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On case 5 examine button for the redial (blue button) wont show up? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
Gltich(?) In Case 5: Rise From Ashes Tech Support 1 5 months ago
I think I'm stuck in a death loop. Is there a way out? Tech Support 2 1 year ago
Why can't you use Luminol Testing Fluid in the Unstable Jar? Plot 2 2 years ago
Do I need to play the whole series? General 2 2 years ago
Case 5 summary? Plot 1 4 years ago
I can't seem to progress the game? Main Quest 2 5 years ago
What do I need to do? General 3 5 years ago
Blow on fingerprints on Mac? Tech Support 1 6 years ago
What happens if you make too much penalties? General 2 6 years ago

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