Action Replay Max DS (.dst) Game Save (North America)

Save Game File10/13/06CW Boi 20936K
File 1: Winter 20 Year 2. Wait until Monday to marry Celia. File 2: Winter 16 Year 2. Can marry Celia, Flora or Lumina. 61 sprites unlocked. Name: Peter, Farm: Conway, Dog: Poochi, Cat: Whisky. 2 Animal Sheds and 3 Bird Sheds.
Save Game File01/23/07Acid_11811K
HMDS save. Farm: Futsda, Name: Adam, Cat: Crikey, Dog: Sheba, Summer 11. Past intro, and people who talk to you at first. No cheats used.

Action Replay Max DS (.dst) Game Save (Europe)

Save Game File09/11/12Save-game-pro512K
Sprites : 101 - Name : Jorn - Cat Name : ids - dog name : mirro - Can marry keira (3nd mine floor 255) Mines : 1st 2nd and the 3nd - Horse name : Nanoe - enjoy this Save game :)

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