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FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by neeker

Version: Final | Updated: 06/05/06

By: neeker

This walkthrough can be posted on:

- GameFAQs.com
- Neoseeker.com
- 1UP.com
- Supercheats.com 

and their associates only, unless authorized by me. You may contact me 
at lestor_wong at yahoo.com for this purpose.

Also, please note this:


In fact, it's extremely spoiler heavy due to the nature of the game. 
I can't just tell you to do an action without explaining why. I'll 
try my best to tone down the spoilers, but if you're likely to get 
offended by spoilers, please don't read this document.


1. First Things First


2. Controls
3. Getting Started


4. Episode One: The First Turnabout
5. Episode Two: Turnabout Sisters
6. Episode Three: Turnabout Samurai
7. Episode Four: Turnabout Goodbyes
8. Episode Five: Rise from the Ashes

9. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Version history
Appendix 2: FAQs
Appendix 3: Easter Eggs
Appendix 4: Credits 
Appendix 5: Donation


Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
username "neeker". This is my fifth walkthrough. Feedback can be 
directed to lestor_wong at yahoo.com.

This guide consists of a walkthrough of all five cases in the Nintendo
DS game Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten, which is also known as
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in the US. The US version of the game
hasn't been released at the time of writing, but the Japanese version
of the game has a full English version bundled in. This document is
written based on the translated game on the Japanese cartridge itself.
It's expected that the US version of the game will be similar to this
translated game.

Without further ado, let's begin.


You can use the stylus for almost all the controls, so you can ignore 
the button. If you prefer the traditional way of playing games, 
however, you can refer to the following for the controls. There're 
primarily two sets of controls for this game:

A: Next page/ confirm an action.
B: Back page/ cancel an action.
X: Present an evidence during a cross-examination (without using the 
Y: Present an evidence by shouting a command into the mic when 
pressing Y, during cross-examination.
L: Press during a cross-examination.
R: Go to Court Record.
D-Pad: Toggling between items in the Court Record.
Start: Save game. You can save at anytime, and the game will restart 
from where you saved.
Select: --

A: Next page/ confirm an action.
B: Back page/ cancel an action.
X: Zoom in on an evidence (from Episode Five onwards).
Y: Zoom on on an evidence (from Episode Five onwards).
L: Move the screen from left to right, and vice versa, if the screen 
is too long.
R: Go to Court Record.
D-Pad: Move the examine marker during an examination.
Start: Save game. You can save at anytime, and the game will restart 
from where you saved.
Select: --


These are the various screens you can access in this game, but the 
first thing you should do when you start-up the game for the first 
time should be to click the brown box that says "English" (ok, it's in
Chinese, but it basically means "English") to go into the English 
version of the game. From now on, everything will be in English. 

This is found on the bottom half of your Nintendo DS. You make 
decisions pertaining to the game on this screen. Clicking this screen 
when it has a large white arrow pointing towards the right will 
advance the plot on the Dialogue/ Movie Screen. During a testimony, 
clicking it will advance the witness's comments. During a cross-
examination, clicking the relevant arrows will allow you to toggle 
between the different sentences that the witness has said. Basically, 
you do everything on this screen.

This is found on the top half of your DS. Conversations that you 
conduct with people will appear as textboxes on this screen. People 
you talk to will appear on this screen when you talk to them. Places
you need to examine will also appear on this screen.

The button to access the Court Record is found on the top right corner 
of the Decision Screen. The Court Record basically holds everything 
that are of importance to the current case. It consists of both the 
Evidence Screen and the Profiles Screen. You can refer to the Court 
Record at any time.

The Evidence Screen shows all evidences pertaining to the current 
case, as well as a short description for them. When you need to 
present an evidence to contradict a witness's testimony during a 
cross-examination, you'll need to do it from this screen.

The Profiles Sceeen shows all the relevant personnel involved in the
current case, as well as a short description for them.

Investigation is an important part of this game. You'll be spending a
lot of time finding clues to solve a case, and this involves examining 
items and moving around.

An important segment of investigation. When you're given the option to
examine an area, click on the word "Examine" on the Decision Screen, 
and the lower screen of your DS will show a picture of the area. A 
pointer will be shown on the screen, and moving it around the area 
with your stylus will point it to different objects in the same area.
When an item of interest appears, an option to "Examine" this object 
will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click it, and 
you'll get a closer look at the object. If it turns out to be of 
importance, it'll be added to the Court Record, under Evidence.

Another important element of investigation. When you're given the 
option to move to a new area, click on the word "Move" on the Decision 
Screen, and the lower screen of your DS will show the places you can 
move to. Click on any of them, and you'll find yourself reaching that 
place in no time. 

A witness will give testimony during a trial. You can't do anything 
during the testimony, but you take this opportunity to jot down any 
contradicting statements, which could be used in your favor during the 

During a cross-examination, you can press your witness for more 
details, and at times even force them to add to their testimony. 
When you find a contradicting statement, you can also present an 
evidence from your Evidence Screen to counter them. Cross-examination 
is one of the most important aspects of the game, as this will be the 
time that you make or break a trial. During a cross-examination, you 
may notice some "exclamation marks" on the top right corner of the 
Dialogue/ Movie Screen. These are "chances" that you've to make a 
wrong presentation. If the judge doesn't agree with any objections you 
make, he'll cause one of these marks to "explode". If you use up your 
"quota", you'll lose the case immediately.

The Press button appears on the top-left corner of your Decision 
Screen during a cross-examination. You can press the witness for more 
details or clarifications if you find that he or she isn't very 
truthful. Doing so will lead to you shouting "HOLD IT!" on the screen.
At times, your pressing could be objected by the prosecutor, so try to 
press only when necessary.

The Present button appears on the top-right corner of your Decision 
Screen during a cross-examination. You can present an evidence to 
counter a contradicting statement from a witness. Presenting a 
contradicting evidence is the best way to expose a witness's lies. Use 
it to turn cases into your favor. You must be absolutely sure though 
when you present, because if the judge doesn't agree with you, he'll 
penalise you by "exploding one exclamation mark" from your allowance.
When you present a contradicting evidence, you'll shout "OBJECTION!" 
or "TAKE THAT!" on the screen.



1. Mia Fey: Your boss. Chief Attorney at Fey & Co. A very good 
defense attorney. Nice racks, too.

2. Larry Butz: The defendant. A likeable guy who was Wright's friend in 
grade school. A little emotional.

3. Cindy Stone: The victim. A model, she lived in an apartment by 

4. Winston Payne: The prosecutor for Episode One. Generally bad at 
getting his point across.

5. Frank Sahwit: Discovered Ms. Stone's body. Newspaper salesman who 
saw Larry flee the scene. Happens to be lying.

6. The Judge: He's the, er, judge. 

The episode begins with a cut-scene. A woman is murdered, and the
identity of the murderer is immediately revealed to you. The evil man,
in a bid to escape punishment, immediately devised a plan to frame
someone else for the crime.

Which is where you come in.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: August 3, 9:47am
You're Phoenix Wright, and this is your first case. You'll be 
defending for a friend of yours, who was framed for the murder of 
that dead woman from the earlier cut-scene. 

Before you proceed, take a look at your DS. The top screen will show 
the in-game images and conversations. The lower screen is defaulted as 
the decision screen, but you can access the Court Record and other 
menus here by using the stylus.

Tap the button that says "Court Record" at the top right corner of the 
lower screen. This brings you to the facts of the case. 

Click the Profiles button to take a look for people involved in this
case. Pay special attention to the names of these people. 

After that, click the Evidence button to check out items you've in 
your possession now. You should see an Attorney's Badge and the 
autopsy report, which states the following:

Time of death: 7/31, 4:00pm-5:00pm
Cause of death: Loss of blood due to blunt trauma.

Go back to the main screen and click on the white arrow on the touch 
screen to progress. You'll be talking to Mia and Larry Butz, the 
defendant as you do this. continue to click forward until the trial 

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
Date: August 3, 10:00am
The court is now in session for the trial. Talk to the judge, and 
he'll remind you that your conduct during this trial will decide the 
fate of your client. To ascertain whether you're indeed ready to 
defend for your client, the judge will put you through a test.

The test will consist of a few simple questions. Answer them clearly 
and concisely. You'll have three choices for each question. To choose 
an answer, use the stylus to click on the desired answer. These are 
the questions, and answers, of course :

Q. State the name of the defendant in this case.
A. Larry Butz.

Q. What's the victim's name?
A. Cindy Stone.

NOTE: If you haven't check out the Court Record previously, you won't 
have the answer to this. However, even if you read the record earlier, 
you'll somehow still "forget". Mia will then ask you to check out the 
records for the victim's name.

Q. What's the cause of death? She died because she was...?
A. Hit with a blunt object.

Once you get past these questions, the judge will be convinced that 
you're ready for the case. 

The judge will now ask the Prosecutor Payne what was the object that 
was used to kill the victim. Payne will reply that the murder weapon 
is the statue of "The Thinker", which was found lying on the floor, 
next to the victim.

When this was established, the statue will be added to the Court 
Record. Mia will encourage you to pay attention to any evidence added 
during the trial. 

NOTE: Use the Court Record button to check the records frequently. 
Some evidences may appear to be useless at one time, but will be the 
key to your victory when the time is right.

The prosecution will now call upon Larry. Check out the hilarious 
exchanges between Payne and Butz, which involved the definition of 
"being dumped". Be sure to note the new evidence of the victim's 
passport - she was in Paris until the day before she died. The passport 
will be added as an evidence in the Court Record.

NOTE: The passport will be a key evidence in this case. Take note of 

As Payne continues to corner Butz, he'll eventually ask Butz what does 
he think of the victim, after revealing that she has a number of 
"sugar daddies". You now have a choice to:

a. Wait and see what happens;
b. Stop him from answering.

Whichever choice you make, Butz will make it difficult for you. But 
choose answer b to put pressure on the prosecutor, and watch him 

NOTE: From now on, I'll just list the correct answer to the questions 
that you've to answer.

Payne will then ask Butz whether he went to the victim's place on the 
day of the murder. I'd suggest you tell him to answer honestly. 

Payne will then call upon a witness, who claims to have seen Butz 
"fleeing from the scene of crime". This bugger is none other than Mr.
Frank Sahwit... wait, he's looks familiar. In fact, he's the murderer 
from the earlier cut-scene.

The next part of the game will involve Sahwit giving his testimony, 
and you cross-examining him. Pay attention to what he has to say.
They're full of loopholes.

Sahwit claims that he discovered the body at 1:00pm. He also claims 
that he didn't call the police immediately because a blackout in the 
building has caused the cordless phone in the victim's house to stop 
working, which is why he had to go elsewhere to make the call. Payne 
will present a Blackout Report that confirms that electricity to the 
victim's building was cut from noon to 6:00pm on the day of the crime. 
This Blackout Report will be added to the court record.

NOTE: The Blackout Report has an important information that could 
prove to be useful later.

When Sahwit says he's too scared to go inside the house, he'll follow 
up by saying that he wanted to call the police immediately, but the 
phone in her apartment wasn't working.

Click the "Press" button and ask him if he didn't enter the house, 
how did he know that the phone wasn't working?

Sahwit will then confirm the time that he found the body as 1:00pm. 
Now, click the "Present" button, look for the autopsy report, then 
press "Present" to show the contradicting evidence - the autopsy notes 
the time of death at sometime after 4:00pm. As such, the victim 
could not be dead by 1:00pm.

NOTE: You can press the "Y" button, then shout "HOLD IT!" or 
"OBJECTION!" into the mic to press or present. It's more fun in my 

Sahwit will now claim that a voice from the TV in the deceased's house 
confirmed the time as 1:00pm. But since the time of death is after 
4pm, she must surely been watching a taped program.

When Sahwit talks about hearing the time of the death from the taped 
program, present the Blackout Record as a contradicting evidence - 
Prosecutor Payne has confirmed that there was a blackout from noon to 
6:00pm. The TV won't be working if it's 4:00pm then.

Flustered, Sahwit will now claim he didn't "hear" the time afterall, 
but instead "saw" it from a table clock in the apartment. Then, 
strangely, he talks about the clock being used as the murder weapon.  

Wait till Sahwit talks about the clock being the murder weapon, then
present the statue as a contradicting evidence - the murder weapn 
wasn't a clock, but a statue. How can a statue be a clock?

In a moment of frenzy, Payne will come in and confirm that the Statue 
is indeed also a table clock - "just twist the neck and it will say 
out the time". Ok, granted. But...

The judge will ask do you have any problems with Sahwit's testimony 
now, since it has been established that the Statue is also a clock. 
Say Yes - the only way he could have known the weapon was a clock is 
to hold it in his hand. Yet Sahwit testified that he never entered 
the apartment. This is clearly a contradiction.

Now, when asked, tell the judge that the witness knew it was a clock, 
because he "Went into the apartment".

The truth will need some evidence to support though. The judge will 
now ask you to make grounds for your claims. You're given three 
choices to prove your theory. Choose the one that says "try sounding 
the clock". This will prove that the clock is three hours slow, which 
is exactly the discrepancy between what Sahwit heard and the actual 
time of death.

Now, Sahwit is a tough fighter. He'll rebut that yes, the clock is 
three hours slow now, but how can you be sure it was three hours slow 
on the day of the crime? Well, you can't be sure. It looks like you've 

But wait! Remember the passport? When Mia asked you whether you've any 
idea that can save the case, say "yes", then present the passport 
as evidence. The victim only returned home from Paris a day before the 
murder. The time difference between Japan and Paris is nine hours. 
When it's 4:00pm in Japan, it's 1:00am the next day in Paris. The 
clock wasn't three hours slow, no. It was nine hours fast!

NOTE: When you've a decisive evidence to present, you can press the 
"Y" button and then shout "TAKE THAT!" into the mic to present it.

Sahwit will collapse in the witness stand, and will eventually be 
arrested. Watch the judge praise you, and he'll declare that the 
defendant is not guilty! Case won!

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: August 3, 2:32pm
Mia wants you to show something to Larry to let him know that Cindy 
actually cares a lot for him. Choose the statue-cum-clock, which Larry 
made for Cindy. She brought it to Paris, even though it's quite a 
heavy clock to carry on a travel.  Also, try catching the joke of 
Mia calling Larry "Harry". 

NOTE: There's no penalty for getting this wrong, but why not help a 
friend feel better?

At the end of the chapter, you'll reflect on the case:

"And so, my first trial came to a close. Larry slapped me on the back 
and said, 'Gee, Nick, it's good to have friends!' But I'm pretty sure 
he's not going to pay me. Unless you count the clock he gave Mia. 

I didn't know it then... but that clock was soon going to be at the 
center of another incident. And my promise to tell the chief about me 
and Larry... would be one promise that I wouldn't be able to keep."

Episode completed. You've unlocked a brand new episode. The game will 
prompt you to save now.



1. Mia Fey: Your boss. Chief Attorney at Fey & Co. A very good 
defense attorney. Unfortunately, she's also the victim this time 

2. Maya Fey: Mia's sister. The defendant of this case.

3. Dick Gumshoe: Detective at the local precint. In charge of the 
initial investigation.

4. Miles Edgeworth: A gifted prosecutor, and a ruthless man who'd do 
anything to get a "guilty" verdict.

5. April May: An eye witness to the evebts. Testifies that she saw 
Maya commit the murder.

6. Marvin Grossberg: A veteran defense attorney. Mia's mentor.

7. Bellboy: The bellboy at the Gatewater Hotel.

8. Redd White: An eye witness. CEO of the information gathering 
company, Bluecorp.

9. The Judge: Good ol' Judge.


Confirm the episode, then watch the beginning scene, or rather, read 
the phone conversation between Mia and Maya. Mia wants to Maya to help 
hold some papers for her, and they made an arrangement to meet up in 
the evening. The conversation is recorded at September 5, 9:27am.

Scene: Fey & Co. Law Offices
Date: September 5, 8:57pm
The next scene brings us to Fey & Co. Law Offices, at 8:57pm on the 
same day. A mysterious person is trying to get some papers from Mia. 
The conversation ended with an assault on Mia, who's killed as a 
result. The offendor's face is also revealed to you.

Scene: Fey & Co. Law Offices
Date: September 5, 9:08pm
At 9:08pm, you arrived back at the office. You were wondering about 
the whereabouts of Mia, when you smell blood. You'll now be introduced 
to the investigation procedure. You'll be given a choice either to 
"Examine" or "Move". Examine will let you look around the room for 
clues. Move will bring us a menu for you to go to another area. Since 
there isn't much to examine here, choose "Move", and choose "Office" 
when the game asks you where do you want to move to.

Watch the cut-scene as you find the dead body of Mia, and a sobbing
girl beside her. The girl will soon pass out. Leaving her, you 
approach Mia's body to find that it's still warm, which means she has 
been killed not very long ago.

Examine Mia's body to find that she was struck on the head with a 
blunt object. She probably died instantly. "The Thinker" lying next to 
her must have been the murder weapon. The Thinker will now be added to 
the Court Record.

There're also some glass shards near Mia's body. Must be pieces of the 
glass light stand lying broken in the back of the room. These will be 
added to the Court Record as well.

As you're about to stop the examination, you'll suddenly find a piece 
of paper, which could've fallen from Mia's hand. Exit from the body,
and examine the small piece of paper that is just to the right of Mia.
A word is written in Mia's own blood (presumably) on this scrap of paper, 
and it says "Maya". The paper is actually a receipt from a department 
store, dated yesterday. This will be added to the Court Record.

NOTE: This receipt is the decisive evidence for this case. Remember it.

At this point, you'll call the police. Examine the phone to find a few 
of the screws on the receive missing. It looks like someone was halfway 
through taking it apart. 

Next, you'll be immediately interrupted by a loud scream from outside 
the window. Someone has saw you, and is apparently calling the police 
as well! Ignore her for the moment, since you can't do anything 
about it now.

Now, move to the other office to find the girl. She'll reveal that 
she's Maya Fey. Remember the piece of paper that says "Maya" you found 
just now? Hmm. You'll have to talk to this girl. When given the 
choices, click "Talk", then click "what happened".

Maya will inform you that she came into the office, and found that 
Mia was already dead. Now, ask her about "you and the Chief". She'll 
tell you that she's Mia's younger sister, she was here because Mia 
wanted her to keep some evidence for her. The evidence was supposed 
to be kept in The Thinker.

Your next move should be to present the paper to Maya. Present the 
receipt, and Maya will express a level of shock. Why would Mia write 
her name?After this, you'll feel extremely bad, and then you'll hear the 
police siren. 

Must be the woman just now, who called the police. Before you know 
it, the police will rush into the room. Detective Dick Gumshoe (what. 
a.name.) is the man you should interact with now. He'll find the 
receipt, and he'll arrest Maya based on the "dying message".

You'll now talk about what happens next: 

"Mia's younger sister, Maya, was arrested on the spot. I was taken in 
for questioning and didn't get out until the next morning. My eyes 
were heavy... but I couldn't sleep. I sat around, waiting for visiting
hours to begin at the detention center. I had to talk to Maya as soon 
as possible.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: September 6, 9:07am
Talk to Maya, and she'll ask you to be her attorney. You'll be given 
three choices to reply her. Be a man, and tell her, yes, you'll be 
her attorney. Even though the odds are stacked against her, somehow 
you know she's not the murderer.

As the conversation progresses, you'll get to talk to Maya. Do so. 
You'll find that she's actually a spirit medium in training. Ask her 
more about spirit mediums. Apparently, Mia is a powerful spirit 
medium as well. Now, that's stretching the plot a bit. Nevertheless,
switch the conversation to "the day of the crime". She'll tell you 
that she has arranged to meet Mia, to help her hold onto an important 
piece of evidence. Of course, this evidence would be kept in the 
statue that Larry made.

Next, Maya will let you listen to the recording of their phone 
conversation. Click "your Cell Phone", only to find that Gumshoe has 
taken the phone. To remind you to get hold of the phone from Gumshoe, 
Maya will write you a memo. This memo will be added to your Court 

Now, even though you've agreed to help Maya, she isn't exactly 
confident of your pedigree. She has asked you to her her look for a 
lawyer that was previously recommended by Mia, "in case she gets into 
trouble". To prevent sounding like a loser, gracefully accept the 
request, then move to "Grossberg Law Offices".

Scene: Grossberg Law Offices
Date: September 6
Grossberg is not in the office, duh! Come back later. Move back to 
"Fey and Co. Law Offices" then. 

Scene: Fey and Co. Law Offices
Date: September 6
Meet Gumshoe here. When the game prompts you to remember his name, 
click "Detective Gumshoe". He'll be happy that you remember his name.
Continue through the conversation until you can talk to him. Talk to 
him about "Mia" to gain access to the autopsy report, which states:

Time of death: 9/5 at 9:00pm
Cause of death: Single blunt force trauma. Death was instantaneous.

Now, talk to him about "Maya" to get the information that Prosecutor 
Edgeworth will be in charge of the prosecution. Talk to him about 
"Edgeworth" now. You can now see Edgeworth's profile under the 
Profile screen.

After talking about Edgeworth, go to the Evidence screen to find 
Maya's memo, then present it to Gumshoe. The purpose of doing this is 
to gain access to Maya's cell phone. When you've to select an answer, 
click "tell him not so straight", since you don't want him to know 
about the phone recording. After some deliberation, Gumshoe will 
pass the phone to you. This will be added to your Court Record, as 

Go to the Court Record now to select the cell phone, then click the
Check button on the bottom right corner of the bottom screen to listen 
to the recorded conversation. 

After that, end the conversation with Gumshoe. He'll will end off by 
warning you not to talk to the witness. Wait, witness? Who? Oh, the 
woman who screamed while you were checking out the phone in Mia's 
office. Hmm. What did Gumshoe say? Oh, her name is April May. What? 
She won't be allowed to leave her room until the trial? So, that means 
she's still in the hotel across the way. Time to go there and pay 
her a visit.

Move to "Gatewater Hotel". 

Scene: Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
Date: September 6
Talk to April until she tells you that she wants to go "freshen up". 
Use this opportunity to examine her room. See the drawer on the left 
side of the screen? Examine it... but you can't, as April suddenly 
appears to stop you from doing so. Something is going on here.

Continue your examination by checking out the table near the window. 
A bottle and two glasses are on the table. Note: TWO glasses. Somebody 
must be staying with her.

Now check the window. You can see the Fey and Co. Law Offices Building 
across the street. You can see the inside of the room pretty clearly 
from here, but it would be a little difficult to recognize a face from 
this distance though.

Go back now and talk to April. Regardless of what you ask her, she 
won't bulge. There's nothing else you can do here, so go back to 
Grossberg's office to see whether the elite lawyer is back.

Scene: Grossberg Law Offices
Date: September 6
This time round, your effort won't be in vain. Talk to Grossberg, and 
he seems to know about Maya's case before you elaborate, and he'll 
strangely refuse to represent her point blank. Talk to him now and 
select "your refusal". You'll find no logical explanation, and he'll 
even confuse you further by saying that no lawyer worth their salt 
will take on this case. 

Now, you should talk to him about the painting in his office. It's 
important. He'll tell you that is his favorite piece, and he wouldn't 
part with it 
for anything. 

Now leave and return to the Detention Center.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: September 6, 3:42pm
You're back at the Detention Center with Maya now. Break the news to 
her that Grossberg has refused the case. Talk to Maya, and she'll 
reveal some details about a murder case from 15 years ago. Her mother, 
a spirit medium as well, helped the police, but gave the police the 
wrong leads, leading to a wrongful arrest. Look out for the 
interesting points of this case, particularly about a man called 

At the end of the visitation time, you'll have to make a decision 
whether to pursue this case. Select "Defend Maya" to make a decision 
to defend her regardless of whether she agrees or not. When she asks 
you why, tell her "I can't abandon you".

Make a pact with Maya to trust each other, then watch the cut-scene 
about the mysterious drawer at April's room. This is the cue for you 
to return to Gatewater Hotel.

Scene: Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
Date: September 6
When you're back at this room, April is nowhere to be found. Instead, 
you'll see a bellboy there. Since April is not around, this is the 
chance for you to snoop around. The bellboy will also pass you a 
message to pass to April:

"... Mr. White of Bluecorp phoned."

Hmm, White was the name of the guy who ruined Mia and Maya's mother.

Now, quickly examine the drawer to find a wiretap. A wiretap? What's 
April doing with a wiretap? 

Anyway, quickly leave now as April will come back as soon as you 
retrieved the wiretap into your Court Record. The game will now prompt 
you to save.

Let the trial begin!

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 1
Date: September 7, 10:00am
The first witness that Edgeworth calls upon will be Gumshoe. Gumshoe 
will provide the details of the murder by the use of a floor plan.
This will be added to your Court Record.

Nothing you didn't know of. Mentioned that has has "hard evidence" to 
arrest Maya. 

You'll need to do some bluffing now, since you don't really know what 
is there to cross-examine.

When Gumshoe says that he immediately arrested Maya when he reached 
the scene of crime, press him. He'll reply that he had a witness account 
describing Maya. Press again and ask him didn't he mentioned earlier 
that he has a "hard evidence" to arrest Maya? What's with the witness

Gumshoe will deny that he mentioned "hard evidence", but the judge 
will concur with you. The detetive will have to testify once more.

This time, he'll mention about the receipt that has the blood-written 
"Maya" on it.

When Gumshoe talks about finding blood on Mia's hand, and that lab 
results showed that the blood that wrote the words "Maya" belongs to 
Mia, etc., present the autopsy report - if death was instantaneous as 
mentioned in the report, how could Mia actually write the words?

Edgeworth will object you right away though, and he'll ask you when 
did you obtain the autopsy report. If you remember, you got it "the 
day after the murder". Edgeworth will then present a second autopsy, 
which states that:

"Death was ALMOST IMMEDIATE due to a blow from a blunt object... but 
there was a possibility the victim lived for several minutes after the 

Edgeworth will press you now, so reply that "the detective is a sham!" 
and put all the blame on Gumshoe for giving you a faulty report. The 
new autopsy report will now overwrite the previous report.

Edgeworth will now call upon the "innocent" April to the stands. She'll
woo the crowd with her charm and make life difficult for you.

At 9:00pm, April looked out of the window, and she saw a woman with 
long hair being attacked. The person attacking her was the girl in 
the defendant's chair (that is, Maya). Then, the girl who was hit got 
up and ran away, while the girl who hit her caught up and hit her.

The court will try not to let you cross-examine April, since her 
testimony is very firm. But when you're given a choice whether you 
want to, say "yes, I'm doing it".

Press her immediately when she said that she was looking out of the 
window at 9:00pm. Ask her why did she look out. Was she expecting to 
see something? She'll avoid answering. When given a choice whether 
to press further about this, back down. Edgeworth is a strong 
opponent and he'll almost certainly object to your pressing, which 
will be deemed trivial.

Let April continue, then when she said that she saw Maya, press her 
and ask her why she was so sure that it was Maya. She'll give some 
silly excuses about girlish physique, etc., and Edgeworth will back 
her up, saying that the only person with a girlish physique at the 
scene of crime is Maya. Now, you'll be given a choice to attack this 
testimony. Select "I question this testimony". Then, select "you're 
lying" - if April has really saw Maya, she'd have noticed Maya's 
clothes before noticing her physique. Maya has been in her spirit 
medium costume since the day of the crime. No one wears clothes like 
this on a daily basis.

Somehow, April will get away with this by acting blur. Time for more 
testimony from her.

April's second testimony claims that the victim dodged the first 
attack and ran off to the right. Then the defendant ran after her and 
hit her with the weapon. She was, amazingly, able to identify the 
weapon as a statue-cum-clock, from that distance.

Wait till April talks about the statue-cum-clock, then present the 
statue as a contradicting evidence. How did she know, just by looking 
at the statue, that it's also a clock? Remember, another person in much 
the same position as her recently called this a 'clock' too, and he was 
found guilty of murder.

Edgeworth will object you, and regard your questions as "trivial" 
once again. But you're onto something, and you'll automatically 
object his objection (cool).

The judge will concur with you. You can continue your cross-

April will continue to lie through her skin now, telling the court 
that she "heard" the clock from her room. Expose her lie by telling 
the court that the clock "wouldn't have rung". Why? Because "it's 
empty". The clock is missing its clockwork, as first revealed in Mia's 
teleconversation with Maya.

Edgeworth will not give up. He knows the clockwork was empty, and he 
argues that if the clockwork is removed after the witness heard the 
clock, then there is no contradiction. Can you prove when the 
clockwork was removed? You can.

Present the cell phone record of Mia and Maya's conversation, which 
clearly states that Mia removed the clockwork way before the time of 
death, even way before May checks in at the hotel. 

April still won't give up. She argues that she has saw the clock in 
a shop before. Click "yes" when the judge asks whether you've anymore 
questions. Present the statue again - remember what Larry told you in 
the last case? This clock was never in any store. It was made by himself 
for Cindy, and given to Mia eventually. Only two of these exist in the 
world, and the one that isn't here is in police custody since it was 
the weapon that killed Cindy.

Proceed with the conversation with April and the judge until you're 
given all the opportunity to explain the truth. When asked to do so, 
tell April that she knows that the weapon was a clock because "she 
heard about it". Present the wiretap now to prove this - April has 
been tapping on Mia's phone. 

Edgeworth will object (again), but the judge will brush him aside.
He'll then dare you to prove that by tapping Mia's phone, April will 
know that the weapon is a clock. Present the cell phone record again, 
and listen to the conversation once more to prove this.

April will put on a show now, crying and all that. It's time to deal 
the final blow. Click "you did it, didn't you?". This will cause her 
to slip her tongue and admit that she tapped Mia's phone. But she also 
has an alibi - she was getting room service from the bellboy at 9:00pm 
on the day of the crime. 

Call the bellboy. Accept the condition that if nothing comes out from 
the bellboy, Maya will be declared guilty on the spot. You're taking a 
huge gamble now.

The Bellboy received a call after 8:00pm from April, who asked for an 
ice coffee to be brought to her at 9:00pm, on the dot. The bellboy 
brought it to her at precisely the requested time, personally.

You'll find nothing from the Bellboy, who has no reasons to lie. 
Try pressing at various stops, until Edgeworth will suggest to the 
judge to let the Bellboy leave. Plead for one last question, and 
"ask about check-in", which will reveal that April actually checked-in 
with another person. That's the revelation you needed!

Enjoy the explanation of what happened in this rather tedious case.
When asked to choose who's the murderer, simply answer "the man who 
checked-in with Miss May" (duh!). The court will adjourn after that, 
but the case won't be over. Not yet.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: September 7, 2:24pm
Talk to Maya until the conversation is over. After the court became 
certain that April was lying, a lot, during her testimony, what's 
left of her testimony is this:

"The victim dodged an attack then ran to the right, but she was caught 
and struck."

This testimony is now added to the Court Record for tomorrow. 

NOTE: Again, this is an important evidence. It's almost decisive.

Save your game now.

Scene: Detention Center, Vistor's Room
Date: September 7, 3:11pm
Talk to April. She has been arrested, by the way. No matter what 
you say, she won't bulge. The identity of the mysterious man is still 
at large. Go to the hotel again.

Scene: Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
Date: September 7
The ever-present Bellboy is here again. Talk to him about "the man 
with Miss May", and you'll get a lead. A "lady killer", so to say. The 
Bellboy also mentioned that if you've a photo of that man, he'll be 
able to identify him. Bear that in mind.

Scene: Grossberg Law Offices
Date: September 7
Go back to Grossberg's office again. The old man is once again out of 
office. Notice now that there're something new on the table. Photos!
Two of them, in fact. Examine them. Something's been written in pencil 
on the backs: 

"DL-6 Incident - Exhibit A"
"DL-6 Incident - Exhibit B"

View both the photos. Exhibit A shows a woman who looks familiar. 
Exhibit shows a man with purple hair. Take Exhibit B and add it to the 
Court Record. 

NOTE: You can only take one photograph with you.

Next, examine the wall... hey, wasn't there a giant painting hanging 
on that wall when you came here previously? The game will prompt you 
to remember what the painting was about. Click "fishmen".

NOTE: It doesn't matter what you click, actually, All the outcome will
be the same regardless of what you click.

Scene: Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
Date: September 7
Present the photograph you found at Grossberg's office to the Bellboy.
The bellboy will confirm that he's the man who checked-in with April. 
The bellboy will be eager to write an affidavit to confirm that the man 
in the photograph is the man who checked-in with April. Allow him to do 
so. This will be added to the Court Report.

Scene: Detention Center, Vistor's Room
Date: September 7
Go back to April, and present the photograph of the man to her. 
Watch her face change, but she'll quickly regain composure. Present 
the Bellboy's Affidavit now. This will be a great blow to her.  Now,
"push her hard" (er, this doesn't sound very nice, but it's not what 
you think), threaten to bring this to the press if she doesn't 

She'll talk. The man in question is Redd White, who happens to be 
April's boss. He's the head of Bluecorp, an "information gathering 
agency". Get the location of Bluecorp from April, then move towards 

NOTE: The Bellboy's Affidavit will be discarded now.

Scene: Bluecorp Inc. CEO's Office
Date: September 7
You may notice the very familiar painting in this office, but we'll 
come to that later. Talk to White about April, and he'll try to turn 
her into a scapegoat. Ask him about Bluecorp, and he'll tell you that 
he's in the business of buying and selling various kinds of 
information. Continue talking to him, now about the night of the 
murder. You'll find that you've no way of putting him on the witness 
stand, and he won't reveal anything unless you manage to do so.

Now, ask him about that painting. Tell him that you've seen it 
before, and watch him turn nasty. Go back to Grossberg now.

Scene: Grossberg Law Offices
Date: September 7
Grossberg will be in his office now, but he doesn't seem to have 
notice you. Clear your throat to get his attention, then talk to him 
about today's trial, his refusal to help, and Mr. White (in that 
sequence). Follow these by asking him about the big painting. Why 
did Grossberg, who like the painting so much, gave it away to White?
Select "he's blackmailing you". Jackpot. The nature of White's company 
makes it easy for him to blackmail anyone in town.

Grossberg will finally agree to talk. You'll find out that White makes 
his living through intimidation. Bluecorp is a company that excels in 
finding people's weaknesses, and blackmailing them in the process. 
Grossberg has been paying them for 15 years now. And it was all 
because of the DL-6 Incident, which you saw on the back of the 

Probe him about the incident, and you'll find out that it's somehow 
linked with Mia and Maya's mother. Yes, it's quite clear now that the 
other photograph in Grossberg's office is that of their mother, Misty 
Fey. Even though Grossberg managed to help Mdm Fey out of trouble 
during the DL-6 Incident, the murder case still remained unsolved.

Next, ask him why was he blackmailed over this. It was quite simple. 
White offered Grossberg riches for the information about the police 
wrongly trusting Mdm Fey, and then revealed this to the media. The 
police suffered as a result, and have been looking for the person who 
released the information ever since. It was then that White came in 
with the blackmail.

Grossberg will now point you to Mia's office for the next clues.

Scene: Fey and Co. Law Offices
Date: September 7
Back at Mia's office, examine the shelves now for the cases that she 
has worked on. You'll be asked to select which files to look at, 
select "File 'A-I'".

Under "F", you'll find the file for "Misty Fey". Read it. It says:

"'I've tarnished the Fey name.' Leaving only three words, my mother 
vanished. I was determined to find the ones who had made my mother 
blame herself in this way. Using the E.S.P. that runs in my family, 
I held an audience with the dead. Finally, the names of two men 
surfaced. One was MARVIN GROSSBERG, a lawyer who sold my mother's 
information for riches. The other was the man who sold the information 
to the press. This parasite, who makes his fortune on threats and  
coercion, his name is..."

The record stops here, strangely.

Now, examine the shelves again for "File 'J-S'". Nothing much here, 
but choose to "Skim" through the reports nonetheless. At the end of 
"S", you'll find a number of reports on suicides. Apparently, these 
suicides involve politicians, policemen, etc. You'll also notice that:

"There's writing on most of these in pencil. 'White...?' This is Mia's 
handwriting. Wait, I get it! Mia thought he was involved in these 
'suicides'! White drove them all to... I can use these newspaper 
clippings. Let's find the most distressing one..."

Newspaper Clipping added to your Court Record!

Examine the shelves once more. The game will ask whether you'd want to 
check the files once more. Select "check 'em", then go to "File 'T-Z'" 
now. When you reach "W", you'll find that the entire "W" section is 

With the new knowledge that you've, visit Bluecorp again.

Scene: Bluecorp Inc. CEO's Office
Date: September 7
Back to the scum. White threatens that if you continue to pester him, 
a "nasty accident" will happen to you. There's no point talking to 
him now. Instead, present the newspaper clipping to him, which was 
about the fall of a politician. Tell White that you knew that he 
blackmailed the politician until he committed.

Continue to argue with him as he tells you all sort of crap, then 
further tell him that's "you're wrong" until he calls the public 
prosecutor. He mentions now that he's willing to testify in court 
because he has seen the murder took place, and that the murderer is 

Gumshoe will appear in no time to take you into custody. Yes, you've 
been arrested. But if this is the only way to get White to testify in 
court, this will be the only way to attack him in court as well. The 
good thing is, Maya will be released. At least you helped Mia to look 
after her sister well enough. 

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: September 7
Maya will visit you, and ask what can she do for you. There's actually 
nothing she can do, and please, don't ask her to "break you out of 
here"! Just joke and ask her to cheer you on. After the conversation 
with her, you end the day by thinking:

"It's the beginning of a new century, yet with crime it's the same 
old story. In fact, it's getting worse. Lengthy court proceedings are 
no long realistic. Beginning a few years ago, a limit of three days 
was put on initial court trials. Almost all finish in a day, most with 
a guilty verdict. I ever though I'd end up in the defendant's chair 
myself. Tomorrow, the true culprit will appear as a witness. This is 
it. It's me or him!"

So, this is it.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: September 9, 9:52am
Go through the conversation, and you'll reveal that you'll be defending 
yourself, just like in the movies!

Scene: District Court, Court Room No. 1
Date: September 9, 10:00am
Edgeworth will summon White to the witness stands immediately. Don't 
bother with raising an objection, since it'll lead you nowhere. These 
buggers are in it together.

At about 9:00pm on the day of the crime, White claims that he was 
reading some papers by the window. He heard a bedlam outside, so he 
turned to look at the building across the way, and saw you attacking a 
woman with long hair. He called April over at once. Then, the woman 
with long hair ran, you gave chase, and there was a terrible impaction, 
and it was all over.

White's testimony is almost perfect, and it's difficult to find a 
weakness in it. Try pressing a little on the timings, etc., but when 
he said that he saw YOU attacking the victim, press him by saying that 
it contradicts what April has seen. April has specifically mentioned a 

White will reply that he's very confident of his eyesight. Ok. Let him 
go on this one. The statement that you'll really want to press is the 
one where he says that the victim ran, and you gave chased. Tell him 
to be more specific, and he'll say that the victim ran to the left 
when she was attacked.

This will be added to his testimony, as requested by the judge. This 
is your chance. Present April's Testimony - White said the victim ran 
to the 'left'. But that directly contradicts April's testimony, which 
clearly stated that the victim ran 'right'.

When White said that you must have misheard her, you'll tell him to 
look at the floor plans. This will bring up the floor plan on the top 
screen, to show the positions of the killer and Mia. It's easy to 
understand why the victim will NOT run to the left, since she'd have 
been running directly away from the door.

White will be very adamant that he saw Mia ran "left". You know what 
this means, don't you? The only way White could've seen Mia ran left, 
is when he's facing Mia directly during the murder - Mia running to 
her right would have been perceived as running to White's left.

Ok, we haven't reach this part yet. Anyway, Maya will suggest that she 
doesn't think that White is lying about him seeing Mia ran left. 
You'll ponder for a moment, then the judge will ask you whether you 
can explain why April and White saw the direction differently. Tell 
the judge "both are right". There's only one scenario that would 
explain their conflicting accounts - the witness wasn't viewing the 
crime from the hotel.

Edgeworth will then ask where could he have been? You'll reply that 
he was at the law offices. You'll also be added to point out on the 
screen the location of White on the screen, Move your stylus to 
the red circle with a "K", then click Present. This is the position of 
the murderer. When the victim ran for the door, if he was watching from 
this point, to him it would appear that she ran to the "left".

Still, you won't nail him so easily. White will ask for a chance to 
testify again.

White now claims that both April's and his testimonies are correct. 
When you assaulted the victim, she first ran to the left, and then you 
hit her. Then, with the last of her strength, she ran to the right. 
This is when April saw her. You chased, and delivered the final blow.
Note that he's now claiming you've hit her TWICE. Fool.

Wipe that smile off White's face by presenting the autopsy report when 
he says that you delivered the final blow - the victim died from a 
single blow, not two blows.

Edgeworth will now call for a 10-minute break because "the witness is 
obviously confused". But you'll object right away. The crowd and the 
judge will be on your side, and White has to testify again..

White's final testimony claims that he looked at the other window when 
he heard that thing fall. Then, he saw Mia running to the left. You 
then attacked her, but she dodged. She then ran to the right and you 
deliver the killer blow.

White will also feign a stomach upset to try and get out of being 
cross-examined by you. Tell him to deal with it.

Immediately into his first sentence, press him about what was "that 
thing" that fell. He'll reply that it's the glass light stand. Maya 
will ask you do you find this statement odd. Reply "yeah, very odd". 
This will cause you to press further. Force him to change his 
testimony to him seeing the glass light stand.

When he does that, quickly present the floor plans to counter him. 
The top screen will show the floor plan now. Obviously, if White has 
looked through the windom of the office, the stand is not within the 
visible area - the only time you could have seen the stand must have 
been the moment it fell. And the only place you could have seen that 
from, is inside the Fey Law Offices. In other words, he was at the 
scene of the crime when the murder took place.

Edgeworth is still around though! He'll now try to convince White to 
admit "the crime of placing the wiretap". His point is that, White 
must have been at the Fey Offices before the day of murder to place 
the wiretap, thus he'd have seen the light stand is in the office 

White will testify that it was the beginning of September, the week 
before the murder, that he placed the wiretap. He saw the glass light 
stand then. Now, if you're me, you'll know immediately that the 
receipt that has Maya's name on it will come into play - remember that 
the receipt was for buying something on the day before the murder. 
I'll bet my last dollar that it's for buying the light stand. Remember 

This is a little tricky. You'll find nothing to present against White 
as he rattles on, and you'll find yourself going through the testimony 
over and over again without progress. The way to get out of this is to 
press every single sentence that White says. And I mean, every single 
sentence. There will come a time when you realised that you've no more 
ammos to fight, and that's when the judge asks whether you want to 
give up. 

Ponder about giving up, and then you'll hear Mia's voice!

"Never give up, Phoenix!"

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: September 9
You'll find yourself at the waiting lobby next, and Mia is standing 
right in front of you! Hey, isn't she, like, DEAD? Ok, engage in 
conversation to find that when you were defeated in court, Maya's 
true powers were awaken. So, Maya is channeling Mia. Maya is also 
Mia now. Way to go. Mia (in Maya's body) will tell you never to give 
up. She'll also bring your attention now to the receipt:

Amount spent: $1,000.00
Item purchased: Glass Light Stand
Date of Purchase: September 4

Someone say hell yeah!

NOTE: Before Mia "appeared", presenting the receipt during the cross-
examination will be useless. I was personally shot down by jumping the 
gun before Mia "appeared". Similarly you'll be shot down by the judge 
if you do so. You must wait for this conversation with Mia to reveal 
the contents of the Receipt.

The receipt, with its new revelation, is updated in your Court Record.

Scene: District Court, Court Room No. 1
Date: September 9, 1:16pm
Go through the conversations. You'll be given a "last chance" to 
fight the case. Thanks, Edgeworth.

When White talks about the the week before the murder, present the 
receipt - Glass light stand, purchased on the day before the murder. 
This means that when White "allegedly" entered the Fey offices, the 
stand could not have been there.

Still, Edgeworth won't give up. There's no concrete proof that you're 
innocent, and he's right. He'll ask for one more day. Object the 
request. Even though the judge will allow the day's grace, Mia will 
intervene. She'll ask you to read a note aloud. This is a memo from 
Mia, which has a list of people's names in Mia's handwriting. Present 
this memo, and you'll narrate the following progress:

"The memo Mia had given me was a list of names. Many of them sounded 
strangely familiar. People in finance, famous celebrities... That's 
when it happened."

"It" is when White goes berserk.  Mia will threaten to turn this list 
to the media if White doesn't admit to his guilt.

White will then confess. Wou won! A "spirited" fightback! Enjoy the 
sweet smell of success!

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: September 9, 2:24pm
Talk to Mia. She'll arrange a meeting with you at the office for this 

Scene: Fey and Co. Law Offices
Date: September 9, 9:02pm
You'll find Maya there. She'll tell you that Mia wrote her a note to 
"take care of Phoenix". You'll also notice that the office is now 
officially WRIGHT & CO. LAW OFFICES! Maya Fey will become your new 

Watch the very nice cut-scene of you shaking hands with Maya, as the 
spirit of Mia looks on. 

Bring Maya to eat some burgers to end this Episode. Save your game.



1. Maya Fey: Your trusty sidekick/ partner. A spirit medium with 
inconsistent powers.

2. Miles Edgeworth: You know him.

3. Dick Gumshoe: You know him too.

4. Will Powers: The defendant. Action star who plays the title role in 
"The Steel Samurai" TV show.

5. Wendy Oldbag: Security guard at Global Studios. Claims she saw 
Powers heading to the scene.

6. Jack Hammer: The victim. A former, big name action star. Played the 
role of the Evil Magistrate.

7. Penny Nichols: Assistant at Global Studios, in charge of large 
props and set pieces.

8. Sal Manella: Creator of "The Steel Samurai". Present at the day of 
the crime.

9. Cody Hackins: A big fan of Steel Samurai. Present at the studio on 
the day of the crime.

10. Dee Vasquez: Producer of "The Steel Samurai".

11. The judge: Same old geezer.

Confirm the episode and watch the cut-scene as two samurais dish it 
out on the screen. Turns out this was an episode of "Steel Samurai" 
that Maya was watching. This TV program is a hit series among kids and 
some teenagers like Maya.

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: October 14, 5:31pm
It has been a month since you took down Redd White, but the business 
is not coming in. You're having problems with paying the rent.

Scene: Phoenix Wright's Bedroom
Date: October 16, 8:14am
You're awaken from your sleep by an early morning phone call from 
Maya. Apparently, the "Steel Samurai" was arrested for "killing a 
villain", in real life, with his "Samurai Spear".

Get back to the office now.

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: October 16, 9:22am
Check out the TV news for more updates of the case. You'll learn the 
"Steel Samurai" is actually an actor by the name of Will Powers. The 
victim in question is Jack Hammer, who plays the villain "Evil 
Magistrate" in the TV show. Hammer's body was found inside his Evil 
Magistrate costume. The "Samurai Spear" is believed to be the weapon. 
Police are investigating the case blah blah.

After the news, the phone will ring. Maya will pick it up and realise 
that it was Powers on the line. He wants YOU to defend him. 

Move to the Detention Center to meet Powers.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitors' Room
Date: October 16
Read through all the conversations until you get the chance to talk 
to Powers. Ask him "what happened". He'll tell you that the cast was 
at Global Studios for a run-through of an episode. They ran through a 
few action sequences at 10:00am yesterday. There was a rehearsal 
scheduled for 5:00pm, but when the time came, the Evil Magistrate was 
found lying in a crumpled heap near the set. They took off his mask, 
and discovered that it was Jack Hammer, dead. He had been expertly 
skewered with the "Samurai Spear", which is a weapon that the Steel 
Samurai uses in the program.

Ask Powers about his alibi next. He mentions that he came into the 
studios at 9:00am, and worked through some action scenes till noon. 
He took a nap in the dressing room after lunch. When he woke up, it 
was already 5:00pm. He hurried to the studio, and found everyone 
looking shocked. He was arrested on the spot.

Powers will give you a map of Global Studios next. Time to go there.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 16
A security lady will stop you from entering. Ask her about the studios 
and she'll reveal that Hammer was a big star at Global Studios some 
10 years ago. 

Ask her about Will Powers next. She'll tell you that she believes 
Powers is guilty. Press her for her reason for suspicion, and she'll 
tell you that she was standing here yesterday, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, 
until they found the body. If anyone wants to go to the studios during 
this time, they'll have to pass through her. Only one person went by 
there between 1:00pm and 2:30pm, which was when the murder took place, 
and the person was Powers. 

Now, ask about Jack Hammer. She'll have rave reviews for him. An 
accident during filming five years ago reduced him to playing the 
villain on a children's program.

NOTE: This accident from five years ago is the key for this case. 
You'll get more information about this as you progress.

You can't do anything more here, so return to the Detention Center.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitors' Room
Date: October 16
Talk to Powers about his alibi again, since it contradicts that of 
the security lady. But Powers assures you that he was sleeping during 
during the period in question. He doesn't seem to be lying.

Ask him about the security lady. This will result in Powers writing a
formal letter to request your representation. Power's letter will be 
added to the Court Record.

Scene: Global Stuidos, Main Gate
Date: October 16
Present Power's letter to the security lady. She'll allow you to 
pass, but only to the studios. You'll also get to look at the map of 
this area. Pay 50 cents to obtain the map, and add it to your Court 

NOTE: Power's letter will be discarded now. 

Move to "Outside Studio One" now.

Scene: Studio One Entrance
Date: October 16
Dick Gumshoe is here. Talk to him about the investigations. You'll 
obtain the autopsy report, yes, the latest version, It states that:

Time of death: 10/15 at 2:30pm
Caused of death: Pierced through the chest by a spear

As usual, this goes into your Court Record. Ask him now about the 
reason for arrest. He replies that the murder took place right over 
in Studio One. The victim entered Studio One at approximately 1:00pm. 
There was no one else there then. The autopsy report confirms the time 
of death as 2:30pm, and only one person went to Studio One between 
1:00pm and 2:30pm. The person was Powers.

Talk to Gumshoe about the credibility of the security lady. He'll 
mention something about a decisive evidence. Ask him about it, and 
he'll talk about a photo - the photo of the Steel Samurai heading 
towards the scene of crime. The photo was taken by an automatic 
camera at the gate that links the Employee Area and the studios.

The good thing that came out of this is that you'll now have the 
freedom to move around the studios, with the blessing of Gumshoe. He's 
quite a nice guy afterall.

Scene: Global Stuidos, Main Gate
Date: October 16
Go back to the main gate to find the security lady stuffing her face 
with donuts. Talk to her about the "photographic proof". She'll show 
you where the automatic camera is. Press for more information about 
this camera, and you'll learn that it snaps a photo of anyone who 
passes by, and records the time as well whenever it takes a photo. 
She'll view all the photos on the computer over in the security guard 
station, and she checks them every day before going home.

Talk to her about Hammer again and her reasons for suspecting Powers 
if you want, but there's nothing you don't know of here. Go to the 
Employee Area next.

Scene: Global Stuidos, Employee Area
Date: October 16
Examine the area if you want just to get a feel of the stuff around 
here. Of significance are the following:

1. The metal grate on the drain here has been taken off. The drain is 
pretty big. Looks like a kid could fit through it.
2. Remains of yesterday's lunch are scattered around on the table. 
There was a t-bone on one of the plates, minus the steak.

Go to the "Dressing Room" next.

Scene: Global Stuidos, Dressing Room
Date: October 16
Examine the objects in this room. The most important object to examine 
is Powers' bag. You'll obtain an employee cardkey from there. The card 
sats "Studio One". "Borrow" it into your Court Record.

Scene: Studio One Entrance
Date: October 16
Use the cardkey you found in the dressing room on the door at the end. 
It'll open. Move to "Inside Studio One" now.

Scene: Studio One 
Date: October 16
Examine the objects in this room. Of significance are: 

1. The outline of Hammer's body in found on the ground. Strangely, 
the spear-inflicted cause of death didn't seem to leave a lot of 
blood stains on the ground. Maybe the costume absorbed most of it.
Maybe not.

2. The director's chair - nothing of interests to you now, but keep 
this chair in mind because you'll need to come back to it later.

3. The cameras - this will introduce the character Penny Nichols, an 
assistant in the studio. 

Talk to Penny about the day of the crime. She was in the studio 
the whole day, as she was the only assistant employed. In the 
morning, they went through the action sequences in the employee area. 
Powers and Hammer were there, along with everyone else. After eating 
lunch, Hammer went to Studio One, and Powers went into the dressing 
room. Penny didn't see either of them after that.

Ask her about Powers' alibi now. Unfortunately, she didn't go into 
the dressing room when Powers was sleeping, so she couldn't confirm 
his statements.

After a while, Penny will tell you that something has been bothering 
her. She'll tell you that on the day of the crime, just after noon, 
she sensed that someone was here in Studio One, and she was sure 
it isn't some other employees. She has a feeling that it was someone 
from outside, although this kinda contradicts the security lady's 
claims that everyone has to pass through her.

Before you go, ask Penny about "sensing someone" if you want. You'll 
gain nothing from this, so follow Maya's heed and go after the 
security lady.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 16
Back to the security lady. Ask her about Penny's claim, and see her go 
berserk! She'll then run off, presumably to confront Penny. Take this 
opportunity to examine the computer in the security room. Try the 
computer, and when prompted to key in the number for the camera, 
select "ST1-307". This will print out the data for the day of the 
crime. You'll see a picture of the Steel Samurai.

Yes, simply a picture of the STEEL SAMURAI, and not WILL POWERS. 
Although he's the only one who wears the suit usually, anyone could've 
been in that suit on the day of the crime.

The back of the photograph will also states:

"[Oct 15. 2:00pm, Photo #2]"

This photo is added to the Court Record.

NOTE: The numbering on this photo is important. You'll know why later.

The day ends. Save your game.

It's time for battle.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 4
Date: October 18, 10:00am
Edgeworth will call Gumshoe to the stands. Gumshoe will describe the 
case briefly to the courts. Nothing that you don't already know of, 
but hey, the music is cool here. When asked whether you want to 
listen to the case again, just skip it. After this, the Samurai Spear 
will be added to the Court Record.

The security lady will be the next to be called to the stands. You'll 
finally get to know her full name, and it's Wendy Oldbag. From now 
on, I'm going to use her name. Ok, her family name.

She had some errands to run that morning, which was why she only 
arrived at the guard station at 1:00pm. She was at the main gate 
until 5:00pm. The murder happens at 2:30pm. The only person who 
walked passed her at 2:00pm was Will Powers.

When she talks about running some errands, press her about "what 
errands". she'll reveal that she was actually "observing Hammer and 
Powers" go through the action sequences. Continue to press her next 
two sentences until she begins to lose it. When she's at the sentence 
where she says "it was Powers!", present the photograph you found at 
the computer room - the man she has been accusing all day is actually 
the man in this photo, and in no way did this photo have a clear 
indication that the man in the costume is Powers.

Oldbag adds that during the run-through in the morning, Powers 
broke one of the props, and sprained his ankle pretty badly. In the 
photo, the Steel Samurai was dragging his leg. This is why she 
believes that the man in the costume is Powers.

Press Oldbag (not literally!) when she talks about Powers tripping 
and falling. She'll reveal that she helped make Powers' ankle better 
by "kissing it where it hurts". You'll then ask where was Penny when 
that happened. Oldbag will reply that Penny was most probably 
cleaning the backdrops, and wouldn't have known about Powers' ankle.

Press her again about the broken prop. She'll reveal that what was 
broken was Powers' own Samurai Spear. She'll also mention that she 
fixed the spear with a duct tape. This detail will be updated to the 
spear in Court Record.

When Oldbag talks about Powers' sprained ankle, press her about the 
condition of the ankle. She'll reply that it wasn't so bad that he 
couldn't walk around, since he was able to go to his dressing room to 
rest after lunch.

The judge will then ask a great question:

"Where is this Steel Samurai costume now?"

Amazingly, no one could find it. But Edgeworth will try to smoke the 
judge into believing that the missing costume is not important, and 
that it must be Powers in that costume.

Object the statement now to once again reiterate that nowhere in the 
photo can you see Will Powers.

The judge will concur with you, but Edgeworth has something up his 

Oldbag insists that the only person she saw going to the studios 
before the time of death at 2:30pm was Powers.

When she says "the only person I saw then was Will Powers", present 
the photograph again - on it says "Photo #2", which means that there 
should be a "Photo #1". The automatic camera takes a picture of 
everyone who passes to the studios. If it says "#2", surely it must 
have taken another photograph earlier. This confirms that not one, 
but two people went to the studios that day.

Watch her panic, and the regain composure. Get ready for more crap 
from the oldbag.

She now claims that she'll go through the photos recorded on the 
security computer, and throw out any photos that aren't suspicious 
looking. She now remembers throwing out one photo that day.

Ask her about the erased photo. She'll reveal that it was one of a 
"fanboy". She'll then confirm that this "fanboy" was indeed in the 
area afterall, despite her locking the main gate. Remember the drain 
at the Employee Area with an opened grate? The fanboy came in through
there. And the fanboy is a kid, probably of 2nd or 3rd grade.

NOTE: This fanboy is an important witness. Remember him.

Watch now as the people around try to "un-suspect" the boy as a 

The judge will now call for a five-minute break.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
Date: October 18, 11:08am
Talk to Powers and Maya. The lot of you will decide to push the blame 
on someone else so as to buy some time, hopefully to last you guys 
for another day.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 4
Date: October 18, 11:13am
Watch as you claim that there is another person who could've committed 
the crime. Now, the judge will warn you that the court will not look 
kindky on accusing the innocent, so pick Wendy Oldbag, since she's 
the most likely person.

Watch the explanation, then when given a chance to press further, do 
it. The result is that Oldbag will become a suspect as well. She'll 
then claim that the fanboy could well be a suspect too. When asked why 
you disregard the boy, present the keycard - the boy has no formal 
relations to the studios, so he couldn't have the key to enter Studio 

The judge will suspend proceedings on the current trial for today. 
Court adjourned... and then Oldbag will suddenly want to talk! She now 
claims that there was something that she was told not 
to talk about.

Global Studios, her employer, has wanted her to keep quiet about 
something. There were actually some other people at the studios on the 
day of the murder. 

An amazing twist! Ask her who were these other people, and she'll 
reveal that the director and the producer were there. The director was 
in the Employee Area all morning for the run-through. He joined the 
producer around lunchtime and they had a meeting after that in the 
Studio Two trailer. 

Now, take a break when given the chance. You've asked all the 
questions you need to ask. The court will (finally) be adjourned!

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
Date: October 18, 1:04pm
Talk to Powers and Maya again, then save your game.

Scene: Wright & Co. Law Offices
Date: October 18
Talk to Maya if you want, but you should know now that she doesn't 
exactly provide constructive ideas, like Mia. (Oh, how we miss her.)

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 18, 2:16pm
With Oldbag taken into custody, there's no one at the main gate to 
greet you. Go the the Employee Area.

Scene: Global Studios, Employee Area
Date: October 16
Penny is here, She tells you that Oldbag has asked her to fill up the 
drain. She has done just that, but it wasn't exactly convincingly done. 
She'll then rush off to stand-in for Oldbag at the guard station. Maya 
will ask you whether she can rip the grate open. Say yes.

NOTE: If you don't do this, the game will not advance. This is to 
allow the fanboy to enter the studio again.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 18
Go back to the main gate to find Penny there now. Talk to her and 
she'll say that that the studios seem to be very keen in protecting 
the producer. 

Now, go to outside Studio One.

Scene: Studio One Entrance
Date: October 18
Gumshoe won't be here, so it's your chance to sneak past the small 
path with a fallen tree to Studios Two. Examine the monkey (ok, the 
mascot) and the fallen tree to confirm that the monkey head and the 
tree fell the same day as the day of the murder. 

NOTE: The monkey head is an important clue that pinpoints the 
identity of the killer down to two people... more about that later.

Move to "Outisde Studio Two" now.

Scene: Studio Two Entrance
Date: October 18
You'll hear a voice inside the trailer. Before you go to the guard 
station to borrow a key to open it, examine the area. Of significance

1. Some flowers on the bottom right of the screen. The fence 
surrounding them looks dangerous.

2. The trailer seems to be here for quite a while.

3. A van is on the left screen. Nothing much on this now.

4. An incinerator is covered with soot beside the van.

5. Empty plates on the table suggests that two people ate here. Maya 
feels that something is odd here.

NOTE: If you're wondering what's odd, try to remember what were on the 
plates you found at the Employee Area.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 18
Examine the guard station to find the key. Yes, it's there, but Penny 
won't allow you to take it, as she's afraid that Oldbag will "knock 
the stuffing out of her if she knew".

Go to the dressing room again.

Scene: Global Studios, Dressing Room
Date: October 18
Meet "the great Sal Manella" there.  This guy has an array of internet 
chatroom jargons. He also happens to be the creator of the Steel 
Samurai. Oogling at Maya will trigger his "creative power", and the 
idea of "Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo". Try not to 
laugh now.

Talk to him, and ask him about the day of the crime. He says that after 
the morning run-through, he had a meeting in the Studio Two trailer 
from noon till after 4:00pm. The producer and some other bigwigs from 
the network were with him.

Now, ask him about the producer, Dee Vasquez. He'll tell you that 
she's the one who saved the studios from the brink of destruction.

Ask him about the bigwigs next. He'll reveal that these people include 
the boss of the network, some sponsors, and some production guys. 
They arrived in a limousine around noon.

Nothing more that you can get from him, so return to the main gate to 
try your luck with the key again.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 18
Oldbag returns! Apparently, the police asked her to try out a spare 
Steel Samurai costume, but she's too small to fit into it, which 
basically rules her out as being the murderer. She'll refuse to talk 
to you anymore.

Ask her about the fanboy and the director, et al. if you want, but 
you'll get nothing out of her. She won't give you the key too, so 

Scene: Global Studios, Employee Area
Date: October 18
Go back to the Employee Area now to find the fruit of ripping Penny's 
effort to seal the drain. Yes, Cody Hackins, the fanboy, is here.

Talk to him about the case. He'll reveal that he saw everything that 
happened. Unfortunately, he won't tell you what. And before you can 
get hold of him, he'll escape from where he came from - the drain.

As he made a hurried exit, he'll knock the table and an object will 
fall from it - an empty bottle. The label on this bottle says 
"Sleeping Pills". 

Empty Bottle added to Court Record.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 18
Go back to the main gate now, because Cody's appearance means that 
Oldbag will going after him, giving you the opportunity to "borrow" 
the key to the trailer at Studio Two.

Trailer key slipped into your pocket.

Scene: Studio Two Entrance
Date: October 18
Head over here and examine the door to the trailer. The key will now 
be used to unlock it. Enter.

Scene: Studio Two Trailer
Date: October 18
You'll find the producer, Dee Vasquez, here. A pretty lady, although 
unceremoniously cool. Talk to her about the crime. Somehow, she won't 
be bothered to answer your questions. Apparently, she's distracted 
because she's looking for a script. Looks like you'll have to help 
her find the script if you want her to talk. She'll pass you a note 
for Manella, which says: 

"Bring me the script for Episode 13."

Scene: Global Studios, Dressing Room
Date: October 18
Go back all the way to the dressing room to look for Sal. Present 
Vasquez's note to him, and he'll panic. Looks like he left the script 
somewhere, but he wasn't entirely sure where. 

Let me tell you where to save you the trouble of going around like a 
headless chicken: Studio One.

Scene: Studio One 
Date: October 18
Remember the director's chair I told you about earlier? Examine it to
find the script for Episode 13. 

Go back to the dressing room.

Scene: Global Studios, Dressing Room
Date: October 18
Bugger is too afraid to see Vasquez. He'll ask you to bring it over to 
her instead. 

Do so.

Scene: Studio Two Trailer
Date: October 18
Present the script to Vasquez, and she'll start talking. Startling 
revelation, too.

She'll start by confirming about the meeting at the trailer at noon 
on the day of the crime. According to her, however, none of the people 
present in the trailer that afternoon went to the trailer, because 
it was impossible for them to leave. The broken monkey head blocked 
the path from Studio Two to Studio One from 2:15pm, and was only 
removed at 4:00pm. During this period, the people at Studio Two were 
unable to leave, let alone to go Studio One at 2:30pm to murder 

Monkey Head added to Court Record.

Nothing else to do at the studios. Make your way back to the office.

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: October 18
This is when Mia appeared again. She'll remind you that you still 
have a lead - the boy, Cody. She encourages you to go back to the 
studios to look for the boy.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 18
Once you're back at the studios, you'll find Oldbag there again. Looks 
like she has been having a hard time going after Cody. She mentions 
about a "hostage" that she can use against Cody. Your chance to get 
Cody on your side.

Ask her about the "hostage", and she'll tell you that Cody dropped 
something when he was running away from her. When you ask to take a 
look at it, she'll blatantly refuse. Now, Mia will mention that there 
could be something you can trade with her. 

Talk to her about the director, and she'll mention her wish to visit 
the place the Hammer died. Remember the cardkey to Studio One that you 
found in Powers' bag earlier? Present this to her. Apparently, even 
though she's a security guard, she doesn't have direct access to 
Studio One. She'll be eternally grateful if you lend the cardkey to 
her, and in exchange, she'll pass you the "hostage" - a Steel Samurai 
trading card.

Now, go to the Employee Are to find Cody again.

Scene: Global Studios, Employee Area
Date: October 18
There he is. He'll, however, run into the dressing room when he sees 

Give chase.

Scene: Global Studios, Dressing Room
Date: October 18
Watch Mia works her magic. In no time, Cody will like her so much, 
his attitude towards her will become very positive. He's still pissed 
with you though, so quickly present the trading card to him.

After all the hard work, it turns out that he has a double for this 
"ultra rare card". Now, if you can find him a "really rare" card...

Scene: Studio Two Trailer
Date: October 18
Go back to the trailer to find Penny there. She's here to arrange some 
stuff. Talk to her to find more revelations - apparently, something 
happened recently to Hammer, which helped increase his popularity 
after he went through a slump in his career. Penny wasn't sure whether 
to tell you about what happened though, so you'll have to go find 
the right person, again.

Before you go, however, present the "ultra rare" Steel Samurai card 
to Penny. Turns out she's a collector! In fact, she's missing one card 
to reach a complete set. The one you're holding is what she's missing. 
She'll beg you to trade with her, and hey, she has an "ultra rare 
Premium card", which Cody wants.

Why don't you trade with her? Trading is good. I've been trading 
gashapons with people all over the world for a few years now.

Scene: Global Studios, Dressing Room
Date: October 18
Back to Cody. Present the URP card to him, and you'll never seen him 
so... eager. 

Talk to him now. You'll see a 180 degrees change in his attitude. 
Talk to him about the Steel Samurai reply "his fighting skills". 
He'll pass his personally prepared "Steel Samurai: Path to Glory" 
scrap book to Mia, which will be added to the Court Record. This book 
records photos of the Steel Samurai's victorious moments during live 
performances. Cody mentions that he always takes a picture when the 
Steel Samurai lands the final blow.

NOTE: The above paragraph is important evidence. Take note.

Now, ask him what happened. Then, press him about what he saw. He 
replies that he arrived at 2:00pm that day. He had to go through the
woods so that Oldbag wouldn't see him. He got lost, and was in there 
for about half an hour or so, until he finally reach the studio. 
After that, the Steel Samurai killed the bad guy. He got scared and 
went home after that."

Now, this statement will definitely put Powers in trouble. As you 
discussed with Mia about not putting Cody to the stands, Gumshoe, who 
overheard everything, appears. Cody will be "under police protection" 
from now.

So, at the end of all these running around, you ended up with no leads 
and a serious handicap in court. 

Nevertheless, save your game and prepare for Day 3.


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: october 19, 9:42am
Go through the conversation, and Mia will tell you that you may have 
overlooked something. Maybe you can find that during the trial. 

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 4
Date: october 19, 10:00am
The first witness that Edgeworth will call upon is Sal Manella. the 

Manella was at the studios from around 9:00am that morning. He had a 
meeting in the Studio Two trailer, so he ended up skipping lunch. 
He was in the meeting until around 4:00pm. During the meeting, he was
pretty sure no one left their chairs. 

Press Manella for the earlier sentences to confirm some facts, but 
as he talks about skipping lunch, press him and he'll say that he 
ended up eating nothing at all. 

Mia asks you don't you find this odd. Say "it's contradictory". 
Remember when you were at the trailer entrance, you saw two empty 
plates on the table there. Somebody must have eaten lunch there.

Manella will admit that he did eat afterall, and a t-bone steak at 
that. According to him, he brought the steak to the trailer, thinking 
he could eat it later. They took one break during the meeting, and he 
"wolfed it down then".

Now, if they took one break during that meeting, that means his 
testimony is contradictory as well, isn't it? So, when he continues 
his testimony and says that he's pretty sure no one left their chairs, 
press him. He'll stupidly say, no, there was no break.

When given a choice, press harder. He'll then admit that they did take 
a break afterall. The indication of this cross-examination is that, if 
they did take a break, one of those people in the trailer could have 
gone to the studio during that break and killed Hammer.

Manella now says that even if they took a break, it was only for 15 
minutes. Not enough time for someone to, say, commit murder in Studio 
One. Just enough time to eat a t-bone steak, he adds.

When Manenlla says that they took a break, press him and ask what time 
did they have the break. He replies, about 2:30pm to 2:45pm. 2:30pm  
is the time of death. Interesting. It looks entirely possible, time-
wise, for someone to commit a murder in Studio One and then go back 
to Studio Two.

When he says it was only 15 minutes, press him and ask him what was he 
doing during that break. He'll reply he was eating his lunch. You'll 
then ask about the two empty plates. He'll reply that the other plate 
belongs to Vasquez. 

Next, when he says that there's not enough time for someone to commit 
a murder, press him again. This time, Edgeworth will object, and the 
judge will then ask you whether you're suggesting that someone from 
Studio Two went to kill Hammer in Studio One on the day of the crime.

Now, you can either say yes, you claim it and claim it loud, or you 
can agree it's quite impossible. Both choices will lead to Edgeworth 
presenting the monkey head as an evidence. Remember? The head blocked 
the path from 2:15pm to 4:00pm. Therefore, when the break commenced at 
2:30pm, the path to Studio Two was already blocked.

I'd suggest agreeing that it's impossible, just because selecting you 
claim it loud will have Edgeworth attacking you like crazy, and 
leading to you being penalized for not doing your homework. 

Edgeworth will call for the dismissal of Manella. He'll also claim 
that he has found a witness to the crime, whom I believe is Cody. The 
judge will then call a recess. Use this chance to take a break.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: october 19, 11:04am
Mia appears disoriented. She'll also be quite discouraging when she 
says that she was wrong with thinking that someone from Studio Two 
has done it. But you know Powers is innocent, and you're bound to find 
some evidence to prove it soon. 

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 4
Date: october 19, 11:15am
Yes, they're using Cody. Cody's camera will also be added to your 
Court Record. It's a new digital camera that he always carry, though 
he's still learning how to use it. It's likely that he had it with 
him on the day of the crime.

Cody wanted to see a Steel Samurai rehearsal. He found a map on the 
Internet, and went to the studios that day. He went through the 
woods, off the path, so that the old lady wouldn't catch him. He got 
lost on the way for about 30 minutes. When he arrived at the studio, he 
saw the Steel Samurai took down the bad guy! If he had his camera with 
him then, he'd have taken a shot. He went after that.

I'd suggest pressing him as and when you can. He'll reveal quite a 
bit of stuff, like how the monkey's head wasn't busted when he was on 
the way to the studio, etc. Present the digital camera has a 
contradicting evidence when he says if he had his camera with him 
then -  he mentioned he carries his camera with him all the time just 
a moment before his testimony.

Cody will now admit that he did bring his camera that day, but he 
didn't any pictures because he was "busy watching". The judge will now 
ask him to testify about what he was busy watching.

He admits he has the camera with him, but he couldn't get his eyes off 
the Steel Samurai taking down his opponents.

You'll need to press him for more facts. When he says that the bad guy 
stopped moving, press and ask him how did the Steel Samurai take down 
his opposite number. Strangely, he wasn't sure. He'll mention a host 
of attacks, but not the Samurai Spear. Press him harder to reveal that
Cody may have seen some of the Steel Samurai's fight, but he totally 
missed the most important part: the killing blow.

The judge will ask you how could Cody miss the killer blow. Present 
the camera once more - Cody was trying to take a picture during the 
critical moment, but wasn't familiar with its operation, so while 
fidgeting with the camera, he missed the moment.

Cody will admit now that you're right. Mia is also quite sure that 
he's hiding more than just this, and she'll ask you to request for 
Cody to testify once more.

Welcome to the real world, kid.

Cody says that when the Steel Samurai escaped from the clutches of 
the villain, he held up his camera to take a picture. But the lens 
wouldn't open in time, so he missed it.

When he says "that's all", press him. It's quite weird that he didn't 
take a picture at all, even if he did miss the killer blow. When given 
a choice, press him harder and call a bluff by saying he did take a 

He'll admit he did take a picture (what's with kids nowadays?). The 
judge will request him to change his testimony, and he'll say: 

"I took a few shots, but it was too late, so I erased them."

Remember the "Path to Glory"? The scrap book that Cody gave you? 
Present it. Cody specifically said that he always take a shot when the 
Steel Samurai lands the final blow earlier when he handed you the boo. 
Why'd he erase the shots he took on the day of the crime, when the Steel 
Samurai "emerged victorious" again?

When the judge asks you why is that so, answer "the Steel Samurai didn't 
win" - it was inconceivable for Cody that the Steel Samurai could be 
defeated. However, Cody witnessed the impossible. He saw the Steel 
Samurai lose. Yet, to admit what he saw would destroy everything he 
believed in. That's why he lied and said the Steel Samurai won. He 
couldn't handle the truth.

NOTE: I like this reference to "A Few Good Man". Awesome.

It is now that Cody will break down. Yes, you're right. The Steel 
Samurai fell, and then he didn't move. Apparently, you've all made a 
serious error here. When Edgeworth asks what's this all about, reply 
"Steel Samurai was the victim". The man who was in the Steel Samurai 
costume, while being shot by the automatic camera, was Jack Hammer 

Hammer was present at the action run-through that morning. Thus, he 
obviously knew about about Will Powers' foot injury. No one saw him 
going to Studio One, nor was there a picture of him. The only logical 
explanation is that he was in the costume when he went to the studio.

It's now that Cody will reveal that he saved a photo in his digicam 
from that day. It basically shows the Steel Samurai at a studio. It 
doesn't look decisive, and the judge is about to return it to 

NOTE: This photo is decisive evidence!

You're now asked to select the contradiction in the photograph. Yes, 
when a person is in a photograph, we'll tend to focus on him or her. 
But the inconsistency is this photo is not on the Steel Samurai, but 
on his surroundings. Take a look on the top right corner of the photo. 
Does that look like a "2" to you? Studio Two, not Studio One! Point to 
the number and present - Studio One is not the scene of the crime, 
Studio Two is.

You'll now need to use the touch screen to select the scene of the 
crime. Point to Studio Two and present. This would coincide with the 
break time of the ones at Studio Two. That would also render the 
monkey-head-blocking-the-path theory useless. 

Next, you'll tell the judge that it's very significant that the murder 
took place in Studio Two because "the path was blocked" from 2:15pm. 
Remember Manella's testimony? He said no one in the trailer was guilty 
because they could not have gone to Studio One. Yet, the reverse was 
true. Only someone in the trailer could've committed this murder. They 
were the only ones with access to the scene of the crime: Studio Two.

1. Scene of crime = Studio Two
2. Steel Samurai that Oldbag saw = Jack Hammer
3. Manella and Vasquez were at Studio Two

I think you can now relate. 

Edgeworth will ask you whether you've proof to show that the Steel 
Samurai in the photo is Hammer, and not Powers. Say you've, and 
present the empty bottle that says "Sleeping Pills" - Powers spent the 
entire afternoon sleeping on that day, because he was drugged by 

Still, the judge will say that there's no proof for your claims. True, 
so tell him to fingerprint the bottle. If Hammer did use the drug to, 
er, drug Powers, the bottle will have his prints. The bottle will then 
be handed over to the judge.

The court will now suspend proceedings on the current trail for 
today. The judge will hand you some "homework:

1. Why would Hammer steal the Steel Samurai costume?
2. Who killed him, and why?

Court is now adjourned.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
Date: october 19, 2:47pm
The usual conversation. Save your game. 

When will this end?

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: October 19, 3:27pm
Maya is back. You'll reveal that you've a good idea who did it, but 
you're still lacking proof, and motive. Talk to Maya when you get the 
chance to fill her on what happened earlier, and she'll suggest you 
visit Powers again.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitors' Room
Date: October 19
Ask Powers about Vasquez. He'll tell you things that you've heard 
before, about how she is the star of the studio, etc. But he'll also 
bring up something unusual, about some rumors, but he's not willing to 
share at the moment.

Now, ask him about Manella. He'll mention that Manella will be at her 
beck and call of Vasquez, and will do anything she says.

Ask about Hammer next. It'll be revealed that Hammer's popularity 
began to take a dip when Vasquez joined Global Studios five years ago. 

Time to go back to the studio again.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 19
Meet Oldbag there again. She seems to be very quiet today. Ask her 
about the producer. It appears that she doesn't really like the 
producer, but she was told not to talk about her.

Now, ask about Manella. She mentions that Vasquez treats him like 
dirt, but he likes it. 

Ask about Hammer next. She'll get really pissed because of what you 
revealed in court today. Run!

Scene: Global Studios, Employee Area
Date: October 19
Gumshoe will be here, examining the plates for traces of sleeping 
drugs. Ask him about the plate. He'll do a test right away, and 
confirmed that there were sleeping pills on the steak plate. The 
plate will be added to the Court Record.

Ask about the investigation next. He's now quite sure that he has no 
case against Powers. Talk to him about Edgeworth as well, and find 
that Edgeworth had just crushed a paper cup with hot coffee in it. 
Heh heh. 

Oh, and the bottle of sleeping pills you passed to the judge? 
They found Hammer's prints on it. So, yes, the one who put Powers to 
sleep as none other than... the victim.

You'll get the sleeping pill bottle back in the Court Record.

Scene: Global Studios, Dressing Room
Date: October 19
Go to the dressing room to find Penny. Talk to her about Hammer. 
She'll mention about a rumor. It seems that Vasquez has some kind of 
hold on Hammer, and he'd do anything she said.

According to Penny, about five years ago, they were filming a movie 
starring Hammer. They were using Studio Two, which was a new studio 
then. Some sort of accident happened during filming. After that, they 
never used Studio Two again. They left the film set the way it was, 

Now, ask Penny about the last episode of Steel Samurai. Apparently, 
Global Studios will not be making kids' shows anymore. Continue 
asking her about the studio's policy. It appears that the Steel 
Samurai incident has left a bad taste in the mouths of the bigwigs, 
and they wanted to forget about all this.  You'll then be asked to 
present something to Penny to show her that the kids will feel bad if 
Steel Samurai is no more. Present the "Path to Glory".

This will lead to a revelation about the accident that happened five 
years ago. Ask Penny about it now. It seems that someone died during 
that accident, and it was Hammer's fault. Vasquez managed to hush the 
issue up, which was why Hammer would do anything that Vasquez said. 
Penny also mentioned that Oldbag has more information about the
accident because she was at the studios back then.

Back to the main gate, then.

Scene: Global Studios, Main Gate
Date: October 19
Ask Oldbag about five years ago, and she'll go berserk (again). She's 
still pissed with you claiming that Hammer stole the costume. Show 
her the proof - the sleeping pills bottle with Hammer's prints. She'll 
then ask you whether you've proof that he used those pills on Powers. 
Present the empty plate that showed traces of sleeping pills. She'll 
now talk about the accident.

She'll then present a photograph... a photo of the trailer at Studio 
Two, of how Hammer accidentally killed his co-actor. Hammer was 
supposed to fight with a bad guy on the top of those stairs. He pushed 
the other actor, and the man fell onto the flowerbox fence.

This give-year-old photo will be added to your Court Record.

Time to go to the trailer.

Scene: Studio Two Entrance
Date: October 19
You'll find Vasquez here. She's "watching the clouds". Try talking to 
her about everything you can talk to, and she won't be bothered, as 
usual. Present the five-year-old photo to her, and she'll finally show 
some interest. She'll invite you into the trailer to "talk".

If you want, you can also examine the empty plates again. Maya will 
have the "odd feeling" once again, but she isn't sure what it's about, 

NOTE: These empty plates are decisive evidences.


Scene: Studio Two Trailer
Date: October 19
Suddenly, Vasquez will be in a mood to talk. She claims that the 
Hammer incident that happened five years ago wasn't an accident at 
all. Hammer had deliberately killed his co-actor. She deduced that if 
it was merely an accident, she'd never have the opportunity to run his 
life for five years. 

Now, she'll demand that you hand over the five-year-old photo. Check 
out those mafia guys with her! She's hell bent on "erasing" both 
Maya and you... until Gumshoe stepped in! You'll feel really sorry for 
what you've did to him in Episode Two now, really. She'll be taken 
back to the precinct by him, and this means you'll have to face her 
in court tomorrow. 

You're pretty sure now that Dee Vasquez is the murderer. I'm sure you 
know the motive now. No? Ok, save your game and read on.

Last day of the proceedings. Go for it, Phoenix!

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 4
Date: October 20, 10:00am
Vasquez will be called to the stands. It's time to catch her with her 
pants down... so to speak.

She entered the trailer a little before noon. The meeting began at 
12:00pm sharp, and ended at 4:00pm. At 2:30om, they took a 15-minute 
break from the meeting. Sal and her ate t-bone steaks on the table in 
front of the trailer. They found Hammer's body later, when they went 
to Studio One for the rehearsal. She was fatigued then, so she asked 
Manella to take her there.

The judge will help you a little about the "fatigued" statement. It 
seems that Manella took her to Studio One by the van at Studio Two. 
She explained also that it might be risky to walk with that monkey's 
head toppling over. The van will be added into the Court Record. 

As usual, if you want, you can press every statement that she said, 
and watch the hilarious conversations that unfold, but the one that 
you should pay particular attention to is the one when she says she 
ate the t-bone steaks. Present the steak plate with the t-bone - she 
said she ate the t-bone steak, but as seen on the plate found at the 
Employee Area, a large bone was left behind. The plates found outside 
the trailer, where Vasquez and Manella claimed they had lunch at, 
were totally empty. How can a person eat a t-bone steak and not leave 
the bone?

Select how now from the following choices (I simply must show this 
because it's funny):

1. You ate the bone, too!
2. You ate a boneless steak!
3. You didn't eat the steak!

Choose "you ate the bone, too!", no, I mean, "you didn't eat the 

Vasquez took the steak and threw it somewhere, most probably into the

The judge will ask you if she wasn't eating her steak, where was she 
during the break. Reply "meeting the Steel Samurai".

Vasquez will welcome your challenge. From now on, it's truly a 
battle of wits. Her following testimonies are not easy to break, so 
be careful not to present the wrong items lest you get penalised. 

She'll bring your attention to the murder weapon again? She asks how 
could she, a woman of petite stature, possibly use the spear as a 
weapon possibly use the spear as a weapon.

Select "I think you could.". 

She'll reply that Hammer was stabbed from the front, which means he 
must have noticed the presence of the murderer. She's weaker and 
slower than Hammer, and couldn't possibly win such a fight. She also 
emphasizes the fact that she didn't have the spear - the photograph of 
the Steel Samurai shows that Hammer himself was holding it. 

Now, you'll automatically "take back your previous claim", and get 
yourself penalised. No choice on this one, but what follows is 
important - you'll claim that the Samurai Spear was not the murder 

NOTE: Webapprentice wrote that you CAN avoid being penalised. Here's 
how to do it - when asked how how she possible use the spear as the 
weapon, select "You couldn't have." You'll then admit that Dee 
couldn't lift the spear easily, but then explains that this is 
irrelevant, because the spear is not the murder weapon. You'll then 
be asked to explain why.

Present the Samurai Spear - the spear broke during the run-through in 
the morning. But Oldbag fixed it with duct tape. With the spear 
already weakened, it's impossible for anyone to use the spear to stab 
through the thick Steel Samurai costume. 

Vasquez will reply and ask you what's the murder weapon then. I think 
you should know by now. Remember the five-year-old photo that she 
tried to take back from you? Think about why she did that. Select 
"I can tell you", then present the five-year-old photo to shock the 
court and everything else in it.

The photo shows Hammer's co-actor being killed by the sharp flowers 
fencepost. Yes, the fence was the weapon. A mere push from the top of 
the stairs would be enough to send someone falling down, and having 
his or her chest stabbed like a spear.

More rebuttals from her. This time, she'll argue the fact that the 
body was found at Studio One, and in the Evil Magistrate costume. 
She wouldn't have time to kill Hammer, dress him up in the costume, 
and move his body to Studio One in the space of 15 minutes.

Select "she had another way", and for that matter, there was no need 
for her to do the deed in 15 minutes. Present the van now - Vasquez
didn't carried the body to Studio One by hand. She used the studio van 
to do it. 

And she did it between 4:00pm and 5:00pm - she mentioned that Manella 
took her because she was fatigued. It was during this moment that he 
drove her to Studio One to dispose the body, and helped her with the 
changing of costume on Hammer's body. When asked whether you're 
suggesting that Manella was a conspirator, say "of course he was". 
In fact, they also disposed the Steel Samurai costume by burning it 
in the incinerator outside Trailer Two.

She'll concede defeat, BUT, will not admit to the crime because you've 
no decisive proof. Ask her to testify again. Watch now as Edgeworth 
helps you out in forcing her to testify. It seems that Edgeworth is 
now convinced that she did it, and he'd want her behind bars as much 
as you do. He'll ask her to talk about what happened after they 
allegedly "found" Hammer's body.

She was with Manella and Oldbag when they found the body. Penny was 
there too. Only Powers was absent. She immediately called the police. 
Then Powers showed up. Oldbag claimed that Powers did it, and he was 
arrested. Vasquez then I went back to the trailer to get her script 
and direction notes, and went home after that.

Press every sentence for more juices, than press even harder for even 
more juices if required. When she says she went back to the trailer to 
get her script, press her and she'll say she was under the impression 
that a rehearsal won't be going on since there was a murder going on, 
so she didn't bring her script and note. This is when Edgeworth will 
object her on your behalf - she said she didn't bring the script because 
there wouldn't be a rehearsal, which means that she'd have had known 
about the murder before going to Studio One.

Vasquez will reply that it was because she knew that Hammer was 
injured and couldn't do action scenes, which was why she left her 
notes behind.

Press this statement and asked her how did she know about the injury. 
She appears a little shock, but quickly regained composure by saying 
Manella told her about it. Present the photo of Hammer in the Steel 
Samurai costume now - it was Powers, not Hammer who was injured! 

Now, tell her that she knew Hammer was injured because "she saw Hammer 
limping". Watch the explanation that follows.

Vasquez is one persistent killer. She'll argue that she has no motive 
to kill Hammer. In fact, since she has been squeezing money out of 
Hammer for years, killing him will actually reduce her, er, income. 

The judge will concur and ask you whether you know her motive. Well, 
of course you do. Let me first ask you: Why did he steal the Steel 
Samurai costume? To cover his identity, obviously. And why did he has 
to cover his identity? Could it be because he wanted to KILL SOMEONE 
WITH THE IDENTITY OF STEEL SAMURAI? Now, with that in mind, why did he 
go to Studio Two? Because the person he wanted to kill was there. 
Who, at Studio Two, was he most likely to kill? Vasquez, of course, 
the woman who has been tormenting him for years! Now consider this: 
What if he wasn't successful in the attempt? What if, out of self 
defense, Vasquez pushed him down the stairs, leading to his death?

This, my friend, is the truth.

Select "she has no motive", because the person who was out for blood 
was Hammer, not her. Then, present the five-year-old photograph when 
asked to prove this, to explain the entire situation.

At the end of all this, Vasquez will finally admit defeat, and confess 
to the crime. Out of self defense, she has accidentally killed Jack 
Hammer. The rest, as revealed earlier, was history.


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
Date: October 20, 2:47pm
Go through the conversation as usual, and when Powers ask you why did 
Hammer frame him for murder, present the Steel Samurai photograph to 
tell him that Hammer is jealous. Edgeworth will also appear to reveal 
more startling, er, revelation about the past between you and him. 
Apparently, you two seem to be good friends during your younger days.

Save the game when you can. Finally! A long episode down the drain!
Two more to go!



1. Maya Fey: Your trusty sidekick/ partner. A spirit medium with 
inconsistent powers.

2. Miles Edgeworth: You know him, and he's the defendant this time.

3. Dick Gumshoe: You know him too.

4. Lotta Hart: Claims to be a research student. She camped out to 
photograph shooting stars.

5. Larry Butz: Your friend. Hotdog salesman now.

6. Marvin Grossberg: Veteran defense attorney. 

7. Robert Hammond: The victim. Used to be a lawyer in Grossberg's 
office. The defense attorney of the DL-6 Incident.

8. Misty Fey: Mia's and Maya's mother, and a spirit medium. 
Disappeared after the DL-6 Incident.

9. Gregory Edgeworth: Miles' father. A famous defense attorney in 
his days. Murder victim of the DL-6 Incident.

10. Manfred von Karma: Veteran prosecutor who hasn't lost a case in 
his 40-year career. Edgeworth's mentor.

11. Yanni Yogi: Caretaker of the boat rental shop at Gourd Lake Park. 
Suspect in the DL-6 Incident from 15 years ago. 

12. Polly the Parrot: A witness in the trial.

13. The Judge: Yes, him again.

As the episode begins, watch the cut-scene of two person talking on a 
boat. One of them will kill the other. As the scene unfolds, be very 
surprised to find that Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth is the killer!

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: December 25, 10:08am
We wish you a Merry Christmas! Let's begin.

Go through the usual conversation to find out a murder that happened 
at the Gourd Lake. A suspect has been identified, and he's none other 
that Edgeworth. Looks like you'll have to defend him this time round.

NOTE: Also note the news about "Gourdy", supposedly a "monster" that 
has recently appeared in that area.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: December 25
Talk to Edgeworth to find out more about the case:

1. The murder took place at Gourd Lake late last night.
2. Edgeworth was at Gourd Lake, which is very far away from his home 
and office, because he wanted to see Gourdy.

I think he isn't very truthful with the second one.

Present your attorney's badge to him now. Tell him to let you defend 
him. He'll laugh it off and say that you're too inexperienced to 
handle a case like this. He specifically asks you to stay out of this 

After you present the badge, you can ask him whether did he do it. 
He refuses to reveal anything, but once again, he'll ask you to stay 
out of this case. He also mentions that no attorney has agreed to 
help defend him, yet he doesn't want you.

Go to Gourd Lake Entrance now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Park, Entrance
Date: December 25
As usual, scene of crime = Gumshoe. Talk to him to find out that:

1. The crime happened at about 15 minutes after midnight last night 
(which makes it this morning, actually).
2. There was a boat out on Gourd Lake. In that boat were two men. One 
of those men shot the other with a pistol. Apparently, the shooter was 
3. Edgeworth was arrested on the spot. 
4. There was a witness to the crime, who called the police.
5. The police are sure that Edgeworth did it, so they're not really 
serious in their investigation.
6. The witness's identity is confidential, at the moment. As usual.

Ask him about "defense request". Strangely, Gumshoe will reveal that 
Edgeworth has very high regards for you after the Steel Samurai case. 
After some talking, someone will tell Gumshoe about an investigation 
briefing. Before he leaves, ask him for the autopsy report. Sadly, 
it isn't ready yet. Damn those CSIs.

Gumshoe will give you directions to the police station though, so you 
can go there to look for him if you need. You'll also gain access to 
the park now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Public Beach
Date: December 25
Examine this area. On one of the benches, you'll find a popper. When 
Maya asks whether she can take it, agree to it and it'll be added to 
the Court Record. 

There's a stall selling "Samurai Dogs" here, but it's closed.

There's a also a signpost just beside the tree on the left. It says:

"Left - Boat Docks, Right - Exit".

Go to "Gourd Lake woods".

Scene: Gourd Lake Woods
Date: December 25
You'll find someone camping here. Examine the area to find a signpost 
that says: "No camping." Strange that people are camping here. 

The camera on the left section of this place is a sound-activated 
camera. Maya will use the popper to test the camera, and it'll start 
taking photographs. This will alert the camper.

NOTE: Popper used and discarded.

Present your badge to her to introduce yourself. She'll give you to 
the permission to ask her questions about the case. 

Talk to this lady. Her name is Lotta Hart. She's here photographing 
meteor showers for a research project. She's a research student at 
Country U. She started camping here about three days ago. About the 
case, she mentioned she might've seen a boat last night, but she 
wasn't sure, since she has been here for a few days, and has seen 
many boats.

Ask about the camera. She confirms that the camera is programmed to 
pick up loud noises now, and will respond by taking pictures. This 
camera will be added to the Court Record.

Present this camera back to Lotta - it responds to loud nosies, and a 
pistol shot is a loud noise. Maybe it took a photo? She'll check the 
film inside her SUV. Come back later for her. 

Make a move to the boat rental shop now if you want, but there isn't 
anything there of note, for now. So, go to the CAD instead.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: December 25
Gumshoe is just out from his meeting. Talk to him. They still can't 
ID the victim, unfortunately. But he does have the autopsy report for 
you. It says:

Time of death: sometime of the 24th or 25th
Cause of death: one bullet shot to the heart

The photo of the victim will be unveiled now. Strangely, Maya feels 
that she has met him somewhere a long time ago. Nothing more about 
this now, so don't bother. 

Go back to the woods for Lotta.

Scene: Gourd Lake Woods
Date: December 25
Lotta's camera took two pictures last night. The first photo shows the 
boat with two persons on it. The right person is holding what looks 
like a pistol. The distance is too far away to tell who's shooting 

NOTE: She didn't show the second photo. Don't worry, you'll get to see 
it eventually.

Lotta now claims she saw the murder. Looks like she'll become a witness. 
Whether you ask her to tell the cops or not, she'll decide to do so. And 
because of that, she'll refuse to tell you what she saw last night. You 
can have the photo though.

Go to the beach again now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Public Beach
Date: December 25
A man in Santa's costume appears out of nowhere... oh wait, he's 
actually Larry in disguise. Remember Larry? You cleared his name in 
your first ever case earlier. He's the guy selling "Samurai Dogs" at the
hotdog stand at the beach.

Talk to Larry about the Samurai Dogs. This will open up a further 
conversation about Gourdy the lake monster. Larry will show you a 
newspaper article about Gourdy. The article has a picture of something 
like a monster's head in the lake. The person who took the picture 
mentioned that he heard a sound like an explosion after setting his 
camera, followed by the sound of something slipping into the water. 

Newspaper article added to Court Record.

Ask Larry about what happened last night. This will reveal that 
Edgeworth, like Larry, was your classmate in grade school. Talk about 
Edgeworth now. It seems that Edgeworth's father was a famous defense 
lawyer. Funny how Edgeworth, who aspired to be like his father, became 
a prosecuting attorney.

Leave him now and return to the office.

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: December 25
Maya will say that she has a strange feeling about something. She'll 
ask for the autopsy report. Then suddenly, she'll remember the who 
the victim is. He's a lawyer who worked at Grossberg's office before, 
where Mia used to work. 

Go to Grossberg's office now.

Scene: Grossberg Law Offices
Date: December 25
You noticed that the painting of his love is still missing, despite 
you taking Redd White to his task. He tells you that since White 
didn't exactly steal it from him, he can't take it back.

Now, ask him about the murder last night. He haven't heard about it 
at all because he just woke up. Present the autopsy report to him, and 
he'll remember that yes, the victim worked in his office before. His 
name is Robert Hammond.

Talk about Hammmond, and Grossberg will tell you that Hammond was the 
defense attorney of the DL-6 Incident. Yes, Mia's mother's case.

Ask him about the case. It happened 15 years ago. They never caught 
the criminal. Misty Fey contacted the spirit of the victim, and her 
statement pointed towards a suspect. But Hammond won the case, and the 
suspect was declared innocent.

It's also revealed that the DL-6 Incident also has everything to do 
with Edgeworth. The victim in the DL-6 Incident was none other than 
his father, Gregory Edgeworth. Grossberg will then encourage you to 
talk to Edgeworth for more details if you want to know more. He'll 
hand you a photo of Misty Fey. This is the same photo you found in his 
office during Episode Two, the one which says "DL-6 Incident - Exhibit 
A" on its back.

Time to go back to the Detention Center.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: December 25
Present Misty Fey's photo, and Edgeworth will say that he didn't 
want you to find out about the DL-6 Incident, which was why he refused 
your offer to defend him. With you finding out about the incident, 
he now feels that he has nothing to hide.

Talk to him about the DL-6 Incident. He confirms that this case 
involves his father's death. His father was shot dead, right before 
his eyes. A suspect was arrested soon after. It was obvious that he 
was the only one who could've done it. Misty Fey confirmed the same 
idea. It was then that Robert Hammond cleared the suspect's name. 

Now, the DL-6 Incident happend 15 years ago, or, to be exact, on 
December 28. The statute of limitations on the case runs out in three 

NOTE: The statute of limitations is a limitation of the number of 
years that the police can take to apprehend a criminal. Murder happens 
to have a limitation of 15 years, which means that, if a murder 
suspect manages to evade arrest for more than 15 years, even if it's 
only by a minute, he or she can never be charged under the offence, 
even if decisive evidence is eventually presented then.

Ask about the suspect. Edgeworth doesn't know where he's now, and 
mentions that if he's still alive, he'd be about 50 years old now. 

Now ask about his father, but he's not willing to talk about this 

Present Lotta's photo to him now, and he'll tell you that he didn't 
kill Hammond. He'll eventually ask you to defend him. Say yes. He'll 
give you a letter of request. Bring it to the CAD now... but wait, an 
earthquake occurs almost immediately, but subsides after a few 

Notice that Edgeworth is now curling like a ball on the ground. He 
seems to have a really bad fear of earthquakes.

Ok, now go to the CAD.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: December 25
Talk to Gumshoe. He'll tell you that Lotta claims she saw Edgeworth 
fired the pistol. She even had a photograph to prove it. Although the 
photo is too small to tell the persons on the boat, Lotta says that 
she'll be enlarging it for a clearer view.  You'll also get to know 
that the mysterious first witness who, er, witnessed the incident, has 
decided not to testify after all. 

Present Edgeworth's letter of request now. All set and done. Gumshoe 
will prepare the documents right away, and you'll be in court the 
next day. 

Great. First day done.


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 26, 9:44am
Edgeworth will inform you that Manfred von Karma will be the 
prosecutor today. Apparently he's "the best", and hasn't lost a case 
in his 40-year career. He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict. He 
also happens to be Edgeworth's mentor.

Anyhow, let's get into court and begin.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
Date: December 26, 10:00am
Gumshoe's first to go. He presents a map to explain the case. The 
murder happened late Christmas Eve, around midnight. There was a boat 
in the very middle of the lake. There were two men on the boat. A 
woman happened to be camping on the edge of the lake. At 12:10am, she 
heard two pistol shots. Then the boat started to move. It went towards 
the boat rental shop. 

The Overhead Map that Gumshoe used to present the cap will be added to 
the Court Record.

Gumshoe mentions that a man called the police at about 12:30am. They 
headed to the scene of crime ASAP, and found Edgeworth there. He 
didn't suspect him of anything, but a body was found the next morning 
in the lake, so he had to arrest Edgeworth.

I know you'll feel bad doing this, but you'll have to press Gumshoe. 
Karma is very, very good though, and he'll object you regularly, 
making it hard for you to concentrate. 

When Gumshoe mentions about the body, ask whether did he find any 
clues on the body. He'll reply that a single bullet was recovered. 
The victim was shot through the heart fatally. He'll submit the bullet 
as an evidence, and as usual, this goes into your Court Record. 

Next, when Gumshoe says he has to arrest Edgeworth, ask him why. He 
replies that the found the murder weapon in the boat. He'll present 
the pistol as an evidence. This will force him to revise his testimony 
too, and he'll now say that the murder weapon found on the boat is 
decisive evidence.

Press this sentence, and ask why was it a decisive evidence. He'll 
say that there were fingerprints on the pistol. They were prints of 
Edgeworth's right hand. The pistol will now go into the Court Record 
as well.  Strangely, if you look at the description of it in the 
record, it says it was "fired three times".

Anyway, Karma will ask whether the bullet found in the victim's body 
matches the pistol. Gumshoe will reply that the ballistic markings on 
the bullet match the pistol. Watch now as the meaning of "ballistic 
markings" is explained.

Karma will now summarise his position: Since the bullet found on the 
victim is fired from the pistol, and the pistol bears Edgeworth's 
fingerprints, it's obvious that Edgeworth is the murderer.

The judge will almost declare the verdict at this point, but I think 
Karma still wants to toy with you, so he'll want to summon Lotta to 
the stands. He'll give you a breather though by calling for a break.
And you thought only the judge can grant a recess.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 26, 11:09am
Talk to Edgeworth. He confirms that it was him in the boat. But he 
urges you to believe him, that he didn't shoot the victim. He heard a 
gunshot from very close by, and then the victim fell from the boat. 
Edgeworth thought, at that time, that the victim had shot himself.

Then, as Maya finds herself useless and wants to leave, ask her to 

Back to court again.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
Date: December 26, 10:00am
Lotta takes the stands. 

It was Christmas Eve, after midnight. Lotta was in her car when she 
heard a "bang" coming up from the lake. When she looked out, she saw 
two gents in a boat. Then, there was another bang. There wasn't 
anything else on the lake but that boat.

It's now that Karma interrupts her and asks her to present the photo 
as an evidence.

The judge will now say that the evidence presented so far as decisive, 
and he has very little doubt about this case. He'll now pass his 
decision... until you intervene.

You can cross-examine Lotta now, but if you fail to find anything 
contradictory, you'll be held in contempt of court. When Maya asks 
you do you think Lotta's testimony is contradictory, say yes.

Press Lotta on her statements, and be prepared to get a lot of 
objections from Karma. As the cross-examination comes to an end, 
you'll still find no contradiction. Karma will force the judge to hold 
you for contempt of court. This is where Maya steps in and gives Lotta 
a blasting. Lotta will retaliate by saying that she clearly saw 
Edgeworth. At the end of the whole commotion, the judge will ask the 
guard to escort you out of the courtroom. Now, Karma will rub salt 
into wound and ask you isn't it that what stands between Edgeworth and 
his conviction merely the passing of the sentence?

Say "no" - Lotta said she clearly saw Edgeworth, but that was not in 
the testimony. That changes her testimony, and you've a right to 
cross-examine her again. This is when the judge finally shows some 
balls, and allow you to cross-examine Lotta again. Maya will have to 
leave the court for her outburst though.

Lotta claims that she saw it as clear as day, that the man on the boat 
was Edgeworth.

Present the photo that Lotta gave you earlier - there was something 
that's quite clearly visible in the photo. The fog. This photo was 
taken with professional, high quality film, yet even it couldn't 
capture the faces of the men on the boat. How could Lotta have seen 
Edgeworth cleary from the distance between her car and the boat?

She now adds another testimony.

It was a cold and foggy night, so once Lotta finished the setting up 
of her camera, she got back into the car. She brought her binoculars 
with her. When she heard the noise, she looked with her binoculars. 

When she talks about bringing her binoculars, press her and ask why 
was she bringing a binoculars, when she'd need a telescope to see the 
shooting stars she was intending to, er, see. You'll raise a doubt 
about her camera too. You'll be asked whether you want to press 
further about the camera. Do so. Lotta will testify that the camera 
was set up to take pictures of meteor showers.

Present the camera now - if the camera was set up to take of meteor 
showers, why was it facing the lake?

Point out to the judge that the camera was set up to "show evidence".
You'll then be required to present an evidence to tell the judge what 
was Lotta trying to photograph. Present the newspaper article on 
Gourdy - she was trying to take pictures of Gourdy all the while. 

Lotta will ask you for proof, Present the camera again - her camera 
was set up to take photos in response of loud noises, which was why 
the photograph of the boat was taken when a pistol was fired. The 
newspaper article mentioned that a loud noise was heard before the 
appearance of Gourdy. That's why Lotta set her camera to respond to 
loud noises.

Unfortunately, that doesn't change what Lotta claimed that she saw. 
You know that's not true though, or Karma wouldn't have try to get 
Lotta to cover up about the Gourdy issue.

Lotta is not a research student at the university. She's an 
investigative photographer. Imagine what a scoop it'd be if she got a 
picture of Gourdy. That's why she was camping out by the lake. She 
claims that's all she was hiding. When she heard the "bang", she 
looked right straight out at that lake. There wasn't much else to look 
at, so she just watched the boat the whole time. Then she was a flash, 
near one of the men's hand, and she heard another gunshot. She was 
looking right at that boat, the whole time.

Karma tries to stop you from cross-examining, but you'll object to 
his objection (yay!). 

When she says there wasn't much else to look at, present the newspaper 
article - any normal person would've notice the boat, but for Lotta, 
who was looking out for Gourdy, a loud bang would surely have her 
scanning the lake for any signs of the monster. She wouldn't have 
given the boat a second thought.

Moreoever, she testified earlier that she was watching the boat 
through binoculars. Well, she wouldn't see binoculars to watch the 
boat. She needed them, however, to search for Gourdy.

So, there, she wasn't watching the boat afterall. She'll admit that 
she got kinda excited because she has the chance to become a witness 
of a murder. This girl wasted the last hour or so of your time playing 
this game because she quite like the idea of becoming a witness.

Now, Lotta will say she took the photo and... before Karma steps in 
and stop her from talking. Remember Gumshoe told you earlier at the 
CAD that Lotta intended to enlarge the photo? Yes, she enlarged the 
photo. But why didn't Karma let her show it? The answer is obvious - 
the enlarged photo shows something bad for Karma.

Make Lotta show the enlarged photo. Lotta will reveal that Karma told 
her not to show the enlargement in court. Aha! She'll show it, and 
you'll find that you still can't see who's firing. The enlarged lake 
photo will be added to the Court Record.

One thing is for sure though - I hope you discover it - the photo 
shows that the person who was firing the pistol was holding it with 
his left hand. Remember the fingerprints found on the pistol? It was 
of Edgeworth's right hand.

So, when given the chance to show your observation, do it by 
"objecting to the enlargement". You'll now be asked to identify the 
area of contradiction on the photo. Point to the left hand of the 
man who fired the pistol, and present.

Now, present the pistol. 

This will lead to Karma asking you who shot the victim. Remember what 
Edgeworth told you earlier? Say "the victim himself" - the only 
logical explanation is that the victim has committed suicide.

Karma will object to the suggestion of suicide - an examination to the 
victim's wound reveals the distance at which he was shot. He was 
clearly shot from further than a distance away. Now, that'd rule out 
sucide, wouldn't it? This new information will be updated into the 
autopsy report. 

The judge will decide to suspend the trial so that both Karma and you 
can do further investigations. It has been a long day in court, but it 
has been all worthwhile. You still live to fight another day.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 26, 1:15pm
Talk to Edgeworth to finish this mandatory part. 

You'll also get Lotta's Deposition into your Court Record - she didn't 
see the shooter, so the remaining point of note is about the bang she 
heard before the shooting.

Save your game.


Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: December 26
Maya is in detention again after her outburst in court. Talk to her 
and you'll be glad to know that Gumshoe has decided to let her go 
after questioning, considering this is her first offense. But you'll 
have to get bail money (duh!) though.

Go to the CAD now.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: December 26
Gumshow is not here today, as he's at the crime scene. You'll get to 
know that he got into a fight with his chief for "not following 

Go to the woods now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Woods
Date: December 26
Gumshoe is here. Talk to him, and you'll find that Karma will be 
bringing in another witness. That'd be the mysterious man who made the 
call to the police, but didn't testify today.

Find out more about Edgeworth if you want, about why he became a 
prosecutor instead of a defense attorney like his father, and why he 
was afraid of earthquakes. 

Talk to him about Maya now, and he'll promise to go back to the 
station and let her go ASAP. Be happy that Edgeworth is paying for the 
bail too, heh!

Go back to the detention center now.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: December 26
Pick Maya up and leave.

Go back to Gourd Lake Entrace now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Park, Entrance
Date: December 26
You'll meet Lotta here. She wants to make it up to you for lying in 
court. Talk to her about "making it up", and she'll have a new clue 
for you, which Karma didn't want her to tell. She wants a trade with 
you though. Accept the deal. You'll now have to find Gourdy, or at 
least, evidence that Gourdy doesn't exist at all, to exchange for the 
information she has about the case.

Go to the beach now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Public Beach
Date: December 26
When you reach here, you'll find that the beach area has changed. 
A large, er, something of the Steel Samurai is there! Larry will be 
here as well. Apparently, Larry is using the Steel Samurai to sell his 
Samurai Dogs. 

Talk to him. He'll reveal that the samurai has always been there, but 
his compressor broke some time ago, so he sent it for repairs, which 
was why the samurai wasn't here for a while.

NOTE: Take note of this conversation. It'll come in useful later. 

Examine the Steel Samurai. Maya says something is wrong about it. She 
doesn't say what. Check out the flags here as well.

Now, go to the cAD to look for Gumshoe.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: December 26
Talk to Gumshoe about the investigation. He reveals that they're now 
discussing about Edgeworth's motive. It looks like Karma will drag 
out Edgeworth's past and hit him hard with it tomorrow.

Ask Gumshoe about Gourdy now. You'll tell Gumshoe about the deal with 
Lotta. He'll volunteer to help you find the monster by loaning you 
one of the police's "secret weapons" for finding evidence.

Ask about the secret weapons, and he'll show them to you:

1. Missile: A K-9 police dog, still in training.
2. Gumshoe's fishing pole: Er, ok.
3. Metal detector: Er, why?

You'll need to choose one. Whatever you borrow will be added to the 
Court Record.

If you choose Missile, he'll eat up Larry's hotdogs at the beach.

If you choose the fishing pole, it'll break before you can even do 
anything to it when you're at the woods.

So, I'd suggest you choose the metal detector. Go to the boat rental
shop after that.

NOTE: The metal detector, amazingly, proves to be a decisive evidence 
in this case!

Scene: Boat Rental Shop
Date: December 26
Finally, something happens here. The detector will go beeping. Maya 
will find an air tank in the bushes. Its valve looks broken. You'll 
find that the air tank is surrounded by a string of flags, much like 
those found at Larry's hotdogs stall.

The air tank will be added to the Court Record.

Go to the beach again.

Scene: Gourd Lake Public Beach
Date: December 26
Present the air tank to Larry. It appears that he knows something 
about the tank. Ask him does it belong to him. It's obvious now that 
the tank belongs to him, but he'll deny it, and ask you why would he 
need an air tank. Reply "to inflate something".

It appears that he used the air tank to inflate the Steel Samurai 
balloon (ok, so it's a balloon). He'll reveal that he used the air 
tank to inflate the samurai balloon when his compressor broke, but it 
didn't go so well.

Ask more about the tank now. It'll be eventually revealed that the 
air tank was too powerful for the balloon. The valve busted open and 
made an incredible noise, and the tank landed into the lake together 
with the balloon. 

Now, talk to him about "the flying air tank". He tells you that the 
incident happened on the 20th, which is about a week ago. He then 
went searching for the balloon every night in a boat, and finally 
found it after four days - incidentally, the day he found the balloon 
was on the night of the murder.

The mystery of Gourdy is now solved though. Don't get it? Go to the 
woods to look for Lotta now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Woods
Date: December 26
Tell Lotta that Gourdy doesn't exist. When she asks for proof, present 
the air tank - a loud noise went off when the valve broke, and when 
the tank and the balloon flew into the lake, a couple was taking a 
photograph of the lake as well. The "Gourdy" in the photograph is 
actually that of the tank and the balloon.

You'll get your information now. Talk to her for it, and Lotta will 
tell you that she overheard the cops around here saying something 
about the witness tomorrow. They said he's the caretaker of the boat 
rental shop.

She'll also give you another photo. Remember the second photo that 
she didn't show you? It was a picture of the lake, and she figured it 
wouldn't be of much use, which was why she kept it for herself. This 
second photo, which was taken on the 24th at 11:50pm, will be added to 
the Court Record.

Go back to the boat rental shop now.

Scene: Boat Rental Shop
Date: December 26
From here, you can gain access to the caretaker's shack. Go there.

Scene: Caretaker's Shack
Date: December 26
An old man appears. It seems that he wasn't very good with his 
eyesight. He mistook Maya for someone else. He also wasn't very good 
with his hearing as well. He'll go into sleep after a while. Examine 
the place for the following observations:

1. Kitchen unit is clean and tidy. Strange because the old man doesn't 
look exactly neat.

2. Polly the parrot... examine it and it'll be added to the Court 
Record. Appears to say only "hello", but the old man says she can speak 
a lot of things if you know the "secret words".

3. A safe above the TV is locked.

Talk to him now about "Polly", and he tells you that he tells the 
parrot everything important. Maya tries to ask for the number to the 
locked safe, and Polly replies "1228!". You can't open the safe 

Now, present your attorney badge to him. Amazingly, he recognizes 
it as a lawyer's badge. He promises to help on one condition, and 
that is, after the case is over and done with, you'll run the 
imaginary pasta shop he's running!

Lie and say you promise.

Present the enlarged photo now. He claims that he saw something. Ask 
what he saw. He replies that he forgot the time, but it was dark 
outside. He heard a "bang", so he looked outside. Then he heard 
another "bang". A men fell down from the boat. A little while later, 
this boat returned. A young man walked by his window here, and he 
was muttering something to himself. He forgot what did the young man 
said, but he'll "remember tomorrow by court time". Duh.

Before you leave, Maya will ask Polly another question. This time, 
Polly replies "don't forget DL-6!".

DL-6? Just who is this old man? Your guess is as good as mine.

Go back to the CAD now.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: December 26
Gumshoe says that he has no idea who the old man at the boat rental 
shop is. As for the DL-6 Incident, he doesn't know much about it as 
well. If you can convince him that this current case is related to 
the DL-6 Incident, he'll open up the DL-6 Incident case file for you.

Present the parrot - the parrot knows about the DL-6 Incident. You're 
pretty sure that the old man must have taught her that word. It's 
likely that the old man was connected to DL-6. 

Gumshoe is convinced. He'll give you access to the records room.

Scene: Police Department, Records Room
Date: December 26
Maya almost immediately finds the files related to DL-6. Go through 
all of them:

1. The Case Summary: 
December 28, 2001. The incident took place in the elevator of the 
district court. There was a large earthquake at 2:00pm on that day. 
Part of the court building collapsed, and all of the lights went out. 
At the time, three people were trapped in the elevator. It took five 
hours for them to be rescued. There was a lack of oxygen in the 
elevator, and the survivors were unconscious. One of the three in 
the elevator had been shot, in the heart. 

It appears that Miles Edgeworth is among the survivors, since he 
mentioned that he saw his father shot right in front of his own eyes. 
That'd also explain why he was afraid of earthquakes.

2. Victim Data:
Gregory Edgeworth, 35, defense attorney. If were alive today, he'd be 
50. He had lost that day's case in court, and got in the elevator with 
his son, Miles. From the angle of the bullet and other evidence, it 
couldn't have been a suicide. The murder weapon, a pistol, was found 
in the elevator. The pistol had been fired two times. 

Does it sound very familiar? It's almost like a carbon copy of the 
current case, with only the venues different.

3. Suspect Data:
Yanni Yogi. A clerk in the court. The third person in the elevator. 
He was oxygen deprived, so much so that he had brain damage. He lost 
all memory of being in the elevator. After he was declared innocent, 
he disappeared. 

Ok, let me tell you that I think that Yogi is the old man at the boat 
rental shop. 

After reading, you'll get to take all the relevant information found 
in these three files. I think it's good to list down the contents of 
what you took now:

1. Case Summary
12/28, 2001

Elevator, District Court
Air in elevator was oxygen depleted at time of incident. No clues 
found at the scene.

2. Victim Data
Gregory Edgeworth (Age 35)

Defense attorney. Trapped in elevator returning from a lost trial with 
son Miles (Age 9). One bullet found in heart. The murder weapon was 
fired twice.

3. Suspect Data
Yanni Yogi (Age 37)

Court bailiff, trapped with the Edgeworths. Memory loss due to oxygen 
deprivation. After his arrest, fiancee Polly Jenkins commits suicide.

Ah, looks like I'm right about the old man.

The day will end now. Get ready for another tough time in court 


Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
Date: December 27, 10:00am
Mr. von Karma predicts that today's trial will end three minutes from 
when it begins. Ya, right. 

Karma will introduce the old man at the boat rental shop. Somehow, 
his identity wasn't confirmed. Raise an objection, and the judge will 
instruct the old man to state his name. The old man will reply that 
he's not sure. Karma then steps in and says that the witness does not 
remember anything beyond the last several years. As such, he can't 
recall his own name. He can still testify because the current case 
happened just a few days ago.

The judge will allow the old man to testify now.

It was the night of the 24th, just after midnight. The old man was in 
the boat rental shop. He heard a "bang". When he looked out of the 
window, he saw a boat on the lake. Then he heard another "bang". Just 
about then the boat comes back to shore, and a man walks by the 

Karma will force the judge to pass his verdict without you cross-
examining. The judge will stupidly ask what do you think. Insist on 

Press the old man when he talks about the man by his window. He'll 
reveal that it was Edgeworth. Edgeworth was saying: "I can't believe 
he's dead." This information will be added to the testimony.

Press and ask whether he's sure. He's dead certain, then he falls and 

Looks like Karma has lured you into a trap. Raise an objection  

Your objection will be rebutted by Karma, who explains that Edgeworth 
could've easily wipe off the prints after he fired. 

Raise an objection again - the witness claims that Edgeworth said 
"I can't believe he's dead." But if he was telling a lie... no way,
Karma blasts back, and the judge will then pronounced Edgeworth 

Just when all seems gone, someone just took to the stands. It's Larry! 
He mentions that he was at the park on the night of the murder (as 
confirmed by an earlier conversation with him about the air tank). He 
wasn't sure about the gunshot, but he remembers it today. He heard the 
shot. Apparently, Larry was listening to the trial in court earlier, 
but realises that something the old man said was different from what he 

The judge will then give a speech about preventing inaccurate verdict. 
He'll rule out his own verdict and give Larry a chance to testify.

You'll get a five-minute recess now.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 27, 10:28am
Quickly go through the conversations and get back to court.

During this conversation, Edgeworth reveals that when Hammond fell into 
the lake, he couldn't understand what happened. He saw the pistol on 
the floor of the boat, so he picked it up without thinking.

He also reveals that this could be your chance to turning the tides 
in your favor. Karma has always been running perfectly prepared 
witnesses and evidences, but a last minute witness like Larry could 
really upset his plans.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
Date: December 27, 10:35am
Let's get to it.

On the night of the murder, Larry was out in a boat on the lake. He 
was looking for something, and he found it. So he quietly slipped the 
boat back in at the rental shop dock. As he was just thinking of 
going home he heard a "bang". He looked out over the lake, but didn't 
notice the boat. After he heard the single gunshot, he went home. 

Press him when he says he slipped the boat back and ask what time was 
that. He thinks it should be around 12:00am. He wasn't sure though.

When he says he didn't notice the boat, ask him wasn't there a boat on 
the lake? He replies that it was really foggy that night, so he wasn't 

Confirm with him whether he only heard one "bang" when he says he went 
home. Present Lotta's deposition now - Lotta testified yesteday that 
she heard two "bangs". The old man also mentioned the same thing just 
earlier. And now, Larry says he's not sure again! He might have 
missed the second gunshot because he was listening to his radio on his 

For all the crap Larry has spouted, the judge will ask whether you 
want him to continue. You've no choice, really, so continue.

Larry was lonely on Christmas Eve, being alone, so he was listening to 
an all-requests show on the radio. He was listening to it loud, but he 
was sure he heard that gunshot. He remembers exactly what the DJ was 
saying when he heard it too.

After a superb objection to Karma, you'll explain why Larry could've 
heard the gunshot even when he's listening to his radio at a high 
volume. This gives you a chance to cross-examine him again.

Press and ask Larry what did the DJ say, when he says that he 
remembers what the DJ was saying. Karma objects, and the judge will 
say that he'll allow this question if you've reasons why you should 
care. Select "we should care".

Larry will testify that the DJ said "Hey, it's almost Christmas!" when
he heard the gunshot.

Present Lotta's deposition again at this statement - the DJ said it's 
almost Christmas, which means it wasn't 12:00am yet, when Larry heard 
the gunshot. This contradicts both the testimonies of Lotta and the 
old man.

Karma will now say that this is simply because Larry was mistaken. The 
judge will now ask your opinion. Say "Larry's right". You'll need to 
prove why, so present the second lake map - the time stamp on Lotta's 
second photo reads "December 24, 11:50pm". There's nothing on the lake
in the photo. Moreover, Lotta's camera set to go off in response to 
loud noises. If the camera took a photo at 11:50pm, this means that 
there was a loud noise at 11:50pm on the lake, which means the gunshot 
that Larry heard was indeed before midnight.

Now, Lotta's camera also set off 15 mintues after midnight, which 
means that there were two sets of gunshots that night, with a 25
minute interval between them.

Karma objects again - the camera is set to response to loud noises, 
but there's no proof that the loud noise at 11:50pm was a gunshot. The 
judge will ask whether you can prove that the loud noise at 11:50pm 
was a gunshot.

This is when you should present the pistol - both the witnesses who 
testified earlier mentioned two gunshots, but the pistol was fired 
three times. When was the last shot fired? It's quite clear now that 
the "third shot" was in fact the first shot, the one that Larry heard 
just before midnight.

Now, you'll need to explain why there were two sets of gunshots. 
You'll suddenly remember the case on the Steel Samurai, and realises 
that the murderer in this case had the same idea as the murderer in 
that case.

Watch the brilliant explanation now - Hammond was killed during the 
first shot, 25 minutes before the shot on the lake. You'll then be 
asked to explain who were on the boat that night. Select "Edgeworth 
and the murderer" - after the murderer killed Hammond at 11:50pm, he 
assumed the identity of Hammond and met Edgeworth.

It's likely that Hammond called Edgeworth to the lake that night. 
Edgeworth didn't know Hammond's face that well, which was why he 
didn't suspect anything when the murderer took Hammond's place.

The judge will now ask you what's the name of the murderer. Reply 
"you don't know", and you don't know because he didn't tell you. The 
murderer is the caretaker of the boat shop, the old man. The real 
scene of the crime wasn't on a boat, but in the boat rental shop. 
When asked to select the real scene of crime on the touch screen, 
point to the shop.

Karma objects again. You'll reply by referring to Larry's testimony. 
Larry was searching for his balloon that night. He found it, and 
returned the boat. Then, just as he's starting to head for home, he 
heard the gunshot - even when he was wearing headphones. The gunshot 
must be very close to him then, and where would that be if he had just 
returned a boat?

Watch now as you explained what you think was the truth:

1. The caretaker shot Hammond at 11:50pm.

2. The caretaker put on Hammond's coat, and got on the boat with Edgeworth, 
and went out to the middle of the lake.

The judge now asks who fired the pistol then. Reply "the boat shop 

3. The caretaker fired pistol twice. Both shots missed, on purpose. 

Karma nows ask when did he fire twice. Reply "to create a witness".

4. The first shot was for anyone who heard the shot to look at the 
lake. Lotta did exactly that after hearing the first shot.

5. After the second shot, the caretaker jumped from the boat himself, 
leaving the pistol behind him, to create the impression that one men 
on the boat shot the other.

6. The caretaker swam back to his shop, and put Hammond's coat back on 
the body, then threw the body into the lake.

The judge will instruct the bailiff to bring out the caretaker. 
Meanwhile, while waiting, he'll ask Edgeworth a few questions.

Edgeworth will reveal that he received a letter several days ago that 
was signed "Robert Hammond", requesting him to meet at the boat shop 
by the lake at midnight on Christmas Eve, stating that he has 
something important to discuss with him.

It's now that the bailiff appears and informs the judge that the 
caretaker has disappeared. 

A search warrant will be issued for his arrest. Meanwhile, the court 
will adjorn since the judge can't declare a verdict under these 
circumstances. He'll extend the trial until tomorrow. 

Hopefully, the police can catch the caretaker. In the mean time, you 
live to fight yet another day.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 27, 1:22pm
Edgeworth tells you that something has been bothering you for some 
time, and he doesn't know whether to tell you. He tells you about a 
nightmare he's having, about a memory of a crime that he committed.

Before he says anything, the chapter ends.


Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: December 27, 2:11pm
"A memory of murder."

That was what Edgeworth said.

Meanwhile, Larry visits. Talk to him to finally reveal why you 
became a defense attorney - something you never told Mia when she 

NOTE: The talk is not exactly important, but it's a nice touch of 
story-telling. I won't spoil it for you though. Watch it yourself 
when you play the game.

Your Court Record will now be cleaned up. Things like the newspaper 
article on Gourdy and Lotta's deposition will be discarded.

Go to the detention center now.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: December 27
Talk to Edgeworth to find out that he became a prosecutor because he 
doesn't want to defend criminals. He also reveals that Yanni Yogi 
wasn't apprehended because Hammond argued that he hadn't been "of 
sound mind" due to oxygen deprivation. He also tells you more about 
von Karma.

Go to Gourd Lake entrance now.

Scene: Gourd Lake Park, Entrance
Date: December 27
You'll find Gumshoe here. He'll run off to find the caretaker, but 
he'll tell you that no one will be allowed in the woods today. 
Apparently, no one is allowed to camp there, but Lotta did, and the 
ranger of the park found out, so he's stopping anyone from going in 
now. Looks like Lotta will be in a lotta trouble.

Go the beach then.

Scene: Gourd Lake Public Beach
Date: December 27
The Steel Samurai balloon goes missing here. Go to the boat rental 
shop from here.

Scene: Boat Rental Shop
Date: December 27
Surprisingly, you'll find Grossberg here. He says that if you need any 
assistance, you can go to his office. Then he disappears quickly. 

Head to the caretaker's shack now - remember that locked safe? With 
the caretaker gone, it's the perfect opportunity to open it!

Scene: Caretaker's Shack
Date: December 27
Examine the safe to open it. The only thing in here is a letter. It 
has no names on it, and is written in precise, clear letters:

"Get your revenge on Miles Edgeworth.

This is your last chance. Now is your time to get revenge on the two 
men who ruined your life..."

(The rest of the letter describes the murder plot in detail - killing 
Hammond, framing Edgeworth, etc.)

So it seems that the caretaker was merely following instructions? Who 
could've written the letter?

Get this letter into the Court Record, then go back to Edgeworth at 
the detention center.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: December 27
Present the letter to him, and discuss about it:

1. Two men: Hammond and Edgeworth?
2. Last chance: Statute of limitations on the DL-6 Incident?

Edgeworth then suspects that the old man is Yanni Yogi. Talk to him 
about Yogi. He'll tell you how Yogi was found innocent. This will 
also open up a conversation about Edgeworth's nightmare. Talk to him 
about it as well.

He has been having the same dream almost every night, for 15 years. 
It's a dream about the possibility that he actually killed his father 

Now, go to Grossberg. He asked you to, right?

Scene: Grossberg Law Offices
Date: December 27
Grossberg tells you that it's likely that Edgeworth really killed his 
father. Talk to him about Gregory Edgeworth, and he reveals that 
Gregory is very disapproving of von Karma's techniques. Gregory tried 
to call attention to von Karma's techniques, but died before he could 
do so.

Talk about the spirit medium, and Grossberg says perhaps the person 
who lied was Gregory's ghost, because he didn't want to implicate his 

NOTE: Seriously, a load of bullshit.

Present the letter from the caretaker's safe to Grossberg, and find 
out a possibility about why Hammond was also killed. Then, he 
suddenly remembers that he has seen the handwriting on this letter 
before. When he asks you who could've written this, select "Manfred 
von Karma".

You're right! Now, talk to him about von Karma. You'll find out about 
a case between Gregory Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma. Ask about it.
Grossberg replies that von Karma won, but Gregory accused him of 
faulty evidence, and though he lost the trial, the accusation stood. 
Karma was penalised, and this was the only penalty that he has 
received in his career as a prosecutor. This ruins his obsession on 
perfection. He took a vacation after that, which was unusual.

Grossberg then offers to help check the police files for you. 

Go to the CAD now.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: December 27
You want to go to the records room, but an officer told you that 
von Karma is inside! 

Go to the records room anyhow.

Scene: Police Department, Records Room
Date: December 27
Surprisingly, von Karma isn't here. Notice, however, that a drawer on 
the right is opened. Examine it. It says "Unsolved Cases: Evidence". 
You also find that the file for DL-6 is completely empty. It must be 
that son of a... von Karma.

It's now that he appears. Talk to him if you want. You'll get nothing 
much out of it, only things that you already know.

Present the letter from the safe to him now, and he'll freely admit 
that he wrote the letter. He'll then attack Maya and you with a stun 
gun, and remove the letter from you. During the melee, Maya managed to 
grab an evidence from the DL-6 Incident from von Karma. A bullet, to be 

"Evidence No. 7 - Taken from the heart of Gregory Edgeworth."

This ends the day for you. Save the game.


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 28, 9:51am
Watch Maya turn into Electro, then talk to Gumshoe, who has 
successfully arrested the Yogi. 

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
Date: December 28, 10:00am
Ok, the identity of Yogi hasn't exactly been revealed to the court, 
so he's still just the old man/ caretaker to them. Remember that 
you'll need to first prove his identity.

Yogi says he's sorry to leave the court yesterday. He left because he 
went to buy some food for Polly, his parrot. He figured he has got 
nothing to do with this case anyhow. He'd need a motive, and he 
doesn't have one. So, his testimony yesterday stands as is.

Press his statements a few times, then when he says he has got nothing 
to do with the case, press again. This will eventually to the judge 
asking you is it really important to confirm whether Yogi has lost 
his memory. You'll reply yes, because Yogi is lying. The judge will 
ask you who Yogi really is. Say "Yanni Yogi".

Karma will then ask you to prove it. You'll ask the judge to take 
Yogi's fingerprints. Karma then replies that the witness has no 
fingerprints! Apparently, Yogi used to work in a chemical plant, and 
he burnt his fingers then.

Karma will now sarcastically suggest that you cross-examine the 
parrot. Amazingly, you say yes! The most unlikely witness in court 
history! When asked whether you really want to do it, say yes, let 
the parrot take the stands.

"Hello! Hello! *Squawk!*"

Certainly the most concise testimony you've heard so far.

Press the only statement, then ask Maya to ask Polly a question. 

Now, you remember that Polly actually responded to the question 
"have we forgotten something" by saying "don't forget DL-6!", but 
somehow, if you ask this question, she won't respond the same way 
anymore. Perhaps Karma retrained her?

Get Maya to ask Polly what's her name, and she'll reply "Pol-ly! 
Pol-ly!" The judge will then ask has this anything to do with her 
owner's identity. Say "of course!"

You'll be asked to prove it. Present the DL-6 case file, then select
Select "Suspect Data" - remember on this page, it states that Yogi's 
finacee, Polly Jenkins, committed suicide after he was arrested? This 
is the link between "Polly" and "Yogi". 

One more piece of evidence is needed to fully convince the judge 

Get Maya to ask Polly about the safe number. She replies "1228! 1228!" 
as usual. The judge will ask you whether this number has something to 
do with the caretaker. Say "it does".

You'll be asked to prove it. Present the DL-6 case file again, then 
select "Case Summary" - the date on it is 12/28.

The judge will concur that two coincidences at the same time seems 
like a pattern to him. He'll summon the caretaker once again.

Cross-Examination of Polly the Parrot: SUCCESS! :)

This time round, Yogi will admit that he's, er, Yogi. In fact, he 
looks totally different now. This is the real Yogi. He'll also admit 
to killing Hammond, and framing Edgeworth for it. He reveals the plan 
to kill Hammond and Edgeworth was sent to him in a package with a 
letter and a pistol. He'll eventually be arrested.

Edgeworth will be declared innocent by Karma, for this case. But as 
the judge declares him not guilty, he goes and object the judge! In 
fact, he now confesses to the murder of his father in the DL-6 

Karma then takes the opportunity to suggest a trial for the DL-6 
Incident, right here, right now. The judge will call for a recess to 
think about Karma's proposal.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 28, 2:24pm
As Edgeworth gets ready to be arrested, you assured everyone that 
you're now ready to prove that he's innocent, that he didn't kill 
his father. The truth, as you mentioned, is quite clearly shown in 
the Court Record. I hope you see it.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
Date: December 28, 2:30pm
So it begins, the case of 15 years ago can finally come to its end. 

We all know about the earthquake and getting into the elevator, so 
we can skip that. Edgeworth then continues that Yogi and his father
started arguing. He then felt something at his feet, so he picked it 
up and threw it at Yogi to stop them from fighting. A moment later, 
there was a single gunshot, then a scream - a scream that he 
remembers until today.

When Edgeworth first mentions about the single gunshot, present the 
DL-6 case file, then select "Victim Data" - this page says that the 
murder weapon was fired twice. The first shot was the accidental 
firing when the pistol was thrown by Edgeworth. Who fired the second 

Karma objects, and the judge will now ask you whether you've proof that
the weapon was indeed fired twice on the day. Say "yes", then present 
the DL-6 Incident photo. The judge then stupidly asks you how does 
the photo prove that two shots were fired, even though it was clear 
as daylight. 

Point to the bullet hole on the elevator door - this is the shot 
that misfired from Edgeworth's throw. The shot on Gregory's body is 
the second shot, the killer shot.

Now, Karma will object again, and will refer you to the DL-6 Incident 
case file again. It mentions on the "Case Summary" page that "not a 
single clue was found on the scene". Now, if the pistol had indeed 
fired two shots, where was the other bullet? Because it's "unlikely" 
for the police to miss this other bullet, the judge will discount 
your defense.

He'll now be ready to declare the guilty verdict now. He'll ask 
whether you've anything to add. Raise an objection, and get totally 

It's now that Mia returns. She tells you that the second bullet 
must have exist, but someone took it. This is what you'll tell the 

After some exchanges, the judge will then ask you is there really a 
need for him to search for the bullet. Reply "the murderer didn't 
need it".  Mia comes in again. She asks you to "think crazy", to  
"think why the bullet HAD to be taken away" - yes, what if the 
murderer has no choice but to take the bullet away? For example, in 
a situation like, he was shot?

You'll tell the judge that the murderer HAD to take that bullet, as 
he was shot. Since Edgeworth and Yogi were both unharmed, this leaves 
the possibility of someone from outside the elevator being the 

Maya then remembers what Grossberg told you yesterday, that after 
being penalised for falty evidences, Karma took a long break. Why'd 
he do that? What if... just what if, he was taking the time off to 
heal a wound... the wound caused by a bullet shot?

This could mean that Karma is the murderer! He has the motive. He was 
near the scene of crime. He also have the motive to kill Edgeworth 
since he hated the Edgeworths. He could even have taken Edgeworth 
as his student only to plan for this day!

The judge now asks you to give the name of your suspect. Say it, say 
it now. 

Karma will obviously deny it. In fact, he'll eagerly suggest to get 
his doctor to testify in court. Edgeworth then tells you that it's 
useless to do so, since Karma will never subject himself to a weakness 
that's so easy to engage. The likelihood is that the bullet is still 
in his body!

Now, Karma will saracastically challenge you to prove that he was 
shot. Select "show evidence", and present the test-and-trusted metal 
detector! The only way to find out whether Karma has a bullet inside 
him is to use the metal detector on him.

He'll vehemently refuse, but the judge will be on your side. The 
detector will go beeping on his right shoulder. 

NOTE: Amazing, isn't it? Gumshoe's detector saves the day! 

Karma won't give up though, and will claim that the bullet was already 
there before the DL-6 Incident. He'll then asks you whether you can 
prove that the bullet in Karma's body was shot on the same day as the 
DL-6 Incident. 

Present the DL-6 bullet to nail him - the bullet was preserved nicely, 
with all the ballistic markings intact. Remember ballistic markings? 
It was mentioned two days ago in the trial. They're fingerprints of a 
weapon. All bullets fired from a gun are marked with that weapon's 
unique pattern. By examining the markings, you can tell which weapon 
fired the bullet. If the ballistic markings on this bullet is the same 
as the ones found on Karma's shoulders, it'll prove that they're 
fired from the same gun.

It's now that Karma lets out a scream - the scream that has been 
haunting Edgeworth for 15 years. After Edgeworth threw the gun, it 
misfired. The bullet pierced through the elevator door and hit Karma, 
who just happened to be standing outside, on his right shoulder. He 
let out a scream before the door opened. When it did, Karma saw that 
the Edgeworths and Yogi were already fainted. He felt it was his 
destiny - his hatred for Gregory Edgeworth, who ruined his otherwise 
perfect record, prompted him to shoot.

This, is the truth.

Watch Karma bangs his head on the wall and laugh, if you want. The 
toughest case you've encountered so far has finally drawn its curtains.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: December 28, 5:38pm
Maya, Gumshoe, Lotta and Larry all came to express their 
congratulations. Larry will also finally admit to stealing Edgeworth's 
lunch money in school!

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: December 29, 5:02am
You wake up to find that Maya has left. You'll rush to the train 
station for her, but she has pretty much made up her mind. One reason 
for her departure is that she thinks that she's useless. Present the 
DL-6 bullet to her to tell her she's not - she grabbed it from Karma 
in the records room, remember?

She's much happier after that, but she still wants to continue her 
training as a spirit medium. She promises to return as soon as she 
finishes her training. As you say goodbye to Maya, you also say 
goodbye to the novice attorney that you once was. You're now an 
Ace Attorney.

This is why this episode is called "Goodbyes".

NOTE: The first four cases in this game is ported over from the first 
GBA Gyakuten Saiban game. 

Watch the hilarious game credits now as you completed the four GBA 
cases - I won't spoil the funny parts for you. If you follow this 
walkthrough closely, you shouldn't have problems reaching this part.

At the end of it, before the credits are fully rolled, you'll shout 
"HOLD IT!". A new episode has been unlocked. Now save your game, and 
get prepared for a brand new episode. One that is specially created 
for the Nintendo DS.



1. Miles Edgeworth: You know him. 

2. Dick Gumshoe: You know him too.

3. Ema Skye: High school junior and self-styled scientific 

4. Lana Skye: Ema's sister. Chief prosecutor of the district. Also 
the defendant of this case.

5. Angel Starr: Mysterious lunchlady. Witness to the murder. Known 
as the "cough up queen".

6. Jake Marshall: A patrolman investigating the incident at the 
prosecutor's office. Thinks he's a cowboy.

7. Bruce Goodman: The victim, and a good man. Detective in charge of 
homicide in criminal Affairs, Div. 1.

8. Damon Gant: District chief of police. Though he might not seem it, 
he's top dog in the P.D.

9. Mike Meekins: Patrolman with General Affairs. Suspected of killing 
Goodman in the evidence room.

10. Neil Marshall: Prosecutor murdered two years ago in the SL-9 
Incident. Jake Marshall's brother.

11. The Blue Badger: Mascot of the police force! Defender of truth! 
Guardian of proof!

12. The Judge: It's still him, but you'll get to know that his nick-
name is "Udgey". Judgey, Udgey. Geddit? 

Watch the cut-scene for a series of strange events happening. This 
ends when you begin the chapter with a monologue. It has been two 
months since Maya left. It has also been two months since you were 
involved in any trial, until a girl showed up.

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: February 22, 10:02am
The girl mentions something about her sister's trial being tomorrow. 
You aren't exactly interested in taking up any cases now, but the 
manner of this girl reminds you of Maya, so you eventually gave in.

She introduces herself as Ema Skye. She's a "scientific investigator", 
whatever that is. Talk to her and find out more about her if you 
want, then proceed to ask her about scientific investigation. She'll 
mention something about a new way to solve crimes, scientifically. 
Now, ask about the case.

Apparently, Ema's sister was arrested for stabbing someone with a 
knife. A witness claimed to see her do it. Ema is sure that her sister 
didn't do it though. 

When she arrives at your office, she was looking for Mia, so ask her 
about her relation with Mia. It appears that Mia was Ema's sister's 
junior in school. Ema also mentions that she doesn't really like her 
sister "now", and that her parents were killed in a car accident. 
Soap opera stuff. 

Go to the detention center now.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: February 22
Ema's sister isn't a very friendly person though. She also seems to 
know you by name, since she heard a lot about you from Mia. She 
introduces herself as Lana, and she's the chief prosecutor for the 

You begin to wonder: Two sisters, one a lawyer. Such a coincidence 
with case two. 

Talk to Lana. She mentions she has confessed to the crime, but will 
still tell you about the case. The murder happened on February 21, at 
5:15pm - the timing was specific because of the witness's deposition.
A witness clearly saw her committing the crime, which happened in 
the underground parking lot of the prosecutor's office. The body was 
found in the trunk of her subordinate's car. She was arrested on the 

The victim of the case is police detective. Death was due to a loss 
of blood, resulting from a single stab wound in the stomach. Death 
wasn't immediate, but the wound was fatal. Since the victim was a 
detective, the police department will consider it a matter of pride to 
apprehend Lana, at any means.

Talk to her about herself, and she'll reveal a wound on her right 
hand, apparently sustained in the process of murdering the victim.

At the end of the conversation, she'll still request you to take up 
her case, for the sake of appeasing Ema, but she tells you not to 
lose too much sleep since she intends to admit her crime in court 

Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: February 22
Go through the conversation, then visit the underground parking lot.

Scene: Prosecutor's Office, Underground Parking Lot
Date: February 22
A man in a sheriff outfit appears here. You know from Ema that his 
name is Marshall, and he's a detective. Then, after spouting a lot of 
crap, he disappears. 

Examine the area now for the following observations:

1. A wallet can be found on the floor, just in front of the door. This 
will be added to the Court Record.

Ema now teaches you "scientific investigation". Follow her instructions 
to learn this new trick, which utilises the capabilities of the DS.

The wallet has an ID card that says: "Detective Bruce Goodman, ID # 
5842189".  This ID replaces the wallet in the Court Record. 

2. Check out the security room at the top left corner as well. It's on 
the second level, and you can see everything from there. You'll come 
back to this room later.

3. A door right in front of you is locked. Remember this door, as 
it'll help you counter a witness's testimony later.

4. To the right of the door is an emergency phone. It's out of order.

5. To the right of the emergency phone is a six feet high partition. 

Now, scroll to the right screen of the parking lot to find a car. 
Examine the car, only to be halted by Marshall. This will help you gain 
access to the High Prosecutor's office.

After listening to Marshall talks a lot of crap again, you'll be back 
at the left screen of the parking lot. Notice now you've no access to 
the right screen anymore. This is also when a sexily dressed lady 

In a bizarre turn of events, the newly debuted lady happens to be 
selling lunch. After talking to her, you realised she also happens to 
be the witness to the murder. She introduces herself as Angel Star.

Talk to her, and she'll tell you that there was some sort of a 
prosecutor's convention yesterday. She also mentions that a prosecutor 
was named "King of Prosecutors" during the convention, and it was in 
his car that they found the body. It appears that she a thing against 

Ask her to tell you more about herself, and she'll reply that she 
sells lunch here everyday. Her boyfriend works in the security room. 

Now, ask about what she saw. She claims that she saw the exact moment 
of the crime. She also seems to know Lana by name.

Ask her now about her hostility towards prosecutors. You suspect she 
may be involved in some criminal activities before.

Go to the High Prosecutor's office now.

Scene: High Prosecutor's Office, Room 1202
Date: February 22
Ema immediately notices some sort of a shield-like trophy with a "K" 
insignia. Just when she was passing her comments about it, Edgeworth 
appears. Turns out Ema is Edgeworth's "fan". So, this is actually 
his office! It also happens that the body of the victim in this case 
was found in his car. What a coincidence.

Talk to Edgeworth about himself to watch a flashback. He also mentions
something about that shield.

Now, ask about the case. It seems that he'd be the prosecutor for 
this case. 

Ask about Lana, and you'll learn that the victim was stabbed with 
Edgeworth's knife. The knife was kept in the toolbox in the trunk of 
his car.

Edgeworth's knife will be added to the Court Record. It has traces of 
the victim's blood, and has no prints. Do the "scientific 
investigation" if you want on it.

Examine the office now:

1. The trophy with the "K" insignia is the trophy for the "King of 
Prosecutors" award.

This will be added to the Court Record.

2. The bouquet of flowers at the back of the room has a card that 
says "Back from the Dead. - Wendy". A steel samurai figure just beside 
he flowers has something written on the bottom of his foot, it says 
"Between a rock and a hard place. - Wendy".

Present the Prosecutor Trophy to Edgeworth now. He'll complain about 
how time-wasting receiving the award is. He also mentions that 
yesterday was a very busy day at the office.

Ask him about the day of the crime now. It appears that yesterday was 
the annual cleaning day at the prosecutor's office. Watch him explain 
about cleaning day - a day when prosecutors and policemen sort and 
file all evidences for solved cases, a process called "evidence 
transferal". A ceremony was also held up the police department, where 
there was an annual review and awards for outstanding police officers 
and prosecutors. 

He also mentions that he was at the police department yesterday 
(obviously), and only returned here at 5:12pm. This is confirmed by 
a parking stub he received. Do the scientific investigation to see 
this: "Miles Edgeworth - 17:12". It seems that the murder took place 
three minutes after he parked his car.

Parking stub added to the Court Record.

This is when a police officer rushes in. He's looking for Edgeworth. 
He's here to deliver a report to Edgeworth at the police chief's 
request. It seems that he wasn't delivering something that Edgeworth 
wanted, and Edgeworth will give him a tongue-lashing. It's also 
revealed that the officer's name is Meekins.

Edgeworth will now ask you to leave. He suggests that you visit the 
police department for more information if you want.

So, go to the police department's entrance now.

Scene: Police Department Entrance
Date: February 22
It takes you 30 minutes to reach here by taxi, and the traffic wasn't 
that bad. You'll notice some sort of an automated greeting machine at 
the entrance, which looks decidedly disturbing. You realises that it's 
the "Blue Badger", who's on his way to becoming the police's mascot. 

Meanwhile, you notice someone dancing beside the Blue Badger... or 
wait, it's Detective Gumshoe! As usual, talk to him. He reveals that 
Lana has confessed to summoning the victim to her office, then killing 

You'll also find that Gumshoe has been kicked out of the CAD. Because 
of this high profile case, lower ranking officers like Gumshoe are 
not allowed to enter into the CAD, which is why he was so free to 
dance with the Blue Badger. This seems a little odd. 

Gumshoe also reveals that Officer Marshall was assigned to the 
parking lot - you've met him already, while the chief of police is 
in charge of the investigation.

Present Goodman's ID to him, and this will open up an opportunity to 
talk about Goodman. It's a little strange that his ID was found on 
the ground at the parking lot. Apparently, Goodman was involved in an 
evidence transferal yesterday. But, he should be at the police 
department doing this, instead of appearing at the prosecutor's 

Present the "K" trophy now, and this will open up an opportunity to 
talk about the rumors at the law office. Ask about these rumors. 
Apparently, after the last case, people around are all spreading evil 
rumors about Edgeworth. The current murder has started a new rumor, 
which says that the only reason he took the case is because he's 
aiming for Lana's position.

Now, examine the Blue Badger, which calls up another conversation 
with Gumshoe. Amazingly, he reveals that he made the Blue Badger. 
It's battery-powered, and can go anywhere. But since it's running on 
batteries, it'll dance until the batteries go flat.

The Blue Badger added to the Court Record.

Gumshow will also give you a letter of introduction, so that you 
can show it to Marshall at the parking lot.

Go to the parking lot now.

Scene: Prosecutor's Office, Underground Parking Lot
Date: February 22
Angel appears again, and mentions she has a boyfriend in criminal 
affairs as well. Er, ok. Now present Gumshoe's letter when you see 
Marshall. He'll now allow you to examine the crime scene. It's 
strange, however, that a patrolman is in-charge of the case. Isn't a 
crime scene usually in charge by detectives?

Talk to him now about the victim, and you'll get the autopsy report. 
Check it to find the following details:

Name of deceased: Bruce Goodman (36)/ Male
Date and time of death: February 21, between 4:00pm and 5:30pm
Cause of death: Loss of blood from chest wound.
Assessment: Wound was caused by a 12cm knife. A single stab wound was 

Marshall also tells you that Goodman and Lana only worked on a case 
before a few years back, and are not closely related. So, there seems 
to be no motive.

Now, talk to him about himself, and ask why a patrolman like him is 
in charge of the crime scene of such a high profile case. He reveals 
that he used to be a detective until two years ago. He also mentions 
that the police are short-handed, which was why he was assigned. 

Short-handed? How about Gumshoe, who has nothing to do? 

Now, head to the right screen to finally be able to examine the stuff 

1. A cellphone is found on the ground. Check it out when given a 
choice to. 

This will bring out a cool scene of "evidence self-selection". Rotate 
the phone till you can examine the side of it. This will open the cover 
of the phone. The display button is still on the redial button. 

Now, examine the blue redial button on the phone. You'll now make a 
redial. Amazingly, a phone rang to the tune of the Steel Samurai theme 
song just as you made the call. Seems like someone is calling Ema's 
phone at the same time. Before you can get through to the other party, 
however, you're interrupted by Marshall. He reveals that the phone 
belongs to Lana. 

You can now add the phone to your Court Record. It states that the 
last call was made at 5:18pm on the day of murder.

2. The trunk of Edgeworth's car has a note. It says "6-7S 12/2". The 
top right corner has a printed name which says "Goodman". It looks 
"somewhat" like this badly drawn diagram:

                        |    Goodman |
                        |            |
                        |  6-7S      |
                        |            |
                        |  12/2      |
                        |            |
                        |            |

Victim's note added to Court Record.

Now, talk to Marshall about Lana, and it seems that he and Lana used 
to "have a past". 

Ask about "office atmosphere" now. He reveals that of the rumors 
about Edgeworth's fixing evidences, etc., all these can be traced to 
one source - Lana. It seems that Gumshoe is also taken off the case 
because he was close to Edgeworth.

Now, go through the conversation with Ema, and you'll find out that 
at 5:18pm, after the time of crime, Lana actually called Ema, which 
was why Ema's phone rang just now. Ema reveals that Lana hung up right 
away after she called. 

This information is now updated to the cell phone in your Court 

End of Day 1. Save your game now.


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 23, 9:34am
Go through the conversation. You realise this is the first case you're 
doing with a Fey helping you. Well, at least you've Ema.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 23, 10:00am
Edgeworth calls Angel to the stands. Apparently, until two years ago, 
Angel was a special investigator with the police. She was a first-rate 
homicide detective. "Cough-up Queen Angel Starr" was her nickname. 
Because of her unique status, she's given the chance to do the 
detective's summary that Gumshoe usually does.

Angel uses the map of the parking lot to describe the crime. The lot 
at the prosecutor's office is divided into two blocks. "A Block" is 
for the prosecutor's office personnel. "B Block" is for visitors and 
clients. A chain divider separates the two blocks. The crime took 
place by a car in the back of "A Block", in the car's trunk. The 
killer stabbed the victim with a knife and went to drive the body out.
Unfortunately for her, there was a witness, and an arrest was made on 
the spot. The witness was, of course, Angel herself. 

Parking lot floor plans added to the Court Record. 

She mentions that she always knew that a day like this would come. She 
was on her way to deliver a lunchbox to her boyfriend, when she sensed 
something. Through a wire fence, she saw Lana standing next to a 
garish car. She was holding a knife in her right hand. Then, she 
thrusted the knife into Goodman's chest. 

Press the first sentence. It seems she's also not a fan of 
prosecutors. In fact, she hints that Goodman was killed because he 
"knew too much". She also reveals that she was fired from her job 
because of prosecutors. 

Press the sentence about delivering a lunchbox to her boyfriend to 
confirm that it's the security guard boyfriend, not, er, "that" 
boyfriend of "the other" boyfriend. She also confirms that the 
security room is in "A Block". As you've examined earlier, the room is 
on the second level, and you can see everything from there. She also 
reveals that she parks in "B Block" when she delivers lunch.

When she mentions about the wire fence, press, and she confirms that 
she was less than 30 feet when she was Lana, so she was certain it was 

She also presents a photograph now. It shows Lana just behind 
Edgeworth's car, having her left hand on the trunk, and her right hand 
in the pocket of her trenchcoat. Angel says that at the moment she 
witnessed the crime, her reflexes took over, and she took a picture. 

Crime photo added to Court Record. 

When Angel says that Lana was holding a knife in her right hand, 
present the photo that Angel just presented - in this, which Angel 
took "at the moment she witnessed the crime", Lana wasn't holding a 

Edgeworth objects, and says that the photo wasn't taken after the 
stabbing. If you look at the photo carefully, you should notice some 
stains on Lana's coat. Although the photo is black and white, the 
stains could well be blood splatters.

When given a choice, raise an objection. Angel merely apologises for 
the confusion because she may be "slightly unclear".

Back to the photo. It shows that Lana was wearing gloves, so it seems 
that the murder was premeditated. The judge will ask Angel to add this 
into her testimony.

Now, as with all previous cases, whenever a new statement is added to 
the testimony, you should be able to get something out of it. Angel 
claims that the crime is premedidated, so you'll want to prove her 
otherwise to earn some points for Lana. present Edgeworth's knife when 
Angel says this statement - if the murder is premedidated, why didn't 
Lana bring her own knife? 

Just when you think you've turned the tide, Edgeworth will tell you 
that whether the crime is premedidated or not, it doesn't remove the 
fact that Lana killed the victim.

Time for round two.

Angel isn't giving up. She still wants to prove that Lana has intended 
to kill Goodman. That's why she called the victim to the prosecutor's 
office. She's sure Lana had a grudge against Goodman. She also 
mentions that Lana stabbed the victim again and again.

The contradiction is obvious for this one.  When she says Lana stabbed 
the victim again and again, present the autopsy report - a single 
wound was stated in the report. 

This is when Angel says that she mistook something for blood. It seems 
that when Lana lifted her knife, Angel thought she saw blood at her 
breasts, presumably splattered from the victim. Which is why she 
thought Lana must have stabbed Goodman at least twice. 

The judge will ask her to testify what she saw that made her thought 
it was blood. She now testifies that Lana's red muffler looked like 
blood to her. 

Present the photo that Angel took on this statement - the photo shows 
that Lana wasn't wearing any muffler. Angel then says that it was 
there, something red, and she doesn't look like lying. 

Anyhow, round three.

Angel says that Lana tried to run behind a partition off to her side. 
Angel then quickly arrested Lana on the spot. It was then that Lana 
mentioned about the muffler, which "confused" Angel. Lana tried to 
escape, but "resistance is futile". 

When she says she quickly arrested Lana, press her for more details. 
It seems that between Angel and Lana, there was a chain link fence. 
Angel claims she went over the fence to arrest Lana, but that means 
she couldn't have gotten to Lana as quickly as she claimed, especially 
when the fence was about nine feet high.

Press about the muffler statement. It seems Lana wasn't exactly 
talking to Angel when she said "muffler". She was talking on the 
phone. Ask further. Apparently, Lana first attempted to use the phone 
hanging on the wall, but the phone was out of order. 

The cell phone in the Court Record is now updated with the new info 
about "muffler". Meanwhile, Lana's attempt to use the phone on the 
wall was added to the testimony. 

Press this statement now. Angel will use the floor plans to explain. 
Lana ran behind the partition, and picked up the emergency phone on 
the wall. The phone was out of order, so she pulled out her own cell 
phone out of her pocket. It was during this time that Angel climbed 
over the fence and arrested Lana. It was then that Lana hung her 

Now, present the floor plans on this sentence - from where Angel 
claims she was, she'd never be able to see Lana using the emergency 
phone, because she'd be blocked by a 6 feet high partition. It's also 
revealed that Edgeworth and Lana were responsible for kicking Angel 
out of the force two years ago. 

As you claim that Angel is lying, Edgeworth will now ask you exactly 
what lie did she tell the court. Select "where she was it". 

Now, you'll have to show on the floor plans where did Angel actually 
see the Lana using the emergencu phone. Point to the security room, 
then present - she was delivering lunch to her boyfriend, it's 
understandable that she has to be at some point in the security room. 
Moreover, the security room is the only place where she could have an 
view of the entire parking lot.

Now, when asked what difference does it make for Angel to see the 
crime from the security room or from "B Block", select "distance to 
the crime" - it'll be revealed that if Angel was to run towards Lana 
after she saw the crime, she wouldn't be able to use the shortest 
route available, because it was blocked by a locked door. She'd have 
to make a detour to reach "B Block", before climbing over the fence to 
get to Lana - a process that'd take about five minutes. 

Watch through the conversation, then raise an objection when asked to 
- five minutes are more than enough for any criminal to flee the 

The judge will now agree that Angel has a personal grudge against 
Lana, and will want to adjourn the court for further investigations. 
This is when Angel fights back with one more testimony. She claims 
she has decisive evidence.

SHe mentions that she should have mentioned the five minute blank. 
But now, she presents the victim's shoe. Two types of blood was found 
on the shoe. One was the victim's. The other was Lana's. This shoe is 
the decisive evidence. 

Edgeworth objects to the evidence on grounds that it wasn't approved, 
but Angel fights back with the reply that she had the shoe tested by 
a forensics team from the police, so it was approved. 

Victim's shoe added to Court Record. 

Examine the shoe now to find that there's blood traces at the bottom 
of the shoe as well. This is an important clue. 

Press about the blood test when she says that one of the types of 
blood found on the shoe belongs to Lana - it's impossible narrow a 
blood sample down to an individual. Angel then says the forensics team 
was in no doubt that the blood belongs to Lana, so she didn't proceed 
with the DNA test. 

Now, when she says the shoe is decisive evidence, press. This is when 
Ema asks do you have a problem with the shoe. You'll now have to 
agree whether there is, select "there's a problem".

The judge will ask you to point out where the problem is. Point to the 
blood stains at the bottom of the shoe and present. 

Edgeworth now asks what is contradictory about this. Present the crime 
photo - if the bottom of the victim's shoe is covered in blood, isn't 
it strange that no bloody footprints were found at the scene of crime?

So, why aren't there footprints? 

Edgeworth now brings us back to Angel's testimony about apprenhending 
Lana, about how Lana knocked down some oil drums. Edgeworth asks 
whether the oil drums are empty. Angel replies that the oil drums are 
brimming with water. 

Edgeworth then explains that the reason Lana knocked down the oil 
drums was to wash the footprints away.

As the judge prepares to declare the guilty verdict now that you've 
no ammos, Ema says that Angel could be lying about the water since 
she's on the prosecution's side. Angel then interrupts the judge - 
she doesn't like to be associated with the prosecutors!

This is when she presents yet another photo, one that shows the 
victim's body in the trunk. Ema quickly asks you to look at the 
asphalt in the photo - it's clearly wet. So it seems the water theory 
is true afterall.

As you prepare to give up, Mia contacts you again. She tells you not 
to throw in the towel regardless of whether the asphalt is wet or not. 
She asks you to take a good look at the photograph. There's a clear 
contradiction there. 

You'll object the judge as he prepares to declare the verdict again. 
You'll talk about the last photo. The judge will ask you what's the 
problem with the photo. Point to the car's exhaust pipe present - 
Edgeworth now observes that something is poking out of the car's 
muffler, and he explains that "muffler" can also be used to explain 
as the pipe of a car's exhaust system. 

The thing sticking out of the car's muffler appears to be a piece of 
cloth. The judge will ask you why this muffler is important to the 
case. Present Lana's cell phone - the word "muffler" was overheard 
when Lana was using this phone. If the "muffler" that Lana mentioned 
is the car's muffler, then this piece of cloth is vital evidence.

The judge will now give a 30-minute recess. 

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 23, 11:56am
Go through the conversation with Ema and Marshall. Marshall brings up 
the issue on "mufflers" again, and it seems he's quite adamant that he 
saw Lana wearing a red muffler on the day of the crime. This 
contradicts Angel's crime photo, but Marshall has no reason to lie to 
you. Where did the muffler go then?

You'll get the answer when you return to the court for the afternoon 
session of the trial.


Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 23, 12:32pm
This session introduces the district chief of police, Damon Gant. 
He brings over the red muffler that belongs to Lana, and predictably, 
it was found stuck in the car's, er, muffler. Gant also presents a 
switchblade knife in the process. 

Watch Gant embarrasses Edgeworth, then take over when Gant hands over 
the switchblade to you. Watch the cool "evidence self-selection" 
again, and you'll go into the scientific investigation screen. Rotate 
the blade until you can see a small tag on it, then examine the tag. 
The tag says: "SL-9 2". Does it look familiar to you?

Now, point to the trigger and examine it. This will trigger the 
blade. The tip of the blade is broken off. There's also a dark red 
stain on the tip. This blade is found wrapped in Lana's muffler when 
the muffler was found in the exhaust pipe.

Switchblade knife added to the Court Record.

The judge will then ask Gant to testify, since Edgeworth isn't very 
happy with the police force for failing to find such an important 
piece of evidence at the crime scene. 

Gant says that the switchblade knife is special, even though he isn't 
sure how - unless there's evidence to prove a connection between this 
knife and Goodman. He also mentions that the day of the crime was a 
bad day for them, because a detective was killed at the police 
department. The time that the detective was killed was 5:15pm. 
Uncanny, huh? But since it's not officially linked to this case, he 
doesn't want to talk about it.

Two murders, same time, same date, different places - what're the 

Anyway, when Gant says unless there's evidence to prove a connection, 
present the victim's note - yes, it says "6-7S 12/2", but if you look 
at it upside, it actually says "2/21 SL-9"! Now, isn't "SL-9" the 
same as what's written on the switchblade's tag? When Goodman was 
writing this note, he was holding the paper upside down, which misled 
your early attempt to read it.

Gant now reveals that the switchblade was evidence in a case. It was 
stolen from the department's evidence room. 

Press this statement. Gant reveals that the switchblade was stolen on 
the day of the current murder. Edgeworth probes further to find out 
that it's also a murder weapon in another case that has been solved 
long ago. 

When Gant mentions about a detective being killed at the police 
department, press him. He reveals that they've just arrested the 
suspect for the police department murder case. But, as it is, there's 
still a lot of unanswered questions. He asks for your help. You agree 
on the condition that he gives you the relevant data. 

Now, he'll only give you one information. Select "how the victim was 
killed". He replies "stabbing", which is exactly the same as Lana's 
case. He'll mention that there're more similarities between the two 
cases, but he won't tell you what, for now. You'll need to press 

NOTE: You don't actually need to do this step, but there's no harm 
learning more about the case.

Go back to the same statement and press again. This time, ask him 
"where was the victim found". Gant can't tell you where the body was 
found, but he reveals that the crime took place in the evidence room 
at the police department. This is the connection between the two 
cases: police department murder took place in evidence room <---> 
switchblade found wrapped in Lana's muffler while being slotted into 
Edgeworth's car's exhaust pipe was stolen from evidence room.

Looks like you've gotten yourself another case to fight!

Now, when Gant says there's no connection between the cases, press 
him. You'll now tell him the connection. This will cause Gant to 
reveal more information. He mentions that he'll cooperate, but he 
can't reveal the name of the victim. 

Press this statement now. You'll be given a choice of what you can 
get out of him. Ask for the victim's division, and he'll tell you 
the victim's department is Criminal Affairs, Division 1 - the 
detectives responsbile for homicide cases. Hmm, Goodman was in 
homicide as well. 

Press the same statement again. Now, ask for the victim's gender. 
It's a guy.

NOTE: Again, you don't need to do the previous two steps, but if you 
want to know about the victim, you should.

Now, same statement again, press for the victim's ID number. He tells 
you it's "5842189". Now, isn't this the same as Goodman's ID number???

The judge will now ask whether the ID number tells you anything. 
Select "that tells me something!". Next, present Goodman's ID - the 
two ID numbers are identical! In other words, the detective who was 
killed in the police department's evidence room was Goodman as well!
"Two" Bruce Goodman, "both" killed at the same time, but at different 
places? How's that possible?

It's Gant's show now. Remember Meekins, the patrolman who tried to 
deliver a report to Edgeworth yesterday, but got a tongue-lashing 
instead? Well, he was delivering this information. It was Edgeworth 
who brushed this information aside without even looking. 

Now, since the evidence wasn't accepted by Edgeworth, it can only be 
accepted, according to the evidence law, when it's proven to have a 
connection with the current case. Gant used you!

Now, if Goodman was already killed in the evidence room, he couldn't 
have been killed at the parking lot. Still, both Edgeworth and you 
will need to gather more clues. The judge will therefore grant one 
further day for this trial. 

Finally, the trial is over for the day, but the day isn't over yet.


Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: February 23, 2:15pm
Go through the conversation as usual.

Scene: Prosecutor's Office, Underground Parking Lot
Date: February 23
Back to the parking lot. Ema presents a luminol testing fluid, you 
know, those stuff you find in CSI to test for blood in an already 
cleaned-up area? Ok, Ema teaches you how to spray the fluid. She 
also lends you a pair of infra-red glasses. Just follow her 
instructions and start spraying the fluid behind the trunk. 

A few drop of blood stains appear. Ema now asks whether you find the 
stains a little odd. Select "the amount of blood". If the killer and 
the victim fought here, there should be more blood than merely a few 
drops. Remember the blood on the bottom of the victim's shoe? There 
was a large splatter of blood as well. Where did the blood go to?

Anyhow, where you found the blood stains will be updated to the floor 
plans of the parking lot in your Court Record. The luminol testing 
fluid also goes into the record.

NOTE: If you go to Edgeworth's office to spray some luminol fluid, 
you'll find some blood stains on the ground. I'm not sure about the 
signifance of this.

Angel appears again right after that. Talk to her now about today's 
trial. She insists that even though she lied about the venue where 
she saw the crime, the fact remains that she saw the crime.

Talk about her detective past next. She mentions it was two years ago. 
Regardless of how harded the criminal, when they faced her, they 
"coughed it up". Ah, that's how "Cough-up Queen" comes about. She'll 
continue to talk until she mentions about the SL-9 Incident - she was 
fired after that case. 

Present the victim's note to her. She'll automatically sees the 
switchblade too. She reveals that Goodman was the head detective on 
the SL-9 case. The switchblade was the murder weapon, as earlier 
discussed, and it was due for evidence transferal on the day that 
Goodman was killed. SL-9 isn't over. 

Present Goodman's ID and the crime photo next. This will eventually 
open up an opportunity to talk about the SL-9 case. Ask about it. 
The SL-9 case was the biggest case Angel has ever handled. The police 
and the prosecutors were desperate for decisive evidence. Goodman, 
Marhsal and herself were involved in the case, and the criminal was 
caught and executed. The only problem was that decisive evidence was 
never ever found - the criminal was apprehended based on fabricated 
evidence by the prosectors. Every detective involved with the case 
was dealt with a few months later. Some were demoted to patrolemn, 
some found themselves out of the force. 

Ask about Marshall now. She mentions they investigated the case from 
every angle. Marshall was very determined, but it was over before 
they could even get into it, and Marshall was demoted. There was a 
hidden side to SL-9, and they're still determined to find that out. 
She's only selling lunch here because she can meet up with people 
who can help her investigate. 

She gives you a steak lunch at the end of the conversation. This is 
excellent in putting Marshal linto a good mood. Steak lunch added to 
Court Record!

Go to the police department entrance now.

Scene: Police Department Entrance
Date: February 23
You'll find new openings to go to here. Go to the security guard 

Scene: Evidence Room Entrance, Guard Room
Date: February 23
The security office actually guards the evidence room. Since the 
evidence room is the crime scene here, you may want to check it out 
for clues. But before that, check out this surprisingly unguarded 
guard room. The only thing of note though are the monitors at the far 
side of the room video feeds from the evidence room. They're now in 

The evidence room is locked. You'll need to get someone's permission 
to go in.

Go back to the entrance.

Scene: Police Department Entrance
Date: February 23
You'll find Gumshoe here. He tells you that they've caught the 
criminal for the police department murder case. All they need now 
is evidence. He tells you if you want to talk to this suspect, go 
down to the detention center.

So, go to the detention center.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: February 23
What? Officer Meekins is the suspect?

Talk to him. He had some business, so he went to the evidence room. 
The guard office was empty that day. The security officer who was in 
charge of the guard office, as you may have already suspect judging by 
how it looks when you were there earlier, is Marshall. Meekins happened 
to glance at the security monitor, that's when he saw a suspicious 
looking person in the evidence room. After that, he blacked out (?). 
When he woke up, he was already in the detention center.

You'll also notice a bandage on his left hand. He mentions that when 
Goodman pointed the knife at him, he just hollered. The next thing 
he knew, he was unconscious. When he opened his eyes, he was alone in 
the evidence room (huh?). Alone, because Goodman has disappeared. He 
then saw gushing blood from his hand.

Ask about the victim, and he says he doesn't know Goodman well. He 
also has no intention, nor any recollection of killing Goodman.

Now, present Goodman's ID to him. He'll suddenly remember what 
happened. He says that the card was the cause of it all. This will 
open up the opportunity to talk about the crime details. Do so.

Meekins didn't know Goodman, who was in the evidence room, which is 
why he "looked suspicious". He entered the room, and asked Goodman to 
show his ID card. That was when Goodman pointed a knife at him. 

Now, ask about the reason for arrest. Ema will do a deduction. Meekins 
didn't know Goodman, and the "victim" whom he met at the evidence room 
didn't show his ID card. In other words, you've no way of knowing if 
the victim was really the victim. If the body simply "disappeared" 
from the evidence room, you won't even know if anyone actually died.
Yet, Meekins was arrested because the police told him that "it had to 
be him". Goodman was "definitely in the evidence room", according to 
the police.

Meekins now mentions about a video tape from the security camera. 
Whatever happened there and then should be captured on tape. 

Go to the CAD now.

Scene: Police Department, Crimincal Affairs
Date: February 23
You'll find Gant here. Talk to him to find more about Edgeworth. 
It seems like Edgeworth may be disciplinary dealt with for his 
mistake.  Talk to him about the evidence room incident if you want, 
but nothing much comes out from it.

Now, examine the head detective, who's sitting right in the middle of 
the room. At the end of the conversation, he'll give you a lost item 
report that was half completed by Goodman. It looks (somewhat) like 

               |                              |
               |    -- Lost Item Report --    |
               |                 Date: 2/21   |
               |  --------------------------  |
               |  | Date Lost |    2/21    |  |
               |  |------------------------|  |
               |  | Name | Bruce Goodman   |  |
               |  |------------------------|  |
               |  | Item Lost |            |  |
               |  |------------------------|  |
               |  |      Status Report     |  |
               |  |------------------------|  |
               |  |                        |  |
               |  --------------------------  |
               |                              |

This will be added to your Court Record.

Talk to Gant again. You'll now see a request to ask for permission to 
use the evidence room. Ask him for it, and he'll give you a guest ID 
card to access the room. This card will be added to your Court Record.

Go to the evidence room entrance now.

Scene: Evidence Room Entrance, Guard Room
Date: February 23
Examine the door now, but you'll find that you can't enter because the 
card reader is turned off. Enters Marshall to solve this problem. You 
can now enter the evidence room, but before you do that, you may want 
to talk to Marshall about the case. He isn't very helpful, so present 
the steak lunch to him, and he'll tell you everything.

Ask about the guard office. He tells you that he has lost his fire 
for the job after being demoted two years ago, which was why he wasn't 
at his post when Meekins came over to the guard room. At 5:15pm that 
day, he reckons he was "galloping down the highway on the back of his 
steed, Zippy". He also mentions that the security camera system is 
more than enough to keep an eye of the area. 

Ask about the security camera system, and he'll reveal that if nothing 
happens, the tapes are automatically erased every few hours. Also, when 
you enter the evidence room, the card reader will leave a record of 
every ID card that passed through. You'll now see a record for the day 
of the crime:  

February 21
7777777   4:20pm
8730579   4:40pm
4989596   4:50pm
5842189   5:14pm    Bruce Goodman
4989596   5:14pm

Present Goodman's ID to Marshall, and he'll re-examine the evidence 
room entrance record. Looks like the 4th number on it matches Goodman's 
ID perfectly. This ID card record will be added to the Court Record.

Now ask him about himself, and he mentions that he can't let go of 
the SL-9 case. But the case is officially dead two days ago - after 
the evidence of it was transferred.

Ask more about the transferal. He replies that they keep only evidence 
from solved cases in this room. They're kepy here under the presiding 
detective's superivsion for two years, so that they can re-investigate 
them if it turns out there was a mistake. After the years, the evidence 
will be buried forever in the underground vault at the police station. 
They do a transferal every February. 

You can go to the evidence room now. Before you go in, you may want to 
spray some fluid on the top of the cactus for some blood stains.

Scene: Evidence Room, Sector Three
Date: February 23
You'll find Gumshoe here, He'll immediately give you the floor plans 
of the evidence room. It appears that the room is L-shaped. 

Talk to him, and you'll find out that every detective has a locker in 
here. Also, every locker in this romm is fixed so that only one 
detective can open it. The lock for each locker is coded with a 
fingerprint, to match the print of each detective. These lockers will 
be added to the Court Record. Note that a light on them indicates 
opened lockers.

Talk to him about Edgeworth, and it seems Edgeworth was also involved 
in the SL-9 Incident. Present the victim's note to him, and he'll 
tell you that the SL-9 Incident was Edgeworth's first big case, two 
years ago. This will also open up an opportunity to ask about the 
case, do so.

Gumshoe says that the SL-9 Incident was a bloody, violent case. It's 
a serial killing case. The killer apparently made a mistake, which 
Edgeworth capitalised on to nab him. This was the case that put 
Edgeworth into the spotlight, and also the one that started the rumors 
about him fabricating evidence. 

The evidence of this case was supposed to clean up during the 
transferal. It was also the last case that Goodman worked on. Since 
Goodman is trasferring the evidence on the day of crime, it's likely 
that the switchblade knife was taken out from the locker himself. 

Present the ID card record to Gumshoe now, and watch his reaction to 
the second ID number - it belongs to Edgeworth! Which means that at 
4:40pm, Edgeworth was in the evidence room. Why?

Anyhow, the ID card record will be updated with Edgeworth's name on 
the second record:

February 21
7777777   4:20pm
8730579   4:40pm    Miles Edgeworth
4989596   4:50pm
5842189   5:14pm    Bruce Goodman
4989596   5:14pm

Now, examine the room. The first thing to do is to immediately spray 
some luminol fluid. If you do so on the top left locker, you'll get 
a blood rection - that of half a handprint. There's no reason for 
the killer to touch this locker when he escapes. The floor plans of 
the evidence room will now be updated with the blood spot.

Examine the room now:

1. The top left locker box has some evidence tucked out of it. 

2. The pile of junk on the left consists of a car door and a pair of 

3. The pile of junk on the right consists of Gumshoe's fishing pole 
and the metal detector from the earlier case. There's also a radio-
locator here. 

Go to the right screen now to examine:

1. A saw and some paint are found at the bottom right of the screen. 
It looks like the ingredients to produce the Blue Badger!

2. A locker is opened at the far end. It's coded with Goodman's 
fingerprint. Unfortunately, it's empty. The police must have taken 
the contents away for investigation.

3. A glove is near to Goodman's locker. The glove happens to be an 
evidence from the SL-9 Incident.

4. Big pieces of fragments are found near the blockage. These, 
according to Gumshoe, are the evidence from the SL-9 Incident. If 
you examine the tag on the glove closely, you'll see "SL-9 11".

Check these pieces out. There's a total of eight pieces. You'll need 
to glue them back to a base to form an evidence. The instructions for 
doing this:

1. Fragment no. 5: Rotate clockwise once, combine.
2. Fragment no. 4: Rotate counter-clockwise once, combine.
3. Fragment no. 6: Rotate clockwise once, combine.
4. Fragment no. 1: Rotate counter-clockwise twice, combine.
5. Fragment no. 8: Rotate counter-clockwise once, combine.
6. Fragment no. 3: Rotate clockwise once, combine.
7. Fragment no. 2: Rotate counter-clockwise once, combine.
8. Fragment no. 7: Rotate counter-clockwise once, combine.

You'll find that the evidence is an unstable jar. It's also missing a 

Unstable jar added to Court Record.

Examine the jar to find some blood on it - perhaps the blood from the 
victim(s) of the SL-9 Incident. You'll also find that the jar is 

5. The top right locker of the columns of lockers facing you has a 
worn, bloody handprint here. This is when Ema prompts you to use the 
luminol fluid. 

When you spray the fluid on the locker, it reveals a right handprint 
clearly. Gumshoe also adds that the locker belongs to him!

Spray some fluid at the area where you found the broken fragments. 
A massive amount of blood is revealed. Looks like something really 
happened in front of the locker. 

You've more or less gotten all you need here. Gumshoe reminds you that 
Edgeworth's inquiry committee should be letting out soon, so he's 
rushing off to check out the result. 

Go to Edgeworth's office now. As you pass by the parking lot, spray 
some fluid on the emergency phone for some blood stains too. 

Scene: High Prosecutor's Office, Room 1202
Date: February 23
Amazingly, the bellboy from the Gatewater Hotel is here! You'll soon 
see Edgeworth though. He doesn't seem to be in the mood. Talk to him 
anyway, and he'll reveal that he was given a warning. 

Ask about tomorrow's trial, and he'll reveal that the authorities have 
given control of the investigation over to the police. Any further 
investigation for this case will be directed by Gant. 

Present the ID card record to him now. He'll reveal that it was Gant 
who asked him to go to the evidence room on the day of the crime. 
Apparently, Gant wanted evidence for a case that was wrapped up half a 
year ago. He wanted Edgeworth to keep it here in the prosecuter's 
office.  He refuses to dilvuge any information about this case, but 
you'll make a note of this evidence, which is a screwdriver, into the 
Court Record. 

If you examine the tag on the screwdriver, it say s"AI-16". It looks 
totally unrelated, but Ema says this could turn out to be the clue 
that solves the case. She could be right, you know. Remember the metal 
detetor earlier? :)

Now, present the swithblade knife. This will result in Edgeworth 
deciding to tell you the "truth". Talk to him now about "allegations 
of forgery". He reveals that the SL-9 Incident was a serial killing 
case. The head of investigation was the deputy chief of police that 
time - Gant. Edgeworth also hints that he used some extreme measures 
because they were dealing with a vicious murderer, and if he let the 
suspect go, blood would be on his hands. However, he was adamant that 
he didn't touch the evidence. At the end, they won the guilty verdict, 
and the killer was executed. 

After the talk, Edgeworth will relay a message from Lana to Ema. 
Lana wants to know whether Ema is still working on scientific 
investigation. Ema says yes, and he'll pass you the aluminium powder 
for taking fingerprints. He also passes you a file that consists of 
the fingerprints of all involved. 

The fingerprinting set will be added to your Court Record. This 
recovers fingerprints from handprints for comparison with fingerprint 

Looks like it's time to go back to the evidence room.

Scene: Evidence Room, Sector Three
Date: February 23
Follow the instructions to investigate the handprint on Gumshoe's 
locker. Point to the thumb as it's the clearest of the five fingers on 
the handprint. 

NOTE: Spray the powder liberally, or you may know to get the print. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the person who left this print behind
is wearing gloves, because the result you'll get doesn't look like a 
print all. Thankfully, there're other prints outside the bloody 
handprint. Select any of the faint fingerprints just below the hand-
print and repeat the process. 

This time, you'll get a print so clear, it's dazzling! This will also 
bring up the fingerprint data from Edgeworth. Now, since the bloody 
handprint and this fingerprint are found on different places, it's 
likely that it has got nothing to do with the case at all. Ema now 
asks you to deduce whose print this is most likely to belong to. 

This will call up a "compare" screen. Select Gumshoe, since he's the 
owner of this locker, and press "compare". It's a perfect match!

Now, if you rememberm there's another handprint in this room - the one 
you found as soon as you stepped into this room for the first time? 
Go to that locker, examine the area with the luminol reaction, and do 
the fingerprinting process when asked to. 

This isn't easy. Firstly, because the prints are wiped away, you won't 
get an easy print. Secondly, the only area that the game allows you to 
examine are not on the handprint. Instead select the area just beside 
the middle finger, and spray the powder. 

Surprisingly, the result of the print reveals that the handprint 
belongs to Marshall! This result will be added to the Court Record.
This looks like decisive evidence to you.

End of a very long day. Save your game. 


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 24, 9:41am
Go through the conversation with Ema and Lana. Apparently she gets a 
plea bargain with the police - as long as she tells the truth, they 
won't seek capital punishment.

Get ready for war, again.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 24, 10:00am
This trial focuses more on the police department. The so-called 
murderer, Meekins, will be called to the stands!

Amazingly, Meekins begin to confess to the crime before he even gives 
his testimony. Edgeworth brushes him aside and asks him to provide a 
crime report, which makes up his first testimony.

Meekins was assigned to guard the evidence room that day, even though 
it wasn't his normal duty. He spotted a suspicious man on the security 
screen, and rushed into the room. He was only doing what he was 
trained to do. He was suddenly attacked. He fought for his life, then, 
he did it. After that, he passed out, until another office smacked him 

Press the first sentence. Meekins reveal that he was in charge of 
guarding the Blue Badger. He was to ensure that it wasn't broken 
during the evidence transferal process. As there were many people 
around that day, he decided to move the Blue Badger to the evidence 
room. This was why he was there.

Press the second sentence. This will allow you to update your ID card 
record to:

February 21
7777777   4:20pm
8730579   4:40pm    Miles Edgeworth
4989596   4:50pm    Mike Meekins
5842189   5:14pm    Bruce Goodman
4989596   5:14pm    Mike Meekins

You may've noticed this on your own earlier, but yes, Meekins' ID card 
was shown as being used twice. Meekins replies that at 4:50pm, he 
entered the evidence room to "relocate" the Blue Badger. At 5:14pm, it 
was when he went to get the Blue Badger back after everything has 
settled down. It was during the second time that he spotted the man on 
the security screen.

Press the next sentence. He'll reveal that he was attacked by a knife. 
He also mentions that when he "charged" into the room,  the man was as 
surprised as he was. To counter the knife, Meekins claims he swung his 
arms like an octopus while trying to detain  the man. That's how he got 
a gash on his hand. When he saw the blood trickling down his arm, he 
panicked, and grabbed the man by the collar. 

Press the next statement again. He replies that when the man let his 
guard down for an instant, he snatched the knife from him. In fact, he 
spun him around and performerd a disarming maneuver. The next thing he 
knew, the man's white coat was drenched with a sea of Meekins' blood. 
The man then punched him in the face. 

Press yet the next statement, and it'll be revealed by Edgeworth that 
Meekins woke up at about 5:30pm. Meekins then returned the Blue Badger 
to the entrance. Note that the Blue Badger was in the evidence room 
during the so called "murder in the evidence room".

All these pressing are done to get more information from Meekins. Once 
this is done, Edgeworth will question whether this "man" in the room 
is really Goodman. It's now that Meekins presents a videotape from 
Gant. It contains footage from the security camera in the evidence 

View the video now. Amazingly, there wasn't at all a clear shot of 
the man's face. It's either blocked by the Blue Badger or by the 
camera swinging elsewhere just when his face was about to be unveiled. 
An extremely funny video. Note, however, that when it begins, the 
locker with Marshall's fingerprint didn't have something tucked out of 

Videotape added to Court Record.

The man's face can't be clearly seen in the video, but Meekins was 
sure that the man was Goodman. He opened the locker, which required 
Goodman's fingerprint to do so. It was Goodman's locker, so it must 
be him, since no one else could have unlocked it.

When Meekins says that the locker requires Goodman's fingerprint to 
open, present the video tape. You believe that there's a contradiction 
in the video that could possibly mean that the man in the room isn't 
Goodman. You'll now need to point out where is this contradiction. 
When the video is played again, wait the screen shows Goodman's 
locker - notice the light on it? Pause, and point to this light and 
present - remember what Gumshoe told you about these lockers? This 
light is already lit before the man opened it, so it means that the 
locker was already opened!

The judge will then ask whether you've an explanation. You'll consult 
Ema, and she'll half-heartedly suggest that perhaps something jammed 
the sensor. You then feel that there's some other clues in the video. 
You can now inspect the video once more. 

Now, wait until the man open the locker. When a white thing drops out 
of it, point to the white thing and present - it looks like something 
was inserted between the sensor and the door. However, to be able to 
do so, this thing must be extremely thin, and yet be an insulator. 
You do have something like that in your Court Record - the thin rubber 

Present it when asked to. It has a tag that says "SL-9 Incident", so 
it must be from Goodman's locker. With the glove in between the sensor 
and the door, anyone could've open Goodman's locker that day. 

You've now established that the man in the evidence room may not be 
Goodman. You'll need more to confirm this though, so go through 
Meekins' next testimony.

Meekins mentions another thing that proves that the man was Goodman. 
To enter the evidence room, one must use an ID card. When an ID card is 
used, there's a record of it. At the time of the crime, Goodman has 
used the card. 

Before you cross-examine, Edgeworth will reveal that this evidence 
room was reserved for evidence of "special cases" that involve 
extremely violent cases that involve police staff. There were only a 
few cases up for transferal on the day of the crime, and most were 
cleared by noon.

When Meekins says "when an ID card is used...", press. This will alert 
the judge about Edgeworth's "appearance" on the record. 

NOw, when he says that at the time of the crime, Goodman has used the 
card, present Goodman's ID - you found this card at the parking lot. 
You'll also automatically present the lost item report that you got 
from the head detective. It shows that Goodman has lost something on 
the day of the crime. Could it be his ID card that he lost?

Your conclusion? The man whom Meekins saw in the evidence room wasn't 
Goodman afterall, but rather, the man who stole the card. 

Now, whatever you've proven will lead to Edgeworth coming to this 
conclusion: the murder at the evidence didn't exsist at 5:15pm at the 
police department on the day of the crime. The real crime, therefore, 
could only have happened at the parking lot.

Raise an objection when given the chance to - the video didn't show 
the actual murder, but it can't be said that it's unrelated to the 
murder at the parking lot. Notably, a large amount of blood traces 
were found in the evidence room. You'll now demand for more 
examination, but Edgeworth, who believes that the two cases are 
unrelated, doesn't have any witnesses. This is your chance to call 
Marshall to the stands. Select Marshall from the profiles screen and 

The judge will now call for a 30-minute recess so that Edgeworth can 
go bring Marshall to court. 

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 24, 11:41am
Go through the conversation with Lana and Ema. Strangely, Lana thinks 
you've figured it all out, even though you're sure you haven't. Also, 
it seems that Lana has requested Gumshoe to bring the SL-9 Incident 
files. The files will be added to your Court Record. Take this chance 
to read it. It has four pages:


O Criminal: Joe Darke
O Crime:    Serial Murder
O Setence:  Death


O Edward Jones  O Jason Knight
O Edith Kirby   O Rachael Moss
O Jeb Bates     O Neil Marshall


O Head Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
O WitnessesL Lana Skye, Ema Skye

O Exectuve Investigator: Damon Gant, Lana Skye
O Head Investigator:     Bruce Goodman
O Investigators:         Jake Marshall
                         Angel Starr

Ema was a witness? She didn't even know that... then she remembers a 
case she witnessed before, called the "Joe Darke Killings". So, the 
"Joe Darke Killings" is the SL-9 Incident. Notice also a certain "Neil 
Marshall" under the victims page.

It seems that everyone involved in this case is connected to the 
killings from two years ago. This can't be just a coincidence. 

Time to get back to the court though. Save your game. 


Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 24, 12:14pm
Ema didn't come back with you, so you'll have to fight this case 
alone now. Edgeworth will call Marshall to the stands.  So it begins.

Marshall's job was to keep a wary eye on that bone orchard. He was 
supposed to make rounds three times a day, but that isn't his style, 
especially when the room is protected by two security systems. He was 
at a street-side saloon at the time it went down. He's just an 
innocent travellin' man, so if you're out of ammo it's time he hits 
the trail. 

NOTE: I tried summing it up, but it still sounds CRAP.

Before you cross-examine, you'll automatically ask him about the two 
security systems that he mentioned. He replies that it's the security 
camera and the ID card reader system. When you press him about the 
fingerprint activated locks, he doesn't seem to know anything about 

Press his first statement about keeping an eye on the bone orchard. 
He replies that he'll erase videos that tell nothing after a period of 
time. Edgeworth adds that if nothing unusual is recorded, tapes are 
erased every six hours. 

Press the statement about making rounds three times a day, and Marshall 
will tell you he didn't step into the evidence room on the day of the 
crime. The judge steps in to ask about the rubber glove stuck in 
the victim's locker, and he'll reply he doesn't know anything about 
it - he hasn't been in the room for weeks. 

He's not very helpful, but you've two important clues on hand that can 
fully counter whatever he says, so play your cards right. First, 
present Marshall's handprint when he says that he's in a saloon - if 
he wasn't in the evidence room at the time of the crime, why was his 
handprint (a bloody one at that) found on one of the lockers?

He has an explanation for that though. Up comes his next testimony.

Marshal says it's only natural for his fingerprints to be found in the 
room. One of them just happened to be at the same place as the blood-
stained handprint. The murderer must have touched the locker where his 
fingerprint was by chance. The bloodstain and the fingerprint are 
completely unrelated. The murderer was also wearing gloves. He had 
nothing to do with it.

Press the first sentence. He reveals that it's natural because that 
locker with the bloodstained print also happens to be his. 

This information will be updated to your Court Record.

Press the statement about the murderer was wearing gloves, and ask him 
how did he know it. He mentions he still read reports. Edgeworth then 
reminds you about the bloodstained prints on Gumshoe's locker, which 
shows no fingerprints.

This is when Marshall tells you that as long as his trail isn't in 
the video tape, you can't tie him to the crime. 

He now adds a statement to ask you whether is it too bad that it 
wasn't him in the video. Press him, you'll argue that the video is 
full of blind spots - the camera's panning back and forth, the floor 
isn't shown. If someone was familiar with the camera's position, he 
could leave the room without being caught on tape. 

Edgeworth objects your speculation immediately, and the judge will ask 
you whether you want to indicate any, er, indication that Marshall was 
present in the video. Choose to show evidence.

So, the video shows again. Fast forward to the part when a white cloth 
was shown sticking out of Marshall's locker. Point to that thing and 
present - Marshall was clearly seen in the video! The key lies in 
his locker - the lockers are fingerprint activated, and the white 
cloth only appeared towards the end of the video, meaning that someone 
has opened the locker when the camera wasn't showing it. The only 
person who could've open Marshall's locker is, of course, Marshall 

Amazingly, Marshall really doesn't know that the lockers are finger-
print activated. He challenges you to prove that he opened that 
locker. Present the locker - a fingerprint sensor, "pardner".

It's showtime for you now, as you automatically shows the judge the 
floor plans of the evidence room, and explain what happened - there 
was no place to hide in this room, yet Meekins didn't see Marshall. 
The judge will ask you why. You'll be asked to point out where was 
Marshall at the time of the crime. Point to the blue "V" and present - 
Marshall was standing right in front of Meekins, dressed up like 

Edgeworth objects, but you easily counter him with the testimony from 
Meekins - if it was really Goodman, he could've simply show Meekins 
his ID card without having to draw a knife. The reason that he drew 
the knife was that he couldn't show it - Marshall used Goodman's card 
to enter the room. Goodman's picture is on the ID, and he looks 
nothing like Marshall. 

Marshall doesn't give up so easily, and he now asks you for hard 
evidence that it was really him in the room. Well, you've none. As 
you panic, Edgeworth gives you an advice - when you've run into a wall 
with no place to go, return to the basics. 

This reminds you of what Mia used to tell you - think outside the box!
You shouldn't look for proof that Marshall was in disguise. Instead, 
you should look for evidnece that came about because he was in 

Edgeworth now asks why do you think Marshall's locker was opened in 
the first place. There wasn't a need, unless opening the locker wasn't 
meant to be in Marshall's plan originally. 

So, you call another shot to view the video. You've to show the court 
why Marshall has to put away the white cloth that was sticking out of 
his locker. Fast forward to the part when blood was on Marshall's 
coat, point to the blood on his coat and present - he couldn't just 
walk out of the room in a blood-soiled coat, so he has to put it away 
in his locker.

This will finally lead to his confession.

Marshall mentions he had to do it that day. He just couldn't stand by 
and let it die. He stole Goodman's ID and dressed like him because he 
planned to take out the evidence. He wasn't expecting Meekins, so he 
knocked him out and escaped. He knew which earea wouldn't be caught on 
the camera. There was no murder in the evidence room at 5:15pm. 

Before you begin, Edgeworth asks about the large amount of blood found 
in the evidence room. Marshall replies that Meekins' hand was cut, so 
he should be the blood donor. But you feel that there's still too much 
blood for a cut wrist. Well, nothing comes out of this though, so 
let's move on.

Press the first statement. Yes, it's about the SL-9 Incident. The 
evidence are due to transferal, but Marshall feels that the case is 
not over. He can't let the case close, which was why he wanted to 
steal the evidence. You wonder why was he so interested, since he 
wasn't the one in charge of it anyway. Now, I gave you a hint earlier, 
so I hope you saw it. But it's not time for it though, we'll come to 
it later.

Press the second statement. He replies that he dressed up as Goodman 
so that he can fool the camera into believing that Goodman was doing 
transferal. He also admits to stealing Goodman's ID card, which was 
why Goodman was filling up the lost item report. He returned the ID 
card by leaving it on the floor of the parking lot. 

Edgeworth then points out an interesting observation - normally, 
Goodman's locker shouldn't have opened. Who stick the rubber glove in 
to keep the locker opened? Did Goodman open it before Marshall?

Now, when he says that there was no murder in the room that day, press 
him. He reveals that he didn't manage to steal the evidence, because 
when he opened the locker, the evidence was already gone. Edgeworth 
adds that the evidence is still missing. So, someone else stole the 

You'll now ask Marshall why did he risk so much just to steal the SL-9 
Incident's evidence. This will open up some new statements in this 

NOTE: Alex Luke wrote that you'll have to press all statements from 
Marshal in order for you to ask him why did he risk so much. 

He says that he can't just forget the SL-9 Incident, and asks whether 
you know why. Present the SL-9 Incident files now - well, you know 
whhy. The name "Neil Marshall" was mentioned in the file, under the 
list of murder victims. 

Neil Marshall received the "K" trophy two years ago - yes, he was a 
prosecutor. Neil was handling the SL-9 Incident before Edgeworth took 
over. He was killed before he completed the case. Marshall reveals 
that Neil was his brother. Neil was investigating the murders with 
Gant at that time. Goodman, Marshall and Angel were all working under 
them Neil and Gant. They were desperate to prosecute the killer, Joe 
Darke. Neil fought Darke and was killed. That was the first time that 
Darke left behind an evidence, and it was all the police needed to 
nail him. 

Darke was eventually apprehended, and the case was closed, at least to 
the public. Marshall reveals that Neil couldn't have been killed by 
Darke - no one could've beaten him in a fight. There's more to Neil's 
death than what the records say. 

Now, at the end of today's trial, you still have nothing to help Lana. 
But at least you've solved the mystery of the "two Goodman murders". 
But the blood... yes, too much blood. And the ID card record... who's 

Before you can take a breather, Edgeworth now brings you back to Lana. 
If no murder happens at the evidence room, then the murder at the 
parking lot must be real, and Lana is the only suspect. This will lead 
to only one conclusion - the judge wants to pound his gavel again to 
declare Lana guilty.

And we all know someone will somehow do a "HOLD IT!" here. This time, 
it's Ema. She's back! She claims that there's a "scientific 
objection". Huh?

Ema explains now after realising that the SL-9 Incident was the Joe 
Darke killings, she immediately understands that even though 
Marshall's prints were found in the evidence room, he has nothing to 
do with the murder. This leaves the prints on Gumshoe's locker - the 
ones that showed nothing because of some trusty gloves.

She figured that if she ran some scientific experiments on those 
prints, she might find something, which was why she didn't return to 
court just now. She found nothing though, but she's adamant that 
the traces of blood on Gumshoe's locker are the only clue you have. 
The judge will now ask you whether is there anything wrong with these 

Select "I object" after looking at the evidence room's floor plans. 
Something is missing from it. Something that, when drawn, will 
completely change the meaning of the blood mark. You'll now be asked 
what is that thing. Hey, present the Blue Badger!

The mascot of the police force/ defender of truth/ guardian of proof 
was in the room on the day of the crime. He was "dancing" right in 
front of Gumshoe's locker. Now, if the Blue Badger was doing his stuff 
in front of this locker, it'd be impossible to place a handprint at on 
the locker. 

This also means that the blood print was placed BEFORE the Blue Badger 
was in the evidence room, that is, before 4:50pm. This also proved 
that on the day of the crime, blood was spilled twice in the evidence 
room. Someone must have been murdered in the room before Marshall 
went in to steal the evidence. Who? Well, Goodman of course! The 
massive amount of blood there must be from him, and he was murdered 
not in the parking lot, but in the evidence room!

Watch the war of objections between Edgeworth and you, then the judge 
will ask you to show evidence of when the incident before Marshall vs 
Meekins took place. Present the ID Card record - the crime took place 
before 4:50pm, so it'd have to be, 4:40pm... Edgeworth?

Edgeworth then explains that it couldn't have been him, because the 
traces of blood wasn't there when Meekins entered the room. It wasn't 
quite possible for Edgeworth to murder the victim, carry the body 
away, and clean up the blood in the 10 minutes between his entrance 
and Meekins'.

This just leaves the mysterious "7777777", at 4:20pm. And since there 
was no record of Goodman's ID card entering during this time (his was 
stolen anyway), the only logical explanation is that he entered the 
room with the real murderer - something he knew, and was perhaps close 

Edgeworth then reveals that "7777777" belongs to someone with a rank 
of Captain or higher. He doesn't has the authority to inquire into 
such a person's identity. 

I think you should who did the murder by now. But let's not spoil 
this. Edgeworth continues and say that he can file an "official 
charge" to get the identity. Before you can proceed with asking more 
about this, Marshall intercepts and demands an explanation from Lana 
about the SL-9 Incident - did she really only use legitimate evidence 
to apprehend Darke?

Lana replies that she "occasionally" felt the powerlessness of the 
law during that trial. She felt she did what she had to, in order for 
Darke to get the verdict he deserved... even if it involved forging 

Lana's reaction caused such a stir in the crowd, the trial cannot be 
concluded. Well, you've one more day to fight for. Save your game.


Scene: Wright and Co. Law Offices
Date: February 24, 3:12pm
Go through the conversation to find out that when Neil was murdered, 
Darke left behind an incriminating piece of evidence - her. Darke was 
trying to kill her when Neil intervened, and he was killed instead. 
Ema was therefore a witness in the trial. 

Talk to her about the case now. She reveals that the case happened 
about this time two years ago. She was alone in Lana's office, 
planning to have dinner once Lana finished her work, when Darke came 
into the office. It seemed like Darke was running away from someone. 
He pulled out a knife and attacked her. Neil then showed up, and 
Darke tried to take her hostage. Neil prevented him from doing that, 
and that was when lightning struck. The lights went out. Then another 
bolt of lightning flashed outside the window, lighting up the office 
for an instance. Ema then saw something that left a "permanent 
picture" in her mind.

Ask her about the permanent picture. She replies that Darke knocked 
down Neil, and before she saw the next incident, she fainted. When 
she woke up, Lana was beside her. It was how she became a witness.

Ask her about "after the crime", and she replies that she doesn't 
remember the moment when Darke stabbed Neil. This should be why Lana 
decided to forge evidence to nail Darke. Edgeworth wouldn't have 
know that the evidence was forged. 

Now, asking about "something puzzling". Ema was in Lana's office then. 
Why then could a serial killer come running in there? And why would 
he be chased by Neil? She replies that Darke has been taken in for 
questioning that day by the police. He escaped halfway through the 
interview to Lana's office, because the detective offices and the 
questioning room are right across from the elevator. She then reviews 
that two years ago, Lana was a detective. It was only after the Darke 
case that she was transferred to the prosecutor's office and became 
Chief Prosecutor. 

I think you'll need to talk to Lana again. Go to the detention center.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: February 24
Ask about her detective past. Lana was an amazing detective then, and 
she solved several cases together with Gant, who was then vice-head of 
criminal affairs. Gant's help in the SL-9 Incident was critical, and 
he became chief of police after that, and arranged her transfer to the 
prosecutor's office. 

Ask about the investigation. Lana was 2nd IC during the Darke 
investigation. Gant and her share the same office, and the same 
investigations. They led the team that consisted of Goodman, Marshall 
and Angel. During that fateful day when Neil passed away, she was the 
first at the scene of crime.

Now, ask about her claims as being the first at the scene of crime. 
She reveals that Gant and Marshall were questioning Darke that day. 
The investigation was in its final stages when Darke panicked. He 
fled the room when Gant and Marshall let their guards down. She was 
filing so papers then, and when she returned to her office, she saw 
three bodies and smelled blood - Neil, Ema, and Darke. During the 
struggle, it seems that Neil struck a final blow before he died, which 
caused Darke to be unconscious. She then rested Ema, and placed Darke 
under immediate arrest.

You'll now raise your doubts - maybe SL-9 is really not over yet. 

Go to the police department entrance now.

Scene: Police Department Entrance
Date: February 24
You'll find Marshall here. He's on his way to turn himself in. Before 
he does so, talk to him about the Darke trial. He reveals that all 
the detectives working on the case (Goodman, Angel and himself) felt 
that something fishy was going on during the trial. Some of the facts 
reported were inconsistent with the evidence they found. For example, 
the murder weapon. The switchblade belongs to Darke, but in the 
initial autopsy report, a question was raised - apparently, the blade 
of the knife wasn't a perfect match with the wound that the victim 
sustained. This means that there's a good chance that the knide wasn't 
the murder weapon after all. In the report that was submitted, 
however, this possibility was erased. He also talks about how the case 
left scars in all of them.

Ask about these scars, and he'll mention that there was something 
going on behind the scenes in the case, and they got to know that 
later. Every detective involved in the case, except for Goodman, was 
"taken care of". Angel was fired. He was demoted and boxed away in 
the evidence room. Goodman was spared just so that the dealing with 
of the detectives weren't so obvious. He was also adamant that it was 
Gant and Lana who were behind their demise.

Talk about Gant and Lana. He replies that Lana was never the same 
after she became prosecutor. Marshall never found out why. 

Last but not least, ask about his brother. He reveals that the day 
that the SL-9 Incident occured, it was also evidence transferal day. 
You deduce that someone must have know that Marshall was trying to 
steal the evidence so that the case won't die, but apparently someone 
stole it before hand. In the process, Goodman was murdered. 

So, there you've it. Adios, Marshall. Before he leaves, he also 
tells you that it was Gant who passed the falsified evidence to 
Edgeworth during the SL-9 trial. 

Go to the CAD now.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: February 24
At the end of the conversation with the head detective, you'll gain a 
path to Gant's office. Go there.

Scene: Police Department, Chief's Office
Date: February 24
You'll find Gant here. He immediately puts a piece of paper he was 
reading into his desk. He'll then approach you, and which eventually 
leads to a big clue - a portrait of Neil, Lana and him. Neil was 
holding the "K" trophy, but check out the jar behind Lana and him - 
wasn't it that broken, unstable jar in your Court Record? Notice also 
that the "K" trophy looks quite different from the one that's in your 
Court Record too.

Anyhow, this picture will be added to your Court Record.

Before you can do anything, Gant attempts to chase you out. Ema talks 
about the SL-9 case, but Gant insists that the case has long been 
closed, so there's no need to investigate it anymore. You insist that 
you'll want to have a look, but he rejects you blatantly. So, you 
find yourself back at the entrance.

Scene: Police Department Entrance
Date: February 24
There must be a reason that Gant doesn't want you looking around in 
his office. There must be a way to get inside his office. Quickly go 
back to the CAD.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: February 24
Gumshoe! Talk to him as he reveals Edgeworth's crisis: Despite knowing 
nothing about the forgery, the prosecutor is still responsible for the 
evidence he presents in court. The rumors about Edgeworth didn't make 
matters any better. 

Ask about the SL-9 case. Gumshoe will tell you about the murder 
weapon. Amazingly, he doesn't remember anything, so present the 
switchblade to help him recall. He now remembers what was that piece 
of evidence. Talk to him about the weapon now.

Apparently, the police traced the switchblade back to the store Darke 
bought it, and it had his fingerprints as well. Anyhow, the blade was 
broken, and the broken tip was found in Neil's body, deep inside the 
stab wound. 

You'll get an update to the switchblade in your Court Record, as well 
as get Neil's autopsy report, which states:

Name of deceased: Neil Marshall (27)/ Male
Date and time of death: February 19, between 7:00pm and 7:30pm
Cause of death: Single stab wound piercing heart/ lung.
Assessment: Died from blodd wound in under 10 minutes. Weapon found in 
the wound was missing tip.

Now, ask about Darke's crimes. Gumshoe tells you that Darke 
accidentally killed someone in his car one evening, and this unleashed 
a series of murders that all began when he was trying to cover this 

At the end of this conversation, he tells you that any detective's 
ID card can unlock Gant's door. You can't use Goodman's card anymore, 
since the card has been deactivated since his death. Gumshoe is your 
only chance, but he doesn't want to help for fear of repurcssions.

Present the unstable jar, and he suddenly feels like he's in Gant's 
office, with Gant yelling at him. You may also present other evidence 
to try and get him to bring you into Gant's room, but he won't bulge. 
Instead, leave him for a moment and visit Edgeworth in his office.

Scene: High Prosecutor's Office, Room 1202
Date: February 24
Go through the conversation until you can talk to Edgeworth. Ask about 
the forged evidence. He replies that he'll take responsibility, even 
though he didn't know anything about the forgery. This is to maintain 
the relationship between the prosecutor's office and the police 

Ask about the day of the crime. He replies that he had to attend the 
ceremony because he was given the award - those receiving awards can't 
skip out on the ceremony. He finished his work in the morning, then 
drove to the police department. He didn't plan on returning to the 
office that day, until Gant asked him to take something back - the 
screwdriver that Gant told him to take out from the evidence room. 
So it seems Edgeworth came back only because Gant asked him to. 

Ask about tomorrow's trial. He mentions it's too late to change 
prosecutor since it's the last day of the trial. He never thought that 
the SL-9 Incident would come back to haunt him like this. He did 
notice then that the list of evidence was too short. Most lists run 
twice as long. However, he was determined to prove the suspect guilty 
even if the evidence list was short. 

This is when Ema mentions that you saw a picture of Gant's team taken 
around that time. The picture looks odd to you. Maybe you'd like to 
present it to Edgeworth. Ema then notes that the trophy that Neil was 
holding looks different from the one Edgeworth has. Edgeworth replies 
that that was the official prosecutor trophy used until that time. 
He says that the award is based on "contradiction". 

Now, ask about the prosecutor trophy. He'll reveal that the award 
originates from an ancient Chinese tale. In Chinese, the word 
"contradiction" is written with two characters:  the first means 
"halberd", the second means "shield".

NOTE: If you're Chinese and you know about the origin of this story, 
you may know that "halberd" is a weapon that is some sort of a long 
shaft that has a blade attached to its end.

Now, if don't know about the origin of "halberd vs shield", Edgeworth 
will tell you. I won't reprise the story here, but to summarise it 
for you: Who'll win if the best halberd in the world, which can pierce 
through any shield, and the best shield in the world, which can block 
any attacks from any weapons? Clearly, a contradiction!

Anyhow, the broken shield and the chipped blade on the previous 
"K" trophy were used to symbolise both the halberd and the shield. It 
was two years ago that Gant had the "halberd" part of the award 

This information will be updated into your Court Record.

NOTE: For some easter eggs, examine the bottom of the award to find 
the most frequent recipient of this award, a certain Manfred von 
Karma. :)

Next, show him the screwdriver, which has nothing to do with both 
the SL-9 and the current case. Edgeworth says that Gant is a very 
competent man, but at times he does things that don't make any sense. 

Now, when you arrived here just now, Edgeworth quickly threw a piece of 
paper onto the ground. Examine the paper - he was writing a letter of 

Letter of resignation added to your Court Record.

Go back to the parking lot now.

Scene: Prosecutor's Office, Underground Parking Lot
Date: February 24
You'll find Angel here. Ask her about Darke's investigation. She 
reveals that seeing Marshall obsession to find the truth about SL-9 
made Lana more desperate (?). She mentions about the "legendary duo" 
of Gant and Lana again.

Ask about the duo. She reveals that Gant's ability to attract evidence 
was almost unreal - he'd produce the most incredible evidence in the 
cases he handled. No one dared to question him though. Angel also 
mentions that every detective aspired to be like Lana two years ago. 
BUt after the incident, Lana felt for Jake, because after Neil's 
death, she felt as if she had lost her own brother. 

Ask about "after case closed". She mentions she was sure that the 
evidence produced in court was forged, but even so, Darke was obviously 
guilty. Items they never found were suddenly produced in court, while 
other stuff were kept secret. Every detective, bar Goodman, were then 
relieved of their duties without any explanation. She also gives you 
her explanation of Lana's move to the prosecutor's office - she was 
merely used as a pawn.

Ask about this "being used" thing. She replies that having solved the 
SL-9 case, Gant's position as chief was secured. There was only one 
thing left for him to control, and then no one would stand in his way 
- the prosecutor's office. This was why Lana was transferred - if he 
could control the chief prosecutor, he would've control over the 
prosecutor's office altogether. That was his goal all along. She adds 
that Lana must have a reason to change into a totally different person 
after the SL-9 Incident.

She has nothing more to tell you now, so return to the CAD.

Scene: Police Department, Criminal Affairs
Date: February 24
Gumshoe still doesn't want to let you into Gant's room. Present the 
letter of resignation to him - Gumshoe geniunely cares for Edgeworth, 
and you'll convince that checking out Gant's room could help clear his 
name. Gumshoe will pass you his ID card. Yes, finally, a passage to 
Gant's room!

Scene: Police Department, Chief's Office
Date: February 24
Gumshoe follows you into the room. Talk to him about Gant's office. 
He mentions that this room now belongs soley to Gant, unlike two years 
ago when Lana shared it with him. It seems that ever since Lana left, 
no one has ever touched her desk though.

Ask about the chief. He asks whether you think the chief is a suspect. 
I think you know what this means, but you won't want to divulge your 
true feelings, so you'd ignore him.

Examine the room now:

1. There's a big organ in the room. Gumshoe says it's very, very 
loud when played.

2. When you check out the armor on the right screen, Gumshoe asks you 
to be careful - who knows, maybe someone is hiding inside!

3. The desk has a list of evidence, used in a case - this was what 
Gant was reading earlier when you first visited this room. This list 
happens to be the list of evidence for the SL-9 Incicent - it appears 
also to be the "other half" of that "shortened" list that Edgeworth 
mentioned earlier. 

The list will be added to your Court Record. Now, examine this by 
rotating it to the back. You'll find a sketch on the back - looks like 
someone is in the process of killing another with something in his 

Please remember this sketch.

4. Spray some luminol fluid behind Lana's desk on the left screen to 
find a large pool of blood. This must be from the SL-9 Incident. 

5. The safe beside Gant's desk requires a seven-digit code to open. 
When asked whether you want to input a number, do so. You know the 
number, right? No? Well, it's "7777777".

Code confirmed! Access granted! What does this tell you? Gant's ID 
number is mostly likely "7777777"! He was the mysterious "executive 
office" who entered the evidence room before anyone else on that day 
with Goodman! Does this mean...?

Examine the opened safe now. You'll find the last piece of the broken 
unstable jar inside. You'll also find a piece of leather cloth that 
shows a handprint. Gumshoe says he saw someone wearing a shirt like 
this before. 

Gumshoe wouldn't let you take them away though, so you'll have to 
prove that they're related to the case. First, present the jar. 
Select "assemble fragments" next. You'll now have to do the "rotate-
and-combine" thing again, but this time, there's only one piece. 
Rotate clockwise twice and combine it. 

The fragment fits like a charm. This means that Gant knowingly hid a 
piece of this jar into his safe. Moreover, this piece you've just 
comobined has a reddish line on it - blood! 

This information will be updated to your Court Record. 

You'll still need the leather cloth, so present the fingerprinting 
set to Gumshoe. This is allow you to check for prints on the cloth. 
After doing so, you'll find that the handprint belongs to... Ema!

Gumshoe and you decide to keep this information from her. But he hands 
over the cloth to you anyway. 

Strip of cloth added to the Court Record. 

This is when Gant returns. Gumshoe will be fired as a result of 
helping you sneak into his room. Gant wants to talk to Ema, and he 
chased you out of his room, so you'll find yourself at the entrance 

Scene: Police Department Entrance
Date: February 24
Now that you've seen the evidence in Gant's room, you've more or less 
guessed what had happened. Gumshoe will leave after this. Later in the 
day, Ema told you that the police asked her some questions, so she'll 
be busy for the rest of the day.

Scene: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
Date: February 24
You'll find yourself at the detention center after that. Go through 
the conversation with Lana. You'll tell her who she has been trying to 
shield all this while. Now it's your chance to get her to tell you 

Ask her why she has been keeping quiet. You'll tell her she claims she 
did the murder, even without any incriminating evidence, because she 
was afraid of someone. She'll ask you who's she afraid of. Point to 
Gant and present. 

You'll now get the chance to ask about Gant. Do so, and you'll ask her 
why did he try to hide his crimes. She'll ask you to show her proof 
that Gant falsified evidence in the SL-9 case. 

Present the evidence list. You'll present all three items you found in 
Gant's office - the jar piece, the strip of cloth and the evidence 
list. They're all pieces of evidence from the SL-9 Incident, and 
they're all found in Gant's room. The person who has been concealing 
evidence is none other than Gant himself. 

This is when Lana tells you that she can't disobey the chief's orders, 
even if it means being found guilty for murder. Three days ago, she 
has no choice but to "follow orders" in the murder of Goodman. 

Ask about these "orders". She says she was given an order that day, to 
dispose Goodman's body. She'll find it inside the trunk of Edgeworth's 
car. Just as you suspected, then. She was trying to take the body out 
of Edgeworth's car, and she discovered the murder weapon while 
inspecting the body - when she found the body, it was the SL-9's 
switchblade that was found on Goodman's body. 

She couldn't leave the blade in him, so she took it out and stabbed the 
body with Edgeworth's knife, which she found in the toolbox in the 
car's trunk. This was also how she ended up cutting her hand, as she 
was too nervous about even stabbing a dead man. This was also how her 
blood was found on Goodman's shoe. The moment she struck Goodman's 
dead body was when Angel saw her. 

Ask about why she need to hide Darke's knife. She replies she doesn't 
want the SL-9 case to surface again, which is why Darke's knife 
can't be found. She then called Ema to hide the knife - this was why 
Ema was so confident about her sister's innocence. 

She continues to tell about another phonecall. After she received the 
orders to dispose Goodman's body, she made a phonecall to Marshall. 
The lead investigator for the SL-9 Incident has been murdered. She 
needed that fact to be kept hidden, and she needed help. Marshall was 
the only other person she could trust. This, however, led to Marshall 
deciding to steal evidence from Goodman's locker instead - he has 
already stolen the ID card, but he still hasn't made up his mind to 
really do it then. 

That's all she can tell you. As the day comes to an end in this very 
long case, save your game.


Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 25, 9:47am
You can't find Lana or Ema anywhere, but you'll find Edgeworth here. 
Looks like you're not the only one who figured out who "7777777" is. 
He gives you a pointer - if you can't prove that "777777" is Gant, 
you'll have no case, since Gant hasn't been formally charged yet.

Go through the conversation and you'll reach an agreement with 
Edgeworth to find out the truth, sort of.

Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 25, 10:00am
Gant appears, and reveals that Lana wants to speak to the court. Looks 
like he's forcing her to plead guilty.

Lana takes the stands and immediately confess to the crime. She fires 
you as her attorney as well, and tells the judge to pass the sentence. 
The judge will then prepare to pound his gavel again to pronounce 
Lana guilty (for the third time)... and then an "OBJECTION!" comes in 
from Edgeworth.

Edgeworth argues that he has not proven that Lana was guilty beyond 
reasonable doubt, and that any ruling at this stage would certainly be 
premature. Gant will asks Edgeworth to shut up, but Edgeworth is 
adamant. In fact, he shows no fear for Gant as he suggests that some 
deal must be struck behind the scenes that led to Lana's sudden 
confession. He now calls upon Ema to the stands. Great work, Edgey!

The trip to yesteryear has finally begun. Ema will testify about the 
SL-9 Incident.

Ema was waiting for Lana in Lana's office that day. A man came running 
in and took her hostage. Neil rescued her, but she'll never forget 
what she saw that instant. The man raised his knife, and stabbed Neil 
in the chest. 

Press Ema's first statement, and she'll add that it was the office 
that Lana and Gant used to share, that is, Gant's current office. She 
used to be there often and dreamt about playing that big organ. 

Press the sentence on Neil rescuing Ema. Edgeworth reveals that two 
persons were questioning Darke that day - Gant and Neil. Neil had just 
received the prosecutor trophy that day, but he immediately went back 
to his work after that. When Darke escaped, Neil was first to give 

Press the statement on she'll never forget what she saw, and she'll 
reply that Neil jumped on Darke. The lights went out then due to a 
lightning strike nearby. When the lighting outside flashed again, 
she saw what she, er, saw. She also told Goodman about what she saw.

Choose to "hear more" now. She'll say that when talking to Goodman, 
she just couldn't say anything due to the fear, so she drew a picture 
of the incident instead. 

Ask about the picture. Edgeworth objects that two years ago, the list 
of evidence he has didn't include this picture. The judge will now ask 
Ema to add this information into her testimony.

So, when she says she drew a picture of that scene, present the list 
of evidence - there's a sketch behind the list, and it must be drawn 
by Ema! 

The judge now notices that the list you presented is different from 
what Edgeworth has - these two lists fit together to form one. Two 
years ago, only half of the evidence of the case reached Edgeworth. 

Now, if the evidence list was torn into half, then there might be more 
drawing on the back of Edgeworth's list. Edgeworth turns his over to 
find a sketch of... the Blue Badger!

You'll now get both lists combined into your Court Record. The general 
reaction is that the head detective was using this list as scrap paper 
to "design" the Blue Badger. But if you examine the lists to see the 
full picture, it seems that Blue Badger is part of the picture. Notice 
Ema's strange reaction too when she sees the full picture. 

Ema drew this picture two picture two years ago. The flash of lighting 
was so bright, all she could see were shadows. After that she must 
have fainted. The picture shows exactly what she saw that instance. 

Press her statement about the bright flash, and she confirms that she 
couldn't really be sure whether it was Neil who came to her rescue. 
But she mentions that she was knocked away when Neil allegedly jumped 
onto Darke. It was when he turned around when the lightning flashed. 

Now, on her last statement, present Neil's autopsy report - the 
picture Ema drew has a contradiction. The judge asks you to point out 
where the contradiction is. Point to the hand with the weapon - the 
tip on the weapon is already broken. The tip was found in Neil's 
body, but Neil suffered a single stab wound to the back. If he was 
only stabbed once, then the weapon shouldn't yet have a broken tip.

There's another explanation to this, obviously. The only explanation, 
actually - the broken knife tip could well be the piece of evidence 
that was forged in the SL-9 Incident!

Now, you'll explain what really happened: The police department and 
the prosecutor's office were holding a ceremony that day. After 
receiving the prosecutor trophy at the ceremony, Neil questioned Darke 
together with Gant. During the question, Darke fled the room. Neil 
gave chase, and was killed by Darke. You believe that somewhere in 
this story, there's a lie. 

This will lead to the discussion of the possibility of another weapon. 
Is there one? Yes, of course. Tell them "there is another one", and 
present Gant's team photo - the weapon was right here in this photo. 
The broken knife is the "halberd" from the prosecutor trophy!

Neil was chasing Darke on that day. Being a prosecutor, he has no 
gun, and this "halberd" was the only weapon he has against Darke. 
This means that in the picture that Ema drew, it'd have been Neil 
raising the knife!

Ema then interrupts, and says she remembers everything now. She asks 
Edgeworth to show her his evidence list again - the one the drawing of 
the Blue Badger. She confirms that she drew this picture as well, 
because when she drew it, the evidence list wasn't torn into two yet. 

When Ema saw the man raised his knife, she panicked, and rushed 
towards both of them. She thinks she knocked away the man with the 
knife. Just then, there was another flash of lightning, and that's 
when she saw the Blue Badger. "He" wasn't in the room, but she's sure 
she saw "his" shadow.

Edgeworth objects - the design for the Blue Badger wasn't even up until 
this year. Lana then interrupts and pleads for you guys to stop 
pursuing this matter any further. The judge ignores her though, so 
you can cross-examine Ema again.

Don't waste any time. Wait till Ema says that she's sure she was the 
Blue Badger's shadow, then present the unstable jar. You'll need to 
adjust the jar until it looks like the Blue Badger's shadow. TO do 
that, invert the jar verticially, then turn it horizotally to show its 
back. Now, rotate it vertically to such an angle that it looks exactly 
like the Blue Badger's head. Hey presto!

UPDATE: Thanks to Alvin and Ben, I've images to show you how to do this 
puzzle, which is one that stumped many people. 

Step-by-Step Diagram:

- Contributed by Alvin. The wonders of photoshop!

Actual screenshot:

- Contributed by Ben. I'm not sure whether he took the picture himself, 
but he showed this to me when I was asking around. If you're the owner 
of this photo, please let me know and I'll provide full credit.

Edgeworth then asks you what does this jar change. Select "the murder 
weapon". You'll automatically show Gant's team photo again, which 
shows the jar - Ema saw this jar at a very specific angle. Where could 
she have seen this jar then? Well, the jar was on a shelf that belongs 
to Gant. This proves that the struggle between Darke and Neil happened 
on the other side of the room - Gant's office. Someone moved Neil's 
body from Gant's office to Lana's office, just across the desk.

The only logical reason for doing that? Well, when Ema knocked a man 
away, the man could've actually knocked into the armor, who has a 
rather sharp and dangerous looking sword... so it appears that it was 
Ema who caused the death of Neil. 

Yes, it's tough on Ema, but this is the truth. She can't take it, and 
faints. This is probably why Lana was trying to stop the trial all 
along. It was Lana who moved the body to her own desk so that no one 
will find out about what Ema did. 

Lana was adamant that what Edgeworth and you have been discussing were 
lies. Since you've no proof, you can't say for sure. This is when 
Edgeworth points out to a possibility that Neil might have written a 
note before he died. Does such a message exist? Yes, it does!

Tell the judge the message from the victim is in the evidence. Present 
the unstable jar once again - a message was left on the surface of the 
jar, in blood. It looks like someone wiped the blood away. For some 
reasons, the blood on some of the fragments wasn't wiped away though. 
Blood must have seeped into the jar where the lines changed 
directions. The dots of blood that left behind can be connected to 
form a name.

Now, connect the dots on the touch screen, and you'll find: "EMA."

Gant now appears and pours cold water on Edgeworth. You immediately 
objects, because Darke was obviously a murderer, just that, he didn't 
kill Neil. Gant argues that it doesn't matter, since the list of 
forged evidence was indeed used to sentence Darke to death. 

This causes the morning's trial to come to a halt. Save your game.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 25, 12:06pm
Go through the conversation with Edgeworth and Gumshoe. Gumshoe brings 
you a book on evidence law. You're now reminded of the rule no. 1 of 
the evidence, er, law:

"No evidence shall be shown without the approval of the police 

Gumshoe also relays a message from Lana - if you're planning to take 
"HIM" on, you're going to need the book. 

This evidence law book will now be added to the Court Record. Check it 
out for rule no. 2:

"Unregistered evidence presented must be relevant to the case in 

It's now time to bring this case to its end.


Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 25, 12:52pm
The speculations on Edgeworth will result in you being given the 
chance to call forth a witness. A superb performance from Edgeworth to 
allow you to continue the trial! You'll accept the proposal, so take 
this opportunity to call upon Gant.

The judge agrees, so there, you'll get the chance to finally nail the 
chief of police. 

Gant and Neil were questioning Darke that day. To make a long story 
short, they slipped up. The power outage didn't help either. When 
Gant went to the office, he found Lana there. Apparently, she had 
already "arranged" the crime scene. He has nothing to do with this 

You'll need to hit him hard and fast. When he talks about having 
nothing to do with the forgery, present the jar - if he had nothing to 
do it, why did he keep the piece of fragement from the jar into his 
safe? You'll also reveal that you found the other half of the 
evidence list on his desk. These prove that he was also part of the 
illegal investigation.

Gant will now explain why these stuff are found in his room.

A jar fragment, and a list. Well, he claims you could've plated them 
in his office. You also can't prove when these evidence were 
discovered. If they were found after Darke were convicted, then 
they'd be worthless. There's no reason he'd participate in a forgery. 
Rearranging the crime scene wouldn't help him out in any way. 

He then threatens to press charges against you for trespassing into 
his office. He also seems to have something on the judge.

Press his statement about rearranging a crime. This will lead to a 
speculation on him being an accomplice to somebody else. He'll then 
change that statement and say that he wouldn't be anyone's accomplice 
if there was nothing in it for him.

Now, press this statement. This will eventually lead to an option for 
you to point out an accomplice. Choose it, and then present Lana as 
the one whom Gant was helping. It was quite an obvious choice - Ema 
fell victim to a series of unfortunate events. Who'd want to help her 
more than her own sister, Lana? Desperate, Lana sought help from 
Gant, who saw the opportunity to control the prosector's office right 
there and then. For his own profit, he participated in the forgery, 
and then arranged for Lana to become chief prosecutor, so that he 
could control her. 

Gant will then ask for proof. You've none, since Lana won't testify. 
Edgeworth will add that perhaps you can find something from the 
murder of Goodman to support your case. You'll now accuse Gant for 
being involved in the murder Goodman, and getting Lana to take the rap 
to cover up his involvement. 

Now, watch the crowd reaction, while Edgeworth and you reach an 
agreement to pursue this issue all the way. The judge will now ask 
whether you can prove what you claimed. 

Present the ID Card record. The identity of "7777777" is finally going 
to be revealed in court - the safe in Gant's office requires a code to 
open. The code is "7777777". This proves that the person who entered 
the evidence room earlier on the day of Goodman's death is mostly 
like Gant.

He retorts by saying that he went to the evidence room alone. You'll 
then ask whether Goodman went in with him. He replies he hasn't seen 
Goodman "in days". You'll immediately reply that he has undone 
himself. You'll need to show proof to support your statement though, 
so present the lost item report - Goodman lost his ID card on that 
day (Marshall stole it, remember?), so he filed a lost item report. 
He'd have to give that report to the chief of police, that is, Gant. 
How could Gant then not have seen Goodman for days?

Now, the lost item report is your hands, which means he didn't hand it 
in, right? Gant asks you about that. You'll reply he filed it, because 
he needed to enter the evidence room that day for transferal. Goodman 
took the form to Gant. Gant then accompanied Goodman to the evidence 
room. He then murdered Goodman in the room, and instructed Lana to 
clean up the mess. 

He'll then reply that he could've lend his ID card to Goodman, which 
Edgeworth immediately objects by saying that if that's so, the card 
would be found on Goodman's body, since it has only been used once on 
that day. 

Watch Gant turns into a mutant in his frenzy. You'll then explain that 
the murder was most likely committed on the spur of the moment, as no 
one in their right mind would choose the police department as a place 
to murder someone. 

As you explain how Gant instructed Lana to clean up the mess, Edgeworth 
brings up a valid point - how did the body end up at the parking lot?  
Well, you've proof, didn't you? Remember the screwdriver? Yes, the 
one that Ema joked about it being a decisive evidence to solve this 
case? Well, it is not exactly decisive, but it sure is important! 
Present it.

Think back to the day of the crime, when Gant unnecessarily asked 
Edgeworth to go into the evidence room to pick up an evidence on a case 
that isn't due for transferal yet back to the prosecutor's office. 
Why'd he do that? Well, he needed a diversion to get Edgeworth away 
from his car, that's why. Using that time slot when Edgeworth was 
away, Gant planted the body in the trunk of Edgeworth's car. It was 
Edgeworth who unwittingly "helped" to remove the body from the police 
department to the prosecutor's office!

Also, think back tp the photograph that Angel took at the prosecutor's 
office. It was not a photo of the body being stuffed in the trunk to 
be taken away. It was merely one of the body being discovered by 
the person who told to discover it - Lana.

Gant will now invoke his right as the chief of police to refuse 
testifying. You'll need a concrete proof. Unfortunately, you've none. 
So, select "no proof yet" and let Gant leave. This is when Edgeworth 
reminds you that in the event that concrete proof can't be found, you 
can still rely on testimony.

Call Lana to the stands when given the opportunity to call one more 
witness. This will give you another recess... wait, Gant returns 
once more. Looks like he came back to threaten Lana. What a jerk.

Now, you can go for your recess. Get ready for the final push.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 25, 2:04pm
Edgeworth tells you that if Gant refuses to testify... this is when 
Ema appears and completes the sentence - he also forfeits his right to 
say anything as well. 

She'll follow you into court for the last hurrah, while Edgeworth 
tells you it's indeed time to end this. I mean, this FAQ is already 
into the 300KB category!

Save your game.


Scene: District Court, Courtroom No. 9
Date: February 25, 2:21pm
Your last battle in court in this game pits you against Lana. She's 
still fearful of Gant, and will lie through her skin just to protect 
Ema. However, as she lies so much, her testimonies are also easy to 

Lana tells you that she worked alongside Gant for years, and there's 
no truth in your "blackmail" theory. She fabricated the evidence two 
years ago all by herself. When she found Neil's body, she rearranged 
the crime scene. Her only motivation was to get Darke convicted. It 
had nothing to do with Ema.

Press her when she says she rearranged the crime scene. She replies 
that she was first to the crime scene, and she found the "halberd" 
stuck in Neil's body. She then dismisses your "Neil died of an 
accidental push from Ema" theory. This will lead to a discussion on 
Darke's switchblade knife, and also her adding a statement that she 
broke off the tio of Darke's knife, planted it inside the wound, and 
moved the body.

Press this new statement. When given the choice to press further, ask 
"when did you move the body". She replies that the body was indeed at 
Gant's desk as you suggested, She'll then add another new statement 
that the pieces of the jar that shattered during the events threatened 
her plan. 

Press this new statement again. She replies that when she saw the jar, 
it was already shattered to pieces. It must have been shattered during 
the melee between Neil and Darke. Now, go back to this statement and 
present the jar - if the jar was shattered during the melee, how 
could Neil write down Ema's name in blood on it? 

So, it looks like more information is needed about this jar and the 
bloody message.

Lana now claims that she immediately noticed the blood traces on the 
jar, but it was too dark in the room, and she didn't have time to 
check it out. To be safe, she wiped away the blood. The fragments were 
large, so she was sure she got them all. All she could think about was 
wiping them clean before they were discovered.

An easy testimony to counter - just present the jar again when she 
says that she got all the pieces of the fragments. She didn't get all 
the pieces, did she? There was one piece in the safe of Gant! The 
truth is getting clearer by each passing minute. Lana wasn't the first 
person who arrived at the scene of crime. It was Gant. 

Watch the series of objections and explantion, which will eventually 
lead to Lana's third, and final, testimony. This is when you suspect 
that the earlier outcome that you arrived for the SL-9 Incident may 
yet be a wrong conclusion. Perhaps, just perhaps, Ema didn't kill 
Neil at all.

Anyway, let's go back to Lana's testimony.

This time, Lana will tell the truth. When she arrived at the scene, 
she already found Neil's body impaled on the armor's sword. Ema and 
Darke were lying unconscious on the floor. When she saw what happened, 
she thought Ema did it. That's why she erased all the evidence that 
linked her to the murder. She had Gant helped her remove the body from 
the sword and carry it. But if all she saw was just a fabrication, Ema 
might yet be innocent!

Before you even begin cross-examining her, she reveals that she has 
already given the photo to the actual crime scene to you earlier. 
Remember the book on Evidence Law? The judge will ask you to present 
the photo, so find the book, check it, rotate it to its back and 
point to the small logo on it to open it. The photo is right inside 
the book. It's a picture of Neil impaled on the armor's sword. Note 
also that a part of his vest was cut off - the slip of cloth you 
found in Gant's safe?

Lana's picture added to Court Record.

Now, you won't have a chance to even cross-examine Lana, because Gant 
suddenly interrupts the proceedings. Although he has given up his 
right to testify, he could still present evidence. This is when he'll 
force you to present the slip of cloth. But, how could you do it, when 
Ema's handprint is on it? The judge will ask you whether do you really 
have an evidence to present - well, even if you'll have to be 
penalised for witholding evidence, say "cannot show evidence". You'll 
tell the judge that you've nothing to present "at this point of time".

NOTE: If you insist of presenting, the end result is GAME OVER for 
you. Trust me!

Watch now as Gant insists that you took something from his safe, 
while you sheepishly deny. Gant now points to Lana's photo, about the 
missing piece of cloth. This will, however, also implicate him as 
really concealing evidence, but he doesn't seem to care anymore.

He'll follow up by admitting that he was the first person to arrive at 
the crime scene that day. It occured to him that he could use the 
situation to control Lana. She knew that Lana will take the bait if he 
made the crime scene looked like Ema has done it. He hid two pieces of 
evidence before Lana arrived.

He mentions that he hid these evidence "for insurance". He then 
presents the jar again, and mentions about Ema's name being on it. 
Edgeworth quickly objects, and says that the message on the jar could 
be fabricated too.

This is when he once again puts pressure on you to present the slip of 
cloth. You'll then ask him whether did he cut the piece of cloth from 
Neil's vest, and hid it in his safe. He'll admit it.

NOTE: You asked that question for your own form of "insurance". We'll 
come to it shortly.

It has been a long battle, but the moment of truth has finally 
arrived. Select "show evidence" now, then present the slip of cloth. 
You'll once again verify with Gant that he cut the slip of cloth 
from Neil's vest on the day of crime. Stupidly, he says yes again. 
Victory is in sight.

The result of showing this slip of cloth now is that the judge will 
ask you whose handprint is it on the cloth. Select Ema. Yes, she'll 
be briefly implicated, but you've laid your bait, and there's no 
turning back now.

Watch now as Gant happily gets ready to celebrate his victory. This 
is when you start to explain why Ema COULDN'T have done it. This slip 
of cloth does indeed proves who the real murderer is, but it's not 
possible for Ema to be that person. The slip of cloth contains a 
decisive contradiction.

The judge will ask you what's the contradiction. Present Lana's photo 
- the slip of cloth was cut from the left side of Neil's vest. The 
photo shows clearly that Neil was stabbed on the left, leading to a 
whole lot of blood on his shirt and vest. The slip of cloth, however, 
looks decidedly clean. Looks like Ema has her print on the vest 
because she pushed Neil aside, but someone cut the vest when Neil 
was unconscious, then push Neil into the armor's sword, and wrote 
Ema's name on the jar, then smashed it into pieces! And who could've 
done that? Well, the person who admitted that he was first at the 
crime scene!

Amazingly, Gant will still not give up. He now argues that the slip 
of cloth is illegal evidence. He claims that you've earlier concealed 
this piece of cloth , and your act of concealment has rendered the 
slip of cloth "illegal".

At last, the time for you to reveal your plan has finally arrived. 
When the judge asks you whether did you purposefully and illegally 
concealed this piece of cloth, select "I did not".

Watch now as your explain why the evidence is not illegal. It's not 
that you "didn't" present it then, it's that you "couldn't"! The judge 
now asks you to present something to prove that your conduct was not 
in violation of the law. Present the evidence law book - rule no. 2: 

"Unregistered evidence presented must be relevant to the case in 

Indeed, Ema's print is on the cloth, but at that point of time, this 
was merely a piece of cloth. It was impossible for you to prove that 
this cloth has relevance to the SL-9 Incident. But when Gant stupidly 
admits that he cut the cloth out from Neil's vest on the day of the 
crime, at the crime scene, this evidence became relevant! This was 
just like how Gant used you to get the switchblade now on record 
earlier to confuse the investigation. You let him taste his own 

Now, enjoy the final moments of the trial. There's nothing else to do 
now except to watch your stylish victory. 

Oh, you'll need the explanation as to why he killed Goodman too. So, 
here it goes: Marshall and Angel were adamant in re-opening the SL-9 
case, but they've no avail. When Goodman lost his ID card, and 
borrowed Gant's card to do the transferal for the SL-9 case that day, 
he finally asked Gant to re-open the case. It was then that Gant knew 
he had to kill Goodman, which was why the murder was so hastily 
committed, in the police department's evidence room.

That's it, you've won the case! Well done, ace attorney. You'll be 
rewarded with a smile from Lana - even though she'll still be 
charged for all sorts of other reasons.

Scene: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 2
Date: February 25, 5:03pm
You've one final decision to make here. Edgeworth reveals his decision 
to resign again, but Lana tells him that he isn't alone. He has you! 
She'll then ask you to show Edgeworth an evidence from this case that 
neither Edgeworth nor you would have been able to find our your own.

Present the the evidence list - you've half of it, Edgeworth has half 
of it. Oh, the love.

Go through the conversation, which will eventually lead to the 
another ending and credits. Congratulations, you've beaten Gyakuten 
Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten! Remember to shout "OBJECTION!" into your 
mic for one last time towards the end, before the credits roll!

NOTE: At the end of the credits, you'll need to rotate a book to see 
a picture of a younger Lana (in police uniform) and Ema. 

"No one can change the past. The only thing we can do is strive to 
make up for our mistakes, so that we can find the way back to our 
path towards a brighter future."

- Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney


So, this is it. One of the best games I've played this year comes to a 
conclusion. I don't know about you, but as a fan of mystery novels, 
this game certainly appeals to me. This is also the main reason why I 
decided to write a FAQ/Walkthrough for it.

Still, as this is the longest walkthrough I've written so far, I'm glad 
I was able to complete it. For a while, writing it has interfered with 
my daily life so much that I considered giving it up. But emails of 
encouragement and positive feedback kept me going, and I'm proud to 
present this full version of document to you.

The challenge, as I always say, is obviously for you to try solving 
the crime by yourself, and only referring to this document when you're 
stuck. The game is quite easy, but the linear nature of it also means 
that you could get stuck at various stages if you don't know what to 
do next. I hope you'll find this document useful when you encounter 
these issues.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to check out my other works, please go to
this URL:


Last but not least, I wish you all the best in the game. 


Version 0.1: Created structure of guide. Almost completed Episode One,
until the battery dies on me. (9.16.05)

Version 0.4: Completed Episode One and Episode Two. Added some FAQs and 
Credits. Fixed some typos and grammatical errors, as well as 
restructure some sentences to facilitate easier reading. (9.18.05)

Version 0.5: Completed the Controls and Getting Started sections while 
my wife played with her Nintendogs. Completed Day 1 and 2 of Episode 
3. Began Day 3 of Episode 3. Celebrated my birthday. (9.21.05)

Version 0.8: Completed Episode 3 and 4. Streamlined the entire guide 
for easier reading. Reduced amount of spoilers. (9.25.05)

Version 0.85: Completed Day 1, and most parts of Day 2 from Episode 5. 

Version 0.9: Completed Day 2, and began Day 3 from Episode 5. 

Version 1.0: Guide completed. (10.3.05)

Version 1.01: Miscellaneous changes, eg. typos, headers, etc. 

Version 1.05: More miscellaneous changes. Added a pointer from Alex 
Luke in Episode 5, Day 3 - Trial Latter, Marshal Cross-Examination 3. 
Added a pointer from Webapprentice in Episode 3, Day 4 - Trial, 
Vasquez Cross-Examination 1. Added a new question in the FAQs section. 

Version 1.06: Fixed several spelling and grammatical errors, as well 
as capitilization inconsistencies, thanks to The_Real_Gte. (10.25.05)

Version 1.10: Updated Day 4 - Trial Former, Ema's Cross-Examination 3 
with links to images showing how to solve the infamous "rotate the 
unstable jar to look like the Blue Badger" puzzle. With compliments to 
Alvin and Ben. (10.26.05)

Version 1.12: Included new FAQs and an Easter Eggs appendix. (1.20.06)

I'll attempt to answer potential questions that I think people will 
ask here. If you've something that you're not sure, feel free to write 
in and I'll try my best to answer them - but please do so only after 
the guide is completed!

Q: I understand that the Japanese version of this game has a fully 
translated English game bundled in. I'd like to know how's the 
translation. Is it good enough for me to complete the game without 
having to reply on further translations?
A: Yes, the translation is more than adequate for you to complete the 
game. In fact, I don't consider it a translation at all. I believe 
that the English version in this game will be very close to what will 
be released in October as the US version of this game, perhaps only 
with some minor cosmetic differences.

Q: I did an "OBJECTION!" during the cross-examination as you 
suggested in the guide, but the judge replied saying that he doesn't 
see anything to object about. Why is it so?
A: You could've objected on the wrong statement that the witness is 
saying. You must object at the actual statement of contradiction. For 
example, object when the witness says "I saw the body at 1:00pm" 
instead of when he/ she says "Yes, that's what I saw", even though the 
second sentence may have come immediately after the first.

Q: If I object wrongly, what will happen?
A: The judge will reprimand you. Do it a few more times and you'll, 
yes, you'll lose the case.

Q: How often can I save?
A: You can save as often as you can, and as and when you can. The game 
will restart at the exact point that you saved. Very nice.

Q: I'm stuck during the cross-examination with Redd White in Episode 
Two. I've done everything, pressed him, presented all items I've, yet 
he doesn't bulge. What should I do?
A: This is answered in the walkthrough. Read it to find out how to 
get out of this situation.

Q: What's the "Initial Trial" system mentioned so many times in the 
A: This was introduced because the court had so many cases, they 
decided to speed up the process. Under this system, all trials have 
to end in three days. Which means, an attorney will only have these 
time frame to gather clues for helping his or her client.

Q: How do I make the unstable jar look like the Blue Badger?
A: I'm glad to say that after asking around, I found someone who 
managed to help me explain this much better - in the form of diagrams 
and an actual screenshot! Please check the walkthrough for more 

Q: "I followed every step you wrote, and yet ________________ (insert 
event) didn't happen. WHY???"
A: The MOST popular question I've received so far. Everyday, and I 
mean, everyday, I get a question like this in my inbox. Now, I'm 
pretty sure thatI've everything covered. Ten times out of ten, a 
person who asks this question will eventually write back and tell me 
that he/ she didn't actually "follow every step I wrote". All I can 
say is that, if you find that an event that is supposed to happen 
didn't, you *may* have have missed a step. The best way to solve the 
problem is to backtrack and find out what it is. 

Have questions? Email me at lestor_wong at yahoo.com. Please include 
a subject and try to type in proper English. I understand that not 
all people can type perfect English, I mean, I know I can't. But at 
least try to make it easier for me to understand what you're asking, 
or I may have no choice but to ignore the mail. Anyhow, I'll try to 
answer all mails if I've the time, so feel free to write.


This is contributed by Richforce:

In the evidence room, when you examine some junk next to the lockers,
you¡¯ll find the fishing pole and metal detector featured in Episode 
Four, along with a ¡°radiolocator¡±. This locator was referred to as a 
wave receiver in Episode 4 of Gyakuten Saiban 2. The rival prosecutor 
of the game, who happens to be the daughter of Manfred von Karma, used 
it to keep tabs on Gumshoe during the case, to make sure that he 
didn¡¯t help you. It also became a decisive evidence late in the game. 

When you input the code on Gant's safe, look at the upper right hand 
corner of the top screen, and you¡¯ll see a logo that says ¡°KB¡±. In 
Episode Two of Gaykuten Saiban 3, a security group called the KB 
Corporation is featured quite prominently.

Spotted any easter eggs? Send the entries in!


List of thanks and etc.:

Alice: My fellow mystery fan in the office. You'll love this game.

Alvin: For the hints via SMS when I'm stuck - even though they didn't 
really helped either. Most notably, also for the step-by-step diagram 
of rotating the unstable jar to look like the Blue Badger. You rock!

Ben: For showing me the actual screen shot of the unstable jar 
looking like the Blue Badger.

Capcom: What a wonderful, wonderful game. Thank you for Gyakuten Saiban 
4, too!

Erica: For finally returning the DS to me to play this game. Yes, I 
know your dogs need a bath. I've won 1st prize in the frisbie 
championship for you, twice, by the way.

Alex Luke: For pointing out an error in Episode 5, Day 3 - Trial 
Latter, Marshal Cross-Examination 3.

Webapprentice from the GameFAQs.com board: For providing a tip in 
Episode 3, Day 4 - Trial, Vasquez Cross - Examination 1 to avoid being 
penalised. Check out his stuff too: 


The_Real_Gte from the GameFAQs.com board: For helping to proof read 
and pointing out almost all spelling and grammatical errors, as well 
as capitilization inconsistencies.

Richforce: For the Easter Eggs list.

GameFAQs.com: For making this one of the FAQs of the Month (October 

All other who wrote in with kind words and feedback: Thanks for 
supporting this FAQ. I couldn't answer all of the emails, but rest 
assured that I did read all of them. 


If you like my work, and would like to extend a little donation, you 
can PayPal it to lestor_wong at yahoo.com. After living with the 
missus for a few years, we've finally decided to host our wedding this 
November. Every dollar counts for me now. There's, however, totally no 
obligation, of course. Cheers.

Copyright Lestor Wong 2005-2006.

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