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RegionPublisherProduct IDDistribution / BarcodeRelease DateRating
Nintendo DS Hardware
USNintendoNTR-001 11/20/04 
Nintendo DS Hardware
JPNintendo  12/02/04 
Nintendo DS Hardware
AUNintendoNTR-001 02/24/05 
Nintendo DS Hardware
EUNintendoNTR-001 03/11/05 
iQue DS
ASiQue  07/23/05 
Nintendo DS Lite Hardware
JPNintendo 490237051295303/02/06 
Nintendo DS (Animal Crossing: Wild World Bundle)
USNintendoB000EGDEDA 03/26/06E
Nintendo DS Lite Hardware
AUNintendo  06/02/06 
Nintendo DS Lite Hardware
Nintendo DS Lite Hardware
EUNintendoUSG-001 06/23/06 
Nintendo DS Lite Hardware
KONintendo  01/18/07 
Nintendo DS Lite (Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Sky Pirates Edition)
JPSquare EnixUSG-S-FTWDXF 04/26/07A
Nintendo DS Lite Brain Age Bundle
USNintendoB000U5W0YY 08/21/07E
Nintendo DS Lite (The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Bundle)
USNintendoB000X25GWM 11/23/07E
iQue DS Lite
ASiQue  2007 
Nintendo DS Lite Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Bundle
USNintendoB001CD3KSI 08/17/08 
Nintendo DS Lite Pink Ribbon Limited Edition
USNintendoB001ELM5GQ 09/25/08 
Nintendo DSi Hardware
JPNintendoTWL-001 11/01/08 
Nintendo DS Lite Brain Age Bundle
USNintendoB001IAP45W 11/28/08 
Nintendo DS Lite New Super Mario Bros Bundle
USNintendoB001IAT7O6 11/28/08E
Nintendo DS Lite Spring Bundle w/Personal Trainer
USNintendo  03/03/09 
Nintendo DSi Hardware
AUNintendo  04/02/09 
Nintendo DSi Hardware
EUNintendoTWL-001 04/03/09 
Nintendo DSi Hardware
Nintendo DSi LL Hardware
JPNintendoUTL-001 11/21/09 
Nintendo DSi Mario Bundle
USNintendo  12/08/09E
iQue DSi
ASiQue  December 2009 
Nintendo DSi XL Hardware
EUNintendoUTL-001 (EUR) 03/05/10 
Nintendo DSi XL Hardware
USNintendoUTL-001 (USA)04549671891603/28/10E
Nintendo DSi XL Hardware
AUNintendo  04/15/10 
Nintendo DSi (MapleStory DS Bundle)
KONexon  04/15/10ALL
Nintendo DSi Hardware
KONintendo  04/15/10 
Nintendo DSi (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Bundle)
USNintendoB003CX4I14 04/25/10E
Nintendo DSi LL (Love Plus + Manaka Deluxe Edition)
JPKonami  06/24/10C
Nintendo DSi LL (Love Plus + Nene Deluxe Edition)
JPKonami  06/24/10C
Nintendo DSi LL (Love Plus + Rinko Deluxe Edition)
JPKonami  06/24/10C
Nintendo DSi LL Hardware (Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition)
JPNintendo  10/28/10 
Nintendo DSi Hardware (Mario Kart DS bonus offer)
AUNintendo  11/04/10 
Nintendo DSi XL Hardware (Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition)
USNintendo  11/07/10E
Nintendo DSi Mario Party Bundle
USNintendo  11/26/10E
Nintendo DSi (Pokemon Black Reshiram & Zekrom Edition)
USNintendo  03/06/11E
Nintendo DSi (Pokemon Black/White Bundle)
KONintendo  04/21/11 

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