Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

Save Game File11/28/06fourstrifes64K
FullyEquippedOnionKnights@lvl 99. Game nor Iron Giant nor Gungnir beat. Quicksave:After Mirror. Save1:???cave. Save2:SaloniaCatacombs. Save3.CrystalTower w/Gungnir. Most battle itemsx99inFatChocobo. All weapons+armorxmost useable.
Save Game File12/16/06Arkrex256K
Hacked save: maxed out levels. Quicksave - Just before the final boss, go kick some booty! File 1 - Outside Crystal Tower; File 2 - Game complete
Save Game File01/05/09SilentLoner64K
Save 1: Outside Ur, first set of jobs unlocked, seven letters sent to other players / Save 2: Outside Crystal Tower, game not completed / Save 3: Outside Crystal Tower with Lv. 99 OK's, game completed

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