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Paint Panic FAQ by ultrawhiplash

Updated: 06/27/2005

Kirby: Canvas Curse
Nintendo Ds
Paint Panic Faq
Copyright Tyler Weier 2005. All rights reserved

By: Ultrawhiplash (also known as just Whiplash.)

Hello! This is my First Faq, but don’t let that deceive you. That doesn’t 
mean I don’t know things. I have a strange memory, not quite photographic, 
but more like My Documents on your computer. 
So anything I learn about a game, 
it gets filed away in my imaginary Brain Computer. Plus I don’t give up on 
games. For Example, I hold the WORLD RECORD for 
Fastest Completion Time in Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World: 
9 min 33 sec.  
Think you can beat it? If you do, you better tell me. 
I’ll stop at nothing to get it back. I already did once XD. 
(Long story, don’t ask.) The reason I decided to write this Faq on 
Paint Panic is because this mini-game interested me, since it had 
many nostalgic references, like the Triforce or the SSBM logo. 
So on with the Faq! And if you ever need 
help on a Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Sonic, Kirby, and any other Nintendo game 
(with the exclusion of Sonic, which is Sega’s) 
Email me at frostyinferno@sbcglobal.net.

Table of Contents

1a. Updates
1b. Intro to Kirby: Canvas Curse and Story
1c. Intro to Paint Panic
1d. Characters
2. Controls
3. Game modes
4. Drawings
5. Secrets/Ranks
6. Credits 
7. Copyright Notice  
8. Contact

1a. Updates
Version 0.75 ( 6/29/05)
First Version. Not much to say. If anything is wrong, just tell me!


1b. Intro to Kirby: Canvas Curse
Kirby: Canvas Curse is Played entirely on the Touch Screen, 
with the exception of the Start Button. The gameplay is 
very much like Yoshi's Touch and Go, except, K:CC is more 
inventive and enjoyable. Instead of clouds, you make lines 
to guide Kirby through various levels. 
Kirby can dash into enemies, and of course, take their powers.


Kirby was taking a stroll in Dream Land, when suddenly, 
the colors changed and a strange witch appeared. With a wave of her brush, 
she changed the land into a painting. After seeing Kirby, the Witch flees 
into her portal, with Kirby right on her trail. He finds himself in a world 
of paintings, and challenges the witch, but fails and is turned into a 
helpless ball. Not able to move, he watches the witch escape. Kirby looks up, 
and finds the Witch's rainbow brush, which is transported to you 
(Maybe it's just me, but I seriously don't remember a magic rainbow 
brush flying out of a dimensional vortex into my face.) You are Kirby's 
only hope!


1c. Intro to Paint Panic
Paint Panic is a Mini-Game in Kirby: Canvas Curse. 
Normally it is a Boss Stage, but after beating it three times, 
you can unlock it for play in your subgames. Paint Panic is very fun, 
and involves using the stylus in a game of connect the dots to 
make pictures that should seem very familiar. You must use the 
stylus to draw lines to connect the picture Paint Roller Draws. 
You have to do it before the enemies hit you. If you miss a dot, 
the get closer to you. You have four pieces of vitality, and if you 
lose them all, game over. If you are playing it as a Boss Stage, 
this will count as losing. if you play it as a sub-game, it will 
go to records and yours will be recorded. Every time you get hit 
by the enemies you lose a vitality point. at the end of the stage, 
you will come to an area where you have to hit the flashing squares 
before they fizzle out. And extra points are awarded when you make 
good time with a drawing or if it's accurate.


1d. Characters


Everyone's favorite pink gelatinous blob (whether he is gelatinous or not is 
still debated.) returns, but this time, he really is a blob, simply a ball 
that needs your help. although he is only 12 inches high, he's pretty tall 
compared to the other residents of Dream Land, located on the planet of 
Pop Star. He has a bottomless belly like a yoshi, but How he can copy other 
enemies abilities is a mystery.

Paint Roller

This guy appeared in Kirby and the Magic Mirror, but this is the first time 
we have heard his name. Probably the best artist on Pop Star (Although Drawcia 
is good too), he sports a hat and roller skates, and can summon creatures from 
his paintings. He also seems to like Rock music, seeming how he holds his hand 
up with the "Rock on" gesture (Is that trademarked? :P).

The "enemies" that follow you. They look sort of like missile-bomb things. 
In the main game they give you the crash ability.


2. Controls
Kirby: Canvas Curse is almost completely played using the Touch Screen, but 
the Start Button is also used. Paint Panic is no exception. However in Paint 
Panic, their are many control techniques using the Touch Screen:

Straight lines: While straight lines are hard to make on the Touch Screen, 
they really help when you need extra points in accuracy. try playing on a 
flat and non-moving surface.

Curved Lines: Sometimes using good curves can help get speed points by 
decreasing the time it takes to finish each picture.

Tap: Tapping the screen is important for the flashing square part of the 
game. Don't tap to hard or it might damage the screen.

Line Recover: If you realize you are going to miss a dot, turn back towards 
it, no matter how messed up your line is. All you have to do is connect it 
to the dot.

Swipe: If you miss a dot with one left, it might be helpful to swipe the 
stylus across to the point to save some valuable time.


3. Game Modes
When you unlock Paint Panic as a Sub-game, their will be three levels: 1,2 
and 3. Each is different, but 3 is the hardest. Pick the one that goes along 
with you skill level.

Level 1.
For the most part, Level 1 is quite easy, but some of the drawings might be 
more difficult. However, the enemies seem to move slower that in other modes, 
so you have more time. The game ends after you tap ten flashing squares.

Level 2.
It's safe to say that Level 2 is really just a beefed-up version of Level 1. 
But a lot more difficult pictures are added to it, less time is given to you, 
and so on. Also ends after the squares.

Level 3. Level 3 is a whole other story. It only ends when you die. This is 
also the most important mode, since it is possible to get a medal here by 
getting 36,000 points. in order to get this, go slowly, but not really slow. 
Don't worry about the accuracy bonus. If you need help on this, just refer 
to the Controls section and the Drawing section.

   Speed Bonus: up to 200
   Accuracy Bonus: up to 150
   1-Stroke Bonus:up to 500
   Miss: -10 pts.
   Fail drawing: -250 pts.


4. Drawings
The massive amount of funny, cool, and very Retro-Nintendo drawings is what 
made me really think to write a Faq. So here's the list. Some are very rare, 
tell me if I missed any.
Oh, and Diff.= difficulty


Kirby Related:

Maxim Tomato: A tomato that would give Kirby all his vitality back.
Diff: Medium

Warp Star: Kirby would ride on of these to a new area.
Diff: Easy-Med
!!Note!! there are two versions of this!!Note!!

Pep Drink (The soda bottle): Refills two vitality bars.
Diff: Easy

Kirby Squatting: Its Kirby......squatting......what do you want from me?
Diff. Easy

Kirby Sleeping: No, I will not describe it. If you can't figure it out, 
their is something very, VERY wrong with you.
Diff: Medium

Rocket Star(Two parts): A slow star from Kirby's Air ride, but with a 
really fast boost.
Diff: HARD

Rainbow line: The Rainbow Brush's paint.
Four types: 
Normal line: So....Freakin....Easy
Squiggle: Easy
Square: Easy
Triangle: Easy

Sun (Two parts): An Enemy in K:MM.

Moon: Another Enemy in K:MM.
Diff: Medium

Lollipop: A invincibility item in most Kirbys.
Diff: Easy

Vitality Heart: Adds one more bar to vitality.
Diff: Easy- Med

Chickie: An enemy in the Kirby's Dreamland.
Diff: Med

MetaKnight (Two Parts): A solitary knight who is a friend of Kirby.
Diff: Med-Hard

Owl (Two Parts): A Kirby Enemy.
Diff: Hard

Skippin Jack(Two Parts) (Don"t know the real name for him, he chucks 
bombs and skips.): An enemy in the first Kirby.
Diff: Hard

Kabu (Two): Easter Island-like statue head.
Diff: Hard

Seal(Two Parts): Kirby enemy.
Diff: Hard

Eagle: Enemy
Diff: Med

Drawcia's Hat: IT'S OBVIOUS!
Diff: Med

Gordo (TWO): Spike Enemy.
Diff: HARD

Flappy: Flying sacks of gunpowder from Kirby's Dreamland.
Diff: Easy

Food: Restores Vitality.
Two types:
Muffin: Easy
Cake?: Easy

Soarer: Flying Enemy
Diff: Easy

Shocky: Spark Enemy
Diff: Hard

Chompers: Leaps out to get you.
Diff. Easy

Top Speed; Air Ride Upgrade.
Diff. Easy

Waddle Dee (Two): Enemy, but also a friend of Kirby's.
Diff. Hard

Parasol:An item in most Kirbys.
Diff. Easy

Drawcia: Witch in K:CC.
Diff: Easy

Chilly (two): Enemy Snowman.
Diff: Hard

Elefling: Elephant that throws Kirby.
Diff: Med

Rocky: Rock Enemy.
Diff: Easy

Pacto: Tries to eat Kirby
Diff: Med

Lola (Two): Boss from Kirby's Dreamland
Diff: Hard

Wheelie (Two): Wheel Enemy
Diff: Hard

Bomb: Big skull bomb
Diff: Med


Triforce: Ultimate Power in the Zelda series
Diff: Med

Super Smash Bros. Melee Logo(two parts): A circle with two lines.
Diff: Hard
!!Note!! This is extremely rare!!!Note!!

General Stuff:

Teary Eye
Diff: Medium

Diff: Easy

Diff: Medium

Diff: Hard

Big lipped fish
Diff: Very Hard

Four leaf clover
Diff: Hard

Diff: Easy

Diff: Easy

Diff: Easy

Power Drink
Diff: Easy

Diff: Hard

Diff: Medium

Diff: Easy

Diff: Easy 

Diff: Easy- Med

Circle Egg
Diff: Med

Diff: Very Easy



Diff: Easy

Music note
Diff: Easy

Diff: Medium

Diff: Med-hard

Snowy mountain
Diff: Easy

Coat hanger
Diff: Easy

Diff: Med


The Sun
Diff: Hard

Abstract: Various colored shapes
Diff: Varies

And finally.....

Diff: This is so F@*#ing hard that you will scream. it has about 30 lines, 
and when Paint Roller draws it, you'll be lost within a second. Just pray 
to god you don't get this one.

There are probably more, so send them in!


5. Secrets

Referances: Numerous drawings are referances to past Nintendo games. 
Try to find them! Example: The Triforce.

Glitch: Kirby survives blast:
If you are about to pass the side of the top screen, any blasts 
from Kaboombas here will not harm you.

Glitch: Get blasted and still get one correct:
If you get blasted by a Kaboomba and start rolling, then it is possible to 
finish the drawing before you reach the other end.

Get an A rank on Level 3 to get a medal.

A: ???
B: ???
c: Talent
D: Artist
E: Art Student
F: ???
G: Dabbler
H: ???
I: Scrawler
J: ???


6. Credits

Me, Whiplash
Gamefaqs, of course
When more people contribute stuff, they will be in here too.

ANd Nintendo, for being so freakin awesome to their fans.

7. Copyright Notice
Copyright Tyler Weier 2005

This Faq is for personal use only. It cannot be used for profit, nor may it be 
distributed. However, telling people about it is okay. So is printing it out 
for reading away from the computer.
This Faw can only be used on these sites:

!!!Note!!! Dimensia.com is my home page, but it is called this yet. It is 
simply http://frostyinferno.tripod.com/. However, it is far from finished, 
so be patient. I would appreciate it.


8. Contact

You can contact me at frostyinferno@sbcglobal.net (cool oxymoron, eh?)

I would love to get e-mails with compliments about my Faq.

I would also love to get e-mails with constructive critisism.

But no spam please.


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