Review by Iguanicus Thelizard

Reviewed: 06/05/06

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Boredom

The gameplay is bland and extremely repetitive. I personally found it more of a chore to finish playing through this game. Most levels consist of running around from a birds-eye view on a map moving objects in order to overcome an obstacle while killing various monsters from the Harry Potter universe using either Harry, Ron, or Hermonie. Each of the three characters have different stats but that makes little difference in the gameplay. Sometimes you'll go into a wizard duel where you will attempt to cast spells via stylus and touch screen. Some of the spells are rather difficult to accomplish. There is one side-scroller level where you fly on a broom and there is also a Simon says level sort of like one of those dance games where you have to push the right button at the precise time. You also collect beans to unlock collectible cards during the story mode of the game. There is also a Care of Magical Creatures mini game where you pick out the food for the animal to eat. Overall the gameplay left much to be desired.

Graphics were very bland and looked like an early GBA game. The only somewhat next generation hand held graphics that existed in the game were during the wizard duels where you had a poorly rendered 3-D model of your character and the foe which you are facing.

A great story poorly retold. If you ever have to do a report on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I would strongly recommend getting the Cliff Notes instead of using this game.

Poor sound quality for the music and the sound effects were bland. Most of the time I found myself having the volume slider in the 'off' position. It was fun changing the game language so I could hear Harry shout commands in different languages.

Overall Score(34/100)
I would strongly advise against paying more than five U.S. dollars for this game. I'm surprised I never fell asleep while playing it. It is pretty much just another video game based off a movie in order to make a quick dollar whether or not it has any decent content in it. It was more entertaining than my job but that isn't saying much.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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