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Guide and Walkthrough by LikuX

Version: Final 1.05 | Updated: 08/22/2006

Rayman DS

        _ _ _ _ _
       |         \
       |  _ _ _   \
       |  |     \  \
       |  |      \  \
       |  |      /  /
       |  |_ _ _/  /
       |          /   _ _ _ _        _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ 
       |  _ _ _   \  / __ | | \     /  / |    \ / _  | |  |   \
       |  |     \  \/ /  |  |  \   /  /        | / |   |       |
       |  |      \  \ \  |  |\  \ /  /|  |  |  | | |   |       |
       |  |       \  \ \_|  | \  \  / |  |  |  | \_|   |    |  |
       |_ |        \_ \_ _|_|  \   /  |__|__|__|\_ _ |_|_ _ |_ |
                               /  /
                              /  /
                             /_ /
                       DDDDDDDDD       SSSSSSS
                      DDDDDDDDDDD     SSSSSSSSS
                      DDD      DDD   SS
                      DDD       DDD  SS
                      DDD       DDD   SSSSSSSSS
                      DDD       DDD           SS
                      DDD      DDD            SS    - Art by Chris
                      DDDDDDDDDDD     SSSSSSSSS       "Liku/LikuX"
                       DDDDDDDDD       SSSSSSS           Sabjan

                                                               Bad, isn't it?

Remember, use your Browser's "find" function to jump to these sections.
Usually, this function is available by hitting "Ctrl+F," or if that doesn't
work go under the "Edit" menu. Once that's up, look for the section you want
and enter the code in the brackets to the right.

1. Introduction.......................................................[INTR0]
2. Version History....................................................[VERS0]
3. Rayman DS 101......................................................[RAYM0]
-=- The Story.........................................................[RAYM1]
-=- The Characters....................................................[RAYM2]
-=- The Controls......................................................[RAYM3]
-=- Interactive Objects, Items........................................[RAYM4]
-=- The Menus.........................................................[RAYM5]
-=- General Information...............................................[RAYM6]
4. 100% Level Walkthroughs............................................[LWT00]
- 01. The Woods of Light..............................................[LWT01]
- 02. The Fairy Glade PART 1..........................................[LWT02]
- 03. The Marshes of Awakening........................................[LWT03]
- 04. The Bayou.......................................................[LWT04]
- - - The Walk of Life................................................[LWTB1]
- 05. The Sanctuary of Water and Ice..................................[LWT05]
- 06. The Menhir Hills PART 1.........................................[LWT06]
- 07. The Cave of Bad Dreams..........................................[LWT07]
- 08. The Menhir Hills PART 2.........................................[LWT08]
- 09. The Canopy......................................................[LWT08]
- 10. Whale Bay.......................................................[LWT10]
- 11. The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire.................................[LWT11]
- 12. The Echoing Caves...............................................[LWT12]
- 13. The Precipice...................................................[LWT13]
- 14. The Top of the World............................................[LWT14]
- 15. The Santuary of Rock and Lava...................................[LWT15]
- 16. Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava..........................[LWT16]
- - - The Walk of Power...............................................[LWTB2]
- 17. Tomb of the Ancients............................................[LWT17]
- 18. The Iron Mountains..............................................[LWT18]
- 19. The Prison Ship.................................................[LWT19]
- 20. The Crow's Nest.................................................[LWT20]
5. Secrets?...........................................................[SECR1]
6. Glitches...........................................................[GLTC1]
7. FAQ................................................................[FAQS1]
8. Legal Info.........................................................[LEGA1]
9. Contact Info.......................................................[CONT1]


1.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ INTRODUCTION +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[INTR0]

Welcome to my Rayman DS guide. This is my first guide/FAQ/walkthrough so
there is bound to be error. Rayman DS was released 03/24/05 for Nintendo's
new portable gaming system, the Nintendo DS. As of this writing, I believe
Rayman DS is the only other 3D adventure platformer for the DS, which is a
sad case. The game is essentially a port of the Nintendo 64 game, Rayman 2.
So this is the second game in the series, but you don't need to play the
first one to understand this one. I didn't, so this is my first Rayman

2.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ VERSION HISTORY +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[VERS0]

Version 0.01 - I first started to write the guide at 7:02 PM on 7/8/05.
             - The Story section is completed.
             - The Character section is mostly completed, need to finish the
               enemies part.
             - The Controls section is completed.
             - The Interactive Objects and Items section is completed.
             - The Menus section is completed.
             - Completed The Buccaneer's guide.
             - Completed The Woods of Light guide.
             - Completed The Hall of Doors guide.

Version 0.02 - I continued writing the guide at 2:20 PM on 7/10/05.
             - Updated the enemies portion of the Character section.
             - Completed The Fairy Glade guide.
             - Completed The Marshes of Awakening guide.
             - Completed The Bayou guide.

Version 0.03 - I continued the guide at 4:45 PM on 7/11/05
             - The Contact Info section is complete.
             - The Legal Info section is complete.
             - The Secrets? section is added.
             - The FAQ section is added.
             - Completed The Walk of Life guide.
             - Completed The Sancturary of Water and Ice guide.
             - Completed The Menhir Hills PART 1 guide.

Version 0.04 - I continued on the guide at 4:36 PM on 7/12/05.
             - Added the General Info section, with some pointers.
             - Completed The Cave of Bad Dreams guide.
             - Completed The Menhir Hills guide.

Version 0.05 - Continued working on the guide at 7:00 PM on 7/13/05.
             - Completed Getting to the Cave of Bad Dreams guide.

Version 0.06 - Continued the guide at 6:39 PM on 7/14/05.
             - Completed The Cave of Bad Dreams guide.

Version 0.07 - Continued at 9:38 AM on 7/15/05.
             - Fixed and updated the level listings.
             - Added to the FAQ section.
             - Completed The Menhir Hills guide.

Version 0.08 - Continued the guide at 12:41 PM on 7/16/05.
             - Added the Glitches section, for anyone that can submit to it.
             - Updated the Contact Info Section.

Version 0.09 - Continued working on the guide at 1:44 PM on 7/17/05.
             - Completed The Canopy Guide.
             - Completed the Whale Bay Guide.
             - Updated the Interactive Objects, Items section.
             - Did a little bit of revision.
             - Added "Permissions" of the sites allowed to use the guide.

Version 0.10 - Continued on 10:00 PM on 7/18/05.
             - Updated the "Permissions" section.
             - Small bits of revision here and there.
             - Updated the Interactive Object, Items section.
             - Updated the enemies section in the Character Section.
             - Completed The Santuary of Stone and Fire guide.

Version 0.11 - Continued the guide at 5:45 PM on 7/19/05.
             - Updated the enemies section of the Characters section.
             - Updated the "Permissions" section.
             - Completed The Echoing Caves guide.

Version 0.12 - Continued at 7:14 PM on 7/21/05.
             - Updated "The Menus" section.
             - Updated the boss part of "The Characters" section.
             - Completed The Precipice guide.

Version 0.13 - Continued the guide at 7:05 PM on 7/27/05.
             - Made some corrections.
             - Completed The Top of the World Guide.

Version 0.14 - Continued the guide at 4:40 PM at 7/28/05.
             - Updated the Glitches section.

Version 0.15 - Continued the guide with hopes of finally finishing at 1:41 AM
               on 8/3/05.
             - Updated the enemies section of the Character section.
             - Completed The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava guide.
             - completed Beneath The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava guide.

                            -FINAL VERSiONS-
Version 1.00 - Completed the main parts of the guide on 8/5/07, my birthday
               present to myself!
             - Completed the The Walk of Power guide.
             - Completed the Tomb of the Ancients guide.
             - Completed the The Iron Mountains guide.
             - Completed the The Prison Ship guide.
             - Completed the The Crow's Nest guide.

Version 1.01 - Minor updates on 8/8/05 at 10:26 PM.
             - Updated the "Permissions" section of the guide.
             - Updated the "Secrets" sections of the guide.

Version 1.02 - Minor fixing on 8/24/05 at 3:33 PM.

Version 1.03 - Fixed spelling errors on 10/2/05 at 12:54 PM.

Version 1.04 - Added new information submitted by readers on 4/22/06,
               10:14 AM.

Version 1.05 - Added two glitches by a reader on 8/15/2006, 4:19 AM.

Version 1.06 - Fixed some typos pointed about by reader Dark Angel on 
               8/21/06, 11:48 AM.


3.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ RAYMAN DS 101 +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[RAYM0]

The Story [RAYMN1]

Robotic Pirates lead by the evil captain Razorbeard have come from space in
order to enslave the Teensie's home world. Rayman and his best friend Globox
sent to the Great Forest in order to attack the enemy force from their
frontlines. During a battle, another of Rayman's friend contact him
telepathicly. Ly, a fairy, tells him that their other friend "Clark" is
captured and Rayman must free him. She also tells him the pirates have split
the "Heart of the World." Rayman is then captured himself as Globox flees
upon Rayman's request.

The Characters [RAYMN2]

The Good:

Rayman - The main character, who you play as through the whole game. He has
         the ability to shoot balls of energy, and later the ability to
         charge the energy in his hand for a more powerful ball. He can also
         turn his "ears" into a helicopter to slow his decent after a fall
         or jump.

Ly - A fairy that you'll meet early into the game. Later in the game, when
     she has more of her power, she'll be able to give Rayman new powers.

Globox - Rayman's best friend and creator of rain clouds. These will help you
         in a later level. According to the instruction manual, he and his
         "wife" Uglette have over 650 children.

Uglette - Globox' "wife," or mate according to the instruction manual. You'll
          meet her near the very end of the game to help her. If you're
          curious as to what she looks like, since the instruction manual
          doesn't have a picture, just think of Globox but pink.

Clark - A large brute with a soft stomach. You'll meet him later in the game
        as well, and of course help him too. (Seem's like a pattern, no?)

Murphy - He looks like a frog with a giant smile and wings. In the intro
         stage, he'll tell you all the basics and later you can summon his
         help if you need reminders on a topic, through the Stone of Thought.

The Teensies - The Ancient people of the land who created the "Island of
               Doors," a pathway to every nook and cranny of the planet. They
               are not sure which of king among themselves, and this leads to
               pretty comical cutscenes and conversations.

Carmen the Whale - An aquatic creature that's only purpose is to create air
                   bubbles to keep other creatures that have strayed to the
                   water alive. Of course, you'll have to help her later in
                   the game too.

Sssssam - Yes, the five 's'' are in his actual name. One of the only
          characters which doesn't need rescuing. He'll be in an early level
          of the game to get you through it.

Polukus - The spirit of the world, and creator of all. He has immense power,
          and could effectively create anything. He left the world, and the
          only way to bring his power back is by retrieving four masks.

The Bad:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Admiral Razorbeard - He's a mechanical leader of the robo pirates. He's
                     infamous for total annihilation of over 100 planets. His
                     dream is to enslave Rayman's world.

The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams - He guard's a cave where all of
                                         Polokus' bad dreams are locked up.

Axel - This is the Guardian of The Sanctuary of Water and Ice, he guards the
       first mask you get in the game.

Umber - This is the Guardian of The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, you don't
        fight him but he'll help you get to the second mask. So he's not
        really guarding anything.

Foutch - This is the Guardian of The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. He's leads
         you to fight an annoying boss battle, he also smacks Rayman's
         ability to fly away. Grrr...!

Grolgoth - This is the hardest enemy in the game. A large spherical orange
           robot Razorbeard buys later in the game. You fight him in two
           stages, and it takes a while.

The Ugly:~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The Henchmen - These are Razorbeard's loyal robotic-henchmen. They're common
               around the world and are pretty simple to defeat. Though in
               later levels they improve their fire-power.

The Zombie Chickens - Strange looking floating fowls that will appear in
                      front of you in some levels.

Piranas - Fish that jump out of the water they infest attempting to knock
          Rayman into the water with them.

Crabs - These just patrol the beaches and don't really go for Rayman, but
        they will harm you if you touch them. Just shoot them.

Spiders - They chase Rayman vigilantly and have lots of health. It is best
          to just run from them, sometimes.

Mini-Spiders - These look just like Spiders, but very small. It looks like
               you could just step on them, but you can't. One shot will do
               the job.

Flying Bombs - These are brown spheres with rotars that slowly move towards
               Rayman, then explode on contact. Just shoot these to destroy
               them before they hit you. Sometimes they are stationary.

Dark Caterpillars - These are several balls of "darkness" that jump around
                    and make rattling noises. They have Yellow eyes too, so
                    they're not hard to see. One shoot will cause them to go
                    "Poof!" quite literally.

Mini-Guardians - These look just like The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams,
                 just smaller and darker in color. They shoot fire from their
                 mouths. They're are easy to destroy.

I-Robots - These are short and stubby Robots with Blue and White stripped
           shirts. The bob around as they chase you. They're faster than
           Henchman and if they catch up to you they will flatten Rayman
           and stomp on him. You can't shoot them to death, they're
           Invincible(Hence the name I gave them) but you can trick them into
           falling to their deaths by having them chase you off an edge.

Barrel Bots - These are huge Barrels with mechanical legs square holes on the
              sides which reveal an angry set of eyes, and large "horn"
              looking funnels at the top that points at you. If one of these
              sees you, it will charge up the horn(Making and electric sound)
              and you need to take cover! These things have deadly accuracy,
              they will never miss. They shoot you with a bolt of white
              electricity causing Rayman to spasm a bit.

Dark Spheres - These are pretty much just Dark Caterpillars, but with only
               one section unlike the Caterpillers counterparts. The only
               main difference is that they don't bounce everywhere, they'll
               fly towards you.

Eyes - These are simply just giant eyes with fleshy tails, which remind me of
       Andross' "true" form in Star Fox 64. They simply just look at you and
       bounce up and down, not really attacking you.

Thorn Whips - These are brown flailing spikes with thorns on them. They come
              bursting through walls normally, and try and swing at you. You
              can't destroy these, but if you shoot them, they'll go back
              into the wall they came from for a short period of time.

Bone Arm - These are just like Thorn Whips but they look like skeletal arms
           that try and smack you, shoot them to force them into the wall

Robotic Chicken - This is only found once in the game, and that's on the
                  island(Second Part) of The Iron Hills. You cannot kill it
                  but it can kill you, touching it causes you to take damage
                  and it can jump on you which will kill you. When you're
                  ridding on a Shell, it will chase you as if you were food.

The Controls [RAYM3]

The controls in the game are quite simple. Sadly, the game doesn't really use
the DS' touch screen other than an Analog Joystick. But it does keep track
of your health, Lums and cages collected, thusly leaving the actually playing
screen clear of HUD! Anyway, here's the list of controls:

 - Directional Pad - Move Rayman in the direction pressed.

 - Start - Brings up the Menu, see [RAYM5]. It will also display the number
           of the 80 cages you've opened, and how many of the 1000 Lums
           you've collected.

 - Select - Doesn't do anything.

 - L Shoulder Button - This will move the camera behind Rayman, after meeting
                       Murphy for the first time, if L is held, a screen will
                       pop-up will info on Lums.

 - R Shoulder Button - This will put Rayman into a "combat" mode, you'll be
                       able to face straight while strafing left and right.
                       If an enemy is around, it will lock on to them.

 - A - Shoot. Once you get the upgrade, you'll be able to hold A to charge
       the energy in your hand for a more powerful shot.

 - B - Jump. When in the air after a jump or a fall, press B again to
       activate the helicopter. This will slow your decent and make landing

 - X - Hold this to get a view into Rayman's eye and scope out your

 - Y - Hold this to make turn the Directional Pad or Touch Screen into a 
       camera controller. This'll allow you to circle the camera around

 - Touch Screen - This will work as a Analog Stick if you use it, for info
                  on setting this up see The Menus section.

NOTE: I recommend using the Touch Screen over the Directional Pad, you'll be
      able to control Rayman much easier with it. The Directional Pad also
      has a one-second delay, this makes turning to look another direction
      kinda weird, but that could be countered by using X. But you cannot
      walk or move any slower then the average run with the Directional Pad.
      That's just my preference, and it's a head's up in case you're
      wondering the pros and cons.

NOTE: Sometimes the controls will change to fit the situation at times in the
      game. When this happens, I will re-list the new controls.

Interactive Objects, Items [RAYM4]

Cages - These take two shots from your fist to destroy. They'll usually
        contain Lums, but sometimes they'll have other things. Most of the
        levels will have Cages for you to open. There are a total of 80 cages
        in the whole game. Also, the more cages you open, the more Health
        Rayman will have.

Kegs - Explosive Barrels used to break blockades and fly with. They're
       fragile, making them easy to destroy. They're small in size, so Rayman
       can carry and throw them.

Keg Dispenser - These are wooden panels on the walls with the Pirates' Skull
                and Crossbones image on it. They'll open and drop Kegs when
                one blow's up.

Shells - Even though they're called Shells, they're just rockets with legs.
         You'll ride these like horses, along with the neighing of a horse,
         to quickly run through areas Rayman can't access alone. Silver ones
         can raise their legs and pull out wings, for flight.

Plums - These large pieces of fruit are huge purple spheres with leaves on
        top. They can be thrown on certain enemies heads, and bounce all over
        the place. Rayman can stand on these and cross dangerous water and
        lava areas by using his energy balls as momentum. I'll go into detail
        with this when they start to appear in the game.

Plum Plant - These are what create the Plums, and they never stop. You'll
             easily notice them because they'll have Plums on them at first,
             but they look like a bunch of leaves on the wall.

Magic Spheres - The size of plums with the same bounce, except Rayman can't
                jump on them and use them for movement. They come in two
                colors, blue and orange. Putting them on their respective
                pedestals will allow Rayman to venture further into the

Blockades - These are just locks on doors. They look like bandages, I'll
            point them out when they come along. One's light in color are
            made of wood, and Rayman can easily destroy these with his energy
            shots. Ones in dark color, however, are metal and need Kegs to be
            thrown at them in order to break them.

Switches - Simple switches that have been seen in many other games. They open
           doors, to activate them just simply shoot at them.

Stones of Thought - These are throughout the levels for Rayman to use to call
                    upon Murphy for advice. To use it, just walk over it and
                    hold X. As the game progresses on, there's fewer.

Magic Doors - These portals are at the begining and endings of the levels.
              They allow Rayman to return to the Hall of Doors.

The Power Fists - These golden icons are shaped like Rayman's fist. Upon
                  picking them up Rayman's fist become golden and allow him
                  to shoot much stronger energy balls. But there's a catch,
                  three fist icons will appear on the screen, for everytime
                  Rayman falls into a pit or takes damage, one of these will
                  disappear. Once all three are gone, Rayman will lose the
                  fists and return to shooting normal shots.

The Four Masks - Not really interactive at all, but you'll collect these four
                 masks to return Polokus' power.

Lums - After Razorbeard destroyed the "Heart of the World," they split into
       1000 Lums. These are spread through the levels for you to collect.
       Most levels have 50 Lums to collect, but there are exceptions. There
       several types of Lums, not all are collectable:

       -=- Yellow Lums, your standard Lum. They look like yellow balls with
           wings at the top.

       -=- Super Yellow Lums, these are worth 5 Yellow Lums. They look like
           large versions of Yellow Lums, but they boast a face with a smile.

       -=- Red Lums, found in enemies these give Rayman more life. They're
           bit bigger than Yellow Lums and red.

       -=- Purple Lums, when shot, these create a energy chain from the
           Purple Lum to Rayman's hand, allowing him to swing. They actually
           look like white rings with the Lum wings and eyes at the top.

       -=- Blue Lums, these give you air when you're underwater, collect 
           them! They look just like the Red Lums, but blue.

       -=- Green Lums, these are checkpoints within levels so if you fall
           into a pit, pool of lava or infested water, you'll reappear at the
           place where the Green Lum was found. Again, like Red/Blue Lums,
           but Green.

       -=- Silver Lums, these aren't really found in levels, but they're
           given to Rayman by Ly, and sometimes Globox, giving him another

       There are a total of 1000 Yellow Lums in the whole game.

Carmen's Air Bubbles - When you meet Carmen later in the game, you'll need to
                       breath because you'll be underwater the whole time
                       with her. These look like bright blue lights in a
                       giant bubble; not very hard to spot.

Spikes - These are your average spikes, but if a Plum is thrown on them, they
         will hold the Plum in place for you allowing you to jump on them.

Silver Shell Shots - These are glowing orbs you pick up whilst flying in the
                     last level. They'll allow you to shoot five homing shots
                     before you need to collect more.

The Menus [RAYM5]

Upon starting Rayman DS, after the "Press Start" screen with the game's logo,
you'll be introduced to the Language Selection Screen. There's three options:


You'll probably be selecting English if you're reading this guide. After,
you'll be brought to another menu:

                                  New Game

You'll want to check the Options first:

                                  Back Light
                                  Touch Screen

Touching the Back Light option would be foolish, if you don't like the Music
or Sound Effects you can turn either off in the Sound section. The Language
shouldn't really be changed unless you had a change of mind, which is
unlikely. The Touch Screen section is to select the position and size of the
Analog controls on the screen. Unlike Super Mario 64 DS, you can't press
anywhere on the touch screen to control the character, you need to press on
the circle and then the direction from there. You can make circle bigger if
you want to make walking easier, and running a bit harder. Once you're done
in the Options Menu, you can go back to the main menu and finally start the

NOTE: Within the game when you press start, you'll also have a menu. this
      consists of Menus you'll already have gone through:

                                  Resume Game

      These are all pretty self-explanitory, and I've covered most. But the
      Load option will load any of the other saved games you might happen
      to have.

NOTE: For some reason, in the last level "The Crow's Nest," you'll get an
      extra option on the Pause Menu. Including the ones above, you'll get:

                                  The Hall of Doors

      So if you want to return to The Hall of doors since the level doesn't
      have entry or exit portals. Or you could just load up your saved game.

General Info [RAYM6]
1. Don't worry much about your health unless you're getting hit a lot, but
   that shouldn't really happen in this game.

2. Falling in pits can take you back to where the last loading screen or
   Green Lums was collected, allowing you to recollect something that you
   missed. This will take a bit of Health, but nothing that should worry you.

3. When you're so low on Health that one last hit of damage will kill you,
   the game will start to make a beeping sound. When you hear this, look for
   some Health.

4. Rayman's air will drop pretty quickly while underwater, so collect all the
   Blue Lums you can see.

5. Usually, Blue Lums will reappear after you collect them.

6. Always use the Targetting(R Shoulder Button) in battle with Henchman.

7. Rayman's energy shots will bounce off a wall once and then disappear. Also
   his energy shots do a bit of their own targetting, so if something is in
   front of you and a little to the left, they'll be shot over there at the
   target. This is very handy. This will also happen with the second shot.
   So if something's behind Rayman, shoot into the wall in front of you and
   it'll bounce back behind you aimed at the target behind you.


4.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ 100% Level Walkthroughs +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[LWT00]

Though Rayman DS is a fairly linear game, the number of Lums and Cages you've
collected is kept track of. The number of Lums collected is regarded to as
your precentage, so with 1000 LUms, each is .1% of the total 100%. After you
collect all the Lums and open all the cages in a level, it's portal and title
will become Red. What do you get for collecting everything and getting a
100%? Well, you'll get 100% next to your name and bragging rights. Sadly
nothing else, but if you're like me you'll want to collect everything. You
don't have to collect everything in the first go of the level to get 100% in
the level, you can always come back to it later. Sometimes, you can't even
get everything the first time. This guide will try to minimize the times
you'll have to return to the levels. Let's get this game started:

Select "New Game" from the Main Menu and enter your Intials. Finally, watch
the intro cutscene were Ly talks to you about how horrible the world is now
thanks to the Pirates. You'll see Razorbeard's ship flying throught the air,
and it's slave count to up to 18,920. Then you'll see Globox thrown into the
same cell as the now drained-of-powers Rayman. Rayman can't even shoot!
Luckily, Globox recieved a Silver Lum from Ly to give to you, now your
adventure begins:

LEVEL 00: The Buccaneer [XXXXX] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This level isn't really a level, just a starter so you can familiarize
yourself with the controls. When you're ready, shoot the grating covering
the pipe to reveal a tunnel. Jump in the tunnel and you'll start to slide,
collecting Red Lums as you go down. Soon enough you'll reach the end of the
tunnel in a cutscene. Globox will come crashing into out of the tunnel,
causing both of you fall down to the forest below.

LEVEL 01: The Woods of Light [LWT01] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  05

You'll be around in a green pasture, with waterfalls, a pond, some streams
and a bridge. Walk over the stream to the Stone of the Thought to meet up
with Murphy. He'll tell you how to use the Stones of Thought, then leave. The
Stone of Thought in front of you will tell you the Jump and Shoot buttons, so
you can disregard it and just go right by. You'll come to a cave with a cage
right in front of you. Shoot it to have Murphy tell you about Lums, then the
wood grating will slide back allowing you to pass. Go forward and collect the

Drop down and continue to another stream with another Stone of Thought. If
you want to learn about moving the camera, go over it, you shouldn't have to
read up on it. Continue with the path and jump from ledge to ledge to get to
another Lum and Stone of Thought. This one will just tell you that you can
find out the importance of Lums by holding L.

Continue your way up the ledges to get to another Lum. A few more ledges up
you'll find yourself at another Stone of Thought which will tell you about
the Helicopter technique. See the ledge to the left with the three Globox
Children? You'll have to jump to it. Get a lot of space to run and position
the camera behind you to get a good view of the ledge. Run then jump at the
very edge of the ledge and keep going forward but don't use the Helicopter
technique until the very end to drift over and grab the ledge. Pull yourself
up to see a cutscene with the Globox children. If you made the jump,
congratulations, but you'll have to jump off to the left to get the fourth
Lum in the waterfall. Now get back up on the ledges and jump over again.

After that run in the cave and continue to a large room. Continue to the
Stone of Thought to the left and Murphy will tell you how to climb up the
wall. Go between the giant stone slabs and jump. At the height of the jump
press the A again and you'll stick your hands and feet against the walls,
holding you up. Repeat this process and collect a Lum, and continue all the
way to the top.

Shoot the second, and last cage open once you're on top to free the Teensies
and be introduced to them. In a small comedic scene, they'll tell you that
the pirates have taken Ly to The Fairy Glade. To get there, the Teensies will
open the "The Hall of Doors" for you, if you have all 5 Lums. Which you
should. Welcome, to the Hall of Doors...

LEVEL XX: The Hall of Doors [XXXXX] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This'll be short, and you shouldn't have trouble with it. The Hall of Doors
is basicly a 3D level select, which animations that give it an extra
something. There's also swamp sounds and music too! Anyway, Murphy will tell
you how to navigate the Hall of Doors, and so will I; use the Directional Pad
or Analog Stick to select levels and press B to make Rayman jump into the
portal to enter the level. Also, hitting Start when you're at the Hall of
Doors will take you back to the main menu. Anyway, the Fairy Glade should
already be selected, so just hit B to jump in.

As of now, your game is 0.5% complete!

LEVEL 02: The Fairy Glade [LWT02] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

NOTE: Before you worry about Lums in this level, I'll just give you a heads
      up and tell you that you can't get all the Lums and cages in this level
      right now, you'll have to come in through another passage in another
      level. Inconvienent? You bet. Also, I will number the Lums as you
      collect them, as there will be quite a bit per level, 50 on average.

YOu'll appear in a grassy area with water, look around if you want to get a
good look at your surroundings. They look pretty nice anyway! Now, walk over
the bridge and look over to the right, under the water. You'll see a cave.
So anyway, jump in for a swim, and Murphy will tell you the controls to swim:

Directional Pad/Touch Screen - Move

R - This makes Rayman dive down.

B - This makes Rayman come up, when on the surface B will cause Rayman to
    jump out of the water.

You'll notice that a blue meter has appeared over your Health Meter. This is
Rayman's Air Meter, don't let it run out. How? By collecting Blue Lums.

Now continue into the underwater cave collecting Blue Lums until you reach a
big opening. You'll see the first cage[1]! Shoot it and it'll leave a Super
Yellow Lum behind. Collect it and you'll have your first five Lums[5]. You
can explore the cave if you want, but there' only a Pirana going around, so
leave the cave and return to the surface.

See the small patch of land with the Purple Mushroom that you jumped off of?
Jump back on it, and jump on the Mushroom. Boing! You'll be shot up to the
giant root above, and Rayman will grab the bottom of it because they're
smaller roots on the bottom of it. You'll also collect a Yellow Lum[6].
Follow the roots to another cave right, the camera will point you in the
direction of this cave, above the underwater one and let go with B.

Follow the cave until you reach a stream will Lillipads. You'll collect a
Green Lum right before the the stream. The Stone of Thought next to you
advises that you do not swim. You can't anyway, since the water is infested.
If you fall in, don't worry, you'll reappear at the spot where you collected
the Green Lum, but in turn you'll lose some health. Jump across the Lillipads
and watch out for the Jumping Pirana that can knock you into the water. Once
on the other side, you'll collect a Red Lum above a Stone of Thought that
tells you that Red Lums give you your Health back. To the right, near the
wall, and you'll see ledges sticking out of the wall. Jump across these to
get to a doorway at the top.

Continue through this short tunnell and you'll be above the root that you
were hanging on before. You'll see a net in front of you with a switch at the
other side of it. Shoot it and you'll open the wood grating down below. DON'T
JUMP OFF! If you look to the left, you'll see a Yellow Lum[7], collect it
and carefully continue across the giant root. When the root splits in two,
take the left path, the right has nothing. On your way up water will be
sliding down from the wall over the root, jump over this because it could
knock you off of the root. At the top you'll see another cage[2], open it for
another Yellow Lum[8]. Now go back, jump off the root and enter the door you
just opened.

Two Globox children will tell you that they want their dad back, just
continue on. You'll reach flowing water, a Green Lum and a Stone of Thought
that tells you what Green Lums do. Jump down into the water, or go around on
the grass and you'll reach a now sunset looking area. Follow the path to the
left until you reach a net that takes you up to a mechanical structure. Jump
onto the structure, and walk through it, but don't go higher, go to the very
edge at the right and you'll see some land with a barrel in it the water.
Run then jump over and use your Helicopter to reach the patch of land. Avoid
falling into the water, as it's infested. This jump shouldn't be hard, but
once you reach the land, jump on the barrel and stay on it. You'll notice it
starts to move on it's own. It'll take you under the land bridge you crossed
to collected a Red Lum, another Yellow Lum[9] and another Red Lum. The barrel
will pass the back, allowing you to jump back up. Jump up and go back onto
the mechanical structure and go through it once again. Jump up on the
gratings and go to the left for a Red Lum and two pumping vacuums that go up
and down. Jump on the smaller one, when it's raised to the fullest, jump on
the other one. When that one's raised, jump into the cave.

In the cave you'll see a a tree will climbing roots on the side of it. Also
Dark Caterpillars will appear from the right, but you can easily start
climbing the tree before you even see one. Start climbing and you'll collect
a Red Lum, continue climbing to the top and jump off on the highest branch.
Then walk across it and into the cave. Jump through the water fall and you'll
begin to slide down a stream of water which has 5 Red Lums to collect. After
the short slide, you'll be back on land.

Through the short cave you'll be at large opening with a large pond of
infested water. Luckily for you, there's a Green Lum and climbing roots to
the right. There's 2 Red Lums on the root path, before you reach the Jumping
Pirana. Just wait for it to drop back into the water, and continue. At the
end of the path there will be a Yellow Lums [10]. Just go to through to the
path to enter a new area.

You'll see a cutscene of a Henchman guarding the Pirate-Ship fort. Watch out,
he throws explosive barrels, so just keep moving and you shouldn't be hit.
For now, ignore him and run over to the other side of the fort and to the
left. There will be a cave, go in it. At the end of the cave, you'll be at
small pond with lillipads, a jumping Pirana and some ledges. Of course, the
water's infested, so try not to fall in. Stick to the path to the right, and
jump on the first lillipad for a Yellow Lum[11]. Look over to the left and
there will be two more lillipads. Jump on the first to get another Yellow
Lum[12], and jump to the third for another Yellow Lum[13]. Watch out for the
Jumping Pirana between the second and third lillipads. Also, the third one's
smaller then the other two, so using the helicopter to land on it wouldn't be
such a bad idea. Once you collected the Yellow Lums, make your way back to
the first lillipad and jump to the left on solid ground. At the end of this
path there's a rope ladder, jump on it and climb to collect a Yellow Lum[14].
At the top of this ladder is another ledge jump off and collect a Red Lum. Do
you hear the ticking? Well, it's a timer. That Red Lum you just collected
made four other Red Lums appear, and in a certain amount of time, they'll
disappear. You won't get anything special for collecting all of them, but if
you're down on your health you might just want to. Anyway, continue across
the ledge until you get to another rope ladder. Climb up to another ledge.
Cross the wooden bridge to higher ledge with a cage[3] that contains a Super
Yellow Lum[19]. Collect it and to the left, near the edge is a Yellow Lum[20]
jump to get it. Now jump off, use the helicopter, and find the opening of the
cave you came through. It should be right below you. Run back through the

Ok, you're back outside with the Henchman, see the blockade in the middle of
the floor? Stand on it and wait for the Henchman to throw a keg. Once he does
run away, and wait for it to blow up, then drop into the hole he just made.

When you land, jump across wooden crates and barrels to get across the water.
Infested water of course. The Stone of Thought in the begining of this tunnel
just tells you to use your helicopter and shadow to make it easier to get
through this part. On the second crate is a barrel that activates a timer on
the other four Red Lums, just continue across to get to the stone ground to
the left. This contains a Green Lum, which is always nice. The wall in front
of you is covered in with a spider web, Rayman can climb these exactly like
the roots and vines. The Stone of Thought will tell you this. Jump on, and
make your way up. As you're going up, you'll notice that kegs are dropping
from the top. Watch out for these, as they'll knock you off, if you happen to
be hit by one use your helicopter immediately and float back on the web. Once
at the top, jump to the left to find a door with a wooden blockade. Shoot it
and go through.

There will be a cutscene that shows that the lasers at the end of the hall
are activated, and the switch is a floor above next to a sleeping Henchman.
Go the opposite way and up some stairs to go outside and collect a Green Lum.
But before you can grab it Murphy comes to tell you that there are pirates
in the area, and you'll probably have to fight one. Then he says that you
should target them with R to avoid their shots. Of course, as you come out
into the clearing, one will come out to fight you. Your first battle with a
Henchman! This should be easy, he only shoots at you twice then stops. These
are very easy to dodge. To monitor his Health, look at the bottom of the
Touch Screen. After you beat him, he'll drop a Red Lum. Go inside of the door
to the right.

At the end of the room is a sleeping Henchman. To the left is a Keg and Keg
Dispenser. Grab the Keg, and go back outside and to the right wall is a door
with a metal blockade. Throw the keg at it with A to take it down, and go
into the room. At the end of this room there is a cage[4] with a Super
Yellow Lum[25]. Go back to the room with the Keg Dispenser.

Grab another Keg and the Stone of Thought will tell you how to pick them up,
which is silly. Anyway, along with slowing down Rayman's movements two
buttons also change:

A - This becomes a long range throw Rayman does in the direction he's facing.

B - Rayman will toss the Keg straight up, and it'll then come back down.
    Useless? No, you need this later.

Anyway, face the Henchman and press A, if you managed to hit him, he will die
instantly! If not, the climbing cage to the left of him will raise, and
you'll have to defeat him like the other one to bring it back down. Climb up
the cage and jump to the net above and hang. Come towards the camera and
there will be a hole to the right, but don't go in yet. To the right of the
hole is a Yellow Lum[26]. Collect it, the camera should move back, so you can
see Rayman, when this happens climb towards the camera again for another
Yellow Lum[27], then finally go into the hole.

This room is tall, with a bouncy net at the bottom, a switch that deactivates
the lasers in the other doorway and a large lazer at the bottom that keeps
going back and forth. It will shock you if you hit it. Drop down and shoot
the switch, then bounce up into the doorway. Go to the right and there will
be two more lasers; one stationary the other going up and down. When the
second goes up, jump over the first and run under the second. Now you're on
second floor with the sleeping Henchman and switch you have to hit. If you're
using the Touch Screen, you can tip-toe close to the switch. Once there, you
can jump(which will wake the Henchman) and shoot the switch quickly, then
jump over the railing, not having to fight him. Go through the door to enter
a new area.

In this new room, there will be three moving lasers, don't let them scare
you, it's easy to avoid, just run at them and jump over the two bottom ones.
Continuing on the path, you'll come to a broken bridge, you must get to the
other side, but you can't yet. Instead, turn around, and there should be a
climbing net with a Yellow Lum[28] at the top. Climb down for another Yellow
Lum[29] and jump off to touch ground. Ly will talk to you, she's right there!
But she's being held in a sort of Energy Chamber, you'll have to get her out.
Don't touch it, you'll be shocked. Turn around and you'll see a cave. Go in.

At the end you'll see a Keg Dispenser, and a Stone of Thought that will tell
you the Keg controls that I've already told you. So grab and Keg and go down
the path. A flying bomb will come from the ceiling and start to approach you.
Throw the Keg up and shoot the bomb and blow it up, then wait for the Keg to
fall and you'll automatically catch it. Then continue, you'll probably have
to destroy two Flying Bombs as you make your way to the edge. Once at the
edge, throw the Keg at one of the three metal blockades to destroy it,
releasing Steam. Repeat the process for the last two blockades to activate a
cutscene of the machine being destroyed, and Rayman running outside to see
Ly be released.

Rayman says he needs all of his powers back, but Ly's too weak to give them
all back at the moment. She'll tell you abot Polokus who can help you, but
he's been gone for a while now. According to legend, he can be revived by
collecting four masks. Of course, they're hidden and you'll have to find
them. Ly will give you another power, then disappear. You can now grab onto
Purple Lums! Now climb back up the net and go back to the broken bridge. See
the Purple Lum? Jump and shoot it. If you hit the Purple LUm, an energy chain
will connect from Rayman's hand to the Lum, and he will swing, you don't need
to control the swinging, Rayman will do this on his own, but you can change
the direction he swings by pretty left or right. Pressing B will cause Rayman
to let go. Let go at the other side and use the helicopter if you need to.
Go into the door and do the wall-jump technique to go up the wall for another
Yellow Lum[30], and at the top another Yellow Lum[31]. Jump over to the
higher ground and jump down on the other side to enter a new area.

Right now you're on a giant metal pipe, run to the very edge of it and the
camera will look down to a giant pit. You have to go down, but there's Yellow
LUms on the way, so don't miss out on those. Jump and activate the helicopter
then go towards the middle of the pit and collect a Yellow Lum[33], right
below it will be another Yellow Lum[33]. Float over to the pipe and land on
it. On the left end of the pipe, collect another Yellow Lum[34]. Jump down
and float over to another pipe to the bottom of the screen, for another
Yellow Lum[35]. Jump then float to the final pipe, but watch out, there's
a Henchman guarding a cage[5], make quick work of him and then collect three
Yellow Lums[36-38] that were in the cage. Jump off, float to the bridge, and
go through the cave.

Collect the Green Lum when you exit the cave. You'll notice you're in a
fairly large area with spirals of wind. Jump into the first one, activate the
helicopter and you'll be taken up to the top of this spiral with a Yellow Lum
[39] in it. Look over to the next spiral and float over. There is a Yellow
Lum[40] at the bottom of this next one, to retrieve it, deactivate the
helicopter and drop down to collected it, then reactive the helicopter and
you should go back up if your timing was ok. Once at the top of this spiral,
float to the one to the right. Collect another Yellow Lum[41] at the bottom
of it and float over to the far one to the right. At the bottom of this one
is another Yellow Lum[42] and in the middle is a Yellow Lum[43] too. Again,
float over to the spiral to the right, with a Yellow Lum[44] at it's base.
once at the top, float over to the highest spiral to can see, collect it's
Yellow Lum[45] and float over to the far spiral that's very short for two
more Yellow Lums[46-47]. Finally, float over to the left spiral for the last
Yellow Lum[48] and ride it's current up to the top, turn around, and you'll
see a Purple Lum, shoot it and swing across to the wooden platform.

Turn around and walk across the narrow planks into a small room with the last
cage[6], and shoot it open. Inside this is a Teensie that will tell you
the more cages you open, the more Health you'll have. Follow his short walk
over to the level's ending portal. After a short Russian dance with the
Teensie the portal will appear and he'll jump in to leave. Follow his steps,
since you already did with the dance!, and leave.

You will be introduced to the "Level Status" screen. It will tell you how
many of the Lums you've collected, and how many of the cages you've opened.
As I said before, you cannot collected everything in this level the first
time, and you'll be back later to do that, so don't worry. If you get all of
the Lums, and Cages, you'll be able to play the Bonus level, but I won't go
into depth with that until the time comes. Just hit A and you'll be asked
if you want to save your game press A and your game will save(quite quickly
I might add) and press A again to return to the Hall of Doors.

Jump into the next portal to go to enter The Marshes of Awakening...

You are now 5.3% done with the game!

LEVEL 03: The Marshes of Awakening [LWT03] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

Start off by running to the end of the bridge and jumping to the first
lillipad. Turn left and you'll see a giant tree root, jump on it and follow
it's path. Watch out for the Pirana that jumps across. After a short run,
you'll see a Yellow Lum[1], collect it and return to the lillipads. To the
left of the first one, there will be a smaller one, jump over to it. To the
left again is another lillipad, jump to it again, now if you want, you can
jump to another one to your left with a Red Lum if you're low on Health,
but you'll probably just want to jump to the big lillipad to the right. Once
you're on the bigger lillipad you'll see some climbing nets in front of you
that go over to the left, jump on and make your way over. When you get to
the next section of netting, you'll see a bridge on the other side, a Green
Lum and a cage[1]. Climb to the top of the net and jump over, use the
helicopter if you want to secure your fall. After, destroy the cage.

You'll free Sssssam, Rayman's first aquatic friend. Rayman will ask if he
knows about Polokus and four masks, but he doesn't know. He does know that
Globox has been captured, and he's been taken to the other side of the
Marshes, and he'll help you across. Then he'll tell you the skiing controls:

B - Jump, this will make you jump over things, but it has a delay when you
    land. So you won't be able to jump again right after.

R - Holding R will cause Sssssam to speed up, making Rayman lean back more.
    This pretty much nullifies all your controls as you can't jump or really
    control for that matter.

When you're ready, shoot Sssssam to connect a yellow energy chain from your
hand to his neck, like how Purple Lums work. Over the first two mounds are
Red Lums, so if you need the Health, try and get them. Next you'll turn to
the left and there will be a Jumping Pirana going through a Red Lum you can
jump for. Next you'll be going through a wide area with a huge rock to the
left, you can jump off of this for another Red Lum. After that there will be
a saw which, I'm not sure can hit you, I've been able to go straight through
it. So you shouldn't worry about that. Next you'll come to a small tunnel
entrance which looks like it has a torch on the right wall. This isn't a
torch! It's a Super Yellow Lum[6]! But don't just skim by it, jump into it
because it's floating on a switch that'll make more Yellow Lums ahead.
They'll appear over to the right a bit, so collect those four Yellow Lums
[7-10]. Watch out ahead, because Zombie Chickens will appear and you can't
shoot them, so bob through them, first over to the right, then over to the
left, then right again. Sssssam will make a sharp left and start circling
around a tree, moving to the right. There will be a cage[2] in front of you,
run into it to break it open. There's two more cages[3-4] in the water, do
the same for these cages. You won't collect their contents right away, but
don't worry, Ssssam will come around the tree two more times. Each of these
contains a Super Yellow Lum, so that's three Super Yellow Lums[10-25]. After
this, Sssssam will enter a cave and go to a new area.

In this area you'll see stakes coming out of the water and a Flying Bomb drop
from the sky. Dodge over the right, then left, and sharp right to miss the
Flying Bomb. continue and you'll see a ramp to the left jump on it keep going
left to collect two Yellow Lums[26-27] on the wooden bridge. Jump off of the
bridge and you'll see three Flying Bombs jump over them for a Super Yellow
Lum[28-32]. Sssssam will turn to the right, and there will be more stakes
to dodge inbetween, but one short and has a Super Yellow Lum[33-37] you can
jump to get. After you dodge the stakes, Ssssam will make a hard right, push
a little bit to the right and jump off the very close rock for three Yellow
Lums[38-40]. Ahead of you will be a Henchman in a boat, he'll shoot at you,
so dodge his shots! But go straight towards him and jump over his boat and
try to snag the Super Yellow Lum[41-45] at the end of his fishing line!
Continue you on your way and you'll see more stakes and a Super Yellow Lum
[45-50] next to it, but in front of the Super Yellow Lum is a Flying Bomb, so
time your jump to land right over the Flying Bomb and get the final Yellow
Lums! You'll be congratulated with Rayman saying "YAHOO!" and a giant
"YAHOO!" on your screen. Now you have nothing else to worry about! Just let
Sssssam drag you to the end of the level where he'll break the line and toss
you into a cave.

In a cutscene he'll tell you to come and visit again if you can, and he'll
miss you. After that cuscene you'll be in the cave without much direction to
go. If you missed some Lums, you can jump into the water and restart the
second water skiing part to try and claim them. You'll probably have to, as
the water skiing part is hard, the second part at least, you shouldn't have
much trouble collecting everything in first part. Anyway, if you've collected
everything, shoot the final cage[5] to release the Teensie! After the dance,
follow him into the portal to the "Level Status" screen. It should say:

                                   Bonus Level
                                 Access Granted

Yup, you'll be able to play it! Though it's not really much. You'll be in a
meadow-like area, and you'll see a Globox child and a Robot. The robot will
start running and you have to make the Globox child run, how? Press A and B
back and forth very quickly, you'll see a Blue Bar at the bottom of the
screen go up as you press them, the higher the bar, the faster the Globox
child will go. If the robot's beating you, don't worry, near the end he'll
fall down and you'll pass him easily. There's one of these for every level
except the last, The Woods of Light, and the two race levels. Each one, the
characters have take a different route, but in the same area. If you manage
to beat the robot, a Purple Witch will appear and refill Rayman's Health.
After press start and select "The Hall of Doors," then hit "Yes." And you'll
be asked if you want to save. Of course, save and jump into The Bayou...

You are now 10.3% done with the game!

LEVEL 04: The Bayou [LWT04] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

You'll be greated with a cutscene that says the current slaves onboard
Razorbeard's Buccaneer is 22,730. One of his robots(The one you race in the
Bonus Levels!) comes in tripping to tell Razorbeard that Rayman's made it to
the swamp. Razorbeard is furious, and then chows down on a Yellow Lum! The
counter on the top right of the screen will go from 1000 to 999! That means
you can't get 100%. Or... can you?

Now you'll be in the level, to the left is a cave with a pedistal and collums
around it. The closer you approach, the less transparent Ly will become,
she'll allow you to enter "The Walk of Life" if you have enough Lums. This
is a bonus level with Lums for you to collect, but you should just follow
this guide and complete this level first, if you choose to do "The Walk of
Life" first, the guide for that level is after this.

Anyway, jump on the barrel in the infested water and you'll float down the
stream. The Pirate Ship in front of you will stay that way, and drop Flying
Bombs which come after you. Just shoot these, nothing hard. When the barrel
is close to the piece of land to the right, jump on it and collect the Green
Lum. Turn to the left, and you'll see a tree root coming from the wall into
the water, you'll also see two Red Lums and a cage[1] on it. Jump over on the
root and open the cage for two Yellow Lums[1-2]. Once that's done, turn
around and you'll see another floating barrel in the water. Jump on for a
short trip over to the cave in the tree, but watch out! The Pirate Ship will
still drop Flying Bombs, so make sure to keep an eye out for those. Once
you're in jumping distance of the cave, jump in and collect the three Yellow
Lums[3-5] before the Rope Ladder. Climb up the ladder to see the Pirate Ship
fly by outside.

Look over to the right and shoot the switch to make a platform fall down so
you can jump over to. Now run to the end of the platform, and jump off
collecting another two Yellow Lums[6-7]. Use the helicopter if you need to,
but land on the platform you jump let down. But it's unstable and it will
start to wobble and make creeking sounds. Run over to the left to another
bridge, but it's not stable either. So run forward and to the right to
another unstable bridge. At the very edge jump over to the bridge and collect
four Yellow Lums[8-11] as the bridge explodes and falls apart itself. Run
forward to the rope ladder and jump for it.

Climb up and enter the cave to the right, collecting the Green Lum. At the
end of the cave is a cage[2] hanging over a sleeping Henchman. Destroy the
Henchman and open the cage for let loose a Purple Lum. Use it to jump across
to the floating barrel and drift down stream for another Yellow Lum[12].
Watch out for the Zombie Chickens, just shoot them once to kill them. Head to
the right edge of the barrel to collect another Yellow Lum[13], then over to
the left edge for another Yellow Lum[14], again over to the right for a
Yellow Lum[15] then in the middle for last Yellow Lum[16] on the stream.
Quickly, run and jump over to the giant root with a Green Lum and two Red
Lums. You'll probably have to helicopter to make it over.

There's a cage[3] under this root, but you don't have to drop down to get it.
Move over to the left of the waterfall, and look at the left wall and shoot
there, and your shots should bounce right to the change and destroy it. The
two Yellow Lums[17-18] inside will fly to you. Out in the distance you'll see
four Yellow Lums[19-22] floating in the air leading to a bridge. Jump and fly
over using the helicopter collecting the Yellow Lums. The Green Lum at the
edge will fly to you, automaticly collecting it. Continue on the bridge, and
turn the corner, watch out, a piece of bridge will explode, but that
shouldn't be a problem if you're running, just keep going until you get to
solid ground with more Yellow Lums[23-26], collect them and continue on the
path. Jump and shoot the Purple Lum. Don't swing to the wooden platforms,
swing over to he tree to the left, then jump off. Inside the tree will be a
cage[4], shoot it open for three more Yellow Lums[27-29].

Swing over to the Wooden Platforms using the Purple Lum you used to get over
in the first place. Run over the bridge collected two more Yellow Lums[30-31]
and stop right after the bridge. Look over to the left, see the cage[5]?
Shoot it open, then run across the other bridge collecting the two other
Yellow Lumsp[32-33]. The two Yellow Lums[34-35] from the cage will fly to you
autmatically when you walk over the platform they're under. Jump over to land
and run into the cave to enter a new area.

According to the sign in front of you, don't want to be jumping into the
water. Anyway, jump over to the log and wait at the end of it and wait for
the Pirana drops down from it's jump, then jump over the gap collecting a 
Yellow Lum[36] and another Yellow Lum[37] upon landing. Don't head left yet,
go over to the right for a Yellow Lum[38], then turn around and head into
the cave. Jump over the couple of gaps and head out the other side to fight
with a Henchman, destroy him. Head to the edge on the right and shoot the
switch. The metal grating will extend and allow you to pass across the gap.
Cross and collect the Green Lum. Watch for the falling Kegs and continue
until you reach a gap. This next portion of wooden ledge will have Kegs
rolling towards you, if you jump on the top of a rolling Keg, you'll be able
go really high up in the air to collect a Red Lum. Jump over these and to
solid ground, then jump over another gap to reach a Green Lum. Continue on
for a gap with a narrow patch of ground with Kegs rolling down it. Time your
jumps correctly and quickly jump over to the other side, don't spend too
much time on the middle platform. Jump over to the other side and head left,
you'll be presented with the same jumping puzzle as before, only this time
there's three pieces of land, each with a Yellow Lum[39-41] and Keg
Dispenser. An easy way to get by the rolling Kegs is to grab onto the ledges
and wait there until the Kegs roll by, as they can't hit you. Jump across,
and you'll be finished with this jumping puzzle.

Go through the tunnel and collect the Yellow Lum[42] near the edge, to the
right of this Yellow Lum is a switch, hit it and the metal grating will
extend over the pit. Run across it, collect the three Red Lums then jump and
shoot the Purple Lum to swing over to the cave collecting a Yellow Lum[43].
In the cave there will be a robot pirate that will chase after you, don't
shoot at him, you can't hurt them, but you can fool them into killing
themselves. To do this, get him to chase you and jump over the pit,
sometimes this doesn't work, but the robot should run off the edge and fall
to it's death. In this hall you'll see three blades going back and forth,
and a doorway lasered off at the end of the hall, luckily there's a red
circular button on the left wall next to you. Hit it and the lasers will
deactive for a while as the timer ticks away. Run across, dodging the blades
and make it into the other room. Wait for a Keg to drop, then run right
behind it and dodge over to the left when you have the chance. To the right
is a ledge that overhangs the area where the Kegs are dropping. Also
overhanging this area is another cage[6] with a single Yellow Lum[44] in it.
Shoot it open and collect the Lum, you'll probably have to jump down, so make
your way over to the right and use the rope ladder to get back up.

To the right is the last cage[7] with a Teensie in it. Jump on the platform
to shoot it open, collecting two Yellow Lums[45-46]. He'll use the white
platforms to jump up to the portal. Follow him up collecting the final
Yellow Lums[47-50] and follow him in the portal after that awesome dance.

You'll go the Bonus Level, you can play it if you want. Save your game, then
re-enter the level and head to the Pedistal to the left to enter The Walk
of Life...

You are now 15.3% done with the game!

LEVEL B1: The Walk of Life [LWTB1] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

And you enter you'll be greated with a giant letter that say:

                            "THE TIMED RACE"

The race is timed, but probably not the way you think. You'll have 30 seconds
at the start and that'll go down, you'll need to go through checkpoints to
refil your time to continue going. I'll point these out when you come across
them. Also, don't try to pass Ly, as you can't beat her.

NOTE: Each checkpoint gives you an additional 20+ seconds.

After the count down, run foward and slide down the slope for the first three
Yellow Lums[1-3]. Fall off the slope and onto the webbing below, it'll bounce
you right back up to get to the higher webbing. After jumping up two webs
you'll be able to reach land. Activate the Helicopter and collect three more
Yellow Lums[4-6], then land on the checkpoint.

Jump off ledge, and land on the webbing below to boost you to the cave behind
the waterfall and collect the Yellow Lum[7]. Continue into the cave for
another two Yellow Lums[8-9]. Jump and use the Helicopter to collect another
three Yellow Lums[10-12] in the air to the next checkpoint on the bridge.

Run across the bridge collecting the six Yellow Lums[13-18] on the left and
right sides of the bridge(They alternate). At the very end jump off the
bridge and onto the climbing roots. Climb over to the left, and Jump to the
next set of roots that allow you to go up. Climb to the top of the roots and
jump to the bridge to the left collecting two Yellow Lums[19-20] while
running to the end of the bridge. Jump over the small platform and another

Jump off the platform and use the helicopter to collect three Yellow Lums
[21-23] and float over to the small piece of bridge Ly is on. She'll jump
to the right, follow her and jump over to the right and colect the Yellow Lum
[24] on the climbing roots, as you make your way to the top. Jump up to the
solid ground and collect two Yellow Lums[25-26], run to the left for another
pit. Jump off onto the spider web and bounce forward to where Ly should be
waiting, more solid ground. Collect three Yellow Lums[27-29], then at the
edge jump off and activate the helicopter collecting three more Yellow Lums
[30-32] and land in the checkpoint.

Turn to the right, you'll see more Yellow Lums[33-35] in the air. Jump off
then activate the helicopter to collect them. when you land, run left
collecting two Yellow Lums[36-38]. You'll see Ly up ahead in the entrance of
a cave with orange lighting. Go in and follow her, collecting two Yellow Lums
[39-40]. Run to the left across the ledge and again, jump and use the
helicopter to collect Yellow Lums[41-42] in the air before landing on another

Jump over to the left and collect another Yellow Lum[43] then land on the
brown ledge. Run over to the right side and jump over to the right and use
the helicopter to collect another three Yellow LUms[44-46]. Jump to the left,
into the pit, and bouncy of the web to Ly and collect another Yellow Lum[47]
upon landing on the ledge. Run to the right and follow Ly to collect the
remaining three Yellow Lums[48-50], run through the final cave and run over
to Ly who is standing next to the exit portal!

Ly will tell you can you'll make a good hero, and he'll increase your Health,
Poof! A Teensie will appear and both of you will commence in the dance to
open the portal, follow him in the portal.

Save the game and you'll be returned to the Hall of Doors. Press down to
highlight the previous level(The Bayou), and press down again to highlight
the level you unlocked after the Bayou. Jump into The Sanctuary of Water and

You are now 20.3% done with the game!

LEVEL 05: The Sanctuary of Water and Ice [LWT05] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

In a cutscene, Rayman will be tossed out of the portal onto a tan platform.
He'll look up to see a Teensie in front of him and a large door behind him.
The Teensie will welcome Rayman, and Rayman will ask if they finally know
who the King is. Doesn't seem so, as another pair of Teensie arms will come
from the Teensie and take off the crown. Rayman looks to the side, and you'll
see three other Teensies behind him. The initial Teensie will move to the
back of the line. Anyway, welcome to the counsel chamber of the Teensies.
Here, they will open other worlds for you, if you have enough Lums, which you
should have. Rayman will walk over to the door hesitantly, look back at the
Teensies, and they'll encourage him to go in. And he will.

You'll appear on a beach with crabs, and a pathway going up to the cave. But
first, turn around and look out into the the see, you'll see a wooden dock
and a cage[1] at the end of the dock. Run across and jump over the crab on
the way. Open the cage and collect your first three Yellow Lums[1-3]. Run
back to the beach and as you go up to the sand pathway, a Henchman will
appear. You best bet is to just ignore him and go up the path heading left
collecting the two Yellow Lums[4-5] on the way. Jump over to the stone path
on the right and collect the Yellow Lum[6] at the end. Run up the left path
collecting yet another Yellow Lum[7] and jump up to the higher ledge for a
Yellow Lum[8]. Run to the left and enter the cave with another Yellow Lum[9]
at the edge before the water.

Jump into the water and you'll see a Super Yellow Lum [10-14] floating at the
entrance of an underwater cave. Continue down and swim through the cave and
collect two more Yellow Lums[15-16] before the end. Once at the end, jump out
of the water and open the cage[2] and collect the three Yellow Lums[17-19] it
has inside. Swim back out of the cave, and jump out of the water to the land
with the crates on it. To the left is a rope ladder with four Yellow Lums
[20-23] on it, climb it up and drop down to the other side to collect a Green

Run over to the left and up the stairs to collect a Red Lum. Run back down
the other side and down the stairs. You'll see a large blue door with two
"pyramids" on the sides; one blue, one orange. A Henchman will appear when
you get to close. Destory him quickly, and collect the Red Lum. Run over to
the right and to up the stairs to collect a Super Yellow Lum[24-28]. Just
around the corner to the left is a Keg and a Keg Dispenser. Grab the Keg and
go back down to the door just around the corner, blow it up, don't go in just
yet. Grab another keg and take it down the stairs, if you look, right across
is another blockaded door. Enter the now open door, and run across. Murphy
will come and tell you about Magic Spheres, like the one right in front of

They control just like Kegs, except they can't be destroyed, even if you
throw them off a ledge, they'll reappear. They open doors, and in this case,
the giant blue door, but you need to put it into the right pedistal, the
color of the Magical Sphere, so this shouldn't be too hard. There are only
two colors, blue and orange.

Anyway, grab the sphere and take it down the stairs and back ouside. Then
look at the blue pedistal, and throw the sphere onto it. Rayman will usually
always make a perfect throw, you'll know it's on the pedistal when the Magic
Sphere starts to sparkle and make a noise. Continue back to the first door
you first opened. You'll see the orange Magic Sphere in front of a Stone of
Thought, which will say pretty much what Murphy just told you. Take the Magic
Sphere down the three flights of stairs and throw it on it's pedistal. A
cutscene will show the door opening. Enter the cave until you get to a stone
structure with twelve Yellow Lums[29-40] around the tunnel in the middle with
a portal at the end. To collect them all, just either take the right or left
path up a ramp around the transparent railing to collect the Yellow Lums, it
it's hard. Once you're done with that, enter the star-esque portal; which
Rayman will do on his own in a cutscene.

You'll now be a mystic area. My favorite area of the whole game. Just greyish
-blue platforms, stonework and space that will be all around you. There will
be a giant light blue door ahead of you, (Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts), and
a ramp going down, so, go down the ramp.

You'll begin to slide, and the door will open as you approach. The path will
become more narrow then before, so stay in the middle collecting the Red
Lums. After that, jump for one in air and you'll land on another short
platform. Quickly jump off this platform and collect the Yellow Lum[41] in
the air. Land and make a sharp right and jump onto the next platform to the
right, and you'll collect a Yellow Lum[42]. Slow down, by hold back, and
slide to the center of the platform to collect three more Yellow LUms[43-45].
Jump to the next platform, and head right, stick a little bit to the right
and jump to collect a Yellow Lum[46] in the middle of the air. Slide down the
next platform and keep in the middle of it, especially at the end of it, 
because you'll have to jump off to the next platform to collect the next
three Yellow Lums[46-49]. Continue the slide and you'll go through a misty
cavern and end up on the other side, coming to a complete hault.

A cutscene will introduce you to Axel, the gaurding of Water and Ice. He's a
flying rock torso, with a blue tint like the rest of this area. You'll see
Purple Lums all across the area, quickly make use of them because Axel throws
water spikes at you that explode on contact. Jump and grab onto the first
Purple Lum, turn to the left, release your grip at the height of the swing,
and shoot to the next Purple Lum. Turn to the right and and continue the
process. Then back to the left and to the right once again. Also, if he
manages to hit you, you'll fall down, but don't worry, you'll just have to
start again. Anyway, you're on the last Purple Lum and you don't see any
other way to go, because there isn't! Aim towards Axel and let go then shoot!

A cutscene will show that you shot a stalagtite free from above him, and it
comes crashing on him, destroying him and releasing another Purple Lum.
Unfortunately, you're back at the beginning, and you'll have to climb back up
only now that you don't have Axel shooting at you, making it much easier.
when you're at the last, new, Purple Lum, swing off and use the Helicopter.
Do NOT go straight forward, go either left or right and go up to collect a
Red Lum and the final Yellow Lum[50] on the overhand above the tunnel you
now must go in. Go back down the other side for another Red Lum, then go the
back to the center and follow the water up and through the waterfall. Go
through the tunnel collecting three Red Lums and at the end, a cutscene will

With all the stone around you, Rayman will walk up grass and rock path to
find a strange obelisk. Rayman's chest and the top of the obelisk will glow
with white light, then their particles will create an electric connection
between the two, quite literally. The connection will drop, and part of the
obelisk will slide back and leak out white light. Then the first mask will
appear. Rayman will jump up and grab it, hold it up, then teleport as the
obelisk slides back to it's original form. Rayman now appears in a strange
area with a large moon that cuts in half out on the spacey horizon, leaving
the water shimmering with it's light. Looking forward, Rayman see's someone
he's never seen before on top of a stone structure that resembles the
obelisk. Rayman walks forward and and the creature speaks, it is Polokus!
He says he can only contact in dreams now, but when you reunite the last
three masks, we will awaken! The camera pans up, and you see this great being
in all his glory. Purple top-hat, green shorts and lanky arms give him a very
distinct look. He says he'll help you against the pirates, then takes the
mask and places it on his "throne." Making a portal within just his hands, he
lowers it down on Rayman and tells him the destiny is in within his hands as
Rayman disappears back to his world.

After the "Level Status" screen, you can play the Bonus Stage if you want.
Save the game, and jump into The Menhir Hills...

You are now 25.3% done with the game!

LEVEL 06: The Menhir Hills PART 1[LWT06] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

As you enter, a cutscene will start up with Murphy telling you that the area
you're in a guarded by a "Walking Shell." And he heard that it might be
possible to tame it, Rayman will thank Murphy and he'll be on his way.

Now you can walk around and you'll hear a clicking sound, and the burning of
a jet engine. Well, it's a "Shell" running towards you. Just shoot it to
destroy it. Now, these aren't enemies really, they'll help you out in most
cases. But there's something you'll need to do before you mess with the
shells. You'll be next to a large tree with a square indentation in it, this
has the level's Entry Portal in it. Go behind the tree and you'll see a lone
rock sticking up, if you look at it from behind, you'll see a switch. Shoot
it and run to the middle of the three other rocks on the other side of the
tree, you'll see a hole in the ground, it was covered before, but thanks to
hitting that switch it's open. Jump in and you'll be in a cave, at the end
is a cage[1]. Open it for a Super Yellow Lum[1-5], turn around, and use the
spider web to climb back out. Now, see the thorn branches overhanging the
thorn floor? You'll have to get across, but don't touch it, you'll die. But
get close enough to where you get the attention of the Shell on the other
side to come over and chase you. When it comes after you, run away from it
until it gets tired. You'll be able to know it's tired because it'll come to
a screeching hault and the fire will turn to smoke. Once this happens, run to
it and touch it. You'll now be able to ride the Shell!:

Directional Pad/Touch Screen - Move in the direction you want, you cannot

A - Speed up, when you do this you cannot jump or get off the shell.

B - Jump off/Make the Shell jump. Depending on where you are on the shell,
    the button will change functions.

Anyway, run over the thorn floor but stay on the Shell! Stay towards the
right and right before you hit the wall, jump off. The Shell will continue
to run into a metal blockade revealing a room! Inside is a cage[2] with a
Super Yellow Lum[6-10] inside! Collect it and Murphy will come and tell you
basic knowledge about the Shell that I've already told you. Once he's done,
jump over the railing, go in the door and up the stairs. When you reach the
top head up the other flight of stairs to the right. You'll collect a Green
Lum and you'll hear snoring. Stop look into the room and you'll see two
Henchmen sleeping in chairs. Between them is a another hall and an open door
at the end. If you wake them, the door will close and you'll have to kill
them in order open the door. If you're using the Touch Screen, you can 
tip-toe in the hall. Either way, get in turn the corner and you'll come
across a cage[3] with a Super Yellow Lum[11-15], collect it then go back to
the room with the guards. take the door to your left to enter a new area.

Rayman will walk down the stairs and into an open area, with a high camera
angle, go into first person and you'll notice a giant thorn tunnel in front
of you. Look to your right, and you'll see a tree with a kennel and a Shell.
The Shell will help you get across, but first, run to the tree, destroying
the Shell if it gets too close. See the purple mushroom? Remember the first
level? Yup, it'll let you bounce, but wait, before that go behind the tree
and collect a Yellow Lum[16]. Come back around, jump on the purple mushroom
then up on the branch to the second one. Turn, then face the Purple Lum and
connect onto it. Swing over to the balcony above the entrance you came
through and use the helicopter to make it over. Collect the Yellow LUm[17] at
the end of the walkway and look to the right, There should be a hole inside
the room sticking out of the wall with a cage[4]. Shoot it open for three
Yellow Lums[18-20], you might have to jump then shoot. Drop back down and
ride the Shell into the thorn cave. Collect four Yellow Lums[21-24] before
the exit, and when the road splits, take the path to the right for two more
Yellow Lums[25-26] before the next cave. Collect five Yellow Lums[27-31]
before the exit, but don't jump off yet. Go up the ramp and jump off right
before the shell hits the door with the blockade.

Don't go in the door yet, drop down to the left, and pick up a Keg. Then walk
into the cave to the left, turn right and focus the camera behind Rayman. See
the torch? Touch it, the Keg will ignite allowing you to fly to the other
side, let go of it before it touches the other wall. Turn to the right and
you'll see a cage[5], to open it, grab a Keg and walk under it. Then toss the
Keg straight up and collect the three Yellow Lums[32-34] inside. Go back to
the other side using a Keg on this side and the torch. Once outside, to up
the ramp and go through the door, collecting a Yellow Lum[35]. Destroy the
sleeping Henchman on the other side of the walkway. Then turn the corner, and
to wall on the right is a switch, hit it to open the door. Go through to
enter a new area.

A cutscene will activate where Rayman see's the remainders of a Henchman.
Then he'll see Clark! He's weary, and Rayman asks if he's the one who took
out 20 Henchmen. Clark asks if Rayman wants to arm wrestle, Rayman notices
his friend's condition. He swallowed something bad, and he need some "Life
Potion," and tells Rayman where to get it. Near the entrance of the Marshes
of Awakening, in The Cave of Bad Dreams. Rayman remembers the name and leaves
as Clark thanks him. You'll automatically leave the level and be asked to
save. Go back and select The Marshes of Awakening, and jump in...

You're now 28.8% done with the game!

LEVEL XX: Getting to The Cave of Bad Dreams [XXXXX] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok, now you're back to the level select screen, where do you go? The Marshes
of Awakening of course! Anyway, go back up and select The Marshes of
Awakening, then jump in.

Nothing's changed about the level, and you won't have to ride with Sssssam.
The entrance to The Cave of Bad Dreams isn't hidden, it's pretty much at the
end of the giant root I told you to run across for your first Yellow Lum. If
you forgot where that is, I'll tell you. Start off by running to the end of
the bridge you start off on, and jump off the to lillipad in front of you.
Turn to your left and you'll see a giant tree root, jump over to it. Run
across the swerving path and avoid the Jumping Pirana that will make several
passes across. Run under root that overhangs you and continue as the path
starts turning to the right. As you pass around the corner, you'll hear and
see Zombie Chickens appear. Just shoot them once and they'll be done for. Run
into the cave they were "guarding," and you'll see bouncing eyes. They just
bounce in place, one shot will kill them, but they won't come after you. I'm
not sure what their purpose is really... run deeper into the cave and you'll
activate a cutscene.

A strange creature, the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams, will read your
mind. He knows that you know the name of the are he's guarding, thanks to
Clark, and just knowing the name is what you need to get in. Pretty much the
password. He says you're ready to enter, but before you do you must know that
he's hidden a treasure inside the cave which you can keep for yourself! If
you beat him to it. He'll give you a headstart, but if he catches up, he
won't be going easy on you. He holds his wand up to Rayman's face and the
eyes begin to swirl, then Rayman's do and he's sucked into a portal with a
scream. Welcome, to The Cave of Bad Dreams...

LEVEL 07: The Cave of Bad Dreams [LWT07] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

Before you start running like there's no tomorrow, don't worry about "racing"
to the end against the Guardian. It's not actually a race and you can take
all the time you need to collect Yellow Lums and so forth.

You'll appear on, what seems to be a giant spine with ribs coming up from the
sides and ghastly smoke pouring up from the pit below. Don't fall down now.
Run until the end of the spine platform and collect the first Yellow Lum[1].
You'll see a Purple Lum in the air, jump up and shoot it. Swing to the
platform right in front of you on the left wall, and land on it. Jump to the
platform to the right and collect the Green Lum, use the helicopter if you
need to. Further on in the cave you'll see skulls drop from the ceiling, so
run off the platform and jump to them. Watch out though, the skulls will sink
into the misty river below after a while. After jumping on the four skulls,
jump onto the wall in front of you. It's covered in bones and such, but it'll
act like a root/vine wall.

On the wall, collect the three Red Lums and one Yellow Lum[2]. Continue to
left and two more skulls will drop. Quickly, and I mean quickly, jump over
and use the helicopter to get to the first one. Make a quick jump to the
second skull and jump on to the platform ahead. Jump to the second platform
to the left and up to the ledge collecting a Green Lum. Run across and shoot
the arm that comes out of the hole in the wall so it doesn't hit you. At the
edge of the platform is another Yellow Lum[3].

Use the Purple Lum you'll see in the air to swing over to the bone wall on
the right wall. Collect the Yellow Lum[4] in the top right of the wall. Move
to the left and jump on the bridge, collect the Yellow Lum[5] on the left end
of it. Look out deeper into the cave and you'll see a giant collum covered in
climbing bones. It might seem like a long shot, but with the help of the
helicopter, run and jump over to it. Float across until you latch onto it,
immediately beging to climb to the top because it will start falling. Climb
to the top and when you're hanging on the edge, press B and jump up. Quickly
run to the other side jump and shoot the Purple Lum. Aim yourself toward the
next collum and let go of the Lum at the very height of the swing and use the
helicopter. Climb to the top of this, pull yourself up and jump to the next
collum with the helicopter, there's no Purple Lum to help you across, and you
won't even need one. Once at the top of this last collum, jump and use the
helicopter across to solid ground.

Run into the cave over to the right collecting a Green Lum. Run across
shooting the arms allowing you to pass through and collect two Yellow Lums
[6-7]. At the end you'll notice two giant slabs that're moving back and
forth, when they're together jump up them. Collect the Yellow Lum[8] half-way
up, then jump over to the ground above, collecting a Green Lum.

The left and right edges are Red Lums if you need them. You'll see a lower
platform down below, so when you're ready, float over to it. There's three
Yellow Lums[9-11] around the pedistal you should collect. After that, kill
the two creatures that are bouncing around. I'll just call them
Mini-Guardians. After destroying them, they'll leave behind an Magic Sphere
in a flash of light. Pick it up, and toss it on the pedistal. It will raise
up revealing a hole, jump down into it to enter a new area.

You'll drop down into a cave, turn around and collect the Super Yellow Lum
[12-16], then exit the cave. You'll be in a large room with many Dark
Caterpillars. At the end of the room are two pedistals and a giant face. The
face of the Guardian! Anyway, jump up onto the ledge to the left and head
through the cave, collecting a Green Lum at the intersection. Now, you can
either choose left or right, it doesn't matter much, you'll have to go both
ways. The guide will continue as if you took the left first.

You'll see two skulls in the mist, jump on the first then over to the second.
The second will start creeking and a hand will lift it high into the air.
Wait for brown platform ahead of you to turn so it faces you length wise.
Then jump and and land on it. When the end of the platform reaches close to
the ledge to the left wall, jump over to it. Run across the ledge, collecting
the Red Lum, then jump to the next spinning platform. Make your way to the
next ledge with Green Lum and the Blue Magic Sphere. Grab it and throw it to
the brown platform. Don't worry about it falling, if it does, it'll reappear.
To make sure that you make it land on the platform, when the platform faces
you lengthwise, toss it. After, jump onto the spinning platform, grab the
Magic Sphere and toss it to the ledge. Jump over to the ledge, and toss the
Magic Sphere to the next spinning platform. Again, jump to the platform and
pick up the Magic Sphere and toss it over to the ledge you passed in the
begining with three Yellow Lums[17-19]. With the Magic Sphere in hand, look
over to the right of the platform, if the camera's still facing the direction
from the jump over. Look in first person and you'll see the entrance of the
cave, throw the Magic Sphere and follow it down with the helicopter. Go back
through the cave and back to the pedistals. Throw the Magic Sphere onto it's
pedistal and go back into the cave and take the right path this time.

Use the Purple Lum to swing over to the left ledge. Wait at the end of the
platform for the arm to bring the skull platform over to you. When it does,
jump on it and recieve a ride to the other side. Run across this platform
collecting a Red Lum, a Yellow Lum[20] and another Red Lum at the end. At the
end of the platform, look over and you'll see brown slabs that retract and a
Purple Lum that'll take you to them. Wait for them to close, then swing over
to them. Grasp on, and jump off and onto the small platform below. Jump to
another platform, and wait for the arm to bring you another skull platform.
Jump on this for another ride to six more platforms, five of which have
Yellow Lums[21-25]. But there's two Dark Caterpillars that quickly jump from
platform to platform, keep shooting at them and they'll go down, allowing you
to collect the Yellow Lums. After you collect the last Yellow Lum, jump over
to the skull in the mist to be lifted up to higher levels. Jump to the ledge
to collect a Green Lum and grab the Orange Magic Sphere. Toss it to the ledge
to the right and jump over yourself. Grab the Magic Sphere again and look to
the left, it's the entrance! Toss the Magic Sphere over and float over
yourself. Again, grab it, walk into the cave and turn to your left to go back
to the pedistals, collecting a Green Lum on the way. Toss the Magic Sphere on
it's pedistal.

The Guardian face will open wide so you can enter. Run in and collect the
Red Lum and Super Yellow Lum[26-30] to the left. To the right is a pit
covered by green crystal shards, simple shoot it to destroy it and drop in to
a new area.

You'll be in narrow tunnel, and you'll collect a Green Lum in the drop. Run
to the shiney green floor and cutscene will happen. The Guardian will raise
up behind Rayman, telling him the trip ends here. He'll snap his jaws, and
with a scared look, Rayman begins to slide.

As you slide, The Guardian's jaws will surround the screen. The green
crystal you saw before will be all over the area, shoot them. If you hit one
The Guardian will catch up and eat you.

Keep to the right, and eventually you'll jump to a small platform and keep to
the middle of it, you'll collect a Super Yellow Lum[31-35] right before the
jump. After a while, you'll make the same kind of jump, but only a Red Lum is
to be collected, after that stick to the left, and then the middle to collect
a Super Yellow Lum[36-40] in the middle of a large jump. After this, stick to
the left wall, destroying shards and collecting yet another Super Yellow Lum
[41-45]. The Guardian's teeth will go away and in a cutscene Rayman will
slide into a pit, into a new area.

You'll appear on a platform with five Red Lums around you, and the Guardian
shooting fireballs from his mouth at you. After that, he'll stick his arms
together and form a skull which will fly at you. Shoot it and jump over to
it. He'll shoot another, shoot that too and jump to it. If you think you can
make it, jump over to the ledge the Guardian's on. Collect the Green Lum and
two Red Lums here if you need. He'll jump on the platform you were just on,
repositioning the camera. Again, shoot the skulls and make it over. Collect
another Green Lum. As you progress, he'll shoot more fireballs, and they're
now faster. There's also a shorter time between shots. After this, he won't
shoot skulls, use the two Purple Lums in the air to swing over to him. There
is also three Red Lums to collect for Health. Jump over, you'll probably land
on the wall, needing to climb up. Once you're on top, he'll jump away,
several platforms ahead. Wait for him to shoot skulls and use them to get to
the first platform to the right with a Red Lum. After, jump to the smaller
platform to the right for a Super Yellow Lum[46-50]. Use the remaining
platforms with Red Lums on top to make your way over to the Guardian, who
will jump away once again. Now he'll only shoot skulls, but you can't make it
over on just two. After the first two, wait on the second one, he'll shoot
another one as the second is falling, so be quick about it and shoot it and
jump over! Now, you're at the end of the platforms, this is the last one,
and it's quite the distance to cover. Luckily, you'll collect a Green Lum
and two Red Lums on the platform you're on for lots of tries. Anyway, make
sure you shoot the skulls when they're near each other, but if they collide,
both will fall. It will take you about six to eight skulls to get over to the

You've made it, the Guardian will tunnel into the ground, run into the cave
ahead for another cutscene. Rayman will walk into a cave filled with mounds
of gold coins. He's very happy about it, so happy he can't believe it! The
Guardian will flick a coin at him and Rayman will pick it up. The Guardian
admits defeat, and offers whatever of his treasure Rayman wants, he can have.
Rayman will look at the coin and now you're presented with options:

                            "I want the treasure!"
                            "No treasure for me!"

Select "I want the treasure!" for Rayman's eyes to glimmer, and you'll see
his dream. Select "No treasure for me!" when you're done for Rayman to drop
the coin and wake in the Marshes of Awakening. The Guardian will congratulate
you for making the right decision. He'll give Rayman the "Elixir of Life,"
great! Now you can go back and save Clark!

Run back to the beginning of the level and exit through the starting Portal.
Save your game select the Mehnir Hills, and jump in....

You are now 33.8% done with the game!

LEVEL 08: The Menhir Hills PART 2[LWT08] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50[You will have 35 of them.]
CAGES: 08[You will have 5 of them opened.]

Now you need to get back to Clark! If you don't remember how, just continue
reading, but I'm going to be kinda vague. First, tame the Shell and run
across the thorn floor, then jump off at the other side. Jump over the
railing to the left and head up the stairs to the right. Run across the room
ignoring the Henchman and head through the darkened doorway at the other end
of the room to enter another area.

Tame the Shell to the right and run into the giant thorn cave over the thorn
floor. Continue out of the cave and across the bridge dodging the crates.
Enter the next cave and make your way across the swerving path. Run towards
the wall from before, then jump off making the Shell destory the blockade and
door. Run through, across to the left and destroy the Henchman. After that,
turn the corner and shoot the switch, now enter the door you just opened. Now
you'll meet Clark once again.

Rayman comes sliding in, walks over to Clark and presents him with the
Elixir. Clark thanks him and downs the Elixir quickly, and then explodes with
energy. He lifts Rayman up and tells him he's going to crush more pirates,
Rayman agrees and asks to be let down. Clark puts him down, and runs through
the wall, making a new pathway for you.

Walk through the Clark-shaped hole and run to down the hall on the right.
You'll be in a room with a crate and Purple Lums in the air, there is also a
large metal gate that Clark can't smash through. You'll have to
jump on the crate and face the first Purple Lum to make your way up top. Grab
the first one, after swing to the second one. Turn completely around and you
can see the third Purple Lum. Jump onto the ledge from the third Purple Lum.
Don't to through the hole to the right, turn around and you'll see an even
higher up Purple Lum. To shoot the third Purple Lum again, and swing over
to the fourth and final Purple Lum. Once you're on the last Lum, turn to the
right and you'll see another ledge with a cage[6]. Swing over to it and open
it for three Yellow Lums[36-38], then jump back to the previous ledge and go
through the hole. You'll be on the other side of the gate, with a switch.
shoot it and the gate will rise allowing Clark to join up with you. After
walking down a hall with a window that seems to be a dead end, Clark will
bust through the left wall. Follow him in. After, walk down the stairs to a
new area.

You'll be in another grassy area, with a cave and Shell to the left, a tree
stump to the right and a cave with a large uphill slope Rayman can't go
alone. You probably know what to do, but there's things to collect. Jump to
the tree stump to your left and look at the Purple Lum and shoot it. After,
swing over to mushroom and use the helicopter to land on it. There's, quite
obviously, a cage[7] on it, so shoot it to collect two Yellow Lums[39-40].
Turn to your left and you'll see a dark cave. Jump off and run over to it. Go
in and jump on the back wall and climb up, collecting two Yellow Lums[41-42].
At the top, jump to the final cage[8] and collect the Yellow Lums[43-44] it
had inside. After, jump down and tame a Shell.

Run into the sloped cave and move to the right, dodging the rock that raises
on the left and collecting Yellow Lum[45], move to the right. Collect the
Yellow Lum[46] on this side and stay on the left. as the next two rocks raise
on the right. Once you're out of the cave. Head to the left of the middle
rock for a Yellow Lum[47]. Watch out, in this area, the rocks will fall down,
so if you can control it, boosting through would be the best idea. Stay to
the left for another Yellow Lum[48] and go in the middle and run on the
bridge. Collect the last two Yellow Lums[49-50] at the beginning, first to
the left and the other to the right. Then kick in the booster, because you'll
need to quickly run by these rocks. First stay to the right, and then make a
quick left and to the right, then left the last time and run into the cave.

In a cutscene, you'll be looking through Rayman's eyes as he slowly runs out
into the open. Just as he's about to run off the edge he stops the Shell(Now
wouldn't the be a GREAT option that you could actually do?!) and looks over
the edge, the portal, for some reason is off the cliff just floating in the
middle of the air... pretty weird. Rayman backs off and jumps off with the
Shell, landing into the portal.

Save the game(If you didn't notice, your total "Lums Collect" counter and
"Cages Opened" counter aren't visible at the Hall of Doors, strange indeed)
now jump into The Canopy...

You're now 35.3% done with the game.

LEVEL 09: The Canopy [LWT09] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

You'll appear in a cave and the only way out, is facing the camera. So you
can't see where you're going. Walk forward a little bit, and look up. See the
bobbing object? It's a spider. Once you run under it, it will fall and begin
to chase you. Spider's have quite a bit of health, but killing it would be
the best idea. Jump and shoot to hit it for a cheap shot. When it falls, run
to the other side, turn around, then jump over it! He'll probably swing at
you failing and you can shoot at him. When it begins to run at you again,
just jump over it again. In about 5 or 7 shots, the Spider will go down,
allowing you to easily get through the next section and collect everything.

Walk out of the cave, and you'll be on a ledge with a spider web covering the
wall to the right. Jump on it and begin collecting Yellow Lums[1-7]. About
half-way, you'll see a Purple Lum in the air, now that the spider's dead, you
don't need to use it yet, so continue to the right collecting the Yellow Lums
[8-16]. Now you'll be at the entrance to another cave, with a cage[1] under
the ledge you're on. Jump off, and activate the helicopter. Turn around and
shoot it for two more Yellow Lums[17-18]. You'll land on the previous ledge,
so make your way back up. When you see the Purple Lum, jump off the spider
web and shoot it to swing over to the other ledge.

Enter the cave and you'll be presented with a pit, and a cage[2] hanging over
the middle of it. Shoot it then jump over and use the helicopter to float to
the spider web on the other side while collecting the two Yellow Lums[19-20].
Climb up the wall, and enter the hole at the end of the tunnel to enter a new

In a cutscene, Rayman will drop from a hole onto a mushroom, then jump down
from the mushroom onto the ground below. From here, you'll see two paths.
Head left, across the very narrow bridge. Jump to the mushroom to the left
and collect the Yellow Lum[21] on top of it, then jump for the other Yellow
Lum[22] in the air and make a sharp right turn to hang onto the bridge and
pull yourself up. A pirate will jump up from the ground about half-way across
the bridge, target him and attack, you should easily be able to jump over his
shots. Run across to the mushroom he was on, then go on the small platform
hanging off the to the right with Yellow Lum[23] on it. The camera will
change to focus on a cell with noise coming out of it and a Green-ish thing
jumping around in it. The switch is right next to it, so shoot it.

It's Globox! He'll tell you that you're the greatest, then the camera will go
back to Rayman for you to control. Run back across the bridge and go across
the other one to the left collecting a Yellow Lum[24]. Globox will follow the
ledge he's on then jump down on the other side, waiting for you next to a
Yellow Lum[25]. Collect it and you'll notice a Red Laser Grid in front of you
with no switch to deactivate it. But wait, Globox will turn to it and shake
his hands in the air and chant. Storm Clouds will appear above the grid and
begin to rain on them. The lasers will malfunction, allowing you to pass
through! This is the extent of Globox' ability, but it helps a lot in this
level, so continue through will your buddy.

Jump down the other side collecting a Yellow Lum[26] and a Green Lum at the
end of the cave. Collect the Yellow Lum[27] to the right and head forward to
the green plant with two Yellow Lums[28-29] around it. Collect them then run
along the edge to the right and collect another Yellow Lum[30] a the end. Now
run back to the plant and Globox should have caught up, he'll start to a
storm above the plant, allowing it to grow. A "star-fish" looking platform
will appear, stand on it. Jump and collect the Yellow Lum[31] above you, then
enjoy the ride to the other ledge on the platform collecting two Yellow Lums
[32-33] on the way. When you're at the other side, jump off.

You'll be next to a strange post looking very out of place in this level.
If you look around it, you'll see another Yellow Lum[34] and a blockade on
the post. Shoot it to make a bridge across the gap for Globox. He'll waddle
across, and join you. Run into the cave to the right and collect the Yellow
Lum[35] near the edge and a Green Lum. You can't cross due to the fire,
luckily for you Globox will clear the fire will his rain clouds. Cross over
the bridge and collect the Green Lum on the other side. Enter the cave and
kill the Henchman to the right that's guarding the door. Globox will cower in
fear. Destroy him.

A cutscene will occur, and Rayman goes over to Globox and asks if he's
afraid. Globox says he isn't(Doesn't look that way huh?). Rayman assures him
that there's no shame in being scared, the Pirates are dangerous! Rayman says
he'd be able to beat them if he only had his powers. Globox remembers
something! He opens his mouth and pulls out a Silver Lum to give to Rayman.
Globox says Ly gave it to him(Durrr!) to make your "fist" stronger, aka your
Energy Balls that you shoot. You can now charge your shots!

A - Still shoots, but now if you hold the button Rayman will hold his hand
    up behind him and light will collect in his palm. Let go and you'll shoot
    a more powerful shot, it takes a while to charge and you won't be able to
    move unless you're holding R(In "combat" mode). If you charge it too long
    Rayman will automatically shoot it when it's at it's full capacity. After
    a little bit of charging, the humming noise will be acompanied by an
    electric sound, and for good reason, there will be electricity in
    Rayman's Hand, this is when the energy ball is at it's peak damage point.
    Also, when you shoot the fully charged ball, you'll notice it has trails
    behind it, so that's pretty cool.

At the end of the cutscene, Rayman will run through the new passage, and
you'll be in a new area.

Rayman will run through the cliff in a cutscene and collect a Green Lum, also
a Red Lum will follow him until he starts walking(Which is kinda funny.).
Rayman and Globox will look out into the mist and a pirate ship will appear,
causing Globox to run back. You'll be in control of Rayman once again, run
across the pathway collecting a Yellow Lum[37] along the way. The Pirate Ship
will make a pass at you shooting cannon balls, dodge those. It will make
another pass and then turn into a Henchman who attacks you from the mushrooms
the camera should automatically face. Charge your shots, and hold R to dodge
the Henchman's, time your release with his movements(It shouldn't be hard)
and let loose! You'll kill him in no time.

To the right, you'll notice a Red Lum, and the Red Laser Grid. Run back to
where you came from to get Globox back. Take him back to the Laser Grid to
destory it. Run through the new tunnel and collect the Green Lum, and Yellow
Lum[38] right after it. Keep going, and a Henchman will appear! Destroy him
and then go back to get Globox because he went into hiding again. Continue
through the cave and head outside and you'll be at the end of the level!

Collect the three Yellow Lums[39-41] around the Purple Plant ahead of you.
Now, have Globox water the plant, and it'll grow bigger, what's it do? You'll
find out later. But now head over to the right of the entrance to the crates.
Jump up top of them, then jump towards the Purple Lum and shoot it. Swing to
the crate[3] in the air, let go and use the helicopter. Then when you can,
shoot it open for two Yellow Lums[42-43]. Jump back upto the crates and latch
onto the Purple Lum again, now face to the right and jump onto the small
building with a search light beneath it. Collect the Super Yellow Lum[44-48]
on top, and jump down. Go over to the plant now. Run into it, and you'll hide
in it, but you can still move! So walk over to the search light and try to
enter the door, don't worry about the search light, it'll spot you regardless
and in some dialogue, a Henchman will check your identification. Surprisingly
even though your "ears" stick out and notice the nose, they don't think
anything is suspicious(Globox is also RIGHT behind you!). After you fool
them, they'll open the door, walk through and jump up onto the ledge and
you'll see the last cage[4] and the exit portal. Open it to release a
Teensie and the final two Yellow Lums[49-50]! Globox refuses to come with you
because he has to find his mate Uglette. After the dance, jump into the

After the "Level Status" screen, save your game them jump into Whale Bay...

You're now 40.3% done with the game!

LEVEL 10: Whale Bay [LWT10] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

You'll appear in a small room and you'll hear bubbling noises. Go up the
short stairs in front of you, and you'll see an aquarium to the right, and a
pathway to the left. Jump into the aquarium, you'll be reminded off the
swimming controls again if you need it, and the music will change to a nifty
little tune. Anyway, dive under the water and go through the underwater cave.
After a short while, you'll come to the end of the cave with a treasure chest
at the end, with the first Yellow Lum[1] on top of it. Collect it then swim
to the left of the chest and follow the crates to the exit of the cave. Come
up and you'll notice a switch to the left, you're in a different aquarium,
shoot it then jump out of the aquarium. Don't worry about missing the other
pathway from the first room, it just leads to the one you're in right now
causing you to fight the Barrel Bot. To the left is a door which had a Laser
Grid over it, but thanks to the switch, it's gone, walk outside.

You'll collect the Green Lum and notice you're not on top of a net in a cave.
Run to the right and jump on the wooden walkway that's lower than the net. If
you want, you can jump under the net and hold on to it to climb across the
bottom for five Red Lums, watch out for the Jumping Pirana if you do! Walk
across the platform and you'll get to another net but this one has four
Yellow Lums[2-5] under it. Collect them then go back and jump on top of the
net and run across to the other side and exit the cave.

You'll be in sandy area and a Green Lum should be near. Collect it and go
down the hill to the right. A Henchman will appear on the pirate ships in the
distance, he'll jump on the different sections, thusly causing your shots to
usually miss him because they travel so slowly. Destroy him when he's
shooting at you, because it's the only time he stops for the shots to hit.
jump off the ledge and you'll see barrels in front of you, jump on them.
There's a Red Lum to the right of them if you need it. Then jump on the
climbing net on the side of the pirate ship and climb up. Jump off the net to
the solid ground, and you'll notice a large hole on the side of the ship.
Make a running jump out of it to the other section of ship directly across
from you. Turn around and you'll see that right next to the hole, is a
switch. Shoot it to deactivate the lasers in the distance, then jump down and
run to the cave.

Quickly, run through this and collect the five Yellow Lums[6-10] in the air!
Lots and lots of barrels will come rolling from the other side of the hall,
if you wait for them, it's a pain to get through. One Yellow Lum, is higher
up, so you'll need jump off a barrel to get it, this is near the end of the
hall so you'll need not worry about waiting for a barrel. Head outside to the
right at the end of the hall.

You'll see a small island and a Henchman sleeping against a tree in a
cutscene. Run off the semi-bridge you're on and jump into the water, there's
a Red Lum under the bridge if you need it, and go to the island and destroy
the Henchman. To the right is a passageway with a Keg in it. Grab it and go
to the blockade on the door next to the island. Destroy the blockade to
reveal a cage[1] containing a Purple Lum and a Super Yellow Lum[11-15]. Turn
around and jump on the short trees(One has a Red Lum) and you'll see a ledge,
now that the Purple Lum is released, you can swing over to it. Do so, then
walk into the tunnel to enter a new area.

You'll be in a very cool looking area, on a dock with a beach and little
sea. Jump off the dock and look to the right, you'll see more Pirate Ship
looking buildings high on the cliff dive down and there should be a small
cave to the right(If you're still facing the buildings). Swim through the
cave, don't forget to collect the Blue Lums! when you're at the end, swim up
and you'll be in a building of some sort. Jump to the right and walk down the
hall and you'll come to a ledge of a fairly large room. Jump down and go to
the right and you'll be above metal grating and a whale below you, it's
Carmen! At the end of this room is a switch, shoot it and you'll release
Carman who will then tell you to grab her air bubbles, for when you're
swimming of course. Also, this will have turned on the Shell producer at the
bottom of the stairs. Tame it, and go down the curving tunnel collecting two
Yellow Lums[16-17] before the jump(You'll probably want to use the booster
in order to make the jump. You'll land in a hallway and at the end is door
with a blockade, quickly jump off and have the Shell destroy the blockade. Go
through the door then run up the stairs to the right, collecting the five
timed Red Lums. At the top of the stairs there's a cage[2] with two Super
Yellow Lums[18-27] in it! Run to the left and you'll be outside on a small
bridge. Jump off into the water and join Carmen for a swim.

I can't really give you directions on where to go now, but it shouldn't be
hard finding out where you need to go anyway. Just follow Carmen! Pretty
simple eh? Collect her Air Bubbles on the way so you don't drown; she'll drop
one every couple seconds or so. Follow her underwater, and you'll eventually
reach a large underwater cave you'll have to follow her under. In a cutscene,
Carmen and Rayman will turn to the right to enter a new area.

Another cutscene will show Rayman imerge from a few strands of seaweed to see
Piranas chasing Carmen. She says they eat her air bubbles, so follow her and
when a Pirana gets close, shoot in it's general direction. They'll turn away,
but don't think it's over, they come back for several more tries. Continue
this until you see a Pirate Ship building built into the cave wall with two
Yellow Lums[28-29]. Dive down and enter the building, there's Blue Lums on
the ramp leading in if you need them. Continue down the hall and go up to be
greeted with air and the sound of Sea Gulls. Jump out of the water, collect
the Green Lum and go outside.

A cutscene will point to the caves, then pan down to Rayman who is on a small
plank of wood sticking out of a sunken Pirate Ship, which is half-way in
the ground. Jump off to the left ledge, you're now in a dried up area of the
sea, pretty nifty. Keep going to the left until you can go up on the ship.
Once on the ship, to go to the right and climb up the climbing net to the top
of the mast. The camera will face a ledge to the left, but turn around and
go across the mast crossing. Once you're in the middle(Where the mast from
ship connects to the the part you're on) you'll see Red Lums and a Purple Lum
to the left, jump and shoot the Purple Lum. Turn to the Crow's Nest(The
"basket"-type object at the end of the mast) and release at the end of the
long swing and use the helicopter to float into it.

Inside is a cage[3], destroy it and collect the Super Yellow Lum[20-34]
inside of it. Get back on the mast; you'll probably fall, so just go up the
net again. Go over to the end of the mast that the camera faced in the
begining. Jump over to the ledge with the waterfall hits and causes a stream.
You'll begin to slide, so collect the ten Yellow Lums[35-44] on the way,
several you'll have to jump up to get. At the end, jump over to gap and land
on the sandy ledge. Run along it to the cave and collect another three
Yellow Lums[45-47], Turn around go near the beginning of the ledge, and
you'll see a cave behind a waterfall. Jump into it, but watch out for the
robot inside. It's one of those, invincible-but-dumb ones, an I-Robot.
Inside, collect the last three Yellow Lums[48-50]. At the end of the hall is
the last cage[4], a very small cage by the way, with the Teensie! Free him
and go over to the end portal.

Where is it? Jump out of the cave and climb up the climbing net to the right.
climb to the top and go across the ledge to the left. Inside is a small
alcove where the Teensie will be waiting. After the dance, jump into the

Play the mini-game if you want, but save and Jump into The Sanctuary of Stone
and Fire...

You're now 45.3% done with the game! I would consider this half-way, even
though it's not 50%.

LEVEL 11: The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire [LWT11] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

NOTE: This level is EXTREMELY long, especially when you're collecting
      everything. So be ready to endure it. Mostly due to the fact that
      there are multiple side areas that take a while to get to. After
      writing this, and killing my DS' battery-life, I'm sick of this level.

You'll be in the council chamber of the Teensies, essentially and sadly, it's
the same cutscene as before. So I won't describe it.

NOTE: Look at the Lum count during the Cutscene, it'll read 41/40...

Once in the level, take a look at the surroundings. You'll be in a meadowy
canyon with a sunset glow to it. You'll see a huge crack ahead of you. Run to
it and you'll expose a canyon of lava and a small pathway below. Jump off and
float over to the canyon, collecting a Red Lum on the way. You'll probably be
wondering about the Red Lums under the pathway right above the lava. Don't
worry about these yet, just continue onto the ledge to the right, then jump
to the ledge to the right.

Continue forward and you'll notice the camera change, and of course a
Henchman will appear on the structure ahead and jump down. Watch out, this
Henchman shoots upgraded energy balls, they have rings around them and it
looks pretty nifty. But these do more damage. Most Henchmen will have powered
up shots for the rest of the game. Once you're done with that run forward and
you'll see a wooden window in the ground with metal mesh over. Luckily for
you, you can bounce off of it to reach the structure.

Once you're up here, run on the metal walkway to the right and it will come
to an end and dip down a bit. Go to the lower part and to your left will be
a wooden blockade on the cylinder the pathway wraps around. Shoot it to
release a Purple Lum. Once it stops moving, jump out and shoot it.

Swing over to the right and jump on the tall collum raising out of the lava
river, and collect the first Yellow Lum[1]. Turn around and on the lower part
of the cylinder is another wooden blockade, shoot it and you'll release
another Purple Lum that will fly to the other side of the cylinder. Use the
first Purple Lum and swing back over.

About half-way down the walkway is the Purple Lum in the air, jump and shoot
it. Turn towards to the Golden Object to the ledge on the left then jump and
float over to it collecting a Yellow Lum[2]. When you land on the ledge,
pick up the Golden Object, it's the Golden Fists! These, if you read the
description in the "Interactive Objects, Items" section you'll know, increase
your offensive power! Also, for cosmetic addage, your fists will now be a
shiney Gold Color(They sparkle too) and the shots you fire will have trails
as if you charged them. But now, charge the shot and shoot it, it'll make
a deep bass sound as it rockets off. Pretty awesome.

Go back to the top and and swing on the Purple Lum, but let go to the left
platform and collect the Red Lum upon landing. Continue to the cave ahead,
watch for the small pit in front of the entrance, and collect the Greem Lum.
Go out to the right and across the gap a Henchman will appear, two fully
charged shots with the Golden Fist should put him down for good. After, jump
over the gap and you'll see a weird root with a Red Lum under it, collect it
if necessary. Continue to the right into the cave, jumping across the
platforms as you go into the cave. The second to last ledge has a Red Lum,
the last has a Green Lum. Now where do you go, see the leaves in the distance
and the Purple-Fruit growing from it? Exactly.

That is a Plum, shoot it and it'll fall in the lava. Jump on top of it, using
the helicopter to land on it would be a GREAT idea. Now that you're on it,
you can't run off of it, just look around, this is good because you'll need
to look around to aim. If you shoot and energy ball, the force will push the
Plum backwards through the lava. You're basicly the driving force, now, don't
go down into the cave you're facing, go back out the cave and follow the lava

You'll eventually be in the large lava area you were swinging around using
the Purple Lums. Behind the collum(Which had the Yellow Lum) is a Red Lum,
continue on and you'll see a Yellow Lum[3] between the giant cylinder and a
pipe, bounce along and collect it. Continue down the lava river and under the
first walkway, following the timed Red Lums into a small cave at the end of
the river, bounce in until you reach land.

In the cave, you'll notice another Plum Plant, shoot the Plum down and catch
it so you're holding it around. Rayman controls just like when he's holding
a Magic Sphere. Turn to the right and you'll see more cave, with a high ledge
and lavapit with a spike in the center. You have to get to the top, so grab
a plum and toss it onto the spike where it will hold up, creating a platform
for you to cross on. But only for a while, soon it'll slide off and drop into
the lava. So quickly, jump over. Now you'll be in a huge lava cave with metal
spikes and red mist all over the place. To your right is a Plum, grab it and
look over to the left and you'll see a metal spike coming from the wall,
throw it on to it, but just like the other spike, it will fall. So jump
across the platforms and stand under the Plum's shadow so you'll catch it
when it drops down. With the Plum in hand, look to the right, and you'll see
another spike coming out of some pipes. Throw it on, then run over to catch
it. Walk with the Plum to the left(The ground is flat here), toss it up, then
run away so you don't catch it again. As it's bouncing, jump on top of it.
When it's at the height of it's bounce, jump up to the cave and pull yourself
up. Go deep into the cave and you'll come to a metal tunnel and room with a
cage[1] at the end. Shoot it open for a Super Yellow Lum[4-8]. Turn around,
then go all the way back out to the entrance of the cave. Board another Plum
then bounce out.

Bounce under the floating Purple Lums again, and go back in the cave.
Traverse the cave until you're back out. Don't go all the way back to where
you took the first Plum, you'll see a cave you can jump too on the left wall,
so move towards it and jump into it collecting a Yellow Lum[9]. Go down into
the cave.

Jump across the small lava pit using the collum sticking out with a Red Lum
on it. You'll see an I-Robot infront of a metal wall and a cave high above
him. No, even with the Golden Fists, if you managed to keep it this far,
can't kill them. Luckily, there's a Plum Plant to the right so grab one and
approach the I-Robot, but don't get too close, then toss the Plum onto his
head. He'll just sit there and won't attack you, so jump up on him and the
Plum and Jump up to the cave. It's not so much a cave because it doesn't go
anywhere, but there is a cage[2] at the end. Within it is a Super Yellow
Lum[10-14]. After you're done, run back out of the cave.

Once outside jump up on the platforms to the left, once at the top jump over
to the large platform. Then finally, head into the cave to the left across
the ledges.

Drop another Plum into the lava, jump on it, then use it to jump on the
spider web above you to hang on. Go to the middle of it, and collect the
Yellow Lum[15] in the center of the web, watch out for the Dark Spheres that
charge at you, a simple shot will kill them. Go back and get on a plum and
shoot your way to the other end of the cave, you'll be stopped by a metal
platform along the way, so jump on it and you'll be faced with another lava
pit and a Plum Plant in the middle will help you. Shoot one down and jump on
it, watch out for the Dark Spheres as they're still around. Shoot your way
to the other side and jump off, collecting a Red Lum. Jump up twice more and
enter go through to enter another area.

You'll be greeted by the great Murphy, which he'll tell you all the different
things about Plums, but you've already used them in every which way, so
you won't have to read what he's saying. In this new area, there's another
lava river, and a Plum Plant to the right, and a Stone of Thought on the
other side of the river(That you can jump to, so it's more of a stream) that
will tell you how to use Plums again. Shoot a Plum down, and jump on, go up
the river(Left from the direction you entered) first and into the cave. Go
through and you'll arrive at what seems to be a temple. Jump off to the side
and run up the path, forward and down into the entrance to enter a new area.

You'll be in a room with platforms, lava, lava pouring in, and flames
shooting from the walls. Jump to the first platform when over to the second,
wait for the flames to die out on the wall and then jump over to the walkway
on the right. Wait for the second wall-flamethrower to stop, then run across
the bridge to the left and jump on the stone slab at the end. Jump over to
the collum on the right and you should see(Even from the beginning) a cage[3]
on another collum to the right. Run, jump and float over to it and destory
the cage on top. It contains only a single Yellow Lum[16]. After, jump down
the center path and float over to it to cross the lava and collect the Green
Lum. Where will be four blocks blocking the tunnel, just shoot them and
they'll fall with ease. You'll be presented with, yet, another lava filled
room and there will be a small walkway to jump to. Jump over to it and look
to the other side, there is a tunnel you need to get to. Shoot the stalagmite
on the ceiling, it'll fall creating a platform to make your way across. Not
to rush you, but it will fall into the lava after a while and another one
will appear from the ceiling for you to shoot(Strange, I know). Go over to
the left then take a right to be presented with a lava cave.

See the cage[4] in the middle of the room? Shoot it to open it, then look to
your right. There's a stalagmite hanging from the ceiling and fire shooting
out where it will land. So shoot it, and wait for the fire to die down then
quickly jump across to the fallen stalagmite and over to the platform to the
left. Run across the bridge and collect the two Yellow Lums[17-18] that where
in the cage as you jump over the fallen bridge and to the end of the pathway.
You'll see two collums in the distance with wooden blockades. Shoot these
and they'll fall making pathways into the tunnel. Follow them to a platform
at the top of a hill where the lava flows down. Jump and float to the
platform below and collect the Green Lum on top.

Jump over to the spiraling stairs and over the flame that shoots from the
wall. There will be yet another hall leading left with lava. Shoot the
stalagmite on the ceiling and jump onto the new platform, then head left onto
the rock. Don't be alarmed when it starts to slide down a curvey tunnel.
It'll stop at the edge of a cliff, allowing you to collect a Green Lum. Now
you're in a tall room with those temple-blocks up the walls for you to get
up to the top. Jump over to the first blocks then jump over to the right
three times. Watch out for the Fireballs that jump from the lava and aim
right for you! Jump up to the block to the right and there will be a cage[5]
right above you. Jump and shoot it down for two Yellow Lums[19-20] to get.
There is also one Yellow Lum[21] on the side near the lava that will fly up
to you. Jump over to the left twice. There will be a couple of Mini-Spiders
up here. Enter in room to the right, and then take another right to another
room, again another right to go out to the first room with the lava. There
will be a Purple Lum in front of you allowing you to swing to to a platform
sticking out from the left right in front of you. Swing over and enter in to
the left.

Drop down and run to the left, then jump off to the right to land on another
floating rock platform. To the left is a stalagmite, shoot it down then jump
on it. You could also jump over the flames, which is easier. Continue down to
the end past the second row of flame and jump on the platform at the end,
collecting the Green Lum. Run up the stairs, then up the ones to the right.
(The stairs to the left don't lead anywhere but a wall...) In this room there
will be three doorways, blocked by breakable bricks. Break the middle one
first for a cage[6] with four Yellow Lums[22-25] four Red Lums and Golden
Fists. To the right path is five timed Red Lums, to the left is a Spider and
another way to go. The spider will go down with a fully charged Golden Fist
shot. After that, you'll hear a familiar sound and you'll drop down a slope
near the end. Look right and you'll see a winding path and a sleeping Shell
in front of it, you won't need to do any taming just some riding! Hop on the

Stick to the right wall and head left, then across some lava. Then stick to
the left wall turning right. Come down and turn to the left, there's a gap
and press B to jump over it. You'll probably end up losing some Health, and
the Golden Fists(Fiddlesticks). You'll head into a loop with four Red Lums.
You'll now be in a straight bridge-like section with gaps in it. Just jump
over them. You'll go into a cave turning left then right over a VERY narrow
bridge. then stay to the right and continue down the path then jump on the
narrow platform and at the end of it, Rayman will automatically jump off.
Shoot the giant blocks loose and destroy them. Run through to enter another

This is the previous area you were in before. Now you're on top of the
entrance. Run forward and jump on the giant log, then walk across it and jump
across to the other side. Collect the two Yellow Lums[26-27] on this ledge
then jump off. Across the lava is a Plum Plant, run around and shoot one
down. They'll hit a slope and bounce over to the lava. Catch it then toss it
straight up with B and move so it bounces in place, now jump on top of it
and propel yourself into the lava, and finally head down the river.

After passing the place where you met Murphy, stick to the right and jump up
on the metal structure and head over to the right, in the tunnel. Collect the
Red Lum, then drop down on a small metal bridge. Turn left then jump up on
the long metal platform. At the end is a Henchman(With weak shots for some
reason) and a cage[7]. Inside is a Super Yellow Lum[28-32], collect it then
run back down to the first metal bridge. You'll see a small metal platform
on the right wall past the first platform. Jump over to it. Look down and
left and you'll see a cave above the lava. Jump and float over into it.

After collecting the Green Lum, go into the large room with a strange tree
and music to acompany it. Continue forward for a Mini-Boss battle. This isn't
hard, but it takes a bit. Listen for the creaking sound and follow it to
behind one of the pillars. It'll always stay behind the pillar until you look
away to reveal a Mini-Guardian that comes out when you face the other way.
When he's close, turn around and shoot him! Do this until he's dead, which
will take a while, and he'll turn into a Plum. Take it to back of the room
(To the right of the entrance) and you'll see a cave high-up, jump up and
use the Plum as a stool to get up. Continue through the cave and you'll be
out in a peaceful canyon, with a breeze and birds chirping. Continue along
and collect a Green Lum and Red Lum when you're near to want seems to be the
end, the ground will give in and you'll be in a new area.

You'll be in another lava cave. A Plum will drop down and if you haven't
moved, toss it up then jump on top. Shove of and go down the river, you'll
now have to dodge the "Glowing-Yellow Lava." There's two kinds of lava now.
One, is black and Red, this is what you can travel on. The Yellow Lava's very
bright and noticable, this will pop the Plum causing you to fall in. Just
shoot yourself away from it. First stay to the left wall, then to the right.
Then again to the left wall, but push hard against it for a Yellow Lum[33].
Then continue down and there will be a pit, jump off and use the helicopter
and fly foward to five timed Red Lums and a Super Yellow Lum[34-39] at the
end, and land on the Plum along with a Green Lum waiting for you in the lava.
Stick to the right wall, a thorn whip will come from the left wall, then the
right, so dodge to the left wall. Again to the right wall, left again, then
the right wall. Then stick to the left wall for two more thorn whips that
come out to the right. Stay to the right twice, then to the left dodging a
thorn whip on the right wall. Go down the final hall and dodge the three
thorn whips from the ceiling. Push on to the end and fall into the pit to
enter a new area.

You'll drop on a Red Lum, go down the lava river and jump onto the ledge to
the right. There's a Plum Plant, shoot one down and walk under the Yellow Lum
[40] and toss it straight up. Jump on top and use it to collect the Yellow
Lum. While you're on the Plum, head into the lava. Watch out for the small
pool of yellow lava in the middle. After it, get to the left to collect a
Yellow Lum[41] next to the wall. There will be a yellow lava pool to your
right, as you pass it, shoot yourself back up so that it's to your left and
you'll enter a very hidden passage. Go across and at the end and jump off of
the Plum and onto the web. Bounce up three webs(Use your shadow to guide you)
and onto the web on the side of the wall, it's hard to see at first, but
it'll be on the left side of the screen. Latch on and climb up the web,
moving to the right. At the top, jump to the other wall and grab the spider
web. Climb up and jump to grab the web above you and traverse it, when you
see your shadow below, under the web, drop down and you'll be in another
tunnel. Continue down in it, and at the end you'll see the last cage[8]. Open
it for a Super Yellow Lum[42-46]. Look over to the right and down, and float
over to the platform and enter the hole to go in a new area.

You'll be on a small platform in a huge room with pillars and darkness
everywhere. Embers fly up and Dark Caterpillars will be on the pillars. Also,
on the first pillar is a Magic Sphere. Jump onto the first pillar. Kill the
Dark Caterpillar and pick up the Magic Sphere. Throw it to the next pillar to
the left with the flamethrower on it. Quickly jump down, and throw the Magic
Sphere to the next pillar to the left. Float over to next pillar and Dark
Spheres will fly at you, shoot them and collect the two Red Lums on the top
of the pillar. Throw the Magic Sphere again down down to the next pillar,
with a dual-spinning flamethrower. The same thing applies, float over to that
pillar and collect quickly lift and throw it to the last pillar. Float over,
destory the Dark Caterpillars, then lift the Magic Sphere and toss it to the
platform ahead. Jump and float over, land then take the Magic Sphere with you
through the tunnel and collect a Green Lum and a Red Lum. Go down the slope
and you'll be presented with a long gap of lava. Toss the Magic Sphere up and
shoot once at the Plum at the other side of the gap. It'll bounce over to you
and you'll be able to drop on it with the magic sphere, now, you have to get
across. So face the screen and toss the Magic Sphere up right when it's going
to fall back down so Rayman catches it, shoot! You'll catch the Magic Sphere
and bounce along to the other side. Toss the Magic Sphere over and jump over
yourself and pick it up back up and continue down the hall.

You'll have to cross over a narrow pathway with Dark Spheres coming at you,
watch out and kill them. Continue and you'll be a large chamber. To your left
is the Orange Pedistal, toss the Magic Sphere on it. A cutscene will show you
one of the walls turning upside down, revealing a new pathway. AFter that,
Jump across the lava, go down the middle passageway and jump up to the wall
that spun, enter the hole at the top.

You'll be dropped off in the previous hall, and it'll show the door at the
end turn around like in the large chamber room. Just as before, ride a Plum
to the end and jump in the now new hole at the top to enter a new area.

It's still not over. Wait for a Plum to appear next to the platform you're on
and jump on. Go down the slope and aim for the blocks in the middle of the
wall, but make sure you don't fall off into the yellow lava. Once the hole is
open, jump in. You'll now be faced with relatively simple pillars to jump
across. Jump across collecting a Red Lum on the way and Green Lum at the end.
Continue right and follow the Purple LUm down the slide. You'll have to make
hard turns for this one. First turn left, then right, then collect the Yellow
Lum[47] as the path narrows, then make another right turn. A gap will be
ahead of you. Jump and shoot the Purple Lum and swing across to the next area
of the slide. Make a left turn and follow the Purple Lum into the pit at the
end to return to the chamber.

You're ALMOST done. The Purple Lum will allow you to swing around the room,
first jump to the left and lift the Blue Magic Sphere and toss it to the
other side of the lava stream but don't jump off, turn to the left and jump
from ledge to ledge to get the Yellow Lum[48] on the last ledge. Jump down,
and over to the other side of the room, pick up the Blue Magic Sphere and
toss it on it's Pedistal.

In a cutscene, Umber, the Guardian of Stone and Fire will awaken! Don't worry
you don't have to fight him, he'll actually somewhat kill himself. He'll walk
into the laval stream and stop. You'll be in control again. Use the Purple
Lum to swing on his head and collect the Yellow Lum[49]. Umber will start
to walk down the lava stream, you can't move for most of the time he's
walking as he approaches the end, he'll sink into the lava, at the last
moment, jump over to solid ground directly in front of you and run up the
stairs. At the top of the stairs look over the railing to your left and
you'll finally see the final Yellow Lum[50], after run up the stairs stairs
to another Polokus Obelisk.

After Rayman and the Obelisk make a connection, the Obelisk will slide back
revealing another mask for you to collect. Rayman warps away to meet Polokus
once again. Polokus is cheery because of your find. He says you're closer to
your goal, and only two masks remain! Once again, he creates a portal in his
hands and it decends on Rayman warping him away, telling him his journey is
only going to get harder.

Save your game, and jump into The Echoing Caves...

You're now 50.3% done with the game!

LEVEL 12: The Echoing Caves [LWT12] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

A cutscene will show a Henchman in the current surroundings, a dark and rainy
meadow with metal and buildings built in. He looks at a door into the ground
and walks in. Rayman comes in from a ledge, and jumps down. You'll notice a
brown icon with four dots on it in the lower-right of the screen. This is the
switch notifier. You have to hit four switches to open the door the Henchman
went in, and that's where you have to go. So let's begin.

A Henchman will immediately attack you, so do away with him. Run right past
the door and you'll come to a pit with a pillar coming up. Jump up onto it
and look over to the right. You'll see another one, jump over to it then over
to the ledge ahead of you. To the right is a Stone of Thought on the wall
that tells you the door will open when the five switches are hit. Anyway,
go down the slope and collect the Super Yellow Lum[1-5] behind the giant tree
in the middle of the path. Go to the edge and if you look down, you'll see a
misty bottom, jump down, then turn around. To the left is a small flight of
stairs leading to the platform with the Henchman shooting at you. Go up and
destory him, shoot the switch on the other end. That's one down. Turn around
walk through the mist to the platform on the other side. And you'll see a
switch to the left, shoot it and pillars will rise up through the mist
allowing you to jump up on them reach the ledge to pull yourself up to. Do so
but watch out as the pillars are timed. Once on the ledge, climb up using the
climbing net to the right. Then enter the cave at the top.

Run through the cave and you'll soon come out to bright cliff, with clear
blue skies, mountains and floating platforms. No rain either. Collect the
Green Lum and jump to the first platform and wait for it to raise up. Stay
on it until you collect a Super Yellow Lum[6-10] at the top, quickly jump
over to the next one, because once these platforms reach their peak, they
flip over dropping Rayman into the pit. Jump to the third one over to the
right and head over to the fourth forward into the distance. Then jump to
the ledge to the left and float to make sure you make it. Go to the left and
climb up the netting up to the wood platform, then head to the right.
You'll see a switch and a door to the left of it, the switch will open the
door so shoot it and head through.

Go down the wooden platform to the right and hit the second swtich. Then go
down the platform to the left to reach a ledge with a Super Yellow Lum[11-15]
then look around to the left to see Pirate Ship structers(You're at the
beginning of the level again) then jump off.

Climb up the ledge heading left, then up the stairs and hit the third switch
on the wall to the left. Turn around a you'll see a small section of bridge
facing a ledge with a hole in it. Run, jump then float over and jump in the
hole in the ledge.

You'll fall in a grassy cave, on a Green Lum, with stairs in front of you in
a wooden tunnel, but behind you is a Plum Plant and Pool of water. Jump into
the water a dive down. Head through the stone gave, over to the left and
you'll be in a room with a giant window and the final switch to the left
wall. Shoot it and swim back through the cave and shoot down a Plum. Grab it
then walk through the hall and you'll see an I-Robot at the end of the hall,
so toss the Plum on it's head then run down the hall. Jump on it's head
and boost yourself up to the net on the wall behind him. At the top of the
net, the camera will change and you'll see another net to the right wall.
Jump over and you'll be on a ledge in the first area. Collect the Super
Yellow Lum[16-20] then jump down, and enter the now open door to enter a new

You're now in the cave, run out of the small room and pic up a Keg, but don't
fly with it yet. Turn around and go back in the room you started in and
destroy the blockade at the back of the room to reveal another room. Inside
is the first cage[1] and Red Lums within it. Head back out and grab another
Keg from the Keg Dispenser. Then face yourself out to the open cave and walk
through the torch with the Keg in hand. As before(In the Menhir Hills),
you'll take to the sky!

Head left and collect the three Yellow Lums[21-23] in the air before the
collum of cave with platforms on it. When you see it, press B and let go of
the Keg to land on the platforms. You'll see a Keg next to a Keg Dispenser
and a torch to fly, but don't fly away yet, go left along the platform and a
section of it will fall. Once on the other side climb up the climbing net on
the end of the platform and go to the top. Jump off to the platform behind
you and go around the corner. You'll find a cage[2] with three Yellow Lums
[24-26]. Jump off left onto the trampoline and jump to the third ledge, the
highest for another Yellow Lum[27]. Then drop down to another ledge to the
left, the camera should change, to collect another Yellow Lum[28] in the air.
Then jump down to the Keg, lift it and light it with the torch.

Fly to the left of the collum ahead of you to beginning collecting the Yellow
Lums[29-32] then go up collecting three more Yellow Lums[33-35]. You'll see
a cave high up go in and leg go of the Keg. Run to the end of the hall toward
the hole with a sign above it with a Teensies on it. As you approach, it'll
say "The Fairy Glade," yup this hole will take you to another section of the
Fairy Glade you can't reach normally. It will contain the last two Yellow
Lums and cage of the level, so jump in the whole

You'll be a thorn dome, turn around fall in the hole and head left out to the
bridge. Turn right and you'll see a Plum Plant, shoot a Plum down. Don't
worry about the persistant current in the water, it won't take the Plum away
but the Plum will disappear after a short time. Quickly, jump and float over
to it. The Plum won't bounce around in the murky water, so it'll be a bit
easier controlling it. Anyway, bounce back, under the bridge and over to the
left to reach a gate you can't pass with the Plum, so jump to the web on the
right wall and collect a Red LUm. Continue over the gate to the end of the
web and you'll see a small pillar sticking out of the water. Jump to it.
You'll notice two more as the camera moves, so jump over to the third and
hang onto web above the last one. Make your way to the other side, destroying
the Dark Spheres on the way. On the other side, jump on the small walkway and
collect the Green Lum. Look out and shoot the Purple Lum. Swing to the Purple
Lum, and from there the small pillar sticking out of the water. To the left
is another Purple Lum, so swing over and land on another pillar. To the right
is a series of pillars to jump to, their surface area is rather small so use
the helicopter to make easy landings. When you're on the last pillar the
camera will face a Pirate Ship structure with some bridge in front of it and
a Henchman tossing Kegs from a balcony. Jump over to the bridge, the section
on the left has a metal blockade on it, so get the Henchman to hit it. When
he does, run forward "into" the structure, under the Henchman. The bridge
will fall, revealing that there was a hole under the bridge. Go into it
quickly. After a quick right turn you, be in large room with a sleeping
Henchman in a chair. Luckily for you, a fully charged shot will take him out
before he wakes up. To the left is the final cage[7] in a small hole in the
wall behind a net. Your shots will go through the net to destroy the cage,
allowing you to collect the final two Yellow Lums[48-50]. Now go over the
chair the Henchman was in and fall through the hole in front of it to return
to the The Echoing Caves.

You'll fall in the tunnel you flew into and collect two Red Lums, head out of
the cave and drop to the ledge below you, head right over the bridge and jump
to another ledge with a Green Lum. An I-Robot will come charging at you, make
him fall off of the ledge into the water. Run to the end of this small tunnel
and collect a Keg at the end, turn around and approach the torch. Look at the
wooden siding on the opposite side of the cave. There's a switch at the top,
so light the Keg and aim for that switch and let go right before impact. Fall
onto the bridge below and head left back to where the I-Robot was to go
through a now open door to enter a new area.

Grab a Keg and stand under the cage's[3] shadow and press B to toss it up,
releasing Red Lums. Grab another Keg and light it for a long flight. Collect
the three Yellow Lums[36-38] ahead of you. You'll come to a door that will
open when you approach. You'll be in a large room with a wall in front of
you, right as you're about to hit, drop down to the bridge below and collect
a Green Lum. Go left into the doorway and destroy the Henchman on the other
side. Jump over and look to the left, you'll see some netting next to the
wall. Jump on it and bounce up collecting a Yellow Lum[39] and latch onto the
net above you. Climb to the end of the net and you'll see a cage[4] hanging
from the ceiling, open it and Red Lums will appear over the toxic green water
along the cave.

Head back out to the bridge and to the right end of it. There's a switch on
the other side of the wall, shoot it and you'll lift a large metal grating to
the left for some time. So quickly, turn around go into the hole and jump on
the bridge across from you. Collect a Red Lum at the bend and make a right,
jump over to the next bridge and collect the Yellow Lum[40] in the air. Head
right, ignoring the Keg Dispenser and take another right down the bridge. At
the end is a Keg and a torch, pick up the Keg and light it and fly forward.

You'll collect seven Yellow Lums[41-47] along the way, before you have to
jump onto a net on the wall. The net will begin to fall, so scrurry to the
left and jump onto the wooden platform collecting a Green Lum. Of course, the
platform will begin to wobble and drop, so run right, lift the Keg at the end
and light it with a nearby torch.

Collect the two Yellow Lums[48-49] in the air and drop off at the wooden
platforms and head left for the last Yellow Lum[50]. Jump up onto the roof to
the left, and carefully walk until the end. Shoot the last cage[5] open to
release the Teensie! He'll walk over to the end of the level, so head over
there yourself, jump down and into the doorway. and the camera will show the
night sky as a Pirate Ship flies by. After you and the Teensie commence in
dancing, jump into the portal.

Play the mini-game if desired, save then jump into The Precipice...

You're now 55.5% done with the game!

LEVEL 13: The Precipice [LWT13] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

A cutscene will show the Buccaneer can it's slave count; 33,524. The same
robot from before comes in to tell Razorbeard that Rayman now has two masks.
Razorbeard calls him and idiotic fool and tosses his hat at him. Razorbeard
demands that Rayman is brought back, dead or alive.

You'll appear in a cave and a Pirate-Ship will fly by. This level is
completely linear, no way to get side-tracked. It is also pretty fast-paced,
and one of my favorites. Anyway, head out onto the bridge, to the left and
the Pirate Ship will begin shooting at you. This causes the bridges to
collapse, thusly keeping you on your toes the whole level. Drop down to the
lower bridge below and collect the Yellow Lum[1] in the drop. Run along the
path around the cliff.

You'll come across a gap in the bridge, and a Red Lum. Above you is a net,
so jump and hang on. Head for the other section of bridge ahead of you,
because this net will fall to. When you're at the other side, drop down and
run. Ahead of you, a Red Shell will appear, quickly jump over it, then turn
to the right. Head straight, and collect the Red Lum in the air. Continue to
the left and another Red Shell will appear. Jump over it, then use the Purple
Lum to swing to the other section of bridge ahead.

Collect the Green Lum, then run to the left. Jump up onto the climbing net
and work your way over to the left quickly, because the net will fall. Jump
to the next section of bridge and watch out for the Red Shell. Turn to the
right around the cliff and jump to the Pirate Ship structure at the end,
collecting a Yellow Lum[2]. Jump over to the next section of bridge.

Run to the end, and jump over to another section of bridge with a Red Lum on
it. From here run left, shoot the Purple Lum and at the height of the swing,
let go and use the helicopter to slow your fall. Ahead of you is a cage[1]
above the bridge below, so shoot it for two Yellow Lums[3-4]. Drop down below
and continue to follow the bridge. Cross over the gap ahead of you using the
net above and collect a Yellow Lum[5] on the other side. Run to the left and
watch out for the Red Shell, jump and the end of the bridge and use the
Purple Lum to swing across to the other side.

Run to the end, jump on the Pirate Ship structure and collect the Red Lum,
turn around a destroy the cage[2] for two Yellow LUm[6-7]. Run to the right,
jump to the next section of bridge and run across jumping over the Red Shell.
Climb across the net to the right, and collect another Yellow Lum[8] above
the next section of bridge to run across.

Run to the right, jump on the net at the end and quickly jump to the next net
to the right of the one you're on. Jump on the bridge again. Hit the switch
at the end and the cage[3] for three Yellow Lums[8-10]. Now that the lasers
are deactivated, head into the passage way to the right to enter a new area.

You're now in at an underground lake, you can't go in the water, the bridge
ahead is narrow. To make it worse, somehow the ship managed to get in here
and it will be attacking you the whole time through. So run forward! Dodge
the Red Shells, or destroy them, and you'll come up to a tower. Collect the
Red Lum, and run up the tower's spiraling platforms that're falling all over
the place. Eventually, you'll come up to a trampoline with a Green Lum. Jump
on it and turn to the left to run up more spiraling pathways. Eventually,
you'll come to a net, so jump up and climb across. Drop down, head left a
little bit more, and collect the Red Lum on the trampoline at the end. Jump
to the right and run up more of the towers platforms, collecting a Red Lum on
the way.

At the end is another trampoline and Green Lum. Jump on it, collect the Green
Lum and now head left for more running up this tower. Now Kegs will roll down
for you to jump over. So do so and continue on your way. At the end, jump up
onto the Keg Dispenser and collect a Yellow Lum[11] climb up the net to get
to another trampoline with a Red Lum on it. Jump up and collect two Yellow
Lums[12-13] and Golden Fists. Hanging off the edge is a cage[4] destroy it
then collect the three Yellow Lums[14-16] inside. Climb up the net to the

Continue on your way up heading right collecting a Yellow Lum[17]. Jump over
to the structure to the right and jump your way up collecting a Yellow Lum
[18] and Green Lum on the way up. Once you're at the top, there will be a
Henchman shooting at you. Kill him and shoot the switch that was behind him
to deactivate the laser to the left and jump up on that platform.

Climb the net on top and hit the switch and destroy the cage[5]. Another two
Yellow Lums[19-20] will come out from the cage, and a crane will move over to
it's left allowing you to jump across and use it as a bridge. But first, turn
around and collect the two Yellow Lums[21-22] near the end you can't see
without checking. Then continue along to the end for the last three Yellow
Lums[23-25] in the cave, then jump off into the tunnel to enter a new area.

You'll be in a strange cave structure with the clouds below you and the ship
nearby shooting all the ammuntion in the world at you. This part is simple,
just keep running, watching out for the falling bridges, Red Shells,
cannonballs, Red Lums and nets to get to the other side. One there, you'll
see a Red Lum in a cave, so jump into the cave and collect it.

There's no floor and you'll begin to fall, so activate the helicopter as
you're going to have a very long floaty ride for the most of the next part.
Just follow the fifteen Yellow Lums[26-40] on the way next to next bridge.
Also, shoot down the Flying Bombs that will appear ahead of you, nothing
hard. Land on the bridge and run to it's end, then jump to the right for
another bridge with a Red Lum on the way.

This bridge is long and narrow and there isn't any walls to the sides, so run
to the end, avoiding the Red Shells, and jump into the cave. Traverse through
the cave and you'll be in a large wooden platform and a Henchman will appear
in front of you, destroy him(He has quite a bit of health) and a door will
open at the gate. To the left is the gate, exit portal and final cage[6], but
pass it right now. Head more to the left and go around the corner and up the
ramp for two Super Yellow Lum[41-50]. Jump down and into the open door, open
the cage to release the Teensie. Commence in the dancing, then jump through
the portal.

Play the Mini-Game if you want(I tried and it's pretty hard!), then save.
When you're ready, jump into The Top of the World...

You're now 60.5% done with the game!

LEVEL 14: The Top of the World [LWT14] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

Before playing, you'll see a cutscene of a I-Robot riding a chair waving his
arms all about. The chair is on, what seems to be, a orange beam of light.
The I-Robot spins around the beam of light and gets knocked off at the end of
the ride. The chair turns around waits. Rayman appears and the I-Robot gets
up; they look at each other and you'll gain control.

Defeat the I-Robot like all the others then jump onto the chair. You'll boost
forward on the orange beam of light. This part is actually just a
rollercoaster, but you're in control for the most part. You move around the
beam of light and shoot. You can't control the speed, the chair does that
automaticaly. Also, when you shoot you'll move to the left a bit, it's not
noticable until you keep shooting. Describing this section is pretty hard,
and explaining it isn't much easier. If I find a way, I'll list it here, but
for now you'll have to go on your own. It's pretty straight forward and you
shouldn't have much problem seeing the Yellow Lums, but getting to them in
time might be the hard part. There's 16 Yellow Lums[1-16] before the first
Green Lum. So make sure you have them before you get to it. After there are
another 16 Yellow Lums[17-33] before you reach the tunnel leading to a new

You'll be in the chair again, and shot out of the tunnel and the beam of
light will come to an end. Rayman is flung of into a little room. A speaker
to your right will alert the inhabitants that you're around. To the right is
a long hall with a Barrel Bot patroling up and down. Don't go into the hall,
but try and aim your shots so they're shot into the hall and they bounce off
the wall and hit the Barrel Bot. Once he's done for traverse down to the end
of the hall. To the right side, there's a small alcove with a single Yellow
Lum[34] in it. Collect it then head to the end, taking left into a new hall
with Kegs rolling through it. Head to the left jumping over the Kegs and
about half-way, you'll come across a room to the right wall. Head in there,
on one of the walls is a climbing net. Climb up into the hall above.

Run through and head out into a room to the right. Collect the Green Lum and
run to the middle of the room. There's a Barrel Bot patroling this area, so
do away with him anyway you can. Once he's dealt with, open the cage[1] to
the right of the room for three Yellow Lums[35-37]. To the left is a large
stack of boxes, get on top of them using a smaller box near the wall. On top
is a single Yellow Lum[38], collect it and drop down on the other side. Head
towards the begining of the room and collect the Yellow Lum[39] across the
small gap. Then head out of the "box hall," and go to the left wall(Assuming
the camera's right behind you) and grab the Keg. Walk back with it and go
back into the middle of the room, and into the box hall to the left. Then
from there, head into the the room to the left. You'll be in a room
half-floored with wooden grating. On the other side, there's a doorway to go
through, so wait for the platform to come to your side of the room and
carefully step onto it. As it slows down and comes to a stop near the other
doorway, get off go and go down the hall. Then go down the hall to your right
and blow up the metal blockaded door with the Keg and go in.

A cutscene will show you the bottom of the room with Teensie in one of those
green chairs from the beginning you rode in on. He'll wave then start to make
hit accent up the boxes out of the room. Jump down collect the Golden Fist
and Yellow Lum[40], then exit the room via boxes and follow your Teensie
friend. As you enter the room with the floating platform you'll notice a
Yellow Lum[41] in the air. Stand right at the edge and jump up, you'll hang
onto a very transparent web going across the ceiling. Use it to make your way
to the other side while collecting the Yellow Lum. Follow the Teensie out of
the room into the "box hall" and out to the left. Take another left from the
main room and into another room with a Yellow Lum[42] and a climbing net at
the end. Climb up into the hallway.

Run to the end and head to the right, there will be a small hallway with a
Barrel Bot patroling around in it. With the Golden Fist, he'll go down
quickly. Head right to the end of the hall to collect two Yellow Lums[43-44].
Turn around and run out of the hall into a room that has a lot of boxes in
it. Run forward, off the red carpet, and in between the boxes for the last
cage[2] and the three Yellow Lum[45-47] in it. Jump up on the small box to
your left and jump to the larger one over to the right. There's a Yellow Lum
[48] on top, collect it and jump down. Head back over to the red carpet and
jump onto the crates at the other side of the room. On the other side is a
small opening where a Yellow Lum[49] hides, jump down and collect it. Jump
back up and run to the corner to collect the last Yellow Lum[50]. Jump down
and follow the red carpet to a door.

Run through, into the hall and to the right. The Teensie will have already
opened the portal for you, so there's no dancing(Awww!) so jump in!

Play the Mini-Game if desired then Save. After jump into The Sanctuary of
Rock and Lava...

You're now 65.5% done with the game!

LEVEL 15: The Santuary of Rock and Lava [LWT15] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

You'll be shot out of the portal onto a bridge. It goes forward and to the
left to another portal with collums all around it. Look familiar? It better,
it's the second, and last, "race" with Ly entrance portal. It looks pretty
much exactly like the first area, just this isn't in a cave. Again, I suggest
that you do it after these next two levels, but if you choose to do it now,
go to that section of the guide one section down.

Run along the bridge, and jump to the one over to the right at the end of the
first one. Jump over to the net on your right and defeat the Henchman that
appears near the right edge. To the left of the Henchman is a ledge, look
down and you'll see a barrel in the water. Jump and use the helicopter to
float to it, and ride through the infested water. Watch out for the Zombie
Chickens that rise up from the water and swarm at you. You'll drift into a
cave with platforms to the right, so jump on them.

Collect the Green Lum on the walkway, then run to the first corner, and
you'll probably notice Kegs rolling down and exploding on the walls. Make a
left turn, jumping over the Kegs then make another right turn and you'll come
to the end of the platforms, right under the Keg Dispenser. Jump over to the
next platform to the left and at the end, turn to the right and shoot the
Purple Lum. Swing over and jump through the hole, collect the Green Lum in
the landing.

Jump over to the giant root sticking out of the water to the left, you'll
probably need to use the Helicopter. Take the left as the root forks, and
shoot the Eye in your path and jump to the next piece of root as it dips into
the water. Shoot the Eye in the middle of this section of the root, and jump
to the next section. Jump over to the "turtle shell" rock to the left, then
the smaller one to the right. Jump between the poles at the edge and you'll
be on a small piece of bridge.

Under you is another section of longer bridge, you'll probably notice the
cage[1] hanging from the piece you're on, so jump off turn around and shoot
it open to release a Purple Lum. The bridge your on has a large gap in it,
fortunately for you, the Purple Lum will fly into place, allowing you to
swing over. Do so.

Run across and jump on the fallen collums in at the end. Collect the Green
Lum and jump to the broken collum to the left for the Golden Fist. Jump back
down, and run over to the sanctuary's entrance. Before you get there a
Henchman will pop up, but one regular shot will take him down quickly. Run
through into a room filled with Eyes, and shoot them all down. In each corner
of the room, with one in the center, is a Yellow Lum[1-5]. Collect them and
then through the tunnel at the end of the room. You'll come to a room with a
cage[2] hanging from a platform ahead. Also a lot of Dark Caterpillars are
swarming the walkway, so dispose of them and head up ramp to the right. Make
a left, then another, and you'll be on the walkway where the cage hangs, jump
off and shoot it open for a Super Yellow Lum[6-10], then make you way back
up the walkway and head through the tunnel at the end to enter a new area.

You'll come through into a room on a small ledge as the door behind you
closes for good. Destroy the Dark Caterpillars prancing around on the ledge
to the left and jump on it. Run across and jump to the climbing "fence"(Quite
stylized, isn't it?} and collect the three Yellow Lums[11-13] at the top,
then jump to the left, landing on the platform. Run into the tunnel. You'll
turn to the right twice and come to a gap over lava and a Thorn Whips in your
way. Shoot it and jump across to the other path(This jump is semi-hard) Turn
around and you'll see another "room" to the right, with a cage[3] in the
distance. Shoot it open, the Yellow Lums won't come to you, but you'll get
them later. Turn around and head around the corner to the left collecting the
Green Lum.

You'll be in a circular room with a strange floating plant over a pit with
light beaming down. Collect the three Yellow Lums[14-16] around the pit and
jump onto the plant. Enjoy the flight, it'll take you back to the first room,
but you'll have to shoot the Thorn Whips on the walls as you journey through.
You'll also collect the three Yellow Lums[17-19] from the cage before. You'll
be lowered down into a thorn pit and tunnel once you're in the first room.

At the end of the tunnel are some weak blocks for you to shoot out. Once you
do, you'll reveal a much larger tunnel and the plant will continue on. Before
your plant reaches the flames coming from the right, jump to the small ledge
and collect a Yellow Lum[20] in the air and Green Lum upon landing.

Jump over to the next plant and continue on. The plant will catch on fire,
due to the fire, and you'll have to make a hard jump to the next one. Once
you make the jump, shoot the giant blocks in front of you loose. You'll
travel along another narrow tunnel with Thorn Whips coming out in front of
you very close, so stay alert! Shoot them back in and you'll continue through
collecting the three Yellow Lum[21-23] before the plant disappears dropping
you down below. Activate the helicopter and slowly drop down to the platform
beneath you collecting two Yellow Lums[24-25] before landing on the shattered
platform below.

Go through the doorway and collect the Green Lum. Jump on the platforms to
the left to traverse through the lava. These platforms will fall very quickly
so be fast! You'll see a cage[4] to the left, but the platforms head right,
quickly break this open and continue up the last platforms, jump to the ledge
and collect a Yellow Lum[26]. You'll be on a small triangular platform and
another across the gap with a flames shooting out of the wall between them.
Wait for the flames to die, then jump over and collect three Yellow Lums
[27-29]. Shoot the Thorn Whip to the left and jump over to the ledge and
collect the Red Lum. Run across to the left and collect the Yellow Lum[30] at
the edge. On the wall is a Golden Triangle, it's a switch. Shoot it and a
small walkway will stick out from the wall near it. Quickly jump over to it
and run across as it retracts back into the wall. Jump over and enter the
door to enter another area.

You'll be in a tall room with what looks to be like a lava-horrorshow to
Rayman's left, jump over to the triangular platform to the right collecting
the Yellow Lum[31]. Jump over to the spinning lower-part of the tower and 
collect a Yellow Lum[32] right in the center of the platform spinning, run
to the right away from the lavafall covering the left. A platform above you
(Which rotates around the tower too) will come around, stay under it and it
will block the lavafall and you can pass through safely. It doesn't block the
lavafall for a very long period, so just taking damage and running through it
is the easiest way past it. Jump over to the triangular platform with a
Yellow Lum[33] on it. Jump up onto the climbing fence and head up. Head over
to the right and you'll collect three more Yellow Lums[34-36] and arrive at
another triangular platform. Stand on it and look out into the distance, to
Rayman's right(Also the right of the lavafall) and you'll see a cage[5]. Open
it and three Yellow Lums[37-39] will fly over to you.

Look over to the tower, remember the platform you used(Or didn't) to block
the lavafall? Yup, jump onto it as it passes by. As it turns, you'll see two
more platforms, jump up them and you'll be able to jump onto a narrow ledge
in front of the second platform. It has a Yellow Lum[40] on top, collect it,
and shoot the Golden Triangle Switch to the right of the door and enter in.

Collect the Green Lum and you'll be in a hall that goes to the right. Run
down it, but be careful! Dark Spheres appear in the masses, so don't stop
shooting. After the right turn you'll collect two Yellow Lums[41-42] and you
will also be presented with a pit with a thorn floor. The pit's easy to jump
across, but don't. The door on the otherside needs to be opened. See the
Golden Triangle Switch to the right of the door? Shoot it, but not once, many
times. The door closes if you stop, you have to keep shooting it until it's
all the way open. Then quickly jump across to the left on the other side!
A large Thorn Whip comes up from the center, so don't try it. Quickly, you'll
probably have to, jump through the door.

Collect the Green Lum, then jump of to the left and use the helicopter. Try
and land on the platform sticking out of the lava, and quickly shoot the
cage[6] hanging from the ledge on the other side. You'll release three Yellow
Lums[43-45] that fly to you, so jump over to the right and climb up the vines
while collecting two more Yellow Lums[46-47]. Run around the ledge until you
come to the end with a Yellow Lum[48] and a large slab of thorns and stone
going back and forth in front of you. As it's going back into the wall, jump
on the ledge and run across before it comes back out and pushes you into the
lava, then jump to the platform(Which falls), then the other ledge ahead of

Turn the corner to the right and collect the Green Lum. Use the same method
as before to get across the next slab, then jump over to the ledge on the
left. Run across and jump to the platform sticking up and shoot the Golden
Triangle Switch on the wall, while jumping onto the next two platforms. This
makes a small ledge stick out for you wait on. But it doesn't, and it'll go
back into the wall. So as the stone slab retracts into the wall, jump up and
run across. After, run into the tunnel and you'll be in a small room, with
two collums on the side, the last cage[7] in the air. and a plaque, which is
obviously the exit portal of the level. Go behind the collums on the left and
right for the last two Yellow Lums[49-50]. Then shoot the cage open by
shooting directly into the slanted exit portal block and your shots will go

The Teensie will drop down, begin the dance! Head through the portal. Where's
the obelisk which contains the Mask like the past two sanctuary's had?

You can play the Mini-Game, which I'm guessing is very hard by now, save
then jump back into the level and ...

Your game's now 70.5% complete!

LEVEL B2: The Walk of Power [LWTB2] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

Again, the race will start very abruptly, so run forward, past the two Globox
children and into the cave! Collect the five Yellow Lums[1-5] in the cave,
then you'll be outside. Collect the next two Yellow LUms[6-7] out here then
jump to the next patch of land to the right, collecting two Yellow Lums[8-9]
in the jump and landing. Jump to the left and collect the Yellow Lum[10] in
the air, land then collect the three Yellow Lums[11-13] along the platform.
Jump to the left and collect two Yellow Lums[14-15] in the jump and head into
the checkpoint.

Jump to the ledge on the left and collect the four Yellow Lums[16-19] before
the cave. Go in and continue to collect the next four Yellow Lums[20-23] then
jump on the lillipad in the river and drift. Jump off at the end and collect
the two Yellow Lums[24-25] before running into the next checkpoint.

Run into the cave after Ly and collect two Yellow Lums[26-27] before the jump
over the pit. Jump over, collecting a Yellow Lum[28] and land on the other
ledge. Run across for another Yellow Lum[29] then jump off and float over to
collect another Yellow Lum[30] in the air. Land on the platform and collect
another Yellow Lum[31] before jumping to the right. Collect two Yellow Lums
[32-33] before you jump onto the lillipad with another Yellow Lum[34]. Wait
for a lillipad to come between the one you and Ly are on then use it to jump
over to Ly's lillipad with another checkpoint.

Ly will jump to a very far lillipad and the camera will follow. Again, use a
lillipad passing between you to make it over to Ly for another Yellow Lum
[35]. Again, Ly jumps away to a lillipad with a Yellow Lum[36], I think you
know how to get across. You can easily jump to the next lillipad with another

Jump onto another lillipad heading right and jump to another Yellow Lum[37]
over a lillipad. Lillipads will now come downstream when one's in distance,
jump to it then jump to the next one quickly, opposing the current. When you
think you can reach it, jump to Ly's lillipad and collect the Yellow Lum[38]
on it. Jump over to the ledge on the left collect the two Yellow Lums[39-40]
before the checkpoint, and the two Yellow Lums[41-42] after it, before you
make a jump to the lillipad going down stream then over to the right ledge.
Run up the ledge collecting four Yellow Lums[43-46] before the edge.

Jump over to the last ledge and collect the final four Yellow Lums[47-50] and
run over to Ly! She'll give you a Golden Fist and poof! A Teensie will appear
and you'll join him in the dance. After that, jump into the portal.

Save, then jump Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava...

You are now 75.5% done with the game!

LEVEL 16: Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava [LWT16] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

Again, you're in the counsil chamber of the Teensies, so no explanation.

Rayman will fall into a large spherical room and Ly will appear with some
news; both good and bad. She's gathered enough energy for you to have another
power! She'll give you the final Silver Lum. This gives you the ability to

B - Instead of stopping the helicopter and dropping you, it'll lift you up!
    Hold it and you'll fly up.

The bad news is your mission gets harder, and to use the flying ability. So?
You can take it.

Alright, there's lava all below you, and a giant thorn tunnel in the ceiling,
but don't go up there. Jump over the ledge and fly, turn around and float
down. There's a small tunnel with weak blocks blocking it. Shoot them out but
remember to keep pressing B to say up! Once you head through, head over to
the left and land onto the platform. Continue to run across, but watch out
about half-way as a Thorn Whip bursts from the left wall. When at the edge,
carefully look over to the left and you'll see the first cage[1]. Fly over to
collect the three Yellow Lums[1-3]. Head back out into the main room.

Fly up into the thorn tunnel, don't touch the sides, and collect a single
Yellow Lum[4] then land on the platform at the end with a Green Lum. To the
left is a fan, and the right, more tunnels. But now you will have less
control and you'll continue to go forward. So when you're ready, lift off!
Head up first for a Yellow Lum[5]. Soon you'll come to a Green Lum, collect
it and move on. When you come to the next Green Lum, head right for a Yellow
Lum[6] above a Thorn Whip. After dodging the lavafalls and breaking down some
blocks, you'll be in an area with two lavafalls and three platforms. There's
a Yellow Lum[7] ahead of you, then land on the left platform for another
Yellow Lum[8]. Take off for the Yellow Lum[9] to the right.

Take off and head over to to the ledge on the left. Float past this for two
Yellow Lums[10-11], then drop down below the ledge for a cage[2] with three
Yellow Lums[12-14]. Head over to the end with a Green Lum and another Yellow
Lum[15]. Fly up until and shoot into the slanted blue stone hanging from the
ceilin. Shoot into it and your shots will go down and break the blocks below
covering the hole. Before you fall down, fly behind the stone for a Super
Yellow Lum[16-20]. Fall through the hole for a new area.

You're now in another tunnel with a fan blowing behind you. Fly and get ready
for some collecting. Go between the first two lavafalls and over to the right
of the next one for a Yellow Lum[21]. Head to the left then right for another
Yellow Lum[22]. The next Yellow Lum[23] is just in the middle of nowhere,
it's very easy to get.

The tunnel will now go up and down, so prepair yourself. Now, there's a spilt
in the tunnel, go up and to the left for a Yellow Lum[24], then down and
right for another Yellow Lum[25]. In the middle of the tunnel is another
Yellow Lum[26], then head under a small section of thorns for another Yellow
Lum[27]. Again, another Yellow Lum[28] is in the middle section. Go up and to
the right for another Yellow Lum[29] and press to the right to make it into
the very out-of-place cave. Land in here and run through to the end. There's
two cages[3-4] up top, each with a Super Yellow Lum[30-39]. Open them and
reap the benefits. Head back out of the cave and continue on with the journey
of flight.

Head to the right for a Yellow Lum[40] and you'll pass into a more narrow
portion of the cave. To the right is a Super Yellow Lum[41-45], but watch out
for the Thorn Whip! Stay to the right for another Super Yellow Lum[46-50] and
more Thorn Whips. Head to the end.

A cutscene will show Rayman enter a large fancy looking room and look around.
He doesn't see anything until a giant golden golem torso comes up behind him
and raises a fist. Rayman turns around surprised but it's too late, the golem
smacks Rayman down for good. Literally, because you'll see him falling into
the next arena and he'll say he can't fly anymore(Thanks Ubisoft, cheap way
of ridding us with a great power, it's appreciated).

Now you have to fight him. Run towards the screen, away from Foutch. He'll
"throw" walls of fire at you, so just jump over these. Keep running until you
come to a web so you bounce up. Turn towards Foutch and shoot the stalagmite
hanging from the platform above him. It comes down and gets him in the head
just like Axel in The Sanctuary of Water and Ice, except you need to do it
three times for him to actually give in. And he continues to get faster and
more frustrated with each drop.

Run around until you find five Red Lums near a web, collect them, jump up
using the web and shoot the Purple Lum to the left to swing onto the bridge
to Rayman's right. Run into the center structure and drop into the pit,
follow the hallway to the end.

Rayman will find the obelisk! Without any connecting, it opens and gives up
the third mask. You'll quickly hand over the mask to Polokus, and he'll
dismiss you quickly.

Save, then jump into the Tomb of the Ancients...

The game's now 80.5% complete!

LEVEL 17: Tomb of the Ancients [LWT17] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50[51 including the "secret" Yellow Lum]

A cutscene will show Razorbeard's Buccaneer! Now the slave count it up to
45,263. Razorbeard is informed that Rayman has the third mask, and Razorbeard
argues that it's not possible. He falls from his chair and hangs by a foot
and promises that if Rayman gets the last mask, he'll go after the robot that
has been bringing him the bad-news the whole game.

You'll appear next to a gate where you can see another large room. Run to the
left and down the large stairs. You'll come to another gate, which blocks you
from entering the room. Look to the opposite of gate and you'll see a ledge
to jump to that leads to a room. So run towards the camera and jump over,
continue into the room and you'll see a switch to the right and a cage[1]
on the ceiling. Shoot the switch and open the cage for four Yellow Lums[1-4]
then head back through the new doorway.

You'll see ghastly smoke(Like in The Cave of Bad Dreams) on an uphill slope.
Now, run up the slope and a cutscene will show a Spider drop from the ceiling
and start chasing you. To be on the safe side, just kill it. Run up the slope
and you'll come to a very large circular room with hole in the center, don't
jump in just yet, run around and collect six Yellow Lums[5-10], then drop
into the pit, try and land on the grave in the center. There's another Spider
running around the grave that can't get you when you're up onto the grave.
Anyway, you'll see a Mini Spider and a switch on the grave. Shoot both, and
you'll see small cutscene of a "Bronze Drum" raise up out of acidic water
while two others to the right of it, stay down.

After, jump onto the web behind the grave and climb back up. Run straight and
jump onto the platform with a Green Lum. Jump to the platform to the right,
then the one to the left. Watch out for the Jumping Pirana, wait for him to
fall back into the water, then jump to the platform on the right. Again,
another Jumping Pirana will come up, wait for him to pass then jump over to
the left platform. Finally, jump on platform ahead of you and jump into the
blue-lit hole in the middle.

Run forward, and climb up the web in front of you and collect the Green Lum
that comes towards you automaticaly. You'll come to a small room, with a door
to the left, a door to the right further ahead and a web at the other end.
First, head to the left.

You'll be in a fairly large room with a wrecked Pirate Ship, webs, platforms
a giant chest, and what looks like blood all around. Don't fall in. Jump to
the platform ahead of you, the camera will focus to a floating drum, and a
Henchman will come up and attack. You're on a narrow platform, so be sure not
to fall in! Sometimes, if you're using R to target, you'll target a hand that
occasionally comes out of the chest. So don't worry about that. After the
Henchman is done with, run past the giant chest, shoot the arm in if it came
back out. Jump on the ribcage, then jump up onto the web. Jump up the web, as
it's faster than just climbing because the Spider ontop of the chest will
jump onto the web and chase you, if it hits you, you'll be knocked off. Climb
to the top and over to the right then jump on the platform and collect the
Green Lum. You'll notice  a switch on the post next to you, so shoot it and
you'll see the three platforms again, and this time the middle one will raise
up. After, jump towards the screen and float down, you should be able to make
it towards the drum the Henchman stood on. After, head out and to the hall to
collect the Green Lum that has reappeared.

Run to the left and into the door on the right. Run across the narrow pathway
and avoid the Jumping Pirana, you're now in a crypt, with eight tombs.Run to
the left, and stay on the left until you get to the last two tombs. (Just a
note, they have red statuettes on them, what are they? Look carefully, it's
Razorbeard!) Go behind the one on the left and you'll collect a Green Lum,
the camera will change and you'll see the last switch! Hit it and another
small cutscene showing the last of the three drums come up from the water.
After, run outside take a right then climb up the web.

Run to the end of the hall, past the two windows overlooking the previous
rooms, and collect the Green Lum at the end. Run to the end of the short
bridge, and jump onto the platform to the left. Ahead you'll see the three
drums you lifted up, but they have Pirana's jumping over them. So watch out
and time your jumps. Jump from the first drum, then run and jump to the
ribcage in the water. Jump to the next drum, ribcage and finally to the last
barrel. Jump to the platform with a post and lantern hanging from it, and
jump to the post at the base of the web on the left. Finally, accend up the
web and jump up to the ledge above.

You'll see a large open grave with torches in it ahead of you. Look around
and you'll see nothing much(Lovely Moon though!), but this is the beginning
of your journey to retrive the biggest secret in the game! The "secret"
Yellow Lum. Head over to the left edge. Stand right where the red fence
starts. Jump off to the right and use the helicopter! Float along the wall,
over to the "corner"(Before the area where the acidic water flows from the
wall) and turn INTO the wall. This probably sounds weird, but there's a
secret passage behind the wall. Float over to the platform and head through
down the stairs. You'll come to a room with a large skull on the other side
of a acid pit.In the eyes of the skulls are Henchmen, take care of them and
a large drum will raise up from the acid. Jump on it and two more Henchmen
will pop-up to attack. Jump back over to the platform, since it's easier to
fight them here. When they're done for, another drum will lift up. Jump to it
from the first one and another two Henchmen come up. Jump back, and rid the
room with them. Finally, jump over the two barrels and onto the web and into
the eye socket to the left and collect the "secret Yellow Lum!" I didn't
number this one, because if you look, the game doesn't monitor it on the
counter. Slide down into the eye and you'll enter a new area.

You'll be in the middle of a U-shaped ledge, with a large gate infront of
you, acid below and three wooden gears to the right. Run over to the gears on
the right and keep your distance, jump then shoot at them. Rayman should
automatically aim at the top of the first one, causing it to spin. This also
makes the gate raise up, continue this until the gears stop moving then run
to the left side of the ledge. Jump off onto the large barrel into the water
and enjoy the ride.

Sadly, that's hard to do as when it floats forward, Rayman slides to the back
of it. So run forward every second or two. The barrel will stop next to a
drum and another barrel. Jump to the drum and over to the next barrel, the
drum will drip into the water if you stand on it too long. You'll come to a
web leading to a ledge as a Henchman up top. Jump on, climb up and take care
of that Henchman. Collect the Red Lum and go into the hallway. Hit the switch
to the left and you'll deactivate the electric fence, then run through.

Run along the ledge, collecting the Green Lum and drop onto the bridge. They
begin to shake then fall, so run to the end and jump onto the drum in the
water. Time your jumps then jump over the laser going up and down, then land
on the other drum and jump over to the barrel. This barrel will take you to a
web, so jump on it and make your way over to the left. Drop down onto the
wooden walkway and collect the Green Lum. Grab a Keg and light it, flying
into three Yellow Lums[11-13] and drop down before the wall onto another
wooden platform. To the right, a Henchman will appear in the doorway, so
destroy him. Then, to the right is a cage[2] behind the collum you flew by.
It'll release a Purple Lum, Jump off towards it, shoot and activate the
helicopter so you can swing back to the first wooden platforms with the Kegs.
Grab another, light it, and fly up into the cave to the left on the wall.
drop into the tunnel, then drop into the hole at the end to enter a new area.

You'll drop down on a Green Lum and wooden walkway. Run down, collect the Red
Lum and turn to the right. You'll see a Keg and a torch, so take off and head
for the platform in front of you, land here then take another Keg and fly to
the platforms right. Drop down on these, and run to the left, where the
platform dips down and ends. The camera will also change so you can see the
cage[3] with two Super Yellow Lums[14-23]. Run back to the right and drop in
the hole onto the barrel in the water. Ignore the Henchman that appears.
You'll drift until you're under a web, so jump up and latch on. Make your way
to the end and shoot the Zombie Chickens that come up rapidly. At the end,
collect the Yellow Lum[24] and drop on the barrel below. You'll drift into
a large room swarming with Zombie Chickens, you'll float by a Purple Lum to
your left, shoot it and swing to the web nearby. Climb up and jump on the
ledge to the right. On the other side of it, is another Purple Lum, so shoot
that and swing to the other section of the ledge. Go up the ledge and you'll
come to a cage[4] with two Super Yellow Lums[25-34].

Out into the room(The direction the barrel floated) is a Purple Lum, shoot it
then swing over, you'll see another one ahead, so jump off and shoot it too.
Swing over to final platform collecting the five timed Red-Lums on the way
down. Head into the hallway, climb up the long web and you'll be greated by a
Spider. Jump past it and run up the hall. You'll see a hole gated up and
gears next to the wall. Shoot it a couple of times to pull the gate back and
jump into a new area.

You're now in a large tunnel, on a small platform, with a barrel in the water
on Rayman's right. So jump to it. As you float, jump up and collect the
Yellow Lum[35] and shoot the red button the left wall to deactivate the laser
grid for a while. Float passed it and jump again for another Yellow Lum[36].
Jump again for another Yellow Lum[37] then shoot the red button on the left
wall and collect the Yellow Lum[38](No need to jump for it) and float past
the deactivated laser grid. Jump for the next Yellow Lum[39] and shoot the
switch on the left and float passed this laser grid then jump for another
Yellow Lum[40]. You'll float down towards another barrel in the water and a
Pirate Ship structure with a Henchman throwing Kegs at you. When he does,
jump to the other Barrel. After you pass under him, stay on the second barrel
the one on the right. Collect the Red Lums, then jump onto the platform,
collect the Green Lum. Climb up the net, collect another Green Lum(Kinda...
strange.) and an electric field will appear behind you and you'll have to
fight a Henchman running down the stairs. Do away with him and pick up a Keg
from the corner of the room and take it up the stairs. From the right of the
stairs is a metal blockade on the door. Through the Keg and you'll see a
cage[5] with two Super Yellow Lums[41-50] inside. Jump off the railling to
the left and shoot the Purple Lum. Swing to the net and climb up. Jump into
the pit at the top to enter a new area.

You'll drop onto a ledge. Run across it and shoot the switch when you come to
the door. Run into the room and Rayman will automatically run in to meet
Clark! Both filled with joy, Clark runs to Rayman for a hug but stops with a
zombie look in his eye. Rayman frowns and you'll see that Razorbeard's
Information Robot has a controller and he's controlling Clark! Rayman will
also notice a robotic square pack thing on Clark's back. You'll have to fight
him now. He only has one attack, which is to grab you if you get too close,
Then he'll procceed to clap his hands crushing Rayman's head and knocking him
away. Anyway, You'll notice three switches along the back wall. Shoot them
and a blue laser will go half-way through the room. Jump over to the other
side of it and Clark will follow then fall over. Now you can do damage! Shoot
the pack on his back as much as you can. Each of the switches has a timer,
so the first you shot will deactivate first, thusly deactivating the laser.
Shoot them all again to get the laser back up. Continue this until Clark's
"Health" goes all the way down and the pack will pop away.

He comes to his senses and holds Rayman up! They do some acrobatics and
Rayman spots the last cage[6]. Now on top of Clark, jump and shoot the cage
to free the Teensie! Head over to him and he'll walk towards Clark. You then
begin to dance and the Portal will open just on the floor(Turns out they
don't have to be opened on the portal plaques). Follow the Teensie in.

Save, then jump into The Iron Mountains...

Your game's now 85.6% complete!

LEVEL 18: The Iron Mountains [LWT18] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  50

Again, you're in the counsil chamber of the Teensies. No explanation.

You're in a rainy area with a bridge leading to a large pirate structure. Go
on the bridge and shoot the Purple Lum to the left, use it the collect the
first Yellow Lum[1], then turn ot the left and swing to the next Purple Lum
and shoot it. Collect the next Yellow Lum[2] and turn to the right and shoot
another Purple Lum. Collect two more Yellow Lums[3-4] with this then face the
bridge and jump off. Use the helicopter to float and get the last two Yellow
Lums[5-6] out here.

Go inside, dropping into the pipe and running through the water. Climb the
net on the other side. Run to the edge but don't shoot the Purple Lum yet,
get to the very edge and look to the left, you'll see a switch. Center your
view so the switch is directly in the middle and shoot a shot, go back into
first person and see if it hit. If it did, shoot the Purple Lum and swing
over to the spinning platform. Collect the Green Lum and six Yellow Lums
[6-12] around the platform. Jump over the Red Laser when you get close to it.
Now shoot the other switch and you'll deactivate the electricity in the hole
in the middle. Drop down and collect the Green Lum, then jump down into a
grassy area. Continue through the tunnel and destroy the Henchman which will
appear near the end. After that, another will appear on the wooden platforms
in the water, so take care of him too. Jump onto these platforms and run
across them. Collect the Golden Fist and float over the next section of
wooden platform to the left and run across to jump into the tunnel at the
end. Run through the tunnel and you'll come to a clearing with some crates to
the left and two Henchman(One being on the box throwing Kegs at you!) and do
away with them. Jump up to the top and you'll notice the first cage[1] under
the small section of bridge. Jump off, float, then shoot it open for three
Yellow LUms[13-15]. Climb back up to the top and collect the lone Yellow Lum
[16] then jump over to the platforms in the distance.

Collect the Red Lum and shoot the switch, go through the door to the right
and follow through the tunnel. At the end is a Henchman, destroy him and
climb the net to the left. You'll see "blue things"(These indicate wind)
flying downwards to the right through a cave, so jump off and follow them.
Land on the crates in the water. Try and take care of the Henchman shooting
at you. After, take out the cage[2] hanging from the platform the Henchman
was on. Inside it is three Yellow Lums[17-19]. Continue down on the crates
and you'll come to an opening. And opening with a lush valley below with a
Hotair Balloon stalling in the air, so make a final leap and float to it to
fly to a new area.

A cutscene shows Rayman soaring through the heavens then jumping off into the
next section of the level.

You're now on a small island with a sunset glow to it. There's a large wooden
structure ahead of you and a Robotic Chicken bouncing around. There's also
four large stones(The ones you saw in the Menhir Hills) with Yellow Lums
under each. As the Robotic Chicken jumps, the stones do to and reveals the
Yellow Lums. Don't try and get them, you'll just be squashed. Run towards the
structure and jump on the box. As the Robotic Chicken jumps, the crate will
raise up, allowing you to access the hole in the structure. Jump in.

Slide through the tunnel and you'll be on a narrow tunnel. You'll see an
I-Robot up ahead. Run towards him and jump over to the right and run up the
stairs. Go across the railed bridge towards the cage[3] and about half-way
stop and look to the right. You'll see a balcony and a blockaded door, since
it's wood you can just jump up and shoot it open. You'll release some Globox
Children which bounce away out of sight. Continue along the bridge and open
the last cage[3] in the game! Now you'll have the maximum amount of Health!
Collect the Super Yellow Lum[20-24] in it and head to the right and jump on
the crate. When it bounces up, jump up into the tunnel, and slide down
collecting a Green Lum.

You'll land on a Shell at the end of slide. Make your way through the short
tunnel and you'll be outside going on what seems to be a bridge. But it's
actually a support collum, you're running up a wall! It turns out Shells can
also defy gravity. Continue and you'll eventually be upside down on a strange
network of wooden supports in a cross pattern. Run off the edge and the Shell
should turn and go on that side, do it again and you'll be on top of the
structure, it'll take a while to get a hang of. When you're up there, collect
the Yellow Lum[25] in the middle of the cross and the two Super Yellow Lums
[26-35] on two of the four corners. Head back down and head towards the
forward section(Near the beginning of the level where you dropped down from)
and you'll be in a pasture like area with slanted sides. Drop into the grassy
area, and the Globox Children will bounce out. On the sides are two Golden
Switches, so go up and hit them to open the giant gate allowing you to access
the beginning of the level on the Shell. Head to the right and watch out for
the Robotic Chicken! Now that you're on a Shell, it'll chase you trying to
blow you up. Run around the four rocks from the beginning and if the Robotic
Chicken runs into them, it'll destroy them. Once all of them are destoryed,
go back and collect the four Yellow Lums[36-39].

Quickly, turn to the right and you'll see a large rock sticking out of the
water. Run to it and you'll start to see a bridge leading to it! But the
bridge is broken in two sections. So jump from the island to the first piece,
which can be hard due to the Robotic Chicken. Then jump at the end of this
section. Rayman will automatically make the jump across and he'll run into
the cave on his own, entering a new area.

Rayman drops into a swampy area. In the water is a crate with a Yellow Lum
[40] on it, and Plums drop on it and into the water. Jump on it, and grab it
Plum. Turn around and toss it over to the grassy area you where on before.
Jump over and grab it and toss it up the small ledge. Jump up and grab it
again. walk right under the Super Yellow Lum[41-45] then jump on it and use
it to jump up and collect the Super Yellow Lum. Turn around and look back to
the river and you'll see a Purple Lum to the left. Shoot it and swing up to
the pipe on the right. Jump up to the wooden platform ahead and jump down on
the other side and land on the pipe and collect the Super Yellow Lum[46-50].
Jump to the Pirate Ship to the right and over to the bridge to it's left. Run
across the bridge and jump to the next section and run into the tunnel.

You'll come out the other side on more wooden platforms. Run to the right and
jump over to the next section of bridge collecting the Green Lum. Continue on
jumping over to the next two sections of bridge and a cutscene will activate.

You'll see Uglette! But she's crying. Rayman approaches as she mourns for her
children. It turns out the pirates have taken all her children, they're in
cages in the mines around the area. It turns out that Globox tried to free
them before, but he was captured again, but now he's on the Buccaneer. So
Rayman offers to get them back, by using the Pirate Ship!:

Touch Screen/Directional Pad - Steer.

A - Shoot a upgraded shot from the Crow's Nest of the ship, hold down A and
    you'll shoot constantly at a very high rate of fire.

B - I believe this speeds up the Pirate Ship, but I'm not sure.

The ship will always go forward, so just steer carefully. Touching walls will
cause you to take great damage. So continue into the canal, dodging the pipes
and you'll come to the South Mine. You don't have to stop the Pirate Ship,
because you can't though it will stop on it's own. After, lots of Globox'
children will come from the cave(Good going restraining them in caves eh?)
and jump into the Pirate Ship, then you'll take off again. Continue through
and you'll come to a Pirate Structure shooting back at you! Shoot it down and
you'll be in the crossroads section. There's multiple ways to go, but go
straight ahead into the canyon with two metal pipes near the bottom. Another
Pirate Structure will interfere, so take it down and you'll come to the North
Mine. Continue on and you'll come to the West Mine and a Pirate Structure
past it. Shoot it down before you dock. After that, continue on and you'll
come to the crossroads again. Head to the left a bit and into the canyon you
first see. This canyon forks, so take the left path, you'll get a better shot
at the Pirate Structure shooting at you. Fly past it and you'll come to the
East, and last, Mine.

Here's the hard part, you need to make a U-Turn, press Right and Down at the
same time on the Directional Pad or make a hard right on the Touch Screen.
When you're turned around, head back out to the crossroads. Head to the left
and back into the soutern canyon where you started. This had two wooden posts
going up the sides of the entrance with lanterns on top of it. Continue
through the cave until you get back to Uglette.

Uglette's crying her eyes out as the Pirate Ship covered with Globox Children
docks. One approaches her and calls out "Mama?" She turns and hugs him.
Rayman summons the rest and they're all overjoyed! Rayman tells him they can
use the Pirate Ship to get home. One of the Globox children opens his mouth,
and pulls out a Golden Object. It's the final mask! He approaches Rayman
wearing the mask, and tells him he found it in the mine. Rayman realizes it's
the last mask, and he waves the Globox family a final farewell as they board
the Pirate Ship. Rayman holds the Mask up and teleports to Polokus' realm.

Polokus congradulates Rayman for the final mask. Polokus says he's invincible
on the ground thanks to the Lums, but in the air, he's nothing. So you have
to be the one to take the prison ship down. He gives you maximum energy.
Raising his hands the obelisk splits in two and he floats on the top part,
the bottom part begins to spin and picks up speed. With a blinding white
light,it turns into some sort of energy collum that spurts our sparkles.
Polokus orders Rayman to go fight Razorbeard and he approaches the energy
collum. He hesitates and Polokus tells him not to fear. Rayman goes in and
teleports away. The energy collum turns back into the base of the obelisk.

Save, and the path the Lum follows in The Hall of Doors, will lead into the
dark cave ahead. You're now in a new area of The Hall of Doors. Outside, with
troubled skies and water, with a dark gloomy lighting(Don't know about you,
but I like how it looks). When you're ready, jump into The Prison Ship...

You're now 90.6% finished with the game!

LEVEL 19: The Prison Ship [LWT19] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  94

A cutscene will tell you Razorbeard has a special guest. It looks like a
salesperson trying to sell Razorbeard something; a robot. It has immense
power, two control-modes, and can kill, crush, destroy, torture, pull ears,
and the legs are programmed to squash those who flee! The name is revealed
and he tells Razorbeard to hurry up with his decision. Razorbeard gets the
idea in his head he can beat Rayman with it; you'll see a cutscene of the
orange robot shaking Rayman around like a ragdoll with flames all around. He
accepts the offer, and the salesman guarentee's no regrets, and leaves.
Razorbeard pays in a giant chest filled with golden coins.

NOTE: If you miss any of the Yellow Lums, just hop into the lava to restart
      the sliding part you're on.

The first part of this level is you sliding, so I can't really help you here
but there's 21 Yellow Lums[1-21] before you enter a hole to the next area.

Again, I can't really help you here, but shoot the switch on the right to
deactivate the lasers. Collect the next 27 Yellow Lums [22-48] and shoot the
switch to bring the ramp down. Slide up and you'll be faced with more
switches and seven other Yellow Lums[49-55]. Soon you'll come to a large pit
that leads to the next area, but don't fall in! Slide around the outer ring
and collect four Yellow Lums[56-59] and a Super Yellow Lum[60-64]. Finally,
drop into the hole.

A cutscene will show you a metal walkway with some Yellow Lums and a Golden
Switch at the end. You'll drop into a room with a command console in front
of you with a monitor displaying space... for some reason. Behind it is a
Shell Spawner. But it's not on, so you'll have to restore power. Head out
onto the metal walkway, and head right. There's a large grinder under you,
and on the ends of it are metal platforms. Jump on the second one you come to
and go under the grating you were walking on. Jump up and grab it, make your
way to the middle of the grinder for a Super Yellow Lums[65-69], then head
back. Jump up on the metal grating and collect the Yellow Lum[70] at the end,
then jump back on the metal part of the giant grinder. Run down the side of
metal section and you'll fall to the platforms below and collect a Yellow Lum
[71]. At the end of this platform, near the middle of the large grinder now
above you, is a switch. Shoot it to turn on the Shell Spawner. But Shells
won't spawn yet, there's a Henchman in the area. But this one's the strongest
form of them all. He's made of black metal and instead of energy balls, or
upgraded ones, he'll spray you with fire. He has a flamethrower. He jumps in,
shoots and then jumps away to jump back somwhere else. This is your only
chance to hit him. After a long battle, climb back up to the Shell Spawner.

Go to the end of the metal platform on top and you'll see a sleeping Shell.
Notice anything different? Yup, he's silver. Jump on. Murphy will tell you
how to control him:

Directional Pad/Touch Screen - Steer the Shell.

R - Hold this to "stabilize," I never use it, I don't see a point.

The Shell will run off the edge into the lava! But his legs pull into the
main body, and wings come out. You're flying! Near the lava, between the
large metal furnace looking structures, are three Yellow Lums[72-74]. Turn
around and collect three Yellow Lums[75-77] under the bridges that connect
the furnaces to the walls. Now head for the platform at the other end of the
room and fly low to hit the Golden Switch that'll open the door to the next
area. Collect two Yellow Lums[78-79] before entering a new area.

The next area is pure, straight forward flying and dodging of obstacles
whilst collecting Red and Yellow Lums. The last fifteen Yellow Lums[80-94]
are in this area, so just collect them all. After you make it through this
area, you'll be greated with a cutscene.

Razorbeard calls his messanger bot useless, and he tells him Rayman now has
all the masks and is on the ship. He's failed Razorbeard again, even after a
warning, so Razorbeard is going to toss him into some lava. Now Razorbeard's
going after you personally... well... in the Grolgoth! He knows how to lure
you to him. The camera shows the Buccaneer in the sky above a large
maelstromme and it zooms in on the very top of the mast to the Crow's Nest.
You can now see how amazingly large this ship is. Razorbeard heads into the
Grolgoth and and targets Globox who's hanging from his feet. He's about to
shoot but Rayman comes through the door! Razorbeard's surprised... even
though he was expecting you. He shoots at you and blows the doorway down and
Razorbeard says you're alone for enternity now. But Rayman pops up from the
side, surprising him again! Globox is still hanging on! He tells Rayman to
go and fight!

Rayman approaches the Crow's Nest...

Your game is finally 100% complete!!!

LEVEL 20: The Crow's Nest [LWT10] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LUMS:  00

NOTE: You have another Option in the Pause Menu, "The Hall of Doors" option.
      This allows you to return to The Hall of Doors obviously.

This really isn't a level, as you can see there's no Yellow Lums or Cages to
open. Basicly this whole level's a two stage boss battle, the final boss.
It's Razorbeard in his newly purchased Grolgoth, remember the cutscene? The
fight is quite long, and it's easy to die, causing the whole stage(Of the
robots) to restart. Anyway, fight!

You'll be on a giant steam collum, a metal metal grating circle and the robot
will be straight ahead. Around is just smoke raising up from the edges and
the sky's dark. The Grolgoth will run to the edge, turn around and shoot
three Flying Bombs at you. They're large and don't explode when you shoot
them, they get hit back at the Grolgoth. But if you're too far, the Grolgoth
will be able to boost over to the side and dodge it. If you hit him, he'll
fall, get up then shoot VERY quick shots from his feet, around five. Then
he'll jump up in the air and try to land on you, so RUN! If you didn't hit
him, he'll just try and jump on you. Hit him three times with the Flying
Bombs and he'll jump up into the air in a cutscene and Rayman won't move, but
the Grolgoth will just fall through the grating! Rayman will try and look
over the edge, but the rest of the grating he's on shakes, and it's too late
it falls down with Rayman. Ly will notice Rayman's in trouble, then make his
fall come to slow stop on a platform next with a very convenient Silver Shell
on it. It will lift Rayman on it and Ly's face will appear to his left. She
praises him, saying Razorbeard is nearly beaten and hope has come back to the
people of the planet. The slaves are also now free, and Polokus eliminated
the Robo-Pirates on the ground, now you must finish the job! Take to the

You'll be flying and Razorbeard's robot will be holding itself up with the
pipes near the sides and his arms. They've now extended. There's two tunnels
in this area, and there's two tunnels with lots of pipe debris for you to
dodge as you go through them. At the end of these tunnels will be the Silver
Shell Shots, allowing you to shoot the Grolgoth. Collect it, and you'll
notice a sphere below the Shell. Turn around and go back out and head for the
Grolgoth outside of the tunnels. Shoot at him and you'll notice that the shot
will aim right for one of his hands. It explodes on contact leaving the hand
in flames. Shoot both and the Grolgoth will lose his grip, then fall into the
lava taking damage. He will get back up then shoot two homing shots from his
foot. These shots are different, they're faster than you and they home in
with dead accuracy. If you flew past them, you better think again if that's
it. They'll turn around and come after you, luckily for you, you can make
sharper turns then they can. So when they're behind you and you can see them,
start turning all over the place and they'll lag behind. Anyway, nothing
changes into the battle until the Grolgoth is a little below half-heath. Now
when you're going into the back of the cave to collect the Silver Shell Shots
the lava will begin to rise(And Razorbeard will warn you about it) around
half-way through either tunnel. Once it does quickly get the Silver Shell
Shot and turn back around. The Grolgoth goes higher up when his happens.
Continue knocking him into the lava and he'll be defeated. Around 6 falls
into the lava, 12 shots, 3 Silver Shell Shot pick-ups later, he'll be done

The Grolgoth will sit on top of the lava as Razorbeard comes out in a flying
compartment. Rayman is just sitting on top of the Silver Shell(He somehow
managed to land it and keep it still... again) looking at him. Razorbeard has
one last surprise for Rayman, and the Grolgoth's body will start to shake
violently. You'll get an inside view of the monitor, and a five second
countdown will be on the display! Razorbeard flys to the top(Even though it
was blocked off during battle) and Rayman looks at the Grolgoth as the
countdown reaches zero.

The whole Buccaneer goes up in white light.

Everyone is sitting around Polokus' area, and mourning over Rayman as all
that's left is a shoe, on top of Polokus' obelisk... But Globox hears
something and looks over, it's Rayman! He comes in limping and three of
Globox children and his shoe come running at him. The children knock him
down and the shoe "re-attaches," Rayman hugs the children and you're left
with a message at the end you can read yourself. Finally, the credits roll.

Congratulations, you've completed Rayman DS!

5.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ SECRETS? +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[SECR1]
1.) The only "secret," that I've found was to be the 1000th Yellow Lum in The
    Tomb of the Ancients. Look into that section of that level's walkthrough
    and you'll find out how to get it.

2.) Multiplayer? Is there a possible multiplayer to the game? Probably not.
    But for some reason, in the credits, there's a section called
    "Multiplayer Level Design," where it credits two people I believe. I
    don't know why there's a credit for them if it's not in the game. There
    wasn't in any other version of the game(PC/PS/DC/PS2) that had
    multiplayer mode.

Answered by Christopher Murton:
    I would like to point out that on the DreamCast you could collect 8
    Globox Crystals. These Crystals unlocked mini-games in the Globox Village
    which could be accessed through The Woods of Light. You could play the
    disc-maze game multiplayer.

3.) Added by "nintendocam25@msn.com"

    In the game, if you just leave raman in one spot for 10 secconds, he'll
    start dribbiling his body around like a basketball! He's pretty good, too.

Have something to add? Which is unlikely, but possible! Look into the Contact
Info section.
6.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ GLITCHES +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GLTC1]

Glitches in this section can be of any sort, mechanical, graphical, auditory
but they'll probably be the first two.

Added by "Tayrybro@aol.com"

 - On the last level, the screen reads 0/0 Lums, but when you go into the
   level it will state that you have 41/40 Lums.
Added by "-Spirit-"

 - in the cave of bad dreams, hang on a moving platform (those
   skeletion arms), when it moves you will see rayman hanging in the air!

 - in the tomb of the ancients, go to the place with the third switch(on the
   back of a grave), you can walk trough the grave from the back!

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7.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ FAQ +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[FAQS1]

Read this section before you E-Mail/IM me with a question.

Q. I missed something[Yellow Lum/Cage] and I can't go back, will I have to
   restart the level?

A. No, for the most part, you can jump into a pit, which you shouldn't have
   trouble finding in this game, and you'll reappear where you got the last
   Green Lum was collected. But there are areas where you don't collect a 
   Green Lum, but you'll start there automaticly. A good example is the
   second section of the Water Skiing part in The Marshes of Awakening. This
   Usually happens when there's a cutscene and the loading screen appears.

Q. What is that number that pops up everytime I open a cage?

A. You've probably guessed it's the number of cages you've opened. It is not
   the cages in the level though, it's in total, out of the total 80 in the
   whole game. That's why the number goes so high 10+ when the level doesn't
   even have that many cages.

Q. Wait, didn't Rayman shoot Blue Energy Balls in the beginning of the game?
   What happened to their color?

A. After you have the cutscene with Globox in "The Canopy," where he gives
   you the ability to charge your shots, you'll shoot the Yellow/Golden
   Energy Balls.

Q. What happened to my ability to fly?

A. Sadly, after you're hit by the boss in "Beneath the Sancturary of Rock and
   Lava," you can't fly anymore. But if you return to the level, you can fly
   again! But only in that level... man Ubisoft is cruel.


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8.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ LEGAL INFO +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[LEGA1]

If you want to post my guide on your website, contact me(The information is
below) first and I'll probably approve of it. Don't change anything in the
guide if/when you post it on your site, and DO NOT give yourself credit for
any of the work within this guide.

As of now, only these sites/people have the authorization to post my guide
on their site(s):

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9.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ CONTACT INFO +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[CONT1]

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question of clarification, or just chat, you can contact me in a via E-Mail
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