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Game Script by JustChillin

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 10/03/2005
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Advance Wars: Dual Strike - Game Script v1.01
September 2005

Written by: JustChillin aka "JC"
email: justchillinjc@gmail.com

Version History

1.0 - Initial release (October 1, 2005)
1.01 - Proofread; changed format; re-arranged some things. Some mispellings
may exist. However, the script should be 99.5% accurate.


The game script faq will contain spoilers in the story. So please be aware
that if you have not completed Campaign mode you shouldn't read this guide 
unless you don't care about having the story ruined for you. This guide will
have character intros and I may pull these out to make this script look less
cluttered. It will be moved to my CO quote FAQ for sure, but I may remove them
entirely from this guide as well. 
You may look for them there--be aware that they may have spoilers, too. This faq
will try to have every game script possible throughout the campaign mode. This
is also only the dialogue for Normal Campaign, as Hard campaign only has
pre-mission dialogue, everything else is left out. 
There may be an exception so I'll look into Hard Campaign, and of course HC
allows for all COs, so I will have to try to get all the intros.

Game script for Advance Wars: Dual Strike


Several months have passed since the war in Macro Land. Thanks to Andy, Nell,
 and the other COs, the Black Hole Army was defeated. The people there can
finally live in peace.

But in the far-off continent of Omega Land, trouble was brewing. It is from here
that Black Hole launched a massive invasion. The enemy army has replenished its
might with remarkable speed under the command of a new leader.

The last great war left many questions unanswered, and so
Orange Star,
Blue Moon,
Green Earth,
and Yellow Comet
have joined forces to recreate the Allied Nations. Determined to free their
homeland, they launch a counterattack.


Nell: "Rachel, I want you to be careful. This looks like it could be a tough

Rachel: "Don't you worry about me, Sis. You've got your hands full over in Macro
Land. We may not have a big presence here in Omega Land, but we're not alone.
With all four Allied Nations working together, Black Hole's no match for us!"

Nell: "I'm glad to hear that. Still, I've sent a few of our COs over to give
you a hand. Just hang in there until they can arrive, and don't do anything
rash, OK?"

Rachel: "I've got it, Sis! My Omega Land COs can take anything Black Hole dishes

Nell: "Hah! I know, I know. And with you in the field, I've got nothing to worry
about. I don't think I'll be able to join you, though. That means you're in
charge of field training any new COs, all right?"

Rachel: "Got it!"

Nell: "Good. That is all, soldier! And by the way, don't call me 'Sis,' not when
the other COs might hear."

Rachel: "Oh, yeah. That might get them wondering about your age!"

Nell: "Hey! That's not what I'm saying at all!"

Rachel: "I have my orders, Commander Nell! I'll take care of everything. Rachel,
signing out!" ...Click.

Jake: "... So Commander Nell is your sister?"

Rachel: "Yep. We both enlisted about the same time, but my big s-- I mean,
Commander Nell's smarter than me, so she rose through the ranks fast. Luck had
something to do with it, too."

Jake: "Naw, you're razor sharp, Rachel. I guess I haven't been much of anywhere,
but I haven't met anyone smarter."

Rachel: "Ha! Take one step out of Omega Land, and you'll be tripping over COs
with way more skill than me! But listen, Jake, Omega land is in very real
danger. And we can't count on getting backup from Macro Land anytime soon. We
can't even be sure where all of our allied COs are now, either. You and me are
the only ones left to stop the enemy, Jake."

Jake: "Sounds like our backs are up against the wall."

Rachel: "All in all, you're taking this pretty well. You're not worried?"

Jake: "Naw. Well...yeah. Maybe a little. But with you rollin' beside me, I know
it's all good."

Rachel: "Don't even think I'm doing all the work. You're going to have to pull
your weight! It's time to start training. I'm warning you, though, I'm not going
to go easy on you."

Jake: "What?! Oh, let me turn my music down. Yeah, cool... I'm listening."

***Mission-01 start***

Jake's Trial

Rachel: The orange units on the map are yours, Jake. The blue units are mine.
They're on special loan from Blue Moon's army. The real enemy is Black Hole, so
their units will be black. Don't forget! This moving triangle is the cursor.
You'll use it to give orders to your units. Tap one of your units and issue an
order, Jake."

Jake: "Cool. I'll give it a shot."

*You select the infantry unit*

Rachel: "The unit you selected is an infantry unit. It's a direct-combat unit.
In addition to attacking, infantry and mech units can also capture cities and
bases. There's a white city and an orange city near your infantry unit, right?
The orange city is one of your bases. This means it's under your control. The
white city is a neutral city. It's not under any army's control."

Jake: "Why would I want to capture a city like this?"

Rachel: "Good question. If you capture a city, you earn funds from it every day.
Also, resting a unit on a base restores some of its HP, ammo, and fuel each

Jake: "Whoa, that's cool! So capturing enemy cities must be pretty important,

Rachel: "you've got that right. Taking control of enemy properties is a solid

***You select the mech unit***

Rachel: "The unit you selected is a mech unit. It's a direct-combat unit. That
means it needs to be next to an opponent to attack. It has the firepower to
challenge tank units, something infantry units can't do. However, it WILL take
heavy damage if it gets attacked. You'll want to strike first to avoid being
wiped out.  When you select a unit, the area around the unit changes color like
this. You're looking at this unit's movement range. Tap where you want to move
to, then select either Attack or Wait to finish moving. Tap Cancel to rescind
the order."

***You select the tank unit***

Rachel: "That's a tank unit, a direct-combat unit that must be next to an enemy
to attack. Tanks have great speed and firepower, so I'm sure you'll be using
them often."

***Your infantry or mech starts capturing a city***

Rachel: "You've started capturing, haven't you? Check out the dark window in the
corner. This is called the cursor window. That flashing number is the capture
number. Once that number hits zero, the property you're securing is captured. An
undamaged unit with 10 HP can reduce the capture number by ten each day so at
best, capturing a property will take you two days. And while we're on the
subject, you shouldn't move a unit while it's capturing. If you forget and move,
the property's capture number will return to full. The same is true if that unit
is defeated, so be sure to defend the capturing unit! Oh, and another thing--see
that three next to the star icon? That's the terrain bonus. The higher the
number, the better the defense it gives. The max is five, so a three is pretty

***When all units move***

Rachel: "When you've given commands to all your units, tap the menu button
shown above. This opens up the map menu. At the bottom of the menu is the End
command. Select this to finish your turn. Once you do that, the enemy's turn
will begin."

Jake: "Then it'll be your turn to attack, right?"

Rachel: "Yep. And even though this is training, I'm not going to go easy on

***Day two***

Rachel: "We're on to day two. To win this exercise, you need to defeat all of
my units. I've taught you the basics of combat, so feel free to move however you
want. If you want to know more about a unit or terrain type, tap it to move the
cursor, then check the top screen to see in-depth intelligence. Don't forget!
Get ready to roll. And don't you dare hold back--I'll know if you're going easy
on me!

Jake: "All right! I won't pull any punches!"

*All enemy units are defeated*

Rachel: "You beat me! Hmmm... Not bad! You may be young, but you've definitely
got what it takes to be a great CO. You were born for the battlefield."

Jake: "Yeah, you think so? Sweet--that means something coming from you, Rachel."

Rachel: "You've got good instincts, and I'm going to personally make you one of
the best. There are going to be some tough times ahead, so just stick with me."

Jake: "You know I will!"

***If Orange star loses***

Rachel: "I win! That means you lose, Jake. You need to sweat it out on the field
before we can engage the enemy. Want to hear a few combat hints?"

Jake: "No way. Let me think this through for a sec. Ummm... Your tank unit was
the beefiest unit in your army. If I can take that thing out on day one, the
rest of the fight should be easy... Then I could drop the hammer on you with my
mech infantry and tank unit! If I can't finish the job in one attack, I'll be
counterattacked. So attacking with my tank first should mean taking less

Rachel: "Yep! That's a deadly strategy. Keep that up and things will be fine.
OK, time to go at it again!"

***If you run out of gas for your units***

Rachel: "You are such a freak! You can't move, can you?"

Jake: "Oh, er... My bad. I just wanted to see what would happen if I ran out of

Rachel: "Stop messing around! Ammo and fuel don't grow on trees! Well, there's
only one thing to do now. Open the map menu and select Options. Choose Yield so
that we can start over from the beginning."

Jake: "Oh... Sorry!"

Rachel: "And as punishment, you're on supply duty for a month! And weapons
detail, too! Oh, yea, and you'll be cleaning my quarters. Have fun, laundry

Jake: "What?! Laundry, too? I don't see what that's got to do with--"

Rachel: "SHOOSH!"

****End Mission-01****


Orange Star Soldier: "Commander Rachel! We've encountered advance enemy forces!"

Rachel: "Understood. We'll head to the battlefield right away. Have we taken

OS soldier: "Our infantry have taken sporadic fire, but the enemy force is
fairly small."

Rachel: "I see. Well, we've got to get in there and rescue those grunts."

Jake: "So, I heard some Black Hole Forces wanna rumble?"

Rachel: "Yes, they've progressed much farther and faster than I'd anticipated.
I'd hoped to get some more training in, but you have to play with what you're

Jake: "Yea, but there aren't that many enemy units. Just kick back and give me
some tips while I mop these guys up."

Rachel: "That's the spirit, Jake! Sounds like we've got ourselves a plan. OK,
move out!"

***Mission-02 start***

The New Black

Jugger: "Allied forces falling back?"

Black Hole soldier: "Yes, sir! If we capture that nearby HQ, our conquest of
Omega Land will be complete. The enemy resistance has been pathetic, hasn't
it, Commander Jugger?

Jugger: "Query: Are we inside Orange Star?"

BH soldier: "Looks like it, sir."

Jugger: "Purge enemy from memory."

BH soldier: "Understood!"

***Day 1***

Rachel: "The enemy has three tank units. You'd better rest your infantry on
that city. Those guys aren't going to last long unless we get there fast!"

Jake: "It's all good--I'll just send my tank to rescue them."

Rachel: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I know you're hard to beat when you're on the
plains, but... You've only got one tank unit, so you can't win a head-on
attack. You must destroy every enemy unit, and you'll lose if your infantry
falls. You've got some new units to try out, so let's put them to work. Go ahead
and select a unit."

***When you select an Artillery***

Rachel: "That's an artillery unit. If it doesn't move, it can bombard enemies
from afar. It's deployed in a good strategic location right now. Isn't our
army well trained?"

Jake: "Indirect combat? Cool. Does that mean I can hit those tanks across the

Rachel: "Yep. And because it's over here, you don't have to worry about
counterattacks. But if an artillery unit is attacked directly, it can't fight
back. It'll be a pile of slag in short order, so don't leave it exposed! To
attack, touch the unit and choose Fire from the menu. Always keep in mind that
artillery units can't move and fire in the same turn. If there aren't any enemy
units in range, the Fire command will not be available. To see the unit's range
of fire, touch and hold the unit for a few seconds. You can use this same
technique to check the firing range of other units."

Jake: "All right, I'll give it a shot!"

***When you select the APC***

Rachel: "This is an APC. It's a non-combat unit. It's designed to transport
infantry and deliver supplies to adjacent units. By supplies, I mean APCs
replenish unit fuel and ammo reserves. They can supply up to four units at once
as long as the units are in adjacent spaces. Plus, it doesn't matter if the
units are land, sea, or air units. Nice, right? Once a unit loads onto an APC,
the Drop command will appear in the command menu. After that, it's as simple
as choosing where you want to unload the unit. It couldn't be easier, really.

Jake: "I get it. In this mission, I have to protect my infantry, so the APC is

Rachel: "Exactly. You know that APCs can't move in mountains, though, right?
That's because they run on treads, just like tanks. Units with treads also get
slowed down a bit when moving through wooded areas. Be sure to check out the top
screen for more details on terrain types.

***When you select the 1 HP infantry***

Rachel: "This unit's in rough shape. It needs time to recover, that's for sure.
But leaving it here could be dangerous. This is where APCs come in handy."

Jake: "Those things can carry infantry and mech units, right?"

Rachel: "Yep. And as long as the APC doesn't get destroyed, they'll be safe.
Plus, APCs have a movement range of six, allowing them to get off the front
easily. Select the infantry unit and move it onto the APC, then select Load
from the menu. If the APC's in range, order the infantry to load up!"

Jake: "You got it--I'll make sure those grunts get back safely!"

Rachel: "You've got the right idea. I'm counting on you!"

***Attempting to end turn w/o moving all units***

Rachel: "Jake! You haven't given orders to all of your units yet. Rescuing that
infantry unit is going to take all your units, so issue some commands!"

***Day 2 begins***

BH soldier: "Commander Jugger! Enemy units spotted!"

Jugger: "Identify enemy commander."

BH soldier: "He's, uhhh...a young guy."

Jugger: "Profile matched: Andy of Orange Star?"

BH soldier: "No, sir. It doesn't seem to be him."

Jake: "Hey, Black Hole chumps! You think you're all bad, stealing people's

Jugger: "File not found... You are...an Orange Star CO?"

Jake: "You know it! Now answer me!"

Jugger: "Reply irrelevant. Reserving energy for current task: splitting you
like an atom."

Jake: "You're in Orange Star's house now, and you're going down!"

Jugger: "Attack. Attack. Attack."

***Orange Star wins***

Rachel: "WOOOHOOO! Er, um... I mean, very well done. That was excellent work,

Jake: "Rock on! I won!"

Rachel: "I knew you'd deliver. You're going to be a great CO, Jake."

Jugger: "..."

Rachel: "So you're Black Hole goons, huh? Don't you guys ever give up? And how
did you recover so quickly? Last I checked, your armies were trashed after
your last failed invasion."

Jugger: "Reply irrelevant. Initiating Jugger retreat protocol. Next time, Jugger
breaks you."

Jake: "What are they after?"

Rachel: "who knows... But they're out in force and bent on destruction, that's
for sure. Let's leave the intelligence gathering to the pros and focus on the

Jake: "Yeah. We've gotta drop these fools."

Rachel: "That's right. Let's take it to 'em!"

Jake: "Rawk!"

***Orange star is defeated***

Jake: "I got spanked out there! This combat is the real deal..."

Rachel: "You were close, Jake. The key strategy here is the proper deployment
of artillery and APC units. First, you need to use your APC to transport your
infantry back to the HQ. Avoid moving your artillery units until you
absolutely have to. All you have to do is wait for the enemy to get in range,
then pound 'em! If they get out of range, move left along the cape and fire
again. If you think that won't cut it, send your tank unit up to finish the

Jake: "Sorry about losing all those units."

Rachel: "It happens, Jake. That's war. But don't let that regret rule your life.
Learn from this--that way, you won't make the same mistakes again. Chin up,
Jake. I'm sure you'll win next time!"

****Mission-02 End****


Max: "Gangway! I'm here!"

Jake: "..."

Max: "..."

Jake: "Uhh... 'Sup? Who are you?"

Max: "What?! You can't be serious! Don't tell me Nell's little sis didn't tell
you about me! I'm Orange Star's powerhouse, Max! I'm sure you've heard of me."

Jake: "We're kinda out in the sticks, so news is hard to come by."

Max: "All right, I'll let you off easy this time. So where's Rachel?"

Jake: "She's back at HQ for a war council. She'll be back in a couple of days."

Max: "Ain't that something? And after I came all this way to help, too. But here
I am, so let's get out there and take back all that land you lost! What's your
name, kid?"

Jake: "I'm Jake. I got transferred to the Omega Land front a few days ago."

Max: "HAH! Nice to meet you, Jake. Man, you've got a lot of nothing out here! If
the Black Hole attacks with any force, there's nothing to stop 'em."

Jake: "Don't I know it. So what's your style, Max?"

Max: "I like to hit the enemy hard and fast! No sneaking around for me. I like
to pop 'em in the nose in direct combat! POW!"

Jake: "Yeah, you've got some serious guns. Any strategy you don't like?"

Max: "Yeah, I guess. Why don't you check out my CO profile for the details?"

Jake: "All right, cool..."

OS soldier: "Commander Jake! Bad news. We've spotted Black Hole troops!"

Jake: "What?! Rachel's not here... Guess I have to step up!"

Max: "Whoa there, rookie! Running around without a plan is like painting a big,
fat target on your chest. Why don't you take a seat and let me show you how
it's done!"

Jake: "Word. That'll probably cut down on casualties and stuff."

Max: "You're a smart kid. I like that. We'll be fighting side by side in no
time. I'm gonna go kick some Black Hole! Watch and learn, Jake!"

Jake: "Go get 'em, Max!"

***Mission-03 Start***

Max Attacks

Lash: "Tee hee hee..."

Max: "I know that laugh..."

Jake: "You've heard it before?"

Max: "Yeah, I know who it is."

Lash: "Tee hee hee! What a pathetic bunch! I'm sooooo bored! Tee hee hee..."

Jake: "Huh? She's just a young girl?"

Max: "Don't let her fool you. She roughed us up last time we fought. Hey Lash!
I thought we knocked some sense into you last time around!"

Lash: "Oh, look, it's Orange Star's great big monkeyboy, Max. Let me guess...
They shipped you out here 'cuz you stink at indirect combat, right?"

Max: "Shut your trap! What're you scum doing out here, anyway?"

Lash: "I'll never tell! But I do know that while you guys are all beat up, Black
Hole just keeps getting stronger and stronger...and stronger!"

Jake: "She's right about that, but shouldn't both of us be exhausted? What's
going on? How did you recover so quickly? Where did you get your supplies and

Lash: "Duh! Like I'd tell you that! But don't worry--you'll find out soon
enough. You lucky guys get to help me field-test my latest invention, the black
bomb! It's gonna BLOW your minds! You'll get a bang out of it! Tee hee hee!"

Max: "Black bomb? It's nothing more than a big missile. Our copters will take
it out."

Lash: "Nuh-uh! Copters can't attack it! I'd back off now if I were you."

Max: "Bah! you're just wasting your breath. Let's just get to the blasting!"

Jake: "Max, check it out! The enemy has two Md tanks!"

Max: "Relax will you? Take a look at what units we've got deployed. See those
battle copters over the sea? Use 'em right, and we'll be just fine. Now listen
up. There are two basic ways to defeat an enemy army. One way is to wipe out
every one of its units. The other is to capture its HQ. On this map, capturing
the HQ seems to be the best option. I think... Let's just move out and see what

***When Selecting the Artillery unit***

Jake: "Lash said something about indirect combat. What was she talking about?"

Max: "Like she said, I stink at it. I don't like shooting things from
distances. Every CO has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your own keeps you

Jake: "So, you'll run up against stuff in every battle that you're good at and
bad at. Asking allies to handle stuff you're bad at makes your army stronger,

Max: "Yeah, that's the idea! If you need more intel on a CO's strengths, open
the map window and select CO. You'll find everything that you need.

***When selecting the Transport Copter unit***

Max: "This is a transport copter, or T copter. It's not built for combat--it's
for moving infantry around. The difference between this and an APC is T copters
can fly over water."

Jake: "We could get behind 'em and scam their HQ, right?"

Max: "That's one way to do it. Not one of my strong points, but it might work.
One more thing: T copters can't drop soldiers off on land while the copters
are hovering over water. It's too risky--the grunts could end up in the drink."

***when selecting a battle copter unit***

OS soldier: "Commander Max! Our copters can't attack the missile--it's flying
too high!"

Max: Huh? Lash was telling the truth? Maybe the only way to hit it is with a
fighter or ground units with anti-air capabilities. Ignore it. I'm sure it can't
do much harm."

OS soldier: "Yes, sir."

Max: "OK, Jake--this is a battle copter. It's a direct-combat air unit. It can
deal destruction to tank and Md tank units. See that bridge to the left of the
HQ? Stop the enemy tanks there if you can. Then, send your infantry to the enemy
HQ with a T copter. That'd be a solid plan. There's one other thing you need to
remember with air units. Any guesses?

Jake: "Fuel, right?"

Max: "That's right, rookie! Air units burn fuel even when they're not moving. If
an air unit runs out of fuel, it'll crash and burn. Air units can resupply and
regain HP at airports, but there aren't any around. Air units can get fuel and
ammo from APCs, so stick close to ours.

***Day 1, Black Hole's turn***

Lash: "Tee hee hee! Go, go, go, black bomb!"

***Day 2, OS turn***

Jake: "Whoa! It exploded!"

Max: "And it did a ton of damage, too! Stupid black bomb. I underestimated it!"

Jake: "We've gotta repair those copters!"

Max: "I know, but there aren't any airports in the area, so we can't repair
them. When a battle copter loses HP, its attack power also drops... There's only
one way to get our copters more HP."

Jake: "Yeah? How's that?"

Max: "Actually, we're not giving them HP, we're just joining two identical
units together. Unfortunately, we'll only have one unit instead of two, so it's
a tough call. To merge units, move one of the units on top of the other one.
You'll see the Join command when you do this. Select it, and you're good to go!
You gotta remember that the new unit's HP can't be more than 10, though. Got

***Day 2, BH's turn***

Lash: "You took the brunt of the black bomb's explosion and you're still
fighting? Ooh, you guys stink! I gotta figure out how to produce black bombs at

*** Day 3, OS's turn***

Max: "We're on to day three."

Jake: "Hey, Max, you knocked some heads on the front lines of the last war,

Max: "Yeah, that was a rough one. We only won 'cause we fought together. I got
a feeling this is going to be tough, too. You're a bit short on allies."

Jake: "Well, you were the first CO to get Omega Land's back, Max. I'm psyched!"

Max: "I just happened to be the closest one, that's all. Call it fate. I didn't
even get permission from HQ-- I just rolled over here!"

Jake: "Was that cool? Aren't there suppose to be policy meetings or something?"

Max: "When an entire continent's in danger, there's no time for meetings! I'm
sure Nell will take care of all the red tape and paperwork for me."

Jake: "So the rest of the crew is back in Macro Land?"

Max: "Yeah, they've got their hands full sweeping up the crumbs of Black Hole's
army. I don't think they'll be over here to help anytime soon."

Jake: "That's too bad--we could use 'em!"

Max: "Keep your chin up, kid! You got me, and I'm not planning on throwing
in the towel!"

Jake: "Yeah, you're right. I'll get better, too. We'll protect this continent

Max: "Now you're talking!"

***Orange Star wins***

Jake: "You won, Max! Let's grab that Lash and get her to tell us all about Black
Hole's numbers."

Max: "I doubt she's still around. She's a tough one to pin down."

Jake: "Ah... You're right. She bounced! What are they playing at?"

Max: "I wish I could tell you, kid. I was sure we'd finished off their boss.
We're not gonna figure it out here, though. Let's go grab some grub."

Jake: "I hear that! I want you to tell me about your time on the front lines,

Max: "Hah! I've got enough stories to talk all night. First, there's this boy,

***If Orange Star army loses***

Max: "Ouch... I let my guard down."

Jake: "You OK, Max?"

Max: "Yeah, I'll live. Gotta rethink this strategy, though. Setting up a
defensive front on that bridge is crucial. It's not what I'm best at, but I
ought to use the artillery unit for fire support. Taking their HQ is my best
bet, so there's no sense in trying to defeat every enemy. That sounds about
right! There's no way I can lose this time!"

****Mission-03 End****


OS Soldier: "What's the latest news from the war council?"

Rachel: "I can't believe how quickly Omega Land is drying into dust. It's all
happened in the past few months. Something's going on, I know it! And Black
Hole's different, too. Even though Sturm's out of the picture, it looks like
they have an objective and are following someone's orders."

OS soldier: "Our army is several undermanned, but they're growing larger and
larger. There must be someone or some group directing their movements and

Rachel: "For now, we're in the dark. All we can do is attempt to cut off their

Green Earth soldier: C-Commander Rachel! This is...terrible! Awful! Horrible!

Rachel: "What is it? Take a deep breath and start talking!"

GE soldier: "There's a gigantic missile headed right for HQ!"

Rachel: "What?! A missile? How long do we have?"

OS soldier: "Impact in approximately...thirty minutes!"

Rachel: "Gah! We have to launch a counterattack! Don't take your eyes off that
missile! Bring it up on the screen, now! I want to watch it as we fight!"

***Mission-04 start***

Reclaim the Skies

Jugger: "Attention, allied forces. Begin retreat procedures immediately."

Rachel: "Dream on, freak! You're the CO controlling that missile, right? This is
our homeland, and we're going to find a way to defeat you!"

Jugger: "Enemy untested: skill levels low. Enemy victory is impossible.
Resistance, useless. Approaching missile is your doom. Commencing attack

Rachel: "Hey, so what! Maybe I'm not that strong, but I'm the most stubborn CO
you'll meet! I won't stop fighting until there's not a single one of you left
standing! Everyone take a look at the screen. It shows a map of the continent,
right? As soon as we start fighting, the countdown will start. But if we can
defeat these chumps here before the timer reaches zero, we win. Things may
not look good now, but this time, our army has the upper hand! Let's move out
and teach these creeps they can't mess with us!"

***Day 1, OS turn***

OS soldier: "Fighters...and a bomber, too. They've deployed a powerful force."

Rachel: "Yes, they have. But don't worry--we've got plenty of anti-air ordnance
deployed. First, let's take a look at the enemy units and see what they can do.
These are fighters. They're direct-combat air-to-air units. They can strike hard
and fly long distances, but can't attack ground units. Next up, we have a
bomber. It can devastate land and naval units. However, it can't attack other
air units. We're facing a strong army but we're more than a match for them.
Don't be afraid--move out and take the fight to 'em!"

***When selecting an anti-air unit***

Rachel: "This is an anti-air unit. As its name implies, it can engage air units
in direct combat. Air units fear its firepower, believe me. And it's a beast
against infantry units. Tanks and Md tanks are a bit out of its league, though,
so be careful."

***When selecting the Rockets unit***

Rachel: "Ah, yes, a rocket launcher. This unit can fire indirectly on land and
naval units. It can hit at a much greater range than artillery units, so I think
you'll like it! As luck would have it, those enemy tanks are in range. Let's
pound them!

***When selecting the Missiles unit***

Rachel: "This deadly piece of hardware is a missile unit. It can fire indirectly
on air units. The fighter and battle copter below are both within range, so
let's attack. But which unit should you attack: the fighter or the copter?"

OS soldier: "The fighter, because it has a larger movement range, right?"

Rachel: "Wrong! You're much better off attacking the battle copter. Remember,
our anti-air unit can reach and engage the fighter, we can fire on the copter
only with missiles, because it's over the sea."

OS soldier: "Oh, yeah... OK, I get the idea."

Rachel: "And try not to move units unnecessarily."

OS soldier: "Right on. I'll keep that in mind."

***Trying to end turn w/o moving all units***

OS soldier: "Commander Rachel, some units are still awaiting orders."

Rachel: "Oh, you're right. I must be slipping."

***Day 1, BH army***

Jugger: "Enemy army has many anti-air units. Victory improbable. Ready naval
unit. Jugger retreat."

BH soldier: "But retreating in full view of the enemy is..."

Jugger: "Survival takes priority over victory."

BH soldier: "What?! Lord Jugger, wait for us!"

***Day 2, OS army***

Rachel: "This is so stressful... We can't afford to make a single mistake! As
you can see, we're using both screens in this skirmish. So far, the top screen
has been used only to display intel, right? Well, you can still see intel by
tapping the X Swap icon on the Touch Screen. This icon switches the top screen
between missile tracking and intel."

OS soldier: "So the X Swap icon only functions when we have battles with two
fronts, right? Oh, and there's something else I wanted to ask you about. The R
info icon appears when the cursor is on a unit. What does it do?"

Rachel: "The R info icon allows you to see more detailed information on deployed
units. You can check firepower, types of units you can attack, and other intel.
The R Info icon doesn't appear unless the top screen is on intel display, so
you won't see it if you're tracking the missile. Remember that! Oh and the R
button does the same thing, so you can use it, too."

OS soldier: "Cool. I'll make sure to use it!"

***Orange Star loses***

Rachel: "Oh... I didn't expect this."

OS soldier: "Noooo! The missile..."

Rachel: "I messed up... This is one fight we couldn't afford to lose! ...Some
example I've set."

OS soldier: "Don't say that! We believe in you, Commander. You'll lead us to
victory next time."

Rachel: "Thank you... I'll do my best not to disappoint you all."

***OS wins***

Rachel: "Yes! We did it!"

OS soldier: "Fantastic! Nice work, Commander!"

Rachel: "Let's redirect that ballistic missile into the sea. If we can recover
it intact, we can reverse engineer it to gain valuable insight into their

OS soldier: "Yes, ma'am. It's too bad the enemy CO got away, though."

Rachel: "He survived the last time we fought, too. He's a tough shell to crack.
Commander Max should be arriving soon, so I'm heading back to the front line.
You're in command here, now. Don't let me down!"

OS soldier: "Wait, Commander Rachel! Shoot, she's gone. She's such an
understanding leader. I'm glad she's with Orange Star."

****End Mission-04****


Max: "Leave it to me! Just stay here and make sure the chow's ready when I get

Rachel: "WHAT? Who do you think you are, waltzing in and giving ME orders,
muscle head?"

Max: "Simmer down! Man, you're just like your sister, you little hothead!"

Jake: "'Sup! What's going on?"

Max: "Hey, Jake! Gimme a hand with Rachel, will you? Black Hole forces have
been spotted moving into the Tahira Range and..."

Rachel: "And Max wants to march right out and open fire! Whose command is this?
MINE! I decide who takes the field! ME! Now back off!"

Jake: "Whoa, whoa... Chill! First, we've got to to do some recon, then we'll
talk. They haven't started anything yet, right?"

Rachel: "You're right. Max was being so gung ho and headstrong that I blew my

Max: "And what's wrong with being gung ho?"

Jake: "Take it easy, Max. C'mon, let's roll!"

(Flash to map of mission)

Max: "Hey... Was this place always a desert?"

Jake: "Didn't there used to be more trees and stuff?"

Rachel: "Omega Land is rapidly deteriorating into desert, and it's a serious
problem. We don't know what's causing it, but my guess is Black Hole is behind

Max: "For the time being, let's focus on crushing these goons in front of us!
There's a factory by the HQ, isn't there? This must be a deployment map."

Jake: "So we can deploy any units we want, right?"

Rachel: "Yep. And that, of course means you need funds to produce units. I
doubt you've given much thought to money up to this point, am I right? Well,
on a map like this, funds are a part of strategy you can't ignore. First off,
you receive funds at the beginning of each day. Now, the more bases you have,
the more cash you earn. Remember, bases provide you with terrain bonuses,
supplies, and funds. You'll want to capture as many as you can, no matter where
they are. To deploy a unit, tap a factory and choose a unit from the unit list."

Jake: "Word. I'll give it a shot."

Max: "The enemy ain't far away, and their numbers are pretty small. With all
this flat land, I'd say Jake is better off taking this one on his own."

Rachel: "I get your point, but let's discuss it a bit before we come to a
decision. You know you can scout the map before taking the field, right? All
you do is move the cursor around to check the terrain and enemy units. When
you're ready to start fighting, tap the menu button and choose Deploy."

***Mission-05 start***

Neverending War

Rachel: Starting with this battle, yo can now unleash your CO Powers. CO Powers
are special abilities that give commanders an advantage in battles. Check your
CO profiles on the map window to learn more about individual CO Powers. The top
screen shows a CO portrait, current funding, and the power meter. You can use
a standard CO Power when the small stars on the meter fill up. If you don't use
it, the large stars will fill and you can use a Super CO Power. Super CO Powers
are many times stronger than normal powers and can change the tide of a battle
in an instant. The type of power you use depends on the power itself and the
battle conditions. When the power meter is full, choose Power from the map
window and give it a try!"

***start with Jake***

Jake: "I can't wait to bust out some beefy CO Powers on those Black Hole fools!"

***Start with Max***

Max: "With my burly CO Powers, nothing can stand in my way!"

***Start with Rachel***

Rachel: "Enough lecturing! Why don't you guys decide how you're going to fight
this out."

***Day 1, OS***

***When you deploy a new unit***

Rachel: "I've got bad news--it looks like we can't produce any powerful units

Jake: "Yeah, and even if we had the funds, we don't have the materials."

Max: "That Md tank on the HQ is our problem. No other ground units can take
it on."

Rachel: "Hmm... I see what you're saying. We've got to come up with a plan..."

***Day 1, BH***

Koal: "Heh heh heh... I laugh only out of sheer boredom with the fools
populating this inane continent. I must continue, for the sake of the black
crystal objective."

BH soldier: "Lord Koal! Enemy forces spotted!"

Koal: "That decrepit guerilla force? They are beneath me. Battle them as you see

BH soldier: "Er... They're actually allied troops led by a commanding officer."

Koal: "Truly? Then I shall see if there is a CO on this continent worthy of
facing me. Heh heh heh..."

***Day 3, OS***

Rachel: "Yes! I think I've got it!"

Max: "What are you yelling about now?"

Rachel: "The Md tanks! I think I've come up with a strategy that'll take care
of them."

Jake: "How's that?"

Rachel: "I don't think those Md tanks move unless an enemy enters their attack

Max: "Yeah, so?"

Rachel: "So first we produce an artillery unit and deploy it near the upper
bridge. Then we send an armored unit, like a tank, to the city at the end of the

Max: "Right. Then the Md tank rolls out to slam the unit on the city, and..."

Rachel: "The next turn the artillery unit takes aim and KA-BLOW! The old bait
and switch. Too many artillery units and the enemy won't take the bait, though.
Be careful."

Jake: "Artillery units can beat down even Md tanks, so just one of them should
do it. Plus, I could always use a tank or mech unit to move in for the kill. We
just can't give it any chance to repair itself at all."

Max: "All right! Let's give it a shot!"

***Orange Star wins***

Koal: "How? How could I lose to a miserable band of misfits such as this?"

Max: "Who you calling misfits, circus freak?"

Koal: "Oh, you must be that gung ho gorilla, Max, yes? I see... So Cosmo Land
has sent reinforcements to join in the fun? Heh heh heh... This pleases me
greatly. Perhaps you can entertain me after all. "

Rachel: "Stop talking like that! It's creepy! How did you get here? Who are

Koal: "My name is Koal. It is a name you would do well to remember, little

Rachel: "Little girl?! My name's Rachel! And why are you so scared to tell me
why you're here? Black Hole is responsible for turning Omega Land into a
wasteland, isn't it?"

Koal: "Heh heh heh... I'm not ready to spill that juicy secret just yet. You'll
find out soon enough. This land will be devoid of beauty as your face."

Rachel: "Wha--?!"

Koal: "Heh heh... Farewell, fools!"

Max: "Hey! He's gone."

Jake: "That's a lot of sass from such a small man! You're the one who got

Rachel: "That pasty-faced weirdo is not getting away with this!"

Max: "Let's get out of here, Jake. The battle's over but we're still in danger."

Jake: "Yeah, yeah. I was just thinking the same thing..."

Rachel: "You better watch your back, Koal!"

***Orange star loses***

Koal: "Heh! Did you frail little people truly imagine you could match my
talents? I trust you've learned your lesson."

Jake: "Lame! I can't believe I let freak boy beat me down like that!"

Rachel: "The enemy can't increase its numbers, so if you take your time, you
can win this. Be careful not to let the enemy mech unit capture your factories."

Max: "Why don't you pair up an artillery unit with a direct-combat unit? That
should help you take out that Md tank unit."

Rachel: "OK! I'll win next time!"

****End Mission-05****


Colin: "The frontline HQ of the allied forces should be somewhere in this
area... Ah! I see tents! We're here, Sister!"

Sasha: "Yes, and so it begins."

OS soldier: "Commander Rachel! Blue Moon COs are here! They're on their way in

Rachel: "I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the allied forces frontline HQ."

Sasha: "Thank you. My name is Sasha. It's an honor for our country to fight
alongside yours."

Rachel: "The honor is ours. Let's pool our resources and defeat Black Hole's

Sasha: "Colin, introduce yourself."

Colin: "Oh, I'm Colin of Blue Moon, sir! I'll do my best for the cause!"

Rachel: "I heard you were instrumental in winning the last war. It's good to
have you aboard."

Colin: "S-sir, thank you, sir! Thank you very much!"

Rachel: "And your famous leader, Commander Olaf? Did he come with you here?"

Sasha: Commander Olaf is still in Macro Land, defending the motherland. His
hometown was ravaged... He sends his regrets that he is unable to join us."

Rachel: "I see... I was looking forward to meeting him, but I understand the

Max: "Hey, it's Colin! Long time, no see, little buddy!"

Colin: "Max! So you're here, too?"

Max: "You don't think I'd let those Black Hole losers do whatever they want, do
you? Is that your sister, Colin? What a babe!"

Sasha: "It's nice to meet you. My brother has told me all about you, Commander

Rachel: "Max, you freak! Watch how you speak to our allies!"

Jake: "What's up, Blue Moon crew? We're gonna kick some Black Hole butt, am I

Rachel: "Oh, please! Not you, too, Jake!"

Sasha: "It's OK, Command--er, I mean Rachel. We're going to be fighting side by
side, so there's no reason for us to be overly formal, is there?"

Jake: "Yeah, she's right. We're in for some rough times together, so let's be

OS soldier: "Commander! Enemy forces to the west! Land and sea units, both!"

Rachel: "Understood. Looks like we're going to have to end this welcoming party

Sasha: "Rachel, please let us handle this. Colin and I need to see the enemy for

Rachel: "But...err...ummm..."

Max: "C'mon, Rachel! It'll be fine. Let Blue Moon show us what they can do!"

Jake: "Watching them fight would rock! And...er...I'm sure I'd learn a lot,

Sasha: "Superb! It's decided then. Let's go survey the battlefield. Come,

Colin: "Right behind you!"

***Mission-06 start***

The Ocean Blue

Sasha: "Hmm, a naval battle. Colin, you haven't seen combat for a while, have
you? Take command. I'll back you up. Don't worry. You've got the numbers to pull
this off. This is a fight you can win."

Colin: "Oh, OK. I'll give it a shot."

Sasha: "Make sure you keep track of your air and naval units' fuel supplies.
Don't forget that you can supply them with your APC."

Colin: "OK! The enemy's awfully close, though. This is going to be quite a

Sasha: "It's OK. Don't be nervous. I'm going to walk you through this step by

***Day 1, OS***

***Attempt to end turn without moving every unit***

Sasha: "Colin! Some of your units are still awaiting orders. Don't leave them 
like that!"

***When selecting the Lander***

Sasha: "That's a lander, a naval transport that can carry two ground units at a
time. There are shoals here, too. Shoals and ports are the only terrain types
where landers can load and unload units. You cannot unload units onto terrain
those units cannot normally cross. For example, you can't unload a unit with
treads onto a mountain."

Colin: "Just like an APC can't drop an infantry unit into the ocean, right?"

Sasha: "That's correct. If you understand that, landers should prove easy to

***When selecting the battle copter***

Sasha: "For air units like B copters, cruisers are a natural predator. If an
enemy cruiser approaches, it's a good idea to order a temporary retreat. Now,
there are several ways to retreat. You can simply fly as far away as possible,
or escape to dry land. You can also land on one of your own cruisers."

Colin: "That's right! If I remember correctly, cruisers can carry two copters
at a time."

Sasha: "You are correct. I'll let you choose your own path, but don't take
unnecessary risks."

***When selecting the cruiser***

Sasha: "You've selected a cruiser, which is a direct-combat unit. It can fire on
all air and naval units, but it's especially strong against subs. When you find
an enemy sub within range, attack and see for yourself."

Colin: "Understood! I'm looking forward to it."

***When selecting the battleship***

Sasha: "That's a battleship--as you know, it's an extremely potent
indirect-combat unit. Battleships have the longest range of fire of any known
indirect-combat unit. The enemy cruiser looks to be in range, so go ahead and
fire a full salva at it."

***When selecting the sub***

Sasha: "That's a sub, a direct-combat unit that can attack any naval unit. It's
no match for a cruiser though, so don't get too close. Subs also have a special
ability: they can dive and submerge underwater. By submerging, they can
completely protect themselves from all indirect fire. Of course, they're still
vulnerable to the direct fire of cruisers and other subs."

Colin: "Shouldn't I keep it submerged all the time, then?"

Sasha: "No, it's not that simple. You see, subs burn fuel when they're
submerged...even if they're not moving. And if subs run out of fuel, they sink."

Colin: "Oh, I see... It all balances out, then, doesn't it? The good and the

Sasha: "You could say that. There's also a stealth factor that comes into play.
But that's only on maps with Fog of War, so we can deal with that later, I
suppose. For the time being, you need that sub to take on the enemy battleship,
so do your best to keep it safe."

Colin: "Understood!"

***Day 1, BH***

BH soldier: "Commander Lash! We don't have enough firepower. We're going to be
crushed! Couldn't we...uhh...rethink this?"

Lash: "No! No! No! We can always build more units! As many as we need!
Everything's disposable. Everything! What's the point of having all this stuff
if we don't get to break it!?"
BH soldier: "Disposable? But..."

Lash: "Quiet, you! I'm the one who designed our power source, the black crystal.
So any ordnance we make with it is mine to play with! Tee hee hee! Attack!"

BH soldier: "Uhhh... Can somebody please talk some sense into Commander Lash?

***Orange Star wins***

Lash: "Eeeek! We lost!? I mean, I saw it coming, but...it still kinda stings,
you know?"

Colin: "That's what you get, Lash! What is it with you and these wasteful,
foolish battles?"

Lash: "Shut it! YOU are NOT going to lecture ME! You're not the boss of me! I'm
gonna pay you back for the last war! You better get ready!"

Sasha: "How utterly childish. Under different circumstances, she could have been
a brilliant commander. What a shame."

Jake: "You spanked 'em, Colin!"

Colin: "No, no... I didn't do anything. I was just following orders, as always!"

Jake: "I bet you can rock deployment maps. Every CO has their own thing, and you
know how to work yours!"

Sasha: "Jake is right, Colin. Set your shoulders straight and stand with pride."

Colin: "Sir, yes, sir! But I'd rather get back to the war! This is...

***Orange Star loses***

Lash: "Hold up--I won?! Tee hee hee! I am such a genius! Or was my opponent a
stinky, snotty loser? Probably both!"

Colin: "F-f-fiddlesticks!"

Sasha: "Colin, you will not let this defeat turn you to self-pity. Stand up
straight. Let's review. I believe eliminating the cruiser should be your first
priority. That would allow your B copters to fly without fear. Use your 
artillery to sink the enemy lander and challenge their B ship. Believe in
yourself, Colin. You are a commander--one of Blue Moon's finest!"

Colin: "Thank you. I'll make up for this loss by vanquishing Black Hole in the
next battle!"

****End Mission-06****


Jugger: "Battlefield visibility...poor. Situation...dangerous"

Koal: "Adapt. Take advantage of these conditions and ambush the enemy. Tell me,
Jugger, is the placement of the black crystal complete?"

Jugger: "Crystal placement incomplete. Lash running late."

Koal: "I see. We must purchase time to make up for her tardiness. Return to the 
base, Jugger, and see to its defenses."

Jugger: "Order understood. Jugger rolling out."

Koal: "The allied forces are closing in on the heart of the Black Hole's army.
Is there truly a CO among them capable of achieving our downfall? Regardless,
they must be extinguished before they grow too strong. If this black crystal
gambit succeeds, these mere skirmishes will be meaningless. We will sweep across
the continents and seize control of the entire planet. And yet we need time. We
must not lose our cool."


Fog Rolls In

OS soldier: Commander Jake! We're detecting a large number of metal objects in
the region! Analyzing data... Done! Sir, it's the Black Hole Army!"

Jake: "Yeah, but how am I supposed to see anything through this Fog of War? This
looks sketchy--the enemy's got to be out there planning an ambush."

Sasha: "It's a good thing we decided to investigate this coastal route, isn't
it? If we hadn't seen Black Hole here, we would've suffered a nasty surprise."

Jake: "No doubt. Rachel and the others are quite a bit ahead of us, too. I gave
them a call, but we'd better smoke these guys before they get too big."

Sasha: "I see what you're saying. And yet..."

Jake: "What's up?"

Sasha: "It's this fog. To be honest, I don't deal with it particularly well."

Jake: "No worries. I can rock this myself."

Sasha: "No! This is something I must overcome. Please, let me have the command."

Jake: "Sure you're up to it? I don't want you to get owned."

Sasha: "I think I can manage if you give me advice, Jake. That is, unless you
don't want to."

Jake: "No, it's cool. I'm down with the whole self-improvement thing. I'll just
hang out and give you a hand if you need it."

Sasha: "Thanks, Jake. Let's go take care of business!"

Jake: "You can only see stuff that's in a lighted area. It's the same deal for
the enemy. Each unit has a search ability that tells you how far it can see.
This recon unit may be weak sauce in a firefight, but its vision range is five.
To attack in Fog of War, you've got to figure out where the enemy is first."

Sasha: "So I use the recon unit to spot the enemy, then attack with a stronger
unit. I see how that works. You need more than superior firepower to win here,

Jake: "Yep. You are so all over this."

Sasha: "Oh, please... Say, I can't see into that forest above and to the left of
the recon unit."

Jake: "Woods are different--you can't see into them unless you're next to them.
If you don't spot the enemy and try to head into the wood where it's hiding,
you'll get ambushed."

Sasha: "I see... But doesn't that mean I can avoid enemy attacks by hiding in
woods, too?"

Jake: "Pretty much. And reefs act just like the woods. You can't see into them
without rollin' right up next to 'em."

Sasha: "OK, I'll proceed with caution."

***Day 1, OS***

***when attempting to end turn without moving every unit***

Jake: "Hey, uhhh... Sasha? You haven't given orders, to all your forces yet."

***When selecting an infantry/mech unit***

Jake: "Infantry and mech units can do a lot more than just capturing stuff. They
can hoof it up to the top of mountains and scout out long distances. Have your
infantry climb that peak and check out how far it can see."

***Day 1, BH***

Koal: "They are attacking? The arrogant fools haven't learned to respect their
master. Even without a complete army, I accept their challenge. Class is now in

***Day 3, OS***

Jake: "'Sup, Sasha! You remembering to watch out for woods and reefs?"

Sasha: "I will. Thank you. I noticed that I can also see the areas where I have
bases. I suppose this means I should capture as many properties as possible,
right? Yes, I do believe I'm starting to get the hang of this."

Jake: "You're good to go already? You've got fierce skills, Sasha. Rachel had to
give me a special crash course on this stuff. It took ages."

Sasha: "I'm sure that's because Rachel sees how much potential you have, Jake.
And I can tell you're a good student. I think you two are a formidable pair."

Jake: "Yeah, think so? Rachel and I have both lost everything. Even our
families. I guess smacking down Black Hole is the only thing we've got. Wanting
the same thing has pulled us together."

Sasha: "I Have no business worrying about my own fears and weaknesses then, do
I? You've given me extra incentive to win this fight, Jake!"

***OS wins***

Sasha: "Brilliant! Mission accomplished!"

Jake: "Dude, Sasha! You dropped that fool!"

Sasha: "It's all thanks to your good advice."

Jake: "Nah, it's all you. You should be all, like, 'Whassup now, Black Hole?!'"

Sasha: "Hah! I'll be sure to say that next time. That will surprise them."

Jake: "Too bad that enemy CO peaced out. I wanna know what he was up to."

Sasha: "I get the feeling they were here to slow us down and buy some time."

Jake: "So you think this was a diversion? Part of some totally evil master

Sasha: "It's possible. Let's get going and join up with the main army."

***OS loses***

Koal: "I was only planning on delaying you, but I actually won. How rich. What
pathetic wretches you are."

Sasha: "I've failed..."

Jake: "Sasha! You all right?"

Sasha: "Yes...but I've been humiliated. I think I know what to do, though. On
Fog of War maps, the vision range of recon units is incomparable. It's best to
proceed slowly and guard them with more powerful units. It's also vital that I
capture bases and expand my range of vision that way, too. There's not much I
can do if I can't see anything, right?"

Jake: "And if you start taking heat from indirect fire, check the nearby woods
and reefs. I'm guessing there's a unit camping in the woods near the HQ."

Sasha: "Thank you, Jake. Let's give this one more try. I know I can win!"

****End Mission-07****


Max: "We've come a long way. Are you sure the enemy's set up shop in this area?"

Rachel: "Probably. Recent troop-movement intel points to this location."

Jake: "The fighting is gettin' fierce, too. Black Hole is all up in our
business. Who knows what they're up to?"

Sasha: "No kidding. There's no telling what they'll do when they get backed into
a corner."

***flash to map***

Lash: "Jugger! Let's go shock those losers with our new game plan! Tee hee!"

Jugger: "New strategy analyzed and understood. New weapon system deploying...
Piperunner online. Enemy defeat imminent."

Lash: "Tee hee hee! It's time for a tag battle!"

***Mission-08 Start***

Tag Battle

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Black Hole may be bustin' out their big guns, but that doesn't mean we're
gonna bail! Yeah, you like that, Black Hole?! These are my new stomping boost!"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "This isn't the Black Hole stronghold. We don't have time to waste here.
Now get out of the way!"

***Max starts***

Max: "What's the big idea? Move your carcasses out of the way!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "Hey! Is this a deployment map? That means I can handle this!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "It's time for you to taste the pain you inflicted on the people of Blue

***Day 1, OS***

OS soldier: "Enemy unit dead ahead! It's a new Black Hole weapon!"

Rachel: "I see it. It's sitting on one of Black Hole's infamous pipes. They're
impervious to any type of attack. This weapon is new to me, though.

Jake: "Rachel, that's got to be an indirect-combat unit."

Rachel: "How can you tell?"

Jake: "Check out the size and angle of that barrel. I bet that thing can rain
some hot death!"

Rachel: "I see what you're saying. In that case, we should get next to it and
pound away. It may be big, but there's only one of them. It'll blow up like
anything else!

***Day 2, OS***

Jake: "Black Hole is totally scheming something. I only see one army, but there
are two COs. What's up with that?"

Rachel: "Who knows? Just stay on your toes. They may be evil, but they're not

Jake: "Word..."

***Day 2, BH***

Lash: "Tee hee! Tag battle is our latest tactical innovation, and it's pure
genius! What we do is change COs mid-battle to adapt to any condition on the
field. When the time is right, we can use our Tag Power and attack on the same
day! What that means is that, once one CO is done, the other CO can issue
orders. Do you understand the genius at work here? Huh? Do you? If you and I
were more compatible, our attack would be even stronger, but..."

Jugger: "Twice the pain equals twice the terror."

Lash: "Tee hee hee! That's Black Hole math! Prepare to get served!"

***When piperunner is destroyed***

Lash: "No! No! No! They blew it up! And piperunners are such a pain to make,

Jugger: "Not a problem. Piperunners can now be built in factories. We have Tag
Powers and advantage. Victory is certain... 

Lash: "It still bums me out, but... Whatever! All we have to do is not get
overrun or let them capture our HQ! Tee hee!"

***When neutral airport is captured by OS***

Rachel: "With that airport we just captured, we can now build air units. It's
also a place where B copters and bombers can repair and refuel. Capturing this
airport put us a lot closer to victory. Let's keep on rolling!"

***Orange Star wins***

Jake: "Stick a fork in 'em and crank the music, 'cause they're done!"

Rachel: "So that was a tag battle... It seemed odd at first, but it has its
advantages. It seems worthy studying."

Sasha: "I agree. This is no time for us to worry about appearances, either.
Let's steal every technique and weapon Black Hole comes up with."

Max: "You may look all prim and proper, but you can get low-down and dirty,

Sasha: "They built their empire with our materials. We're merely taking back
what is ours."

Rachel: "Let's analyze the battle data so we can use tag tactics in our next

Jake: "Now we can drop some science on those fools. Things are finally lookin'

***Orange Star loses***

Jugger: "Destruction... Comprehensive. Tag battle tactics... Victorious."

Lash: "Tee hee hee! You know it! That was way too easy!"

Max: "Their stupid strategy is more dangerous than I gave it credit for. What

Rachel: "We're still only facing one CO at a time. I don't think we need to
worry too much. It was the tag break that broke our back. If we can just survive
that, everything else will be business as usual."

Jake: "So I get it--we just chill and play it like a normal battle? One thing
we've gotta do is snag that airport on that little island to the right. If their
infantry gets too close, we can roll out recon or tanks to spank 'em. At the
same time, let's try to grab that neutral base just left of center. If we can
beef up our numbers, we can ride out their tag powers. Of course, it would be
rad if we could end it before they can even use their power."

Rachel: "That's a bold plan. But you're right, the enemy will thrash us if we
move too slowly."

Colin: "Understood! C'mon, everyone! We can win this!"

****End mission-08****


Koal: "If they've made it this far, they're a threat we can no longer ignore."

Jugger: "Black crystal perimeter bases... operational. Deployment of Black Arc
flying fortress... Initiated."

Koal: "Very well, Jugger. Report our preparations to that...Hawke. Lash and I
will team up and attack. We will divide the earth and the sky between us, and
our guns will sound a requiem for the allied troops. Spare no cost in defending
the black crystal. Our foes will fall like leaves."

Lash: "Tee hee hee! I can do death--no problem! Dibs on the Black Arc! Oooh!
This is going to be so much fun!"

Koal: "That girl worries me..."

***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "What's up with this place? It's all dry and hot and...dry."

Rachel: "My poor Omega Land... I can't believe how far the desolation has
spread. And these nasty sandstorms... I've got a bad feeling about this."

Colin: "Umm, what's that tall tower? It looks like a Black Hole base, but..."

Koal: "Tell me, Allied halfwits, how are you feeling today?"

Rachel: "We were doing OK until we saw you, you pasty freak!"

Koal: "Your name is Rachel, is it not? You have an abrasive personality."

Rachel: "And you're an arrogant twit! If you think we're not more than your
match, you're in for a nasty surprise."

Koal: "Learning to tag battle does not make us equals, you silly little
cheerleader. Look at your precious homeland. It's like an old woman--wrinkled
and wilting."

Jake: "So you Black Hole vampires sucked this land dry?"

Koal: "Who else, young lion? Allow me to share with you the secret of the black
crystal. In short, it bleeds a planet's life force and uses it to make physical
materials. It is the source of Black Hole's miraculous regenerative powers. If
the crystal is used too much, the earth suffers and becomes, well... Like this.
I'd tell you that we cared, but I'd be lying. And that would be wrong."

Sasha: "That's horrible! No... You're horrible!"

Jake: "What?! This is my homeland. These are my people. You can't... Oooh...
Don't even think I'm gonna squeeze out a tear after I bury you!"

Koal: "Heh heh! Such passion! Such bravado! We will twist it into abject

Rachel: "Cool it, Jake. Biting at the enemy's taunts will only play into their
hands. The black crystal has no attack power of its own. Let's rush it from the
factory at the center of the map."

Koal: "No. I'm afraid I can't allow that. Lash! Come out, come out wherever you

Lash: "Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this!"

Colin: "Whoa! Look up at the top screen!"

Jake: "How'd that get there?"

Lash: "This is Lash! I'm calling you from the fabulous flying fortress, the
Black Arc! I'm roughly 33,000 feet above the battlefield. And the view is

Rachel: "Black Arc? Flying fortress? It's huge... How did you get that thing to

Lash: "Tee hee hee! You're surprised! You're surprised! But wait! There's more!
I'm even going to throw in a free bomb shower!"

Max: "Umm... This isn't good."

Jake: "Yeah, you think?! We have got to do something about that thing!"

Sasha: "Rachel, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Rachel: "Yep. If they're going to tag battle, then we have to do the same! Let's
choose two COs--one for the main front and one for the second front. The main
front is on the surface, and the second is up there with the Black Arc. I don't
need to remind you that we can't afford to lose this fight!"

***Mission-09  start***

Victory or Death

***Rachel & Jake starts***

Jake: "We've come a long way since day, one, right, Rachel?"

Rachel: "We sure have. I know the war won't end here, but... We've got to win
today or there's no tomorrow for Omega Land. You know, Jake, you've become a
solid CO. I don't have anything else to teach you. I'm glad to know you've got
my back. You're the real deal."

Jake: "You're pretty bad yourself, Rachel. I mean, bad in the good way!"

***Sasha & Colin starts***

Sasha: "Are you ready to go, Colin?"

Colin: "Yes! The future of the allied forces rests on the outcome of this
battle, doesn't it?"

Sasha: "Yes, it does. It's going to be a fierce fight, but we must not lose.
It's time we showed them what it means to be a Blue Moon CO!"

***Max starts***

Max: "All those fancy machines are about to be nothin' but scrap."

***Jake starts***

Jake: "That's the black crystal? My tanks will flatten that thing like vinyl."

***Rachel starts***

It's time to push these creeps out of Omega Land!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "I won't stop fighting until this land is restored to its former

***Colin starts***

Colin: "All right... Here we go!"

***Day 1, OS***

Rachel: "Starting with this map, we're going to be using the tag battle
strategy. As the name implies, two COs team up and take turns issuing orders.
Don't worry, the basic rules of engagement are unchanged. Now, this time we've
got fighting on two fronts, which is dual-screen combat. So, we need to assign
one CO to the main front and one CO to the second front. In Campaign mode, the
second front is controlled automatically. But you should still check on it from
time to time. Like any ordinary fight, the battle ends if you're defeated on
the main front. The battle won't end if you lose on the second front, but the
CO remaining on the main front will be left alone facing two enemy COs. This
may seem a bit confusing, but I'll give you more advice as we go along. Here's
one hint: winning the second front makes it easier to win the main front."

***when selecting an air unit***

Rachel: "Let's talk about attacking that flying fortress. You'll need to send
fighters and bombers up to the second front. To do that, you'll need to use the
Send command. You'll find it in the menu. Once you do that, the selected unit
will be transferred to the second front. You won't be able to send helicopters,
because they can't fly high enough."

***when you send one unit to the top screen***

Rachel: Nice work! Now the unit you transferred can fight for the cause on the
second front. All orders on the second front are issued automatically by the CO
in charge there. Oh, and CO Powers can't be used there, either. The action is
too fast. Fight your way across the main front, but keep an eye on the second
one, too! Keep in mind that units sent to the second front can't come back.
However, if you win on the second front, the surviving units will be added to
the power meter, and that can be a huge advantage! Don't forget!

***Day 1, BH***

Koal: "All Black Hole units within two spaces of the black crystal will gain
fuel, ammo, and two HP at the beginning of each day. If we can stay close to
the crystal, the advantage is ours. If the black crystal is destroyed, all of
our plans will be shattered with it. Indirect fire is a danger, but Omega Land
itself is our unwitting ally in that regard. These sandstorms reduce the attack
range of all distance weapons by one. The allies will believe they have been
forsaken by heaven. The Black Arc's bombs will keep the allies from making use
of the center factory."

Lash: "I've designed the Black Arc's bombs so they don't damage our own units.
I just love being deliciously evil AND brilliant! Tee hee hee!"

***When CO on second front destroys a mini-cannon**

Colin: "Hey! Take a look at the top screen! The units we sent there have
destroyed one of the Black Arc's cannons!"

Rachel: "Three more to go! Our bomb worries are over once you knock out the
other ones! Keep sending units, and let's make the main front safer for our

***Day 2, OS***

Jake: "Hey, Rachel! I know you're only in charge of dudes on your own front.
But, is it cool if I give any general orders to the units on the second front?"

Rachel: "Yes, but don't insult your tag battle partner. Give some advice
instead. First, open the map menu and select Intel, then tap AI. Choose a
strategy option to give your partner some idea of how to proceed. Change this
setting on the fly to get the most out of your partner.

***When Black Arc is destroyed***

Lash: "Noooooo! The flying fortress has been destroyed!"

Koal: "Grr... Never mind that. There is no need for panic. As long as we win on
the surface, victory will be ours."

OS soldier: "The second front has been secured. The CO will now report back to
the main front."

Rachel: "Yes! Now we'll be able to see the Tag Power in full effect! If both COs
are on the main front, they can tag out to take turns issuing commands. To
switch COs, all you have to do is select Change from the map window. Selecting
Change ends your turn, though, so don't do it until you're done. Once the power
meters of both COs fill, you'll be able to use the Tag Power. The Tag Power is
a power where both COs use their Super CO Powers back-to-back in the same turn!
To use a Tag Power, open the map window, select Tag, and get ready to rock!"

***Orange Star wins***

Jake: "Yeah, you like the taste of that? Savor the flavor, Black Hole!"

Koal: "The shame... The black crystal has been shattered."

Rachel: "Ha ha! You losers got shut down! You picked the wrong place to invade.
As long as we're around, you'll get nothing!"

Lash: "Boooo! We got beat. C'mon, Koal, let's bounce out of here. We've still
got you know what--one black crystal is not that big a deal."

Koal: "It's the principle, Lash. The principle. Let us withdraw for now. Enjoy
the victory feast, fools, for you shall starve tomorrow."

Max: "They never change, do they? They say what they want, and then vanish."

Jake: "Max! We served Black Hole a hot bowl of smack down soup! WOOOOO!"

Max: "I know, I know. Now get offa me."

Sasha: "Ha ha ha... Jake is happy, isn't he?"

Rachel: "Both of us have a lot of memories from this place... I'm thrilled,
too. I've got to let everyone at home know what's happened."

Colin: "Last's last words have me worried, though. What do you think 'you know
what' is?"

Rachel: "Hmm... It sounds like they've got a secret weapon up their sleeve,
doesn't it?"

Jake: "Where are we rolling to next, Rachel? I've already got my battle mix
picked out!"

Rachel: "Hah! Just because you picked out your music doesn't mean we're ready
to fight. We need more intel, the troops need rest, and I want a nice, long

Sasha: "Oh, that sounds heavenly. A bath followed by a good book and some

Jake: "Sweet! Let's get going... I've got all kinds of stories to tell my crew
back home."

***Orange star loses***

Koal: "Heh heh heh... Behold the vile fury that is the black crystal. We
cracked those allied wretches like cheap pottery."

Jake: "WEAK! What happened? I thought we had the edge with our hot military

Rachel: "Technology does not decide a battle. That's what my sister taught me.
The wisdom and courage of a flexible and supple mind is more important. If you
can't go over something, go around--it's all about adaptation to adversity. In
this case, the most important thing to do is take control of the second front
and put an end to those bombs. To do that you have to transfer some air units.
One thing we've learned is that bombers work well against those airborne
cannons. So send up a good balance of fighters and bombers to destroy the Black
Arc! Once you've done that, you'll be able to tag battle. Using the factory at
the center of the map to build units will be easier, too. If you can do all of
that, you'll have a big advantage on the main front. C'mon, Jake! Crank up the
volume, get out there, and give it another shot!"

Jake: "I'm all over it, Rach!"

***Mission-09 end****


****You shattered a crystal!****

Together, we destroyed the black crystal and crushed Black Hole's plans, or so
we thought...but our enemy was strong, and the battle was fierce. But at least
for tonight, our men can rest easy. Max's troops are still up partying, and
Sasha's a real trooper. Me, I'm exhausted. 
 -From the pages of Rachel's journal.


Jake: "We completely trashed the black crystal on Bearen Island, but the Black
Hole Army wasn't even phased!"

Rachel: "We've got to work our way up to the food chain and take out their
boss. According to the folks in intelligence, there's a large energy source
somewhere in Red Rock Desert."

Jake: "In that wasteland? Finding that thing is going to be some serious work."

Rachel: "And that is why we're going on desert patrol. It's an important

Max: "If it's so important, how come there aren't more of us going?"

Rachel: "HQ has ordered us to join up with a force of Yellow Comet COs and
troops. But, we haven't heard a word so far I hope Black Hole hasn't ambushed

Sasha: "Yellow Comet COs? Adding their might to our own would be quite

OS soldier: "Commander Rachel! We've spotted enemy forces on the coastline
ahead. It appears that they're preparing to strike."

Rachel: "They've found us already. Listen up, people! Get ready to see some

Jake: "Rock! Let's roll those fools straight into the ocean!"

***Flash to mission map***

BH soldier: "Lady Kindle, the allied forces are preparing for battle. The black
boat repairs on the battleship are far from complete. They need time..."

Kindle: "..."

BH soldier: "Lady Kindle?"

Kindle: "Inconsiderate rubes. I was planning to catch up on my reading during
the repairs. Battling in this desolate squalor is absolute nonsense, don't you

BH soldier: "Yes, of course..."

Kindle: "If we must fight, I prefer an urban setting. This appalling place is
just so...rural. But orders are orders, I suppose. Get the black boats moving
on those repairs. In this interim, I will make sure our guests are
entertained...to death! Aha ha ha!"

Max: "Those are weird-looking boats. What do you think they are?"

Colin: "I've never seen anything like them. Another new Black Hole invention,
I guess."

Rachel: "There's no point in guessing. Let's be sure to keep an eye on them as
we move in. If our lander sinks in this battle, that's it--we lose. Their
battleship is damaged, but we should still approach with caution. Starting
today, we've also gained authority to use the delete command. The delete
command lets us remove one of our own units from the field of battle. To do
this, select Options from the map menu and choose Delete. Don't get carried
away, though--deleting one of our own units is serious business."


Black Boats Ahoy!

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "C'mon, Rachel! Let's team up and tag battle this bad boy!

Rachel: "All right. I know your style, so we should make a good team. The real
war starts here, so let's pull together!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Hey, Sis! We've been given the command! 

Sasha: "You mustn't get flustered, Colin. We have to do our best so we don't
disappoint Commander Rachel."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "I don't know what that thing is, but I know I'm going to sink it!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "That thing is freakish! What can it do?"

***Max starts***

Max: "This is Max's road! Get outta the way!

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Black Hole's military strength is not a thing to be taken lightly."

***Colin starts***

Colin: "A new piece of technology? I'd better be careful."

***Attempt to delete the Lander***

Rachel: "Hey! Are you trying to delete the one unit we must protect? Knock it

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "Pay attention! Black boats can repair units, allowing them to recover
one HP. To do so, simply move next to a damaged unit and select Repair from the
menu. Black boats can also transport two units of foot soldiers at once. A map
leading to the black boat research lab is in one of the cities on the map.
Defend the cities! We can't allow the Allied Nations to get their hands on that
map. Understood? Now, we move out. And please don't embarrass me."

BH soldier: "Understood! Operation Black Boat under way!"

***When lab map city is captured***

OS soldier: "Commander Rachel! We've secured a map to a research lab in one of
the cities."

Rachel: "Really? Let me see... Yes! This is a map leading to a lab where black
boat research is taking place! Perfect! Now we can steal its design documents!"

***Orange Star wins***

Kindle: "Losing to you corn-fed country folk is enough to give me frown lines.
The time I spent on vacation must have dulled my killer instinct."

Jake: "Whoa! Do you use napalm for hair gel or something? Surrender now, you're

Kindle: "If you insist. Do you promise to interrogate me personally?"

Jake: "What, are you totally insane? I'm your enemy! We just owned your army!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! It's a joke, darling. You've no sense of humor at all, do
you? When we meet next, I'll be leading a proper army. You'd better do your
homework. Oh, yes, my name is Kindle. Can you feel the flames burning within
you? Aha ha ha!"

Rachel: "'Aha ha ha?' Nice laugh, snob! Jake, stay away from that tart."

Max: "These Black Hole COs just keep getting weirder and weirder..."

***Orange Star loses***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! That was too easy. It's like I'm still on vacation."

Max: "Grrr... That awful laugh! It's driving me nuts!"

Rachel: "That didn't work out so well. Hmmm, let me think... It looks like
those black boats have the ability to repair other units. We've got to sink
the their battleship before they can restore it to fighting strength. Our sub
is the best unit for that job. Black boats themselves don't have any attack
capabilities, so there's no rush. We can deal with them when we have time.
That battleship is the only unit that's really a threat. All we have to do is
stay calm and be thorough. We'll win for sure next time."

****Mission-10 end****


Jugger: "Warning! Allied forces approaching. Black boat defenses online."

Koal: "A man must strike while the iron is hot. We must attack with the army
we have. Launch an all-out assault and crush the enemy before they reach the

Jugger: "Loading Jugger and Koal tag battle program. Violence inhibitor:

***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "Hey, I don't mind tight spaces, but Black Hole has tons of dudes. If
they rush us, we're gonna get seriously owned..."

Rachel: "The research lab itself is lightly guarded, so here's what we're going
to do. The orange team will guard our HQ and send a small squad to take over
the lab. While they do that, the blue team will hit the enemy with everything
they've got."

Sasha: "The orange team should use their indirect-combat units as much as
possible. You can't afford to lose units with good vision while in Fog of War

Colin: "If we capture the lab, we'll get plans for the bri...bra...uh...brick

Rachel: "Um...bricks don't float, Colin. It's called a black boat. Maybe you
need glasses."

Jake: "Brick, black, whatever. If it repairs units, we need it!"

***Mission-11 start***

The Long March

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "We're gonna boost a Black Hole unit and use it against them? Seems

Rachel: "Well, it isn't! You know, Yellow Comet practices a martial art called
aikido that uses an enemy's own power to defeat him...and that's what we'll do!
It's a legitimate strategy. Now stand tall, look the enemy in the eye, and take
that black boat!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Sasha: "A unit that can repair other units... That must be the black boat! If
they're caring enough to help their allies, how can they do this to the land?
Healing with one hand and wounding with the other? It makes no sense."

Colin: "Do you think that means there are all kinds of people on their side,
too? You're the only one who would wonder about this kind of thing, Sasha. You
really do have a kind heart."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "Life will be a bit easier if we can get our hands on those boat

***Jake starts***

Jake: "This route is really narrow. It's gonna be tough to use tanks here..."

***Max starts***

Max: "Look at all those indirect-combat units! This kind of thing ain't my cup
of tea."

***Colin starts***

Colin: "If we win, we'll be able to build a brand-new unit... This is a crucial

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Those plans could be a great boon for our cause. We must succeed!"

***Allied Nations win***

Jugger: "Research lab captured. Kindle will... punish. Fear capacitor

Koal: "Hmph. This is your mess to clean up, Jugger. I'm leaving for the next

Jugger: "...!!!... Koal! Unfair! Unfair! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!"

Rachel: "We've secured the lab's blueprints and equipment! Now let's head for
home. R&D needs to get started so we can deploy the black boats as soon as

Jake: "Sweet! We did it! Now we won't have to send so much stuff to the scrap

***Allied Nations lose***

Koal: "We have protected the lab, yet its location is no longer secret. We must
pack up our things and move elsewhere."

Jugger: "Understood. Initiating redeployment."

Colin: "They... They're gone! I don't believe it!

Rachel: "Hmmm. I underestimated the speed with which the enemy troops would
move. The orange team must protect the HQ--there's no way around it. But they
should send APCs and infantry to the eastern cities as well. Let's hold off an
attacking the lab until we capture the airport and port. The blue team should
also use their battleships to pound the enemy forces. If those black boats and
their repairs are making life difficult, take 'em out! We need those plans, so
let's cut the mistakes and do our best!"

****Mission-11 end****


OS soldier: "Commander Rachel! Yellow Comet COs have arrived."

Rachel: "Yes! The cavalry has arrived! Show them in, soldier."

OS soldier: "Yes, ma'am."

Grimm: "Hey, big man comin' through! Ahhh, we're finally here at Allied HQ."

Rachel: "We're glad to see you here, Grimm. And you too, Sensei.

Sensei: "I can't seem to get away from the battlefield. It's enough to make me

Max: "Hey! It's Sensei! It's good to see you looking so fit!"

Sensei: "Hah! It's Max! And Colin, too. Looks like we'll be teaming up again,

Jake: "Not only are we rollin' with the legendary Sensei, but we also get
Lightning Grimm! They say your attacks are stupid fast and strong. You know,
like lightning."

Grimm: "Hah! Cut it out! You're embarrassing me it's all true, of course, but
still. Before we go any further, we gotta get some things straight. Hey,
Rachel! You're the big mustard of this outfit, but I know a lot of nothin'
about you. If Sensei and I are gonna put our lives in your hands, we need to
know more. You're gonna have to show us what you've got if you want to give the

Rachel: "I get it. You want to test me, huh?"

Grimm: "Yep! You whip Sensei and me, and we'll fall in line with the rest of
the troops!"

Jake: "Dude, we so don't have time for this."

Rachel: "It's OK, Jake. This is a good opportunity for us to learn each other's
abilities. You're on, Lightning Grimm! For your sake, I hope you're ready!"

Grimm: "When am I not ready? C'mon, Sensei, let's do this."

Sensei: "You just love to stir up trouble, don't you? You know these kids are a
solid group."

Grimm: "Yeah, but there are only two ways to get to know someone--fighting and
eating. And believe it or not, I ain't hungry."

Sensei: "I don't know what you're talking about, but it seems everyone's ready
to go. Guess I'll show 'em what a shriveled old soldier can do."

***Flash to mission map***

Colin: "Ah... Missile silos!"

Jake: "Missile silos? You mean those things on that island?"

Colin: "Yes. One thing to know about them is only foot soldiers can initiate a
launch. They're easy to use--all you have to do is pick your target and fire
away. They can attack anywhere on the map, and they're super powerful! Well,
they can't hit targets on the second front--that's too far away."

Jake: "Yeah, that makes sense. But I bet they can pretty much dominate the main

Colin: "Oh, and another thing--their blast radius is big, so try not to damage
allies, too."

Jake: "Well, if they're that wicked, then we've got to snag that island!"

Rachel: "That's right! This time, I'm going to take command of the main front.
Look at the upper screen. As you can see, this is a dual-front map. Last time,
your partner CO controlled the action on the second front automatically.
However, if you want to be in charge of everything, you can adjust these
settings. Once I'm done here, open Intel on the menu, and find Auto CO. Touch
Auto CO to turn it on or off. If it sounds too hard, I'd leave it on. You can
still send units from the main front to the second front. I'll explain the
process once we're in the field. Next, we need to discuss which CO is going to
support me on this mission.

***Mission-12 Start***

Lightning Strikes

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "You're my second CO, Jake! I'm counting on you!"

Jake: "We're about to be clashin' with the legends! How cool is this?"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "These guys are tough! I am so going to enjoy beating the stuffing out
of them!"

***Max starts***

Max: "No offense, Mr. Lightning, but your luck has run out!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "I'm in a battle with legendary COs! This is such an honor!

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Sensei and Grimm? I wonder if I'll be strong enough..."

***Day 1, OS***

***When selecting the anti-air unit***

Rachel: "Instead of wasting this anti-air unit here, let's send it to the
second front. On maps where both fronts are based on the ground, units can be
sent to the second front from bases that build units. Oh, and from the HQ, too.
Units you've sent will arrive in the area around the second-front HQ. Naval
units will arrive in the waters near the second-front HQ."

Sensei: "Exactly right. And even if you send loads of units, there's plenty of
room. So don't be worrying about space! 'Course, I won't be so friendly if you
send anti-air and missile units my way! Guess I'll have to rely on Grimm to
keep you too busy to bother me."

***Orange star captures the island factory***

Sensei: "Ha hah! You let the girl snatch that island factory away from you.
You're in a bit of a pinch now, aren't you Grimm?"

Grimm: "What, are you senile? I'm just getting warmed up!"

***Orange star wins***

Jake: "We totally worked 'em!"

Sensei: "Hah ha! We were defeated fair and square. Score one for the young

Rachel: "So, Grimm, this means you'll be fighting with us now, right? Under my

Grimm: "I gave my word, didn't I? And the way you mowed us down? I'm happy to!
Listen up, people! Lightning Grimm is one of yours now! Let's go find Black
Hole's COs and make their mugs even uglier!"

Sasha: "He certainly is full of steam. I have a feeling he's the life of the

***Orange star loses***

Grimm: "Just 'cause we're allies doesn't mean I won't crack your yapper! Yeah,
that island's important, but you can't overlook the airport up top! And on the
second front, Sensei's battle copters are like screamin' banshees! If you don't
send anti-air units to the second front, your partner is done for! Deploying
distance units to fire across the river is another tactic you could try. I'm
gonna give you another shot at this, so come on and bring your A game!"

Sensei: "Hah... You're as brutal as ever, Grimm."

****Mission-12 End****


Rachel: "We've finally made it back to HQ. Is it just me, or is it really

Sasha: "It's to be expected--we're near Blue Moon territory."

Jake: "Check out these snowdrifts! I'd kill to have my board right now. I just
hope it doesn't bog down my tanks."

Rachel: "You do NOT have time for that, Jake! These drifts won't be a problem,
though. But if we get caught in a blizzard, it'll be a different story. I bet
our units will burn more fuel if they have to plow through snow and ice."

Blue Moon soldier: "It's good to see you again, Lady Sasha. I apologize for the
timing, but..."

Sasha: "Is the enemy in the vicinity?"

BM soldier: "Yes, ma'am. It appears that their momentum carried them all the
way here."

Grimm: "I'm getting a coat of ice on my head just standing here! Let's check
out the field."

Sasha: "Excellent idea. Come on, everyone, it's time we did some reconnaissance

***Flash to mission map***

Max: "Look at all this frosty goodness! You won't see this back home!"

Jake: "What's up with all those wonky buildings down on the shore?"

Sensei: "Ah, I believe those are com towers. Until now, I'd only read about
them... Capture them with foot soldiers to improve communications between your
units. The extra chitchat gives them a bit of a firepower boost."

Jake: "So they're Black Hole's now, huh? Let's poach 'em!"

Sensei: "Yes. And I believe the more com towers you control, the stronger the
effect will be. The bonuses you receive don't apply to allied units, though.
Don't forget that."

***Mission-13 start***

Frozen Fortress

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "So...f-f-f-freakin'...f-f-freezing! Doesn't this cold b-bother you,

Jake: "Yeah, it's pretty weak. My hometown is all hot and sunny year 'round.
But it's no big deal. I'd own these fools even if it was hailing monkeys."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Look at all this snow! If only Commander Olaf were here...

Sasha: "You can't spend your time thinking of how your allies can help you,
Colin. Try thinking of how you can help your allies, instead."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "Hey, Sensei! Wake up! We're on! Rachel worked us over earlier, so we've
gotta show 'em what we've got this time!"

Sensei: "Hah ha ha. Yes, we'll manage all right. Let's start by securing these
properties around us."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "Brrr... it's freezing! Let's finish this fast so I can get back to the

***Jake starts***

Jake: "This powder can't slow down my heavy metal. C'mon, let's roll out!"

***Max starts***

Max: "So what if it's snowing? We're still gonna mop the field with these

***Colin starts***

Colin: "The enemy has come far. I must protect my homeland... Hang on, friends!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "You will not be allowed to defile this land. It's time for you to go."

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "I think I need to warm up before we get started."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "I don't care for this cold one bit. No, sir! Let's get this over with!"

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "Don't you find this cold intolerable, Jugger? It's making my hair

Jugger: "Jugger has no need of hair. Black bomb lab nearby. Threat of Allied
Nations stealing the map: high."

Kindle: "I highly doubt they will find it--there are simply too many places to
search. It's much more important that we stay warm. Now, come over here,

Jugger: "Situation: awkward. Initiating subject change. Jugger forecast calls
for snow. Snowfall equals high fuel consumption. Must attack today. Attack

Kindle: "Aha aha ha... Attack before it snows? You're a dutiful one, aren't
you? Do you have a space heater in there? Yes? No? Oh, very well, let's go."

***Day 3, OS***

Max: "It's starting to snow hard out here. It's gonna get tougher to attack in
this stuff."

Sensei: "Brrr. This cold is making my old bones cranky."

***When a com tower is captured***

Rachel: "We've captured a com tower! Now our troops will hit even harder!"

Jake: "Word! Let's go gank the rest of those bad boys!

***When the lab map city is captured***

BM soldier: "Lady Sasha! We've found a map to a Black Hole research

Sasha: "Well done. Hmm... It's much closer than I would have expected it to be.
Let's transmit this intel to Rachel and have her send out an expeditionary

***Allied Nations win***

Kindle: "You must be joking. Did you actually manage to lose this battle?
Jugger, at this rate, your incompetence will get you melted down for shell

Jugger: "Jugger...ammo? Battle analysis indicates Kindle lost as well. Kindle
also ammo?"

Kindle: "Don't be so dim. It's time to retreat. You will NOT botch the next

Jake: "Yeah, you better run! What's it like to get served by a com tower?!
We've got to grab those whenever and wherever we find them. They own!"

Max: "Our strategy was perfect. Now let's head back to HQ. My nose is frozen."

Grimm: "You gonna let a little frostbite stop you, you big lug? I'm still good
to go!"

Max: "You've got energy to spare, don't you? I'm glad you're on our side,
chrome dome."

***Allied Nations lose***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Ooh, ouch... This cold makes it hard to laugh. My lips are

Sensei: "Very well played, young lady. So you're not just window dressing,

Rachel: "I noticed that the areas above and below the water are connected by
shoals. That means ground units can cross over them to press the attack to the

Max: "Hey...you're right. It might take some time, but it's possible!"

Rachel: "The orange team can definitely get down there to assist the blue team.
First, the orange team needs to capture the com towers and rack up some funds.
Then, if we deploy rockets on the coast, we can mess with enemy troop
deployment. The blue team should lay low, survive, and build up its own
firepower. When the time's right, both teams can attack together and squash the

Max: "Let's do it! This time, there's no way fire 'fro is gonna have the last

****Mission-13 End****


Lash: "Hm... Maybe if I move some of the artillery over here... Hee hee..."

Hawke: "Lash..."

Lash: "Oh, and I'll put some of those little tankies over here... Goodie! Oh,
no! They used a dual strike! Raaaar! Boom! Crash! ...Tee hee hee!"

Hawke: "Lash? ...Lash! Pay attention! Stop playing games on the battlefield!
Carelessness leads to death."

Lash: "Don't be silly. It's just a game! No, really... I'm playing a game, see?
And let me tell you, this boss? Totally hard. Seriously."

Hawke: "Get back to the lab. We've got company, and I've got another mission to
attend to. You're on your own for this one. We can't afford to have anything
happen to you."

Lash: "Yeah, yeah. Stop worrying about me! I DO have our brand-new weapon--you
know, the black bomb? I'm more worried about this stupid boss battle than I am
about... Uh-oh!"

Hawke: "What now?"

Lash: "I think I dropped something when I was walking around earlier."

Hawke: "See? You are careless. What did you drop? Nothing vital, I hope."

Lash: "Hmmm... I don't remember. Probably just bolts or lint or an egg or
something... I dunno. Who cares? I don't want to look for it. Let's just go.

***Flash to mission map***

Rachel: "According to intelligence, the black bomb research lab should be right

Jake: "The black bomb? Hey, I remember that thing..."

Max: "Yeah, that's the one that almost wasted us on Bearen Island."

Rachel: "That's the one. It has to be around here somewhere..."

Colin: "Oh! Commander Rachel! I found this in a bush over here!"

Grimm: "Gwar! What are you doing?! You can't just walk around touching stuff!
It could be a booby trap! And then you touch it and... KA-BOOOM!! OOOH, YEAH!!

Colin: "Oh no! I-I'm s-sorry, sir!

Rachel: "I don't see a blasting cap or trigger mechanism. Actually, it looks
like a remote control for a toy car or something..."

Sasha: "The enemy is just ahead!"

Lash: "Tee hee! Hello again, sad sacks! No one can have my black bomb! The
closest you'll come is when I use it to blow you all to smithereens!"

Max: "Grrr! Back for more, huh, Lash?!"

Lash: "Tee hee hee! Heya, Max! You still cracking coconuts with that big head
of yours? No one can defeat my scientific mind! All I have to do is press this
button and... ...and... ...Huh?... Oh, nuts My remote's gone!"

Colin: "Remote...?"

Rachel: "Hey, Lash? Could you possibly be talking about...this?"

Lash: "Heeeey! Give that back! Thief! Thieeeef!"

Colin: "W-why should I give it back...?"

Lash: "Hey! Are you losers asleep or something? The enemy took my black bombs!
Do you have any idea how long it took me to build all of those?"

BH soldier: "Um...w-what are we supposed to do about it?"

Lash: "Argh! Fine. Forget it. They probably won't be able to use them, anyway!
It takes a special kind of genius to master black bomb deployment. OK, let's
start the game!"

***Mission-14 start***

Lash's Test

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "Giant missiles... Flying bombs... Black Hole sure loves weapons that
self-destruct, don't they?"

Jake: "Maybe it's because they always leave the smell of gunpowder behind. I
could dig that... It's kind of a nice smell."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Sasha: "...Oh, yes. I know that smell... The aroma of gunpowder always reminds
me of sweet potatoes. Mmm... Sweet potatoes... Now I want some sweet potatoes!
Hey, Colin, let's bake some tonight!"

Colin: "Hey, Sis...stop talking about tonight's menu and start worrying about

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Sensei: "Explosives are hard on these old bones... Hmm... Is old bones one word
or two? Oldbones? Old bones? Oooold booones..."

Grimm: "Gwar har... Huh? Hey, Sensei, are you really senile or just faking it?"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "I'll use anything and everything at my disposal to win!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "That black bomb's blast radius is stupid huge, and it can hurt our units,
too. We have to be all careful and stuff..."

***Max starts***

Max: "The black bombs got us last time. Now it's our turn to fire up those bad

***Colin starts***

Colin: "I'm the one who found that remote... I want to use it!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Hmmm... Four black bombs on the right. I wonder how we can use them..."

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Oh hey, and airport! I love airports! Let's take that first thing!"

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "We've got to beat the enemy to the center of the map! Let's go! Oooh,

***Day 1, OS***

***When selecting a black bomb unit***

Jake: "So that's the black bomb, eh? Pretty sweet."

Max: "That thing has bomb written all over it! It's essentially a simple air
unit without a main cannon or secondary guns..."

Rachel: "I think it's an unmanned weapon. We can control it from here with the
remote. The controls are simple, so we should be able to move it like any other

Max: "Hey, let's try blowing one up!"

Jake: "Umm...isn't that dangerous?"

Rachel: "Maybe not. This is a new kind of weapon, and I'm not familiar with it.
Blowing one up is a good way to see how it performs."

***When you explode a black bomb***

Max: "Whoa! Kaboom!"

Jake: "I knew it! This is the same thing that destroyed our copters on Bearen

Rachel: "The bombs take five HP from any unit within a three-square radius.
Ok... Now we know what these black bombs can do!"

***Orange Star wins***

Lash: "Oh man, this is so annoying! Now I have to make another remote!"

Colin: "Hey! We found a blueprint for the black bomb!"

Rachel: "Nice work! Now we can develop our own black bombs."

Max: "Works for me! Those bombs are stylish!"

Grimm: "Gwar har har! It's like a huge fireworks show...and everyone's invited!"

Rachel: "Yes, I suppose. But you can only use them once. Isn't that a waste?"

Jake: "It's like you scratch that one phat beat that you'll never find again. I
like it! I've got to master these things!"

***Orange Star loses***

Lash: "Tee hee hee! I knew they wouldn't be able to control my bombs! And now
that I've rebuilt my remote, I'm outta here! See ya! Oh, and you can keep those
other bombs. Use them as paperweights or something... Or maybe Max can
bench-press them! Tee hee! Tee hee hee hee hee!"
Yellow Comet soldier: "Commander Grimm! Perhaps this technology is beyond us..."

Grimm: "Graaa! Don't go saying things like that in front of everyone! Those
bombs are just big sparklers! Any idiot can use a sparkler! Hmmm... I bet we
can win without those four bombs on the right. We'll need those left-hand ones,
though. If we move too slowly and run into the enemy, we'll never get them
free! We need lightning speed! Get to the pipes and release those bombs ASAP!
Use the bombs first to weaken the enemy, then attack with your other units. If
there's time, we can even try to use the bombs on the right! Oooh, yeah!"

Sensei: "Grimm is right. New weapons are fun, but we need to work at the battle
at hand. If we focus on the bombs to the exclusion of all else, we will surely
lose! Now let's get out there and show that creepy goth chick a thing or two!"

****Mission-14 End****


Jess: "Javier, I feel I should apologize for forcing you to be my guide. I
don't have a good feel for the geography of this continent."

Javier: "Please, think on it no more. You are from Macro Land--this is my
homeland. Besides, escorting a beautiful lady such as yourself is a gentleman's
duty and honor. Now then, I believe the Allied Nations have been fighting in
this region. I've heard their company includes COs from several nations. I am
curious to see if they are really as good as rumor has it."

Jess: "They certainly are. I fought alongside some of them in the last great

Javier: "Ah, is that so? I would welcome the chance to witness their skills

Jess: "It smells like cordite. I think we're here!"

Jake: "'Sup! You're from Green Earth, right? We've been waiting for you to show

Javier: "My companion is Jess. I am called Javier. May I ask your name, young

Jake: "Word. I'm Jake. I'm psyched that you guys are joining our crew."

Javier: "Ah, thank you. The people are talking about your valorous deeds. Yet
egos feed on such talk and can grow quite overstuffed. I, Javier, would see if
your abilities match the name you've built for yourself."

Rachel: "What? You wanna test my skills? You better check yourself!"

Grimm: "Test battle? We got an audition for these two? The nerve of some

Max: "Keep your trap shut, Grimm!"

Rachel: "Fine. If you want a taste of this, you're on!"

Javier: "you have my gratitude. Shall we, Jess?"

Jess: "Sounds good to me. This is a good choice for us to get to know each

Sensei: "Haw haw! Youth's a beautiful thing. You've even got my old ticker

Sasha: "There's an ideal location nearby. We'll hold the trial there."

Jake: "All right! It's go time!"

***Flash to mission map***

Javier: "It's still a prototype, but I think it's time to see what the megatank
can do."

Jake: "Dude! There's a crazy big tank parked at their HQ!"

Grimm: "It's freakin' huge!! Think it can actually move?"

Rachel: "It's said to be the most heavily armored, hardest-hitting ground unit
ever fielded. It looks pretty slow, though. I wonder if we can even scratch

Javier: "Allow me to tip our hand. Tank units under Jess's command are poetry
in motion. As for myself, I have modest skill with com towers--ignore them at
your peril. I challenge you to defeat my troops and the megatank within 15
days! If you accomplish this mission, I will gladly bend the knee to your

***Mission-15 start***

Verdant Hills

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "A megatank, huh? That thing looks more gnarly every time I look at it.
Check out the size of those cannons. I bet they eat Md tanks like nachos. But
it's gotta burn a ton of fuel, too. It probably cant move far, either."

Rachel: "C'mon, Jake! Gear up and move out!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "To tell the truth, Sasha, I don't like Fog of War any more than you do.
I just know the enemy's out there waiting where I can't see them..."

Sasha: "I understand how you feel, but fear clouds the path to victory as
surely as this fog. We have only 15 days, Colin. We must press on--there's no
time to hesitate."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "I can't see hide or hair of the enemy, but they can't see us either.
That's the thing you have to remember about Fog of War. Follow me, Sensei."

Sensei: "Ah, I understand now. Thank you for your instruction, O wise one.

Grimm: "Hey! You're the one who taught me all about this stuff, Sensei! I've
had about enough of your sass! It's time to go. Let's roll!

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Let's pound that

***Jake starts***

Jake: "If they can make a monster tank like that, Green Earth must be a freaky

***Max starts***

Max: "Check out the guns on that beast! I gotta get me one of those."

***Colin starts***

Colin: "I bet I can take that tank on! I better bring the best I've got!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "This is why Green Earth is a military power. We must get them on our

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Bah hah ha! Bigger is definitely better. Think I can supersize my

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "I wonder how many donuts that thing could haul? Too bad I gotta crush

***Allied Nations win***

Javier: "Well done! Your reputation is well deserved. Young master, Javier
willingly entrusts you with his life."

Colin: "We finally have COs from all four nations. It's time to counterattack!"

Jess: "Here are the megatank schematics. Now you can build them for yourselves."

Jake: "ROCK! I'm gonna roll in style now!"

Max: "Jake, loud music, and a megatank? Black Hole should run far, far away!"

***Allied Nations lose***

Javier: "It would seem you allowed your emotions to get the better of you. But
all is not lost. Allow me to give you some tactical advice. The key is to see
how much damage the blue team can inflict upon us. Begin by deploying mech
units to the mountains. While they're delaying our progress, use the time to
build your firepower. You'll probably need to use indirect-combat units to
defeat the megatank. Don't forget to capture the airport on the left, either."

Jess: "You're all much better than this. Try again!"

****Mission-15 End****


Lash: "Sure you want to go it alone, Hawke? Those allied geeks are gonna team
up on you."

Hawke: "Their backs are to the wall, and I've got two piperunners ready for
action. But I'm more curious about what you think of our new Black Hole Army,

Lash: "It's as evil as ever, isn't it? World domination and all that."

Hawke: "We've drained so much of the planet's energy that it's turning into a
wasteland. What's the point? Is this prize worth dying for? Is this a noble

Lash: "What's the big deal? We can always just fix it later. Right?"

Hawke: "I'm the one who disposed of Sturm, and this short leash is beginning to
chafe. This is no way to use a trained army. Maybe it's not for me to say,
but... If someone wants to use the army to pursue his own personal goals..."

Lash: "Shoosh! What are you whining about? This isn't like you at all, Hawke!
The allies are gonna escape! I think you'll feel better after you crush 'em."

Hawke: "You may be right. I better deal with the problem at hand first."

***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "Weak! We're trapped behind a bunch of pipes. Do we head for the sea or
keep it on the ground?"

Rachel: "That's a tough call. But if we take out the three minicannons on the
left, we'll take the wind out of their sails. Let's head that direction. To
check a minicannon's range of fire, touch and hold it for a few seconds. The
highlighted area shows how far they can fire. Try to stay out of that range."

Colin: "The weapons in the upper right are indirect-combat units called
piperunners. If they get around to us, we're going to be in a lot of trouble."

Javier: "They can only move on these pipes. If we can destroy the joints, they
won't be able to get this far."

Max: "But if we create an opening in the pipe, the enemy forces will pour in."

Sensei: "We're in quite a pickle, eh?"

Grimm: "Sitting here yapping ain't improving the situation! Let's get with the

Rachel: "Forcing our way out as Jake and Grimm have suggested is definitely an
option. And word is the enemy has a research lab near Cape Houdan. I think we
might find a map leading to it in one of the cities on the coast here. We may
not have the manpower to spare, but finding it would be a big bonus."

Jake: "You got it. Let's roll. We've got three minicannons to level."

***Mission-16 start***

Snow Hunters

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "As commander of Allied Nations, I'm intrigued by the map to the
research lab. Yet...it won't be easy to get it. It's a tough decision. I really
want that map, but... Hey, Jake, what do you think?"

Jake: "I'm down with whatever. If it's your plan, I'm sure it's all gonna be

***Sasha & Colin start***

Sasha: "Colin, in hard times like these, it's important to remain calm. Staying
calm and relaxed will allow you to think clearly and logically. Yes...
Just relax... ...zzz..."

Colin: "...Sasha? Uh, Sis? Wake up!"

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "Let's smash that pipe and get on with it! I'm itching to break

Sensei: "Hm... With your strength, I doubt you'd be beaten, and yet... Those
piperunner thingamabobs have got me a bit concerned. I suppose I'll have to do
my part to help out."

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "Your name's Jake, isn't it? I've heard a lot about you. I think teaming
up with you for a tag battle will prove interesting."

Jake: "You know it, Jess. You and me are gonna take them to school!"

***Jess & Javier start***

Jess: "This isn't going to be a walk in the park, but the situation's not
completely hopeless. If we think before we strike, Javier, I think we can come
out on top."

Javier: "Attention all forces! We attack! Follow me!"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "The city in the lower right looks suspicious. And my intuition's
usually right!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Blowing out these joints and capturing the factories is gonna be tough."

***Max starts***

Max: "I say we take out that joint and head right for the minicannons! It'll be

***Colin starts***

Colin: "So, uh...what should we do? I really want to capture that factory."

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Speed is the key to victory here. We must be bold."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "I've got to determine the best place to aim that missile silo at."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "No matter what hardships may come, I, Javier, will not be broken!"

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Hm... I'd like our chances better if we had battle copters. A dozen
would do."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "The enemy's using so many different units. Doesn't anyone just brawl

***When Lab map city is captured***

Hawke: "Hrrm. The research lab location has been discovered, has it?"

***Orange star wins***

Hawke: "So, COs from Macro Land have become involved? That explains this

Max: "Hawke! You! You're still with Black Hole?"

Jess: "You're not seriously going to fight us again, are you?"

Hawke: "I have no desire to trade blows with you. I'm going to bow out for the
time being. There are some things I must investigate before I commit myself to

Max: "There he goes. What is it with that guy? Even when he loses, he acts like
he won."

Javier: "His bearing speaks of an unusually strong character."

Jake: "I didn't know Black Hole had COs as bad as that dude. What do they need
black crystals for when they've got him?"

Sasha: "I wonder if there's some kind of rift within Black Hole itself. He said
there was something he wanted to investigate, didn't he?"

Max: "Either way, we need to get going. Where's the next stop on our little road

Rachel: "Way out west. We've got reports of a big desert and a massive energy
spike. From the way the enemy troops keep getting stronger, I'm guessing it's
the enemy HQ. I'm curious about what Hawke's up to. We'll have to check that
out sooner or later."

***Orange star loses***

Hawke: "Is this all the Allied Nations can do? My presence wasn't necessary
after all."

Jake: "We got spanked! Who was that guy?"

Rachel: "Working out the best strategy for this map is a daunting task. For
starters, I think we should leave the pipe joint to the right intact. The
factory there can always be captured after the enemy moves out of the area.
It's the upper factory that worries me. The decision to capture it or not will
determine our overall strategy. If we leave it alone, then we should break left
and head for the minicannons. We'll take some damage, but that's just the price
of doing business. If we want that factory, we need to smash that joint and
halt the enemy advance. Again, we'll get hit hard, but there's not much we can
do about that. If we control that factory, we'll limit the number of enemy
units in the field. That will give us a huge advantage. There's another pipe
joint in the lower right. If we take it out, we won't have to worry about the
piperunners. We need to stop them somewhere. Laying some bait might do the
trick. Oh, and that map is around here somewhere, too. We've got to

***Mission-16 end***


Jugger: "Infection detected! Intruder: Allied Nations. Target: Research lab."

Kindle: "Oh, dear... If they found us, it means that little Hawkie-poo has
failed miserably! Well, what can one expect from a Macro Land CO? Such

Koal: "You speak wisely, Kindle. No singular CO can compare to the might and
experience of the Bolt Guard."

Jugger: "Bolt Guard statistical assessment: Powerful. Smart. Handsome. Bolt
Guard intent: Smack-laying in a downward direction."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Stand back, my vassals. I'll deal with this rabble by
myself. I'll prove that you shouldn't send a Hawke to do a woman's job! Aha ha
ha ha!"

***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "Whoa... That's the piperunner research lab, isn't it?"

Sasha: "I think you're right, Jake... You know I just don't get Black Hole. How
could anyone live in such an odd place?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! Finally! I've been waiting so long I had to reapply my

Javier: "Ho! This must be Kindle, the Black Hole's most witchiest of witches!"

Kindle: "Oh, it's Sir Javier! A middle-aged swordsman with a child's brain...
Bonjour, friends! I'm sorry you came all this way for nothing! I will never
surrender my piperunner! This new invention is my pride and joy!"

Max: "What? I thought that was one of Lash's inventions!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! You should let the Homo sapiens do the thinking,
Cro-Magnon! Yes, Lash designed the piperunner, but I was the one who conceived
the device! I told the girl to build me a magnificently powerful weapon...and
she did! For all intents, that means full credit for the fabulous invention
belongs to me! The real work happens in the idea phase... All that brat did was
copy my ideas!"

Koal: "Sometimes true wisdom must make itself known to those who cannot see.
Your words and ideas, Kindle, are worth a king's ransom in gold!"

Jugger: "Kindle processor power: 5Ghz and climbing. Lash processor power: 486
in molasses."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! All true... But you both forgot to mention my beauty! Now,
praise me some more! Revere me! Bask in the unholy glory of Kindle!"

Rachel: "...That is one strange group of people... They have such a... simple

Colin: "...It's kinda like me and Sasha... In our house, if I ever speak out of
turn, why, she gets all..."

Sasha: "Zip it, Colin! Say one more word, and I'll have you on KP duty for a

Colin: "I-I'm sorry! Forgive me!"

Kindle: "Ah ha ha! Now that my ego has been sufficiently stroked, listen up!
The properties on this snowy plain each have an independent energy source.
You'll never maintain a large army without them...and the same applies to us.
I propose that our battle ends when one army captures 15 properties! Only a
person with my...je ne sais quoi could possibly use the piperunners! Now I will
show you the true horror of my invention!"

Rachel: "Hawke gave us a tough time with his piperunners... Now these people
have them, too! All right, troops! The battle ends when we capture 15
properties! Pay special attention to the movement of their infantry units!"

***Mission-17 start***

Spiral Garden

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "...Fwaaaachoo!"

Rachel: "Huh? What the heck?! Did you just sneeze? Hee hee! Hee hee hee hee!
That's too much! You said fwachoo! Aha ha ha! You're killin' me!"

Jake: "Stop laughing. I think I'm sick..."

Rachel: "Hee hee.. Oh, s-sorry... I hope... Hee! I hope it's not a cold. When
we're done, I'll make you some chicken soup."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Sasha: "...Achoo!"

Colin: "What's wrong, Sis? Are you catching a cold? Here, let me make you some
hot chocolate."

Sasha: "Oh, thanks. That would be nice... Don't forget the marshmallows. Or the
cinnamon stick. Oh, and make sure it's hot! The last time it was kind of
lukewarm. And use the snowman mug!"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "I... I think I'm going to sneeze... Would you please turn away, Jake?"

Jake: "Huh? What? Sorry, I had my headphones on."

Jess: "No... Stop! Don't look! Don't--Achoo!"

Jake: "Oh, dude! Naaaaasty!"

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "Aah...! Aaaaaaah...! ...Aaaaaaa...blarg!"

Jess: "Javier? What is it? An enemy raid?!

Javier: "No, no... I am...trying not to...sneeze. A gentleman cannot be in
front of a lady standing and making the sneeze."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "...Gwaaaaarchooooooohhh, yeah!"

Sensei: "You're the only person I know who adds words to his sneezes..."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "We must figure out how to take advantage of these pipes!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Oh, man. These pipes are makin' me dizzy... Hope I don't ride the
porcelain bus..."

***Max starts***

Max: "Pipes are meant to be broken!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "which way should we go?"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Does our death approach, silently on a pipe? Brrr... Creepy."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "Those piperunners are incredibly quick. We must match their speed."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "We are the maw of the beast! We must be staying on our toes!

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "There's no need for fear! We won't be stopped by a bunch of pipes!"

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Gwar har har! Now it's time to bust some pipes! I'll make it quick!

***Orange Star wins***

Kindle: "We lost... How could this be? It happened so fast!"

Rachel: "Looks like your precious piperunners fell flat! Now surrender...or
run scared!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha...ahem. Such a ridiculous invention... This is all Lash's

Max: "Huh?"

Kindle: "My original idea was much better. It would have been a truly grand
weapon! But then that girl took it on all by herself and...well...you see the
results! No wonder we lost!"

Rachel: "You've got to be kidding me!"

Koal: "Spoken like a true seer, Kindle! Everything is the fault of Lash... You
are blameless in all things!"

Jugger: "Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha... Aren't I though? Yes, Lash's fault. Never trust a child
with a lady's job... What a useless weapon..."

Jake: "This lady's psycho..."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Shut it, lowlife! I don't need such a weak weapon. Keep it
or destroy it or...whatever you like. I care not. Aha ha ha ha!"

Koal: "Heh heh heh... Until we meet again!"

Jugger: "Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!"

Max: "Grrr! Those three stooges really tick me off!"

Rachel: "It seems that the Black Hole COs aren't as united as we thought.
Blaming each other... Squabbling... I'm so glad we're not like that."

Jake: "Good. I hope they bust a cap in each other! Now we have to find those

Sasha: "Colin?"

Colin: "Y-yes, Sis! Coming... Yes, I have the blueprint right here... Hold on,
where is it... Um... Found it! Here it is! The blueprint!"

Sasha: "Good."

Jake: "Hey, sweet. Now we can totally bust out our own piperunners."

Jess: "It's such a large-scale weapon... How can we best take advantage of it?"

Javier: "A wise lesson for us all! We must never underestimate the science of
Black Hole!"

Max: "You got that right! Those fellas just keep crankin' out the weird

Rachel: "We're in good shape now! All units, move out! We'll unleash this new
weapon the next time we face Black Hole!"

Orange Star loses***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! Did you like my new invention? Even if you all rise up
and attack me, you can never stop the power of Kindle! "

Jugger: "Kindle...genius. Kindle...beautiful... Kindle...arrogant...er...
Abort! Abort!"

Kindle: "I'll try to forget you said that, tin man. Now, let's move out before
they regroup. Bon voyage! Au revoir! Aha ha ha ha!"

Rachel: "As usual, Black Hole is a real handful. The special rules don't help,
either. I think this will become a battle over the northeast factory. But
capturing 15 properties should be your top priority. Don't try to wipe the
enemy out. Instead, group units and take the bases, one by one. There are lots
of plains and vehicles here, so Jake and Jess would work well. Good luck next

****Mission-17 End****


Rachel: "If we make it across this sea, we should arrive at Red Rock Desert.
There's a good chance we'll find the enemy HQ there. However, to get there,
we'll have to topple a floating fortress."

Colin: "A fortress? That's like a heavily armored building, right? Are we up to
the task?"

Sasha: "Colin, you shouldn't doubt your abilities. You should know by now that
Rachel always has a plan."

Rachel: "That's right--I do. Actually, it's still classified, but... We're
scheduled to introduce new units to our arsenal."

Max: "New units? What kind of new units?"

Jake: "Are they tanks? They're tanks, right?"

Grimm: "You're killing me, kid. What're we supposed to do with tanks at sea?"

Jake: "Oh. Dude...yeah."

Rachel: "There are actually two new units. The first is a carrier, a naval unit
capable of transporting air units, and the other is an invisible air unit
called a stealth fighter."

Jake: "Invisible?"

Rachel: "The details are still classified. I'll fill you in when we arrive.
Let's move out!"

***Flash to mission map***

Sensei: "Ah, the open sea. May our joys be as great as its depths and our lives
as tasty as its residents."

Jake: "So, Rachel, where's our fresh new gear?"

Rachel: "Just wait. There! Look over there. That's our new naval powerhouse,
the carrier. As I mentioned, it can secure, refuel, and relaunch air units.
Now, about the unit inside the carrier's hangar..."

Colin: "Rachel! Enemy forces are headed this way!"

Rachel: "Well, we don't have much of a choice. Let's meet 'em head on! I'll
continue my explanation as we go. OK, we've got two fronts to manage. I'm
bringing one up on the top screen now. That's the secondary front up there--the
main front is on the lower screen. We better split up and tackle each front
individually. Remember how we fought the flying fortress? We're going to use
those same tactics again.  We'll send air units from the main front to the
second front and make that thing crash and burn!"

***Mission-18 start***

Omens and Signs

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "Yo! Rachel! Give us the word on these new units!"

Rachel: "Hold your horses--I'm still reading the manuals!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "You taught me the basics of naval combat back on Bearen Island, Sis."

Sasha: "Well, it's time for you to put that lesson to use."

***Jess & Jake start***

Jake: "I'm down with new units and all, but I still wanted a new tricked-out

Jess: "As a fellow tank enthusiast, I share your opinion."

***Jess & Javier start***

Jess: "I have to ask for your support here, Javier. I'm a bit awkward with air

Javier: "Ahhh, yet you are as calm as a mountain lake. As always, I am most

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "Hey, Sensei! I'm leaving the whirlybirds of destruction to you!"

Sensei: "Very well. Then I'll leave the rest to the fists of your fury, Grimm."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "Let's teach these clowns all about our new stealth fighter!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "I can't wait to bust out our new units."

***Max starts***

Max: "Fortress, stronghold, hideout--whatever you call it, I'm bringing it

***Colin starts***

Colin: "A unit that's invisible to the enemy? That sounds like my cup of tea."

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "I must learn the strengths and weaknesses of our new units."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "I don't see any airports. It looks like we'll have to rely on that

***Javier starts***

Javier: "A true knight relies on weapons of honor, not on sneaky daggers in the

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "What's all this about? A stealth unit? Is that some kind of sky ninja?"

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Look out, Black Hole! I'm gonna crack some heads!"

***Day 1, OS***

***When selecting a carrier unit***

Rachel: "Air units can land on this carrier's massive deck. While they're on
board, they'll get a fresh supply of ordnance and fuel. Just load and drop units
just as you would with an APC. It's that simple."

Jake: "Wicked. I'll check it out."

Rachel: "This carrier has air units on board that I want to launch. But the
enemy units and pipes are in the way. We've got to create an opening."

***Day 1, BH***

Koal: "Oh, this is choice. These newphytes genuinely believe they can defeat
us with this shabby force? It's enough to make me break into laughter. Yes...
I laugh at them. Aha ha ha..."

Jugger: "Unknown ordnance detected."

Koal: "Hmmm? Yes. You are correct. They are fielding units that are unfamiliar
to me. If they intend to shake my confidence, they have failed. The Black Arc
has been refined--nothing the enemy possesses can match it! Come, Jugger. The
denizens of the deep are hungry, and I would feed them!"

***When deploying a stealth from a carrier***

Rachel: "Carriers can also engage enemy air units in indirect combat with their
missiles. They can splash bogeys from three to eight spaces away."

***When selecting a stealth***

Rachel: "Here's what you've been waiting for--the stealth fighter. It can
engage both air units and ground forces."

Max: "Engage? I want to blow stuff up, not marry it."

Rachel: "I'm not done yet! I'm about to get to the good part. Stealth units can
hide, blending seamlessly into the sky. While they're invisible, they can't be

Jake: "Can't be targeted? What, so that's just like when a sub dives, right?"

Rachel: "That's it, Jake! The only units that can attack stealth units while
they're hiding are fighters and other stealth units. Aside from these, stealth
units can't be touched."

Max: "Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!"

Jake: "Black Hole doesn't stand a chance against rad weapons like these."

Rachel: "Don't forget that they're still vulnerable to enemy fighters. We'll
need to get the most out of our new fighters to take out that fortress!

***Attacking a mini-cannon on the bottom screen w/o winning the top***

Colin: "Hey! What gives?"

Rachel: "We can't seem to damage it. Is it being shielded by something?"

Jake: "I thought we were pounding it, but we did a lot of nothin'."

Javier: "This is suspicious. Jess, do you think--"

Jess: "Yes, I do. Black Hole's utilizing a barrier field. It gave us fits back
in Green Earth."

Rachel: "A barrier field?"

Max: "So it's like armor? You're telling me they've got something that stops
all our attacks?"

Jess: "Yes. As long as it's functional, even a megatank couldn't scratch it."

Jake: "Hold up. So we're pretty much rappelling down a cliff without a rope?"

Jess: "Not quite. Every unit has a weak point. It must take a lot of energy to
project the barrier around the fortress. That energy has to come from
somewhere, right?"

Rachel: "An energy source? You may be right. I'll scout around and see what I
can find."

***Next following day after failed mini-cannon attempt***

Rachel: "Listen up, everyone! I found the energy source!"

Jake: "Right on!"

Rachel: "I've confirmed that a huge amount of energy is flowing from the Black
Arc. It's coming from the second front down to the floating fortress on the
main front! My best guess is the sky fortress is powering the barrier field."

Jess: "So if we can cut off the power supply, the barrier around the ocean
fortress will drop, leaving it vulnerable to our attacks!"

Max: "Right. So how do we do that?"

Rachel: "We blow the Black Arc out of the sky! Once that's done, we send that
floating freakshow to the bottom of the sea!"

***When Black Arc is destroyed***

Jugger: "Black Arc fatal error. Ocean fortress barrier collapsing."

Koal: "The shame...it burns like a brand. The minicannon is a wounded beast,
and the allies circle like ravenous wolves! They forget that I am the hunter,
and I will bring these mutts to heel."

***When a stealth is running low on fuel***

Colin: "Uh-oh! This stealth unit's almost out of fuel."

Rachel: "That's the one drawback to these planes. When they're hiding, they
burn either units of fuel per day--they can't hide for long. You've got to make
a good use of the carrier and its ability to resupply air units.

***Orange Star wins***

Rachel: "Yes! We sank the floating fortress! Next up, Red Rock Desert!"

Max: "Thanks to our new units, the road ahead just got a heck of a lot

Jess: "Overconfidence will get us all killed."

Jake: "Huh? What's up with that?"

Jess: "Black Hole has seen our new technology. It won't be long before they
reproduce them through reverse engineering."

Rachel: "She's right. We have to assume Black Hole will deploy carriers and
stealth fighters soon."

Max: "Blast! I'm tired of playing games with these goons."

Jake: "Just one more reason to drop these fools once and for all. C'mon let's
bounce--we've got sun to catch in the desert."

***Orange Star loses***

Green Earth soldier: "We've lost our stealth and carrier units..."

Jess: "They built this monstrosity for a reason--to stop us from taking
another step. They've got money and nerve, too. If only Drake and the flyboy
were here..."

Javier: "Jess, you have won a great many victories on the strength of your own
skill, no? You long, as does Javier, for the aid of companions, but we are all
you have now. We must focus our might on finding a means by which we can
survive this ordeal."

Jess: "My apologies, Javier. I've done you all a great disservice. With
stalwart friends such as you, there must be a way to prevail..."

Javier: "Ahhh, yes! Stealth units are the keys to the iron lock of this
skirmish! When it does the hiding, neither anti-air missiles nor minicannon
fire can find it. Which means fighters are its only foe. If we dispatch
furiously all of the fighters, the stealth fighter will rules the skies like a
terribly sneaky dragon! Slay the enemy fighters, then send our own fighters to
the second front!"

Jess: "It may be difficult, but once the enemy bogeys are taken down, all the
stealth units will have to worry about is getting refueled. And since my CO
Power can handle refueling problems..."

Javier: "Right! You have the spirit of boldness burning within the furnace of
the chest!"

****Mission-18 end****


Hawke: "..."

Kindle: "Well, look what the wind blew in--a little bird named Hawke. What are
you doing here?"

Hawke: "Hello, Kindle."

Kindle: "I wonder how the war against the allies fares. I trust you're
fulfilling your duties. Did you know they've made it all the way here to the
Red Rock Desert? You are aware of the orders not to let them near our base
here, right? The orders which came from our new leader, Lord Von Bolt?"

Hawke: "What are you scheming?"

Kindle: "Scheming? Whatever do you mean?"

Hawke: "Do not play coy with me. The three of you, the so-called Bolt Guard
must know what Von Bolt's goal is. He's wielding Black Hole's army like it's
his personal sledgehammer. What does Black Hole gain by turning this land into
scorched earth? Answer me. What are you after? Where is your master? Where is
Von Bolt?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! There's no reason for you to know that, my dour little
bird. All you have to worry your head about is following the commander's
orders. If you find yourself incapable of doing so, then you leave me no
choice. I will go and crush those allied fools myself. I AM up for CO of the
month, you know? Taa-taa, little birdie. Aha ha ha ha ha..."

Hawke: "..."

***Flash to mission map***

Rachel: "These are tight quarters. The visibility is poor, too. It looks like
we're in for another tough Fog of War battle."

Max: "What's the holdup? We can see the road, can't we? Let's roll!"

Sasha: "..."

Jake: "Something wrong, Sasha?"

Sasha: "I...I have a bad feeling about this. Perhaps it's just a case of
nerves, but."

Colin: "Sasha's 'bad feelings' are generally followed by bad events. Once when
I was little and fell down the stairs, she..."

Grimm: "What are you babbling about?"

Colin: "Oh, sorry. It's just..."

Rachel: "Whatever the case, we can't just sit here. I want everyone to stay
alert and move forward."

***Mission-19 start***

Into the woods

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "It's just a bunch of dust! This land is totally wasted... It reminds me
of what's happening back home."

Rachel: "Keep your chin up, Jake. We've got to keep hope alive. Remember, we're
fighting to save all of Omega Land from this awful fate."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "How're you feeling, Sis? Any more creepy feelings?"

Sasha: "Yes, actually. But I'll be all right, Colin. I'm ready to fight. Keep
your eyes on those trees--they can hide all sorts of dangers."

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "Rachel told me about your hometown drying up and turning into a
wasteland. I don't know what to say. It all sounds so horrible."

Jake: "It was pretty jacked up. But I guess I'm cool now. Once we drop these
fools, we'll rebuild it in a big way."

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "I am Javier! Darkness, you are like nothing to me! Stay behind my
shield, Jess!"

Jess: "I don't think so. Or have you forgotten sir knight--ladies first!"

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "So my troops and their troops are headed in the same direction, eh?
Nobody can match my speed! I'm like a bowling ball on a steep hill!"

Sensei: "Hah! That's a classic Grimm line. Too much speed can get you in hot
water, though. Don't forget your first campaign!"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "Remember your Fog of War fundamentals--watch the woods!

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Four of us are taking the field, so we've got to stay tight and work

***Max starts***

Max: "We ain't gonna beat anybody sitting on our cans!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "The enemy could be anywhere. Oh, man, I hate this fog!

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "I'm glad Jake taught me about Fog of War."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "Look at all these trees. It's a bit...unnerving."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Only a coward of a man ambushes his enemy! This is not the knight's

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Slow down and think before you step. Think of us as senior citizens."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "This darkness ain't for me! I've had enough of this hide-and-seek

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha... Here comes the stumbling band of hicks now. And it's
about time for THAT to make an appearance... Those fools are going to be eaten
for lunch. Aha aha ha ha. Oh dear. Is something amiss, kitten?"

Lash: "It's Lash! And don't forget, kittens may be cuddly, but they've still
got claws! And that thing is SO not a weapon. Compared to my inventions, it's
just hideous. It's not even fun to poke!"

Kindle: "My dear, jealousy is so unbecoming. Don't you know it'll give you
wrinkles? Why aren't you dreaming up your next invention? Something that causes
doom? An unproductive CO is nothing more than dead weight, after all."

Lash: "Shut up, hag! I don't need you to tell me what kind of evil I should be

Kindle: "You would do well to remember you are speaking to your superior
officer, child. A clever kitten obeys the masters that feed it. An alone and
abandoned kitten would find life very difficult. Do you understand?"

Lash: "I understand we have to crush these allied geeks! That's all that

Kindle: "Good kitten. Now then, shall we prepare to move out? You will be my
partner. I expect nothing less than a complete and perfect victory."

Lash: "A tag battle? With you?"

Kindle: "Awww, such a sour face! You wound me. No matter. With THAT on my side,
there's no way I can be defeated. Aha ha ha ha ha!"

***When AN forces see an oozium unit in their line of sight***

Jake: "Whoa! What's up with that jiggly, slimy thang?"

Jess: "I've never encountered anything like it. It must be a new Black Hole

Sasha: "I get chills just looking at it. This is a bad omen."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Surprise! The look on your faces was just priceless! Behold
Black Hole's ultimate weapon, the creeping death known as oozium 238! I'm
pleased to report it's impervious to bombs, missiles, and even CO Powers. It's
quite hungry, and it will feast on you and everything else in its path!"

Rachel: "It looks slow to me, but...yeck. OK, people, we have no clue what that
thing's capable of. Watch yourself!"

***Allied Nations win***

Kindle: "That was a bit of a disappointment. Our dear oozium was supposed to
be, well, all-consuming."

Rachel: "Those things are disgusting. There's no way we're losing to something

Max: "Your slimy nugget things are history! Now you're gonna pay!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha...you think that's all there is to our adorable little
oozium? I am SO looking forward to the next battle. Ahaha ha ha!"

Lash: "..."

Max: "Arg! How do they escape every single time? It's craziness!"
Jake: "So they whipped out their new weapon. But why here? Does that mean--"

Rachel: "Yep. There's something in this desert they desperately want to
protect. All the more reason for us to keep pressing forward!"

***Allied Nations lose***

Sasha: "No..."

BM soldier: "Commander Sasha! Are you injured? Somebody call for a medevac,

Sasha: "Sasha! Your...your arm! It's bleeding! MEDIC!!!"

Colin: "Don't be silly--it's just a scratch. Always remain calm in front of the
troops. I'll be fine, but we've got to get ready for our next encounter. Go and
rest, Sasha! I'll work out our next plan of attack. The blue team has no strong
direct-combat units, so they can't expose themselves. It's up to the orange
team to pound the enemy and draw their attention. We can't forget the woods,
either. There's no telling what's hiding in them."

Sasha: "Colin..."

Colin: "You're crying! Are you in pain? Your wound must be worse than you

Sasha: "No, that's not it as all. I'm just so proud of you. We're not only
allied COs, we're family, and that bond is going to see us to victory!"

****Mission-19 end****


Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha ha ha! I look positively delicious--my eyes, my lips, my
hair! Absolutely flawless! And look, it's time for me to visit you-know-who and
give him an update."

Hawke: "... She's going underground."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha...everything is going just as planned. The black obelisk is
steadily drinking all of Omega Land's energy. You may rest comfortably, Lord
Von Bolt."

Von Bolt: "Mmmm..."

Kindle: "One other thing, my lord. As we are on schedule, perhaps the time has
come to deal with those two. It would be best to dispose of them before they
stumble upon our plan."

Von Bolt: "Wait... In the...hhhhh...shadows...behind the pillar... Who..
hhhh...lurks there?"

Kindle: "What? Who's there?"

Hawke: "..."

Kindle: "Look at what the wind's blown in, a nosy little bird named Hawke. I
must tell you I disapprove of sneaky eavesdroppers. Didn't your parents teach
you any manners?"

Hawke: "You must be Von Bolt. We've never met, but I've heard plenty about

Von Bolt: "...Hhhhh..."

Hawke: "You began as nothing more than an elderly CO from the countryside, but
after Sturm died, you suddenly rose up and filled the vacuum of power. Where
your resources and strength come from remains a complete mystery. You've been
alive for an absurdly long time, and you're never seen in public. It's an honor
to meet you."

Von Bolt: "So...hh...you've seen me. Hh... That means...hh...you must die..."

Hawke: "I did not come here to listen to idle threats. I will have answers from
you, Von Bolt. What are you scheming? What do you possibly hope to gain by
leeching life force from the land?"

Kindle: "Haven't we already covered this, love? The answer is not for your ears.
This may be a bit premature, but... I think it's time for you and your little
kitty-cat friend to disappear. Come to me, my precious oozium. Awww... Don't be
shy. I've got a nice chewy snack for you!"

Hawke: "What?!	So many... Nooo!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Fly away, little bird! My oozium will be right behind you!
After him, my darlings! Find him and feast on his flesh! Aha ha ha ha haaaa!"

Hawke: "They're still after me. There's just too many of them."

Lash: "What's up, birdbrain You're looking way stressed."

Hawke: "Lash, we're leaving. NOW."

Lash: "Leaving? What? OHMYGOSH! What's going on?!"

Hawke: "If you don't want to wind up as lunch, you'll shut up and move!"

Lash: "Eeeeeeeeek!"

Max: "Whew... This place just keeps piling on the hot!"

Rachel: "This desert is too big. The enemy base has got to be here

Grimm: "I'm tellin' you, this is awful! It's just sand, sand, and more sand!
When do I get to crack some heads?!"

Colin: "Look! Enemy forces dead ahead! Is that... Ah! Nooo!"

Rachel: "Wha-what is it?""

***Flash to mission map***

Max: "Hey! What's going on here?!"

Rachel: "Oozium...it's everywhere! Five...ten... How many of them are there?!"

Jake: "Hey, check it out! Isn't that..."

Lash: "Go away! Leave me alone!"

Hawke: "Settle down, Lash. We must find a way to break through their ranks."

Rachel: "Wait a minute--that's Lash, isn't it? The Black Hole CO!"

Max: "And that's Hawke! Are they the ones controlling these jigglefreaks?"

Sensei: "I don't think so. There's something odd happening here."

Rachel: "The oozium... It's all hunting Lash and Hawke. But why?"

Grimm: "Now I'm confused! who's hunting who? Or...is it whom? I can never

Jake: "This whole situation is whack, but we gotta go save 'em."

Max: "You're talking crazy, Jake! They're the enemy!"

Jake: "Yeah? Well, it's either save 'em or watch 'em get lunched on. Go ahead
and do your own thing--I'm gonna go bail 'em out.

Jess: "That's a bold and dangerous move. It could all be an elaborate trap."

Javier: "It might be, and yet I must agree with Jake. Boldly aiding those in
need is what I, Javier, have sworn to do!"

Rachel: "Come on, we don't have time to argue about this. Prepare to attack!
Those two aren't going anywhere--we'll interrogate them when this is finished!"

***Mission-20 start***

Muck Amok!

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "Don't rush it, Jake. The oozium will turn and target you."

Jake: "Chill, Rachel. Oozium is all decrepit slow. As long as I don't get
surround, I'll be OK. I just have to get those two out of there fast."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Aggh! Sand...in my eyes! I can't see anything!"

Sasha: "Oh dear, whatever am I going to do with you, Colin? Come over here. All
this sand reduces the effectiveness of our indirect-combat units."

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "The oozium 238 is highly resistant to our weaponry. We may not be able
to outgun them in head-to-head combat."

Jake: "It's all good. We'll figure out a way to spank these tubs of goop."

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "Beasts of repugnancy! I, Javier, will kick the rump of your evil

Jess: "No, no, no... Javier, use your head! We can't fight them head on. Let's
try to think of another strategy."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "It's like a storm of a cinnamon sugar, except it tastes...gritty."

Sensei: "Heh. We're the ones that need to worry about being swallowed up."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "The enemy HQ is in the upper right. Yeah, rather than take these
things head on..."

***Jake starts***

Jake: "All right, people. We've gotta save those two!"

***Max starts***

Max: "We'll never get anywhere running in circles! Pick a target and hit it

***Colin starts***

Colin: "We've got to be careful to avoid getting surrounded."

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "This is such a nightmare. Let's hurry up and get those two out of

***Jess starts***

Jess: "It'll be difficult to overcome their numbers. How can we turn the
tables on them?"

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Hideous abominations, I slice you! You shall be like a fine puree!"

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "They're like angry pudding..."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "The only thing I like jelly in is a donut!"

***Day 1, AN***

Rachel: "This sandstorm is just...awful. I haven't been in a fight like this
for ages."

Hawke: "Take heed. Indirect-combat units function poorly when desert winds are
blowing. Specifically, their maximum range will be reduced by one."

Max: "Hawke? We can't trust you!"

Jake: "Word. Thanks for the hot tip, Hawke. Now that you've got my back, let's
get out there and own some oozium!"

***Allied Nations win by HQ capture***

Colin: "The oozium... It's vanishing!"

Jess: "It appears there was some sort of energy being broadcast from their HQ.
I wonder if we blocked the flow of energy when we captured it."

[Go to Allied Nations win trigger]

***Allied Nations win***

Lash: "Yes! We're finally safe from that disgusting sludge!"

Hawke: "It appears you have rescued us."

Rachel: "We want answers, not your thanks. Why were those things chasing you?
You're in the Black Hole Army."

Hawke: "We knew too much."

Max: "What do you mean?"

Hawke: "Hmm...I suppose it would be in my best interest to tell you everything.
I'm going to need your power if I'm ever going to escape from his grip. That's
an interesting thing to say considering the circumstances. But we'll come back
to that later. For now, start talking."

***Allied Nations lose***

Max: "They ate everything... What a mess!"

Rachel: "It looks like we underestimate the oozium just because it moves
slowly. As long as units don't stop right next to the oozium, they're safe.
When you attack directly, make sure you come at it from all four sides at once.
As for Hawke and Lash's units, just get them somewhere safe. If you forget to
move them, they could get consumed. It's not a pretty fate."

Jake: "We could also use APCs or T copters to get up top and snag their HQ,

Max: "That may be the quickest way, but I really want to squash these things!"

Rachel: "Max's brute force combined with the com towers may do the trick. Don't
make the same mistakes twice! I am NOT in a forgiving mood today."

****Mission-20 end****


Rachel: "Everything makes so much more sense now. This Von Bolt guy is
manipulating Black Hole from behind the scenes."

Hawke: "Exactly. He's using the Black Hole Army as a tool to leverage his own
ambitions. You can thank him for turning this place into a wasteland, too."

Jake: "So we take that old dude down and save the planet. 'Nuff said."

Rachel: "But we don't even know where he is!"

Hawke: "Hand me your map."

Rachel: "What?"

Hawke: "There's a well-camouflaged base in the middle of the Red Rock Desert.
Take this road--it will lead you right to it."

Rachel: "Are you serious?"

Max: "Don't let him fool you! He's one of them!"

Jake: "Chill, Max. It's cool."

Max: "Jake? Did you fall on your head? Can't you see what he's doing?"

Jake: "Think about it. What does Black Hole get by invading a bund of dried-up
land? They don't get jack. The army can't be behind this. There's got to be
some evil freakjob pulling the strings."

Rachel: "Yeah, but, Jake..."

Max: "Grrr... All right, fine. There's no way I'm trustin' a word out of anyone
from Black Hole! But I'll trust you, Jake. Even if you I do think you're kind
of crazy."

Rachel: "I'm with you, too, Jake. Hawke has pointed the way--let's roll out!"

Hawke: "Wait. Lash and I are coming with you."

Lash: "Huh?! Have you completely snapped?!"

Rachel: "You want to join our alliance? What are you scheming?"

Hawke: "This way, I'll have a better chance to survive. That is all. I'm going
to use you. You're going to use me. It's that simple."

Rachel: "If we're going to believe what you told us, we might as well trust
you. OK--Hawke, Lash...you're in! But I'm in charge--what I say goes."

Lash: "I can't believe you're serious about this!"

Jake: "Welcome to our crew, Hawke. You too, Lash."

Hawke: "Spare me. I fight for myself. If you want to save your land, we must
go. They're moving out even as we speak."

Rachel: "I hear you. Prepare to move out!"

***Flash to mission map***

Colin: "What is this place?"

Sasha: "Look at all of these wrecked units. It's giving me the creeps."

Rachel: "Black crystals! There are so many..."

Lash: "We called this the Tower of Rebirth. It was used to repair all of the
units you damaged. With the power of the crystals, we can completely repair
anything in five days."

Javier: "The curtain of your trickery is lifted! This is the source of your
endless horde!"

Jake: "Let's take it down!"

Grimm: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, kid!"

Jake: "I saw this kind of thing back on Bearen Island. Those black crystals are
suckin' the life out of the land. Those things are so going down--I don't even
care what it takes."

Rachel: "Jake's right. We can't let this continue!"

Hawke: "Regardless, we can't move forward as long as they are standing. The
black crystals must fall."

Kindle: "Well, if it isn't the bird-boy betrayer and his squeaky little friend,
Lash. I was sure you pests had been squashed, yet here you are. How annoying."

Lash: "Kindle, you ketchup-tipped overgrown hunk of asparagus! You're gonna

Kindle: "Oh my, what a fierce little kitten you've become. And such a sharp
tongue! You're guilty of treason, and I sentence you to death. I'm the judge
and jury--now my army will be my executioner's axe."

Jugger: "Battle software loaded."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha. Turn off your speaker, Jugger. There's only room for one on
this stage. Now then, are you ready, fools? Behold the power of the Tower of
Rebirth. Bow down and beg for mercy! Aha ha ha!"

***Mission-21 start***

Healing Touch

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "C'mon, Rachel! Let's take those fools to school."

Rachel: "You're all fired up, huh, Jake? All right, let's roll!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Blue Moon sibling COs...attack!"

Sasha: "I'm counting on you, little brother!"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "Jake, you must tell me everything you know about these black crystals.
What can they do? How durable are they? What's their range of effect? How do--"

Jake: "Jess! Take cover! They're coming!"

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "Let us whack mightily upon our enemy as the oaken staff assaults an
unwary pinata! All for the chocolaty treasures within!"

Jess: "This time I'm with you 100 percent, Javier."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "The enemy troops are a bunch of pencil necks! This is gonna be easy,
eh, Sensei?"

Sensei: "Hmmm...pencils? No, no I don't have any pencils. I may have a pen,

***Hawke & Lash start***

Lash: "Listen up, Kindle! You're gonna eat what you dished out, only a hundred
times worse!"

Hawke: "Don't forget about me, Kindle. It's time for some payback."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "Everything makes so much more sense now. This Von Bolt

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Every black crystal gets shattered! Don't leave a single one standing!"

***Max starts***

Max: "We've gotta smash 'em faster than they can restore 'em!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "This is my chance to show everyone what I can do!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "The pollution has gone on long enough!"

***Jess starts***

Jess: "Take out the army...or the black crystal? It's a tough call."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Sir Javier shall kick your foul buttocks with his steely boots of

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Hmm...looks like it's time to get all fired up. Yep."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Nobody gets away with building something this ridiculous!"

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "Very well. I will fight."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "Huh? You're telling me to fight? OK--as long as I get to blow stuff up!"

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! All we have to do is repair our units. We'll win

***Allied Nations win***

Kindle: "Jugger, you spherical malfunction! What happened?"

Jugger: "Black crystals report fatal error. System not responding. Repair

Kindle: "We can't use them anymore, can we? I was going to finish the allies
off here, but now I've changed my mind. I'll be waiting for you. Aha ha ha ha!"

Rachel: "Wait right there! You are NOT getting away this time!"

Hawke: "She escaped through a passage leading deeper into the fortress. Move

Jake: "Right! Let's roll!"

***Allied Nations lose***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! The black crystal's more powerful than ever! We must
create wave upon wave of units. I'll leave the rest to you, dear Jugger."

Jugger: "Understood. Allied forces: Puny. Obsolete."

Sensei: "It seems we've lost the opening round. So how do we go about winning
the next?"

Grimm: "You got something up your sleeve, Sensei?" 

Sensei: "Of course! We destroy the black crystals!"

Grimm: "Huh?  Are you a comedian now or just going senile? C'mon, Sensei, snap
out of it!"

Rachel: "I get it now. All we've been doing is attacking the units with low HP,
right? But if we attack the crystals first, the rest of the battle should be
easier. I know we'll take some damage, but let's concentrate our fire on the
crystals. When we do attack enemy troops, try focusing on the tough units

****Mission-21 end****


***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "Uhh...what's that?"

Hawke: "The black obelisk. That's what they called it. It's what they're using
to drain the energy from this land."

Jake: "So this is how they're doing it? That thing is going down."

Kindle: "My apologies, but we're still using it. You can look, but you can't

Koal: "You know nothing of the black obelisk's power, yet you plan on destroying
it? You're even more naive than I thought."

Rachel: "Yeah? Well, I hope you're ready, because your madness ends here."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha. I bet you want a treat for making it this far. Bravo,
cheerleader. Aha ha! Look around you. Gaze upon the glorious spectacle of Black
Hole's power! I know you can feel the overwhelming might of our military
machine. Face it, you're outclassed and outgunned."

Colin: "She's so evil...but she's right. There are so many of them."

Jess: "This is looking grimm."

Rachel: "But..."

Jake: "Chill, people. It's all good. We've got this covered."

Kindle: "What did you say, boy?"

Jake: "What you guys are doing...it's whack. Trashing the land for your own
profit? That's just sick. All of the people who live here have got our backs.
Factory workers, scientists, bakers... They're all with us. We won't lose."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha. You mean rabble?! A ton of garbage is still garbage. Let me
introduce you to reality. Reality is what you see above you... THAT is

***Top screen shows the Black Onyx***

Jake: "Oh..."

Kindle: "What you see is more than 22,000 miles above us, in outer space. That
glistening ebon star you see is Black Hole's ultimate weapon. Tremble before
our magnificent battle satellite, Black Onyx!"

Rachel: "Satellite? Black Onyx?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Not even your delicate little commander knew of its
existence! Black Onyx is the black obelisk's guardian angel. In a mere...fifty
minutes from now, it's barrier field will be operational. Once it's in place,
the black obelisk will be safe for all eternity! Do I need to spell this out
for you fools? You don't have a chance! You never did."

Rachel: "You keep telling yourself that, Kindle! We're going to win, no matter
the odds. All right, everybody! This is the final battle! Let's work together
and obliterate the black obelisk!"

***Mission-22 start***

Crystal Calamity

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "Get your game faces on, people! Whoever breaks that thing gets a

Jake: "I'm all over that bonus!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "C'mon, Sasha! We should get going!"

Sasha: "Lead on, Colin! I'm right behind you!"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jake: "All right, I'm gonna go level that black obelisk!"

Jess: "I don't mean to dampen your enthusiasm, but you've got to stay calm.
Keep a cool head and we might just get through this alive."

***Jess & Javier start***

Jess: "Javier, those are black cannons. We'll get blasted if we're not careful."

Javier: "Ahhhhh, I see! Then we should be charging into battle's glory with
much caution!"

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Sensei: "Hmm... I suppose it's time to get this ball rolling."

Grimm: "Old vets like us have gotta take charge!"

***Hawke & Lash start***

Lash: "I'm gonna make that Kindle scream for mercy!"

Lash: "Calm yourself, Lash. We are in control here. The advantage is ours."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "If we work together, there's nothing we can't do!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "You are NOT going to ruin this land anymore. It's on, now!"

***Max starts***

Max: "Your face is about to get real friendly with my fist!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "I'm not standing alone--all my friends are behind me!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "This is quite a base--it's going to take extraordinary measures to win."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "Coordinating the three armies' movements is the key to victory."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Let Javier wield the blade that will slice their hopes into fillets of

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "They've got black cannons. They're such a nuisance."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Run away, Black Hole sissies--Grimm is gonna bust some heads!"

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "They will pay..."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "KABLOOM! Kindle is gonna go 'splat!"

***Day 1, AN***

Rachel: "We've received fresh intel. Black Onyx is equipped with a
state-of-the-art particle defense system. The barrier field it projects shields
the black obelisk from fire. Our first order of business is to take out the
Onyx and drop that shield."

Grimm: "Whaa?! It's in outer space, it's huge, and...it's in outer space!
That's far!"

Sensei: "Hmm...it is beyond the reach of our air forces, and even my copters."

Hawke: "Not a problem. The missile silos here are not armed with ordinary

Jake: "Huh? How's that work?"

Lash: "Allow me to explain. The missiles here are specifically designed to seek
and destroy satellites. They're part of the ASDS--our anti-satellite defense

Jake: "Anti-satellite defense system?"

Max: "I don't know how they work, but I'm happy as long as they blow it to

Rachel: "Let's get our infantry and mech units out there and capture all the
silos. There are...nine silos in all. If we can hit Black Onyx with all nine
in under fifty minutes, we can destroy it. We absolutely can't let those missile
silos fall into enemy hands!"

***Black Onyx is destroyed***

Koal: "It can't be. I would never have believed Black Onyx could be destroyed."
Kindle: "They used our own missiles against us. It seems someone among them has
a brain. Yet, we still have the upper hand as long as we have the black
obelisk. After all, it can resupply and repair two HP of damage to all units
within four spaces. Look at them fight--it's adorable. They don't have a
chance! Aha ha ha ha ha!"

Koal: "This all sounds strangely familiar. This does not augur well."

***Allied Nations win***

Kindle: "No. It can't be."

Koal: "There is nothing we can do...for now."

Kindle: "Then we must flee. We will NOT forget this, fools! Aha ha ha ha ha!"

Rachel: "YES! We shattered the black obelisk! The allied forces are victorious!"

Max: "And that means the Black Hole Army is done for, too!"

Jake: "That thing can't leach any more of our land's energy, right?"

Rachel: "Yep. Thanks to all of you, Omega Land is safe. C'mon, everyone, let's
go home! I think we all deserve a hot meal and soft, warm beds!"

Jake: "Word!"

***When Black Hole captures a silo***

BH soldier: "We've captured one of the anti-satellite missile bases. The allied
forces are no longer a threat. They cannot fire on Black Onyx."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Bravo! Now the barrier field will be completed!"

[Go to Allied Nations lose]

***Allied Nations lose***

Jake: "Dude. WEAK!"

Rachel: "The enemy was fighting for their lives. They weren't going to just roll
over for us. You know, this whole battle hinges on the speed of the green team.
Jake, Jess, or Max would be the best CO to field for the flatlands up top. The
orange and blue teams will have a rough time enduring the enemy CO Powers.
That's unavoidable. The enemy doesn't have many bases or much funding. They
should run out of steam after a fairly short time. Until the green team takes
out the black cannons, everyone else should defend. With the blue team's
proximity to the com towers, Javier's the natural choice. In order for the
orange team to maximize its airport, I recommend either Sensei and his powerful
battle copters or Colin, who can build units on the cheap. Think about the
battle conditions and assign skills that make the most sense. We're not letting
the enemy push us around again. Let's go get 'em!"

****Mission-22 End****

You shattered an Obelisk!

Rachel: "Listen up, everyone! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and
sacrifices. We owe our victory to the efforts of each and every one of you. It
may not be much, but this feast is our way of saying thanks. Have fun!"

Sensei: "Excuse me, Rachel. Could you tell me where my seat is?"

Rachel: "Umm, sure. Your seat is... Oh! It's down there, next to Grimm."

Sensei: "Oh, yes, right...Grimm? Who's that?"

Rachel: "Huh? How did you forget him? He's a Yellow Comet CO. Just like you!"

Sensei: "Ah, of course he is. I remember now. Grimm! Grimm?"

Rachel: "Ahem...now that our rivers are running clear and clean again... Please
raise your glasses of Omega Land's best water and toast to peace! Cheers!"

Grimm: "Bring me more food! Can't you see I'm wastin' away here? "

Colin: "Excuse me, have you seen my sister?"

Grimm: "What? Oh, heya, Colin. C'mere and sit down, boy. I got some things to
teach you about being a commanding officer."

Colin: "Me? B-b-but I'm looking for my sister..."

Grimm: "Shut yer yapper and sit! That's your first problem! It's this whole
'b-b-but' thing! A real commanding officer should..."

Sasha: "What am I going to do with him? Where could he have run off to now?"

Jake: "'Sup, Sasha."

Sasha: "Hello, Jake. Congratulations on the victory."

Jake: "Yeah, nothin' can stop our crew when we roll together. We regulated that
black obelisk and saved Omega Land. People are already saying that some plants
and stuff are growing back."

Sasha: "Really? That's wonderful."

Jake: "Yeah, no doubt. One day, my hometown'll be back to the way it was before
all this started. You should come and check it out sometime. The view from the
hilltop is pretty hot."

Sasha: "It sounds lovely. I'd love to visit. Wow, that's quite a plateful of
food you got there, Jake."

Jake: "Oh yeah, I think I was supposed to be bringing this to Max."

Max: "Blargg, glarmm, slurrrp, smmmaaaack, bleaaaarrrp... It's about time we
had a break. I mean, a man's gotta eat!"

Javier: "Ahhhh, this Orange Star lobsterfish is filled with delicious. It has
the wonderful aroma and each bite is juicy and plumpness. It is a true treat
for my tastebuds!"

Max: "I heard Green Earth has some good grub. I'm gonna have to go on a
taste-testing holiday one of these days."

Javier: "Yes! You must come and visit the warmth of my castle home. The sausage
of Green Earth explodes with flavor like the cannon of culinary delight. Oh,
and the hams of Jess's village taste of pigs as if from a glorious swine

Jess: "Slow down, Lash. You don't have to take so much at once. No one's going
to steal it from you."

Lash: "Step off. I'm not sharing! Got it? Just be honest--you guys still hate
us. I can tell."

Jess: "That's all in the past. Now listen, you've got food all over your face.
It's really not good. This is a good opportunity for me to teach you some table
manners. OK?"

Lash: "Huh? You're psycho, lady!"

Jess: "You don't have to be shy. Come on. Come over here with me. Let's start
with the correct way to hold a knife and fork... And let me tell you, you're
not going to escape me today."

Lash: "Hawke! Haaaaaaaawke! Help!"

***Flash to outside***

Hawke: "..."

Jake: "'Sup, Hawke. Where you headed?"

Hawke: "I dislike social events. Your name is Jake, is it not?"

Jake: "Yeah."

Hawke: "So, Jake... Why do you fight?"

Jake: "To protect our home from evil dudes that want to turn it into scorched
earth. Someone has to look out for the people that live there."

Hawke: "I see. And to that end is there some burden you feel you must

Jake: "Huh?"

Hawke: "It was a foolish question. Forget it."

Jake: "Hold up, dude! Everyone's having a good time--aren't you going to hang

Hawke: "I doubt I would be welcome. I am a Black Hole officer, remember? My
presence would only dampen everyone's spirits."

Jake: "Nah, man! This party is for everyone. "

Hawke: "... Very well. I think I will join you."

Jake: "Rock!"


OS soldier: "Commander Rachel! We have a situation here!"

Rachel: "What's going on? I'm supposed to be going on leave today. I was
planning on visiting Macro Land."

OS soldier: "We're under fire! It's Black Hole!"

Rachel: "what?!"

OS soldier: "Black Hole is attacking Omega Land! They're everywhere! They're
systematically destroying every factory in sight!"

Rachel: "How... How is that possible? Where did they get their army? Send out
the call to all allied COs--we have to regroup and push them back!"

OS soldier: "Our factories are destroyed! Almost all of our units have been
wiped out. How are we going to fight back?"

Rachel: "This is looking bad. Call my sis--call Commander Nell! Tell her we
need reinforcements!"

OS soldier: "Yes, sir! Will she make it in time?"

Rachel: "She'd better. We've got to hang on with the units we have. I thought
this war was over..."


Rachel: "All right, is everyone here?"

Max: "How did Black Hole manage to launch a surprise attack? Shoot! There goes
my root beer and bratwurst tasting tour!"

Jake: "How's it look, Rachel?"

Rachel: "Not good. Black Hole has already taken several of Omega Land's
territories... For now, we must guard Bluewater Sea at all costs. If it falls,
Omega Land is defenseless!"

Jess: "What is the enemy's strength?"

Rachel: "According to our intel, they outnumber us three to one..."

Colin: "No way!"

Rachel: "Macro Land reinforcements are coming. We'll just have to hold out
until then. Be brave! We must defend Omega Land!"

Jake: "Let's do this thang!"

***Flash to mission map***

Kindle: "Aha! Ha ha ha! c'est merveilleux! The enemy factories are smoldering
ruins. All that remains are the COs."

Rachel: "Back again, Kindle? Not a fast learner, are you? Now that we're here,
you won't have Omega Land to kick around anymore!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! How amusing! What do you think you can do with such a
teensy, pathetic army?"

Rachel: "Why you..."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Now I get my revenge! I've brought you a special guest.
Please give a warm welcome to... Commander Olaf of Black Hole!"

Clone Olaf (C.Olaf): "..."

Sasha: "It... It can't be..."

Colin: "C-Commander Olaf!"

Rachel: "No way! I thought Olaf was in Macro Land, rebuilding Blue Moon!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Yes, it's a mystery... And gutter filth such as you will
never solve it! I'm going to bury you in snow!"

Colin: "We can't fight in these conditions! Especially not against Commander
Olaf! Wh-what am I supposed to do?!"

Grit: "Whoa there, Colin. Let's just take it down a notch, why don't we?"

Colin: "Is... Is it really you? Commander Grit!"

Grit: "Howdy! Long time, no see. I heard y'all were in a bit of a pickle, so I
wandered over to see if I could help."

Sami: "Looks like you're just in time, Grit."

Max: "Sami! You made it!"

Sonja: "That Olaf is a fake. He's a copy CO--a clone. It's more of Black Hole's
nefarious technology. The real Commander Olaf is alive and well back in Macro

Sensei: "Sonja! Heya, kiddo! How long has it been? Hm... Wait, isn't Kanbei
with you?"

Sonja: "No, sir. He wanted to come, but the emperor cannot leave his homeland
unattended. I have to come in his stead."

Eagle: "Much as I'd like it, now's not exactly the time for a stroll down
memory lane. We have an enemy to crush."

Jess: "You're as subtle as ever, Eagle... Thanks for coming. We need the help."

BM soldier: "Blue team is in position! Awaiting your orders!"

GE soldier: "Green team is in position! Ready to move out."

Sonja: "Well done! OK, Commander Rachel. We're awaiting orders."

Rachel: "Thanks, Sonja...and everyone else who came from Macro Land! Now we can
win this fight. Let's go kick some Black Hole tail!"

***Mission-23 start***

Dark Ambition

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "You sure he's a clone, Rachel? Man, it looks just like his picture..."

Rachel: "I can't say for sure... I've never met him in person. But I hear that
he's unstoppable in snow. Even with backup, this won't be easy."

***Max & Grit***

Grit: "Well, I'll be. Howdy, Max! Ain't seen you in a dog's year. We go way
back, but I reckon this is the first time we've been on a tag team."

Max: "Yeah, I've got no clue how this'll work out, but what the hey! Let's give
it a shot!"

***Sami & Eagle***

Eagle: "Let's go, Sami! With my air force and your infantry, we'll have this
wrapped up in no time!"

Sami: "Roger that!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "I don't understand, Sis. How could Commander Olaf--"

Sasha: "That's not the only mystery. Have you noticed the snow? It's...very
odd. This climate isn't cold enough for snow, yet it keeps falling... What's
going on?"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jake: "Hey, you fought with Commander Olaf in the Macro Land battles, right?
What's up with this? He didn't rat us out or anything, did he?"

Jess: "Sorry. I don't know. I'm an expert in weapons and tactics, but I'm not
much for reading people. I know that he'd do anything for Blue Moon, though.
That's for certain."

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "Jess, tell me of this scruff-riddled, frost-bearded commander's

Jess: "He's a talented CO even at the worst of times, but a real monster in
the snow. As long as the white stuff keeps falling, we're going to be at a

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "With all this snow everywhere, we'll guzzle fuel like crazy! Could give
Lightning Grimm a bad name!"

Sensei: "You're right. We'll have to plan our movements carefully. But snow?
Here, of all places? Hmm..."

***Sonja & Sami***

Sami: "well, it's almost time to move out. We'll show those Black Hole dogs
what Macro Land COs are made of!"

Sonja: "Indeed, Sami. The time has come to put our tag battle skills to the

***Sonja & Lash***

Lash: "Well, if it isn't Sonja... I didn't know you were coming! Hey, I know
you're all smart and stuff, and I'm curious about you and all, but... What's
the deal? You really want to team up with me?"

Sonja: "In many ways, we're a lot alike. But put personal feelings aside for
now... I think we're going to hit it off like an exothermic reaction!"

***Hawke & Lash start***

Hawke: "If I didn't know better, I'd think that was Olaf himself, Lash."

Lash: "Tee hee! Yeah, good copy, huh? Everyone's freakin' out, but I'll just
keep the facts to myself for a bit."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "We were at the edge of the abyss, but... Thanks, everyone!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "We can slap anyone around as long as we attack together!"

***Max starts***

Max: "Taste the wrath of bratwurst!"

***Sami starts***

Sami: "I need more intel on Omega Land's forests and mountains. Troops, move

***Colin starts***

Colin: "Oh, no way! I can't fight Commander Olaf... Even if he is just a

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Oh, Commander Olaf... This is like some horrible dream."

***Grit starts***

Grit: "These Black Hole fellas are nasty. I'll make 'em sweat like a goat in a
pepper patch!"

***Jess starts***

Jess: "The odds are even. Now we must remember our training and make this

***Javier starts***

Javier: "A doppelganger!? No true knight would resort to such despicable

***Eagle starts***

Eagle: "An Olaf clone! Ha! How convenient! I've always wanted to face him."

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Reinforcements just in the nick of time! It's good to have friends!"

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Gwar har har! Thanks for playing! I'll return the favor someday!"

***Sonja starts***

Sonja: "It's not just Commander Olaf... Something is wrong with this snow, too."

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "Interesting. They have more power left than I thought."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "Sheesh! That Olaf is a total fake. Why is everyone freaking out?"

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Look at all the beautiful snow. It's almost as bewitching
as I am! Most COs waste all their fuel slogging through the snow, but not my
dear Olaf."

Olaf: "The cold is nothing to me..."

Kindle: "This cloned Olaf is just like the real one. He's unstoppable in snow!
This beautiful blizzard promises me a swift victory! Aha ha ha ha!"

***Day 3, AN***

Sonja: "This is strange. There's no way the snow should still be falling. And
what's with those cities to the north and south..."

Sami: "Sonja?"

Sonja: "I heard something once about a country that ran a strange experiment...
They used used a huge pair of electrodes to channel energy and alter the
weather. Their experiment failed, but what if Black Hole mastered that

Sami: "Are you saying, if we capture those cities..."

Sonja: "Yes. We might be able to stop the snow."

***When the two BH cities are captured***

BH soldier: "Commander! We found an unidentified device left by the Black Hole
Army! We'll detonate it!"

Sasha: "It's just as Commander Sonja predicted--the snow has stopped!"

Colin: "Now we can fight on equal footing!

***Allied Nations win***

Rachel: "Sami, Grit, Sonja, and Eagle... Thank you for coming."

Sami: "Commander Nell already briefed us. Consider us a part of the Allied
Nations. So this must be Commander Jake..."

Jake: "'Sup!"

Sami: "We've heard impressive things about you. I'm Sami. I'm second to none
when it comes to infantry battles."

Grit: "I'm Grit. Y'all can leave the indirect attacks to me."

Sonja: "I am Sonja. My troops have an edge in Fog of War missions!"

Eagle: "Call me Eagle."

Rachel: "Now that we have Macro Land backup, we can fight on equal terms. Let's
gather up the troops and head for the other battlefields."

Colin: "Commander Rachel! We just received fresh intel! Clones are popping up
all over the place!"

Rachel: "Roger that. Get ready, everyone!"

Jake: "I'm all over it!"

Rachel: "Black Hole was annihilated, yet their army has regenerated. What's
going on here?"

***Allied Nations lose***

Eagle: "Yikes... So this is Omega Land's version of the Black Hole Army!"

Sonja: "They've developed more powerful weapons since we last saw them in Macro
Land... We must take care. Without the right CO combination, they can destroy

Grit: "Just as I reckoned... This ain't gonna be no Sunday stroll. Lemme see...
Looks like they're attacking the pipe on their own... So we'd best set up a
defensive front in the meanwhile. Y'all lemme handle that part, 'cuz my team is
loaded with indirect units. I reckon the green team would do best if Jess or
Max was to take the reins. Fighting Olaf...er...that clone is a rough business,
but we gotta do something! The orange team'll have to hurry it up and capture
those cities. Maybe then, they can use the missiles to cover our backsides."

Sami: "All right! Let's show them what the Macro Land COs have got!"

***Mission-23 end***


Kindle: "The Macro Land reinforcements were... unfortunate, shall we say. But I
know how to take out a group of low-class trash. Please, my lord, let me take
them to task."

Von Bolt: "Hhh... Kindle..."

Kindle: "Yes?"

Von Bolt: "No one...hhh...has caught on...hhh...to my plan...hhh... Have they?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Not a chance. The allied forces are in disarray... Our
surprise attack has panicked them. Those uneducated philistines have no idea
what we are planning."

Von Bolt: "I hope you speak...hhhhhh...speak the truth..."

Kindle: "My lord?"

Von Bolt: "Bah! Enough...hhh... Leave me...hhh... I grow...hhh...tired. I

***Flash to mission map***

Javier: "The mud covers my foot with the foulest of slickness! I can barely
keep my footing."

Jess: "I heard this area gets a lot of rainstorms... That would explain the

Eagle: "There's no time to gripe and moan. We'll just have to slog on as best
we can."

Rachel: "We're near Black Hole's front lines... Who knows what they're
planning? Everyone step lightly and keep moving!"

***Vehicle stall sound is made***

Rachel: "Hey, why are we stopping? What did I just say?!"

Colin: "The lead units are stuck in the mud!"

Javier: "Stand aside! I, Javier, will rescue you from any and all manners of

Eagle: "This is what happens when you lose focus! Ah, hold on... Let me help,

Jess: "It was inevitable under these conditions. We should have scouted

Jugger: "Enemy troops detected. Launch primary defensive applications."

Drake(c): "By your command."

Eagle: "You..."

Jess: "It's Commander Drake!"

Javier: "By the keen edge of my blade! Could this be another of those clones?"

Colin: "We still have units trapped in the mud! They'll be overrun by the

Rachel: "Move it, people!"

***Mission-24 start***

Pincer Strike

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "Yo, Rachel--you sure you want me to rock this mission? I mean, shouldn't
we let those Macro Land dudes do it?"

Rachel: "I picked you because I think you're the best CO for the job. Stop all
this overanalyzing. Just get out there and give it your all!"

***Max & Grit***

Grit: "Shoot! The air's hangin' heavy! I reckon rain's coming. I ain't much
good in rain! Makes it hard to see, and that means my indirect units got
nothing to fire at."

Max: "Hey, I don't like rain either! Umbrellas just make me look silly."

***Sami & Eagle***

Eagle: "I heard Omega Land wasn't much to look at, but this sea is beautiful! I
won't let Black Hole turn it into a desert! Not if I can stop them!"

Sami: "You're right. That would tragic. Let's kick them out before it happens!"

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Sis! What's going on? Are you getting a weird gut feeling again?"

Sasha: "Yes. But I don't know if it's good news or bad news... Be on your guard
three days from now. Something is going to happen."

***Jess & Jake start***

Jake: "Yo, Jess! You know all those Macro Land dudes, right? What's the haps?"

Jess: "Yes, I know about their skills, powers, weaknesses, strengths,
tactics... I'll tell you all about it after the battle. It shouldn't take more
than a day or so..."

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "Dame Jess, what manner of man is Eagle? What do you know of his
character? As a fellow citizen of Green Earth, I would speak with him on many

Jess: "His abilities are well known in Macro Land, where he is a respected and
powerful CO. He has a rather...abrasive personality. And we don't get along all
that well... But he's trustworthy all the same."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Sensei: "Hmm... It looks like rain is on the way, Grimm. When it rains, the Fog
of War kicks in... Do you remember that from the old days?"

Grimm: "Gwar har har! I store all of your old lessons right here in my massive
melon! Enough talk! Let's just start blowin' stuff up before the rain comes!"

***Sonja & Sami***

Sami: "Wow. This place is loaded with trees. Things would be easier if we had
more infantry units. I may not be much help..."

Sonja: "Don't be so sure, Sami... It should rain in the next three days. We
must move our infantry units close to the front lines... After I expand their
Fog of War vision, you can overwhelm the enemy! Perfect!"

***Sonja & Lash***

Lash: "I wonder why they don't just make a ton of those cloned COs? Then they
could crank 'em out and let 'em charge! Tee hee!"

Sonja: "That would be futile. Even an entire army of clones couldn't defeat a
real CO. What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in
faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an
angel! In apprehension how like a god! Hmm... I just said something meaningful.
Lash! Write that down!"

***Hawke & Lash start***

Hawke: "Rain... Woods... Mud... This will be like fighting in a jungle. Lash,
if I remember correctly, you specialize in densely forested areas."

Lash: "Yea, I'm not too shabby in woods. Any kind of rough terrain, really. Oh,
well. I guess it's time to be a good girl and join the battle. Sigh...The
ability to invent AND the ability to lead... Being a genius isn't easy."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "The blue team is entrenched in the mud Orange team, go help them!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Man, this weather is about to get nasty! We're gonna get soaked."

***Max starts***

Max: "Stupid trees! They make it pretty tough to move around."

***Sami starts***

Sami: "Watch out for Drake's naval units!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "The forecast calls for heavy rain three days from now."

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Something is going on. I hope it's good news..."

***Grit starts***

Grit: "Aw, cornbread! Fightin' a clone is a pain in my you-know-whut!"

***Jess starts***

Jess: "He looks just like Drake. Makes you feel conflicted, doesn't it?"

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Vile clone! I do slap thee liberally about the face with my leathern

***Eagle starts***

Eagle: "How irritating... But since he's a clone, there's no need to show him
any mercy!"

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Hm... An interesting problem. We must seize as many bases as possible."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Drake? I don't know the guy, but he's got my body type! Oooh, yeah!"

***Sonja starts***

Sonja: "Drake's CO Power is strong. If that clone puts it to use, we're in

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "Unfortunate. We cannot afford to be delayed on such a battlefield..."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "Tee hee hee! Drake's clone is a big fatty, too!"

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 1, BH***

Jugger: "..."

Drake: "Awaiting orders."

Jugger: "Initiate battle programming..."

Drake: "By your command."

Jugger: "..."

***Day 3,AN [rain falls]***

Rachel: "It's raining!"

Javier: "This is no mere squall! It is like standing beneath a thundering

Eagle: "This is more than a little inconvenient. We can't see a thing."

Jess: "Looks like the Fog of War is rolling in. But we can turn that to our
advantage if we use the woods wisely..."

***Allied Nations win***

Jugger: "Victory impossible! Units overwhelmed. Jugger must...

Javier: "Huzzah! The day is saved, and the people can slumber at their leisure
once again!"

Rachel: "We aren't far from the end now. We can make it if we keep at it!"

Jess: "I still don't like it... We thought that Black Hole was crushed, and yet
they still have this huge army? Too many questions, not enough answers."

Javier: "Well spoken, my lady."

Eagle: "It doesn't matter how many clones they toss our way. We'll blast 'em
all! I'm itching to take down more of them!"

Rachel: "I don't think we can solve the mystery just yet..."

Jake: "Where we goin' next, Rachel?"

Rachel: "Out of the frying pan, into the fire, Jake. We're going to the Twin
Crown volcanoes."

***Allied Nations lose***

Javier: "I admire Sir Drake's skill, even if he is my enemy. Er, ally. Clone
Drake is... No, the enemy of my clone is my... I am so confused!"

Jess: "Agreed. This clone is proving to be a formidable opponent."

Drake: "I have known Drake for a long time. I expected nothing less."

Rachel: "We must fight that clone just like he's Drake himself. So, how should
we attack?"

Hawke: "I have fought Drake, and you are right. He is formidable...but not
unstoppable. Put units on our bases so they recover as soon as he uses his CO
Power. The blue team is still going to face an uphill battle--they don't have
factories. When the rain starts, go to the edge of the woods and fire with
indirect units. Don't worry about counterattacks. Just do as much damage as you
can. Once you have opened a path, advance and back up the orange team. Put Lash
and myself in charge of the orange team. You won't be disappointed."

Eagle: "Talk, talk, talk! Man, you like the sound of your own voice. But...it
does make sense. I'm not happy about this loss, but your plan should lead us to
victory next time!"

****Mission-24 end****


Sonja: "...I still don't get it."

Sensei: "Eh? What's that, girl?"

Sonja: "Well, it takes a massive amount of energy to produce a viable clone...
How could Black Hole get access to that much power?"

Grimm: "Rachel and Jess were just saying the same thing! If clones eat up that
much energy, that makes 'em hungrier than me! Harrr!"

Sonja: "Lash? Do you know anything about it?"

Lash: "Huh? Oh, yeah...totally. Making one or two clones is WAY easy! It takes
about as much energy as all the cities of Orange Star use in a month. Not all
that much, really! Tee hee hee! I hear there's a clone at Twin Crown volcanoes.
Ooooh, it's gonna be fun!"

Sonja: "I wonder which clone will show up next?"

Lash: "Maybe it'll be a copy of you, right down to the plain face!
Tee hee hee!"

Sonja: "Hey, that was mean! I don't think we could ever be friends."

***Flash to mission map***

Sensei: "Whoa there...that's a double helping of volcano. At least they're not

Sonja: "Be careful, Sensei. Something's not right here..."

Grimm: "That thing erupted!"

Koal: These volcanoes have been blessed with Black Hole's most advanced
technology. Like a hungry snake emerging from its den, these falling rocks will
strike mercilessly. In just 18 days, this land will be reduced to naught but 

Grimm: "Gwar! Think you're tough, shorty? I'll smash your head like a melon!"

Koal: "Leave it to a simpleton to use his hands instead of his brain. Arise, my
clone! Help me sacrifice these fools to the purifying flames!"

Kanbei(c): "By your command."

Sonja: "D-Dad?! NO!"

Rachel: "There's our answer--we must face Commander Kanbei."

Koal: "You have amassed quite a stable of COs. And now, their skills are turned
against you! The hunter has become the hunted! Send in the clone!"

Kanbei: "By your command."

Grimm: "Gragh! He looks just like our emperor!"

Sensei: "I can't see as well as I used to. So it looks just like him, eh?"

Grimm: "It'll be like fighting Kanbei himself. Those dogs... I'll bust their

Sensei: "Hah! That's nothin'. I've been whippin' Kanbei since he was a pup, and
I can do it again! If they rigged the volcano to blow, there's got to be a way
to stop it. Hm...looks like this mission involves two fronts and both screens.
The CPU usually commands the secondary front, but I bet you want more control.
If you want to take over, open the menu and hit Intel, then turn Auto CO off.
You can turn Auto CO on or off anytime, so use it wisely."

***Mission-25 start***

Ring of Fire

***Rachel & Jake start***

Jake: "Eighteen days? We gotta hustle."

Rachel: "There isn't even time to plan. We'll just give 'em the ol'

***Max & Grit***

Max: "Let me take the lead, Grit! I'm gonna hit 'em hard!"

Grit: "Now hold on there, Max. Did you see the lava's trajectory? If my hunch
is right, that road is gonna be mighty risky. We should slow down and keep one
eye peeled for trouble."

***Sami & Eagle***

Sami: "Be careful there, Eagle. Those flying lava rocks could decimate your air

Eagle: "Don't sweat it. As long as you're around, there's no way we can lose."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "I'm an allied commander! I won't let this molten lava scare me!"

Sasha: "How brave! Ummm...Colin? Why are your knees knocking?"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "Two volcanoes! This is a rare geological wonder. I wonder if there are
hot spring geysers nearby... What is it? What's wrong, Jake?"

Jake: "Everything cool with you? You never say stuff like that. You're always
all intent on the battle and stuff. Know what I'm saying? But
yeah...word...once we beat these suckas down, I could chill in a pool."

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "So this is the renowned Sir Kanbei! I have much desired a duel with
him... Ah, but only that it were so! But the striking down of a clone will not
give me the warmth of victory. Jess what manner of man is the true Kanbei?"

Jess: "He's a lot like Grimm, actually. Birds of a feather and all that."

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "Gwar har har! Time to knuckle up! Sensei, you should stay here and

Sensei: "No need to worry about me, Grimm. I taught Kanbei to fight back in the
day, and I even showed Hachi a trick or two! I may be old, but there's no way
I'm going to lose to some knock-off clone!"

***Sonja & Sami***

Sami: "Hey, Sonja...are you OK? You're hurting, huh? Battling a clone that
looks just like your dad... Maybe you should tell Rachel that you want to sit
this one out..."

Sonja: "I'm fine. Let me do this. This...this is just a clone. My father is
safe and sound... I will utterly destroy this monster that wears his face!"

***Sonja & Lash***

Sonja: "Lash, please help me! I must win this battle!"

Lash: "What the? Hey, don't be a weirdo! Is one little clone really such a
shocker? Oh, fine... I'll help. I'm bored anyway. Don't forget to thank me when
we win!

***Hawke & Lash start***

Lash: "I haaaaaaate volcanoes! They think they're so hot! Nature only exists
so we can conquer it with science!"

Hawke: "I hope you understand just how strange you are. Come on, let's go."

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "We don't have a moment to waste! Let's take these guys down!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Turning the land to ash? Man, that's weak."

***Max starts***

Max: "I'm not scared of a little lava!"

***Sami starts***

Sami: "We have to fight Sonja's dad? This is going to be awkward..."

***Colin starts***

Colin: "M-molten lava? Isn't this a little dangerous?"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Don't dwell on the heat. Imagine yourself somewhere chilly, and think
cool thoughts."

***Grit starts***

Grit: "If we use them hills to our advantage, maybe this'll be an easy fight."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "I have fought near volcanoes before. I must draw on that experience."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Ho, Sir Clone of Sir Kanbei! I challenge your honor on
the...er...field of honor!"

***Eagle starts***

Eagle: "There's turbulence around the crater. My air forces can't get near

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Ha ha! This takes me back to my old days as a hot and fiery

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Forgive me, emperor--I've got to sock you in the mouth!"

***Sonja starts***

Sonja: "Even if that thing is a clone... This is so hard... Father..."

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "Koal, is it? Good-bye, little man."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "A Kanbei clone? Laaaaaame! I could have come up with something WAY

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 2, BH***

Koal: "Heh heh heh... This battlefield's volcano is controlled from the
secondary front, and vice versa! To stop the eruptions, those fools would have
to capture all four of the cities that ring the opposite volcano. And I know
where the lava lands... So I won't get hit! Feeble-minded imbeciles! Where will
you hide when fiery death rains down upon thee?"

***When second front is won***

YC soldier: "The secondary front is under out control! We've seized a
volcano-controlling unit!"

Grimm: "Gwar har har! Now we can really unload on these chumps! I'll learn
those Black Hole types not to use a volcano against me!"

***Allied Nations win***

Koal: "Uuuuuunnnnngh... Utterly humiliating. But better to flee and lick my
wounds than become fodder for the hounds!"

Grimm: "Oooh yeah! We totally slammed 'em! One more battle under our belts!"

Sensei: "Ha ha! Keep 'em coming! I feel like I'm 80 again!"

Jake: "You rocked that, old-timer!"

Rachel: "Listen up, everyone! We're going to Central Plains! If we can win, we
should be able to boot Black Hole out of Omega Land for good!"

Colin: "Commander Rachel! Th-this is serious! W-we just got a r-report...
It's... It's..."

Grit: "Easy, Colin. No need to burn yer grits. Rachel ain't going anywhere."

Sasha: "Calm down and speak slowly."

Colin: "Y-yes. You're right... You're right... Calm thoughts... Cool
thoughts... Oh, it's terrible! Omega Land is turning into a desert again!"

Jake: "Dude! Weak!"

Rachel: "No..."

***Allied Nations lose***

Kanbei: "..."

Koal: "Heh heh heh... Well done, my clone! Now, on to the next battlefield!
You'll do my bidding until you drop!"

Sensei: "Ugh. They have copied Kanbei too well. I feel as if I'm fighting the
real thing."

Sonja: "Using the power of my father like that... A million deaths are not
enough for them! But I think I've figured out a way to escape this predicament.
The volcano shows us on both fronts, but the secondary front is really tough.
All of those narrow roads make it difficult to move with any haste. We must
first capture the four cities on the primary front. Then the secondary army can
advance with ease! Since that army has anti-air units, we should send up tanks
and artillery."

Grimm: "So we just have to capture four measly little cities? Gwar har har! We
have to move as fast as we can, because those 18 days will fly by! Emperor
Kanbei, Lightning Grimm won't let you down again!"

****Mission-25 End****


Colin: "Omega Land is being turned into a desert even faster than before! The
wasteland has already swallowed up all the towns along the coast... Wh-what are
we going to do?"

Max: "Rachel?"

Rachel: "The rejuvenation of Black Hole's army... Clone COs, requiring massive
amounts of energy... The creeping desert... I hate to think of it, but there's
really only one explanation..."

Jake: "Aw, man, no... Not the black obelisk! Dude, super weak."

Rachel: "I'm afraid so."

Jake: "Dude... We smashed the black obelisk! I watched it happen!"

Rachel: "Who's to say there's only one? Black Hole is extremely crafty. They
may well have another one somewhere."

Max: "Fine! Let's smash that one, too!"

Colin: "B-but...unless we know where it is..."

Grit: "Colin's right. We just gotta sit tight 'til we find that obelisk

Sami: "But...Omega Land is enormous! I wouldn't know where to start looking."

Rachel: "I'd start in the desert... The obelisk we destroyed was in the middle
of Red Rock Desert. You'd never notice the country turning into a wasteland if
it started out as one."

Grit: "Yeah, I getcher point. If ya want to hide a tree, stick 'er in a forest,

Rachel: "I'll deploy our intelligence team and have them track the obelisk
down. In the meantime, we'll head for the final battlefield and..."

Colin: "C-Commander Rachel! We've got a situation! The enemy is deploying some
kind of weapon in the Central Plains!"

Rachel: "Roger that. Let's hightail it back there and teach Black Hole a

***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "Whoa! Are those missile silos?"

Sasha: "They're enormous... And there are two of them..."

Colin: "I... I've seen those silos before! Those are Black Hole mega missiles!
They're strong enough to wipe out an entire continent! During the last war, we
captured the surrounding buildings and cut the power. At least...I think that's
the way it happened."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! The brave little schoolboy remembers his lessons! And
since you're such a clever little boy, I'll let you in on a little secret...
Unless you capture all four com towers on this map, both missiles will fire!
Oh, and did I mention that these missiles...these...Black Armageddons...are
aimed directly at your homelands!? Yes, they will fly off to your countries and
redecorate every last city. Talk about an extreme makeover! Aha! Aha ha ha
ha ha!"

Rachel: "Kindle!"

Jake: "We'll stop you in your tracks!"

Kindle: "Aha! Ha ha ha! It's far too late now! Oh...I see despair in your
eyes... How lovely! Where is your epsirt de corps now? And I have another treat
for you... Oh, clone! Are you ready to crush these insects?"

Andy(c): "Bring it on. I am ready."

Sami: "That's Andy! No, wait... That's a clone... Isn't it?"

Max: "Aw, nuts! You gotta be kidding me!"

Jake: "Dude, that's Commander Andy from Cosmo Land! He's a legend!"

Andy: "You have 24 days until the missiles fire... Until then... I will keep
you company."

***Mission-26 start***


***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "Obelisks, missiles, volcanoes... Black Hole will stoop to anything!
This is worse than nu metal!"

Jake: "So, they want to destroy Omega Land, no matter the cost? I'll just have
to show them that some things can't be bought at any price!"

***Max & Grit***

Grit: Horse feathers! We gotta fight an Andy clone, of all things! You OK with
this, big Max?"

Max: "Does a bear cr-- Of course I'm OK! Andy and that guy are totally
different! You can't clone talent or strength... And I'll prove it to him!"

***Sami & Eagle***

Sami: "I bet you have mixed feelings, eh, Eagle? Facing the clone of your
biggest rival..."

Eagle: "No. There is only one man whom I accept as my rival. Some cheap copy
with the same face is nothing but another enemy."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Sister, let me handle this. Last time they tried to fire the missiles,
Commander Olaf was able to stop them. But he's not here to save the day this
time. I'd better do my duty as a Blue Moon CO!"

Sasha: "Well said, Colin. But don't forget me! I, too, am a proud Blue Moon CO!
I will not let you go it alone... When we fight, we fight together!"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "Twenty-four days? This is going to be tough... We'll have to move
efficiently. One mistake, and we're done for.

Jake: "Hey, no worries, Jess! We'll definitely beat these guys if we work with
the other teams! I'll make sure that it happens!

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "Look, Dame Jess! Com towers!"

Jess: "Yes, if we get those under our control, we can take advantage of our
abilities. I don't know if we can win otherwise...

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "All right, Sensei, I'm ready! First we gotta capture all the com
towers! Then we gotta... Wait, but our HQ is way over there, and we're here,
so... Gwar! I hate plans! Let's just throw down!"

Sensei: "So much to think about... It almost makes me dizzy... This is
Lightning Grimm's time to shine!"

***Sonja & Sami***

Sami: "Don't worry about me, Sonja. I have no problem taking it to some clone.
My infantry can capture those com towers in no time!"

Sonja: "Yes, I will leave the capturing to you. It will be my job to give you
as much backup as possible!"

***Sonja & Lash***

Sonja: "It seems that the Andy clone even has a rudimentary personality. Men
should not meddle so with the natural order... How can such a thing be

Lash: "Hey, it's not like I made the thing! Sheesh! Gimme a break! Besides,
Black Hole doesn't give a fig if technology is good or evil. That's why the bad
guys always advance science... Because they're fearless!"

***Hawke & Lash start***

Hawke: "Let's go, Lash! Hurry up!"

Lash: "Wow, Hawke's all angry today! Maybe he's fired up because he gets to
face his main rival, Andy. Or maybe he's just a big jerkface... Men are so hard
to figure out!"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "We only have 24 days!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Blowing away the entire continent...? Not gonna happen, Kindle!"

***Max starts***

Max: "Andy is one tough hombre... Look sharp!"

***Sami starts***

Sami: "We have to hurry! Leave the capturing to me!"

***Colin starts***

Colin: "In the last war, Commander Olaf thwarted their plans... Now it's my

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "I don't think we'll make it unless everyone lends a hand."

***Grit starts***

Grit: "We're gonna be busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kickin' contest."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "We have four goals. Should we hit one at a time or launch a simultaneous

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Foul wretches! I'll not sit idly by and watch our countries be put to
the sword!"

***Eagle starts***

Eagle: "An Andy clone? Don't make me laugh! Ha ha ha! Oops... Too late!"

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Um...hey...there... How much time did you say we had left?"

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Twenty-four days? We need lightning speed! Gwar har har! It's show

***Sonja starts***

Sonja: "That Andy clone can talk... Could it have feelings?"

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "A clone of Andy... Interesting."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "Black Arma-huh? Hey, I invented that missile! I should be the one to
name it!

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! Go ahead! Panic! Run screaming like dogs with your tails
on fire! The missiles will fire in 24 days, and there's no way you can stop
them. You have to capture all four com towers? Aha ha ha! Incroyable! Soon you
will see my beautiful fireworks light up the night sky! You there! Clone! I
expect victory! Do not disappoint..."

Andy: "I do not need reminding. That is my only purpose..."

[There is no rout victory]

***Allied Nations win***

Kindle: What?! No! Impossible! You stupid, stupid clone! I will leave you here
to die! "

Andy: "I...lost..."

Max: "Hey, uh... Andy clone? Kindle just split. Aren't you going to take off,

Andy: "It makes no difference. I do not have long... My life will soon fade...
like all the clones..."

Jake: "What the... What do you mean? Can't you do something? "

Andy: "No need for tears. I am...false... Oh, look My time...has come..."

Sami: "Your body! It's... Oh, no... Look at it..."

Andy: "...Yes. I know... Can I...ask you something? What kind of man is
Commander Andy? My...original. Does he have friends? Do people...like him?"

Max: "Yeah, he has friends. Tons of 'em. I'm one of his best."

Sami: "Andy is a fine CO. Everyone loves him."

Andy: "I see... Interesting... I am not Andy... I am just a clone...but... you
made me...happy... ....."

Max: "Andy..."

Sami: "..."

Jake: "This is... Oh, man, this is terrible... Black Hole! I'll never forgive
you! You're going down!"

***Allied Nations lose***

Andy: "Mission...accomplished. Are you...happy?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! Good enough, clone! Now we just need to build three or
four more of you! Take me to the next battlefield! Aha! Aha ha ha ha ha!"

Max: "Dang! I hate to admit this, but he's got all the same skills as Andy. If
we don't win this battle, he'll never let me live it down! Look, the factories
in each corner are a real pain. And the longer this battle takes, the more of a
disadvantage we're at. We have to take as many factories as possible with our
initial units!  If you can't capture them with infantry, park a unit on 'em to
stop production! We should be able to take the northern and southern factories
early on. And if we manage to do that, the rest of the fight will be easier.
You might want to ignore the left-hand silos, because they're pretty far away.
Once the blue team is up and running, hit 'em fast and hard!"

Sami: "The next one is ours for sure! We'll do it for the real Andy!"

****Mission-26 end****


Jake: "Any news from the intel team, Rachel?"

Rachel: "Nothing yet. They're combing Omega Land, but there's no trace of the

Jake: "More and more areas of Omega Land are turning into wasteland. And we
can't do anything about it!"

Max: "Grrr! I hate this! There must be something we can do!"

Sonja: "Wait a second. Let me see that map."

Sami: "What is it, Sonja?"

Sonja: "Last, you said the black obelisk turns the surrounding land into
desert, right?"

Lash: "Yeppers! Pretty neato, huh?"

Sonja: "Is the speed of desertification the same on any terrain?"

Lash: "Wow. Word of the day, eh? Nice one, nerd. Yeah, it's the same speed.
Terrain doesn't matter at all. That's why the desert emanates out from the
obelisk at a consistent rate. Oh hey, I get it! That means..."

Sonja: "Yes. The obelisk is the exact center of the desertif--...the land
that's turning into desert."

Lash: "The deserts that we know of are here, here, here, and here, right?"

Sonja: "And if you draw a circle on the perimeter and radiate inward, the
center is."

Lash: "Right here!"

Rachel: "There? That can't be right. That's in the middle of the Crimson Sea."

Hawke: "I see. Omega Land is 70 percent water and has untapped resources on
the ocean floor. So Black Hole built a base in the Crimson Sea and took
advantage of that energy."

Jake: "Dude, yeah! If all the cities turned into desert, everyone would be on
to them! But you can do whatever on the ocean floor... No one would ever know!"

Hawke: "It means the black obelisk has transformed almost all of the Crimson
Sea. With the sea nearly consumed, the process has no spread to Omega Land

Sasha: "How terrible..."

Jess: In retrospect, the black obelisk in Red Rock Desert may have been a
decoy. The enemy diverted our attention to buy time for the real plan."

Rachel: "Oh, I'm so stupid! how could I have missed that?!"

Sasha: "Don't blame yourself, Rachel. None of us imagined he'd do something so
awful. Besides, we should still have time to stop it."

Jake: "Yeah, right on, Sasha! We've got time! Let's split back to the Crimson
Sea and take 'em out!"

BH soldier: "Radar is picking up incoming allied forces. Sir! They're
approaching the base!"

Kindle: "Aha ha! It looks like the great unwashed have finally taken up their
pitchforks! But the hoi polloi far too late. We already have enough energy.
Now all we have to do is sweep away these nuisances."

Von Bolt: "Hhh... Kindle..."

Kindle: "Yes, my lord?"

Von Bolt: "They are...hhh...coming?"

Kindle: "Yes, my lord...but set your mind at ease. I shall stand in front of
the black obelisk and deliver the coup de grace with plea..."

Von Bolt: "No. Hhh... I will...hhh...do it."

Kindle: "You, my lord? You want to address this issue...personally?"

Von Bolt: "I dislike...hhh...battles. I get so...hhh...tired... But
they...hhh... They have come too far... Hhhhhh... This ends...here. Now."

***Flash to mission map***

Colin: "There it is! The sea base!"

Grit: "Aw, possum spit! Look at all the troops! Looks like we found ourselves
one humdinger of a termite next, boys!"

Jake: "Hey, there's the black obelisk! Let's rush it!"

Von Bolt: "Not...hhh...a chance."

Rachel: "What--? Who are you?"

Von Bolt: "My name is...hhh...Von Bolt. I am...hhh...commander-in-chief
of...hhh...Black Hole...hhhh...and its eternal master!"

Max: "You! You're behind all this!"

Von Bolt: "Hehhh hhh hhh! Already stolen...hhh...half of Omega Land's energy...
Hhhhh... One half...hhh...to go... I'll wring this land...hhhhhh...like a
sponge. Nothing will...hhh...remain but...hhh...desert! The energy absorbed
by... Hhhhh...my black obelisk...hhh..secures my future... Eternal life! Hhh...
Absolute power1 Hhh... The universe shall...hhhhh...bow to me!"

Jake: "You'd destroy Omega Land just for some ego trip?!"

I am...hhh...human. Nothing is more...hhh...precious than...hhh...life... MY
life... Who cares what happens...hhh...to insects? I care only...hhhhhh...for

Jake: "You're a complete mentalist! How dare you?!"

Von Bolt: "Hehh hhh hhh! Dare, you say? Hhh...dare... Hhhh... Oh, I dare...
Ignorant...hhh...boy! I will...hhh...crush you... and drink...hhhhhh...drink
your life!"

***Mission-27 start***

For the Future!

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "The enemy controls multiple cities! We must stay sharp! Jake's troops!
Rachel's troops! Move out! We're going to shatter that obelisk!"

Jake: "I hear that! We didn't come this far just so we could lose here! You're
not taking one more acre of land from us!"

***Max & Grit***

Max: "That black obelisk is just sitting there! Let's rush it!"

Grit: "Whoa there! Hold yer horses. Why don't we lay low and attack from long

***Sami & Eagle***

Sami: "That's the ringleader, huh? He seems different from Sturm."

Eagle: "See what happens when you cling to life? Hope I'm not like that when
I'm old."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Colin: "Let me handle this, Sis! I will protect you!"

Sasha: "Stop it! I'm a CO! I don't need my litle brother protecting me! Sorry.
I didn't mean it like that. I appreciate the offer. You know, you've become
quite a CO."

***Jess & Jake start***

Jake: "I'm ready to issue a beatdown--let's roll!"

Jess: "I'm right there with you. We'll ride on to victory!"

***Jess & Javier start***

Jess: "Do not charge, Commander Javier. We must keep pace with the other

Javier: "But glory tugs at my sense like a branch of honor snagged on the hem
of my ego!"

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Grimm: "Gwar har! It's time for a ruckus! This is where us old-timers shine!"

Sensei: "Ha ha ha! Look at your head. There's something else shining, badly!"

***Sonja & Sami***

Sami: "Our infantry units are few and precious. We must move slowly."

Sonja: "Yes, I understand. I won't waste a single unit."

***Sonja & Lash***

Lash: "Tee hee hee! Hey, Sonja! Your last mission is with me! Man, total drag
for you, huh?"

Sonja: "Is that what you think? I beg to differ. I may not care for your
personality, but your battle skills are unmatched!"

***Hawke & Lash start***

Lash: "Man, I can't believe what a mess it is out there. And those are all my

Hawke: "Hey, you made them. Can't you destroy them, too?"

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "I'm the commander of the allied forces! I will not lose this fight!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "Everyone is depending on me! I can't lose!"

***Max starts***

Max: "I'm gonna blow them away!"

***Sami starts***

Sami: "I see com tower--we should try to capture them."

***Colin starts***

Colin: "I... I get to move out, too! Let's go!

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "Everyone, move out!"

***Grit starts***

Grit: "Simmer down, now! We need cool heads."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "The center team must be careful... Moving too fast would be suicide."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Let my sword and shield save the day from villainy most...villainous!

***Eagle starts***

Eagle: "Look at all those targets just begging to get shot down!"

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "It's an old-fashioned showdown! The soldier in me is going wild!"

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "Time to pound me an old man! Oooh yeah!"

***Sonja starts***

Sonja: "That's the black obelisk--the pinnacle of Black Hole technology."

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "Let's see what you've got, Von Bolt."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "Watch those minicannons! They're nasty! Did I mention I invented those?
Tee hee!"

***Day 1, AN***

***Allied Nations win***

Von Bolt: "Ung...unnnnggghhh..."

Kindle: "The black obelisk has been destroyed! My eternal beauty... It's

Von Bolt: "Retreat...hhh...for now..."

Grit: "Hey! Those rats are tryin' to run!"

Max: "They're not going anywhere! We're going to end this right now!"

Jake: "OK! Let's go!"

Rachel: "Is everyone ready? It's time for the final showdown!"

***Allied Nations lose***

Von Bolt: "Hehh hhh hhh! I have...hhh...won... Let me rest...hhhhh...for a

Kindle: "Oh, my lord! Marvelous! Stunning! Absolutely without equal! I have
not seen such a display of power in ages! Please, you must rest. I will handle
the cleanup."

Hawke: "Getting to the obelisk is...difficult."

Rachel: "We're almost there! Don't give up! You have to coordinate all three
teams during this battle. It looks like you have the upper hand at first, but
don't be fooled. Don't underestimate the enemy's cash flow or recovery power.
The orange team is in a tight spot, so let Javier take those com towers. The
blue and green teams can help by seizing the factories to the north. The green
team's air units should hit the minicannon and crystals early. The blue team
can save money for a bit, then purchase battleships and carriers."

Lash: "Look at them! Crowing over MY inventions! I'm disgusted! That's it. No
more little miss nice perkygoth! It's smashin' time!!!"

****Mission-27 end****


***Flash to mission map***

Jake: "Yo, Von Bolt!"

Rachel: "There's nowhere to run!"

Von Bolt: "Hhh... I knew...hhh...you'd come."

Jake: "You've totally jacked up Omega Land. You killed the trees and dried up
the lakes and turned everything into wasteland. How could you do that just to
satisfy your own twisted ego?"

Von Bolt: "Hehh hhh hhh... I find you...hhh....amusing.
Everything...hhh...requires energy to...hhh...live... It is...hhh...the natural

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! Lord Von Bolt is quite right. We are simply doing what
comes naturally--what any other living thing would do."

Jake: "You're talkin' crazy!"

Kindle: "Let me ask a question, dear one: what does it mean to live?"

Jake: "Huh?"

Von Bolt: "Hhh... All living things...hhh...take energy... Take it
from...hhh...the outside world... It is how...hhh...all creatures are able
to... Hhhhhhh...to live and to grow... Hhhhhh!"

Max: "What the heck are you trying to say? Stop wheezing out this hogwash!"

Kindle: "Nourishment. Eating. You consume something so that it may extend your
life. That's what all living things do. Even plebeians such as yourselves
breathe and eat and drink... Correct? We do the same. But our food is simply...
Omega Land itself. Its energy."

Jake: "Yeah? You a big fan of dirt sandwiches?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! No. I need all of Omega Land's energy to preserve my
allure. It takes a tremendous amount of power to seize and keep eternal beauty.
If I absorb the life force of this pathetic land, I can stay young forever!"

Jake: "So you're trashing Omega Land just to preserve yourself?"

Von Bolt: "We have...hhh...taken the trouble...hhh... to amass all this
energy...hhh... And now you...hhh...leave me...no choice. I will...hhh...use
this energy...hhhh... Use it to...hhhhhh...annihilate you all! Hhhhhhhhh...

***white flash***

Rachel: "Wha...?"

Max: "Hey, what's going on? He's acting weird!"

Von Bolt: "Hhhh...hhhhhhnnngggaaa! Whaaa haa! I've used the energy stored in
the black obelisk to fuel my frail body! I feel like I have the strength of
ten men... Each of whom possesses the strength of ten men! Whaaaa haa haaaa!
Get them, my oozium! Feast on them! Consume the weak-minded fools! Devour all
energy left on this planet! Leave nothing behind! Whaaa haa haa! Whaaaa haaaa
haaa! Whaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa!!!! Whaaaaaaaaa haaaa haaa haaaaaaa!!"

***white flash, Grand Bolt is created***

Rachel: "Yikes."

Jake: "Dude...psycho."

Max: "Look at the size of that thing!"

Kindle: "Behold the sheer magnitude of it!"

Von Bolt: "I call this massive oozium the Grand Bolt... And I will use it to
swallow you whole! Once I do, I will suck Omega Land dry and take its energy
for myself!"

Jake: "Dude. You couldn't be more of a loser! You only care about yourself!
You're not thinking about the land or anyone else. That kind of thing will only
lead to your own destruction!"

Von Bolt: "Whaaa haa haa haaa! Shut it, boy! Your inane hipster slang is an
affront to my ears and a waste of my time. Slink home while you can still

Jake: "Oooh, snap! You showed me, meat bag! Consider yourself served with a
subpoena of pain! Yeah...that's lawyer style!"

***Mission-28 start***

Means to an End

***Rachel & Jake start***

Rachel: "You know, none of these mission have been easy. Even the early ones.
I've cheated death a thousand times, and sometimes I got so scared that I
cried... But... You've always been with me. Whether we're on the battlefield or
in some meeting... You play it cool, but you've always backed me up."

Jake: "Ah...well...you know. I mean... I have to...uh...follow orders

Rachel: "You made me happy. I mean it! It was like...having a younger brother."

Jake: "Wha? A younger brother...? ...Huh."

Rachel: "What, you're not happy with that?"

Jake: "No, dude, it's fine! Wait, I mean... I don't mean dude... I mean... Oh
man, I'm screwing this up..."

Rachel: "Hee hee! Well then... This will be my last order as your CO... You
must make it out of this battle alive! And... Bring your report to my office
when you're done... OK?"

Jake: "...Yeah! Let's do this thing and go home alive!"

***Max & Grit***

Grit: "Evenin', Max. You know, we go back a dog's year...and we ain't gonna end
it in a place like this! Don't you be doing anything crazy now, you hear?! Aw,
shucks... I'm wastin' my breath."

Max: "Ha ha! You know me too well, my man! Listen, Grit. Stopping and thinking
just isn't my nature. I only push ahead! I'll trust you to watch my back!"

***Sami & Eagle***

Eagle: "I want you to promise me something, Sami. Promise that if we both
return from this battle alive..."

Sami: "Oh no you don't! Stop it right there! If two people make a promise like
that, one of them is going to end up dead! You must as well tell me that you're
two days away from retirement! Save the promises for later, OK? We'll talk when
we get back in one piece."

***Sasha & Colin start***

Sasha: "Don't push yourself too much, Colin. I need you to come home alive. "

Colin: "I Know, Sis. I want you to be safe, too. We'll go home together!"

***Jess & Jake start***

Jess: "Hey, Jake? Let me give you one final piece of advice. You said you fight
to defend others, right? Well, you sometimes must defend yourself. If we lose
you, that would make the people back home...and me...sad. You get me?"

Jake: "Yeah, Jess... I gotcha. Thanks. For everything."

***Jess & Javier start***

Javier: "At last! This old knight is going to make one final, glorious charge!
Fighting to defend a lady is the knight's greatest honor... I shall defend you,
Dame Jess, even if it means my life is forfeit!"

Jess: "Hmmm.... Yes... Quite. Much appreciated, thanks. But since you're so
excited, I'll leave the defending to you and focus on offense. Come on, Javier!
Let's go for the jugular!"

***Sensei & Grimm start***

Sensei: "Ah, Grimm, my old disciple. You've grown quite a bit during these
battles... If you agree to train the rest of these rookies, I can finally die
happy... If the battle ends poorly, you must escape! I can't outlive my finest

Grimm: "Escape? Gwar har har har har! Sensei, we still need you back home! If
you die on us, we're in big trouble! You're going home if I have to pick you up
and carry you!

***Sonja & Sami***

Sami: "Fiddlesticks! This will be it for the Omega Land war! I mean, I'm glad
for peace and all... But I have homework to catch up on! Hey, Sonja? Teach me
math again, OK?"

Sonja: "You're insanely confident at a time like this. It's funny...but I feel
the same. Calm. Completely at ease. I feel like there's no way I can lose if I
team up with you! We're going to win!"

***Sonja & Lash***

Lash: "Do you see that, Sonja? You're looking at the pinnacle of Black Hole
technology. It's amazing what science can achieve if you ignore morality and
all that noise... Tee hee hee! An unfettered scientific mind could turn men
into gods!"

Sonja: "That's why we must stop them. Black Hole has gone too far! If they win,
there's no telling what horrors they will unleash!"

***Hawke & Lash start***

Hawke: "Lash. I'm sorry. I have mistreated you. Had I not strong-armed you into
this... you would not have been called a traitor. I made excuses. Used you to
my own end, so that I could continue to live."

Lash: "Aw, that's OK. Don't worry about it. I wouldn't be doing all this if I
didn't like it, ya'know? I'm not an easy chick to push around... I only do what
I want to do. And I'm here now because I want to fight with you... So let's

***Rachel starts***

Rachel: "We'll win. We'll win and everyone will go home in one piece!"

***Jake starts***

Jake: "All of Omega Land has got my back!"

***Max starts***

Max: "Dang! That thing's a lot bigger than me!"

***Sami starts***

Sami: "Yowza! I wonder what that gigantic oozium is going to do to us."

***Colin starts***

Colin: "I'm... I'm not scared! I can do this!"

***Sasha starts***

Sasha: "I sense something...terrible...but I must put that feeling aside!"

***Grit starts***

Grit: "Well, shoot! This'll be one heck of a story for old man Olaf."

***Jess starts***

Jess: "Even the brightest of fires will eventually flicker out. That's the way
of the world. There is no such thing as an enemy without a weakness."

***Javier starts***

Javier: "Feel the chopping bite of my sword, ghoulish archfiend!"

***Eagle starts***

Eagle: "Humph! I don't like this at all! That thing is giving me the willies!"

***Sensei starts***

Sensei: "Whoa, nelly! Look at the size of that..."

***Grimm starts***

Grimm: "That gigantic blob thing is no joke... Well, I bet I can still smash

***Sonja starts***

Sonja: "So this is it... The power of Black Hole's technology."

***Hawke starts***

Hawke: "How ugly. It's like the incarnation of his twisted desire."

***Lash starts***

Lash: "Nasty! Get lose, you big blubbery pile of goo!"

***Day 1, AN***

***Day 1, BH***

Kindle: "My lord, I have placed our remaining units near the crystals on the
second front. Those crystals generate force fields that guard the Grand Bolt's
weak points. Oh, and if those louts approach the weak points...they will be
eaten by oozium! Little do they know, the substance spews from the Grand Bolt
every few days! I can just imagine their panicked faces... Aha ha ha! Aha ha ha

Von Bolt: "Whaaa haa haa haaaa! Excellent! In 24 days, the Grand Bolt will be
large enough to consume Omega Land! And when that happens, those miserable
insects will be powerless to stop me! Even the combined might of the Black Hole
and the allied forces would be nothing! On the 24th day, I shall become
immortal! I will be the most powerful being ever! Whaaa haa haa haa haa haa!"

Kindle: "And I will be the most lovely being in creation... Then again, I
already am! Aha ha ha ha!"

***When a black crystal is shattered on the top screen***

OS soldier: "Commander! We have shattered one of the black crystals!"

Jake: "Well done! Now we can strike one of the Grand Bolt's weak points! We
have to hurry. Keep shattering those crystals!"

***Allied Nations win***

Von Bolt: "M-my...power...hhhh...Hhhhhhh... Hhhhh...noooo... Hhhhhhh..."

***slow white flash***

Jake: "Hey, check it! Von Bolt's power is fading!"

Rachel: "The war is over... Surrender, Von Bolt! You're done!"

Von Bolt: "No...hhhh... No...! Hhhhhh... Must...hhhh...live...hhhh..."

***another flash***

Jake: "Dude! What now?!"

Sami: "Look! The fragments of that giant oozium are pooling together!"

Rachel: "What on earth...? It's trying to repair itself!"

Max: "Oh, man! Not good! What are we supposed to do now?"

Lash: "The chair! Break the old man's chair!"

Rachel: "Lash...?"

Sonja: "I think she's right. Do you see the bizarre device he's riding on? He's
using its power to repair the Grand Bolt! If we don't destroy it right now,
that blob will reassemble itself!"

Max: "Works for me! I'm gonna bust it up good!"

Jake: "...No! Wait. I'll do it."

Von Bolt: "...Hhhh... W-wait... Are you...hhh...really planning...hhh...to
take...hhhhhh...take my life?"

Jake: "Huh?"

Von Bolt: "This...hhhh...device...hhhh...is my life-support system...
Hhhhhhhhhh! It is...hhhh...the only thing...hhh...keeping me alive... Hhhhh...
Without it...hhhhh... I will...hhhhh...die..."

Jake: "Unh..."

Max: "Don't listen to him, Jake!"

Von Bolt: "Unless you...hhhh...destroy my chair... My oozium
will...hhhhh...return. My obelisk will...hhhhh...return. The desert
will...hhhh...spread... All life will...hhhhhhh...perish... But if
you...hhhh...destroy the chair...hhh...my life...hhhh...ends. Can
you...hhhh...do it? Can you murder...hhh...a frail old man?"

Jake: "....."

Von Bolt: "Hehh hhh hhh... You...hesitate. Hhhh... Are you...hhhh...afraid? Do
it! Hhhhh... Do it if you dare! Hhhhhhh hhhhhnnn hhhnnnnggg! Destroy the
chair...hhhh... Take my life...hhhh..."

Max: "You little--"

Von Bolt: "To live...hhhh...is to take...hhhh... How many
plants...hhhhh...animals... Hhhhhh... Have you taken...hhhh...in your life...?
You...hh...and I... Hhhh... We are the same... Hhhhh... We take...hhh...that we
might live...!

Rachel: "You selfish old crank!"

Von Bolt: "Now... Hhhhnnnggh... What will... Hhhh... You do...? Hhhnnnnggg...
Will you... Hhhnngg...kill...hhgggg...me...? Hhhnnnggg!"

Jake: "...!!"

[player chooses yes or no]

[[[If Jake chooses yes]]]

Jake: "..."

Rachel: "Jake?"

Jake: "...I can do this, Rachel. I'll destroy the chair."

Hawke: "I'm glad to hear you say so, Jake. I thought you to be...soft. I
thought I would have to deliver the blow myself... Take this gun. Show me your
courage. End this war."

Von Bolt: "Hhhnnngggh!! Hhhnnnggghhh! W-wait! Hhhnngghh... No...! Hhnngg!
You... Hhnngghh...! Can't...! You will... Hhhnngh...! Destroy it...? Even
after... Hhnggh...! My story...?"

Jake: "...Yes. I will. And I won't hesitate. I will do it for the friends who
fought by my side. And for Omega Land... I won't hesitate, old man!"

Von Bolt: "Hhhhnnngggghhhhh! Noooooooohhhnnnngggghhhh!"


Jake: "..."

Von Bolt: "Hhnnnngghh! Hhnnngggg...? Hhhh...? You...hhhh...missed...? Hhh...
You missed...hhhh...me...hhhh..."

Jake: "I didn't miss. I shot the chair. You'll have to live out the rest of
your life under your own power. I want you to live. I want you to pay for your
crimes. You don't get to die while the rest of us clean up your mess!"

Von Bolt: "Hehhh hhh hhh... Such arrogance... What do
you...hhh...want...hhh...? Shall I...hhhh...sweep some streets...?"

Jake: "Yeah. Sure. Whatever. I don't really care what you do, as long as it's
useful. I'm going to make you create something new for every one thing you
destroyed. That's the real way of things in the world... Welcome to natural
selection, chump!"

Von Bolt: "Hhh... I won't...hhh...be lectured...hhh... By some kid...! Hhhhhhh!
Hhhhhh! You should have...hhh...killed me... Now...hhh...I will take you
all...hhh... with me! Hhhhnngggghhh!"

[[[If Jake chooses no]]]
Jake: "..... Man. I can't. I just can't do this."

Max: "Jake!"

Jake: "Look, I know that Omega Land will be toast if I don't do it... And I
know he's, like, the most evil guy ever... But I still can't do it. I can't
kill some defenseless old dude."

Rachel: "Jake..."

Jake: "I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry! I'm sorry I let you all down, I'm sorry
I doomed Omega Land..."

Von Bolt: "Hehhh hhh hhh! Heehhh hhhhhh hhhhhh... Fools... Hhhh... Fools...
Now witness...hhh...with your own eyes... Hhhhh...the revival
of...hhh...oozium... Since you cannot...hhhh...kill me...hhhh... I shall never
die...! Hhhhhgggghhh...! All of you...hhhh...have lost... I...hhh.... I live


Jake: "The heck?"

Von Bolt: "What happ--?"

Hawke: "...I have destroyed your life-support system. This is the end, Von

Von Bolt: "H-Hawke...? Y-you... Hhhhhrrrgghhh... You... ....."

Jake: "Hawke..."

Hawke: "To fight one evil...you must sometimes use another... It's a fitting
role for me.

[[[after yes or no dialogue]]]


Sami: "The base is shaking!"

Max: "It's gonna collapse!"

Rachel: "Everyone! Evacuate, now!"

Jake: "Hawke! Come on, man, let's split!"

Hawke: "I still have...one last job. Here we are. At the end of everything...
And all I could do was take... I am no different than this old man... Jake...
I wish I had met you...before."

Max: "Jake! Come on! The base is collapsing! You'll be buried alive!"

Jake: "NO! Hawke! He's in there! Hawke is still in there! No! Let me go! He's



***Allied Nations lose***

Von Bolt: "Whaaa haaa haaaaaa! Bwaaaaa haaa haaaa! How did you like that,
young'uns?! I've learned a few tricks in my time!"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! Perfect! Fantastic! Wunderbar! We will now bring Omega
Land to bear and crush it under our heel! Please, my lord, you must rest..."

Hawke: "The sheer amount of power they have... We need a plan."

Lash: "Hey! Are you capturing the cities in the southern part of the map?!
Hellooooo! If you don't get the cash form those cities, you're done for! Also
send some speedy units down there to stop the enemy from capturing airports.
It looks like the Grand Bolt spews oozium from its weak points once every six
days. It's probably a good idea to avoid the points on days, six, 12, 18, and
24. And I'm betting that the best CO for the main front is...you, Jake! Tee

Jake: "Me...?"

Jess: "Yup! Look, the main front is one huge plain and a bunch of land-based
battles. If you can't make it work, no one can!"

Grimm: "Gwar har har! In that case, we should send Rachel to the secondary
front! She and Jake have some great chemistry! Lovebirds! Ooooh, yeah!"

Rachel: "Stow it, Grimm! So proper CO combinations are crucial to this
campaign's success... I see. Our first mission is to destroy the three crystals
on the secondary front. We're totally outnumbered, so you'll have to send
support units frequently. The war is almost over, everyone! This is the final
battle! Give it your all!

****Mission-28 End****

***"Campaign" clear shown at top screen***


Rachel: "The war is over. Black Hole has been utterly defeated, and their
remaining troops scattered... With everyone's help, peace has returned to Omega
Land. I would like to to express my heartfelt thanks to all of the COs... Green
Earth... Commander Eagle, Commander Jess, Sir Javier... I thank you all...
There would be no peace without you."

Javier: "I am honored to have served with the noblest knights history has ever

Jess: "Your leadership was brilliant, Rachel."

Eagle: "If anything happens, just call. We'll be there."

Rachel: "Yellow Comet... Commander Grimm, Commander Sonja, and my dear
Sensei... Thank you all. We could not have done this without you."

Grimm: "Gwar har har! We got to kick butt AND break things! Pretty fun, eh,

Sensei: "Heh heh... You said it!"

Sonja: "I have learned much from this... Thank you, Rachel."

Rachel: "Blue Moon... Commander Sasha, Commander Colin, Commander Grit...
Thank you. Your efforts saved us many times over."

Sasha: "No... Thank you, Rachel, for your leadership."

Colin: "C-Commander Rachel! Thank you for believing in me!"

Grit: "Heh... Colin's turned into a fine young feller. I think y'all are in
good hands..."

Rachel: "Orange Star... Commander Max, Commander Sami... Jake... Thank you."

Jake: "It's really over, huh?"

Max: "Be proud, Jake! It's thanks to you!"

Sami: "I bet Nell will be tickled pink that Omega Land is safe again!"

Rachel: "And finally... Our former Black Hole COs, Lash and...Hawke. Hawke
is...not with us...but I will not forget the sacrifice that both of you made."

Lash: "Aw, you can forget it! I don't care! ...Well, I guess I do care a
little bit..."

Rachel: "Well then... I officially declare the Allied Nations disbanded! I
appreciate your help... Thank you all."


Rachel: ...And that conclude my report. I appreciate your quick response to my
reinforcement request, Commander Nell. Please give my best to all of the Macro
Land COs."

Nell: "Will do. I sincerely hope that both Macro Land and Omega Land maintain
their close ties... But tell me, Rachel, how did you like leading the Allied

Rachel: "Hmmm... Well, I'm glad we found a way to win. But I don't think my
battles went as smoothly as when you lead, Nell. This war has taught me that I
still have a lot of learning left to do. I have to carry my weight and not be a
burden to other COs."

Nell: "If you feel that way, you're already doing well. I still have the same
doubts, from time to time. And I still get rattled after a battle. Asking
questions... Could I have done things differently... Is there a better way...?
But that feeling allows you to grow... and that's important."

Rachel: "Yeah, maybe you're right. Wow. You can learn a lot by listening to
your elders..."

Nell: "Rachel! Are you calling me old?!"

Rachel: "N-no! I didn't say anything like that! ...I'm going to hang up now."

Nell: "Hey, hold on, Rach."

Rachel: "W-what? Look, I meant it as a compliment, I swear..."

Nell: "...Good work, Sis. You did well.

Rachel: "...Nell... Yeah, I guess I did... Thanks...Commander!"


Jake: "....."

Sasha: "I knew I'd find you here."

Jake: "Hey, Sasha... 'Sup?"

Sasha: "This must be that hill you told me about..."

Jake: "Yeah, this is it... 'Course, it's just a lump of sand now."

Sasha: "....."

Jake: "You know, I... I fought Black Hole because I wanted to defend the view
from this hill... I figured if I worked those guys, then peace would come...
And yeah, we have peace, but... What we lost is just... It's too much..."

Sasha: "You did well, Jake."

Jake: "Yeah, I guess... I don't know... This hill used to be all green, you
know? And then... Hawke... I just..."

Sasha: "Jake..."

Jake: "....."

Sasha: "Oh... Hey, Jake, look!"

Jake: "What? Where?"

Sasha: "Right there... Careful... Don't step on them..."

Jake: "Hey...! Check it out! Flowers...

Sasha: "So small, yet so lovely.. Do they always bloom on this hill?"

Jake: "Yeah, and in the spring this place was covered with 'em... I can't
believe they're growing here in the middle of all this sand!"

Sasha: "Jake... You made them bloom."

Jake: "What, me? Me...?"

Sasha: "You did. And someday, I know that flowers will cover this hill again.
When that happens, we'll bring everyone back to see it."

Jake: "I'll tell you something, Sasha... No one will ever do this again. If
some enemy appears and tries to wreck everything all over again... I won't
lose. I will fight for the tiny life that has blossomed in this great land...


Kindle: "Nicely done, Hawke... Wherever you are... I don't know how you managed
to escape with Lord Von Bolt's chair...but kudos. Poor Von Bolt. He can't even
sweep a street in the shape he's in..."

Jugger: "Lord Von Bolt's chair... Massive energy... Jugger mood setting: utter

Kindle: "Yes. The device certainly has enough power left to revive this land...
Of course, Hawke could always use it to build an army and come after us..."

Koal: "Not to worry, Kindle... It appears the hawk has flown to the nest with
empty talons."

Jugger: "Desert receding. Green fields returning. Omega Land rebooting. Jugger
experiences wistfulness. Jugger misses..sand."

Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Hawke, you devil. So wishy-washy! I wonder... Did you
question the path you had chosen when you first met your new friends? Or did it
take a few days? Ah, well... C'est la vie..."

Koal: "Shall we start planning our next campaign, Kindle?"

Kindle: "Aha ha ha ha! No, I think not. Let's not think on such things for a
while. I just want to find a quiet little city with fine restaurants and good
shopping... I'll raise a glass to your success, Allied Nations! But I suggest
that you stay sharp... One never knows what manner of enemy may be waiting for
you... Aha ha ha! Aha ha ha ha ha!"


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