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Mario Bros. taking baby Mario Bros. for a piggyback 02/12/09 Ali_X_Rexus
Mario & Luigi in 5 seconds... plus the usual fluff 12/29/07 Arkrex
Mario and Luigi's EXCELLENT Adventure! 01/04/06 ColoradoDog
Great Game! But its lacks a Mario RPG Factor 03/20/06 Connecti0n12
An outstanding Mario RPG 06/16/08 DarkBlumiere
Long and Difficult, but well worth it. 12/26/05 gameman250
I can't believe I actually finished this game! 06/09/08 GeneralDryBones
An Excellent RPG for the DS without a doubt 06/12/09 HenrikChoy
A great sequel to a great game. 12/05/05 iammaxhailme
Not too bad. 01/05/06 Kirbykidx
Probably the second best Mario RPG. 12/02/05 linkZ4461
Not nearly as good as Superstar Saga. 02/24/06 LordShinin
A perfect Mario rpg game! 01/28/06 luigistarted06
Mario and Luigi are back! ...Just not better. 10/15/07 Magikoopa189
A very short and sweet game that will keep you busy... for 10 hours max 01/02/06 maniac_vivi4
A game that time won't soon forget. 12/06/05 mariopaper
Somewhat short but fun Mario RPG 10/26/07 MarkDuval
It's an alright game, but it does not match its predecessor. 12/10/05 Megagamer1
Babies, Let'sa go! Okie dokie. 12/07/05 outphase
Best RPG for the DS! 12/05/05 Poison_spore
Challenging, New, and Fun 12/08/05 Seagaia
Feels too much like a rushed job... 02/21/06 Shadow_King
Every Mario game is either decent or really good, this is one of the OK ones 02/02/07 StrongBadZoned
Definitely not your typical turn-based RPG, that's for sure. 01/23/06 Tateroverlord
One of the best DS games to date. 01/09/06 TGB0077
More of the same. 12/26/05 TheExperimentX
Just as good as the original! 03/03/09 thegamemaster8
Back to Adventure! 12/05/05 TheOneBread
Both Luigis need a diaper change 01/09/06 TotalAwakening
Nintendo's newest Mario RPG will leave you begging for more. 01/09/06 Xmod205
Four Brothers... Two Times... An Army of Creepy Aliens... ONE. BIG. ADVENTURE. 03/02/06 Zero_Hero789

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