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  1. Going to start fresh, having difficulty, what classes are best to start with? I had Luneth as a warrior, Arc as a black mage, Refia as a white mage and I THINK I had Ingus as a thief, upgraded Luneth to Knight at first opportunity, kept everyone else the same, also what classes are best for end game?

    User Info: brett695

    brett695 - 8 years ago

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  1. Starting fresh? The best set up for the first crystal is (in my opinion):
    White Mage - Red Mage - Red Mage - Warrior
    or (if you're severly opposed to having 2 of the same class)
    White Mage - Red Mage - Warrior - Monk
    Black Mages really aren't all that useful; they don't have enough MP or power to be used outside of boss battles, and 1-2 Red Mage's is plenty of MP to nuke a boss. White Mage is of course a given. Warrior and Monk aren't really all that good, but you need someone to deal heavy (if you can call it that) physical damage. You can switch out either for a theif if you really want, but they're not that good and there's nothing much to steal. I really can't reccomend taking that route.

    For Endgame, you're going to want one of the following:
    Ninja - Ninja - Devout - Summoner
    This is for the rich man, if you can buy lots of shuriken and just unload on the final boss.
    Ninja - Knight - Devout - Summoner
    Similar, but with more defensive power. Knights are fantastic at endgame with good HP and defense as well as excalibur, crystal armor, etc etc
    Devout - Summoner - Sage - Ninja
    I can't really recommend it although it is what I used on my first playthrough. Although sage is not that great, the one big advantage here is that you get extra healing power, and he (sage) can attack if need be.

    User Info: jimborrific

    jimborrific - 8 years ago 2   0

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