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Guide and Walkthrough by Kouli

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 04/11/2006

-- Xenosaga I&II --
-- FAQ/Walkthrough --
-- By Ken "Kouli/Ice" Zhao (kenzhao99@yahoo.com) --
-- Version 0.6 --


<Beforehand Words>

Xenosaga I&II is a DS game made by Monolith Soft & published by Namco. As for
this FAQ/Walkthrough, it is based on the JP version of "Xenosaga I&II" that's
released on March 30, 2006. BTW, this FAQ/Walkthrough can contain spoilers.


<Update Logs>

\April 3rd, 2006/
- Version 0.1, started the walkthrough and done till the first gnosis boss

\April 4th, 2006/
- Version 0.2, done Chapter 4

\April 5th, 2006/
- Version 0.3, done Chapter 8

\April 6th, 2006/
- Version 0.4, done Chapter 10 which means the end of Xenosaga Episode I

\April 7th~9th, 2006/
- Version 0.5, done the walkthrough

\April 11th, 2006/
- Version 0.6, fixed few errors and added some details


<Starting Up>

For the Title Menu at the Lower Screen, there are:
   - New Game
   - Continue
   - Option
     - Battle Movement: Combat Only/Map Based
     - Battle Grid: On/Off
     - Message Speed: Normal/Slow/Fast
     - Map Movement Type: Walk/Run
     - Skip Function: Off/On
     - Save & Exit
     - Back To Default


<Chapter 1 - Ubung/Practice>

Within the Encephalon, pick Yes/1st choice and you can take 3 Tutorials:
- Basic Movement
  - Divides into 3 aspects: Move, Normal Attack and Target Select
    - To Move, there are the Player Field and the Enemy Field, so you can only
      move within the Player Field. If you are close to the enemy, you can deal
      more damage but you also receive more damage. Likewise, if you are away
      from the enemy, you can deal less and receive less damage
      - To move, simply use the D-Pad and you can move around the Player Field
        like in an Action RPG
    - For Normal Attack, it's by using the X or Y Button, as well as A Button
      - To make a combo, input X or Y after. You can also Cancel with B Button
        - If you have enough AP, you can press A as the 3rd Input
      - First, line up with the enemy and X Button will be usable
    - For Target Select, press L Button and use the D-Pad to pick
      - Once you have an X and Y Icon on some enemy, you are set
      - You are to take out all the Saber Crab here to end this Tutorial
        - Line up with one enemy, pick that enemy as the target, then you can
          press X or Y as the initial attack then X or Y again
          - If you have enough AP, then A as the 3rd Input
    - For the Touch Screen, you can view KOS MOS's HP, MP, AP and BG which is
      the Boost Gauge
      - As you can see, X is Blaster, Y is Blow and B is for the Menu
        - For the Menu, you can see Ether, Item, Formation and Guard
        - If you press Select, that's 'View Techs' which allows you to see all
          the combinations with various Buttons

- AP System
  - As you can see with the AP Gauge in the Lower Screen
    - One Normal Attack uses 1 AP
    - Ether or Item uses 2 AP
    - Guard uses 1 AP
    - Deathblow uses 1 AP
    - You regain 2 AP each turn
      - Anyway, you are to charge up 3 AP for the Deathblow
        - Either Normal Attack then Cancel or just Guard
      - As said, you can get 2 AP upon a Turn
        - Once you have 3 AP, press Select to 'View Techs'
          - There are 4 combinations for 3-Button Combo, but they are just the
            R Cannon and R Blade
        - Repeat till you get rid off all Saber Crab
          - While you are at it, you probably will build up the BG/Boost Gauge,
            but it doesn't look like you can use it in this Tutorial

- Other System
  - This is where it talks about Event Slot, Group Turn Window and Boost
    - For Event Slot, it spins after each character/enemy's turn
      - There are 4 kinds with 4 effects which applies to character and enemy
        - Critical Slot, increases the chance for Critical Hit
        - Boost Slot, increases the charge for the Boost Gauge
        - Lucky Slot, increases Point, Exp & chance for Rare Item after battle
        - None, nothing so everything is normal
    - For Group Turn Window, it shows the turn order for all. The most left is
      the one that's faster than the rest
      - This is determined by the stat, AGL
    - For Boost, the Gauge charges up by using Normal Attack or Deathblow
      - Once you have 1 or higher, then you can use Boost
        - Press R Button, then Boost with Y, X or A Button
          - For this case with KOS MOS, R+Y
            - Keep in mind that you can Double Boost to do Double Tech. You'll
              need at least 2 characters, each with at least 1 Boost Gauge. So
              you can Boost both for the Double Tech
      - You will need to clear out all the Saber Crab and at least do one Boost

- Cancel
  - Once you are done with the above Tutorials, you may end the Tutorials with
    this choice

There is a EVS Plate near, get near and Check it with A. Use Recover/1st choice
to heal your HP and MP. If you press Triangle then you'll be in the Menu which
is at the Lower Screen:
  - Ether, allows you to Use, Evolve or Enhance
  - Skill, allows you to Set or Acquire
  - Deathblow, allows you to Set or Enhance
  - Equip, allows you to Change or Unequip Arm, Body or 2 Accessories
  - Item, allows you to Use or Change
  - UMN, allows you to view Mail, Glossary/DataBase, Sub Story, Plug In & Shop
    - Shop allows you to Buy/Sell Weapon/Armor/Item
  - Save, allows you to save your game
    - There are 2 Save Slots
  - In this Menu, press Y to switch around the character order
    - Top character is the On-Screen Character that shows up on the field

Anyway, walk up for a Mail from Miyuki. Anyhow, for walking around the field,
you can encount in random battles. If you ever get into a battle with some rock
between the enemies, destroy the rock to set off the Trap to damage the nearby

Toward the NW to get a Mail from Vector. Move on to NW to get near the Realian
Alex. Virgil also shows up with his AGWS. Alex will join in here but he is AI-
Controlled in battle. For the next random battle, Virgil in his AGWS will show
up and shoot the enemy but also shooting Alex in doing so.

Now, back track toward the EVS Plate to get a Mail from Miyuki. You may use the
Plug In with Y Button, to destroy nearby object.

Now, to advance, you can go straight to north. Before that, we can get one Acc
here. See the bridge at the middle of this area? You can get up there from the
NE. At NE, go south and move along the edge, so you are Off-Screen. Continue to
move to the left and you will be moving on the bridge. There's an object at the
end. Destroy it and you will get the Purple Ring.

The north leads to a boss fight, so besure you are ready before going on. Since
there is a EVS Plate you can use to heal HP and MP, you may train around here.
My Shion and KOS MOS are at Level 6. Evolve, Enhance Shion & KOS MOS's Ether;
Enhance Shion & KOS MOS's Deathblow; Acquire, Set Shion & KOS MOS's Skill; Buy
some Armor like the MetalWare for Shion & KOS MOS. Get Scope and Hunter Eye if
you got enough Money. Also, don't forget to get some healing items. If you do
get the Scope and Hunter Eye, you can also Acquire Skills from them, along with
the Skill from the Purple Ring. Once you are ready, go north toward the rubble.

Enemy: Goblin
First Gnosis you fight which isn't too bad since it's 3 against 1. Guard and
build up the AP, then do Deathblow. Shion can also use support magic like Boost
One, Quick and Medica. KOS MOS can use Down Dex/Force. If you are good enough,
3 or 4 Deathblow should take it out.

On the Woglinde, go on and to the right. A Mail from Vector. After, go down to
the south to Shion's Room. That's it for this Chapter. The game will prompt you
to save your game.


<Chapter 2 - Angriff/Assault>

You will be controlling Allen. Just go up and to the right to meet with Shion.
Back to playing as Shion. You can get to the Bridge just from the right. But,
you should explore around first. Toward the N/NW for a Mail. Go on to explore
the western area, destroy any object for possible item and there are quite few
items you can get. Plus, you can get another Mail while exploring.

Once you are ready, to the Bridge. After, walk up a bit for a quick scene with
Nephilim. Follow her so go right. More scene and go through the door. Another
scene then through the door at the end of the hallway. You will end up in front
of the Zohar Emulator.

After, go straight to NW. Speak with the Realian at upper right. You will get
to name her. Next, speak with Alex that's at the right. Speak around then go to
talk to Caspase. Afterward, go back to speak with that Realian that you named.
That's it for this Chapter. The game will prompt you to save your game.


<Chapter 3 - Abschied/Separation>

Once you gain control of Shion, to the near south door, then to the east. You
will get into a battle against 2 Gnosis. However, without the Hilbert Effect,
you can't damage them. Move on to the next area.

Go left up for the EVS Plate. Besure to go destroy objects nearby for possible
item. From the EVS Plate, move to the right for a Mail from Vector, then to the
right further. Continue on to the right afterward. A short fight with Cyclops,
but Virgil will take it out with his AGWS. Go on through the near south door.
Thanks to KOS MOS' Hilbert Effect, we can now fight the Gnosis.

Enemy: Cyclops
KOS MOS will join in. Shion can stay behind and Guard. KOS MOS can attack from
the front line. When you can, have Shion to use Spell Ray. Shion can also use
support magic like Boost One, Quick and Medica. KOS MOS can use Down Dex/Force.
This will take some time, but it isn't too bad if you got the necessary Ether.
If Shion is not attacking, just spam Medica.

Afterward, Virgil will also join in the party. But like Alex from before, that
Virgil is also AI-Controlled in battle. To the west, before the door, there is
the EVS Plate. Since you can get random battles here, you might want to train
a bit. For me, both Shion and KOS MOS are Level 8, buy and equip the Metal Mat
for both. Have Shion to equip the Purple Ring then KOS MOS can equip Red Ring.
Once you are ready, go west for another fight.

Enemy: Minotaurus
Virgil isn't around since KOS MOS already shot him down. Shion can stay in the
back line to support KOS MOS. KOS MOS can Guard and charge up to do R Blade.
KOS MOS can also try Down Spell. Shion should be using Medica to keep the party
alive. If anyone dies, toss in a Zetajist. Minotaurus can put AGL Down along
with his attack, so besure to use Shion's Quick. If Shion is low on EP, toss in
a Rosejist.

After, that's it for this Chapter. You may save your game.


<Chapter 4 - Beziehung/Fated Relationship>

After, you will be on the Elsa. Speak with KOS MOS, Allen & Andrew, then go up
to the right to meet with Ziggy and MOMO. You will get into a battle, with KOS
MOS, Ziggy and MOMO in the party.

After, a message from Jinkei. He will teach you about the Formation. Also, he
will give you 2 Formations: Magic Formation, with ETL+20% but STR-20%; GodSpeed
Formation, with AGL+20% but DEF-20%. As I already talked about above, as you go
open up the Menu with X Button, press Y Button. Highlight and select the member
you want to switch around by using the Y Button then select the member you want
to switch around with. Remember, the top member is the character that shows up
on the field/screen.

Continue on toward the door and a Mail from Jinkei. Beyond the door, walk up a
bit more for another Mail from Vector. KOS MOS got a new Deathblow, R Drill.

Go on to the right, destroy some object for item. To the NW door to the lift.
Go up to 1F. Go left for some object to destroy for item, to the right to the
EVS Plate. Right of the EVS Plate, there is a robot where you can Buy or Sell.
After, take the middle path to the Bridge for a fight.

Enemy: Golem
Keep attacking with XX Buttons then heal with Medica when you need to. This is
not hard at all.

Afterward, upon checking out an EVS Plate, a new option which is Mini Game. It
divides into 2 Genre, Action and Puzzle. You only have Archery which belong to
the Action Genre.

Exit out the Bridge, and to the west. Take the middle south room. You will get
the "Ziggy Chapter" added to the Sub Story. View it now or not, up to you. You
can get the White Ring at the end if you do view it.

After, take the lift down to B1F. Go in the east room. Since you're at the B1F,
might as well check out the south room for objects to destroy for items. Also,
you can get another Mail. This is Pursuit 1. The hint for the next one is Vault
and that's it for now.

Go back to the Bridge. After, speak with Allen by the sofa. You will get the
"Andrew Chapter" added to the Sub Story. View it now or not, up to you. If you
do view, you can get the Voltage at the end.

With the Food, go down to B1F. Go in the east room. After, go back to the Elsa
Restaurant, back to the Kitchen. Head to the Bridge afterward. That ends this
Chapter. You may save your game.


<Chapter 5 - Strand/Beach>

Exit out the room. You will end up in the Cathedral Ship. Also, chaos will join
the party here. Save your game. Since there is a EVS Plate here, you might want
to train around.

Anyway, to the right and get items by destroying objects. After, go north. You
will get another Mail from Miyuki. Besure to have Shion to equip the M.W.S. 2
afterward. Go left for another object/item, then to the right. Next, go to the
north for more object/item, then to the right to the next area.

Go on to the right for objects/item. Move on to north for another message from
Jinkei. You get the Guardian Formation, with DEF+30% but STR-10%. To the right
and just behind the big glasses, destroy the hidden object for item. Anyway, go
down a bit and to the right for another object/item. From there, go north and
to the left, which will get you behind the glasses again. Destroy that hidden
object for more item. Go down to south to another area.

You can go east or south. East leads to object/item, south is to move on. Also
don't forget to destroy any object you see for possible item.

Next area, go east for another object/item, then to the west. Go on and destroy
any object you see. More scene on the way. You will get the "Andrew Chapter 2"
added to the Sub Story. View it now or not, up to you. You can get Extrajist in
the end. Go on to the next area.

Within the Ship, there are few hidden objects here, all by the inner wall. You
can move along the inner wall/edges. After you turn around by the corner, check
the south which is the outer wall for another hidden object. Moving on and by
the vending machine like object, there is another hidden object near. Continue
on and besure to check the walls for more objects.

Next area, you will be outside again. To the west for an object/item. Moving on
and go left for another object/item, then to the right up. Go on to the inside

Go west for objects and besure to check the walls for possible objects. After,
go east and search for objects for item. Beyond the door, recover with that EVS
Plate and besure to save your game before you go on.

For some preparation, my active party are Level 17 with Shion, chaos and Ziggy
since they all have Thunder-based Deathblow. Make all the necessary adjusts you
need with Ether, Skill, Deathblow, Equipment and Item. Once you are ready, move
on for a fight.

Enemy: Gargoyle
Not too bad, heal using Shion and chaos if you need to. The annoying is when
it seals your A Button but you can cure it with item. Any support ether you got
for your characters, use them. Like said above, use Thunder-based Deathblow on
Gargoyle. It also likes to STR UP, so if you are using KOS MOS, you can use STR
Down on it. Aside from that, it heals itself from time to time, so besure to
attack even when characters got the A Button sealed.

After, that ends this Chapter. You may save your game.


<Chapter 6 - Glanz/Radiance>

You will be in the Durandal. You can take the train to get to Residential Area,
Bridge Area and the Hangar Area. Explore the Residential Area for items, then
to the Bridge Area. Get one more object/item, then to the Bridge.

After, go to the Bridge Area then to the Hangar Area. Afterward, go back to the
Residential Area. Go into the east room.

That ends this Chapter. You may save your game.


<Chapter 7 - Verdacht/Suspicion>

You will be in the Kukai Foundation. The "Jr Chapter" will be added to the Sub
Story. View it now or not, up to you. You can get Cartridge at the end if you
view it. Afterward, you get the "Gaignun Chapter" added to the Sub Story. Like
usual, view it if you wish. You can get the Makarov.

Within the Durandal, save your game first. To the Dock Area. You will get the
"Shion Chapter" added to the Sub Story. View it to get the Space Tent. You will
end up in the Elsa. Back to 1F and exit out. Go to the Bridge of the Durandal.

Afterward, Jr will be in the party. Take few steps and a message from Jinkei.
You will get the Vitality Formation, with you recovering 3 APs per turn but the
1st Attack can't be Y Button Attack.

Anyway, moving on to before the train. You should train around here since there
is a EVS Plate near. My main party got Shion, chaos and Jr, all at Level 20.
Once you are ready, to the Dock Area. Time for another fight.

Enemies: Hermann, Richard
Form the Vitality Formation with Shion at the front, Jr at the middle and chaos
can be at the back to heal. If Hermann and Richard line up, then Shion can do
the Spell Ray Deathblow to attack both of them. As for Jr, he can use the ether
Psycho Pocket to steal from Hermann and Richard. Each of them got few items for
you to steal. This battle is not too bad, just more work if you want to steal
all items.

Enemies: Hermann, Richard
Lot more HPs than before and tough. If you want to steal items again, go start 
this by forming the Guardian Formation. Shion and chaos can support, Jr can do
the stealing. Richard's weakness is Flame, so chaos can attack with ether. You
should focus on Richard first because Richard does the most damage here. Once
you are done stealing, revert to the Vitality Formation. Deathblow them till
they die.

Afterward, that ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 8 - Vergangenheit/Past>

Within the Encephalon, you have a fixed party of Jr, Ziggy and MOMO. There is
the EVS Plate near, so you could train around here, especially if this party is

Check the west and north for objects/items, then to the south. Go on to the S
and more objects on the way. More scene and the game switches to the party with
Shion and chaos.

Keep in mind that you only got Shion and chaos here, so battles might be harder
if your Shion and chaos are weak. There is an EVS Plate around, so you should
train a bit. Before going on to the east, check around the initial park area to
get items from objects.

Next area, the game switches back to Jr's party. More objects and EVS Plate on
the way. Go on to the next area. Besure to check the corners of this area, you
might spot some off-screen objects. Anyway, go on and destroy more objects.

The game switches back to Shion's party. Go on and destroy any object you see.
Next area, an EVS Plate on the way. Move on to spot the Bunny. Go on and at the
intersection, ignore the south and to the west. It leads to an object/item, as
well as a hidden path. The hidden path leads to the stump. After, back track &
you will see that Bunny again.

Allen will be resized to some tiny figure. Now, head back to the stump and you
will be controlling Allen. With him, destroy the box for the Thief's Gauntlet.
This increases the Rare Item drop rate from enemy by 10%. Anyway, the Bunny is
at the near west of the EVS Plate. Allen will be back to normal. Now, go down
to SE.

The two parties will meet up, just before the church. Walk a bit for a message
from Jinkei. You will get the Hit Formation, with Accuracy+30% but AGL-15%. As
you can see, an EVS Plate before the church. Make sure you are ready before you
go inside. My party is Shion, chaos and Jr, all at Level 23. Also, all of them
got one Deathblow that's already at Level 6, meaning with a Star that indicates
a Master. That allows you to Set that Deathblow to as YA or XA. You no longer
need 3 APs to do that Deathblow in battle.

Within, if you speak with Nephilim, she can heal you. Take the door that's just
by Febronia. Time for a fight.

Enemy: Tiamat
Tons of HPs, but it isn't too bad if you keep full-party healing with chaos. Jr
can steal some items, then Shion can attack with Deathblow. Tiamat's weakness
is B and Shion got the Lightning B Deathblow. The annoying thing here is Tiamat
can heal all the time. This is where you should abuse Boost if you got enough
Boost Gauge. For me, all my characters can use Deathblow with 2AP, so I can get
the Boost Gauge up fast and deal decent damage at the same time. It went down
real fast even when he heals couple times in a row.

After, you will get the "Shion Chapter 2" added to the Sub Story. If you view
it, you can get the P Drug Gamma. That's it for this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 9 - Gespenst/Ghost>

You will be at the Durandal. Exit out and to the Dock Area. Go into the Elsa,
to the east room in B1F. KOS MOS will join the party. Back to the Durandal then
Jr and others will join back to the party. Take the near right door to get out
to the Foundation.

Before you go to the east, check the near north for objects to destroy. Moving
on to the east, a quick fight with a Gnosis. Besure to destroy objects around
in this area. Also, you will obtain a message from Jinkei, for the Steel Force
Formation, with STR+30% but DEF-10%.

Once you are done with the objects in this area, as you can see, there are two
houses to go in. Go in the 1st right house, there is the Vault which is what
the Pursuit 1 Mail hinted out from before. You should get more Mail, Pursuit 2.
This time, the hint is Robo. In this house, speak with the robot to rest. Last
of all, there is the safe which requires you to finish a Mini Game first.

On to the second house, go behind the counter to fight more Gnosis. Now, back
track and go west. Destroy object for item, then you will get another Mail. It
is the X Buster for KOS MOS. There is an EVS Plate and more Gnosis to the west.
After that, back track and go NW. You will need to clear the Brave Snipe Mini

After, check the near Shop. Go on up for more Mail from Miyuki. Shion gets the
M.W.S. 3 now. Destroy the objects around, then go in the house. This's the Robo
that the Pursuit 2 Mail hinted out. The hint this time is the Great Amount Of
Water. Anyway, there is an EVS Plate, as well as another Gnosis.

After, before you exit out, make sure your party is ready. Mine got characters
at Level 27, all can do Deathblow with YA or XA. Also, those Deathblows are at
high Levels as well, if not at Level 9/Max. Anyway, exit out and back track.
You will end up fighting up one more Gnosis.

Enemy: Gigas
Bit more HPs than Tiamat but it doesn't heal itself. It has an area attack, so
besure to spread your characters around. Also, Jr can steal as usual. As I said
above, this should be easy if you got characters to do Deathblows with only two
APs. For healing, line up everyone and heal with chaos. BTW, its weakness is
also Spirit, which chaos is good at.

After, Albedo with his E.S Simeon will come and snap MOMO away. You will end up
controlling MOMO within the Song Of Nephilim. Go on and spot a Kirschwasser. Go
on afterward to find lots of more Kirschwasser. Afterward, that's it for this
Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 10 - Hitze/Heat>

After, from the Durandal, to the Dock Area. Before you go to the Bridge of the
Elsa, check out the Foundation. Anything you missed from before, you can go get
them, especially since there is no Gnosis around to fight.

Remember the Mail Pursuit 3 hinted out on Great Amount Of Water? Well, that's
the Beach area of the Foundation. Go there and check around for Pursuit 4. The
Pursuit 4's hint is Water Fountain. Also, you can check with Hakase in the Robo

Once you are ready, to the Bridge of the Elsa. Exit out the Elsa and you will
be in the Song Of Nephilim/Heavenly Wheel(Proto Merkabah). Move on and you will
get another message from Jinkei, for the Anti-Magic Formation, which halves the
EP for ether consumption.

The right leads to an object/item, take the left after. Go right for more item
from object, then toward the entrance to the next area. A Mail from Miyuki and
you will get the M.W.S. 4 for Shion.

Next area, continue on down and this "MOMO" will join in the party. Go south a
bit and check the PC here. Clear the Mini Game and the gate will be lowered. Go
up and to the right to the next area. Go up the stairs and at the next area, go
left to an area with object/item, then back track and go up.

Up on F42, to the left room again for an object/item. Then back track and go up
the stairs. Up on F43, to the left room for another object/item. There is also
a gate here. Keep this floor in mind then back track to go up.

There is another EVS Plate at the end, then to the left room. In this room, go
destroy the objects to north for item. As you can see, there is a gate in the
middle and 2 paths to the left. You can't take the upper left path, so that's
just the lower one.

The path leads to objects and the panel to unlock the gates on F43. On F43, get
to the middle to get the switch. Now, you may go back up & take the middle path
to go on.

Destroy the objects to the right for item. There is an EVS Plate here, and you
will also get a Mail for KOS MOS's S Chain Deathblow. Save your game and train
a bit here.

Enemy: Doppelwogel
Have Jr to steal the items. Have someone to heal all the time, the rest can do
Deathblow with YA or XA. As long as you can heal all the time, you should be
fine. The problem is mostly because it can move fast. Boost whenever you can to
try to finish it off fast.

After, continue on to the next area. To the right, the path leads back to that
locked door. To move on, go north. One more fight here.

Enemy: Ein Rugel
Like usual, get Jr to steal the items. Spread your characters around and attack
with Deathblow by using YA or XA. Like before, have someone to heal at all the
time. It gets harder as it does Str Up, so finish it off quickly.

Afterward, save your game. Go right to chase after Albedo. There is EVS Plate.
Check the north if you want to, otherwise, go on to the south. Move on, and go
destroy near objects. Take the lift at the end. Go on and there is another EVS
Plate on the way. Go on for another fight.

Enemy: Albedo
Get Jr to steal items as usual. Albedo can deal decent damage to one target, so
you can have one to heal all the time. The annoying thing is when he casts the
Confusion status to a character, but it isn't something you can't cure. Don't
hesitate if you need everyone to heal, since Albedo can Boost quite often.

Afterward, you get the "Kirsch Chapter" added to the Sub Story. View it and you
can get the Light Shield. You will get into another fight.

Enemy: E.S Simeon
You can't win. Just let it kill you all.

Although you can't win, but Canaan will come with E.S Asher. With 2 E.S, there
is the resonance which means you can go through. There is an EVS Plate, besure
you train if you got a weak party. My party got Level 32 characters, all got 1
Deathblow that's at Max Level, Set to YA or XA. Also, just in case, buy a lot
of Zetajist. Move on for one last fight.

Enemy: Sophie Peithos
Steal the items with Jr. This one isn't all that tough, but it does indeed got
lots of HPs. Each character should attack with the Max Level Deathblow they got
with YA or XA. Since Sophie can attack a line, so spread characters around. Or
you could try out the Vitality Formation. Also, Sophie got a pretty deadly move
that can attack the field, so don't hesitate to spend turns to keep the party's
HPs high. Besure to have characters to stock up on Boost Gauge. This isn't for
you, but just in case of emergency. Sophie can and will attack all in couple
turns which is really deadly if you don't Boost and heal.

Afterward, back track all the way to F43, toward the middle panel. After, head
back to the Elsa. Once KOS MOS joins back, back to the Bridge of Elsa. At the
end, end of this Chapter, as well as Xenosaga Episode I. You may save.


<Chapter 11 - Erde/Land>

We will be on Second Miltia. You will get the "Canaan Chapter" added to the Sub
Story. View it to get the Bujin Charm. Save your game afterward. Few objects
around here to be destroyed. Exit out for a quick battle against few UTIC. Go

Besure to destroy any object you see. Ignore the east and west paths now since
you can't go through. To the left, there's a house with an EVS Plate. After, go
down the stairs. To the left is a Shop. Go down to the right, near left house
is another Shop which offers E.S stuff. Next, go south to move on.

You will encount Pilum and Scutum. Everyone but Shion and KOS MOS will head off
first. You will get into a battle.

Enemies: Pilum, Scutum
No way that KOS MOS can survive even one hit. You can't win this.

After, the game will switch to the other party. Continue along the path and do
destroy any object on the way. At the end, there is an EVS Plate. Go on after.
Miyuki will come with the E.S Zebulun so go check out the cargo. Now, we got 2
E.S, time to battle.

Enemies: Pilum, Scutum
A quick Tutorial from Canaan and Miyuki. For Normal Attacks, you can only use
XX or YY Buttons. The Deathblow is still A Button, but you can't use it after
XX or YY Buttons. Thus, you have to use it as the First Attack.

Zebulun can heal and Asher can steal. Take out Pilum first, then on to Scutum.
Scutum can heal once and Pilum is more the offensive one. Charge up then use A
Button to use Deathblow or just attack with YY Buttons.

Afterward, that ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 12 - Familie/Family>

You can go west to the area before UMN. Destroy the objects for item. Anyway,
to get to Vector 2nd Division, go south and take the path at SE. It's the path
just east of Moby Dicks Coffee. Afterward, go to the Moby Dicks.

Next, with chaos and Jr, head to the Moby Dicks as well. After, exit out and a
message from Jinkei. This time, he talks about the Personality Formation/PF. It
is specific Character with specific Formation. You get the Recovery Formation
using Shion with the GodSpeed Formation. The effect is recovering 20% of Max HP
at the turn.

Now, go SW to Shion&Jin's Home. Go in the house. Afterward, you will get "Allen
Chapter" added to the Sub Story. View it to the Beautiful Stone. That's it for
this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 13 - Falle/Trap>

You will be controlling Jr. Head toward the entrance. After, go south and head
to the near west area. The game switches to Shion. Move on for a message from
Jinkei. A new PF, the Heaven's Blessing Formation using Jr with Magic Formation
and the effect is to double the effect of HP, EP healing with Item or Ether.

After, go to the UMN which is to NW then toward the west area. That ends this
Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 14 - Erinnerung/Reminiscence>

Pick the 1st choice once you are ready to get in the Encephalon. Within, go in
the house. Destroy the object at first floor then go up stairs. Besure to get
the object at the second floor.

Exit out the house. After, within the Institute, go west. Exit out after. Move
on for a message from Jinkei. A new PF, the Firm Formation by using Ziggy that
allows no Knock Back from enemy attacks.

Anyway, walk toward the SW to spot the 3 URTV again. You will be back in that
house again. Exit out. Back to the park area, toward the SW again. After, go to
the north to run after the 3 URTV. After, exit out and go east, then go SW.

Afterward, go back inside. Next, there is an EVS Plate, might as well train a
bit here. Besure to explore around for few objects to destroy. Go south to the
next area. Locate and destroy any object, then to the east. Another EVS Plate.
Go east and west for objects, then to the south for more fight.

Enemy: Infected URTV Gamma
Leap Attack from it deals a lot of damage plus able to Poison you. With Shion
in the party, activate the Recovery Formation. So, do the GodSpeed Formation
but Shion has to be in the middle. That way, you don't need to heal or as much.
Get Jr to steal and use Deathblow to attack it. It does have a lot of HPs, and
its weakness is Thunder.

Afterward, go on down the beach. That ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 15 - Konflikt/Conflict>

Go north for another Mail. KOS MOS gets a new Deathblow R Spaine. Go on to the
NE, an EVS Plate. Go north for few objects/item, then go south to take the lift
to go down. There is another EVS Plate. Go on for more fight.

Enemies: Infected URTV Gamma, Infected URTV Beta*5
Similar to last fight, but the Beta ones here are pretty annoying if you don't
get rid off them fast. For Jr, you can use Buster Joe ether and for Ziggy, you
can try the Anoaro ether. If you spent the points on Deathblow, then you can go
use Deathblows to take them out. Some Deathblows are range-attacks, so target
the correct/usually central enemy for the best advantage. Also, Jr can go steal
from the Gamma one. Anyway, if you need to heal, perform the Recovery Formation
like before. But still, the Leap Attacks from them can push you back to destroy
the Formation. So besure to have someone to heal then move back into Recovery

Afterward, go around for objects/item, then fight the Infected URTV at NE & S.
Next area, near right is an object/item, then go on for more Infected URTV and
destroy any object you see. Next area, like wise, any Infected URTV and object
you see. Afterward, back track to the first area for one more Infected URTV. Go
back to the last area to spot two more Infected URTV. Tough fight this time.

Enemies: Level 4*2
They do have more HPs but they aren't that hard to kill. Focus on one and use a
Max Level Deathblow for each character. For healing, as usual, use the Recovery
Formation. End this fast before it gets risky.

After, one more fight.

Enemy: Albedo
He just keep on absorbing one character's HP to heal himself. Form the Recovery
Formation. Have Jr to steal as usual, then attack with Deathblow. This is not
too hard as long as you can deal way more damage than he can heal/absorb.

Afterward, that ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 16 - Regeneration/Regeneration>

With Shion, go on for the Blessing Formation, a new PF using MOMO where you can
recover 5 EP at the beginning of the turn. Go on to the east. Talk to all the
people in this area, then toward the east/southeast again. You will end up in a
battle against few Gnosis. After that, go NW, SW and NE for more Gnosis. Next,
SAVE your game THEN toward the middle for one more Gnosis fight.

Enemy: Gigas Beta
All characters will be injured then KOS MOS with her Second Armament will come
to help. Even though it's just KOS MOS but she should be enough, especially if
your KOS MOS can use Deathblow with YA or XA. Now, the cheap thing from Gigas
Beta is the Death Echo and that's Instant Death/Game Over. Unless you have the
Death Guard or else you should pray that it doesn't use it. If you need to, use
KOS MOS to use ether to decrease Gigas' stats.

After, KOS MOS joins back to the party. Move a bit and a message from Jinkei. A
new PF, Excess Formation by using KOS MOS where the Max Stock for Boost Gauge
becomes 5. Next, go to the Space Harbor.

Enemy: Minotaurus Beta
Form the Recovery Formation and have one character to heal all the time. Jr can
also steal here and keep on attacking it with Max Level Deathblows.

Afterward, Jr and MOMO will fly off with Asher and Zebulun. KOS MOS will then
activate System DINA, which means 1 more E.S for us, E.S Dinah. Afterward, one
more fight with a Gnosis and this is a Robot Battle.

Enemy: Leanan Sidhe
Asher can charge up and use the Deathblow Angelic Region. If not, you can also
try to steal. Zebulun and Dinah can both support and attack. It doesn't have
that many HPs and its weakness is Flame. No matter, Angelic Region does more
than enough damage already. If you don't like spending someone to heal then you
can try the Recovery Formation. Remember that Dinah is the one that should be
in the middle.

Afterward, that ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 17 - Abfahrt/Departure>

You will be on the Durandal, controlling Jr. First up, head to the Residential
Area. Go east to the Water Fountain area, this is the hint from the Pursuit 4.
You'll get the Pursuit 5 Mail. The hint is "Whale" this time. You can talk to
MOMO in this area. She will join in the party. Back to the Bridge Area to get
Ziggy, to the Hangar Area to get chaos. Now, to the Dock Area and toward Elsa.

Shion will arrive at the Elsa. Go on and a message from Jinkei. A new PF, the
Exceed Formation using chaos, where the enemies can't Boost. Go on to meet with
chaos. Go on to the Bridge.

In Space, you will be controlling a E.S Before you move on, let us make some
adjusts. You can open up the Menu with X Button. If you just press Right on the
D-Pad, it takes you to the Robot Menu. The 3rd Option changes to Change which
allows you to change the Main and Sub Pilot, for different Deathblows and you
can also view the Power Value of each Deathblow. For Equip here, you can Equip
Arm & Body for each E.S. If you go to Shop, you can also buy E.S Weapon & Armor
for each E.S, as well as E.S Items.

Anyway, go on for a quick battle. Go on through space & you will end up inside
the Ormus Fortress. Couple objects near, as well as an EVS Plate. Go on to the
west, more object on the way. Go down to SE.

Next area, move on and destroy any object you see. You will be chased by enemy
but Jin will come & destroy the AMWS with one slash using his sword, just like
in the Miltian Conflict. Of course, he joins the party.

There are objects around, destroy them for possible items. Head to the SE first
to a PC. Clear the Mini Game and you can move on to the west. In the new area,
you are to go to north of the lower floor. Well then, explore the upper level,
the east, west and anywhere for objects. Once you are ready, go north from the
lower level, to an EVS Plate. Beyond that is another fight.

Enemies: Pilum, Scutum
Not much stronger than the last time. Form the Recovery Formation & you should
be fine. Jr can steal from each of them for items, while others can charge up
APs. Pilum only takes about 3 or 4 Deathblow to kill, Scutum is a bit annoying
since it uses Medica on himself from time to time. Use Boost if you need to.

Afterward, besure to get the objects in this room. Now back track out the Ormus
Fortress. That ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 18 - Hilfe/Help>

You will be at Old Miltia. Go right for few objects. Go on and more objects. At
the next area, you will get a message from Jinkei. A new PF, Training Formation
by using Jin, where you get 10% more EXP. After, go left for some hidden object
that's off screen. After, move on to the east.

You will come to a shelter. Go in. Destroy the objects for items, and there is
also an EVS Plate. Also, there are 2 Shops here, nice stuff but they are pretty
expensive. Best of all, you can buy 4 kinds of P Drug here but they aren't that
cheap. Make sure you got the Skill CB On for characters, this will be helpful
soon. Once you are ready, continue on for a fight.

Enemy: Proto Dora
Form the Recovery Formation as usual. Besure to steal as well. Proto Dora can
deal heavy damage, but the Recovery Formation is enough. You will see why: If
you have the skill CB On for the characters then the E.S can also Counter Boost
when Proto Dora attacks you. Remember that you get your HPs healed upon each
E.S' turn, so you will be healing a lot, as long as Proto Dora attacks then you
get Counter Boost. Attack with Y then stop it with B, then Deathblow next turn.

After, go on to get to Labyrinthos. Make sure you check your Pilots, then get
near that E.S for another battle.

Enemy: E.S Naphtali
No E.S Dinah, but you should be ok. Don't bother to steal, charge up and use 2
or 3 Deathblow to finish it off.

Enemy: E.S Naphtali
E.S Dinah will join in and time for Round 2. Form the Recovery Formation & you
can steal items from it now. It doesn't have that many HPs and the weakness is
Spirit. Pretty easy fight if you can Counter Boost.

Within Labyrinthos, you are off the E.S and on foot now. Go left a bit for a
Mail from Miyuki. Besure to equip this M.W.S. 5 to Shion. Move on for a battle.
You may go in afterward.

Alright, first up, 2 warps. Left leads to items and 2 more warps to choose at
the end. The further one is the right one of the 2 warps from the beginning, so
to go on, take the near right one. Next, take the left warp. At the end, you'll
be at the next area.

There is an EVS Plate and you will get a Mail where KOS MOS gets the R Dragon
Deathblow. The gate here is locked. For the western section, destroy everything
but the rock. For the eastern section, destroy everything but the red box. This
will unlock the gate. Go through the gate once you are ready.

Enemy: Margulis, Margulis(Clone)
Usually the back one is the real one. Regardless, you can steal from both. Form
the Recovery Formation as usual, but you still need to get at least 1 character
to heal all the time. Margulis does have attacks that deal heavy damage or just
KO a character right away. With Counter Boost and Max Level Deathblow, this is
not all that hard. Once you stole the items from the Clone, take it out.

Afterward, go on to north to where the Zohar is. One more battle at the end.

Enemy: E.S Issachar
Form the Recovery Formation and besure to steal. Pretty easy battle if you can
Counter Boost. The move to watch out for is "In The Beginning", get someone to
heal after if you need to. Otherwise, charge up AP and few Deathblow should do

After, that ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 19 - Befreien/Release>

You will get the "Hammer Chapter" added to the Sub Story. View it to get the
Junk Circuit B. Afterward, with Shion, walk up a bit and a Mail from Jinkei. It
is indeed SHOW TIME!!! Jinkei is the super optional boss, awaits you at Second
Miltia Street Area. I doubt you are ready right now, but you can go check him
out if you wish.

Anyway, go around the Elsa to speak with various characters. Once you got all
characters except KOS MOS and Jin, head to the west area of B1F. Jin & KOS MOS
will come, and you can select the next location: To Omega System, To 2nd Miltia
or To Durandal.

Check out 2nd Miltia. You can check out the 2 Shops, 2nd Division of Vector, as
well as Jin's Home. If you go to the southern section, you can fight all these
robot enemies. Characters fighting robots are tough but it isn't something you
can't manage. You can also encount SIX Level 4 which is pretty nuts, later on
when you come back here, you can fight Death Gigas but it's rather weak.

Within Moby Dicks, toward the logo that's on the floor. This will get you the
Pursuit 6. The hint is "Hard Bed" this time.

As you can see, there is oldman Jinkei right in front of Moby Dicks. No need to
save your game cuz even if you lose, it's not Game Over. Speak with him and go
pick the 1st option to battle. You mostly need a Level 70+ party. Mine are only
are around Level 60 at this point. But, if you need more Money, then you can go
steal the Soundless Belt(No Random Encounters) from Jinkei, then die. You will
get to keep it and you can sell it for 5000. You can repeat forever as long as
you don't beat Jinkei.

At the garden/outside of Jin's Home, there is a Mysterious Sword. You will get
the "Oni/Demon Killer" at the end. This is the strongest sword for Jin, besure
to equip it.

Speak with Mathews, you can go back to the Elsa or ride the E.S to get to the
space which you can fight enemies to train. Don't forget that there is another
Shop on the Elsa. Within the Elsa, to the B1F's east room for the Pursuit 7.
Your reward is the Battler Ring with Boost+1 at the beginning of the battle. If
you want to go to another location, then to the west area of the B1F.

From Durandal, you can get to the Kukai Foundation. There is that Vault/Safe,
another Shop and besure to speak with Hakase in the Robo Academy for the Boost
Device. This is KOS MOS' strongest weapon.

That's about it, once you are ready, go to the Omega System. You can't go back
once you are in. Go on and there is an EVS Plate. Next area, objects on both
sides, then to the next area. Go on and check objects at NE, then to the SE to
another area. There's the invisible path. East leads to objects and the south
leads to you to the next area.

Area with the pipes. Now, ignore the near left/right, go north. Next up, go to
the left, go north a bit then to the right and you can go straight to north. If
you want to get to the object at the 2 corners, then you can go left, right and
right for one corner then right, left and left for the other.

Next area, there is one more EVS Plate. Time for another battle.

Enemy: Proto Omega
Pretty easy battle overall. Asher, Dinah & Zebulun can form Recovery Formation
as usual. Charge up AP for Deathblow, works pretty well along with the Counter
Boost skill. Also, don't forget to steal.

After, that ends this Chapter. You may save.


<Chapter 20 - Herz/Heart Beat> (FINAL)

You will be controlling Jr. Head up toward the lift. All other characters will
join up with Jr. Head to the Bridge of the Elsa. A Mail on the way, Shion gets
the M.W.S. ZX, her strongest weapon. Now, speak with Mathews and you will get 3
locations again: To Space Time Anomaly, To Second Miltia or To Durandal. This
is your last chance to wrap up everything before you end the game.

For Jr's strongest weapon, OverKill, talk to Merry in the Bridge of Durandal.
For MOMO's strongest weapon, Devil Arrow, speak with someone in the UMN. Like
before, you can check out the Shop in Elsa, Second Miltia and the Foundation,
as well as the UMN Shop through the Menu. As for oldman Jinkei:

Optional Enemy: Jinkei
Level 65+ party should be enough, but you still need to revive frequently here.
You mainly need someone with Ether to heal, Max Level if you need to. Besides
from that, decreasing Jinkei's stats helps, so KOS MOS' Down Dex, Down Force &
Down Spell work here. As for Skill, equip all with CB On, AGL+10, plus the HP
Stronger or Str+10 or HPMAX+15. CB On and HP Stronger can work real nice if you
are near death. For Deathblow, focus on YA Buttons, so that's Close Range ones.
All should have Max Level ones. As for Equipment, the best ones you can buy and
the strongest weapon(except for chaos). For items, stock up ones that heal your
EPs and revive. Leave the HP healing for Ether. For the actual battle, form the
Recovery Formation but you still be barely hanging on there. Most of his moves
can wipe out one character right away, so Down Spell or Force with KOS MOS. Get
each character to do YA for the Max Level Deathblow, heal and revive if needed.
Counter Boost is important here, along with HP Stronger, you can kill off that
Jinkei faster. Most of the battle will be like this, nothing tricky, you just
have to endure it out. Once you beat him, you will get the Awakening Formation
which is really really powerful. It increases all status by 50%. But the thing
is, you will lose 3 EP each turn.

Once you are ready, to the Space Time Anomaly. Go up a bit, go left and right
for objects. The left is Holey Gloves, chaos' strongest weapon. Move on for a

Enemy: Albedo
Form the Recovery Formation and keep on the Deathblowings. He shouldn't be able
to absorb more than you can damage, if you attack with Max Level Deathblow.

After, likewise, left and right got object, then to north for more fight.

Enemy: Albedo
Form the Recovery Formation and keep on the Deathblowings. He got stronger move
this time, but with Counter Boost plus the Recovery Formation, you shouldn't be
fine. It takes a while though since he got lots of HPs.

Like before, object to the left and right. Plus, there is an EVS Plate. We got
another battle.

Enemy: E.S Simeon
Same as before, Recovery Formation and Max Level Deathblow. It takes next to no
time to take it down.

After, go on to north for the final battle of the game.

Enemy: Albedo Piazzolla
This is it, the final battle and a lot easier than the previous ones. Keep on
the Deathblow and Boost. Use Recovery Formation if you need to, you really do
not need it at all.

That's it, you beat the game. Sit back and enjoy the ending. At the end, you'll
unlock the Museum where you can view Character, Background, Movie, Voice, Sound
and Visual.

As the game says, "To Be Continued Episode III", see you till July 6th, 2006!


<Special Dialogue Translation>

Some of you E-Mailed me about the dialogue between Wilhelm and chaos in Chapter
17, so here's the translation you asked:

Wilhelm: It's been a long time, Yeshua. After all, I'm thrilled that your voice
can be heard again. But, didn't your heart decided to pass time as a bystander?
No, more of a guardian. The Jupiter Riot and the Sealer Crisis, as well as on
the occasion of the Miltian Conflict too, near those whom I gave the E.S to,
there were your appearances. Even so, you never contacted my place directly.
Therefore, I'm thrilled, Yeshua.

chaos: I never thought that your interference to Shion and others up till now
would become such obvious things.

Wilhelm: Interference? But, power was essential for her and others, wasn't it
so? Also for me, it's an unbearable thing to send important employee to dangers

chaos: You, do you wish to repeat that again?

Wilhelm: What's that?

chaos: In the past, the E.S invited tragedies. No, more like the late tragedies
were because they encountered with the Anima Vessels.

Wilhelm: Anima Vessels, they were your things originally. That's why you worry
so much. Pitiful Yeshua. But, "It is not necessarily decided that the Samsara
of the time will surely be carried out", wasn't that you who said that in the
past, Yeshua? If so, don't be puzzled. We already passed a long time. I am
looking forward to your decision.



- Me
- CJayC
- Monolith Soft
- Namco


<Legal Words>

This document is copyrighted by Ken Zhao/Kouli. All Rights Reserved. It is for
private and personal use only. It can not be reprinted, reproduced in parts or
in its entirety in any form or shape. Since it is intended to be free, you can
not sell it, you can not give it away as prize, bonus or promotion. It can not
be used for profitable, commercial or promotional purposes. Further, this FAQ
can not be altered, referenced or distributed by any individual, web site,
organization, group, company, magazine, strategy guide author without my
absolute permission. This is protected by International Copyright Law, break
or violate any of these rules may resulted in severe civil and criminal

Lastly, this document along with my other ones CAN NEVER EVER be posted on this
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