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Mini-Game FAQ by MagnasDX

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 06/14/2006

Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers Mini-game FAQ

Table of Contents

1] Introduction
= A] Introduction
= B] Version Changes
2] Legal Information
3] Mini-games
= A] May’s Dolphin Show
= B] Note Capture
= C] Yo-yo Polish
= D] Balance Game
= E] Venom’s Billiards
= F] Hit Down
= G] Sword Master
4] Closing
5] Special Thanks

1A] Introduction

Hello people and welcome to my “Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers” Mini-game FAQ! When
first turning on the game, people usually jump right into the action by 
clicking on the first option that they see (In this case, arcade mode). I, for 
one, went into the RK-Factory and noticed that I pretty much had no options to
choose from. I then figured out that mini-games are the secret to unlocking 
Robo-Ky’s specials! So that’s what I decided to do. It took me pretty much all 
night, but I got them all!

First of all, I’d like to say one thing. DO NOT LET THE HIGH SCORES SCARE YOU!
On first glance, people might think that it’ll take forever. Other people would
say that the mini-games are as hard as Kirby: Canvas Curse, where you get 
medals by getting difficult high scores for 100% completion! I’m telling you 
that once you get the hang of a game, you’ll be able to play it fluently.

1B] Version Changes

Version 0.4:
= added gamespot.com to allowed sites
= changed description to Sword Master (Thanks Nick Berry ^^;;;)
= minor formatting changes

Version 0.3:
= added 1up.com to allowed sites
= minor format/organization changes

Version 0.2:
= added neoseeker.com to allowed sites
= minor spelling changes

Version 0.1:
= release to the general community

2] Legal Information

This guide was created for the following site: 


Any reproduction without my consent is not allowed. If you or anyone you know
sees this on a site that is not listed above, please ask for its deletion. 

3] Mini-games

When entering this mode, you’ll Robo-Ky’s head filled with thoughts. Each one 
of those thoughts represents a mini-game. The different mini-games differ in 
expertise to avoid repeating the same thing over and over again. And without 
further adieu, LET’S ROCK!

(Note: I’m starting from the bottom left to the bottom right)


3A] May’s Dolphin Show

=Game’s Description=
“The object of the game is to position the rings so that the jumping dolphins
go through them.”

=Game’s Instructions=
“Use the stylus to move the ring displayed on the touch screen. Points are 
scored by having the dolphins that jump out of the water go through your 
positioned ring. Moving the ring to the flaming drum on the lower left side of 
the screen causes the ring to catch on fire and shrink in size. Having the 
dolphins pass through the flaming ring rewards the player with more points.
The game ends after 30 seconds has elapsed.”

1 Ring = 50pts
1 Flaming Ring = 100pts
1 Second Ring = 100pts
1 Second Flaming Ring = 200pts

=Time Limit=
30 seconds

=My Description=
“’May’s Dolphin Show’ is a neat game where you have to force the dolphins into
your hoops, just like a real dolphin show! But unlike usual dolphin shows, you
get to send yours into rings of fire! What seems like a cruel way to treat 
dolphins pays off big point wise!”

- While the countdown is counting, move your rings to the bottom left corner
 of the screen. That way, you start with the rings on fire.
- Burning rings last for roughly 10 seconds.
- The dolphins move at 3 speeds: Slow, Medium and Fast (Lack of creativity).
- When a slow dolphin jumps, there will usually be a fast dolphin jumping 
 that will fall through the rings with enough time to move them back and hit 
 the slow dolphin as well.
- When the time reaches last the 10 seconds, the music picks up. Also, it
 appears that only fast or slow dolphin start jumping.

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- The banner in the back says “Dolphin Show of Mei”!

=High Scores=
1st 3000
2nd 2500
3rd 2000

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st Do You Want To Suffer?
2nd Bargain of Street Meeting
3rd Phenomenon EX


3B] Note Capture

=Game Description=
“The object of the game is to grab the falling notes from I-no’s hat and insert
them into the matching empty slots on the score.”

=Game Instructions=
“Music notes will begin to fall down from I-no’s hat. Your job is to use the
stylus to capture the falling notes and insert them into the corresponding slot
on the score. If you do not need the note, allow it to fall off screen. If a
necessary note to fill the empty slot falls off screen, it will count as a
mistake. Insert all 5 notes into the score to continue on to the next level.
The game is over when 3 mistakes are made.”

2 Eighth Notes (or the ‘Dual Note’) = 50pts
1 Eighth Note (or the note with a ‘Tail’) = 100pts
1 Quarter Note (or the… normal note) = 150pts

=Mistake Limit=
3 Mistakes

=My Outlook=
“’Note Capture’ may seem like a difficult game at first, but it’s rather
easy. It’s just a little bit hard to get the hang of. The hat won’t shoot
out more than 4 notes at a time! Just catch them and move them across the
screen for max points!”

- The hat won’t shoot out more than 4 notes at a time.
- You don’t have to “catch” the note. If you push down where the note is
 headed so it lands on the stylus, you’ll be able to control it.
- Try grabbing the notes at the head (the lowest circular part).

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- The hat has a speaker in its mouth! 

=High Scores=
1st 6000
2nd 5000
3rd 4000

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st Chemical Love
2nd Invite Hell
3rd Mappa Hanti


3C] Yo-yo Polish

=Game Description=
“The object of the game is to remove rust, dirt, and fuzzy dust 
from the Yo-yo.”

=Game Instructions=
“Players must remove rust, dirt, and fuzzy dust, from both sides of the yo-yo
before time runs out. To rotate the yo-yo, press the turn button located on the
bottom left and right side of the screen. You begin with 30 seconds to clean 
the yo-yo. For every level you complete, you are awarded with an additional 7
seconds. The game is over when time runs out before the yo-yo has
been cleaned.”

Rust = 10pts each
Dirt = 10 pts each
Fuzzy Dust = 10 pts each

=Time Limit=
30 seconds + 7 additional seconds for every round completed

=My Outlook=
“’Yo-yo Polish’ proclaims that Bridget’s yo-yo gets dirty in all that
fighting. So as that marvel of the fighting scene, you must clean it! Each
piece of dirt you clean is 10 points, which is a bummer because you don’t get
any bonuses.”

- Save the Fuzzy Dust for last. This is unless the fuzzy dirt is covering
 another piece of dirt that cannot be cleaned without removing it.
- Some materials can interfere with other materials being cleaned.
- If you can, try to rub away more that one blotch of Dirt at a time.
- If left with nothing but Fuzzy Dust, bash the turn button as fast as you can.
- WARNING! For some reason, when left with nothing but Fuzzy Dust, the game
 will not record one of the blotches, which means you lose 10 points. When
 playing though, you should be caring more about time than points.

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- The Yo-yo is Bridget’s Yo-yo.

=High Scores=
1st 1000
2nd 900
3rd 800

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st Tandem Top
2nd Axl Bomber
3rd Potemkin Buster


3D] Balance Game

=Game Description=
“The object of the game is to move Jam so that she catches the item that the 
chef drops. Careful not to drop the pile!”

=Game Instructions=
“Use the stylus to move Jam in position to catch the items the chef throws down
at you. As the items pile up, it will become harder to balance them so be 
careful. In order to win, you must pile up the items high enough to reach the 
chef (10 items = equivalent height). When items are dropped or missed, it 
counts as a mistake. The game is over when 3 mistakes are made.”

Cat… thing? = 5pts
Basket = 10pts
Meat = 50pts

=Mistake Limit=
3 Mistakes

=My Outlook=
“Balance Game” features Jam working her job at a restaurant. How befitting! 
Anyways, use this chibi-fied Jam and have her catch the falling objects. Just
like on the Game and Watch systems from the old days!”

- Don’t worry about actual balancing, it really only matters after reaching
 8 or 9. But at that point, you’re almost done!
- Hope for a lot of meat I guess…

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- When making a mistake, the icon(s) displaying how many are left change!
- 3 – Smiling Jan
- 2 – Content Jan
- 1 – Depressed Jan

=High Scores=
1st 3000
2nd 2500
3rd 2000

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st EXE Beast
2nd Gamma Blade
3rd Youshijin


3E] Venom’s Billiards

=Game Description=
“The object of the game is to sink all 9 balls in numerical order.”

=Game Instructions=
“This is a basic game of 9-ball against the CPU. The player must pocket each 
ball in numerical order. If you are not sure which ball is next, the target 
ball is shown blinking on the table. Use view change button to get an overhead
view of the table. Moving the stylus left or right on the touch screen rotates
the table and changes the angle of your shot. Once you are ready to shoot,
touch the Shot Mode button. Touch and hold the stylus on the cue ball until 
the Shot Power is at the desired level, then let go. To return to normal 
view, press the Shot Mode button again. The higher the number, the more 
powerful the shot is. The game is won when the 9 ball is the last ball 
pocketed. Ignoring the numerical order during gameplay and pocketing the 9 
ball before its turn will result in a foul.”

No real scoring, just turn count!

=Mistake Limit=
No limits!

=My Outlook=
“Nice long instructions folks at Majesco/Arc, but you left a few things out!
Pocketing the cue ball (white ball) is considered a foul, and a ball will be
pulled from the pocket list! Not hitting the target ball first is a foul.
Getting the 9 ball in while hitting your target ball first is a win! But all
in all, ‘Venom’s Billiards’ can be one of the hardest mini-games 
out of the seven!”

=!!!One-Turn Win Strategy!!!=
That’s right, you heard me! This is a strategy a pulled while accidentally
getting a two turn win. I was trying to recreate that moment by using the same
shot, and I found this!

When on the break, tap left once on your D-Pad. TAP LEFT ONCE on your D-PAD!
When the tracker bounces back, it should cover about 1/2 to 3/4 of the ball.
When entering shot mode, shoot at 99 power. It HAS to be 99 or the shot won’t
work. It’ll take some timing, but once you get the hang of it, 
it’ll be simple!  

=Legit Strategies=
- Use your D-Pad to turn short distances. When using the stylus, you may have
 less control. It also might move when taking the stylus off.
- When given an opportunity to knock the 9 ball in after hitting your ball,
 go for it at all costs!
- Try to get a ball in every turn. The crummy CPU will play if you mess up.
 Believe me, the CPU is bad at 9-ball!

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- The eye on the top screen is the same eye on Venom’s Veil!
- Venom apparently sucks at pool!

=High Scores=
1st 10 Turns
2nd 15 Turns
3rd 20 Turns

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st Starship
2nd Sliding Head
3rd Single Blow of the Reform


3F] Hit Down

=Game Description=
“The object of the game is to touch Faust when he pops up through the door.”

=Game Instructions=
“Use the stylus to touch Faust each time he appears through a door. Touching 
an empty door or missing one in which Faust has appeared counts as a mistake. 
The game is over when 3 mistakes are made.”

Hatch Faust = 10pts
Front Door Faust = 20pts
Back Door Faust (pops from behind the door) = 50pts

=Mistake Limit=
3 Mistakes

=My Outlook=
“’Hit Down’ is a Guilty Gear version of Whack-a-Mole! This highly addicting, 
but sometimes screwy, mini-game will have you tapping away at your stylus for 
the glory of bashing Faust in the eye! I know I needed that!”

- If you see an arm come out of a hatch, it’s obviously Faust.
- You will have enough time to analyze whether it’s a Faust filled hatch or 
- Attempting to hit multiple Faust hatches can be good, just don’t hit 
 an empty hatch while doing it!

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- Faust doesn’t need an Aspirin after this!

=High Scores=
1st 2500
2nd 2000
3rd 1500

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st Mad Struggle
2nd Aerial Stun Edge
3rd Love


3G] Sword Master

=Game Description=
“The object of the game is to cut the haystacks before they fall off the 

=Game Instructions=
“Use the stylus to slice through the falling hay stacks on the touch screen. 
By cutting multiple haystacks in one slice, players will earn double points for
each stack (10, 20, 40, 80, and 160). If you miss a falling haystack, it will
count as a mistake. The game is over when 3 mistakes are made."

Haystack = 10pts
2nd Haystack in a Row= 20pts
3rd Haystack in a Row = 40pts
4th Haystack in a Row = 80pts
5th Haystack in a Row = 160pts
Slashes Remaining Bonus = (# of slashes left) x 50pts

=Mistake Limit=
3 Mistakes

=My Outlook=
“’Sword Master’ is the closest thing we have right now to a Wii sword 
fighting simulator! That’s perfectly okay by me, as this fun game uses
the touch screen to make slashes on the screen, chopping away haystacks! 
It comes with the perfect ambience as well!"

- 1 slash = Should be easy to hit all of them in a fell swoop!
- 2 slashes = Likewise!
- 3 slashes = The pattern should appear quickly! Might get tricky at the 
 very corners of the touch screen!
- 4 slashes = Likewise!
- 5 slashes = Just wait for the line to show up and you should be able 
 to get all of them!
- 6 slashes = Don’t worry about getting the slashes remaining bonus, 
 but try for combos
- 7 slashes = Likewise!
- 8 slashes = Don’t worry about anything but living!
- 9 slashes = Likewise!

=Extra Information That You May Have Missed=
- What appears to be the Washington Monument is on the left 
 hand side of the touch screen!

=High Scores=
1st 4500
2nd 4000
3rd 3500

=Robo-Ky Techniques=
1st Whatever is Done. a Fellow No Good is No Good
2nd Tyrant Rave Ver.b
3rd Bellows Mantis


4] Closing

In conclusion, the difficulties of mini-games are slowly slipping away. 
Hopefully with this aide, you have had the opportunity to unlock all of 
Robo-Ky's moves like I have. Have fun creating a Robo-Ky that’s unstoppable
in the eyes of others!

If you find any mistakes in this FAQ that you would like to point out or have
a winning strategy, send all inquiring emails to:


With the Subject:

FAQ Correction/Strategy

Thanks again! 

5] Special Thanks

- The people who host my FAQ on their site

- Everyone who actually read this guide and found some use from it!

- Everyone who read this guide in general!

- The Guilty Gear Community for playing Guilty Gear games!

- Majesco and Arc System Works for making this fine game!

- Myself, for botching Physics for this! This is probably more worthwhile!

Copyright Robyn “MagnasDX” Ship

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