened!!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Announcer: おおっと!ビリドン溺れている!
Oh! Biridon is drowning!

The gap (between Biridon and the thief) is rapidly becoming open!!


Corner the thief!

Thief: え!?うわわわ ひいいい
Huh!? Uwawawa Hiiiiiii

Announcer: 行け! 捕まえろ!! 
Go! Capture him!

わーっ!! ドカッ!
Waaaaa!! *thud*


Biridon did it!!


Race track

Newspaper headline: KBスポーツ
KB Sports

The racehorse continues on


Idol Horse


<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(the thief escapes in a helicopter and Biridon loses the

また負けて        ma-ta-ma-ke-te
ぼくの夢だけ      bo-ku-no-yu-me-da-ke
空をとぶ          so-ra-wo-to-bu

I lose again;
Only my dream
flies the sky.


(End of stage)


3.) 「夏だ!祭だ!みこしレースで男を上げろ!」
"It's Summertime! It's a Festival! The Mikoshi Race Makes the Man!"

(Song: Melody)

**Cultural Notes:
1. Matsuri: Japanese festivals, originally related to the cultivation of rice and
the spritual well-being of local communities. They are based primarily on ancient Shinto
rites for appeasing the gods and the spirits of the dead, and for ensuring a bountiful
agricultural year. Matsuri occur many different times during the year, depending on the
celebration or location. In this stage of the game, the matsuri occurs in the summer.
People from all over the local community come to participate in the festivities, including
visiting the various food, game, and souvenir stalls lined up and down the streets,
dancing, and watching the float and mikoshi parade.

Japan: Profile of a Nation (The Kodansha Encyclopedia). Japan: Kodansha, Inc.,
2003. P. 509-510.

2. Mikoshi: A lavishly decorated portable Shinto shrine which, according to Shinto belief,
is said to house the spirit of the local kami (deity) during the events of a matsuri.
Bearing it on their shoulders by means of two poles, the local people bring the mikoshi
from the shrine and carry it around the neighborhood. It is considered to be the highlight
of many matsuri. In some matsuri (such as the one in this stage), several mikoshi from
different shrines are brought together and a mikoshi race is held, at times often resulting
in injury and tramplings.

A Look into Japan. Japan: Japan Travel Bureau, Inc., 2003. P. 90.

(**Note: This was a difficult stage to translate, so some text will be
left untranslated until the next version of the FAQ)

In Japan, the main event of the Matsuri, "the great
mikoshi race," is held during the setting of the sun.

Shin: お志津ちゃん!

Shizu: 新ちゃん

Shin: みこしで一番のりになったら、、、
If I ride the mikoshi the best...

I'll propose to you!

*sound of heart beating*

Father: そうは問屋がおろさねー!! (??)

Shizu: お父さん!

Shin: お義父さん!

Father: お義父さんだと...? 
Father-in-law, you say...?

Go ahead and say that nonsense after you've won against us!


The Neighboring Town's Robust Group

Shin: こっちだって負けねーぜ! てやんでい (??)
I can't lose because of this!

Right!? You guys!

Ummm... oh

Guys: むりー
It's impossible

And then nobody was there...

Shin: あわわ...

Cat: にゃー

Father: 「後の祭り」ってか!
I guess it's "too late", huh?! (Note: This is a pun on "matsuri." The phrase,
"ato no matsuri," literally means "the later festival," but as an entire
phrase, it means "too late!" Funny, huh?)

Shizu: 新ちゃん

Shin: お、お、おうえんだーん!!! 
O, O, Ouendaaan!!!


Shizu: がんばれ新ちゃん!
You can do it, Shin-chan!

Father: かかってきやがれ!! ガッハッハッハッハ
Take that!!		Gahahahaha

Shin: このままだと負けっちまう......
At this rate, I'll lose.....

Girls: なにあれ?   へ?
What's that? Eh?

っていうか、ちょーイナセ? (??)

私たちも入れてくださーい!! ドゴーン
Please let us in, too!!

Shizu: がんばれ新ちゃん!
You can do it, Shin-chan!

Father: くそっ!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Girls: まあ、ガンバレばあ〜
Well, good luck~

Father: ドアホらめが! ガッハッハ



Shin: わっしょい! (this is just something people yell as they
carry the mikoshi through the streets)

Shin: 負けられねーぜ! てやんでい
I can't lose!

People: おいあれは...がんばってるじゃねーかっ!!
Hey, that's... they're really giving it their all!!

こちとら 江戸っ子よ!  ドゴーン かっ!!
We're true Tokyoites!

Shizu: 新ちゃんステキー     
Shin-chan, you're wonderful

Father: おしブ...

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

People: それどころじゃーねえ (ignoring the mikoshi race)
On the contrary...

Grocer guy: 安いよ!
It's cheap!

Fish guy: ハイ、おつり30まんえん (on his apron:魚=fish)
Okay, your change is 30,000 yen.

Father: ざまあねーな!! ガッハッハ
Serves you right!! Gahaha!



Foreigners: Look! Matsuri? Helpシマース!
Look! Matsuri? We'll help!

Shizu: わたしをさらって 
Sweep me away 

Father: おしブ...

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Foreigners: Look! Matsuri? Say, Cheese!

Father: 青二才めが! ガッハッハ
You're a novice! Gahaha!



かかってきやがれ!!  ガッハッハッハッハ
Take that!!   Gahahahaha

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Father: 青二才めが! ガッハッハ
You're a novice! Gahaha!



Shin: おりゃー!  GOAL
All right!

Shizu: やったー!新ちゃん! 
You did it! Shin-chan!

Father: くそっ!

Shin: オレと結婚してくれっ!! 
Marry me!!

Shizu: はい、よろこんで
Yes, with pleasure

Father: 野郎共祝福だー! 
It's a blessing for those two rascals-!

Crowd: かっこい〜
How cool~

Father: 行くぜ!おめえら!
Let's go! You guys!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

夏祭り        na-tsu-ma-tsu-ri 
負けて夜空に        ma-ke-te-yo-zo-ra-ni
大花火             da-i-ha-na-bi

The summer festival,
I lose and in the night sky,
great fireworks.


(End of stage)


4.) 「シンデレラ宣言!ジュニアは振り向くか!?」
"Cinderella Proclamation! Will Junior Turn his Face Toward Her!?"

(Song: Koi no Dansu Saito (Dance Site of Love))

**Cultural Notes:
1.OL (Office Lady): A female office worker in Japan. An OL typically performs
secretarial or clerical work, as well as serving tea. They are unmarried and
generally full-time staff, although many resign after getting married or having a child.


Unagawa Products

She is Yamagata Sachiko, an OL (office lady)

And, today there is a party starting from 5:00

__海川物産 (Sign in the background; missing the first kanji)
Unagawa Products

Established 100 years ago

Commemoration celebration

Office ladies: キャー  キャー
Kya! Kya!

Yamagata: ジュニアー

Junior: おいでベイビー
Come here, baby


Next term's president, Junior

Office ladies: ジュニアー

キャー キャー
Kya! Kya!

Th... the real thing

Junior: じゃあ、祝賀会でね!
Well, see you at the celebration!

Office ladies: ハーイ ジュニアー
Ye-s, junior

と、いうことで 山形さーん
Anyway, Yamagata-san...

As for the work, you can do all of it!!

Yamagata: お、お、おうえんだーん!!!
O, O, Ouendaaan!!!


3 hours left until the celebration -----



Office ladies: コピーしといてーーー!!
Do the photocopies---!!

ピカー  バッ

Yamagata: ど、どうぞー
He, Here...

Junior: ありがとう

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Yamagata falls down and all the paper flies

Office ladies: キャハハハ (laughing)



Office ladies: お茶もってきてーーー!!
Bring the tea!!


Yamagata: ど、どうぞー
He, Here...

Junior: おいしいお茶だね
This is delicious tea!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Yamagata spills all the tea)

Office ladies: キャハハハ (laughing)



Office ladies: 電話対応してーーー!!
Answer the phones!!

Junior: ありがとう

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Yamagata gets overwhelmed by all the phones

Office ladies: キャハハハ (laughing)


__海川物産 (written on the banner at the dance; missing the first kanji)
Unagawa Products

Established 100 years ago

Commemoration celebration

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

祝賀会            shu-ku-ga-ka-i
一人残業          hi-to-ri-za-n-g-you
するのかい        su-ru-no-ka-i

The celebration,
and I have to
work overtime alone?


(End of stage)


5.) 「奮闘熱血教師!生徒たちよ、清く正しく美しく!」
"The Hard Struggle of a Hot-Blooded Teacher! Students, Be Pure, Be
Righteous, Be Beautiful!"

(Song: Atsuki Kodou no Hate (The End of the Burning Heart Throbbing))

**Cultural Notes:
1. Homeroom: In Japan, homeroom is where the teacher assigned to the homeroom
class (in this stage's case, a gym teacher) records attendance and makes
announcements. Students stay in their homeroom for most of the day (except for
lunch and gym class) while the teachers move from room to room. Students are
expected to take on various tasks for the benefit of their homeroom, including taking
roll, organizing events, and cleaning. Each homeroom class develops a strong sense
of social identity and friendship, and the homeroom teacher often acts as a mentor
and third parent to the students, who often grow very fond of their homeroom teacher.
In short, in the homeroom, the emphasis is the group as a whole and not the individual.


2. Cleaning (O-Souji): At the end of the academic day, all students in the homeroom
participate in o-souji, which is cleaning up the classroom and surrounding areas.
This includes sweeping, emptying the trash cans, cleaning the chalkboards and erasers,
and picking up trash. O-souji is said to have its roots in Buddhist tradition, which
equates cleanliness with morality. It also instills a sense of responsibility and
group cooperation among the students of the homeroom.


3. Ganbaru: Translated most commonly as "to try one's best" or "to persevere," ganbaru
is a Japanese term that focuses on the moral significance of effort (doryoku). It is
important for everyone to give 110% to the activity at hand, especially contests and sports.
This is evident by the great efforts of the students in this stage during the teacher's

Kiyotatsu All Girl's Academy

彼の名前は水谷弘 (28歳)
His name is Mizutani Hiroshi (28 years old)

Mizutani: よーし!
All right!

From today onward, he is the homeroom teacher of this class.


水谷弘 (written on the blackboard)
Mizutani Hiroshi

Mizutani: みずたにひ....
(writing on the blackboard) Mizutani Hi....


Mizutani: ろ....
Ro.... (saying the "ro" in Hiroshi)

Students: キャハハ、ワイワイ、ガヤガヤ、まじ? やだ
Kyahaha, wai wai, gayagaya, Are you serious? No way


Mizutani: し、し、静かにしろ!!

Students: うぜーよ!おっさん!
Shut up! Old man!


おっさん (written on his jacket)
Old man

Mizutani: お、お、おうえんだーん!!!
O, O, Ouendaaaan!!!


Mizutani: みんなでマラソンだ!!
It's a marathon with everyone!!

Students: マジうざいよ、あんた  ......
Seriously, shut up, you....

Running is nice

Mizutani: みんな良くがんばった! (ganbaru: see cultural notes)
Everyone, you did your very best!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Everyone passes Mizutani on motorcycles)

Mizutani: 夕日が泣いているぞ!
The evening sun is crying!


It's swimming with everyone!

You guys!!

Here I go!

Mizutani: ぎゃあー足つったー!!
Gyaaa, my foot slipped!!

Students: 先生!

Mizutani: すまん!そしてありがとう!
Sorry! And, thanks!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Shows the students sunbathing, ignoring Mizutani)

Without any interest at all


Mizutani: ピカピカに掃除しよう
Let's clean everything sparkly

Did it become sparkly?

Students: ピカピカでしょー!? ピカピカ
It's sparkly, isn't it!? *sparkle sparkle*

Mizutani: みんなの心もピカピカだ!
Everyone's hearts are also sparkly!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(the students clean the place so much it looks
like a disco parlor)

Mizutani: ここはディスコか!!
Is this place a disco?!!


卒業式 (sign in front of the school)
Graduation ceremony

Students: せ〜んせ

先生のこと一生忘れないよ 私達。
We won't forget about you our whole lives

Mizutani: おまえ達は俺の...宝物だー!!
You guys are my.... treasure-!!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(shows a chalkboard with a kiddy picture of Mizutani
on it, with all sorts of insults on it)

Chalkboard: すけべおやじ (lewd old man)
変態先生 (pervert teacher)
服洗え (doesn't wash his clothes)
アホ  (idiot)

熱血         ne-k-ke-t-su
時代はとうに         ji-da-i-wa-to-u-ni
過ぎていた           su-gi-te-i-ta

Hot blood,
The era passed
a long time ago.


(End of stage)


6.) 「ブッとばせ!恋のドッジボール対決!」
"Strike Him Down! The Dodgeball Showdown of Love!"

(Song: Suriru (Thrill))

**Cultural Notes:
1. Idol: Usually a famous, idolized person in Japan, such as a popular singer or
actress, in this case it is an elementary school student named Wakana. Wakana-chan
is probably an idol at her school because she is cute (kawaii かわいい)and popular
amongst her classmates.

End of the school day

クラスのアイドル わかな
The class idol, Wakana

Torao: わかなちゃん! (chan ちゃん=name suffix used to denote children or familiarity)
U, Ummmm....

何をやっても凡人 虎男(トラオ)
No matter what he does, he's an ordinary person Torao (Torao)

Torao: ぼくとつき合ってください!!!  
Please hang out with me!!!

Wakana: えっ!?
Ryu: ちょっとまったー
Wait right there!

Torao: りゅ龍二! うぐぐ...
Ryu Ryuuji!

Ryu: オマエにわかなちゃんは  100万年早えーんだよ!
Wakana-chan is one million years early for you! (Note: I think some sort
of expression is involved in this sentence, since it doesn't make much sense
when translated literally. If anyone knows, please e-mail me)

Well....  if you win against me, I'll forgive ya!

Wakana: アタシが可愛いばかりに....!   
Simply because I'm cute....!

Torao: アンタ...
アレ? お
Huh? Oh

This is bad!



Ryu: 覚悟しろよ!
Prepare yourself!

せいっ   ガシャーン   ぐえー!

Pottery guy: 誰じゃー?
Who's that?

(Torao raises his hand)

Pottery guy: 素直でえらいっ!
That's great that you're honest!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pottery guy: 誰じゃー?
Who's that?

Torao:あいつです。(points at Ryu)
It was him.

Pottery guy:嘘つくでないー
Don't lie


Wakana: 必殺技よ!!     
It's his certain kill technique!


Torao: タイガー スマッシュー  グオオオオオオオ
Tiger Smash! (Note: the reason Torao uses a tiger for his attack is because
the first kanji in his name, 虎 (tora), means "tiger")


Ryu: ぐはっ

Wakana: 虎男くん カッコ良いー
Torao-kun, you're so cool! (kun くん =another name suffix commonly used for students)

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ryu catches the ball from Torao)

Ryu: ふんっ

Wakana: ぶざまねー
How unsightly-

Wakana: ガンバレば?
Good luck, I guess?


Wakana: しっかり!
Hang in there!

Wakana: 余裕!!
There's an opening!!

Ryu: ドラゴン サンダー!!
Dragon Thunder!! (Note: the reason Ryu uses a dragon for his attack is because the
kanji used for his first and last name, 龍 (ryuu), means "dragon")


Torao: よっしゃー
All right!

Wakana: 好きになっちゃいそう
I think I've fallen in love

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Torao: うぎゅんー (hit by the ball)

Wakana: タイガってよりネコね
He's more of a cat than a tiger, huh?

Good luck, I guess?


Wakana: しっかり!
Hang in there!!

Torao: タイガー  スマッシュー   グオオオオオオオオ
Tiger Smash!


Ryu: ぐはっ

Wakana: 好きになっちゃいそう
I think I've fallen in love

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ryu: (catches the ball from Torao) ふんっ

Wakana: タイガってよりネコね
He's more of a cat than a tiger, huh?


Torao: タイガー  スマッシュー   グオオオオオオオオ
Tiger Smash!



Wakana: 虎男くん   カッコ良かったよ
Torao-kun, you were cool



<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ryu wins and Wakana kisses him; Torao slumps over in defeat)

ライバルよ           ra-i-ba-ru-yo
恋に負けたの         ko-i-ni-ma-ke-ta-no
さあドッチ           sa-a-do-c-chi

A rival!
The one who lost at love,
well, which one is it?


(End of stage)


7.) 「脱スランプ!芸術は爆発するか!?」
"Get Rid of the Slump! Will the Fine Arts Explode!?"

(Song: Kokoro Odoru (Heart Dance))

**Cultural Notes:
1. Onsen (hot springs): Since Japan is a country with a lot of volcanic activity, it is
home to more than 2,000 hot springs. The water in these onsen is said to have healing
properities because of the various minerals in the water. It is also a very relaxing
experience, as many Japanese go on vacations at hot spring resorts to unwind and bask
in the beauty of nature.

Japan at a Glance: Update. Japan: Kodansha, Inc., 2003. P. 182.

Kazebayashi Residence

The genius potter

Kazebayashi Shizuyama

He is facing his work intended for the next personal exhibition

*spinning the pottery wheel*

Manager: 先生っ一  個展まで、あと1ヶ月しかありません!
Sensei, there's only one month left until the personal exhibition!

Shizuyama: わかっとる!  カコーン
I know!

完成		駄作  
Complete  Rubbish


Shizuyama: だめじゃ〜
It's no good~

全然 駄目
Completely useless




Shizuyama: スランプだー!
It's a slump-!

Manager: 先生  気分転換に温泉に行かれたら....
Sensei, maybe if you can go to the hot springs (onsen) to get a change of pace....

Getting a change of pace at the hot springs


Woman entering hot spring: おじゃまいたします
Excuse me for disturbing you

Shizuyama: 閃いたー!うりゃー!
It (inspiration) flashed-! All right-!


命名 女神の壷
Name: Goddess Vase

Manager: すばらしいです! 
It's wonderful!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

どよーん (he makes a failed piece)

Manager: 先生!なんですか!これ!
Sensei! What is this!?


Shizuyama: ふう...まだまだ足りん...
Hmmmmm... it's not yet sufficient enough...

Manager: 先生 体を動かしてみたらどうでしょう....
Sensei, how about if you try to move your body around...?

Shizuyama: 芸術は体力だ
The fine arts is physical strength

Fruity muscular guy: ハーイ!みなさん いいわ!その調子よ
All right! Excellent, everyone! That rhythm! (Note: This guy's speech is very
feminine, since he uses "wa" わ (part of female speech) as a final particle at the end
of "ii" いい, among other things. It's just not rough-sounding speech, as you would expect
from a big burly guy of his nature, so that's why I call him fruity. XD;; I mean, just
look at him)

Shizuyama: 閃いたー!うりゃー!
It flashed-! All right-!

命名 美筋のカップ
Name: Beautiful Muscles Cup

Manager: すばらしいです! 
It's wonderful!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

どよーん (he makes a failed piece)

Manager: 先生!なんですか!これ!
Sensei! What is this!?


Shizuyama: ふう...まだまだ足りん...
Hmmmmm... it's not yet sufficient enough...

Manager: 先生 若者から刺激を受けてみては....
Sensei, maybe try to get some stimulus from the young people....

Shizuyama: 陶芸だってリズムDA YO!
Even ceramics have rhythm! (Note: I'm guessing "da yo" だよ is in
English letters just to emphasize it or to be funny. "Da" is just the plain
form of the copula (desu="is") and "yo" is a sentence final particle
that is very similar to an exclamation point in English)

It flashed-! All right!


命名 漆黒の音皿
Name: Jet Black Sound Plate (record??)

Manager: すばらしいです! 
It's wonderful!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

どよーん (he makes a failed piece)

Manager: 先生!なんですか!これ!
Sensei! What is this!?


Shizuyama: ふう...まだまだ足りん...
Hmmmmmm... it's not yet sufficient enough...

Shizuyama exibition

Every day great success!


風林静山さん人間国宝へ (in the newspaper)
Come to Kazebayashi Shizuyama's living national treasure


Reporter: 先生!一言お願いします!
Sensei! One word, please!

Shizuyama: 陶芸。。。ビッグ バーン!!
Ceramics... Big Bang!!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Full of rubbish~

土じゃなく             tsu-chi-ja-na-ku
駄々をこねたら         da-da-wo-ko-ne-ta-ra
ゴミの山               go-mi-no-ya-ma

It is not soil,
but if you knead the rubbish
a mountain of trash.


(End of stage)


8.) 「極めろ!おのれのラーメン道!」
"Carry it to the Extreme! My Ramen Method!"

(Song: Linda Linda)

**Cultural Notes:
1. Ramen: A Japanese noodle dish that originated in China. It consists of Chinese noodles
served in a hot chicken broth made with soy sauce, miso (fermented soybean paste), or salt.
It is served with a variety of toppings, including green onions, seaweed, bamboo shoots,
and naruto (fish paste slices). It is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, and ramen
shops are common throughout the country.

2. Maneki-neko: Also known as a "lucky cat" or "beckoning cat," the maneki-neko is a common
sight in Japanese stores and restuarants. It is thought to bring good luck, customers,
and money to shops all around Japan. A raised left paw supposedly attracts customers,
while a raised right paw attracts money. The cat in this stage poses as a maneki-neko at
the end of the stage, raising its right paw up and sitting in a bowl on top of a pillow
(zabuton), thus signifying the success of the ramen shop.

どよーん ガラーン

彼は田中ヤスシ 通称タン ヤオ
He is Tanaka Yasushi        nickname, Tan Yao

Customers didn't enter his store at all

Did they flee during the night!?

ドラゴン ラーメン
Dragon Ramen (name of the store)


Tanaka: いらっしゃいー

お客様アルー (Note: Not sure what the aru アル means)
A customer--

Cat: 猫:ナー

Tanaka: お

Cat:ナー (pees on the floor)


Cat:ぺっぺっ (licking itself)

Tanaka: おうえんだーん!!!


うんちく ビール ジュース えびチャーハン チャーハン ラーメン (all written on the back wall)
one's vast stock of knowledge, beer, juice, Chinese-style shrimp fried rice, Chinese-style
fried rice, ramen

ミソラーメン ギョーザ 冷(や)し中華
Miso ramen, gyoza (potstickers), chilled Chinese noodles

ラーメン__!(Note: I can't seem to recognize these kanji, as it always seems so blurred
on the screen. They're the two large red kanji right in the background when they show the
Ouendan or Cheergirls eating their ramen. If anyone knows what the word is, please e-mail me)


I have to call in customers!


究極奥義 汚滅清生拳	(おめつせいせいけん)
Ultimate Secret Technique - Fist of Dirt Destruction and Pure Life


Customer: おつ、清潔な店だね。
Oh, this is a clean store, isn't it.

Tanaka: いらっしゃいー     

Customers: ワイ ワイ
Yay Yay

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Cat: ナー (walks into the store again)

Tanaka: またお前か!
You again!



Tanaka: ウマイスープを作るアル!!
I'll make a delicious soup!!


究極奥義 龍双牙切り (りゅうそうがぎり)

Ultimate Secret Technique - Pair of Dragon Fangs Cut

Tanaka: へいーおまち!! 
Hey, sorry to have kept you waiting!!

Customer: んぐ んぐ

Customer: うまいね!このスープ!  ワイ ワイ
This soup is delicious!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Customer: マズイ!!

Tanaka: 切れたのは頭だけアルかー...
Was the thing that was cut only my head...? (Tanaka's face is
all bandaged up)


I'll make delicious noodles!!


究極奥義 雑技回棒拳 (ざつぎかいぼうけん)
Ultimate Secret Technique - Fist of the Rough Art of Turning the Stick

Tanaka: へい!おまち!!
Hey! Sorry to have kept you waiting!!


Customer: 替(え)玉ちょーだい!
Please give me seconds!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Customer: 輪ゴマか!この麺は!
Are these noodles rubber bands?!

Tanaka: コシ強すぎたアルか....
Did I turn it too strongly....? (His head is


ワイ ワイ ワイ ワイ
Yay Yay Yay Yay

Customers: こりゃうまい!!
This is delicious!!

Tanaka: よっしゃー!

ラーメン通信 (title of book he's reading)
Ramen News

Cat: ナー

5kmの行列ができる店 (newspaper article)
A store that can (attract) a 5km line (of customers)

Flood of customers / Doing a roaring business

Cat:ナー (in the style of a maneki-neko)

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

閉店  (on the sign on the door)
Store closed

だめアルか      da-me-a-ru-ka
私のラーメン       wa-ta-shi-no-ra-me-n
だめアルか         da-me-a-ru-ka

Is it no good?
My ramen
Is it no good?


(End of stage)


9.) 「取り戻せ!ミラクル ビューテイー!」
"Take it Back! The Miracle Beauty!"

(Song: Neraiuchi (Sniping))

**Cultural Notes:
(Note: There's not really anything pertinent to Japanese culture or society in this stage,
so I'm just including a few very short notes about the historical figures for
anyone who forgot them. I may add more later if I can
think of anything.)

1.Cleopatra: Supreme ruler and the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, she was the lover of both Julius Ceasar and,
after Ceasar's death, Marc Antony.

*Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleopatra.

2.Marc Antony: A Roman politician and general, faithful to Julius Ceasar. He was the lover of Cleopatra and father
of three of her children.

*Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Antony.

Ancient Egypt

Cleopatra's mansion

Servant: クレオパトラ様  ローマのアントニー様よりお手紙です。
Cleopatra-sama, it is a letter from Antony-sama of Rome. (-sama -様:very polite name suffix)

Cleopatra: まことか!? モグ モグ
Really!?   *mumble mumble*

Love note: 愛するクレオパトラ 会いたいよ 10日で着くよ ローマのアントニー
My beloved Cleopatra, I want to see you. I will be arriving in 10 days. Antony of Rome

Cleopatra: 10日...へっ...
10 days.... eh.....

Cleopatra: こんな醜い姿であの方と会ったら...!
If I meet him with such an ugly figure........!
I'll be cast aside...!

Which reminds me....! This is it!

A diet using Pyramid Power...!

Build me a pyramid within 10 days!

Servant: 絶対無理です パトラ様!
That's absolutely impossible, Patra-sama!

Cleopatra: なんだと...?
What did you say...?

I'm not requesting anything from you!!

I have no choice but to call them!!



Ouendan: うわアア〜

Cleopatra: やせなきゃ はやく ウオオオオオ
I have to become thin... hurry.... Whooooaaaa

Hu, hurry up....

行けー ゴウウウウウ
Go-   Gooooooo!!!

Servant: 動きません!! ダラー
They won't move!!

Cleopatra: まかしちょきー (not sure how this translates yet)

Servant: やる気でたー!
They're willing to do it-!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ズ〜ン (birds start falling out of the sky dead)

Servant: やなもんみちまった (??)


Cleopatra: はやく つくらなきゃ! ウオオオオオ
Hurry!  We have to build it! Whoaaaaaa


Servant: 動きません!! ダラー
They won't move!!

Cleopatra: またかー!

雨雨 フレフレ
Rain, rain

Servant: 恵みの雨だー!
It's a blessed rain-!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ギラ ギラ (the sun gets bigger and hotter)
*glitter glitter*

Servant: もうカラッカラ
We're already parched


Cleopatra: はやく つくらなきゃ! ウオオオオオ
Hurry! We have to build it! Whoaaaaa

YES!    ゴウウウウウウ
YES! Goooooooooo!!

Servants: こわいよー
It's scary-

Servant: ナイルかわが氾濫しました!
The Nile River has flooded!

Cleopatra: 太陽 カモン!
Sun, come on!

Servant: 太陽 キター!
The sun came out-!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Servant: あと少しだったのに...
Even though we only had a little bit more to go...


Cleopatra: YES!    ゴウウウウウウ
YES! Gooooooo!!

Pyramid complete!

Cleopatra: 全能なるピラミッドよ!
Almighty pyramid!

Restore beauty to me once again!


Pyramid Power explosion!!



Antony: パトラー!

Cleopatra: アントニー様


<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

工事中止 立入禁止(sign in front of Cleopatra's mansion)
Construction work suspended - No Trespassing

捨てないで            su-te-na-i-de
明日からきっと        a-shi-ta-ka-ra-ki-tto
やせるから            ya-se-ru-ka-ra

Don't throw me away
Because tomorrow I will surely
lose weight.


(End of stage)


"Put it into the Soul! Give the Miracle of Love to Her!"

(曲:Over The Distance)
(Song: Over the Distance)

**Cultural Notes:
(Not a whole lot related to Japanese culture in this stage. If I can think of
anything, I will add it in the next version.

Let go of me! I beg of you! Let me go back!

Ishida Tetsu (27 years old)

Died in a motorcycle accident...

Ishida-san, what's wrong?

I beg of you! Let me return to the surface below! I... I had a fight with my wife,
and because of the way things were...

I want to tell her one more time that I love her!

Angel: ....

I understand. I shall give you only three hours of time.

In that time, I can go back! Thank you!

急がないとー...  よし!
I have to hurry...      All right!

Ryouko, I'm going now!!



*sound of motorcycle engine*

Ryouko: 徹さん...?

It's like he's encouraging me...

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Tanaka the ramen chef goes by on his food delivery

Ryouko: まぎらわしーわね!
You're misleading, aren't you!


ガタ  ガシャ

(Ishida spills the coffee cup over and a heart forms
from the spilt coffee)

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(coffee spills all over Ryouko's shirt)

Ryouko: あぢー!!


カチー  カチー
*sound of typing*

Ishida typing on the computer: 涼子、あの時はごめんね
Ryouko, I'm sorry about that time.

Ryouko: 徹さん  帰ってきてるの...
Tetsu-san  Are you coming back...?

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ポンポン *computer keys go flying at her face*

Ryouko: いでー!!


*sound of motorcycle engine*

Ryouko: 徹さん...?

Ryouko: まるで...あの人が  まさかね...
It's as if... he's    it can't be...

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Tanaka the ramen chef goes by on his food delivery

Ryouko: まぎらわしーわね!
You're misleading, aren't you!


!? Tetsu-san!

Ishida: ア イ シ テ ル

Ryouko: 私にそれを言うために帰ってきてくれたのね?
You came back in order to tell me that, didn't you?

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ishida runs out of time and is escorted back by the

Angel: 石田さん...残念ながら時間です。
Ishida-san... I'm sorry to say it's time.

Ishida: 涼子.......


(End of stage)


11.) 「ストップ ザ 悪玉菌!気合で耐え抜け!」
"Stop the Villainous Germs! Endure and Escape it with a Scream!"

(曲:One Night Carnival)
(Song: One Night Carnival)

**Cultural Notes:
(None yet)

Town Hall

central train station (??)

Violinist Sugiyama Kouji

Today there is an important concert


Kouji: ううう いたいー ゴロゴロ...〜
Uuuhhhhh... it hurts... *thundering in his stomach*

今日は世界に羽ばたける  チャンスなのに......!!
Even though today is my chance to flap my wings to the world.....!!

善玉ドリンク!! (I'm assuming this is a drink that contains beneficial bacteria)
Good person drink!!

Clerk: あいよ!

ジャーン!! おなかに喝!   
Clash!! Scold the stomach!

Kouji: これでよくなるハズだ...!
This should make it better...!



I made it on time!

ぎゃー!! また痛みがきたーーーー....!!
Gya!! The pain came back again....!!

[お腹の中] ぎゃー!! (ズキュン)
(Inside his stomach) Gya-!!

O, O, Ouendaaa...n...


ゴロゴロ  暖房〜
*sound of thunder* Heating~

Kouji: こりゃありがたい!  ホッ
I'm thankful for this! Phew...

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Kouji: お腹を直撃!
Direct hit to my stomach!


Good germ squad: 悪玉菌を倒せ!  ウオオオオオオオオ
Defeat the villainous germs!


Good Germs Army Corps are here!

Kouji: おちまってきた
It calmed down

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(the good germs are beaten up by the bad germs)

Kouji: ぎゃあ!!


Good germ squad: させるかー!
Can we make them do it?!

悪玉菌を倒せ!  ウオオオオオオオオ
Defeat the villainous germs! Whoaaaaaaa


(the good germs are beat up again)

Kouji: ぎゃあ!!


Audience: ブラボー

<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Kouji rushes to the bathroom and sits on the toliet)

トイレにて          to-i-re-ni-te
ソリストの夢        so-ri-su-to-no-yu-me
途中下車            to-chu-u-ge-sha

I go to the toliet,
the stopover
of my dream of being a soloist.


(End of stage)


12.) 「正義を貫け!清き一票は誰の手に!?」
"Go Through Justice! The Ballot of Purity is in Whose Hands!?"

(Song: Taisetsu na Mono (An Important Thing))

**Cultural Notes:
1. Election campaigns in Japan: It's very common for Japanese political candidates to take
to the streets to promote themselves. This commonly involves traveling around the city
in a loudspeaker van (usually with a banner with their political slogan or name written
on it), repeatedly shouting out for people to vote for them (often to the annoyance
of many residents). Many candidates will park the van outside a busy area and address
everyone through a campaign speech.

2. Election laws in Japan: Laws specifying acceptable campaign practices are extremely
detailed and strict in Japan. Where, when, and how campaigns are carried out are specifically
spelled out, even including the number of posters a candidate can post. Door-to-door visits
and gift-giving by candidates and their supporters are strictly prohibited. J-Yama K-Go was in
violation of these laws (probably because he was using afro-spray on everyone and hired a
bunch of babes to support him without informing his campaign manager), so he was promptly
arrested. Yay for justice. :)

Japan: Profile of a Nation (The Kodansha Encyclopedia). New York: Kodansha
International Ltd., 1999. P. 237.

3. Daruma: These are the round, red dolls that appear in the "game over" scene of this stage
and in the background of the examination crisis stage while the Ouendan are dancing. They are
actually Japanese wish dolls, modeled after the Bodhidharma, the founder and patriarch of
Zen. Both of the circular eyes are usually left white so that somebody can make a wish while
filling in one eye; if that wish comes true, the other eye is filled in, as well. In elections,
it used to be an important moment for the winning candidate to draw in the second eye on
a daruma, but this is no longer done due to political activists arguing that it is
discriminatory against the blind.



Mayoral Election

Iijima: いいじまえいさくをよろしくお願いしますっ!!
I ask you kindly to please (vote for) Iijima Eisaku!!

I am Iijima Eisaku, finally announcing candidacy....!

Iijima Eisaku!!

Let's build nice streets for everyone!

Crowd: しらんぷり...
*pretending not to notice*

Iijima: むっ

J-Yama K-Go: 山K吾でございまーす!
I'm J-Yama K-Goooo!

Crowd: J山ー J山ー
J-Yamaaaa J-Yamaaaa

Come over here!

Iijima: なっ...なんだってえー!!
Wh... What the heck!!

Afro Can

Crowd: J山ー J山ー
J-Yamaaaa J-Yamaaaaa

Iijima: このままでは、あいつが....市長ー!?
At this rate, that guy is gonna be... mayor!?

O, O, Ouendaaaaan!!!


Iijima: もっといい演説をしないと!!
I have to do a better speech!!

[いいじま えいさく]
Iijima Eisaku (written on the loudspeaker van)

Election Quick Report

Women: どっちに一票いれようかしら?
I wonder which one we should vote for?

Iijima and J-Yama K-Go: よろしくお願いします
Please give your regards to (and vote for) me

Women: そうねェ....

Iijima and J-Yama K-Go: よろしくお願いします
Please give your regards to (and vote for) me

Women: 私たちはー.... こっち!
We'll pick.... this person!

Do your best, okay?

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(the women pick J-Yama K-Go instead of Iijima)

Women: J山サイコー
J-Yama, you're the best!


J-Yama K-Go: J山K吾でございまーす!
I am J-Yama K-Gooooo!

Crowd: J山 ー  J山 ー
J-Yamaaaa J-Yamaaaa

Iijima: もっといい演説をしないと!!
I have to do a better speech!!

(in the loudspeaker van)

J-Yama K-Go:J山K吾でございまーす!
I'm J-Yama K-Goooo!

Put your vote in for J-Yama!

Iijima: みなさん!

Put your vote of purity in for Iijima!!

いいじまえいさくをよろしくお願い。。。ドン ム?
Give your best regards to (and vote for) Iijima Eisa... *boom* Huh?

チュドーン (J-Yama gets tossed out of the van)

Iijima: 皆様正義の勝利です!!
Everyone, it's a victory for justice!!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Iijima is tossed out of the van instead)

J-Yama K-Go:ざまあみやがれ! (??)


J-Yama K-Go: J山 K吾でございまーす!
I am J-Yama K-Goooo!

Crowd: J山 ー  J山 ー
J-Yamaaaa J-Yamaaaa

Iijima: もっといい演説をしないと!!
I have to do a better speech!!

Turn your attention toward the mayoral election (written on Iijima's podium)

Iijima: ご静聴ありがとうございました!
Thank you for quietly listening to me!

Women: がんばってくださいネ
Do your best, okay?

Iijima: 頑張ります! どうもです
I'll do my best! Thank you

Crowd: いいじまー

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Crowd:J山ー  J山ー

Women: J山サイコー
J-Yama is the best!

(J-Yama K-Go is laughing behind the curtain at Iijima)


Police Joe and Dan: 警察だ!J山K吾選挙法違反で逮捕だ!!
It's the police! J-Yama K-Go, you're under arrest in violation of the
electoral laws!

Everyone: 万歳	(repeats several times)
Banzai! (Hurray!)

いいじまー いいぞー! パチパチ
Iijimaaaa  All right! *clap clap*

Iijima: ありがとうございます!
Thank you!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Iijima loses the election)

On the TV: J山K吾 当選確実
It is certain that J-Yama K-Go will be elected

(Note: The round, red things in the back are daruma.
For more information, see the cultural notes section

気がつけば          ki-ga-tsu-ke-ba
右も左も            mi-gi-mo-hi-da-ri-mo
みなアフロ          mi-na-a-fu-ro

If you can notice,
both right and left,
everyone has afros.


(End of stage)


13.) 「怪獣襲来!立ち上がれ、我らのサラリーMAN!」
"Monster Invasion! Stand Up, Our Salary-MAN!"

(Song: Taiyou ga Moeteiru (The Sun is Burning))

**Cultural Notes:
1. Salaryman: A Japanese term for a white-collar company employee. Dressed in a typical
business suit and tie and sporting a briefcase, cellphone, pocketbook, and business
cards, the salaryman is often over-worked, unappreciated in the corporate hierarchy, and
lacking in any other source of income other than salary. Much like Ichirou in this stage,
the salaryman rarely has time for family because of overtime work, and often feels like
just another cog in the corporate machine when at the company.

A Look into Japan. Japan: Japan Travel Bureau, Inc., 2003. P. 118-119.

2. Japanese business card (meishi): An integral part of the salaryman's identity, meishi are
expected to be presented when meeting a new business partner. This is why the mouse monster
takes out his own meishi, trying to throw Ichirou off-guard with the presentation ritual so he
can punch him while Ichirou takes out his own card. Meishi usually include the name of the
person, title, company, and phone number.


3. Tokusatsu: A genre of Japanese "special effects" live-action entertainment, which includes
kaijuu (monster) movies, superhero TV shows, and mecha dramas. Popular examples include
Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Super Sentai. Obviously, this whole stage is a parody of the
tokusatsu genre.
(Thanks to JM Otazo for suggesting this term!)


4. Henshin: Meaning "transformation" in Japanese, henshin commonly refers to the transformation
sequence in many tokusatsu and anime. In tokusatsu, a "henshin hero" refers to a superhero with
special powers who fights for justice and against evil.
(Thanks to JM Otazo for suggesting this term!)


5. Kaijuu (monster): In Japanese entertainment, giant monsters (such as Godzilla, Mothra,
Gamera, etc.). The mouse monster in this stage is a kaijuu (obviously poking fun at the
Japanese genre), and it even says so on his business card.


田村一郎  平社員歴25年
Tamura Ichirou     An ordinary company employee for 25 years

Shunned by his wife, hated by his daughter

And teased at the company everyday...!

Ichirou: 鳴呼 子供の頃に帰りたい...
Alas!  I want to return to the time when I was a child....

That time when I yearned to be a hero...



Daughter: たすけてー! 

Ichirou: あれは!

一郎の娘   亜美
Ichirou's daughter, Ami

Ami: 誰か、助けてー!!
Somebody, help!!

Mouse Monster: シェゲエエエエ 

Everyone: キャーキャー
Kya! Kya!

Ichirou: お、お、おうえんだーん!!!
O, O, Ouendaaan!!!


Ami: キャ〜 

Ichirou: あわわわ


Ami: お...お父さん!? デカイ...
Fa... father!? Huge...

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ichirou transforms, but is stomped on by the mouse


ガンバッテ〜!! デカイ...
You can do it!! Huge...

Ichirou: ア!?

Mouse Monster: 二うゆうものです  (巨大怪獣ねずみ)*taking out his business card*
?? (Note: No clue what this means. Please e-mail if you know!)   (Gigantic Monster Mouse)

Ichirou: あ失礼しました 申し遅れました   アタフタ
I'm sorry, I was slow in saying...   *in a hurry*

なんて手を  食うかあ!
What!? Are you going to eat my hand!?

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ichirou is too distracted taking out his business card)

Ichirou: あれ...名刺...	ハハハ
Huh...? My business card... hahaha

(gets smacked by the mouse monster with the business


Ah, I am much obliged to you for this

Don't lick me!

えっ注文? ありがとうございます!
Eh, a request? Thank you!

Establishment of a business negotiation

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ichirou: えっ!?そんな!今さら (on the phone)
Eh!? No way! Right now?

(the mouse monster smacks him)

Failure of a business negotiation


ダアア   イチローMAN勝利!
Daa    Victory for Ichiro-MAN!

Ami: ありがとうお父さん!!
Thank you, father!!

どこに行くの? デカイまま...
Where are you going? While you're so big....

Ichirou: もちろん仕事さ! 	ビシッ
To work, of course!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ichirou loses the battle and is slumped on the
ground looking for his glasses)

Ichirou: メーメガネ...

イチローマン        i-chi-rou-ma-n
負けてばかりで      ma-ke-te-ba-ka-ri-de
あいすまん          a-i-su-ma-n

only losing,
Aye, sorry.


(End of stage)


14.) 「平和を守れ!ロボットvsポリスメン!」
"Protect the peace! Robots vs. Policemen!"

(Song: Shanghai Honey)

**Cultural Notes:
(None yet)

Joe: 今日もひまだなあ、ダン?
There's free time today, too, huh Dan?

Dan: まったくだぜ、ジョー。
Completely, Joe.

The policeman combination, Joe and Dan

Everyday, there's no place of activity at all ----

Someone: HELP!!

Joe and Dan: む?

もしかして 事件!?
Could it be... an incident!?

Time to get some distinguished service!

Joe: おい!ありゃ、ゆ、ゆ、ゆー...
Hey! That's...  a U, U, U....

Dan: ありゃ UFOだぜジョー
That's a UFO, Joe---

Joe: ゆーおーらろぼろぼぐぐ
U---- O---- Ra, robo, robo, gu, gu... (??) (stuttering/mumbling about robots coming
out of the UFOs)

Dan: UFOからロボットが出てくるぜ!ジョー
Robots are coming out from the UFOs, Joe!

Someone: ギャー!!

Joe: あがあが.... (??)

They're erasing people... Joe---

Joe and Dan: お、お、おうえんだーん!!!
O, O, Ouendaaan!!!


This is dangerous...

Can we defeat them with our pistols...!?

Dan: ああ、ジョー
Ah, Joe---

If we don't attack them a lot more, we can't defeat them!

For the time being...

撃ちまくれー!!  ダダダダ ゴローン ガコーン
Attack away-!!

Joe and Dan: かこまれた〜 (when you're failing, the robots surround Joe and Dan)
We're surrounded~

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(the bullets bounce off of the robots)

Joe and Dan: OH! MY GOD!


This is dangerous...

Can we defeat them with our pistols...!?

If we don't attack them a lot more, we can't defeat them!

Joe and Dan: Good Job!

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(the bullets bounce off of the robots)

Joe and Dan: OH! MY GOD!


Joe: ピストルじゃキリが無いぜ!ダン!
With pistols, it's endless! Dan!

Dan: 弱点を探そうぜジョー  
It seems we should search for their weakness, Joe-

[水濡厳禁100V](written on the front of the robots)
"Strict Prohibition Against Water and Wetness"


It's water! Attack with water!


Joe and Dan: Good Job! 

<<FAIL SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(umbrellas come out of the robots and shield them from
the water



とどめだー! どりゃー! (!?)
Finishing blow-!! Dorya-!

ガシイ (ん)  

Joe and Dan: Yes!

<<GAME OVER SCENE:>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Joe and Dan are surrounded by robots, cowering)

手を上げて         te-wo-a-ge-te
抵抗するのを       te-i-kou-su-ru-no-wo
やめましょう       ya-me-ma-sho-u

Raising our hands,
Let's stop


(End of stage)


15.) 「〜地球最期の日〜 結集せよ!世界の気合を今こそ一つに!」
"~Earth's Final Day~ Concentrate! Combine the Screams of the World into One Now!"

(曲:Ready Steady Go)
(Song: Ready Steady Go)

**Cultural Notes:
(None yet)

(**NOTE: Fail scenes won't be included for this stage, since there's really no
dialogue with them; everyone's cheers start failing and the meteor just comes
closer to Earth ... that's about it. Nothing special)


A planet where people live who wish for peace and believe green, abundant nature will
continue for eternity.

Until this day...


Americans: What's


Parisians: Oh! Lala!



Ramen shop owner, Tanaka: みんな、落ち着くアル
Everyone, calm down

News Reporter: くり返します。
I repeat.

This is extraodinary news.

A gigantic meteorite is approaching Earth!

Everyone: なんだって!?
What did he say!?

巨大隕石 地球衝突まで、あと4分
4 minutes left until the gigantic meteorite collides with Earth

Americans: Oh No!

Parisians: Non!

Japanese: ーにげろ!!

Ouendan: 待ちなさいっ!!

Everyone: 応援団!!

Ouendan: 力を合わせー
Combine your power


Let's go!



Man: 先生!!隕石がっ!!
Sensei!! The meteorite!!

Let's escape

Daughter: お父さん、ヤバクナイ?
Father, isn't this dangerous? 

Father: アレ...

Ouendan: フレーフレー地球!!
Hurray, Hurray Earth!! 

Everyone: 押忍! 押忍! 押忍! 押忍! (repeats)
Osu! (Yo!)

News reporter: 世界で応援の渦が起こっています
A swirl of cheering is occuring all over the world

Ouendan: もっと気合を入れるー!!
Put more screaming into it-!!

Just a little more-

People: 見ろ!

The meteorite!!

It disappeared....

News Reporter: ありがとう! 応援団!
Thank you, Ouendan!


(Osu!!) Yo!!

(End of stage and game: credits roll)

VII. Credits and Thanks:

- GameFAQs, for listing my FAQ and having such a great, informative site for videogame fans.
- iNiS, for making this freaking AWESOME game.
- Nintendo, for making such an awesome and innovative system as the DS.
- real_deal6, who sold me the game off eBay. :D
- The ASCII generator found at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/, for the ASCII title art.
- Michael, my bf and former Japanese classmate, who gave me suggestions and help. He also
  got me my Nintendo DS for X-mas! XD Without having my DS, I never would have gotten a chance
  to play the coolness that is OTO.
- Tiara, my best friend, for her support and suggestions. :)
- YouTube and all the people who uploaded their OTO videos for me to grab text from. XD;;
- My brother, for letting me borrow his digital camera to take pictures of the DS screens
 (since my camera sucks).
- My mom, for her encouragement.

VIII. Contact Information:

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail me at: peridot@sonic.net.
I'll be pretty busy with work and college, but I will get back to you as soon as I can, so
please be patient. Thanks!

(Copyright 2007) by "Ouendan_fangirl" Stephanie Lauber
All Rights Reserved.

End of document.

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