Review by Esmeraude

Reviewed: 05/18/07

4th Gen Improved, sky high.

10 Years ago when I first bought my pokemon blue game, I was really excited about it, a classic RPG game which you can train pokemon, grow in ranks through-out the game, and modify you’re team so you can be unbeatable, sure it amused me for 1 or 2 years, the only problem was that Nintendo got kind of greedy and had the idea that to catch them all ( the basic idea of the game ) you had to either have a friend with the other version, or buy it yourself and transfer them to you’re favorite, version. But now Nintendo new era of Wi-Fi battling, brought a new concept, now you can really test yourself battling with people all around the globe, and actually catching them all.

Gameplay: 10/10

To much to say about the gameplay, first you get a set of pokemon to help you until you defeat the Elite Four, then afterwards defeating the Elite Four, you’ll be able to catch, the pokemon from generations before. But why is this interesting? Well, firstly this game offers you a good amount of gameplay before you catch them, raise them, and complete you’re pokedex. But this isn’t over, in order to fully complete you’re pokedex you’ll need to trade pokemon with other gamers, but this was a problem with previous generations, you could only trade if you’re friend had the game and the pokemon you we’re looking for or wait until a convention to trade with others, but now, you can use Wi-Fi, the online trading that pokemon offers is incredible, you can get pokemon exclusive to you’re version and then trade them for the ones unavailable in you’re game. This time to catch them you’ll be actually going to search for trainers that are willing to give you the pokemon you want for a pokemon you’re offering, the wi-fi doesn’t end here. You now really have to build a good team to become a pokemon champion, because now you’ll able to face all kind of people that have variable teams, instead of the ones in the game. Another thing about the gameplay, but this was introduced in previous generations, is the complexity of the game, on the 1 generation you had normal pokemon, some mixed types, some with stronger attack, now you have pokemon natures, abilities, traits, and a vast amount of attacks that go from a move that can protect you’re pokemon, and deal attack the next turn ( Future Sight ), you can give items that’ll boost up their attacks, that’ll power-up different type moves ( Dread Plate ), and others that can help on battle. This generations, like the GSC one offers you daily events, the 3rd generation lost this and now they brought it back with cool changes, such as specific pokemon that appear on any certain days, a swarm of pokemons that’ll only come once a month and obtaining different items on a daily basis. Another interesting thing is the new evolution methods, sure we had some interesting changes from before, trading with a specific items, leveling up with a maxed out beauty, but this one truly owned the special evolution methods, such as evolving with a specific gender, leveling up on specific areas, and leveling up with an attack. Pokemon has evolved itself from a basic RPG themed game to a complex and entertaining MMORPG.

Story: 8/10

Well the store in this game isn’t that much of a change from previous generations, some new changes where brought, minimum, a good change is that the Elite Four are actually difficult, sure they had high leveled pokemon on the past, but they tended to be the same type, now they introduced trainers that had other types. The story is good, you still get some good sidequests. The story isn’t that much interesting, still long, still with the evil group bended on their own ideas. You’re rival is still ok, no new changes.

Music: 9/10

In order for this game to be quite long, you needed good music that wouldn’t get repetitive and boring so you’ll had to turn of the audio of the game, the music now is variable such as each town having it’s own tune, legendary pokemon their single tune, and overall good music, not the best stil good music.

Graphics: 9/10

This new generation offer new changes, the biggest one is the jump from simple, to a extend of saying it is now 3-D, in a way, this is also brought buy the DS graphic potential, but the graphics are still good, interestingly enough. Pokemon also get gender differences this time, but this doesn’t solve the big mystery that Lopunny can be male.

Overall: 9/10

Pokemon is always evolving each new generation, adding new stuff to what can be called a great MMORPG, this generations offers the big change of interaction with other people, which in the end is what this new generations of gaming are all about. As a game it offers a good amount of gameplay that is good. Overall a good solid game that defends itself by the complexity that it has. Pokemon will always keep on getting better, but this generation did really improve the quality of this games by a great lenght.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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