Review by hellacost2

Reviewed: 07/16/07

Alright another version! WOOT! but maybe alittle to much?

All you do is breed dogs! With limted everything! The contest stink and the only reason I would buy it was if you love Nintendogs! Which I am sick of since they make useless versions of this game!

Score 7 Just like the other games, these graphics are pretty tight, I love those cute litte hairballs, what can I say I have a weak spot for puppies. Yeah the puppies in this game are as cute as ever, and the contest are the same as ever, but the graphics are great. You can see the water dry off your puppy when your giving it a bath. You can also see small chuncks of poop it gives you when your on a walk through your niegborhood, I never pick it up just so I can mess with the neigbors.

Game Play
Score 5 You have some things you can do that day, you can walk you dog, pick its poop, watch it pee, train you dog from the only three given contests, wash your dog, brush your dog, feed your dog, play with it, and neglect it. You can watch your puppy cat fight with one of your nieghbors puppies, but your niegbor does nothing he/she will never do anything, only you can stop the fight by leaving. Your dog can build stanmina on some walks, making it walk a little further the next time it walks. Sometimes your dog runs away from you when your neglect it. Sounds nice eh? I did'nt think so, why do this with a fake dog, that has no other emotions beyond its programing? Why not play with a real dog? Well unless your allergic or have great fear of dogs, this game is a great way to cope with your fear, or allergies.

Score 6 Hey, there are vast numbers of albums to collect in this game, but most of them stink, the sounds in this game are awesome you can hear crikets chrip at night, or birds chriping in the morning, you can hear your dogs bark, run, and other limted things. This music in this game has some classical and blues, some times your dog(s) will act the way the music is playing. So if you turn on a lullaby your dog(s) may go to sleep right in front of your eyes.

MULT. Player
Score 5 Just like meeting a niehgbor, all you do is meet that dog, and maybe trade items with your friend via DS to DS. Your friend can turn off his game after saving, and you will still be able to feed/play with the other dog and you can leave whenever you want.

User Friendly?
Score 7 Is the game nice to you? Does it help you? Yes this game helps you most of the time, at the beginning it helps you give your dog a name, and teach it a common command like sit, it also helps and tells you if another dog is in a park. In the walk map, it shows where possible treasures of possible nieghbor nagging may be present with a square and inside that square is a question mark.

OVERALL GAME SCORE 7 This game is just like the other games, a collection of boring games, about dogs, limted possiblities, and much more limtations. This game is a rent, trust me it'll save you money, you'll get bore of it soon.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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