How do I solve snow point gym?

  1. I just got this game and i have no idea how to get to the gym leader?

    User Info: chimchar_rules

    chimchar_rules - 11 years ago

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  1. 1. Go to the North East part of snow you're standing on.
    2. Step right.
    3. Step up.
    4. Step up. (Through a snowball)
    5. Step left.
    6. Step down.
    7. Step left.
    8. Step left.
    9. Step left (Trainer battle. Pokemon: Sneasel (level 37), Floatzel
    (level 37)
    10. Step down.
    11. Step right.
    12. Step down.
    13. Step right. (Should be back at the begining)
    14. Return to the North-East snow-pad, step up. (Through 3 snowballs)
    15. Step right.
    16. Step right.
    17. Step down.
    18. Step left. (Trainer battle. Pokemon: Golduck (level 36), Steelix (level
    37), Pelipper (Level 35)
    19. Step up.
    18. Step left.
    19. Step left.
    20. Step left.
    21. Step down. (Trainer battle. Pokemon: Snover (Level 39)
    22. Step right.
    23. Step down. (To beginning)
    24. Step to the North-West snow pad.
    25. Step up. (Through 2 snowballs)
    26. Step left. (Trainer battle. Tentacruel (Level 37), Sneasel (Level 37)
    27. Step up.
    28. Step left.
    29. Step down.
    30. Step down.
    31. Step right. (Through a snowball)
    32. Return to beginning, go to the North-East snow-pad.
    33. Step right
    34. Step up.
    35. Step up.
    36. Step up.
    37. Step left
    38. Step left.
    39. Step up.
    40. Step right. (Trainer battle. Pokemon: Snover (Level 39)
    41. Step right. (Through a snowball)
    42. Step right. (Trainer battle (last one). Pokemon: Quagsire (Level 39)
    43. Return to beginning, and again, go to the North-West snow-pad.
    44. Step left.
    45. Step up. (Four times)
    46. Step right. (Through a snowball)
    47. Return to Anton (The trainer to the right of the Gym leader), and stand
    on the left snow-pad above him)
    48. Step down.
    49. Step left. (Through a snowball)
    50. Step left.
    51. Step up.
    52. Step right. (Through the final snowball)
    53. Return to beginning.
    54. Align yourself in the middle of the entrance, and keep on going
    forward. This will lead to the Gym Leader.

    Got It From GAHowell in the FAQ section :)

    User Info: Mastergamer1222

    Mastergamer1222 - 11 years ago 4   1


  1. Just keep trying and you'll get there! Alternatively, check out the FAQs - one of them may well have a step-by-step method for doing it. Good luck!

    User Info: derangedyoshi

    derangedyoshi - 11 years ago 1   6

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