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FAQ by ACowWithaDS

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/22/08

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/ ___|| |__   ___   __ _ _   _ _ __   | ____|_ __ ___  _ __ (_)_ __ ___  ___ 
\___ \| '_ \ / _ \ / _` | | | | '_ \  |  _| | '_ ` _ \| '_ \| | '__/ _ \/ __|
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FAQ by: ACowWithADS

 Table Of Contents
1A: Sub FAQ 1: Controls
  1A.1: Map Screen Controls
   1A.2: Battles(Left Handed)
    1A.3: Battles(Right Handed)
1B: Sub FAQ 2: Characters
   1B.1: Main Characters
    1B.2: Troop Types
     1B.3: Troop Classes
2A: Main FAQ
3A: Extra Info
   3A.1: Updates
    3A.2: Info on using the guide on your site:
     3A.3: Credits


1A: Sub FAQ 1: Controls

All of the following controls will be based off the handbook. This is probably 
only going to be used for those without a instruction booklet. Thank you Namco 
for the awesome list of controls!

1A.1: Map Screen Controls

+ Control Pad= Scroll camera
A Button= Scroll right
B button= Scroll down
X button= Scroll up
Y button= Scroll left
L button= Zoom out
R button= Zoom in
Start= Options
Select= Upgrade scene

1A.2: Battle(Left Handed)

+ Control pad up= N/A
+ Control pad down= Select spearmen
+ Control pad left= Select swordsmen
+ Control pad right= Select archers
A button= Scroll camera right
B button= Scroll camera down
Y button= Scroll camera left
X button= Scroll camera up
L button= Change between standard and wide view
R button= Switch top and bottom screens
Start= Pause battle
Select= Summon Warlord

1A.3: Battle(Right Handed)

+ Control pad up= Scroll camera up
+ Control pad down= Scroll camera down
+ Control pad left= Scroll camera left
+ Control pad right= Scroll camera right
A button= Select archers
B button= Select spearmen
Y button= Select swordsmen
X button= N/A
L button= Switch top and bottom screens
R button= Change between standard and wide view
Start= Pause battle
Select= Summon warlord

1B: Sub FAQ 2: Characters
The descriptions of the following were from the instruction booklet.
1B.1: Main Characters


A gifted diplomat and strategist driven to unify the country through means of 

Kenshin: A ruthless warrior and battle field tactician who believes that war 
is the true path to unify.

1B.2: Troop Types


Archers shower their enemies with arrows from a distance. Their light armor 
and ranged weapons leave them vulnerable to close attacks.


The fastest ground troop, swordsmen traverse the battlefield like the wind, 
closing distances and attacking before their enemies can react. Swordsmen are 
vulnerable to ranged attacks.


When their spears hit their mark, spearmen caus devastating damage to their 
opponents. However,  their heavy armor forces them to move at a slower pace.

1B.3: Troop Classes


The most basic type of unit recruited from the land. They are, first and 
foremost, farmers, and soldiers only second- but a spear is still a spear, 
even in untrained hands, and especially in large numbers.


These are the foot-soldiers of the samurai army. Trained, professional 
soldiers who swear fealty to a Shogun and obey his generals. They are trained 
well in ways of warfare.


These are the elite warriors of feudal Japan. Honor is everything to these 
warriors. They follow a stricck code of behavior and martial training.

2A: Main FAQ

Like all RTS games, you never know how your CPU opponent will act. Basically 
you need to gain as much land as possible. You do this by entering enemy 
territory and winning the battle there. That or taking over the 
enemies "banner" . You can also do castle sieges(explained more later on), 
were you can take over enemy provinces that way. However, you may need to 
defend land as your brother may try to take it over.


Another, less violent way to gain land is using the diplomacy option. this 
will win over land in a non-violent manner.
There are some mini-games to go along with the point and click and turn based 
combat. These "mini-games" are called Castle Siege, Horse Pursuit, Ship to 
Ship battle, and Ninja Duel. In a Castle Siege, you basically bombard an 
enemies province's castle until it rns out of HP where you will gain the 
province. The official instruction book description reads:

"Touch and Drag your ballistas to move them into position. Watch the top 
screen to check your aim. Your catapult crew will fire at will. Protect them 
from enemy archers or the battle is lost.

Voice commands can be turned on in the options menu for the Castle Siege. With 
voice commands on, you can fire your catapult by yelling "Fire!" into the 

Pretty neat, defintily something different in an RTS. Onto Horse Pursuit. This 
mode brings you into almost like an FPS environment where you have to strike 
down a fleeing general with your crossbow, while on horseback! This can be a 
pain :( . Sometimes, if you leave your game sitting it will show an example of 
this in the demo mode! The official description from the instruction booklet 
is as follows:

"While an enemy General attempts to escape on horseback, you give pursuit, 
firing arrows to prevent his escape. Press the L or R Buttons to fire arrows. 
Touch the left or right side of the Touch Screen to move your horse from side 
to side to avoid the arrows of enemy."

Now for Ship-To-Ship Battle. This is under the Reward section of the 
instruction booklet, but I consider it a mini game. It is very similar to 
castle siege, but it is a lot easier. The official description reads:

"Touch and drag your ballistas to move them into position. Watch the top 
screen to check your aim. Eliminate the enemy archers before they sink your 
vessel. Victory will earn you the spoils of war. These are realized as onor 
Points and additional armies."

Now the last mini-game, Ninja Duel, I can't give any insight on as I haven't 
really played it. I do know, though, that you can "hire" a Ninja from the 
upgrade screen, for what I think is 550 honor points.(will get to that in a 
sec) However for those without a manual it says:

"When a Ninja assassination occurs, it plays out as a duel. Touch the arrows 
on the Touch Screen to move forward and backward. Touch the Attack and Block 
buttons to fight."

Another important aspect of the game ,which, I mentioned above are honor 
points. Honor points will buy you all the upgrades you will need for your 
troops, aswell as pay for you to hire a ninja. You gain honor points when you 
take over land(or provinces) or through battles and minigames. This is almost 
like a basic currency.

Some useful tips!


Takashi= Blue
Kenshin= Red
Ronin= Green
Bandits= Yellow
Unclear Leader= Grey

Bandits and Ronin side note: Defeat them to get them to join you(Will learn 
this in tutorial)

Unclear Leader Note: As soon as you enter a grey space you will control the 
area immediatly

Mini Map: Blue icon are your troops, red, green, or yellow icon is enemy troops

Horse Pursuit Tips:

Due to the terrible controls of this mini game and the horrific graphics, it 
is very very hard to be able to predict and dodge every incoming arrow. So 
what you want to do is continuosly fire your arrows, while swaying your horse 
left to right. You will dodge some incoming arrows this way, aswell as drain a 
lot fo the fleeing general's health.

Also, pay attention to your health bar on the bottom right of the touch screen 
and the gerenals health bar at the bottom right of the top screen. As soon as 
one runs out, it will be victory, or defeat if you lose all your health.

For the right handed setting, I found it easy if you use your left thumb to 
move left, and the stylus to move right. So sway to the left, then sway to the 
right. Keep repeating, and you should dodge a lot more.

Castle Siege Tips: 

You want to protect your main catapult, so using the crossbows on your right 
and left take out the opposing archers on the castle. It seems you can lock 
onto the bottom bowmen, but the ones on the top seem to be hard to lock on 
to.Just focus both crossbows at one at once so they will go down faster. Once 
the wall of the castle is down, victory is yours. The wall has a health bar
(bottom right of the top screen) aswell as your main catapult (bottom right of 
the touch screen).

Another way to achieve victory is to take out all enemy archers, which will be 
quicker. Just take the guys towards the bottom out first, then focus all your 
fire at one archer at a time towards the top of the castle. A lot quicker 
definitly more entertaining.

Ship-To-Ship Battle Tips:

This is like Castle Siege, but a lot easier. You have to protect your ship 
with crossbows(health bar on the bottom right of the touch screen), while 
attacking the enemy ship. To win, take out the enemy archers. (Health on the 
bottom right of the top screen) It should be easy to lock onto the enemy 
archers, and they are all out in the open. Very simple.

I am not positive on how Ship-To-Ship Battle is triggered, but it seems when I 
am near the water and I wait to long to take my turn one is triggered.

Ninja Duel Tips:

This seems impossible to trigger, no matter what i do I can't activate this. I 
hire a ninja and he never does anything. If you know how to trigger this email 
me(email found in the Extra Info section) and I will put you in the credits 
section(just tell me what to put).

Honor Points Tips:

It seems you get more honor points for a castle siege, I usually get around 
125 points for a siege and around 75 for a won battle.

Attack Tips:

Don't send your warlord out unless 100% necessary, because if he dies you 
lose. Be sure to upgrade all your units, but I would suggest archers to be 
your main unit. Even when not upgraded they are pretty strong, and are 
probably the most over powered. Fast and being able to attack from a distance; 
a attack that does a decent amount of damage. You want some proof? With just 
two archers(not upgraded AT ALL), I took out a group of spearmen, swordsmen, 
AND archers. With just two of my archers, not two full groups TWO archers. 
they would be my choice if I had 
to rely on a unit on this game.

Swordsmen are fast, but sorta weak. After they take out about one group they 
will be nearly dead. 

Spearmen are pretty strong, once they reach their target they can easily take 
them out. However, they aren't the most mobile beings in the world.

Try to keep as many of your units together, remember there is power in numbers.

Also, when you take out most of the enemy units the Horse Pursuit mini game 
will sometimes be started. This may happen when there is one troop left to 
about two or three.

Before attacking, however, try a diplomacy. Experiment with the two ways to 
negotiate, it will be easier to capture a province this way.

Defend Tips:

This is similar to attack, however you start off on top on the map and the 
enemies won't have as many troops as they would if you attack. What you want 
to do is protect where you start off, wait for the enemy to come to you and 
try to take anyone out who attempts to get around you. 

And just like Attack, once there is a few enemy troops left there will be a 
Horse Pursuit(or atleast on most occasions.) There will be no difference in 
this Horse Pursuit from the other.

3A: Extra Info

3A.1: Updates

As of now, there isn't any need for updates. The only exception will be if 
there is a strategy or point I forgot to make which I will obviously add. I 
will be on the continous lookout for some pointers, etc!

3A.2: Info on using the guide on your site:

This entire document is (C) [2008] [Ryan]. All trademarks are property of 
their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my 
permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, 
making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making 
reference to any material contained within.

All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me 
at acowwithads[at]gmail[dot]com to enquire about gaining permission 
to use this document.


- Thanks to Michael Sarich for this Copyright -

3A.3: Credits

Credits out to Micheal Sarich for the copyright, and for Namco for the game 
and instruction booklet! I quoted a few descriptions from in this guide, 
thanks for the great info in there!

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