What is the best strategy for the last mission ?

  1. I cleared the last mission but poorly i won with only 2 md tanks and 3 rockets , what is the best strategy for this mission?

    User Info: Caoliang

    Caoliang - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Just to make sure, this is mission 28?

    User Info: KaRath_

    KaRath_ - 9 years ago

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  1. Build a few T copters and infantry in the first turn to capture the cities down the bottom, dont worry about the enemies up top yet, they cant hurt you for a few turns, next turn, build a couple of B copters and send them down 2 destroy the infantry at the bottom, all the while, be sure to stay away from the Oozium (not 2 hard) For the next few turns, build Anti Airs and Infanty/Mechs to defend your base from Oozium, also build B-copters or bombers (if you have the money) as well as tanks to keep away forces the are attacking from their bases. DO NOT SEND ANY UNITS TO THE TOP SCREEN!!! Ur CO up to can handle it by him/herself. Once the CO up top has destroyed some of the crystals, build bombers (by this time you should have plenty of money due to your captures down botton), then move them up towards the respective weak points on the big Oozium (cant remember its name). At this point you should also continue a constant stream of Anti Airs and Tanks to keep out the Oozium. From now, you should be well on top of the enemy, Good Luck. Also, for the CO's i used Eagle on the bottom screen and Rachal on the top... I got an S rank with like 290 sumthing points doing it this way...

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  1. Ugh. I recently got 300 points on the Hard mode version, using Nell on the main front and Rachel on the secondary front... now, how exactly did I pull it off... *sweatdrop* Infantry units are very important. You want to get the properties on the bottom as soon as you can. The extra funds will help you build Bombers and other units that you can use to trash Von Bolt's forces - he doesn't have many bases, so he basically relies on his Ooziums. The key is to get through the battle on the secondary front as soon as possible - 24 days isn't a lot of time!!! (In fact, I finished in about 19 or 20 days and got a speed rating of 100... the producers KNEW that time would be tight!!!) Thankfully, Kindle can't produce anything, and Von Bolt's too stodgy to send her reinforcements. You've got a LOT of bases on the secondary front, but don't be afraid to send a few units up there if you need a boost to smash up the Black Crystals. But like I said, once you've got the bases on the bottom of the map, you'll be able to churn out Neotanks and Bombers, which means that you'll be well-equipped to SHRED Von Bolt's forces. Use Transport Copters to send some Infantry over there ASAP. Just concentrate on blowing away Von Bolt's army and destroying those Black Crystals so you can wipe out the Grand Bolt!!!

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  2. the CO's i used was Jake and Rachel.jake because the fact that he's stronger on plains and rachel because they do make a good team and she can call missile strikes on jer super power. anway. on day 1 to 4 get as many soilders to thoses city and capture Capture CAPTURE!!!! as many as you can the units i used is tanks as starters bombers and b-cotpers to clear a path throught to each one of the weak spots AFTER the first front is done on top of your DS or DSI. anyway.....keep buildong units and capturing buildings. buy noe's maga's and mid tanks to help Cream his army and destroy his GIANT oziums at the top of the screen.i beat this on the very LAST turn with a tag power just ready to through my DS against the wall. its very stressful. hope that helps you out

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  3. use the other answers u know some Ooziums spawn on days 6,12,18,and 24 right?

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  4. I've beaten it on Normal and Hard and found it fairly easy. I used Sensei on the bottom screen, since he's got great helicopters and infantry and is therefore good at killing oozium. Also, his superpower spawns mech units on cities, which are effective against oozium. First you need to head south with T-copters and infantry to capture those properties. Its important that you don't let Black Hole capture anything they could produce units with down there. To defend from the oozium at your main base, you just need to gang up on them one at a time with several mechs, infantry, and/or B-copters. Make sure to finish them in one turn so nothing gets eaten. I can't remember if infantry or mechs do more damage to oozium, but it'll be easy to find out. After securing the properties to the south, you can start working your way up to take the Black Hole bases near the Grand Bolt (giant oozium). Then its simply a matter of killing its weak points. On the top screen, I recommend using either Javier, who is less vulnerable to indirect fire, or Rachel, who repairs quicker. Order them to defend at first, but attack once Black Hole has lost some units. I think you do this in either the Intel or Mission Info. You shouldn't need to send units up there, but if you're running early and the crystals aren't destroyed, you could.

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