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Trading FAQ by lincoln174

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/20/06

 ___     _                        ___  _                        _ 
| _ \___| |_____ _ __  ___ _ _   |   \(_)__ _ _ __  ___ _ _  __| |
|  _/ _ \ / / -_) '  \/ _ \ ' \  | |) | / _` | '  \/ _ \ ' \/ _` |
|_| \___/_\_\___|_|_|_\___/_||_| |___/|_\__,_|_|_|_\___/_||_\__,_|
              _   ___              _ 
 __ _ _ _  __| | | _ \___ __ _ _ _| |
/ _` | ' \/ _` | |  _/ -_) _` | '_| |
\__,_|_||_\__,_| |_| \___\__,_|_| |_|

Game Title: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
FAQ Type: Trading/GTS FAQ
Platform: Nintendo DS
Version: 0.9
Author: Lincoln McPhee
Email: lincoln174 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Guide Created on: 19-11-2006
Last Updated: 21-11-2006

WARNING: This guide may contains some spoilers, so read at your own risk.

ASCII art by: http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

Table of Contents                                                    

To find a certain section quickly, press Ctrl + F and enter the alpha-numeric
code, include the brackets, this information will be next to the heading it
comes under in the Table of Contents. Then press search to get to your desired

1...FAQ Information                                           (1INF)
     > About the FAQ                                                  (1FAQ) 
     > About the Author                                               (1AUT)
     > Version History                                                (1VER)
     > Contact Information                                            (1CON)
     > Legal Stuff                                                    (1LEG)
2...Introduction                                              (2INT)
3...Setting up your Wi-Fi connection                          (3SET)  
    > Mini-guide                                                       (3MIN)
4...GTS Trading                                               (4GTS)      
    > Going online                                                     (4GON)
5...Wi-Fi Trading                                             (5WIF)
    > Using the red code book                                         (5RCB)
    > Going online to trade                                           (5GOT)
6...Local area trading                                        (6LAN)
    > Union room                                                      (6UNR)
7...Transferring from GBA games                               (7TRA)
    > Pal Park                                                        (7PAL)  
8...Frequently Asked Questions                                (8FAQ)
9...Credits and Thanks                                        (9CAT)

FAQ Information                                                          (1INF)

[About the FAQ]                                                          (1FAQ)

This FAQ was started on the 19-11-2006. This FAQ came about because I was 
sometimes having difficulty navigating the trading system. Some people shared
my difficulty, so I decided to write a FAQ. The most updated version of this 
FAQ can be found at "www.gamefaqs.com".

[About the Author]                                                       (1AUT)

Real Name:           Lincoln McPhee
Age:                 15
Country:             Australia
Systems/Consoles:    Playstation 
                     Playstation 2 
                     Nintendo Gamecube
                     Gameboy Advance
                     Gameboy Advance SP
                     Nintendo DS

To see other things I have contributed, use this link:

[Version History]                                                        (1VER)

>>>19-11-2006: Version 0.9<<<
- Started the FAQ.
- Made the basic structure.
- Wrote the Wi-Fi setup section.
- Wrote the GTS and Wi-Fi trading section.
- Wrote the local area trading.

>>>21-11-2006: Version 1.0<<<
- Wrote the Pal Park information section.
[Contact Information]                                                    (1CON)

You can contact me by e-mail:
lincoln174 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Make the subject: Trading/GTS FAQ

Please send me anything helpful, such as:

Please don't send me anything that is bad, such as:
   >Hate mail
   >Junk mail
   >Try not to send me questions that are already answered in the FAQ,
 I don't mind, but try not to.

[Legal Stuff]                                                            (1LEG)

This FAQ is Copyright 2006 Lincoln McPhee.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may only be placed on the following websites:

It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Introduction                                                             (2INT)

The games of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released in Japan on September 28,
2006. It has yet to be released elsewhere in the world. Pokemon DP is the 4th
generation in the series of Pokemon. The already established RPG series has
expanded with the addition of online trading through the Nintendo Wi-Fi
Connection service.

This has allowed players of the game to wirelessly communicate with anyone
anywhere in the world. This FAQ doesn't cover in-depth how to setup the Wi-Fi
settings. It is assumed you can do this in an Wi-Fi game in which you can
understand the language - English. After setting up the connection, you are 
free to access the vast world of trading.

>Note: I do not speak or understand Japanese. I just guess what the menus mean.
Any help on translation would be much appreciated.

Setting up your Wi-Fi connection                                         (3SET)

I do not intend to indepth cover the logistics of setting up your router or USB
connector of however you connect to the Wi-Fi service.

You can use the http://www.nintendowifi.com site.

You can also follow this guide:

I have written a mini-guide below.

[Mini-guide]                                                             (3MIN)

Once you get to Kurogane town - the town with the first gym. I think after you
get the badge you can active Wi-Fi trading.

Go to the bottom floor of the Pokemon Centre, and a lady will talk to you, and
you will eventually receive a "little red code book".

To setup your Wi-Fi connection is it easier to do it in an English game, but if
you can't you can follow these steps.

Once you load up the game, the third option from the top will be Wi-Fi options,
it has a little Wi-Fi symbol next to it. Once you open it up, A is accept and B
is cancel.

The small orange box is the options window, you don't really need to use this.
The options listed from top to bottom are: 
> System Info
> Erase Nintendo WFC Configuration
> Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration

The large blue box is the connection settings window. There are three boxes
lined up on the top. and a long box on the bottom. The numbered boxes is where
you can enter the setup information. The smaller box underneath each numbered
setup box is "erase options" so be careful about clicking this option.

The option taking up the top half of the screen is the "search for access point"

The option on the far right of the bottom half of the screen is AOSS setup.

I am unsure of the middle option - help is needed here.

The smaller option is to input your information by hand - manual setup.
You can enter your SSID, WEP key and similar information here. The option at
the very top of the screen is the test connection option. Save your settings,
bottom right, after you finish editing them.

GTS Trading                                                              (4GTS)

The GTS centre in Kotobuki Town, west of the pokemon centre. A lady will stop
unless you have the "red book". Once you go in, you will notice a globe. This
doesn't really apply to you, unless you live in Japan. You can chose the
location where you live. I don't think this effects anything though.

[Going online]                                                           (4GON)

Talk to the lady there, the second option explains how GTS works, in Japanese.
The third option is cancel. Chose to first option to go online.

After you save you game, you will escorted into the room. It will then ask you
to connect to GTS, press. You will "land" in a room, and automatically access
a computer.

- Storing pokemon:

The first option is to "store" a pokemon. It can be any pokemon from your party
or PC. Once you click on a pokemon a window comes up, the first option is
the summary screen. This a pokemon that you would be willing to trade for

The second option takes you a another screen, with a orange box and a green box
on screen. A list of singular characters will come up. This is like the
Japanese alphabet. After you select a character, it should look like this.

|                _     ______     |
|  seeking:     |x|   |xxx   |    |
|  [......]     |x|   |xxxx  |    |
|  [......]     |x|   |xxxxx |    |
|               |x|   |xxxx  |    |
|  offering:    |x|   |xxxx  |    |
|  [onix M]     |x|   |xxxxx |    |
|  [  lv.8]     |x|   |xxx   |    |
|	               -     ------     |
|                                 |

You may only "seek" for pokemon that you have seen in your pokedex, and offer
pokemon that you have. The lower box is the pokemon you are offering - gender
and level.

By checking what pokemon you are looking in your pokedex, and writing the
characters down, you should be able to "guess" the appropriate matching 
characters. If you can't match the character to any corresponding heading. You
will have to scroll through them all until you find the pokemon you are looking

It will then ask you to select gender. The first option is no preference. The 
second option is male, the third - female.

After you select the gender of the pokemon, you can select the desired level
of the pokemon that you want. It ranges from "no preference", "under level 10",
"above level 10", all the way up to "level 100".

It will then ask you to confirm your "wanted pokemon". An animation will appear
of your pokeball flying into the air, just like in a regular trade.

Your pokemon will now be "left" on the GTS service. You can only leave one 
pokemon here at a time. If another person has the pokemon that you want, a 
trade will be conducted, you do not need to be there when it happens. You can 
withdraw the pokemon at any time, if it has not been traded off.

If you click the top option after you have stored your pokemon, you can "check"
it. Press A once, and you will be given two options, the first one ask you if
you want to "withdraw" your pokemon, confirm this by pressing A again. The
second option is to return back to the original screen.

- Searching for pokemon:

The second option allows for you to search for pokemon, the layout looks like

|                                 |
|  pokemon:                       |
|  [......]          [search]     |
|                                 |
|  gender:                        |
|  [xxxxx]                        |
|                                 |
|  level:            [cancel]     |
|	 [xxxxx]                        |
|                                 |

Similarly to storing pokemon, you use the top option on the right, and you
will be greeted with the Japanese alphabet chart thing. Chose the pokemon like
you did for storing pokemon.

Then click on the search function. Once again you can only search for pokemon
that you have in your pokedex. After the search is completed, depending if
anyone has the pokemon you are searching for, they will pop up on the touch
screen, were you can select them.

Once you have selected them, you can view the pokemon that they want, and what
level they want it to be on. If you have that pokemon, press A, and select it
from your PC or party, and a trade will be made.

Wi-Fi Trading                                                            (5WIF)

This is how player trade pokemon with each other, with the help of friend

[Using the red code book]                                                (5RCB)

Once you receive it, by going to the bottom floor of the. You can check it in 
your key item, in your bag. The first option is used to view already registered

Once you have traded with them, you can view their trainer card - first option.
You can edit their details - second option.
or delete them - third option.

The second option in the red book is to add other people's friend codes. You
firstly add their name in. This doesn't need to be their OT, but a name which
you can use to recognise them. Next add their friend code.

The third option in the red book is used to view your own friend code.

[Going online to trade]                                                  (5GOT)

Talk to the lady in the middle to access the Wi-Fi trading service. You must
have the person who you are trading with's friend code in your red book. After
you save, you go into the room, and be asked to connect to Wi-Fi. If there is
no-one else online, the first option, with 10 characters in it, allows you to 
determine your course of action.

By selecting this option, you will be presented with four choices. Choose the 
third choice from the top. Your icon in the bottom left of the screen will
change to the "trading" symbol. Your friend can select your, and subsequently

If you are wanting to trade with someone who has the "trading" symbol next to 
their name. They will appear at the top of your list. You click on their name, 
and you will be presented with some options. The first option is trade, the 
second - view trainer card (or something along those lines). If you talk to a
person with a trading symbol, you will connect, after pressing A a few times.

The trading process is quite straight forward, especially for those who have 
played previous games in the series. You select one of your pokemon you wish 
to trade. The first option shows the summary, the second selects the pokemon
for trade. A new window will pop up if both of you select a pokemon to trade.
Press A and your trade will begin. To exit out of trading, chose the option
on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Disconnect yourself from Wi-Fi just by selecting the bottom option in the 
screen which shows who else is online.

Local area trading                                                       (6LAN)

This option can be used for two people who are in close proximity to each

[Union room]                                           (6UNR)

To access this feature, go to the top floor of the pokemon centre. Talk to the
lady in the middle, near the "union" symbol. Chose the first option, and save
your game.

Once you enter the room, you should see your friend. Approach him, and talk to
him. Whoever initiates contact will eventually have to choose from a list of
option. The option fourth from the top, is the option for trading. The other
person needs to accept, and you can commence trading.

You now can trade in the same was as on Wi-Fi.

To exit the Union room, simply step on the red dot on the floor.

Transferring from GBA games                                               (7TRA)

You can only transfer pokemon from a Japanese GBA cart to a Japanese DS game,
so you can't transfer your pokemon from a english cart to DS, until the english
version comes out.

[Pal park]                                                               (7PAL)

After you obtain the national dex, you can head to Masago town, and surf down,
through route 219 - 220 - 221, until you eventually reach Pal Park. 

To transfer the pokemon from the GBA cart to your DS game, you will first have
to insert the cart, and go to the initial menu, a new option should appear, 
which allows you to move pokemon from your GBA, in the PC, to your DS cart. You
must have at least 7 pokemon in your possesion, so that after the transfer you 
still have some pokemon left.

You can now talk the the man at the entrance to Pal Park, and he will give you
some Park Balls, these have a 100% capture rate.

Once you go in, you will notice there are many areas for you to find your
pokemon in. Depending on the type of pokemon, they may be found in normal
grass, pond areas, etc.

The pokemon that you catch is the exact same pokemon from your GBA cart, 
although you "catch it", is it keeps its original stats, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions                                               (8FAQ)

Q: Why are there so many impossible trades on GTS?
A: I am not sure if Nintendo has fixed this up, but some people asking for
level 1 legendaries is impossible. They are probably storing their pokemon
there or something...

Q: I am still missing a few pokemon from my national dex after I beat the Elite
A: The most common pokemon that people do not have in their pokedex is the 
"opposite" legendary of their game. For example, if you are playing Diamond, to
see Parukia you have to go to Kannagi town, where you can talk to a lady in a 
house at the top of the town, and she will it to your pokedex.

Credit and Thanks                                                        (9CAT)

Thanks to Nintendo and Game Freak for one of the best games in the world.

Thanks to everyone who reads my FAQ, in other words you!

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