Review by benthekid22

Reviewed: 02/14/06

A fun game at first.

Nintendogs is a very innovative game. Well not really a game, but more of a pet simulator. There is no end to this game, it goes on forever. The game mainly consist of caring for your new pup.

Gameplay (9/10) - You start off in a puppy kennel where you have the choice of 5 different breeds. Each breed consists of different personalities, colors, and whether it's male or female. After you pick the puppy of your choice you have to teach it it's name through the DS's microphone. Then you move onto where you have to teach it it's first trick. After you teach it it's first trick you move on to where it starts getting good. You can now teach your dog other tricks (3-4 trick limit per day depending on the dog you picked). There is a bunch of tricks you can teach your dog. Like sit, jump, dance, flip, handstand, etc. It takes a bit of patience to teach your dog tricks.

You can also walk your dog in this game. When you go out for a walk you have to draw the route which your dog takes. As you take your dog out for longer walks, his stamina to go farther increases until you have a full bar. There are a bunch of places you can take your dog, 2 parks, the gym, 2 dog shops, and just around town. When you go to the park you can play frisbee with your dog, or you might encounter other dogs at the park to play with. The gym is where you train your dog to do the obstacle course. Then the 2 shops are were you can buy stuff like water, milk, dog food, leashes, collars, and frisbees. Occasionally something rare will show up in the store, so make sure you make frequent trips. Also on your daily doggy walks you might run into dogs. Sometimes your dog gets along well with them, sometimes not.

The competitions is one of the main things you'll be doing in this game. There is disc, agility, and obedience competitions. Disc is where you throw the dog a frisbee and the farther you throw it you get more points. No points if he doesn't catch it however. A good place to practice is the park. Agility is going through an obstacle course trying to not get any faults (mistakes) while trying to get a good time. The place to practice this is the gym. Obedience is where you tell your dogs to do certain tricks that the judge asks you to do. As you get farther the judge will ask you to do harder tricks. For each trick you have a time limit. The place to practice this is obviously home. So make sure you teach your dog lots of tricks and continually practice them!

Graphics (10/10) - The graphics are extremely great. The best you'll find for the DS. They are just spectacular! I just can't say enough good about them.

Sound (8/10) - The sound gets a little repetitive but overall it's not bad. It fits great for the game.

Replayability (7/10) - This is where the game falls in my opinion. After you get another dog (you can have 3 at your house) the experience is fun but it keeps getting more repetitive and more repetitive as you get more dogs. After a while you'll be quite bored. The items in this improves the replayability quite a bit.

Buy or Rent? If it was me I would rent it for 2 weeks maybe. You can get full enjoyment out of the game still. If you really really liked it after you rented it, then I'd recommend buying it.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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