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CO Quote List by JustChillin

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 10/03/05

CO quotes FAQ ver 0.8
September 2005
Copyright 2005 Christmas C. Gonzales (justchillinjc@gmail.com)

* Version Information *
-0.5 First version submitted to Gamefaqs. All CO win quotes, I hope.

-0.61 Added SCOP quotes, and Swap quotes, but incomplete as of now.
Bear with me on the typos and or mispelled words. Next update should have
them complete. 

-0.75 Completed swap quotes, and (S)COP quotes. Next update should have
survival intro quotes. 

-0.8 Added survival mode & it's complete. I plan to add in campaign intros next
and possibly throw in all the Jugger quotes.

*       Contents       *

2.Co win quotes
3.COP and SCOP quotes
4.Switch/Change quotes
5.Survival Quotes
6.Legal information
7.Email information

* 1. Introduction *

This is a quote FAQ. When it is completed it will have every quote from every CO
in the game Advance Wars:Dual Strike. I made this because I simply found some
free time and thought I could possibly contribute to the community. Currently, I
have every win quote; (s)COPs quotes; swap quotes; and survival mode quotes.
I plan to add campaign intro quotes, miscellaneous quotes, and most likely, and
a favorite quotes section(ie: Jugger quotes). 
Currently, I am done with the campaign game script, so it won't be long until
I add the campaign intros into this, but I'm not sure if I should remove them
entirely from the game script I submitted. 

I hope to complete this,and I hope people can find a use for it if not just read
this for the funny quotes, or interesting story pieces. This is my second FAQ,
I hope the slightly format is pleasing to the eyes.
Emailing quotes seems unlikely as of now, I'm nearly done with the whole guide.
I will however, most likely need help with quotes that you get from AW1+2
unlockables, and maybe other special quotes though. I did not take note of
most quotes in Battle maps, since I was not working on the guide at that time.

Now, enough of my chatting, enjoy.

*********2.CO win quotes**********

I put them into Faction order, by the CO selection screen from left to right.
Also note that each CO seems to have three solo quotes, and then four tag
quotes for each of their tag affinity partners. I put only two special quotes
per CO, by which one goes first. If you want the other two, go to the partnered
CO's section. If there are more quotes, feel free to email them to me, and you
will be credited for your info.

*******Orange Star********


**Single wins:

-"Get the plates, 'cause you just got served!"


-"You got dropped like a phat beat!"

**Tag wins**-


Jake: "Dude, Sweet tactics, Rachel!"
Rachel: "No, that was all you."

Jake: "Hey, Rachel, we rule! Let's hit the clubs!"
Rachel: "You're a fast learner! I can barely keep up."


Jake: "We work pretty well together, eh, Jess?"
Jess: "It's a tank thing."

Jake: "We'll crush them next time, too!"
Jess: "Indeed, Jake. I'm looking forward to it."


**Single wins:

-"Another one down... Who's next?"

-"I never give up."

-"Don't take me lightly just because I'm cute!"

**Tag Wins:


Rachel: "Perfect! Keep it up, Jake!"
Jake: "That was sweet!"

Rachel: "Don't underestimate Orange Star tactics!"
Jake: "And don't underestimate our COs, either!"


Rachel: "Not bad, huh, Sis? Whooo! Yeah! We rule! Yeah!"
Nell: "Exciteable, aren't you?"

Rachel: "Don't like facing sisters? You're just unlucky!"
Nell: "Weird... I feel a little guilty."


**Single wins:

-"Lady luck was with me!"

-"Ha! Too bad for you!"

-"...And that's how it's done. "

**Tag wins:


Nell: "Huh. We won. Lucky us."
Rachel: "Don't be such a downer, Nell. Smiling won't kill you!"

Nell: "Nice battle, Rachel. You earn a passing grade."
Rachel: "I had a good teacher!"


**Single wins:

-"Battles cost too much!"

-"Rematches are free!"

-"Thank you, come again!"

**Tag wins:


Hachi: "Shop 'til you drop! Or until I drop you!"
Sensei: "Ha ha ha! You're such the businessman."

Hachi: "We have to show up those kids."
Sensei: "Yep. You've got that right!"


**Single wins:

-"You're pretty tough! Let's fight again!"

-"We won! Wooooooohooo!"

-"I can fix anything!"

**Tag wins:


Andy: "Let's do it, Max!"
Max: "Yeah! We'll break their lines like toothpicks!"

Andy: "If it's a tag battle..."
Max: "We're the best!"


Andy: "Success! I'm ready for more! I can fight all day!"
Eagle: "Ha! Spoken like my true rival!"

Andy: "We won! Yippee!"
Eagle: "Naturally. Only I can beat me. And I never do."


Andy: "We won!"
Hawke: "Well fought. I can see why you beat me last time..."

Andy: "Hey, we're friends now! Come on, let's shake!"
Hawke: "Er... No. Trusting is hard."


**Single wins: 

-"You want to fight me? I'll pound you!"

-"I'm on a roll!"

-"Check out these guns!"

**Tag wins:


Max: "Who's next? Come on! I'm ready!"
Andy: "Me, too! Whooo!"

Max: "I'll crush all enemies!"
Andy: "And I'll fix all allies!"


Max: "I'll win next time, too!"
Grit: "You've got the big guns. Might as well use 'em."

Max: "Grr! No one can stop me!"
Grit: "Fulla beans today, aren't you, Max?"


**Single wins:

-"Area secured!"

-"Commandos always complete their mission."

-"Score one for the grunts!"

**Tag wins:


Sami: "Thanks for the support, Sonja!"
Sonja: "Let's do this again sometime."

Sami: "Don't ignore us because we're girls!"
Sonja: "Our team is second to none."


Sami: "See, Eagle? I can totally help!"
Eagle: "It's true. Let's team up next time, too."

Sami: "Success! Let's move out, Eagle."
Eagle: "Don't worry. I've got your back."

********Blue Moon*********


**Single wins:

-"All hail Blue Moon, my home sweet home!"

-"For Blue Moon.... For the motherland!"

-"Victory is ours!"

**Tag wins:


Olaf: "Come on, Grit! Put your heart in it!"
Grit: "Yessir, I'll try that, O Bearded One."

Olaf: "Oh, Bluuuuue Moooooon... My home and native land!"
Grit: "...Does he have to sing every time we win?"


**Single wins:

-"I wait like a snake in the grass... then I strike!"

-"Ayup. That's just about what I figured."

-"I hope this gets easier. That was harder'n college!"

**Tag wins:


Grit: "With my indrects attacks and your direct power..."
Max: "Odd couples make the best teams!"

Grit: "That was harder'n whacking snakes with a bucket!"
Max: "...A bucket???"


Grit: "Hey, if you want to fight this one, I'll just nap..."
Olaf: "Grit! You little...!"

Grit: "If it snows, it's all you."
Olaf: "Snow or rain or sun... I can handle anything!"


**Single wins:

-"I w-won! Whew!"

-"I'll win if I try my best!"

-"Take that, loser! ...Wow, that felt great!"

**Tag wins:


Colin: "If I lose, Sasha will flip out! She's so stressed!"
Sasha: "Did you say something? ...I didn't think so."

Colin: "H-how was that, Sis?"
Sasha: "Meh. Not great. I can do better."


**Single wins:

-"Even kittens have claws."

-"Money is power."


**Tag wins:


Sasha: "Say something clever, Colin."
Colin: "Um... Don't mess with the best! Oh, that was lame."

Sasha: "Our sibling bond can never be broken!"
Colin: "Yep! That's why we're the best."

*******Green Earth*******


**Single wins:

-"My air force is invincible!"

-"Where's the challenge in that?"

-"Try hitting the gym!"

**Tag wins:


Eagle: "This ends here!"
Andy: "You're as strong as ever, Eagle."

Eagle: "Someday, Andy, you and I should have a skirmish!"
Andy: "Go ahead--I'll win that one, too!"


Eagle: "You stay here where it's safe. I've got this one."
Sami: "Hey, I'm a CO, too! Don't be a jerk!"

Eagle: "Our victory is secured."
Sami: "Ha! That's my Eagle!"


Eagle: "You can take the next battle, Drake."
Drake: "Maybe we'll fight on an ocean..."

Eagle: "This is the power of Green Earth!"
Drake: "That's right! Don't make us mad!"


**Single wins:

-"The sea is my home."

-"Time to his the beach..."

-"I may be low-key, but I'm tough!"

**Tag wins:


Drake: "You're really tough, Eagle. You make me feel safe."
Eagle: "What? Hey, don't be so weird. You helped too!"

Drake: "Whew! I was on pins and needles that whole time!"
Eagle: "Just as I thought... No one can beat us."


**Single wins:

-"This battle will advance my tactical research..."

-"It's nice to win, but I wanted to STOMP you!"

-"a good CO knows her limitations...and I have none!"

**Tag wins:


Jess: "We're the best team ever for tank battles."
Jake: "It's true. No one can match us."

Jess: "I see... Results improve depending on your partner..."
Jake: "Yea, you're bomb, Jess."


Jess: "Our chemistry is pretty good, eh, 'Stache?"
Javier: "She loves me! Ah..."

Jess: "The enemy is no more. Let us move on."
Javier: "How can one remain so cool in the heat of victory?"


**Single wins:

-"No sharpness can penetrate my steely hide!"

-"Consider your hindquarters righteously spanked!"

-"You live still, for Javier is masterful but merciful!"

**Tag wins:


Javier: "None can pierce my armor of justice!
Jess: "Don't overreach! Confidence an kill..."

Javier: "Your aid warms my soul, Dame Jess.
Jess: "Just doin' my job."


Javier: "Are my tactics of the pleasing sort, Sir Kanbei?"
Kanbei: "Stunning! I am in awe!"

Javier: "Chivalry is king!"
Kanbei: "And my sword is swift!"

********Yellow Comet*********


**Single wins:

-"Listen to the foe from afar... Watch him up close."

-"I'm Kanbei, Yellow Comet's emperor!"

-"On to the next fight! Wait... Where's my sword?"

**Tag wins:


Kanbei: "On to the next battle! Yellow Comet... away!"
Sonja: "Father, wait! You forgot your sword!"

Kanbei: "I love you, Sonja! Do you hear, world? I love her!"
Sonja: "Father, stop! You're embarrassing me!"


Kanbei: "Javier, let's move on to the next battlefield!"
Javier: "Please, Sir Kanbei! Let me strike!"

Kanbei: "I shall cleave you in twain, with a single blow!"
Javier: "You are as good as your legend, Sir Kanbei!"


**Single wins:

-"I must review my strategy."

-"That was too close."

-"I took more damage than I expected."

**Tag wins:


Sonja: "Our chemistry is fantastic."
Sami: "Well, we go back a long way, I'm sure that helps."

Sonja: "War isn't enough. You need to do well in school, too."
Sami: "What? Boooring!"


Sonja: "I knew we would win. Didn't you, Father?"
Kanbei: "Indeed! Victory was a certainty."

Sonja: "I can't keep relying on you. I must pull my weight."
Kanbei: "My little girl... All grown up... Sniff..."


Sonja: "We did it, Lash!"
Lash: "I didn't do squat! Boo!"

Sonja: "Plan ahead, Lash. Slow and steady..."
Lash: "Stow it, professor!"


**Single wins:

-"Ha ha! What a thrill! Wheeee!"

-"I might retire soon... I wonder how my 401k is doing."

-"Looks like I still got it! Take that, whippersnapper!"

**Tag wins:


Sensei: "Well, that settles that."
Hachi: "Nice win, Sensei! There was never any doubt!"

Sensei: "The next one is yours, Hachi."
Hachi: "I'll make a good showing, you old coot!"


Sensei: "This is what happens when you show me up!"
Grimm: "Bad mood! Oooh, yeah!"

Sensei: "You've gotten much better at fighting, Grimm."
Grimm: "Gwar har har! I'm no greenhorn!"


**Single wins:

-"Wanna throw down again? Oooh yeah!"

-"Gwar har har! Hit the road, slick!"

-"Fear the lightning!"

**Tag wins:


Grimm: "Gwar har har! We smoked 'em!!"
Sensei: "Ha ha! Our victory was guaranteed!"

Grimm: "Oooh yeah! You entered Grimm's World of Pain!"
Sensei: "No need to involve me..."

*******Black Hole********


**Single wins:

-"I've still got what it takes!"

-"Graaa! Blaarrgggg! Smaaarrgggghhh!!"

-"Enough pussyfooting around!"

**Tag wins:


Flak: "I have the power!"
Lash: "And I have the brains."

Flak: "I envy you... Fight so many battles."
Lash: "Stop your whining! Sheesh, what a wimp!"


**Single wins:

-"Tee hee hee! You're a loser!"

-"My huge brain made that way too easy!"

-"Huh? That's all you got? Wow, you're no fun!"

**Tag wins:


Lash: "Tee hee hee! I'm going to break everything!"
Sonja: "I don't understand why we work so well together..."

Lash: "Tee hee hee! Get to the junkyard, losers!"
Sonja: "...Humble. I like that."


Lash: "Are we, like, too strong?"
Hawke: "Don't get cocky. We must live to fight another day."

Lash: "Next time I'll fight with one hand behind my back!"
Hawke: "Lash! No more games!"


Lash: "Tee hee! We win, Flak!"
Flak: "Grrr! Yeah! That was great!"

Lash: "Well, I took care of that... Where've you been?"
Flak: "L-leave me alone!"


**Single wins:

-"My apologies. Should I have gone easier on you?"

-"Heh heh heh... That's life for the weak..."

-"Don't forget me now. That would be a shame."

**Tag wins:


Adder: "Heh heh heh... What a pair we make!"
Koal: "Heh heh heh... Like water and fish."

Adder: "Heh heh heh... All we have to do is win."
Koal: "Heh heh heh... I couldn't agree more."


**Single wins:

-"Will you sacrifice all? Then perhaps you can win..."

-"Sad... you were no match for me."

-"There is no chance. My victory was assured."

**Tag wins:


Hawke: "All too easy."
Andy: "You call that easy?"

Hawke: "Perhaps you should join Black Ho--no. Never mind."
Andy: "What? Come on, what? Now it's going to bug me."


Hawke: "Only the strong survive. That is Hawke's Rule!"
Lash: "And only the weak lose? Wow, you're a genius."

Hawke: "...Tired. Must... rest."
Lash: "Haaaaaawke! Lemme have some fun, too!"


**Single wins:

-"Victory; downloading party hat."

-"Victory dance initiated."

-"Jugger; surperior. Enemy; lame."

**Tag wins:


Jugger: "Preparing for battles... Processing... Processing..."
Koal: "Very well. The next one can be yours, too."

Jugger: "Shutting down... Zzzz... Zzzz... Mommy...?"
Koal: "Are you OK, Jugger?"


Jugger: "Ready for... battle. Must go...all out."
Kindle: "Jugger, darling, relax. You're far too serious."

Jugger: "Jugger...wins. Kindle...wins. Initiating flexing."
Kindle: "Aha ha ha! It was all thanks to me!"


**Single wins:

-"I have no equal on the field of war!"

-"Wallow in your shame, swine! Wallow, I say!"

-"Victory is no accident."

**Tag wins:


Koal: "We are Kindle's men. Her loyal vassals."
Jugger: "You and I equal salt and pepper... Bacon and eggs..."

Koal: "Jugger, tell me. What's inside your shell?"
Jugger: "Uh... Um... Er... Secret."


Koal: "Heh heh heh... Other COs are soft..."
Adder: "Heh heh heh... Like cotton candy."

Koal: "Heh heh heh... Hold nothing back!"
Adder: "Heh he... Hmm. Odd. That is my motto, too."


Koal: "Our team is unrivaled."
Kindle: "But I'm more talented."

Koal: "I cannot tell a lie. You are a true beauty."
Kindle: "Aha ha ha! Tell me more! Tell me I'm modest!"


**Single wins:

-"Winning is almost as wonderful as I am. Aha ha ha!"

-"I won again? This is getting so boring."

-"Aha ha ha! Pathetic."

**Tag wins:


Kindle: "Come on, Jugger. Give me some sugar."
Jugger: "Kindle...beautiful. Kindle...brilliant."

Kindle: "We won! Aha ha ha! Jugger, bring me some cake!"
Jugger: "Kindle eats... too much. Kindle will be...fat..."


Kindle: "Done? But I haven't even put my makeup on..."
Koal: "Your beauty and power have no equal."

Kindle: "Ah ha ha! I am perfection itself!"
Koal: "So it would seem."

***Von Bolt***

**Single wins:

-"Predator...prey...hhh... I hunt them all..."

-"Hehh hhh hhh... Pathetic."

-"Even death...hhh...fears me..."

**Tag wins:

From what I can see... he has none. No one likes the old bastard.

*********END WIN QUOTES***********

*3.COP and SCOP quotes*

It seems that all quotes are for COPs, SCOPs and tag breaks, instead
of being limited to a certain one on which type of CO power you activate. There
are no special quotes though when pairing with a tag affinity partner. The total
amount of quotes appear to be limited to four--or five--now six... VB said a
sixth one, then Javier had to confirm it. So, I'm becoming slightly annoyed at
finding new ones, which will force me to be sure if there are more than six now.
Only time will tell.

Orange Star


-"Give it up, fool!"

-"Prepare to get served."

-"Bring it!"

-"This is how I roll!"

-"Wassup, now?!"

-"Here...have a taste!"


-"I will protect this land to the end!"

-"This time, I'm serious!"

-"You don't have a chance!"

-"I'm going to send you packing!"

-"Don't pick a fight with me!"

-"Finally, some real competition!"


-"This will bring me luck!"

-"Don't hate me just because I'm lucky!"

-"It's payback time!"

-"Everything will work out!"

-"I'm feelin' lucky!"

-"Pull together, everyone!"


-"Hey, I'm no retiree!"

-"To heck with this!"

-"I may be old, but I can still rumble!"

-"Battle Maps is your one-stop war shop!"

-"Business is looking up!"

-"This is my best seller!"


-"Pass me my wrench!"

-"I haven't even cranked the engine yet!"

-"I've got parts to spare!"

-"I'm not giving up!"

-"Time to roll up my sleeves!"

-"It's time for a tune-up!"


-"Take this!"

-"Check out these cannons!"

-"Alright, the gloves are comin' off."

-"This is how the big boys play!"

-"Sit down!"

-"How'd you like a knuckle sandwich?!"


-"All right, it's make-or-break time!"

-"Gotta stay cool..."

-"A commando never gives up..."

-"Payback time!"


-"Move out, grunts!"

Blue Moon


-"You're no match for me!"

-"I'll bury you!"

-"Your weapons are powerless before the might of nature!"

-"I am the shining star of Blue Moon!"

-"A storm's brewing..."

-"Feel the frosty bite of nature!"


-"Y'all can run, but you can't hide!"

-"I ain't gonna take your guff!"

-"Y'all gimme no choice... Time to bring in the big guns!"

-"Let's do us some target practice!"

-"Well, shuck my corn! Yer history!"

-"Aw, shucks. I was hopin' it wouldn't come to this."


-"I'll give it everything I've got!"

-"You're not getting away with this!"

-"I'm no slouch!"


-"Hey, Sis! Check this out!"

-"I'll show you what I can do!"


-"Wealth is power."

-"I won't go easy on you."

-"I'll keep fighting until peace is restored."

-"I will not back down."

-"I'll show you my true strength."

-"You've made me very, very...upset."

Green Earth



-"Death from above!"

-"You're not even worth my time!"

-"Maybe you're not so bad after all..."

-"I've caught you with your guard down!"

-"Fear the sky!"


-"We've got to make a good showing!"

-"My CO Power will sting you like a jellyfish!"

-"Can't you just feel the riptide washing you out to open sea?"

-"Humph. You're strong. That's why you're getting this!"

-"Get ready for a tidal wave!"

-"Drake is taking the helm!"


-"Weakness has no place on the battlefield!"

-"Here's my chance..."

-"No fear. No hesitation."

-"I've been waiting for this moment!"

-"Time to turn the tables..."

-"Roll out, tanks!"


-"Away put your weapons! You shall not be needing them where you are going!"

-"Charge into the toothy maw! For now is the time for a glorious hindspanking!"

-"Mighty spire of communication, imbue my blade with stabby might!"

-"Your maidenfolk shall soon howl great lamentations!"

-"This day shall be the greatest of days, unless tomorrow is even greater!"

-"Foe, you are mad if you seek to pierce my steely hide!"

Yellow Comet


-"Mercy has no place on the battlefield!"

-"Observe the heart of a true samurai!"

-"True samurai do not know the meaning of retreat!"

-"Kanbei is here! All hail the emperor of Yellow Comet!"

-"You have no discipline!"

-"I hope you thoroughly enjoy the taste of my sword!"


-"Get me some fresh intel, stat!"

-"My brains will beat your brawn!"

-"You'll rue the day you met me!"

-"Just like I planned..."

-"You can't hide from me!"

-"You are a lot stronger than me. But..."


-"You put up a good fight! Your future's looking good."

-"Don't think you weren't askin' for this!"

-"Ha ha! I didn't get old for nothing!"

-"We might as well end this now."

-"I'm gettin' cranky!"

-"Hold on to your suspenders!"


-"Things are lookin' Grimm for you! Harrrrr!"

-"You're about to enter a world of pain!!"

-"Outta the way! I got crushin' to do!"

-"Oooh, Yeah!!"

-"Gwar har har!! Go cry like a little girl!!"

-"What a pencil neck!!"

Black Hole


-"You can't hide from me! I'll hunt you down like a dog!"

-"Brute force!"

-"Nnnggrr! Braaaawrr! Smaarrrrgh!"

-"Grr! Now you've really made me angry!"

-"You're gonna get pummeled!"

-"I'll hit you 'til you lose your lunch!"


-"Do you really think a nobody like you can fight me?"

-"Whatever! I do what I want!"

-"Game over, freak!"

-"Oooo, you're driving me nuts!"

-"You are totally going down!"

-"You're gonna go SPLAT!"


-"Hee hee! Your skills are laughable!"

-"Let me hear your last words!"

-"It's already too late for you!"

-"Let me show you my new and improved powers!"

-"Wriggle, worm...wriggle!"

-"My venom courses through your veins."


-"You have inspired me to take action."

-"You are quite a foe."

-"Can you stand up to my power?"

-"Enough! Begone!"

-"...You did better than I expected."

-"You leave me no choice."


-"Enemy: prepare for mega hurtz."

-"Memory: upgraded. Shell: shined. Ready to uhh...roll."

-"Enemy system purge initiated..."

-"Blue screen of death!"

-"Crushware loaded..."

-"Approaching system meltdown..."


-"I will crush your units, one by one!"

-"I am a warrior and a scholar. My victory is all but certain."

-"Heh heh heh. I'll not surrender! Bend your knee and beg for mercy!"

-"Heh heh heh... None shall escape."

-"My speed knows no equal!"

-"Heh heh heh... Fate has smiled on me this day!"


-"So, you want to see me get serious? Very well! You asked for it!"

-"Even the prettiest rose has thorns!"

-"I am Kindle, Gorgeous AND Clever!"

-"Let us play a more dangerous game, shall we? I grow weary of this."

-"Aha ha ha! Beg for mercy, rat!"

-"Still putting up a fight? Unbelievable!"

Von Bolt:

-"No matter how powerful...hhh...you are, you're...hhh...still a worm on a

-"Well...hhh...let me have a taste...hhh...of your soul."

-"Hheh heh heh... Stop panicking... it's...hhh...almost over..."

-"Hheh heh heh. The darkness rises..."

-"The sweet scent of destuction...hhh...it makes me...hhh...feel young!"

-"Hold still...hhh...I'm going to...hhhhh...suck the marrow from your bones."

*******END COP/SCOP QUOTES*********

****4.Switch/Change quotes****

Here are the quotes you can get from each CO while you switch between COs.
There appears to only be two different kinds and they are mentioned during the
switch at a Tag power as well. There appears to be no special tag partner quotes
for this situation neither. 

Orange Star


-"Back on the front lines!"

-"OK, it's game time!"


-"Get on the ready line!"

-"Where are you looking? You're fighting ME!"


-"I hope I get lucky..."

-"Let's get down to business!"


-"I'm open for business!"

-"Switch all you want--it's free!"


-"Time to roll up my sleeves!"

-"It's my turn now!"


-"I'll crush you like a paper cup!"

-"Bring it on!"


-"Roger! Advance to the front lines!"

-"Leave it to me! I'll work something out!"

Blue Moon



-"Finally, my turn!"


-"...Hmm? Oh, sorry... I spaced out there."

-"Keep your distance, or y'all might get hurt!"


-"Let me do the buying!"

-"I'll give it my all!"


-"You won't like...what I'm about to do."

-"I won't back down!"

Green Earth


-"You're wastin' my time!"

-"This ends here and now!"


-"I feel kinda bad... Want to switch?"

-"I've got to toughen up by the next turn!"


-"Let's switch now. It's for the best."

-"Just another CO? Guess again."


-"Allow me to slap the foe with extreme prejudice!"

-"My armor has the thickness of an iron dragon clad in a steel girdle!"

Yellow Comet


-"Let me help our cause."

-"Let us fight with honor!"


-"I'll show you how this is done."

-"Cover me!"


-"The old soldier in me wants to fight!"

-"Oh, time to switch, eh? Boy, that was quick."


-"Oooh yeah!! Now, I mean business!!"

-"I'll deal with these losers!!"



-"I'll crush you all!"

-"Let me at 'em!"


-"Smashin' you is gonna be fun!"

-"Tee hee hee!"


-"Hee hee hee! This is gonna be good..."

-"I want a turn, too!"


-"Playtime is over."

-"You can't resist the inevitable."


-"All systems, go."

-"Jugger rebooted. Ready to smash."


-"This isn't over yet..."

-"Inflict pain..."


-"Aha ha ha! It's showtime!"

-"I suppose we should switch."

Von Bolt:

-"You're useless..."

-'Heh heh hehh... I'll chew 'em up...hhh...and spit 'em out!"


***** 5. Survival intro quotes *****

This section will contain the quotes that you read while fighting in survival
mode. They will be split up into their respective section(ie: Money; time),
and will then be seperated by their map number counterpart with their CO's

* Money Survival *

Map 1:

Jess: "And here you are. My mission's to destroy your deployment capabilities
and wait for your forces to waste away. No sense dragging our heels--neotanks
move out!"

Map 2:

Sami: "They're here! The wait's over, lads! And this time the minicannons are
ours! Wait for the enemy to bog down, then hit 'em hard!"

Map 3:

Colin: "Hey, Sis! Enemy troops have arrived!"

Sasha: "It doesn't pay to panic, Colin. We'll handle them together!"

Map 4:

Nell: "It seems luck has brought you here to me. I hope you'll spend lots of
money here. Who knows, maybe fortune will smile upon you for your generosity."

Map 5:

Rachel: "So, I'm surrounded by pipes, is that right? It's cool. My supply
skills will get me by."

Map 6:

Kindle: "Hah, how pitiful. There's nothing worse than looking tacky! Money is
for spending, darling. Units are for making and breaking."

Map 7:

Grimm: "Real men talk with their fists, face to face! BAM! Oh, yeah! That's the
stuff. Chitchat is for wimps!"

Map 8:

Eagle: "I've created oozium! Oh, what a terrible name that is. What kind of a
fool named it oozium? I'm going to call it...allconsumium. Yes, that's it!
Allconsumium units, attack!"

Map 9:

Grit: "It's so c-c-cold, my toes are startin' to turn bluer'n a farmhand on
a cod boat. Hey, O Bearded One! You lookin' to start a new ice age? Turn
off the snowblower!"

Olaf: "Is it really that bad? I know there have been some complaints lately,

Map 10:

YC Soldier: "Sensei, we're so hungry. We're starving to death."

Sensei: "Ah, yes. Hm... Looks like they've got food over in that red area.
Helllllooooo. Give us something tasty to eat."

Map 11:

Grit: "Up and at 'em, boys. Looks like it's our turn to get a little target
practice in. Don't be trying anything too fancy now--if you see something move,
shoot it."

* Turn Survival *

Map 1: 

Drake: "You're here sooner than I'd anticipated. I've been told to slow you
down a bit. Well, best batten your hatches, 'cause you're in for stormy seas!"

Map 2:

Koal: "Welcome to our island. Your tardiness, however, has made your army
useless. We will capture these bases at our leisure while you stand helpless."

Map 3:

Andy: "It's finally our turn! Yahoo! It's time to get pumped! My tools are
ready for action, so let's take it to 'em!"

Map 4:

Sensei: "My copters buzz around like flies. They're not pretty, but neither am
I. Ooh...guess it's time to get started. This battle's just my specialty."

Map 5:

Sonja: "So it's raining, is it? I'm not losing easily on a map with poor
visibility. Hate to tell you this, but you're going to be here for a long, long

Map 6:

Koal: "Ha ha... Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Oh yea, the fun's just begun.
I think I'll simmer you slowly until you're nice and tender!"

Map 7:

Max: "You must be tough to have fought this far. Fine with me--I love a good
brawl! I don't need any fancy strategy. I just smash anything in my way!"

Map 8:

Javier: "You're skilled enough to attack two fronts at once, so I tip my hat
to you. Yet a knight never turns his back on an opponent. I will teach you
chilvary yet!"

Map 9:

Kanbei: "Your soldiers are nimble and disciplined. It seems you've mastered the
art of war. At last, a worthy opponent. Prepare yourself! My steel will test
your mettle!"

Map 10:

Jake: "All right, people... Don't panic! Hold your positions and wait! Our tank
formations will beat down anything that approaches."

Map 11:

Sonja: "You've not exceeded my predictions, but you have come awfully far...
Impressive! I guess I'll have to test you myself."

* Time Survival *

Map 1:

Jugger: "Analyzing field intel: optimal strategy devised. Must halt enemy
advance. Perimeter defense tactics selected. Ready to commence enemy

Map 2:

Olaf: "How dare you trample my pristine snow! My elite winter units will
punish you! Taste defeat, you thin-skinned fools! Artillery, zero in on your

Map 3:

Lash: "They told me this battle's all about time, but who are they to tell
me what to do? I eat when I want and play when I want. I'm the only one who
sets my rules!"

Map 4:

Andy: "Ah, nuts! I'm outta ammo! I'm not gonna give up, though. I've gotten
through worse in the past. Yeah, I'll get through this, too!

Map 5:

Sami: "Hey, I didn't expect you to make it this far. Guess I shouldn't
underestimate you. That's OK---a hard fight makes for a sweet victory. You're
not getting by me!"

Map 6:

Hawke: "All your victories have made you careless. You dare to take even me
lightly! Do your worst. I'll see how good you truly are!"

Map 7:

Olaf: "Ho, luck is with me! A snowstorm has rolled in! I'll bet my beard
your progress stops here! I will entomb you in snow and ice!"

Map 8:

Javier: "Gaze upon these missiles... Giant silver lances of chilvary! Have at
it! I will pierce your very heart with these heroic weapons!"

Map 9:

Colin: "I'm not usually very confident, but... This time I'll do it! Let's go!"

Map 10:

Lash: "Hey, there aren't any com towers here! I must've taken a wrong turn
somewhere. Oh, well. There ARE black crystals here, so I might as well
reinforce my units."

Map 11:

Grimm: "HAH! I can't believe you made it this far with those lame tactics!
I'll smack you right outta that dream world you're living in!"

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