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FAQ/Walkthrough by TIDQ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/21/06

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    iM                          rMMMM                          MMMMMMM8
     MM                              MMM,                   XMMM      0MMMMZ
       MMMMMMMMM                        MMM0                M7         iSSMM
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             ,M                                 MMMMMX      2M        ;WMM
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 MBa X2  MMZSMM    @Z     aX MMM@;                                      MMM2
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  MMMMM: MBMB    MMMM rMM;  M0M MW2   MZM MaW7W8WWZ MWr  B0M  iM0M    ,MMM
    ZMMX MBMMrMMMMMW  2MMX  M0M MM8   MBM MWW       @Wr  B0M  .M8M    MrMMMi
         MBMM         MMM@  MMM  0MMaMMW   7MMMMMM,@MMM .MMM2 WMMM72MMW .MMMM
         MBMM X0X:ia078; .XZZ a0i                            . :
         MBMM   MMMM   ,MMM:   BM WMMBSMMM MMMM:   XB8W8:7Z  MMM        MMM
        MMMMM    MWM   .M@BM   M  2MWM :MM  .iZ  BMM,  BMM   M8M@MMMM MMMBM72
       X:   :a;  ZMMM  M MWM0 M   a@0a     8M0M   7W0.,MB;   M0M  ,MM8  M8M
                  MMM;M   MBMW.   8MMW     7MWM  ;MM0BBX::   MMM  SMMW  MMM
                   MMM    aMM,SMS.i  ::    ,   . ;M8    MM, .: ,, ,. i  .
                   MM      MW                     r2;XXr

                            Phoenix Wright FAQ v1.0
                         by TIDQ (Email at the bottom)

&                              Table of Contents                              &

For ease, every part of the FAQ can be accessed by hitting Ctrl+F and searching
for the section number or section title.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 FAQ
3.0 Basic Interface
   3.1 In Court
   3.2 In the Field
4.0 Controls
5.0 Walkthrough
   5.1 Episode 1: The First Turnabout
   5.2 Episode 2: Turnabout Sisters
        5.21 Day 1: Evidence Gathering
        5.22 Day 2: Trial
        5.23 Day 2: Evidence Gathering
        5.24 Day 3: Trial
   5.3 Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai
        5.31 Day 1: Evidence Gathering
        5.32 Day 2: Trial
        5.33 Day 2: Evidence Gathering
        5.34 Day 3: Trial
        5.35 Day 3: Evidence Gathering
        5.36 Day 4: Trial
   5.4 Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes
        5.41 Day 1: Evidence Gathering
        5.42 Day 2: Trial
        5.43 Day 2: Evidence Gathering
        5.44 Day 3: Trial
        5.45 Day 3: Evidence Gathering
        5.46 Day 4: Trial
   5.5 Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes
        5.51 Day 1: Evidence Gathering
        5.52 Day 2: Trial
        5.53 Day 2: Evidence Gathering
        5.54 Day 3: Trial
        5.55 Day 3: Evidence Gathering
        5.56 Day 4: Trial
6.0 Miscellany
   6.1 Legal Stuff
   6.2 Emailing Me
   6.3 Version History
   6.4 Special Thanks

&                              1.0 Introduction                               &

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a deductive reasoning, murder mystery game. In
it, you play Phoenix, the title character. Phoenix must defend five different
clients in five different murder trials. Along the way, you will gather clues,
question people, cross-examine witnesses, and expose lies.

Phoenix Wright is an update of a Japanese game released for the GBA called
Gyakuten Saiban. Much of this newer DS version is the same as the older version
except that it includes an extra case, and it makes good use of the DS's
functions, like the stylus, the extra screen, and the microphone.


Due to the nature of Phoenix Wright, a logical deduction game full of clue-
gathering, this guide is rife with spoilers. You can still use this guide
without having played through the game, but just don't read further than you
have to if you don't want to be spoiled.

I want to point out all of the necessary information to absorb when finding out
new facts, which is just about ALL of the information you'll read. I also want
to not just explain what to say and do in court, but WHY you're supposed to
come to those conclusions. That's why I chose to go above and beyond just
bare-bones directions in the walkthrough.

&                                   2.0 FAQ                                   &

Q: Where can I find this game? Where did you get your copy? It's hard to find.

A: Phoenix Wright IS becoming hard to find, at least in America. What I did is
start visiting stores around the city in which I live. Eventually, I went to
Gamestop, and they did a computer search of other Gamestop stores in the area
to see if any of them had a copy of the game. They found one copy, so I called
them up, put it on hold, and drove about 20 minutes to a mall I'd never been
to. There, I got the last copy of Phoenix Wright that they had.

I'd try visiting or calling stores in your area. And if there's a Gamestop, ask
them to check their computer for other stores in the area.

If you can't find a copy in the store, you have two choices. You can wait until
the European release of the game and import it, or you can get it off eBay. It
is possible that by the time you read this, it will be sold out in Europe as
well. eBay is dependable, although people who sell their Phoenix Wright online
do so to make a big profit, so expect to pay out the ear for a copy that way.

Q: I followed "x" step in your guide and "y" event didn't happen like you said
it would. Help!

A: Not every step in every chapter has to happen in a specific order. The order
in which I do things might result in a particular event happening right after
doing a particular action. However, if you do something in a different order,
the event might not happen when I say it happens. This means that you missed
something. Go back a few steps and make sure you've done everything that I
have. I guarantee the thing you need to do is in the guide. There's nothing

A few general tips. If you're in the clue-gathering part, make sure you have
talked to everyone, and that there is a check-mark by all possible discussion
topics. You might get a general idea of where to go next if you ask Maya/Ema in
the law office (except in Case 2). If you're in court, try pressing every
statement of a testimony. There is no penalty for pressing, so do it as much
as you like.

Q: Is there a way I can play the game... you know, without buying it?

A: As of this writing, I don't believe DS emulation has even advanced to the
point that it can actually play games. Even if I did know where to get an
illegal copy online, I wouldn't tell you. Stealing is bad, mmkay.

Q: The first four cases gave me some story art when I completed them. I didn't
get any for beating Case 5. What gives?

A: There is no artwork to get for beating Case 5. The case selection screen
will always show just a plain courtroom when looking at Case 5. You haven't
missed anything. Don't worry. If you want to know "why," you might attribute
that to the fact that Case 5 was not in the original game.

Q: Are any of the other Gyakuten Saiban games going to be remade for the DS?
And are they going to be in English?

A: Right now, there are plans to also have another Gyakuten Saiban game for the
DS. However, Capcom hasn't said anything about an English version of that game.

Gyakuten Saiban 2 and 3 are being translated into English by Capcom though.
This is good news. However, as of this writing, they are only planning to
release them for your mobile phone. That's bad news for DS owners. Do not ask
me for more information on this, because that's all I really know.

Q: What are the differences between the Japanese/American/European/etc versions
of this game?

A: I couldn't tell you for sure. I only have the American version of the game.
I do know that the Japanese version can be played in both Japanese and English,
while the American version can only be played in English. I also know that in
the Japanese version, there is a code that let's you skip to Case 5 without
having beaten the first four cases. This is not present in the American
version. Those are the only two differences that I know for sure. There may be
more than that.

&                             3.0 Basic Interface                             &

The general gameplay interface of Phoenix Wright is pretty simple and easy to
learn. Gameplay is divided into two "phases," one might say. The courtroom
phase is the trial itself. You have to cross-examine witnesses, present
evidence, and make decisions, all to help find your client innocent. The other
phase is the evidence-gathering. Before each day in court (with the exception
of the first case), Phoenix must snoop around, gathering clues and information
to help him in court.

 - Saving the game

   Between each "chapter," you will be prompted to save the game. That can be
   reloaded at any time. Once you beat a case and save the game, you can replay
   that Case at any time in the future. However, you only get one "mid-case"
   chapter save. If you Save halfway through Case 5, then go back to Case 3 and
   save halfway through, your mid-case save in Case 5 will be gone.

   Also, you do not have to only save at the chapter points. You can save at
   ANY point in the game. It will take you back to the title screen when you
   save in the middle of a chapter, but when you reload the game, the save will
   NOT be deleted. So, if you get stuck in the middle of a trial, you do not
   have to risk a gameover and having to start over from the beginning of the
   chapter. You can save in the middle of the trial. Then, you can keep
   reloading back to that point if you get a gameover.

3.1 In Court

 - Cross-Examination

   90% of what you do in the courtroom is part of cross-examination. A witness
   of some kind will give a testimony. Then, that testimony is broken up into
   several statements. You then have to look at the statements separately.
   Select a particular statement, and you can either "press" that part of the
   testimony to get the witness to elaborate, or "present" a piece of evidence
   that contradicts that particular part of the testimony. When you have
   gotten what you are supposed to out of a testimony, either by sufficient
   pressing or by contradicting it, you advance in the game.

 - Pressing

   During the cross-examination process, you can press any part of a witness's
   testimony. Pressing forces the witness to elaborate on that part of his or
   her testimony. You will NEVER be penalized in court for pressing, so do it
   as much as possible. Some cross-examinations will be fulfilled by pressing
   certain statements. Some will not. It can't hurt to press though.

   Occasionally, when you press someone, it will bring up a multiple-choice
   decision. If this happens, you almost certainly have to pick the right
   choice to advance the plot. If you do not pick the right choice, you can
   press again and pick again without penalty.

 - Presenting

   Presenting evidence is probably the most KEY aspect of the trial. During
   cross-examination, you often have to find a CONTRADICTION in the witness's
   testimony to advance. Do this by targetting the statement in the testimony
   that is incorrect, then present evidence from the Court Record that does not
   agree with that statement. Finding these contradictions is what tears apart
   incriminating testimony and helps out your client. If you present the wrong
   piece of evidence, however, OR you present that evidence against the wrong
   part of the testimony, you get a strike. Five strikes in one court day, and
   it's game over.

   You may also have to present evidence during times besides the
   cross-examination. Often times, the Judge will ask you to back up your words
   by presenting evidence. During these times, present evidence the same way
   you would during cross-examination. Just like the other times, if you
   present the wrong thing, you receive a strike.

 - The Court Record

   All of your evidence is kept in the Court Record. You will accumulate
   evidence both as it is established in court, and from the clues you collect
   during the evidence-gathering parts of the game. These can be accessed at
   any time during the game for you to look at, even in the middle of something
   important. When you open the court record, evidence is limited to eight
   items per page, but you can cycle to different pages. Click on a piece of
   evidence to see a description of it. Some items can also be "checked" for
   a closer look, items such as photos and reports.

   Profiles of people involved in your current case can also be viewed in the
   Court Record. These are there mostly just for your own organization, but
   you can switch between evidence and profiles by the button on the top right
   once the Court Record is opened.

   In Case 5, you can use scientific observation to look closer at your
   evidence. You can rotate and examine pieces of evidence to find new clues
   using a 3D model.

3.2 In the Field

On the field, you cannot obtain a gameover screen. You simply move around and
try different things until the game progresses. When you have fulfilled
everything you are supposed to in the field, the chapter will end automatically
and you will start the next day in court. The object is to gather clues and
evidence to help in court. Just like during court, you can check the Court
Record at any time. Aside from looking at the record, you have four main
commands on the field.

 - Move

   Simple. Move from one location to another. Gather clues and information,
   then take off to a different area. Sometimes, you may need to visit areas
   more than once during a single chapter. New events will happen only after
   certain criteria are met.

 - Examine

   Look at what is around you. Choosing to examine will bring up a pointer.
   Point at something, and if it is examinable, another button that says
   "examine" will pop up. Press it to get Phoenix's take on the situation.
   Some items need to be examined to advance the game, while many others are
   just there for fun. I strongly recommend examining as much as you can. Sit
   back and enjoy some of the sarcasm and wit that the game puts into Phoenix's
   observations that many people might miss on their first play-through of the

 - Talk

   When there is a person in the same area as you, you can talk to them. When
   you choose to talk, a list of possible conversation topics will pop up. It
   is ALWAYS a good idea to talk to a person about everything possible. You
   will know if you have talked about a particular subject, because there will
   be a checkmark by that topic. Sometimes, talking about one subject will
   "unlock" another subject to talk about. Subjects can also be unlocked
   occasionally by presenting a particular item from the Court Record to that
   person. It almost goes without saying that the more information you can pump
   out of a person, the better off you will be.

 - Present

   Just like in court, the Present command brings up the court record, and you
   can choose an item to show that person. Unlike in court, there is no penalty
   for doing this. So, present as many items as you like. See what will and
   what won't get a reaction from people. It is often necessary to advance the

&                                4.0 Controls                                 &

There is not just one singular control scheme for Phoenix Wright. The game can
be played ENTIRELY with the stylus if you choose to do so. I prefer to use the
stylus most of the time myself. Simply point to the appropriate button on the
screen to accomplish what you want. It's very straight forward. However, there
are also button controls and microphone controls that you can use for 98% of
the game as well. The only part you NEED to touch the screen for is for a few
select parts of Case 5. Here are the button controls.

 - Start Button

   Save the game during the middle of the chapter.

 - Select Button

   Not used

 - A Button

   Confirmation. Advance a screen.

 - B Button

   Cancel. Go back a screen.

 - Y Button

   Turn on the microphone. When you are eligible to execute an action via
   voice command, a small "Y" will appear. When holding down Y, the phrase you
   are eligible to say will appear on the screen. You can then speak the
   command until letting go of the Y button. Also, used for zooming during
   scientific examination of evidence in Case 5.

 - X Button

   Used to present evidence from within the Court Record during court. The X
   button is eligible when the present command is in the top-middle of the
   screen. Also, used for zooming during scientific examination in Case 5.

 - L Button

   Used to select a command during court when the command appears in the upper-
   left corner of the screen, such as the Press command.

 - R Button

   Used to select a command that appears in the upper-right corner of the
   screen, such as looking at the Court Record.

 - Microphone

   The microphone, just like all of the button controls, is completely
   optional. However, it's also pretty fun. During certain times in court, you
   can take an action by pressing the "Y" button when it becomes available,
   then saying the eligible phrase on the screen. The phrases you can say are
   "Objection," "Take that," and "Hold it."

&                               5.0 Walkthrough                               &

Once again, I have to remind you that you will be spoiled if you read ahead of
where you are in the game. This walkthrough only covers what is necessary to
win the game. However, that does not mean you can't take the time to enjoy
other parts of the game. For example, you can examine many more things in the
game other than what I say. Some entertaining results can happen if you do.
You can also present things from the Court Record to people you talk to during
evidence-gathering for some interesting responses. During court, you can press
witnesses as much as you want, including finding out some information that
really isn't necessary to win the game. Feel free to do these things, even
though they won't be pointed out in the walkthough.

5.1 Episode 1: The First Turnabout

Defendant: Larry Butz

Backstory: As the episode opens, we find a girl that has just been murdered.
The murderer stands over her holding a bloody object and vows to pin the crime
on "him."


 - Phoenix Wright

   Phoenix is the hero of our story. He is a fledgling courtroom defense
   attorney trying to prove himself to his boss and mentor, Mia Fey. He's also
   a childhood friend of the defendant, Larry Butz. Often clueless, Phoenix
   lives on passion and instincts... and maybe a little bit of help from his
   friends, too.

 - Mia Fey

   Mia is a defense attorney just like Phoenix. She is Phoenix's boss and owns
   her own small office. She's also a mentor figure and good friend to Phoenix.

 - Larry Butz

   Larry is not the brightest bulb in the box. He's a bit naive to things going
   on around him, and he often says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He also
   has no qualms about mooching off the generosity of his friends. That being
   said, he is still a loyal buddy to Phoenix, although it's a mystery in and
   of itself why Phoenix puts up with him.

 - Winston Payne

   Payne is the prosecuting attorney in this case. He's a squirrely, older man.
   As far as attorneys go, he's not exactly the best, so he shouldn't be too

 - The Judge

   The attorneys in a trial may change, but the Judge seems to be omnipresent.
   He's a fair man, although sometimes a bit easily influenced. He also finds
   himself often the butt of comic relief, albeit unintentionally. His real
   name is unknown.

 - Frank Sahwit

   The key witness for the prosecution. He says he was the one who saw Larry
   fleeing the scene and found the victim's body.

Oh boy, your first case! This one isn't too tricky, so it should help you learn
the ropes of the courtroom aspect of the game. In cases 2 through 5, you will
spend a lot of time gathering evidence in between courtroom appearances. In
this first case, however, you will only have to deal with the courtroom aspect.

Phoenix will start out by having a conversation with Mia and Larry. Phoenix
will then run down the facts of the case as he knows them:
-The victim, Cindy Stone, was killed inside her apartment.
-The accused is Larry, who was dating the victim.

That's about it. At any time, you can check the COURT RECORD by clicking on the
Court Record on the top-right part of the lower screen. In it, you will be able
to look over all presented evidence in the case as well as profiles of people
involved with the case.

Right now, the only pieces of evidence you have are your Attorney's Badge,
which isn't really evidence at all, and the victim's autopsy report. The
autopsy report says that she was killed on 7/31 between 4 and 5 pm by blood
loss due to a blunt force trauma.

As the trial starts, the Judge takes notice of your nerves. To ascertain that
you are fit to defend, he will ask you some questions, and you must get them
correct or feel his punishment.

First question: Please state the name of the defendant in this case.

Answer: Larry Butz

Second question: This is a murder trial. Tell me, what's the victim's name?

Answer: Cindy Stone

Final question: Now, tell me, what was the cause of death?

Answer: Hit with a blunt object

After you've satisfied the Judge, Payne will introduce the murder weapon to
the court. It's a STATUE of "The Thinker." The statue will now be added as
evidence, so you can view it in the Court Record at any time.

Larry will be called to the stand now. Payne will reveal that although Larry
thinks they were still dating, that Cindy had actually dumped poor Larry. He
also mentions that Cindy had just returned from Paris just the day before the
murder. Remember that line about the day before the murder and Paris. It will
be important later on. CINDY'S PASSPORT will be entered as evidence that she
was in Paris the day before her murder.

Payne will ask Larry what he thinks of Cindy now that he knows she's been
cheating on him. You will have the option to let him speak or stop him.

It actually doesn't really matter which one you choose, because Larry is going
to say what he thinks anyway. If you choose "STOP HIM FROM ANSWERING" though,
Payne will wince at your skills.

Larry will then be asked if he was at the victim's apartment on the day of the
murder. You will be given the option to let him answer honestly, or to stop
him. Once again, it doesn't matter which way you answer. Payne will produce a
witness that proves Larry was there, Frank Sahwait.

Now it's time for your first witness testimoney. Your job is to pick apart
each portion of a witness's testimony by either pressing him further, or
presenting evidence that contradicts a particular part of his or her testimony.

Sahwit's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-I was going door-to-door, selling subscriptions when I saw a man fleeing an

-I thought he must be in a hurry because he left the door half-open behind him.

-Thinking it strange, I looked inside the apartment.

-Then I saw her lying there... A woman... not moving... dead!

-I quailed in fright and found myself unable to go inside.

-I thought to call the police immediately!

-However, the phone in her apartment wasn't working.

-I went to a nearby park and found a public phone.

-I remember the time exactly: It was 1:00 PM.

-The man who ran was, without a doubt, the defendant sitting right over there.

After the testimony, the Judge asks why the phone wasn't working. Payne says
there was a blackout in the building which caused her cordless phone to not
work. He presents a BLACKOUT RECORD for the Court Record. The record says there
was no electricity in the building from Noon to 6 pm on that day.

Mia tells you it's time to cross-examine. Your goal is to find the lie in his
testimony, and prove it with evidence from the court record. You can also PRESS
any part of the witness's account without worry of repercussion. If you present
the wrong evidence though, you will get a strike. Too many strikes, and it's
game over.

If you press him on the statement about the TIME of the murder, Mia will say
his answer is suspicious. Find evidence to contradict him. Look again at the
AUTOPSY REPORT. It says Cindy died between 4 and 5 pm. That's a contradiction!
There's no way Sahwit could've seen a dead body at 1 pm. Present the report
while that portion of his testimony is on the screen.

You did it! You caught him in a lie, at least for now. That's what you have to
do when you're cross-examining a witness.

Sahwit will now have to revise his testimony to explain why he thought it was
1 pm.

Sahwit's Testimony: "The Time of Discovery"

-You see, when I found the body, I heard the time.

-There was a voice saying the time... It was probably coming from the

-Oh, but it was three hours off, wasn't it?

-I guess the victim must have been watching a video of a taped program!

-That's why I thought it was 1:00 PM!

Once again, Mia will help a little. If you press the second statement, Mia will
say it sounds "fishy." He says he heard the time from the television, but that
is not possible. Because televisions don't work when the power is out! Present
the BLACKOUT RECORD as evidence while the statement about the television is
selected. Sahwit is really sweating now!

He's going to try and weasel his way out of his lie yet again, so prepare for
a third testimony.

Sahwit's Testimony: "Hearing the Time"

-Actually, I didn't "hear" the time... I "saw" it!

-There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there!

-Yeah, the murder weapon! The killer used it to hit the victim!

-That must have been what I saw.

Mia won't tell you this time which statement is incorrect, but I bet you can
find it. Sahwit now says the murder weapon is a clock... but we already HAVE a
murder weapon in the Court Record, the statue! Present the STATUE as evidence
to contradict the third statement, the one about the murder weapon.

Payne and Sahwit panic now, and Payne exclaims that the statue IS a clock, and
Payne confirms it. Indeed, it seems as though the Thinker statue is also a
clock. When the neck is tilted, it says the time, which is what Sahwit heard.
The judge will ask you if you have any problems with Sahwit's testimony now.
You bet you do! How could Sahwit have KNOWN it was a clock when he claims he
never enterted the apartment? Choose YES.

Phoenix will proclaim exactly that. Sahwit had to have had the clock in his
hand to have known the time, which contradicts his statement that he never
entered the apartment. Phoenix will get to choose one of two explanations for
this. Say because he "went into the apartment"!

Phoenix then asserts that he not only went into the apartment, but is in fact
the murderer. He heard the clock's voice because it made a sound when he struck
her in the head with it!

The witness can't excuse himself this time. He gets so angry, he throws his
toupee at Phoenix!

The Judge wants proof though. Can we back up that he heard the clock? Yes.
Of the three choices you have, choose "Try sounding the clock."

The clock will say "I think the time is 8:25." However, the actual time in
court is 11:25. That's a three-hour gap, the same as the gap between when
Sahwit said the murder happened and when it actually happened!

You seem to have him. It looks like you've proven he was in the apartment on
the day of the murder, but Sahwit will throw you one more curveball. He says
you can't prove the clock was three hours slow on the day of the murder. The
judge say without being able to prove it was slow on the day of the murder,
he's willing to dismiss Sahwit. You were so close!

Mia isn't ready to give up though. She holds up the court, and asks you to
think "outside the box." Instead of asking when the clock was slow, ask WHY the
clock was three hours slow in the first place. Can you think of a reason?
Choose "Yes."

Why would the victim have a small clock that was exactly three hours off the
correct time? Maybe the clock was made to the correct time when it was set...
because the clock was in a different time zone. Think back. The victim was in
Paris the day before the murder. If she set her clock in Paris, that both
explains why the clock is off, AND it proves that it was off BEFORE the day of
the murder! Present the PASSPORT as your final piece of proof.

Now watch the fireworks as Phoenix puts Sahwit in his place. You've just won
your first case. Congratulations.

After the case, Larry will be broken up, saying his girlfriend didn't like him
after all. Mia disagrees, and nudges Phoenix to prove it to Larry. Present
Larry with the STATUE. Larry just got done explaining that he made the statue
clock for his girlfriend, so surely the fact that she took the clock with her
overseas means something, right?

Now watch the closing dialogue, and let's jump into the next episode.

5.2 Episode 2: Turnabout Sisters

Defendant: Maya Fey

Backstory: One day, Mia Fey calls up her younger sister Maya in need of a
favor. Mia needs Maya to hold onto some evidence, a clock shaped like the
Thinker, and tells her to pick it up that evening. Before Maya shows up though,
a man comes to Mia's office. He knows about the papers inside the Thinker and
takes them for himself. Before he leaves though, he strikes Mia down with the
clock, leaving her for dead. A couple minutes later, Maya shows up, as she
promised. Being found at the scene, Maya is accused of Mia's murder.

New Characters:

 - Maya Fey

   The little sister of Mia and defendant of the case. She's very energetic
   and sweet. She's also a medium-in-training, and the depth of her spiritual
   powers seems pretty advanced, even for someone of her age and experience.

 - Miles Edgeworth

   Even at his young age, Edgeworth has gained a reputation as one of the
   fiercest prosecuting attorneys in the business. He's an abrasive man, and
   there are rumors that he will do ANYthing to get a guilty verdict, even if
   it means tampering with evidence and witnesses. At the same time, it seems
   that he and Phoenix have a past with each other...

 - Dick Gumshoe

   As one might infer from his name, Gumshoe is a detective. He means well, but
   he's also about as dumb as a brick. He might seem gruff and unfriendly, but
   he can be a great ally IF you can get him on your good side. Unfortunately,
   he looks up to your rival, Edgeworth, which doesn't do you any favors in
   this case.

 - April May

   Witness to the murder from the building across the alley. A rather
   well-endowed beauty with pink hair, a soft complexion, and a flirty

 - Redd White

   An extremely wealthy gentleman with an unusual vocabulary and owner of the
   company Bluecorp. His bling-bling is intimidating.

 - The Bellboy

   The completely unflappable bellboy. Is he hiding something, or is he just

 - Marvin Grossberg

   He's a defense lawyer, as well as an old acquaintance of Mia's. A rather
   plump fellow, it remains to be seen whose side he is on, but there's
   something he's hiding from Phoenix.

**  5.21 Day 1: Evidence Gathering  **

Phoenix will arrive on the scene of the murder before the police do. Here's
where you will get your first experience with the clue-gathering part of the
game. There's not much to examine in the first room, so MOVE to Mia's office.

Here is an unfortunately sad scene. Maya is crying over the lifeless Mia.
EXAMINE Maya's body to get the Thinker and the Glass Shards added to the
Court Record. Now EXAMINE the note that falls from Mia's hand to get the
blood-stained receipt added to the Court Record as well. Next, hit the arrow
pointing to the right, to pan the scene of the office over to that direction.
EXAMINE the phone to try and make a phonecall, and you'll notice some screws
are missing from the receiver.

All of a sudden, you'll hear a scream from outside the window. A woman with
pink hair is staring right at you from the building across the alley, and she's
calling the police. This could be trouble. MOVE back to the reception area.
Maya is now awake, and she introduces herself to Phoenix. Talk to Maya about
both available subjects. Now present her with the RECEIPT.

Right at that moment, the police will arrive, along with Dick Gumshoe. Seeing
the name on the receipt, Gumshoe arrests Maya and takes her down to the

After you meet Maya back in the visitor's area of the police station, she'll
ask you if you're going to be her lawyer. Tell her, "It's up to you." After
some dialogue, talk to her again. Talk to her on every subject that you can.
She will talk about the Fey family's spiritual powers, and how she's a spirit
medium in training. Then, she'll give you a MEMO to retrieve her cell phone
from the detective. After you've exhausted her for information, she'll ask you
to find a lawyer for her. Accept her request. Now talk to her once more about
the day of the crime, and be on your way. Move to the "Fey & Co Law Offices."

When you meet the detective, get on his good side by letting him know you
remember his name. When he asks, it's "Detective Gumshoe." Talk to him about
Mia to receive the AUTOPSY REPORT. Talk to him then about Maya. Then talk to
him about Edgeworth. It doesn't matter whether you say you know him or not.
Lastly, don't forget to present Gumshoe with the MEMO for Maya's cell phone.
When he gets suspicious, "Tell him not-so-straight." Not only will he give you
the phone, but this scatterbrain will even tell you the name of the key
witness. Take that information with you as you move to the Gatewater Hotel.

Miss April will give you a very ditzy greeting as soon as you enter the room
and then disappear immediately. Examine the two glasses on the table, then turn
your attention to the screwdriver sticking out of the drawer. Phoenix will
attempt to look inside, but April will cut you off in a panic. Talk to April
about everything you can, but you won't get any real information out of her.
Not much else to do now, so let's try to find Maya's lawyer. Head for the
Grossberg offices.

Grossberg will greet you with a loud AHEM. At first, he seems very eager to
help you out, saying he has a lot of spare time these days, but as soon as you
bring up Maya's name, he clams up. He immediately refuses your cases and takes
a rather sour attitude. How suspicious for a guy who is supposed to be a family
friend of Maya. When you press him on his refusal, he mentions that "no lawyer"
will take this case, but he cannot say why. This case appears to be even bigger
than it seems. Exhaust your conversation topics with him, then move back to
the detention center.

When you get back, Maya won't take the news of Grossberg's refusal very well.
Talk to her about her family, then about her mother, then about her mother's
enemy. You'll then learn first about the case from 15 years ago, where Maya's
mother was ruined by a man named "White." Now, it's time to step up. You can
go home, or you can do what all other lawyers are afraid to do, and defend
Maya. So, obviously, choose "Defend Maya." Then, when she asks why, tell her,
"I can't abandon you." Now, it's official. You're a team. Before you leave,
present the cell phone to Maya so she can hear her sister's voice. Now, head
back for the Gatewater Hotel.

At the hotel, you'll meet the Bellboy. The Bellboy will ask you to deliver a
message to Miss May that "Mr. White" called. Maya said her mother's enemy was
named "White." Think it's a coincidence? Regardless, now's your chance to
check the drawer finally. Look in there to find the WIRETAP and add it to the
Court Record. If you've done everything correctly, your day should be done as
soon as you find the wiretap. Now, get ready for court.

**  5.22 Day 2: Trial  **

Court is in session, and it really is none other than Miles Edgeworth across
the courtroom from you. Dick Gumshoe will assume the stand first, and he'll
use a FLOORPLAN to describe the crime scene. The floorplan will be entered as

Gumshoe's Testimony: "Maya Fey's Arrest"

-As soon as the phone call came in, I rushed to the scene!

-There were two people there already:

-The defendant, Ms. Maya Fey, and the lawyer, Mr. Phoenix Wright.

-I immediately arrested Ms. Maya Fey!

-Why? We had a witness account describing her!

-The witness saw Ms. Maya Fey at the very moment of the murder!

Before the cross-examination, Maya will pass a note to you. It says if you
can't find a contradiction, press every detail until the witness says something
wrong. Sounds like a plan. Press him on the second-to-last statement, the one
about the witness account. Phoenix will then ask if this is the "hard evidence"
that Gumshoe mentioned earlier. Gumshoe will then say he has something else he
meant to mention first.

Gumshoe's Testimony: "Hard Evidence"

-After securing the suspect, I examined the scene of the crime with my own eyes

-I found a memo written on a piece of paper next to the victim's body!

-On it, the word "Maya" was written clearly in blood!

-Lab test results showed showed that the blood was the victim's!

-Also, there was blood found on the victim's finger!

-Before she died, the victim wrote the killer's name!

Although it's not necessary, the detective says something rather funny when
you press him on the line about lab test results.

Have you spotted the contradiction yet? Look at the Court Record, most notably
the AUTOPSY REPORT. It says Mia died *immediately* after being struck. If she
died immediately, she couldn't have used her own blood to write a message.
Present the autopsy report as a contradiction to the *last line* of Gumshoe's
testimony, the one about writing the name before she died.

Present the evidence to make your point. It seems to be working, but Edgeworth
will ask you when you got the autopsy report. Be honest and say "The day after
the murder." Unfortunately, Edgeworth will trump you with an updated autopsy
report that says she could've lived for several minutes after being hit,
ruining your argument. The report will be updated in your court record. You'll
then get three choices of dialogue, calling someone a sham. It doesn't matter
which one you choose.

Even though it doesn't feel like a victory, you've gotten Gumshoe off the
stand at least. Now, it's time to deal with that fishy Miss April May.

April May's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-It was, like, 9:00 at night. I looked out the window, y'know!

-And then, oooh! I saw a woman with long hair being attacked!

-The one attacking her was the mousey girl sitting in the defendant's chair!

-Then the woman, like, dodged to one side and ran away!

-But that girl, she caught up to her and... and... She hit her!

The Judge actually asks you if you want to cross-examine. Duh. Say yes!

Go to the last line of the testimony and PRESS. April will say it had to be
Maya. Say "I question your testimony." Then say I'm willing to bet that "You're
lying." Phoenix points out how April noticed Maya by her "physique" instead of
by her obviously odd clothing and hairdo. Why did the testimony not mention
this? Because it's bogus!

April May's Testimony: "Witness's Account" (again)

-I did see everything! I did!

-The victim--the woman--dodged the first attack and ran off to the right.

-Then the girl in the hippie clothes ran after her...

-And she hit her with that weapon! I saw it! I did!

-That... that clock! Um... the kinda statue-y clock? "The Thinker," I think?

Think. She saw the Thinker being used as a weapon, but how did she know it's
a clock? She couldn't have known that unless someone told her or she'd seen it
herself. Expose her lies by presenting THE THINKER on the last statement of
her testimony.

April panics, and Edgeworth tries to end your line of questioning. April says
she knew it was a clock because she HEARD it from her hotel. You then have
two explanations to object with. "She couldn't have heard it" and "It couldn't
have rung." Say "It couldn't have rung." Then, say it couldn't have run
because "It's empty." Remember Mia's message to Maya? She took out the
clockwork from the clock!

The Judge will look in the Thinker and agree that the clockwork has indeed been
removed. It looks like you've just pulled apart April's statement, but
Edgeworth counters. He says the clockwork might've been removed *after* the
incident, meaning April could've still heard it. However, you *can* prove the
clockwork was gone. The message about the clockwork was recorded on Maya's
cell phone *before* the murder. Present MAYA'S CELL PHONE.

Now April May is groping for excuses. She says she must've seen the clock at
a store before. When the judge asks if you object to that excuse, say "Yes."
However, that's impossible! Read the description of the Thinker again. It says
"Made by Larry Butz." April can't have seen it in a store before, because it's
never been sold in a store! Present THE THINKER as your contradictory evidence.

Now you've got her! She's run out of excuses, and she loses it right there in
the courtroom. The Judge asks you how you think she knew it was a clock. Say,
"You had heard about it." This is when you get to present your secret evidence.
Of course she heard about it. Present the WIRETAP you found in her room.

When Edgeworth asks you to provide proof that the weapon was a clock, just
present MAYA'S CELL PHONE again. You've done it now. You've proven April May
had a wiretap on Mia's phone. Phoenix will want to deal the final blow by
asking one of two questions. It actually doesn't matter which question you ask,
because she won't say why she wiretapped the phone, and she'll give an alibi
to take her away from the scene of the crime.

She says she ordered an ice coffee to her room which arrived exactly at 9:00,
the time of the murder. So the Bellboy can verify her alibi. At this point,
you have two choices. You can either continue examining April May, or call the
Bellboy to the stand. You've pretty much milked April for all she's going to
say, so call the Bellboy.

Bellboy's Testimony: "Miss May's Room Service"

-I am the head bellboy at the fine Gatewater Hotel, in business for four

-I believe I received a call after 8:00 in the evening from our guest, Miss

-She asked for an ice coffee to be brought to her at 9:00, on the dot, sir.

-I brought it to her at precisely the requested time, of course.

-And I delivered the ice coffee to our guest Miss May, herself.

There's nothing really controversial or out of the ordinary about his statement
on the surface. It's a fairly routine statement about delivering a cup of
coffee. There's nothing you can do but press him and hope something happens.
Press his last two statements. You won't really uncover anything, but that's
what you need to do. In fact, Edgeworth and the Judge will try to dismiss the
witness since he's not shedding any light on the case. "Protest" out of
desperation. You can choose to ask about "check-in," "room service," or
"bed-making." Chose *any* question, it doesn't matter. No matter which one you
choose, you'll come to the same revelation, that there were *two* people
staying in April May's room.

After some dramatic dialogue, Phoenix will exclaim there is now another person
who may be involved with the murder. Who? Say "The man with Miss May."

Well, you've done it. You haven't cleared Mia, but you have bought yourself
more time. The trial will extend another day so that both sides can build their
case around this new evidence.

After the trial, you'll obtain the MAY TESTIMONY and add it to the Court
Record. Most of her testimony was thrown out, but you're still left with the
line, "The victim dodged an attack then ran to the right, but she was caught
and struck." Remember it.

**  5.23 Day 2: Evidence Gathering  **

You'll begin the next day by visiting April May in the detention center, and
boy, is she pissed at you. You can attempt to talk to her, but she'll just
shut you down at every corner. You'll have to find something first before you
can pull any information out of her, it seems. Move to the Grossberg offices.

Grossberg is out of the office, but that's good. Notice two things. First, that
his giant painting that he said he'd never, ever part with, is gone. Secondly,
notice the things on the corner of his desk. Examine the corner of the desk
to find two photographs that say "DL-6 incident." You can only take one photo
at a time. Take photo B, the one of the man. If you accidentally took the other
photo, swap it out so that you have the photo of the man. Go to the Hotel.

At the Hotel, you'll find the Bellboy in Miss May's room. Milk him for any
information he might have. He mentions that he could identify the man who
stayed in Miss May's room if he saw a photo. Present him with the PHOTOGRAPH.
He'll immediately offer to write an affidavit to assert who the man in the
photo is. Take him up on the offer to receive the BELLBOY'S AFFIDAVIT. Now,
go back to the Detention Center.

First, present the PHOTOGRAPH to induce a reaction from April May. She'll play
dumb then, so follow it up by presenting her with the BELLBOY'S AFFIDAVIT.
When you've got her where you want her, "Push her hard." Now, she'll spill her
guts. Her boss's name is Redd White, and he owns a company called Bluecorp. He
was the one who checked into her room on the day of the murder. After you get
an address, it's time to take a little visit to Bluecorp.

Redd White will introduce himself to you, and Phoenix immediately notes that
he talks like a fruitcake. Pump him for information, and eventually ask him
about the painting on the wall. I hope you recognize it. It's the same one that
disappeared from Grossberg's office. Say "I've seen it before." He won't react
well. In fact, he'll abuse you and tell you to ask Grossberg why the painting
is at Bluecorp. So, let's do just that. Move to Grossberg's office.

When you get to Grossberg's office, talk to him. First about the trial, then
his refusal, and eventually Mr. White. When Phoenix says something's been
bothering him, mention the painting. When you mention knowing the connection
between Mr. White and Grossberg, say "He's blackmailing you." That should hit
the nail on the head. He gives up the fascade and decides to tell you
everything. He's being blackmailed over "DL-6," the name on the back of the
photos. Long ago, the mother of Mia and Maya tried to use her spiritual powers
to solve a murder, the DL-6 incident, and failed. Grossberg helped clear her
name, but he also sold her out and the police department to White by telling
him that the police had hired a medium. The police then tried to find who sold
them out, so White reversed the offer to blackmail to protect Grossberg from
being found out. It also seems that White has dirt on everyone: judges,
lawyers, the police, and so on, to the point where he's virtually untouchable.
He will tell you to search Mia's office for your next clue. Before you leave,
you can give the PHOTOGRAPH back to him. You won't need it anymore. Now, let's
go to Mia's office.

In Mia's office, examine her shelf. You can look at three alphabetical files,
A-I, J-S, and T-Z. If you search T-Z, you'll find that the file on "White" is
totally empty. Looks like White was smart enough to ditch that evidence. In
A-I, you'll find a file on Mia and Maya's mother. It's also been tampered with.
However, look in J-S. When it asks, skim it. Phoenix will take notice of a file
marked "Suicide." Apparently, Mia had been making a file of people who were
driven to suicide by White's blackmailing, and White failed to catch and
dispose of this. You'll get the NEWSPAPER CLIPPING and add it to the Court
Record. Time to go press Redd White. Go back to Bluecorp.

Once in White's office, present the NEWSPAPER CLIPPING to him. Then, you'll go
on to describe Mia's file of suicides all with White's name written on them.
When it's time to accuse him, say "You blackmailed him." Then, tell him,
"You're wrong." You'll finally drive White up a wall, and he's decided that he
will be in court tomorrow, testifying against YOU in the murder of Mia Fey.
He's trying to make you into the killer, and he has a corrupt legal system on
his side!

Now, here you are in the Detention Center. You see Maya on the other side of
the window, but unfortunately, it's because she's on the outside and now you're
on the inside. She'll ask what she can do to help. It doesn't matter which one
you choose, because she'll just end up cheering for you regardless. For a
laugh, you might choose to have her break you out of jail. Now, it's time to
face your day in court.

**  5.24 Day 3: Trial  **

When the trial starts, everyone is acting a bit suspiciously, even the judge.
He doesn't ask why Mr. White didn't testify yesterday if he was a witness. You
can object, but you'll just get a flippant explanation and be on with the game
anyway. White takes the stand and gets ready to deliver his testimony.

White's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-Let's see, it was about 9:00, I believe.

-I was quietly perusifying... er, that's "reading" to you, some papers by the

-Then I heard a bedlam coming from outside!

-Surprised, I turned to look at the building across the way.

-It was then I saw him: a spiky-haired man attacking a woman with long hair!

-Needless to say that man was none other than you, Mr. Lawyer.

-I called Miss May over at once. She, too, was flabbergasted of course.

-The victim, she... she ran away, but you gave chase!

-Finally there was a terrible impaction! Then it was all over...

Of course he's lying. However, he hasn't said anything yet that you can counter
with anything but conjecture. Go to the second to last statement, about how
the victim ran away, and PRESS him. Make him be more specific. He then changes
the second to last line of his testimony to such:

-The victim ran to the left, and you gave chase!

Aha! NOW we can contradict him. Do you see the difference? Now she's running to
the *left*. Look at the MAY TESTIMONY. The only part that wasn't thrown out was
that the victim ran to the *right* and got hit. Present the testimony to prove
him wrong. Not only does her running to the left contradict Miss May's
testimony, but it also doesn't make sense. The door of the office is to the
*right*, which is where she would've tried to run.

White is stumped, but Maya doesn't think he's lying. The Judge asks you to
explain the contradiction between Miss May and Mr. White's testimonies. One
says right. The other says left. How could both be telling the truth? Maybe
they viewed the crime from different points of view! Select "Both are right."

White saw Mia run to the left because he was *inside* the law office. When you
are asked to choose where White was standing, point to the "K" to represent
where the killer was standing, and then hit present. White will sweat it out
when you point out how he saw her run to the left, but remember, he has the
court on his side. You'll have to have more concrete evidence than that. White
will now revise his testimony.

White's Testimony: "She Ran to the 'Left'"

-Miss May's testimony was correct... as was mine!

-When you assaulted the girl, she first ran to the left.

-And then you hit her, savagely! That is what I saw.

-Next, with the last of her strength, she ran to the right.

-You chased her, and delivered the final blow.

-That is what Miss May saw.

-You see? You hit her twice!

See something concrete that we can contradict with evidence? Mia died from a
single blow, not two. We know this because of the AUTOPSY REPORT. Present it
to shut his trap. Edgeworth tries to call a recess to give White a new story
to sell, but Phoenix... and the court spectators, won't have it. They won't let
him get away. White has to revise his testimony again.

White's Testimony: "The Two Accounts"

-Umm, well, see--I looked at the other window when I heard that thing fall.

-Then, the next moment, I saw Miss Mia run to the left!

-The killer, you, attacked her... but she dodged.

-Umm... and then...

-She turned, and ran for the door!

-Then you did her in with a single blow! Thwap!

Aside from there being only one blow this time, what else is different about
White testimony? This is the first time we've heard him talk about "that thing
fall." PRESS him on the first statement. He'll say the thing that fell was a
glass light stand. Maya asks if that seems odd. Say "very odd" and Phoenix will
press further. White will now revise the first line of his testimony.

-A light stand was lying on the floor when I looked.

Aha! Now we have a lie. Think about that statement and look at the Court
Report. Understand yet? The light stand fell over alright, but when it fell,
it *broke*. He couldn't have seen a light stand on the floor. The description
of the GLASS SHARDS even says they're broken beyond recognition. Present the
shards as evidence against that statement.

White sweats some more, but he then backtracks by saying he saw the lightstand
*before* it fell. No problemo? Oh, it's a "Big problemo." Why? Because he
could not have seen the light stand before it fell over. In fact, it's
impossible to see that through the window. The Judge asks for proof. The proof
is in the FLOOR PLANS. Look at where the base of the light stand is. It's not
in the line of sight of the window, so nobody could have seen the pre-broken
light stand through the hotel window. Present the plans.

Now you have him! The only way White could have seen the light stand fall was
at the crime scene while the murder happened! Before White can confess though,
Edgeworth stops him. He decides that there is a way White could have seen the
light stand. He broke into Mia's office to place the wiretap? Oh no, your case
is starting to fall apart. One more testimony.

White's Testimony: "The Wiretapping"

-It was the beginning of September... the week before the murder.

-I had entered the Fey & Co. Law Offices.

-Of course, I had done so to place the wiretap.

-That is when I saw this glass light stand.

It may not be apparent right now what, if anything, is wrong with the
testimony. The only thing you can do is press him. Press all four of his
statements. Eventually, Phoenix will run out of cross-examining ammunition.
The Judge asks Phoenix if he wants to give up, and he submits. Just then
though, a voice talks to Phoenix. It's Mia! But how? Apparently, Maya can
channel Mia, and the power for her to do so awoke when Phoenix gave up on the
case. Mia has the final clue to beat White. The RECEIPT. The receipt is for the
light stand! And it was purchased only a day before the murder! There's no way
White could have seen it a week before the murder took place.

Go back to the courtroom. When the cross-examination begins once again, present
the receipt on the very first line of his testimony. He'll be had. White falls
to pieces, and Phoenix motions for the judge to dismiss the case. Edgeworth
objects, however, and asks that the trial be extended another day. Object!
Your objection will be denied, but you can't let this trial go another day. Mia
will step in once again and give you MIA'S MEMO. Present it to the court and
watch the fireworks.

White will now have no choice but to confess, and Phoenix Wright is innocent of
all charges.

With both you and Maya out of jail, it looks like a new partnership is born.
With Maya as your trusty assistant, there's no telling how high Phoenix Wright
can soar.

5.3 Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai

Defendant: Will Powers

Backstory: The television show "The Steel Samurai" is one of the most popular
kids' shows in the country. The Steel Samurai is no stranger to smiting
villains, but when he's accused of killing another actor on the show, the
children's hero finds himself behind bars.

New Characters:

 - Will Powers

   Will is the actor who plays the Steel Samurai on television. He's a hero to
   kid everywhere, but most wouldn't recognize him without his large steel suit
   on. Contrary to his character, he's fairly modest in nature and may have
   self-esteem issues about his looks.

 - Jack Hammer

   The victim. Jack Hammer played the Evil Magistrate, the Steel Samurai's
   arch-nemesis. He used to be the biggest star at his studio before his
   celebrity status fell and he was forced to play a mere villain to earn his

 - Wendy Oldbag

   Oldbag is a crotchety old woman with a really sour disposition. She's worked
   at the studio as a security guard for countless years, and she doesn't like
   snooping lawyer-types. She's also Jack Hammer's biggest fan.

 - Studio Assistant

   The nameless studio assistant is a friendly young woman and one of the few
   people who believes Will is innocent. She also enjoys collecting trading

 - Sal Manella

   Sal is the director of the Steel Samurai. He's a very, very strange man who
   only talks in net-speak and doesn't look like he gets out very much.

 - Dee Vasquez

   The producer of the Steel Samurai and many other programs at Global Studios.
   She is a dark and reserved woman who doesn't like to speak more than she has
   to. She's regarded as the savior of the studio after she saved it from the
   brink of collapse some years ago.

**  5.31 Day 1: Evidence Gathering  **

Time to get on the case. Anytime you want to, you can talk with Maya about what
to do at any time during the evidence-gathering process, although it's not
necessary. For now, let's go to the Detention Center.

Time to meet your client, Will Powers. Maya's a bit shocked that the man under
the Steel Samurai costume isn't as dashing as she'd imagined, and Will isn't
surprised one bit. Apparently, he doesn't think very highly of his appearance
himself. Will will run down the list of events as he knows them:
-First they ran through the action sequences at 10:00 am.
-Rehearsal was scheduled for 5:00 pm on the day of the murder.
-It was at 5:00 that the body was found on the set.
-It was Jack Hammer inside his Evil Magistrate costume, with the Samurai Spear
sticking out of his chest.

Then, ask him about the Steel Samurai and about his alibi:
-He arrived at the studio at 9:00.
-He worked the action sequences from 10:00 to noon.
-After lunch, Will took a nap in his dressing room until after 5:00.

Once you've gotten what little he knows, you'll receive directions to the
studio. Let's head there.

When you first reach the studio, you'll be stopped by Wendy Oldbag, the studio
security guard. You'll get a nasty lecture about snooping around, whether you
want it or not. Interrogate her about the studio, Will, and Jack Hammer.
Apparently, Jack was a big star until an accident five years ago. Oldbag is a
big fan of his. Now ask why she suspects that Will did the deed. She'll say
that only one man went to the studio between 1:00 and 2:30, when the murder
happened. She says that man was Will Powers. She won't budge without written
permission, so let's go back to the Detention Center.

Talk to Will about his Alibi, which contradicts the Security's lady's statement
about walking to the studio. He maintains that he was taking a nap. Ask about
the security lady to receive POWERS'S LETTER. Now, you'll be able to
investigate the studio more freely. Go back to the studio.

Present POWERS'S LETTER to Oldbag. She'll let you pass towards the studio, but
you still can't enter the employee's area yet. Meanwhile, Maya will find you a
GUIDEMAP of the studio. Now, you shouldn't get lost. Just refer to the map in
the Court Record. Move to Outside Studio One.

Here you'll bump into Detective Gumshoe. Talk to him about the investigation to
receive the AUTOPSY REPORT. Talk to him now about the reason for arrest, the
security lady, and his "decisive evidence." Apparently, there's a photograph
implicating Will. Whenever someone goes to the studio, a security camera snaps
a picture. If there really is a photo of Will entering the studio just before
the murder, you're finished! Well, no sense worrying about it yet. Let's find
more clues. First, examine the door to studio one in the back. It's locked.
Now, examine the mascot head on the ground. Gumshoe will say the wind knocked
it down yesterday. Finally, examine the camera. It's camera 307. Remember it.
Nothing left we can do yet but go back to the main gate.

Talk to Oldbag again. Question her about each subject in order, until you get
to the automatic camera. She confirms that it snaps a picture whenever someone
passes towards the studio. The data from the photos goes to her computer in the
guard station. Examine the computer. Oldbag will stop you, but it was worth a
try. Now let's sneak off to the employee area.

In here, be sure to examine the lunch plates. Then, scroll left and examine the
opened grate. Maya says that a kid could fit through there if he tried. Now,
let's enter Will's dressing room.

Snoop around as much as you like in here. When you examine Will's bag, you'll
find a CARDKEY. Aha, now you can enter Studio One. In fact, let's do that now.
Go to the employee area, then to the main gate, then to outside studio one.
Examine the door to studio one once more to use the cardkey. Now move inside.

Look around the studio. When you examine the camera, Maya will try to pick it
up. This will draw someone out, the Assistant. Fortunately, she seems to
believe that Will is innocent, so she should cooperate. Ask her about the day
of the crime, then about Will. She won't really have anything significant to
say, but she has a suspicion that someone else was around the studio that day,
someone from the outside. Hmmm. Talk to her once again about "sensing someone,"
and then go back to the main gate.

Ask Oldbag about the Assistant's claim. Once she feels threatened, Oldbag will
blow her stack and become irate. Maya slips out something about the assistant,
and Oldbag rushes away to go hunt her down. Hey, now's our chance to check the
computer. Examine the computer. When it asks for the camera number, enter 307.
Now you'll get to see Oldbag's "decisive picture" of Will Powers. Except
it's not a picture of Will Powers at all! It's a picture of the Steel Samurai!
That doesn't mean Will was wearing the suit though. Someone else could've
stolen it. We still have a case after all. The photo says "Photo #2." But
Oldbag says only one person walked by. The camera had to have gone off twice,
though. There's no other photo data in the computer however. Now you have

This is all you need for now. Let's go to court.

**  5.32 Day 2: Trial  **

Gumshoe gets on the stand first and describes the crime events as he sees them.
In the morning, there were three people in the employee area, Jack Hammer,
Will Powers, and the assistant. After lunch, Jack Hammer went to the
studio at 1:00. At 5:00, the staff went to studio one for rehearsal, where they
found the body. The time of death was 2:30. The Samurai Spear was lodged in
Jack's chest. The SAMURAI SPEAR is now added to the Court Record as the murder

Edgeworth wastes no time in calling Oldbag to the stand.

Oldbag's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-On the day of the murder, I arrived at the guard station at 1:00 PM.

-Poor old Hammer and the rest had been doing a run-through there since the

-I, well, I had some errands to run that morning.

-Anyway, it was 1:00 when I got to the guard station.

-I was at the main gate from then until 5:00!

-Now, the murder happened at 2:30 PM, right?

-Interesting to me, because a certain man walked right by me at 2:00 PM.

-It was Powers! That man right there, and he was heading toward the studio!

We already know the problem, as Phoenix said it himself at the end of
yesterday. The photo doesn't prove it was Will. You should know what to do.
Go to the last statement of her testimony, where she fingers Will, and present

Oldbag is stunned at first that she made such a mistake, but she counters by
saying of course she has proof it was Powers in the costume.

Oldbag's Testimony: "The Man in the Photo"

-I never say anything I don't mean, mind you!

-That morning, during the run-through of the action scene...

-I saw Powers trip and fall!

-He broke one of the props, it was a big mess.

-Apparently, he sprained his angle pretty bad.

-Now, look at that picture!

-You can see he's dragging his leg! See? Clear as day!

-That's how I knew it was Powers. Happy?

Phoenix says he'd better press her to find out what she's hiding. Let's do
that. PRESS her statement that Powers broke a prop. Oldbag will say it was the
Samurai Spear that broke, and she fixed it with duct tape. Now the Samurai
Spear is updated in the Court Record. Now PRESS either the second or the third
statement. If you get Phoenix to realize that the assistant was not watching
the action sequence, you've done what you're supposed to. Now that you have
info about the assistant and the spear, cycle through the testimony. If you've
done enough pressing Edgeworth will stop you.

Edgeworth will say that's enough, but the Judge wants to know what happened to
the Steel Samurai costume. Edgeworth says there's no doubt it was Powers, so
"Object." Edgeworth says Oldbag is not done with her testimony.

Oldbag's Testimony: "Witness's Account, cont."

-The time of poor Hammer's death was 2:30 PM, true?

-The only person I saw go to the studio before then was Will Powers!

-No one else went there!

-If they had, I would have seen them!

Something's not right. Do you remember what it is? The photo. It was the second
photo taken that day, so maybe someone else DID pass by. Choose the third
statement where she says nobody else went there, and present POWERS'S(?)

Oldbag acts lost for a moment, but then claims she just remembered something to
explain herself.

Oldbag's Testimony: "The Other Person"

-Every day, after I finish my guard duties, I have one other important job to

-I go through the photos recorded on the security computer and check them.

-I throw out any photos that aren't suspicious lookin', you see.

-Come to think of it, now I remember throwing out one photo that day!

This isn't too tough. We want her to spill the beans about the other photo, so
PRESS her on the last statement. She'll say it was a "fanboy" who must've got
in the studio through that grate we saw in the employee area, just a kid.

Edgeworth immediately discards the idea that a child was the murderer, as he
couldn't wield the heavy Samurai Spear. Still, this is important information,
so the Judge calls a recess. You don't have a real suspect yet, so you have to
find a way to delay the trial another day, by any means necessary.

Now, you have to accuse someone of the crime. Your choices are the assistant,
Oldbag, and the fanboy child. If you pick the wrong person, you'll be in deep
trouble. The only way you're going to create doubt in the Judge's mind is to
question the person on whom the prosecution's entire case hinges upon, Wendy
Oldbag. So choose the security lady, even though there's a good chance that
she's innocent.

Once the court realizes that Oldbag has no alibi, and that she knew about
Will's ankle injury, you have your doubt. To Phoenix's surprise, Edgeworth
doesn't object. "Press further" when it asks. Oldbag says it could have been
the grade school kid, but Phoenix says he has proof that the kid couldn't have
done it. Present the SAMURAI SPEAR. The Samurai Spear was in the hands of the
man wearing the Steel Samurai costume in the photograph, which we know was not
the boy. That proves the boy didn't do it.

Now Oldbag is pissed. She's not going to be implicated, so she spills the beans
on what she's been hiding all this time. She was told not to mention that there
were other people at the studio that day. Sounds like another testimony.

Oldbag's Testimony: "My Lips Were Sealed"

-Global Studios wanted me to keep quiet about something.

-There were... some other people at the studios on the day of the murder.

-They said they had "nothing to do with it," see?

-So they told me to just pretend they "hadn't been at the studios that day."

-But if you're going to go accusing me, I'm not letting them get away scot free

Well, well, well. The plot thickens. She's being too vague though. We need to
find out WHO these people are who were at the studio. Go to the second
statement, the one about "some other people," and PRESS her. She'll mention the
director and the producer. Apparently the director was present for the action
sequences, too, so he'd also know about Will's ankle. He then met with the
producer after the action sequence at lunchtime. They were in the Studio Two
trailer. Now you'll be asks to "continue cross-examination" or "take a break".
You have all the suspicion you need now, so go ahead and call for a break. The
judge will dismiss the case until we can question the director and producer.

**  5.33 Day 2: Evidence Gathering  **

Let's start the next day by going to the part of the studio we haven't been to
yet: Studio Two. Go to the main gate, then to outside studio one, then to
outside studio two. Here, let's examine a couple of things. First, look at the
plates. They're both empty. Maya says something feels "odd" about them. Now,
examine the door to the trailer. It's locked. Make note of other things in this
area, too. Namely, the signpost with the big "2" on it, the studio van, the
flowerbed, and the incinerator. These could all be important things to
remember. Now, let's go to the employee area.

Here, you'll find the production assistant. She's just gotten done with
boarding up the broken grate so that people can't come in anymore. She'll make
small talk and then excuse herself. Well, who says we can't touch her
handiwork? Examine the grate and then rip it open! Now, the fanboy will be able
to come back. Let's go back to the Main Gate.

Here, the assistant will be the acting security guard. Talk to her about
everything you can. She'll mention that the producer is the most important
person in the studio because she "saved" it some time ago. That's all you can
do for now. Let's head to Will's Dressing Room in the Employee Area.

Immediately upon entering, you'll be bombarded by some idiotic 1337 5p34k
(leet speak). This is Sal Manella, the director of the Steel Samurai. He's
quite... unusual, and nerdy. Sal will be quite taken by Maya's appearance, and
he says she's inspired him to make a new show called the "Pink Princess."
(Maya's line: Nick, what does "Sucksores" mean?) Question him about the day of
the murder, and he'll say he was in the studio two trailer from noon to 4:00
with the producer and the 'bigwigs'. If that's true, he has an alibi. Talk to
him now about the producer and the bigwigs. That's all we can do with him for
now, so let's leave. Go back to outside studio two.

When you get here, you'll hear a loud noise coming from inside the trailer. The
door is still locked, but there's something going on inside. Let's find a key.
Go to the main gate.

Oh no, Oldbag is back at the main gate. I don't think she's too happy that you
tried to accuse her of murder, although I can't imagine why. She mentioned that
the police let her go because she wouldn't fit into a replica Steel Samurai
costume. You can try to talk to her, but she's a bit incoherent at the moment.
Let's go to the Employee Area.

Hey, look what you have here. It's a boy with a camera. He must've come through
the grate you opened. His name is Cody Hackins, and he doesn't take kindly to
being called a kid. Talk to him. When you bring up the other day, he'll say he
"saw everything," then he'll bolt. Looks like he could be a key witness. After
Cody leaves, Maya will find something. The EMPTY BOTTLE will be put in the
Court Record. If you examine the bottle, the label says "Sleeping Pills."
Hmmmm, very interesting! Go back to the main gate.

Where's Oldbag? Ah, it looks like she's chasing after Cody. Now's your chance
to grab the key! Examine the guard station (not the computer in the guard
station but the guard station itself) to receive the TRAILER KEY. Now, go back
to Outside Studio Two and examine the trailer door to unlock it. Move inside.

Inside, you'll find a woman dressed all in black leisurely smoking. She'll say
that she's Dee Vasquez, the producer. When you try to question her, she'll only
mumble about "the script." It looks like she's not going to talk unless you
find her the script to Episode 13. Make sure to talk to her on every subject
that you can anyway. It's necessary to move forward. Once you've bugged her
enough, you'll receive VASQUEZ'S MEMO. She wants you to deliver it to Sal. So
let's go do that. Go all the way back to the dressing room.

Now, present Sal with VASQUEZ'S MEMO. He doesn't remember where he put the
script, so it's up to you to find it for yourself. Go to Inside Studio One.

Inside the studio, look at the director's chair. See the script-shaped object
sitting there? There's a good chance that it's a script, so examine the chair.
You'll receive the SCRIPT. Now, let's go back to the trailer.

Present the SCRIPT to Vasquez. Eventually, she'll start to talk about the day
of the murder. She'll say it was impossible for anyone from the trailer meeting
to have been to Studio One, where the body was. Apparently, "Mr. Monkey" was
blocking the path out of Studio Two until after 4:00, after the murder already
happened. Phoenix says that someone could've gone *before* the monkey fell, so
Vasquez addresses that too. The monkey has a clock inside it that stopped when
it broke. The time in the monkey is 2:15, meaning nobody could've left Studio
Two between 2:15 and 4:00 on that day. Since the murder happened at 2:30, that
seems to get everyone in the trailer off the hook. This piece of information is
now entered in the Court Record as MR. MONKEY'S HEAD. Phoenix suggests you just
go back to the office, so let's do that. Go back to Phoenix's Office.

Here, you'll be surprised to find another old friend. Once again, Mia has
possessed Maya's body. Mia reminds you that you do have *one* lead: the boy.
The boy said he "saw everything." Looks like you've got to go find him. Back
to the studio.

When you get back to the main gate, it seems Oldbag is too winded to chase the
boy any longer, but she says she has a "hostage." It seems like she has
something the boy would want, but if you ask her about it, she won't give it
up. Mia suggests a trade. If you talk to her some more, she'll mention wanting
to visit where Hammer died. Looks like she doesn't have a cardkey like you do.
Try presenting her with the CARDKEY. Let her borrow it, and she'll hand over
the "hostage." You'll receiver the STEEL SAMURAI CARD. Aha, a trading card.
That might get Cody on our side. Head to the employee area, then to the
dressing room to corner Cody.

Try talking to Cody. When that doesn't work, present him with the STEEL SAMURAI
CARD. To Phoenix's surprise though, Cody doesn't want it. He says he has a
double of it. "Ultra Rare" isn't good enough, so you'll have to find an
"Ultra Rare Premium" card, whatever that means. Go to the studio two trailer.

Inside the trailer, you should find the assistant. Talk to her. When you bring
up Hammer, she'll mention something that happened to him. Ask further, and
she'll keep her mouth shut. Hmm, looks like something interesting happened to
Hammer we don't know about yet. When you're done talking, present her with the
STEEL SAMURAI CARD. Believe it or not, she also collects cards, and she's
willing to trade her Ultra Rare Premium card for the one you have. That's just
what Cody wants, right? Make the trade. You now have the URP CARD. Go visit
Cody in the dressing room again.

Now, present Cody with the URP CARD. That should loosen his lips. Talk to him.
When Cody asks what you like about the Steel Samurai, say "his fighting
skills." Cody will give Mia his collection of Steel Samurai photos called
"PATH TO GLORY." It'll be entered in the Court Record. It shows pictures of the
Steel Samurai landing the "finishing blow" on all of his foes. Now it's time
to ask him about the incident. Cody says he saw the Steel Samurai kill the bad
guy with his Samurai Spear. He got scared when he saw it and then ran away.
So, the man in the Steel Samurai costume definitely did the killing, yet the
director, who might've fit in the samurai costume, has an alibi. So the only
person it could've been is... Will Powers. Yikes, this doesn't look good at all
for your case. Mia says Cody's testimony could doom Will, so we'd better not
call him to the stand. Unfortunately, Dick Gumshoe was just walking in, and he
heard everything. Now Cody is under police protection and is sure to be called
to the stand tomorrow. It looks like you're done for. Mia then asks, do you
believe Will is innocent? Tell her, "I believe." Time to get ready for court.

**  5.34 Day 3: Trial  **

Time for court, and even Mia calls Will a dead-man-walking. You've got to find
something, anything. Edgeworth is going to call Sal to the stand to prove the
people in the trailer had no way of killing Hammer.

Manella's Testimony: "The Day of the Murder"

-I was at the studios from around 9:00 that morning.

-During the morning, I was doing... umm... an action run-through.

-It took a lot more time than I thought it would.

-I hear that everyone else ate lunch in the Employee Area.

-But I had a meeting in the Studio Two trailer, so I ended up skipping lunch.

-We were in the meeting until around 4:00...

-During the meeting, well, I'm pretty sure no one left their chairs.

Sal has to be lying. The evidence isn't in your Court Record, but it is in the
Studio Two area. If you examined the area like I recommended, do you remember
something that contradicts Sal's statement? The plates! Select his statement
about "skipping lunch" and then PRESS him. Mia will ask if you find something
odd. Say "It's contradictory." That's when Phoenix will mention the plates, and
Sal will be forced to admit he had lunch outside the trailer. Now, Sal has
created another contradiction by his admission! Go to the last line of his
testimony, the part about "no one left their chairs" and PRESS him. Then when
Phoenix's mind starts working, "Press harder." Now, Sal will have to admit that
they did take a break.

Manella's Testimony: "The Break"

-Yeah, FWIW, we took a break... ROFL!

-But it was only 15 minutes! 15! That's only 13 in Base 12!

-Not enough time for someone to, say, commit murder in Studio One! LOL!

-That's only just enough time to eat a t-bone steak, if you ask me! *steams*

You don't have to present any evidence here, just press him. PRESS his first
statement, then PRESS his third statement, in that order. Edgeworth should stop
you right here to say that it's impossible for someone from Trailer Two to go
to Studio One. The Judge will ask if you're trying to claim if someone went
from Trailer Two to Trailer One. Unfortunately... Edgeworth is right, for now.
Remember the Monkey head? The path was blocked at the time of the break, so
you have to choose "No, it's impossible."

Now, the court thinks that none of the people in Studio Two have any bearing on
the case. Looks like unfortunately that Will is back to being the lone suspect.
Edgeworth now wants to go for the final nail in the coffin, Cody. Before Cody
offers his testimony, Mia suggests that you make a note of CODY'S CAMERA in the
Court Record, so you do.

Cody's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-I wanted to see a Steel Samurai rehearsal, just once.

-I found a map on the Internet, and went to the studios that day.

-I went through the woods, off the path, so that old lady wouldn't catch me.

-I was going for the studio.

-I got kinda lost on the way, though. For about 30 minutes.

-When I came out by the studio, there was the Steel Samurai!

-It totally rocked! Right before my eyes, out came the bad guy!

-Of course, the Steel Samurai took him down! Pow!

-If I had my camera with me, that woulda been the time for a shot, I tell you.

-Anyway, I couldn't get into the studio, so I went home.

Oh boy, that's a long testimony, and a very incriminating one, too. We've got
to take this kid down. Yeah, he's young, but a man's life is at stake, after
all. Sometimes you have to be mean. Does anything seem out of character for
Cody from his testimony? Look at the last line. He says he didn't bring his
camera, but doesn't he always have his camera with him? And doesn't he always
like to take pictures of the "finishing blow"? It doesn't make sense that he
would be without his camera. Present CODY'S CAMERA against the last line of his

Cody admits that he lied. He did have his camera, but he was too distracted to
take a picture.

Cody's Testimony: "What I saw"

-Y-yeah, I had my camera with me.

-But I was glued to the action! I couldn't take my eyes off it!

-The Steel Samurai, he goes for the bad guy... wham!

-Then... then the bad guy stopped moving!

-He's so strong! The Steel Samurai rules!

Cody still isn't being totally honest. Hasn't he been very vague when talking
about the murder itself? PRESS the second to last statement, the one about the
bad guy not moving. He'll give a vague account of punching and kicking being
involved, but that probably isn't right. Make Phoenix "Press harder." Now
Phoenix will insinuate that Cody didn't see a stabbing at all. Now the Judge
will ask Phoenix why Cody couldn't see the climax of the fight. Think back to
something Cody said earlier. His camera is new, and he hasn't figured out how
to use it properly yet! So he must've been fumbling with the camera after he
saw the Steel Samurai. Choose "Show evidence" and present CODY'S CAMERA once
again. You've exposed Cody's lie! He confesses, and now he has to reword his

Cody's Testimony: "No Photo?"

-Yeah, you're right, pops.

-The Steel Samurai had just escaped from the clutches of the villain.

-So I held up my camera to take a picture!

-But the lens wouldn't open in time, so I missed it.

-Th-That's all that happened. Yup.

That's it? Once he got the camera working, surely he would've taken at least
one picture of his hero, even if he did miss the killing blow. After all, he
came all that way to see him. Select the last statement, where Cody says,
"That's all that happened." PRESS it. Then "Press him hard."

Phoenix accuses Cody of taking a picture after all, and Cody confesses! Cody
changes the last line of his testimony to reflect this.

-I took a few shots, but it was too late, so I erased 'em.

Would Cody really erase his pictures? Why wouldn't Cody keep a picture of a
victorious Steel Samurai, after he came all this way to see him? It doesn't
make sense. Remember, Cody has a collection of photos! Select Cody's last
statement again about the photos, and present "PATH TO GLORY," Cody's book of
pictures. If Cody really did have a *perfect* collection of every victory by
the Steel Samurai, he should have a photo from that day.

Now, Phoenix and Mia realize the shocking moment of truth. There is a reason
why there's no victory picture from that day in Cody's "perfect" album. Have
you figured it out yet? When the Judge asks why Cody erased the pictures, tell
him the real truth. "The Steel Samurai didn't win."

That's why Cody lied! He couldn't handle the idea that the Steel Samurai lost
a fight. His hero never loses. The truth which Cody had been in denial over
causes him to burst into tears and finally admit it. The Steel Samurai fell
down and stopped moving. If Cody's testimony is the truth, then the man in the
Samurai costume was not the killer! Phoenix says they've made an error. The
error is that "Steel Samurai was the victim."

The man in the Steel Samurai costume wasn't Will Powers, it was Jack Hammer!
In fact, all of the evidence fits. Everyone *assumed* that Hammer went to the
studio at 1:00, but nobody actually saw him, and the security camera wasn't on
yet. And, he also knew about Will's sprained ankle, so he'd know to limp once
he got in the Samurai costume. He could have waited after lunch instead, stolen
Will's costume, and limped past the camera towards the studio area.

Unfortunately... Phoenix doesn't have an explanation as to why Jack Hammer
would do something like that. Cody's relieved though, to hear that it wasn't
the real Steel Samurai in the costume. He shares that he did save one photo
from the incident. Look at Cody's photo.

The Judge says it's impossible to say who is the Steel Samurai in the photo,
and Phoenix agrees. However, Mia stops you. There's a monumentally important
detail about the picture, something that contradicts very important evidence
in the case. Can you find it? Look carefully. At the top of the picture. It's
partly cut off, but look at the part of the studio gate. It's half of the
number "2." Meaning... the Steel Samurai was at Studio Two! The people in the
trailer got off the hook by saying they couldn't get to Studio One because of
the blocked path. However, what if they didn't need to cross the blocked path
in order to murder Jack Hammer at 2:30? If he was at Studio Two, that makes
everyone in the trailer a suspect again. Point to the number "2" in the photo
and present it to knock the court off its feet.

Edgeworth gets it right away, but the Judge is clueless. Phoenix will bring out
the guidemap. Point out the TRUE location of the murder. Point to "Studio 2"
and present it. Phoenix will say this is significant because... pick "The
trailer is there." If Sal Manella and Dee Vasquez were really outside the
trailer at 2:30, that puts them at the very scene of the crime.

Phoenix then proclaims the defense's new claims:
-The scene of the crime was Studio Two.
-The man Ms. Oldbag saw walk by the main gate was Jack Hammer, the victim.
-Mr. Hammer, for some reason, stole a Steel Samurai costume, then he went to
Studio Two.

Edgeworth points out one flaw though. Why would Hammer steal the costume? He
wouldn't want to cover up the details of his own murder. Edgeworth wants proof
that he stole the costume. And actually, you DO have proof. Say "I have proof."
It's a piece of evidence that has not yet been discussed in court or anywhere
else. The Bottle. It was a bottle of "sleeping pills," and it was found by the
lunch plates of Jack and Will. The reason Will took a nap is because he was
drugged by Jack. That allowed Jack to steal his costume. Present the EMPTY

Then, when the Judge says that doesn't prove who did the drugging, say,
"Fingerprint the bottle." If Jack really did steal the costume, his prints will
be on the bottle.

The Judge will collect the bottle and end court for the day. The Judge wants
Phoenix to answer this: "Why would Mr. Hammer steal the Steel Samurai costume?"
Also, "who killed him, and why?" Only one more trial day left.

**  5.35 Day 3: Evidence Gathering  **

Alright, this is the last day to collect clues, so make it count. You can talk
to Maya about the case, and she'll be shocked at almost everything you say,
because she was unaware of everything that was discovered while Mia was in
Maya's body. When you're ready, go visit Will at the Detention Center.

You know what to do. Talk to Will about everything he knows. An interesting
fact will come up. Jack stopped doing big roles around the same time that
Dee Vasquez came to Global Studios. Head to the Main Gate at Global now.

Have a conversation with Oldbag. When you drop Hammer's name, she'll get fairly
pissed off that you called him a thief in court. There's not much to do with
her right now, so head to the Employee Area.

Talk to Detective Gumshoe. He should test Will's plate for traces of the
sleeping pills right then and there. The test is positive, so you'll add the
STEAK PLATE to the Court Record. After you talk to him about Edgeworth, the
conversation will turn back to the sleeping pills. They confirmed that Jack's
prints were on the bottle, and you'll get the SLEEPING PILL BOTTLE back in your
Court Record. Now, go to the dressing room.

The assistant is here, and she has bad news for Maya. The Steel Samurai is
getting cancelled. Talk to her about Hammer, and she'll have some disturbing
information. Apparently, Vasquez has some "dirt" on Jack, related to an
accident that happened at Studio Two five years ago. Talk to her about the
last episode, then about the studio policy. When Maya wants Phoenix to prove
how much kids look up to the Steel Samurai, present the assistant with
"PATH TO GLORY," Cody's book. This convinces the girl that she needs to
cooperate with Phoenix if they want any chance of saving children's programming
at the studios. Now ask her about five years ago. Apparently, Jack accidentally
killed someone on the set five years ago, and Vasquez helped cover it up. She
blackmailed Jack to keep quiet, and made him do anything she wanted. Oldbag
might know more details. Go back to the main gate.

Talk to Oldbag, and ask her about five years ago. She won't talk unless you
have proof that Hammer stole Powers's costume. Say "I have proof" and then
present her with the STEAK PLATE. Now she'll talk. Apparently, a paparazzi
took a photo of the fatal accident five years ago. According to Oldbag, Vasquez
used mafia ties to silence the paparazzi. Then, Oldbag will hand you a photo.
It's the photo of the accident. A man fell from the trailer balcony onto the
spiked fence surrounding the flower bed and died. Oldbag gives you the
FIVE-YEAR-OLD PHOTO and adds it to your Court Record. Perhaps she is on your
side after all. Now, go to Outside Studio Two.

Miss Vasquez is outside the trailer. You can try to talk to her, but she'll
just ignore you. She's more interested in the clouds. There's one way to get
her attention for sure though. Present her with the FIVE-YEAR-OLD PHOTO. Now
she'll want to talk with you... inside the trailer. Might as well follow her.

When you get inside, she'll be very eager to talk all of a sudden. Phoenix will
confront her about the blackmail deal, and Vasquez won't deny it. She will say
though, that it wasn't an accident. Jack Hammer killed that man on purpose, and
in addition... there's only one copy of the photo in existence. She wants it,
too. In fact, she's caught you in a trap! Her goons appear out of nowhere and
threaten you. There's no way she's not getting that photo back. Before they can
do anything though, Gumshoe comes to the rescue! Phew, that was a close one.

Dee Vasquez is a bad woman, and you'll have your chance to prove it in court.

**  5.36 Day 4: Trial  **

It's the last day, and Edgeworth wastes no time calling Dee Vasquez to the

Vasquez's Testimony: "The Day of the Murder"

-I entered the trailer, oh, a little before noon.

-The meeting began at 12:00 sharp. It ended at 4:00.

-There was to be a rehearsal afterwards, so we went to Studio One...

-I was fatigued, so I had Sal take me.

-At 2:30, we took a 15-minute break in the meeting.

-Sal and I ate t-bone steaks on the table in front of the trailer.

-We found Hammer's body later, when we all went to Studio One.

After the testimony and before the cross-examination, the Judge will ask how
Sal "took" Dee. Then, she mentions the studio van. The VAN is added to the
Court Record.

There's definitely something wrong with her testimony. You know the murder took
place during the 15-minute break, so you have to find a hole in her alibi. She
claims she was eating a t-bone steak. Now, you have to think a little outside
the box and use certain evidence for a purpose other than what it was
originally intended for. Jack and Will both ate t-bone steaks that same day in
the employee area. Their plates were left untouched. Likewise, the plates on
the table outside the trailer were left untouched as well. However, if you
examined the plates like I suggested, you might have noticed a key difference
between the plates in the employee area and the plates at Studio Two. Jack and
Will left the *bone* on their plate, as would anyone who ate a t-bone steak.
Dee's and Sal's plates were *clean*, leaving no bone. Show Vasquez the fatal
error in her meal alibi by presenting the STEAK PLATE on the second-to-last
statement of her testimony, the line about t-bone steaks.

When Phoenix says he can explain this, choose "You didn't eat the steak." Then,
when the judge asks what she DID do with her break, choose "Meeting the Steel
Samurai." Let's try to prove Vasquez was directly responsible for Jack's death.

Vasquez will then point out that the murder weapon was the Samurai Spear, which
a petite woman wouldn't be able to wield. How could she use it? Unfortunately,
she's right. There's no possible way she could use it. Say "You couldn't, could
you." That doesn't matter because... the Spear wasn't the murder weapon!

In fact, you can prove that the Spear isn't the murder weapon. Read the
description of the spear. It was mended with duct tape. How could you put
deadly force into something that was held together by duct tape, especially
when the victim was wearing *armor*? Present the SAMURAI SPEAR as proof.

So, if the Spear was not the murder weapon, what was? Can you show the court?
Actually... you can. Say "I can tell you." There is one other deadly weapon
by the Studio Two trailer, and we know it was deadly because it's already been
used to kill someone... five years ago. Present the FIVE-YEAR-OLD PHOTO to the

Now watch Phoenix unravel the mystery. Dee Vasquez pushed Jack Hammer off the
balcony of the Studio Two trailer onto the flowerbed fence, just like Jack did
to someone else five years ago. The result was a puncture in the chest which
was mistaken for a stabbing with a spear.

The next question Vasquez asks is how she could possibly move a body to
Studio One during that 15-minute break if she did indeed kill him then. Say
"She had another way." Now, show how she carried the body. There's only one
way. Present the VAN to the court.

Vasquez moved the body to Studio One and put it into the Evil Magistrate
costume via the studio van. However, Edgeworth reminds you that Sal Manella was
driving the van. Was he a conspirator? Choose "Of course he was." After all,
that's a lot of work for a small woman.

Vasquez says she admits defeat, but it can't be that simple. Aha, she says you
only proved it was possible for her to kill Jack Hammer. There's still no
*decisive proof* though. Ask her to testify again. It won't seem to work, but
just when all seems lost, Edgeworth objects. Edgeworth? Yes, he seems intent on
hurting his own case. He asks her to testify on what happened *after* they
found the body. Here we go again.

Vasquez's Testimony: "After Finding the Body"

-I was with Sal and Oldbag, the security lady, when we found the body.

-The assistant was there, too. Only Powers was absent.

-I immediately called the police. Then Powers showed up.

-The security lady, Oldbag, was quite agitated. Pointing at Powers, saying
"he did it!"

-I asked to be left out of the proceedings.

-I went back to the trailer to get my script and direction notes.

-Then I went home.

There may not seem a blatantly provable lie in there yet. The only thing we
can do is press. PRESS the second-to-last statement, the one about the script
and direction notes. Then "Press harder."

Vasquez will say she didn't bring her notes because she didn't think there
would be a rehearsal. When asked why she thought that, she said because there
had been a murder. Aha, did you catch the contradiction? Unfortunately,
Phoenix won't even get a chance to catch it, because Edgeworth objects as soon
as he realizes how she incriminated herself. By not bringing her script, it
meant that she knew about the murder before going to Studio One!

Vasquez then backpeddles and changes the last sentence of her testimony.

-I knew that Hammer was injured and couldn't do any action scenes, so I left
them behind.

Do you see how she slipped up again? She said HAMMER was injured, but it was
POWERS who injured his ankle. Why would she think Hammer was the one injured
though? Because she saw Hammer limping in the Steel Samurai outfit! Present
POWERS'S(?) PHOTO to beat her testimony into the ground. Then, offer the
explanation "You saw Hammer limping." Now you have her! You proved she met
Hammer while he was wearing the Steel Samurai outfit.

Vasquez offers one last scrap of defense. She says there is no motive. She had
nothing to gain from killing Hammer. Can you prove she had a motive? Say, "Of
course I can prove it!" Now remember. What was the key thing that Vasquez and
Hammer had in common? The incident five years ago. It's the only source for
explanation. Present the FIVE-YEAR-OLD PHOTO to the court.

Phoenix will explain the blackmail scandal. Jack was driven to shame for the
incident, and Vasquez made him into a puppet. However, that still doesn't
explain why Vasquez would want to kill Jack Hammer. If anything, it's a motive
for him to kill her. So when the judge asks you to reveal evidence of Vasquez's
motive, instead of showing evidence, say "She had no motive."

That's right. SHE had no motive, but we've proven that Jack Hammer did have a
motive to kill her. Jack Hammer died... because Dee Vasquez killed him in

Now the picture is clear. Jack Hammer intended to kill Dee Vasquez. He drugged
Will Powers and took his suit to cover his tracks. He tried to pin his planned
murder on Will, and when he got to the trailer, Dee killed him before he could
kill her.

Dee Vasquez finally has no more legs to stand on. She confesses to the killing
of Jack Hammer, and Will Powers is exhonorated of the charges.

One last thing. Will asks you why Jack would want to frame him for murder.
Choose "Show evidence" and present him with a picture of the Steel Samurai,
that is POWERS'S(?) PHOTO. Jack was jealous, jealous that his star had fallen
and that Will was worshipped now as the Steel Samurai.

That closes the curtain on this case.

5.4 Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes

Defendant: Miles Edgeworth

Backstory: It's Christmas Eve. Two men are standing on a boat in the middle of
Gourd Lake. They know each other from 15 years ago. One of them says it's the
perfect opportunity for revenge. A gun is fired, and then one of the men falls
into the lake. The man still standing in the boat is Miles Edgeworth, holding
a gun in his hand. Miles is then arrested a little while later, charged with

New Characters:

 - Lotta Hart

   Lotta is the main witness to the murder on Gourd Lake. She's a Southern
   girl, and she claims she's camping on Gourd Lake because she's doing
   research for her university on meteor showers.

 - Robert Hammond

   The victim. Not much is known about his connection to Edgeworth or anyone
   else for that matter. ...yet.

 - Gregory Edgeworth

   Miles Edgeworth's deceased father. He was once a very gifted defense
   attorney until his life ended before its time. Does he have some connection
   to the case?

 - Manfred von Karma

   Von Karma is the most feared prosecuting attorney in the district, maybe
   even the most feared attorney in the entire country. They say he's never
   lost a case, ever, and he'll stoop to any level to keep his record perfect.
   He was at one point Edgeworth's mentor, though ironically he is now the one
   trying to convict Edgeworth of murder.

 - "Uncle"

   There is a forgetful and mentally unstable old man that lives in the Boat
   Rental Shop on Gourd Lake. He might know something about the murder, but
   is he even fit to take the stand? And is there a deeper secret to his true

**  5.41 Day 1: Evidence Gathering  **

As we come across Maya and Phoenix, Maya is in search of a place where she can
continue her spirit training, because her skills are getting rusty. Meanwhile
on the television, a news reporter tells of a monster sighting in Gourd Lake.
People from all around are trying to catch a glimpse of what they are calling
"Gourdy," a water creature akin to the Loch Ness Monster. Suddenly, the tv
springs to life with a new story. There's been a murder at Gourd Lake, and the
primary suspect is Edgeworth. It looks like you have to help him. Head down to
the Detention Center.

When you meet Edgeworth, he'll be none too happy to see you. Talk to him
anyway about what happened and Gourd Lake. He won't tell you anything. Present
him with your ATTORNEY'S BADGE as an offer to represent him. He'll refuse your
service. Now talk to him, and ask him if he did it. He'll once again not want
to talk about it, and this time he'll leave the room. Let's just move on to
Gourd Lake for now.

At the entrance, you'll meet Detective Gumshoe, who's more firey than usual.
He really looks up to Edgeworth, so he's on your side this time. Talk to him
about everything you can from the murder to the witness. Eventually, he will
have to go back to the police station, and he'll ask if you need something from
him before he goes. It doesn't matter which answer you choose. Either way,
he'll give you directions to the police station. Now move to Gourd Lake Public

Once you get to the beach area, Maya will notice a hotdog stand endorsed by the
Steel Samurai. Examine the object sitting on the bench to receive a POPPER.
Nothing else to do here yet, so go to the Woods area.

Here, you'll find a camp set up. Nobody's around, so examine the camera. The
camera takes pictures when triggered by a noise. You should automatically use
the POPPER to set off the camera. Unfortunately, it was too effective and used
up an entire roll of film. The noise will alert the owner of the camera who
will come out and not be pleased with what you've done. She won't talk to you
when she's angry like this, so present your ATTORNEY'S BADGE. She'll tell you
her name is Lotta Hart. Talk to her about what she knows. She'll mention that
her camera is programmable, and she has it set to go off with loud noises.
LOTTA'S CAMERA will be entered into the Court Record. Go ahead and present
her own camera back to her, and Phoenix will ask if a gunshot could set off
the camera. Lotta will go check her film in the SUV for you, so let's come
back later after she's done that. Head back towards the entrance, then to
Criminal Affairs.

You can visit the Boat Rental Shop from the beach if you like, but there isn't
anything to do there today.

Once you get to the police station, talk to Detective Gumshoe. Ask him about
the victim, the meeting, then about trusting Edgeworth. Finally, you can
receive the AUTOPSY REPORT from him. Maya looks at the photo of the victim, and
she says she might recognize him from somewhere. Now head back to Gourd Lake

Lotta will be done checking her pictures, and she'll mention that the camera
went off twice on the night of the murder. The first photo shows two
silhouettes in a boat, one holding a gun. Fog conceals the identity of the two
men though. When she asks if she should tell the cops that she's a witness,
tell her either answer. It doesn't matter. Either way, Lotta is going to go to
the police, excited about the idea of testifying in court. The LAKE PHOTO is
added to your Court Record. Go back to the Gourd Lake Public Beach.

Here, you'll bump into a familiar face. It's Larry. He's the one running the
hotdog stand at the lake. Talk to Larry. He'll react when you mention Edgeworth
and act surprised. It's then that Maya learns about how Edgeworth, Phoenix, and
Larry were all in the same grade school class. That must be how Phoenix says
he knew Edgeworth in the past. You learn that Edgeworth once idolized his
father, who was a defense attorney, because he wanted to defend the weak. Now,
he's a prosecuting attorney, so what made him change his mind? Talk to him
about Gourdy, and he'll show you the article that started Gourdy-mania. A
couple was taking a picture by the lake and something in the water got into the
shot. This has been interpretted to be a lake monster. The couple also mentions
hearing a loud "bang" at the time of the picture. Hmmm. You'll receive the
GOURDY ARTICLE for your Court Record. Let's go back to Phoenix's Office now.

Back at the office, Maya will ask to see the photo in the autopsy report again.
Suddenly, she'll remember who he is. He's a lawyer who knew Mia and Grossberg.
Grossberg? Maybe he knows something about it. Now, Grossberg's Office will be
accessable. Move there. Make small talk with him about the incident and his
still-missing painting, then present him with the AUTOPSY REPORT. The name of
the victim is Robert Hammond. He was a lawyer in Grossberg's office. Talk to
Grossberg about Hammond. He'll mention that Hammond was the defense lawyer in
the DL-6 Incident. The DL-6 Incident, if you'll remember, was the case where
they used Mia's and Maya's mother, a medium, to try and solve a murder, but
the person fingered ended up being found innocent. Ask him now about DL-6.
There was never a conviction in that case, and Misty Fey was called a fraud.
Maya asks what DL-6 might have to do with Edgeworth, and Grossberg says that
the victim in the DL-6 incident was Gregory Edgeworth, Miles Edgeworth's
father! Grossberg gives you MISTY FEY'S PHOTO. He says if you show this to
Edgeworth, he might talk. Let's go back to the detention center.

You know what to do here. Present Edgeworth with MISTY FEY'S PHOTO. There's
no point in Edgeworth hiding now. Talk to him about the DL-6 Incident.
Edgeworth saw his father shot and killed right before his very eyes, although
many details about the event are foggy to him. One man was arrested for the
murder, and he was clearly the most likely suspect. Misty Fey even compounded
the case against this suspect by fingering him. But Robert Hammond got him off
the hook for the murder. Although the case remains unsolved, the Statute of
Limitations for a case only lasts 15 years. After that, the file is sealed
forever. And the Statue of Limitations for the DL-6 Incident just happens to
run out in three days. Talk to him about the suspect. He'll say he went into
hiding after the case was over, and nobody has seen him since. Talk about his
father. Edgeworth won't want to talk about him. Present him with the LAKE PHOTO
to press him about the murder. He'll finally admit he is innocent, although he
can't explain the evidence against him. Then, he will ask Phoenix to defend him
in court. Be magnanimous and "Of course we will." Edgeworth will send you off
with EDGEWORTH'S REQUEST and tell you to give it to Detective Gumshoe. Before
you leave, a small earthquake will rock the detention center. Maya and Phoenix
are fine, but it will send Edgeworth cowering. Maybe he has a fear of
earthquakes. Move to the Criminal Affairs Department.

Present Gumshoe with EDGEWORTH'S REQUEST. Gumshoe will be grateful, and that
will just about do it for evidence gathering for today.

**  5.42 Day 2: Trial  **

At the trial, Edgeworth will mention that he knows the prosecuting attorney
very well. Manfred von Karma was a mentor of sorts to Edgeworth, and von Karma
has never lost a case in his entire career. That may be partially attributed to
the fact that he will do anything to win, even illegal things. Phoenix will
ask if Mia is going to help out, but Maya says she's gotten too rusty to
summon Mia.

Gumshoe will start by describing the events as he knows them. There was a
single boat out on the lake when two gunshots were heard at 12:10 AM. Lotta
Hart heard the gunshots. Then, the boat returned to the boat rental area.
The OVERHEAD MAP will be added to your Court Record. Now, Gumshoe will testify.

Gumshoe's Testimony: "The Arrest of Edgeworth"

-A man called into the station about 30 minutes after midnight.

-We headed to the scene of the crime as fast as we could.

-That's where we found Mr. Edgeworth.

-Now, I didn't suspect him of anything at all.

-But... the next morning, a body was found in the lake.

-So we had to arrest Mr. Edgeworth.

You're not trying to expose lies in this testimony. Gumshoe is cooperative. The
only thing you can do is squeeze more information out of him. PRESS the second-
to-last statement, the one about finding the body. Gumshoe will say the victim
was fatally shot in the heart. The PISTOL BULLET will enter the Court Record.
Now press the final statement, the one about arresting Edgeworth. Gumshoe will
mention something about the murder weapon. The Judge will then ask Gumshoe to
revise that part of his testimony, so he will.

-The murder weapon we found in the boat was decisive evidence.

Now PRESS his revised statement. Gumshoe will say the weapon is decisive
evidence because the pistol had fingerprints from Edgeworth's right hand. The
PISTOL will be entered into the Court Record.

Once you have heard about both the bullet and the pistol, von Karma will stop
the testimony. Now, we'll learn that the ballistic markings from the bullet
match those from the pistol. Ballistic markings are the markings that come off
on a bullet when it's fired from a gun barrel. By looking at a gun barrel and
looking at a bullet, you can tell if the bullet was fired from the gun, like
fingerprints. So the bullet in the victim we know came from a specific pistol,
and that pistol has Edgeworth's fingerprints on it. Now, it's time for a short
recess before Lotta testifies.

During the recess, Edgeworth doesn't have much explanation for Phoenix. He
admits he was standing in that boat, but he didn't shoot him. He heard a
gunshot and saw the other man in the boat fall overboard. Phoenix will ask if
Maya had any luck calling Mia, but she hasn't. Maya will say she feels useless.
Tell her "No, I need you here." Now, it's time for Lotta's testimony.

Lotta's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-It was Christmas Eve, just after midnight, I reckon.

-I was in my car.

-I heard this "bang" come up from the lake.

-When I looked out the window, I saw two gents in a boat.

-Then, there was another "bang"...

-There wasn't nary a thing on the lake but that boat.

Before you start cross-examination, von Karma will challenge you. He says you
have to find a contradiction, or he'll find you in contempt. Maya will ask if
there was a contradiction. Say "I think there was."

Now, start pressing. No matter which statement you press, von Karma will
object and say the questions are meaningless. Do it anyway. You need to press
every statement except for the first one. Some of them will ask you to "Press
further." Do that. Once you've thoroughly pressed Lotta, you won't be able to
ask anymore questions, and the Judge will try to declare a verdict right then.
Maya will then object. She says that there's no way she could have actually
seen Edgeworth fire the pistol. To which Lotta yells that she swears she saw
him. The Judge will try to find Phoenix in contempt and have him escorted out.
Then, Maya will take credit for the outburst. Von Karma will say the only thing
left is to declare the verdict. Say "Wrong." Lotta just changed her testimony
when she said she saw him, and Phoenix has the right to cross-examine her
again. Maya is escorted from the courtroom for her outburst, and you get to
cross-examine again.

Lotta's Testimony: "That Last Statement"

-I saw it clear as day. The man on the boat was Mr. Edgeworth.

That's the whole testimony. So at least you know which statement to press. You
have to find a contradiction here. Now that Lotta has admitted that she SAW
something instead of HEARD something, can we contradict it? Absolutely.
Anything Lotta might have seen, her camera would have seen. So look at the
photo. It's too foggy to make out anything. Let's see how she can explain how
she saw what her camera could not. Present the LAKE PHOTO. Now she has to try
and explain.

Lotta's Testimony: "How Edgeworth Was Seen"

-Yer right. It was a cold night, and the fog was thick as grits.

-So, once I was finished getting up my camera, I got back in my car.

-Still, I brought my binoculars with me.

-When I heard that noise out on the lake, I looked with my binoculars.

Binoculars? This is the first she's mentioned anything about binoculars. Why
would she bring them in the first place, if she was looking for shooting stars?
Press her about the binoculars. This will start discussion of the camera, which
von Karma will warn you not to ask about if it's not relevant. "Press further"
anyway. She will revise the third statement of her testimony.

-The camera was set up to take pictures of a meteor shower.

Actually... it wasn't. Think about it. If she wanted to see meteors, why was
the camera pointed at the lake? And for that matter, why would she look at
stars from a foggy lake bed anyway? This is highly suspicious. Highlight that
statement about the meteor shower, and present LOTTA'S CAMERA as contradictory
evidence. Phoenix will say she wasn't at the lake to see meteors at all. When
the Judge asks what she was doing instead, "Show evidence." Now, show them what
Lotta was really after that night. Think. The camera was pointed at the lake.
What's interesting about the lake? Present the GOURDY ARTICLE.

Lotta says you can't prove she was interested in Gourdy. Or can you? Choose
"I have proof." Is there another connection between Gourdy and Lotta that you
can draw? Remember what the article said about Gourdy being accompanied by a
loud "bang." And how was Lotta's Camera set up? To react to loud bangs! She
set her camera up that way to capture Gourdy. Present LOTTA'S CAMERA as proof.

Now Lotta admits that she was there for Gourdy. However, she still says her
testimony is proof of Edgeworth's guilt. Let's hear her revised testimony to
see if that's really true.

Lotta's Testimony: "Lotta's New Testimony"

-Actually, I'm not a research student at a university.

-I'm an investigative photographer.

-Imagine what a scoop it'd be if I got a picture of that monster!

-That's why I was camping out by the lake.

-But, that's all I was hiding.

-When I heard the "bang" I looked right straight out at that lake.

-There wasn't much else to look at, so I just watched that boat the whole time.

-Then I saw a flash, near one of the men's hands, and I heard another gunshot.

So, Lotta's motive for being by the lake is different now. How does that change
her testimony? Well, she says she looked at the boat the whole time. However,
if she was looking for Gourdy, wouldn't she have been scanning the lake for him
rather than staring at the boat? After all, Gourdy lives in the water, just
like he's shown in the article. Highlight the statement about watching the boat
the entire time, then present the GOURDY ARTICLE once again.

Now, Lotta is done. She admits that she was scanning the lake, and because of
that, she didn't see anything going on in the boat. However, Lotta mentions
something about the photograph. Von Karma cuts her off in mid-sentence, as if
he doesn't want her finishing the thought. Then, Phoenix remembers that Gumshoe
mentioned Lotta would get her photo enlarged. "Make her show the enlargement."

Von Karma will object, but it's no good. Lotta will show the enlargement to
the court. In the photo, you still cannot see any faces, but you can definitely
see that someone is firing a gun. And, there's a key difference about that
photo. There's a reason von Karma wanted to keep it hidden, because it helps
your case. The LAKE PHOTO has been updated.

With the Judge not seeing anything strange about the photo, he's prepared to
declare a verdict... again. If you just stand by, Edgeworth will be guilty, so
"Object to the enlargement." Now, in order to delay Edgeworth's guilt, you have
to point out the problem with the new photo. Do you see it? Remember the
description of the Pistol. It has fingerprints from Edgeworth's right hand.
Now, look at the photo. The shooter... is firing the gun with his left hand!
That means the shooter can't be Edgeworth! Point to the shooter's HAND and
hit Present. Now, the Judge asks what the photo contradicts. Present the PISTOL
to the court.

It appears that there's no way the shooter could be Edgeworth. If that's true,
though, von Karma asks who shot the victim then? You don't really have a good
idea, but you have to answer. Edgeworth, you might remember, could only see
suicide as a possible answer, so choose "The victim himself" and see what
happens. Von Karma will say it's impossible, because he found out that the
victim was shot from a full meter away. The AUTOPSY REPORT will be updated to
reflect this new data.

Given the confusion of the strong evidence in favor of and against Edgeworth,
the Judge adjorns the trial for the day. Well, that's better than a guilty
verdict. You'll get a copy of LOTTA'S DEPOSITION for the Court Record, but
the only thing that wasn't stricken from the record was that she heard two

**  5.43 Day 2: Evidence Gathering  **

Now it's time to do some more clue-hunting. You'll start in the detention
center, facing young Maya, who took a contempt charge to help your case. Talk
to her a little bit, but that's all you can really do here for now. You can
also show her some of your evidence for comments, but it's not necessary. Let's
just head down to Gourd Lake Woods.

Here, you'll bump into Detective Gumshoe. Talk to him about everything he can
before he leaves. He mentions that von Karma is going to bring in his second
witness. He also says that Edgeworth wanting to be a prosecutor, his hate of
crime, and his fear of earthquakes all stemmed from DL-6. Now, let's go back
to the Detention Center.

Nothing to do here but pick up Maya, who is ready to leave as her bail has been
paid for by Edgeworth. Take her and head back to Gourd Lake Entrance.

At the entrance, Lotta bumps into you. No hard feelings just because she tried
to send an innocent man to jail for her 15 minutes of fame, right? Right.
Anyway, talk to her, and she'll mention that she wants to make it up to you.
Of course, her idea of making it up isn't free. When she asks if you want to
deal for her information, "Deal." She wants evidence, evidence that Gourdy
either does or does not exist. Looks like that's your mission. Head to the
Public Beach.

At the beach, there will be something new. There's a gigantic, inflatable
Steel Samurai by the hotdog stand. Talk to Larry. He mentions that he's had
the big samurai for a month, but he wasn't up yesterday because the compressor
was broken. Let's go back to the Criminal Affairs department to see if Gumshoe
can help at all.

Talk to the detective about the investigation and then about Gourdy. He'll do
anything to help Edgeworth, so he'll loan you a 'secret weapon.' You have three
choices of items: a police dog, a fishing pole, and a metal detector. The
correct choice is the METAL DETECTOR. Although I will mention that you can get
a comedic moment if you take the police dog to meet Larry. You can always
exchange items later. Anyway, once you have the metal detector, go to Gourd
Lake. More specifically, head to the Boat Rental Shop.

Once you arrive in the area of the boat shop, the metal detector will start
going off. Maya will look in the bushes for what's causing the ruckus. It's a
broken air tank surrounded by a string of flags. Interesting. Now you have the
AIR TANK. Go back to the Public Beach.

Do the flags on the air tank look familiar? They're just like the ones that
adorn the hotdog stand. Present the AIR TANK to Larry to see if he can explain
what the deal is. Ask him, "Is it yours?" Larry will try to deny that it's his.
When he asks why he would have such a thing, say "To inflate something." Then,
when he admits it, "ask more about the tank." So, because the compressor was
broken, Larry tried to inflate the Steel Samurai with an air tank. The valve
on the tank busted and made a loud noise. The result was that the tank and the
Steel Samurai balloon took off like a rocket. Now, talk about the 'flying air
tank.' Larry finally found the Steel Samurai balloon floating on the lake on
the night of the murder. Hmm, maybe that means Larry knows something else,
whether he realizes it or not. Regardless though, you know all you need to tell
Lotta. Go to Gourd Lake Woods.

Talk to Lotta about Gourdy. When she asks if you found anything, tell her the
sad and heart-breaking truth. "Gourdy doesn't exist." Say that the proof he
doesn't exist "is here." Now present her with the real "Gourdy." Present her
with the AIR TANK. You see, the picture of Gourdy in the tourist photo was
the Steel Samurai balloon crashing into the lake, and the "loud bang" was none
other than the valve on the air tank blowing. Lotta's heart breaks, but as she
promised, she'll give you the information. Ask her, and she says that the
second witness to the crime is the owner of the boat rental shop. Also, she has
one other thing to give you. Remember how her camera clicked twice on the night
of the murder? She gives you the SECOND LAKE PHOTO that was taken on that
night. It's just a blank photo, and it is timestamped at 11:50 PM. Well, now
that you know someone is in the boat rental shop, head over there. Then, move
inside the caretaker's shack.

Inside the shack, a very odd and tipsy man will greet you, calling Maya "Meg"
and Phoenix "Keith." He also seems to think that his boat shop is a restraunt
called the "Wet Noodle." He also has a parrot named Polly. He might seem
a bit crazy and incomprehensible, but talk to him anyway. After that, you
unfortunately have to crush his little fantasy about Meg and Keith. Present him
with your ATTORNEY'S BADGE to show your true identity. He now knows that you're
not Keith and Meg, but he'll cooperate. "Promise to run the Noodle" anyway.
Now, you need to get him to talk about the murder. Present the LAKE PHOTO. Now
ask him "what he saw." He'll say he heard a bang. Then, he went outside and
heard another bang. At the same time, he saw a man fall out of the boat. Now,
examine Polly, the parrot. PARROT will be added to your Court Record. Polly
knows lots of things, but you have to say the secret word first. Now, talk to
the old man about Polly. Maya will ask Polly the combination to the safe, to
which she'll squawk "1228." Phoenix and Maya are about to leave, but Maya says
one more thing. She asks Polly if they've forgotten anything, to which Polly
replies, "Don't forget DL-6!" DL-6! How does the Parrot know about DL-6?
Phoenix leaves, and the man locks the door behind him. Let's ask Gumshoe more.
Head to the Criminal Affairs department.

Talk to the detective. He doesn't know who the old guy is either. Now, ask him
about DL-6. He says Edgeworth forbade him from talking about DL-6, so he'll
need to see proof that DL-6 is related to the current case before he opens the
file. Present Gumshoe with the PARROT. Gumshoe will now give you permission to
enter the Records Room. Do so.

Maya finds the files first. Ask her about the case summary, the victim data,
and the suspect data. This is DL-6. In the distrinct court, an earthquake took
out the power and trapped three people in an elevator. When they were found
hours later, two of the people were unconscious from lack of oxygen, and
another was dead. The victim was Gregory Edgeworth. One of the survivors was
Miles Edgeworth. It was definitely not a suicide, and a pistol was found in
the elevator. The pistol was fired twice. The third man in the elevator was
Yanni Yogi, a clerk at the courthouse. He was charged with the murder, but was
found innocent by his lawyer, Robert Hammond. Phoenix will take the essential
pages out of the file. The DL-6 CASE FILE and the DL-6 INCIDENT PHOTO are
added to the Court Record. Feel free to read over it at any time. Phoenix will
have to refer back to it several times.

That concludes today's clue-gathering.

**  5.44 Day 3: Trial  **

The old man will be called to the stand. Von Karma doesn't ask him his name,
and Phoenix notices this. You can raise an objection or let it slide. No
matter which you choose, you'll end up objecting anyway. The witness will be
excused because he cannot remember his name, or anything else beyond a few
years ago for that matter.

"Uncle's" Testimony: "The Night of the Murder"

-It was the night of the 24th, just after midnight, ayup.

-I was in the restaurant... where I er... rent boats, as usual.

-Then I heard a "bang!" Ayup.

-When I looked out the window, I saw a boat just a' floating on the lake.

-Then I heard another "bang."

-Just about then the boat comes back to shore, and a man walks by my window.

The Judge will ask if you want to cross-examine. Of course, say yes. PRESS the
last statement of his testimony, about "the man" and get him to be more clear.
He'll revise his testimony by adding another line.

-That man was the defendant... he was saying "I can't believe he's dead."

Ouch. That was not what Phoenix wanted to hear. Press the statement anyway.
He'll say he's absolutely certain it was Edgeworth. Oh crap, it was trap all
along. There's nothing you can do. Whether or not you choose to raise an
objection or not, you can't squirm out of it. Phoenix can object, but he has
no proof. The only thing you can do is succomb to the court. The Judge declares
Edgeworth GUILTY of murder. The court is adjourned.

But then out of nowhere, someone screams. It's... Larry? Larry has crashed the
courtroom, and he wants to be a witness before Edgeworth's verdict is reached.
In fact, he says something that the old man said was different from what he
remembers. The Judge agrees that every witness must be heard to ensure an
accurate verdict, so he retracts his guilty verdict. Wow, talk about dodging a
bullet. The Judge calls a short recess.

During the recess, Maya asks Edgeworth how his fingerprints got on the murder
weapon. Apparently, after the victim fell into the water, Edgeworth saw the gun
sitting in the boat and picked it up, not thinking. Now, it's time to hear
Larry's testimony.

Larry's Testimony: "The Night of the Murder"

-That night, I was out in a boat on the lake.

-I was looking for something, and I, er, found it.

-So I quietly slipped the boat back in at the rental shop dock.

-Then, just as I was thinking about going home, I heard this "bang"!

-I looked out over the lake, but I didn't notice the boat.

-So after I heard that single gunshot I went home.

There's definitely something different about Larry's testimony. He didn't see
any boat, and he only heard one gunshot. How is that possible? Didn't the old
man say he heard two gunshots? And in fact, someone else did, too. Lotta.
The only part of Lotta's Deposition that wasn't discarded was the part about
hearing two gunshots. So present LOTTA'S DEPOSITION against the last line of
Larry's testimony, about the 'single gunshot.'

Unfortunately, that might not be as telling as it seems. Larry says he could
have missed the other gunshot because he was listening to his radio headphones.
That's just great. Von Karma will try to throw out Larry's testimony.
Regardless of how loopy it is, you must let Larry testify. Say you want him to

Larry's Testimony: "What Larry Heard"

-It's lonely, being alone on Christmas Eve!

-That's why I was listening to an all-requests show on the radio, see?

-I was listening to it real booming loud, like.

-But I'm sure I heard that gunshot!

-I remember exactly what the DJ was saying when I heard it, too.

Phoenix asserts that Larry could have heard the gunshot because the DJ was
speaking. There was no music at the time to drown out the sound of the shot.
Let's continue the cross-examination. The answer may not be apparent right
away, but PRESS Larry's last statement, the statement about what the DJ was
saying. Phoenix asks what the DJ said. Von Karma says it's a pointless
question, and the Judge asks if we should care. Say "We should care." Now,
Larry will revise the last sentance to be more specific.

-Just when she said "Hey! It's almost Christmas!" I heard the gunshot!


Do you see the light now? Larry inadvertantly just gave the entire case new
hope. The murder supposedly happened AFTER midnight. But, if Larry heard the DJ
say that when he heard the gunshot, that means someone fired a gun BEFORE
midnight, since it wasn't Christmas yet. Once again, present LOTTA'S DEPOSITION
against Larry to show the difference in times.

The Judge will ask you what you think about this. Say "Larry's right." Von
Karma, being a jerk, will ask you to provide proof that there was a gunshot
before midnight. If you look carefully at the description of the items in the
Court Record, you should find the answer. Look at the blank photo that Lotta
gave you. Her camera takes a picture every time there's a loud noise. So, if
there was a gunshot before midnight, it would have set off her camera. Look at
the timestamp on the second photo. It's 11:50 PM, before midnight! That means
Larry was right. Present the SECOND LAKE PHOTO.

Larry is right, but Lotta and the old man are also right. There were not just
one, but TWO sets of gunshots, 25 minutes apart! However, von Karma says
anything could have set off the camera, even a sneeze. Can you prove there were
more than two gunshots? Absolutely. Look at the Court Record again. Read the
description of the gun. It was fired not twice, but three times. Present the
PISTOL to the court.

Phoenix then makes a shocking realization. Despite the photo of the two men
on the boat, one firing a gun, and a man falling into the lake... that was not
the time that Robert Hammond was killed! It was before midnight, the gunshot
that Larry heard, that was the true time of the murder! So, explain to the
court who the two people on the boat are. Tell them, "Edgeworth and the
murderer." Someone killed Hammond at 11:50, then pretended to be Hammond and
met with Edgeworth on the lake to set him up! So when the Judge asks you to say
the murderer's name, tell them the truth. "I don't know." You know who did it.
You just don't know his name! The nameless old man!

Now, the Judge asks you, if not on the boat, where the murder really took
place. Where else could he do so without suspicion? Inside his boat shop.
Choose the boat shop, and hit Present. Now Phoenix can put together the crime
for the court. The old man called Robert Hammond to his boat shop. He shot and
killed Robert Hammond at 11:50, just as Larry was walking by. He then put on
Hammond's clothes, and he met Edgeworth out on the lake. The Judge asks who
fired the pistol on the boat. Say "the boat shop caretaker." He fired the gun
twice and missed, on purpose. Why did he have to fire twice? Of course. Say,
"To create a witness." Someone would hear the first shot and then turn to look
at the lake. Then, he fired again to assure they saw the gun go off and him
fall into the lake. He then left the gun in the boat and swam to shore. He
put Hammond's clothes back on the body and threw him into the lake, completing
the murder framing.

Wow, that's quite a story. The Judge immediately sends for the boat shop owner
again so that he can answer to these allogations. In the meantime, he calls
Edgeworth to the stand to ask him why he went to the lake that night. Several
days ago, Edgeworth received a letter signed "Robert Hammond." It was an
invitation to meet on the lake at midnight on Christmas Eve to discuss
something important. Just then, the bailiff tells the Judge that the old man
has disappeared! Until he can be found, a verdict cannot be reached. The Judge
moves to extend the trial one more day. The Judge says he wants to find out
the true identity of the caretaker.

Before leaving the courthouse, Edgeworth mentions that he's been troubled by
a nightmare, a memory about a murder that he committed.

**  5.45 Day 3: Evidence Gathering  **

The next day begins with Larry visiting you in your office. Talk with him, and
the subject will once again turn to the past between Phoenix, Larry, and
Edgeworth. Finally, Phoenix will explain to Maya why he trusts Larry and
Edgeworth. Back in the 4th grade, someone stole $38 in monthly lunch money from
another kid. Phoenix was the one accused, and he was forced to stand in a class
trial. The entire class thought he did it, even the teacher. They all yelled at
him and ridiculed him. The only two people who stood up for Phoenix were Larry
and Edgeworth, even though Edgeworth was the one whose money was stolen. That's
the reason he started wanting to be a defense attorney, to stand up for people
who nobody would stand up for. That, and to meet Edgeworth. He had to meet
Edgeworth to find out why he gave up on his dream of being a defense attorney.
After you've talked to Larry about everything possible, go to the Detention
Center to talk to Edgeworth.

Talk to Edgeworth. Ask him why he decided to become a prosecutor. He'll mention
that his hatred of criminals started when Yanni Yogi was let off the hook by
a defense attorney. That the man he thought shot his father was set free made
Edgeworth hate defense attorneys. Then, ask him about von Karma. Edgeworth says
von Karma is a perfectionist, absolutely obsessed with doing everything
perfectly. Now head to Gourd Lake Entrance.

Here, Phoenix bumps into Detective Gumshoe. He mentions that he is going to
find the boat shop caretaker, no matter what it takes. He also says that the
Woods area is off-limits now. That's one less place to visit. Head to the
Boat Rental Shop.

Now, Phoenix will hear yet another familiar sound. It's Grossberg's throat
being cleared. Ahem! He says that if you find anything he can help you with,
he'll be in his office. Well, that's good. Go inside the caretaker's shack.

Hey, now is your chance to open the safe. Examine the green box above the
television. Inside, Phoenix will find a letter. It reads, "Get your revenge on
Miles Edgeworth... This is your last chance! Now is your time to get revenge
on the two men who ruined your life!" The rest of the letter describes the
murder plot exactly as Phoenix figured it to be in court, both the murder and
the framing. You want to talk about evidence. Evidence doesn't get much more
incriminating than this! LETTER FROM THE SAFE is added to your Court Record.
Now, let's head back to the Detention Center and ask Edgeworth about this.

Present Edgeworth with the LETTER FROM THE SAFE. Edgeworth thinks about the
people who could be mad at both him and Robert Hammond. Then, he interprets
the "last chance" the letter talks about as the Statute of Limitations on the
DL-6 case. Could it be Yanni Yogi, the man accused of Gregory Edgeworth's
murder? Talk to Edgeworth about Yanni Yogi. Edgeworth doesn't remember what
happened in the elevator, except that everyone became on-nerve as the oxygen
started to run out. Yogi was found innocent largely because Hammond used a
defense that his client was mentally unsound from the lack of oxygen, temporary
insanity. Now, ask Edgeworth about his nightmare. His nightmare is that he is
in the elevator. He sees Yogi try to attack Gregory, and so young Edgeworth
throws Yogi's gun at him. After he throws it, the gun goes off, and he hears
a blood-curdling scream. Then, he wakes up. Edgeworth has been trying to
believe it was just a dream for 15 years, but if it's real, he fears he may
have killed his own father. And, because of the letter you just showed him,
now he's almost certain that he did kill his father. Let's head to Grossberg's

At Grossberg's office, Phoenix will explain everything that's happened,
off-screen thankfully. Grossberg actually agrees with Edgeworth to an extent.
In order for Yogi to want to get revenge on Edgeworth, certainly he would have
to believe that Edgeworth killed his father. Ask Grossberg about Gregory.
Apparently, Gregory was a great and respected defense attorney, although he did
once lose a case to von Karma. Now, ask him about the spirit medium, Misty Fey.
Grossberg says that it seems if anyone got DL-6 wrong, it was the ghost of
Gregory Edgeworth, not Misty Fey. The ghost lied to Misty, and that's why she
got her premonition wrong. Perhaps he lied about who shot him to protect his
son. Present Grossberg with the LETTER FROM THE SAFE. He'll mention that
Hammond never really sought to save his clients' reputations as much as he
sought to win in court. Although he got Yogi found innocent, the defense he
used to get the verdict had Yogi socially ruined anyway. That could explain
why Yogi would want to kill Hammond. Then... Grossberg all of a sudden
recognizes the handwriting on the letter, but he's not sure who. When he asks,
suggest "Manfred von Karma." ... That's it. The letter was written by none
other than Manfred von Karma! That means that von Karma put Yogi up to the
murder. Now ask Grossberg about von Karma. He'll say that if von Karma wrote
the letter, then he knows about DL-6 and may try to pin it on Edgeworth in
court tomorrow. How would von Karma know something that even Edgeworth isn't
sure of, though? He also mentions that von Karma has a "grudge" against
Gregory. Although von Karma did beat Gregory Edgeworth in court, Gregory caught
von Karma making faulty evidence, and gave von Karma the only penalty on his
otherwise perfect record. After that, von Karma took a vacation for several
months, the only vacation he's ever taken. That's a lot of information, but
we're not done yet. Go to the Records Room in Criminal Affairs again.

Examine the opened drawer in the room. The DL-6 file, it's empty! Oh look who
it is. Manfred von Karma. He doesn't recognize you... apparently, all defense
attorneys look the same to him. Talk to him anyway, first about Edgeworth, then
about the trial. Von Karma confirms that he's going to bring out DL-6 in court.
Present him with the LETTER FROM THE SAFE. He'll admit his dirty crime, but
now he's got a stun gun in his hand! Maya struggles with him, but it's no good.
He attacks the both of you, and gets away with both the DL-6 files and the
incriminating letter. So much for that. Now, you have no direct evidence that
implicates von Karma in the crime. But wait... Maya got something. The bullet.
The bullet removed from Gregory Edgeworth. Von Karma was trying to protect
this, so it must be important. The DL-6 BULLET is added to the Court Record.

Maybe this shiny bullet can save Edgeworth and reveal the truth. Only one last
day in court remaining.

**  5.46 Day 4: Trial  **

The old man has been found, and he's going to take the stand again. In order to
get Edgeworth off the hook, it's your job to prove he is, in fact, Yanni Yogi.
Time to face the music.

"Uncle's" Testimony: "Why I Left Court"

-Er, I'm really sorry about just leaving yesterday like I did.

-But, I wasn't running away or nothing.

-I, uh, went to buy some food for Polly, see...

-I figured I got nothing to do with this incident anyhow.

-Er... I mean, I'd need one of those "motive" things, right? And I don't got

Let's press what would be the obvious lies, if he is in fact, Yanni Yogi.
PRESS the fourth statement, about not having to do with the incident. Phoenix
will accuse him of lying about his memory, but von Karma notes you don't have
proof. Now, PRESS him on the last statement, about not having a motive. Again,
Phoenix will accuse him of lying. Once you do both of these things, the Judge
will stop you. He'll ask, that if you say he had something to do with this
case, then who is he? Choose "Yanni Yogi." The Judge will remember his name
from DL-6. Phoenix will ask to take his fingerprints to prove it, but
unfortunately, the old man has no fingerprints. He claims he burned his hands
at his old job in a chemical plant. Von Karma mocks Phoenix for not being able
to prove the old man is Yanni Yogi, and then sarcastically suggests that he
cross-examine his parrot. And so, in a fit or brilliance... or desparation,
Phoenix decides to take him up on the offer and cross-examine the parrot.
Are you sure about this? Say "Yes, I'm doing it."

Now, it's time to have some fun.

Polly's Testimony: "Who Is Your Owner?"

-Hello! Hello! *squawk*


And that's the entire testimony! BRILLIANT!

The key here is to press the first statement. The "Hello" one. You can ask
the parrot one of three questions. Now, if you remember from a little back,
asking it "Have we forgotten anything?" she will say "Don't forget DL-6!" Now,
if you try to do that... Polly won't say DL-6. Apparently, von Karma went so
far as to retrain the bird. Now that is very thorough evidence-tampering.
Maybe there's a more indirect way to implicate Yogi. Ask her, "What's your
name?" It will respond "Pol-ly!" The Judge asks if this has anything to do with
anything. Say "Of course." Look at the DL-6 file. On the third page, it says
that Yogi's fiance was named Polly Jenkins. Polly! That's quite a coincidence.
Present the DL-6 CASE FILE as proof. When the Judge asks for the page, say,
"Suspect Data." Yogi named his parrot after his lost fiance!

That's good, but it could be a coincidence. Find another "coincidence" and
it'll be even harder to call it just a coincidence. Press the first statement
again, and this time, ask Polly "What's the safe number?" She'll respond,
"1228." Does this number matter? Choose "Actually, it does." Once again, look
at DL-6. This time, on the first page. Look at the date of the murder. 12/28.
ie 1228. Once again present the DL-6 CASE FILE. Point out the "Case Summary"
page. Now, it's not just a coincidence. It's a pattern!

The old man will come back. All of a sudden, he'll change demeanor. He now
stands up straight instead of wobbles. He speaks clearly instead of mumbles.
He has no reason to hide anymore. He's says his name... is Yanni Yogi. He
confesses to killing Robert Hammond and attempting to frame Miles Edgeworth.
He was angry at Robert Hammond for making him look brain-damaged and guilty
when he was really innocent. He received the letter and a pistol in the mail,
and he followed the instructions to enact his revenge. After that, Yogi is
arrested, and it looks like Edgeworth is going to be a free man. The Judge
finds the defendant... Not Guilty!

But before court is adjourned, there is an objection. It's Edgeworth, and von
Karma is smirking like he knew this would happen all along. Edgeworth is trying
to confess for the murder in DL-6! Whether or not you object, Edgeworth is
going to speak. He confesses his guilt to the murder of Gregory Edgeworth, the
Statute of Limitations of which ends today. It's time for a recess.

Phoenix is busy sifting through the Court Record, because he has one more case.
He is going to prove that Edgeworth is innocent... again. His dream was just
that, a dream. Time to hear the testimony.

Edgeworth's Testimony: "The DL-6 Incident"

-That day, I had gone to the courtroom to observe one of my father's trials.

-As we went to leave, an earthquake struck, trapping us in the elevator.

-My father and Mr. Yogi lost their composure, and began to argue.

-Just then, something heavy fell at my feet.

-I picked it up, and threw it at Mr. Yogi. I wanted them to stop fighting.

-A moment later, there was a single gunshot, then a scream.

-It was a terrible scream. I remember it to this day.

Try to find a detail that doesn't fit. Look at the concrete facts that
Edgeworth mentions, and compare them against the facts in the DL-6 file. Notice
a discrepancy? The murder weapon was fired twice, but Edgeworth only remembers
a single gunshot! Select the statement where Edgeworth says there was a single
gunshot, and present the DL-6 CASE FILE as contradictory evidence. Say the page
with the evidence is the "Victim Data."

Perhaps the shot from when Edgeworth threw the gun wasn't the killing shot.
Maybe it was the OTHER shot that killed Gregory, meaning Edgeworth would be
innocent! However, von Karma says the other shot could have been fired before
the incident, making it unrelated. Can you prove the other shot had something
to do with the case? Actually, you do. Say "Yes." Look at the photo of Gregory.
It was taken after he had been shot, and there's another bullet hole... in the
elevator door! Present the DL-6 INCIDENT PHOTO. Obviously, place the pointer
on the bullet hole in the door and choose Present. Two bullets were fired at
the scene of the crime. One hit Gregory, and the other hit the door.

Von Karma stops you, however. Because, there was only one bullet found at the
scene! If two shots were fired, there would be a second bullet. And now... the
Judge seems to think Edgeworth has to be the killer again. When you finally get
a chance, it actually doesn't matter if you choose to object. Either way, you
won't have anything to say. That is, until you see a vision of Mia. Mia says
the second bullet wasn't found... because someone took it. Phoenix uncertainly
says that the bullet was taken from the scene by the murderer. However, there
is no real need for the murderer to take the bullet, and it would be hard to
find anyway. Was there a "need" for the murderer to take the bullet? Say,
"The murderer didn't need it." Then, Mia appears again. She says, "Don't think
of why someone would take the bullet. Think why the bullet HAD to be taken."
Phoenix mumbles that the murderer took the bullet because he had to. Then,
while groping for excuses, he says maybe it hit him?

Wait a minute... maybe that isn't so crazy. If the bullet hit the murderer, he
would have to take it with him. He couldn't just take it out right there. And
since Yogi and Edgeworth were both uninjured when found, that would mean the
murderer was NOT one of the three people in the elevator. After Edgeworth threw
the gun, the bullet went through the elevator door... and hit the murderer
outside! After Edgeworth passes out, the murderer could have opened the door,
picked up the pistol, and killed Gregory Edgeworth!

So who was the killer? Maya has a hunch. The Judge asks you for a name. You can
either spill the beans or save it. Actually, either choice, you'll be forced to
say who Phoenix and Maya both suspect. Manfred von Karma! And to everyone's
surprise, von Karma doesn't react or object to being singled out. Phoenix says
that von Karma took a vacation for several months after the DL-6 incident. It
was to heal from the bullet injury. Von Karma says there is no medical record
of him ever having surgery for a bullet. You can't find a doctor who will admit
to doing the surgery. Can you produce evidence that he was shot? Choose to
"Show evidence." Then, present the METAL DETECTOR.

That's right, the metal detector. Surgery would leave a trail of evidence, so
the bullet must still be inside him! Phoenix threatens to run the detector over
him to see for sure, but von Karma refuses. He's sweating now. The Judge
eventually permits the use of the metal detector, and it goes off! There's
something metal in his right shoulder. So now, he says that the bullet in his
shoulder is a different one than the one used in DL-6. He says you can't prove
the bullet in his shoulder is from DL-6. Phoenix says he can, with one, last,
final proof.

For your FINAL piece of proof in this case, pull out your trump card. Present
the DL-6 BULLET.

Remember von Karma's little speech about ballistic markings? If the bullet in
von Karma's shoulder was fired from the same weapon at DL-6's crime scene, then
it will have the same ballistic markings as the one pulled from Gregory's
chest! That would prove von Karma was the killer! Von Karma screams. Screams...
yes, the scream. It was the same scream that Edgeworth remembers. He thought it
was his father's scream, but it was Von Karma's scream when he was shot by

Now, watch the end of the trial unfold. Von Karma will tell the tale, about how
he hated Gregory Edgeworth for ruining his perfect record. He happened to be in
the courthouse when he was shot through the elevator. When the door opened, he
saw the pistol and Gregory unconscious. No witnesses, the perfect opportunity.
He took it, and because Gregory was unconscious when he died, he thought it
must have been Yogi who killed him, and said so through Misty Fey.

Now, you get to watch the long ending to the original game (The original
version for the GBA only had these first four cases). I won't spoil it. I will
say one thing though. When you're talking to Maya later, present her with the
DL-6 BULLET to cheer her up. That's it. Watch the credits. Have fun. Then, get
ready for Case 5.

5.5 Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes

Defendant: Lana Skye

Background: A lawyer was seen stabbing a man inside a parking lot. Even with
a witness's account and a full confession of guilt, the defendant's sister is
not convinced that she is guilty. Is there more than meets the eye for this
seemingly open-and-shut case?

New Characters:

 - Ema Skye

   Ema is a passionate and bubbly girl around 16 years old. She's the sister of
   the defendant and very desparately wants to save her from her from jail,
   even though Lana has already confessed to the crime and wants no help. Ema
   is very passionate about the practice of scientific investigation, and she
   has already dedicated her life to scientific endeavors.

 - Lana Skye

   The defendant. She is the Chief Prosecutor for the entire district. She acts
   rather cold a lot of the time, both to Phoenix and her sister Ema. She has
   already confessed to the crime, and she wants no help from anyone. If she
   really is innocent though, why would she contribute to her own demise?

 - Bruce Goodman

   The victim. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he's a

 - Jake Marshall

   He works for the police office and is investigating the murder of Bruce
   Goodman. He thinks he's a sheriff from the Wild West, but despite that, he's
   very rational and very into his investigative work. He used to be a
   detective, but has since been demoted to patrolman for reasons unknown.

 - Angel Starr

   Aka the "Cough-up Queen." She was once a detective with the police
   department, but she has since changed careers and now serves pre-packaged
   lunches to the prosecutor's office. She is also the only eye witness to the
   stabbing in the parking garage.

 - Mike Meekins

   A complete dunderhead and mostly clueless police officer. Bad luck seems to
   follow him everywhere.

 - Damon Gant

   The Chief of Police. Although he is in a position of great power, he has an
   overtly friendly personality and gives cute nicknames to people he knows.
   He apparently had quite a partnership with Lana before he was promoted, too.
   Also has an odd tendancy to ask people if they've gone swimming recently.

 - Neil Marshall

   Brother of Jake Marshall. Something happened to him a long time ago that has
   affected Jake and people around him to this day. He was also once the
   prosecuting attorney of the SL-9 Incident.

 - Joe Darke

   A serial murderer who was put to death a couple of years ago. Could he
   possibly have anything to do with the current case?

**  5.51 Day 1: Evidence Gathering  **

It's been a while since Maya left to complete her medium training. In all that
time, Phoenix hasn't had a single trial. He's turned down every offer. Then
one day, this girl shows up. She thinks Phoenix is Mia Fey... she wants Mia
to defend her sister in court, but Phoenix Wright will do, too. She remembers
your name from Edgeworth's murder trial. Although he's not accepting cases,
Phoenix hears her out because she reminds him of Maya. Her name is Ema Skye.
Talk to her. She'll mention a bit more about herself, like her training. The
case is about her sister, who is accused of a stabbing murder. In addition,
there was also a witness to the murder. She asked for Mia because her sister
went to the same school as Mia and trusted her. That's enough introductory
info. Let's go down to the Detention Center.

When you first arrive, you'll be greeted by Ema's sister's backside. She won't
face the window while she scolds Ema, saying she specifically said for her not
to come. She then turns around and calls you by name. How does she know
Phoenix? She recognizes you from the way Mia described you. Her name is Lana
Skye, and she's the district's Chief Prosectuor. The fact that she's a lawyer
draws yet another parallel to Phoenix between Ema, Lana, Maya, and Mia. Talk to
her some more. Lana will say that she has already confessed to the crime. It
happened on February 21, at 5:15 pm. The witness can confirm the time. It
happened in the underground parking lot at the Prosecutor's Office. The body
of the victim was found in the trunk of her subordinant's car. She was arrested
on the spot. The victim was a detective, stabbed in the stomach. Lana asserts
that when an officer of the law, such as a detective, is murdered, the police
department won't hold back to have someone pay for the crime. Ask Lana about
herself, and she'll rattle off some of her duties. Ema will notice a bandage
on her hand though. She'll say she accidentally cut herself when she stabbed
him. Now, ask her about Mia. Lana all but threatens Phoenix not to take the
case, and Ema accuses Lana of being selfish, not considering others' feelings.
Lana then turns her back again, and asks for Phoenix's service. Phoenix agrees
to take on this impossible case, because he's a softie for that look in Ema's
eyes. Now you'll automatically be sent back to Phoenix's office. Head to the
crime scene from here.

When you arrive in the parking lot, Ema's shouting will attract the attention
of a man wearing a cowboy sheriff's outfit. He'll speak in old western sland
and mention not to mess around in his "gold mine" with that gold being the
evidence. If you go to the right half of the parking lot and try to examine
something, the sheriff will stop you again. Ema will ask about the murder car,
and the sheriff will tell you to go to the High Prosecutor's Office on the 12th
floor if you want to find any information about that. Before you do though,
examine the small black object on the ground by the door on the left half of
the garage. It's a wallet. Ema tells you to keep it. WALLET added to the Court
Record. Now she'll show you how to examine evidence. Use the horizontal and
vertical dials to turn the object around accordingly. Then, use the pointer
to find things on the surface of the object worth examining. Spin the wallet
around so that the button is showing. Now put the pointer over the button. Ema
will tell you to examine the button, and that will open the wallet. There's
an ID inside the wallet belonging to Bruce Goodman. GOODMAN'S ID is added to
the Court Record, and the rest of the wallet is discarded. After you learn how
to scientifically examine evidence, a woman will interrupt you. She'll try to
sell you pre-packaged lunches. Although not a moniker you'd want to hear from
a food peddler, she mentions that she used to be known as the "Cough-up Queen."
Her name is Angel Starr, and she also just happens to be THE witness to the
murder. Not only does she apparently hate prosecutors, but she also knew Lana
personally. Talk to her about as much as you can, then move on up to the High
Prosecutor's Office.

As soon as you enter the office, Ema points out that the place looks like it
belongs to a stuck-up jerk, so of course in walks Edgeworth. One of the most
interesting things he'll drop on you right off the bat, is that the car the
body was found in belongs to none other than Edgeworth himself. He was the
"subordinant" Lana was talking about. Talk to him about the case, and he'll
mention that he is the prosecuting attorney on the case. Talk to him about
himself, and it seems he's troubled that bad rumors are continuing to be spread
by his peers about him. When you bring up Lana, he mentions that the murder
weapon also belonged to Edgeworth, as it was in his trunk. EDGEWORTH'S KNIFE
is added to the Court Record. Examine the trophy on Edgeworth's couch. It's
called the "King of Prosecutors" trophy. It's given once per year to the best
prosecutor. Edgeworth is very annoyed and embarassed to have it. The
PROSECUTOR TROPHY is added to the Court Record. Present the award the Edgeworth
to get him to talk about it a bit more. Now talk to him about the day of the
crime. He got back from the police department at exactly 5:12 PM, just three
minutes before the murder. EDGEWORTH'S PARKING STUB is placed into the Court
Record as proof. All of a sudden, a goofy looking officer will barge in asking
for Edgeworth. He very much wants to give a report to Edgeworth, but Edgeworth
is annoyed because he asked that nothing not directly related to the murder
trial be sent to him today. His name is Officer Meekins, and Edgeworth tells
him to go scram with his report. Edgeworth tells you to leave as well, but he
suggests checking with the police department. Go back downstairs, then to the
Police Department Entrance.

When you arrive, Phoenix and Ema notice a dancing piece of cardboard called the
"Blue Badger." He's the police department's new mascot. Then, out of nowhere
comes Detective Gumshoe. Talk to him. Apparently, he's been kicked out of
Criminal Affairs while this high-profile case is going on. Examine the Blue
Badger, and Gumshoe will mention that he helped put it together. The
BLUE BADGER PANEL is added to the Court Record. Present Gumshoe with GOODMAN'S
ID, and he'll reveal that Bruce Goodman is the name of the victim. Now ask him
about Goodman. Present him with the PROSECUTOR TROPHY. He'll mention how proud
he was of Edgeworth. This will also open up new dialogue. Ask him about the
Rumors. Backing up what Edgeworth himself said, rumors about him have been at
an all-time high since his murder trial. Now, they say Edgeworth took the
current case because he wants Lana's job. Now, Gumshoe will try and help you
investigate the crimescene. He gives you the LETTER OF INTRODUCTION to show to
Officer Marshall.

Now, you have your chance to meet Jake Marshall more formally. Present him with
the LETTER OF INTRODUCTION. Now, he'll let you look at the entire garage. In
the meantime, talk to him. Mention the victim, and Jake will give you the
AUTOPSY REPORT. According to him also, there's no known connection between
Lana and the victim, meaning no known motive either. Talk about him, too. Now,
it's time to examine the garage. There are several things you should examine,
either by need or just because it's good to know:
-The locked door by the security area
-The emergency phone by the door
-The partition wall by the phone and the door
-The Cell Phone on the ground by the car (Choose "Check it out")
-The trunk of the car (There's a note inside)

With the Cell Phone, you have to check it. Examine the blue button to flip it
open. Now press the redial button. Ema's phone will ring. Hmmm. Jake will come
over and say that the phone belonged to Lana. Ema will explain the ring by
saying that it was a wrong number and a coincidence. The CELL PHONE is added
to the Court Record. With the note, it reads 6-7S, 12/2. The stationary seems
to indicate it belonged to Bruce Goodman. GOODMAN'S NOTE is added to the Court
Record. After snooping, talk to Jake again. A new dialogue topic should open
up, one about Lana. Ema briefly mentions a past between Jake and Lana. Now,
talk about "Office atmosphere." Jake knows about the rumors about Edgeworth,
too. He says they say he had Lana cut deals for him to fix evidence in his

One last thing Phoenix mentions. He says he knows the last call made on Lana's
phone right after the murder was to Ema. Still a long way to go, but that's
all the clue-sniffing you have to do today. Time for trial.

**  5.52 Day 2: Trial  **

It's trial time, and you still have barely scratched the surface of this
mystery, if at all. Lana is still acting oddly, wishing you good luck but
warning that a defense attorney should not "believe in" their client. At least
Ema has your back. Edgeworth calls as his first witness, the person who saw
the crime, Angel Starr. They will forego using Gumshoe to describe the crime
scene, because Angel is also a "professional." That is, she used to be a
detective herself. Now, she will show where the murder took place on a map.
You'll receive the PARKING LOT FLOOR PLANS. One thing to remember from her
testimony is that a chain fence separates A Block and B Block.

Angel's Testimony: "Witness's Account"

-Somehow, I always knew a day like this would come.

-I was on my way to deliver a lunchbox to my boyfriend...

-When I sensed something... perhaps it was my finely-honed detective instincts

-Then, through a wire fence, I saw the chief prosecutor standing next to a
garish car.

-The chief prosecutor was holding a knife in her right hand...

-Then, she thrust the point tip of the knife into Detective Goodman's chest!

You don't have any strong contradictory evidence right now, so you have to
press her. PRESS her first statement, about how she knew this day would come.
She'll go on to say that she hates prosecutors and that she was laid off as a
detective because of prosecutors. PRESS the second statement now, about her
bringing lunch to her boyfriend. She'll say she was going to go to the security
station in A Block, but because she's a visitor, she parked in B Block. She
implies she was in B Block when the crime happened. Now, PRESS the fourth
statement, about seeing the prosecutor. Once you've pressed these three
statements, Phoenix will slam his hands down and call her a biased witness.
Angel then produces a picture that she hadn't shown before. It is of Lana
standing over the trunk of the car, with some blood on her coat. CRIME PHOTO is
added to the Court Record.

Now, you have something to work with. The crime photo shows Lana with blood on
her, but there's no knife, and no body in sight. Angel says she took a picture
at the very moment of the crime, but this clearly is not of that moment.
Present the CRIME PHOTO, then when you have a chance, raise an "Objection!"
You'll make your point, but then Angel will assert it was a premediated murder.
Edgeworth says it is so, because Lana was wearing gloves in the photo. Angel
changes the last line of her testimony.

-The murder was planned! The rubber gloves prove it!

Oh, really? Well, there is some piece of evidence that says it was NOT a
premeditated murder. Remember the murder WEAPON. It was a knife found in
Edgeworth's trunk. Lana wouldn't have known ahead of time that there would be
a knife in there. She would have brought her own if it was planned. Present
EDGEWORTH'S KNIFE against that last statement. Now, you will prove it wasn't a
premeditated crime.

Edgeworth doesn't seem to care though. It doesn't matter if it was planned or
not, just that it happened. Rats. Time for a less biased testimony from Angel.

Angel's Testimony: "Angel's Deduction"

-Lana Skye intended to murder Detective Goodman!

-That's why she called the victim all the way to the Prosecutor's Office.

-I'm sure the Chief Prosecutor had a grudge against the victim.

-Nothing else could drive that human machine to plange the knife in again and

Now Angel's lie is more blatant. You should spot the inconsistency, if you had
read the Autopsy Report. Goodman died of a single stab would, not being stabbed
repeatedly, as Angel stated. Present GOODMAN'S AUTOPSY REPORT against her last
statement. She'll correct herself by saying she mistook Lana's muffler for
blood, and so she thought she had stabbed him at least once before she saw the
real stabbing.

-Her red muffler looked like blood to me... that's how ghastly the whole scene

Once again, she tries to turn this house of justice into a house of lies! Look
at the last statement. Now, look at the photo. Lana wasn't *wearing* her red
scarf. Present the CRIME PHOTO. She's been had, but... that doesn't disprove
the most important part of her testimony. Now, she testifies about the
apprehension of the suspect.

Angel's Testimony: "Apprehending the Suspect"

-After the murder, the suspect attempted to run behind a partition off to her

-I quickly caught her, explained her rights to her, and arrested her on the

-Ah yes. When I arrested her, she mentioned the muffler!

-That's what had me confused in my earlier testimony!

-The chief prosecutor made to escape, but against Angel Starr, resistance is

There is one major problem here. Remember where the murder happened, and where
Angel says she saw it happen. There was a chain fence between them. How could
Angel make an arrest "quickly"? PRESS her second statement, about the actual
arrest, then "Press her" again when it asks. Now, let's clear up this muffler
business. Press her third statement, the one about the muffler. When she says
Lana was talking on her phone, "Ask further." She says that Lana first tried
to use the phone on the wall, but that it was out of order. She'll now revise
that part of her statement.

-She gave up trying to use the phone on the wall and just used her cell phone!

Hoooooold on a minute. If Angel is telling the complete truth she could not
have known that. She was coming from B Block. Even if she climbed over the
fence, she could not have a direct view of the emergency phone. There's a large
partition there! How did she know Lana used the emergency phone? Present the
PARKING LOT FLOOR PLANS to point out her inconsistency. Now, it's your turn to
explain what she lied about. Did she lie about seeing her use the phone? No,
that was true. The lie is "Where she saw it." Choose that option. Now, pick out
the place from where Angel saw Lana. Where could she have a clear view of both
the emergency phone and Edgeworth's car? Maybe she could see over the partition
if she was somewhere *elevated*. Like maybe, visiting her boyfriend in the
security room? It's the only possible location, because non-employees aren't
allowed in A Block! Point to the security room, and hit present. Now, you've
established that Angel lied. However, why would Angel risk purgering herself
unless she had a good reason? The Judge asks why she lied. Say the distance
between her and the crime. Not only was she up in the security room, but the
door to Block A was locked, remember? Angel would have to go a long, long way
to reach the scene of the crime.

Angel says it took her five minutes to reach the scene of the crime. Five
minutes is a long time. She says that doesn't change what she saw though.
Choose to "Raise an Objection." Couldn't Lana have fled the scene if she had
five minutes between committing a murder and getting caught? No real criminal
would dawdle at the scene like that.

The Judge says that in the end, there is a five-minute blank in the witness's
testimony, and that she has a grudge against the defendant. The Judge tries to
adjourn the court, but Angel holds up the court. She says that now, she has
decisive evidence. One more testimony.

Angel's Testimony: "Decisive Evidence"

-I should have mentioned those five minutes when I wasn't looking at the crime

-And now, to the matter of the victim's shoe... Did I not bring this up...?

-Two types of blood were found on this shoe!

-One was of course the victim's.

-And the other was...! The defendant, Ms. Lana Skye's blood!

-The shoe proves it! It's flawless, decisive evidence!

The VICTIM'S SHOE is added to the Court Record. If you check the shoe with
scientific examination, you will find something odd about it. PRESS Angel's
last statement, that says the shoe is decisive evidence. Then say there's a
problem with the shoe. When the Judge asks you to point out the problem, turn
the shoe so that you're looking at the bottom of it. Point to the blood on the
heel and hit Present. When Edgeworth asks what's wrong with blood on the bottom
of the shoe, Present the CRIME PHOTO. If you'll look at it, you'll notice that
there is no blood on the ground to step in, or any bloody footprints!

Edgeworth then remembers one thing about Angel's testimony. She said Lana
kicked over a drum during their struggle. Edgeworth asks her what was in the
drum, and Angel said it was full of water. Perhaps there were some bloody
footprints not seen in the photo that were washed away by the spilled water.
Ema protests, saying Angel could have lied about the water because she's on the
prosecution's side. The Judge is ready to find Lana guilty, when of all people,
Angel objects. She steams at being accused of helping a prosecutor, so she says
she has another piece of evidence. She shows another photo to prove the shoe
belonged to the victim. Now, the Judge is about to declare a verdict yet again,
but Mia tells Phoenix not to give up. So... he objects! You have to find a
problem with the latest photograph. Something is out of place. Something is
sticking out of the exhaust pipe of the car... sticking out of the muffler.
Muffler? You've heard talk of a muffler before! Lana wasn't talking about her
scarf, she was talking about the *car's* muffler. Point to the object sticking
out of the muffler, and hit Present. When the Judge asks why this is important,
present LANA'S CELL PHONE. If Lana saw fit to mention the cloth in the muffler
on the phone, it must be vital evidence.

The Judge has to suspend proceedings until the piece of cloth is examined. It's
only a small thing, but at least you've survived a verdict for the time being.
During recess, Officer Marshall will stop by to see you. He will mention that
Lana *was* indeed wearing her red scarf on the day of the murder, even though
she was not wearing it in the crime photo. Interesting.

After the recess, Edgeworth looks about ready to blow a gasket, even though
nothing has been said yet. Then, all of a sudden, a man interrupts the
proceedings. Ema says the temperature in the room rose 5.7 degrees when he
entered. With a laugh and a smile, he makes small talk with the Judge, calling
him "Udgey." The Judge introduces him to Phoenix as the District Chief of
Police himelf! His name is Damon Gant. He decided to bring Lana's scarf to the
court, the scarf which was stuffed into the car's tailpipe. He also shows a
switchblade knife. Edgeworth complains that he's never seen this evidence
before, but Gant says the knife was sent to him. Edgeworth gets quite a
scolding for it, too. The Judge tells Phoenix to open the knife for him. Use
scientific examination to look at the knife. Go to the switch and examine it
to flip it open. The blade reveals a blood stain and a broken tip. The
SWITCHBLADE KNIFE is added to the Court Record. The knife was wrapped inside
Lana's scarf in the car muffler. The Judge asks Gant to testify to explain the
situation between the prosecutor's office and the police, as well as about the

Gant's Testimony: "Department of Disorder"

-This knife is special... but I can't say how here.

-Unless there's evidence to prove a connection between this knife and Goodman..

-That was a bad day for the Department. We weren't in any shape to do an

-A detective was killed at the Police Department, see... what a mess!

-The time of the crime? 5:15. Scary coincidence, eh?

-It's not officially linked to this case, so I can't talk much about it.

Wow, a separate murder, at the same time, no less. It's can't be a coincidence.
If you can prove that the knife found has something to do with your case, then
Gant can shed more information. If that happens, it could create doubt about
Lana's guilt. What you need here is evidence. Solid evidence. Go to the second
statement, where Gant asks about evidence, and look at what you have. First,
look at the knife you just got. Read the tag. It says "SL-9 2." SL-9 could mean
a case file, like DL-6. Ema says she's seen something like SL-9 in the Court
Record. Look carefully. Look at Goodman's Note. It says "6-7S." Or... does it?
Turn your DS upside down and read the note again. It says SL-9! That's proof
there's a connection between Goodman and the knife. Present GOODMAN'S NOTE to
Gant's second statement. Now Gant will revise the first two statements of his
testimony into one line.

-This knife was evidence in a case. It was stolen from the Department's
evidence room.

PRESS this statement. Gant will say it was stolen the day of the murder, and
that it was a murder weapon in a previous crime. Now, PRESS the statement that
was "A detective was killed." Gant says he will tell you 'one thing.' Ask him
"Where the victim was found." Gant will say the evidence room. The evidence
room... which was just mentioned in the first part of Gant's testimony. Now,
you have the connection. Now, go to the last statement, where Gant says the
cases aren't officially linked, and PRESS him. Now, Gant will admit there's a

Gant doesn't want to reveal too much, since the police department hasn't gone
public with the second murder. However, he will give you some information,
"unofficially." He revises now the last part of the statement.

-I'll cooperate, but I can't reveal the name of the victim at the Department,

PRESS that statement, and ask for the victim's ID number. The number is...
5842189. Does this tell you something? Say "This tells me something!" Now,
select your evidence. Look at Goodman's ID. ...his number is the same number as
the victim in the evidence room! But that's impossible. Bruce Goodman could not
have been killed in two different places at exactly 5:15. Present GOODMAN'S ID
to the court.

This causes a bit of an uproar, and Edgeworth demands to know why he wasn't
made aware of this before the trial. He tries to get angry at Gant, but Gant
puts Edgeworth in his place. They did give the information to Edgeworth, but he
wouldn't take it. Officer Meekins delivered the report while you were in
Edgeworth's office, but he turned him down. Edgeworth really goofed this time.

And now, given the unusual evidence that suggests the victim was in two places
at the same time, court has to be adjourned for the day.

**  5.53 Day 2: Evidence Gathering  **

The next day, you begin back in Phoenix's office. Ema is confused over
everything that went down, so Phoenix tries to go over it. Bruce Goodman seems
to have been killed in two different places at the same time. Ema says she will
get to the bottom of this... with science! Follow her to the parking garage.

Ema mentions the part in yesterday's trial about bloody footprints potentially
being washed away by water. So, she brings out some Luminol testing fluid. It
can react to bloodstains, even blood that isn't visible to the eye. Give it a
shot. Simply tap the screen to spray. Tap all around the screen until you get a
reaction. Once you find one, keep spraying in that spot until it becomes clear.
Spray by the ground behind the trunk of the car. Behold, the bloodstains.
Phoenix will wonder what is odd about the blood. Say "The amount of blood." If
someone really died from a bleeding stab wound here, wouldn't there be more
blood? Ema will mark the bloodstain on the floorplan. LUMINOL TESTING FLUID is
added to the Court Record. You can use it any time, in any room, anywhere.
Well, except during trial. Just then, Angel Starr appears. Talk to her about
the trial and about her detective days. She says she was fired because of "The
SL-9 incident." Present her with either the VICTIM'S NOTE or the SWITCHBLADE
KNIFE to get her to talk about SL-9 some more. She says Goodman was the head
detective on that case, and the switchblade was the murder weapon from then.
The evidence was due for transferal on the day of Goodman's murder. Now,
present her with GOODMAN'S ID. She'll talk once again about the murder. Next,
present her with the CRIME PHOTO. She'll mention something about "that time."
Once you've spoken to her about all the proper things, SL-9 should become a new
dialogue topic with Angel. Talk to her about it. Apparently, SL-9 was a big
case two years ago. It was a trial for a serial murderer. He got what he
deserved and was executed, but they never found decisive evidence. So, they
made up the evidence. Some time after the case, every detective involved in the
case was either demoted or fired. That's how she lost her job, and that's how
Jake Marshall was demoted. Now talk to her about Jake. Her and Jake are both
still determined to figure out what was so fishy about SL-9. In fact, that is
why she sells lunches at the prosecutor's office, to get clues from contacts.
Angel will give you a STEAK LUNCH. If you give it to Jake, he should cooperate
with you, too. Before you leave though, you can spray some Luminol on the phone
to get another bloodstain for the floorplan. I don't believe this is necessary
however. Now go to the Police Station, then to the Security Guard Office.

There's nothing to do in this Guard Room for now but leave, because the
evidence room is locked, and nobody's around. It was necessary to come in here
though, I swear. Go back to the Entrance.

Here, you'll bump into Gumshoe. He'll mention that someone was arrested for the
evidence room murder. Gant mentioned the same thing in court. He says the
suspect is in the Detention Center. Sounds like as good a place as any to go.
To the Detention Center.

Here at the Dention Center, and the suspect is none other than... Mike Meekins?
That is unexpected. Also, the silly man is using a megaphone even though you're
just a few feet away. Try talking to him. He says on the day of the murder, he
was in the guard room. Nobody was on duty, and he saw a suspicious person on
the monitor in the evidence room. So, he went to check it out. He has no
recollection of killing anyone, but he's not convinced that he didn't do it.
Ask him about the bandaged hand. He mentions that the "body" disappeared from
the evidence room when he was in there. Present him with GOODMAN'S ID, and all
of a sudden, his memory will be jogged. Now, ask him about the crime details.
He says that he asked the suspicious man for his ID card, and he got a knife
drawn on him. Now, ask him about the reason for arrest. Ema points out that you
don't know what really happened there, if the man there was really Bruce
Goodman, or if there was even a murder. Then, Meekins mentions the evidence is
in the security video tape. Finally, a clue. Let's go to Criminal Affairs.

Here, Phoenix bumps into none other than Damon Gant. He's talking to the head
detective about the investigation, but he takes some time to talk to Phoenix.
Talk to him about Edgeworth, then about the incident. Gant will mention
something about keeping the head detective quiet. Hmm. Examine the man sitting
at the head desk in the room. That's the head detective. The head detective
will give you GOODMAN'S LOST ITEM REPORT. It's only half finished, and it does
not even say what he was missing. Now, a new topic should open up with Gant.
Ask Gant about Permission. Gant will give you permission to enter the evidence
room, and he'll give you a guest ID card to have access. The ID card doesn't
show on the Court Record, but you do have it. Now, Gant will leave, and you
should, too. Head back to the Police Department Entrance, then back to the
Security Guard Office.

In the guard area, examine the door to the evidence room. The card reader is
turned off. All of a sudden, Jake Marshall sneaks up on you. Jake will turn on
the card reader for you, but get some information out of him, too. He won't
talk to you unless you give him something. Present the STEAK LUNCH to him. Now,
you can wrestle some information from him. Talk about the guard office, then
about Jake himself. He also mentions that he can't let SL-9 go until he finds
out the real truth behind it. Talk to him about the security system, and he
mentions the ID card record. It keeps track of every ID card that was used to
enter the evidence room. If you can show him the record is connected to the
case, he'll tell you more. Present him with GOODMAN'S ID. His ID card number is
on the ID record. That proves the connection once again. Jake will give you the
ID CARD RECORD which will of course enter the Court Record. Bruce Goodman's
name will be filled next to his card number. Now, talk to Jake about evidence
transferal. Two years after a case is solved, it's closed forever, and the
evidence is moved out of the evidence room. Now, let's move into the evidence

Gumshoe will meet you in the room. He'll start by handing you the EVIDENCE ROOM
FLOOR PLANS. Talk to Gumshoe about as much as you can. He'll mention that
Edgeworth also worked on SL-9 in some capacity, and that each locker can only
be opened by its assigned detective, because of fingerprints. This information
is recorded as the EVIDENCE LOCKER in the Court Record. Present Gumshoe with
either the SWITCHBLADE KNIFE or the VICTIM'S NOTE to open talk about SL-9. Now,
ask Gumshoe about SL-9. Now, present Gumshoe with the ID CARD RECORD. Gumshoe
will recognize the second ID number. It belongs to Edgeworth. Now, the record
will be updated. That's all the info you need from Gumshoe. Let's look around.
Examine the following:
-The white flap sticking out of the leftmost locker
-The bloody handprint on the right side of the room
-The broken pieces on the ground behind the yellow tape ("Check it out closer")
-The glove hanging on the yellow tape (RUBBER GLOVE added to Court Record)
-The opened locker

When you check out the broken pieces, you have to put it back together. This
part is hard to describe. You will have to match one edge of the object at a
time. Look at the edge on the upper screen highlighted in red. The lower screen
is for the pieces you have to fit onto the edge. You can turn the pieces until
the edge that fits is pointing downward. If no edges fit, cycle to another
piece by hitting right or left. Hit Combine when you have a match, then keep
doing it until all of the pieces have been put together. When you have all the
pieces together, it will look like a kind of unstable vase, with one large
piece missing and some blood on it. The UNSTABLE JAR is added to the Court

Now, break out the Luminol. Spray the area behind the yellow tape. There's a
massive blood loss here, which would support the claim that a murder took
place. Now, spray the bloody handprint. Gumshoe says that's his locker. Now,
spray the upper-leftmost locker in the room, the one with the flap hanging out.
You should find another handprint, but this one isn't visible to the naked eye.
Once you've done everything in the room, Gumshoe should leave. If Gumshoe does
not leave, read back and make sure you've done everything in the evidence room.
Now, let's go to Edgeworth's Office.

Hey, look. It's the Bellboy from Case 2. What a random cameo. Talk to Edgeworth
about his inquiry and about the trial. Present him with the ID CARD RECORD.
Edgeworth will say Gant himself asked Edgeworth to go to the evidence room. He
went to retrieve a piece of evidence from an unrelated case and take it back to
his office. Even Edgeworth does not know why. Regardless, the SCREWDRIVER is
added to the Court Record. Present Edgeworth with either the VICTIM'S NOTE or
the SWITCHBLADE KNIFE to get him to talk about SL-9. Now, talk about the
allogations of forgery. He said that in the case long ago, he absolutely did
not forge evidence, and he never has. Then unexpectedly, Edgeworth will give
you a FINGERPRINTING SET to help investigate. Remember any suspicious prints?
Go back to the evidence room.

Here in the evidence room, Ema will automatically start on the handprint on
Gumshoe's locker. Choose a print and hit examine. Tap the screen thoroughly to
add enough aluminum powder. Then, blow away the powder by breathing into the
DS's microphone. The bloody area doesn't leave a fingerprint. Maybe it was from
a glove. Now, look for other prints on that locker. See the two non-bloody
prints below the blood. Add a thorough ammount of powder and blow once again.
Now, you have a fingerprint. Ema will speak up after you've done it properly.
If she doesn't speak up, you need to add more powder and blow again. Now, cycle
though the possible matches. Try to match the prints to Detective Gumshoe. Hey,
it's a match. That shouldn't be surprising. It IS his locker, after all. That
one was just for practice. Now, go back to the far left locker and examine it.
Ema will ask if you want to check for prints. "Check for prints" obviously.
Now, the bloody part of the handprint was wiped away, but not all of the
fingerprints are bad. Put the pointer around where the handprint's ring finger
would be. Even though you're not pointing to any blood, you should have the
option to examine. Do so. Spread the powder and get a positive print. Now do
a print comparison. The person who matches the handprint is none other than...
Jake Marshall! MARSHALL'S PRINTS are added to the Court Record. Jake Marshall's
fingerprints on a wiped bloodstain. That is quite an unexpected development.
This is a key piece of evidence, one that's sure to turn up a few eyebrows...
in court!

**  5.54 Day 3: Trial  **

Court begins today on a lighter note, because Edgeworth decides to call Mike
Meekins to the stand.

Meekins' Testimony: "Crime Report, Sir!"

-Althought it's not my normal duty, I was assigned to guard the evidence room
that day!

-I spotted a suspicious man on the security screen, and rushed into the room!

-I was only doing what I was trained to do, sir!

-I was suddenly attacked!

-I fought for my life! Then I... I did it!

-After that I passed out... until another officer smacked me awake!

I think it's fairly clear that Meekins is too much of a wimp to be able to kill
someone. Yet, he's also dumb enough to believe he actually it. His testimony
is too vague though. You have to PRESS every statement. Yes, EVERY statement.
You will now have a clearer idea of what happened, and the ID record will be
updated, too. Meekins was assigned that day to guard the Blue Badger. He first
entered the Evidence Room to put the Blue Badger there. Later, he saw someone
suspicious on the monitor and entered the room again. He asked for the man's
ID, but he got a knife drawn on him. He got a cut on his hand from the knife
and got punched in the face. After that, he blacked out and may or may not have
killed him while blacking out. Another officer woke him up at 5:30. Meekins
says he has a video of the murder after the Judge stops the questioning. Take
a look. After viewing the video once, the SECURITY VIDEO will be added to the
Court Record.

Meekins' Testimony: "Mystery Man"

-His face can't be clearly seen in the video,

-but there's no question that the other person was Detective Goodman, sir!

-I mean, he opened the locker, which required Detective Goodman's fingerprint
to do!

-The locker he opened is unquestionably Detective Goodman's locker, sir!

-So it must be him! No one else could have unlocked it!

Well, it certainly would seem that Goodman had to be in there, right? PRESS the
last statement, the one that says nobody else could have done it. Meekins says
the video is proof enough. Edgeworth then asks if there's any problem with the
video. Say "There's a problem." There *is* a possibility that would mean the
man in the room was not Detective Goodman. Time to look at the video.

This works just like pointing out evidence on a photo. Except that instead of
it being a still picture, it's a moving picture. Play, pause, fast forward,
and rewind the video as much as you like. When you spot the error, pause the
video, point out the questionable detail, then hit Present. Look at the
beginning of the video, when they first pan over to Goodman's locker before it
is opened. Is there something different about it that sets it apart? Yes, there
is a light above the locker! All of the other lockers aren't lit up in that
same way. Point to the light and hit Present. The light means that the lock was
already released before anyone grabbed the handle!

Edgeworth says that the door would have been locked automatically the last time
it was closed. Ema says that maybe something was jamming the sensor. Look at
the video again. What could be jamming the sensor? Look at when the suspect
opens the locker. Something falls out of the door. Maybe that's it. Pause the
video when the falling object is in midair. Now, point to it and hit Present.
That item could have been inserted between the sensor and the door to keep it
from locking. Edgeworth says the object would have to be a thin insulator. Can
you pick it out? It's in your evidence. What makes an excellent insulator?
Rubber! Present the RUBBER GLOVE. This proves that anyone could have opened the
locker, not just Bruce Goodman. However, Edgeworth says there is more evidence
that it had to be Bruce Goodman. Meekins testifies.

Meekins' Testimony: "Mystery Man (2)"

-There's one other thing that proves the man was Detective Goodman, sir!

-To enter the evidence room, one must use their ID card!

-When an ID card is used, there's a record of it!

-At the time of the crime, the detective had used his card!

He does have a point. Bruce Goodman's ID was definitely used. However, that
does not mean the man was Bruce Goodman. It could have been someone using
Bruce Goodman's card. Is there any slight evidence that hints it might have
been stolen? Yes. There is. Go to the last statement, the one where Meekins
says "the detective had to use his card." Now, Present GOODMAN'S LOST ITEM
REPORT. The item that Goodman lost on the day of the murder must have been his
ID card!

Edgeworth, however, doesn't seem bothered. In fact, Phoenix may have just hurt
himself more than he realizes. By proving that Bruce Goodman was not in the
evidence room, that means the only place Goodman could have been was in the
parking lot of the prosecutor's office! Now, Lana looks more guilty than ever!

Don't just sit there and let Lana's guilt come to pass. "Object." It's time to
pull your trump card, or else all is lost. Call Officer Jake Marshall to the
stand. The Judge will call a short recess.

During the recess, you'll talk with Lana outside the courtroom. Gumshoe drops
by, and drops off something for you. Actually, it's something that Lana
requested for you. Maybe despite her confession, she wants to help your case
after all. You receive the SL-9 INCIDENT FILES. Give them a look over. Ema is
shocked to learn that she knows about SL-9. She just didn't know of the case
number the police gave it. It seems that Lana and Ema were the key witnesses
in that serial murder trial known to the public as the "Joe Darke killings."
Everyone involved in the murder of Bruce Goodman also has a connection to SL-9.
Ema, Lana, Gant, Edgeworth, Angel, Jake. It can't be a coincidence. In her
shock, Ema runs away... she doesn't come back in time to watch the trial.

Jake's Testimony: "Day of the Crime"

-My job was to keep a wary eye on that bone orchard.

-They said I was supposed to make rounds three times a day, but that ain't my

-Besides, the room's protected by two security systems, anyway.

-If I remember right, I was at a street-side saloon at the time it went down.

-I'm just an innocent travelin' man, so if you're out of ammo it's time I hit
the trail.

Before the cross-examination, Phoenix finds out that Jake is completely unaware
of the fingerprint locks. If you remember, Jake once said that he doesn't know
what most of the machines in the evidence room area do. Well, there's no point
drawing this out. You know what to peg him with. Choose the statement where he
says he was at a street-side saloon at the time, and present MARSHALL'S PRINTS.
He doesn't look shocked, and now he is going to testify to explain Phoenix's

Jake's Testimony: "Bloodstained Fingerprints"

-Like I said, it's only natural for my fingerprints to be in that evidence

-One of them just happened to be at the same place as the bloodstained

-The murderer touched the locker where my fingerprint was by chance.

-The bloodstain and the fingerprint are completely unrelated.

-Or didn't you know the murderer was wearing gloves?

Now, PRESS the first statement. He will say that the locker with the print is
his own locker. Marshall's Prints will be updated in the Court Record to
reflect this. Now, PRESS the last statement, about the murderer wearing gloves.
He says he read about it in the reports, how they couldn't find a fingerprint
on the other bloody handprint. After you press both of these statements, Jake
will interrupt. He'll say this is pointless, because the only hard evidence is
the video tape. Now, he'll add a part to his testimony.

-Too bad it wasn't me in that video, right, pardner?

PRESS that statement. Phoenix says that because of the camera's limited view,
anyone with knowledge of the security camera system could go in and out without
being seen by the video. The Judge then asks if you can show evidence that Jake
was in the evidence room, from the video. Choose to "Show evidence." Now, look
at the video. There is one other majorly suspicious part in the video. Keep
your eyes on Jake's locker the entire time. The first several times it pans
over to Jake's locker, it looks normal. However, the last time the camera pans
that way, there's something different. Something is hanging out of the locker!
That means someone opened the locker at 5:15. Pause the video at the end, point
to the thing hanging out of the locker, and Present. Officer Marshall opened
his locker when the camera wasn't looking.

Marshall says that the murderer chose to stick something in his locker, but
that doesn't mean he was the one who opened it. ...oh, Jake. Nice try. He does
not know about the fingerprint system. Present the EVIDENCE LOCKER to show him
about the fingerprint sensor. Now you have him.

So, Phoenix tries to finish it from here. He brings out the floor plan and
tries to show where Jake Marshall was in the room. Put the pointer over the "V"
which represents the victim. Now, hit Present. That man was not Bruce Goodman.
It was Jake Marshall pretending to be Bruce Goodman! He had to pull the knife
on Meekins because if he had shown his ID card, Meekins would have noticed that
the face in front of him did not match the face on the ID card.

Marshall still denies it, guilty as he may seem. There is no hard evidence that
proves he dressed as Goodman, or is there? Why did Jake use his locker? Look at
the video and show why Jake had to open his locker. Look at the scuffle between
Jake and Meekins. Jake gets cut on the shoulder, and his outfit gets bloody!
There's no way he could have walked out with a coat that had his blood on it.
That's why he had to open the locker unexpectedly. Pause the video after Jake
gets cut, point to the blood on his shoulder, and hit Present. Now, there's no
denying his guilt.

Jake's Testimony: "Marshall's Confession"

-I had to do it that day. I couldn't just stand by and let it die.

-I stole the detective's ID and dressed like him. I planned to take out the

-I wasn't expecting Officer Meekins. I knocked him out...

-and managed to escape. I knew which areas wouldn't be caught on the camera.

-There wasn't any murder in the evidence room at 5:15.

The object here is a simple one. PRESS all of his statements, in any order you
like. He will say that he wanted to see the SL-9 evidence one more time. He
had to dress up as Goodman, or he would have been arrested for stealing
evidence. Somehow, the locker was already opened, because Jake didn't plan the
glove. Also, when he opened it, the evidence was already gone. Once you've
pressed everything, Phoenix will ask again why he did all of this. He'll add
one part to his testimony.

-I can't just forget the SL-9 Incident... You know why?

Don't ask him. Tell him why you think he cares so much. If you had looked at
the SL-9 files, you probably would have figured it out. One of the names of the
victims stands out. "Neil Marshall." He must be a relative of Jake. Present the
SL-9 INCIDENT FILES to Jake's last statement.

Neil Marshall was Jake Marshall's brother. He was the prosecutor trying to put
Joe Darke away for his serial killings. In the end, he got in a scuffle with
Darke himself and was killed. It was the first time Darke left evidence behind,
and that's how they finally nailed him. Yet, Jake knows that something is
wrong. Neil wouldn't have lost a fight, so he thinks that while Joe Darke got
what he deserved and was executed, that someone else was responsible for Neil's

Unfortunately for the defense, all you've done is once again alleviate the
doubt that the murder may have happened outside the parking garage. Lana looks
guilty... still. The Judge yet again tries to make a verdict, when someone
holds up the court. It's Ema! She came back. She says there's one thing not
answered for, the bloody handprint on Gumshoe's locker. Phoenix looks at the
floor plan, then he wonders if anything is "missing." Say "I object!" There is
something missing from the floor plan, something that when drawn on, will
completely change the meaning of the bloody handprint. Present the thing that
is missing from the crime scene, the BLUE BADGER PANEL. Now, look at the new
floor plan. While the Blue Badger was in the evidence room, it would be
impossible to put an handprint on Gumshoe's locker!

This means that there was another bloody incident in the evidence room,
separate from the one between Jake and Meekins at 5:15, an incident that
occured before the Blue Badger was brought into the room. The blood on the
locker... is from Bruce Goodman, when he was really murdered! Show some proof
of *when* the first murder took place. Present the ID CARD RECORD. Two people
entered the evidence room before the Blue Badger, Miles Edgeworth and an
unknown person. Edgeworth says it could not have been him, because he would
have only had ten minutes to clean up a murder scene and dispose of the body.
So, the murderer had to be the last person on the ID sheet. Goodman must have
entered the evidence room at the same time as the murderer, which is why there
is no earlier record of his card being used. The murderer is the person with
the ID "7777777."

Edgeworth says he is unable to look up the owner of that number, because it
belongs to a captain or higher, so it's classified information. Then, Jake
interrupts. He wants to ask a question to Lana. He wants to know if all of the
evidence in SL-9 was legitimate evidence. Lana then takes the stand... and
admits that she tampered with evidence. She had to do whatever it took to get
Darke the conviction that he deserved. The uproar her confession caused in the
court alone forced the trial to be delayed one more day. Thus ends the second
day of the trial.

**  5.55 Day 3: Evidence Gathering  **

So, the final day of evidence gathering begins. Ema begins by apologizing for
her sister, then explaining about the Joe Darke case. On the day of Neil
Marshall's death, Joe Darke tried to kill Ema. Neil died trying to save her
from him. Talk to her some more. Ema didn't see the very moment of Neil's
death though, so Lana made up evidence. Edgeworth used that evidence, but he
didn't know it was forged. He's innocent. She does remember one instant though.
Lightning flashed, illuminating Neil and Darke in front of a window for a
moment. In that moment, Joe Darke was standing over Neil Marshall with his
knife ready to strike. She passed out, and the next thing she knew, Lana was
cradling her in her arms. Talk about "something puzzling" and Phoenix will ask
why Joe Darke and Neil Marshall ran into Lana's office of all places. This
happened at the police office, when Lana apparently used to be a detective. Her
office was right by the elevator. Darke escaped from questioning and was chased
down by Neil. Let's have a talk with Lana herself. Go to the Detention Center.

Talk about today's trial, then about her detective days. Back in the day, her
and Gant were quite the team. She had always aimed to be a prosecutor. She
started as a detective to give her an edge on solving cases. After AL-9, Gant
was promoted to Chief, and he appointed Lana as Chief Prosecutor. They even
shared the same office while on the force. Talk about the Darke investigation.
Apparently, not only did Lana work on the Darke case, she was the first one on
the scene of the last murder. She found Ema passed out, Marshall murdered, and
Darke was unconscious with a minor concussion incurred by Marshall. Phoenix
already suspects that it's not a coincidence that so many people involved in
this case were also involved in SL-9. The fact that Jake Marshall went to such
lengths to dig SL-9 back up only furthers this theory that it's not by chance.
The site of Neil's murder is still Chief Gant's Office. Maybe you should try to
look there. For now, go to the Police Department Entrance.

Jake Marshall just happens to be on his way out when he bumps into you. It
looks like his career as a police officer might be over, so who knows when or
if you might ever see him again. Talk to him. One of the things he never saw
right about the Darke case was the murder weapon. Even though the switchblade
belonged to Darke, was broken, and had blood on it, it may not have been the
murder weapon. When asking about his brother, Jake will say that on the day he
was killed, he received the "King of Prosecutors" trophy. That thing keeps
coming up. Its relevance to this whole mystery will come up sooner or later,
maybe. Then, talk about the scars of the investigation, as well as about the
partnership of Gant and Skye. They were a great duo, and everyone who knew Lana
says that she changed a lot after she was transferred. Before he leaves, he
says that he knows now that Edgeworth is not his enemy. He didn't know he was
using forged evidence, evidence that he says was supplied by Damon Gant. Hmmm.
Now, head to Criminal Affrairs, then to the Chief's Office.

Gant is in his office, and he looks happy to see you, although he does slip a
paper in his desk as soon as he sees you. Gant mentions that he's disappointed
in Lana's admission at the trial. He shows you a picture from two years ago.
In it, are Gant, Lana, and Neil who is holding his King of Prosecutors trophy.
Phoenix says that something isn't right with the picture, but he can't put his
finger on it. You have plenty of time to figure it out though, because the
GANT TEAM PICTURE is added to the Court Record. Gant is on his way out of the
office, and he ushers you out with him, locking the door behind him. Gant does
not want you snooping around his office for a reason. You have to get inside.
Head back to Criminal Affairs.

Hey, it's Gumshoe. Talk to him about Edgeworth and SL-9. Ema says showing him
the murder weapon might jog his memory. Present the SWITCHBLADE KNIFE, and
Gumshoe will remember. Talk to him about the murder weapon. The decisive
evidence was the tip of the knife. It was broken off, but it turned up inside
Neil Marshall's body. NEIL'S AUTOPSY REPORT is added to the Court Record. The
switchblade is also updated. Now, talk about Darke's crimes. Apparently, it
started with an accident. Darke hit and killed a man with his car. But then he
went crazy and killed all of the witnesses to the crime to cover himself.
After you've asked Gumshoe everything, Phoenix will talk about the Chief's
Office. Gumshoe can let you in, but if they found out, he would be fired. Leave
for now and go to Edgeworth's Office.

Talk to Edgeworth about all you can. Among other things, he mentions that his
list of evidence given for SL-9 was only half as long as most trials. Present
Edgeworth with the GANT TEAM PICTURE. Ema notices what's wrong. Neil's trophy
is different from Edgeworth's. Edgeworth's just has a shield, but Neil's has
both a shield and a sword. Talk to Edgeworth about the story behind the trophy.
In Chinese, the word for contradiction is written with two words, "halberd" and
"shield." Long ago, an arms merchant presented his king with two items, a
halberd that could slice through any armor, and a shield that could withstand
any weapon. The descriptions of these items discredit each other, because what
if they were used on each other. The king pointed this out, and he rendered the
merchant speechless. So, their term for contradiction was born. That's why the
prosecutor's trophy had a broken weapon and a broken shield. Two years ago
though, Gant had the weapon removed from the trophy. Now, examine the piece of
paper that Edgeworth crumpled and threw under his desk when you walked in. It's
his letter of resignation. The LETTER OF RESIGNATION is added to the Court
Record. Go back downstairs to the parking lot.

Angel is selling lunches again. Talk to her about everything you can. She says
Lana was being used by Gant. He got her to be the Chief Prosecutor so that he
could control both the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office. Once
you've heard everything, go back to Criminal Affairs.

Now, you have something to make Gumshoe change his mind about letting you in
Gant's Office. Present him with the LETTER OF RESIGNATION. Nothing else needs
to be said. You receive GUMSHOE'S ID. Move back to the Chief's Office.

As soon as you enter, someone will sneak up on you. It's Gumshoe, who decided
to tag along after all. Talk to him before looking around. Even Gumshoe at this
point suspects Gant might be up to no-good. Examine the safe on the wall by
Gant's desk. It requires a seven-digit number. Choose to "Input number." Know
any good seven-digit numbers? Just for kicks, try the unknown ID number from
the evidence room ID record. 7777777. That should do it. Meaning, 7777777 is
probably Chief Gant's ID number, and that he is the last person to enter the
evidence room on the day of the murder. Now examine the safe again. Two things
are inside, a piece of ceramic and a square of leather with a handprint on it.
Except, Gumshoe won't let you take them unless you can prove they are relevant
to the case. First, present Gumshoe with the UNSTABLE JAR. When it asks,
"Assemble fragments." Turn the piece and drop it in place. A perfect fit. Why
did Gant keep this piece of the jar? The piece he had, it had more blood on it
than the other pieces. Now, the unstable jar will be updated in the Court
Record. To prove the handprint's relevance, present the FINGERPRINTING SET.
Time to get to work. Examine the middle finger for a good result. Sprinkle the
dust, and blow it away. Now, try to find a match to the print from your list
of people. The print correctly matches those of... ... ...Ema Skye. Ema? What
on Earth is going on? The STRIP OF CLOTH is added to the Court Record. One more
thing to get. Remember how Gant put something in his desk? Examine the desk.
It's an evidence list for... SL-9! Gumshoe says they're normally "twice as long
as this." Didn't Edgeworth say something similar to that? The EVIDENCE LIST is
added to the Court Record. After you got all three pieces of evidence, an
unwanted visitor enters the room. It's Chief Gant. He tells you all to leave,
and he asks Gumshoe to drop off his ID on the way out. He won't be needing it
anymore. Poor Gumshoe. He asks Ema to stay behind to talk though. She has to
stay behind and answer police questions the rest of the afternoon.

Back at the Detention Center, Phoenix has a last talk with Lana. Phoenix says
he knows now who Lana is hiding with her confession. Talk to her about why she
has kept quiet. Phoenix says she can't tell the truth because of a certain
person. She's not protecting this person, she's afraid of this person. Lana
challenges you. She wants to know who you think is keeping her silent. Tell her
the name "Damon Gant." Now, talk about Gant. Phoenix wonders why Gant was never
accused of falsifying evidence, if he was in charge of SL-9. Lana wants proof
that Gant falsified evidence in SL-9. Show her the EVIDENCE LIST, the UNSTABLE
JAR, or the STRIP OF CLOTH. Once you show her the evidence, she will agree.
She cannot disobey Gant, even if it means being found guilty of murder. She
received orders to "dispose of Bruce Goodman's body" three days ago. She
finally admits that she did not commit the murder. When she found the body,
the knife sticking out of Goodman's body was not Edgeworth's. It was the
switchblade. In order to confuse the evidence, she took that knife out and
stabbed him with Edgeworth's knife. That's how she cut her hand, and that
explains what Angel saw. Talk about Darke's knife. She hid it, because she did
not want anyone asking about SL-9 again. She wanted the case to go away. She
then called Ema, to try and tell her to hide the knife in the exhaust pipe.
Before she found the body, she called Jake and told him what happened. Instead
of helping Lana though, he decided this was his only chance to get the evidence
from SL-9 and went on his own mission. That's all she is willing to say, and
she tells Phoenix not to pursue this matter any further in court. Well, that's
not how Phoenix Wright rolls. You can't stop now that you've come this far. You
have to do it, for Lana, for Ema, for truth, justice, and the legal way. Time
to get ready for the last day of the trial.

**  5.56 Day 4: Trial  **

You're close. You're really close to getting to the bottom of this whole
conspiracy. You know Lana is innocent. You just have to prove it in court, but
in order to do that, you must also find out what went down two years ago that
started this whole chain of events. Edgeworth will talk to Phoenix before going
inside. He knows who 7777777 is, too. He wants to find Lana guilty, but Phoenix
says to him this may be the only chance to find out what really happened two
years ago.

As court starts, Edgeworth doesn't even get to say his opening statement. Gant
interrupts. He says that the court should grant Lana a request to speak
directly with the court. Her request is to bring an immediate end to the trial.
She confesses to the crime, and she wishes to be found guilty. Phoenix rejects
her confession, so Lana says she forfeits her attorney. The Judge is about to
declare a guilty verdict, for the fourth time in this case, when Edgeworth
objects. He says there is still reasonable doubt, so the trial should continue.
Gant tells Edgeworth to be quiet, and Edgeworth rips into him. He accuses him
of creating "another fabrication" to cover himself. Edgeworth says he wishes
to call Ema to the stand. Lana objects, but Edgeworth doesn't care. Ema is
going to testify about the events of two years go.

Ema's Testimony: "Two Years Ago"

-I was waiting in my sister's office that day.

-A man came running in, and took me hostage.

-Neil Marshall rescued me,

-but I'll never forget what I saw that instant!

-The man raised up his knife, and... and stabbed Mr. Marshall in the chest...!

Start by PRESSing Ema's fourth statement, "I'll never forget." She clarifies
that the instant she talks about is when the electricity went out, but then
the lightning illuminated the room for a second. When she mentions Detective
Goodman, "Hear more." She says she was too shocked to speak at the time, so she
drew a picture. "Ask about the picture." Edgeworth says he never received a
picture on his list of evidence from that trial. Ema will revise her testimony.

-I drew a picture of that scene once... but it seems to have been lost.

Actually, it's not lost. If you use scientific examination, you can find
evidence of the picture in the Court Record. Look at the half of the evidence
list found in Gant's desk. Turn it around. It's a silhouette picture of a man
with a weapon standing over another man. Aha! Highlight Ema's revised statement
and present the EVIDENCE LIST. Not only does the Judge notice the picture, but
he notices that the evidence list Phoenix handed him is different from the list
that Edgeworth had for the same case. Edgeworth's list was incomplete. The two
lists join together to form one complete list! Phoenix says that if he only had
half of the list, Edgeworth's half must have more of the drawing. The other
half has a picture of... the Blue Badger?!? Well, it's not THE Blue Badger, but
Ema drew a shape that matches the shape of the Blue Badger's head. The evidence
list is now updated in the Court Record. Now, Ema will testify about the

Ema's Testimony: "Ema's Picture"

-This is the picture I drew two years ago.

-The flash of lightning was so bright all I could see were shadows.

-After that I must have fainted.

-This picture shows exactly what I saw that instant!

Ema has no reason to lie, and everything she has said is exactly as others have
said. However, there is one, small, little thing wrong. This one small thing
could blow the entire thing wide open, though. What do we know about what
happened to Neil Marshall? He was found with a stab wound in his back, along
with a knife tip inside the wound. Now, look at the picture (the last statement
shows it). What is wrong? If the tip of Joe Darke's knife broke off inside
Neil, that means that the knife should have had the tip before he was stabbed.
However~! The weapon that Ema drew in the picture *has no tip*. Ema's drawing
contradicts the evidence. Present NEIL'S AUTOPSY REPORT against the last
statement. When the Judge asks you to be specific in your contradiction, point
to the tip of the weapon, and hit Present. Phoenix points out just that. The
weapon should not yet have been broken, if the tip was in Neil's wound. Phoenix
submits that the tip inside Neil Marshall was falsified evidence.

Edgeworth says that if the tip was falsified evidence, as unlikely as it may
seem, there must be yet *another* broken knife that Ema saw besides Darke's
switchblade. Could there have been another one? Say "There is another one."
Show them the real murder weapon. Do you remember seeing any 'broken weapons'
lately? Show the GANT TEAM PICTURE. The King of Prosecutors award... it used
to have a broken knife on it, but now it doesn't! Neil grabbed the knife off of
the trophy because it was the only weapon he had available. However, Edgeworth
has an objection. If Neil Marshall was the one wielding the knife, then the men
in Ema's picture should swap places. It should be Neil who is holding the knife
over Joe Darke! Ema then interrupts. She asks to see the picture on Edgeworth's
evidence list, and she remembers something she had forgotten.

Ema's Testimony: "Ema's Recollection"

-When I saw that man raise his knife...

-I panicked, and rushed toward both of them.

-I think I... I knocked away the man with the knife.

-Just then there was another flash of lightning, and that's when I saw... the
Blue Badger!

-He wasn't in the room, but I'm sure I saw his shadow!

Before you can cross-examine, Lana makes a scene. She begs you not to question
the matter any further. Lana has to be detained by the bailiff for you to
continue. That means you're razor-close to finding out something Lana really
doesn't want you to know.

Clearly, Ema cannot have seen the Blue Badger. It did not exist two years ago.
So, what did Ema see? It's in the Court Record. You have to see a certain piece
of evidence from a different angle. Either use your imagination or scientific
observation. Present the UNSTABLE JAR against Ema's statement that she saw the
Blue Badger. Now, you have to make the jar look like the Blue Badger, using
the picture of the Badger on the top as a guide.

Here's what you do. First, use the vertical adjustment to face the fat end of
the jar towards you, not the skinny nose. Make sure it is pointing directly at
you. Now, use the rotation arrows to make the two handles point roughly to the
northeast and northwest. Now, use the vertical dial once again, to tilt the
jar slightly down. If you do it correctly, the angle of your vision should
cause the skinny tip of the jar as well as the two handles to form the three-
horned appearance of the Blue Badger's head. Once you achieve this effect, hit
Present. That angle is what Ema saw. Edgeworth asks what has changed due to
this new discovery. Say "the location" changed. If Ema saw the jar from that
angle, she had to have been in Gant's office, where the jar was, not in Lana's
office. The body was found in Lana's office, so the murder must have happened
in Gant's office, and then the body was moved.

Phoenix then makes a bold judgment. If the jar flew off the shelf, then someone
had to have hit the wall by the jar. And, if he was knocked in that direction,
he might have hit the suit of armor, and the weapon being held by the armor!
The man being knocked back was the man holding the broken knife in the picture.
AND, if the broken weapon was the prosecutor's award, that means the man
knocked back into the knight's sword was Neil Marshall. So, that means... oh
no, it couldn't be! Ema? Is Ema responsible for Neil's death? Ema faints on the

Lana charges the stand and says that Joe Darke killed Neil Marshall. Edgeworth
says that of course she would say that. She admitted to forging evidence. Maybe
she forged evidence in order to keep people from suspecting Ema. Lana says
there is no hard proof, and the only people who could testify are both dead.
Edgeworth says then, that maybe Neil left a message. The murderer's name that
the victim may have left... say "is in the evidence." Although it may be hard
to do so, present once again the UNSTABLE JAR. Connect the dots on the jar to
spell out a name. It should form three letters. "E-M-A."


Well, that certainly is not how this trial was supposed to go, but you have to
uncover the truth. Gant speaks up. He says he told Edgeworth he would regret
his line of inquiry. Gant says Edgeworth put Joe Darke to death, an innocent
man, and he used forged evidence to do it. Now, things are looking really grim.
The court audience gets so uproarious that the Judge calls a recess.

During the recess, Gumshoe delivers you a gift from Lana. It's the book of
Evidence Law. And, it has a note. If you want to take him down, you'll need
this. EVIDENCE LAW is added to the Court Record. Give it a skim and keep it in
mind for when you'll need it. Edgeworth says the real case has yet to begin.

With the accusations of Edgeworth, the Judge does not want him to call anymore
witnesses. So, Edgeworth says that the defense should call the witnesses. The
Judge acquiesces, and Phoenix can call his next witness. He wants to call the
real murderer, so choose to call Damon Gant to the stand.

Gant's Testimony: "SL-9 Incident"

-As I recall, Neil and I were questioning him that day.

-To make a long story short, we slipped up. That power outage didn't help

-When I went to my office, I found Lana there.

-Apparently she had already... "arranged" the crime scene.

-As you can see, I had nothing to do with the "forgery."

Oh, so Gant had nothing to do with the forgery? That can't be true. Otherwise,
why would he be hiding items from SL-9? You cannot show Ema's fingerprints.
Those are too incriminating. Instead, present the UNSTABLE JAR. Remember, the
key piece of the jar was in Gant's safe. Oh, and present it against his last
statement, about having nothing to do with it. Gant counters you though, saying
your evidence was forged. Now, it's time for another testimony.

Gant's Testimony: "Evidence & Forgery"

-Let's see, what was it now? A jar fragment... and a list?

-For all I know, you could have planted them in my office.

-Anyway, you can't prove "when" those pieces of evidence were discovered.

-If they were found after Darke was convicted, then they're worthless.

-There's no reason I'd participate in a forgery.

-Rearranging the crime scene wouldn't help me out in any way.

PRESS the last statement, about rearranging the crime scene. Gant will say he
got nothing from the crime, and he doesn't care about anyone else. He will then
revise his statement.

-I wouldn't be anyone's "accomplice" if there was nothing in it for me.

PRESS this statement. Now, when Phoenix has a chance to name an accomplice,
choose "Point out accomplice." Then choose Lana. Lana has an obvious reason for
wanting to cover up the crime. She suspects Ema was involved. Gant might help
her out if only to help himself. If he had Lana to do his bidding, he could
install her as Chief Prosecutor and have ultimate authority over both offices.
Not only that, but Gant is involved in the murder of Bruce Goodman, and is
using his control over Lana to make her take the rap for it!

Now, the Judge wants some proof if Gant is somehow involved in the murder of
Bruce Goodman. What did Phoenix conclude in Gant's Office? His safe combination
is 7777777 because he is the 7777777 on the ID record for the evidence room.
Present the ID CARD RECORD as your evidence. Aha! Because of the safe, he has
to admit it's his card. He was in the evidence room. Gant is angry. He says
though that he hadn't seen Goodman in days. Phoenix says this is a lie! Show
him GOODMAN'S LOST ITEM REPORT. Goodman was on his way to see the Chief about a
new ID card. He had to have his new card that day, because he needed to get in
the evidence room for evidence transferal! Phoenix said he accompanied Goodman
into the evidence room. Gant said he didn't step foot inside, because he lent
his card out. Edgeworth says this is impossible, or else Gant's card would have
been on Goodman's body! Gant goes ballistic for a moment.

Phoenix then fills in the holes. Gant murdered Goodman in the evidence room. He
then called Lana at the Prosecutor's Office, telling her to dispose of the
body. However, Gant never left the police station, and Lana never left the
office that day. So how did the body get moved from one location to the other?
Show your evidence, the previously completely useless piece of evidence.
Remember where the body was? Edgeworth's car. What if, instead of the body
being put into Edgeworth's car at the garage, what if it got to the garage by
way of the car itself? Edgeworth used his car that day... why? Gant. Gant
called him. He had Edgeworth pick up a meaningless piece of evidence, for a
reason even Edgeworth can't figure out. However, now we know the reason.
Present the SCREWDRIVER as proof of how Gant moved the body. Gant used
Edgeworth's car to take the body to Lana, with Edgeworth as the unknowing

You have Gant right where you want him... but he cuts you off. He chooses now
to invoke his right to refuse to testify. The Judge will have to let him go
unless you have "concrete" proof that Gant killed Goodman. When the Judge asks
if you have any, this is I think the only time in the game you have to say
this, but say "I have no proof yet." If you do anything else, you get a strike.
The Judge is about to punish you, but Edgeworth gives you an opportunity to
call another witness, a woman, who hasn't testified yet. Call Lana Skye to the
stand. Before you can though, Gant will reappear. He will very blatantly
threaten Lana with dire consequences in front of everyone. If Lana testifies
against Gant, he'll see to it that Ema is found guilty of Neil Marshall's
murder. One more recess, then it's the final act.

During the recess, Phoenix talks with Edgeworth and Gumshoe. Edgeworth reminds
Phoenix about something the Judge said. There are risks in refusing to testify.
He is protected from testifying, but he also gave up his right to speak even if
he wants to. Ema shows up, with mixed feelings over the thought that she killed
Neil Marshall. She wants to see the end of the trial though. Time to do this.
Lana is going to lie through her teeth, so you have to rip her apart.

Lana's Testimony: "Gant & The Fabrication"

-I worked alongside Gant for years...

-There's no truth to this "blackmail" theory.

-I fabricated the evidence two years ago all by myself.

-When I found Prosecutor Marshall's body, I rearranged the crime scene.

-My only motivation was to get Darke convicted. It had nothing to do with Ema.

Let's get to the matter at hand, Neil Marshall's murder. PRESS Lana on her
statement that she rearranged the crime scene. She says she was the first
person on the crime scene. The broken prosectuor award was stuck in Neil's
body. She says that was the murder weapon, not the suit of armor. The other
knife, the switchblade, was on the floor, knocked away during the struggle. She
adds something to her testimony.

-I broke off the tip of Darke's knife, planted it inside the wound, then moved
the body.

Now PRESS this statement. You can ask "why" to one thing. Choose "Why did you
move the body?" Now, she will add another part to her testimony.

-The pieces of the jar that shattered during the events threatened my plan.

Lana says the jar broke during the scuffle between Darke and Neil. However!
There is a problem with that. There's a message written in blood on the jar.
It had to have been written before the jar broke and after blood was spilled.
Present the UNSTABLE JAR yet again as counter evidence. Time for testimony.

Lana's Testimony: "Jar & Message in Blood"

-I immediately noticed the blood traces on the jar,

-but it was dark in the room and I didn't have time to check it out.

-To be safe, I wiped away the blood.

-The fragments were large, so I'm sure I got them all.

-All I could think about was wiping them clean before they were discovered.

This one is straight-forward. Lana definitely did not get all of the pieces.
You found one inside Gant's safe. Ergo, select the statement about her being
sure she got all the pieces, and present the UNSTABLE JAR, once again. Even
Lana was unaware of the piece in Gant's safe. This leads Phoenix to one
conclusion. Lana did not arrive on the scene of the crime first. Chief Gant
did! The reason the jar was already broken yet had a message on it, is because
he broke it himself before Lana got to the scene. Gant could have set up the
scene of the crime to incriminate Ema so that Lana could be blackmailed.

Phoenix tells Lana that Ema might be innocent, if you can prove that there was
a fabricated crime scene. The only way you can clear Ema for sure is to have
her tell the truth. Now, Lana agrees to testify... about what really happened.

Lana's Testimony: "Actual Crime Scene"

-When I arrived, I found Mr. Marshall's body impaled on that suit of armor's

-Ema and Darke were lying unconscious on the floor nearby.

-When I saw what had happened, I thought she... did it.

-That's why I erased all the evidence linked to the murder.

-I had Chief Gant help me remove the body from the sword and carry it...

-But if it all really was a fabrication, Ema might be innocent!

Before you continue, Lana will say she has proof that Neil was on the suit of
armor. She gave it to Phoenix this morning, so find it. The only thing Lana
gave Phoenix this morning is the EVIDENCE LAW book, so check that. Flip the
book around to the back, then examine the flap to open it. The picture is in
the back of the book. LANA'S PICTURE is added to the Court Record. It does,
indeed, show Neil Marshall hanging from the armor's sword.

Ema notices there's a piece of Neil's vest missing. It's the piece of cloth
from Gant's safe. Ema says whoever those fingerprints belong to must be the
real murderer... except she doesn't know those prints are hers. Worry about
that later.

Then, before you can start the cross-examination, Gant suddenly appears again.
He wants to speak in his own defense, but Edgeworth reminds him that he gave up
that right. Still, Gant says the evidence will talk for him. He says that
Phoenix has the decisive evidence, proving who killed Neil. It's the cloth, but
do you want to show it? If you show it now, Ema will be found guilty and the
trial will be over. You have no choice. Say you "cannot show evidence." Gant
tells Edgeworth about the cloth. It was cut from Neil's vest. Gant has to admit
to concealing evidence in his safe.

Gant says he got to the crime scene first. He made the evidence look worse than
it was in order to be able to blackmail Lana. He then kept two pieces of
evidence in his safe for insurance, including a jar fragment. Edgeworth says
that Gant could have fabricated the message on the jar, too. That, Gant says,
is why he had the second piece of insurance. Gant admits he cut the square off
of Neil's vest and put it in his safe. Okay, NOW it's time to show the real
evidence. Choose "Show evidence." Then, show the STRIP OF CLOTH.

Phoenix makes Gant verify that he cut the cloth himself. Now, name the person
the prints belong to. Be honest. Say Ema Skye. Gant says that not only did you
bring an end to the trial, but you concealed evidence. Phoenix says he wants to
clear one thing up, though. Who *really* killed Neil Marshall. The piece of
cloth does indeed prove who the murderer is, but it's not Ema Skye. There's a
clear contradiction. Now, it's time to show Gant where he slipped up and show
that Ema is innocent. Look at the picture of Neil. His vest is completely
bloody. It got all over his chest where the cloth was cut. Yet! There is no
blood on the strip of cloth! That means the piece of cloth was cut... before
Neil Marshall died! It couldn't have been from Ema's shove. Present LANA'S
PHOTO to stick it to the man!

It was Gant! He took Neil's unconscious body and stuck him on the suit of
armor. He wrote Ema's name in the victim's blood on the jar. He then broke the
jar to pieces to make it look like Ema did it. Because Gant admitted that he
cut the cloth out of the vest, he admitted that he is the only possible person
who could be the true murderer!

Gant is had! In a last-ditch attempt to save himself, however, he claims that
the piece of cloth is illegal evidence, because Phoenix withheld it. When the
Judge asks if you purposefully and illegally concealed the cloth, say "I did
not." It was not illegal evidence, however. Phoenix couldn't present the
evidence he found yet, under Evidence Law! Present EVIDENCE LAW to the court.
Phoenix did not have police approval to present the cloth, and at first, it
wasn't proven to be critical to the case. Once it was made relevant to the
case, it became legal evidence. Then, Phoenix showed it.

Now, it's all over. Gant goes crazy. He loses it with laughter. In his moment
of defeat, he curses Jake Marshall for hounding on SL-9. He convinced Goodman
that SL-9 had to be reopened. Goodman opened his mouth to Gant inside the
evidence room. He wanted to take out the evidence. He tried to give it to Jake.
He saw the switchblade knife, and he killed Bruce Goodman. While he was
cleaning up, he got sloppy and left a bloody handprint on Gumshoe's locker. He
put the body in Edgeworth's trunk and had him take it away.

After Gant is taken away, Phoenix tells Lana two things. First, Ema never hurt
anyone, and second, Gant had betrayed her before this whole thing started. She
now has no reason to live her life as a puppet or in fear. After giving her
thanks, she finally flashes a smile.

Now, have fun watching the ending to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. When you
see Edgeworth in the lobby after the trial, present him with the EVIDENCE LIST
to change the ending of the game slightly. The Evidence List is proof that you
and Edgeworth needed to work together to solve the case.

Once the credits start to roll, you can view some cool character art. Every
time a character comes on the screen, sprinkle fingerprinting dust on the
screen, then blow it away with the microphone to reveal the art. At the very
end, turn the Scientific Investigation book around and open the flap like you
did with the Evidence Law book. You'll find another present inside the back

And that, as they say, is that. The end of the game. I hope you had as much fun
playing as I did. Congratulations!

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