Can you redownload DSi apps/games you've already downloaded but deleted?

  1. Just wondering because i deleted some DSiware apps/games and when i went back to the DSi shop at a later time it said "downloadable" instead of let's say "200 points"

    User Info: TheWhiteRanger

    TheWhiteRanger - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes...the DSi shop works just like the Wii Shop Channel. Once you've made a purchase you can delete the game on your system to free up space and then re-download the game/application at a later date for no additional cost.

    One other option is to use the SD card slot in the DSi to store copies of your games/applications. It is much faster and more convenient to just copy a game to the SD card when you're done with it or need to free up space. When you want to play it again, simply copy it back from the SD card. You can find 4 GB SD cards for about $15-$20 just about anywhere now, so that is a small expense for some added convenience.

    User Info: JetPilot

    JetPilot - 8 years ago 0 0

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