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    FAQ/Walkthrough by 1337mangamaster

    Version: 0.82 | Updated: 03/17/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         _____          _______    _________
                         \    \       .'  ___  |   \    ___ |
                         /     \     /   /    \|   |   |   \|
                        /  /\   \   |   |          |   |___
                       /  /__\   \  |   |    ___   |    __ |
                      /  _____    \ |   |    \  |  |   |  `' .
                     /  /     \    \ \   `.__|  |  |   |____/|
                    /___\      \____\ `.________|  /_________|
                                      __    // \/
                                     /  |_ //_,
                                    |__/  //
        ________  ___      ___  ______ _//____ _______    ________    ______
        \   ___ | \  \    /   / \  ._ \ \    / \  .__  \  \   ___ |  /   __ |
        |  |__ \| |   \  /   |  |  | \ \ |  |  |  |  \ |  |  |__ \| |   /  \|
        |   __|   |    \/    |  |  |_/ / |  |  |  |_.'.'  |   __|   |   `-._
        |  |      | \    /|  |  |  |--'  |  |  |  |\  \   |  |       `-._   \
        |  |___/| | |\  / |  |  |  |     |  |  |  | \  \  |  |___/| |\__,'   |
        /_______| /_| \/  /___\/____\   /____\ |___\ \__\ /_______| |_______/
             ___     ___          _  ___     _  ___               _  __
              |  |_| |_      /\  / _ |_     / \ |_     |/ | |\ | / _ \_
              |  | | |__    /  \ \_| |__    \_/ |      |\ | | \| \_| __\
                                                             N I N T E N D O   D S
    Age of Empires: the Age of Kings
    Nintendo DS
    by 1337mangamaster
    copyright 2006 1337mangamaster. All rights reserved
    email: 1337faqs(at)gmail(dot)com
    To skip to a certain section in this guide, select the title and number, and
    copy it. Then press CTRL and F  (command and F for Mac users) to bring up the
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    | TABLE OF CONTENTS  /________________________________________________________|
    1. Introduction
      a. About this Guide
      b. Version history
    2. The Empires
      a. Civilizations
      b. Heroes
    3. Ages
    4. Controls/How to Play
    5. Campaign
      a. Joan of Arc (tutorial)
      b. Minamoto Yoshitsune
      c. Gengis Kahn
      d. Saladin <under construction>
      e. Richard the Lionhearted <under construction>
    6. Units List
    7. Glitches
    8. Copyright
    9. Thanks
    | 1. INTRODUCTION   /
    | a. About this Guide
    This is my first strategy guide, so if you have any suggestions, complaints,
    questions, or constructive criticism, email me at 1337FAQs(at)gmail(dot).com.
    I check my e-mail about once a day, so you don't have to worry about being
    replied to.
    This guide is meant to show you how to beat "AGE OF EMPIRES: the Age of Kings"
    and have a lot of fun doing so. And also to get you through any parts that you
    may be stuck on. Therefore I will not be including excruciating details or
    unnecessary features. I always hope you like it, but if you don't, you can
    either sit there and cry about it or you can email me. I make my own ASCII art
    by the way.
    Also, if you are reading this, you are cool enough to be my friend.
    Go to: http://www.myspace.com/teh1337master
    | b. Version History
    | v.0.50  |___________________________________________________________________|
    | The first version I submitted. Has everything up to the end of the          |
    |Joan of Arc missions.                                                        |
    | v.0.60  |___________________________________________________________________|
    | Added the Minamoto Yoshitsune missions, myspace URL, and fixed some         |
    |stuff.                                                                       |
    | v.0.65  |___________________________________________________________________|
    | Added version history, remade copyright (thx Michael Sarich), fixed         |
    |some stuff here and there. Did this version quickly before I posted it on    |
    |1up.com/supercheats.com                                                      |
    | v.0.75  |___________________________________________________________________|
    | Updated glitches, added Richard level 1, 4 strategy, and fixed some         |
    |minor things                                                                 |
    | v.0.80  |___________________________________________________________________|
    | Altered format for Courier font. Re-did ASCII art. Finished                 |
    |Genghis Khan missions and did the 3rd. Richard level.                        |
    | v.0.82  |___________________________________________________________________|
    | Finished all except for part of Richard and all of Saladin missions.        |
    | 2. THE EMPIRES     /
    This section includes all of the Empires that you will be able to play as
    during single player mode and their hero units. There are five playable
    civilizations in Age of Empires. Each civilization has a specific hero unit
    with special powers, a bonus to certain units, buildings and resources, and
    conversely, some higher priced units and buildings.
    For more in-depth information any thing in this section, go to the main menu of 
    Age of Empires and select Library, then pick a topic or sub-topic to read
     region: France
     specials: Resource bonus in farming, discounts in stable/castle, discounts in
    knight/cavalier/paladin/monk, raised prices in camels/horse archers/scorpion.
     region: Japan
     specials: Farming bonus, discounts in mills/mines, discounts in spearmen/
    pikemen/crossbow/arbalest/hand cannoneer, raised prices in camel/knight/
    *note* the Japanese are my personal favorite.
     region: Northeast Asia (and eventually all of Asia and most of Europe)
     specials: discount in technology research, discounts in stable blacksmith,
    discount in scout cavalry/light cavalry/horse archer, raised prices in
    cavalier/knight/paladin/crossbow/arbalests/hand cannoneer.
     region: Middle East
     rival: The Mongols
     specials: Resource bonus in mining, discounts in stable/market, discounts in
    horse archer/onager/light cavalry/bombard cannons, raised prices in knights/
    cavalier/paladin/longsword/2-handed swordsman/champion.
     region: Northwest Europe, including part of France
     specials: Resource bonus in mining, discounts in archery range/church,
    discounts in crossbow/arbalest/longsword/2-handed swordsman/champion, raised
    prices in camel/horse archer/onager/bombard cannons.
    | b. THE HEROES
    Note that the statistics shown are just the units starting stats. Anything from
    research to terrain can change a units attack, defense, etc. the way you can
    tell is by selecting the unit by moving your cursor over him. Once you select a
    unit, the top screen will display the units current statistics and health. If
    they have been increased, the number will be green, or red if decreased.
    There is no way to increase a units health. (unless he has already been hurt)
    | JOAN of ARC
     The Franks
     unit type: infantry
     bonus: v.s. siege= +33%, v.s. building= +33%
     attack: 200
     defense: 350
     movement: 7
     vision: 7
     range: 1
     special: hero powers
    Hero Powers:
     condition: none. effect: Joan and adjacent units recover 20 health
    Divine Purpose
     condition: none. effect: all friendly units recover 5 health
    Blinding Faith
     condition: enemy units are within Joan's sight. effect: those units suffer
    -25% DEF
    Weakened Resolve 
     condition: enemies are adjacent or diagonal to Joan. effect: those units lose
    25 health
     The Japanese
     unit type: infantry
     bonus: v.s. siege= +33%, v.s. building= +33%
     attack: 160
     defense: 315
     movement: 7
     vision: 7
     range: 1
     special: anti-cavalry, hero powers
    Hero Powers:
     condition: none. effect: all friendly units gain +50% ATK v.s. Mills, Mines,
    and Farms
    Warrior Code
     condition: Minamoto is on a town center. effect : today, all units cost -20g/
    20f less
    Minamoto's Guard
     condition: friendlies are adjacent to Minamoto. effect: those units gain +33%
    Inspiring General
     condition: none. effect: Minamoto and adjacent units recover 15 health
     The Mongols
     unit type: ranged
     bonus: v.s. building= -50%
     attack: 140
     defense: 245
     movement: 10
     vision: 7 
     range: 2
     special: first strike, hero powers
    Hero Powers:
    Patron of the Arts
     condition: Gengis Kahn is on a town center. effect: todays research is
    discounted by -50g/50f.
    Nomadic Travel
     condition: friendly units are adjacent or diagonal to Genghis. effect: those
    units gain +5 move.
    Overwhelming Siege
     condition: friendly units are within Genghis' sight. effect: friendlies in
    sight gain +33% ATK v.s. buildings 
    Mongol Terror
     condition: enemy units are within Genghis' sight. effect: Those units suffer
    -25% DEF
     The Saracens
     unit type: Cavalry
     bonus: v.s. infantry= +33%, v.s. ranged= +33%, v.s. building= -50%
     attack: 180
     defense: 280
     movement: 10
     vision: 7
     range: 1
     special: desert charge, scares horses, hero powers
    Hero Powers:
     condition: Saladin is on a town center. effect: adds 100g to treasury
    Rain of Arrows
     condition: Friendly ranged units are within Saladin's sight. effect: those
    units gain +33% ATK
    Aura of Invincibility
     condition: friendlies are within Saladin's sight. effect: those units gain
    +33% DEF
    Hit and Run
     condition: friendlies are adjacent to Saladin. effect: Those units gain +2
    move and +25% ATK
     The British
     unit type: cavalry
     bonus: v.s. infantry= +33%, v.s. ranged= +33%, v.s. building= -50%
     attack: 200
     defense: 280
     vision: 7
     range: 1
     special: plains charge, hero powers
    Hero Powers:
    Reckless and Fierce
     condition: enemies are adjacent or diagonal to Richard. effect: those units
    lose 20 health
    Superb Leader
     condition: friendlies are within Richard's sight. effect: those units gain
    +25% ATK
    Recruit for the Cause
     condition: Richard is on a town center. effect: today, units cost -20g/20f
    Firing Line
     condition: friendly RGD units within Richard's sight. effect: those RGD units
    gain +1 range
    | 3. AGES          /
    The middle ages (in which this game takes place) can ultimately be divided into
    four ages, the DARK AGE (I), the FEUDAL AGE (II), the CASTLE AGE (III), and the
    IMPERIAL AGE (IV). In campaign mode, you start out at a certain Age depending
    on the mission, but it could be any one of the four. In multiplayer, you can
    choose which age to start at. Advancing through the Ages is critical to to
    successfully beating the crap out of your opponent. When you advance an age,
    you are given more options on which buildings you can build, units you can
    train, and technologies you can research. To advance an age, you must research
    a certain amount of technologies and pay an appropriate amount of money for the
    age you are moving into. These are called Age Requirements and you can check
    them by selecting your town center, and touching "Age Up." it will tell you how
    many technologies and resources you need to age up, and how many of each that
    you already have.
    For an in-depth description of each age, go to the library from the title
    screen of the game or by touching the little book on the stylus HUD during
    | AGE I
    The first age is called the Dark Age. It has the least available buildings,
    units, and technologies.  To advance from this age to the Feudal age, you need
    500g, 500f, and 3 technologies researched.
    town center
    mills/ farms
    Units: (doesn't include empire-specific units)
    scout cavalry
    loom (all villagers gain +25 DEF)
    town scouts ( town centers gain +4 sight)
    leather soles (all villagers gain +1 move)
    weaponsmiths (militia gain +25% ATK)
    | AGE II
    The second age is the Feudal Age. It isn't much of an improvement over the Dark
    Age, except for the addition of the Archery Range. To Advance from the second
    age to the Castle Age, you need 1000g, 1000f, and 7 technologies researched.
    Note that when you age up all of your current units are upgraded.
    New buildings:
    archery range
    New units:
    men at arms
    light cavalry
    town watch (improves TC DEF by 20% and sight by two)
    wheelbarrow (cost of buildings is reduced by 10%)
    advanced mining (+15% to mine income)
    horse collar (10% to food income)
    scale mail armor (age 2 INF units gain +25% DEF)
    scale barding (age 2 CAV units gain +25% DEF)
    fletching (age 2 RGD units gain +25% ATK)
    padded armor (age 2 RGD units gain +25% DEF)
    forging (age 2 INF/CAV units gain +25% ATK)
    tracking (all INF units gain +2 sight)
    cartography (all units gain +2 sight)
    trading (improves trade rate)
    coinage (+10% to gold income)
    | AGE III
    Age 3 is the Castle Age. The focus of this age is the addition of Castles. (see
    the buildings list. (section 8) It also has a lot more technologies due to the
    churches and universities. My personal favorite, the monks, can now be trained
    with a church. I like them because I have found that converting an enemy unit
    to fight for you is much better than wasting time and money depleting every
    last enemy health point.
    Siege workshops help a lot too. To advance to the fourth age, you need to have
    researched 11 technologies, pay 1500g, and pay 1500f.
    New Buildings:
    siege workshop
    New Units:
    elite skirmishers
    horse archers 
    battering rams
    town patrol (improves TC DEF by +20% and sight by +2)
    hand cart (cost of buildings is reduced by 10%)
    shaft mining (+15% to mine income)
    heavy plow (10% to food income)
    chain mail armor (age 3 INF units gain +25% DEF)
    chain barding (age 3 CAV units gain +25% DEF)
    bodkin arrow (age 3 RGD units gain +25% ATK)
    leather armor (age 3 RGD units gain +25% DEF)
    iron casting (age 3 INF and CAV units gain +25%)
    conscription (cost of INF units is reduced by -15g/15f)
    husbandry (cost of CAV units is reduced by -15g/15f)
    archery tournaments (cost of all RGD units is reduced by -15g/15f)
    mech guild (cost of siege units is reduced by -15g/15f)
    banking (+5% gold income and improves trade rate)
    merchant network (cost of all mercenaries is reduced by -25g)
    redemption (improves heal ability of monks and elite monks)
    fervor (improves convert ability of monks and elite monks)
    sanctity ( monks and elite monks gain +25% DEF)
    murder holes (improves tower DEF by +25%)
    masonry (+5% DEF for all buildings)
    | AGE IV
    Age four, the Imperial Age, is the final age of the middle ages. All units are
    at their strongest and  the empire-specific Wonders can be built. In addition,
    all the best technologies are available to research, but you don't have to
    research them because there are no more ages to advance. My favorites are
    flaming arrows, so your RGD units can attack buildings with no ATK penalty,
    arena, which allows you to train champions, the best INF unit, and squires,
    which allows paladins, the best CAV unit.
    New buildings: 
    New units:
    two handed swordsmen
    elite pikemen
    elite monks
    elite archers 
    expert skirmishers
    heavy horse archers
    bombard cannons (with chemistry technology)
    hand cannoneer (with chemistry technology)
    siege rams (with siege engineers technology)
    heavy scorpions (with siege engineers technology)
    champions (with arena technology)
    paladins (with squires technology)
    crop rotation (+10% to food income)
    plate mail armor (age 4 INF units gain +25% DEF)
    plate barding (age 4 CAV units gain +25% DEF)
    bracers (age 4 RGD units gain +25% DEF)
    ring archer armor (age 4 RGD units gain +25% DEF)
    blast furnace (age 4 INF and CAV units gain +25% ATK)
    arena (allows champions)
    squires (allows paladins)
    flaming arrows (RGD units no longer suffer penalty v.s. BLDGS)
    sappers (all INF units improve to +50% ATK v.s. BLDGS)
    hoarding (improves castle DEF by +35%)
    spies (all enemy town complexes are now sighted)
    guilds (+5% gold income and improves trade rate)
    atonement (improves heal ability of monks and elite monks)
    block printing (improves heal ability of monks and elite monks)
    illumination (+50% to all gold income from relics)
    faith (monks and elite monks gain +25% DEF)
    treadmill crane (cost of buildings is reduced by 10%)
    siege engineers (allows imperial age siege units to be trained)
    architecture (+5% DEF for all buildings)
    chemistry (allows hand cannoneer and bombard canons)
    ballistics (+25% ATK for siege units with range above 1)
    | 4.  CONTROLS / HOW TO PLAY  /
    There are two basic control types for this game.
    The first is the simplest, just touch whatever you want to select it and move,
    attack, build, etc. with the stylus on the touch screen.
    The second is the same thing, except that the D-pad moves the cursor. You
    select units and preform actions and select menu options with the A button.
          /            ____________________________            \
         |            | __________________________ |            |
         ||           ||                          ||           ||
         ||           ||                          ||           ||
         |            ||                          ||            |
         |            ||                          ||            |
         |   . . .    ||                          ||    . . .   |
         |   . . .    ||                          ||    . . .   |
         |            ||                          ||            |
         |            ||                          ||            |
         |            ||__________________________||            |
         |            |____________________________|            |
          /     |                                        |     \
       _ |\_____|____________________'___________________|_____/| ___
      /  |             ____________________________             |    \
     |   |            | __________________________ |      _     |    |
     |   |            ||                          ||     / \    |    |
     |   |    .--.    ||                          ||   _ \_/ _  |    |
     |   |  __|  |__  ||                          ||  / \   / \ |    |
     |   | |        | ||                          ||  \_/ _ \_/ \    |
     |   | '--.  .--' ||                          ||     / \    |\   |
     |   |    |__|    ||                          ||     \_/    | \  |
     |   |      |     ||                          ||            | |  |
     |   |      |     ||                          ||            | |  |
     |   |      |     ||__________________________|| ()START    | |  |
     |   |      |     |____________________________| ()SELECT   | |  |
     |    \_____|____________________________________/_________/  |  |
     |          |                              _____/             |  |
     |          |                             /                   /  R BUTTON
    L BUTTON     \____DIRECTIONAL PAD        |   A/B/X/Y BUTTONS /   Pressing the
    The L button      The D-pad is used      |   A is used to        R button in
    switches what     to move your cursor    |   select a unit or    game will
    is displayed on   on the bottom game     |   confirm an option   take you to
    the top screen.   screen or to scroll    |   B is used to        the nearest
                      to another option      |   view a units range  available unit
                      on a list.             |   and movement or to
                                             |   go back or cancel an
                 START/ SELECT BUTTONS   ____/   option.
                 Start will bring up the         X will bring up the Empire
                 general options menu            menu where you can end your 
                 where you can change            turn or view empire status.
                 settings or save/quit           Y will display the minimap
                 the current game.               on the top screen.
                 Select will bring up the     
                 game options menu where you can
                 turn animations off.
    To learn how to play the game in detail, it is necessary to play through the
    tutorial. There is a lot of talking, so deal with it. And if you forget
    something, or accidentally skip through the dialogue, refer to the instruction
    However, there are some things that the tutorial doesn't say. One of them is
    that in the later missions of campaign mode and multiplayer, there are strange
    things lying around on the ground. One of them is a goat, another is some
    broken pillars, and a spilled bag of money. Those are called raw resources. If
    you move a unit of any type onto one and select DONE, you will automatically
    harvest that resource. The goats are food, and the money bags are gold. The
    ruins are random. If you place a unit on them, either your unit could die, you
    could get food, gold, mercenaries could join you, or you could get "the wisdom
    of the ancients," which is random free technology.
    There is also a thing called random events for multiplayer mode. Sometimes at
    the beginning of your turn, you could get a discount on units that day, be
    plagued so all units lose 15 health, get +25% gold resource that day, etc.
    In campaign mode, there are 5 different empires you can play as. Each empire
    has 5-6 missions for you to play. On the empire selection screen, the empires
    are listed in order of their difficulty, starting with super easy (tutorial)
    and ending with very hard. While it is not required, I highly recommend you
    play them in that order.
    This section is to show you how to get through each level of each empire. It is
    for if you get stuck on a level and need advice from someone who has beaten the
    Keep in mind that this is not a linear game, I cant just tell you exactly what
    to do. But I can give you my best strategies that I used to win. If you have an
    idea or have spotted a flaw in my strats, please tell me. Or write your own
    | a. JOAN OF ARC (tutorial) /
    | MISSION 1: Escort to Chinon
    | difficulty 0 (it's impossible to lose.)
    Hokey dokey, so you are the future savior of France and you need to get to the
    little town at the opposite side of the map. Simple enough. At the start of the
    mission, Jean de Metz introduces himself and explains moving and crap like
    that. So go down the road to your destination. The Britons send a rather
    pathetic unit to try and stop you. Kill him and go on to the castle. You win.
    | MISSION 2: Sword of the Saint
    | difficulty *
    Joan has to be all picky about what sword she uses, so you have to go and get
    this special sword from the church to the south of your castle. Jean de Metz
    tells you exactly what to do, so don't get all panicky. You will be given
    certain units and a specific action for them to preform. When you complete it,
    another unit(s) will pop up and you will be told what to do with them. At last,
    you will be given a final set of units along with Joan of Arc to go and get the
    sword from the church. Send joan along the other side of the forest and that
    little lake towards the church. Then use your knight to attack their archer,
    and your archer to attack their longswordsmen from a distance. Move your
    pikemen to attack their longswordsmen. Then on the next turn, attack their
    knight with the pikemen and your knight to their longswordsmen. Move the
    archers out of range of their unit with the most health and attack it. Attack
    their battering rams with Joan, since you have to kill them all anyway. Once
    they are dead, Joan can easily go and get the sword from the church. Whoopee the
    second mission is done.
    | MISSION 3: From Peasant to General
    | difficulty *
    At the start of the mission, you are given a small area to build a town and
    eventually an army to defeat the English general in the north. Move Joan off to
    the side somewhere and move your villager to the spot that Jean told you and
    build the town center. Next turn, send your villager on the wheat to the north
    and build a mill. Select your town center and train another villager. Before
    you end turn, select research from the same menu and touch leather soles so
    villagers can move better. Next, send your villager that you just built to the
    southern wheat resource to build another mill. With the other villager, you can
    either head north to get the gold, or wait and build a farm for now. End your
    turn, but don't forget to research.
    If you haven't yet, send the north-most villager to the gold and build a mine.
    With the other one, go to one of the spaces adjacent to the town center and
    build a stable and then a barracks the next turn, or vice versa.
    By now, you should have researched enough to move on to Age 2. If not, do so.
    Also begin building units for your attack force. Once Jean says so, begin
    moving forces towards the British town. But keep on building units (light
    cavalry) to follow them. Fight your way to their town, and destroy the TC (town
    center), but not any of the other buildings. Once the TC is gone, a villager
    can go in and build another town center in it's place to capture the
    surrounding buildings and win.
    | MISSION 4: Breakthrough to Orleans 
    | difficulty *
    For this mission, you must take a supply cart to the city of Orleans. The cart
    is given to you when you reach the town to the west. Some guys attack you along
    the way, just kill them and move on. Once you reach the town, you will get a
    supply cart and a crossbowman unit. Heal all wounded units, and head north to
    Orleans. Your cart is very delicate, and you will fail if it is destroyed, so
    as you move, keep at least one unit on each side of it. On the way, some monks
    will join you. Use them to heal. 
    You wont encounter any more enemy forces till you reach the bridge. I suggest
    putting Joan (or another strong unit) on the space directly in front of the
    bridge and attacking as well as your ranged units on the spaces near to shoot
    the enemies attacking Joan. Once they are dead, move your cart and joan into
    Orleans to win. 
    | MISSION 5: Lifting the Siege of Orleans
    | difficulty **
    As you can see on this map or your minimap, Orleans is surrounded by four
    sections of land separated by water. I have labeled these sections for
    Section A
    | | | | | | | | |w| | | | | | | |
    | | | | |F| | |w|w| | | | |C|C| | < Section B
    | | | |F|M| | |w| | | | | |C|C| |                
    | | | | |F| | | | | | | |F| | | |   
    | | | | | |w| |w|w| |w|F|M|F| | |          
    | | | | |w|w| | | | |w| |F| | | |               
    | |F| | |w|w|O|O|O| |w|w| | | | |   ___KEY_____________________
    |F|M|F| | | |O|O|O|J| | | | | | |  |                           |
    |w|F| | |w|w|O|O|O| | |w|w| |w|w|  | g = gold resource         |
    |w|w|w| |w|w|w|w|w| |w|w|w| |w|w|  | w = body of water         |
    |w|w|w| |w|w|w|w|w| |w|w|w| |w|w|  |                           |
    | | |w| |w|w|w|w| | | |w|w| |w|w|  | O = town of Orleans       |
    | | | | | | |w|w| |C|C|w|g| | | |  | C = castle                |
    | | |g| | | | |w|w|C|C| | | | | |  | M = mill                  |
    | | | | | | | | |w|w|w|w| | | | |  | F = farm                  |
    | | | | | | | | | | | |w|w| | | |  | J = Joan of Arc           |
    | | | | |E| |C|C| | | | |w|w|w| |  | E = Earl Talbot           |
    | | | | | | |C|C| | | | | | |w| |  |___________________________|
    | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |w| |  
           ^                       ^
      Section D                 Section C
    On the very first turn, build archers on the range, camels on the stable,
    onagers on the siege workshop, villagers on the TC, and an infantry unit on the
    market. Then research in merchants. The next turn, attack the knight to the
    north with camels, the infantry in the west with the mercenary and archer,
    while the  eastern enemies are fought with Joan. Send the onagers to the far
    northeast tower to attack the units who get through to the town. Build at least
    two more units, a mercenary and an archer. Don't build too many cavalry units,
    as they have many pikemen. 
    After a few turns of pushing back their siege, you will have a little freedom.
    Attack SectionB once you have adequate forces. Keep an onagers within range of
    their farm, so you can attack it easier. Once sectionB is taken care of, you
    will have a castle to aid you in attacking sectionA. DO NOT go to sectionD or C
    yet. If you do, all the units in the south will attack and you will die. Take
    over sectionA including all of the farms. Research in improving gold income and
    trade rates because as of now, there is no good source of gold.
    Build up your army and post archers and scorpions by the bridges leading to
    sectionC and attack. They will get reinforcements, so be prepared. Once you
    have taken all three sections, The last one will be easy.
    | MISSION 6: Crowning of King Charles 
    | difficulty *
    This mission can be easy if you know what to do. Start off by sending your
    scout cavalry as far down the west road as he can. (it may look like the north
    road, but the map is slanted, so it is actually west.) Also make your monks and
    swordsmen follow him. Send joan south to rid the lands of any rogue englishmen.
    move the crossbowman north on a hill. Build a villager and a swordsman to go
    north and kill the unit up there and then the archer to the east. Send the
    villager to build a stable in your town. As for the units in the west, move the
    scout to the mountain so you can see all of that area. Move the monk over to
    the relic, and the swordsman towards the skirmisher. Use your other villager to
    go around building mills and mines. Build another villager and send all three
    south to harvest all resources in the area. After your monk has the relic, send
    him back and donate it to the church. Use your swordsmen and scout cavalry to
    kill all units on the southwester trail.
    Make sure one of your villagers ends up in the far southwest corner. Once you
    are in age 4 and have enough money, build the cathedral right on the road near
    that corner. Once you have, the Dauphin will appear in the southwest corner. He
    only has to walk a few steps to get to the cathedral, so you win without much
    of a fight. Otherwise, you would have to escort him to wherever else you built
    it and defeat all the enemy reinforcements along the way.
    Congratulations, you beat tutorial mode!
    | b. MINAMOTO YOSHITSUNE (easy)  /
    | MISSION 1: Battle of the River Crossings
    | difficulty: *
    Start by sending a samurai to attack the pikemen on the north bridge, and your
    own pikemen to the knights on the west bridge. Then have a balanced amount of
    units follow them with the crossbowmen as close to the bridge as possible. Keep
    Minamoto Yoshitsune in the middle where he was to aid whichever side starts
    lagging. Keep pushing them until they all die. Remember to kill the pikemen and
    archers first. Once you have the bridges, attack Yoshinaka from both sides and
    squash him. You only have to kill him, so if you have an opening, attack him,
    not any of the other units. It will be a lot harder if you try and kill all of
    his body guards first.
    | MISSION 2: Tiara Conquest
    | difficulty: **
    You may have to restart this mission using a different strategy if you loose.
    On the first turn, send a scout cavalry west as far as he can, followed buy
    archers. Send Minamoto and the men-at-arms north along the road. Build a
    barracks and a mine and train another villager. On day 2, build a mill and an
    archery range and move the other villager west towards the wheat. Send your
    scout to the northwest on a hill, followed by archers. Then move Minamoto and
    your men-at-arms north and research in wheelbarrow. Next day, put Minamoto on
    the mountain next to the bridge, and men-at-arms on a mountain west from
    Minamoto. Then move teh west-most villager to the wheat to build a mill, the
    next one to the west, past the bridge, and the one on the mill to build a farm.
    Move your scouts and archers further northwest and stay on a hill or mountain
    to see better. If your scout cavalry is close enough, you will see a tiara unit
    move towards you. Move out of his range, but where he can still see you and
    move archers to where he can shoot the tiara unit if he moves closer. Send a
    west villager towards them, and the other two to build farms. On day 5, move
    your men-at-arms closer to the tiara unit. Use archers to shoot him, and then
    your scout cavalry to finish him off. Move that vill ager closer still and the
    other two build farms. 
    Next use the southeast villager to build a farm, the north to build a mine, and
    the other one to explore west. Kill the tiara with archers and keep you scout
    cavalry out of range from the other one. Build an archer as soon as you can.
    Keep killing the tiara units that attack. Continue to get as many resources as
    fast as you can, and research a lot. Once you are in age 3, build a castle near
    the area where you have been fighting. Then have it pump out units for you to
    use in your siege of the surrounding towns.  Save some buildings in the first
    or second towns so you can take it over. Once you have destroyed the second
    one, it gets pretty easy.
    | MISSION 3: Battle at Ichi no Tani
    | difficulty: ***
    Okay, there are three paths you can take to get to the castle. The path on the
    right is the safest, and leads to the monk, but you are in a major bottleneck,
    making you vulnerable. The left is the most dangerous, so don't go there. The
    center has more room, it is faster, and has good places to snipe with your
    archers. But it has the most enemies and you may not survive if your direct
    combat skills aren't good. Whichever one you choose, remember to keep archer
    ahead on mountains to kill pikemen, and siege units in the back so they don't
    die. Getting the monk isn't that special, but if you want to, he is at the far
    northeast corner.
    Once you get to the castle, attack it with all available infantry and siege
    units. Use cavalry and ranged to kill the enemies that try to stop you. And
    don't even bother to try and heal units, just use them as fodder. ( he he.) It
    may take more than one try.
    | MISION 4: Yashima
    | difficulty: ***
    This one is really hard. It took me several tries to beat it.
    On day one, use one villager to build an archery range, the other one to build
    a farm. Move your scout cavalries to block the bridge. Have Minamoto and men-
    at-arms follow them and archers to where they can move within attacking range
    of the bridge next turn. On day two, build a farm and move a villager towards
    the gold. Move your archers on the little hill next to the bridge and snipe the
    enemy. pwnd. that is pretty much what you will do the first 10 days or so as
    you collect resources and age up. Keep training more fodder and archers to
    supply this majikal defense line. After you are in age three, send a villager
    down to the southern road area near the other bridge and build a TC. Send a few
    swordsmen and archers with him to kill the enemy mine nearby and any attacking
    units. On the TC, build a market, barracks, siege workshop, and church. Use it
    to build an attack force to overcome the Tiara. Once they are dead, you are in
    age 4, and the emperor is attacking you, send all units to kill that town and
    the castle near it. Build a castle nearby, just in case. Once you have done a
    lot of damage, the emperor will attempt to flee to his boat. Kill him to death,
    then the TC, and you win.
    | MISSION 5: Mongol Invasion
    | difficulty: ****
    Another hard one... A ship will come towards you at the beginning. It will land
    in the middle, right in front of the castle, on the next turn and tons of
    mongol dudes will come out to kill you. Build as many infantry units as you can
    before they get there. Once they do, attack them at full force as hard as you
    can. Keep on building more farms and mills and mines to get your unit cap up.
    And never stop training units to defend against the mongol hordes. Soon, after
    you start beating the first ship, another one will sail near. It will go to the
    western area, so build as many units as you can in that village to prepare. (I
    suggest having two monks on hand to convert their camels. I have found that
    converting enemy units doesn't always work, but it is waayyyy better than
    fighting them.)
    Just when you think that you have almost laid down some pwnage, another ship,
    this time carrying their leader, comes to the center where the first ship did.
    It has better units, so you will need all the strength you can muster up to
    kill them. Go for the head honcho first, then slaughter his men. (or convert
    them, that works too.)
    | c. Gengis Kahn     /
    | MISSION 1: The Tatars
    | difficulty: **
    Start out this mission by sending Gengis Kahn and the militia unit as far
    toward the northeastern bridge as they can go. Use the villager to build a
    farm, train another villager, and research in leather soles. On the next turn,
    move Gengis on a hill next to the bridge to attack their militia. Use your
    militia to attack their other militia and your villagers to build a mine and a
    barracks. Train a villager and militia and research in weaponsmiths. On day
    three, send your new villager towards the center of the map near the wheat (if
    you don't claim at least one of the wheat resources, than the Kerait tribe will
    build a farm on them and then you won't be able to harvest it.) and use the
    other two to build farms. Keep attacking the militia with Gengis Kahn, move the
    new militia near the bridge, and build another militia.
    By day four you should have enough resources to age up.(if you can't, save your
    money and do it when you can) In this level, it is important to age up as fast
    as possible so you can stay one step ahead of the game.
    Okay, the northern Tatars now have no more military units, just a lot of
    villagers, and the Kerait tribe has multiple units attacking them from that
    side. Move in with all available units and kill all their villagers before they
    can make a barracks. Continue building militia/men-at-arms and destroy their
    town center and all their other buildings. Send villagers up there too to build
    mills and whatnot.
    Once they are all dead, send units to hold the bridge to the south as you build
    up an attack force. Keep Kahn near the edge on a hill to shoot enemy forces
    from a distance. As for your attack army, start by building an archery range
    and a market. Use villagers to build up as much resources as possible and
    research every day that you have the money. Use archers to attack them from
    along the river and infantry to stall them at the bridge. Keep building units
    and pushing their line of defense back until you are past the bridge. When you
    are, go all out with all of your units killing everything. It may take a little
    longer than you think, but they'll die eventually.
    | MISSION 2: Uniting the Tribes
    | difficulty: ***
    This one is pretty cool, but you can lose simply because of bad luck. It all
    depends on your monks and if they can convert the enemy units. The object of
    this level is to convert or destroy all of the four enemy tribes on the map
    There are five sections of this level. Sections A, B, C, D, and the center.
    Section A is the northwestern corner, Section B is the next one going clockwise
    (use your minimap for reference). One Mongol tribe resides in each one. It
    doesn't matter, but I went into Section A first. When moving units into one of
    the sections, first move a CAV unit close enough to see an enemy unit, then
    send monks in to convert that and other enemy units. Then attack the units
    within range of the monks with INF and CAV units, followed by archers, and then
    Gengis Khan. It also helps to remember to keep RGD units on the mountains so
    they can see better and they have better range. Continue converting as many
    units as you can and destroying any units that could kill your monks. Do this
    as you work your way to the chief of that tribe. If you can, always try to
    convert him first because once you do, all of his remaining units will be under
    your command.
    Use that strategy to defeat the first tribe. Then once you have, keep all of
    your units in the little area that you are in and use your monks to heal all of
    your units to full health before you go on to the next section
    Repeat for the rest of the tribes and that is how you win. The only problem
    with this strategy is that it puts your monks in a lot of danger, and if you
    lose them, you lose the mission. So it may take more than one try.
    | MISSION 3: Supreme Ruler
    | difficulty: ****
    You begin this mission with only 4 units and a whole unexplored map. Within the
    darkness is 3 other armies who all want to kill you. They reside in the other
    three corners of the map. Fortunately, they all want to kill each other, not
    just you.
    So, start by sending the Scout Cavalry far northeast. Move the villager as far
    to the north as he can and build a Town Center. Kahn and the Militia can move
    to defensive positions near them or you can use Kahn to explore the southwest
    corner - it doesn't matter. Next turn, move the villager to the wheat to the
    north and build a mill. Then train another villager and research in Hand Cart.
    Over this turn and the next, move the other units near the bridges to kill any
    invading units. Now use one villager to build a farm and the other to build
    barracks on the east most side of the TC. Then train another villager and
    research in Town Patrol. Next turn, build a farm with the north villager, a
    mill with the villager that just built the barracks, and a mine with the new
    one. And build a longswordsmen. You might want to move Kahn near the eastern
    bridge to snipe the orange guys if they come near. Research in Conscription and
    End Day.
    Okay, enough with the details. For now, work towards expanding resources and
    building up units to defend. Don't expand out of your little area as defined by
    the river. Once you have adequate forces and have harvested all resources in
    your area, send some villagers and escorts north via the western bridge. Use
    the villagers to take the resources and use other units to kill whoever
    occupies that area and defend while the villagers build a castle there to
    attach the blue army from. Do that, and once you have destroyed the blue,
    gather strength and attack the orange army from all sides. There is no specific
    strategy to use, just don't let up.
      < *Hint* In missions with bridges, it is always a good idea while defending
      to place a high defense unit on the bridge and have ranged units supporting
      him from the sides of the river. But keep another defensive unit directly
      behind the first just in case. >
    After the blue and orange are defeated, attack the purple and kill them. It
    shouldn't be too hard. Then after they are all dead, build a wonder in whatever
    part of the map is the easiest for you to defend. Once you do, each army will
    suddenly get heavy reinforcements. you now have to defend the wonder from them.
    It will be hard at first, but they have limited units, unlike you who can build
    more as the unit cap allows. They should still be in age three so that also
    gives you the upper hand. So just defend the wonder for a few days and you will
    | MISSION 4: Empire Expansion
    | difficulty: **
    To start out, send all units but the villager in every direction to explore the
    immediate vicinity. Then build a TC with the villager, preferably on the road
    just in front of you. On your next turn go build a mine on the Gold that is up
    the road or on the Wheat to the north and south, then train another villager.
    Use your other units to explore and remember to try and find all of the ruins
    to complete one of the mini goals. Research in Leather Soles and end the day.
    What you do next is up to you, just gather resources and explore. Also build a
    barracks on your TC.
    Eventually you should come across an enemy villager to the north or northwest
    of your TC. That is when you stop exploring and go back to your TC. Slowly but
    surely, keep expanding and gaining more resources at whatever pace best suits
    your technique. Also, don't build a barracks or anything on your first TC. Save
    it for secondary buildings. Instead, send a villager to the center of the map
    and on a road, build your second TC. On this town center, build a barracks,
    archery range, market, and whatever else you want. Build a church or whatever
    on the other TC. Then, as you still get more resources, start building a siege
    army. And while this is all happening, remember to research every day that you
    can. If you reach the Imperial age before any one else, you complete one of the
    mini goals for this mission.
    Once you have harvested all resources on the bottom half of the map and have a
    good, strong army built up, send all of your units across the leftmost bridge
    and left to lay siege upon the enemy that resides there. You should probably
    wait until you are in the Imperial Age to do this, though. Once they have
    fallen, regroup and attack the enemy to the East.
    | MISSION 5: Japan Invasion
    | difficulty:***
    You have landed in Japan. The key to winning this mission is resourcefulness.
    To begin, you have only a few units, so don't g all gung-ho and attack the
    wonder just yet. They have men on all sides of you, so focus on defense and
    wait until reinforcements arrive.
    The closest enemy units are 2 arbalests. Use Genghis Khan to attack the one
    closest to you, then use the rest of your units within range to finish them
    off. Remember not to go too close to the wonder. Move your siege rams in a safe
    position but still near the frontlines and move the Trebuchets in a safe
    position where they can still do some damage to their attacking samurai.
    After they attack, kill all the attacking units and repeat for a few turns
    until their starting units are gone. Then if you can, kill the unit on the mine
    to the north and use rams to destroy it. Use your monks wisely. That means do
    not risk them on converting, just heal your own units from a safe place. And
    no, you can't start a town if you convert a villager.
    On day 4, your first reinforcements will arrive. Use them to aid the first
    batch and kill off their attacking units. Continue this until The next
    reinforcement boat arrives.
    And on day 9, a boat will deploy units on the northwestern part of the land and
    another will reinforce the units in the center. Use the west units to lay siege
    upon the town. Use close range units to kill the units they build, but leave at
    least one space near a building open so your siege rams can destroy the
    buildings. As soon as possible, move the central units to attack the wonder.
    It'll take a while, just press on and you should have it in a few days
    depending on how many siege units you have. Once it is in ruins, you win.
    | d. SALADIN         /
    | MISSION 1:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 2:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 3:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 4:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 5: 
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 6:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 1: All in the Family (part 1)
    | difficulty: **
    - thanks to Meta J for this strategy -
    Your base is located to the northwest, King Henry's at the northeast,
    and the two Rebel towns are located to the south, the rebels already have a
    barracks each, and an operational mill, they have two scout cavalry and one
    militia unit.  Henry has a town center and barracks as well, you have
    nothing but a hero, scout cavalry,malitia and a villager.
    Notice the amount of resources you begin with, this makes it ideal for a fast
    attack, with the frank's ahead as they are, eliminating one quickly is quite
    Start by building a town center, and produce about 3-4 villagers, I prefer 3
    because most of the time, it's enough to get the job done.  Make a barracks as
    soon as possible, a stable could be used, but by the time you destroy the west
    rebels, the east will likely be in the feudal age with several spearmen
    trained. For this reason, you need men-at-arms to counter them.  All 3 AI
    players are quite aggressive, Henry has a knight which will protect him from
    initial attacks, while Richard the Lionhearted is quite a strong fighter to take
    out the west french assaults.
    Start to move towards the west base but don't go there to quickly, they are
    making militia each turn, try and get your men on defensive terrain to protect
    them.  when you have killed their starting units and have three or so militia,
    you can push the attack and destroy the base fairly easily. While you are
    attacking the base, back at your town, build a stable (put it on the side
    closest to King Henry if possible) archery range, and blacksmith at your base.
    With the first base gone, you only have one to go, unfortunately, King Henry's
    son is amongst the casualties of his army, and he leaves in mourning. When this
    occurs I'm not 100% certain, but it happened to me around about when the first
    town was defeated, keep it in mind and don't expect Henry's aid for the rest of
    the mission.  (when Henry leaves, the requirement of protecting his town will be
    The second set of rebels will be fairly strong by this time, having lost your
    ally you must defeat an enemy at his base, across the map without nearby
    reinforcements from your town, and you will really want to do it before he can
    get to the imperial age.
    His first base is right next to a choke-point, and at the castle age you can
    train longbowmen who are very good with choke-points. Use this to your
    advantage by placing a pikeman or longswordsman at the bridge to halt the
    enemy, the pikeman is the better choice because it helps prevent a cavalry
    charge and has a naturally high defense.
    A note with bridge choke-points, while being on the bridge gives a nice
    defensive boost, the unit is susceptible to a very large amount of missile
    damage, if he is placed a square behind the bridge, he is unable to be attacked
    by range as much.  Choose where to place him in accordance to the amount of
    ranged units the enemy has.
    Also, by building a castle there, you can get longbowmen and longswordsmen to
    the battle very quickly.  So, what are the cavalry from the stable used for?
    It's always been my view that cavalry are less effective in the middle of a
    fight, instead, they are stronger coming from the sides, if you send your
    cavalry around to the northeast side of the base, you can charge in a two
    pronged attack, though it is not vital to success, also take a couple of
    longswordsmen for any pikeman you encounter with your knights.  Take your time
    and advance slowly into the rebel's territory, destroying mills, farms and
    mines, because it reduces income and it reduces their unit cap. This technique
    is very useful when invading a base.
    | MISSION 2:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 3: Cyprus
    | difficulty: ***
    This is one of my favorite missions.
    Okay, with your starting units, attack the village right next to you. Use
    infantry to kill the pikemen. Move the Onagers within range of the barracks and
    have your ranged units fill in the gaps but send one to the mountains. Keep
    your Battering rams close and cavalry somewhere out of the way. Next turn, kill
    the barracks, any remaining units, and do as much damage to the TC as you can.
    Be wary of the mountains to the north because there is a town and castle right
    there. Once the TC is destroyed, capture the town and set up a defensive line
    outside it. keep one infantry and two ranges units in the mountains to guard,
    and the ranged units can shoot any units they build from a safe distance. As
    soon as you have the town, start researching. If you can get to age 4 sooner
    than your opponent, you will have a nice advantage. As you build your town and
    stock up on units, be shooting the castle with ranged units from far away.
    Richard can use his Firing Line ability to help them. When you have a safe
    amount of units, go and conquer the city and castles to the north. Harvest the
    resources and build a castle, all while defending from attacks from the
    northeast. Then, once you have enough units, attack them. Continue resupplying
    your front line and don't retreat until you have won.
    For this mission, remember that archers are your friend. Especially with all
    the mountains around, you can shoot for four spaces which can be really
    helpful. Also remember that if you destroy their resources, they will not be
    able to fight back nearly as strong. Keeping both of those techniques in mind,
    the Flaming Arrows resource (age IV) would be very helpful in this mission.
    | MISSION 4: 
    | difficulty: *****
    - thanks to Joseph_902 for this strategy -
    First, you are at a disadvantage, obviously, so start out cautiously and move
    your units slowly forward in the first couple of turns, setting up a line of
    Templars and longswordsmen. (Don't move them a lot, just a couple of spaces per
    turn) Use your scorpions and longbowmen to batter the front line of the
    Saracens (Use the hills and mountains to your advantage). Defend your
    longbowmen and scorpions with your Templars and longswordsmen. After you've
    weakened their front line, gently start pressing forward with your Templars and
    longswordsmen. It will take a while, but if you expose a building, do not be
    afraid to get a battering ram in there to take it out. Using Richard's superb
    leader ability will help out a lot here, because a battering ram at full health
    and with superb leader used on it should be able to take out a building in one
    hit or at least severely weaken it. Use the hills and mountains next to Acre to
    your advantage, put your longbowmen and scorpions on them and take out the
    existing units and the units that have just been trained while they are at half
    After a few turns, your army will have taken a lot of damage, but so have the
    Saracens. You should get reinforcements around this time, (So will the
    Saracens, but they spawn farther away from Acre) so defend until you can get
    them to the front lines. Again, use your ranged units to weaken the Saracens
    before attacking with your Templars and Longswordsmen. Keep pressing forth, and
    when they have an open building, don't be afraid to attack it. (The Saracens
    will train new units out of every building every turn, so for every building
    you destroy, that's one less unit per turn to worry about)
    Once you've destroyed most of Acre, (but with the town center still standing,
    of course) leave a few units behind as you start to go for the bonus goals.
    (Routing Saladin and destroying both mines) I suggest using your ranged units
    on the mountains next to the Saracens to weaken Saladin's guard units before
    attacking with your Templars. Routing Saladin at this point should be fairly
    easy, just don't be afraid to rush in and attack him and his guard. (Assuming
    you still have a good portion of your army at this point) Both you and the
    Saracens will get reinforcements again, but they really won't be a huge factor
    at this point. (They weren't for me, anyway) Once you've destroyed both of
    their mines, use the units you left behind to destroy the town center and
    subsequently win the mission.
    It is really hard, so you may have to restart it once or twice to get it right.
    Basically just remember that:
    Ranged units are your friend, keep them protected.
    Richard's superb leader ability is very useful, use it.
    Use the terrain around Acre to your advantage.
    And when a building is exposed, do not be afraid to destroy it.
    | MISSION 5:
    | difficulty:
    | MISSION 6:
    | difficulty:
    | 6. UNIT LIST       /
    These are the units that are available to build at some time in the game and
    the first age in which they become available. (assuming you have enough
    I will also note if they need a certain technology researched or if you have to
    be a certain empire in order to train that unit. This does not include the
    upgraded versions of each unit. (for example, I will only put Spearmen and
    Pikemen wont include elite pikemen)
    Men-at-arms (I)
    Militia (II)
    Longswordsman (III)
    Two-handed Swordsmen (IV)
    Champions (IV (squires technology))
    Spearmen (II)
    Pikemen (III)
    Samurai (II (Japanese))
    Throwing Axemen (IV (Britons))
    Celtic Wood Raiders (III)
    Beserkers (III)
    Archers (II)
    Crossbowmen (III)
    Arbalesters (IV)
    Horse Archers (II) 
    Heavy Horse Archers (III)
    Hand Cannoneers (IV (chemistry technology))
    Longbowmen (III (Britons))
    Mangudai (III (Saracens))
    Turkish Janissaries (II)
    Chinese Chu Ko Nu (III)
    Scout Cavalry (I)
    Light Cavalry (II)
    Knights (III)
    Cavaliers (IV)
    Paladins (IV (squires technology))
    Camels (III)
    Heavy Camels (IV)
    Mamelukes (III (Saracens)
    Persian War Elephants (II)
    Knights Templar (IV)
    Scorpions (III)
    Rams (III)
    Siege Rams (IV (siege engineers technology))
    Onagers (III)
    Bombard Cannons (IV (chemistry technology))
    Trebuchets (III)
    Villagers (I)
    Monks (III)
    Dopple Handers (infantry)
    Welsh Bowman (ranged)
    Mons Meg (siege unit)
    Knights of the Round (cavalry)
    Genoese Crossbowmen (ranged)
    Swiss Pikemen (infantry)
    Dark Ram (siege unit)
    War Wolf (siege unit)
    | 7. GLITCHES        /
     Many people have reported experiencing glitches in this game. I have made a
     list of glitches found by me, my brother, or other people on GameFAQs.com.
    If your multiplayer profile name is less than 4 characters long, your game may
    freeze and then not be able to turn back on, or you will loose all of your
    data. This is called the Fatal Glitch. Avoid it by editing you character
    profile and making your name 4 characters or more long.
    Also, do not turn the DS off when it is possible the game is still writing to
    the card.
    Freezing on campaign mode is fairly common and can be fixed by simply redoing
    the mission.
    Sometimes the game will freeze during battle animations. When it happens, press
    B to exit the battle animation.
    The best protection against freezing is to disable the battle and move
    animations through the options menu.
    Freezing while using the Save and Quit feature is extremely annoying and can be
    avoided by not saving and quitting. Instead, put the game in sleep mode to
    finish it later, or save the game then shut it off.
    If you encounter this glitch, do not restart your DS. Instead, plug it into a
    charger and try basically anything you can think of (except restarting) until
    the freeze clears.
    Sometimes 2 or more enemy units will be on a single space. This is unavoidable,
    but isn't very important and doesn't damage your game. You just have to kill
    them one by one.
    Sometimes when you save and then finish that game, the technologies you
    researched will be gone. This is very rare, but i don't know how to avoid it.
    In a Hotseat game, my brother was building a Viking Bezerker on a Market and
    the game froze and then all of the buildings and units disappeared along with
    the sound. Then it would not go into sleep mode. I am not sure the exact
    conditions for this glitch, so I am not sure how to avoid it. If this has
    happened to you, email me about it.
    When playing wireless multiplayer and you move a unit but the other player
    pauses the game before you can select an action, the game will freeze and you
    will have to start over. Avoid this by informing your opponent of the glitch
    before you play, and just don't pause at any time during the game. If you have
    to pause the game, OK it with the other player before you do.
    (thanks to OcarinaofTime for this glitch)
    If your game glitches, I recommend calling your retailer, Majesco
    Entertainment, or checking the message boards on GameFAQs.com for more
    | 8. COPYRIGHT       /
    This entire document is (C) 2006 1337mangamaster. All trademarks are property
    of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making
    reference to any material contained within.
    All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me
    at 1337FAQs(at)gmail(dot)com to enquire about gaining permission to use this
    | 9. THANKS         /
    These are the people/ companies that contributed to this guide.
    Thanks to:
    OcarinaofTime for glitch information,
    Meta J for the strategy on level 1, Richard the Lionhearted,
    Joseph_902 for the strategy on level 4, Richard the Lionhearted,
    Snakeman_12 for help with the strategy on level 5, Gengis Kahn,
    Michael Sarich for the copyright section,
    Heidi_Nowotny for letting me use the computer,
    GameFAQs.com for hosting the original guide and for inspiring me to write a FAQ 
    in the first place,
    Majesco Entertainment for bringing the Age of Empires series to the DS,
    and GOD for the the divine inspiration
    THE END 

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