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Reviewed: 02/10/06

Forget this one and get the GBA version instead.

At first I had thought to post around here the same review that I had made to the GBA version of this game, as they are almost the same. However, I've decided against that since the player deserves to know how bad this port of the game actually is.

Across the more than 10 levels of the game you will be able to pick one of the three heroes (obviously Harry, Ron and Hermione), each with their own stats (which strangely don't change the adventure at all), but there are some in which you will be only able to play as Harry, mainly the Triwizard ones. The levels themselves may be split into 3 different categories:

Triwizard Tournament levels, where the controls will be given before each task and you will be always facing different types of levels.

Mini-games, where you will mainly have to use the lower screen of your console (or other interesting capabilities of it) in order to perform a certain task, which may range from grouping candy up to simply cast spells by miming a pattern shown in the screen.

Basic levels, where you can hang around with the character that you picked and cast spells. While advancing in your adventure you will win new spells automatically, and besides the easy interface of the GBA version in which you had to press A or B to perform spells and strike the enemies that appear, in this version a battle sequence may sometimes randomly appear out of nowhere and without any previous warning, making you think "What? What happened? Did the game glitched or something?". And yeah, that's exactly what I thought when first seeing it.

On those battle sequences, you will be able to pick from 3 initial spells and in order for each of them to be successful you will need to perform a specific task using the lower screen and your pen. Seems interesting and in fact it would be nice, except that after the second level your enemies seem to randomly start dodging your attacks more than they should, and when they counter you will suffer some damage even if you defend all their strikes. Nice, hum? It won't be when you are defeated by a mere random monster, who despite being attacks before the battle will still have its full power when you enter this random battle.

Back to the basic levels, you will sometimes be given lots of small-time tasks (like reaching a certain part of the scenario, among others) which are usually really easy, so each level may even have more than 10.

Added to the DS version of the game were only a few mini-games, some of which are really simple and others which are not even very hard. Got my point?
Well, there's even a "Care of Magical Creatures" small game, but that one can strangely be completed in a rather boring way.

I would finally have to say that in this type of level you will be controlling one of the characters but the other two will be following you, and by pressing a certain key they will join you to back up your attack, an action that you will have to use quite often during the game.

Exactly as in the GBA version of this product, you will notice the scenario and characters to be quite well drawn, except for the random battles. In those, the character you picked will be seen as an interesting form full of pixels, resembling the old versions of some weaker games. Some of the cut scenes (the ones you get to see before and after each level) aren't very well drawn, they seem fully 2D and mostly look like a paper-like figure in an amazing scenario, which isn't very nice, as you may suppose. Also, all the adventure is full of graphical glitches, most of which are easily seen when you're using any magical power at all, all of which look really bad.

In this version the sound is also generally good, it fits not only the game but also the kind of environment people usually imagine based on the book.

Once more the game is quite easy to finish, but with some more mini-games than the version released before and with the usual shields and cards to collect, you will perhaps spend a lot of time in here.

So, who should get this game? Only hardcore Harry Potter fans, as everyone else will probably enjoy the flawless GBA version a lot more than this one.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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