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Become the Pokémon Dash Grand Prix Champion!

Make tracks as you put Pikachu through its paces speeding around the course. Race against the clock and other Pokémon rivals passing the checkpoints as you head towards the goal. Fast-action fun!

Race your rivals!
You can race as Pikachu in a whole new way using the stylus slide action to reach the goal in record time! Don't be beaten by your rivals!

Meet Munchlax!
It's a mad dash racing against rival Pokémon. Don't be surprised when you run across an unfamiliar face. Meet Munchlax, the pre-evolved form of Snorlax!

Connect for more courses!
Hook up with Game Boy Advance Pokémon versions: Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald to create new courses in the shape of your GBA Pokémon!

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