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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Let there be Lite! 10/11/06 AlienDestroyer4
Dominating Success 10/02/07 Arkrex
What kind of concept is this? 06/23/09 Chunkey Simmons
Much better than the PSP 12/18/06 Foalku
I Got a Lite in My Pocket! (Lite vs Phat) 08/10/07 gbarules2999
I have never been addicted to such a great handheld in my life. 08/31/07 LightningrodC
The DSi - Another Step Into Portable Gaming! 04/13/09 Stevewins123
Great hardware. Terrible software. 01/02/07 theclaw135
8/11/05 Nintendo DS Review - by, the guy who waited until now to buy one. 08/12/05 Bach_741
How do you follow up on a slugger like the Game Boy Advance? Well, I have an idea. 10/15/07 Crazee Boy
The future of gaming is here. You just have to wait for it. 12/13/04 doktorsquidd
Not as innovative as I thought it would be, but still a good system for the line-up. 07/09/07 Glenn_The_Force
Touching has gotten a whole <explanative deleted> lot better! 10/10/05 grasu
Failed expectations 01/17/07 JonWood007
Every single DS reviewed. ALL of them. 04/26/10 KeyBlade999
Touching isn't good; it's great. 01/16/06 KomaONE
They DS is gaining momentum, and it's not going to stop anytime soon. 10/17/05 KoolKirby
An updated review on an unbelieveable handheld. 02/17/06 Link165
Touching is good... 02/25/08 Metroidude477
[Original DS Review] A 2D power house, with more than enough power and library to keep around for a while 11/20/07 mikaa
After gaming for 16 years, Nintendo still amazes me. 04/13/05 MrFortyFive
Nintendo DS Lite...Touch this! 07/13/06 ninten_man
Something New, Different, and Completely Amazing 12/02/04 noj11jon
An Extensive Review 03/19/05 Otacon001
Two screens are better than one 12/07/04 Realhero
Perfection never tasted this sweet 06/30/08 RPGs R Awesome
Nintendo it worth your while? 08/15/05 shirohane
Like a very greasy Double Cheeseburger 06/10/16 StephenYap3
Great hardware and a lot of upcoming games that look to be great 09/26/05 The Vic Viper
I didn't know that GameBoys have Touch Screens! 07/14/05 WaterMario222
DS and DS Lite- Quality portable entertainment 06/23/06 xcamel24

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
DSi? Not so fast... 04/09/09 2bphy
DS is exactly what we needed! 12/20/04 Arcade
The king of handhelds does it again. 12/30/04 Chee26
IT is finally here, but is it worth getting? 12/06/04 cololol65
Touching is believing. The best handheld system on the market. 03/17/08 Computerdude1032
DS new way to play. Not always a good thing... 12/20/04 DevilRyodo2000
With the DS Lite, Nintendo has outdone themselves and created the perfect handheld (compares both original and Lite) 08/28/08 GamerJM
Woo Hoo! Very great console! 05/19/08 Goddard54
The second best portable system (next to the DSi) 08/17/09 goppers
Hey dad, what is this new GameBoy? IT'S NOT A GAMEBOY. 01/21/05 heyitsme90
Thank you Nintendo. Thank you for a comeback. 12/30/04 jaysonsimdude
Despite a poor launch(game wise) ds is an amazing piece of hardware and is nintendo's diamond in the rough 12/13/04 linkfan1988
One Screen? That was last year. 12/30/04 LPSoldier92
DS= Sucsess 01/13/05 Mario_God
I hav to applaud Nintendo on the nintendo DS 12/15/04 MetalSonic700
DSi surprised me 08/26/09 N_Getter
Innovative handheld but with a lack of games 03/30/05 Serenity
Is the DSi for You? 04/09/09 Smitty44
A nice new way to play games. 12/02/04 Spirit of the3rdkey
A good unique system, with a poor launch, however it looks promising. 12/05/04 tennisdefeatsrey
I am amazed... 12/30/04 TheDSFreak
I love you Nintendo! 04/08/05 tommytcph
Become one with the system 01/18/05 velemi
DS: A Black/Silver Gem 01/14/05 Wheelman2004
Nintendo DS- Worth the money? Maybe not now. 12/20/04 Xerxus
The Nintendo DS - Potentially a great system 12/30/04 ZGMFX10Amod00

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