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Reviewed: 07/31/06 | Updated: 09/18/06

Addictive Fun and Sometimes Boring Game

Welcome to my review for the game Nintendogs Chihuahua and friends version for the Nintendo DS. This game is about looking after dogs and teaching them tricks and doing the basic stuff you dop with real pups but instead they are in a game and they get presents for you when you are on a walk but sometimes they look for some trash to eat on but if you drag your leash it can at least save you some trainer points from eating the trash. Once you start playing this game it starts to get addicting and you just want to play with your pups for a very long period of time.

The graphics in this game stand out when you are at the parks because it looks realistic and good in the game and the graphics for the house and pups are good especially with the colors of the pups having different colors and patterns while there are many rooms you can chose from the interior decorator which include the Japanese Tatami Room and much more. The toy graphics are cool because they look like the real toys especially the tennis ball because it looks like the tennis balls in real life.

The game play in this game is absolutely amazing because it is fun and addicting because of the walks and the presents your puppy can get and the ones on the road which contain something special. You can also enter contests once you train your puppy to be good and win gold in that contest and they include the disc competition and that is by throwing the disc and your puppy fetches it. There is another one called the Agility Trail and that is done by making your puppy jump over obstacles until they are at the end and finished without making a mistake and they beat the time the current leader held and finally the last one is the Obedience Trial and that is done by having a quiet room and telling your puppy to do certain tricks for an amount of time before they pass the test to achieve medal.

Rent or Buy:
I recommend to Buy this game because it contains cuteness and entertainment and it is worth while.

Overall Nintendogs is an addicting game that must be obtained in anyway possible and that will be all so thank you for reading my review.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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