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Early in the development of Partners in Time, very little was known about the DS other than it would have two screens and four face buttons (A, B, X, Y). To work around the lack of a dev kit in order to facilitate playtesting, Alphadream made a very rough prototype model of the DS by wiring together a SNES controller, a GBA, and a GBA SP.

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There is an unused Bros. Item in the game called the "Spike Shell." This item was shown in playable demos and promotional material. Why it was removed is unknown.

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The supporting materials that came with new copies of this game played host to an amusing error. The My Nintendo registration sheet states the game is copyrighted as "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime."

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The intro sequence before the game's title screen includes a moment where you hear Mario and Luigi say "Nintendo!" After progressing sufficiently into the game, the sound clip changes to all four brothers saying it.

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Famous Quotes

Fawful: I have boredom... Guests? Now I have... FURY!

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