Review by pikmin_guy

Reviewed: 05/30/06

Why did they make this game?

What more can I say about this game, apart from that it is a horrible waste of a DS card. Seriously, during this game's development someone would have noticed that this game is utterly horrible; even J.K. Rowling would be saddened by even playing this game for more then 10 minutes.


Well there is not much to say about the graphics, there only SLIGHTLY better then a GBA's graphics. The only exceptions would be the mini-games which are in full 3D; also the battles are in full 3D. This game has to worst graphics of any 2D Nintendo DS game there is and that’s coming from someone who loves Castlevania: DoS and Kirby: Canvas curse. The character animation was really bad. To be honest I think this is a direct GBA port with a few bad extras added and then added $20 to the price.


The music in this game is fairly good, but not great. Some of the sound effects are much like in the movie, and the music suits the place in the game (If you know what I mean).

Game play:

Utterly horrible. This game is so repetitive that it would make you rather go and do homework. There are only about 10 levels and they are all repetitive, its just one screen after the other. This game has extremely simple puzzles, boring battles and stupid collectibles and bad mini-games that would entertain a 5 year old for about 5 minutes. Although I have to say the random 3D battles look extremely good and are fun the first few times you get them, but then you realize there is only 3 attacks and the enemy AI is stupid.


There are a few mini games to unlock but they aren’t all that fun. There like matching colored Candies in pairs, or touching things over and over with the stylus. One of the levels called the "Yule ball" is alright because apparently it is like DDR.

One fantastic extra for the DS only is "care for magical creatures" it’s where you take care of a little snake-like thingy and feed and play with it. Basically a Nintendogs rip off, though no where as good (and nintendogs isn’t that good either, mind you)

Buy or rent?:

Buy? Or rent? No way, don’t even touch this game if you can help it.

Personally, im glad I bought this game because im trading it in with nintendogs and my DS or a Nintendo DS lite (yay!).

overall: 3/10


Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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