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  1. First, you must obtain some ore. The basic ores are found in mine 1, which can be opened if you walk into the mine between 9pm and 11pm. If you hit the rocks with a hammer, you will obtain either:
    1. Junk ore (cannot be used for upgrade)
    2. Copper ore (upgrade level 1)
    3. Silver ore (upgrade level 2)
    4. Gold ore (upgrade level 3)
    5. Mystrile ore (upgrade level 4)

    The highest upgrades--cursed, blessed, and mythic--can only be obtained after opening the 3rd mine, so we'll worry about that later.

    Once you've found an ore, get on the phone and call up Blacksmith Saibara. Select the tool you want to upgrade and the ore you want to use. If Gary says that you don't have enough experience, you need to use your tool more times in order to get to the next level.

    If you DO have enough experience, Gary will charge you between 1000 and 5000 money and take your tool for up to 5 days. He will return it to you after he's finished.

    The cursed tools I mentioned before can be found by digging up certain floor tiles in the third mine. They can be blessed by the church for 100,000 money. The mythic ore can also be found in the third mine, but only after blessing the cursed tools.

    And one final note: If you have enough experience, you DO NOT have to upgrade your tools to the copper/silver/gold levels before upgrading to mystrile.

    Good luck!

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  2. How to cut the tree I upgrade my axe into mystrile axe so I don't know which tree I can there is different trees

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  1. The upgrade to mystrile can be gained by going into the 1st mine, you can get the cursed version after you opened the 3rd mine by having ONE mystrile tools.
    The cursed tools are on floor 24, 35, 48, 52, 68, 71, 87, 99, 106, 118, 124, 135, 142, 153, 162, 178, 185, and 197. On the way, you can also try to get cursed accessories on floor 324, 335, 348, 352, 368, 371, 387, 399, 406, 418, 424, 435, 442, 453, 462, 478, 485, 497, 724, 735, 748, 752, 768, 771, 787, 799, 806, 818, 824, 853, 862, 878, 885, and 897. Once you've get the cursed tools, you might want to decurse it by calling up for the curch and remove it for 100.000. Then look for mythic stone also in 3rd mine, but it is only available AFTER you got all blessed version. The stone available (from floor 0 to 255, every floor that ends in 0. From floor 255 to 999, every floor that ends in 5.)

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  2. To level them up find ore in the first mine then call the black smith he will give you the upgraded hammer,axe etc a few days later.

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  3. To level up your items, first you must go to the dig (where Flora and Carter are almost every day) with your hammer equipt between 6:30 pm to 12am, or when your wake up (you can use teleportation stone) You will end up with the first mine. You can chrush stones and find ores (junk ore, copper ore, silver ore, gold ore, and misterilite) there are only ten levels though. Then, once your item has enough experence points, you can upgrade it. (junk ore is used for nothing) with Copper Ore, being the Least and Misterilite being the most. You will have to wait one to several days before you get your item back. To charge: press Y button until it dosent do anything, then let go. Hope this helps! (to unlock other mines, do the same as getting the first mine, but you have to make it all the way to the bottom of each mine, without fainting, before you can unlock the other. 1st mine, 10 levels, 2ed mine, 250 levels, 3rd mine 999 levels, 4th mine, somewhere around 4000 levels.) hope this helps!

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  4. The 4th mine has 65,535 levels

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