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Story Guide by Chen Guojun

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 04/02/2007

                               [ ZOIDS SAGA DS ]

                             ~ LEGEND OF ARCADIA ~

                                  Script Guide

Written by Chen Guojun / Cyber Akuma / Mech Gouki / Ultimate Reality /
           God of Truth 

/                 \_____________________________________________________________

Version 0.95  03-04-07
Minor Updates.


/              \________________________________________________________________

Overview -
This guide contains the script story for Zoids Saga DS Legend of Arcadia.

Translations -
Everything in the script was translated with my understanding. (And using
JQuicktrans.) There are many inaccuracies in the translations, so remember
this is not 100% accurate. 

If you come across something in here that you do not understand, chances are, 
I do not understand it myself.

Spoilers -
Because of spoilers, I have written this script guide as another guide,
rather than incorporating it as part of my Complete Guide.


Personally, I hate guides for English games, that write out and tell you
the entire story, as if I couldn't read it myself. I find such guides to
be insulting, and a complete waste of time. 

These are just pathetic excuses to pump up the kilobyte size of the guide.
Not to mention being huge spoilers themselves.

Which brings me to my point. The only reason why I am doing this, is because
the game is entirely in Japanese, and people have been requesting to 
understand the story.

Note that I don't like spoilers. But I dislike whiners that go around
complaining about spoilers no less. I can't stand whiners that go around
saying other people spoiled the story for them. Whine to other people,
not me!


/              \________________________________________________________________

Scene starts with a battle lesson with Arth and Atrey. Atrey tries hard.
Arth instructs him. Finally, Atrey hits, but gets countered. Arth say that's
it for today, and tells Atrey to not forget this sensation.

Within the Galaxy lies a planet - Planet Zi.
On this planet exists metallic life forms that possesses excellant battle 
capabilities, known as Zoids.

The will of Zoids were to battle, and it continued on Planet Zi. 
Wars are the use of the strongest weapons to reign the land.
Such were the Empire VS Republic.
Gradually, the wars faded, and drew to a closing, and peace was coming back.
However, in this time, the small kingdom or Arcadia,
ancient relics that have surfaced, are causing unrest, and becoming a bigger 
Once again, a war is on the edge...
The world's only hope rests on the Zoids, and their many young pilots.

Regina chides Atrey for not paying attention. She reminds him that they may
be in a time of peace now, but it is uncertain how long it will last. She
tells him Jack's battle lesson wasn't showing results, and it's no laughing
matter. She reminds him of the importance of learning battles, and tells him
to study properly. She then continues a long lesson.

After a while, Regina decides it's time to take a break.

Jack asks Arth what is he looking for him about. (It's amazing how he can do
that when there is a wall.) They learnt that Atrey has been escaping from
their lessons. Arth was displeased, and about to say something, but Jack
reminds him they are in the castle, and should not be reckless. Jack says that
the Prince was always thinking about something else. Later, Regina rushes in,
seaching for Atrey. She then rushes off again. Jack comments that have an 
easygoing Prince. Arth says it can't be helped.

(You gain control. Speak to everyone, and later, the King.) 

The King speaks to Atrey, saying that he is the heir. Regina rushes in to
Atrey, then notices the King.

Regina says she has not taught Atrey properly, but Atrey says that it was
his fault. The King wanted to talk about the relics, and the balance of the
Republic and Empire.

At this point, the Republic and Empire make their attacks. The King orders
the 3 Beast Warriors and Atrey to leave. They have no chance against the
republic and empire. 

At the front gates, Blood an the rest have cleared the way below.

The 4 of them continue their escape. The Zoid Sauro Knights is for Atrey.
Regina teaches the radar, then they continue their escape.

They continue, after a long discussion of the Armlet Comm, the Radar.

Here, they saw the Trinity Liger, and even though they can't take the Core,
they took the Data.

In Arcana Village, they were talking about seeking support, but Imperial
Soldiers came, and said there was a curfew. Jack lied about being travellers,
and they weren't convinced. An old man then shows up to get them out of this
fix, claiming that Jack is Thomas, and he is his nephew. He later reveals
that he knows who Atrey is, and his name is Roman.

Roman informs them about the situation, and speaks of the 4 Sky Kings.
Arth and Jack speak to each other, and talk about their individual past
working under the Empire and Republic. Regina calls them out.

When they exit, they are ambushed. The Imperial soldiers already knew their
ruse. The party refuse to surrender, and chose to fight.

When you win, Jacked asked about the Castle before letting them go. Regina
teaches about the radar.

Arriving at the castle, they decide it's too risky to brave the front gates,
and take the left factory.

Heading to the end, you will see a door. A passcode is required, and Regina
has it. Upon entering, the Imperial Soldiers catch up. Atrey recognizes the
leader as Blood, who spoke of the Time Transportation Device. Blood refuse
to tell them what happened to the King, saying that they will end here.

The battle caused a crack in the wall, and everyone escapes. Blood chases
after, realizing this leads to the ruins.

After a short move, the Jack and the rest realized that this is the ruins.

At the end, the party see someone entering the Portal. This is the Space
Time Transportation Equipment. Blood appears, and tell them this is a
replica of the sealed technology in the Castle, and they will use it to
obtain the over technology of the ancient Zoids. It is revealed that Arcadia
Kingdom was to watch over this equipment. Blood tells them to consider, why
a small kingdom was caught between Empire and Republic. Jack says this
Space-Time Transportation device is like the opening of Pandora's Box, with
no understanding of what may happen. Blood says it is true that there is
little telling of what may happen, but with this, they are able to gather
the most powerful Zoids of the future, and rule the world while it is
ensnared in chaos. Subsequently, the first obstacle, Arcadia King, has to
be dealt with, for the Emperor. Your party, also, has to disappear.
Atrey said Blood used to be with them, but Blood says never to mention that.
Blood says they have no power, but Regina says that Atrey will definitely be
king. Jack says that they will stop his ambition, but Blood simply replies
that the ambition is the Emperor's. Blood says this shall be their graveyard,
but Regina says they will not go down easy, and she will protect Atrey.
Blood says she speaks bravely, but it is time to do battle. As the leader
of Phantom Knights, Blood Keel will fight them.

When Blood lose, he blames Orpis for not tuning the system correctly, and
say he'll remember this. Then he leaves.

The party then discusses what to do. Regina says to follow, but Jack is 
worried about not being able to return. Regina asks Atrey what he thinks,
but Atrey is already entering. The rest follow suit.

Fran reports to the Emperor. The entire castle is now under control, and
strict security measures used. The emperor babbles to himself, and when
Fran asks, he simply says she need not care. He tells her to continue the

Orpis appears, and wonders if the Equipment was in poor condition, but the
calculation was correct. He then returns.

Re Mie asks Looge, what's with the long face. Looges dismiss it. La Kan
says to rest at the next village. Looge wonders about the Generator in his
village, but La Kan tells him not to worry, but remember that this is his
mission. They then continue.

The party then appears. Regina asks if Atrey is okay, and he says yes. 
Regina chides him for acting alone, and says she won't allow it. The others
try to cut in, but she was already fuming. Discussing the situation, they
wonder about what Blood said about the Phantom Knights. Jack says that there 
is no point in worrying about that now. Suddenly, there is a reaction with 
the portal. They start moving again before it is too late.

The party arrived at another place. Knowing the enemy must be around here,
they decide to enter town and collect information.

When you speak to everyone in Tanta, you obtain new radars and learn how
to use them. You also hear that there are excavations being stolen.

When you excavate something, Orpis gets a report of sightings of your party.

Upon exiting town, Orpis shows and and introduces himself as one of the
Sky Kings of the Phantom Knights. He asks if they are the 3 Beast Warriors,
which they did not deny. Orpis commented on their stupidity, and after a 
brief discussion, they fight. Orpis talks bravely, but runs off.

The villagers thank the party, who chased off the agressors. They decide to
leave, and enter the portal.

The arrive at another place, and decide to enter town for some information.

When you talk to everyone, you realize that Digald has been conquering this
area. The party decides that Digald could be trouble, but it can't be
helped. Outside, 2 Bio Zoids attack, and Arth attacked them with little
effect. The counter attack of the Bio Zoids were strong. La Kan and the
rest came to their aid, and dispatched the Bio Zoids. They entered town.

In town, Re Mie chides them for being reckless, because they would be
annihilated if La Kan did not arrive. Regina thanks Ra Kan, who implies
the actions of Digald are becoming more outrageous. He also mentions
Reeo Weapons being lost. They also talked about the Bio Zoids being made
of special alloy. Atrey, obviously has no clue on this, and Re Mie
is quick to comment that he is unreliable, just like Looge. La Kan tries
to persuade them to give up leaving, as the place is too dangerous.
Eventually, everyone agrees to help each other. First, they would search
for Looge's stolen Murasame Liger. Mie says it was his own fault that it
got stolen, but Looge says it was because of a fire from Mie's failed
barbecue. The party will need to excavate Reeo Ore first. Mie starts
calling Atrey, Looge the Second.

Upon discovering the Reeo Ore, La Kan says to return to forge it.

Kotona, Galaga, and Ron have gathered, certain that the cave is a bandit
hideout. Kotona returns while the others keep watch.

Atrey and Looge thanked each other. Mie says this a is a reaction when 2
unreliable people meet. Kotono returns, and asks who the party is. Mie
casually answers he is Looge the 2nd. La Kan says they are guests from
far away travelling together. Kotona tells them that they have found the
place. Galaga and Ron are keeping watch, but still no signs of the 
Murasame Liger. La Kan says to prepare before setting off.

La Kan says for Looge to follow Kotona, which he readily agrees.

When they reported to Galaga, he was unhappy Looge was with Kotona. Ron was
already away, investigating another Zoid. Looge was disheartened. Kotona
cheered him up, to which he recovered almost immediately. Galaga warns
him about getting too close to Kotona. Mie asks if Galaga is still jealous
of Looge, but he denies it. The party prepares to catch the enemy off-gaurd.

Encountering the Bandits inside, Kotona demands the Zoid back, but they said,
"Sorry, you have to disappear!"

After the battle, Kotona tells Looge there are still bandits around, and not
to be negligent. Looge complies with the "Yes, Kotona!" attitude, and
Galaga warns him again not to attach to her.

When they finally managed to find the Murasame Liger, Kotona urges Looge to
take it quickly. The bandits appear to stop them. Arth simply tells them,
"Congratulations. You shall be defeated right here."

After the battle, they return to town, and Looge thanks Atrey. Kotona mentions
that it may be lonely without another on the Rainbow Jark. At this point,
Galaga becomes irate, and wants to battle Looge.

Looge complains why he has to battle Galaga. Galaga tells him to shut up and 
there's no point arguing. He says this is for the sake of love, and it starts
now. Looge dodges attack, and Galaga tells him to fight like a man. Ignoring
Kotona, he continues to fight. "Only a strong man is suitable for Kotona!
Do you understand?", he shouts. Eventually, La Kan steps in. 

La Kan tells him they simply do not have time for this. Galaga is unhappy.
Kotona comments that he is too single-minded. Mie asks if Looge is okay,
but refuses to admit that she is worried. Kotona cuts in, and asks what is
happening on Ron's end. Galaga was embarrassed, but he had completely 
forgotten about that. La Kan says to forget about the bandits for now, and
head to where Ron is. Galaga then apologizes to Looge for having lost his
cool. But he added that now that Looge is back on the Murasame Liger, Kotona
will belong to himself! (God knows what he meant. But nobody seemed to care
either.) Looge than speaks with Atrey. He said he managed to avoid 
Galaga's attack, using every strength he has got. But from here on, in 
his journey, he is likely to get into conflict with Digald. He must become
even stronger. Jack then urges them to go.

When they meet Ron, he commented they took their time. Galaga apologises for
being so late. Ron asks if he Galaga had actually forgotten what they had
split up to do, but Galaga denies this flat out. Mie comments that that was
low. Ron says to get started.

As soon as everyone enters the deeper parts of Metoki, a Zoid follows them.
It is Zairin, Commander of the Elite Soldier of Digald Martial Country.
Zairin sees this as a perfect opportunity to deal with all the antagonists.
Everyone says their counter battle lines, then a battle starts.

Upon defeat, Zairin retreats, but not before firing at Looge, and saying a
few lines about coming back. Looge says he will have to be stronger. At this
point, a reaction happens between the Murasame Liger and Sauro Knights.
Everyone wonders about this reaction, but decide to just continue.

When they found the Soul Tiger, Kotona realizes they have found Seijuurou,
who happens to be the strongest Zoid Pilot in history. Wondering what he
is doing here, they approached him.

Seijuurou wonder if the party are bandits, but he recognizes Kotona. Seijuurou
is also after the bandits, and he is wondering about his contact, who happens
to be Ron. An attack suddenly appears out of nowhere, and realizing this is
a trap, everyone decides evacuate.

Looge asks to be Seijuurou's pupil, but Seijuurou refuses. Kotona also begs
him to take in Looge, but Seijuurou insists that he will have no more
pupils. Looge rushes out to meet Atrey, but Kotona stays behind, and tells
Seijuurou Looge's story, of how his village was attack, and he needed to be
stronger. She then leaves.

Outside, Orpis lied waiting. It was he who laid this trap. He says that
all of them, except for Regina, has to disappear. Regina and the rest are
perplexed, but fight all the same. Atrey signals to Looge to break through.

After the first wave of enemies are defeated, another wave replaces them.

After the enemies are defeated, Looge says he will not lose. Orpis tells
them to shut up, and the Soul Tiger appears and attacks him. Seijuurou
tells Looge, that his training will be harsh. But Looge's answer was still

Orpis refuses to give up, and launch another attack.

When Orpis is defeated, he comments they are quite the obstacle, but his
observation is already complete. He says he will be happy to see Regina again.

After the victory, Regina is still stunned. It was time for Atrey to say
goodbye to Looge and the rest. Looge was sad that they have to leave.

When Atrey returned through the portal, Command Wolves were lying in wait.
Arth was planning on attacking, but the Command Wolves immediately retreated.
They were surprised, but continued regardless.

In the throne room, Orpis reports to the Emperor that he found interesting
Zoids like the Bio Zoids. Blood says some sarcastic remarks, but Orpis
tells him to stay down. Gail then reports to the Emperor of the 2 captives. 
Blood and Orpis still continue to call each other names. (Mad scientist, 
little man...) Next, Fran reports on ready for entering the targetted world.

In Arcana, a soldier reports to Atrey and the rest, that something 
unidentified had enter the ruins and used the Space-Time Transporter.
Atrey runs off in pursuit, and Regina follows. Arth mutters to Jack about
things being different this time and not running away.

Approaching the Transporter, Imperial Soldiers demand to know why the party
is there. Jack casually replies they simply need to use the transporter, and
Arth gets into an argument with them. A battle starts all the same.

After the battle, Arth says he will spare the soldiers if they tell him
where the previous person has gone.

After obtaining that information, they went through the portal.

Once again, in a foreign land, they decided to enter town for information.
Along the way, they met a Redler, piloted by Fran, who apparently knew Arth.
After having a heated exchange, where Fran tells that Arth was her captain,
she fled. Regina asked Arth what was that all about, but he did not anser.
They entered town soon after.

Arth still will not tell Regina the whole matter, and Jack simply tells her,
"Everyone has secrets." A boy bumped into Atrey, and a small Zoid was
following him. Jack and Regina recognized that as an Organoid. Jack spoke to
the boy, but he answered sharply that he was not to be called "boy". He 
introduced himself as Van, and his Organoid as Zeek. Immediately remembering
that he had someone important to search for, Van rushed off.

In the Bar, Jack asked Irvine if he knew Van, and he immediately demanded to
know who they are. Arth repeated the question, and Irvine shows indifference
to Van's matter. Arth said that Irvine had bad eyes, and Irvine took offense.
Moonbay and Regina had to stop them. Dr D made a comment, and Irvine told him
to shut it. A brief discussion and short argument later, everyone learnt 
that Van had went of with Zeek, but was not with Feene, who was supposed to
be with him. They wondered if Fran has something to do with Feene. They all
decided to look for them.

Outside, they wondered if Fran will seek help, because whatever she had
planned to do will be difficult alone. Moonbay suggests that it may be the
Desert Alcobareino, bandits of the desert.

When they found Van fighting some Zoids, Irvine yells at him for acting on
his own. He says he will take care of this, and Van leaves them.

After the battle, Irvine fusses on how he got messed up in such things, and
Dr D just laughs, and Irvine tells him to shut up again. Jack urges to follow

Entering Rock Town, they saw that the place was hit by war. They decided
to ask everyone in Town.

Outside, they have enough information to know that the Desert Alcobareino
was behind this, so it was time to enter their cave.

When they found Van and the enemy, Rosso recognize them being with "the woman".
Van commented that Irvine took his time, but Irvine simply says that the
trick lies in making an entrance at the last moment. Rosso cuts in, tell them
to stop the chatter. He said he will be taking the Organoid, and it was his
key to getting back to the army. He signals Viola to attack. Van said that
Zeek isn't going anywhere, and he wants Feene back. Rosso does not seem to
understand what he meant, but a battle starts all the same.

After the battle, Rosso realizes his RedHorn's Armor was torn. Van asks
again where Feene is, but Rosso and Viola do not have any clue. They
realized that the Redler, which the villages of Rock Colony saw taking Feene,
must have been a different one. Understanding his defeat, Rosso decides to 
tell them about that other Redler, which happens to be Fran's. He also
said they collaborated, and they were after the Organoid. Van was not
convinced. Rosso said they were merely a hired obstacle. The party was
not convinced, but Atrey said he does not seem to be lying. Jack asked them
where were they headed, and Viola said they headed east, towards Red River
fire bridge. Van said that the place was already lost in a previous battle.
Rosso added that there was a cave somewhere, that linked the Republic side
to the Empire side. After knowing all he needed, Van said they have to hurry.

After they had left them, Rosso said to Viola, that they were totally and
utterly defeated. He said it was alright, but they have to flee now. He also
added that Fran was probably after something in the Empire, and that something
big is going to happen.

Through Red River, awaiting on the other side, is Raven. Van demands to know
why he is there, and asks if he is seeking another battle with him. Raven
simply said it was Van who was interfering. Raven also says that Van is
unskilled in the Zoid, and he will show him how it is done. A battle starts

After his defeat, Raven said the battle had been interesting, but that
woman had already planned this. Van wants to know more, but Raven has
already taken of. Irvine notices that Raven has never used his Organoid at
all. Someone calls out to Van at this point, and he recognizes Feene.

Everyone rushes out to meet Feene. Feene said she was alright. Van asks
what happened to the woman she was with, but she doesn't have a clue.
Irvine says they shouldn't stay too long, since they are on Empire soil
now. Van thanks Atrey, and say he will continue to search for Zoid Eve.
Atrey asks what that is, but Van says he will tell him some other time.
Everyone parts here.

After moving for a short while, a Redler tries to attack Atrey.

It was Fran, who had been hiding to attack. Till now, the party has no idea
what is Fran's target. Fran said, it was to have the Saber Tiger and Shield
Liger battle, and capture the Organoids. She called Raven here, but her
plan did not go so well. Jack asks if she should be running away now because
of that, and she did not have to show up. But it is obvious now, that her
target is Arth. Fran said that Arth has betrayed her group. She asked why
he betrayed her. But Arth's response was "Is that all you have to say?"
Realizing that Arth has no remorse, she fights him.

After she lost, she asks out loud why can't she win, and say she cannot end
it like this. She tells them to remember this, then escapes. Arth says 
silently that he will not forget.

Regina asks Arth again, but still he says nothing. Everyone decides to chase
after her, and enter Grey Colony first.

Entering town, they decide to ask for information. When they exit, they
decided to check out Garil Ruins. There is a rumored treasure in it, and
Fran may be after that.

Entering the Ruins, Regina says she has a strange feeling of the place.

Exploring the deeper parts of the ruins, they did not find anything.
Regina says she has a bad feeling, and they should quickly leave. At this
point someone calls out to them. It turns out that Van and the others are
here as well. Moonbay asked if they had settled matters with the woman.
Jack says it's not finished yet. They said that they decided to investigate
this place too. Feene recognizes the readings, and calls out the name
"Death Saurer". She was in a trance, and Van had to bring her back. Regina
confirms that there is something bizzare about this place. Regina said that 
the Death Saurer is the most vicious evil to have ever existed. Jack
wonders if the ancient Zoid people died because of this most powerful Zoid.
Regina also said that the data is required. Jack asks her why does she know
so much of this, but she did not answer. Arth said that this data may be
the next target. Yet again, Arth and Irvine starts another argument, but they
were cut short by tremors. They suspect an earthquake, but then realized
that this must be the work of a battle. They suspect Raven may be behind 
this. Van rushes off. Feene wanders off to the inscriptions again. Irvine
tells her not to touch anything and follows her. He steps on something,
then realizes he has set of a trap. This kind of trap releases Zoids
against intruders. Moonbay tells him he should have been paying more
attention, and Irvine apologizes. Arth said this was Irvine's responsibility,
and Irvine tells him to shut up, and say they should prepare for battle now.

A battle with Rev Raptor Pile Bunker starts. After the battle, Jack says to
follow Van.

Fran enters, checks the Death Saurer inscriptions. Even though she does not
have the organoids, she at least will not return empty-handed.

Outside, Raven says he has a new Zoid to show Van - the Geno Saurer. He says
it will end here, and tells Van to battle him. The party shows up just in
time to help him. Irvine said he knew it was Raven. Raven says this will
make things interesting. Regina sees the Geno Saurer, and sees it as a
similar feeling to the Death Saurer. Raven says time is wasting, and Van
says they'll fight just like he wished.

After the battle, Raven said it was time to end this, so he attacked Van with
a Charge Particle Cannon, destroying the Shield Liger. After that is done,
he says it's time to go. Irvine asks if he is running away, but Raven simply
replies there is not much the rest could do without Van. With that, he left.
Irvine and Moonbay try to save Van.

They arrived in town. Van's life is not in any danger, even though his spirit
is a different case. Moonbay arrives, and reports that Zeek and Feene are in
with the Shield Liger core. (This greatly shortens what happened in the

Outside, a barrier has surrounded the Shield Liger. No one can get it or out.
Dr D said not to worry, as a new power is growing. There is nothing else to
do except continue.

Raven met Fran. He discusses on what she had planned earlier. He intends to
get even, and say it's time for her to disappear. He attacks her, but misses,
and she escapes. Nothing left to do, Raven also leaves. The party arrives
later, and they saw Raven fighting Fran. They did not seem to be working
together. Atrey decides to chase after Fran first, who went to Hargen City.

Entering Hargen City, they decided to look for information.

They discovered that there was a secret lab here. If someone is trying to
resurrect the Death Saurer, this would be the perfect place. Irvine suggested
breaking through, but the others decided that this would be unwise, as they
are on Empire grounds now, and they have an army near here. Arth however,
thinks it may be a better plan to sneak in.

After preparations, they went in, and took a scientist by surprise. They
forced him to tell everything he knew. They were studying something from an
ancient ruins, which turns out to be Garil Ruins. They were experimenting on
restoring Zoid Cores for Proytzen. They used ZoidCore Gene Alterations on 
this. Jack asked him where this Zoid is now. The Scientist said it went 
berserk and was stopped, and he did not know anything after that. They let 
him go. Understanding there must be something here, they continued.

Entering the room, they found Proytzen. He asked the party if they were
thieves, but immediately said it doesn't matter, and helpless children should
return, and live slowly. He tells them he is Gyunter Proytzen, the next
Emperor. The idea is now clear, and Regina says it was he, who was intending
the resurrection of the Death Saurer. Proytzen asks how did they know about
this, and again says it doesn't matter. He said that they shall be used
as test subjects. Arth realizes he meant the Death Saurer Prototype.
Proytzen said he must be excused, as he has the Empire Coronation to attend
to. He said that the Bloody Demon will be arriving shortly. A tremor happens.

Everyone prepares for battle against the Bloody Demon, and Van shows up, this
time, with his Blade Liger. Irvine asks him what's with the new Zoid, and Van
said that this is Blade Liger, his new companion. Atrey knew that Feene and
Zeek must have helped. Van says to show the enemy their power.

Finally, they defeated the Bloody Demon, and managed to delay the resurrection
of the Death Saurer. Fran suddenly shows up. After a brief exchange on what
was going on, she said she was going to take the Organoid. Van says that's
not going to happen. Fran says she will take it by force then. (Kind of
lacking intimidation, no?) Arth tells her she is being used by the Emperor.
Fran tells him to shut up, as he won't understand anyway. No choice but to

After her defeat, Fran said there was more in plan, and she escapes.

After this, everyone decides they have to go. Irvine tells Arth that women
tend to be tenacious and frightening, but inside, they really care. (Since
when did he become a love expert anyway?) He tells Van it's time to go,
so they say their goodbyes. It was also time for them to return to Arcadia

(This is one great typical murder of the entire original story. There was a
great timeline difference between Raven losing his Saber Tiger in a volcano
fight, which didn't even happen in this game by the way, to the time when he 
got the Geno Saurer to face off against Van. In addition, there were important 
events where Rudolph was abducted by Rosso, and later picked of by Van when 
Raven's Geno Saurer appeared. The Shield Liger was not destroyed at the first 
encounter, it was destroyed at the second. Rosso's Iron Kong was first
destroyed, while the others made their escape. Rudolph is there the whole
time, so it's amazing how such an important character can be totally left
out. In this game, unlike Zoids Saga 1, he never makes an appearence. 
There are also some events which involves Stinger and other characters
who were after Rudolph's Imperial Seal, and such were left out, making it
look as if the transformation to Blade Liger was almost immediate. 

The rise of the Bloody Demon was totally original, and did not conflict with 
the Chaotic Century storyline. But everything else conflicted.

The original Zoids Saga seperated the 2 scenarios, making it look a lot more
accurate. The timeline was a lot more accurate, considering Raven took much
time to getting a Geno Saurer after the Saber Tiger. In addition, the game
showed Rudolph, and idicated Rosso's and Viola's involvement clearly. They
also showed Stinger's attack. All this stuff has been removed in this game.
However, Rudolph's involvement with Van is still not indicated clearly.)

Gail reports to the Emperor ready to suppress the Kingdom Army. He also tells
him that Fran reports failure of the capture of Organoids. The Emperor says
to order her to destroy the Transporter. Blood was not too supportive of this,
but the Emperor says it's better to strike first, and trap them lost in time.

Fran arrives at the Transporter, and the party have yet to return. Fran
prepares for an all-out ambush. Gail arrives, and tells here there is a
change of plans. They are to destroy the Space-Time Transporter. Fran
does not believe it, but Gail said they already have one, so they do not
need this one, and use it to trap Atrey and the rest instead. Fran is
unwilling, and Gail asks her if she any problems with this. She simply said
no. Gail says he has to return to make preparations, so he leaves.

Arriving at the gate, Regina notices some strange disturbances. They hurried

Fran tells the guards to leave her. She has to get revenge, but cannot
achieve it this way. While she is deciding what to do, Kingdom Soldiers 
appeared. The Kingdom soldiers will secure this area. Fran decides this
is just as fine, so she leaves, deciding that she will one day get her
revenge as long as Arth lives. The party just arrives, and the Kingdom
soldiers welcomed them. The soldiers report that they have gradually taken
control of the area, and have taken over the ancient ruins. The party
is happy to hear this. Atrey tells the soldiers to strive, and they complied.

Fran reports to the Emperor the failure of the destruction of the Transporter.
The Emperor was angry saying she was a fool for failing the mission to capture
the organoids, and failing to destroy the Transporter. He tells her to get
out of his sight. The Emperor mutters about being surrounded by incompetent
fools. Gail reports ready, and the Emperor tells him not to slip up. He
tells Blood to strengthen the fortress' defense.

Downstairs, Blood comments to Gail that the Kingdom Soldiers were quick to
regroup. He asks if what they are doing is betrayal. Gail simply says serving
the government isn't about doing what you like. 

A soldier reports to Atrey, there was a time reaction. The Space Time
Transporter in the Castle was used. They are uncertain of where they went.
Jack says from what he heard from the Imperial soldiers, they may be
able to trace where they have gone through wave patterns. Arth tells the
soldiers to prepare a team to activate the Transporter systems.

At the Space-Time Transportation Center, Arth asks them if they have completed
the analysis, to which they replied yes.

Arriving at another world, they decide to enter the city they see. (And this
time they didn't enter automatically.)

After checking around, they decided to meet Maha Storm.

Hopp asked them if they wanted anything. Arth told him about hearing Zoids
being attacked, and wanted to see if they knew anything. Regina says he
was too direct. Hopp asked who they were, and Jack said they were after
someone whom they suspect is related to the Zoid attacks, and they would like 
him to tell them what he knew. Arth demands to know, and Regina tells him
to watch how he says it. Hopp does not have the details. Seeing how there is
not much else to find out, they decide to leave. Hopp calls to them to wait,
and asks them if it is that important. Jack replies they have to do the right
thing. Other zoids may be targetted and attacked if this is not stopped.
Hopp says that Maha Storm shall help them, and they gladly took it.

Hopp introduces the members. Hopp says they should give top priority to these
Zoid attacks. Maskman says he understood. Matt says he wants in, but Sweet
forbids, and tells him to take care of housekeeping. Sigma and RD say they
will handle it. Arth asks if it is okay for a kid to handle this. RD says
"Hmp! Don't be stupid. You should see the power of me and my Liger Zero!"
Sigma says RD can handle himself, and RD agrees. Sweet says to have everything
prepared. They discussed where the culprit could be and what he might do.
Jack gets a slip of tongue and calls Atrey "Prince", which raises RD's
attention. Atrey said to just call his name. Hopp gives Atrey Radar upgrades
and tells him how to use it.

Entering the ruins, they decided to investigate the place.

Halfway through, everyone decided to split up to cover more ground.

When Atrey and the rest finally found the Gojulas, Arth said it must have been
him who started the attacks. Jack says he could not believe it was done
by Gail, who was his coach. Gail said he had not planned to meet them under
such circumstances. Jack asks Gail why he chose to serve the Emperor. Gail
replied by saying this was not his problem. Gail said to him, that a word
of advice, he will not forgive anyone who interferes with him.

Gail attacks Jack, then runs off, telling him not to forget his advice.
Arth asks if Jack is okay, and what was that all about. Jack said that
Gail used to serve in the Republic, and he used to train under Gail.
Gail was assigned important duties. The injury on his arm happened
when he was inexperienced. He was surrounded by enemies, and Gail helped
him break through. He couldn't understand why Gail would choose to work
for the Emperor now. Arth said they are certain to cross paths again,
and when the time comes, he will know, and will do what he has to.

At the point, Gamy and the Public Order Bureau shows up, and mistook Atrey 
and the rest for the criminals behind the attacks. Regina says they got it
wrong, but the trio insist they surrender. Atrey said they can't talk their
way out of this one, but they cannot give in, so they will have to do this
the hard way.

After the battle, RD rushes in, and asks them what on earth were they doing.
Gamy recognizes RD. RD says that the Gojulas has already escaped. Dyd says
that means that Atrey and the rest are innocent, but added that the information
should be accurate. Gamy just curses this failure. RD says that right now,
Maskman and the others have faced the Gojulas, and tells them to hurry. Gamy
says they will lend Atrey their power to deal with this enemy.

In HQ, Hopp gets their report saying the capture of the Gojulas failed.
Maskman said he's sorry, but he could not capture him. Sigma asks Maskman
if he had injured himself, and Maskman said it's just a flesh wound. He
added that the Gojulas was not fighting that seriously. Amy suddenly 
rushed in, saying something bad has happened. Maskman said Amy is another
of their members. Amy said that the Gojulas has taken Matt's LeoBlaze. 
Arth complains this just keeps happening. She said RD is trying to handle 
this. Everyone decides to go after them.

When they found RD, they saw a Zoid they did not recognize. Atrey says to
aid RD.

RD knows that Matt's LeoBlaze has now merged into the Matrix Dragon as a
Unizon. Gail urges Watts to test the ability of the Liger Zero Pheonix.
Watts follow orders. RD attacks and misses, and Watts follow a counter

Watts said that the Liger Zero was not bad, but he was still the winner.
RD wants to battle, but the Liger Zero will not move. Gail said the
Matrix Dragon is good, but that is enough for now. Watts laughs, saying the
LeoBlaze is now his, and they can find him anytime in the Savage Hammer.
Sigma and the rest goes to help RD.

Hopp says that Amy and RD went off. Sweet says they took Matt to face
Savage Hammer as well. Jack asks what the Savage Hammer is. Sweet says that
is a rival Zoids Team, and Watts is their new member. Arth says that means
that Gail was using him. Sweet does not know who Gail is, and Arth says he
is the person behind the attacks. Sigma asks Maskman if it was really okay,
Maskman said that Sandra of the Savage Hammer isn't exactly the trustworthy
kind, so they should be giving up by now and returning. There's not much
they can do. Sweet commented the power of the Unizon is strong. Hopp say
they could be baiting them to another battle. While discussing the Liger
Zero Phoenix and Matrix Dragon, Regina realizes that Atrey isn't there.
Sweet wonders if he followed RD. Sigma says it doesn't really matter who
speaks to them, it won't work.

In Savage Hammer HQ, Sandra asks if what they want is compensation. Amy
said they have documentations. Sandra said that in their area, the Zoid now
belongs to them. She said that they were the aggressors. Matt says it's a 
lie. Amy continues to argue with her, and Sandra says that it would spoil
their reputation to steal a LeoBlaze. RD starts yelling and demands the
LeoBlaze back. Sandra said the Zoid ID proves it is her Zoid, and RD
says it was underhanded that they forged it. After a short comment from
Blade, Atrey arrives. Barton asks what does he want, and RD says he is
part of Maha Storm. Sandra asks what does he want. Atrey asks them if they
weren't planning to return the LeoBlaze right from the start, as doing that
would mean abandoning the Matrix Dragon. Watts asks Atrey is he suggesting
a battle to settle this. Atrey says "That is correct." Amy and RD can't
believe that. Sandra says this is interesting, but he can't back down
from this challenge, and Savage Hammer will take it all. Amy wonders if he
knew what he was getting into. RD tells Atrey to consider this. Matt was
impressed. Atrey thinks to himself, this is already done. Luke says they will
prepare their Buster Fuhrer. Blade tells RD to prepare himself. RD told
Blade this is what he himself would have wanted.

In Maha Storm HQ, Sigma is shocked someone decided they had to battle
Savage Hammer. Hopp declared that was reckless. Sweet shouts as RD, asking
him if he know what he has gotten himself into. RD says it wasn't him.
"Then who was it?" Sweet asked. Matt said it was Atrey. Regina was 
displeased, and Atrey apologises. Atrey said they have to do something 
about this matter. Hopp says it's too late for anything else. RD tells them
if they back out, they will be laughingstocks. Maskman said only thing
now is to keep that promise. Amy said they have to be there. Arth said that
this time, this is the right choice. Arth also said they just have to use
their strength to smash the monster. Sigma said they can't scratch it let
alone destroy it. Maskman said they can't lose this, and have to give it
everything. Jack said the best way was to focus everything in a concentrated
attack on the Matrix Dragon. Hopp says it can't be helped now, so they
simply get the battle rights. RD and Atrey says to do this.

In Savage Hammer HQ, Watts adviced Blade not to overdo it. Blade says that
RD is his to defeat. Watts say it was he who forced Maha Storm to a corner,
not Blade. Therefore, he should be the Ace of the team, and there are no
need for 2 Aces. Blade was not impressed, and Watts proposed a competition.
Blade comments Watts certainly is confident. Sandra urges them to stop, and
tells them their aim is to smash Maha Storm. Luke reports Maha Storm is at
the meeting place. Blade tells Luke to get ready. Watts say he will show
the power of the Matrix Dragon. Sandra said Maha Storm is being lured in.

RD said they cannot lose, and tells Atrey to get set. Watts say he will
defeat them. Watts said that he will aid Mister Gail.

After the battle, Watts says this is only starting, and attacks. Except that
his target was Blade. Watts said he was sorry, and his control of the Zoid
slipped. Blade doesn't buy it of course. RD uses this chance to attack.
RD attacks, with not much effect, but he didn't give up, and attacked them
both. Suddenly, the Energy Liger shows up. RD wonders if this is the
Legendary Zoid.

After this, at Savage Hammer HQ, Sandra says that was quite the obstacle.
But she said that she was glad they were okay. Blade said it was Watts'
failure. Luke apologizes to Blade for losing, but Blade said it wasn't his
fault, and he will definitely find that Zoid. Sandra tells him that is the
Energy Liger. Blade said he will hunt it. Sandra asks Luke if the Buster
Fuhrer can be repaired, but Luke said they have tried and it cannot be done.
Sandra said it can't be helped, but to give a new Zoid. Barton makes a snide
remark how Blade didn't feel about the loss. Blade turns to go, saying he will
search for the Energy Liger. Luke tells him they already have a new Zoid.
Sandra said she is hopeful, and asks Barton to assist him.

Hopp says this has ended in a tie. Amy said it wasn't workable from the start.
Sigma said they were lucky to make it. Amy said that battles are likely to
continue. Regina wonders where RD is, and Sweet said he's after the Energy
Liger. He had to see if it was the Legendary Zoid. Sigma complains they
still have not settled these matters. Arth asks if he is okay alone, but
Sigma says to just leave him. Maskman said he probably has no chance of
winning the Energy Liger. Everyone decides to get RD. Sweet asked Atrey
to take care of RD.

Outside, RD encounters Blade, and it's another conflict all over. They
asked each other why they are here, and they both answered searching for the
Energy Liger. Blade said that the Energy Liger will have to wait now, so
he will test the strength of the Gairyuuki against the Liger Zero. He said
he will defeat the Liger Zero fairly. RD is about to fight, but the Phoenix
reacts. Blade attacks RD.

Atrey and the rest discover RD fighting an unknown Zoid. They moved in to

Barton cuts short their path, and say they will fight him instead. Sigma says
that is Burton, and he isn't bad with a Zoid. Atrey says to break through
and help RD.

After the battle, Barton said the time is up, and they should give up on RD.
Laughing, he runs off. RD fights Blade desperately, but he lacks power.
Suddenly, the Fire Phoenix breaks off from the Liger Zero. Blade sees it
is trying to save the Liger Zero. Blade says he will do as it wishes.
Blade attacks the Fire Phoenix, and destroys it. Blade says that takes
care of his noisy companion. He said that is enough for now, and next time,
it will be for good, and tells RD to remember this. Laughing, he leaves.
RD, in anguish, can't believe the Phoenix is gone. He said he's sorry that
the Phoenix had to do this to save him and the Liger Zero.

In HQ, RD has not returned, and the rest wonder what he will do. They will
search for him. Gamy comes in and reports the Gojulas has been found. Sigma
says this time he will not escape them. They learn that he is in the Zoid
Road, and Arth knew this was a trap. Atrey said they will still go, and

At the Zoid Road entrance, they found RD, who says they are late. The party
asks if RD was okay, and he says he still got to carry on no matter what.
He also said that he got info from Sweet, and he has been watching this

Inside, they wondered why he chose this place. Jack said it made sense, 
because no one else would be involved.

On the other end of Zoid Road, Gail says he has been waiting for Jack. Jack
says they found him at last. Gail says he's hopeful to see what Jack can do.
Jack asks what is he trying to do, and why won't he tell him. Gail tells him
to shut up, and say this is where he will smash him. Arth said they have to
be serious with this one. Jack says he does not want to defeat him, but Gail
asks does he really think he can accomplish that.

After the battle, Gail says they are not bad, and this will have to be all,
and escapes.

Gail goes through Zoid Road, and exits with little resistance. RD wants to
chase him, but Maskman says its pointless. Maskman asks what's the deal,
and Jack says Gail was his mentor.

In Maha Storm, Maskman says things will be calm for now. Hopp thanks them
for their efforts, and says they are always welcomed here. Sigma says it's 
finally time for a break. RD wonders where Atrey and the rest are. Amy said
they look like they had some troubling matters to settle. Sweet asks if they
will be all right. Maskman asks RD for opinions.

Regina said they are returning silently. Arth said it can't be helped. Jack
says it's better not to get them involved. Regina doesn't feel right.
Arth says it's better not to work with them. Regina agrees not to get them
in their troubles. RD goes after them, and asks them if they were planning
to go silently. RD says they're not being frank. He asks them are they not
companions. He said they would help them with their troubles. RD says
they are coming along, and Atrey thanks them.

Blood reports to the Emperor. The Emperor asks if he knows what Zoid Battles
are. He answers they are fair battles with rules, and team up to fight. He
also commented those are child's play. Emperor says they can strengthen
Zoids. Blood says he understand if he is to go an era where he can collect
data from Zoid Battles. The Emperor says he is expecting results. Blood
complies and leaves. Orpis says as expected, Blood's Zoid abilities will
be probed here. The Emperor tells Orpis to go, and he must have the best
Zoid. Orpis is reluctant, saying he has to prepare for the next one.
Emperor tells him to go now, and he complies. Gail returns, and the
Emperor is pleased with that. He said the report on Unizons is interesting.
Gail said that he has strong Zoid Data. The Emperor says he expects no less
from the Number 1 Tactician of the Republic. He tells him to assist Blood,
and he complies. Gail asks to bring Fran. The Emperor agrees, but tells him
to watch her.

In the Transportation Center, the Soldier detects a Space Time Reaction,
and knows the Castle's Transporter was used. Detecting the area after a
while, he asks to tell the Prince and the rest this is an emergency.

Jack reports to Atrey of the reaction. Regina asks the destination. Jack
says they can't pinpoint it. RD says only one way to find out. Atrey says to
go after them.

Entering the portal, they arrive at a large open area, which they suspect 
to be training grounds or a battlefield. They decide to move on. Suddenly,
they are attacked. Unable to determine the source of the attack, they tried
to evade. A Judgman appears, saying the Zoid battle is interrupted by 
intruders, and the battle is stopped, as no contest.
They recognize the participants as Blood. Blood says it was expected to be
them interrupting, but their presence will make these battles more 
interesting. Blood says he will be awaiting them, and leaves. The other
team that was battling shows up. Linon demands to know what they were
doing, and starts cursing them.

Leon said they had a good chance of fighting. They were in the Royal Cup,
couldn't get help from Bit or Barad, and had a hard time getting Leon.
Linon asks if they are listening. Regina argues back with her. Linon
starts making remarks about Regina getting a boyfriend like Atrey, and it's
gotten her embarrassed and dumbfounded. Dr Tross said to stop, and get to 
Tross Farm to discuss matters, and Linon doesn't object. Regina looks 
pleased to get there, and Jack wonders how she can get along with Linon 
this quick after an argument. (Probably because Linon unwittingly said the 
things Regina really wanted to hear.) They went into Tross Farm.

Dr Tross asks where did the party came from, since entry in a Zoid Battle
is not allowed. Jack gave a really vague answer. Everyone is still wondering
how Regina and Linon get along this quick. Regina asks about the team they
were battling, which happens to be Team Blood. Leon said they came like a
comet. They were the ruling champion of this area. Team leader, is of course
Blood, but not much else is known. He said that there are rumours of other
Zoid Warriors who came with him. RD asks what a Zoid Warrior is. Linon is
surprised he doesn't know. RD said that pilots should be called Zi Fighters.
Linon says RD's drunk. Leon said among those who came with him is a woman,
and Arth reacted. They decided to talk inside.

Jemy said something about the Zoid disappearences that happened lately. Linon
explains the top rankers in various regions have disappeared one after
another, Zoid and all. Dr Tross said those guys are despicable, and they have
been targetting all the rare Zoids. But then he adds he really wish he could
get them too, and it sets off a reaction with Jemy, who tells him speak only
important issues. Jack says there is no mistake, it is related to Team
Blood. He asks where Team Blood is, but Dr Tross does not have a clear idea.
Leon asks what does Team Blood have in common with the missing Zoids. Jack
tells him there is no mistake. Tross said that they know that Team Blood is
very powerful. He aksed them to take part in Zoid Battles, but Linon says
Blood is still the Champion. To be able to challenge him, they must be
Coloseum Champions. Jack asks about the Zoid Battles. Tross explains they
are made by the Zoid Battle Union, and uses teams to battle, and have
to be registered. So, the best thing is for them to join Team Blitz, and
everyone agrees. Dr Tross upgrades the Armlet Comm, and Atrey is impressed
with his skills.

Outside, Arth spaces off. Jack asks him about it, and he says it's nothing.
But Jack knows it's about Fran, and he probably guess she will be here.
Jack says she will after him, and he said he will be ready. Arth says he will
continue to be with Atrey and the rest. Jack says all their friends are here.
Jack asks Arth what has happened with him and Fran. Arth said it happened 
many years ago. He was the leader of the Elite Squad of the Empire Army. 
And inside, were Fran and Mauzer. Mauzer was an exceptional soldier. 
However, he was unrecognized. He was also Fran's fiance. One day, he had 
leaked out military secrets. He then deserted, and took a different path. 
Arth also said he has a habit of losing his cool. Jack ask if he defeated 
Mauzer. Arth said he self-destructed his Zoid, and he was such a fool. 
It happened during a training. Jack tries to advice Arth what to do, and he 
should understand Fran and tell her the truth. Jack says he can always 
rely on him. Jack also said he understood why he work alone, and it's 
because he was trained to do just that. Atrey and Regina came back to get 
them, and they head to the Zoid Battles.

Regina asks how to be champions, and Linon said it will definitely be them.
Jemy says that explanation won't help. Tross explains to win the battles in
the 3 sectors. He adds they could also explore the ruins. Leon advices to
visit Romeo City.

Finally in East Dome, they are about to face off with Team Fluegel. Linon
looks shocked to know her opponent is Naomi Fluegel. Jack asks who she is.
Leon said she is a solo female warrior that has won every battle. Leon also
said this could be trouble. Naomi then comes in, and asks if Team Blitz indeed
has new members. Leon says its true. She asks if that short boy (Atrey) is
really on their team, and Linon argues with her. Naomi asks what is their
purpose, and Leon said to merely focus everything on the Zoid Battles.
After that, she left.

After the Zoid Battle with Naomi, she said she was impressed by their skills.
Leon asks her about the Zoid disappearences, and she has heard of it. Leon
says they suspect Team Blood, and intend to battle them. Naomi says this
could be interesting, and decides to join them. Linon was against this,
but Leon said she is more than welcomed. Naomi says she is eager to see what
it will be like working with Leon again.

In the West Dome, hearing their next opponent is Team Champ, Linon says
it will be an easy win. Arth asks to know, and Jemy says he is someone who
claims he is destined to become king, etc. Linon says it doesn't really matter.
Harry comes in with Benjamin and Sebastian, and claims he is indeed the man 
destined to become king. He says he cannot allow anyone to stand in his path. 
He acts impolitely to Linon. As he leaves, Linon asks Benjamin what's up with
him. Benjamin says he's been acting strange lately, perhaps eating something
bad. Sebastian said he isn't acting like himself. Everyone then says they will
meet in battle.

After the battle, Harry is in a daze, and the robots ask if he is okay. The
party comes in and ask about him. Harry wonders why he is here, then why
Linon is here as well. He tells the robots to give him details. They ask
him if he remembered battling team Blitz, but Harry said he would never
fight Linon. Benjamin said he has memory loss. Jack asks if any strange
man had approached them. Harry asks who he is, and Linon tells him to just
answer the question. Harry said there was this strange guy wearing glasses.
Well, that's obviously Orpis. Jack says he must have brainwashed Harry.
Linon asks who that is, and Regina siad he's their enemy, and Blood's ally.
Harry said he cannot forgive that, and he will join the party now to help
fight them. Linon asks if they had lost and the robots say yes. Harry
said he was still going to fight, and Linon says might as well.

As they prepare for their battle in the Main Dome, Bit and Barad makes an
appearence. Bit said they heard about their activities. Linon seems
happy to see them. Jemy asked what they have been doing this time. He
asked what they have in their travels. Bit said not much. He said he
heard rumours of them in Romeo City. Jemy also asks why Barad and Naomi
aren't teamed up. Barad gave a vague answer, saying things had happened.
Naomi asks if he had already teamed up with someone else. Barad gives another
vague answer. Jemy asks why they are here now. Bit said he heard much from
the Doctor. A huge battle will be coming, and he looks forward to it.
Linon asks what about Barad. He answers, a reward. Linon says she expected
that. RD wasn't sure that kind of help would be useful. Barad taunts them,
and asks since when is Team Blitz a gathering place for kids. RD gets
offended, and Atrey tells him not to get angry. Barad asks if they wish to
hire him.

Fighting the 4th Match, Raon shows up along with the Dark Judgman, along with
Bolta in the Elephander. Raon laughs, and says this is his strongest Zoid,
and will defeat team Blitz.

After the battle, Raon curses, and tells them to remember this, and he will
be back.

After this, Atrey realizes they have to fight in special matches, which are 1
vs 1. The Judgman says this is a special case. The first was for Arth, and 
he knows it has to be Fran. They simply have to do this, that's all.

Fighting Fran, she says she will not give up. Arth says there's no choice 

After the battle, Fran says she has been completely defeated. Arth said
even if she wants revenge on him, she does not have to be in the Imperial
Army, and he says she should leave. She tells him to drop the act. She
says she cannot leave, as she is still one of the 4 Sky Kings. She says the
next time, she will defeat him.

Another one comes up, and Linon is annoyed. This one is for Jack. Obviously,
its Gail, and Arth said he has to be plotting something. Atrey says to leave
this to Jack now.

Jack confronts Gail, and tells him to think of the past. He said there is
no reason to fight in this world. Jack says they should not hold back.
Gail tells him to come try to defeat him.

After the battle, Gail said that was magnificent. However, he said this was
not the end. Jack said he believes Gails knows what he is doing. That is
why they will have to fight, and even then, he will still believe in Gail.

The Judgman says the next battle is for Regino, and Linon retorts at the
Judgman, saying he's got it wrong. Atrey says it may be Blood, and says to 
leave this to Regina.

Orpis meets Regina with an evil laugh. Regina complains why did she have to
face him. He said that was his request. Regina says that is the worst. She
says she will defeat him here.

When the battle is over, Orpis is surprised it was over this fast, and asks
if they can do it again. Regina tells him to lay off the jokes, and it's time
for the next battle. He asks what's the rush. He asks if she's meeting 
someone she likes, and she asks what about it. He says that's unfeeling, and
asks who. She says it's not him for sure. He asks if it is one of those 3.
She says not to ask. Orpis said something about her attitude, and says he
will think this all over. He says he will be with her, and Regina is about
to say something, and he finishes the sentences for her, asking if she is
going to say it cannot happen. Regina says to give her a break and stop
this nonsense. The Judgman cuts in and tells them that once the battle is
over, they should leave. Orpis said to do this again, and Regina says she is
already feeling nauseous.

Their next opponent will be Team Blood. Linon says this is it, and Regina
thanks her for the help. Linon says she should be frank, and she's already
heard everything from RD. Bit says they will accompany them. He said they
weren't part of Team Blitz, and now they should join them. Linon says to
now defeat Blood.

In the ring, they noticed the Trinity Liger. Wondering why it's here, Blood
answered them. It was the prize of the Championship battle. Blood says this
is where they stop being useful. Regina demands to know why did he start the
Zoid disappearences. He tells them to take a wild guess. He says they were 
slow to know. He explains what else but to send the strongest Zoid to the 
Emperor. He says they are just making futile efforts, and the Trinity Liger 
will be his. Regina says there will be nothing, except for defeating him 
here. Blood is not impressed. He says the Champion has descended here, and 
that is Team Blood.

After the battle, Blood says this ends here, and so does the Trinity Liger.
Atrey asks what he is planning. Blood destroys the Trinity Liger with the
particle cannon, then he escapes, while Regina yells at him to come back
for being a coward. Regina discovers the Trinity Liger alive, despite being
destroyed. The core was protected. Jack and Atrey says to leave to Dr T.

Dr Tross thanked everyone for their help, because being Champs wasn't easy.
Jemy said it was a pity team Blood took off. Bit says there will be chances.
Linon says they're coming along, and Harry says the same. Leon asks Naomi
and Barad if they're coming to, and they agreed. Regina thanks them for their
help. RD wonders where the enemy is headed next. He said to hurry after them.
Atrey says to set off to Arcadia. They entered the portal.

Blood reports to the Emperor of their return. Blood reports he have obtained
quite some data. The Emperor says this will be useful. But Orpis rubs it
in, and says he failed to obtain the last one. Blood protests the objective 
was to collect the data, and not to wipe out Atrey. Orpis says that's quite
an excuse. Blood retorts and says what kind of a scientist would lose to a
girl. The Emperor stops both their arguments. He says Blood has done well,
and he may leave. Blood however, ask of Fran. The Emperor says this has
nothing to do with Blood, and insists he leaves. Orpis again, rubs it in
his face, saying "you heard the man". Blood tells him to shut it, and tries
to appeal to the Emperor. The Emperor says to listen to Gail now. Gail comes
in with Fran behind, and reports to the Emperor. Emperor asks if he has
strengthened the Army's power, and Gail reports yes, but there is the issue
of the fire power. The Emperor tells them to outfit them with Charge
Particle Cannons. Gail wonders if like the Death Saurer, and he says exactly.
He says to Gail to bring Fran to collect the data. Blood wants to say more,
but Gail stops him. He and Fran asks him to back down, and Orpis rubs it in
again. The Emperor asks Fran, what does she have to say for herself now.
She says she has nothing to say. Orpis calls in the guards to take her, and
sarcastically adds to be polite about it. They both commented what a fool
she is. The Emperor says he can't strengthen his forces with fools. He tells
Orpis he needs much more power. He said he wants the power of the Death
Saurer. Orpis asks what about the Death Stinger. The Emperor says to leave 
this to Orpis. After he leaves, the Emperor swears he will strike back at
Atrey, and show him true horror. Then he laughs madly.

The Kingdom soldiers discover another reaction with the portal, and knows the
Transportater in the Castle has been used. They report to the prince.

Regina said to give the core to Dr T, and he'll know what to do. Atrey thanks
Regina and RD. Arth comes in to report the reaction. Bit says the enemy is
on the move now, and to hurry after them. Arth wonders where Jack is. Jack
comes in and Regina tells him it's an emergency. Arth tells him of the
enemy, and Jack says they must make preparations. RD reminds Atrey to go
to Dr T first.

Talking to Dr T, he said it was in good condition, and can do something about
it. He restores it, and says it was meant for royalties. After they left,
Dr T says they have to protect Arcadia.

They entered the portal.

In the castle, a guard reports to Blood saying something has happened. He
says that Fran has escaped. She also used the Space-Time Transporter.
Blood asks where did she go to, and the guard says it's unknown. Blood
thinks, then suspects that perhaps she might have went off ahead of Orpis.
He tells the guard search with him.

The party emerges at another area. Jack recognizes this as near New Helic
City, capital of the Republic. There were sudden explosions all around.

Raven demands to know why Hiltz attacked him. Hiltz casually asks what is
with Shadow now. He said it reached the limit of the attack from the Charge
Particle Cannon. He said that was expected from the Organoid of a low being.
Raven retorts that he will defeat him. Hiltz answers Shadow can't do much.

Hiltz fires a shot at Raven.

Hiltz says this is his punishment for betraying Dark Kaiser. He said that this
time, he will be serious. Riize shows up, and Hiltz asks why she is here.
She was silent, then asks if there was no use for her any more, with the
revival of the Death Saurer. She asks if he was going to attack her too.
Hiltz says that is true. He says they should disappear. The party comes in,
and RD tells them to see that Zoid. They recognize it has the Charge Particle
Cannon. Jack says this is bad, and to take cover.

The Death Stinger attacks.

The Party recovers, and they are alright. They wonder of that Zoid's power,
and saw the damage to New Helic City. They went in.

Inside, they saw the damage done. They decided to search for survivors.

They found Orpis in town, and suspect the damage was by him. They went
up to him. Orpis says it was quite soon seeing Regina again. He adds that
must be fate. Regina agrees, then says it is a good chance to smash him
here. Orpis comments she is quite humourous. He asks them what do they want.
Regina asks is he stupid, and is this damage not thanks to him. He says he
has no idea. Regina tells him to drop the act and look around. Orpis admits
he is indeed excited seeing this power. Atrey jumps and and demands to know
who was it back there. RD tells him to tell everything. Jack tells Regina
to calm down, and she tells him not to stop her. Jack asks Orpis calmly did
he cause this destruction. Orpis answers such meaningless destruction was
caused by the Death Stinger. Jack asks what is the Death Stinger, and Orpis
answers it was a Zoid that was made by Ancient Zoid People to fight the 
Death Saurer, which was the most vicious and evil Zoid to exist. And now,
Hiltz has altered most of the original data. Regina said the Death Stinger
should have been a ghost of the past, so how was it able to revive. It 
should not even exist. Orpis laughs, saying getting this is the Emperor's
wish. As a scientist, he would be very interested in this specimen.
He said that's all to know, and he must make preparations next. He then
says he will surely miss Regina, and says it's a pleasure meeting them,
before leaving. They went after him.

Outside, he was already gone, and they can't find him, so they went back in.

Jack says to investigate here a bit more. They found Raven. Atrey asks him
if he was fighting the Death Stinger. They ask what was that all about.
Raven asks who they were, and Arth said just passing. Raven said in that
case, hurry and get lost. As he walks away, Arth asks him why was he fighting
the Death Stinger. He replied that was not their business. Regina asks who
did this to this town. RD said they already knew that was Hiltz. Raven said
he seems to have seen them before, and wonders about it. He asks what are
they. Jack vaguely answers they have matters to settle, and they can't give
the details. Jack says they have to deal with the Death Stinger. Raven 
comments they are a strange lot. RD accuses him of being allies with Hiltz.
Raven dismisses that. Raven also said they must be joking to even think of
fighting the Death Stinger. He goes up, and the rest follows.

Riize asks who the party is. Raven tells her not to worry, as they are
enemies of the Death Stinger. She suddenly remembers Hiltz, and says she
won't forgive him. Jack enquires what has happened, and Raven says it was
not his problem. Jack asks them to join him. Raven retorts he must be
joking, saying they are the ones who want to defeat Hiltz. Arth says they
intend to win as well. He says that's why they need his help and asks was
that not okay. Raven laughs and asks Riize if she heard him. He couldn't
believe they actually want his help. Raven than said it was okay, he will
join them, but he will be fighting his own way. Jack then welcomes them in.

(Actually, in the Anime, the Psycho Geno Saurer was destroyed by the Death
Stinger and could not be used again, while the Geno Breaker survived. In 
addition, Shadow was out of commission for a short while. The original 
Zoids Saga had Riize with no Zoid, which was more accurate.)

Outside, they meet Blood. He asks them of Fran, and they have no idea. Jack
asks what about Fran, and Blood says it's not important. RD asks is he after
the Death-something-something too. Blood says definitely, and tells him to
remember the name of the Death Stinger. RD protests it just slipped his mind.
Blood confirms the Death Stinger will definitely be his. Regina asks what
of the Emperor then. Blood tells them to listen carefully, and says it
will belong to him. Blood says he will pilot that Death Stinger, and not
even the Emperor can stop him. Blood says he will then be the new ruler,
with the power of the Death Stinger. RD wonders if he is serious. Regina
tells him the Death Stinger will simply destroy everything. But Blood
remains undaunted. He says it will be his, and will not allow them to stop
him. Then he leaves. RD says he's just escaping. Arth comments he only
knows power. Jack says to do stop the Death Stinger. He asks Atrey to
continue, and Atrey agrees it has to be stopped. Schubaltz comes up to meet
the party and saw them as survivors. He introduces himself as the 1st Armored
Battalion Schubaltz. He said they all are planning a Capital City Protection
War Strategy with the Reinforcement Troops. However, the Armored Battalion
was destroyed. He said they received heavy casualties, and are in retreat.
Jack asks was it of the Death Stinger, and Schubaltz know they saw it.
Jack asks what is the next plan of action. Schuubaltz said to head to
Undinu Lake, as that is where all renmants of the forces have gathered.
Jack asks to allow them to go as well. Schubaltz wasn't sure, but Regina
said they are also enemies of the Death Stinger. They all said this monster
has to be defeated. Atrey asks to join in. Schubaltz finally agrees, and says
to meet Van, and now they need all the help they can get. He escorts them.

Arriving at the lake, Schubaltz said they are there. They saw nothing at the
lake, but looking at the middle, the saw something. Schubaltz said this
was the secret project from both Republic and Empire, a Final Battle
Strategy. A tremor happens.

Arth thought it was a fortress, but it was indeed a large Zoid. Schubaltz
introduced this as their trump card, the UltraSaurus.

They entered.

Atrey and the rest were amazed by it. They report it can keep one army.
People came out to greet them. Altough he's changed, Jack recognizes him as
Van. Van says it's been a while. Feene says hello and Moonbay asks what
they have been doing. Regina answers vaguely. Moonbay notices their 
appearence does not seem to have changed. Feene comments Atrey looks so cute.
Moonbay said they haven't grown, and Irvine says it doesn't matter as long
as they are okay. Arth comments Irvine is still the same. Irvine comments
it's a pity Arth is still alive. Torma asks who they are. Van said they
heard from Schubaltz they were after the Death Stinger as well. Feene
said it was dangerous, and they can't destroy it. Irvine said that thing is
a monster, with 100,000 metre drop from the sky, and it can still keep
going. Moonbay adds it can move in magma as well. Torma adds with the
Charge Particle Cannon and Shield, it is the most vicious Zoid. There was
silence, then Jack asks it's location. Moonbay sais they do not know, since
it escaped in Magma. Suddenly, there was a report saying that in the
border mountain range, a large energy signature was detected. It says to get
to battle stations in battle mode, red alert status. Van knew it was Hiltz.

On the bridge O'Connell reports that the distance from the Ultrasaurus and
the Death Stinger is 7000M. The mountain ranges makes it impossible to fire
directly on the Ultrasaurus, so it has to get around the mountains. Kruger
asks how much time do they have, and he answered 3 hours. Torma said the time
needed to fully charge the Ultrasaurus is about 2 hours. With that, they
should have enough time to escape. The rest think this is far to simple to
be true. Van says not to drop their guard. A soldier reports an energy
reading from the Charge Particle Cannon. Schubaltz realize it's firing 
through the mountains to get there quicker. It was getting rid of obstacles,
and reaching the Ultrasaurus in the least amount of time. Hiltz contacts them,
and sarcastically greet them. He said a last dinner should have an appropriate
music. One that is filled with terror and hopelessness, of their screams. Then
he goes off the screen. Kruger asks what is the rate and time the Death 
Stinger will reach the Ultrasaurus at this rate. O'Connell answers 30 mins.
Moonbay said they can't make it. Torma said something must be done. Herman
tells them to keep it together, and say the time isn't up. He said that
something can be done, and not give up. Kruger asks what is his plan. Herman
says a miracle. Not understanding, Herman continues to explain. He wants
Moonbay to activate the Ultrasaurus, and Feene and Torma support her. Moonbay
isn't supportive of that, and Herman said she is the best person for this.
the legendary transporter. Herman said they also have to delay the Death
Stinger, and Van and Irvine can launch for this. Van says leave this to them.
Atrey and the rest come in, and say they will go. Herman asks about them.
Arth says since they want a miracle, they will need their help. Herman says
okay then, and this starts.

(This is pretty much what happens in the Anime, except that Herman first
gets a pep talk from Ban for as short while first after the Death Stinger
shows up, before he comes up with this miracle plan. This is not in the
game, making it inaccurate.)

Outside, they are attacked, and they realized the enemy is using optical
camouflaged Hellcats. Van says they will have to handle this, and leave the
rest to Atrey. Atrey says he will handle, and Van will defend the Ultrasaurus.

They approached the Death Stinger from behind. Hiltz say this is useless, and
this will be their graveyard.

After a short battle, Hiltz say this ends.

He says goodbye to the lower beings, and fires. The Ultrasaurus barely 
escapes, and heads into sea. With the plan failed, Hiltz leaves. Everyone
decides that it is pointless to give chase, and decided to return to the
Ultrasaurus and help Van.

Approaching the lake, the Ultrasaurus isn't there. A Whale King approaches,
and informs them that Lieutenant Van Fleiheit have been successful, and
Major Herman Commander of the Ultrasaurus is waiting for them. Jack asks
isn't the COmmander of the Ultrasaurus Major Kruger, and the soldier
answers he is injured. The soldier thanks them for their efforts, and says
to transport them to Pilemdan Island Imperial Secret Factory. Regina was
getting worried, and Arth comments she is such a stubborn girl, and she
tells him to shut up. The soldier reminds them they are needed urgently,
and the Whale King takes them to Pilemdan Island.

(In the Anime, the Death Stinger chased the Ultrasaurus to sea with some
water Zoids, but was outsmarted and thrown off course. Obviously, your
characters will not get too see this. Rather than say this was left out,
it was severely shortened.)

Dr D greeted them, and Jack says it's been a while. Dr D suddenly notices
they look exactly the same, and asks if they have been eating right. Jack
asks what is the current situation. He said they are going to use a big
cannon. Arth asks about it, and Dr D says it's a 25m above cannon, the 
greatest and most powerful gravity weapon - the Gravity Cannon. RD asks 
if Dr D is feeling okay. Regina asks where is this weapon. He says it's
just right in front of them. It was above, and it was huge. Jack asks
what is this Gravity Cannon supposed to do. Dr D explains it is supposed to
fire off a super gravity force, to the Death Stinger. He says, however, there
was a problem. The most important Gravity Bullets, had been stolen. He 
also explains that these are not easy to produce, as they are made from the
rare Planetalcite ore. It was used to create a gravity collapse in the
center of gravity force in the gravity itself, causing the Black Hole
effect. That was how the Gravity Cannon was supposed to use the Super
Gravitation, and the Planetelcite that was needed is stolen. Dr D however,
says it's possible to detect and find them, by detecting gravity 
abnormality forces. So, he asks them for help by bringing in Planetalcite,
and provides them with a water based Transport Zoid, the Dragoon Nest.
Jack wonders how a Dragoon Nest is here, and Dr D gleefully tells them nothing
is impossible for a genius. Dr D says he is under the weather, and Arth
says he is such a troublesome old man. Arth wonders if he had stolen the
Zoid information. Dr D denies it and says it was a matter of curiosity.
Dr D asks any further questions, and they all agreed to help.
He decides to lend Irvine and Torma's help to them. They both protested a bit.
He upgrades their Radar. Atrey says he will help them out here.
Dr D says one more thing. The one who stole the Planetalcite was not with
Hiltz. A soldier comes in with a woman behind him. Arth immediately
recognizes it's Fran, and Dr D asks if he knew her. The soldier asks if
they should lock her up. Arth tells them to stop, and says Fran is his
woman. He asks them to release her. He tells Fran to come along with him,
and she asks why does it have to be him. She still blames him for what
happened to Mauzer. She was unwilling to go, and Arth tells her she can do
what she wants after this. There was sudden fire from nowhere, and Blood
comes in. Arth asks what is he doing here, and he promptly answered that
is not his problem. Arth says it is now officially his problem. Blood tells
Fran to return to the Zoid now. They leave, as Arth calls out to Fran.
Dr D says so much things can happen, but reminds them time is of the
essence. Irvine and Torma joins them.

7 Planetalcite are required, but only 6 are detected. The Island Ruins to
the south, and the west ocean cave, each have 3. They set off to find them.

When the party have collected 6 of the Planetalcite, Dr D contact thems,
and tells them the last one is one the island. Everyone wonders what this
means, and suspects Blood. They have to return.

Returning to the Island, they found Blood. He said that what belongs to him,
the Death Stinger, they have damaged it, and he will not forgive that. He
wants the Planetalcite. Regina says they want the Planetalcite he has.

After the battle, Orpis shows up, and Blood tells him not to get in the way.
Orpis replies that's his line, and asks Blood why is he even here. Blood
says that has nothing to do with him. Orpis asks what is he planning, and
is he planning to oppose the Emperor. Blood asks and what if that is the
case. Orpis replies he has the perfect invitation to give him, and gives it.
He traps Blood in a gravity field. Blood realize it's the gravity
collapse of the Planetalcite. Orpis said this planetalcite was secretly just
for him, and it will crush him. Blood curses Orpis. Orpis asks him how is
the Super Gravitation, and says to give comments. The Party jumps in.
Atrey pushes him out of the field.

Blood attacks Orpis.

Orpis calls him despicable, and asks what is he doing. He then realizes he
has a problem with the stabilizer, and tells them to remember this. He
says that he is returning to report him and Fran, and tells him to get ready.
Regina asks if Atrey is okay. Blood asks Atrey why did he help him. But
Regina tells him to shut up and keep the complaints to himself. She then
tends to the Prince again. Blood goes off. RD and Atrey asks Atrey to open his
eyes. Atrey wakes up, and Regina tells him not to do anything stupid again.
Atrey apologises, and Jack tells him the same thing. Jack says that settles
everything with the Planetalcite, and to return to Dr D.

Dr D was relieved to gather all the Planetalcite. The Gravity Cannon can be
completed. He bables about the Dragon Nest being useful. He says to return
to the Ultrasaurus.

On the bridge, Jack asks where the Death Stinger is now. He says it was at
Guygalos, and destroyed everything in its path. Irvine suggested going
there. Regina wonders why, and Van says Hiltz dispises it. Jack asks where is
heading now. Van said to Garil Highlands. Herman explains the battle plan.
Van, Irvine and Torma will take the Death Stinger head on, while the 
Ultrasaurus waits. The operator said detection on the Radar. It is the
Death Stinger and the enemy Zoid forces. Herman tells them to move out.

Outside, the 3 get into position, while the rest prepare to defend the

After the battles, Jack wonders how they are doing, and they are getting
ready to fire the Gravity Cannon.

Van and the others surround the Death Stinger. Hiltz say he will finish
them here. He also say he will be heading to Guygalos, and of course,
destroy everything along the way. Van says this is not over. Torma say its
time to activate the energy, and Irvine agrees. Van says they will stop
Hiltz right here. He signals to them to go, and they activate the Delta
Formation Blockade. Hiltz does not look impress, but then they activate an
energy field to trap him, and ran off. Back in the Ultrasaurus, the
formation completion is reported.

Herman tells Hiltz to feel the rage of the Republic, and fires the Gravity 
Cannon at the Death Stinger.

Atrey says it hits, but the rest wonder what happened of Hiltz and the
Death Stinger. Jack says its a direct hit. They go to investigate.

Checking out, they found the remains of the Death Stinger. Regina says they
have won. Jack says something is happening. There was a light, then the
Death Stinger was resurrected. It disappeared. Orpis said it went
underground., and shows up. He said this Death Stinger is most certainly
interesting. But not as much as the Zoid Eve, which is the catalyst. Jack
asks what the Zoid Eve is. Orpis said it was the power to revive or destroy
all Zoids. He claims to be a great scientist, and say the Death Stinger
will be the perfect experiment. He then asks them to they feel inspired by
this. Regina said they must be at Eve Polis. Orpis said that was good, and
it was indeed correct. He said however, they will be disappointed. He has
something else to teach them. Feene is involved as well. Her true identity
is Elesinu Li-ne, an ancient Zoidian, and she is at Eve Polis. Jack wonders
how Feene could be involved. Orpis said it's time to go to Eve Polis, then
he leaves. Jack asks Regina of it. She said that was the City of the 
Ancient Zoid People. There was one place where all the Zoid Energy gathered,
and that was the Zoid Eve. That was sealed away. Regina wonder what Hiltz
and the others could be planning there. Arth wonders if it is a trap. jack
says there's no choice. Regina said they could be planning to release Zoid
Eve's power. To Hiltz, it would mean the end of the world. Arth asks where
this Eve Polis is, and she tells him to the south, near Rare Heltz valley,
and that is where Eve Polis is. Atrey says to go, and to return to the
Ultrasaurus. Raven comes out, says the help is over, and he will defeat
the Death Stinger. Riize says she's going with him.

(Obviously, the game forgot to show the existence of Ambient, which was the
reason why the Death Stinger resurrected. It did not come back to live on
it's own, which was shown extremely clearly in the Anime.)

Heading south, they found the Whale King. Jack asks Herman are they all okay.
Herman says they have been assaulted by the Death Stinger, but still are
in one piece. Van and the rest are chasing after the Death Stinger now.
Regina said they must be headed to Rare Heltz and Eve Polis. Herman says
it's hard to determine the truth. He says to take the whale king there,
and Arth says understood. 

The Whale King drops them off near New Helic City. Regina says to start there.

(Van and the rest rush off, and there are actually many events that are
significantly shortened. They are not exactly left out, because given your
situation, you can't experience them. There are many events, which are
not shown, but considering how fast you travel on a Whale King, there is
no way you can lose speed. You miss the events where Van fought the 
Death Stinger on the Rare Heltz, and the Death Stinger along with Feene
disappeared. Also some events involving Raven, Shadow and Dark Kaiser. 
In addition, important scenes involving Feene and Dark Kaiser are
totally left out. These scenese took quite some time, but all are gone.
Given the fact that you left after the Death Stinger, you should have at 
least caught up with Van, and he has a battle to fight as well, but the
party arrived way too late, and never meet with them at all, and only saw 
Van coming only to go off. Highly inaccurate. This is the same for both
games, and they made the story highly incomplete.)

(Unless my memory fails me, wasn't the Ancient Zoidian City well hidden in
mountains? God knows why is it in a very obvious place.)

Orpis was already waiting at Eve Polis, and he said they finally came. Regina
asks what is he up to this time. Orpis laughs, and says the city shall
emerge a Death Saurer, and this time, it's the real deal. And the original 
Zoid DNA will be copied, giving rise to the True Death Saurer - the Demon
Beast of Destruction. Orpis then laughs. The Death Stinger merges with the
Death Saurer. Dark Kaiser said he has been waiting, for this complete fusion
with the Death Saurer. This power shall be with him, the Death Saurer. He
says for the Death Stinger to hurry. But Hiltz has other plans. Something
is happening to Dark Kaiser. Hiltz said he was a fool, and he really believed
the great strength of the Death Saurer will belong to him. He has done well
to protect the Core. Dark Kaiser said he is the Death Saurer. Hiltz say
that is interesting talk. He said Dark Kaiser was never in control of the
Death Saurer. After all, he is just human. Everything shall belong to the
Ancient Zoid People like him. This is where Dark Kaiser's duty ends. He has
done well to protect the Death Saurer. He says farewell to Proytzen. Dark
Kaiser asks why did this happen. Orpis looks on, and is very impressed,
as that is the True Death Saurer. Regina asks is the intention to destroy
the world. Arth says it's a monster. Jack says the Demonic Beast of 
Destruction is here. Regina asks Atrey what is he thinking of now, and how
to deal with this monster. Obviously, there is only one thing to do. Fight
it. Arth said they need a miracle. Jack says take it by the steps wait for
a miracle. They are indeed the 3 Beast Warriors. Regina thinks, then agrees,
and says to get going. RD agrees. 4 Geno Saurers appear to fight.

(In the Anime, Raven fought the Geno Saurers. He doesn't even show up here.
And he's not the only one. Van, Feene, Raven, and Riize, are all not here.)

After the obstacle, it's time for the Death Saurer. (Where the hell are Raven
and Van? In the anime, they were fighting during this time.) Regina said
they cannot give up. Van finally shows up. (In the anime, he was already 
here.) Van asks the rest to stall for time. Jack asks what is he planning.
He intends to use the Blade Liger in the Gravity Cannon. Regina and Jack
are surprised he intends to use the Blade Liger as a Bullet. Van said he
doesn't know the outcome. Arth finally agrees, and tells him to hurry.
Van leaves. Jack said they don't really believe in Van. Regina pauses,
then says they will have to believe in a miracle. They fight the
Death Saurer.

(Again, more skipped scenes. The Death Saurer actually uses a relic ring,
and uses it to destroy many cities over Planet Zi. An important depiction
of the Death Saurer's power, totally omitted. You didn't see Hiltz change
to his freaky form. And not even a line from Hiltz. Not even the 
repitative "Oh you lowly insects, prepare to be crushed!")

After the battle, Hiltz say they certainly wished it was over, and it will
soon be. He said that they shall disappear from this planet. Regina said
that's not going to happen. RD says they will stop him. Atrey says just
a little more, and believe in Van. Everyone is depending on Van now.

Outside, Schubaltz in the Ultrasaurus prepares the Gravity Cannon. He reports
the Cannon ready to fire, and Power Generator output set to maximum. Irvine
confirms, and Torma reports output is now 5.47 Teravolts, and rising, and
to 8.05 Teravolts. It cannot go further. Schubaltz wonders what is he 
thinking. Irvine says the Blade Liger is loaded. Schubaltz gives the
coordinates. Irvine tells Moonbay to be careful with the controls, she says
she will do it or die trying. The target is locked.

Herman gives the order, and the gravity cannon fires, with the Blade Liger.
All the rest cheer Van on. Hiltz wasn't ready to give up, so the Death
Saurer takes a Particle Cannon shot at him. Van goes through, and 
successfully hits the Death Saurer.

Regina wonders if they won. They finally did it.

In the Ultrasaurus, Van says they are still alive. They have a brief exchange
of Van's action, whether it was stupid or brave. Van thanks them. Atrey said
they believed in him. Feene said it was next to help them. Van said they
have already prepared that. Herman and the rest have already agreed to help.
Moonbay wonders why about this. Irvine said they already heard everything
from RD, and want to help them. Torma complains, saying he hasn't heard
anything. Feene said he can stay then. Torma says he has decided to go with
them. Atrey thanks them. Arth mentions about "Bad Eyes" being part of them,
and Irvine talks about a stubborn person losing.

Approaching the Space-Time portal, a new Death Stinger shows up. It was Orpis,
and he said they must have defeated the Death Saurer. (What, he didn't even
stay to watch the show?) Orpis laughs, then say that Atrey is such an
interesting test subject. Regina asks where has he been hiding. Orpis
said that was rude. He said his objective wasn't battle at all, it was Zoid
Research. However, this time, there is a slightly different plan. Blood's
obstruction made it complete. Now he has the Zoids Gene of the Death Saurer.
It is definitely the original. Jack and Arth were surprised. Orpis asks them
wasn't this interesting. Arth says to do a test, and they fight.

After Orpis lost, he said they were a savage bunch. Regina tells him to keep
quiet, and hand over the Zoid Genes. He asks what is she talking about.
She says to drop the act, and give the Death Saurer genes. He said that
it was long given to the Emperor. He said it was very vital data. He said
they shall complete the strongest Zoid. Of course, it will be better than
the Death Saurer. Jack asks about it. Orpis said it was only a matter of
time. At that time, he will be expecting their presence, the very first
prey. He laughs, then disappears.

Regina thinks about the strongest Zoid. She knows this is far from over.
Feene says something bad will happen to all Zoids. Torma agrees. Moonbay
tells him to shut it. Torma demands to know what she meant, and Schubaltz
tells him to calm down. Herman says they have another trouble with the
strongest Zoid. Van says they have to use their strength to stop this.
RD says to Atrey to give it his best. Nothing else to do now, they returned.

The Emperor asks of Orpis. They have begin plans to capture Blood and Fran.
Emperor says to leave this to them. Orpis obeys. He also says he has made
other preparations, and leaves. Emperor tells Gail to continue guarding the
fortress for a long time. Gail requests to see his daughter once. The
Emperor replies when all of the Kingdom Renmants has been dealt with, he
shall get that. He tells Gail to be patient with that. Gail leaves.
The Emperor says to himself, he has completely forgotten about his daughter.
He said Julia was already gone.

In Arcana, a soldier comes in, and again reports a Space Time Reaction.
The Castle's Transporter was used again. Arth said those guys are a 
panicking bunch. Regina said they must not let the strongest Zoid come to
happen. Atrey says they have to stop the Imperial Army.

They entered the portal, and ended up in the same area. They recognize this
as a familiar environment, but the place was definitely different. They
entered town.

Looking at town, Regina said she doesn't like it. Arth said looks like they
are preparing for war. Jack says to speak with the people.

Outside, they understood about Digald. Arth says there's bound to be trouble.
This is definitely Looge's world. An earthquake happens. Arth wonders if
it is the enemy. Far away, Zoids battle.

Geolg says its over for La Kan. Looge fights back. Geolg says he is an
obstacle, and he will have to finish this next time, then he leaves.

Looge pants, after his Zoid used Evolt.

Atrey pause, and said he heard Looge's voice. Regina wonders how he could
feel Looge. Atrey said it was definite. Atrey says to look for him. Jack
said he understands how he feels, but there are other matters. Regina
says it's all the same. Arth said to go then.

Approaching the Base, Jack says this is the place the villagers mentioned.
Regina wonders if the imperial army is inside. Jack says to hurry and Atrey

They entered the base. Meanwhile, Looge and the others are training. Looge
attacks Seijuurou and hits. Kotona and the rest praise him for his skills.

Entering the base, the party understood they will probably face Bio Zoids
again. Arth says this is a frontline base. Jack says to move on.

Entering deeper, they found imperial soldiers. They knew they would find
the Imperial forces lurking here. They fought them here.

At the deepest part, they found Orpis. Orpis sees that Regina is here. He
said the confrontation should end, but it didn't, then he laughs. Regina
asks what does that mean. Arth said to stop as the blood pressure is rising.
Regina tells him to shut up, and Arth teases her as being scary. Jack
simply said this is not the right place. Regina says Orpis is up to no good
again. Orpis says about being excited, and Regina tells him to stop beating
around the bush. She says they know that they are collecting the Bio Zoids.
Orpis asks and what if it is. Regina tells him to give up. Orpis laughs, 
saying that the Bio Zoids are excellant test subjects. He said he cannot
accept Regina's such request. Regina said never mind then. Arth said there
is only one way to settle this then. Jack says nothing but to fight. Atrey
tells them to get ready. Orpis tells them to bring it, and a battle begins.
And Orpis isn't fighting it.

After the battle, Orpis is gone, and Regina asks where did he go. Jack said
he don't know, they must assemble.

Outside they found a Bio Zoid waiting. Jack says it is a Digald Bio Zoid.
It is on Number Pilot, and it wants to arrest them. Arth said, eventually,
this still get caught up in this mess. Looge and the rest shows up. Looge
says that Atrey has returned. Atrey is glad, but he wonders about meeting
Looge here. Re Mie cuts in, and asks them whether they know what kind of
situation they are in now. Atrey just remembers they are being attacked.
Ron says they will talk later, and first they will have to settle these
guys first. They help Atrey. Atrey tells everyone to get ready, and they

After the battle, Atrey says such is the principles of Digald, to wage war.
Looge says yes, and those guys do what they want. He said that many of the
land, have gathered for a resistance war. Ron asks if they were fighting
the Imperial Army too, and Regina says yes, and they have returned to this
world. Re Mie adds that Looge the Second (Atrey) is in some kind of big
trouble. Ron says they can find them for help, and they will be leaving now.
Looge says they will first be heading off, and says goodbye to Atrey.

In the village, the party discusses of Digald. Jack says they are a very
large force. Arth adds the Imperial Army is obviously helping them. Regina
wonders what to do. Jack says he understands how they feel, but their target
is the Imperial Army, and says to be objective. He said they should supply,
and go after Orpis. Atrey agrees and tells everyone to go.

Near a valley, Orpis shows up, and says its a pleasure to see them. Jack
asks why is he in a Bio Zoid. He said that the Digald Warring Country decided
to liase with him. He supplied them with the Technology, and he got back
Bio Zoids. Regina says there is no honor in that. Arth says he is such an
eyesore, and this is it. Atrey tells them to get into position. Orpis said
it appears to have to come to this kind of situation. He said he will test
the Bio Zoid's ability.

After the battle, Orpis said so this is it. There is still much room for
improvement for a Mass Produced type. He said this is thanks to their help.
Regina asks was he cleverly using them. Arth said not to feel sorry. Orpis
says he will give them one advice, and that is to not fight the Digald forces.
He said as enemies of the Phantom Knights, they have no chance of victory.
He said he will return to the Digald base, now that he has help from Regina.
Regina tells him who would want to help him anyway. Orpis laughs, saying
she is angry. He adds it is true they helped him, and he will have a
"strange dig" back. He then leaves, jibbering away. Regina says he must
have a hard hit to the head. Arth says he must have been excited to high
blood pressure. Regina tells him to shut it, and Arth says she is scary.
Jack says they got caught up with Digald after all. Arth said their objective
is now the same as Looge's. Atrey says to look for Looge, and fight with
them. He says to prepare, and all agree. Jack says to enter town to look
for information.

They discovered a town, and decide to search for news of Looge inside.

After speaking to everyone, Regina says Looge isn't here. They can't take
Digald on alone. Kotona and the rest come in. Kotona says it's Atrey, and
he greets her. Galaga asks what are they doing here. Regina says they are
planning to team up with Looge, and he asks is that for real. Jack says
they are all after the same enemy, and it will be better if they work
together. Kotona agrees. Galaga says he knows where Looge and the others
are headed. They are heading for the Digald Fortress. Kotona says they are
heading there as well. Arth said that was nice timing. Atrey says they will
go together. Galaga agrees with that. He said to set off right away. 
Seijuurou said he was worried about Looge.

Discovering the area, they said it was the Base. They must hurry after

Inside, they found an enemy, and recognize him as Geolg. Geolg asks why is
La Kan not here. Galaga says who knows. Geolg says too bad, and they fight.

After the battle, Geolg says they were good. Atrey says he is strong. Geolg
leaves. Galaga says he looked down on them. Kotona says to hurry and search
for them.

Further in, they encounter another enemy, and recognize him as Zairin. Zairin
notices that Looge is not here now. Kotona says Looge is already past them.
Zairin says in that case, he will search for Looge. Galaga tells him to wait,
and asks what about Zairin's greeting to them. Zairin apologise for being
impolite, and says to give them a proper greeting. This obiously means a 

After the battle, Zairin says it's regrettable, as he wanted to face Looge.
He tells them not to forget to hear of that, and he leaves. Galaga says he's
full of nonsense. Kotona says to go, and Atrey gives the order.

Above, Atrey finds Looge. La Kan tells Looge not to be careless. Kotona
says they have something to tell Looge. Atrey says they will fight together.
They join and fight. 

After the battle, La Kan says he understands the situation. The action will
have to be put to later. They will help. Jack thanks them. Looge says they
meet again. Mie tells Looge the Second (Atrey) to buck up. Galaga says to
do something about this base, and Kotona agrees. They all agreed to stick

They finally face the leader, and he says this charade ends here. He will
enjoy taking care of the Rebels. La Kan says it has come to this. But it
will be they who will win. Jack says let's go.

After the battle, Souta says this is no small feat. Gene says it's okay,
but this has to stop. Felmy says she wants more. Gene says the Rebel's
strength will rise. They will be back next time. He laughs. Galaga tells
them not to run, and stay and fight. La Kan tells Galaga to stop.

After they left, Galaga says there's nothing left. Kotona says to check
damages. Looge says they need more power. Looge tells La Kan they need to

Jack asks them is it okay. La Kan says yes, and it is their turn to help them.
Looge says they will become even stronger. Arth said there was a need to
defeat Digald. La Kan asks for their help when the time comes for Digald.
Galaga says if they want to fight the Imperial Army, he wants in too.
Seijuurou and Ron reminds him not to underestimate the enemy. Kotona says 
they will join him now. Atrey gives that "Yes, Kotona!" response, and 
Regina says he just like Looge. Mie says to join as Looge the second well. 
She says he should call her "Miss Mie". Jack says to return to the portal 
to their world.

Orpis is waiting there. Orpis says that Regina is okay. He says he was 
worried. Regina asks what does he want now. Orpis comments she is just the
same as ever. Regina said isn't that obvious. Regina asks why is he waiting
there. He said he decided to greet them for their return to Arcadia.
Regina comments it's more likely he wants to test the Bio Zoids ability.
Orpis says she is perceptive. Arth says to get this over and done with.
Jack reminds him to be careful, as the Bio Zoid is enhanced. Orpis said that
is why this is a test. He said he borrowed this from Digald, and the new
type of Bio Megaraptor experiment ended with this. Atrey tells them to get
into position.

After the battle, Orpis exclaims the Zoid was lacking. He said the pilot or
some other thing must be negatively affecting it. He will have to report
this to the emperor. Gene had feared the Zoid can't be changed. He said sorry
for obstructing them, laughs, and turns to leave. Regina callse out, but
he is already gone. Arth said it seems they will have to battle Bio Zoids in
Arcadia. Jack says to hurry. Atrey agrees, and they enter.

Orpis reports to the Emperor. The Emperor tells him to use the Bio Zoids as
an experiment. Orpis said he has tested, and will let Gail pilot it. The
Emperor says to think about it. Orpis says his work has yet to be completed.
The Empeor says he is expecting good results. Gail reports he has brought
Fran with him. The Emperor asks Fran why did she escape. He said she is
such a foolish woman. He said however, he will give her a chance. And that
is Blood's punishment. They were all surprised. He explains that Blood has
betrayed them, and forgotten all of his oath. He says this is now his
son. Fran wonders what is Blood doing. Gail thinks if that is his son.
He said there are 2 Choices left. Follow orders, and choose this strongest 
Zoid. Fran thinks about Blood. The Emperor asks what is her decision. She
was about to give an answer (a bad one at that), and Gail cuts in. The
Emperor asks what he wants and is he trying to help the fool. Gail answers
that Time is of the essence. In order for the strongest Zoid to fully
awaken, much time is needed. Emperor calls out to Orpis, and he answers
that the Zoid Core is almost awakening, and it has moved. He asks how
much time. Orpis answers 5, no, 4 hours. Gail says Fran shall guard the
front gates, and that should buy them some time. He asks is he sure this
will work. Gail says yes. Emperor says so be it. He says Orpis' prototype
shall be a providence. He tells them to proceed. Fran begs for a favor.
She asks if she can save Blood, if she defeats Atrey and the rest. The 
Emperor says fine then. A reaction happens. It is awakening. Orpis laughs,
saying it is slowly gaining consciousness. He says the world shall see
this, the destruction on the limit. The Emperor laughs insanely, telling
the core to awaken, and slowly greet them. Slowly show the power. It
rumbles, and Gail says its a monster. The Emperor laughs, saying this is
wonderful. He calls that core his son.

In the Space-Time Transportation center, soldiers report to Atrey that a
high-pressured energy reaction is coming from the castle. Jack asks for the
cause, but it is unknown. The soldier said anyway, that was heard from the
cave. Another soldier comes in reports something bad is happening in the
castle. Atrey rush out as Regina calls to him.

In the Bar, everyone looks out and saw bright lights. Jack recognize it as 
a Charge Particle Cannon. Arth said those guys are being extravagant. RD
said it must be the act of Orpis. A Hologram of the Emperor appears. (What,
are you trying to be Hiltz or something?) He calls them foolish bugs,
and has something to inform them. Regina wonders who he is. He said he is
the new Emperor of Arcadian Empire. This land, no, this world of Zi, shall
have a new ruler. He says behold the power of the charge particle cannon.
That, is pure power. He confidently mocks them, saying that the particles
Atrey and the rest shall become, will glitter over the land. That is the
power of the Charge Particle Cannon. Nothing shall stop him from being ruler.
He says the insects should awaken. He cuts off, laughing. Regina asks what
was that all about. She said she won't allow this, the Planet does not belong
to one. Jack wonders about the plan in the last report. RD asks what does he
mean. Arth said that may mean the strongest Zoid is yet to be completed.
Regina said they are being to optimistic, and what if that is not the case.
Jack says no other plan, and they can't wait for things to happen. After all,
the 3 Beast Warriors have a mission. Arth says Atrey shall decide, and they
will follow. Atrey thinks, then says to go. They may not be able to stop them,
he says. RD says he and Looge will go too. Looge tells him not to give up.

They discussed battle plans. Jack explains their current situation of what
they know of the castle. The Imperial Army, after occupying the castle,
have strengthened their defenses. That much, most of them had already known,
but there is a high likelihood this is not the case. There is the north
door and south door. The Particle Cannon was fired earlier, and the effect
was shown. The escape tunnel they used, is likely to be affected, and caved
in, unable to be used. The south gate is still shut, but there is likely
to be a trap. Jack says they will have to break through. Regina said the
appears to be no other way. Atrey said to do it. Everyone approves. Regina
said to make preparations first.

After talking, they were ready.

Enter the castle, Regina said they were finally back. jack says this is
where the battle starts, and to be careful. The report says the energy 
reaction came from below the castle. That is where they are headed. The 
liberation of the castle is depending on the Kingdom Army now. Atrey says
to head there. Jack and Regina says understood. The gates open, and out comes
Fran. Arth asks is she going to fight. She said it's pointless to ask.
But this time, it will not be for vengeance. Arth asks, is it for Blood
then. Fran says yes, she is fighting for his sake, and this is the only'
thing to do. Fran said both her and Arth made mistakes. The Empire's
secrets was checked by her. She said that Mauzer had betrayed her and the
country. That is probably why he self destructed. She asks how was that
for the truth. She asks was Arth concerned. She then said it may be the
contrary, and asks him to allow this. She asks him if she is a stupid woman
for doing this. Arth said it's pointless to ask. He said he must be a 
stupid man as well. Fran said to start.

After the battle, Fran said she lost. She tells them to do wha they have to.
Atrey says to go.

Inside, the Emperor said Fran is a fool. He said this will be dealt with.

Fran said this ends here, and says farewell for Blood. Blood shows up,
and tells her they haven't won. He tells Fran to go with her. He takes her
and leaves as the Salamader explodes. Far away, Atrey and the rest heard the 
explosion of the Salamander. Regina asks what happened to Fran. Jack says
to go back. Arth tells them not to forget their objective. Jack says okay 
then. Arth said it's okay, and go.

Down there, they met Gail. He says he expected this, but came much sooner.
Atrey wonders if that is a Murasame Liger, then he realizes it is not.
Gail explains this is the result of Orpis' work, the Bio Liger. Jack says
this is over for them, and asks him to surrender. Gail asks if he thinks
he can win. Jack says they will win. Jack says he is fighting for Gail's
beliefs. Both their beliefs. That is why he cannot lose. Gail said it is
just like him. Jack said Gail hasn't told him the full story. Gail said
and what if he knew, Jack still cannot forgive him anyway. He said to
show sympathy to an enemy is not battle. He asks does he not have something
he wants to protect. He asks how important is his objective. He tells him
he won't lose. Jack says he understands then. He will defeat Gail. Gail
says okay then, and tells Jack to show him how important his beliefs are.
They go into battle.

Gail cries out. He says he has seen the strength of his beliefs. He said
Jack still calls him instructor, but there is nothing left to teach him.
He tells them to go, and the Emperor is at the underground Factory. They
must fulfil their duty. Jack thanks him for the words. They leave.
Gail says he hasn't told Jack, but there was no time left. He says to Julia
that he has lost. He says to forgive him for not being able to save her.
He says she will not be lonely. He says he will be coming earlier. Fran
appears and tells him to wait. Gail is surprised Fran is okay. He knows it
is Blood. Blood asks Gail will he place his life in his hands. Gail asks
for a reason. Blood says Gail's daughter is in his hands. And that is
the reason. Gail says that is reason enough. Blood says he will be the
one to decide Gail's resting place. He beckons him to follow. Gail comments
that is not the path of the warrior. Blood said the warrior and demon are
directly opposite each other. That is his belief. The Liger explodes.

Down below, they meet Orpis, who said they finally came. He said he was
disappointed with Fran and Gail. Regina tells him to shut it, saying she
wasn't impressed with what he substituted for defeat. He said that was
a replacement greeting. He said she's got a foul mouth. And that will leave
her with no boyfriend. She tells him to shut up. He said she should
make changes, and she tells him to cut the crap. He said he wasn't kidding.
He said that facing her has caused a great change in him. That is why he 
has to defeat her. She says to bring it all.

After the battle, Orpis says they have no respect for the elderly. Regina
says the young are entrusted with the future they have to think for. Orpis
comments she isn't letting off with her words. He said they will all
see this. He moves forward, and Regina knows he activated the self-destruct.
Arth comments he just doesn't give up. Jack asks them what are they doing,
and hurry and get out of here. They run away. Orpis sees they are all gone.
He says he is such a genius. He said it was easy to get old for many reasons.
Blood shows up, and says he is such an extremely petty genius. Orpis sees
Blood with Gail and Fran. He asks are they all betraying the Emperor.
Gail said he was never loyal to begin with. And he asks Orpis what about
him. Orpis laughs, saying he is a Scientist. For the sake of research, he will
even sell his Soul to the Devil. Fran comments that is an ambitious belief.
Orpis asks so what now. Blood says the 4 Sky Kings will now perform their
very last duty, to make certain of the Emperor's last moment. Orpis says
to do the best then. Blood asks how, since it would be fitting if he joins.
Orpis said it's been such a bad day. The Death Stinger explodes and
Blood goes past.

Down below, they found the Emperor, who said they came. He said the 4 Sky
Kings are useless. Regina says it's over and tells him to admit defeat.
He said is that for real and laughs. Regina asks what's so funny. He said
he still has the strongest Zoid. For this country, no, this planet, he
will be the ruler! Regina wonders what's up with that. Arth wasn't impressed.
Jack says to show the strength of a man. The Emperor asks them how is this,
the appropriate strength. He talks about the stinking King whom they cling
on to and what is is not. He tells Atrey the King isn't whom he thinks.
Jack asks what does that mean. The Emperor removes his helm. He looks like
the King. He calls them dancing insects. Jack asks him what does this all
mean. He said he is the younger brother. They have never heard of the King
mentioning a younger brother. Emperor said it is only natural they never
heard of it. He and the stinking King were twins in the royal family. But
as kid brother, he was buried. Jack said he indeed heard of something like 
that before, the burial of the younger brother. The Emperor says that this
was made public, and ask them what do they thin. He said that the scar on
his face was from that time. Arth asks, so this is for the revenge of the
king. Emperor says revenge? No. It was originally for that purpose. Isn't 
this unbelievable? He chose the greater path to be god. And they should give
the blessing. There was nothing else apart from ruling Arcadia. The useless
brother of his should make way for his god-like self instead of being an
obstacle. The King and those who serve him, are all guilty! His rule of this
great land on the planex Zi was a joke. The Emperor says he will now
present his judgment on all the traitors, with the hammer of God. They shall
all be shattered with this hammer. They shall become particles. Then he
laughs insanely. He tells them to show their face of horror. Especially
Atrey. Jack and all realize the King is gone. Atrey says he won't forgive
him. The Emperor asks what will he do then. He asks why is he looking at
him with such eyes. He said that guy looked at him with the same eyes.
He said he shall never allow that. They fight.

After the battle, the Berserk Fuhrer burns, and the Emperor asks why did
this happen. How could he lose? How could he be defeated? He asks why!
Explosions keep happening. Regina asks is this over. Arth says perhaps.
RD tells Atrey to cheer up. So does Jack. He must understand that many are
depending on him. They are counting on him. Orpis comes in, asking what have
they done to his strongest Zoid. Regina is surprised to see he is still
alive. Blood and the rest come in. Blood tells Atrey the battle isn't over
yet. He tells Atrey to fight him. Blood says if he defeats Atrey, he will
be the ruler of this country. He tells Atrey to show him his power.
This battle shall be the judgment of who is to be the rightful ruler of this
country. Atrey said he understands. Atrey says he will engage this battle.
Fran said she has decided to follow Blood. That is why she will defeat
Arth. Arth said then cut it, and come, Fran Fougel. Fran thanks Captain Arth.
Jack speaks to Gail. Gail said this is the real thing now. They have chosen
their sides. He mentions what he went through with his right arm. He said
this has been right, and they are soldiers fighting. He tells Jack not
to hesitate. Jack says as he wishes. Orpis doesn't say anything. So does
Regina. Then she asks him why is he silent. He says it's nothing. He was
just thinking. She tells him to be serious. Blood says to get ready. Atrey 
says this is the very last.

After a battle, something happens to the Time Transportation Portal. The
Emperor has already gone insane. He laughs madly, saying it is the
time for destruction. Orpis claims the Space-Time Transporter has gone
berserk. Regina asks what does that mean. He explains that it has become
a certain kind of Black Hole that transcends time. If this black hole goes
out of control, then.... Regina asks him what. Orpis says the whole planet will
disappear. The Emperor still laughs. Jack asks how they can stop this.
He said to use a White Hole to neutralize it. The Entrance and the
exit. When the 2 comes together, time shall be transcended. Jack says so
that means they have to destroy the exit. Orpis explains you have to destroy
the exit of the blackhole, but doing so will transcend time. One may not
be able to return to this world. Regina asks about the Transporter in the
ruins. Orpis explains about it going out of control. He said no one will
know where it will lead to. Emperor screams madly about everything 
disappearing. He laughs, then enters the black hole. Atrey moves, but Blood
stops him. Blood said this was his duty. He said Atrey has his own matters.
Fran tells Blood not to act alone. He said he will return. Then both him and
Fran entered the black hole. Regina tells them to wait. Gail says the
young lot are always reckless. He said he can't do that. He said his daughter
will be in his care. Then he enters the black hole too. Orpis comments those
guys don't know the terror of this thing. Regina calls out and tells him
not to do something he isn't suited for. Orpis says to Atrey to know what's
around him. He says goodbye, then enters the portal. Regina comments that
wasn't cool at all. The Black Hole calms. Regina asks why did this have
to happen. She cries out. Arth tells Atrey to go, what they have done
here is finished. Jack agress saying everyone is waiting. Atrey says to
return to where everyone is waiting.

In the castle, the Queen praise Atrey for excellant work. Atrey wasn't happy
though. She said it is unfortunate what happened to the King. Atrey will
have to become the next queen. Surely his father would have confidently
pass it to him. Atrey is sad. The queen said not to have that face. From here
on, he will be the next king of Arcadia. She said to hurry, and all his
comrades are all waiting for a farewell. She tells him to take something.
It was a radar. She says it is the memento of the king. She tells him to hold
on to it. She tells him to see his comrades again. He complies.

Outside, everyone gathers. Van says he will return to his world. Atrey thanks
all of them. Looge says that was his line. Dr D comments they are all active.
He kinda envies that. Herman says they will go. Kotona says Atrey is
growing up. She says she's waiting for then. Again, he gives the "Yes, 
Kotona!" response, and Regina tells him not to give that lovestruck look.
Mie says not to do that. Bit says to Atrey to be happy. Then he realize
he should be calling him King of Arcadia. Atrey says to call him Atrey.
RD says to meet again. Mie tells him to buck up, and Atrey thanks her. Linon
advices Regina to buck up. She said slowly she will find it. Regina agrees
saying she needs to work harder, and thanks her. Irvine comes, and comments
that the sarcastic guy isn't here. Feene looks around, and says Jack isn't
here as well. She wonders what is going on. Torma says she worries about
these things easily. Regina says they will look for Arth and Jack. She said
they should be coming here immediately. Atrey wonders what are they thinking.

Inside, Jack says he had been looking for Arth. Arth said he was found. Jack
asks Arth where was he going. Arth said he can't answer. Jack says hurry to
where everyone is. Arth said he was going to leave the Beast Warriors.
Jack says sorry to hear that. He asks Arth has he seen the prince yet.
Arth said Jack's foresight will not be wrong. He said the prince have grown
with these battles. Arth said he has no need of his power any more. Jack
says he doesn't agree with that. Jack says he is part of the 3 beast
warriors. No one can replace that. He said he doesn't want to cheat
the prince and the rest. He said the truth hasn't returned. Jack asks what
is he talking about. He still has a duty as the 3 Beast Warriors. That will
be the truth. Jack said Arth's place is here. He said that Arcadia has yet
to be in full peace. He said that they will not be at full strength should
new enemies appear. Isn't that more of a stupid fool? Jack said they have
spoken enough, and tells him to go. Atrey is waiting. Arth comments he can't
win Jack. Can't be helped. He will stay a little longer.

They come out, and Jack apologizes for being late. Irvine comments about him
being incomprehensible. Arth said he still isn't done. He asks Irvine does
he like it here. Irvine said unfortunately, they are not people of leisure.
Some other time. Moonbay said that's just the way he is. She comments about
him using cheap fuel, and he wonders why she remembers that. Van asks Feene
why does she not look happy. She said she wasn't feeling well, but she is
alright. Torma asks her not to overdo it. He said to avoid this by hugging
her. Moonbay tells him to stop. Suddenly, there is a tremor. Amy asks
what that was. Galaga said that was an explosion. La Kan said it came from
the ruins. Sigma wonders is it the renmants of the Imperial Army. Looge
said they are stubborn. Seijuurou said it does not seem to be the Imperial
Army. They wonder what that means. Maskman said to think that this is not
the normal Transportation, it is from another world. Ron wonders what are
they after, and this is unbelievable. Jemy wonders if there is a new enemy
apart from the Imperial Army. Barad said it is likely. A soldier comes in
to report bad news. Arth tells him to calm down and explain. He said something
was going on in the Space-Time Transporter of the ruins. A Zoid army has
invaded the area. RD wonders what Army. Jack asks about the Kindom army.
The soldier reports the Command Wolf squad were wiped out. Regina said they
can't allow this. Jack says preparations OK. Herman said they would come
along. Atrey said to head to the ruins.

When they entered, a group of strong Zoids greeted them. Rezarl, Ribaius
and Gald made comments of these humans. Emperoth said their existence was
redundant. Relm said humans were not needed. Hargal said they are fools.
They are not renmants of the Imperial Army. Van wonders who they are.
Van asks them why do they say such things, are they not human? Herman
tells them to drop it and identify themselves. Bit says to take them down.
Relm says humans are such messes. RD demands an answer. Maskman tells him
to calm down. Raveene said humans are so impatient, and so cute. An 
earthquake happens. Linon ask if the ruins may collapse. Barad said very
likely. Jemy screams to calm down. (What an irony.) Jack said this is
the first time. Feene screams. Torma and Seijuurou ask is she alright.
Feene says she is fine. Torma tells Seijuurou to let Feene go. Schubaltz
tells Torma not to give a half-hearted attitude. Re Mie agrees. Kotona
screams. Atrey asks is she alright. Kotona thanks Atrey. Galaga shouts and
tells Atrey to let her go. Moonbay wonders how long this earthquake will
continue. Irvine said the earth is acting strange. Herman asks what is
happening. La Kan said someone intentionally set this up. Ron said that is
unbelievable. Sigma said they need help. Amy said she usually doesn't
welcome help, but now they need it. Suddenly, it stopped. Sigma can't believe
it. Ron said it calmed. Linon said it was good the ruins did not collapse.
Ribaius said very soon now. A soldier comes in to report. Arth asks why
is he here. He reports that on their land, a strange structure has 
emerged from beneath the ground. It was a gigantic tower. Herman wonders
how can this be possible. Schubaltz wonder what on earth is happening.
Sigma said these guys must be the new enemies. Dr D said they don't know
their nature. La Kan wonder does not think they used the Space-Time 
transporter. Bit said first, defeat the enemies and send them back, or
they can't return. Looge agrees. RD said to get it done quick. Gald said 
that it seems that humans are a war-loving bunch. Relm said humans are
interesting. Raveene said they should be running away for cover. RD tells
her to say that again. Relm comments they are such simple ones. RD said
he won't let that past. Van tells Zeek to get ready, and he complies.
Atrey tells the 3 of them to wait. Another enemy appears. Gald says it
is such an honor to receive Rose. Rose said it is these guys who disturbed
her sleep. She was just sleeping. Feene said she is an ancient Zoidian.
She said they are a type of humans. Rose wonders how another race like hers
is existing in this time era. They wonder who she is. Jack said she 
could have come from the Portal. Otherwise, it's the ancient ruins. Kotona
asks about that. Jack says it may be part of an unidentified ruins in
Arcadia. Mie asks what do they do. Jack says he's thinking. Regina says
she definitely came from the ruins. Jemy asks if these guys are all
ancient Zoidians. Regina said she doesn't know. Feene said not all.
Kotona said since ancient times, the ancient Zoid People were wiped out.
Jack said they have great technology. They could transcend time. They also
have life support systems. Such is not impossible. Van agrees it's possible.
Mie asks why is she waking up now. Jack says he doesn't know. Dr D said the
Transporter. Irvine asks what does he mean. He said the transporter was
used to make this happen, with special waves. Or the energy caused by
electromagnetic waves has affected this. Amy said the knowledge backfired.
Seijuurou said they just stopped the ambition of the Emperor. Kotona said 
this cannot be wrong. Herman wonders what are their true intentions.
Rose said that the foolish humans have gathered. She said their spreading
is incredible. Regina said that Rose will return Zi to the former state.
This means return everything to nothingness. Ron asks does that mean they
will all be destroyed. She said yes. Mie asks Regina why does she know this.
She pauses, saying she doesn't really know why. Van said they really have
no reservations on this. RD says to do battle, and tells Atrey to get
ready. Rose asks them are they really going to fight. RD says yes. They get
this done, then return to their world. He tells them to prepare themselves.
Rose laughs. RD asks what is so funny. She says that isn't much of a reason.
She says that was not the real battle. She says their race is so simple,
war-loving kind. She said to return them. Van wonders what she means.
She said she will send them to where they can battle all they want.

In a flash, they are gone, leaving only Atrey and the rest. Atrey wonders
how Van disappeared. RD, Bit and the rest are also gone. So is Looge and
the rest. Jack said that leaves only them. Rose laughs, saying they
are sent to their worlds where they can battle, for entertainment. Atrey
tells her how dare she does this to his friends. Rose asks if they still
want to fight. She says she will be in her castle, and asks them to come.
They will speak further then. And she laughs.

The Tower is far away. They come out. Jack says they have to withdraw.
Atrey agrees.

In the Pub, they discuss. Jack wonders where Van and the rest have been
sent to. Regina said about the way she spoke. They probably returned to
their respective worlds. Arth said she mentioned entertainment. Perhaps
it is a polite way of welcoming them. Atrey wonders if everyone is okay.
Arth asks what they would do now. Jack said they must think of what to
do now. Arth said they must strike their stronghold. Regina said that is
reckless. The Kingdom army do not stand a chance. Arth asks what would
she suggest then. He said Van and the others may be planning to return to
here. Jack said it is true, time is on their side. A soldier comes in to
report. He said that traces of unidentified large number of Zoid cores are 
excavated from ruins. This will affect battle strength. They don't have
much chance. Atrey said to go. Victory or defeat has yet to be decided.
They shall battle with the members they have now. They agreed to go.
Arth comments this guy will do things even if they break his bones. Regina
asks what is that supposed to mean. Atrey gives the order to assault the
tower, and sasy to show the power of the 3 Beast Warriors. They all said

Close to the tower, a Whale King approaches. Rezarl says he has found them.
Arth said he was at the ruins. Jack said they must find a way to buy some
time. Regina said she doesn't know if fighting will help. Atrey said they
will protect Arcadia.

After the battle, Arth wonders if they have won. Rezarl said that humans
should know their place. He said he will destroy their inheritence.

Rezarl attacks the Trinity Liger and destroys it. He says this time, the
target was struck. Then he retreats.

Atrey collapses as they call out to him.

In the castle, Jack asks about his condition. The queen said he is sleeping
in his room. The Trinity Liger was quite a shock to him. Jack is worried.
The Queen tells him not to worry. Regina is taking care of him. He will wake
up soon. Arth said he will return to them. Arth said they still have a
problem to deal with. Jack said there is a likelihood they have prepared
a trap. Arth said to assemble all the remaining soldiers to strengthen
defenses. Jack says he understands, and will protect the castle.

Atrey gets out. Regina says he is awake. Atrey says he is okay. He asks
about the Trinity Liger. Regina says it is sent to Dr T. He asks what
has happened to it. Regina says the Trinity Liger is impossible to recover.
They both became silent. That was the inheritence. He asks how can he protect
this world. Regina said it's too soon to give up. She said the Trinity Liger
exists to protect. Surely, there has to be a Zoid Core. That is the duty of
the Guardian God. Atrey said that was reassuring. She said it wasn't supposed
to be reassuring, it is what she understands. The Trinity Liger will
certainly return. Atrey said the Trinity Liger may not return. It would
be bad to lose this Guardian God. Regina asks does he not believe in her
words. Atrey was to answer. But Jack and Arth both rush in, saying something
bad has happened. Jack said that the enemy has infiltrated the castle.
The Kingdom Army is fending them off now, but don't know how long it can hold.
Atrey said they will go then. A soldier comes in to report. The enemy has
infiltrated the underground factory built by the Imperial Army. All the 
Emergency Command Wolves have been defeated. He als reports there is only
Zoid that has infiltrated. He said the Zoid was too fast, and they were no
match. Right now, they are using Cannon Attacks. Regina asks what is going 
on, and he said he doesn't know. Atrey wonders is it the Trinity Liger.
It is a premonition. He said he could feel the will of the Trinity Liger in
the Castle. Jack says their target was likely to be the Trinity Liger.
Arth said those guys can probably revive the Zoid Core. Regina says to
Atrey to go.

They went out and into the castle basement. 

Ribaius meets them, and say this is useless. The Zoid Core will be destroyed.
Atrey said he knew they were after the core. Ribaius said that his eyesore
of a Zoid will disappear. Jack and Arth rush out. Jack says they will handle
the enemy, and tells him to continue. Atrey said he understood, and signals
to Regina to go. They went into the lab.

Atrey saw that it was the Trinity Liger Zoid Core. Regina was right. Regina
asks him does he believe now. Atrey said of course. Atrey said he always
believed in her words. She said that wasn't convincing. She asks what
next. A tremor happens. Atrey said this is a bad situation. Regina said
they must hurry and return. The Geno Flame shows up.

Ribaius says this shall be settled today. Arth says this ends here. Ribaius
attacks, but misses, and gets a counter attack. She says her objective is
fulfilled, and pulls back.

Arth wonders what she meant. Jack said no idea, but this is scrapped.
Arth said yes, but not to be reckless. He asked the prince if he was okay.
Atrey said he was okay, and asks Regina. But she was not there. A soldier
comes in to report. Regina is chasing after the lone enemy. Arth can't 
believe she was chasing alone. Arth said the reason is unknown, but to give
chase. Jack asks the prince to revive the Trinity Liger. Atrey said he

Outside Jack finds Regina with Ribaius. Atrey shows up with the Trinity
Liger, and asks what is happening to Regina. She does not answer. Jack said
there is something strange. Ribaius said she is taking this woman. It was
Rose's order. Jack calls out to Regina to stop. She does not reply. Arth
said someone must be controlling her. Atrey said Ribaius must be controlling
Regina. Ribaius said she wasn't able to do that. Jack asks what are they
planning to do with her. Arth said no idea. Ribaius says to go. Atrey says
to stop. Atrey tells her to wake up. Ribaius said it was useless. Regina
still does not respond. Atrey said this can't be happening. Regina would
never do this. He once again calls to her, telling her it is him, and asks her
does she know him. She still does not respond. He talks about the lessons
she gave. He tells her to wake up. He cries out to her. Finally she awakes.
She wonders what was she doing. Atrey tells her to hurry to his side.
Ribaius says she will have to deal with Regina waking up.

The Geno Flame gets ready to attack. The Trinity Liger changes form. The
particle cannon miss, and the Liger counters. Ribaius realize it is time
to retreat.

Ribaius leaves. They wonder what just happened. Atrey said he felt some
strange power.

In the Pub, Jack asks why did the enemy want Regina. They do not know. They
also wondered where she was to take her to. They still have no clue. Jack
said it must be related to Regina's Bloodlines. Regina said there are
no relations. She said Rose's thoughts and intentions were read. Regina
said she does not have that power. She said she felt she was talking.
Jack ponders what that was about. Arth said that they can think about this
later. They still have something to do. They have to smash the enemy 
stronghold. Regina protests that their strength difference would be
dangerous. Shouldn't they wait for them to come and see if they are safe?
Arth asks how do they wait if they don't know how they are. This is their
responsibility. Is it not true? Jack wonders about whose opinions. He
thinks waiting is not good. They don't have much chance of winning.
There is a large possibility of danger. They ask the prince. Atrey knows
the possibilities. But if they are not stopped, this whole world will be
in peril. Arcadia is counting on them. All the worlds, they would have to
protect. They all agreed to go.

Approaching the Tower, Regina says this will not be easy. Arth said dealing
with this will not be interesting. Jack said in a while, they will know their
plan. Arth said there's no idea, but no point thinking about it. Regina 
wonders about the place. Jack says to show them the strength of the 3
Beast Warriors. Atrey said to enter.

At Van's end, Torma is asking if Feene is injured. She says she is okay.
Van asks if everyone is okay. Moonbay says she's fine. Schubaltz asks where
they are. Irvine said it's familiar. Herman said they had left the world.
Dr D says it appears they returned to somewhere in their own time. Moonbay
if they really are back. Dr says very likely. Irvine tells him not to give
answers unless he is certain. Dr D says perhaps they were sent back, but
it would be too simple. Irvine starts cursing that woman. Dr D says this
is quite the suitable situation for Irvine. He make comments on how Irvine
can't see as a "bad eyes man". Irvine said he could still remember that.
Dr D laughs. Herman talks about that woman. He said she has fearsome powers.
Not a good idea to cross swords. They were all silent. Moonbay wonders how
Atrey and the rest are doing. Van said he is worried about them. Van said
to get out of here, and return to Arcadia. They agreed. Moonbay said to make
progress. Schubaltz said he doesn't know what lies in wait. They assemble
and go down. Van sees a strange Zoid. Could it be? Irvine said it is Orpis.
Orpis asks who are they. He thinks, than comes up with a conclusion.
He says he got it. This place is hell. And of course, they came here too.
Moonbay said he's an idiot. She said she would never end up in hell.
They won't catch good people here. Feene comments she would go to heaven.
(*Sweatdrop*) Torma say he will go together with Feene. (More sweatdrops.)
Schubaltz tells him to cut the nonsense. Van asks why is he alright after
entering the Black Hole. Did the black hole send him here? He said he
can't remember. Last time they talk, it was the black hole. Dr D said he
understands. The gravity collapse has affected this and other timelines.
That's pretty much it. Orpis thinks, then wonders why are these guys here.
Herman said they will talk of being thrown here. He said they are somewhere
in their time. Orpis asks thrown over? By who? Irvine answers an ancient
Zoidian. A woman named Rose. Orpis thinks how they showed themselves now.
Orpis laughs, saying they got themselves a handful of trouble. Moonbay
said that wasn't something interesting to laugh at. She said they have
to hurry back to Arcadia, as Atrey and the rest are in danger. Orpis thinks
about Regina, and says that must be done. Moonbay say they want his help,
and ask is it okay. Orpis agrees, and says to return to Arcadia. He wants
to help that stubborn Regina. He tells van he understands and is ready to
go. Van wasn't to happy about this. But then again, no better way. So he
welcomes him in.

In the tower, Jack says he can't see them. Arth said perhaps they are above.
the tower. Regina says it's a good position. Jack says to go and Atrey
gives the order.

Above, they met Rezarl. He said he knew they would come. Arth said he
finally showed. Atrey says he will show him.

After the battle, Rezarl says the real show has yet to begin. He leaves.

Jack says to hurry and Atrey agrees.

In Bit's side, Benjamin wonders where he is and is he dead. Harry wonders
if he is dead. Linon says they are a noisy bunch. Sebastian tells them to 
calm. Naomi asks where they are. Barad does not know. Bit says he has
seen this before. Linon says she can't remember much of such a place. Leon
says the others are not here. They must be in their respective worlds.
Harry said he doesn't understand why. Naomi said it is the work of Rose.
Barad said it is true they were about to fight them. Leon said they were
played. Linon ask what now. Leon says this is not where the battle is.
Naomi says to get out of here and return to Arcadia for the final battle.
Jemy starts to panic. Naomi said to return the favor multiplied. Harry said
he will pass. So does Benjamin. Sebastian protests that. Benjamin is
against fighting them. Linon said everyone is gathering. Harry asks
really. Linon gets angry and scolds him for the weak will. How is a king
supposed to act like this? She says like it or not, he's coming along.
Harry says he understood and will go. He mutters about her selfishness
changing. He mutters on what he can't do. Linon asks him what now, and
he says it's nothing. Sebastian asks Benjamin what he will do. Benjamin
says he will go. Barad asks Naomi what is wrong. She wonders if Atrey and 
the rest are okay. Linon wonders if Regina is fine. Leon says they will
go there now. Barad says they have to deal with the problem of getting
out of here. Bit says they will break through. THey assemble and leave.
Down, they see a Zoid. It was Fran. No mistake. Bit calls to her. Fran
is surprised to know she is alive. Leon says to use the Hover Cargo to
get her.

Inside Fran gets wind of the Ancient Zoidian in Arcadia. Leon says they
have to hurry, as Atrey and the rest are in danger. Fran thinks about Arth.
Linon says the battle in Arcadia has started. Fran said she will go with
them if that is okay. Bit says fine. But don't overdo it. Naomi said she
is waiting to see. The others welcome her. Bit says to hurry to Arcadia.
Linon says to escape here and head over there.

Arth said he doesn't know where something is continuing, and where to 
progress. Jack says to hurry.

Ribaius said she was waiting. Arth said there will be injuries. Ribaius
laughs, saying he is interesting. She says to fight. Jack says for 2
of them to go.

After the battle, she said there is still greater power, and leaves.
Regina tells the prince to hurry.

At RD's side, RD says damn, where are they now. Maskman said they must
be somewhere in their world. Sigma says he's heard of. Dyd says they aren't
with the rest. Maskman said they must be in their respective worlds.
Chao mentions about the enemy boss. Amy says she heard that too. Amy asks
what exactly is that woman. Do all Ancient Zoid People have that kind of 
power? Maskman said he hasn't heard of that. Possibly only a few special
cases of that. Gamy said he can't believe it even now. These events happened
one after another to such a revolution. Maskman said he believes. 
Sigma asks what now. RD says this is decided. They will pull out from here,
and help Atrey and the rest. He asks Maskman is that not right.
Maskman agrees, but for this plan, they must first get out. Matt says to
hurry, as Brother Atrey is in danger. Maskman said be patient. He says
to get going. RD says to Atrey to wait. He will help. They assemble and
leave. Below they find Gail's Zoid. Gail recognize them from Blue City.
RD says he is okay. Gail asks where this is. Dyd says no clue. Gail
asks what does that mean. Sigma says it is because of Arcadia's new enemies.
Gail asks about that. RD says it's true. Their power sent them here.
Gail thinks, and ask is it other than the Emperor. Gamy said it is an
ancient Zoidian of unknown origins. Gail asks about the ancient Zoidian.
RD said probably the result of the Space-Time transporter or something.
Gail thinks. He asks about going together. RD says to hurry, or Arcadia
will be in trouble. Gail says he understood. Will his addition be able to 
help. Chao wonders about it. Gamy says he is still a criminal of Blue City.
The truth is complicated in such a situation. He wonders about ignoring
this fact. Gamy asks what do they all think. Chao said it can't be helped.
Dyd said he don't mind. Maskman said no objections. RD said isn't that great.
Than he welcomes Gail in. Maskman says to everyone to go. RD says he will
search for the exit. He tells Atrey he is coming.

Regina said she was imagining something. Atrey says not much of it.

Above, Atrey sees new Zoids, and wonders if they are new enemies. The boy 
asks is he Atrey. Atrey is surprised. He asks has Atrey forgotten about him.
He is Will. Atrey has no idea. Regina wonders if it is a misunderstanding.
Jack notices those are rare Zoids, but not of the enemy. Arth said it is
dangerous to mix with them. He said they may be strong Zoids, to watch out
for. He said they weren't damaged in this place. Jack tells Atrey to continue.
They move past them. Yuno said she knew it. Will said they had came from
a different time stream. Yuno mentions about that time. A timegate appeared
with a silver object. At that time, Orpis was involved. Zell said, in other
words, that time stream has affected them to end up here. Will said he thinks
so. Yuno asks Will what now. He said that Acty is using equipment to 
investigate the time abnormality, and he is depending on her. Yuno asks
what about the time travel. Nothing much else, Zell urges Will to go.
Yuno tells Zell to wait, and asks is it okay to leave Atrey. Will said they
are in a dangerous place, and he can't let that happen. He says to help
Atrey. Zell agrees. Yuno too. Will thanks them. He says to go after Atrey.

Above, they face Gald. Arth said he is strong. Jack says to give it all.
The 2 Zoids appeared. Zell says they will fight together. Arth asks why.
Will said they have a duty to protect this world together. Arth wonders
about his words. Regina thanks their help. Gald asks if they are not going
to fight. Arth said to go, just a little more. Atrey welcomes them in.
They introduced themselves as Will, Zell, and Yuno. Jack says for everyone to

After the battle, Gald says the exceptional welcome is waiting for them.
He goes, laughing.

Arth said what they had expected has betrayed them. Jack says to go. 

At Looge's end, they wonder where they are. Kotona says she heard they 
returned to their world. La Kan says perhaps. Galaga curses that woman. Ron 
said that was amazing power. He says it was quite regretful. Kotona says they 
can't back down. Looge says to hurry back to Arcadia, and no one has though
of that. Mie said he plans fast. Looge said that has nothing to do with this.
Galaga says to leave this to him. He will blast right through this place.
Seijuurou and Ron stop him. Kotona says they shouldn't stirr anything here.
They discuss, and La Kan says to continue. La Kan and Kotona tell Looge to
take the lead. Looge said he understood, and wants Kotona to watch. They
gather and leave. They found Blood's Zoid below. They wonder about it.
Galaga shouts out at it. Looge said no response, may no one is in. Galaga
said there is no reply. Seijuurous said that is not necessary. Blood awakes,
and asks where he is. La Kan says it appears they travelled through time to
this place. Blood asks where this is. Mie said they wish to know. Kotona
said they were sent from Arcadia. Blood asks about it. Blood asks was it
due to the Gravity Collapse. Kotona said that was not it. La Kan said there
was a new enemy in Arcadia. Blood asks about it. Ron said it was an ancient
Zoidian, a very strong enemy. Stronger than the Emperor. Blood wonders about
this Ancient Zoidian, and said he doesn't believe these lies. La Kan says
that's too bad he doesn't believe the truth. Mie said he probably won't
believe in unless he saw it. Blood says Arcadia is his home country. So
something has to be done if what they say is true. Looge says to hurry,
as Atrey is in danger. Looge tells him to fight with them. Blood says
they should promise not to get in his way, that's why he will go with them.
Mie asks what is he talking about. Looge says he understands. Blood said he
has yet to get an answer from Atrey. La Kan says to go. Looge say he will
find the exit. He tells Atrey he is coming.

Atrey asks where is all this continuing. Regina tells him not to be
faint-hearted now. It's just a little more, they must go on.

Above, they met Hargal, who say he was expecting them. He say they will
play a bit. Jack signals to Atrey to go. Van tells them not to forget about
them. Van and the rest shows up. Van says they will handle. Dr D comments
he is such a lively youth. Moonbay said they came through a time crack,
and searched the right place. Moonbay then realizes that Orpis isn't here.
Regina wonders what she meant. Feene said earlier, she saw him going
somewhere. Regina said must have escaped. She said what great pains for this,
what a lack of willpower. Irvine said don't worry about them though.
Arth said what an interfering guy. Irvine tells him not to get the wrong
idea, he didn't come here for them. Arth comments about Irvine returning
alive, and Irvine said it's the best. Irvine signals to Van to settle this
mess here. Van says OK.

(Where did Raven and Riize pop up from anyway? And even if they were
convinced to join, where's the Geno Breaker?)

After the battle, Hargal said the humans are not bad. He tells them to
keep it up, as it will make things more interesting. He laughs, then

Arth said it's just another babble from a loser. Regina tells Atrey to go.

They met Relm, and she says she is their next opponent. Arth it doesn't
matter who, just start. Bit tells them to wait. Bit and the rest shows up.
Bit says they finally made it here. Linon says she kept Regina waiting.
Regina says Linon is okay. Fran says she will battle too. Arth sees that
she is alive. He says understood. Bit says there is plenty to return back.
He signals to Atrey to go.

After the battle, Relm made some snide comments about humans. She tells
them to give it all, then she leaves.

Bit wonders how much more. Arth said they must drive them back. Jack says
to continue. Atrey says to go.

Up there, they met Raveene. She giggled, saying humans have come. She said
she was happy. Arth said they are eager. She said they are interesting.
Arth said he will grant her wish. RD said they will fight too. RD and the
rest shows up. RD said his return had been expected. Maskman said to go into
battle position, and tells everyone to prepare. Amy and Sigma say they are
good to go. Gale said he will fight too. Jack is happy to see him alright.
Gail said he isn't going to croak that easily. He said first, they have to
defeat the enemy in front.

Raveene laughs saying humans simply must win. She goes away, saying they
are waiting.

Regina asks what was up with that woman. Arth said that they don't take
them seriously. Jack said to go. Van said they must win the last battle.
Bit agrees. RD said to chase after them. Atrey tells everyone to get ready.

Down below, they meet another new enemy. He introduces himself as Emperoth.
He say he will test them on how much they have. Arth said he returned those
words right back. Looge say they will join in. Looge and the rest appear.
Looge apologises for taking so long. La Kan says to back up Atrey. Kotona
advices Atrey to do his best. Again, Atrey gives his "Yes, Kotona!" response.
Galaga tells him to stop acting dazed. He tells Atrey not to be unprepared.
Mie tells Looge the second to buck up. Blood asks how can Arcadia be
entrusted like this. Atrey is happy to see that Blood is alive. Blood
says that earlier, he had a stroke of misfortune. Arth wonders where did this
guy came from. Blood says it's time for a break. But first, concentrate on
defeating this guy. Atrey says he understands. Jack tells the prince to go.
Atrey says to defeat the enemy in front.

After the battle, Emperoth said he underestimated their power. He said it
doesn't matter. Next time, they will face their combined power. Arth said
it should be done from the start. Jack says they will definitely break
through any enemy. Emperoth said his is happy, and will be waiting. Then
he leaves.

Atrey thinks about Emperoth. Regina urges him to continue, and he gives the

They meet Emperoth in full force. He said this will not be as easy as the
earlier one. Raveene says it ends here. Relm says this is serious now. Hargal
says to go. Atrey tells everyone to prepare. Arth said always. Jack says to

After the battle, Jack says the victory has been decided. Hargal said they
lost. Relm asks how can this be. Raveene said humans are strong. Emperoth
said despite that, the humans' strength was not to me underestimated. He
admits defeat. He tells them to continue then. Arth wonders what are they
up to. Jack said he doesn't know, but they still have to continue. Regina
says to go. They let him pass, and they continue. Emperoth's subjects ask
is it okay. Should they not back Rose? Emperoth said their duty has
ended. So now, Rose, no Rozeena, has to decide. 

At the top floor, they finally meet Rose. She said they finally struggled
here. That was quite commendable. Arth said she has much to complain.
Arth said to get it started. She said they are an unknowing lot. She said
they all will become ashes along with this planet. Arth challenges her,
saying the one who will become dust is her. Jack tells her to prepare
herself. Regina says to go. Atrey tells everyone this is the last battle.
They must win to protect this world.

After the battle, Rose said that playtime has ended. She retreats.
Arth says she is escaping. Jack says to give chase. They advance.
Rose laughs, saying who is going to escape. Jack says she got on a new
Zoid. Rose said they shall all become ashes, and cannot escape such a
fate. She laughs again. Regina said she is now more powerful than 
earlier. Jack says there is only this way. Atrey tells everyone to give
it everything they have.

To be continued...

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