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    Kindle FAQ by JustChillin

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kindle FAQ 1.03
    September ~ October 2005
    Copyright 2005 Christmas C. Gonzales (justchillinjc@gmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Introduction to Kindle
    3. Statistics
    4. Kindle's Abilities In-Depth
    5. Factors to Strategy
    6. General Strategies
    7. Tag Strategies
    8. Countering Kindle
    9. Kindle vs Other COs
    10. Opinions on Kindle
    11. Legal Information
    12. Credits
    13. Email Information
    *1. Version History*
    1.0 First version submitted to GFAQs (9/19/05)
    1.01 Some corrections applied after 6 days of waiting... I should never
    attempt to create a fresh FAQ in one day, learned my lesson with the first
    version. =.=;
    1.02 Major corrections applied. I plan to adjust some pieces to be more
    1.03 Some spelling corrections are needed. Time is needed, too. =.=;
    *1. Introduction*
    This guide is an FAQ made to inform players on why players should use Kindle.
    Strategies are explained to help players use her properly and examples of her
    powers are included to help players understand why she's a deadly force to
    reckon with. I recommend you at least know the basics of the game before reading
    this guide, otherwise you may find yourself quite lost. Enjoy reading about
    Kindle, the queen of urban terrain.
    *2. Introduction to Kindle*
    Who is Kindle? She is a CO in the Black Hole Army and a perfect example of an
    arrogant, self-centered beauty. She serves the Bolt Guard as second-in-command
    to Von Bolt, the new leader of the Black Hole Army. She is a very blunt woman
    whom isn't afraid to insult someone if she feels they are under her in any way.
    Her queen-style personality almost gives an impression that she'd be like
    Cleopatra and try to take over the Bolt Guard, but no clues were given if she'd
    do such a thing. She's merely there for the ride to keep her beauty and youth. 
    Name: Kindle
    Faction: Black Hole
    Jugger and Koal's commanding officer. Has a blunt, queen-like personality.
    Hit: Anything chic
    Miss: Anything passe
    Skills: An upper-crust CO who excels at urban warfare. Firepower of all on-base
    units is increased.
    CO Power Meter: xxxXXX
    CO Power: Urban Blight
    -Increases the attack of all units on a base.
    Also inflicts 3 HP of damage to enemy units
    on bases.
    CO Super Power: High Society
    Greatly increases the attack of all units on a base. The more bases she
    controls, the more firepower she gains.
    Tag Affinity:
    Jugger: *
    Koal: *
    How to Unlock: Complete Normal Campaign once. Then buy her from Hachi for 
    4,000 Points.
    Kindle is a unique CO. One that is effecient for virtually every situation and
    proficient with every unit in the game. Her abilities are taking advantage of
    urban terrain which although make up a small portion of tiles on a map, give her
    a very nice boost and are highly contested areas. 
    Kindle has virtually no weakness. Some will state that her weakness are lack
    of terrain tiles, and that is true to an extent. She tends to be weaker on
    pre-deployed maps that have little to no terrain. However, in maps where units
    can be deployed, yet have little terrain, she can still gain the initiative and
    may overwhelm an enemy with her skills.
    Although she sounds really good on paper, she has to be used effectively rather
    than carelessly. Without any sense of strategy and she'll look super plain as
    she did in Campaign mode. The CPU has no brain, and isn't able to think as
    logically as a human mind can. This is a gift that you must take advantage of to
    make Kindle into one of the most powerful COs ever created.
    *3. Statistics*
    All of Kindle's units are at 100/100 which is normal strength. This means that
    they all have 100/100 stats. The first 100 indicates attack strength while
    the second 100 indicates defense strength. Defense strength reduces the damage
    a unit takes and is increased by terrain stars, at 10% a terrain star. During
    the effect of a COP, SCOP, there is a default 10% increase to attack and
    defense. So all units are 110/110% during either, excluding the firepower
    increase from her COP/SCOP.
    Kindle has the following Tag firepower modifications:
    Jake: 90%
    Hawke: 80%
    Jugger: 105% (Fireworks)
    Koal: 105% (Flash Point)
    Listed below are the firepower increase that are innate, cop, and scop.
    Note: The firepower is only increased while her units are over an urban terrain
    tile. Terrain tiles include: cities, factories, airports, seaports, HQs, silos,
    and towers. 
    Land units: 140%
    Naval units (seaports only): 140%
    Air units: 140%
    Urban Blight
    Land units: 190% (10% cop/scop increase included)
    Naval units (seaports only): 190% (" " " ")
    Air units: 190% (" " " ")
    High Society
    Land units: 240% (10% cop/scop increase included)
    Naval units (seaports only): 240% (" " " ")
    Air units: 240% (" " " ")
    Now, it is time to factor usual outcomes in battles if Kindle were to attack
    first normally, compared to a city tile attack. The enemy Co is Andy.
    Infantry vs Infantry
    Road attack (both on road):
    City attack (both cities):
    City attack (Andy on road):
    So, through this example. Kindle's powers are quite handy, and these are only
    innate abilities. This seemingly gives a feeling that Kindle's firepower bonus
    can somewhat negate an enemy's defense if you use her terrain firepower bonus.
    Now, let's try the above example, but with her COP active:
    Infantry vs Infantry
    Road attack (both on road):
    City attack (both cities): 82%; Unit was @ 7 hp due to COP effect.
    City attack (Andy on road): 104%
    Pretty interesting results, na? Kindle's COP power basically effectively doubles
    her attack power whilst on a city tile. Even if the units have trouble
    doing One-Hit-Knock-Outs to each other, like Infantry to Infantry or Neotank to
    Neotank, Kindle's COP can effectively make her units destroy units that other
    COs have trouble eliminating. Let's take a look at her SCOP, na? 
    Another example, but about how Kindle gets an increase in firepower from
    High Society:
    Opponent is Andy, terrain is marked by a letter.
    p is plain, c is urban, w, is woods, r is road.
    Kindle attacks first while HS is active she is the left unit.
    Firepower is with 11 cities, so roughly units are at roughly 143%.
    Neo (p) vs. Neo (p)
    70%, result =  9-3
    Fighter (p) vs Fighter (p)
    78%, result = 9-2
    Infantry (p) vs Infantry (p)
    70%, result = 9-3
    Copter (p) vs Copter (w)
    91%, result = 10-1
    Mech (p) vs Mech (p)
    70%, result = 9-3
    Tank (p) vs Tank (r)
    78%, result = 10-2
    Md Tank (p) vs Md Tank (p)
    70%, result = 9-3
    Recon (p) vs Recon (p)
    45%, result = 9-5
    Stealth (p) vs Stealth (p)
    78%, result = 9-2
    Now, let's try a city based attack with her SCOP. ;o
    Neo (c) vs Neo (p)
    129%, result = 10-0
    Fighter (c) vs Fighter (p)
    144%, result = 10-0
    Infantry (c) vs Infantry (p)
    129%, result = 10-0
    Copter (c) vs Copter (w)
    170, result = 10-0
    Mech (c) vs Mech (p)
    129%, result = 10-0
    Tank (c) vs Tank (r)
    144%, result = 10-0
    Md Tank (c) vs Md Tank (p)
    129%, result = 10-0
    Recon (c) vs Recon (p)
    82%, result = 10-2
    Stealth (c) vs Stealth (p)
    144%, result = 10-2
    The damage soars through the roof while on a city tile. The fact is though
    the boost is situational for such a small map, but the end results are quite
    good when it applies to all units, most units are crippled beyond effectiveness.
    How about we increase the amount of cities in her control?
    Mega (p) vs Mega (C)
    77%, result = 9-2
    Fighter (p) vs fighter (P)
    93%, result = 10-1
    Copter (p) vs Copter (p)
    110%, result = 10-0
    Neo (p) vs Neo (p)
    83%, result = 10-2
    Infantry (p) vs Infantry (c)
    65%, result = 9-4
    Stealth (p) vs Stealth (c)
    93%, result = 10-0
    Now, lets go for city attacks.
    Mega (c) vs Mega (C)
    131%, result = 10-0
    Fighter (c) vs fighter (P)
    159%, result = 10-0
    Copter (c) vs Copter (p)
    188%, result = 10-0
    Neo (c) vs Neo (p)
    143%, result = 10-0
    Infantry (c) vs Infantry (hq)
    95%, result = 10-1
    Stealth (c) vs Stealth (c)
    159%, result = 10-0
    So, when you look at it. The boosts, although situational, are very deadly when
    used. At 20 properties, her boosts off of urban terrain are quite impressive,
    and only means that she gets even deadlier with more properties.
    She actually gets 3% per property in her control, so basically with 33
    properties she has a 99% boost, which is 209% boost off of urban terrain, since
    the SCOP effect has a default 10% boost.
    So, noteably, she only needs 25 properties in her control to have a strong
    enough increase to destroy nearly every even unit off of urban terrain. If it is
    city defenses, about 31 will be suffcient. In any case, here is a percentage
    Qty | Firepower off of urban terrain
    1 | 113%
    2 | 116%
    3 | 119%
    4 | 122%
    5 | 125%
    6 | 128%
    7 | 131%
    8 | 134%
    9 | 137%
    10| 140%
    11| 143%
    12| 146%
    13| 149%
    14| 152%
    15| 155%
    16| 158%
    17| 161%
    18| 164%
    19| 167%
    20| 170%
    21| 173%
    22| 176%
    23| 179%
    24| 182%
    25| 185%
    26| 188%
    27| 191%
    28| 194%
    29| 197%
    30| 200%
    31| 203%
    32| 206%
    33| 209%
    34| 212%
    35| 215%
    36| 218%
    37| 221%
    38| 224%
    39| 227%
    40| 230%
    I think that's enough... 41+ just means you are way too likely to win... so
    it almost doesn't matter. Having such an advantage in attrition at that
    point just means you should be winning enough to where your opponent may decide
    to fold. In any case, you should know the formula by now on how it works.
    *4. Kindle's Abilities In-Depth*
    Like most COs, Kindle has several built in abilities which are augmented by her
    CO powers. However, unlike most COs, her COP and SCOP are similar, yet give
    different secondary effects. This means that one has to choose wisely when
    deciding which power to use. 
    Urban Terrain advantage
    A very great advantage, that can easily change the tide of battles when used
    correctly. Due to this, human players will try to avoid stopping near adjacent
    cities, or avoid them like the plague if you have a decent hold on the area. 
    Even if Kindle is attacked first (while on an urban terrain, in most conditions
    the player will suffer as much damage as Kindle did, and will be ready for next
    turn for a stronger counter. In most situations, the result can be 6-6 or 6-7,
    so Kindle will be on semi-even plains to the Enemy CO. However, since she will
    most likely get first strike next turn, she'll be able to considerably do more
    damage due to her boost. Surprisingly, her air units get this boost as well if
    they are over an urban terrain as well. This creates an interesting effect as
    no other CO gets a large boost like hers.
    Urban Blight
    Kindle is at her best in maps with plenty of terrain properties. The increased
    firepower is the largest of any terrain boosts, yet is also one of the least
    amount of tiles in most maps. Despite that little downside, they are highly
    contested throughout the game. Her COP nearly doubles her attack power, and her
    seemingly weak 5 hp units can now do about as much damage as a 10 hp unit if
    they are on an urban terrain tile. Also, if your human opponent is trying
    to occupy your wanted terrain, Urban Blight also adds in 3 damage to any enemy
    unit on an urban tile. This will help you soften enemy units that are trying to
    prevent your advantage on terrain by weakening them greatly. While they are
    weakened, you can most likely destroy them in one shot and then occupy the
    terrain yourself.It is one of the most damaging COPs if used correctly, and it
    is only worth 3 stars. This power is also great at making a human player worry
    if they should even go near such tiles or risk weaker protection. This can also
    be a hinderance at slowing down capture, and virtually negates repair attempts
    by your opponent. Lastly, this can effectively drain your opponent's funds to
    prevent them from deploying fresh and stronger units.
    High Society
    On paper, High Society is extremely powerful, not only does her units get
    roughly 2.5 x normal strength on terrain tiles, she even gets a firepower boost
    for all her units that aren't even on terrain tiles. This boost can grow very
    large and makes her units that attack on terrain so deadly that very few units
    may survive her assault. The more properties she has under her control, the
    tighter that grip will feel when her attack power rises and nearly doubles the
    bar. In most normal conditions, like Spann Island, she'll get a 150% boost
    normally and that is off her urban terrain. This is also for every unit, so she
    has a great firepower boost for all units, instead of just a few specific ones.
    She loses her 3 hp damage on terrain that she gets from Urban Blight, but if
    that were included, she'd be broken. Remember that this power does sound nice
    on paper but a decent amount of cities underneath your control needs to be noted
    otherwise you'll get a mediocre boost. A good amount would be like 13 at least.
    I recommend using High Society late game when you have nearly 20 properties
    under your control, it starts becoming extremely devasting. 
    Size of COP Meter
    Her COP meter is roughly an average size among most Cos, which is 6 stars. This
    means she effectively gets her COP and SCOP quite quickly, like most COs can.
    She can also tag well with such a short meter, since tags can happen quite fast
    with such a short bar.
    Force Rank Skills
    I almost can't comment much on Skills; I personally do not use them. However, I
    can still try my best at giving ideas on what to use. I would appreciate it, if
    someone can give their own two cents on which forces to use. I think that
    pathfinder and prairie dog are effective at getting her to city tiles faster, as
    well as APC Boost. 
    *Tronn Bonne suggests:
    Urban fighter is also a good choice, that only makes her
    even deadlier on urban terrain by having an innate 150%. Conqueror is also a
    good choice to help ensure captures in contested areas. Soul of Hachi
    and mistwalker may be overdoing it, but those are very powerful skills, though.
    *Damien suggests as quoted:
    scenerio is normal weather and no fow
    general skill list 
    1. conquerer
    2. snipe shield
    3. gold rush
    4. star power
    offensive skill list 
    1. urban fighter
    2. brawler
    3. ranger or road rage (map based)
    4. luck
    *5. Factors to Strategy*
    What abilities, and to a certain extent strategy, Kindle can use depends on one
    factor. That is the amount of properties in a map. 
    Low property maps
    Kindle appears to be extremely terrible on low property maps. This may be the
    case in most, but it is extremely depedant if it is a pre-deployed (PD) map or
    not. In PD maps that have little terrain, she is at her worst. There is almost
    no way to gain the initiative with little terrain as her terrain advantage can't
    be used. Also, cutting funding can only slow down repair rates, while although
    useful, it isn't always probable since there are little terrain tiles and the
    money is saved up over time. So, Kindle is pretty moot during PD maps with
    little terrain.
    Fortunately, in normal maps, she can still be a deadly force to reckon with. The
    factor relies on funds. In maps with low properties also comes low funding.
    Funds can be very hard for the enemy CO to come by if their units keep getting
    damaged by Kindle's urban blight, and the enemy CO can have difficulties getting
    properties if units are damaged while capturing. Delaying a unit from capturing
    a key property while Kindle arrives there is a key factor in winning an early
    game. Because of this, Kindle is both bad and good during low property maps.
    The most used power you will want to use will be the COP, but once you have
    enough properties in your control, you may want to opt for the SCOP.
    Against normal COs, she has a better advantage, since their boost usually won't
    be as big as hers, unless the property amount is below 10 for her. If she has 13
    the boost is nearly 150% during her SCOP, still making her deadly since it is
    with all units instead of just a few speciality ones. 
    High property maps
    Kindle is at her best in high property maps. She can get firepower boosts that
    can make her one of the strongest COs in the game. The main thing that is needed
    to note is that she will _need_ to take control of most of the properties to do
    so. Nothing is truly changed though, a majority of matches are basically
    war of attritions. So most general strategies of gaining properties to have
    better funding than the opponent applies naturally. Still, the main advantage
    is that she has higher chances of taking properties away from units, just like
    how Sami can do so. The choice between her COP and SCOP lies solely on best
    judgement, as both are effective in these situations. However, the timing is
    very crucial. You can choose to damage a ton of enemy units that are freshly
    deployed, or go for a firepower boost to damage the front lines to advance
    foward. The choice can be tough to make, but it must be noted that usually one
    will find that it is almost possible to use her COP twice in a row. It isn't
    possible right away, but it is quite likely to gain the last star again during
    your next turn. Doing this, will usually maim your opponent's back up units.
    Human Opponent
    When fighting a human opponent you must carefully choose when to use your
    powers. Also, you must carefully advance foward. Your opponent may or may not go
    near certain property areas, but they won't hold out against attacking forever. 
    One will have to break the ice when it comes to attacks, and you must carefully
    prepare when to do so. Do you send in suicide units to build your meter, damage
    his units, then push foward? Or do you press onward, having weakened units
    become nearly full damaging units with your SCOP? The choice can be difficult,
    so be wary. Positioning of units is crucial as well, humans aren't stupid like
    the CPU is. The human can be predictable in some cases though, so take note
    that they may stay away from properties, if so, take an aggressive stance.
    CPU Opponent
    The CPU is predictable, and will usually be easy to manipulate to go near
    tiles that are adjacent to cities, giving you a great advantage to attack with
    stronger attack power. Also, the CPU constantly creates units, so be sure to use
    your COP when it will hurt most. 
    *6. General Strategies*
    Every CO has their distinct personality and abilities that match it. Playing
    "in character" with any CO is a good idea with this game. With Kindle, be
    cautious with how you position yourself and know your enemy. Use your CO power's
    tone to strike fear into your opponent. Try to bait your enemy to attack one of
    yours on a city tile, this can make their own unit become quite damaged, and
    then you can pull off a stronger attack next turn. Be wary of indirects, and use
    units that can attack and damage them easily. If your opponent avoids terrain
    tiles, take advantage and go for the first strike to weaken their front. The
    more they attack, the faster your meter builds and this in turn may make your
    weak units become strong again, and can push your line foward. Use great
    judgement when doing so though, you do not want to have your lines fall apart
    from recklessly rushing in.
    Army Composition
    Just like most balanced COs, she can use any type of units to achieve victory.
    She can use land troops to create a strong front line while pushing foward,
    have a strong air force that can be boosted with her powers, and even have an
    average naval fleet. There is no set army composition for Kindle and it is
    generally best to have a diverse amount of units. However, some very specific
    strategies will require you to take another approach and use more than one unit
    if not be heavy in several units to advance. It is best to experiment and see
    what suits your taste. Favorite units can be applied, and will usually work.
    Be sure to use your opponent's counters for their specialty force, if they have
    FOW combat
    I seem to have failed to mention that Kindle isn't exactly her best at FOW.
    She tends to have trouble in it, except for the fact that if the enemy can't
    see her, they can't weaken her units to prevent full city usage. Although this
    is true, this is also a bad two-way street for her, as it is harder to use Urban
    Blight to its full advantage. One will have to be careful when using it, and may
    find it wasted unless it is a contested area. 
    For FOW, I recommend recons to help see further, while using indirects and tanks
    as a foward advancement. The best strategies are to hold chokepoints while
    using infantry to gain more properties as best you can. Once you have a steady
    amount of properties, push your recons forward and use your highly powered units
    to envelop your opponent's front lines.
    Aggressive stance
    Playing as Kindle while aggressive is not easy but it may be best in some
    situations where early games are key. Her powers can make strong units become
    seemingly weak to where they are destroyed easily by artillery and rockets.
    Recons can be effective walls and tanks can help destroy seemingly tougher
    units. Mechs can also become really effective at destroying units, but of
    course, this is only a situational strategy as being aggressive isn't the best.
    Just be sure to remember that while being aggressive you can slow down your
    opponent's capturing process while you are capturing properties behind your
    line. This will in turn help build up a stronger counter attack from when your
    SCOP will build while your units are damaging and being damaged. Being agressive
    works well on COs with weak defense (ie: grimm), and can work well on Kanbei
    if you are decreasing funds. 
    Countering Meatwalls
    Since Kindle does lack a strong attack power bonus (off of urban terrain), 
    meatwalls (Infanry and Mechs being used to shield other units) can be a problem,
    unless the meatwalls are on or near property tiles. These meatwalls are tricky
    if they are wooded terrain, as Kindle will have trouble piercing through. One
    could wait for a SCOP bonus, which will allow Kindle's units to plow through
    usually, and her Anti-airs should be able to destroy infantry and mechs with
    ease, while her tanks can take on units of their own strength and destroy them
    in one swoop depending on the amount of properties you occupy. If there are very
    few though, then only good strategy can get you through. 
    Breaking Chokepoints
    Like meatwalls, chokepoints (holding a piece of narrow terrain, like a bridge
    or mountain pass, that can not be easily flanked) can also be a big problem for
    Kindle unless her SCOP comes into effect. Air units are preferable in this case,
    since even a slight SCOP boost can make her destroy most units easily with
    decent air support. If there are few options, the only other choice would be to
    lure the enemy towards urban terrain or a choke point that you can take
    advantage of. If the chokepoint rests upon urban terrain, then the best bet is
    to use your Urban blight if you have low properties, or to use High Society
    while you control a lot of properties. 
    Kamikaze Attrition
    A strategy that is new to me, but can be effective like the aggressive stance.
    Although similar, this strategy is basically disallowing the opponent room to
    breathe. You focus on baiting the enemy by feeding them recons so that you build
    up your COP meter constantly, and to use meat shields as chokepoint pieces to
    slow down your enemy's advance. This in turn gives you more time in your war of
    attrition. Because of the forced killing your opponent's capturing and freshly
    built units will be weakened. Unless your opponent wants to seriously delay
    his/herself from stopping you, he/she will be using 9 or 7 hp units to advance
    foward with. If used properly, you can have a small force holding off while
    stronger units of yours start to show up. The effect in the end can result in
    a relatively swift victory, but it can backfire against certain COs. I recommend
    you skip out on this against a CO like Jess, or Hachi. Both will just laugh at
    this. The strategy can work well against human players if they do not suspect
    the bait. 
    Mech Flood
    Looked down upon by some, mech floods are surprisingly effective with Kindle.
    She doesn't get a boost from the units, but they are annoying meatshields and
    can become extremely deadly if they are attacking 7 hp units that have been hit
    by Urban Blight. If she has enough properties in her control, the mechs can
    nearly rival if not overpower Sami & Sensei's. This can only be done effectively
    on certain maps though, and it is pretty interesting to see mechs take down
    waves of units. Do not try this in a map with air units though :s
    Other Strategies
    Being a balanced commander, Kindle can perform almost any strategy that is not
    dependent on another CO's COP. Feints, Blitzkrieg's, Ambushes, and Flanking
    maneuvers are all within Kindle's abilities to successfully
    implement. You should try experiments with Kindle to see other styles that may
    work well. Surprisingly, it may be difficult to use certain strategies with her
    due to how situational she can be. Nevertheless, a balanced CO is effective in
    most cases.
    *7. Tag Strategies*
    Kindle is an odd tagger. She is good in some situations, but sadly doesn't get
    a large innate luck with anyone, and has a situational, yet deadly SCOP. Her
    tag abilities are solely dependant on the other CO, and how they can support
    each other instead of her taking the lead in every assault. During Tags her COP
    may be overlooked in favor of a two turn assault, and this can be a mistake in
    some cases. So, when using Kindle, be careful on when you tag and swap.
    Sami-Kindle Team
    A pretty ingenious mix. I heard this from Naki Feralkin of AWN, so I believe the
    credit for the thought should go to him. The main idea is that this tag works
    both ways. Kindle can go first, using her highly boosted units to pry off enemy
    units from properties, then Sami's infantry and mechs can start seizing
    properties en masse, to further the war of attrition. This can only make
    Kindle's hold on the map even stronger and easily gives the team the advantage. 
    If it is Sami going first, then she can capturing more properties to further
    boost Kindle's units when she tags in. In either case, this tag results in no
    firepower boost but is still a deadly force to be reckoned with. 
    Sensei-Kindle Team
    A similar strategy for Sami and Kindle, but Sensei gets a transport boost, which
    can help the war of attrition idea further. Using sensei to spam units can only
    help further damage units that are near your properties and then Kindle's
    following assault will ensure destruction in nearly every situation. In yet
    another similar fashion, Kindle's firepower boost can help destroy enemy units
    occupying urban tiles to allow sensei's 9 hp deployed units to further advance
    towards capturing properties. Also, not only sensei will be able to take
    advantage of copters, but Kindle can as well, especially if she hovers over
    urban terrain.
    Sonja-Kindle Team
    Oddly enough, these two together is quite deadly. Kindle's foward assault of
    beefy units will help break chokepoints that Sonja may have trouble with,
    anthing that is left-over will be destroyed with ease by Sonja. With Sonja's
    following Counter break, it is hard for the opponent to act on the next turn if
    there are any forces left. Allowing for a strong pierce team, and then an uber
    strong defense with first strike.
    Koal-Kindle Team
    A very good team when it comes to the war of attrition. Koal is effective at
    moving quickly, and with a tiny day to day luck, plus two short CO bars, this
    only further improves movement and first chance to gain properties. Koal and
    Kindle can push a line forward really well, and while both bonuses are
    situational, the terrain advantage is still an advantage that can be used to
    break lines and destroy units, one by one. Roads are and cities are near each
    other and intertwine usually, so this results in more chances to take advantage
    of the terrain. It can also further push away your enemy from going near
    city and road tiles to avoid the terrain advantage. Manipulation and fear is
    Not an odd pair, but quite effective. The day to day luck fits in well, and
    Jugger exists there for Kindle. Firepower boosted units can only mean pressure
    on the opponent by using weakened units as I said with not only Kindle, but with
    Jugger, too. Jugger has a much higher chance to kill units in cases where Kindle
    has no boost at all, despite dispersion it is a chance thing and it doesn't
    always come out in your favor. Jugger may act like Kindle's lap dog, but both
    of them together acting like Master and pet may seem weird but effective at
    the same time. This pair is nothing to laugh at, unless the opponent likes to
    chuckle to hide his tears.
    Von Bolt-Kindle
    A not-so-common pair. People will think to avoid Von Bolt like the plague, but
    these two together can really help the war of attrition out. VB's units are
    slightly more powerful w/o terrain which can help Kindle's weakness if there
    is no enemy near any terrain. Having two powerful SCOPs go off at once is also
    a deadly force, since it will cripple one force on the enemy's side, which
    will give more chances for this team to act upon in war of attrition. VB's units
    going second isn't a bad idea at all as well, since if Kindle eliminates most
    of the units on the enemy's front lines, whatever is left may be freshly
    deployed units. This will make VB's prevent those units from moving from
    factories, seriously crippling your opponent's next turn. This only paves way
    for Kindle to move in your Opponent's HQ area, where she'll have a huge
    advantage since urban terrain is mostly near HQ areas. 
    *8. Countering Kindle*
    Kindle may be somewhat difficult to counter. Still, if one can prevent her
    from using urban terrain, that's one part done. The next thing to do is prevent
    her from gaining more terrain than you at any cost. It is also wise to try
    to prevent deploying tons of units at once, except when there is no fight going
    on. Otherwise you may be spending Kanbei prices to get units that are weaker.
    A good effective front on even terrain will put both players on even fields and
    it is better to destroy one of her units or weaken them to 3 hp to prevent
    messy counters from her the following turn. Effective funding can help prevent
    her Urban Blight, but the money COs can do so properly with the extra funds
    they will have. Sasha can surprisingly be a very good counter against her, but
    one will have to be careful on not having enough funds to prevent her high
    society. The extra funds should also compensate for the damaged units, but be
    sure you spend money wisely. A Kindle player may use her power at any time,
    instead of always using it at the beginning of the turn.
    *9. Kindle vs Other COs *
    Kindle if quite capable of being on even grounds with most COs, except when
    SCOPs become active, then hell can break loose. It is best to try to counter
    your own weakness by exploiting your enemy's weakness.
    Day-to-day Jake is less situational than Kindle. His bonus can have Kindle in
    some trouble if she doesn't get first strike. Usually one will want to lure him
    towards urban terrain to exploit him. However, if your opponent is insistent on
    luring you to plains, he can find himself at a disadvantage in the war of
    attrition. His indirects should be a top priority for you to destroy, since they
    can hit you w/o being damaged themselves. His movement bonus can become a
    problem if you're not careful about it, so be wary of his powers and try to
    eliminate him when he's near urban tiles or to overpower him during your SCOP. 
    Her ability to repair units faster is a blessing but yet also an annoyance. It
    effectively cancel's out Kindle's Urban Blight damage, but yet it also forces
    Rachel to spend more funds, so it is a good and bad thing in the end. It
    is very wise to strike her with Urban blight while she pulls back units to
    repair and to also damage any Megas or Neos she may have deployed. Her COP is
    pretty ugly but her SCOP only gets scarier if you have units on cities. This can
    in turn start leaving you dry on funds as well as her. One will have to have a
    staggered formation with slightly cheaper units while pushing forward. Rachel is
    a tough cookie, and is quite difficult on small maps with little properties.
    He is a tough one to beat sometimes. His Hyper repair/upgrade can almost negate
    ubran blight damage, and he will rarely be on cities unless it is a CPU. So,
    he may make Urban blight look useless in some cases, but repairs on cities come
    before any CO action; so he'll still have to pay. Funds or not, he is still able
    to repair in heated conditions, and this will mean that Kindle will have to
    eliminate units instead of weakening a ton of them at once. Be wary of his
    boosts during his SCOP and plan ahead for it.
    Max is pretty ticky. His firepower boost can allow him to cripple your units
    on urban terrain, so you must have intiative when striking and must use his
    achille's heel to defeat him. Indirects on cities will only easily destroy his
    units, paving way for your force to move forward for a first strike advantage.
    You may also catch him off guard by not using cities, but be sure to get first
    strike in, or effectively cover pieces to allow your indirects to destroy him.
    Timing and anti-airs will see to the death of Sami. Mech floods are hazardous to
    you, and she will want cities more than you. It can be hard to prevent her from
    capturing units since she can capture easily, even if her units are at 7 or 9
    hp. One effective strategy is to use recons and anti-air units to overpower hers
    and have your SCOP clean house. Holding terrain will be key as well as using
    Urban Blight when she deploys a huge amount of non-infantry units--if she does
    Nell is a dangerous opponent and there nothing you can really do to counter
    her luck skills. The best method is a quantity of units as well as getting first
    strike when you can. She is a broken CO and is tricky to beat if a human
    controls her.
    Another broken CO that can easily overwhelm you with superior numbers, which
    will counter your war of attrition strategy. It is best to cover his cities
    as best you can, and press forward for a quick victory. If you're on a large
    map, there little you can do to counter him well.
    Olaf is a very tricky opponent because of the snow factor. He can cause it to
    snow for two days which gives him an attack bonus and causes you to burn fuel
    at an increased rate. Despite these advantages, his firepower boost is only
    during his powers, and if you are able to effectively gain control of certain
    properties, he will have trouble countering you except during his SCOP. It is
    best to cripple his forces before they have a chance to overwhelm you during his
    SCOP. APCs will be extremely valueable during the entire match. 
    The Indirect master may give some trouble unless you use weaker units like
    recons and anti-airs to damage his indirects to the point of uselessness.
    He will be worried about hanging around on cities, beacuse of Urban Blight.
    He'll have trouble moving his indirects into woods or plains for better cover,
    or he can risk being in single line formations on roads. It only spells doom for
    him, though. Unless he likes paying taxes for standing on cities to repair and
    resupply, he will be needing APCs. So, be agressive and have a few strong tank
    units to destroy any tanks he may bring out. Destroy ACPs if he isn't staying on
    cities, his indirects will have trouble staying supplied and moving around.
    Cheap costs will give trouble when it comes to attrition and funds. Colin can
    easily afford the extra costs, especially with Gold Rush. The only manner to
    defeat him is to keep making him pay extra while pressing forward with
    stronger units. Outnumbering him with units is also a good bet, yet very hard
    to do so. Even with property advantage, he can still have a steady income with
    Gold Rushes and is hard to rout his forces since they have equal defense. Try
    to use the urban advantage to eliminate his units entirely. If feasible, use
    black bombs to weaken his units greatly to make complete routs instead of
    leaving a lot of weak units around.
    When it comes to Sasha v Kindle, it is a race for properties. Sasha can afford
    extra costs from Urban Blight, so it will be tricky to make her funds fall low.
    Also, without taking advantage of urban terrain, you will be on even grounds
    with her. So first strikes are very important in this battle, as well as
    diversity. When the timing is right, overwhelm her with superior powered units
    from your High Society.
    Tricky, his units are superior in every way especially during SCOP. 
    It is best to plan ahead and make sure to not be near him during his SCOP, and
    to force him to spend even _more_ funds if you force him to repair constantly.
    If you have air support, Black bombing him will easily wipe him out. 
    Eventually, he may not have enough quantity nor quality units. 
    An annoyance and deadly CO to fight against. Getting struck first is something
    you do not want when fighting her, her terrain abilities are deadly and it is
    imperative you are careful when attacking her during her SCOP. Fund draining
    helps against her, but be sure you can strike first against her, then you are
    mostly on even grounds.
    Anti-airs are his bane, but be sure you are careful in how you position him.
    If you really need to act quickly, be sure you prevent his captures as best you
    can and be prepared for mech assaults. If you're still having trouble with the
    air superiority, try to have a few fighters take control of it. Do not allow his
    copters to get first strike on your units, it will hamper you badly.
    When play against Grimm, aggressive strategies are best. He won't be able to
    take advantage of his superior firepower if his units are damaged beyond
    usefulness. Urban blighting him will only lower his overall effectiveness, and
    if his units have an even lower defense if they are weakened in this case.
    Just try to always get first strike and you should do fine.
    A CO that will most likely use air units, so try to have the best counters
    possible against him, and try to make his air units fight above urban terrain.
    Some players won't even take note that Kindle gets boosted units while they are
    over urban terrain, which can be unexpected and makes it easier to have a hold
    on airports.
    Try use this nearly unnoticeable advantage as best you can to damage his units
    further, that way his COP feels useless.
    Drake is a tough one to fight. If it is navy to navy, he has the advantage
    unless you constantly drain his funds away to prevent him from deploying
    fresh units. Your units can suffer ugly damage which will harm you, but if he
    has little to no units, quantity will ensure victory. Always have a few black
    boats to refresh your units.
    A powerful CO. One that you must prepare to fight beforehand. You will need
    to gain not only more properties than her but more units than her while having
    strong units. Again, Urban blighting and forcing her extra movement to stop on
    areas adjacent to cities is your best bet. If there are airports, try to go
    for an air battle to be at an advantage.
    With his reliance on Com Towers, Javier's great strength is also his great
    weakness. Top priority is to gain control over towers. He will also be forced
    to send multiple infantry/mechs towards towers, if not, then send suicide recons
    in both directions(his capturing infantry and main area) to boost your COP. 
    While he tries to capture, Urban Blight will prevent him from capturing towers
    easily and he won't be able to repair if he finally does capture the area
    It will also allow your infantry to easily take advantage of his. Early
    game is key. With control over towers, you should be able to break his 
    chokepoints with little trouble and should end up negating his indirect defense.
    Try to use almost no indirects though, since his SCOP will usually negate the
    damage done by indirects.
    Like Nell, Flak is dangerous because of his ability to deliver serious damage
    with weaker units while using his CO Powers. However, day-to-day he can
    experience a drop in attack power but he is also capable of delivering more
    damage too. Be sure to overwhelm him to gain the advantage. Destroying his units
    is key.
    Adder is a very flexible CO and will often gain the first strike with his
    powers. Yet his movement also allows him to reinforce his lines faster and to
    retreat further away if necessary. Furthermore, because his CO Meter is so
    short he will be able to use his extra movement quite often. Trying to hold a
    chokepoint against Adder is a good strategy because his movement will not help
    him break through (Unless he has air units). Also, be aware that Adder is
    capable of using his COP twice in a row.
    Lash has been toned down quite a bit. Her terrain advantage will be your only
    worry aside from her SCOP. You may have trouble breaking her lines in some cases
    but if you can effectively overpower her out of her SCOP, then you will have no
    worries on defeating Lash. Her boost on cities pales in comparison to Kindle's--
    exploit it.
    Hawke's superior attack strength can give some worries, but the moment
    you activate your SCOP, he will be afraid like a kitten unless there are
    very few properties under your control(10 or less). In either case, his
    COP meter is quite long so try to abuse that and make his advantage of healing
    units look like a weak power with constant Urban Blights.
    Jugger is almost exactly like Flak with only two noticeable exceptions. The
    first is that his day-to-day dispersion is slightly higher which means his
    attacks are even more erratic. The second, more important difference, is that
    Jugger's SCOP is one star longer. This means Jugger can use his COP twice in
    a row. Be careful of his dispersion, if they tip in his favor, you may be
    suffering some hurt and may not be able to effectively counter attack. Attrition
    helps the most and be sure to overwhelm him.
    With Adder's movement benefits, Koal can be very good at gaining first strike,
    positioning his units well, reinforcing his frontlines, and running away when
    needed. War of attrition is tricky with his speedy units. Cities and roads
    tend to intertwine, but you can be sure that Koal will know to stay away from
    cities and may have an easier time damaging your units on cities. Overwhelming
    him late game may be your best bet, unless you hold a strong chokepoint on
    where cities are.
    An ugly stalement in most situations. Unless you are smarter than your opponent
    then you're going to lose. This is an even situation in symmetrical maps, but
    whoever draws first blood can start the beginning of the end. It may be whoever
    gets enough properties, or it may end up as whoever wins in the early game.
    Attacking that first recon may not be wise, lest you want to build up her bar
    faster than yours. However, timing is the key. If you have enough units deployed
    while you're off cities, then her Urban Blight is useless and playing mind games
    during FOW is probably your best bet. 
    Von Bolt
    Kindle's superior officer should be more threatening than her. However, that is
    usually only day to day. Kindle can easily surpass his superior innate fire-
    power. However, during SCOP, Kindle can overpower him to the point where his
    extra defense can't help him. Nevertheless, his SCOP is still evil since
    it will cripple your units and you will not be able to move them and thus, it
    will be possible for him to position himself for a stronger attack the current
    or following turn. Be careful and know when to time your attacks on VB. 
    *10. Opinions on Kindle*
    This section of my guide will include opinions on Kindle in addition to my own.
    Please contact me if you want to share your opinion on Kindle.
    My Opinion on Kindle
    Kindle has potential to become a really powerful CO. Her urban boosts are quite
    high for being innate yet since there are so few, it is easy to see why. 
    Nevertheless, urban terrain are highly contested areas in most maps and she is
    the only one that can take full advantage of urban terrain. Her COP and SCOP
    are unique in their own ways, instead of just being a slightly beefed up version
    of her innate powers. Although such effects still exist, her COP and SCOP
    differ from each other and have to be used correctly according to the sitation
    she is in. She is deadly when written on paper, but she _must_ be used correctly
    otherwise she's very inneffective like how Kanbei can be in the hands of a
    novice. Experience is key for Kindle. Learn how to use her and you will
    find strategies that you almost can't explain for her.
    Thrawn Fett's opinion on Kindle
    "Kindle is the queen of the city. She has incredible strengths, all based
    around the properties. Her powers are immense and diverse, allowing her to win
    in almost every situation.
    Day to day, Kindle's units are 100/100. She has no weakness, and as thus can 
    use many strategies easily. However, when you get one of her units on a
    property, she gets a tremendous +40 attack. Simply by placing units on the
    best terrain, she can do significantly more damage and obtain more OHKO 
    opportunities. Now, some may object that properties are too rare to make the
    attack bonus worth much. Properties are the only terrain required on a map.
    You can make a map without sea, plains, or any other terrain, but try to make 
    a map without at least an HQ and you'll be out of luck. While in some maps
    properties are rarer, if you watch carefully in most battles, the fiercest
    fighting tends to be over a few cities in the center of the map. Properties 
    already give one of the best bonuses that terrain gives (with its three star
    defense), so tagging on a nice +40 attack makes Kindle lethal. Another
    advantage that Kindle has over the other terrain queen (Lash) is that the 
    property bonus applies to all units, even air units flying above a city.
    Kindle's COP is arguably the best COP in the game. It's tailor made to
    Kindle's strengths and allows so many options that it's a wonder why anyone 
    wouldn't use it. It does 3 HP damage to all enemies on properties in addition
    to increasing her city bonus to +80 attack, all for a minuscule three stars.
    The additional attack will ensure that she does massive damage to enemy units 
    while sitting on a property. The more strategic aspect, however, is the
    damage. With good timing, you can devastate enemy forces or, at the very
    least, ruin them financially. On smaller maps with a lot of cities, a majority 
    of the units will likely be on cities, allowing for immense damage. Even on
    medium or large maps, Kindle can do good damage to the enemy. The most obvious
    advantage is that any units that the enemy is 'cleverly' using to block 
    properties will be down to 7 HP, much easier to kill off and move your unit on
    for a better strategic position. Any units that happen to be on a city near
    the front will be easy prey. The most subtle advantage comes when you end your 
    turn. As every AW player knows, damaged units sitting on a property (of the
    right kind) will repair damage automatically. Kindle uses this to her
    advantage by forcing repairs on the opponent. By timing it so that an 
    expensive enemy unit is on a property, you can force the enemy to repair it
    and lose those funds for that turn. Catching a Neotank on a city means that
    your opponent will be out 4400. If you time it so that there's a few expensive 
    units placed right, your opponent will be penniless upon taking control. All
    this for a mere three stars. Can you ask for a better deal? Actually, the COP
    is even more useful, as it is one of the few COPs that can prevent an HQ 
    capture in a tight spot. Using it will bring the offending soldier down to
    7 HP and give you a turn to build a unit near the HQ and kill it.
    As if Kindle's COP wasn't good enough, she has an equally as useful SCOP to go 
    along with it. Not only does her property attack bonus jump to an incredible
    +120, she also gets +3% attack to her units per property she owns. On smaller
    maps, it's not as useful, but get her 20 properties and her units are suddenly 
    170/110 (after the default +10/+10) with the possibility of jumping to
    290/110. With 20 properties, her units firing from a city will do nearly
    triple the normal attack. Few COs can match her in attack power, and those 
    that could are even more situational that Kindle's.
    The combination of Kindle's abilities and powers are pure genius. Her day to
    day allows her an attack bonus that no other CO can match. If the enemy starts 
    blocking properties, she can whip out Urban Blight and destroy the offending
    units and the enemy's funds. If good timing doesn't present itself for a good
    use of her COP, she can use High Society for even more devastation." 
    Tronn_Bonne's opinion on Kindle
    Out of all the terrain COs, Kindle is the most specialized and, simultaneously,
    the one that is the most reliable in her strengths. That is because every map
    will have properties on it and Kindle can use even a small amount of these
    properties to her advantage. Her extremely high attack boost while on cities
    will enable her to win almost any urban fight and will give her the edge when
    competing with the enemy for resources. Yet what makes Kindle a truly great CO
    are her CO Powers. Urban Blight, in particular, is a power that can be
    devastating if employed correctly and it has many uses such as slowing enemy
    capture rates, forcing repairs on the enemy, and weakening enemy defensive
    positions. High Society is nice to have if Kindle finds herself fighting her
    enemies away from cities and it can be used to help Kindle's forces break
    through a chokepoint if the need arises. The fact that their effects are
    different, besides further increasing Kindle's attack bonus on properties,
    makes Kindle an extremely flexible CO. This flexibility also gives Kindle a
    slight psychological advantage since the enemy will not always be able to guess
    what power she might use. Finally, Kindle is a balanced CO which means she is
    fully capable of implementing any strategy to defeat her enemies and she has no
    weaknesses that can easily be exploited.
    * 11. Legal Information *
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission from me only. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Use of any information in this document is entirely at your own risk.  Neither 
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    provided in this document.
    You can find the latest version of this FAQ at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    *12. Credits*
    Xenesis for the incredibly helpful CO Stats FAQ and for clarifying Kindle's
    urban boosts that are innate, cop, or SCOP boosted. Thanks Xenesis.
    Tronn Bonne because his/her excellent FAQ inspired me to start writing this one.
    I also thank him/her for permission of the similar format of his/her FAQ.
    -Again, I thank Tronn for the support (s)he has given to me and his help for the
    much need corrections in my FAQ. Suggestionns for force ranks are also helpful.
    Naki Feralkin for his idea of Sami-Kindle team. Not a bad pair.
    Thrawn Fett for his permission to use his opinion. Also, I must thank him
    for writing a great Kindle FAQ as well. It only makes her look better. :)
    * 13. Email Information *
    My email is provided at the top of the page, however your email to me must meet
    some certain requirements to be read by me, or it goes straight into the trash
    bin and the sender's address may be blocked in the future. 
    1. Label the subject accordingly that it is a query, or a statement that relates
    to this FAQ.
    2. Please be specific and try to type with decent grammar for me to understand 
    your question, submition and or suggestion.
    3. Do not send attachments in any emails to me unless I requested so.
    4. Positive suggestions, such as FAQ corrections and suggestions; spelling 
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