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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mistress_Kari

Version: 1 | Updated: 11/29/05

Update 0.2 - 11-22-05

When you start the game (no matter what time or whether you already have a
saved game going) you will start with a cut scene of a car (your car) racing
through the desert into a very very small town ^^'

Table of Contents
Basic Information                   1.1
Sim Creation                        1.2
Sanity                              1.3
Skill Points 101                    1.4
Now onto the game                   2.0
Check out the HOTEL...              2.A
Recharge the FURNACE                2.B
Pick up the VACUUM, and use it      2.C
RESTRAIN Honest Jackson             2.D
-----RESTRAINING 101----------------R101
-----HOTEL STATUS PANEL 101---------HSP101
--Exploring Strangetown--           EXST
Cheer up TRISTAN LEGEND             2.E
-----CHEERING PPL UP 101------------CPU101
Buy a PERMIT for the CASINO         2-F
Return to HOTEL, Check out CASINO   2-G
-----IMPRESSING 101-----------------IMP101
Buy the SUPER DRENCHER              2-H
-----DRENCHER 101-------------------DRENCH101
Frankie Fusilli Walkthrough         3-0
-----HOTEL RATING 101---------------HOTEL101
-----CARD GAMES 101-----------------CRD101
-----ROMANCING SIMS 101-------------ROM101
-----CALMING DOWN SIMS 101----------CLM101
Frankie Fusilli Walkthrough 2       3-1
Give Frankie $1000                  3-2

Now as with all the Sims games for GBA and DS once you’ve gotten a major
mission you can’t really go any further, but you will also be given loads  of
minor ones throughout the entire thing ^ ^.  All these missions can be
found in your Goals Tab which is the middle tab button on the left hand  side
of your touch screen.

Unlike the other two Sim games out you cannot earn your skills points as you
 did earlier, you will find them at seemingly random intervals every couple
 hours, they will stay there for as long as 8 hrs each time and you will
 often find two the same hour.

Now in this game you can still recycle in a sense. And get money for it too
 ^ ^ yay.

This game is played in real time, so what ever time you had set your DS’s
 internal clock to when you first got it, is what time and date it will be
 in the game.  Now this is very advantageous I have found as when doing the
 mini missions that come along all I have to do it look to my mini clock
 located in the bottom left corner of the top screen to see what time it is.

Now is you miss your mission you can always just reload your last save but
 you will most likely not get that mission back until someone calls your Sim
 again about something else.

First thing you will do is create your Sim :)
Step 1 - in this step you will be naming your Sim as well as choosing their
 skin tone and gender.
Step 2 - here you will be choosing their hair style and colour.  There are
 also much more choices than in the other two Sims for the portable system.
Step 3 - Now it’s time to be choosing their face (and for girl’s makeup)
Step 4 - is clothing ^ ^, like I mentioned for Step 2 there are many chose
 from, I suggest choosing your nightwear and swim wear first, as what you
 choose for those will be what they wear when sunbathing, showering, and
 sleeping.  Then you can choose our normal clothes (tops and bottoms),
 uniforms, and evening wear for what you would like your Sim to wear on a
 day-to-day basis.
LAST STEP - now it's time to choose your Sims aspirations.
   Fortune - You earn additional money from hotel guests!
   Popularity - You improve your relationship with other Sims faster!
   Romance - Other Sims will be in the mood for Romance more often!
   Party - You receive twice as much sanity from using objects!

Quote from Freyashawk’s wonderful FAQ from IGN.
“Your basic role in this game is to serve as hotel Manager of the
 Strangetown Hotel.  Your primary missions will be given to you by the
 current tenant of the Penthouse.  As you progress in the game, there will
 be three different tenants in the Penthouse and each of these will have
 rather sinister ambitions.  When the ambition of one tenant is thwarted,
 another tenant will take his/her place.”

Now you will do the best to keep your hotel running smoothly, building new
 rooms, adding extra features like a gym, bars so on.  And keeping it clean
 and tidy.  Your guests will come and go, you will earn and loose money but
 that is life right?!

Your Mini games will come from those random guests and the Concierge.

Now your sanity level is another thing that differentiates from the other
 two games, as in this one it’s all bundled together in one big bar at the
 bottom of the top screen.  Now this is nice to a certain extent but can be
 a pain, as I hate waiting for my Sim to tell me they are hungry until they
 are really hungry, but as you interact with the different guests whether it
 be calming them down, or restraining them or what ever else is wrong with
 them at the time, your Sanity level will raise gradually.

Like in the other Sim games you will need to feed and bathe your Sim.
Food – can be found in any fridge in any hotel room at no cost (free food
 YAY) though you can also buy it in the saloon and most of the places in the
Sleep – is the same as food any couch or bed in any room it doesn’t have to
 be your own, if you really have to and your Sim needs it desperately go
Hygiene – now I am surprised none of the guests haven’t minded this you can
 use ANY shower to clean your Sim, even the guests shower and I’ve had the
 occasion where said Sim is standing right there watching me have a
 shower... creepy!!
Now your emotional sanity which is drained when you don’t respond correctly
 or quickly enough when corresponding with another Sim, can be easily and
 very very quickly booted by beating the tar out of a large chunk of meat in
 the freezer downstairs.

Now for further information on these Skill Points.
Like in mentioned earlier you cannot earn these the normal way, they are
 found randomly throughout the game.  When you do spot one it will show up
 as a glowing icon that you can just pick up (how handy huh?)
More information on this will come later on when needed.


When the game officially starts you will be standing there in front of a
 crouched over old man in overalls named JEBEDIAH S. JERKY, he will then
 start talking to you.

     Whoa there, slick.  You're running the wrong way, ain’t ya?
 Strangetown is dying faster than frogs on a freeway.  What's your business
     Car troubles, eh?  Well now I'm known 'round here as something of a
 handyman, but don't believe anything else you hear.
     I'd be willing to have a look under the hood if you don't mind."
(The view shifts around to show your car)
     Shoot, kid.  That engine's got more holes than a doughnut shot.  It's
 gonna take a while, a few days maybe.
     You could head on over to the Strangetown Hotel and secure yourself a
 bed.  It’s nothing fancy, but I hear they've got pillows.
     You tell them Jebediah Jerky sent ya.  I don't know that it'll help
 any, but I like getting my name out there."

You then get your first Mission.
You can find your missions on the bottom screen it will be the middle button
 on the left side of the screen.

To walk around you use the control pad, press B to run or Walk.

2.A     NEW MISSION - Check out the HOTEL...

Inside the Hotel the Concierge will talk to you.

     Zzz...WHA?!  Oh, ah, welcome to the Strangetown Hotel.  Can I help you
     Oh, this is pointless.  It's not like anyone is paying me anymore.
That's right.  My boss just walked out yesterday.  He said he was fed up
 with the place and-
     Hold on, is the power out?  Wow, I guess I’ve been sleeping for a
 while.  I've for to watch this desk... maybe you could stoke the furnace
 for me?
     It's in the basement through the door on the left.  Head down the
 stairs and walk straight ahead.  Pick up any of the fuel rods you find
 lying around and toss them in the furnace.

2.B     NEW MISSION - Find some nuclear rods in the BASEMENT and put them in

Now this part is pretty easy as there is a nice trail of rods leading to the
 basement when you turn around ^ ^
Just follow it to the basement.  Press the A Button to pick them up.  Now
 the rods won't always be lined up all nice and pretty from here on.

A screen will now pop up saying:

Walk down the stairs and straight to the reactor the small door in it will
 open, and you will be given two options.
  1- Add 1 fuel rod
  2- Refuel to Max (this is the most obvious choice of the two)

Once you put the rods in the power for the building will come back on.  Now
 head back up the stairs to the Hotel Lobby.

Like in “Bustin’ Out” and “Urbz” you will find that you can earn quick cash
 by selling your recyclables, you will also notice that like in those other
 two games you will see a couple familiar faces and some new ones like Dusty
 Hogg’s Mama ^ ^.

Just after the stairs is another hallway, at the end of it is the freezer
 containing the slab of meat, remember this room as every once in a while a
 Sim will somehow get themselves trapped in it ^ ^’.

When you are back in the lobby the screen will focus on the concierge again.
     Yes!  The power's back on.  Thanks.
     Each of those fuel rods lasts about 3 days, though the furnace can hold
 more than one at a time."  (Now this game is in a sense played in real
 time, so whatever date and time your DS is set to)
     Oh, I wanted to ask you... did you drop this note when you came in?  I
 found it behind my computer monitor after you left. Here..."

NOTE:  There's a reason for everything, (YOUR SIMS NAME).  The sun shines,
 the earth spins, and smart people like you run hotels.  Good luck... the
 citizens of Strangetown needs your help.

After reading the letter Jebediah will come into the hotel.
     Phew! This place isn't exactly a palace, is it?
     We never saw more than one guest a month, Jeb.  There was never any
 reason to clean up.
     That's backwards thinking!  If you want to bring in the customers you
 gotta clean the place up!  Pick up the trash, vacuum the place... it's
     You may be right but... *YAWN* ...but I’m not supposed to leave this
 desk.  So this kid will have to do it.
     That’s a fair role.  If I’m gonna fix your car, you're gonna have to
 vacuum this hotel.

2.C     NEW MISSION - Pick up the VACUUM
Now the vacuum will be right beside the desk.

NEW MISSION - Activate the VACUUM from the POCKETS menu (on the touch pad)
 and clean up 5 DUST piles.

To do this touch the pocket button then touch the vacuum, when you do this
 the little hand will light up, touch this and the vacuum will appear in
 your Sim's hand.  To operate the vacuum move forward to well move forward,
 left and right will turn you and down will make you move backwards.
NOTE: if you find anything in the vacuum while it's cleaning touch the item
 and drag it to the bottom of the vacuum where it will be sucked into a
 separate bag called the respectable.
You can collect extra cash from most of those items.
Though if you touch a piece of dust, your filter will clog up and you will
 have to blow into the MIC on your DS to clear the dust.

When you have cleared the dust the mayor HONEST JACKSON will appear.

     You there!  I want ANSWERS, you hear me?  What’s this about the owner
 of the hotel wanting to skip town?
     He’s already gone, Mayor Jackson.  He slipped out last night.
     EGAD! Without a functioning hotel our tourist trade will plummet.
 We’ll be done for!
     Well sir, we're doing the best we can but-
     The economy will crash!  People will starve!  Wars will rage!  And I’ll
 be forced to cut my recycling programs!  We must DO something!
     Anything! Everything! Now! Please help! *Bwwaaah!* oh what a world...

Now someone else will enter the hotel.

Mamma Hogg (mother of Dusty Hogg from the first two portable Sims games):
     Mayor Jackson?  Excuse me.  I’ve been looking for you everywhere.  It
 seems you have a meeting at...
     He’s gone bonkers again, Mrs. Hogg.
     Oh heavens.  Is this some kind of agitator or something?
     When he gets emotional there's no solution but to restrain him with
 soothing words, otherwise he'll stay loopy.

2.D     NEW MISSION:  RETRAIN Honest Jackson

Now walk up to him and on your screen it will offer you the option of
 RESTRAING him.  This is the only round in which they will tell you which
 option to choose.

R101     RESTRAINING 101:
You will be given three options when restraining someone:  Stern Yell, Stop
 and Steady.  Now during your first restraining encounter the game will
 guide you through the different motions and which option to choose this is
 very handy in helping you remember what to do.
STEADY-     when both of their hands go up as if to steady or balance
STERN YELL- when they have their right hand up and it’s bent at the elbow.
STOP-        when both of their hands are down at their side.

Now if you do this correctly each correct choice will make their ‘in’sanity
 bar go down.

     w-what's happened?  I feel... funny.  Did I go on one of my rampages
 again?  What do they call you, kid?
Nice to meet you, (SIM). Listen we're in trouble here.  This hotel is one
of the only sources of money in Strangetown.  If it goes under, the town goes
with it.
Help us turn this dingy dormitory into a world-class palace of leisure.
Just say yes!
     That would be grand.  We could get a pool, a couple lounges, a
 restaurant, maybe a gallery and perhaps...
     PERHAPS we should start by building a CASINO.
     Good thinking, Mrs. Hogg.  That’s a perfect way to attract guests.
(SIM NAME), talk to Tristan Legend about building a Casino.  He’s our local
     TRISTAN?  Ooh! Actually... maybe I should talk to him for you.  I know
 he likes to hang out in the desert so-
     Stay out of this one Miss Hogg.  (SIM NAME), follow me.  Before you go
 looking for Tristan, I want to show you where you'll be staying.

Now Honest will make you follow him into the room beside the front desk,
 this is the manager's suite.

     So here's the Manager's Suite... your home base.  You’ve got the basics
 to start with - a bed, a shower, etc - but you can decorate it however you

You will both then walk to a consol on the wall with the Sims symbol on it.

     On the wall over here is your Stat Panel.  It will give you all sorts
 of useful information about your hotel and your own skills.
     So get to know the place before you get to work.  Relax and... Well,
 take a shower before you find Tristan.  You smell a little ripe.

So take his advice have a look around your room, familiarize yourself as to
 where your bathroom is and head there for a nice warm shower... in your
 bathingsuit ^ ^'.

When you go to examine it you will see four options:
Aspirations      Hotel Info     Skills     Game stats
Now if you choose Aspirations it will tell you all about that special
 character aspect you decided when you created your Sim.
Fortune – You earn additional money from hotel guests! – calming down ANGRY
 Sims will help raise your sanity level.
Romance – Other Sims will be in the mood for romance more often! – Romance
 other Sims to increase your sanity meter’s level.
Popularity – You improve your relationship with other Sims faster! – Cheer
 up SAD Sims to increase your sanity meter’s level.
Party – You recover twice as much sanity from using objects! – Calm down
 LOOPY Sims to increase your sanity meter’s level.

On this page will also be a bar and four stars, the more you do what’s
 needed to raise your sanity level, the more the bar will fill, once you’ve
 filled the bar it will empty and a star will be filled instead, this means
 your sanity level’s been increased, you will also notice that the colour of
 your sanity bar has changed as well. ^ ^.

There are four stars therefore there are four levels to your sanity level
^ ^. Green being the level you start with, then Red, then Gold/Orange then
 Silver ^ ^.

Under the Hotel Information you will see your current Hotel Score, How many
 guests you’ve had so far come then leave, how much money you’ve earned in
 total, and how much you’ve spent (on rooms, furniture so on), as well as
 your net Profit.

Under the Skills section it will show you how many of the skill points you
 have found so far.  There are 5 skills: Creativity (lavender palette),
 Business (large Simoleon), Body (a torso), Charisma (large yellow happy
 face) and Mechanical (blue cogwheel).

The last section you will see will be your game stats.  This handy thing
 tells you how many Alien’s you’ve ‘Vanquished’.  How many goons you’ve
 captured (this includes both Evil robots and crime spree guys), all the
 Vacuum Earnings as well as your Metal Detector Earnings.

When you are done head back to the lobby, directly across from you to the
 left of the door heading downstairs you will see one of those pamphlet
 holding things walk up to it and you'll be given the choice of RESTOCKING
 IT.  Do so, you can earn cash every time someone takes one ^ ^.

Now you are given the chance to wander around town, note: always pick up any
 nuclear rods and gourds (the fruit).  The rods when they are not needed to
 power the hotel you can sell them at town hall, the gourds you can sell
 them at the saloon beside the hall.  The cows in the field... Well are just
 wandering around you can milk them and well drink the milk. ^ ^  duh.


The building across from the hotel on the left side is the City Hall.
This note will appear.

inside here will be an office in the back, washrooms to the left and a guy
 alone behind a desk, you can talk to him to sell any spare rods and when
 needed to pay him to start the building of new rooms.

Now onto the next one, the building seemingly attached to the right side of
 city hall is the Saloon.

Like I mentioned a couple sentences ago this is where you can sell the fruit
 you find.
Upstairs you will find the dance floor and a door leading to the washroom,
 Mamma’s room (animal print with a Shrine dedicated to Auda Sheriff), Jeb’s
 room (only old tires and a bedding-less mattress)

The lone building located to the left of the hotel and to the right of the
 saloon, is the store (well the only open door at the moment is the right
 one so you can enter through there)

This is place to get all your shopping and furniture needs ^ ^

Now you can head back to the hotel

Now it's time to actually do what you were asked and go into the desert to

COW     COWS 101
As you head to the desert you will see a field with two cows and a bull.
 When you walk up to a cow you will be given three options: Tip, Milk and
 Give Gift.  They are very interesting options ^ ^, you can drink and or
 sell the milk you get when you milk the cow, tipping the cow is also fun,
 but if you tip the cow then milk it you will get a milkshake ^ ^.  You
 can’t do anything with the Bull that I know of.

When you enter it the camera will zoom in on the guy near a cactus.
     You ever caught a meteor with your bare hands?  It takes time to get
 used to the heat and the pain, but it's a good cure for loneliness.
     Why am I soo lonely?  Well, I’ll say this:  it ain't an easy thing to
 see the woman you love carried off by a pack of giant scorpions.
     Hey, I don't recognize you, what's your name?
     Fascinating.  So what can I do for you, (SIM NAME)?
     A pair of strong hands for building, huh?  How kind of you.  And I’d be
 happy to help you... if I was happy at all.  But I’m not.
     I think I’m going to stand right here and more a bit.  I’m trying my
 best to do a little crying too, so step back.


Your options for this action are Console, Hug and Pep Talk.  Since this will
 be your first time doing this option you will show which options to choose.
Console – they bring both their hands to their face as if to wipe away
Hug – they extend both arms as if to well... to hug you.
Pep Talk – they will cross their arms in front of them.

Walk up to Tristan and choose the option CHEER UP.
This is another one that will tell you which to choose

     You’re right, kid.  Tomorrow IS another day.  I can't believe I never
 thought of that.
     So honest Jackson wants me to build a Casino, huh?  Well OK, I can do
 it but we'll need a building permit.  Honest knows that!
     You can buy building permits in City Hall.  Anytime you want to add a
 room to the hotel you have to buy a permit.  Then they send ME to build it.

2-F     NEW MISSION:  buy a PERMIT for a CASINO from City Hall

The Building permit for the Casino is 1500$

2-G     NEW MISSION: return to the HOTEL and check out the CASINO
Note:  after this permit all other rooms will hate 8hrs (real time) to be

The camera will zoom in on Tristan once you've entered the hotel.
Tristan:  hey (SIM NAME), just in time!  I hammered my last nail minutes
 ago.  Come on it and check out the new Casino!

Now this option here I don’t use often, in fact I rarely use it myself. But
 should you want to do it feel free the first time you do of course the game
 will guide you through it.  The three options you are given here are: High
 Five, Dance, and Laugh, now dance and laugh can be confused as their body
 stances are very close in appearance.
HIGH FIVE – if they hold their hand up high.
LAUGH – both hands are bent slightly and at high side moving about waist
DANCE – both arms are out in front of him.

Your Sim will now follow Tristan into the new casino.
     Beautiful, right?  I don't know why I don't make a living as a
 carpenter.  I guess test piloting experimental jets is more my thing
     So have a look around.  Get to know the place and let me know what you
     You interested in playing a game of cards?  "Keelhaulin' Cards" is a
 great way to make a little money.

All of a sudden the hotel will start shaking.

     WHOA!  What was that?

The camera will show the lobby of the hotel now with a little green alien in
 a captain’s hat and a jet pack.

Emperor Xizzle:
     A long last to land on earth we have come now!
     All humans will you fear to us and make bowing gestures for our feet!
     This can you not stop!  We will always be taking over you!  I vow this!
     *sigh* this happens every couple weeks.  His name is Emperor Xizzle.
     He’s been trying to take over Strangetown for years, but we can't
 figure out why.  There’s nothing here but sand and heat.
     Lucky for us those aliens have a weakness... water!  I suppose that's
 why they always come to the desert.
     If you can find a Super Drencher water cannon you can send him running
 back to his ship.  I think Giuseppi has one.
     Anyway, I'm outta here.  There’s this mesa I’ve been itching to climb.
 Nice working with you.


Now go out and find him, he'll most likely be standing outside the hotel,
 walk up to him and as him 'what's up?'

     Hey!  What?  I don't know anything about any missing gold bricks!
     Oh I see, Emperor Xizzle is back and you been a Super Drencher water
 cannon to drive him off.
     Sure, I got one.  I’ve had it since I was a little brat.  And it's all
 yours... for a price.
     Hey c'mon!  It’s a relic from my childhood.  I just can't GIVE it away.
 So... for $250 and it's yours.  Cheap right?


Now if you've done what I did, and got some furniture, you might want to go
 to the new casino and earn yourself some cash.  If you haven't got any new
 or upgrades furniture you can give him the money while you are there.

     You got the cash... 50... 100... 200... 250!  Great.  The deluxe super
 drencher water cannon XP is all yours.
     It’s got a refill button and a pressure control switch for maximum
 drenching capability.  Have fun.


Now this is fairly simple to do you just do the same thing you did with the
 vacuum and go to your pocket and pull our water gun.
Now on your screen will be your water tank, your water in the barrel (what
 will be shot out), your barrel with pump, your refill button (go to well
 and press this) (bottom left corner) your shooting button (bottom right)
 and your target screen (top right-ish)
If you need any additional help there is always the help button.

After you spray him he will turn to face you

     It is the dihydrogen oxide burn again!  Help!  Help!  I am melted!
 Beam up me away!  Quickly!
     I shall be returned!  I vow this!!!

He will then zoom off through the ceiling.

Whew, I managed to climb two mesas and three buttes without taking a  sip
of water for-
     Hey, Emperor Xizzle is gone.  Did you do that?
     Way to go buddy.  You've for the makings of a fine hotel manager!

Honest Jackson and Mamma Hogg appear

     What's this about aliens?!  Are they back?  What happened!
     It’s cool, Mayor Jackson.  (SIM NAME) took care of everything.
Good heavens, this town is too much.  Thanks (SIM NAME).  Thanks for
everything.  I hope you'll stay with us a while.  We could sure use someone
like you.
In fact here's $1000 for your all your efforts today.  It’s not much, but
it will get you started.
     Hi Tristan... Wow!  You two sure make a great team.
Thank you Mrs. Hogg.  But (SIM NAME) is a one-person band, and will get
along just fine without me.
     Does that mean you'll have... more free time?
     It sure doesn't.  See you around guys.

They all leave, you get your $$, then automatically walk towards the front desk.

Time to get working, eh boss?  Running a hotel isn't too difficult so long
as you attract guests and keep them happy.
If you see people milling around the lobby there is a good chance they're
here to stay.  Book them in a room and you're good to go.

When they're ready to check out they'll wait here in the lobby for a  few
hours.  If you attend to them personally, they'll probably tip you.  Otherwise
they'll check out on their own.
If you ever need a reminder about who's staying in your hotel, just talk
to me.  I’ve got the registry right here.  Good luck!
     Oh!  I almost forgot, (SIM NAME), this letter arrived on my desk for you.

LETTER:  I knew you could do it, (SIM NAME)!  Now remember, you have to
 build up your hotel's score in order to keep people coming!  Strive for  100%.

Now you can check someone in ^ ^.
After doing what ever you want to for a couple minutes you will get a phone


     Hello?  Is this the Strangetown Hotel?
this is Frankie Fusilli.  I’m going to be in town conducting a  little,
ah, business.  So I’d like to reserve a room.
     vacant penthouse, eh?  Good.  I like them nice and clean.
     I should be there in about, say, 2 minutes.  Don’t keep me  waiting.

Soon after when you go back to the lobby Fusilli will be there.

     hey you, ragu face.  I wanna speak to the manager, pronto.
that's you, huh?  I guess we spoke earlier.  Boy this hotel must  be in a
lot of trouble.
but that suits me just fine.  See, I’m looking for a luxurious  room, only
I don't want to pay more than, say, NOTHING for it.
     oh you think I should pay, do ya?
that's a real shame, cuz without me here to watch over things.   This
building might starts falling apart.  Scary eh?
how?  Oh, you know... things might just start BREAKING, real  mysterious
     like windows... and pipes... and LEGS.  Understand?
ah ha!  I thought you would.  So what do you say I sign on for, I dunno
know, a couple weeks.  We’ll see how it goes.  And when I leave, if my stay has
been pleasant, I’ll make sure you're amply rewarded.
     hey, it's me, Frankie Fusilli.  I promise you, kid.  So which room is mine?
     beautiful.  I’ll see you around.  Ciao, kid.

My suggestion now would be to go to city hall, and buy permits for the art
gallery and possibly depending on the money you have on you another hotel  room.
Soon you'll get a call from Sancho telling you your hotel's rating and  asking
for you to raise it or he'll go to Miniopolis.

This is done fairly simply.  You do this by keeping visitors and guests of
your hotel happy, keeping the place clean, and upgrading and/or buying new
furniture for the hotel rooms as well as for your own.

CRD101     Card Games 101
The Main card game in... The game is Keelhaulin’ Cards, which I find very  fun
and simple.  The goal in the game is to be the first to get 200 points;  the
cards are pictures of male and female pirates as well as cannons and  beer

When you get a set of three matching cards, select all three of them and  drag
them to the flashing arrow that will appear at the bottom of the steps  in the
top left corner of the touch screen. This will cause the pirate to
walk-the-plank.  The cards will appear as the actual pirate on the card and
will jump off the plank. Any cards that are of that ghost and are a pale
blue-ish colour are ‘ghosts’ and can be selected individually and made to  walk
the plank.

As I mentioned there are two other types of cards in the game, these are the
wild cards.  The jug of beer will give you two additional cards.  The other
being cannon that reduced a random number of points from the opponent (when
playing the other card game, not keelhaulin’ it will be random).

Each turn you can either choose to draw a card from the deck or from the
discard pile.

Every now and then you will get a call saying that the deck has been  ‘stacked’
meaning that there will be a very hard chance to loose any game  you play for a
while after that call.

ROM101     Romancing other Sims 101
The three options given to you for this action are: Kiss, Show off Bod, and
KISS – if they lean forward.
SHOW OFF BOD – if they lean back
SERENADE – if they cup one hand to ear

CLM101     Calming down the Sims 101
Here you are given the options Beg, Calm Hands, and Yell Back.
BEG – if the person looks like they are about to punch you (which they will  if
you don’t react fast enough)
CALM HANDS – if they hand both hands up like they are giving up,
YELL BACK – if they have one hand raise like they are trying to say Talk to
the Hand.

You will get a call from him.
     Hey (SIM NAME), come up to my room.  I got something to say.

Now if you ignore him he will call again with that same message, the third
time he calls the message will be different.
If I were you, (SIM NAME), I’d be wondering how long I could ignore my
guests, before my kneecaps met with something unfortunate, like a bat.

So go up to the penthouse and talk to him.
     Hey Manager, c’mere.  I got a proposition for you.
It’s my second cousin, Jimmy “The” Neck.  I need him for a little  errand,
see, but he’s two thousand miles away.
So what I need you to do is raise a little money so I can fly him from
the old country to Strangetown.
Why you?  Because I’m bringing more clients to your sad little hotel
here, see?  You scratch my back, I scratch yours.
So that’s why I nee you.  $1000 for one measly plane ticket for Jimmy
“The” Neck.
And hey... keep your lips sealed about this.  Jimmy coming here is...  is
a surprise, see?

3-2     NEW MISSION: Give Frankie Fusilli $1000.
Now in my case I had to play me some card games as I had purchased some
furniture for the hotel and kinda had nothing left ^ ^’  hehehe.
If/when you have the money exit then re-enter the penthouse and talk to
Fusilli again.
     You got something I need?
Heeyy!  This is freaking beautiful, you know that?  Money is just the
Thanks for the cash, kiddo.  Jimmy’s gonna be real pleased to meet you.  I
I’ll see you around.  If I have anything else I need I won’t hesitate  to

Wander around a but and he will call you back, saying he has something to  tell
you.  So head on back up.

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