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Guide and Walkthrough by Willeth

Updated: 06/15/2020

 FAQ/Walkthrough by Willeth
        Version 0.33

Note: This is a game that's
existed for over a decade.
It's still excellent, but
I'm probably never going to
finish this guide. Hope you
enjoy it anyway!

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Game
 2.1 Background Info
 2.2 Sk8land Differences
 2.3 The Story
 2.4 How To Play
  2.4.1 Setting Up
  2.4.2 Controls
  2.4.3 A Few Quick Notes

3.0 Tips and Tricks
 3.1 Stat Building
 3.2 'Hidden' Tricks
 3.3 Combos
 3.4 Exploits
 3.5 Secrets

4.0 Story Mode
 4.1 Hollywood
 4.2 Beverly Hills
 4.3 Downtown
 4.4 Vans
 4.5 East LA
 4.6 Alcatraz
 4.7 Warehouse

5.0 Classic Mode
 5.1 Hollywood
 5.2 Beverly Hills
 5.3 Downtown
 5.4 Vans
 5.5 East LA
 5.6 Alcatraz
 5.7 Warehouse

6.0 Extra Stuff
 6.1 Gaps
  6.1.1 Hollywood
  6.1.2 Beverly Hills
  6.1.3 Downtown
  6.1.4 Vans
  6.1.5 East LA
  6.1.6 Alcatraz
  6.1.7 Warehouse
 6.2 Cheats/Unlockables
 6.3 Glitches/Bugs/Errata
 6.4 Music
 6.5 Leo Zuniga Interview

7.0 WiFi
 7.1 Local Multiplayer
 7.2 Online Multiplayer (Nintendo WFC)
 7.3 Online Features

8.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

9.0 Version History

10.0 Credits/Disclaimer

1.0 Introduction

Hey all! I started to write this guide at the start of 2006, because I was      
looking for a gap guide for THAS and noticed that there actually weren't any
walkthroughs at all - I also noticed that on the American Sk8lland forums
there were a lot of people asking similar questions over and over, and I thought
a walkthrough might help. Also, I'm English, so you might find a bit of deviant
spelling from what you're used to ('colour', for example, for 'pavement' instead
of 'sidewalk', 'centre' instead of 'center', that sort of thing), but don't let
it bother you. So, here we go!

This FAQ/walkthrough is currently under development, so I am taking any and all
contributions - except for gaps. I've got all gaps in the game, I just haven't
written an explanation for them all yet. There's bound to be some gaps that I've
found and forgotten where they are, though, so in the future If I ask, I could
do with some help to find them again - but for now, no gap contributions.

This FAQ is currently being updated. The latest version will always be at
GameFAQs, and after it is complete I will allow it to be uploaded elsewhere -
while it is incomplete, however, this FAQ is not to be posted on any other site
without prior express written consent from myself.

Finally, look out for my FAQ/Walkthrough for Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam for DS,
due to start writing in November 2006, after the game has been released and I've
played through it. :D
Find out more on the game at http://www.thdowhilljam.com.

2.0 The Game

 2.1 Background Info

If you don't know Tony Hawk's already, then you've been living in a cave for the
past, well, ever. Ever since the original Tony Hawk's Skateboarding on the
PlayStation, the series has gone through many iterations and has been retooled
several times. It has been rebranded as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for the second
game, and the fifth game saw it known as Tony Hawk's Underground, because it
introduced many new features - rather than skating as a pro, you followed your
own progression into the professional skating world, against a rival. The most
recent versions have been Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, for the home consoles,
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix for the PSP (a version of THUG2 with added
features), and Tony Hawk's American Sk8land for the Nintendo DS - so called
because it's drastically different (and in my opinion, superior) to the home
console versions. The only things that have stayed steady throughtout the
series'incarnations on PlayStation, N64, PC, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation 2,
Xbox, GameCube, PSP and Nintendo DS are the fact that Tony Hawk has endorsed
the franchise from start to finish, and that Activision has remained the
developer/publisher, with Vicarious Visions handling the handheld versions.

 2.2 Sk8land Differences

As THAS is on the Nintendo DS, a system with two screens, one of them a touch
screen, WiFi capability and a microphone (but you knew that already), there's a
fair few original features on the game that the other Tony Hawk games don't

- The ability to draw your own graffiti and deck art on the system, from scratch
- Voice clip recording for bails, gaps and special moves
- Touch-screen special move and Focus shortcuts
- Alternative method for Freak Outs
- Map constantly displayed, detailing locations of certain items
- Online wireless play at many hotspots around the world

The map is one of the best and worst inventions in a Tony Hawk game. While it IS
amazing for finding your way about, seeing the best lines, the SKATE and COMBO
letters, and such, it can actually make the game extremely easy.

The other main difference with THAS when compared to THAW (American Wasteland,
the console versions) is its colouring style. THAS is 'cel-shaded' rather than
having realistic graphics. If you're not sure what that means, think
'cartoon-style' - similar to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, or the game
Cel Damage from a few years ago, if you remember that. This gives the DS the
ability run a lot smoother, since the textures are far less detailed. It also
means that you don't get any 'fog' on the level - you can see from one end of it
to the other without hindrance.

 02.3 The Story

The game opens on a skate competition hosted by Tony Hawk. He's impressed with
your skills, and invites you along to the west coast to practice. Paparazzi
follow him everywhere he goes, of course, so he legs it, and just before you do
too, the 'local skate chick' Mindy pops up, and asks you to show her what you
can do, and you're launched into the game.

From here, the story unfolds through the game, so I don't want to give too much
away, but basically you have to do up an old skate park called - you guessed it
- American Sk8land. You meet a lot of pros along the way who ask you to prove
your worth before they get on board with the project - they're all familiar
faces you know and love from the skating world. Will you be able to save
American Sk8land? That was cheesy, but read on to find out!

 2.4 How To Play

The objective of Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (THAS for short) is the same as
any other Tony Hawk game - skate a lot, progress through the levels, with a bit
of a story thrown in on top for good measure.

To save the park, you'll need cash, and lots of it. How do you get cash? You
earn it, my friend, by doing odd jobs for people, impressing local skaters and
punks, and generally being the skater you were born to be. Each ped will give
you around $250 for performing a stunt or task, which is a bit of a wad, really.
Pros tend to give you $500. Hey, this IS Hollywood. People are a bit flash with
their cash. It's a good job they are, too, as these set pieces for American
Sk8land cost an arm and a leg. Eventually you'll have a skatepark that's
completely your own.

  2.4.1 Setting Up

The first screen that you're greeted with when firing up THAS for the first time
is a 'Slot Select' screen. Select the first one (or another, if you're so
inclined), and you'll get a Name Entry Screen. This is where the stylus is king.
Whip it out and poke the letters you want for your name - it's a lot easier than
a crontrol stick and buttons.

Next, you'll get to choose whether you want to be a Rookie or a Pro. Only choose
Rookie if you've never, ever played a Tony Hawk game before. It allows you to
land tricks easier, and gives better balance, but in the end the game is much
too easy if you're used to the controls. You can change it later, but it's
better to set it to Pro now. This FAQ was written with the Pro setting in mind.

Now you get to choose who you are! You can make yourself as near to your real
self as possible, or wild and wacky - it makes no difference whether you're a
black girl or a white bloke, or somewhere in the middle - your skating skills
will be exactly the same. Tap the thumb to continue.

Once you've chosen your skin tone and gender, you'll choose your clothes -
again, realistic or mad, it makes no difference to your performance. Once
you're done, press A to carry on - you can change your clothing later on, if
you want, so don't worry if you've not got it exactly right.

After that, you'll see your first cut-scene. Go for it.

  2.4.2 Controls

Controls are context-sensitive, i.e, they do different things depending on the
situation, so there's several categories for them.

'Normal' skating:

D-Pad: Move your skater
A Button: No use
B Button: Crouch (and go faster), release to ollie (jump)
X Button: No use
Y Button: No use
L Button: Nollie stance (alter certain tricks for more points)
R Button: Switch stance (turn around so that you're facing the opposite way
while still travelling in the same direction, for more points)

In the air:

D-Pad: Spin your skater
A Button: Grab tricks
B Button: No use
X Button: No use
Y Button: Flip tricks
L Button: No use
R Button: Level out

On a rail or lip, or in a manual:

D-Pad: Balance
A Button: } Use in combination
B Button: } to alter a
X Button: } grind, lip trick
Y Button: } or manual
L Button: No use
R Button: No use

Ground tricks:

Hold the Down button while not holding B to stop.
Up then down quickly: Manual (can also be used while moving or pressed in
advance while in the air to perform a manual)
Down then up quickly: Nose Manual (see Manual)
While stopped, L: perform a Freak Out and get a speed boost (don't hold B or you
won't get the boost)
While stopped, A: spray graffiti on the wall wherever there is a green X
Hold the Up button when travelling behind a car: Skitch (grab hold of the car
and follow it about - Down to let go)

Transitional tricks (to link moves together):

X when travelling straight up a quarter-pipe: trigger lip trick
R when going up a quarter-pipe (QP) that is backed by another: Spine Transfer
R above a QP: Acid Drop (drops into the QP)
B when heading directly towards a wall in the air: Wallplant (propels you in the
opposite direction - also plants a sticker if performed on a No Skating sign)
X when ollieing at an angle towards a wall: Wallride (you skate along the wall
briefly. Hit B to ollie off the wall to get extra height - this is a Wallie)
X when landing on a post or hydrant: Natas Spin (you'll spin around on top of
the hydrant/post)

Double Taps:

Various tricks can be performed by holding a direction and pressing a trick
button twice while in the air.
Various rolls can be performed by holding A and pressing a direction twice
while in the air.


A special trick can be performed by tapping the green film icon in the bottom
right of the screen. As you progress through the game, you will get two other
'touch special' slots, red and blue. you can also perform specials with button
combinations, listed in the pause menu under 'Progress' > 'View Tricks'. You can
only perform a special trick if the green meter in the top-left of the screen is
full - when it is, it begins to flash. You can only use Touch Specials a certain
amount of time in a combo, but the specials activated with button presses
are infinite.


This puts you into slow-mo and enables you to do tricks with greater accuracy
and balance better. Activiate it by tapping the bottom-left corner of the touch
screen when the white star in the top-left of the top screen is full and
flashing. It runs down very quickly, though, so you have to keep doing tricks
to top it up. You only have a limited amount of Focus per combo.

Freak Out:

If you bail during a particularly large combo, you get the chance to recover
some of your Special/Focus meter and some points by doing a Freak Out. You'll
hear a siren when you bail, and then three moving bars will appear on the touch
screen. Tap each of them when they're at their highest to get the maximum
possible amount of points for the Freak Out. You can also Freak Out when you
haven't bailed by stopping completely and pressing L. This will give you a set
amount of points depending on the quality of your Freak Out, and a little speed
boost. It's handy for large spine transfers to high lips.

  2.4.3 A Few Quick Notes

On the Warehouse - Every warehouse is different. However, there are a lot of
set-pieces that are always there. These are what the gaps are based around, as
well as the goals. I would advise buying the most expensive pieces for the park
every time (when you can), as that's what I did - this will mean that my
instructions will make sense when you get to that part of the FAQ. You can
customise it afterwards, of course. If you choose not to do this, bear in mind
that my Warehouse will have different set-pieces than yours, so my instructions
and tips might not work in your version. Not only that, but I'm not sure that
the set-pieces in every game are in the same order, so most likely I'll have
different skatepark pieces than you ANYWAY.

On Updating Nintendo WFC - In the Options menu, you can select 'Update Nintendo
OR IF YOUR FRIENDS HAVE YOUR FRIEND CODE. This is only for use if you get a
different DS and need to bind them to play online again - if you do it, it will
give you a new account on american-sk8land.com, and you can never get back to
the old one if you had one. Not only that, but it will give you a new friend
code, meaning that all your friends will have to change their information. It
will also wipe your friends list, meaning you need to add everyone again. It
sucks. Don't do it.

On american-sk8land.com - A lot of the stuff in this game links in closely with
the website, http://www.american-sk8land.com. I highly recommend that you sign
up here, because if you've got a question that isn't in my FAQ, the guys on this
forum will be able to answer it, often very quickly. I'm registered on there
too, as 'Willeth', so I might answer your query there anyway - and if it's not
in the FAQ, I'll put it in.

On Kid Mode - Don't do it. It's good if you're a beginner, as it gives double
points, better balance, better air, easier landing, and fewer goals to complete
the game, but it's just not as fulfilling - and Pro mode isn't hard by any

3.0 Tips and Tricks

 3.1 Stat Building

Every skater has a set of stats that, if they build them up, gives them better
skills. They are:

- Air (How well you hang in the air from a QP or ollie)
- Ollie (How high you can jump)
- Speed (How fast you skate... duh)
- Spin (How quickly you can spin in a trick)
- Switch (How well you preform when skating in a Switch stance)
- Rail (How well you can blance on a rail)
- Lip (How well you can balance on a lip)
- Manual (How well you can balance in a manual)

You can build up these stats by performing certain tasks. Each task is worth
half a star on the stats page, and there are seven stars in total for each stat.
There's also an extra task to max out the stat - to turn it from a blue to a
yellow set of stars. This means you need to perform fifteen tasks to max out a
stat - don't worry, though, it's very easy to do so. Often you'll get six or
seven stat points in one go - I had trouble keeping it down to just one or two
per trick to do this guide.

You'll know when you earn a stat point because a marker will appear on the
left-hand side of the screen, saying '+1 Air' or something similar. After you
notice that, it's vital that you land the trick, or you won't earn the stat
point. The best way to earn stats is in Free Skate - that way, there's no
constraints on time, and you can mess up as much as necessary
before you nail it.

Your skater starts off with no stat points, but you'll soon get some - the
tasks are as follows:

- Do 2 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 3 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 4 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 5 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 6 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 7 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 8 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 9 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 10 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 11 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 12 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 13 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 14 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 15 grab tricks in 1 combo
- Do 16 grab tricks in 1 combo

- Do 2 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 3 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 4 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 5 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 6 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 7 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 8 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 9 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 10 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 11 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 12 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 13 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 14 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 15 flip tricks in 1 combo
- Do 16 flip tricks in 1 combo

- Land a 5000 point combo
- Land a 10000 point combo
- Land a 20000 point combo
- Land a 30000 point combo
- Land a 45000 point combo *not confirmed*
- Land a 60000 point combo
- Land an 80000 point combo
- Land a 100000 point combo
- Land a 130000 point combo
- Land a 160000 point combo
- Land a 190000 point combo
- Land a 230000 point combo
- Land a 280000 point combo
- Land a 350000 point combo
- Land a 450000 point combo

- Use a 180 spin in a 2000 point combo
- Use a 180 spin in a 5000 point combo
- Use a 360 spin in an 8000 point combo
- Use a 360 spin in a 15000 point combo
- Use a 360 spin in a 25000 point combo
- Use a 360 spin in a 35000 point combo
- Use a 360 spin in a 50000 point combo
- Use a 540 spin in a 65000 point combo
- Use a 540 spin in an 85000 point combo
- Use a 540 spin in a 100000 point combo
- Use a 540 spin in a 140000 point combo
- Use a 540 spin in a 180000 point combo
- Use a 720 spin in a 200000 point combo
- Use a 720 spin in a 250000 point combo
- Use a 720 spin in a 300000 point combo

- Do a 3 trick combo
- Do a 5 trick combo
- Do a 7 trick combo
- Do an 8 trick combo
- Do a 9 trick combo
- Do a 16 trick combo
- Do a 17 trick combo
- Do an 18 trick combo
- Do a 19 trick combo
- Do a 20 trick combo
- Do a 26 trick combo
- Do a 28 trick combo
- Do a 30 trick combo *not confirmed*
- Do a 32 trick combo
- Do a 34 trick combo

- Grind for 2 seconds
- Grind for 3 seconds
- Grind for 4 seconds
- Grind for 6 seconds
- Grind for 7 seconds
- Grind for 9 seconds
- Grind for 10 seconds
- Grind for 11 seconds
- Grind for 12 seconds
- Grind for 15 seconds
- Grind for 16 seconds
- Grind for 17 seconds
- Grind for 18 seconds
- Grind for 19 seconds
- Grind for 20 seconds

- Lip for 2 seconds
- Lip for 3 seconds
- Lip for 4 seconds
- Lip for 5 seconds
- Lip for 6 seconds
- Lip for 7 seconds
- Lip for 8 seconds
- Lip for 9 seconds
- Lip for 10 seconds
- Lip for 11 seconds
- Lip for 12 seconds
- Lip for 13 seconds
- Lip for 14 second
- Lip for 15 seconds
- Lip for 16 seconds

- Manual for 2 seconds
- Manual for 3 seconds
- Manual for 4 seconds
- Manual for 5 seconds
- Manual for 6 seconds
- Manual for 7 seconds
- Manual for 8 seconds
- Manual for 9 seconds
- Manual for 10 seconds
- Manual for 11 seconds
- Manual for 12 seconds
- Manual for 13 seconds
- Manual for 14 seconds
- Manual for 15 seconds
- Manual for 16 seconds

If you're having trouble getting any of these stats, try using Focus by tapping
the bottom-left of the touch screen. You can always check the status of your
stats by pausing the game, selecting Progress and selecting View Stats.

If you're having trouble maxing out your stats for Air, Ollie and Switch, go to
Beverly Hills. In the middle of the map there's a set of two planters with a
gap between them, with a QP at one end and a wall at the other. Grind up and
down these planters, ollieing when necessary and performing grab or flip tricks
whenever possible. You'll soon max out your stat. It's cheating a little bit,
but if you were worried about that, you wouldn't be reading this FAQ!

 3.2 'Hidden' Tricks

There are a few tricks that are not listed in the manual or explained in Story
Mode, and you'd probably only find them by accident.

Hip Transfer: Similar to a Spine Transfer, this allows a skater to launch off
one QP at a right angle to another, and land on the other.
(R when headed up a QP in a right-angle arrangement at a 45-degree-ish angle)

Bert Slide: I was very surprised when I found this trick, completely by
accident. It's new to the series, from THAW, and allows your skater to perform
a wide 180-degree turn on the ground by leaning over and using a hand on the
ground to pivot. It can be interrupted by a manual at any time, and can be
quite useful.
(L and left or right while skating on the ground - the direction determines
whether it's an FS or BS trick)

Pivot: When you're manualling, you can change it from a Manual to a Nose Manual
and vice versa. Useful for multipliers.
(R while manualling)

 3.3 Combos

If you don't do combos, then you're missing out on a vital part of the game -
not only that, but you won't be able to complete it at all, as there's no way
to get the high scores later in the game without them, or the 'COMBO' goals.
'Combo' is short for 'combination move' - what it means is linking tricks
together so that you get a string of tricks without bailing or landing all four
wheels of the skateboard on the ground at any one time. It's easy to learn, but
difficult to master - The key tricks here are the Revert and the Manual. After
jumping off a grind (or anything else, for that matter), press either Up then
Down or Down then Up in then air, fairly quickly, to enter a manual. The only
time you can't enter a manual is when you've just come off a quarter-pipe. When
you hit the bottom of the QP, hit R to perform a Revert - this is exactly like
moving to Switch stance, except now you can link QP and air moves together with
flatlands and grinds. Remember, though, that you have to enter a Manual or Nose
Manual directly after performing a Revert to keep it going.

A few notes on manuals - the Handstand (A+A while in a manual) needs a while
for the skater to flip back upright again, so trying to grind when in a
handstand will result in a bail every time unless you allow the skater to right
him/herself. The Finger Flip 180 and the Half Cab Impossible (both Y+Y, trick
performed depends on stance) give you an extra tiny burst of speed when you're
in a manual. This is useful for getting up slight inclines or to start moving
if you've stopped or are slowing down.

Double taps while doing a trick are essential for combos, whether it's
flatlanding or lipping, or even grinding. Your multiplier goes up extremely
quickly using this technique.

 3.4 Exploits

There are several areas in the game that can be exploited to rack up points
fairly quickly. I would advise that you don't use these, as they take a lot of
fun out of the game, but if you absolutely must, well, here goes - basically if
you can find anywhere that has a grindable surface with two perpendicular       
walls, you can exploit that to your heart's content. An especially good one is
just to the right of the start in Hollywood, above the pool - there arethree
rails on top of each other that, if used right, can give you masses of points.
The top worldwide scorer on Hollywood used this technique. There is a similar
area with two planters in the middle of the map in Beverly Hills, and the Big
Spine in the Warehouse also provides the same idea.

Pools can also be used in the same way, as they are basically a never-ending
grind - use Focus well and you can rack up a lot of points, then Acid Drop into
the pool and Revert, then manual and do a load of flatland tricks - your Manual
meter is different to your grind meter as well, so you can kee going for ages.
If you're cunning, you can get a load of Lip tricks in as well. A lot of pools
are flanked by walls, too, so it's possible to Wallplant and do a roll before
landing back on the lip and grinding.

  3.5 Secrets

 Secret 1

In THAS, there's some graffiti made by the developers, Vicarious Visions! Go to
the graffiti editor and fill the screen with horizontal blocks of colour - the
top one red, the middle one green, and the bottom one blue. Make sure there are
no other colours on the screen. The lines don't have to be exactly equal, or
even perfectly horizontal.
Then, select the 'transparent' colour from the far left - the one that looks
like a cross in a box. Then, tap the icon in the top right that's two squares
with an arrow between them. A stick-man graffiti icon should magically appear on
your screen!
If you do this in the board editor, you'll get a Scottish golfer, complete with

 Secret 2

Guess what - you can make your skater fart! Go to Beverly Hills, and on the west
side of the map, find the mansion with the closed gate. There are bushes lined
up all around it - find the one on the far left in the shadow of the building
next to it, stand in the middle of it, and stop so that your skater grabs your
board. Voila - a disturbingly long bit of flatulence, just for you.

4.0 Story Mode

Yeesh, we got here eventually. I thought that I'd never finish doing that Stats
section, it took hours. I hope you appreciate it, you ingrates.

So you've been picked by Tony Hawk himself to ride in his magic bus all over
the west coast - congratulations! You're headed out to Hollywood first, and you
come across Mindy, the local skater chick and artist, voiced by none other than
the black girl from Rugrats. So you can stop racking your brains as to where
you've heard that voice before. Let's get started!

The way that Story Mod works is just as it has done for the past few Tony Hawk's
games on the consoles - find people in the level, talk to them, and perform the
goals that they give you. In THAS, every character gives you two goals (except
for the pros, who only give you one). The normal characters are marked on the
map by a grey person icon, while the pros have a red cap and a board.
After completing all the goals for a particular person in the level, they'll
vanish, so you don't need to do the same goal twice.

 4.1 Hollywood

   Location: To your left as soon as you start the level - you're forced into
the first goal.

   Goal 1: Collect 15 markers
   Reward: $250

The first thing that you have to do in Hollywood is to find your way about.
Mindy kindly drops a load of huge green arrows about the place (don't ask me
where she got them), and you've got to go and pick them up. This is an insanely
easy mission - just follow the arrow at the top of the screen and ollie to get
the arrows. If you want, you can grind on some of them, but it's
not really necessary.

First you'll go past the Hollywood Theatre. There's some nice spots for
grinding around here, but not much else. Next is the Subway - this one goes to  
the Warehouse, but you've not unlocked that yet! This is a secondary way of
getting around the game - you can go through the subways and entrances, and
get to other levels. It can be highly annoying, because you suddenly find
yourself in another level in the middle of a combo sometimes, but it's not a
bad addition. You can tell whether a transport is open or not because the
arrow turns from red to green. Next up is a huge studio area. You'll see a big
open gate, but if you go through it you'll just get shoved back onto the level
with a crude message. Get used to this, you'll be seeing a lot of it,
especially when you get to Alcatraz.
And last up with have the museum and mall. This arrow opens to the next level,
Beverly Hills, once you've done enough goals.

The markers you have to hit are marked on your map, so you shouldn't have too
much trouble finding them. I'm not even going to bother listing instructions on
how to get them, it's that easy, especially since you get a whole five minutes
to do it in. You'll get $250 of Mindy's 'extra money' if you do it, although
how anyone can have extra cash I don't know. Have at it!

   Goal 2: Collect 2 Magazines
   Reward: $250

Ollie over the planter you're facing to get the first magazine. Extremely easy.
You'll also get the 'Grass Hopper' gap for this.

After getting the first one, turn right, ollie over the rail if you need to, and
go up the right-hand QP. Ollie up to get the second magazine.

  Skate Punk
   Location: On the pavement, on the far west of the map.

   Goal 1: Manual Through The Building
   Reward: $250

Another easy goal - get a bit of speed up, then press either Up then Down or
Down then Up to enter a manual. make sure you do it through both signs, and
watch your balance meter. Once you get both signs you should get the 'Shop Shop'
gap. Ollie to get out of the manual.

   Goal 2: Grind The Corner Rail
   Reward: $250

Just ollie onto the rail and press X to grind it. You'll get the Corner Rail
gap for this.


After you've done three goals, you'll get a cut-scene, with Tony Hawk
complimenting your style and Mindy sketching you wiping out. Look out for the
dinosaur on his coffee break, and Tony building a quarter-pipe in about two
seconds out of some old wood. This is where Sk8land's dodgy humour comes in a
bit - "I used to wipe out there. And there... there, there, and there!"
Yes, Tony.

So now you'll get to build your first piece in your very own park. You won't
have enough for the most expensive piece yet, but don't worry, you'll get it.
grab whichever of the first two pieces you fancy, and tap the eye to try before
you buy. Once you're happy, tap the Buy icon.

Once you've bought a set-piece and tapped the hand to exit, you're dumped rather
unceremoniously bak in Hollywood. Let's get back to those goals.

   Location: In a building to the north of the map, next to a QP with 'Now
   Hiring' draped across it.

   Goal 1: Skate-tris - 4 Flip Tricks Only
   Reward: $250

The waiter will call out kickflips and heelflips for you to do. The easiest way
to do it is to go up one of the quarter-pipes that are there and trick off them.
Once you've landed a trick, he'll call out another, until you've done four

   Goal 2: Skate-tris - 4 Grab Tricks Only
   Reward: $250

This works in exactly the same way as the first goal, but with Nosegrabs and
Tailgrabs instead of the flip tricks. Perform four and you're done.

   Location: Follow the road left from the start. This guy's on the south side
   before the left-hand turn.

   Goal 1: Spine Transfer Into The Pool
   Reward: $250

For this goal just skate forward, towards the QP ahead of you. Ollie and
Kickflip if you want to gain a bit of speed. When you ollie off the QP, whack R
and you'll transfer up into the pool. You'll also get the Pool Party gap for

   Goal 2: Wallride The Wall
   Reward: $250

Just ollie into the wall at an angle, while holding X. Bingo, easy money.

  Movie Star
   Location: At the northernmost part of the map, in the middle of the road.

   Goal 1: Skitch The Car
   Reward: $250

First, find the police car roving around the place. It's going rather slowly, so
it shouldn't be hard to catch. Hold the Up button while skating behind it to
grab the back of it. This is Skitching. Just ollie off and land or press Down to
end it. Yo, that was really great!

   Goal 2: Tag The Four Graffiti Spots
   Reward: $250

Wow, okay. this is probably the first taxing goal so far - you need to find four
huge green X markers in the level, and spray them with your graffiti. If you've
made some custom graffiti, it'll show up, otherwise you get a boring old coffee
Lucky for you that I'm here to show you where they all are. I'm going to go in
an anti-clockwise direction, okay? Here goes.
Head straight ahead to the first X. Stop in front of it by holding the Down
button without holding B to crouch. When your skater lifts up his/her board,
you can tag the spot by pressing A - although make sure you get a 'Press A to
Paint' message in the top-right. You won't be able to do it if you're too close,
too far away, or at a wide angle.
From here, head left and follow the road round (after admiring your wonderful
spray). You'll skate for quite a while, back past the start, but if you follow
the road you'll see a green X ahead of you. Tag it.
Head right and follow the road again. You'll head down a hill. On your right at
the foot of the hill is another X. You know what to do.
Carry on the way you were going and go up the other hill. At the top you'll
cross a zebra crossing and a limo will be on your right. On your left, opposite
the limo, is the final X. Tag it for $250.

 Sandwich Board Man
  Location: On the far east side of the map, near a subway entrance.

  Goal 1: Wallplant The Four No Skate Signs
  Reward: $250

This is very similar to the second Movie Star goal, but a bit harder, since
you've got to find a much smaller sign. I'm still here to guide you, though -
let's get to it.
Straight ahead of you is a No Skating sign. Ollie towards it and press B when
you hit the wall to slap a sticker on it and Wallplant off. Immediately stop,
turn round, and face your sticker. Lovely.
Turn left and follow the road round and down the hill, past the limo. On the
left at the bottom of the hill is another sign. Do the same - ollie at the wall
and press B to wallplant off the sign.
Turn and go past the dinosaur and up the hill on the other side. Follow the road
round until you get to the start of the level again. On the left, between the
two QPs, is another No skating sign. Slap it and move on down the road, past the
bleacher seating.
Follow the road left until you get to the northernmost part of the map. You
should see a mossy wall in front of you. To the left of it is the final sign.

  Goal 2: Perform A Freak Out
  Reward: $250

So, uh, this guy wants you to fall flat on your face and go mental - and you're
going to humour him? Okay, sure.
The easiest way to get a Freak Out is to go up the QP to your right, perform two
tricks, and land with the board sideways. You only get a Freak Out if you do
more than one trick before bailing. Tap the bars on the touch screen when they
reach the top. Get more than 1000 points and you'll get some more dough.

 Paul Rodriguez (1)

After you've done these goals, Mindy will pop up and tell you that good old
Paul Rodriguez is about. He'll help you with the Warehouse by giving you a nice
crisp thousand  dollar bill, but first you have to perform a task for him. Don't
go and do this yet! If you do, you'll move on to Beverly Hills far too quickly,
not have enough money for the decent set-pieces later on, and leave a load of
goals unfinished in Hollywood. Ignore him completely, and from now on in the
level, before you talk to anyone, check on the bottom screen to see if it's the
pro. If it is, leave him, and come back when you've exhausted all other options.
Luckily, there's only four more goals before you can go say hi.

 Punk Guy
  Location: Opposite the wrought-iron gate, on the south side of the level, next
  to a huge orange archway.

  Goal 1: Do A 3 Trick Combo
  Reward: $250

This is easy. Just Manual, Pivot and Pivot (Up, Down, R, R) if you're having any
trouble. You'll also get a stat point for this if you haven't earned it already.

  Goal 2: Skate-tris - 3 Flatland Tricks Only
  Reward: $250

For this one, just go into a manual and perform the tricks that pop up. Just
remember to watch your balance meter! Once you've done three tricks, ollie and
land it, and cash for you.

  Location: This guy should be the last one you have to find except for the pro,
  if you've been following this guide. He's at the southernmost point of the
  level, next to a red building.

  Goal 1: Perform A Revert
  Reward: $250

Another easy goal. Hollywood is really just easing you in very slowly. Simply
head up the QP ahead of you, and when you come back down, hit either R or X
when you hit the QP to do a Revert. Voila.

  Goal 2: Natas Spin The Four Fire Hydrants
  Reward: $250

This is probably the hardest Hollywood goal. The hydrants are quite small and
can be quite hard to find if you're still unfamiliar with the level. Thankfully,
you get shown where they are - one outside the giant dinosaur, one by the
wrought-iron gate, one outside the subway, and one by the mossy wall next to a
zebra crossing.
From the start, then, the first hydrant is slightly to your left. Ollie to the
top of it and hold X to spin on top, the same as you would for a rail grind.
This will give you the Momo Spin gap. Go up the hill, then follow the road round
until you see the mossy wall. Find the hydrant next to the zebra crossing and
Natas Spin it. This is the Little Sanchez gap. Ollie off and follow the road
round the corner to the subway. Just outside is another hydrant. Natas Spin, get
the Hot Soup gap, then follow the road, past Paul Rodriguez. Skate past the limo
and the hydrant's on your left immediately after. Spin, ollie off, and you're

 Paul Rodriguez (2)
  Location: Now you've completed all the goals and got all the possible money,
  it's time to go see the pro and get the hell out of here. He's on the east
  side of the level, south of the subway - his icon's got a red cap and every
  now and again it flips its board.

  Goal: Perform a Touch Special
  Reward: $1000

So you need to do a Special trick, eh? No problem. Now, while the game says you
should catch some air and do a Special in the air, I say it's easier to do it in
a manual. Simply manual, and double-tap Y, and then again. You'll do a Finger
Flip 180 and a Half Cab Impossible, but maybe not in that order. That'll fill
your special. Then ollie. Your special meter will stay full.
Now, you can do this two ways. Don't hold B, then press the green filmstrip
button on the bottom-right of the Touch Screen. You will enter a One Foot Nose
Manual. Just ollie out of it and you're done.
Alternatively, you can do as the game suggests, and perform it in the air. Go up
a QP, ollie (or No Comply or Boneless, of course) and press the filmstrip icon.
It just so happens there's a QP to your left. You'll do a Double Kickflip To
Indy, and as long as you land it it's happy days.


Now, a quick save, and off to the Warehouse to buy more bits. You've got more
than enough cash now to get the most expensive piece, so why not? The others are
boring anyway.
Now, off to Beverly Hills!

 4.2 Beverly Hills

Welcome. Time to live it up with the toffs. Watch out for Daewon Song's goofy
wave - it's hilarious - and just nod along with Mindy as she says that we'll
meet up with him and then meet Tony downtown. But we're going to go and have
some fun of our own first. Let's roll.

   Location: Right next to you at the start.

   Goal 1: Collect The Trick Signs
   Reward: $250

This works just the same as the Manual signs in Hollywood. Head towards the
planter, ollie and grind before going through the sign. After collecting two
signs, there's a break in the planters, so remember to ollie and land in a grind
before the next sign. There's only three, so ollie, land it, and you're done.

   Goal 2: Lip A Ledge
   Reward: $250

You'll be put onto the roof automatically, so there's no need to mess about
trying to get up there. You're also lined up with the ledge perfectly, so all
you need to do is skate, ollie and press and hold X near a ledge. Lip trick to
your heart's content, but either ollie or get your balance to the lowest point
before you bail, land on the QP, and give yourself a pat on the back. If you
want to get the higher ledge, you can Boneless up the QP, come back down, do the
same up the one opposite, come down, and finally Boneless up the first one again
to reach the top lip. You'll get the Higher Than You gap for this, whichever
method you use.

   Location: Turn left at the start, and go past the planters. He's on the
   right-hand side of the road, at the corner of a building.

   Goal 1: varial Heelflip The Gap
   Reward: $250

You get shoved up in exactly the right spot again, so don't worry about that.
Do a Varial Heelflip (Down-Right and Y) over the Gaps Gap, and you'll get it.
The camera will go into slow-motion and zoom out, which can be a bit
intimidating, but the physics work exactly the same way. It's probably easiest
to land a 180, but it's up to you.

 Here you should unlock your second Touch Special. It's red. Congratulations!

   Goal 2: Skate-Tris - Grind And Flip Tricks
   Reward: $250

You know how this works by now. Do the tricks that appear in the top-right of
the screen - a double direction means tap it twice, then hold the button, but
you knew that. Flip and grind your way to 250 big ones.

   Location: At the southernmost part of the map, next to a plate-glass window
   and a quarter-pipe.

   Goal 1: Collect The Camera And Film
   Reward: $250

Now, I'll say it - this guy is complete annoyance. He's got a camera, but not
his favourite one, so he makes you go and get it. Well, for $250 I'm not going
to complain about skating round the block, I guess.
In the top-right of the map you'll see a camera icon. There's also that big
green arrow telling you where to go that you'll remember from the very first
mission with Mindy. Follow it to get the camera - it's just lying on the floor
between two QPs at the top of the map. Take it back to the bloke - you only need
to get within a few feet of him and he'll talk to you again.
Guess what? No film in the camera. Why he wouldn't keep his favourite
camera full of film, I don't know, but let's go get it. For double pay - nope, I
don't mind.
The film's on the far west side, under that triangle thing on the map. That's
the petrol station. You've got more than enough time to get there, so get to it!
It's just lying on the floor, same as the camera. Swipe it and get yourself back
to the camera jockey. And you're done. But wait! He said he'd double your money,
and he only coughed up the base $250! Cheapskate.

   Goal 2: Collect The Camera And Film
   Reward: $250

Okay, so you ran around to get all his stuff in record time, and now he says you
didn't need to, 'cause the bus is late. What a reject. He's not all bad,
however - he'll give you some more cash if you so a trick for him - more chance
to raise your rep and have some fun.
Just do what he says - hit the ramp at an angle, transfer between them, get a
nice gap and 250 bones while you're at it. Nice one, and the Free Jewelry gap.

  Garbage Man
   Location: In the middle of the map is a set of two planters - he's standing
   to the west of them.

   Goal 1: Grind The Garbage Cans
   Reward: $250

You're already at the right angle and facing the QP, so just hit it and ollie.
If you've not got full stats yet (and why not?) you might have to No Comply or
Boneless, but once you've done it - hold X. You'll grind around and knock the
trash cans into the street. After four, hold X again, because you'll drop onto
another ledge and if you don't grind you'll not knock the cans, and have to go
all around again. After hitting the last one, you'll fall right back onto the
street without having to do anything, so just make sure you keep your balance
and you'll be fine.

   Goal 2: Grind The Newspapers
   Reward: $250

This goal is essentially the same as the one before it, just easier. Grind the
two rails that are in front of you, making sure you hit all the newspapers.
A cinch. If you jump between the rails, you'll get the Small Shop Pop gap.

   Location: If you've followed these instructions, there'll be four people left
   to talk to. The one one the east side of the diamond that they form, next to
   a rail, is the Rollerblader.

   Goal 1: Collect S-K-A-T-E
   Reward: $250

You remember this goal from the Tony Hawk's games of yore - you must do. Just
grab them all in one minute. The S is close enough to the ground for you to
collect if you just skate by it. It should be possible for you to get the K and
A in one with a well-timed ollie. A quick transfer gets you the T, and the E is
just like the S - you only have to skate over to it to grab it.

   Goal 2: Collect C-O-M-B-O
   Reward: $250

Again, a goal that you'll remember from the past - I think it was introduced in
THPS4. The letters are in a huge semi-circle around a pool (at least, I think
it's a pool), and it's not too hard to get them - grind the wall and keep
holding X to grind the edge of the pool-thing, right around. After the B there's
a short gap in the grind, so ollie - you should be able to land pretty much on
the final O. Your first combo goal, congratulations.

  Movie Star
   Location: From the last goal you're perfectly positioned to find this lovely
   actress. She's in the middle of that pool... thing in the north-west.

   Goal 1: Get A 20000 Point Score In The Lower Area
   Reward: $250

The great bit about this is that you can grind forever on this rectangular area,
as long as you ollie over the ramp bit. Remember about the double-taps while
grinding, and also don't forget that you should have two touch specials by now,
which will definitely come in handy.

   Goal 2: Get A 500 Point Score From A Freak Out
   Reward: $250

Another one who wants you to fall flat on your face! Go for it - the easiest way
is to do exactly what you did for the first goal, grinding around the pool area,
but at some point overbalance. Freak out as much as possible, and you win.

 Daewon Song (1)

Here Mindy'll tell you that Daewon Song has arrived. He's over near the start,
but don't go and see him just yet - we've still got four goals left to do! At
least he's far enough away so you don't confuse him with anyone else.

  Rich Dude
   Location: On the west side of that diamond mentioned earlier (now with only
   one side left made up of two people), in a U shape made up by buildings in
   the north-west corner and a shortcut to Downtown.

   Goal 1: Fetch The Keys
   Reward: $250

You want to make some money? Hrrm? This is a fairly easy goal, once you figure
out what you have to do. Simply going up the QP that you're pointed to and
that's under the key icon on the map won't get you the keys. You have to go
around a sloped balcony. From the start, go over the two zebra crossings and go
past the stairset leading downwards to your left. Immediately on your left
should be an archway with a rail coming out of it. You can either grind the rail
or just skate through the archway. I think it's more fun to grind, but either
way works. When you go right round in a semi-circle, you'll see the keys. Grab
them, jump out into the street below, head right and follow the arrow to find
him. If you did a grind on the rail, you'll get the Wimpy Rail gap.
Simply wonderful!

   Goal 2: Clear The Pigeons Off The Ledge In One Combo
   Reward: $250

Personally, I'm all for pigeons going to the toilet on smarmy rich people's
cars, but this guy's paying, so...
You're headed at exactly the right angle, so ollie and grind. After hitting
three pigeons, there's a gap in the ledge, so ollie over and land in a grind -
six pigeons, you're done!

  Pump Jockey
   Location: In the fuel station forecourt from earlier, on the west side.

   Goal 1: Spine Transfer Onto The Roof
   Reward: $250

There's no reason why you should be able to ollie up high enough here. If you
can't, go up and back down the QP without tricking, Wallplant the wall opposite
and head back up the QP and ollie.
Press R while higher than the roof to Spine Transfer. You'll get the Behind Gas
gap, too.

   Goal 2: Get A 500 Point Score From A Freak Out
   Reward: $250

Head back down and chat to him again. Apparently the wind put someone's credit
card on top of the station - must have been a strong wind.
Anyway, just do that Spine Transfer you did a minute ago - you'll have to find
it, but it's not hard. Go up past the building, and turn around - you'll
recognise it. Spine Transfer up there, and carry on - there's a kicker on the
other side of the roof. Head over there and ollie, No Comply or Boneless onto
the triangluar roof. Grab the card and head back down.

  Daewon Song (2)
   Location: Back near the start, in the corner formed by a pink building.

   Goal: Collect The Trick Signs
   Reward: $1000

The pros always seem to give you the best goals. This one challenges your combo
skills. Hit the QP to your right and grind the top. After collecting the first
sign, ollie and land in a grind to clear the gap and get the next one. At the
top of the little ramp you'll come to, ollie and grind on the ledge above.
Follow it to the end and ollie off, doing a grab trick through the sign hanging
in the air. Land and you're finished. You'll get the Handy Ramp and Check Out
gaps, too.


Another quick save, and back to American Sk8land. He thinks B rocks the house,
but of course it's your choice. Tap the hand and you're goin' Downtown.

 4.3 Downtown

Here we are, in Tony's amazing grinding bus. A special trick (or so I'd guess
from the sound) lands it on top of a car. Great driving, Hawk!
I don't know about you, but I find Daewon Song trying to get a gorilla to build
a set-piece for him exceptionally funny.
Okay, so, this level. It can be quite tricky to find your way around at some
points, but that's what the map is for, and I'm here to hold your hand, so don't
worry about a thing.

  Restaurant Owner
   Location: Just south of the start.

   Goal 1: Grind The Dumpsters
   Reward: $250

This guy's having trouble getting rats out of his restaurant, and his high-class
clientele aren't too happy about it. For some decent scratch, though, any skater
would clear them out!
You'll start off facing parallel to the grind - you need to do it on the edge
of the green dumpsters. You can either go up the plank on the right and grind it
from the top down, or carry on going straight and jump upwards to get it. Either
way, grind along it all the way, and you'll get the Dumpster Grind gap and a
nice complete goal.

   Goal 2: Deliver The Food
   Reward: $250

There's not much to this goal - just follow the map and you'll find everyone who
you need to deliver to. There's a huge Manual sign in front of each of them. And
don't worry - you don't need to get them all in one combo.
Head straight from the start and follow the road left. When you see a green X on
the wall, head left again, and you'll see the first manual spot. Watch out for
the police car, as it mills about around here and can catch you off guard if
you're not careful.
Follow the road round and take a left just after the huge wooden ramp. When you
get to a pair of concrete posts, turn right, and you'll see the second one.
Manual through it - you should be able to manual through the third one as well,
which is directly ahead of it, in the same manual. If you really fancy yourself
as a skilled player, manualling round the corner into the fourth one shouldn't
be too much of a problem - and the fifth one is straight ahead of that.

   Location: Far north-east, next to a bench covered by a green awning.

   Goal 1: Score 25,000 Points In 2 Minutes
   Reward: $250

You should be right next to this guy after completing the last goal - All he
wants is to see a decent point-scoring session. Just turn around and face
backwards, head up the small QP and Spine Transfer into the pool above. Then you
can trick to your heart's content. Should be easy, for you.

   Goal 2: Score 15,000 Points In One Combo
   Reward: $250

Another point-scoring challenge. This one is, of course, a wee bit harder, but
still fairly easy. You can do several things to get it quickly - go into that
pool for the previous goal and use Reverts and Manuals like no tomorrow, grind
around the edge, whatever. 15,000 points is a cinch with even just a x6
multiplier (that's six tricks in one combo). It can be done with just a quick
manual and a few flatland tricks.

Here Mindy will interrupt your skating - You've got enough money for a new skate
Here, you might not have enough for the most expensive one, but don't worry
about it - at the end of the game, you'll be able to get everything, no problem.
Choose from a conveyor belt, a funbox or a funky rail (my favourite), and you're

  Business Man
   Location: North of a building that's north of you at the start, between two

   Goal 1: Kickflip The Restaurant Gap
   Reward: $250

Finally, you're making it into the industry! Perform a Kickflip (Left + Y) while
crossing the rooves of the two buildings. Get onto the roof by doing a spine
transfer up the QP that's ahead of you. Then ollie over the gap, doing a
kickflip. Make sure that 'Kickflip' appears on the screen before
'Restaurant Gap' or it won't register. Sorted!

   Goal 2: Score 10,000 Points And Enter Focus For 5 Seconds In One Combo
   Reward: $250

A bit of a complex challenge, but I like it. Just perform enough tricks in a
combo to get full Focus, then enter it and keep tricking. Land it as you
normally would (ie, keep it going for as long as possible without bailing) and
you should do it with ease.

 Here your third Touch Special is unlocked - a blue one. That's all of them!

   Location: Opposite the rail tracks that lead downwards, next to a red
building near the subway.

   Goal 1: Nosegrind The Archway
   Reward: $250

Revenge is your mission this time! Just spoil this guy's shot of an italian
restaurant (oddly enough) and you'll get this guy back for ruining all the
tourist's holiday snaps. You'll start by facing the QP at exactly the right
angle - just ollie up, hold Up and X, and you'll Nosegrind. Wait until the gap
appears in your combo list, then land. Easy.

   Goal 2: Indy The Trally Transfer
   Reward: $250

This guy wants a picture of your slow-mo skills over a transfer - why not
humour him? Just do an Indy - that's Right and A, if you've forgotten - over the
transfer you get shown. Just go down the slope, and transfer it - you'll enter
Focus and go to a dodgy camera angle - just make sure you're angled correctly
before you come out of slow-mo, though, because that can really confuse you when
it suddenly speeds up.
Land it for 250 bones.

   Location: In the far north-west corner, next to a lamp post.

   Goal 1: Clear The Three Transfers
   Reward: $250

These three transfers can be quite challenging without full Air stat - luckily,
I've told you how to get that earlier, so no worries! Head directly ahead of
you for the first transfer, over the door. The second is on the other side of
the same corner. The third - just to the east of the second one, over an opening
that leads to a metal wall with a small door. This one's the biggest, but
shouldn't give you any trouble.

   Goal 2: Lip The Ledges
   Reward: $250

Easy, compared to the last one. Head straight ahead and go past the bollards.
Just go up the QP and lip either one of the ledges - the Lower Perch or the High
Perch. Come down, land, stop - and head back up to lip the other. If you're
having trouble with the High Perch, just use a standing Freak Out.

   Location: On the corner next to the subway.

   Goal 1: Grind The Shoes
   Reward: $250

Grind the shoes? What? Yeah, I know how it sounds.
This guy's been bullied, and someone filched his trainers while he was blading.
Obviously he needs them back, so you need to get them down off the cable that
they've been thrown over. Trouble is, there's quite a few of them, and he can't
tell which are his from the ground. So you'll have to knock them all down for
Just do exactly what he says - grind the upper ledge to the left. Again, if
you're having trouble getting up there, Freak Out while standing. Then just
grind for a while. Don't ollie, as you might miss some shoes. Once you've got
all five, jump off and land - if you're having trouble holding a grind for that
long, remember two things - you've got Focus, and you don't need to get all the
shoes in one combo.

   Goal 2: Collect C-O-M-B-O
   Reward: $250

The C is on a semi-circular thing. Grind it around, and you'll also get the O.
You'll get the Round Here gap, too. land in a manual and head to the rail
straight ahead and grind it left. That's the M sorted. As soon as you get it,
ollie off slightly to the left, and manual through the B. The final O is over a
QP ahead of you - feel free to use Y+Y to get a bit of extra speed, and up you

  Mike Vallely (1)

Now Mindy tells you that Mike V's in town - but, again, you don't want to go to
him just yet. You might have noticed a few other people popping up in town as
well, where they weren't before. Ignore Mike for the moment and go chase someone

  Skate Punk
   Location: In the bowl on to of the red building in the north.

   Goal 1: Score 7,500 Points In 60 Seconds On The Roof
   Reward: $250

Another score challenge - easy. Just make sure you don't press R and head out
into the street below, cause you'll have to start again.
Even the most basic combo will net you these points, so you should breeze
through this.

   Goal 2: Land 3 Tricks In One Combo On The Roof
   Reward: $250

Again, a very basic combo. An ollie to kickflip to manual will do this, or going
up a QP, a grab and revert, then manual, etc. Enjoy!

  Construction Worker
   Location: Just north of the start, under a rail.

   Goal 1: Collect The Garbage Bags
   Reward: $250

There are five bags here - four of them are easy to find, just grind your way
around the plaza. The final one is above the bell in the centre - just hit the
ramp just before it and glide over the bell - it rings, you get the bag, job

   Goal 2: Collect S-K-A-T-E
   Reward: $250

Ah, an old-school goal. Lovely. Get You know how this works.
Although you can't see it, the S is straigt ahead of you after you start the
goal. Head over to the dumpsters and grind them to get it. Follow it round and
past the portal to Beverly Hills, up the wooden ramp and grab the K. For the A,
follow the road round and grind the rail on the left once you've turned right.
After the A, turn left and follow the road west immediately. The T is on the
corner to your right at the next junction. Finally, stop and face south. The E
is hovering above the QP behind a set of three posts.

  Mike Vallely (2)
   Location: In front of the archway at the north of the map, next to a huge
wodden ramp.

   Goal: Skitch The Car, Clear The Money Booter
   Reward: $500

Okay - this is my favourite goal of the whole game, so enjoy it. It can be quite
difficult at first, but it's actually not too hard once you've got the hang of
how it works.
Skitch the car in front of you by holding Up while moving towards it. Just after
it rounds the corner, press Down to let go, and you'll travel fairly fast
towards the curved ramp. Don't worry about losing speed, you've got just the
right amount if you've got a full Speed stat. if you don't have a full Speed
stat, let go of the car a little bit later. Line yourself up straight, and
launch off it - pull a trick in the air in slow motion if you want to, but make
sure you're lined up straight when you land. Congratulations!


Off you go to American Sk8land to grab another park piece. You should have
enough dosh to get whichever one you want. After that - off to Vans!

 4.4 Vans

Vans - a sponsored skate park. They're having a contest to win a skate piece,
and of course you're goig to enter - just as soon as you stop watching the pros
you've met so far covering each other in paint. As soon as you get there, Tony
gets swamped by fans, but that's par for the course. Leave him be and get

 4.5 East LA

 4.6 Alcatraz

 4.7 Warehouse

5.0 Classic Mode

Classic Mode is much like the original Tony Hawk games. You have two minutes to
complete as many goals as possible. Hints are given before you start the level
on how to complete the goals. The first five goals in any given level are point
challenges - a high score, a higher score and an even higher score overall, as
well as two combo scores. All these goals require to get them is practice, so
they won't be featured in this FAQ. The next goals are split into collection
goals and trick goals - in a collection goal, you need to get several objects
in a level under certain conditions, such as before the timer runs out or
within one combo. Trick goals require you to perform a trick on a particular
obstacle or set-piece. Finally, each level has a Secret Tape that can be
collected by getting to an out-of-the-way area.

 5.1 Hollywood

  Collect S-K-A-T-E

There is one of these goals in every level, and you'll recognise the structure
from Story. The S is straight ahead of you, on the curved metal barrier. You
can either ollie into it or grind the bar to get it. The K and A are on red
ropes in front of the building to your left, the T is on the metal barrier
around the corner, and the E is by the red rope at the end. Simple.

  Collect C-O-M-B-O

You can collect these letters in any order, but you must do it in one combo.
From the start of the level, grind on the curved metal barrier/railing that's
ahead of you, making sure you're going fairly quickly. Ollie up onto the top
of the bleachers to collect the C. Grind the top, ollie over the gap, and grind
the other bleacher to get O, M and B. The final O is on top of the metal bar
straight ahead - drop off the bleachers and manual to get there.

  50-50 Billboard Grind Gap

The Billboard Grind is easy. There's a wooden platform along the bottom of the
billboard that's right behind you when you start. Just 50-50 grind all the way
along it (X with no directional buttons, when headed straight-on to the grind).

  Natas Spin Fire Hydrants

Finding these isn't too hard. From the start, take the road left until you are
facing north with a wall with moss on it ahead of you. There is a fire hydrant
at the base of that. Ollie on top of it and hold X to Natas Spin on the top.
You'll get the gap Little Sanchez.
From there, ollie off and follow the road east, round a corner. To your left is
a subway entrance and to the south of it is another hydrant next to a lamp post.
This one is Hot Soup.
From there, follow the road south and around. After you cross the zebra crossing
next to the limousine, there's a hydrant on the left. This is the Gap Yuel Gap.
Then just follow the road down the hill and there's another one under the
building with the dinosaur on top. this is the Momo Spin. And you're done!

  Find The Hidden Tape

This is quite a hard tape to get. From the start, head straight ahead. There are
some railings to your right - grind up them, and up the wire that it leads you
to. Ollie and grind to pick up speed on the flat bits if you need to. You should
see the dinosaur pass by on your left. When you get to the billboard advertising
Sirius Radio, ollie left and grind the base of it. Fly off the end to get the
tape that's hanging in mid-air.

 5.2 Beverly Hills

  Collect S-K-A-T-E

The SKATE letters are on the far west of the level. get there and look at the
map. You can probably see the S hovering inside a hallway above a tiny QP - you
can't get it by using the QP, though. The hallway that it is in is U-shaped.
You can see it on the map. Enter by the eastern entrance of the upside-down U
and grind along the rail to get the S. Drop off and you'll automatically be
lined up perfectly to get the K. The A is hovering above that red awning over
the building ahead - wallride the wall to your left (where the green graffiti
X is) and quickly grind on the awning or Wallie to get it. The T is quite low on
the Michelangelo Air transfer over the doorway of the Brassy Art Museum, which
is straight ahead of you. Turn around and go into the alley on your right and
go up the little QP there to bag the E.

  Collect C-O-M-B-O

This is one of the more fun COMBO challenges on the game. Speed straight ahead
from the start until you approach the C on the right-hand side. Grind the top
of the brown QP and you'll get it. Ollie and grind as soon as you do to get the
O, and you'll blast around a small corner. Ollie up the kicker that gets in your
way onto the ledge on the side of the building. You'll get the M, but make sure
that you land in a grind. Keep this grind all the way around the edge of the
building and you'll get the B and final O, both of which are on corners of the

  5-0 Grind The Wimpy Rail

Remember that rail we used to get the S in SKATE? Perform a 5-0 grind on it
(Down and X) and follow it all the way round. Get up some speed beforehand.

  Natas Spin Fire Hydrants

From the start, the Drop And Roll gap is immediately on the corner of the
building to your left. Follow the road south and then left - Cool Off is next
to a No Skating sign on a corner after the zebra crossing. Head north - 911, the
next hydrant, is in the north-east corner of this street next to a railing.
Finally, head west past the gas station. The last hydrant, Ghetto Fountain, is
at the corner of a building before you enter the mansion area.

  Find The Secret Tape

This one can be a bit frustrating, but once you know where it is, it's easy.
From the start, there's three buildings on your left-hand side. The tape is on
top of the furthest away from you. Go up the QP on your right, and come down
(without reverting, as it'll slow you down), then immediately turn right, then
left, to get onto the QP at the base of the building on your left. If you can,
No Comply or Boneless up, and Spine Transfer onto the roof. Then, before you go
flying off the other end, brake. Turn around, and go up the QP you just landed
on. Go high enough and you'll grab the tape. If you've got full stats, you
should be able to get up there with a simple Boneless.

 5.3 Downtown

 5.4 Vans

  Collect S-K-A-T-E

  Collect C-O-M-B-O

 5.5 East LA

  Collect S-K-A-T-E

  Collect C-O-M-B-O

 5.6 Alcatraz

  Collect S-K-A-T-E

  Collect C-O-M-B-O

 5.7 Warehouse

  Collect S-K-A-T-E

  Collect C-O-M-B-O

6.0 Extra Stuff

 6.1 Gaps

[NOTE: All Story mode levels provide the gap 'Ped Props' if another character is
still in the level - ie, not all goals have been completed. Simply perform a
trick past one of them to get the gap.]

  6.1.1 Hollywood

   Air Gaps

    Life is Good                                                                
     From the start, follow the road left, and you should see a brown, raised
part of the pavement with a railing on it at the next bend. There are two rails
in the middle of the raised part - grind on one and ollie to the other, then
grind on it.
Gap done.

    Bleacher To Bleacher
     Grind and jump between the bleacher seating - to your left at the beginning
of the level.

    So And So
     From the start of the level, go straight ahead and round the bend, past the
giant dinosaur. Turn left and go up the hill - at the open wrought-iron gate
that leads off the level, turn left and go over the zebra crossing. There should
be two ramps with arrows on them to your right - transfer between them.

    The Archway
     Opposite the So And So gap, there is an orange archway. Each side of this
archway is actually a quarter-pipe - transfer between them to get the gap.

     Go through the Archway gap from the east. Straight ahead of you is a wooden
QP with what look like menus on the top of it. Hit it at speed and Spine
Transfer into the bowl above to get the gap.

    China Air
     From the start, turn left, and go left again, between the bleacher seating.
There's a small transfer between two QPs at the back of the building, with a
gong hanging between them. This is where you get China Air - however, it's VERY
specific about where you do it on the ramps, and it can take quite a while to
hit it exactly right. Just keep trying, doing it differently each time, and
eventually you'll get it. My personal technique is to stop completely near the
inside edge of one of the ramps. Then I tap B to ollie, but DON'T hold it down -
the skater goes forward. Just on the lip, I tap B again to ollie, and transfer.
This pretty much always gets the gap, as long as a land as close to the inside
of the transfer as possible.

    Tiny Pants
     On your right-hand side at the start is a small QP with red markings along
the top. Hit it at speed and Spine Transfer into the bowl above.

     Find the dinosaur in the west part of the level. Opposite it is a shack
with awhite fence on the right-hand side of it. Go between the fence and the
shack, and transfer from the QP here to the QP on the first floor of the shack.

    China Big
     Take the QP that you used to get the Tiny Pants gap, and grind left at the
top of it, over a wire. You need a bit of speed for this, to ollie and do a 
flip trick, and grind again. When you get to the green-roofed building (where
the China Gap was)
you have to ollie over the entrance. 

    Leap Of Faith
     From the start, immediately go left before you even touch the road. Go up  
the ramp and turn right into the entrance. Hit the QP with the Vicarious Visions
logo on the top and tap R to level out and get onto the first floor. From here,
go left, and there's another wooden QP with a Vicarious Visions logo on it. Go
up it, and grind the rail to the left. Then just do a Boneless off one of the
kickers you see. And for the love of Pete, land it, you don't want to have to do
all that again.

    Street Drop
     From the start, turn left immediately and go up the ramp that you went on
for the Leap Of Faith. Go into the room with the two QPs and skate up one of
them, pressing R to level out and land on the top part of the building. Instead
of going up again, though, turn so you're facing south, and ollie off the edge
of the roof
onto the street.

    Sledgehammer Jump
     Find the dinosaur on the west side of the map. To its left there's a QP
with arrows on it - launch up it and go to the right, and you should land in a
pool on top of the building. Skate up the dinosaur's tail and leap off its head
into the street to get the gap.

    Grass Hopper
     Right at the start, there are two patches of grass - one is round, and the
other is kind of L-shaped. Just ollie over one of them to get this gap. You
should already have it if you've completed Story Mode.

    Mad Cow
     This, as the name suggests, is a completely mad gap. Pay close attention
to this one. First, get into the pool on the right-hand side (the one that you
got into at the end of the Tiny Pants gap). Then, ollie up the west side of it,
and grind left on the second rail up. You should grind right around onto a wire
that takes you to a roof over the street (you'll also get the Wire Walk gap at
this point). Ollie off the wire so that you land on the roof.
     Here comes the tricky bit - you need to launch off the QP ahead of you,
facing left, press R in the air to level out, and then just hold X. If you hit
anything grindable on the street below, you'll hear a 'moooooo' sound, and
you'll get the gap. The easiest way to get this one is by grinding the
bleachers, but it's also possible to do it with any of the rails.
     If you can't get to the roof with the above method, there is another way.
From the start, go straight ahead, and follow the road right, then left. There
should be a QP on your left - head up it, and grind the railing that's on top
of it, left. You'll hit a wire, and get to the roof that way
(and also get a gap called Big Wire).

    Vote Pedro
     From the start, there are two long QPs with red markings on them to your
right. Transfer between them. It probably won't surprise you that this is a
reference to 'Napoleon Dynamite'.

    Pool Party
     Hit the QPs you just used for Vote Pedro, but Spine Transfer into the pool
above. You'll most likely already have this gap from Story Mode.

     Perform the Spine-A-Rific gap, and after landing in the pool, spine
transfer again on the opposite side of the pool to get the gap. You'll need
to be over to the left-hand side of it.

   Lip Gaps
    Upper Lip
     In the south-west corner, there's a portal that leads to Beverly Hills. To
the left of it is a red building, and between the buildings is a quarter-pipe.
Lip it to get the gap.

    Lower Lip
     Round the other side of the red building mentioned in the Upper Lip gap is
another QP with arrows on it. Lip that to get this gap.

    Hot And Sour
     Remember the China Gap? Go into that building (it's just to the left of
the start). Go up the QP, fairly close to the inside edge, as before. Lip on
the edge of the building, and you'll get the gap. You have to do it on the
green spire in the centre to get it.

   Grind Gaps

    Billboard Grind
     Behind you when you start the level is a huge billboard, advertising Jeep
and Sirius Radio. At the bottom of it is a small wooden platform. Just grind
all the way along it.

    Fancy Escalators
     The subway leading to Beverly Hills, in the south-west corner of the map,
has some escalators out the front. Grind one of them from top to bottom (or
bottom to top) to get the gap.

    Big Fence
     From the start, go left, then follow the road left again. At the
northernmost part of the map, there's a fence with some sort of greenery along
the top of it. Simply grind all the way along it. The best way to get on top of
the fence is to wallride and wallie just before it to get that little bit of
extra height.

    Sign Grind
      Perform the China Big gap, and keep grinding. You should get this gap

    China Gap
     In front of the bleachers (to your left at the start) are two red ropes,
which both end up pointing into the building with the China Gap inside. Grind
one rope, then ollie and grind on the other, without hitting the bend in
either rope.

    Razza Plazza
     Turn left immediately from the start, and go up the ramp. There are two
rails in the middle of this ramp - just grind on one, and ollie and grind onto
the opposite one. You will need to be holding a direction when you ollie, or
you'll miss the rail.

    No Coconuts
     On the south part of the map, there is a planter on a hill, with palm     
trees on it. Grind all the way along it to get the gap. You can also get this
gap a much harder way, which doesn't seem to relate to the planter at all - in
the south-east corner of the map, next to the limo, is a QP. Grind the top of
it to the right, and ollie over the wrought-iron gate when you come to it, and
land in a grind. You'll get this gap.

    Big Rail To Little
     Turn left at the start and follow the road past the bleachers, then turn
left and stop. You'll see stairs leading into a building, with railings on
them. Grind one of these rails, but keep holindg X - there is a very short
break in them that you need to bridge, and holding X does that. You'll get the
gap once you clear the break in the rail.

    Blues stairs
     Opposite the dinosaur is a shack. Grind up the stairs of this shack to
get the gap.

    China Roof
     Remember the Hot and Sour gap? Instead of lipping on this spire, grind it.
You'll get the gap. If you're having trouble doing it that way, however, You
can get onto the roof that you used to get the Street Drop gap, and turn right
before you hit the final kicker. You should be able to ollie onto the green
spire on the right-hand side from there.

    Big Ledge
     On the east side of the level, there are two wooden QPs, with arrows on
them, on either side of the street (further south than the subway to get to the
Warehouse). Go up the westerly QP, and grind right - you'll hti a wire, which
will take you over to a brown ledge. Once you've finished grinding all the way
along the ledge you'll get this gap.

    Subway Entrance
     Around the subway in the east that takes you to the Warehouse are two
brick semi-circles. grind around the outside one.

    Escalator Grind
     While at the same subway for the Subway Entrance, grind down or up one of
the escalators.

    The Way Around
     In the north-east corner, there is a blue-ish building with a yellow
'Dead End' sign on it. Grind up the stairway and around the building. Make sure
you're on the inside edge of the grind, otherwise you'll divert off to a wire
and not get the gap.

    Around the Booth
     I love this gap, simply because it's just tucked away. From the start,
turn left and follow the road. To your right is an alcove in the wall, with a
ticket booth in it. Grind the red rope all the way around the booth.

    The Backfence
     Behind the billboard that's behind you at the start of the level is a
giant fence. Grind all the way along it.

     Remember the ramp that's immediately to the left of you at the start? The
one where you got the Razza Plazza gap? Grind along the wall that skirts it.

    Laz and Cas
     From the start, go straight ahead. follow the road round, and on the
left-hand side of the road, immediately after the turn, is a set of stairs with
a railing. Grind up that railing and round, and up onto a wire. Build up a bit
of speed by ollieing and tricking and landing back in the grind, to get to the
top of the wire (you'll get the Small Wire gap as well, here). You'll see a
Sirius billboard ahead of you. Ollie off the wire and grind the small wooden
platform in front of it to the end to get this gap. If you're playing in
Classic mode, you'll also get the Secret Tape at the end of this grind, if you
haven't already.

    Blues Roof
     On the far west side of the map, there's a tiled ramp with a railing that
wraps around the building. Get on the ramp, on the south side of the building,
and face east. With me so far? Good. In the middle of the ramp, there's a flat
bit. Get to that and stop. On the wall to your left is a rail that leads to the
shack ahead. Grind it, then ollie at the end and grind the curved rail. This'll
put you grinding on the edge of the roof, and you'll travel around it and get
the gap. You'll end up in a pool.

    Top Rail
     From the start, immediately go left and up the Razza Plazza/Shelter ramp.
Go into the building and up the QP with Vicarious Visions stamped on it. Grind
on the railing at the top - left or right, it doesn't matter - and follow the
rail round in a circle. Voila - Top Rail.

    Small Wire
     If you've got Laz and Cas, you'll already have this gap. See the gap
description for Laz and Cas.

    Big Wire
     If you've got the Mad Cow gap, or tried both ways to get it, chances are
you'll already have this gap. See the gap description for Mad Cow.

    Corner Rail
     From the start, follow the road around the the right. There's a railing
with a red-striped top. Grind it fully. You'll already have this gap if you've
played through Story Mode.

    Momo Spin
     Natas Spin the hydrant underneath the dinosaur.

    Gap Yuel Gap
     Between the wrought-iron gate and the limo is a hydrant. Nata Spin it.

    Little Sanchez
     The northernmost part of the level has a wall with moss or something on
it. There's a hydrant here - do a Natas Spin.

    Hot Soup
     The subway that leads to the Warehouse on the east side of the level has
a hydrant in front of it. You know what to do.

    Limo Seen Grind
     Find the limo in the south. Grind it - you can eaiter grind the rail on
top of it or the side of it.

    Wire Walk
     If you've tried Mad Cow, then you'll probably have this gap already.
See the description for Mad Cow.

    Blues Tower
     Find the shack that the Blues Stairs and Blues Roof was on, opposite the
dinosaur. On the right-hand side of the first floor balcony is a QP with a
slanted top. Launch off it and go left, and level out in the air. You should
now be on the roof. Go left, behind the blue sign, into the wide half-pipe.
Go up the QP on the left and grind around the twoer in a circle to get this

   Manual Gaps

    Red Carpet
     Manual between the bleachers at the start of the level and the building
behind them, parallel to the entrance to the building, making sure you go
over the red carpet.

    Shop Shop
     Across to road from the start is a building with a green sign on it.
Manual through both archways to get the gap. You should already have this
if you've played through Story Mode.

  6.1.2 Beverly Hills

   Air Gaps

    Welshore Roof
     From the start, there are two QPs to your right. The second one is indented
slightly - launch up it and spine transfer.

    Rodeo Hills
     There are two QPs on your left if you head forward at the start. Transfer
between them - it's a big one, but if you get the angle right it should be no

    Rocci Spine
     The second QP from the left from the start is actually a spine, connected
with the roof of the building. Get up enough speed (maybe using the QP that's
kind of opposite) and spine transfer upwards. You can also get this, obviously,
by spining from the top down into the street. You'll probably have this gap if
you followed my guide for Classic Mode.

    Tiny Transfer
     From the start, head as far forward as you can go without turning. When you
get to the end, turn left, and go to in the channel between the brick wall and
the rail. Spine transfer the QP at the end.

    Old Manhattan
     Get up to the roof at the top of the Rocci Spine gap, either by performing
the gap or some other method. At the opposite end from the Rocci Spine is a set
of two kickers - jump off one and Acid Drop (R) onto the street below.

    R And R
     On the southernmost part of the map, there is a long street. On the north
side of this street are three quarter-pipes. Transfer between the far right one
and the middle one for R And R.

    Escalators Suck
     At the start, there's two escalators behind you. Head up one of them, but
stop before you go into the corridor. Turn and get between the two escalators on
the small balcony. ollie out and acid drop into the QP.

    Gaps Gap
     From the start, turn left. Where the zebra crossing is, turn a sharp left,
and there's a door recessed in the building. Go into it and it'll take you up to
a roof with two kickers ahead of you. Ollie over the gap between the kickers.
If you've done Story Mode, you'll have this gap.

    Gonna Vomit
     On the south part of the southernmost street are three QPs - one of them is
long enough to reach the building at the far end of the road. Transfer from the
first one to the second.

    Free Jewelry
     On the same side of the street as Gonna Vomit, transfer between the middle
and far-west QPs. This gap should already be yours if you've done Story Mode.

    Small Shop Pop
     Right in the middle of the map is a set of two planters. To the west of
them are two rails. Grind on one, and ollie and grind on the other. This is also
a Story mode gap.

    Arm N A Leg
     Jump from the main building of the fuel station onto the roof of the
forecourt (it's triangular). This is a Story mode gap, too.

    Behind Gas
     On the south side of the filling station's main building is a QP. Head up
it and Spine Transfer onto the roof.

    Balance Test
     At the northernmost part of the map on the west side, is a small pool area.
There are several stairsets leading down to it, with a brick-red sign saying
'Brassy City Hall'. Go to either the far-left or the far-right stairset, and
you'll see a rail running all the way around the pool and back out again. Grind
it all the way around to get the gap.

    Holy Cow
     Remember the R And R gap in that long southerly street? A bit further west
from that is a larger transfer to a reddish-coloured QP. Transfer that and
you've got it.

    Michelangelo Air
     Behind the gas station is a sign saying 'Brassy Art Museum' between two
QPs. Transfer between them.

   Lip Gaps

    Higher Than You
     From the start, go right and Spine Transfer into the pool on top of the
building. You'll get the Welshore Roof gap. Carry on and lip on one of the
ledges at the other side of the pool. You'll get the same gap whether you do it
on the higher or lower ledge, ti makes no difference. You would have got this
gap in Story mode, if you've played that through.

   Grind Gaps

    Wimpy Rail
     That pool from the Balance Test gap has a corridor running around it that
you can get into from the right-hand side. There's a rail sticking out of the
archway there - grind it all the way round to get the gap. It's fairly long and
uphill, so you might need to pick up some speed either beforehand or while on
the rail. You might have this one if you've gone through Story mode - you'll
definitely have it if you've gone through Classic mode.

    Eight Seconds
     From the start, head straight ahead. Just after the first zebra crossing,
turn left. You'll see a rail leading up some stairs. Grind the whole of that
rail either upwards or downwards to get the gap.

    No Vacancy
     From the start, to your right, are a couple of QPs that form a transfer
over a door. Perform that transfer.

    Check Out
     From the start, go straight ahead until you get to the final QP on your
right. Grind it left, onto the ledge/planter, and ollie over the gap, landing in
a grind on the other side.

    Buck Off
     From the start, head straight. After a palm tree on your left, there is a
lamp post - turn left immediately. Follow the stairs up and over, and grind the
south rail on this hill.

    Basic Hop
     At the start, turn left and grind one of the planters. Ollie and grind on
the other. Job done! You'll have this from Story Mode, most likely.

     This gap is located between a rail and a ledge on the east side of the map,
one storey up. To get it, turn left at the start and folow the road, turning
left at the zebra crossing. Go into the door and you should appear on top of the
building with a dodgy message like 'What floor is this?'. To the right of you is
a ledge, and just over it is a rail. Turn and jump over the ledge, grinding the
rail northwards. You'll go round a dogleg shape, and then there's a gap - ollie
over it and grind on the ledge. Phew!

    Master Bartz
     Follow the same instructions as for the Onefiveone gap, but instead of
grinding the rail northwards, back up as much as possible and grind it
southwards. Very quickly there is a gap - jump it and grind to get Master Bartz,
but make sure you land on the outside of the wall.

[It is possible to get both Master Bartz and Onefiveone in one grind - Go to the
roof, perform a Gaps Gap over the two kickers,  and go to the end. Turn around.
Grind on the outside of the wall, so you curve round. Remember to ollie and land
in a grind at the right points, and you'll get both.]

    What Up Gap
     Turn left at the start and follow the road until it bends. Ahead of you is
a red-floored area, and to the left is a low wall. Grind it, and ollie over the
slight gap in the wall, landing in a grind. You might want to practice your
ollieing skills first - this is very precise if you're going quickly.

    Slappy Gappy
     On the other side of the red-floored area is a similar gap to the What Up
Gap - do exactly the same on it. Both of these gaps can be claimed in one grind
if you do it right.

    Grand Opening
     Above Spiffany's on the far south side of town is a banner. Use one of the
QPs to get up there, and grind all the way along the banner. Job done.

    Blacktop Hop
     In the middle of the map is a pair of planters. Grind one, and ollie to the
other, landing in a grind.

    Street Stunt
     Remember the Wimpy Rail? It's at the north side of the level. Grind along
it, getting up a bit of speed before you do so. On the long, straight bits you
can ollie, trick and grind again to speed up slightly. When you get to the end
of the rail, ollie, and land in a grind on the raised bit of concrete next to
the filling station forecourt.

    Pigeon Fun
     To the east of the planters in the centre of the map is a building with a
ledge that goes right around it, and a portion of the ledge is slightly wider
than the rest. To get the gap, you need to ollie from this wider part to the
wire above the street. To actually get up to that ledge, perform a Handy Ramp
gap, detailed later in the FAQ. You'll grind around the building and get to the
wider part of the ledge.

    Big Bamboo
     To the right of the start is a spine leading onto a building - the Welshore
Roof gap. Do it, then go up the other side of the pool. Grind the higher ledge
to the left, and when you get to the end, ollie off it so that you land on a
small ledge one storey up on the house across the street. Make sure you land on
the grind and not wallride before it, as this can interfere with the gap - as
can not ollieing off the first ledge.

    Winged Spawn
     Follow the instructions for the Big Bamboo gap to get to the roof, but
instead of grinding the top ledge left, grind it to the right. Ollie off and
land in a grind on a wire.

    $ Tightrope
     By now you should be familiar with the ledge above the three QPs on the
south street - the same one you get the Grand Opening gap on. Grind this ledge,
but ollie from it to the electrical wire that runs over the street.

    City Gas
     In the north-west of the map is a portal that goes to Downtown. There is a
QP to the right of it - launch up it and grind left on the ledge above it. At
the end there's a small kicker - let it launch you off, and land in a grind on
the planter below.

     In the north-west of the map is a tunnel leading to - you guessed it -
Downtown. There are two QPs on either side of this ledge, and two ledges above
it. Simply grind over the gap from either side, whether it's ledge to ledge, QP
to QP, or ledge to QP (or QP to ledge, if you can manage it).

    Alley Ollie
     South of the gas station are two quarter-pipes - one is grey-blue, and
attached to the gas station building, and the other is reddish, and forms a
transfer. Each of these QPs has a small kicker on each side for grinding - grind
the top of one, and land in a grind on the other to get the gap. There are also
ledges above each of these - they can be used to get the gap in a similar manner
to the Downtown gap.

     On the far left of the level is a pair of planters next to the gas station,
but they aren't marked on the map. Grind one, ollie, and land in a grind on the
other, just like usual.

    Little Gap
     At the north of the level, to the east of the 'pool' area, are two red QPs
with fancy tops. grind one, and ollie and grind on the other.

    Box Ah Joe
     On the west side of the gas station are two rails on the sidewalk. Grind
one, ollie, grind the other - you know the drill.

    Handy Ramp
     Go straight ahead at the start, and carry on until you get to the end of
the street. Slightly to your left, to the left of some shrubs, is a tiny kicker.
Grind the ledge ahead of you to the left, and ollie when you grind on the
kicker. Land in a grind on the ledge above and you'll get the gap.

    Master Suite
     Head straight ahead from the start. hen you get to the shrubs at the end,
look left into the alley. On the right-hand side of the alley, next to the
building, is a very low ledge with a large gap in it to make room for a door. To
get the gap, you need to grind the ledge, ollie over this gap, and land in a
grind. it's best to start with a standing-still Freak Out on the south road to
get a decent bit of speed, then the gap's not as hard as it seems.

    Drop and Roll
     From the start, Natas Spin the hydrant slightly to the left on the corner.

    Cool Off
     Natas Spin the hydrant in the corner at the south side of the road in the
middle of the map.

     Natas Spin the hydrant in the corner at the north side of the road in the
middle of the map.

    Ghetto Fountain
     On the far west side, near the drive to the mansion, is a hydrant on a
corner. Natas Spin it.

[These last four gaps are all achieved in a single Classic mode goal]

   Manual Gaps

    Brassy Hill
     The second turn to your left after you start the level is a set of steps
leading to a red hill. Manual up these steps and over the hill. Remember that
you can freak out while standing for speed, and that the Finger Flip 180 or the
Half Cab Impossible (both Y+Y) can give you a litte burst of speed.

    Escalator Fun
     Behind you at the start is a set of escalators. Manual either up or down
them, and you'll get the gap.

  6.1.3 Downtown

   Air Gaps

    Trolly Transfer
     At the bottom of the hill with the trolly tracks on are a pair of QPs with
a red canopy and a door between. Transfer between them both.

    Restaurant Air
     To your immediate right when you start the level is a red building. The
easiest way to get onto it is by doing a Spine Transfer (you'll get another gap
by doing this). Simply hop from one building to another.

    3 Stories East
     In the north-west corner of the map is a reddish-pink building. Spine
Transfer the east side of it to get the gap. You'll have this if you've played
through Story.

    Angels In Flight
     At the bottom of the ramp for the Trolly Tracks is a graffiti point. To the
left of it, to the west of the tracks, is a QP. Spine Transfer it (it's easiest
to do it top-to-bottom) to get this gap.

    Tiny Spiney
     West of Angels In Flight is another mini spine. Spine transfer it.

    Its A Bargain!
     At the bottom of the trolly tracks are two QPs with Italian flags over
them. Spine Transfer up one of these QPs and land in the pool above.

    Ah Ha!
     Go right to the northernmost part of the level, and then go east. After
passing through the four bollards, Spine Transfer the QP ahead of you and land
in the pool above.
    Hey You!
     On the far west side of the northernmost road are two QPs against a brown
building. Transfer between them. This is part of a Story mode goal, also.

     At the northernmost part of the map, there are two QPs against a beige
wall. Between them is a metal sheet door with a wooden door inset in it.
Transfer the QPs for the gaps - you'll most likely have done this in Story mode

    Up And Atom!
     From the start, turn round and go between the buildings. Follow the road
left, past the green X on the wall. There is a metal sliding door and a brown
kicker on your right - ollie off the kicker, and grind on the electrical wire

    Wedgie Gap
     On the far west of the top part of the map there is a very thin area with
two kickers and a QP, next to the freeway. Ollie over the kickers, landing on
the other one. This can be difficult with full stats, so if you're ollieing too
far, stop fully on the ramp before setting off and making the gap, so that you
are giong fairly slowly over it.

    The Money Booter
     If you've completed Downtown on Story mode, you'll have this gap. That huge
curved ramp just outside the trolly tracks? Blast up it, and land on the ramp on
the other side. By far the easiest way to do this is in Story, where you get up
a huge amount of speed by Skitching and can just soar over it in slow-mo, but if
you have full stats it shouldn't be too hard to float over it without aid.

    Over The Tracks
     Transfer the two QPs that flank the bottom of the trolly tracks.

    No Soup
     Right at the start, to your immediate right, is a red building. Spine
Transfer the west side of it.

    For You
     Right at the start, to your immediate right, is a red building. Spine
Transfer the west side of it to get the No Soup gap. Ollie over the gap in the
buildings to get Restaurant Air, and finally Spine Transfer down the other side
to get the gap For You.

    3 Stories West
     The exact opposite of the 3 Stories East gap above, on the west side of the
building. You'll have this is you've done Story.

     In the north-west corner of the map is a set of light brown QPs. Transfer
the one in the corner on the north side. You'll have this from Story mode, most

   Lip Gaps

    Lower Perch
     From the start, follow the road around until you come into the northern
area by passing a large wooden ramp. Immediately turn left and follow the road
alongside the freeway. Turn left as soon as possible, through the three bollards
and head up the QP. Lip the lower ledge. If you're having trouble lining it up,
use the concrete pavement slabs for guidance. You should have this from Story
mode anyway, though.

    High Perch
     Follow the same directions as for Lower Perch (above), but lip the higher
ledge. You'll have this if you've played through Story. If you're having
trouble, use the QPs opposite at the other end of the street to gain speed.

    Lip This! & Lip That!
     On the northernmost part of the map are two buildings with QPs at the
bottom of them. Above the QPs are two different coloured ledges. Lip the grey
ledge on the left at any point to get Lip This! and lip the orange/brown one to
get Lip That!

   Grind Gaps

    Trolly Tracks

    Archway (Story)

    Dumpster Grind (Story)

    LA Style

    Subway Steps

    Round Here (Story)

    Around The Fountain

    Balcony Grind

    Subway Stairs

    Between The Buildings

    Short Side Posts

    East Side Park Posts

    Far Side Posts

    west Side Park Posts

    Doorway Hop

    South Road Jump

    North Road Jump
    Unity In The Community
     From the start, do an about-turn and head the other way. At the entrance to
the portal to Beverly Hills, there's a rail leading upwards to your left. Grind
up it and ollie off the end - Acid Drop into the QP after and you'll get the

    Hop To Rail
     Near where the subway is that goes to Vans, with a semi-circular pole
around it, there's a red building with a No Skating sign on it. below the No
Skating sign is a ramp, and above it is a pole attached to the wall. Just ollie
off the ramp and grind on that rail.

    Road Signin

    Sign Roadin

    Hop 2 It

    Streetside Hop

   Manual Gaps

    Side Street
     Easy - there's a street which leads from the Wedgie Gap to the Money
Booter. Just Manual all the way along it.

    Cross The Street

  6.1.4 Vans

The developers of this level really like Tenacious D, it seems. A lot of gaps
are named after lines from their songs, or Jack Black films. Being a huge D
fan myself, I loved finding these gaps - Vans was the first level I found all
gaps on, all by myself. I guess that's motivation for you. Since Vans is split
into two rooms, the room you start in with the clover-shaped bowl will be
called Room 1, and the opposite one with the balcony Room 2.

   Air Gaps

     From the start, spine transfer over the spine directly ahead of you.

    Weee Transfer
     Transfer over the small kicker in the middle of Room 2 using the two QPs
on either side of it.

    Clover Spine
     Spine Transfer over the small spine in the clover-shaped pool in Room 1.

    Nergets Transfer
     Near the south corridor between the rooms, in Room 2, there is a
set-piece with two QPs separated by a ramp, with the Vans logo stamped on
them. Transfer between them to get this gap. I seem to remember the word
'Nergets' being from Friends, or is that just me?

    Me Baby Me
     This is a quote from the Tenacious D song, 'One Note Song'. To get the
gap, perform the 'Wiiiiidescreen' gap from the start of the level and
immediately stop and turn around. There is a pillar next to the QP - transfer
over it.

    Kicker Hop
     Ollie over the kicker in the middle of Room 2. Make sure you touch it
before you ollie.

   Lip Gaps

    School Of Skate
     This is a parody of the title of the Jack Black film, School of Rock.
To get the gap, go to the north-east corner of the map and go up the QP, and
lip on the rail above it. You can also perform this trick by lipping on the
rail from the QP further south of here, but it's harder to accomplish.

    One To Nothing
     In the south-west corner of the map, in the complete opposite place to
the School Of Skate gap, lies One To Nothing - another quote from One Note
Song by Tenacious D. There's a small QP hidden away in the corner, next to a
shortcut that leads to Downtown. There's a rail above the QP - lip it to get
the gap. Use a Freak Out to build up speed if you're having trouble.

   Grind Gaps

    Spectator Handrail
     Achieved in Classic mode - grind the longest side of the rail on the
balcony in Room 2.

    Clover Grind
     Grind around the outside of the clover-shaped pool once.

    Looong Grind
     Grind all the way along the rail that skirts the balcony in Room 2. I
find it easiest to start from the north corridor, build up some speed, and
hit the rail as early as possible. Hold the grind until you come off it at
the other end.

    Manco Grind
     At the north end of Room 2, on the east side, there's a QP with a fence
along the top of it. Grind all the way along the top of the QP to get the gap.

    Furi Grind
     At the north end of Room 2, on the east side, there's a QP with a fence
along the top of it. It's the same one as with the Manco Grind. Grind all
the way along this fence to get the Furi Grind.

    Greatest Grind
     At the north end of Room 2, on the ground, there's a short rail. About
two skateboard-lengths north of it is a ledge. Grind all the way along that
ledge to get the gap.

    Cup O Chili
     On the west side of Room 2, underneath the balcony, is a wide half-pipe
with the Vans logo on a red strip on the west side of it. Grind from south
to north on the red-tipped QP, continuing round the corner, until you get
the gap.

    Inward Singing Rail
     On the west-hand side of the balcony, there's another staircase to get
up to it, and you need to grind the railing for it to get the gap. The easiest
way is to go up the south staircase of the balcony, and grind the far rail.
It should take you round a switchback stair, and to the ground again, very
quickly, and you'll get the gap. Oh, and 'Inward Singing' is also a track
from the Tenacious D album.

   Manual Gaps

    Hump Hump
     In the middle of Room 2, on the north side of the kicker, are two humps
on a funbox. Just manual over the two of them, and you've got the gap.

  6.1.5 East LA

    Teeter Totter
     On the south side of East LA, there's two exits - one on the top level, one
on the bottom. Get near the one on the top (it goes to Vans), and there's a sort
of bridge going over the sewer with tracks on it. Grind the north wall of that
bridge and you'll get the gap.

  6.1.6 Alcatraz

    On The Run
     If you're coming out of the entrance to East LA, when you turn right
there's a gap in two planters that, if you go through it, leads into the sea. If
you grind and ollie over this gap you'll get it - easy! I actually had trouble
finding this gap - I don't know why...

    Dead Man Walking
     On the far west side of the map in Alcatraz, there's a ramp and a set of
stairs. Manual down (or up, if you fancy a challenge) the ramp part.

  6.1.7 Warehouse

 6.2 Cheats/Unlockables

In this section, 'beating' a mode does not mean completing all the goals, it
means unlocking all the levels with any particular skater. Once you unlock
the Warehouse, you unlock the cheat - be careful when playing on
Alcatraz, then, as that's when you unlock most, if not all, cheats. Don't
restart the level after completing goals, or you might miss out on a cheat and
you can never get it again. See the Glitches section for more information
about this.

  Legacy Camera - The camera view switches to the fixed isometric view from
the older GBA Tony Hawk's games
   Beat Story mode.

  Crate-a-Skater - All the pros in Classic mode are made out of crates
   Beat classic mode once 

  Rail Balance - Perfect balance on a rail
   Beat classic mode twice

  Lip Balance - Perfect balance on a lip
   Beat classic mode twice 

  Manual Balance - Perfect Balance in a manual
   Beat classic mode twice 

  Tiny Mode - Makes your skater tiny, but physics still work the same
   Beat classic mode 3 times 

  Giant Mode - Your skater almost fills the whole screen!
   Beat classic mode 4 times 

  Matrix Mode - Automatically enters Focus whenever the skater is in the air.
Focus cannot be activated manually
   Beat classic mode 5 times 

  First Person Camera - Lets you see through the eyes of the skater.
Extremely hard to comtrol spins!
   Beat classic mode 6 times 

  Replay Cam - the camera works like it would in a replay, but while you're
actually playing. Very hard to control, but cool and cinematic.
   Beat classic mode 7 times 

  Turbo Mode - You go extremely fast. Time also goes faster. 'Nuff said.
   Beat classic mode 8 times 

  Always Special - Your Special/Focus meter is always full.
   Beat classic mode 9 times 

  Paper Tony - The entire level is flat-shaded, with no textures - this makes
everything very blocky and kiddy-themed. Kinda cool, but very bright. Your
graffiti and skater don't go papery, though.
   Beat classic mode 10 times 

  Hoverboard - Your board has no wheels, and doesn't make any noise when you
grind, which seems kind of bizarre and out of place.
   Beat classic mode 11 times 

  Nearly Always Ribbon - unless you're grinding or manualling (and sometimes
even then) you'll have a ribbon trailing from the back of your board like when
you do a Special trick.
   Beat classic mode 12 times 

  Ninja Skater - makes your skater completely black. Funky but no real use.
   Beat classic mode 13 times (all characters complete)

 6.3 Glitches/Bugs/Errata

In Downtown Story, the Rollerblader says 'Thanks again for helping with get my
shoes back'. That's not English!

In Downtown, there is a gap called 'Its A Bargain!'. It should, to be
grammatically correct, be called 'It's A Bargain!' with an apostrophe.

In Alcatraz Classic, the text for 'Frontflip Plead Insanity' is red, rather than
the normal white.

 6.4 Music

  The music in THAS is quite brilliant for such a small capacity of cartridge.
Listed here are the details for the entire soundtrack (nine songs altogether)
for those of you who like a song in-game and either want to hear it all the way
through or hear more music by the same artists, but don't download - go out and
buy the record. They're all listed on iTunes, and you should be able to find
them easily with this information below - not only that, but you can get the
whole THAS soundtrack for less than fifteen of your local notes - not a bad
thing by any stretch of the imagination, and you get the full-length versions of
songs that were cut to fit. A couple of these songs are also on the Tony Hawk's
American Wasteland soundtrack, if you're having trouble finding them.
The only exception to this is Nassim's recording of 'Rawhide', which is ONLY on
the THAS cart and nowhere else.
Songs are in 'Song Title - Artist - Album' order. If a song is a cover version,
then the original is detailed below it. Enjoy!

  California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

  Champ - Breakestra - The Live Mix Vol. 2

  Duke Kerb Crawler - Pest - Necessary Measures

  Holiday - Green Day - American Idiot

  I Like Dirt - The Thunderlords - Noisy Songs For Noisy Kids

  Los Angeles - Frank Black - Frank Black

  Organism - Tommy Guerrero - Soul Food Taqueria

  Question The Answer - Strike Anywhere - To Live In Discontent

  Rawhide - Nassim - [unreleased]

  Rise Above - Black Flag - Damaged

  Search And Destroy - Emanuel - [unreleased on album, on the THAW soundtrack]
   (original by Iggy And The Stooges on 'Search And Destroy')

  Sonic Reducer - Saves The Day [unreleased on album, on the THAW soundtrack]
   (original by Dead Boys, on 'Young, Loud And Snotty')

  Who Do You Want To Be - Oingo Boingo - Boingo Alive (Collection)

 6.5 Leo Zuniga Interview

The folks over on http://www.american-sk8land.com recently had an interview with
Leo Zuniga, the Lead Designer for THAS, with questions submitted by good old
Joe Q. Public. He answered a fair few of them - check out the interview below:

Hello THAS Community,

My Name is Leo Zuniga and I was the Lead Designer for Tony Hawk American
Sk8land. I've been involved with the Tony Hawk games since the beginning,
started as a tester on the very first Tony game. While working for Activision I
helped VV during the development of the first AGB Tony Game (THPS 2 AGB).
Eventually the good folks at VV hired me as a level designer for THPS 4 AGB.
Working on THAS DS was quite the ride; we had to develop tools and engine from
the ground up. I think THAS came out great, the game looks pretty slick and
handles nice.

I'd like to thank everyone at the site for posting such excellent questions.
I'm sorry I couldn't get to everyone, but hope this helps. Thanks to Agora for
doing a wonderful job at the community site. 

- - -

1) In interviews, it was mentioned that there would be a chat feature
on Nintendo Wi-Fi. Why was it removed? On a similar note, why can't
players see their opponent's custom graffiti or skateboard in game? 

** Chat is a feature we know is high on everyone's request list and we will be
investigating for future DS games. Though keep in mind Nintendo's policy allows
chat only between Friends. In terms of being able to see opponent’s custom art,
we basically ran out of time, but we’re taking it into consideration for next

2) Is it possible to download custom applications to the DS, like a
chat feature, after a game has been released? 

** Downloading additional applications after release isn't possible, unless it's
planned in advanced. There are several steps a game must go through before
reaching the market, these require lots of testing. 
Sk8Land is the first DS game to have any kind of downloadable content – it was a
high risk feature, but we knew the community would appreciate it. As I write
this; we've got a couple of guys making brand new challenges for the Sk8Land
WiFi community. 

3) How much cartridge space does Tony Hawk's American Sk8land take
up? Would there have been room to add much more additional content 
or features?

** Tony Hawk American Sk8land takes up 64MB of space. Well used space if you ask
me. Cartridge budget is a main factor during development; a ROM budget is
prepared during the initial stages to make sure the space is used well. Music
has always been a part of the Tony Hawk games and we dedicate a large portion of
the cartridge to it.

4) Can a Game Boy Advance cartridge be used as an expansion pack for
a Nintendo DS game? 

** In theory yes. But I would wait for Nintendo to make such move, developing an
AGB add-on strictly for the Nintendo DS would require quite the budget and

5) Why was a toon-shaded graphic style chosen for THAS?

*** We wanted Sk8land to go in a new direction. During the beginnings of THAS we
noticed that the grungy visual style from the console game didn’t translate as
well on the DS. Our artists were trying to emulate the look of the console games
While developing Ultimate Spider-Man, certain tweaks were done to our DS tech
to bring out the "cel-shaded" style. So why not use these features for THAS? 

I was hesitant at first, but as I saw the results I began to understand where it
came from. One of the things I enjoy about this industry is the constant
learning that I go through, and this was one of them. The "cel-shaded" approach
allowed the team to harness the DS strengths, the levels end up looking pretty

Tony Hawk depends on consistent performance and this art style fit pretty well.
In the end the art style change brought a new look that complimented the DS
graphic hardware. We’re really happy with the end results, and it seems like
everyone out there does too.

6) Is it possible that there are "glitched" rails that do not affect 
a player's balance as much as other rails? Or do players in the
warehouse, for example, manage to get such high scores because they
barely touch the rail?

** No, Tony Hawk American Sk8Land does not have rail glitches. There are some
rails that have "collision" issues, but those are individual cases. We're
dealing with a very complex set of rules here, and there's bound to be issues
found by "dedicated players". The "wallplant, grind, wallplant" combination is
something that is also present in the console version of the game. It takes a
very skilled player to maintain the combo, but there's the few out there that

The balance meter is the main measure to keep the player on his toes. There are
a few situations that can bypass its functionality. 

7) There have been a lot of comments about the scoring system in
THAS. In future Tony Hawk games, do you plan on implementing a 
system that makes it more difficult, or that requires a stylish and
varied run, to reach a high score?

** We've certainly taken a note on the scoring system. The replays in the
community site let's us check out what people are doing out there, some are
pretty slick, but there's the handful that are just "zig-zag runs".

Tony Hawk is a complex game that gives the player lots of freedom. During
development our goal is to make the game accessible to a wide demographic. Young
kids with their DS should be able to feel like a pro skater with our game. We
introduce mechanics such as "kid mode" which gives double the score and eases up
the balance meter.

My first project ever was testing the original "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" years ago.
After playing the game non-stop we figured the predictable runs that would net
the most score in a level. In the end we would sit and judge our runs in terms
of "style" like sticking wallrides in the middle of a run even though it didn't
amount to higher scores. I think this is part of why Tony Hawk is such a
successful game it allows players to create their own goals and beat them.

8) How do you feel about how THAS has done? What do you think of the
sales and the online community? 

***First of all, I would like to thank Agora for creating such great community
for Tony Hawk American Sk8Land. I've read all the reviews out there and all of
them point to how Vicarious Visions went the extra step when it came to WiFi.
One of the most impressive aspects is the custom art that people are creating,
it’s way above my expectations we've got some skilled players out there.

9) Are there cool plans for another Tony Hawk game on Nintendo DS?
If you can say, are there going to be any big improvements from THAS? 

***Sk8land on the DS set a lot of precedents for the platform, Tony Hawk
continues to perform well in sales. We’ve got an interesting approach to the
franchise next year. As always we will continue to bring the strong elements of
Tony Hawk, refining and adding new features to keep building the franchise.

Thanks for your time!

7.0 WiFi

 7.1 Local Multiplayer

So you've got some friends - excellent! Make sure they've got a copy of the game
and boot up your DSes - unfortunately, THAS doesn't support Download Play, but
that's okay. If they don't have THAS on their DS they don't deserve to be your
friend anyway.
Remember though - THAS only supports two-player multiplayer.
Just flick through the menu: Wireless > Local Head 2 Head. Then pick your
character. Then, one of you needs to host the game, and your opponent needs to
join it. Make sure that you know who's hosting beforehand - if everyone decides
to host, then you all just wait around for ages and get angry.
The host starts off in Hollywood, just in a free skate situation. Once you're
both there, either one of you can pause the game and change the mode - to one of
the following:
Trick Attack (highest score wins)
Combo Mambo (highest combo score wins)
Score Challenge (first to a set score wins)
The Price Is Wrong (first within a set margin of a set score without going over)

The time and set scores can all be customised, of course. After that, it's a
battle of skill - enjoy!

 7.2 Online Multiplayer (Nintendo WFC)

In essence there's no difference between local multiplayer and online
multiplayer, except that you could be playing against someone on the other side
of the world. That's actually pretty exciting.

To connect to the Nintendo WiFi Connection (WFC for short), make sure that
you've set it up right by going to Nintendo WFC setup in the WiFi menu, in
Wireless. You'll find more information on how to do this in the WFC booklet that
should have come with your game. If not, go to http://www.nintendowifi.com for
more information on how to work it. In short, you can connect in three ways - at
a public wireless hotspot (which will require setup unless it's a McDonalds
restaurant), at home with your wireless router, or at home with the Nintendo-
branded WiFi Connector, which costs around thirty of your local notes.
I use the WiFi Connector, and it's not failed me yet. Again, for more info -

When you log on to the wireless network, by going to Wireless > Connect you are
greeted by a few screens. Skip them for now, and you get a long menu. What
we're interested in on Multiplayer is Friend Code and Head TO Head.

If you know your friends' Friend Codes, then you can add them by going into
Wireless from the main menu and going to Add Friend. This also lists your friend
code here once you've connected to the WFC once, so you can give it to people.

To play against your friend if one of them's online at the same time as you, go
to Head To Head on the Wireless menu, and select Friend Match. All of the
friends that are white are online right now, and you can invite them to play
against you.

If none of your friends are online (or, as the game so lovingly puts it, if YOU
HAVE NO FRIENDS), then go to Automatch. This will randomly match you up with
someone from around the world. You'll go to a screen that says 'Looking For
Skater'. For some reason, this can take several minutes, or it can take several
seconds, but eventually you'll get an opponent. You now have the same options
for a local match, but online - but remember the exploits, and if someone
invites you for a two-minute trick attack on Hollywood you've got a fair idea
of what to expect.

 7.3 Online Features

When you connect to the Nintendo WFC, you'll be greeted with a menu:

Friend Code
Head To Head
Website Info
Pro Scoreboard
Rookie Scoreboard
Update Stats
Update Custom Art
Play Downloaded Goal

8.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- Can I get off my board or ride a bike in THAS?

Sorry, but no. Even though on nintendowifi.com it says that you can ride bikes -
you can't. To be honest, I don't miss being able to that much, as it makes it
more of a challenge, but it does mean that THAS has less functionality than THAW
on the consoles, or even THUG.

- Can I chat to my friends in the game?

Again, no, sorry! This isn't really anyone's fault - either Nintendo's
communication rules were too strict because it's a '3+' game, or there wasn't
enough production time to put it in. If you want to chat to people while playing
against them, I suggest you get their MSN or AIM address from them on

- I got the Create-A-Skater cheat, but I can't create a skater and it doesn't
seem to do anything! What I'm I doing wrong?

The only thing you're doing wrong is reading the cheat wrongly - it's not
'Create-A-Skater', it's 'Crate-A-Skater' - a pun, or play on words. Notice that
there's no E? All this cheat does is turn the pro skaters in Classic mode into
a bunch of crates forming the vague shape of a human. This is all this cheat

- I collected all the secret tapes, but I can't find where to watch them. Where
can I see them?

Well, the secret tapes don't unlock videos, sorry! They're just a collectable
item in hard-to-reach places, and are a relic from the original Tony Hawk games.
When you got a secret tape in the originals, it was is if the tape had been
recorded of you getting it, and pulling a mad trick to do so.
To summarise - no, you can't watch videos by getting the secret tapes.

- When I'm drawing graffiti or board art, I get random lines or spots when I
don't want them, or the colour or pen changes for no reason. Is my game screwed?

No, your game's not screwed, this is a bug that's in all versions of THAS. It
only seems to occur when you press the screen very lightly, so try pressing very
slightly harder - but no so hard as to damage your DS, of course! Don't worry,
though, you have an Undo button (the one with the curvy arrow), and it works
multiple times - so if one of these lines appears out of nowhere, you can always
go back to how it was beforehand.

- I'm having a problem with the mission in the Warehouse in Story Mode where I
have to do a Japan 900 - no matter how hard I try, I can't get exactly 900

You're making this goal harder than it actually is. You don't have to hold it
for 900 points at all - you have to do a 900 degree rotation (so that it says 
'Japan 900' at the bottom, before the points). Not only that, but it also counts
if you go over 900 degrees - say, 1080 or 1260, even.

- I want to play against you on THAS!

That's not a question. But sure! My Friend Code is 369428 - 911612. Just
remember to tell me that you've added me, cause it won't work unless I add you
as well.

- I want to get in touch with you/There's something wrong with your FAQ/I'd
like to add something to your FAQ/Your FAQ sucks!

Well, if you fancy sending something to me, fire an email off to
thasguide@videogaaames.com (yes, it's real). Just make sure you put something
like 'THAS FAQ Addition' in the subject line, though, otherwise I'll probably
just think it's spam and delete it.

9.0 Version History

1/1/06 - 0.04 - First version released! Sections 1, 2 and 3 preliminarily
completed, started on walkthrough (section 4), gaps for Hollywood and Vans
completed. Cheats/Unlockables section partially complete. General housekeeping
(this section, credits etc.) taken care of.

2/1/06 - 0.12 - Hollywood Story mode completed, sections on wireless multiplayer
(local and online) added.

15/1/06 - 0.28 - Beverly Hills Story mode completed, gaps section for Beverly
Hills completed. Minor edits to layout made, Cheats/Unlockables section fully
complete. Placeholder template for online mode laid out, and a few 
acknowledgements added, along with some random gaps in some levels and a few
frequently asked questions.
Sorry about the wait for an update!

18/2/06 - 0.36 - Music section and Downtown Story guide completed. A few FAQs
added. Leo Zuniga interview added. Sorry about the long wait - I'm still writing
this thing, honest!

31/7/06 - Started writing the FAQ again. I'm going to focus on the Classic mode
completion over the next couple of days, and then the Gaps, because I know
that's the main section people want. I expect to have fully completed the FAQ
before November 2006 and the release of Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, the next
instalment of the Tony Hawk's franchise on Nintendo DS. Sorry about the wait!

10.0 Credits/Disclaimer

Activision and Vicarious Visions - they made the game, don'cha know.

Nintendo - made the console, and just an all-round kickass company.

The guys at Agora who made the american-sk8land community
(http://www.american-sk8land.com) for support and general badassery.
You guys rock.

ShadowL and Littlegata for a lot of gaps on Hollywood and Beverly Hills that I
hadn't got.

bloodmage for pointing out an error in the controls section, and for inspiring a
better way to explain it.

Stan64 for a couple of gaps on Downtown - you're awesome.

SlimJim for a gap in East LA.

NatKat for bringing the Japan 900 confusion to my attention.

Matthew Phorion for pointing out a small error.

Molly Hatchet for inspiring me to update the FAQ again after a break of half a

All copyrights and trademarks used herein are the property of their respective
owners. All other content is copyright Will Templeton unless noted, or obvious.

Any opinions contained in any interviews or commentary are not necessarily the
opinions of the author of this FAQ, but of the participants.

This FAQ is currently being updated. The latest version will always be at
GameFAQs, and after it is complete I will allow it to be uploaded elsewhere -
while it is incomplete, however, this FAQ is not to be posted on any other site
without prior express written consent from myself.


thoughts? thasguide at videogaaames dot com

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