How do you defeat Pride in the game?

  1. I've always been stuck in the game when i have to battle Pride, i always die quickly & never know what to do!

    User Info: FMA-is-awesome

    FMA-is-awesome - 10 years ago

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  1. Pride. the last boss in the game in Character Mode, has a pattern that he repeats with just one mix up. When you start, he will go into a continuous stab across the screen. Best way to avoid this is to form a wall and stay above ground. He will then do jumping thrusts at you so form another wall and stay up until he jumps into the air. Like greed, Avoid it till he hits the ground and hit Him. He will dodge the first punch so run to where he was a second ago to dodge the second do a charged alchemy attack (if you can) to do maximum damage. After which he will repeat with the exception of , in some cases, he will jump to the edge of the screen and shoot his blades at you. Form a wall to block these, as well a gather alchemy orbs from the block attack. After you learn the pattern, just rinse and repeat.

    User Info: HiromaUesugi

    HiromaUesugi - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. You don't fight Pride (the Fuhrer) in this game. You may have the game confused or you are typing the wrong humonculi.


    You fight Greed (who you have to activate the alchemic circle on the ground when he jumps and lands on it to kill), Wrath (just fight and use alchemy, learn his patterns), Sloth (when she turns into a puddle, hit the defense alchemy button), and Envy (hit and run, over and over).

    You do not fight Pride, Gluttony or Lust.

    User Info: jivesukka

    jivesukka - 10 years ago 0   2

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