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Translation Guide by TheFreak

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/07/06

                    OOOOOO    SSSSSSSSS   UUU     UUU  !!!
                   OOOOOOOO  SSSS    SSS  UUU     UUU  !!!
                   OO    OO  SSSS         UUU     UUU  !!!
                   OO    OO   SSSSSSSSS   UUU     UUU  !!!
                   OO    OO         SSSS  UUU     UUU  
                   OOOOOOOO  SSS    SSSS  UUUUUUUUUUU  !!!
                    OOOOOO    SSSSSSSSS    UUUUUUUUU   !!!

   TT       AA  AA       TT       AA  AA    KK    KK     AA  AA    EE       !!
   TT     AA      AA     TT     AA      AA  KK    KK   AA      AA  EE
   TT    AA        AA    TT    AA        AA KK     KK AA        AA EEEEEEEE !!

OOOOOOOO UUU     UUU EE       NNNN    NN DDD   DDD      AA  AA      NNNN    NN
OO    OO UUU     UUU EE       NN NN   NN DDD   DDD     AA    AA     NN NN   NN
OO    OO UUU     UUU EE       NN   NN NN DDD   DDD   AA        AA   NN   NN NN

                            Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan
                         Menu Translations FAQ V1.05
                           Brian "TheFreak" Balsan


x)  Version Updates
1)  Introduction
2)  Characters
3)  Main Menu
4)  Single Player Manu
5)  Map And Game Screen
6)  Multiplayer Options
7)  Game Deletion Menu
8)  Music
9)  Special Thanks
10) Copyright Thingy

x) Version Updates
1.05 - 01/07/05: How's this for a belated New Year's surprise?  A
                 fellow by the name of 5parrowhawk perused the
                 Official Ouendan site from Nintendo Of Japan
                 and handed us the official names of all the 
                 characters in the game.  So obviously, the
                 'Characters' page is updated, along with the
                 proper Special Thanks.  Take that, language

1.04 - 11/12/05: Ah, getting close to Thanksgiving, aren't we?  I'm
                 surprised at how much attention this fantastic little
                 game continues to recieve, so I've decided on one more
                 update.  Nothing too spectacular; just a bit of added
                 information in the Characters, Single Player Menu,
                 and Music sections. And an addition to the Special 
                 Thanks.  You should check out the other FAQs.  They're
                 everything else you need to know about the game in
                 one place.

1.03 - 9/18/05:  Thanks to an email I just received, I realized the
                 game deletion button combo wrong. Considering I got
                 the code straight from the manual, I'm not entirely
                 sure how I manage to goof this.  It is now fixed.
                 And upon closer listening, the victory screen says
                 "Ouen" and not "Horei" as I initially thought.
                 This has also been fixed.

1.02 - 8/27/05:  Someone on the GF forums corrected me on the proper
                 romanization of "Ouendan".  I almost had to redo the
                 the ASCII to make the extra letter fit.  I did mention
                 that I made it entirely in notepad, right?  I *am* 
                 accepting better offers. An insanely small addition
                 was made to the end-stage results screen (There's a 
                 huge difference between replaying a stage and watching 
                 a 'stage replay').  I also added what I believe to be 
                 the rest of the "Daiseikou" line said at the end
                 of each stage.  As always, corrections are welcome.

1.01 - 8/26/05:  Fixed the Special Thanks a bit.  I can't even begin to
                 explain, but for some reason my mind always thanks
                 a particular buddy named NeoNess for suggesting the
                 game, when this credit goes to Boojoh, who so happens
                 to be among the same circle of friends.  I'll get it 
                 right one day.  I know it.  Also, centered the title
                 blurb underneath the ascii art a bit.

1.00 - 8/25/05:  First update ever.  Hooray.  I've been up most of the night
                 and half of the day attempting to make this FAQ look good 
                 for public consumption.  I hope everything turns out well, 
                 bucause I'm too exhausted to know if I missed anything.
                 But this is why Email exists.  Yeah, and for spam, too. 

1) Introduction

Hello, bugs and buggers!  It's been quite a long time since I've made a 
FAQ of any kind, but when you have a good game that is long out of reach 
due to langauge barriers, everyone needs a little help.

I seem to have a habit of making unique FAQs: The Silhouette Mirage paths 
FAQ, the Shenmue UK-to-US Save convertions FAQ...heck, this isn't even my 
first menu translations FAQ (that award goes to Sin & Punishment).

But anyway, the game.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Which pretty much translates to "Go!  Fight!  
Cheer Squad") is a game developed by Inis, the same happenin' fellows 
who gave us Gitaroo Man, and released...Japan-only, obviously...by Nintendo.  
The main story of the game is that a various selection people are having 
trouble completing their goals,  usually because of one distraction or 
another, and just when things are about to hit bottom, our troubled victim 
will shout "OUENDAN", and a trio of super-cheerleaders will arrive to offer 
some much-needed backup to our unfortunate friend. Ah, Japan, what would we 
do if Godzilla were ever to sink your island?

Alright, a couple of things before we get to the menu translations.
Firstly, most of these aren't my translations, but by various people
on the Osu! Tatake! Ouendan Gamefaqs boards (Not all boards are overrun
by the ignorant, my friends), even the title translation is my sister's,
up to "Tatakae", anyway.  

This is where the email above comes in.  I'm sure this FAQ will go 
through quite a few updates and error fixes before it's done, so let's 
all work together to make this game as understandable as possible to the 
non-Japanese speakers.  Like myself.  I won't deny it.

Also, I'm not going to bother with the in-game 'manga', as the pictures 
explain the situation so phenomenally well a translation isn't even 
necessary (Huh, imagine that).  I also won't touch the tutorial since
the game is rediculously easy to pick up in the first place. Still, if 
anyone's willing to take a crack at any of these, go right ahead.

Finally, I will try to add various translations here and there of 
certain things, like what the cheerleaders are saying at the
end of each stage. Trivial, yes, but don't YOU want to know what they're
saying?  It eats you up at night!  ADMIT IT!


Okay then. Let's begin.

2) Characters

Let's first get to know our cheering squad. We all can't call the guy 
on the front of the box "Spikey-Head" forever, can we?  Here are the
official character names in Japanese order (First-name last):

Team Leader (Spike-Hair) - Ippongi Ryuta
Team Followers (Mowhawk and Eyepatch) - Suzuki and Saitou
Team Captain (Seen In Tutorial) - Doumeki Kai
New Member (Glasses) - Tanaka Hajime

The Cheerleaders:

Brown Hair - Amemiya Sayaka
Pink Hair - Kanda Aoi
Blonde Hair - Anna Lindhearst (English name-order, as she's American.  Yup.)

3) Main Menu
When you touch the title screen you'll be brought to this clean, yet 
still - foreign menu.  Here's what you'll see.

Single Player - Check "Single Player Menu" for more translations.
MultiPlayer - Check "Multiplayer Options" for more menu translations.

Lower Left - Options
Lower Right - Tutorial

When you choose Options, this is what you'll find:

Upper left - Rankings
Upper Right -  High Scores
Lower Left - Tutorial Transfer
Lower Right - More Options

Rankings - Far as I'm told, these are just callsigns given to the group 
and displayed on the main menu for everyone to see. You get higher rankings 
by meeting various high-score goals, which is a total sum of all the stages 
played in the easy, normal, and (eventually) hard modes.
High Scores - Views high scores.  Simple, clean, easy.  Top option is to 
view the normal scores (Which are displyed on the top screen), bottom is 
for easy.
Tutorial Transfer - Not Multiplayer, but allows another DS holder without 
the game to play the tutorial on their own DS.  Not important, but a 
novel concept.

More Options include:

Hand Selection

Hand Selection - Choose left or right.  Only really moves the combo 
meter, a-la WarioWare: Touched.
Backlight - This one will surprise you the moment you select it.  
Perhaps the only reason this option is in here is because such a 
meaty gamecard drains battery life like some kind of digital succubus.  
You can also choose to turn the backlight on and off at your DS BIOS 

4) Single Player Menu

Hooray!  The actual game!  This is what you'll see when you choose 
"Single Player".

Top - Normal Mode (Ryuta)
Bottom - Easy Mode (Tanaka Hajime)
Bottom left - Back to previous screen
Bottom Right - OK selection (See "Map And Game Screen" for what to do next.)

There is also a "Hard" mode (With Captain Kai as the lead)
which will appear as the top option when "Normal" mode is completed, 
and an "Insane" mode (AKA the "Cheerleader" mode) when "Hard" is completed.

5) Map And Game Screen

Almost there, fellas.  You are now on the map screen.  What you do here
is use the stylus to hold the map and drag it around. Look for a person
running around looking for "Help".  When you touch him/her, info on the
situation/song will appear (for more on the songs, check the
"Music" section). You will then have two more options.

Lower Left - Back to previous screen
Lower Right - OK selection (appears when character is selected)

Once you hit OK, The manga will start up. As it is playing you can hit the
flashing icon on the lower-right to 'skip' to the actual song.  The character
will yell "Ouendan!" and when the cheerleaders call out "San! Ni! Ichi! Sure!" 
("3! 2! 1! Go!") the game will start.

When you pause the game, you will see these options:

Top - Continue
Middle - Restart Song
Bottom - Quit (Back to map)

If you lose, you will be asked to continue:

Left - Yes
Right - No

If you win, "Ouen! Dai-sei-kou!" (Literally "Cheer! Big Suc-cess!") will be 
announced and you will get your results screen.

The options on the results screen are:

Lower Left - Stage Replay
Lower Right -  Continue (Back to map)

6) Multiplayer Options

When you choose "Multiplayer" from the first menu screen, this is what 
you may see. I haven't had the ability to try this out, so I apologize 
if something goes wrong.

Left - host game 
Right - join game

Top - Co-Op
Bottom - Versus

Co-Op - Kinda like the Co-Op in Um Jammer Lammy.  Take turns playing 
the button combos.
Versus - Both players get the same song-patterns.  Whoever scores 
highers wins.

7) Game Deletion Menu

Done everything that you could possibly do in the game?  Wish you 
could start the whole thing over again?  Fret not.  When you turn 
on your DS and get to the Nintendo/Inis intro screen, hold A, B, X, Y, 
L and R and the same time.  Here you will get an choice:

Do you want to delete your save?

Left - Yes
Right - No

If you choose 'yes'...:

Are you sure?

Left - Yes
Right - No

Choose 'yes 'again, and everything will be gone. It will be as if 
nothing was ever played, and you can enjoy Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan again 
for the first time.

8) Music

Great music must be found.  Alas, it is difficult when you don't 
understand Japanese.  Thanks again to the marvelous folks on the Osu! 
Tatakae! Ouendan boards, a list has been made showing the level name and 
the song that is played within it.  The stage names are by no means final,
but they do describe pretty accurately what is represented therein. 
Is your favorite J-star on the list?

Exam Crisis! : Asian Kung-Fu Generation - "Loop & Loop"

Secretary's Busy Day : Morning Musume - "Koi no Dance Site"
Matsuri Competition : 175R - "Melody"
Bandit-nabbing Horserace : Ulfuls - "Gatz daze!!"

The Ramen Stall : The Blue Hearts - "Linda Linda"
Dodgeball Crush : Tomoyasu Hotei - "Thrill"
Pottery Master : Nobody Knows - "Kokoro Odoru"
Teachers' Dilemma : B'z - "Atsuki kodo no hate"

Cleopatra's Pyramid : Linda Yamamoto - "Neraiuchi"
Violinist : Kishidan - "One Night Carnival"
Election for Mayor!! : Road of Major - "Taisetsuna mono"

Ghost Love Story : Yaida Hitomi - "Over The Distance"

Policemen vs Robots : Orange Range - "Shanghai Honey"
Mutant Rat Attack! : The Yellow Monkey - "Taiyou ga Moeteiru"

End of the World? : L'Arc-En-Ciel - "Ready Steady Go"

9) Special Thanks

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan Gamefaqs Message Board - Where 99% of the 
translations came from.  Many apologies for not crediting everyone 
individually, but I greatly appreciate your help in making this FAQ 

Boojoh - The guy who suggested this game by adding "Gitaroo Man" in the
same sentence.  If that didn't guarentee the purchase, that crazy horse 
level would've.

RogueLeader2 - Aw, c'mon, a guy who thanks you in his own FAQ covering
the exact same game should at least have the favor returned.  It's only
fair.  Besides, one of the final things I was considering over with this
guide was the inclusion of song lyrics.  Not only did he get to them
before I did, but he even covered most of the english transliterations.
If you like what you hear in this game, you'd do yourself a favor and
check his guide out.

5parrowhawk - for the official character names.

NCSX.com - Where I got my copy.  Where you should get yours.

Everyone I forgot - You know who you are.

Everyone I hate - You know who you are.

10) Copyright Thingy

This FAQ is copyright 2005 Brian "TheFreak" Balsan.  Osu!  Tatakae!
Ouendan, its characters and material are copyright 2005 Nintendo/Inis.
Unauthorized what-have-you without proper consent from their respective
owners will result in a class-action lawsuit or stern talking down-to,
depending on the party involved.

Keep circulating the FAQs.


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