1. Akira Toriyama
    Original Author
  2. Kyle Hebert
    Voice Actor: Adult Gohan
  3. Vic Mignogna
    Voice Actor: Bori
  4. Bruce Armstrong
    Voice Actor: Captain Ginyu
  5. Monika Antonelli
    Voice Actor: Chaozu
  6. Andy Chandler
    Voice Actor: Cooler
  7. Chris Forbis
    Voice Actor: Dodoria
  8. Kent Williams
    Voice Actor: Dr. Gero
  9. Josh Martin
    Voice Actor: Fat buu
  10. Linda Young
    Voice Actor: Frezia / Android 18
  11. Sean Schemmel
    Voice Actor: Goku
  12. Sonny Strait
    Voice Actor: Krillin / Bardock
  13. Justin Cook
    Voice Actor: Super buu
  14. Stephanie Nadolny
    Voice Actor: Teen Gohan
  15. John Burgmeier
    Voice Actor: Tien
  16. Eric Vale
    Voice Actor: Trunks
  17. Christopher Robin Sabat
    Voice Actor: Vegeta / Piccolo / Yamcha / Zarbon / Jice / Recoome / Cell / Shenron
  18. Christopher Robin Sabat
    Voice Director


  1. Data and credits for this game contributed by:  Ardy2992, Blueberry Buttface, Cosmic!, Knocks, LordAndrew, LTPofficial, NyuuTheKitsune, odino, oliist, Ratchetcomand.

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