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    Legendary FAQ by Drayano

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            ,,,,::::::,,,,,,,,..                    ii,,iijjffLLff;;              
          ..::::::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;..                ii,,iijjjjffGG;;              
          ....::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;..              ,,,,;;jjjjiijjtt..            
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            ,,::,,,,,,;;tttttttttt;;,,,,;;          ::tt,,ttttttjjjjLLLLii..      
            ..::::,,,,;;tttttttttttttt;;ii..        iiLLttiiii....;;ii;;..        
              ..::,,,,;;tttt;;    ..iijjiiii..      jjjjttiiii..                  
                ..,,,,;;tttt;;        ::jjtt;;    ,,jjttii..                      
                  ..,,;;ttjjii          ..ttii..  iijj;;ii..                      
                    ..,,iittjj..          ::tt;;;;jjtt;;ii..                      
                      ..,,iijjtt..          iittiiiitt,,ii..                      
                          ::iijjtt..        ,,ttiiiitt,,ii                        
                          ..ttffffjjjjjjjjjjffffLLjjttjjtt..  ..tttt::            
                        ..ttjjiiiiffffffffLLLLLLjjttttjj;;      ..tttt;;          
                        iijjtt..  iiffffffLLLLjjttttiiiitttt,,    ..tttt..        
                      ,,tttt;;    ..jjjjffjjjjttii;;    ..;;jjtt,,..iittii..      
                    ::ttttttttttttttttii....                  ..;;tttttttt;;      
                    iitttttttttttttt;;..                          ..,,;;ii;;..    
    		           + POKEMON DIAMOND AND PEARL +
           _    ____ ____ ____ _  _ ___  ____ ____ _   _    ____ ____ ____ 
           |    |___ | __ |___ |\ | |  \ |__| |__/  \_/     |___ |__| |  | 
           |___ |___ |__] |___ | \| |__/ |  | |  \   |      |    |  | |_\| 
           VERSION: 3.00                        LAST UPDATED: 29 / 07 / 08
           The latest version of this FAQ will always be at GameFAQs.com.
    [1] Version Updates 		[SEC001]
    [2] Introduction 		[SEC002]
    [3] Tips, Tricks and Ideas 	[SEC003]
    [4] Base Stat Listings 		[SEC004]
    [5] Legendaries 		[SEC005]
    [6] Events      		[SEC006]
    [7] Action Replay 		[SEC007]
    [8] Frequently Asked Questions 	[SEC008]
    [9] Contact Information 	[SEC009]
    [10] Copyright Information 	[SEC010]
    [5] LEGENDARIES includes...
    [5.1] Before National Dex
    - Dialga    [DLGA]
    - Palkia    [PLKA]
    - Uxie      [UXIE]
    - Mesprit   [MSPT]
    - Azelf     [AZLF]
    [5.2] After National Dex
    - Rotom*    [ROTM]
    - Cresselia [CRSA]
    - Giratina  [GITA]
    - Heatran   [HTRN]
    - Regigigas [RGIG]
    [5.3] Event Only
    - Manaphy   [MPHY]
    - Phione    [PHIE]
    - Darkrai   [DKRI]
    - Shaymin   [SHMI]
    - Arceus    [ACUS]
    - Misc      [MISC]
    * I do not think Rotom is a legendary by any means, but for the purpose of this
    FAQ it seems right to cover it.
    VERSION 3.00 - 29/07/08
    :: An overhaul of the guide that has long been needed, seeing as the last time
    I updated this FAQ was back in April. Details on things such as events have 
    been added as well as more information about Darkrai + Shaymin.
    VERSION 2.30 - 28/04/08
    :: I haven't updated this in a while, haha. No changes to the actual guide but 
    I have changed my e-mail to reflect the one you can contact me at now. Apologies
    if you haven't been getting a reply.
    VERSION 2.29 - 24/05/07
    :: Added a hell lot more on the Base Stat Total section for no particular
    :: Corrected a couple errors.
    VERSION 2.26 - 16/05/07
    :: Fixed two things.
    VERSION 2.25 - 15/05/07
    :: Okay, after some thought, I decided to remove the movesets from the guide
    until a metagame takes shape. Once we actually have some real standards, the
    movesets may return. Or maybe they won't.
    :: Removed my MSN from the contact info.
    :: Added an EXCELLENT tutorial about the Action Replay in its section.
    :: Edited a couple things in the guide, and rewrote the Nintendo Events
    section. And the Contact Information section.
    VERSION 2.20 - 05/05/07
    :: Added a section on Phione.
    :: Added an FAQ section.
    :: Added an amendment to the Contact Information section. Again.
    :: Added the Base Stat Listings back.
    :: Fixed a couple errors.
    :: Added what the pillars are for in Turnback Cave. Thank you to many readers
    for that.
    VERSION 2.10 - 03/05/07
    :: Added some stuff into the contact section.
    :: Added a section on Rotom due to popular demand.
    VERSION 2.00 - 02/05/07
    :: Essentially a complete rewrite on the FAQ.
    VERSION 1.41 - 18/4/07
    :: Fixed two things on 1.40 that I forgot to actually fix. Thanks L255J.
    VERSION 1.40 - 18/4/07
    :: Finished off the moveset section.
    :: Added a bit on Palkia about Net Balls.
    :: Actually corrected the Bad Dreams error. 
    :: Corrected a part on Giratina about the doors in Wayward Cave.
    :: Fixed the Roman Numerals for the Credits & Copyright sections.
    :: Fixed an error on Heatran's section to do with getting to the Resort Area.
    :: Added what you must do on the touchscreen to get Shaymin.
    :: Gave credit to those who helped me with some information.
    :: Added a small bit under where I mentioned item duplication.
    :: Added a tip sent in about Giratina's Shadow Force attack.
    :: Added a HM you need for Regigigas. 
    VERSION 1.15 - 7/4/07
    :: Edited a few typos, including L255J's name (sorry D:). 
    :: Corrected Darkrai's ability; it reduces 1/8 HP a turn, not 1/16 HP.
    :: Added & started a moveset section.
    :: Changed the layout of the version updates, as you can see.
    :: Added my MSN and AIM contact at the top of the FAQ.
    VERSION 1.01 - 5/4/07
    :: Just adding two more sites that are now allowed to use this guide.
    [2] INTRODUCTION 						[SEC002]
    Legendary Pokemon are generally considered myth in the game's folklore, but 
    the player can obtain quite a few generally (especially in recent games) though
    it is much harder to get to - and catch - these Pokemon than your usual Zubat,
    Geodude, Tentacool, the like. With the dawn of the fourth generation, there are
    currently a total of 35 legendary Pokemon, which is (to 1 D.P.) 7.0% of the 493
    Pokemon that exist. 
    The Sinnoh region brings 14 new legendary Pokemon to the table, who namely are
    Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia,
    Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus. Without outside aid, 7 of these
    14 are available in one game of Diamond or Pearl. To get the rest, you must 
    either attend events, trade or for one of these, upload Pokemon from your RSE
    versions. All these legendaries have a Pokedex number ranging from #480 - #493.
    Back in RBY, all legendary Pokemon did were sit around waiting for you (well,
    Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres/Mewtwo at least, Mew is a different case) and they
    weren't too hard to catch, though the Pokeball somehow missing did tend to get
    However, when GSC came, Ho-oh and Lugia continued to sit around but the trio of
    this generation, Raikou/Entei/Suicune (at least in GS) actually ran around the
    land, at least in Johto, and it was only by the off-chance you'd encounter them
    the first time. Though the Pokedex helped here. Meanwhile, Celebi did not make
    an appearance in the game itself except in Crystal where an event was unlocked
    (yes, it was an event), making it the second of the "secret" legendaries.
    The next generation game and graced the Gameboy Advance, and RS largely kept 
    the ways of GSC, having your sitting duck legendaries (Kyogre, Groudon and 
    Rayquaza) and your runners (Latios, Latias) but also introduced a new trend
    from Celebi; certain Pokemon (in this case, the opposite Lati@s) that were
    actually found in areas but could only be gotten to via an event. RS were also
    the first games to have legendaries as version exclusives.
    FRLGE also used the "event" legendaries, adding Navel Rock, Birth Island and on
    Emerald, Faraway Island to the mix.
    Although Ho-oh & Lugia were obtainable via Colosseum and XD, Faraway Island was 
    the first time Mew could EVER be found legitamately, with the exception of 
    events for RBY & GSC. Birth Island also allowed Deoxys to be caught, and so far
    is the only way to actually get it. Jirachi was also a "secret" legendary who
    formed a trio with Mew and Celebi, though Jirachi was available in a bonus disk
    for Colosseum in the US and in Pokemon Channel in Europe.
    However, it is worth noting that nothing was ever given out in a US event that
    unlocked the Faraway Island, as far as I know. Plus, Faraway Island also had
    a second new element - playing hide and seek with Mew.
    Then with its release on September 28 in Japan, Diamond & Pearl came to being,
    and this time there are two that run around, three that need events, two that
    are version exclusives to their respective versions, and even one that requires
    help from a previous game. Not to mention two that require a spin-off game and
    a bit of breeding to get them.
    Platinum is soon to come and has introduced more alternate forms for legends,
    something that originally only Deoxys had. It has been revealed that you can 
    catch the three Regi with the help of a movie Regigigas (at least in the JPN
    version of Platinum) and there may be more things we don't know. There could
    be a surprise appearance from Celebi, for example.
    P.S: I may write a legendary FAQ for Platinum whenever I'm capable of doing it
    but no guarantees.
    [3] Tips, Tricks and Ideas 					[SEC003]
    The main thing that makes legendaries hard to capture is their extremely low
    catch rate. Apart from Shaymin, Dialga and Palkia, every legendary so far has
    had a capture rate of 3, which means they barely ever stay in the ball. The
    Master Ball can obviously still catch these with a 100% capture rate, but of
    course, you only have one. I'd highly recommend using a Master Ball on a runner
    like Mesprit or Cresselia should you find that you cannot get another one. I
    would probably recommend Cresselia. All other legendaries should be caught
    in something that is not a Master Ball as they do not run away. However, if 
    you are capable of getting more than one Master Ball, then be my guest on who
    to use it.
    Other Pokeballs that can be effective are Timer Balls as legendary battles can
    drag out a lot sometimes, Dusk Balls as the majority of legendary battles tend
    to happen in dark areas, and your generic Ultra Ball for its 2x catch rate. But
    Dusk Balls have a 4x rate, and Timer Balls also have a 4x rate after four turns
    so you may prefer to use those. If you want to get an easy legendary that is 
    outside a cave, I'd recommend hunting at night. Quick Balls may also come in
    handy if you want to start throwing balls from the first turn.
    An awful lot of legendaries also require HMs to access, so you best bring along
    your HM slaves when going hunting. I will be saying what HMs you need for each
    Pokemon, so don't worry about that. You don't actually need Fly for any of them
    but its extremely useful for getting to places quickly, so try and utilize it.
    Also, one thing legendaries allow you to do is save before them and then battle
    and catch them and keep redoing that until you get a good nature. If you're 
    going into the competitive scene in DP, I recommend you do try and get good
    natures, at least for the legendaries that are worth it.
    And as a rule of thumb, ALWAYS save before a legendary, even if you don't plan
    on getting a good nature. If you defeat a legendary or run out of Pokeballs and
    have to run and you can't reset your save, it's gone forever.
    In addition, one of the things that D/P has added is Synchronize support with
    legendaries. When the ability of Synchronize to affect opponent natures first
    came to light in Emerald it only worked for common Wild Pokemon in the grass,
    water etc and not on any special event Wild Pokemon. However in D/P, the
    ability will affect the chance of the legend having the same nature as the
    Synchronizer which can be extremely helpful in getting a required nature for a
    Lastly, some legendaries are obtained through things called Wonder Cards. You
    are capable of resetting for these legendaries as long as you like until you 
    save after taking the Wonder Card Pokemom from the Poké Mart. Wonder Cards are
    generally obtained from special event sites.
    [4] Base Stat Listings 						[SEC004]
    Every Pokémon has six numbers for their six stats (HP / Atk / Def / Spd / SAtk
    / SDef) which dictates how strong or weak the Pokemon is in those stats. These
    six numbers added together gives you a Base Stat Total, which is what is listed
    here. This list compares legendaries and some other strong but normal Pokemon.
    Any legendaries will be labelled with an (L). 
    - Arceus (Normal) (L)
    - Mewtwo (Psychic) (L)
    - Lugia (Psychic/Flying) (L)
    - Ho-oh (Fire/Flying) (L)
    - Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying) (L)
    - Dialga (Steel/Dragon) (L)
    - Palkia (Water/Dragon) (L)
    - Giratina (Ghost/Dragon) (L)
    - Regigigas (Normal) (L)
    - Groudon (Ground) (L)
    - Kyogre (Water) (L)
    - Slaking (Normal)
    - Mew (Psychic) (L)
    - Celebi (Grass/Psychic) (L)
    - Jirachi (Steel/Psychic) (L)
    - Deoxys (Psychic) (L)
    - Metagross (Psychic/Steel)
    - Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)
    - Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)
    - Salamence (Dragon/Flying)
    - Manaphy (Water) (L)
    - Shaymin (Grass) (L)
    - Cresselia (Psychic) (L)
    - Heatran (Fire/Steel) (L)
    - Darkrai (Dark) (L)
    - Latios (Psychic/Dragon) (L)
    - Latias (Psychic/Dragon) (L)
    - Articuno (Ice/Flying) (L)
    - Zapdos (Electric/Flying) (L)
    - Moltres (Fire/Flying) (L)
    - Raikou (Electric) (L)
    - Entei (Fire) (L)
    - Suicune (Water) (L)
    - Regirock (Rock) (L)
    - Regice (Ice) (L)
    - Registeel (Steel) (L)
    - Uxie (Psychic) (L)
    - Mesprit (Psychic) (L)
    - Azelf (Psychic) (L)
    - Arcanine (Fire)
    - Togekiss (Normal/Flying)
    - Snorlax (Normal)
    - Milotic (Water)
    - Gyarados (Water/Flying)
    - Kingdra (Water/Dragon)
    - Blissey (Normal)
    - Electivire (Electric)
    - Magmortar (Fire)
    - Lapras (Water/Ice)
    - Swampert (Water/Ground)
    - Crobat (Poison/Flying)
    - Magnezone (Electric/Steel)
    - Rhyperior (Ground/Rock)
    - Tangrowth (Grass)
    - Porygon-Z (Normal)
    - Lucario (Fighting/Steel)
    - Venusaur (Grass/Poison)
    - Cloyster (Water/Ice)
    - Vaporeon (Water)
    - Jolteon (Electric)
    - Flareon (Fire)
    - Meganium (Grass)
    - Espeon (Psychic)
    - Umbreon (Dark)
    - Glaceon (Ice)
    - Leafeon (Grass)
    - Torterra (Grass/Ground)
    - Hippowdon (Ground)
    - Probopass (Steel/Rock)
    - Dusknoir (Ghost)
    - Phione (Water) (L)
    - Rotom (Electric/Ghost)
    [5] Legendaries 						[SEC005]
    The following section contains three sub-sections that divides the legendaries
    between those that are obtained before you get the National Dex, those that can
    only be obtained after you get the National Dex and those legendaries that can
    only be obtained from specific circumstances.
    For the stats, MAX(+) shows the Level 100 max stats with a nature that benefits
    the stat, (=) is the same thing but with a neutral nature. I feel it's pointless
    to put a table for the stat with a reducing nature as if you're letting it get
    reduced you probably don't care about that stat anyway.
    					- - -
    [DLGA] #483 DIALGA
    LOCATION: Spear Pillar, atop Mt. Coronet.
    TYPE: Steel & Dragon
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM03 Surf, HM08 Rock Climb
    ABILITY: Pressure
    CATCH RATE: 30
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Roar of Time
    RECOMMENDED NATURES: Careful, Quiet, Modest, Mild, Bold, Adamant
    BASE STATS: 100 HP / 120 ATK / 120 DEF / 150 SATK / 100 SDEF / 90 SPEED
    - Dialga can only be caught in POKEMON DIAMOND.
    - Dialga is an UBER, which means it cannot be used in the standard metagame.
    Metal Claw     Steel    Physical   50       10% chance of raising attack.
    Ancientpower   Rock     Special    60       10% chance of raising all stats.
    Dragon Claw    Dragon   Physical   80       None.
    Roar of Time   Dragon   Special    140      Requires a recharge turn after use.
    Dialga is the very first legendary you will encounter in a Diamond game, and 
    the one that will never appear in Pearl. Dialga is the ruler of Time, and may
    possibly have a connection with Celebi. It is an alter-ego of Arceus, the 
    "God of Pokemon".
    Anyway, Dialga's base stats are similar to Palkia's, but it is stronger in 
    Defense and HP, while Palkia is stronger in Special Defense and Speed. The
    Special Attack of both creatures is the same, but Palkia is probably the more
    useful one, simply because of its 100 Speed as opposed to Dialga's 90.
    Dialga is found at Spear Pillar, which is literally a pillar with spears. You
    have to battle it directly after you defeat the leader of Team Galactic, which
    means you don't get a chance to heal, To compensate for this, Game Freak made 
    Dialga's catch rate 30 rather than 3, which means it is actually fairly easily
    to catch with advanced balls, especially Dusk Balls at night. 
    If you wish to get a good nature for Dialga, make sure you save as soon as you
    defeat the boss, as when you walk forward a certain distance you will automat-
    ically be pulled forward to Dialga.
    To reach the Spear Pillar, you must enter Mt. Coronet from the entrance nearest
    to Oreburgh City, and Surf across the water from the north. Then you have to
    Rock Climb up the wall, and continue through the mountain from there. But be
    careful on the top, as it's pretty easy to get lost.
    It is very randomly at 47, and gets its own special music. Roar of Time (why
    they didn't just keep it Time Roar I don't know) is probably the most dangerous
    move here; the rest of Dialga's moveset shouldn't cause too many problems, even
    if it is a higher level than you. But be warned, Ancientpower's 10% chance of
    stat raising may just come into effect. And it won't help you at all.
    Once you manage to catch it, Dawn/Lucas and Rowan will congratulate you then
    take you back to the beginning of Spear Pillar. However, before leaving, head
    north and grab an item. This is the Adamant Orb, and when equipped to Dialga
    all of its Steel and Dragon-type attacks will be boosted by 25% of their orig-
    inal amount. For example, Dragon Claw becomes 100 power, as 80/4 = 20, and 80
    + 20 = 100. This with the STAB bonus makes it 150 power, quite a bonus from the
    original 120.
    Also, as you cannot see Dialga with any trainers in Pearl, there is a woman in
    Celestic Town (an old woman) who will show you a picture of Dialga. She is in
    the biggest house of the town, I believe. She will show it to you anytime 
    after you catch or defeat Palkia.
    [PLKA] #484 PALKIA
    LOCATION: Spear Pillar, atop Mt. Coronet.
    TYPE: Water & Dragon
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM03 Surf, HM08 Rock Climb
    ABILITY: Pressure
    CATCH RATE: 30
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Spacial Rend
    RECOMMENDED NATURES: Hasty, Timid, Jolly, Modest
    BASE STATS: 90 HP / 120 ATK / 100 DEF / 150 SATK / 120 SDEF / 100 SPEED
    - Palkia can only be caught in POKEMON PEARL.
    - Palkia is an UBER, which means it cannot be used in the standard metagame.
    Water Pulse    Water    Special    60       10% chance of causing confusion.
    Ancientpower   Rock     Special    60       10% chance of raising all stats.
    Dragon Claw    Dragon   Physical   80       None.
    Spacial Rend   Dragon   Special    100      High critical hit ratio.
    Palkia is the first legendary and the mascot of a game of Pokemon Pearl, and 
    is the one that will never appear in Diamond. Palkia is the ruler of Space, 
    and may possibly (and here, I mean possibly) have a connection with Deoxys.
    It is also an alter-ego of Arceus.
    Palkia's base stats are the same as Dialga's, with the exception of 20 Def and
    10 HP traded for 20 SDef and 10 Speed, which actually help quite a lot in the 
    uber metagame. Plus, Palkia is one of the few legendaries that benefit greatly
    from Kyogre's Drizzle ability, as Surf combined with Palkia's Lustrous Orb and
    STAB and the rain becomes about 265 power, which is actually stronger than an
    orbed Draco Meteor.
    Palkia is found at Spear Pillar, which is literally a pillar with spears. You
    have to battle it directly after you defeat the leader of Team Galactic, which
    means you don't get a chance to heal, To compensate for this, Game Freak made 
    Palkia's catch rate 30 rather than 3, which means it is actually fairly easily
    to catch with advanced balls, especially Dusk Balls at night. Actually, you 
    could also use Net Balls on Palkia (thanks to someone for telling me this) as 
    it's a Water-type legendary.
    If you wish to get a good nature for Palkia, make sure you save as soon as you
    defeat the boss, as when you walk forward a certain distance you will automat-
    ically be pulled forward to Palkia.
    To reach the Spear Pillar, you must enter Mt. Coronet from the entrance nearest
    to Oreburgh City, and Surf across the water from the north. Then you have to
    Rock Climb up the wall, and continue through the mountain from there. But be
    careful on the top, as it's pretty easy to get lost.
    Palkia is also found at Level 47, and has two moves the same as Dialga, two 
    different. Water Pulse can cause a hell of a lot more problems than Metal Claw
    thanks to the confusion rate and it running much better off Palkia's stats.
    Plus, Spacial Rend's critical hit ratio combined with the STAB can easily take
    it up to 300 power, which is severely damaging off Palkia's Special Attack. Be
    If you manage to catch it, Dawn/Lucas and Rowan will take you to the beginning 
    of Spear Pillar like Dialga, and once again there is an item waiting for you at
    the top. Head forward and pick up the Lustrous Orb, an item that boosts any
    Water or Dragon attacks Palkia uses by 25% of their original amount. For an
    example, Water Pulse would become 75 power, as 60/4 = 15, and 60 + 15 = 75.
    The STAB bonus would take 75 up to 109 power, which is quite a bit higher than
    the original 90.
    Also, as you do not see Palkia with any trainers in Diamond, there is a woman
    who will show you a picture of it in the biggest house in Celestic Town. An old
    woman, FYI. She will show it to you anytime after you catch or defeat Dialga.
    [UXIE] #480 UXIE
    LOCATION: Lake Acuity
    TYPE: Psychic
    ABILITY: Levitate
    RECOMMENDED NATURES: Calm, Bold, Relaxed, Sassy
    BASE STATS: 75 HP / 75 ATK / 130 DEF / 75 SATK / 130 SDEF / 95 SPEED
    - Nothing of note.
    Confusion      Psychic  Special    50       10% chance of causing confusion.
    Yawn           Normal   Other      ---      Opponent falls asleep next turn.
    Future Sight   Psychic  Special    80       Strikes two turns after use.
    Amnesia        Psychic  Other      ---      Raises SDEF by two stages.
    Uxie is the yellow pixie of the legendary trio, and is also the defensive one.
    Uxie is an efficent wall, sporting a fairly good defensive moveset, but it has
    really bad attacking stats, and pretty bad HP too. Compare this to Cresselia,
    who has slightly less defense, but a hell of a lot more HP, and you've got a
    Pokemon that really doesn't need to be used. Though I suppose Uxie does have
    the ability to use Yawn and Stealth Rock.
    Nonetheless you must engage in battle with it to get it into your Pokedex, so
    you'll have to at some point. You can catch Uxie as soon as you complete the
    Dialga/Palkia quest, at Lake Acuity near Snowpoint City. 
    Getting to Uxie is simple. You must enter the lake, then simply Surf and enter
    the cave in the center. Uxie will be waiting there for you - feel free to save
    right in front of it.
    Uxie, along with Mesprit and Azelf gets its own theme music, which seems to 
    have an egyptian feel to it. Although Uxie is at Level 50, it probably won't 
    kill you quickly by any means. Just work on whittling down its HP, then start
    throwing the balls. It could be pretty hard to catch.
    That's all there is to it.
    [MSPT] #481 MESPRIT
    LOCATION: Lake Verity BEFORE you talk to it.
    TYPE: Psychic 
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM03 Surf, Poketch Map (Optional)
    ABILITY: Levitate
    RECOMMENDED NATURES: Modest, Bold, Timid, Calm
    BASE STATS: 80 HP / 105 ATK / 105 DEF / 105 SATK / 105 SDEF / 80 SPEED
    - Mesprit is one of the two DP runners.
    - A Master Ball is somewhat recommended to catch this Pokemon.
    - Mesprit's nature and stats are set when it runs away from Lake Verity.
    Confusion      Psychic  Special    50       10% chance of causing confusion.
    Lucky Chant    Normal   Other      ---      No critical hits for 5 turns.
    Future Sight   Psychic  Special    80       Strikes two turns after use.
    Charm          Normal   Other      ---      Lowers opponent's ATK by 2 stages.
    Mesprit, the balanced one of the psychic trio, and my personal favourite. To
    see Mesprit is easy; simply go over to Lake Verity, and Surf the lake until
    you reach the cavern. Talk to Mesprit, and you'll be shown a picture.
    Then it flies away, to be seen again. Rowan comes in and explains that Mesprit
    'wants to play with you', and by playing with you it means Mesprit wants you
    to chase it over Sinnoh until you catch or faint it. I'd go for the catching
    option, especially with a Master Ball. You can leave catching Mesprit until 
    after you get the National Dex, so you can easily Pal Park another Master Ball
    to use.
    Now, how to find Mesprit? Unlike G/S/C/R/S/E/FR/LG, you cannot simply view the
    Pokedex to see its location. Instead, you get an even easier option - view the
    pink critter on the map of your Poketch! You can get this app from a guy on the
    first floor of the Poketch Building in Jubilife City after 3 badges.
    Simply track down Mesprit onto a route that you and it are on, then encounter
    it. The usual trio music will play, and your Level 50 Mesprit will appear.
    Either Master Ball it, or sleep/Mean Look it and start whittling down its HP.
    Any damage/status (like paralyze) it obtains will stay every time you encounter
    Note that you can also save in a patch of grass, and reset. This changes the
    location of Mesprit, so you can keep doing this until its in your route. Then,
    try a Max Repel with a Pokemon under 50 but higher than the Wild Pokemon in the
    area to encounter it easily. Actually, you should enable the repel before you
    save, as then you can keep resetting and have the repel active.
    And FYI, you cannot encounter Mesprit (and likewise, Cresselia) on the island 
    in the northeast.
    [AZLF] #482 AZELF
    LOCATION: Lake Valor
    TYPE: Psychic 
    ABILITY: Levitate
    RECOMMENDED NATURES: Naive, Timid, Rash, Modest
    BASE STATS: 75 HP / 125 ATK / 70 DEF / 125 SATK / 70 SDEF / 115 SPD
    - Nothing of note.
    Confusion      Psychic  Special    50       10% chance of causing confusion.
    Uproar         Normal   Special    50       Hits for 2-5 turns. Stops sleep.
    Future Sight   Psychic  Special    80       Strikes two turns after use.
    Nasty Plot     Dark     Other      ---      Raises SATK by two stages.
    Azelf is the sweeper of the trio, but it's so much more powerful than Uxie and
    Mesprit. It learns a variety of moves, including Explosion which runs very 
    good off its 125 attack base, putting a huge dent in Blissey even when Azelf
    has a -Atk nature like Timid, though the standard is Hasty or Naive. Azelf
    also learns good moves such as Nasty Plot, U-Turn, Psychic, Thunderbolt, 
    Fire Blast, and more. It truly is an impressive Pokemon, although a bit frail.
    However, its sheer movepool is what gives it an advantage over Alakazam in the
    special sweeper department. Like the only thing Zam gets that Azelf doesn't is
    Focus Blast.
    Anyway, I think I've explained how awesome it is. To get Azelf, you must go to
    Lake Valor (which I personally think looks ugly without a u but that's how the
    game spells it) which is located south of Veilstone City, east of Pastoria and
    west of Sunyshore. Once again, Surf on the lake and reach the cavern, and save
    in front of it. Talk to it and engage in battle, theme music playing. This is
    pretty much identical to Uxie, right down to the effective Pokeballs like
    Dusk Balls. 
    But unlike Uxie, I recommend trying to get a good nature for Azelf as it will
    be useful. If you can spare a few Master Balls on your ADV games, trade them 
    via Pal Park to your D/P for Mesprit and Cresselia and catch Azelf with the 
    Master Ball instead to get natures way easier. Because the catch rate of 3 
    really doesn't let you get a nature so easily.
    [ROTM] #479 ROTOM
    LOCATION: Old Chateau
    TYPE: Electric / Ghost
    ABILITY: Levitate
    CATCH RATE: 45
    BASE STATS: 50 HP / 50 ATK / 77 DEF / 95 SATK / 77 SDEF / 91 SPD
    - You can only get Rotom at night.
    Thundershock   Electric Special    40       10% chance of paralyze.
    Confuse Ray    Ghost    Other      ---      Confuses the opponent.
    Uproar         Normal   Special    50       Prevents SLP. Hits 2-5 times.
    Double Team    Normal   Other      ---      Raises evasion one level.
    I personally don't consider Rotom a legendary because of its average stats,
    but as a one-off Pokemon, I may as well include it.
    Our Electric/Ghost friend is found in the Old Chateau at the end of Eterna
    Forest after you get the National Dex, but only at night. Come at night,
    and walk into the mansion of ghosts. Including human ghosts.
    Head upstairs and into the northern set of rooms, then find the one with the 
    TV in it. Save and press A on the TV, and you'll be asked if you want to thump
    it. Say yes, and you'll hear a cry, and the ...legendary music will start.
    This thing isn't too powerful or too hard to catch. Just... catch it.
    [CRSA] #488 Cresselia
    LOCATION: Fullmoon Island BEFORE you talk to it.
    TYPE: Psychic 
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM02 Fly makes it much easier to do this.
    ABILITY: Levitate
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Lunar Dance
    RECOMMENED NATURES: Calm, Bold, Timid, Modest
    BASE STATS: 120 HP / 70 ATK / 120 DEF / 75 SATK / 130 SDEF / 85 SPD
    - The second DP runner.
    - Master Ball is highly recommended for Cresselia.
    - Cresselia's stats and nature are set when she disappears from Fullmoon Island.
    Mist           Ice      Other      ---      Protects the user from stat downs.
    Aurora Beam    Ice      Special    65       10% chance of lowering ATK.
    Future Sight   Psychic  Special    80       Strikes two turns after use.
    Slash          Normal   Physical   70       High crtical-hit ratio.
    Now here's the real defensive Psychic. Cresselia sports extremely good defense
    stats, having a max of 444 HP, 372 Defense and 394 Special Defense with their
    respective natures. 
    As for getting Cresselia, after getting the National Dex you must get to 
    Canalave City. Once there, head into the house that is directly next to the 
    city's port. There should be a boy in a bed, muttering about "Dark". Quite
    obviously a problem with Darkrai.
    Talk to the mother too then head outside and talk to the sailor, who is also
    the father of this child. He will ask you to go to Fullmoon Island to get the
    Lunar Wing - agree to and you'll be taken to Fullmoon Island.
    Follow the island around and enter the clearing. You will see a crescent-like
    Pokemon there - this is Cresselia. Talk to it, and you'll be shown a picture
    which is added to your Pokedex - then the Cresselia will fly away, leaving
    a Lunar Wing for you to pick up. Take the Lunar Wing and heal the child in the
    house, then start hunting for Cresselia in the same way that I suggested you
    hunt for Mesprit. I personally like alternating between Route 205 and Valley
    [GITA] #487 GIRATINA
    LOCATION: Turnback Cave
    TYPE: Ghost / Dragon
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM06 Rock Smash, HM08 Rock Climb
    ABILITY: Pressure
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Shadow Force
    RECOMMENED NATURES: Bold, Impish, Relaxed
    BASE STATS: 150 HP / 100 ATK / 120 DEF / 100 SATK / 120 SDEF / 90 SPD
    - One of the three Level 70 legendaries.
    - Giratina is an UBER, which means it cannot be used in the standard metagame.
    - The first legendary Ghost-type.
    Shadow Force   Ghost    Physical   120      Disappears 1st turn, attacks 2nd.
    Heal Block     Psychic  Other      ---      Prevents HP Recovery moves.
    Earth Power    Ground   Special    90       10% of lowering opponent's SDEF.
    Slash          Normal   Physical   70       High critical hit ratio.
    Here we have the best defensive legendary this generation, and is actually too
    strong that it doesn't belong in the normal Overused metagame, so you won't, 
    or at least shouldn't see it in your normal battles. 
    Giratina has an interesting type combination which has never been seen before,
    and Ghost & Dragon combined give it resistance to many things including Fire,
    Water, Grass, Electric and Bug and a complete immunity to Fighting and Normal
    attacks. Its attack stats are also half decent so Giratina will be able to 
    As for getting Giratina, it may be a bit complicated as you have to navigate
    your way through a maze. Giratina can be found in Turnback Cave, which is
    found in the Spring Path. You need the National Dex for the Spring Path to 
    even appear, so there's no chance of getting Giratina before then.
    Once you reach the Spring Path which you can get to from Route 214, do a bit
    of Rock Climbing around (be aware of the Level ~54 Pokemon here) and go around
    until you reach a cave opening. Enter - this is Turnback Cave.
    This structure retains some elements from the Lost Cave in FR/LG, giving you
    a choice of three doors, and you must solve a puzzle to find out which door
    to go through. One rule is that you never go back through the door you came
    into the room with - this is why you only get a choice of three doors.
    Puzzles in this cave can be based on things such as symmetry or numbers, but
    this is not always the case. Some seem completely random, and I don't have a
    clue how to solve them. Symmetrical rooms will have a set-up something like
    OOOOOXOOOOO     X = Door
    O         O     O = Wall
    Oo       oO     o = Rock
    X         X
    O        oO
    Oo        O
    As you can see, the rock on the left wall is misplaced. I think this means 
    the left door is the one you go through, but you need a good eye to get these
    Sometimes you'll encounter rooms with a pipe like structure in the middle,
    which has two numbers on it. An example would be:
    According to the beginning of the cave, you must pass three pillars within
    30 rooms. The top number of the pillar is the number of pillars you have 
    passed; before you pass the first pillar, the wild Pokemon will be around 45.
    After you pass the first pillar, they will be around 55. After you pass the
    second, they will be around 65. When you reach the third, the next room will
    always be Giratina. Which room you pick to go through in these pillar rooms
    don't actually matter, as long as it isn't the one you just came through.
    Thank you to loads of people who sent me e-mails about this, and also to
    "areyesv99" for detailing where the level of the Wild Pokemon change.
    Once you reach the prize room, the big red striped creature will be waiting.
    Save, and engage in battle. At Level 70, Giratina could cause some problems,
    so be careful.
    One move to beware of is Shadow Force; it is basically like Fly or Dig, so you
    could switch to a Normal-type Pokemon to avoid it as it is a Ghost-type move,
    but the attack itself has 100% accuarcy, 120 power, and an added effect that
    prevents Protect and Detect being used on the turn it connects. Oh, it also
    stops you throwing Poke Balls at it when Giratina isn't on the screen. Yay.
    Keep at it and you'll catch it eventually, but it might be hard.
    [HTRN] #485 HEATRAN
    LOCATION: Stark Mountain
    TYPE: Fire / Steel
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM06 Rock Smash, HM04 Strength, [HM08 Rock Climb-Optional]
    ABILITY: Flash Fire
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Magma Storm
    RECOMMENED NATURES: Modest, Rash, Mild, Calm, Bold, Timid
    BASE STATS: 91 HP / 90 ATK / 106 DEF / 130 SATK / 106 SDEF / 77 SPD
    - One of the three Level 70 legendaries.
    - One of four legendaries with a Fire-type.
    Scary Face     Normal   Other      ---      Lowers opponent's SPD by 2 levels.
    Lava Plume     Fire     Special    80       30% of inducing burn on opponent.
    Fire Spin      Fire     Special    15       Traps the opponent for 2-5 turns.
    Iron Head      Steel    Physical   80       30% of flinching opponent.
    Heatran itself doesn't have too bad stats. Unfortunately, its type combination
    Fire/Steel lets it down, as combining two Ground-weak types is a VERY BAD idea
    as then you're 4x weak to Earthquake, one of, if not the most common move in
    the metagame. This means you'll have to play Heatran carefully if you're going
    to even hope to use it.
    Getting Heatran itself can be a bit on the long side. You must head to Stark
    Mountain, and complete the partnership with Buck, who will help you with a 
    Level 58 Claydol. However, once he removes the volcanic rock in the mountain,
    the volcano's activity will start going crazy. Head to the Survival Area that
    is in the Northwest, and talk to Buck who is in one of the houses here. He
    will vanish somewhere, and then you must head back to Stark Mountain.
    Head through the place again, this time on your own which means you can use
    Rock Climb to get through the place a lot easier. Once you reach the room the
    volcanic rock was in, you'll find one lovely Heatran waiting for you in the
    circle of stones that surrounded the rock.
    Walk up, save and engage battle.
    Heatran's level, like Giratina's also means it may have a much easier time
    taking down your Pokemon than usual. Be especially careful of Lava Plume, as
    a 30% chance of burning and an attack with STAB off 130 Special Attack can
    really hurt, especially if you're using Grass, Bug or Ice types. Earthquake
    on a Pokemon that is a fairly lower level than Heatran and doesn't have a 
    STAB bonus is one way to weaken it, though you could also use Water, Fighting
    or some other types to weaken it. Once ready, start trying to catch it.
    LOCATION: Snowpoint Temple
    TYPE: Normal
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM06 Rock Smash
    ABILITY: Slow Start
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Crush Grip
    BASE STATS: 110 HP / 160 ATK / 110 DEF / 80 SATK / 110 SDEF / 100 SPD
    - One of the three Level 70 legendaries.
    - One of two legendaries with a Normal-type.
    - Needs assistance from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald to get.
    Confuse Ray    Ghost    Other      ---      Confuses the opponent.
    Stomp          Normal   Physical   65       30% of making opponent flinch.
    Superpower     Fighting Physical   120      Lowers ATK and DEF after use.
    Zen Headbutt   Psychic  Physical   80       20% of making opponent flinch.
    Regigigas is the King of the Regi trio, and to awaken it you need to have its
    subjects - Regirock, Regice and Registeel - in your party when you talk to it.
    Otherwise, it will not respond. 
    You can get the three Regi from Pal Park; I believe all three are found in the
    cliff/mountainous area, though I'm not completely sure about Regice. Anyway,
    once you have all three, Fly to Snowpoint City and head north to the Snowpoint
    Temple. If you have the National Dex, Candice will allow you into the temple
    because of a "word from Cynthia". Walk in, and get ready to solve a couple
    ice puzzles.
    The Pokemon in here are Level 50 - 55. Although strangely, even though it is
    after you get the National Dex you won't see any Wild Pokemon that aren't in
    the Sinnoh Dex (except Regigigas, obviously). Anyway, work your way down the
    several floors of the temple, and slide on ice and break rocks when neccessary
    and you should eventually reach the bottom level.
    This floor is simply a huge ice puzzle and one large legendary in the center.
    I don't have any exact instructions for the puzzle as of yet, but what I do
    remember is that you must take the ice path that is the tallest when you come
    down the stairs from above.
    Use rocks to your advantage, and you should hopefully reach the center, where
    Regigigas and a part of the normal temple await. By normal temple, I mean Wild
    Pokemon can still appear by there. That really spoiled the moment for me once,
    as I was walking up to Regigigas and a Sneasel decided to call. Yaaaaay.
    Press A, engage in battle, blah blah blah. This is the third Level 70 legend
    of the game, so again it may be a bit difficult. Slow Start halves its attack
    and speed for the first 5 turns, which actually completely screws it in a
    Competitive battle so don't bother trying for a good nature if you don't want
    to, but it'll probably survive 5 balls, even if they are Dusk or Quick Balls.
    You may notice it has two moves that can flinch. Be careful of these, as 100
    base speed might allow it to outspeed some of your Pokemon after Slow Start
    wears off. 20% flinch is bad, but STAB + 30% flinch is even worse. (Yes,
    Normal-types do get STAB. Don't send me an e-mail that says they don't like
    I've had once before.)
    Superpower could pose a problem the first few times but in the long run it'll
    help you because of the stat lowering. Confuse Ray is more annoying than 
    dangerous, but 50% chance of hitting yourself can really hurt sometimes.
    **Note: Regigigas was also distributed as a promotional event of the movie
    "Giratina & the Bouquet of the Sky". These Regigigas came at Level 100 in a
    Cherish Ball and had the special moves Icy Wind and Rock Smash. However, it
    came with no EVs. Due to it coming at Level 100, it cannot get any EVs. Should
    you encounter a Regigigas with Icy Wind or Rock Slide that has Effort Values
    in any stat that total over 100, it has been hacked.
    EVENT ONLY... [5.3]
    Before this section starts, let me just inform you that you can get Darkrai
    and Shaymin on the majority of Japanese versions of Diamond and Pearl, by 
    using a glitch to do with the Elite Four's door. See L255J's FAQ if you're
    interested. I repeat that this is only for Japanese versions of these games.
    Also, all Pokemon here need some sort of outside help to access, whether it
    be a Nintendo Event or a copy of Pokemon Ranger. If you cannot find the item
    you need, it is because you haven't unlocked the event to get it. Unless of
    course, you're lucky enough to have the E4 Door glitch. Oh, Action Replay is
    an option too.
    [MPHY] #490 MANAPHY
    LOCATION: Fiore
    TYPE: Water
    ABILITY: Hydration
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Heart Swap
    RECOMMENED NATURES: Timid, Modest, Jolly, Adamant
    BASE STATS: 100 HP / 100 ATK / 100 DEF / 100 SATK / 100 SDEF / 100 SPD
    - Needs two DSes to transfer from Ranger to Diamond/Pearl.
    - One of two DPP legendaries with 100 stats across the board.
    Tail Glow      Bug      Other      ---      Raises SATK by 2 levels.
    Bubble         Water    Special    20       10% of lowering opponent's SPD.
    Water Sport    Water    Other      ---      Reduces Fire-move power on user.
    Manaphy is the new 'Mew', though unlike its predecessors Manaphy does not have
    a part Psychic type. It also shares something in common with Jirachi (at least
    in Europe for Jirachi) that it is fairly easy to get, that is if you're happy
    to fork out about $35 USD or £30 GBP to get Pokemon Ranger.
    To get Manaphy, you must get the egg on the game. On American versions of the
    game, when the RangerNet can be accessed by the button combination R + X +
    D-Pad Left on the title screen of Pokemon Ranger, you must enter the code
    P8M2-9D6F-43H7. The game should accept it and give you a new mission - rescue
    the egg. Europeans should do the same thing with European versions of Pokemon
    Ranger but instead enter the code Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8.
    Once you do this, load up your copy of Diamond or Pearl. I have heard from a
    friend that you do not actually need Mystery Gift and that a 'Transfer Manaphy
    Egg' option appears in the same menu as Continue/New Game etc when the egg
    is checked on.
    Once the egg is successfully transferred, head to any Poke Mart in Sinnoh 
    apart from the Pokemon League or Department Store in Veilstone, and talk to 
    the guy dressed in green with an empty slot in your party. You will recieve
    a Manaphy egg!
    Walk about 2,560 steps or if you have a Flame Body/Magma Armor Pokemon in your
    party, 1,280 and watch it hatch. It has a different animation when it hatches
    than it does usually, but you'll end up with a Manaphy all the same.
    Note that this Manaphy is breedable with a Ditto, but the result will be a 
    Phione which appears as an underdeveloped Manaphy who likes warm seas as 
    opposed to cold seas. You can get as many Phione as you like as long as you
    have a Manaphy or a Phione, but they aren't that valuable so don't try to 
    strike up a trade such as a Phione for an Arceus. Manaphy however can probably
    go for a bit.
    And one more thing. You can trade across the Manaphy egg as soon as you reach
    about Jubilife City, I think.
    **NOTE: Manaphy is also available from several events. The most notable one was
    the Toys R' Us event in America that distributed a Level 50 Manaphy that held a
    Red Scarf. However, Pokemon Ranger is the only option that will always work.
    Manaphy is also available by a similar method from Pokemon Ranger's sequel,
    Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. 
    [PHIE] #489 PHIONE
    LOCATION: Eggs
    TYPE: Water
    ABILITY: Hydration
    BASE STATS: 80 HP / 80 ATK / 80 DEF / 80 SATK / 80 SDEF / 80 SPD
    - The weakest legendary, as Rotom isn't one.
    - Inferior to Manaphy in every single way. Even in Underused play, Phione is
    outclassed massively. It is not a recommended choice.
    Bubble         Water    Special    20       10% of lowering opponent's SPD.
    Water Sport    Water    Other      ---      Reduces Fire-move power on user.
    Now, here we have Phione, the offspring of any Manaphy who breed with a Ditto
    in Sinnoh, yet an offspring who will never evolve into a Manaphy. If you get 
    stuck with a Phione, you won't be getting a Manaphy unless you can either
    trade for one, use Ranger or use an Action Replay to get one.
    Phione is basically an underdeveloped Manaphy, and because of this it doesn't
    learn Tail Glow or Heart Swap, which really ruins it. Plus, having a base stat
    total that equals Glalie isn't going to help. This thing is Underused at best
    IMO, maybe even Neverused quality.
    So yeah, the only thing you'll ever need this for is to complete your National
    Phione can also be gotten from Pokemon Ranch, a WiiWare game. If you put 250 
    different Pokemon from up to 8 different D/P games into Pokemon Ranch, then
    you can trade Hayley a Leafeon in exchange for a Phione.
    [DKRI] #491 DARKRAI
    LOCATION: Newmoon Island
    TYPE: Dark
    ABILITY: Bad Dreams
    RECOMMENDED NATURES: Hasty, Timid, Mild, Modest
    BASE STATS: 70 HP / 90 ATK / 90 DEF / 135 SATK / 90 SDEF / 125 SPD
    - Darkrai is an UBER, and cannot be used in the Overused Metagame.
    - Darkrai needs an event to access.
    Quick Attack   Normal   Physical   40       Always attacks first.
    Hypnosis       Psychic  Other      ---      Puts opponent to sleep.
    Pursuit        Dark     Dark       40       Power x2 if opponent switches.
    Nightmare      Dark     Other      ---      Hurts opponent when they're asleep.
    Ah, now this is something I like. 125 Speed, 135 Special Attack, a movepool
    to rival Gengar's, the stats to use this movepool, and an awesome signature
    move in Dark Void, which has 80% accuaracy, puts all opponents to sleep (yes,
    that means both in a double battle) and has a great animation to boot.
    After attending an event and downloading the appropiate data to your game via 
    Mystery Gift, check any Pokemart with a blue top to find a green man inside. 
    Talk to him and recieve your Member's Card. Now you can get in. If you have 
    healed the boy in the house next to the Canalave dock with the Lunar Wing, that
    Once this this done, enter the inn, and a man will tell you that you have a
    reservation. You will go to sleep, and then you'll end up on an island. You
    can't get off the island, so I hope you brought the right Pokemon with you.
    Head around the island and into the clearing, and you'll find a large puddle
    with one Darkrai floating in the middle. Save and encounter.
    Usual things here, be careful of Hypnosis as Bad Dreams is an ability that 
    causes ~13% damage to any opponent when they're asleep on the field. This
    won't effect Darkrai itself or Darkrai's partner, but it will effect Darkrai
    and yours if an opposing Darkrai is on the field. Nightmare added to that will
    hurt a lot, as the move deals 25% HP every turn you're asleep.
    After you catch Darkrai, the screen will flash several times and then you'll
    find yourself back in the inn. The town's sailor will come in and tell you 
    that you've been asleep for a long time, then leave. The sailor's son does
    actually mention Darkrai. First time they're referenced event Pokemon in the
    game, apart from Mew.
    **NOTE: As of 29 July 2008, there has been no way to actually get Darkrai at
    Newmoon Island. Darkrai has been available from movie giveaways and also from
    the game Pokemon Ranger: Batonnage or as it will be known in English speaking
    countries, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Both of these are limited time
    though. Darkrai has also been given out in Europe in the chain store Woolworths
    and in America in Toys R' Us.
    [SHMI] #492 SHAYMIN
    LOCATION: Flower Paradise - Route 224
    TYPE: Grass
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: Defog (Optional), Rock Smash OR Surf
    ABILITY: Natural Cure
    CATCH RATE: 45
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Seed Flare
    RECOMMENEDED NATURES: Timid*, Modest*, Calm, Bold
    BASE STATS: 100 HP / 100 ATK / 100 DEF / 100 SATK / 100 SDEF / 100 SPD
    * Both Timid and Modest natures are not very viable without a good-typed
    Hidden Power move.
    - Shaymin needs an event to access.
    - Shaymin is one of two DP legendaries with 100 stats across the board.
    Defense Curl   Normal   Other      ---      DEF is boosted one level.
    Magical Leaf   Grass    Special    60       Never misses.
    Leech Seed     Grass    Other      ---      Leeches opponent's HP every turn.
    Synthesis      Grass    Other      ---      Recovers health.
    Shaymin is the other 100 stat legendary of Diamond and Pearl, also lacking
    the Psychic type. Unfortunately, Celebi is a whole lot better at the tanking/
    stalling aspect, as it has a movepool much more suited to it. Shaymin can't
    do all that much in the way of stalling, and it barely has an attacking
    movepool to speak of, unless a Grass attack, Hidden Power and Psychic appeals
    to you.
    To get Shaymin, you must again get an event, this time to get Oak's Letter.
    Pick it up from any blue-roofed Pokemart, then head to Route 224 en route 
    Victory Road. The entrance to this part of Victory Road is only accessable 
    after you get the National Dex, as the part contains Lapras in the waters. 
    You'll see the entrance if you head into Victory Road via the Pokemon League.
    Once you get in, you'll find yourself in fog. Clear it if you want, but it 
    isn't required. Your attacks have their accuarcy drop sharply if the fog is
    active, though.
    If you haven't been through here before, you will have to partner up with 
    Marley to get through, who owns one single Level 57 Arcanine. Arcanine will
    usually use Helping Hand, with an extremely rare Agility and Fire Fang mixed
    in, and sometimes Extremespeed (thank you to several people for that). 
    Get through and reach the end of Victory Road. The first time you do this, 
    Marley will reference Shaymin, though not actually saying its name.
    Out on Route 224, head through the area until you reach the white stone that
    stands there. This time, Oak will be next to it. Talk to him and you'll be 
    delivered a speech about research, and then you'll be asked to thank someone.
    It doesn't matter what you put in, so yeah. Thank whoever/whatever and the
    screen will flash white, and all of a sudden the platform will be covered in
    Shaymin will walk up a new path that has opened (I swear it's shaking its 
    hips) and come onto Route 224. It will look around, then notice Oak. Oak will
    notice it, and so will you. The Shaymin cries then runs away. What are you
    waiting for? Chase it!
    Use the bike at Gear 4 to travel north, as the Fissure Path is long. After 
    you see the flowers change several times, you will reach the Flower Paradise,
    and if you were in the center of the Fissure Path probably drive right into
    Shaymin. Save before it, and have a go at catching.
    At a catch rate of 45, it isn't too hard.
    **Note: As of yet, there has been no way to actually get Shaymin from Flower
    Paradise. The only method of getting a Shaymin so far has been to download a
    promotional Shaymin from events at the movie "Giratina & the Bouquet of the
    Sky". These are limited time only.
    [ACUS] #493 ARCEUS
    LOCATION: Hall of Origin - Mt. Coronet
    TYPE: Normal
    HM MOVES REQUIRED: HM03 Surf, HM08 Rock Climb
    ABILITY: Multitype
    SIGNATURE MOVE: Judgment
    RECOMMENED NATURES: Pretty much anything except Lax, Gentle or Neutral natures.
    However, the natures Adamant, Modest and Timid are the most recommended.
    BASE STATS: 120 HP / 120 ATK / 120 DEF / 120 SATK / 120 SDEF / 120 SPD
    - Arceus needs an event to access.
    - Arceus has the highest combined stat total so far, reaching 720.
    - Arceus is an UBER, and cannot be used in the Overused Metagame.
    Refresh        Normal   Other      ---      Heals PSN, BRN or PRZ.
    Future Sight   Psychic  Special    80       Strikes two turns later.
    Recover        Normal   Other      ---      Recovers 50% HP.
    Hyper Beam     Normal   Special    150      Must rest one turn after use.
    Here we have the God of Pokemon, at a huge base stat total of 720 - the only
    one of its kind. Arceus is also the highest level Pokemon - apart from Red's
    Pikachu in GSC - to appear, at an astounding level of 80. Plus, Arceus' abil-
    ity allows it to change type, an ability previously only offered to Kecleon 
    and the three Porygon. Multitype allows Arceus to change type - and colour -
    at the click of a few buttons. Simply equip any item that has the suffix 
    "Plate" and check your Arceus' Summary. It should have changed.
    Again you need an event to get Arceus, this time needing the Azure Flute. Once
    you get it, head to Oreburgh and follow the exact same path as you did up Mt.
    Coronet when you were heading for Dialga/Palkia. We're heading for Spear 
    Pillar again.
    Once you reach it, you will get a message asking you if you want to play the
    Azure Flute. Do so, and a tune will play that you will probably recognize. 
    The screen will fade out, then back in, except this time a long staircase
    has appeared. Start climbing the staircase, but STOP AT THE VERY TOP OF THE
    STAIRCASE. DO NOT GO ONTO THE PLATFORM. Save here, then move forward. You
    will automatically be pulled forward to Arceus, and battle it.
    Arceus gets its own creepy battle music here, and with it having Recover I
    would try to use a Master Ball here. You'll probably want to get a nature for
    this, as it is very unlikely you'll get another one, bar the odd trade.
    Hyper Beam might hurt but it has to recharge after using it, so if you can 
    survive a hit from it (225 power, mind) then you shouldn't have too much
    trouble. But still, it's gonna be hard to catch. I'm actually quite surprised
    the catch rate wasn't 1.
    Catch it, celebrate. 
    **NOTE: As of yet, there has been no way to obtain an Arceus at all. It is
    assumed that Arceus will become available once the 12th Pokemon movie appears
    in Japanese cinemas.
    [6] EVENTS 							[SEC006]
    Several times in this guide, you may have heard me refer to "Events". Events
    are things in Pokemon that allow you to get special things, most commonly rare
    legendary Pokemon not normally found in the Pokemon game. What they usually do
    is unlock data in the game that allow you to go to places that officially you
    cannot go to. 
    They are very nearly always limited time offers and for the most part they are
    in Japan only. There have been a fair few in North America. They also appear
    in Oceania (mostly Australia) and Europe once in a blue moon. Unless you live
    in North America or Japan, do not count on being able to get to an event.
    Most events use things called Wonder Cards. There are codes that allow you to 
    get these Wonder Cards in your game but I will not be supplying these codes.
    Feel free to hunt for them yourself, however. Events are the primary use of the
    Mystery Gift function in Diamond and Pearl.
    If there is something you do not understand you can e-mail me, but please make
    sure it isn't something obvious.
    [7] ACTION REPLAY 						[SEC007]
    An Action Replay is a certain type of cheat device made for many consoles, 
    including the DS. The main site of it is CodeJunkies, but many other sites 
    make codes for the products. Though Action Replay can be a bit controversial,
    I feel it is fine as long as it is used responsibly. As in, no shiny, 31 IV
    across the board Pokemon. Getting event legendaries with it is fine in my book.
    The following codes are used to activate the events in D/P. When one of these
    is activated, you must press L + R to get the green man to appear in the 
    Pokemart. You will get the item of the event - a Manaphy egg, a Membership
    Card, Oak's Letter or an Azure Flute.
    All these codes are for Action Replay, not Codebreaker or any other cheat
    device. I would recommend finding the Game ID on Codejunkies or something. Make
    sure you find the Game ID that fits your version - I'm unsure if the American
    and European Game IDs are the same or not, so be careful.
    Thank you to "Metal Overlord" of Kodewerx for these codes. These codes were
    intended for American copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. I don't know
    if these will work for European copies but they certainly won't work with
    Japanese versions.
    To use these, activate the code, and once you've started the game press L+R
    together then go into a Poké Mart. You should see a green man near the counter.
    Also, I don't know if you need the National Dex but I recommend having it 
    anyway. I do know that you do not need it for Manaphy though. I'm pretty sure
    you do need it to get Arceus, though.
    94000130 FCFF0000 
    B21C4D28 00000000 
    B0000004 00000000 
    0000AA3C EDB88320 
    2000AA68 00000007 
    D2000000 00000000
    94000130 FCFF0000 
    b21c4d28 00000000 
    b0000004 00000000 
    0000aa3c EDB88320 
    2000aa68 00000008 
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 FCFF0000 
    B21C4D28 00000000 
    b0000004 00000000 
    0000AA3C EDB88320 
    2000AA68 00000009 
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 FCFF0000 
    B21C4D28 00000000 
    B0000004 00000000 
    0000AA3C EDB88320 
    2000AA68 0000000A 
    D2000000 00000000
    Also, here is a manual on adding codes from HectortheShadow. Note that instead
    of typing in codes manually, it is also possible to use xml files to add codes.
    "Right. First off, put your Diamond/Pearl cartridge into the Action Replay. 
    Put it into the DS. Turn on the DS. After the thing is on and it's passed 
    the 'No endorsement from Nintendo' screen, look on the top screen and check 
    to see if it has Pokemon Diamond/Pearl in the big oval. If it says 'Unknown 
    Cartridge/Game', turn off the DS, take out the game. Afterwards, connect it 
    to your computer via USB, start up the Code Manager, and click on 
    Codejunkies US/EU game, depending on where you live. Look through the list 
    until you find Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Once you do, right-click on the game 
    name, not any of the codes. Click 'Copy'.
    Next, let's go to your Nintendo DS part of the Code Manager. Delete games 
    you're sure you'll never want such as Tiger Woods or a game with many codes. 
    You don't have to delete too many; probably around 5-10. After you're 
    Right-click anywhere within the Nintendo DS box in your Code Manager. Click 
    'Paste'. It should then input the data of the game you have into your Action 
    Replay. After you're done with this, you can disconnect your mini-USB to USB 
    device from the DS and the computer.
    Now, double-check your actual DS to see if Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is in 
    database that pops up when you touch the asterisk on the main menu. If it 
    is, give yourself a pat on the back. Now turn the DS off.
    Put the cartridge into your Action Replay. Turn the game on. Get past the 
    'No Nintedo Endorsement' screen. Touch the asterisk on the main menu. Look 
    on the top screen. The words '<Add New Code>' should be highlighted by a 
    greenish-orangish oval. Press 'A'.
    Now, it'll ask you to input the code name. Name it whatever the hell you'd 
    like; I'd name it based on what it does. After you're done choosing a name, 
    touch 'Next -->'.
    Finally, it's the moment of truth. BE REALLY FRICKIN' CAREFUL. I CANNOT 
    Alright... so, you're confident on the code you want. You should probably 
    highlight the code on the computer to make sure you don't start entering 
    some other code. After you're done to make sure you don't make the mistake 
    of entering half of two codes, actually begin entering the code. If you see 
    any lower-case letters in the code you're trying to enter, they're to be 
    entered upper-case, since you can't make your letters lowercase. So don't 
    worry about that. Also, the Action Replay automatically spaces between the 
    first 8 symbols and last 8 symbols in the row, so don't worry about that 
    either. Finally, it'll automatically go to a new row when you need to. So 
    don't worry about that.
    After you're done not worry about anything except your code accuracy, 
    double-check it to see if you put it in right by touching those little 
    arrows near the top of the touch screen. Triple-check. Quadruple-check. You 
    should be done checking now. After you're done with that check, touch 
    'Next'. It will always stall for a few seconds, so don't worry about it if 
    it does that.
    You've inputted the code. Congratulations. All you need now is to activate 
    it; just press 'A' when you're choosing what code to activate. Once you do, 
    touch 'Start' on the touch screen. the two screens will go white for a few 
    seconds. Then the game starts up. Once you load your data, press L+R. Don't 
    hold them down, just press them once. Afterwards, head to any normal 
    Pokemart like, say, the one at Solaceon Town. There should be a man in a 
    green suit. Talk to him. He'll give you whatever the hell it is you need in 
    order to unlock the area for getting the pokemon. After he does, save.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You've done it! Now go get your uber!
    ....and remember to have the National Dex beforehand unless it's Manaphy."
    Seeing as I've had e-mails and things with the same question quite a lot, I 
    thought I might as well put this here. So yeah, before you e-mail/MSN me, take
    a look here. You might find what you're looking for.
    QUESTION - Where is the boy that you heal with the Lunar Wing?
    ANSWER - He is found in the house to the left of the sailor in Canalave City.
    QUESTION - Where can you find the Member's Card/Oak's Letter/Azure Flute?
    ANSWER - They are event items, and you must get them from an event outside the
    game. Hence why the Pokemon they link to are under "Events".
    QUESTION - How do you add codes to the Action Replay?
    ANSWER - Use the manual. If you've lost it, Google.
    QUESTION - Could you add Spiritomb to your FAQ?
    ANSWER - It isn't really a legendary, but I might in the future actually. For
    now, if you want to get it, you must drop an Odd Keystone into the well-like
    object on Route 209, then talk to 32 people in the underground who AREN'T the
    hikers who you get items from. Then, return to Route 209, and press A on the
    now Hollowed Tower. You should encounter Spiritomb.
    QUESTION - What PokeMart do I get the Member's Card/Oak's Letter/Azure Flute
    ANSWER - If you've actually downloaded them into your game, then you can find
    the man who will give you them in any normal PokeMart in the game. If the
    data is not in your game, then you can't get them.
    QUESTION - I went to the top of Mt. Coronet, but it didn't ask me to play my
    Azure Flute?
    ANSWER - You need the National Dex to get Arceus.
    QUESTION - I used the AR code, but it didn't work. Why not?
    ANSWER - Make sure you are pressing L + R as well to activate the code. 
    Otherwise, I have no clue.
    QUESTION - Is there any other way I can get the event Pokemon apart from 
    events and Action Replay?
    ANSWER - Unfortunately, there isn't.
    E-Mail: drayano60 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
    If you're going to e-mail me, make absolutely sure I haven't covered your
    question in the FAQ. Also, please spare me Action Replay questions. If I can
    figure out how to work it, then you can too.
    I'm also stating here that I'm not letting any more sites use this guide than
    the ones that already have permission to use it. Seriously, going around ~5
    sites to update an FAQ gets annoying when you make constant updates.
    And don't ask me for my Friend Code or to give you a legendary. I'm not 
    I'll get to the credits first. I would like to thank the following people for
    their contributions:
    Serebii.net - For their Pokedex and comprehensive information sources.
    Youtube.com - For a couple event videos I needed before I could activate them
    L255J - For three things. First, for giving me a layout idea, which I've 
    kind of copied even more ferociously in this new version :x Second, for an
    excellent FAQ to point people to for the Elite Four Door Glitch, and third,
    for sending me an e-mail telling me I've wrote this FAQ excellently.
    0mastar - A long time e-friend. Helped me a lot on the movesets and a couple
    opinions that decided what I wrote in the FAQ. He also helped considerably
    with the Recommended Natures.
    Powerful_Blaziken88 - Another long time e-friend, who is actually the first
    person I talked to frequently on the internet. We're still in contact ;P He
    was the one who suggested Net Ball use on Palkia.
    Dewgong - Yet another e-friend, who is also someone I know well. Gave me some
    information on getting Manaphy through Pokemon Ranger and how you don't 
    actually need Mystery Gift to get it.
    "James" - A person who is experienced in the ways of Action Replay, and was
    the one who convinced me to even get the cheat device in the first place. Oh
    yes, he also showed me the Shaymin event over Webcam originally. Something 
    like that is a good reason to add me on MSN. Also, thanks for the Manaphy
    you gave me before I got an AR. ;X
    HectortheShadow - For the brilliant Action Replay manual that is displayed
    not too far above.
    Anyone Who Has E-Mailed Me Saying the FAQ is Good - You know who you are.
    You - For reading.
    GameFAQs - For letting me get this FAQ off the ground and continuing to
    host it.
    Now for the copyright:
    This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances, with the exception of
    personal use. This means it cannot be used for profit or anything else such
    as that. Also, any website that I have not allowed to use this FAQ cannot use
    it. I already have several sites using this FAQ now, so I don't want to let
    anymore use it. So if you E-Mail me about using this FAQ, you will get 
    rejected without a second thought.
    The following sites/forums are welcome to use this guide:
    - GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    - Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    - MyCheats (www.mycheats.com)
    - 1Up (www.1up.com)
    - Bleepland (www.bplforum.us.to)
    - GamerHelp (www.gamerhelp.com)
    If any site that is not on that list is using my guide, please e-mail me about
    I believe that's all I'm covering, so au revoir.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

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