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Reviewed: 02/27/06

No, this game doesn't contain any hentai scenes!

Urusei Yatsura, commonly known as "Lum", is one of those anime series that were released in Japan more than a decade ago. There aren't many games based out of it, and in spite of generally being a strange series (well, the main character even wears a bikini all the time!), this game doesn't seem to carry the same joyful ambiance of the series.

In here you will basically find a rather usual Japanese dating simulation in which you will be controlling Ataru and move him across the many screens that compose the town you will be playing in. You can enter some houses, talk to people you find around the scenario and even collect some items, all by simply moving your character to the place where the house/person/item is.
When you enter a house or you get in touch with a person you will usually spot a small event sequence, in which your character will talk to someone else and sometimes more things may occur, like you having to play a mini-game (which are always really easy to play) and even increasing how much a specific girl likes you. Unlike in some other dating simulations, around here you can only try to date the girls from the series, no funny sequences in which you date guys.

All these actions can be performed during the day, and by performing them you will advance in time. When night falls and there's nothing else to do, your character will be taken home and a whole new day will arrive, getting you another opportunity to take a glimpse at the calender. In there, special days will be marked in a different, and in those you will mostly be taken to a special place and see the action in there. You will usually have to to pick some options and, by doing so, you will get different results, which heavily contributes to what is going to happen next. All your choices will change your final sequence of the game, as usual in this type of game.

Back to the items referred before, those are generally past manga covers of this series, which can also be seen by pressing a certain option in the main menu. There are more things to unlock, such as musics, dresses and even CG images, and since you can try to get dates with all the girls but you will need many tries to fully complete it, I must admit that this game has a good replay value.

The graphics are quite detailed and generally good, but most characters don't look like the ones you could see in the series, which may slightly disappoint huge fans of the series. It even took me ages to recognize someone as special as Mendo, and this may also occur to you some times while playing the game. There are some small sequences in which the quality is slightly lower but it doesn't matter much, since you will hardly ever see them. In case you are wondering, the city sequences are in isometric 2D (or 3D, or whatever you wanna call it) and the cut scenes are in 2D.

About the sound, it's nothing special. Most of the times you will be hearing the same music in the story sequences, but there some more to hear, as you can suppose from the available option that allows you to hear musics from the game.

As a final note, I have to admit that this game is actually playable for people who don't know the Japanese language, but only the ones who do will be able to enjoy it and its story. A not very interesting one, I gotta admit, as the summer will eventually end and you will find out that this isn't based in any part of the series, as far as I could understand.

So, who should get this game? Fans of the series which actually know the language. Everyone else may find this slightly funny, but they will never be able to enjoy the game as they were supposed to.

Rating: 7

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