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Guide and Walkthrough by catac

Version: 0.806 | Updated: 03/28/2006

[]  [] ()()() [][]   ()()  []  []
[] []    ()   [] []  () () []  []
[][]     ()   [][]   ()()   [][]
[] []    ()   [] []  () ()   []
[]  [] ()()() []  [] ()()    []

///// \\\\\ /// / \   \ ///// \\\\\  ||||| |   | ||||| ||||| |||||
/     \   \ / / / \   \ /   / \      |     |   | |   | |     |
/     \\\\\ / / / \   \ ///// \\\\\  |     |   | ||||| ||||| |||||
/     \   \ / / / \   \ /   /     \  |     |   | | ||      | |
///// \   \ / ///  \\\  /   / \\\\\  ||||| ||||| |  || ||||| |||||

Kirby: Canvas Curse
Guide written by: catac (also known as 7catac7)
Version: 0.805
Copyright (c) 2005 Dillon Honicky (catac / 7catac7)
Email: 7catac7 [at] gmail [dot] com
This guide is ONLY allowed on GameFAQs.com, Ign.com, SuperCheats.com,
NDScommunity.com and HonestGamers.com; any use on any other site is illegal and 
will not be tolerated. It may not be reproduced in any way except for personal 

- Please, please make sure that you include your common online username while
sending me info for my FAQ. That way I can credit you correctly and people will
know who you are.

- I have become kind of bored of the game so the FAQ will not be finished as
soon as I expected it to be.

- I think I made the version number too high, so in that case when I finish
major stuff from now on it will add .025 .05 to the version number instead of
.1 to it.

- I released this FAQ early thus meaning there aren't many strategies at
the moment. Remember that you can always email me a strategy for something and
you will be credited.
This FAQ has been last updated on 3/28/06 to version 0.806

New in this Version:

- A new website can use this faq: HonestGamers.com

- Sorry that I never update this anymore, I just...got bored of it I guess. I
may update it a little more here and there.

Coming Soon:

- More strategies (obviously) in all of the categories.

- Possibly an enemy list, but I am still not sure if I want to take an hour of
my time collecting enemy names.

- Scores needed to get an A rank in a Level 3 mini game.

Also, if you have any suggestions, email me and you will be credited if I
accept the suggestion.


As you may know, press Ctrl F and in the box type what is in the []'s for quick
access to what you need.

1. About This Guide [11111]
2. About the Game [22222]
3. Story [33333]
4. Controls and the Upper Screen [44444]
5. Powers [55555]
6. Items [66666]
7. Other Things [77777]
8. Modes and Mini Games [88888]
  A. Modes [8AAA8]
  B. Mini Games [8BBB8]
9. Things to Unlock [99999]
10. Medal Locations and Strategies [101010]
  A. Switch Locations [10AAA10]
  B. Worlds/Levels [10BBB10]
  C. Time Trials [10CCC10]
  D. Line Trials [10DDD10]
  E. Mini Games [10EEE10]
  F. Beating the Game [10FFF10]
11. Level Help (also includes info about the characters) [111111]
  A. Kirby [11AAA11]
  B. Waddle Dee [11BBB11]
  C. King DeDeDe [11CCC11]
  D. Meta Knight [11DDD11]
  E. Waddle Doo [11EEE11]
12. FAQs [121212]
13. Thanks/Credits [131313]
14. Version History/Updates [141414]


1. About This Guide [11111]

This guide was created for one and only one purpose: to help people. I didn't
make this guide just to feel good. At the moment this guide needs more medal
locations and the rest of the characters and their levels. Feel free to send
in strategies. Also, if you find any spelling/grammar mistakes, please report
those to me. The strategies in this guide were made in a detailed form to help
go through a level without frustration and with ease. You are allowed send me
strategies even for levels/medal locations that I have made strategies for
already. Feel free to ask me any question and hopefully I will be able to
answer it.


2. About the Game [22222]

For those of you that have not got this game yet, you may be thinking "Is this
like Yoshi Touch and Go?" The answer is not really. The only thing the same is
the time trial and you draw paths, but in K:CC (Kirby: Canvas Curse) you have
more levels to do time trials on. K:CC is a fast paced (most of the time)
action game that has a TON of replay value, a great game play, a high challenge
rate, and wonderful everything else. This is also one of the highest rated
games for the DS. This game lasts around 20 hours if you try to get 100%
completion rate. Also, this game DOES NOT have multiplayer.


3. Story [33333]

It starts off with Kirby relaxing on a grassy hill, when all of a sudden, a
witch appeared! She turned the world of Dream Land into a painting! She then
saw Kirby, and started running away. Kirby chased after her, but she turned him
into a ball! Kirby is now worried, but then all of a sudden a magic paintbrush
appeared! It chose you to help Kirby in his new action-packed adventure.


4. Controls and the Upper Screen [44444]

The controls are very basic. Draw paths with your stylus. Touch Kirby to make
him dash or use his current power. Also when you get a power, it will appear on
the bottom left corner; touch it to deactivate Kirby's current power. To kill
enemies, touch them to stun them for a short time and have Kirby run over them
or dash into them or use your current power. The upper screen shows a map of
the current level (it also shows doors, medals, and hazards like spikes on it),
you health (red bars, turns gray when you lose one), stars you collected (stars
are like coins (collect 100 and you get an extra life), your lives, what level
you currently are on, and your paint meter. The paint meter shows how much
paint you have left before you can't draw any more. Don't worry, your paint
recharges automatically. If you are in the air it recharges very slowly but if
you are on the ground or in water then it recharges very fast.


5. Powers [55555]

The first thing you need to know about powers is that if Kirby gets hurt then
you will lose your current power. Also, Kirby is the ONLY character that can
obtain powers. You get these abilities by simply killing an enemy that has the
same power. Also, if you press START while you have an ability then it will
tell you a little info about the ability.

Ability Name - Description ~ My Opinion

Balloon - You can float in the air. Tap Kirby 3 times and he will pop, stunning
enemies. A cool thing about this ability is that if you get hurt then you won't
lose it! ~ I don't find this ability much help except for the fact that you can
stun enemies.

Needle - Roll around poking enemies to death. If you roll into a ceiling or
wall then you will stick there. ~ I don't like this ability a lot. However,
it does roll extremely fast on your lines that you draw.

Beam - Unleashes a flame-like thing. Hold Kirby to hover while using the
ability. ~ This can get annoying if you are trying to kill an enemy and fast.
This is because when you "whip" the beam the enemy may get to you before the
beam gets to them.

Spark - Unleashes lighting above you and gives you a lightning barrier around
you. Hold to hover while using the ability. ~ I find this very useful in places
where there are a ton of boxes and enemies above you.

Wheel - Spin VERY fast until you crash into something. Destroy everything in
your path. ~ One of my favorites. Also, if you are about to hit a wall then if
you draw a line a certain way then you will follow the line without crashing
into it. Useful for the Wheel Courses.

Stone - Allows you to sink in water. Grants invincibility and destroys anything
in its path. Also useful for rolling downhill. ~ I find this very useful for
getting to the bottom of water fast and incase I need some invincibility for a

Freeze - Smoothly glide along while freezing enemies (freezing kills them). ~ I
like this one, but then again I don't like this one. I like the fact how is
glides along but it lasts for such a short time to where I end up being hit by
an enemy rather than freezing them.

Burning - Bolt through the air killing enemies in your path. You cannot use
this ability in water. ~ Like Freeze, I like how it glides along (but this time
in the air, and faster), but I don't like how it lasts for sucha short time.

Crash - Destroys all enemies in view. Also pushes down switches that you can't
normally get to. You can only use this one time so be careful. ~ I don't find
this too useful because the screen is small meaning you won't be able to
destory a lot of things. This should have been made for about 2-3 uses.

Missile - Drive around in a rocket while destroying everything in your path.
Grants invincibility. Draw lines to guide the rocket. Also, if you crash then
it will catch enemies on fire from a short distance. ~ One of my favorites. I
like how you can drive around and when you crash you catch your enemies on

Tornado - Keep tapping Kirby to go higher and higher in the air while
destroying enemies. ~ One of my favorites. I like how you go up while you
destory enemies.


6. Items [66666]

Energy Drink - Revives 2 of your character's hit points.

Maxim Tomato - Revives all of your character's hit points.

1-Up - Gives you one extra life.

Point Star - Collect 100 of these and you get an extra life.

Medal - Collect these to buy things in Medal Swap.


7. Other Things [77777]

Big Switches and Action Blocks - There are 3 big switches (orange, blue, and
green). They are found in different levels (orange switch can only be found in
1 level, blue can only be found in 1 level, and so on) and they are hidden. If
you find a switch then all the action blocks of the corresponding color will be

Switch - A small button looking thing with a star on it. Have your character
roll over it to activate it.

Color Shutter - These are like doors that block your way. To open them, there
will usually be 3 panels (4 in one level) and you have to tap the panels until
they all correspond with the shutter's color. For example if a shutter was red
then you would need to make the 3 panels turn red.

Normal Shutter - These look like...well, metal doors. To open them, push a
certain switch.

Normal Shutter 2 - These open up and close, open up and close, and so on.

Lantern - These will be highlighted green in the dark. Touch it to light up
the room for a few seconds.

Laser - Light blue beams that come from a little machine thing. You have to
draw a line above/below it prevent it from hitting your character.

Rock Shutter - Same as Normal Shutters 2 only they look, well, rocky.

Spike Shutter - Same as Normal Shutters only are spiky and if you touch it
you will get hurt.

Small Block - Simply touch these to destroy them. They also have a star on

Big Block - Same as Small Block, only these usually contain Point Stars.

Pit - If you fall in these you will die. They are represented with arrows
pointing up.

Rock Boulder - Tap these 2 times to destroy them before they hit you.

Snow Boulder - Same as Rock Boulder only it's made out of snow.

Metal Boulder - You can't destroy these so just avoid them.

Spikes - Can either be on the floor or the either or even the wall. Avoid
these, they poke.

Electric Blocks - Just like spikes, but shocking to the system.

Lava - Just like the two above, except this will burn you and is usually more
spread out thus being easier to hit.

Normal Doorway - A black or white doorway leading to the next room (sometimes a
secret area).

Rainbow Doorway - A rainbow doorway that leads to the end of the level.

Cannon - A black cannon that shoots you a short distance.

Super Cannon - A silver cannon that shoots you really fast forever until you
hit a wall. Destroys anything in its path. When you get in, touch the purple
button on the cannon to activate it.

Turning Cannon - Looks like a Super Cannot except that it turns in 4
directions. Touch the purple button to shoot.

Turning Spikes - Spikes that spin in many speeds. You can stop these by
touching the purple button in the middle of it.

Turning Spikes 2 - Just like Turning Spikes except you can't stop these.

Speed Pad - Go on this to make your self dash really fast for a short distance.

Sticky Pad - A pad with green stuff on it. Land on it and it will stop you.
Sometimes these move to get you to places.

Wind Blaster - Go on this and push the purple button to make your character go
up in the air with wind.

Gravity Blocks - Found only in the last level and can't be destroyed. These
things pull your character towards it.

Green/Purples Blocks and Purple/Green Switch(es) - Deactivate and Reactivate
these by rolling over a Purple or Green Switch. There is Also a Purple and
Green switch.

Bubble Blocks - As soon as you touch these with your character, they will

Star Bubble Blocks -Same as Bubble Blocks on these have Point Stars in them.

Power Blocks - These can only be destroyed with certain powers. For example, if
some blocks (the blocks look small) have a little pink picture of a rocket on
it then that means in order to destroy it you have to use the missile power on

Fire Shutter - Same as any other shutter only these burn you if touched and
they open and close.

Turning Fire - Just like turning spikes only these are made out of fire and
can't be stopped.

Turning Electric - Just like the other turnings, these hurt you but these can
be stopped.

Cement Blocks - Blocks that look like...cement. These are usually destroyed
with a switch or a Bomb Block (see below).

Bomb Block - Blocks that have a picture of a bomb on it. When touched with your
stylus, these will destroy all the cement blocks or half cement blocks (see
below) next to it until there are none left to destroy.

Half Cement Blocks - Like Cement Bocks only...half the size. However, these
are destroyed with Bomb Blocks more of the time.

Green Stop Wall - Small dotted-line looking walls, when bumped into, stop you.
It's a wall you can go through.

Red Stop Wall - Same as Green Stop Wall.

Checkpoint - A stick with a star on it. If you touch this and you die, then you
will go back there. Doors also count as checkpoints.

Anti-Paint Fields - Fuzzy looking fences that prevent you from drawing.

Bubble - If you go in this then you will go up until you reached the top of the
room or if you pop the bubble.

Ice Blocks - Blocks that fall down with a push of a Switch.

Needles - Spikes that will pop out of a box time to time then go back in after
a second.

Spin Wheel - A spin wheel that is white with yellow lines on means when you go
through one then you get 5 Point Stars.

Spin Wheel 2 - A spin wheel that is white with green lines on it. When you go
through this, nothing will happen.

Bumper - Yellow bar that when you bump into one then you...bump back off.

Round Bumper - Similar to a Bumper only these are round and when hit, they give
you a Point Star.

X Door - These replace certain doors which lead to medals. They look like a
gray door with an X on it. I am not quite sure what the requirements are to
access the door.

Stop and Go Sticky Pad - Just like a moving sticky pad only these you can
control. Push the purple button when it is a triangle to move the pad and push
it when it is a square to stop the pad.

Icicles - Ice cones that fall from the ceiling. Avoid these by drawing lines.

Moving Blocks - Blocks that have a purple button on them. When you tap on the
button then the block will move in the direction of the arrow that was on the

Hook - Comes down to pick you up and bring you somewhere. Push the purple
button on it to make it let go of you.

Stump - A wooden stump that is usually on cement blocks. Push this with either
Kirby's stone ability of King DeDeDe's hammer.

Fire Block - Flashing blocks that burn you when touched. Found in the last

Clouds - Just like blocks only they look like...clouds.

I think there are more things but this is all I listed that I remember. If
there are anymore, email me. You will be given credit.


8. Modes and Mini Games [88888]

A. Modes [8AAA8]

Main Game Mode - The main game where you advance through the levels and collect
hidden medals.

Rainbow Run Mode - There are two modes in this. Time Trial and Line Trial. You
unlock a Rainbow Run by completing a world and buying special levels. For
example, if you beat World 1 in Main Game Mode, then you can do a Rainbow Run.
For both Time Trial and Line Trial you can earn 3 medals per trial. So that's 6
medals per level! To get these medals, you have to get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place
(1st gives you all 3 medals).

~Time Trial - You have to get to the end of the room as fast as you can. Sound
easy? Well it's not. The first world is pretty easy, but then it gets harder
and harder.

~Line Trial - You have to get to the end of the room by using the least amount
of paint as possible. Once again, sounds easy, but it's not.

Sub Games - This is where you can play your unlocked mini-games.

B. Mini Games [8BBB8]

The mini games are the same games as the bosses you encounter (except Drawcia).
Once you beat a boss 2 times, you unlock its mini game. The mini game has a 3rd
level. If you get an "A" rank (getting a really high score) when playing a
level 3, then you get a medal.

Block Attack - This game can get frustrating at times. You have a time limit.
If you run out of time or lose all of your health then you lose. You get 60
more seconds for each room you enter and 30 more seconds for entering a boss
room. In order to advance to the next room, you must kill all of the enemies.
Note that touching an enemy without stunning it will NOT hurt you. The only
things that can hurt you are traps like spikes and electricity, those spike
dudes, and bombs. Along your way you will encounter blocks which you have to
destroy. The amount of stars on a block represents how many times you need to
tap the block or have Kirby touch it to have the block crack. When the block
cracks then Kirby can finish off the block without bouncing off of it. You will
encounter 2 bosses along the way. Kracko Jr. and Kracko. Kracko Jr. separates
his armor time to time and when he does quickly draw a paddle to make Kirby try
to hit his eye before he brings back his armor. Kracko is similar to K. Jr. but
this time he has clouds surrounding him which you have to have Kirby touch to
make them disappear. When enough vanishes, try to hit his eye before his clouds

Cart Run - In this game you will have to race King DeDeDe to the finish. On
your way you will have to grab fruits to speed yourself up. If you grab more
than 1 fruits at one time then you will reach your max speed. Also, along the
way you will have to dodge enemies and you only have 4 hit points so be

Paint Panic - The object of this game is to paint pictures as fast as you can
to avoid the enemies...not easy. You have to paint your lines very straight
while doing it fast. Also, after a certain number of pictures you will have to
tap these panels as quickly as possible. The faster you do something, the
further you can get away from the enemies.

Dash!Jump! - When you beat a level, you get to play a mini game called
Dash!Jump! All you have to do is keep dashing at the beginning then at the end
draw a line to make your character fly in the air. For every 100 inches you
travel, you get 10 Point Stars. Also, if you beat the game with every character
then you unlock this game. The game will appear as "Jump Game". Here is a tip
from MegaKirby: As soon as you start, tap your ball rapidly, so it gains speed
quickly, at the end, make the best angled line, and longest, you can. That
will, with speed launch the ball really high. It's really hard, but as Kirby is
near the end of the trail. Make him dash once more. Don't stop yet. The ball is
high in the air, but tap it, tap it, tap it! Don't stop tapping it! It will
bounce a bit, keep tapping! That will get you very far to the thousands.

Here is a strategy for Dash!Jump! made by sonic_lover: Make sure your line is
more horizontal(<->) than vertical(/\\/) so you don't bounce!

1. Obviously the easiest way is to dash like crazy and then when you get to the
end, draw a ramp like line, while in the air and landing continue to dash.

2. A little harder is to dash like crazy and then when you get to the end
continue dashing until you hit the ground once then draw a ramp from the ground
to go off of and dash continually until your character stops moving.

3. This method is... risky to say the least. Dash to the end and draw a ramp so
that you still have half left (took me 3 tries) then dash until you bounce off
of the ground, draw a second ramp using your remaining ink, (Line #1 can be
drawn after your first bounce or before, same with Line #2) dash until you
stop. (Don't be mad if you can't do it right away, it took me like 10 tries)

Who is better at which jump?

In order of best to worst.

Kirby: #1, #3, #2 (pretty much good for all)

Waddle Dee: #1, #3, #2 (pretty much good for all)

King DeDeDe: #3, #2, #1(I didn't even get 1000 on #1)

Meta Knight: #3, #2, #1(I'd say you should get 2000+ with any)


9. Things to Unlock [99999]

On the title screen, if you go to Medal Swap then you can trade in your
hard-earned medals for prizes. Here is a list of all the prizes, including what
number slot it is in, the name of the prize, the price, and info about it.

1st Slot - 3 Medals - Song 1 - Unlocks songs 45-57 in Sound Test
2nd Slot - 3 Medals - Song 2 - Unlocks songs 58-67 in Sound Test
3rd Slot - 3 Medals - Song 3 - Unlocks songs 68-77 in Sound Test

4th Slot - 6 Medals - Zebra Line - Allows you to use the Zebra ink type
5th Slot - 6 Medals - Bead Line - Allows you to use the Bead ink type
6th Slot - 6 Medals - Tropic Line - Allows you to use the Tropic ink type

7th Slot - 7 Medals - Life Boost - Increases Kirby's hit points by 1

8th Slot - 9 Medals - Course 1 - Unlocks Rock Course A in Rainbow Run
9th Slot - 9 Medals - Course 2 - Unlocks Wheel Course A in Rainbow Run
10th Slot - 9 Medals - Course 3 - Unlocks Missile Course A in Rainbow Run
11th Slot - 9 Medals - Course 4 - Unlocks Balloon Course A in Rainbow Run
12th Slot - 10 Medals - Course 5 - Unlocks Rock Course B in Rainbow Run
13th Slot - 10 Medals - Course 6 - Unlocks Wheel Course B in Rainbow Run
14th Slot - 10 Medals - Course 7 - Unlocks Missile Course B in Rainbow Run
15th Slot - 10 Medals - Course 8 - Unlocks Balloon Course B in Rainbow Run

16th Slot - 12 Medals - Life Boost - Increases Kirby's hit points by 1
17th Slot - 14 Medals - Life Boost - Increases Kirby's hit points by 1

18th Slot - 20 Medals - DeDeDe Ball - You can only buy this once you unlock
Waddle Dee. Allows you to play as King DeDeDe.
19th Slot - 25 Medals - Meta Knight Ball - You can only buy this when you buy
King DeDeDe. Allows you to play as Meta Knight.

20th Slot - 50 Medals - Hidden Song - You can only buy this once you have
collected a total of 200 medals (including the ones you spent already). Allows
you to change the game's music to Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland music.

You can also unlock other characters.

~Waddle Dee - You get him once you beat the game with Kirby.

~Waddle Doo - You get him once you beat the game with the other 4 characters.
You can also unlock him by either putting Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland or
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror in the GBA slot while opening a file that has
Drawcia beat with Kirby.

And 5 other songs.

~Songs 40-44 are Drawcia Demo (I think you get this when you are about to face
a mini game boss, like Paint Roller), Drawcia Sorceress (get this by facing
Drawcia for the first time), Drawcia Soul (get this by facing Drawcia's second
form for the first time), Ending Cinema (get this by beating the game with
Kirby), and Credits (get this by beating the game with Kirby).

And then there is the 100% completion unlockable.

~When you get 100% on any file then it will change the title screen's
background color (where it says TOUCH TO START) to blue.


10. Medal Locations and Strategies [101010]

A. Switch Locations [10AAA10]

Orange Switch (also known as the Red Switch)~~

World 3 (Rift Ruin) - 4th Room - Requires Kirby or King DeDeDe
When you reach the Flame Shotzos, keep going up until you find a Rocky. Kill
him to receive his Stone ability. Now look on the right side of your screen.
You should see a door in some bars (it looks like a vent). Go in it and use
your rock ability on the stump to allow you to reach the Orange Switch. If you
are using King DeDeDe then use his hammer to push the stump down.

Green Switch~~

World 5 (Cold Course) - 2nd Room - Any Character
When you reach the part after you get across all those blocks (where there are
icicles above the top set of blocks and enemies below the bottom set) and reach
the Wind Blaster, instead of going up, go down and you will reach some of those
snow blocks that are cracked. Destroy them and follow the path. Go in the
secret door and solve the puzzle (it's not that hard) to push the Green Switch

Blue Switch~~

World 7 (Frozen Fantasy) - 2nd Room - Any Character

Once you pass the 2 shotzos and leave the anti-paint fields, instead of
continuing right, go down and make a ramp going left onto a small platform that
has a secret door on it. Go in it and go and push the Blue Switch.

Also, here is an easier way of getting the Blue Switch submitted by

By using Meta Knight, When the level starts; dash forward. You should land on
the first platform, hit play button. After you go on the first corner,
wait till there is a space about as big as Metaknight between the play
button and the first turn, touch-dash. Continue to touch-dash until you
land on a bigger platform, proceed to touch the play button. when the
platform reaches the end; touch-dash off. You will end up in a room with
alot of bomb-blocks and a boulder. touch every bomb-block on-screen
EXCEPT for the one directly in front of you. The blocks on the bottom
right can be broken by looking very closely at the blocks, you should be
able to see about 4 pixels of the bomb block at the bottom of the block
wall, touch it. When all of them have been touched, touch the one in
front of you, quickly touch-dash twice.Once you are in the ditch, draw a
ramp for Metaknight, then when at the top of your ramp, touch the bomb
near you. Touch-dash until you land on the small switch. you should hit
the rubber wall. DON'T MOVE. Wait until the boulder hits the blue
switch. Touch-dash into the door. The rest is pretty self explanatory.
Touch EVERY ENEMY on screen while preforming this.

B. Worlds/Levels [10BBB10]
World 1~~ [Credit goes to puzzleman17 for making World 1's locations and
Blademaster for the locations for worlds 4-6]

Plant Plain:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
At the bottom, near the middle of the course. Follow the bottom path the whole
time and you will run into it.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
Follow the bottom path the whole time. At some point near the end you will be
above four enemies. Above you is the medal. Touch the bomb block and the medal
will drop down for you to get. Or create a ramp and end up above the medal,
touch the bomb block, and drop down to the medal.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
Go all the way to the end, but instead of going to the rainbow door, make a
ramp over it. Tap the two big blocks to the right of the door; a cannon is
under one of them, use it to launch up. Make a ramp over the gap and destroy
the three big blocks you see. On top of the last one is the medal.

Tiny Town:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
In the final area (lots of springy pigs and valleys), fall down to the bottom.
In the second valley is the medal, to the right of a spring.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
On the final stretch with the exit (after you fight the six Waddle Dees and
launch yourself from the cannon), go right instead of left. It is behind an
orange block wall. You need to have pushed the Orange Switch.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
In the fourth area, it is at the bottom, between some spikes.

Ravine Road:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Follow the bottom path. After the speed boost you should be in a giant area.
Create ramps and go to the top-left part of the area. There?s a small cave with
the medal in it.

Second Medal - Second Room - Requires Kirby
From the beginning, create your own ramps and go to the top-left part of the
room. Kill the missile in the cave to get its power. Activate the missile-power
and fly straight across the room. There should be some missile-blocks; fly
straight through them. The medal is in the small room there.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
Follow the bottom path, making bridges when necessary. You should reach a part
where you go underneath some spikes. Soon after, the medal will be above you,
and you just need to touch the bomb block to make it drop to you.

World 2~~ [Credit goes to puzzleman17 for making the strategies for stages 1
and 2]

Ghost Grounds:

First Medal - First Room - Requires Kirby
Go all the way to the end, but don?t go through the door. Find one of the
fire-monsters on one of the platforms and kill it and take its ability. Go to
the very top-right of the room, use the burning-ability to break the
fire-blocks, and take the medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Requires Kirby
Follow the path until you find a spark-monster. Kill it and take its ability.
Keep going until you are almost at the door. When you are close to the door, go
right instead of left. Use the spark-ability to break the spark-blocks, create
a ramp up, and take the medal.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
Follow the path until you pass a checkpoint and an orange block is underneath
you. Note that spot. After you press the Orange Switch, head down to reach the

Growth Grasses:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Follow the path, creating bridges when necessary. At one of the islands, there
should be a checkpoint on it and three clear blocks under it. Create a curved
ramp and go under the island. There is a secret door on the clear blocks. Go
through it and take the medal inside.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
Follow the curving path downward. At one point, you should be stopped be
several clouds. To the right you can see the medal behind a wall. Just touch
the bomb block, watch out for the flying enemies, and take the medal.

Third Medal - Third Room - Requires Kirby
Near the end, you should reach a no-paint zone. Kill the enemy in front of it
to get its power. Use the tornado-ability to fly up to the platform and get the

Mag Mount:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Keep going until you find a medal on lava and a Bomb Block. Touch the Bomb
Block to make access to the medal. Or, if you are above the medal and you touch
the Bomb Block then the medal will come up for you.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
Keep going until you see some Cement Blocks surrounding a medal. Keep going
until you reach the end of all the blocks. At the end of the top row there will
be a Bomb Block. Tap it to destroy all the Cement Blocks. Now go back and get
the medal.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
When you reach the last part of this room with all the platforms, stay on the
right side and go up until you see a medal in a small cave.

World 3~~

Rift Ruin:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
When you get past all of those Metal Boulders (all 4) and come to the area
where there are a Point Stars forming circles, go all the way up and you should
find the medal on a ledge on the left side. So basically go up to the upper
left hand corner.

Second Medal - Third Room - Any Character
When you are falling from the top, touch every single Bomb Block so that you
make a medal come to the bottom along with the Super Cannon.

Third Medal - Fifth Room - Requires Kirby or Waddle Doo
Before you enter the fifth room, get the crash ability. Now go into the next
room and you will see a switch in some cement blocks along with the medal. Use
your crash ability to push the switch thus destroying the blocks allowing you
to get the medal. An easier way is to simply use Waddle Doo's beam ability to
get the switch.

Contrast Cave:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Before you go past the first 2 shotzos, take a right and you will a Big Block
blocking the way to a medal. Simply tap the block to destroying it allowing you
access to the medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Requires Kirby
When you reach the second checkpoint, jump to the left platform and kill the
Rocky to obtain its Stone power. Now go to the center left in the water and you
will find a stump. Use your stone ability do push the stump down to destory the
cement blocks. Now ditch the stone ability and go through the path you just
made. Go up to the top and kill the crash guy to obtain its Crash power. Now
carefully draw your way to the bottom and avoid the enemies. When you reach the
bottom, get as near as you can to the cement blocks and use your ability to
push down the switch giving you access to the medal.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
Dig your way down and when you reach the anti-paint field then travel to the
right side. Now go down and you should find a secret door if you have pushed
the Green Switch.

Silver Submarine:

First Medal - First Room - Requires Kirby or King DeDeDe
When you reach the part where there is a long row of Cement Blocks and a stump
in the middle, go up a little bit to find a Rocky. Kill it, receive the stone
power, go back down, use the stone ability on the stump, and go down to get the
medal. Also, you can use King DeDeDe's hammer to push the stump down.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
After dodging those rock boulders and reach the checkpoint, instead of going
right in the water, go left until you reach a secret room. Simply grab the

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
When you reach the part where you have to open the Red Shutter, open it, go
inside and you will see some arrows on the wall. Go in that wall and it will
lead you to a medal.

World 4~~

Machine Mansion:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Roll forward and get in the cannon, at the top there will be a bunch of bomb
blocks to tap while you're bouncing on the pads, hit all of them, after you're
done bouncing you will land on a sticky pad, if you hit all of the bomb blocks,
there will be a medal waiting for you on the sticky pad.

Second Medal - Second Room - Requires Kirby
Move forward and drop the cannons while getting across the gap, after the gap,
there will be a missile, kill it and get its power, shoot yourself out of the
cannons until you're at the door, dont go in the door, instead, get in the
cannon that is a bit after the door, drop the bomb block holding the cannon on
that ledge, when the cannon falls on the ground, shoot it, you should blast
through some bumper pads, then a large block wall, at the bottom there will be
some missile blocks, break them with the missile power, then go through the
black door and there is your medal, then go through the far door.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
Just keep going up, but follow the opposite path of the stars and eventually
you will run into two mines covering a medal.

Dreamy Darkness:

First Medal - First Room - Requires Kirby
You need to get a needle to get this one, the needle is in a small cave
with a lantern, from the beginning, keep going until you get to the third
checkpoint, then go down, instead of going up after the wall, go down into the
small cave with a needle and a lantern, then go back to the beginning. Or
insted of going back to the beginning, just go to the first column that you
have to go up in, instead of going up, go down, there will be some needle
blocks (if you're confused and in the wrong column, check ur minimap on the top
screen) go through the needle bricks and get the medal, then keep going.

Second Medal - Second Room - Requires Kirby
You still have to be needle to get this one. On the bottom row where you start,
DON'T go up any, instead go right, there will be some needle bricks, go through
them and keep going up, at the top of that chamber there will be a medal, then
go back down and keep going through to the door.

Third Medal - Fourth Room: Go forward and tap the lantern, then go back and you
will see a bomb block with shinys in the middle of it, tap the  bomb block and
there will be your medal

World 5~~

Cold Course: [credit goes to TonyV3Catz for Cold Course's third medal]

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Just go down until you get past the hill with all of the enemies and snow
boulders, when you're past there, you should see a door right under you, go
forward and you will see some wall that you can go through, (it has a bunch of
holes in it and it is a different color) go through the wall and then through
the door, just go forward and there is your medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Requires Kirby
Break the first breakable wall you see, then go forward a little bit, you
should see two floors that you can go up through, go through them then there
will be a nother breakable wall with a freezy guy behind it, break the wall and
get the freeze power, don't lose it, the go left, break the walls and freeze
bricks, and go up through the floors, there will be a shotzo shooting at the
breakable wall to the right, tap his brick, then break the wall and keep going
right, don't fall down the pit you just dropped the cannon in, break the other
wall and continue on, grab your medal and go down the pit that is covered by
the freeze bricks, and continue on.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
When you get to the checkpoint near the switch, press the switch, but don't
break the bomb block that holds the metal boulder yet. Instead, go down the
shaft and break the next bomb block down. Go up to the first block and destroy
it, thus freeing the boulder. It should go down the shaft and destroy the metal
blocks guarding the secret door. Go through it and simply grab the medal.

World 6~~

Collapse Castle:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
When you get past the section of fans and blados, instead of going left, go
right, inside a little pocket will be your medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
At the end, instead of going through the door, go over it. Move all of the
bricks that can be moved, and in every paint spot, build a ramp to get you to
the other side of the chasm, toward the end, there will be a medal and a door.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
This one is very hard to obtain and may take several tries. After all of the
cannons that spin, you will end up in one hanging on a ledge, below and to the
right you will see some unbreakable bricks and medal in between them, bomb to
drop the cannon, then right when your level with the unbreakable bricks tap the
cannon, if done correctly, you will go through both walls of unbreakable bricks
and grab the medal in between.

Volatile Volcano:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
At the first checkpoint, instead of going in the cannon, go over it or under
it, and head down and to the right instead of up and to the right, you should
go through an invisible passage (an area covered by wall that is able to be
passed through) and land in a no paint zone, when you enter the no paint zone,
start touch dashing rapidly, when you hit the button, the bricks will start
crumbling behind you, keep touch dashing until you grab the medal and land in
a cannon, the cannon will shoot you out of the no paint zone, keep going and go
through the door.

Second Medal - First and Second Room - Requires Kirby or Waddle Doo
Note: This is probably one of the hardest medals in the game to achieve. In the
first room, keep going until you reach two no paint zones with mines moving up
and down through them. in between them will be a little pocket of paint zone,
build rainbow lines to get you up that entire no paint zone, (extremely
difficult) but at the top will be a freezy guy, obtain his power, and continue
through the door, (do NOT lose this power or else it will make it impossible to
obtain the medal.) go through the top row in the second room, just keep going
right until you reach a row of freeze blocks with a button underneath them,
break the blocks with freeze power and hit the button, then keep going through
the level. (do NOT die) when you get to the bottom, hitch a ride on the thing
that picks kirby up and moves him, and just keep on that thing, if you hit the
button, the cement bricks will be broken, making the grabber take you straight
into a pocket with a medal in it. Continue to the next room.

~Catac's Note: Since you can do this with Waddle Doo, simply go to where the
switch is and use Waddle Doo's beam ability to push the button down rather than
using Kirby's ice ability to destory the blocks.

Third Medal - Last Room - Any Character
Just keep playing through the level until you see a button, hit it, then
continue through the level, when you reach a certain point, there will be a
thing that constantly shoots flames up in the air, then a cave below you, wait
until the magma rises up again, then the instant it dies down, dash through the
tunnel until you reach the little pocket that has the medal in it, grab the
medal, then build rainbows and try to stay up in the pocket until the magma
rises and dies down again, then dash back to the right and get out of there.

Silent Seabed:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
When you get to the bottom, there will be a mine with a movable brick above it,
move the brick down to trap the mine at the bottom, then go up where the brick
was, there will be a black door there, go into it, you will be in a square room
filled with water, the medal will be on a platform in the middle, then go
through the door after getting the medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
After the first checkpoint, there will be a large no paint zone, below it, a
long row of spark bricks, in between them, a narrow row of paint zone, build a
long rainbow bridge in that little no paint zone, stunning the enemies as you
go, make a small ramp before you stun the enemies, at the end of this row will
be a medal.

Third Medal - Last Room -
This one is also hard to get. Get into that small spot where the current runs
downward, build a rainbow bridge to stop your self from falling, then tap the
bomb block that is before the rows of breakable blocks, this will make the
medal fall down in the current, if your in the way, it will fall right into
you, then keep going and exit the level.

World 7~~

Frozen Fantasy:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
When you reach the first Speed Pad, DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON NEXT TO IT. Instead,
go straight down and you should find a button at the bottom. Push it and it
will make some ice blocks fall giving you access to the medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
When you reach the beginning of the anti-paint field and the 2 sticky pads,
take the top one. When you reach the top, jump off and keep going to get your

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
When you reach the part where the 2 moving spikes are, stop the top one so that
it is vertical. Now go up and you should find a secret passage. Go through it
and at the end you should fall to the bottom. When you do, get the medal.

Mad Mechanism:

First Medal - First* Room - Any Character
Right after the checkpoint, continue across the spikes until you see a bomb
block on the floor. Tap it to destroy some cement blocks that are surrouding
a medal.
* It's actually the second room if you consider going through the suction pipe
as going to the next room.

Second Medal - Second Room - Meta Knight is recommended*
Keep going through the anti-paint field until you see a rectangle cut in the
field. Draw a ramp in it to launch your character upwards to get the medal.
* It is recommended to use Meta Knight because he can be launched easier off
of ramps. Also, it is not recommended to use King DeDeDe or Waddle Doo...

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
When you reach a sticky pad and a ton of spikes, go left and you should see a
bomb block on top of cement blocks. Tap it and go down to where the checkpoint
is. Now go up and you should find the medal.

Sepctacle Space:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Keep going up until you see a white bar on the left side. Keep tapping it until
it is destroyed. Now go past it and continue until you find the medal.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
Go all the way down to the bottom right corner. You should see some flashing
blocks along with the medal. Grab the medal and becareful not to touch the
blocks because they burn.

Third Medal - Third Room - Any Character
For this medal you may have to sacrifice your life. Keep going until you see
the medal trapped in cement blocks. QUICKLY tap the bomb blocks and go through
to get the medal and hopefully you will survive. It is recommended to go
through the top entrance first then out the bottom.

World 8~~ [Credit goes to puzzleman17 for making the following 2 strategies]

The World of Drawcia:

First Medal - First Room - Any Character
Near the end, there will be a ?staircase? to the star door. Instead of going
up, go under the staircase and go up some. The medal is there.

Second Medal - Second Room - Any Character
Knock over all of the paintings and the medal will appear on a small ledge near
the finish. To knock the paintings down, tap them twice.

C. Time Trials [10CCC10]

World 1~~ [Credit goes to MegaKirby for the strategies for World
1 and the alternate for Ravine Road]

Plant Plain: This is amazingly easy. Just keep tapping on your ball for it to
dash until the end. The easiest ever.

Tiny Town: As soon as you start, tap your ball to dash, and draw an Escalator
to the top right. Near the end of the line, press on the ball to dash-jump off
to the tube. Now, just keep on dashing to the bottom right, if anything, use
your Rainbow as a last resort to push Kirby in. Here, it's tricky. Draw a trail
at an angle in which the ball will land under the small platform you're on.
Into the tube. Now, as you roll out, right before you fall, start tapping your
ball to dash over the spikes, aiming for the tube. Here, dash into the enemy to
get the burning ability, dash into the cannon. From where you are, dash to the
right, and use a trail to slant up a bit to the tube. Dash into the enemy,
entering the cannon, too. Roll onward, dash the Waddle Dees, as you fall, use a
trail to make you roll down near the wall, into the door.

Ravine Road: The last one. Easier than Tiny Town. As soon as you start, make
your way down the bubbles, destroying bomb blocks. Trail to the narrow passage,
ignoring the wheel as of now. From where you are, continue dashing forward,
hitting some springs, but keep on dashing. In the last spring, you shouldn't go
to the platform above, instead, to the bottom. Dash onward until you collide
with a wheelie, do not use the ability. It will really mess you up. Instead,
really carefully, avoid the spikes above, and use a trail just above the
bubbles to get across. Then, immediately, use your Wheelie power. This will
send you safely across, destroying everything in your way. As soon as you hit
the wall, use an upward line to get up to the door as soon as possible.

Alternate strategy for Ravine Road: Break the bomb blocks, and fall under all
the bubbles. This time, nab that Wheelies ability. Exit through the narrow
passage, and immediately start using your new power. Now, you'll want to launch
your Wheel into the air, high in the air. Keep it in the air with short, angled
trails to use little ink. That way you won't run out. So, launch it in the air
with a trail, and keep drawing / shaped trails so it can maintain its height.
If done correctly, you'll now be in the platform over the one mentioned before.
From here, keep using your Wheel until the end, you'll want to launch it
upwards in the end. If done correctly, you'll land right in the door, and
you'll get a better record. This isn't as hard as it seems. Remember, you might
never get anything in a first try. Never give up!

World 2~~[Credit goes to PickleHead for world 2's time trial strategies]

Ghost Grounds: (With Kirby) Start off by dashing forward untill the fire enemy
and keep using the fire power till you reach the cannon. Blast out of the
cannon and draw a line to direct kirby to the right and then dash or fireball
through the spinner thingies. Then quickly turn around and dash or fireball
down the corridor, through the narrow passageway. When you get all the way to
the right, go straight down through the two spinners. When you reach the
bottom, fireball left and draw a line up to the second cannon. Then direct him
to the upper-most third cannon and he'll shoot through the narrow spikes,
quickly tap the blocks under kirby to get to the bottom and the goal.
(PickleHead's time: 43:69)

Growth Grasses: Start by rapidly tapping untill you reach the bubble area, try
and get caught in a bubble to keep kirby occupied while you clear the path. Tap
the star blocks and a bomb bklock as fast as you can and then burst out of the
bubble and draw a line to move on. Keep rapidly tapping and use a line to get
onto the straightaway with the enemies tucked underneath, keep tap-dashing.
When you reach the end, if you're kirby, deactivate teh tornado power if you
get it. Then finally tap the bomb block and dash down to the goal!
(PickleHead's time: 20:89)

Mag Mount: Start by tap-dashing (like always), stay above the lava. Hit the
first cannon and keep dashing in the air, do that again for the next cannon. If
you do it right, you should land on the ground both times (Unless you're using
meta-knight, in that case he'll fly past the second cannon). Keep dashing
forward, watch out for the small lava pit, keeeep dashing... Hit the bomb block
directly in front of you and use lines to keep from the lava, you might be able
to sneak a dash loop in there if you want. The goal is right after that part!
(PickleHead's time: 15:47)

World 3~~

Rift Ruin: This can be a frustrating level. I found it easiest with Waddle Dee,
but that's just me. First of all, DO NOT stop the turning spikes. This wastes
time. Just continue drawing lines up as fast as possible. When you reach the
fire shotzos, try not to bother with blocking their flames. Then continue going
up as fast as possible and hopefully you will get all 3 medals.

Contrast Cave: Another frustrating level. I happened to beat this with Meta
Knight. First off, if you are using meta knight, then always stay on the left
side while tapping all of those blocks as fast as possible. If you are using
Kirby then get the rock abilty at the beginning then use it to rock down to the

Silver Submarine: I recommend using meta knight for this one. At the beginning,
tap all of the panels to red as fast as you can. Then keep dashing along and
swimming along. When you reach the crane, DO NOT hitch a ride. Instead, just
dash over the electric blocks and continue to the end.

World 4~~

World 5~~

World 6~~

World 7~~

Special Courses~~

D. Line Trials [10DDD10] [Credit goes to Captain L for the Ravine Road, World
2 and 3's strategies and major credit goes to PickelHead for making
worlds 4-7's strategies! Wow.]

World 1~~

Plant Plain [credit goes to Noobs Play for this strategy]: All you do here is
tap your character, and keep on tapping him even if he's in mid air...try to
use as little ink as possible considering this level does not need ink at all.

Tiny Town [credit goes to ChocolateKirby for this strategy]: When you first
start dash until you get to the pipe then continue forward to the second pipe
and after its done dash some-more until you reach the next pipe. Wait until you
reach the ground and go straight. Then you will enter yet another tube then
keep on going straight for another pipe/tube thing. But here is the tricky
part, by now you shouldn't have used very much (if any) ink. Go down and use
the spring to get up the ledge but DON'T FORGET to dash while you are in the
mid-air or you won't make it. If you time it right you will land on the second
trampoline and bounce to the 2nd or 3rd (I forgot which one) island thingy and
dash so you don't end up in the lower area of the last place, then you will
bounce on the last trampoline onto the ground where the mirror is and GOAL!

Ravine Road: A very easy level. Just let the wind from the bottom of the stage
carry you all the way to the right, and draw a small ramp to let whatever
character you're playing as reach the door. *NOTICE* King Dedede is NOT
recommended for this- the wind won't hold him up, and he will plummet to his

World 2~~

Ghost Grounds: Not too hard, but it may be a pain for some. First, roll to the
right and let the cannon launch you onto the fan's wind. Hit the button on it,
and it will blow you up. While suspended in the air, draw a line going right,
under Kirby (or who ever) and ramping towards the platform on the right. Kirby
should fall down onto the line, and launch himself onto the platform. There
should be a flame enemy (a Bobo) on that platform- kill it to get the fire
ability, and roll over to the next fan. This time, just activate the fire
ability and launch yourself over to a cave with some mini-cannons in it. Ride
them. When Kirby is shot out of the cave and into the area with the bubbles,
repeatedly use his ability to launch the puffball to the door.

Growth Grasses: Another somewhat easy level. Roll to the right, and create a
small ramp that will launch Kirby to the next platform. Always make sure that
you use a dash right before you hit the ramp (or launch off of it if it's
long). Here, stun/kill the enemies and do the same ramp technique to get to the
next chunk of floating rock. Let the mini-cannon propel you to some sticky
pads. Dash along them. After the third pad, it looks like there isn't anything
past it, so you will be tempted to draw a ramp. Don't do this, and just jump
off it. A mini-cannon will shoot you up to the main platform. Use the mini-ramp
& dash technique again, and one last time on the next platform. Your goal will
be waiting just past the Shotzo.

Mag Mount: Easy for those who can get to high places without using much ink. At
the beginning, use the mini-cannon, and head left to another mini-cannon. Draw
a small ramp up to the platform with the Bobo, and grab its ability. Roll
right, and burn your way over the holes. Use the spring, and kill the Waddle
Doos in your way. Head far to the left, and use the mini-cannon. Roll right,
and time using burning to get through the flames. Use the spring to go up, and
head left (the lava might reach you in that pit) until you bump into a wall.
Ramp up a level, and ramp up right again. Do this until you hit a wall. Now act
fast, and draw a ramp under Kirby, going left. Ramp left once more to see the
door. Now all you have to do is reach it!

World 3~~

Rift Ruin: A few tricky spots are in this level. Head to the right, and use a
small ramp to get over the giant ball bearing. *NOTE* If you don't care about
taking damage, you can just roll through the bearings *END NOTE* Go over the
next one in the same way, but just roll through the next pit. Roll under the
door before it closes, and ramp past the pit. Don't go too high, or you'll land
in the middle 'box' in the wall. This forces you to draw an unnecessary line to
prevent Kirby from falling off. Launch from the mini-cannon, and roll into the
crevice. Let the bearing roll a bit, and make a 'U' line that makes Kirby shoot
up past the bearing and onward. Do the same with the next bearing/crevice. Use
a small ramp to propel yourself over the Waddle Doo (stunning it is
recommended), and another small ramp to get past the next pool. Launch from the
cannon, and continue. Quickly break the bottom star block, and use a mini ramp
to get up. Use another one to get past the next wall, and ramp past the yellow
jumping enemy. Ramp again over the wall, and over another yellow enemy. Stop at
the green stopper, and stun the two Spear throwers. Ramp up to the middle
section and bounce off of the wall. Then, make a line that goes into the box on
the right. Viola, round over!

Contrast Cave: Takes some skill. Before you do anything else, pop the star
blocks to your left. Tap Kirby ONCE, and let him bounce down to the platform.
Draw a small ramp that isn't too steep over the first Shotzo's line of fire.
Dash it, and you should clear the second's bullets. Don't bother ramping over
the spikes, and destroy the star blocks. One of them is hiding a mini-cannon.
It will shoot you up to a sticky pad. Roll past the M-Thwomp, and kill the
Bobo. Go down, and keep going until a sticky pad stops you. Now tap Kirby off
of it, and use burning. Go through the gate, and down into the cave. You will
see a large group of Thwomps lined up in a row. Burn past them, and you'll get
to a pit. Use burning to get across it, and dash to the goal!

Silver Submarine: Ahh, the infamous water levels of Canvas Curse... >=^) Now
that the (un)pleasantries are out of the way, onto the trial... Roll left,
doing little things like breaking rocks that want to make a Kirby pancake,
using a ramp to get up a wall, pressing buttons to open gates, and bombing a
wall. Now that you've gotten to the water, the torture really begins! Now, no
matter what your instincts tell you, DON'T DRAW ANY LINES IN THE WATER AT ALL!
Dashes take care of everything. Let the current take you under the first
revolving sawblade, and stop the next two when they're partially underwater.
This should allow safe passage. Once you're into the chamber with a switch and
a fish, dash along the bottom until the switch is triggered and the gate opens.
Go through, and let the current take you to the next chamber. Watch out for
that spiked gat... Too late. Anyways, it's pretty much the same drill as
before. Go through the tunnel, and into a room with more *gasp* gates! Dash and
stay low in the room, but hit the lower left switch to open the upper left
gate. Don't forget to go through it. More current... Go through the suction
pipe, and into a narrow tube with four enemies. Stun them as the current takes
you to the next room, which is NOT a water room! Now, the frustrating part
begins. You need to go over many holes that have small columns of land in
between them. Oh, and as an added bonus, they put falling rocks in to! Like
always, use small ramps to get past the holes. After this, Kirby rolls to a
stopper, and a bombable wall is seen. Watch out for the semi-hidden large
Thowmp that is just past that stopper! After that craziness, it's a simple roll
to the goal. That was... Fun. >_>

World 4~~

Machine Mansion: This one is pretty simple, you only need to draw 1 or 2 lines
in this one, right at the beginning. Right when it starts, dash a bit to the
right, draw a SMALL ramp to get your ball in the air and poke out the blocks
under the shotzos. If you didn't get enough distance from the first ramp you
might need to make another. After you get across, check how much mL you have
left, if you used too much, start over because that's all the lines you need in
this level. Keep going left and shoot out of both cannons. After you stop
bouncing around and hit the cieling, dash once and you should go into the third
cannon. After you stop bouncing around again, dash and work your way to the
bottom without making any lines to the goal! (PickleHead's score: 378mL)

Dreamy Darkness: This is a hard one! It's best to use Meta-Knight on this one.
Now's a good time to teach you all a technique I call a dash jump, if you make
a small ramp that curves straight up and dash before you reach the end of it,
you'll go flying straight up (You need to make sure you're stuck to the line
before you dash or else you'll bounce off)! So you'll want to make these small
rounded L shaped ramps all the way to the top (remember to dash at the end of
them!). Once you master this technique this level (and many others) will be no
problem! (PickleHead's Score 414 mL)

Palleto Polis: This is another hard one!! Use either kirby or meta-knight here,
(meta-knight is a lot harder because he only has 3 health, so watch it!). Start
off by hitting the bomb and dashing into the pipe. Next, dash through the
spikes, don't worry if you get hit once (unless you're using meta). At the end
of the spikes, make a small dash ramp (look at my Dreamy Darkness srategy for
the dash jump info) to make it into the pipe on the cieling. Once through the
pipe, make a couple tiny ramps to make it up to the platform up top, avoid the
urge of making a large backwards C shape as it will use a lot of needed ink.
Once you go through the pipe on the left, hit the bomb and dash down the
spikes, no lines here. If you time your dashes right, you'll fall right through
bouncing off the walls without getting near the spike blocks. Go in the cannon
and dash once on each of the sticky platforms, don't forget to stun the
enemies. Remember to make the last jump count as the anti-paint area will stop
you from saving kirby. Open the color door and pass through. Make a small dash
jump to the cieling pipe. On the other side, you need to use a bunch of small
dash jumps to the top, remember to use as LITTLE INK AS POSSIBLE. Once up top,
hit the bomb on the right and make a little ramp as you exit the corridor, you
should jump to the area to the left and hit the button. Go back down to the
bottom path (the first pipe you used is blocked off now) and hit the button on
the ground. Watch the area that the button just opened, you need to get back up
there, so use small dash jumps to get up there. Once through the pipe, you need
to use more small dash jumps (MASTER THIS TECHNIQUE) head straight up untill
you see and tap the bomb block on the cieling. A cannon should drop down, get
in. Blast upwards and then dash through the enemies down the corridor. Open the
blue color door and move on, we're almost there! Hit the bomb block at the very
end and drop down. Keep dashing down the bubble blocks and hit the switch, drop
down again.when you exit the area make a small ramp upwards, you need to make
it to a small area above the goal, where you can find a couple color switches,
set them all to yellow. Now finally roll off the edge and make a small line to
bounce into the corridor to the goal and pray you have enough ink left!!! If
you got three medals, congrats! You just completed one of the harder rainbow
runs! (PickleHead's score: 2080 mL)

World 5~~

Cold Course: As you start this one just dash through and break through the ice.
Keep going untill you reach the cannon, shoot upwards and break the big star
blocks to make room. Once you dash off the sticky pad you have to act quickly,
Break all 3 star blocks blocking your path, then draw a small ramp and dash to
make it to the next corridor, and break those big star blocks ASAP so you don't
bounce back, if you do bounce back create a line to change direction quickly.
Roll onwards and break more ice and star blocks, when you get in the tunnel of
small star blocks, just dash through, don't break anything. Break the ice at
the end of the tunnel and get caught in the fan, hit the button to create an
updraft and use a small line to get into the next tunnel. Remember, lines block
wind, so start the line below your ball. If you're using Kirby, use the wheelie
and you'll fly to the goal, if not, just keep dashing and you should make it.
(PickleHead's score: 353 mL)

Dungeon Dome: Start off by grabbing the stone power and turn into stone to sink
to the bottom. Make it down the hole on the floor to the left, to get a little
extra momentum, transform back to kirby, then stone again. once you fall down
the hole, get rid of your stone power, use dashes from now on. Break through
the star blocks and hit the bombs to get through this area. To the right there
are some spikes on the floor, if you're using kirby you should have plenty of
health to plow right through them.float to the top, breaking boulders and
tapping fish and use a small line to hop out of the water. Dash through all the
enemies, don't worry about the boulders. If you get the beam ability, get rid
of it. Once you get in the water again, you should get sucking in by a current,
hit the buttons on the spinning blades so you won't hit them. Use a small line
to get out of the water after that. After you get out of the water, you'll need
to use several small ramps to get to the upper right (try the dash jumps
explained in dreamy darkness strategy). Be careful not to smash into the star
blocks, destroy them if they are in your way. Once in the water again, just
keep dashing. You should hit all the buttons and plow through enemies and reach
the goal! (PickleHead's score: 418 mL)

Canvas Canyon: (using meta-knight) The start of this one looks a bit like the
dreamy darkness line trial, just start with small dash jump to get to the top
and break the bomb block. Start dashing against the wind and you should reach a
cannon, shoot out of the cannon and dash in the air a few time and you should
hit another cannon. Start dashing after THAT one shoot you out and you should
hit a green net near a spinning blade. from the net, roll off and make a line
that look like a C to make it to the bottom platform, break the bomb block and
get in the cannon, when you get blasted out of the cannon, time your dashes so
you hit every other cannon. When you reach the end, dash like crazy and pop any
bubbles in your way and reach the goal at the far right!
(PickleHead's score: 743 mL)

World 6~~

Collapse Castle: This is a tough one to get right. Start by dashing and tapping
the arrow block out of the way. When you through the pipe, tap all 4 of the
blocks above you. Use a SMALL ramp to get up there. Roll out to the right, and
when you see the 3 blocks, first tap the top one, then make a small ramp to get
out of the middle one's way and then tap it. Once the spiked ball gets out of
the way, tap the last block and make your way down the pipe. On the other side,
just roll down and tap the 3 arrow blocks and get to the next pipe. Don't
bother blocking the next laser if you have plenty of health, roll by and tap
the arrow block and fall through. Use VERY small ramps and dashing to get past
the spikes, hit the arrow block and repeat. Once in the next room, make a ramp
to the upper left platform and just before your ball reaches it block the
laser. Bounce off the wall once you hit the button and fall to the bottom.
Repeat on the upper right platform. Slowly roll onto the floor after you hit
the second switch and block the laser so your ball can hit the green button.
Roll on to the left. Once past the pipe, keep dashing to avoid falling in the
pits and make it to the goal. If the spiked barrier blocks your way you might
have to use what little ink you have left to stop kirby.
(PickleHead's score: 653 mL close one!)

Volatile Volcano: Start dashing to the right when this one starts and use small
ramps to get across the various platforms. Once you reach the green the green
net, dash past the flames. After that use a small ramp to jump up to the
platform with another green net, be sure to dash when the flames are gone,
Continue to use small ramps and dashing to make it past the burning floors.
When you make it to the pit with spiked balls, keep using small lines for kirby
to bounce across while guiding him away from the balls, try dashing at the end
of a small ramp for a nice jump. Get in the claw, don't worry about blocking
the fireballs unless you're very low on health, they rarely hit you anyway. The
goal should be at the end of the claw. (PickleHead's score: 790 mL)

Silent Seabed: When you start, dash to reach the speed booster on the bottom,
and repeat on the second one. Use a small line to get out of the circular
current with the sawblade to float to the top. Dash around in this area untill
you hit the switch. Once you hit the switch use careful dashes to avoid the
shocking panels (no lines!). When you reach the speeder panel, dash downwards
to hit it. Float upwards and use a small line to get on the platform with the
switch, if you get stone, de-activate it. Dash down to the lower left, hit the
bomb block and go through. Keep dashing to the floor and hit the button. If you
have a lot of health, just plow through the laser, if not, block it with a
small line. Use a small line to the left to break out of the circular current
with the sawblade. Dash to hit the button and float to the top. Use a small
line to pop out of the water and get right back in. Tap the ! block a couple
times to break it and use a small line here to break out of the current. Dash
all the way down the middle tunnel to hit the button and float up, if you have
at least 3 health left, just plow through the shocking blocks to the right, if
not, use a line or two to get past them, then dash to the goal!
(PickleHead's Score: 821 mL)

World 7~~

Frozen Fantasy: BAH! Another hard one!!! This one took me many tries! I wish
you LUCK! First, master my dash jump technique (look at my dreamy darkness
strategy!). Now, when you start, dash to the button and use as little rampage
as possible to get in the nook to the right. Hit the switch inside there then
ramp out to the left. Keep going left and you'll come to a wall with spikes on
it, go straight up there (use dash jumps!). Once you get up, you'll hit a red
net, start dashing as soon as the spikes go down BUT WATCH OUT, at the end of
the spikes there is a booster that will send you backwards! Use a small line to
hop over the booster and land on the switch (very small line!). Then use
another small line to hop over to the switch on the right. Go up the now
cleared cieling (dash jump!) and go LEFT, stay off the spikes and use MINIMAL
LINES to go all the way to the left, up, and then right. Hit the hard-earned
button! Sadly though, you need to go back, so use small ramps and dashing to
get to the left, down, and then right. After you're out of the spiked area, go
straight up and then to the left using more small dash jumps. Then weave your
way up there (now right, then up) untill you hit a red net. Like before, time
dashes when the spikes are down. BUT ALSO, like before, there is a booster
at the end that you want to dodge! Use a very small line to hop over that and
now there are icicles trying to pop you! Only use lines to block them if you
are low on health!!! Also beware of another reversed booster at the end of the
icicle run! Dash jump up and to the right, then dash down the corridor, tapping
the boulders, untill you reach the switch. Then bounce back, dash back down the
corridor, use a small dash jump upwards and towards the goal!!! PHEW...
(PickleHead's score: 3385 mL)

Mad Mechanism: Wee! My favorite level with my favorite music! When you start
this line trial, start dashing to the right. Make a small ramp and dash through
it when you reach the stairs. Tap to stun the spear waddle dees ASAP before
they can throw spears at you. If you have enough health, you can just plow
through the next three lasers. Get on the sticky platform and block the lasers
with minimal linage. At the end, hop off and fall downwards onto the next
sticky platform. Draw a backwards C and jump off the sticky platform to go
backwards toward the left and down, avoiding the spikes. I think that should
net you a better score. Go on the sticky platform and block the two lasers as
you pass by. at the end, jump off and block the first laser by creating a small
line under kirby like normal, be sure to get good hieght off it though. at the
second laser, create a small line above kirby and as soon as he passes it,
catch him with a small ramp below and dash off it. Now bounce off the
springboard and use small dash jumps to get to the top, be careful of the shock
panels. Once you get up top, roll to the right and land on the sticky platform.
ride it to the bottom and jump on the second platform (you need to jump early
or else you'll overshoot!). Ride up untill there's an opening in the shock
panels and take a leap or faith towards the goal! (PickleHead's score: 1408 mL)

Spectacle Space: Ahh the final level! (Excluding the special courses D: ) And
it has good music too! Anyway, let's get down to business. The main strategy
here will be to make small ramps and dashing off them, I would take kirby if I
were you, this place has spikes on every wall! Start off by using a ramp into
the spike area (get a good dash!) then you want to head up when you get a
chance. After that you want to head right at the intersection (if the right
path isn't doing too well for you, you could try going left here). Once you hit
the next intersection (with a green net) you want to go up again (diagonally
up-right). After you reach the top, you can dash down the left down diagonal
tunnel without using any lines, but be sure to catch yourself at the bottom
because you have to go up and right again. And finally at the top you have to
go through a narrow passage, if you have lots of health you could save line by
plowing through it. If not, be careful with your line usage and head to the
glowing door with the dancing stars we all know and love!

Special Courses~~

E. Mini Games [10EEE10] (on mini games in order to get the medal you need to
get an "A" rank on Level 3)

Paint Panic~~ [Credit goes to NeedleK for making this strategy and NoBullet254
for correcting the fact that the 1 stroke bonus is 50-500 points, no 50-300]

This is a bit tough, but if you don't rush, it will be easy. This game only
goes up to "question" 99. You only need around 36,000 points to get an A rank.
A good strategy is to do it slowly. Not TOO slowly, though. But don't rush
through it and hope to get lucky. If you do it at a steady pace, you should get
about 150 or 200 points as a speed bonus. There's also an accuracy bonus,
which, unless you draw slowly, is kind of hard to get 150 on it. But you should
concentrate on the speed bonus more.

When you get to the glowing panels parts, keep in mind that you don't have as
much time to do it as you did in levels 1 and 2. Concentrate and don't focus on
a certain panel.

Some things are very easy to draw, such as a heart or even a triangle. However,
sometimes, such as when you're drawing a tomato (not a maximum tomato) you need
to go very slowly to draw it in one stroke because when dots are close
together, it's harder to connect them without messing up. So, you should go
very slowly if you hope to succeed in drawing a picture in one stroke. Other
times, there are just a lot of dots to connect and it's hard to memorize, so
you may need to watch the purple dots that go in the direction you need to draw
before drawing.

Watch out for the Kaboombas! If one blows up on you, not only will you get
blasted to the next picture before getting to finish the one you're on, but
you'll lose a vitality point. Lose four and you lose!

Also, if you succeed in drawing a picture in one stroke, you'll get a bonus.
The points in the bonus depend on how many dots you needed to connect. For
example, if you draw the fish in one stroke, you should get a 100 point bonus.
The bonuses range from 50 to 500.

Cart Run~~ [Credit goes to lukeskywalker66 for this strategy)

In Cart Run you'll notice almost everything gives you points, including fuel,
food, breaking stuff, and finishing with time leftover.

Always keep your stylus on the "generator" (aka steering wheel). Go for the
fuel as much as you can, and grab the pairings that give you max speed as much
as possible; those are your number one priority.

Unlike levels one and two, level three has a slight "marathon" element into it.
Because you are going on a much longer course than the previous two levels, if
you hear the beep telling you you've got one health left, go for health. If
this is causing trouble frequently, make a note to worry more about avoiding
Gordos (black spiny things).

If you get enough speed boosters to beat Dedede, you've probably got a
reasonable amount of time left. Hopefully you'll get your A. There's not really
many tips or tricks to advise because it's a race game; just make do level 1
and 2 first with an A so you have an idea of what to look out for.

Jump Game~~

Make Kirby go and land around the beginning of the yellow. A medal is here.

F. Beating the Game [10FFF10]

The final way of getting medals is by beating the game with the characters
except Kirby. Here is a chart:

Waddle Dee - 1 Medal
King DeDeDe - 3 Medals
Meta Knight - 2 Medals
Waddle Doo - 1 Medal


11. Level Strategies [111111]

A. Kirby [11AAA11]
The first character you use. He is the only one that can obtain powers. He
starts out with only 4 hit points, but you can buy 3 more for him using your
medals. He also has a default dash ability.

World 1~~

Plant Plain: Room 1 - Get use to controlling Kirby and just practice a bit and
then dash along to the next room. Room 2 - Same as Room 1. Room 3 - Same as
Room 1.

Tiny Town: Room 1 - Basically the same as Plant Plain. Room 2 - When you reach
the turning cannons, shoot them in the direction of the coins to get across.
When you touched the checkpoint and gone down, go through the right suction
pipe to get an extra life. Now return and go through the left suction pipe and
continue until you reach 4 Spear Waddle Dees. The bottom 2 will reappear which
means there will be a total of 6 Spear Waddle Dees to defeat. When you deafeat
them all, go in the cannon to be shot to the top. Now take a left to reach the
next room. Room 3 - Basically the same as Room 1.

Ravine Road: Room 1 - Just keep dashing along to the next room. Room 2 - Keep
dashing along but don't worry about falling in a pit because the wind will be
blowing you back up. Room 3 - When you first enter the room, go to the very
bottom and get the Wheel Ability. Now use it to easily get to the exit.

World 2~~

World 3~~

World 4~~

World 5~~

World 6~~

World 7~~

Frozen Fantasy: Room 1 - Push the first switch down to knock down some Ice
Blocks. Go up those and go right of the snowman and you will fall and find the
next switch. Know climb back up and go left and up the ice blocks that just
fell. Carefully go up while avoiding the spikes. When you get up you will be
stopped by a Red Stop Wall. When the time is right, dash across the Needles and
at the end avoid the Speed Pad and push the switch next to it causing the
cement blocks to the right to blow up giving you access to the next switch.
Push the switch to make some ice blocks fall from above. Now go up and take a
left. Go accross all of those spikes and make your way to the top. There is a
checkpoint and another switch. Get the checkpoint if you need it and push the
switch. Now go all the way back down and across the spikes again and now go up.
Grab the energy drink if you need it. Now go accross the needles and avoid the
speed pad and then avoid the icicles and once again avoid the speed pad. Now go
up and take a right. Snow boulders will fall so destroy them and get push the
switch. Now go back and go up and into the next room. Room 2 - Go onto the
bottom sticky pad and make it move. Now along the way you will be in a
anti-paint field so tap those flying enemies and stop before each hazard and go
when it is the right time to avoid losing hit points. Now when you reach the
end of the anti-paint field, hop off and on to the platform. You should be
stopped by a Red Stop Wall. Draw ramps to launch yourself to the next platform
while avoiding those spike guys that go up and down. Now the next part is
tricky. First, wait for the moving sticky pad to come near you. Now hop on it
and wait for the sticky pad on the right to come near you (not the bottom
sticky pad). Now when the right sticky pad reaches about in the middle, jump
off and hopefully you will land on the bottom sticky pad. If you fail then you
will have to start over by going through the suction pipe at the bottom. Now
jump to the next sticky pad and wait for that sticky pad to get near the door.
When it does, jump off and go to the next room. Room 3 - This room is mainly a
puzzle. First, push the green button in the middle. Now, go up, NOT right.
Avoid the electric beams and push the green/purple button in the middle. Now go
down, NOT up. Now you will be in some water. go down and avoid the spikes. Now
go left and cracked those snow blocks and you should see a green/purple switch.
Push it and continue left. Get the checkpoint in the middle if you need it. Now
follow the current and go up and out of the water. You should be stopped by a
Green Stop Wall. Get the green/purple switch and continue up. You should see
the rainbow door/exit surrounded by green blocks and a green/purple switch on
both sides. Do not push either one. Just ignore them. Now continue up and
instead of going right and across the spikes, go up then right and you should
find a green/purple switch. Push that and go down and take the first right.
This should lead you to 2 spinning spikes. Stop them so that they are
horizontal. Now go across and get the Maxim Tomato if you need it and push the
purple switch. Now go all the way back and across the spikes again to get back
to the area where the rainbow door was and go in it and congrats! You have beat
the most puzzling stage in the game!

World 8~~

The World of Drawcia: Room 1 - This room is easy to get through. All you have
to do is avoid the pits and spikes. Room 2 - This room is harder than the last
because there are more spikes. Just simply go through the room. Also, those
paintings that laugh and smile can't hurt you so don't let them bother you. Go
into the large rainbow door and prepare to face Drawcia.

B. Waddle Dee [11BBB11]
The first unlockable character. He is bouncy and only has 4 hit points and has
the dash ability.

World 1~~

World 2~~

World 3~~

World 4~~

World 5~~

World 6~~

World 7~~

World 8~~

The World of Drawcia: Room 1 - Same as Kirby. Room 2 - Same as Kirby.

C. King DeDeDe [11CCC11] [Credit goes to ChocolateKirby for making this
character's info]
The second unlockable character. He is twice as big as all the other
characters. When you touch him he swings his hammer which can destroy the metal
blocks and the stumps. Sinks in water, and has 7 hit points.

World 1~~

World 2~~

World 3~~

World 4~~

World 5~~

World 6~~

World 7~~

World 8~~

The World of Drawcia: Room 1 - Same as Kirby. Room 2 - Same as Kirby.

D. Meta Knight [11DDD11] [Credit goes to Chocolate Kirby for making this
character's info]
He is twice as fast as Kirby, when you touch him he dashes and when he hits any
stunned or not you can see and hear a sword clashing, and only has 3 hit
points. His dash is also lasts a little longer than Kirby's.

World 1~~

World 2~~

World 3~~

World 4~~

World 5~~

World 6~~

World 7~~

World 8~~

The World of Drawcia: Room 1 - Same as Kirby. Room 2 - Same as Kirby.

Drawcia Sorceress: [Credit goes to lukeskywalker66 for making this strategy]

When the battle starts, move towards the center of the stage. If she launches a
fire balls at you, draw vertical lines and bounce them back at her. If it any
of them connect, dash into her three times. If she launches Para-sorcerers
(mini-Drawcias) tap them with your stylus before they hit you.

You'll see her drop down onto the ground. Make sure you don't get too close to
Drawcia to prevent this. If she flies upward and towards the other side of the
screen, tap MetaKnight to where she was standing to avoid her landing on you.
If she flies off the screen move to the bottom corner OPPOSITE the one she was
in until she flies past you.

If Drawcia flips over, the background changes, and a portrait appears, move to
either corner of the screen. One of the following will appear on the painting:
An enemy, a bomb, or a needle.

If an enemy appears, enemies will fall from the sky. Tap any if they're above
you to prevent them landing on you. Destroy them all the normally by dashing
into them. Drawcia will return once they are all gone.

If a bomb appears, several bombs will fall from the sky. Tap them all, tapping
the closest one to you first. Once you've tapped them all or they're all off
the screen, Drawcia returns.

If a needle appears, quickly draw a line to the top of the screen. Five needles
will come up from the ground. As soon as the fifth one comes up, quickly go
back to the ground or Drawcia will dash into you.

Continue reflecting her attacks at her then hitting her, and dodging her
movement patterns. If you managed to survive on MetaKnight's three health, good
job. You'll get your health back if you lost any and then move on to Drawcia

Drawcia Soul: [Credit goes to lukeskywalker66 for making this strategy]

Stay where you are when the battle begins. It's generally good to stick in the

Drawcia can be in to positions: The "background" and the "foreground." The
background means she looks small, and isn't on the same area as you. The
foreground means she's on the same area as you and she may attempt to crush

Drawcia usually starts out by launching Para-Matter, little dots that turn into
X. Remember the order they appeared in and tap them in the order their eyes
form and they will be launched back at Drawcia damaging her slightly. If you
don't hit in time, it'll charge at you. Just dash out of the way. Or, if shoots
a laser, protect MetaKnight with a line of ink.

If Drawcia starts bouncing on the foreground, predict where she'll land and if
she is going to land on you, quickly dash out of the way. She'll try and fake
it, so don't be fooled if she bounces toward one side then the other.

If the sky turns red and Drawcia vanishes, she'll try and hit you with paint
meteors. Go to the MIDDLE and use ink to destroy the meteors. At first the
meteors come from the sky; later in the fight they'll come from the sky, the
left, and the right. Keep drawing ink.

If the sky color changes and Drawcia zooms off the screen, quickly guide
MetaKnight to the top of the screen because Drawcia will dash through the
foreground. After she passes you return to the ground.

Drawcia may start warping around randomly. You're safe if you stay on the
ground, but this is your chance to damage her. When she appears, tap her.
Unlike fighting her with Kirby, you must tap her five times until she will be
stunned. When she's stunned, dash into her to do some true damage, then return
to the ground.

Not very often, but sometimes Drawcia will appear VERY close to you on the
foreground and start shooting out these cutter-like projectiles out of a hole.
If you're lucky, none of them will get you, but just tap one that looks like
it's going to hit you and keep tapping that spot- the place it the projectile
goes after is predetermined.

Keep tapping Para-Matters, stunning Drawcia, and avoiding her attacks and
you'll eventually beat her. Remember each hit is costly with MetaKnight so be
quick when dodging attacks.

E. Waddle Doo [11EEE11] [Credit goes to ChocolateKirby for making this
character's info]
He is about Kirby's weight, has 5 hit points, and has the beam ability Kirby
could get.

World 1~~

World 2~~

World 3~~

World 4~~

World 5~~

World 6~~

World 7~~

World 8~~

The World of Drawcia: Room 1 - Same as Kirby. Room 2 - Same as Kirby.


12. FAQs [121212]

Q. Does this game have multiplayer?
A. No.

Q. How does the Pictochat feature work?
A. If you turn this on then while you are playing it will search for
Pictochatters. If it finds one then it will notify you by making a smiley face
icon appear on the screen.

Q. Why does Kirby grow his limbs back when he dies?
A. My theory is that if you die then your "ball curse" is broken. Other
people's theory would be that it is a traditional way of Kibry dying in all of
the Kirby games and it would like be taking away rings from Sonic games.


13. Thanks/Credits [131313]

- CJayC for making a wonderful gaming website.

- Nintendo for making the DS.

- HAL Lab. Inc. for making this game.

- Lukeskywalker66 for making the strategies for beating both Drawcias with Meta
 Knight and making the Cart Run strategy.

- MegaKirby for making the Time Trial strategies for World 1.

- NeedleK for making the strategy for getting "A" rank on level 3 in Paint

- Noobs Play 2 for making the 1-1 Line Trial strategy.

- ChocolateKirby for making some Line Trial strategies.

- Sonic_lover for making a Dash!Jump! strategy.

- Captain L for making some Line Trial strategies.

- Gravy229 for recognizing all of those price mistakes.

 PickleHead for adding all of those Time Trial strategies and some Line Trial

- TonyV3Catz for the location of Cold Course's third medal.

- Romadragonik (also known as Romadragon and Romadragok) for the easier way to
get the Blue Switch.

- NoBullet254 (also known as DarkPhoenix254) for correcting the fact that in
Paint Panic the highest amount of points earned from a 1 stroke bonus is 500,
not 300.

- Blademaster for submitting the medal locations for worlds 4-6.

- Bioten for mentioning how sonic games have rings and no coins (I'm talking
about my FAQ section).

And everyone else for reading my guide!


14. Version History/Updates (most recent updates are on the top) [141414]

version 0.805 ~ A new website can now use this faq. Their website is called

Version 0.805 ~ I just basically added world 3's time trials and added new
notes and fixed some typos.

Version 0.8 ~ All of the medal locations for all of the worlds are finally
finished thanks to Blademaster for submitting the medal locations for worlds
4-6! I have just realized that I have incorrectly credited MegaKirby in both
medal locations and time trials sections (he wasn't supposed to be in the medal
locations, only the time trials). I also fixed some typos. A new site is
allowed to use this FAQ. It is called SuperCheats.com

Version 0.75 ~ I Added my opinions to all of the abilties. The text art of
Kirby: Canvas Curse has arrived. I Added World 7's medal locations and added
Kirby's World 1 strategies. Questions have been added to the FAQs section.
Added more things to the Other Things section. Some other noticible tweaks.

Version 0.72 ~ I added the location for Cold Course's third medal
(credit goes to TonyV3Catz). There were a LOT of mistakes for the prices for
certain unlockables (thanks to gravy229 for noticing all of those mistakes). I
also forgot to add PickleHead to the Thanks/Credits section. Sorry PickleHead!
Romadragonik has submitted an easier way for getting the Blue Switch. Ign.com
now has permission to use this FAQ. Also, NoBullet254 has corrected the fact
that in Paint Panic the highest amount of points earned from a 1 stroke bonus
is 500, not 300.

Version 0.7 ~ Fixed some typos, changed the descriptions for the Balloon and
Missile abilities and added a lot more Line Trial strategies and some Time
Trial strategies thanks to PickleHead! I also made the strategy for Frozen
Fantasy. I also made World 3's Medal Locations/Strategies.

Version 0.6 ~ I basically started this guide and I am going to continue to make
it better and better. Expect a lot more strategies!

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