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FAQ/Walkthrough by leeuyang

Version: 1.31 | Updated: 05/30/05

                 Asphalt Urban GT FAQ
                      For the Nintendo DS

                              Version 1.31
                                    By Allen Wagner

                    Copyright (c)2004/2005 Allen Wagner
                All Rights Reserved


Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Important Pre-Reading Info
3. Controls
4. Set Up and Modes
5. Cars
6. Car Upgrades and Extras
7. Locales
	7a) Miami
	7b) Bogota Airport
	7c) New York
	7d) Chernobyl Ukraine
	7e) Hong Kong
	7f) Cuba
	7g) Paris France
	7h) Las Vegas
	7i) USA Speedway
8. Multiplayer Help
9. FAQ
10. Credits
11. Contact
12. Important Post-Reading Info


~ 1. Version History ~
Version 1.31 (May 30, 2005) - Long time no update.  I haven't made any huge
changes, but I did add a couple of new items in the Pre-Reading Info that
might help.  Please note that I probably will not be updating this again.  

Version 1.30 (January 31, 2005) - I made some obvious changes like the date,
which was showing 2004 instead of 2005, and thanks to a nice contributor,
I have added two more cars.  He is credited.

Version 1.26 (January 11, 2005) - Added a FAQ section, and added detailed
descriptions of the Locales and obstacles that you might face.

Version 1.06 (January 08, 2005) - added 2005 to the copyright. Possible
changes will come soon, and I will add a strategy section.

Version 1.05 (December 29, 2004) - no major changes, i just made some grammar
changes here and there, and I added one extra line of info.

Version 1.00 (December 27, 2004) - This is the first version, so there is
probably many mistakes, but thats why if you find some, you'll tell me right?
Hope you enjoy the FAQ, I'll periodically add new info as i play the game
more and more, but until I do, let me know of any mistakes or major grammar
errors so i can fix them soon.


~ 2. Important Pre-reading Info ~

-Before you read, be aware that this FAQ is based on my experience with the
game.  And it is also based on what Gameloft has provided.

-If you find any grammatical errors, please contact me (see contact below)
with the exact error and the line and section it is in.  You will be

-If you find any general mistakes with the FAQ on the game, let me know asap.

-This FAQ is copyrighted, any attempt to copy it will result in
serious punishments.

-Hope you enjoy!

-(added May 30, 2005):  Please do not email me about strategies or help.  
What you see is what you get.  If you need help, as someone else who has the 




~ 3. Controls ~

The Controls in Asphalt Urban GT are easy to pick up.

here is the simple layout for driving:

+Control Pad Left/Right  -  Steer Left or Right
A button  -  Use Boost (N20)
B button  -  Accelerate
X button  -  Horn
Y button  -  Brake/eventual reverse
L button  -  Rear view Mirror
R button  -  Change view
Start  -  Pause/Menu
Select  -  Lights

When browsing through the menu you may either use the buttons or the stylus.

A accepts a command or menu item
B declines or goes back

There are icons on the bottom for your stylus to choose.

You can change the control set up in the options menu.


~ 4. Set Up and Modes ~

Main Menu

-Arcade:  Quickly start a race
-Evolution:  Career mode
-Multi-Card Play:  Multiplayer mode
-Options:  Customize the game's parameters


-Volume Adjust:  Set the volume of the music, sound effects, or master
-Languages:  Choose the language
-Controls:  Customize your own controls rather than use the pre-set controls
-Arcade Difficulty:  Choose your difficulty level
-Speedometer:  Display either in KPH or MPH
-Reset Profile:  Delete's all saved game data


-Instant Play:  The track, car and game mode will be chosen at random.
-Road Challenge:  Compete in a series of five races, finish in the top three
                  positions in each race to win the cup for the category.
-Free Race:  Race with several competitors and avoid traffic.
-Time Attack:  Race the clock to get the fastest lap time.
-Cop Chase:  Drive a cop car and chase other cars.  Target them and eliminate
             them from the race.


-This is the complete racing experience, Win cars, races and money to
customize your cars, and earn more and more.

-Garage:  Here you can customize your car, display your car, or sell your car
-Championship:  This is where you will race against other competitors for
                money, unlockables, and cars.
                Certain races require certain types of cars, but by winning
                these you can get more cars and money to tune and win more
                and more.
-Car Dealer:  Here you can buy cars from the best car companies in the world.

Game Interface

-The heads up display has important information that can be viewed at any
time during a race.
-Speed, RPM, Current Gear, Lap Time, Track Map, and Car positions can be seen
 on the HUD.
-N2O reserves can be viewed in the bottom left of your screen.


~ 5. Cars ~

Taken from the Free Race list.

-4X4 SUV's-

Hummer H1
HP: 135
Weight: 3428 Kg
0-60 MPH: 19.00s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 6.5L

Hummer H2
HP: 316
Weight: 2909 Kg
0-60 MPH: 10.20s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 6.0L

Concept Cars Pitbull
HP: 220
Weight: 3345 Kg
0-60 MPH: 12.00s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 6.4L

Concept Cars Terror
HP: 205
Weight: 3389 Kg
0-60 MPH: 19.00s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 6.6L


Shelby GT500
HP: 355
Weight: 1597 Kg
0-60 MPH: 4.80s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 7.1L

Concept Cars Hutch
HP: 364
Weight: 1604 Kg
0-60 MPH: 4.70s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 7.1L

-Compact Cars-

Audi TT roadster 3.2 quattro
HP: 250
Weight: 1560 Kg
0-60 MPH: 6.50s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 3.2L

Volkswagen New beetle RSI
HP: 225
Weight: 1520 Kg
0-60 MPH: 6.50s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 3.2L

Nissan 350 Z
HP: 287
Weight: 1525 Kg
0-60 MPH: 6.60s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 3.5L

Volkswagen Golf V GTI
HP: 200
Weight: 1322 Kg
0-60 MPH: 6.90s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: L4 2.0L

-Urban Racers-

Jaguar XKR
HP: 406
Weight: 1735 Kg
0-60 MPH: 6.40s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 4.2L

Lotus Exige
HP: 192
Weight: 875 Kg
0-60 MPH: 5.20s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: L4 1.8L

Morgan Aero 8
HP: 285
Weight: 1132 Kg
0-60 MPH: 5.00s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 4.4L

Chevrolet 2004 Corvette C6
HP: 340
Weight: 1470 Kg
0-60 MPH: 5.00s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 5.6L

-Sport Coupe's-

Aston Martin DB9
HP: 450
Weight: 1560 Kg
0-60 MPH: 5.10s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 5.9L

Aston Martin Vanquish
HP: 460
Weight: 1835 Kg
0-60 MPH: 5.60s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 5.9L

Tvr Sagaris
HP: 400
Weight: 1140 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.90s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 4.0L

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
HP: 280
Weight: 1666 Kg
0-60 MPH: 5.40s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 2.6L

-Sport Racing Cars-

Tvr T 440 R
HP: 440
Weight: 1060 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.90s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V6 4.0L

Ford GT
HP: 500
Weight: 1545 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.90s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 5.4L

Concept Cars Dashibara
HP: 488
Weight: 1490 Kg
0-60 MPH: 4.30s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V10 5.0L

Lamborghini Gallardo
HP: 500
Weight: 1430 Kg
0-60 MPH: 4.20s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V10 5.0L

-Ultimate Dream Cars-

Saleen S7
HP: 558
Weight: 1250 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.90s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V8 7.0L

Ford Cobra concept
HP: 605
Weight: 1395 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.80s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V10 6.9L

Lamborghini Diablo roadster
HP: 530
Weight: 1395 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.90s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 5.7L

Lamborghini Murcielago
HP: 580
Weight: 1650 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.80s
Transmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 6.2L

-Track Cars-

Concept Cars Raptor
HP: 579
Weight: 1412 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.60s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 5.9L

Lamborghini Diablo GTR
HP: 590
Weight: 1395 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.50s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 6.0L

Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT
HP: 650
Weight: 1100 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.10s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V12 6.0L

-Bonus Cars-

Gemelati 1000 SS
HP: 135
Weight: 199 Kg
0-60 MPH: 3.00s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: V4 1.0L

EDIT: Thanks to Alan Gerow for the next two cars and their info.

Lamborghini Gallardo Police
HP: 500
Weight: 1620 Kg
0-60 MPH: 4.20s
Trasmission: Four Wheel Drive
Engine: v10 5.0L

Gameloft F1
HP: 920
Weight: 600 Kg
0-60 MPH: 2.30s
Transmission: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: v10 3.0L


~ 6. Car Upgrades and Extras ~

Each upgrade does something different to each car and does something 
different in general, so I am going to just list all the upgrades here,
because I probably can't explain what each one does to each car.

-Turbo Kits-
Boost Your performance

Turbo evo 1
Turbo evo 2
Turbo evo 3
Twin Turbo

-Exhaust - Air Intake-
Improve Gas flow

Sport Exhaust
Perf. Exhaust
Exhaust Racing

-Engine Block-
Improve Engine Performance

Atmo. Optim. evo 1
Atmo. Optim. evo 2
Atmo. Optim. evo 3

Improve Transmission

Sport Transmission
Perf. Transmission
Racing Transmission
Sport Clutch
Performance Clutch
Racing Clutch

Improve braking power

Sport Brakes
Performance Brakes
Racing Brakes

Improve Car Behavior

Sports Suspensions
Performance Suspensions
Racing Suspensions

Increase car adherence

Sport Tires
Performance Tires
Racing Tires

Decrease car weight

Weight Reduction 1
Weight Reduction 2
Weight Reduction 3

Change Car Color

Paint color choices vary from car to car.

Change car body

Body design choices vary from car to car.


~ 7. Locales ~

  There are several Locales to choose to drive in throughout the game.
  These are my descriptions of each location.

- Miami -
  By far the easiest location to drive in.  There is only one really sharp
turn near the end of the loop.  Most of the track has wide roads and give you
lots of room to speed.
Expect to win easily in Miami.

Track Outline: 

  Miami, being one of the easiest tracks, can really only put up a little bit
of info.  First two turns are left and easy to make.  Keep going and 
continue and you'll reach a blueish bridge.  On this bridge there are no
real turns, but there are some cars to watch out for.  Right off the bridge
is a sharpish left turn, at the right end of the turn should be some break
bonus opportunities.  That is followed by another left turn.  Then another
blueish bridge.  This bridge has more cars to deal with than the first one,
but like the first one, it has no big turns.  Right off the bridge is a left
followed by a right.  On your right, try to hit some beach chairs and the
hotdog stand for some break bonus.  Your final turn is a really sharp turn
that can really kill you in a race, be ready to break before you turn.

- Bogota Airport -
  Bogota is a tropical location with several long sharp turns and dirt roads.
However there are lots of long straight streches of road that should keep you
in the lead.  

Track Outline: 

  When you start out in Bogota, you'll start at the Airport.  There should be
some airplanes parked to the right.  You can't crash into them, so don't
worry about trying to get N20 fill-ups.  You'll exit the airport, hit at
least one of the red barrier arms to get some N20 fill up.  You'll enter a
tunnel.  Be aware, in the tunnel there is a sharp turn the left.
Once you leave the tunnel, there are opportunities to fill up
your N20 if you need it.  On the right, there are arrow-turn markers that you
can knock over, and there are trash bins that you can let fly.  The next area
is the Airport terminal, just be aware of trucks that can get in your way.
After the terminal, you enter another tunnel, this time with a sharp right
turn rather than a left.  After you leave the tunnel, the road weaves left
and right and there are a few trash bins to break for N20 bonus.  Right
before the end of the track is a final sharp left, and some break bonus

- New York -
  One of the shortest tracks is New York.  There are many small nuisance 
turns in the City because, well, its a city.  But this too is an easy track 
to drive in.

Track Outline:

  In New York there are so many opportunities for N20 Break Bonus that I just
wont list them here.  Trash cans, Hot Dog Stands, Benches, etc, are all over
the place.  You'll turn a simple right and follow with a long but light left
turn for a very long time right after you start.  Be careful, after that,
is a very sharp left followed by a sharp right, so you'll want to slow down.
After a bit of straight road, come another sharp left, followed by a sharp
right, keep your speed respectable to make it through these easily.  Another
left and right come after the previous one, followed by some straight road.
Then comes the big left turn; which can slow you down really badly if you
haven't slowed down enough already.  The rest is straight road, but just be
careful of other cars in the road.  The key is to stay slow enough to turn
easily without crashing or scraping, while still maintaining a respectable
speed to win.

- Chernobyl Ukraine -
  A long loop with lots of windy turns and not a lot of straight track.  This
one can be difficult especially since roads are tiny and trucks block your
line of sight and at least half of the road.

Track Outline:

  Start out and break some boxes and stuff at the end of the straight strech
for your Break Bonus.  Your first turns will be Left, Right, then Left.
These first three are relatively easy to pass through, I think the 4th is the
one you'll have trouble on the most because it comes really quickly.  Just
be ready for it.  Break some black boxes on your next right turn and after
that you've got a pretty much straight road for a long time.  You'll be
going so fast by the time you reach the next right turn that you'll most
likely hit the yellow arrows on the left.  To avoid this, use your break
while turning.  After that comes a sharp left, do the same here to avoid
hitting the wall.  By the way, driving in the snow has no affect on speed.
On your final turn, break some stuff to get that extra N20 bonus.

- Hong Kong -
  Hong Kong has a period of turning that is hard to get through without 
really slowing down, but there is one very long stretch of straight road that
is perfect to use your N20 on.

Track Outline:

  Since Hong Kong is mostly comprised of small cobbled roads, you'll be 
breaking on your turns a lot.  But there is one very long stretch of straight
road that your N20 will absolutely enjoy.  From the start you'll enjoy a
reasonably straight road, but once you reach the treed highway, a sharp right
turn is the first obstacle.  What follows is a sharp left.  Just try not to
hit the walls.  You'll reach a large two lane highway.  Don't worry about
the trees, you can just drive right through them :).  Before the end of the
highway stretch is a sharp right turn that can be easily driven through
because its a large road.  But, you'll end up back in the cobbled road again.
Several annoying mini turns litter this area, so try to slow down before you
make them.  Finally a sharp right turn, and you'll reach the long home
stretch.  There are some boxes on the left and right to knock over for Break
Bonus, but I would be using that N20 here, since you'll have no disturbances
except for other cars.  You might be able to get in three N20 boosts before
you make a final right turn to the finish line.

- Cuba -
  A long track with wide roads.  You'll be cruising so fast on this one that
when you reach a curve in the road, you wont be prepared to turn.

Track Outline:

  Cuba is relatively easy, but some unexpected turns can screw you over.  You
will start off cruising, but once you reach the VIVE Billboard, slow down
because a right, then a left turn awaits you.  Once you enter the village,
a semi-sharp right turn will greet your car.  Just make sure you have a good
mix of speed and break to make it through easily.  You'll have to make 
another sharp right in the village, followed by a easy left upon leaving the
village.  Pass another VIVE billboard and soon you'll see a tunnel.  After
you exit the tunnel, you'll have to make two demanding right turns in a row,
followed by a demanding left.  And you'll have a clear path to the finish.

- Paris France -
  A relatively easy track with only a couple major turns.  You can cruise
pretty fast on this one, just be aware of cars that have a knack of appearing

Track Outline:

  You'll start with a easy stretch of straight road and a small right turn
onto a blue bridge.  No problem.  After the bridge is a small right and you
are now on a road that goes under the bridges and flies next to the river.
This should be no problem, just dont hit any cars or trucks.  An unexpected
left turn awaits you.  You've been warned.  I didn't expect this the first
time and I hit the right side of the road.  So now you're on a road that 
appears to be headed for the capital.  If you're going over 150, be aware
that two long, but abrupt right turns can hinder your speed.  And a left
onto another bridge can also slow you down a bit.  You'll reach what appears
to be the Arc De Triumphe, and you'll have to make a very long right, but
its easy to get through.  It's basically free road for the rest of the track.

- Las Vegas - 
  Drive along the strip, and then some in Vegas.  Outside of the city the 
roads are small, and hard to maneuver, but in the city, wide lanes provide 
perfect conditions for speeding.

Track Outline:

  You'll start off in the desert.  A very long stretch of road is your first
sight.  No problem.  Then you'll see the Luxor, the NGN, and what looks like
the Paris Hotel.  This is where the road starts turning a bit.  A left at
Paris and a right at Treasure Island.  You'll pass by what looks like Circus
Circus on the left going under some over passes.  At the Bellagio, you'll
meet a sharp right turn.  Then another left once you see the Luxor on your
right again.  You should be back in the desert.  Your first turns are left
then right back in the desert.  The right turn is most difficult.  The rest
is mostly straight road until a final sharp right into the finish line.

- USA Speedway -
  The simplest course.  A simply egg shaped loop around a speedway style 
road. The only other cars on the road besides your opponents are other 
speeding cars, racing for glory.  The perfect speed track.

Track Outline:

  This track needs no real explanation.  It is just one very large loop.
A very continuous left turn and you'll end up back where you started.


~ 8. Multiplayer Help ~

- The game is only a Multi-Card game, so no Download play.
- The Multi-Card Play allows 2-4 people to race each other.
- You can host or join a game easily by going to Multi-Card Play in the menu.
- Keep in mind that it may take some time to host or to join a game.
- Multiplayer Modes available to play:
     Single Race: Race others on a single track
     Championship: Race your friends over several tracks and find a winner
     Cop Chase: Only Two players play.  One is the cop, the other is the
-The controls are the same as in the regular game, and the modes are same as


~ 9. FAQ ~

Funny, I have a FAQ in a FAQ.  But here, some important questions can and
will be answered for you.  If you have any other questions of importance,
email me and It may get added here.

1.  Who made the game?

- Gameloft, they also made a game with the same name for NGage.

2.  What is the price of the game?

- MSRP is currently at $29.99

3.  Is the game worth buying?

- I'll let a reviewer tell you that, but I'll just say that if you enjoy
racing games, then this should be a good game to get.

4.  How can i get my question posted in the FAQ?

- Just send off an email to me (see Contact), with subject: Asphalt FAQ, and
I'll take a look, answer your question and put it here...with your name


~ 10. Credits ~

-Nintendo: for making the DS possible and for allowing this game.
-Gameloft: for making the game.
-Brian: for test driving the Multiplayer with me.
-Brian: for proofreading the FAQ.
-Alan Gerow: for providing two more bonus car info for me.


~ 11. Contact ~

-Email: allenwagner88@gmail.com
-Secondary: allen.wagner@packor.net
(only to be used if you have any extra info or problems with the FAQ)
If there is a problem, make the subject: "Asphalt Faq" so i know dont simply
disregard the email.


~ 12. Important Post Reading Info ~

-Any unauthorized use of this FAQ can result in punishment.
-The FAQ is written by me and by me only, it is Copyrighted.
-Please Email me if you have any additions that you believe should be made,
or if you find any errors, grammatical or game-wise.
-Thanks for reading the FAQ, hope it was useful!


Copyright (c) 2004/2005 Allen Wagner (leeuyang/Schwagnah)

Any unauthorized use of this document can result in punishment.  Only
authorised websites may use this FAQ, and no persons should use this document
for anything other than Game-Help.

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