1. Justin Cyr Animator
  2. Scott Mitchell Animator
  3. Jean-Thierry Roy Animator
  4. Antoine Guignard Associate Producer
  5. Christian Belisle Data Manager
  6. Philippe Bernard Graphic Designers
  7. Philippe Cote Graphic Designers
  8. Mathieu Casgrain Graphic Designers
  9. Guillaume Cassel Graphic Designers
  10. Michel Etter Graphic Designers
  11. Mathieu Leduc Graphic Designers
  12. Aline Schleger Lead Animator
  13. Bobbi Burquel Lead Artist
  14. Stephane Blais Lead Game Designer
  15. Sebastian Lahaie Lead Programmer/System Architect
  16. Stephane Brochu Level Designer
  17. Jason Dozios Level Designer
  18. Louis-Martin Guay Level Designer
  19. Laurent Hogue Level Designer
  20. Joel Morisette Level Designer
  21. Jocelyn Droust Music and Game Mix
  22. Marc-Olivier Pipeline Technical Lead
  23. Joanne Belzil Planning Coordinator
  24. Genvieve Lord Producer
  25. Alexandre Begnoche Programmers
  26. Mihai Dragihici Programmers
  27. Lukasz Kundra Programmers
  28. Hugues Landry Programmers
  29. Luc Tremblay Programmers
  30. Mario Galardo Script Adaptation
  31. Bertrand Helias Senior Producer
  32. Jeremi Valiquette Sound Studio Director
  33. Pascal Lalancette Technical Director
  34. Irene Plokar Technical Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, LordAndrew, NDS_Master, and oliist.

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